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The World Ends With You


Boss FAQ

by cyborg99sreturn

The World Ends With You
Boss FAQ by cyborg99

Table of Contents

1)  Legal Stuffz (LS)
2)  Version History (VH)
3)  Introduction (INTRO)
4)  Bosses (BOSS)
    a) Week 1 (WEEK1)
       i.    Week 1, Day 1, Boss 1 (W1D1B1)
       ii.   Week 1, Day 2, Boss 1 (W1D2B1)
       iii.  Week 1, Day 3, Boss 1 (W1D3B1)
       iv.   Week 1, Day 4, Boss 1 (W1D4B1)
       v.    Week 1, Day 5, Boss 1 (W1D5B1)
       vi.   Week 1, Day 7, Boss 1 (W1D7B1)
       vii.  Week 1, Day 7, Boss 2 (W1D7B2)
    b) Week 2 (WEEK2)
       i.    Week 2, Day 1, Boss 1 (W2D1B1)
       ii.   Week 2, Day 2, Boss 1 (W2D2B1)
       iii.  Week 2, Day 3, Optional Boss (W2D3OB)
       iv.   Week 2, Day 3-5, Boss 1 (W2D3-5B1)
       v.    Week 2, Day 5, Boss 2 (W2D5B2)
       vi.   Week 2, Day 6, Optional Boss (W2D6OB)
       vii.  Week 2, Day 7, Boss 1 (W2D7B1)
    c) Week 3 (WEEK3)
       i.    Week 3, Day 2, Optional Boss (W3D2OB)
       ii.   Week 3, Day 2, Boss 1 (W3D2B1)
       iii.  Week 3, Day 3, Boss 1 (W3D3B1)
       iv.   Week 3, Day 4, Boss 1 (W3D4B1)
       v.    Week 3, Day 4, Boss 2 (W3D4B2)
       vi.   Week 3, Day 5, Optional Boss (W3D5OB)
       vii.  Week 3, Day 5, Boss 1 (W3D5B1)
       viii. Week 3, Day 5, Boss 2 (W3D5B2)
       ix.   Week 3, Day 6, Boss 1 (W3D6B1)
       x.    Week 3, Day 7, Boss 1 (W3D7B1)
       xi.   Week 3, Day 7, Boss 2 (W3D7B2)
       xii.  Week 3, Day 7, Boss 3 (W3D7B3)
       xiii. Week 3, Day 7, Boss 4 (W3D7B4)
5)  Contact Information (CI)
6)  Special Thanks (ST)
7)  Things To Do (TTD)

Legal Stuffz (LS)
This FAQ is intellectual property of James "cyborg99" Thompson.
Do not use it without my permission(you may find contact info at the bottom of
the FAQ).
This guide will only appear on these websites:
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

Version History (VH)

Version 1.1:
Corrected typos on W3D7B2 and W3D7B4
Added a tip for W3D7B1's 4th Phase
Added a defeat quote for W3D4B1
Added an attack for W3D6B1

Version 1.0:
Initial release!

Introduction (INTRO)

Welcome to my Boss FAQ for the Nintendo DS game, The World Ends With You.
This FAQ will cover nearly everything that you need, from boss stats, attacks,
strategies, and more.
I try to avoid spoilers and references to future events in the strategies 
section, but be forewarned that this guide DOES contain spoilers with boss 
names and such. Read at your own risk.
My guide uses a simple code system to allow you to find exactly what you're 
Simply press ctrl+f(or whatever your browser's find shortcut is) and copy the 
find code, found in the parentheses in the table of contents, and hit find.

Bosses (BOSS)

Now on to why you're really here, the bosses.
Here's the format you'll find each boss in, keep in mind this is an example:
Week 4, Day 9, Boss 1 (W4D9B1):
Example Boss - Difficulty level; Annoyance Factor
HP: 1337
Attack: Over 9000!
Absorbs Positive psychs and 150% damage from Negative psychs
PP: 3.14159
EXP: 99

Example attack - Example description

Example strategy.

Miscellaneous quotes:
Example quotes.

Week 1 (WEEK1)

Week 1, Day 1, Boss 1 (W1D1B1):
Mosh Grizzly - Difficulty 1/10; Annoyance Factor 1/10
HP: 600
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 3
EXP: 35

Backhand - backhands Neku or his partner. No knockdown, but causes Neku to 
flinch if hit 
Swipe - swipes with huge claw to attack Neku or his partner. Knocks down if 
deals damage. Can toss obstacles with it.

Not really a boss. The exact same as the Grizzlies you'll fight later on in 
the game(like... one or two days later >.>). 

Week 1, Day 2, Boss 1 (W1D2B1):
Metal Corehog - Difficulty 1/10; Annoyance Factor 1/10 
HP: 600
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 5
No EXP earned.

Quill Launch - The Corehog launches quills into the air at places on the 
battlefield(signified by crosshairs on the ground).
These cause no damage at first, but explode after a short time. These can be 
attacked and destroyed.
Quill Stab - The Corehog stabs with all the quills on it's back. Quite 
annoying because it comes out quick and causes you to flinch.

Nothing too special, it comes with two Garage Wolves, take care of them first,
and then attack the Corehog. Destroy the quills that it launches so they don't
blow you up. 

Week 1, Day 3, Boss 1 (W1D3B1):
Vespertillo Canor - Difficulty 5/10; Annoyance Factor 6/10
HP: 800 
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 10
No EXP earned.

Summon Gabba Bat - Vespertillo will summon Gabba Bats to the top Zone to 
attack your partner. These drop no Pins, EXP, or PP It only does this attack 
while it's shielding its eyes from the full brightness of the light.
Wing Attack - Vespertillo will growl, rear back and strike at the ground with 
its wings, causing a shockwave. Just dodge it by dashing when you hear it 
Hypnosis - After turning part of the lights on, Vespertillo will start using 
this attack. It will cling onto a rafter and hang upside-down and shoot rings 
at Neku. This attack is VERY easy to dodge, as it cannot hit behind itself 
while using this attack, so dash behind it and start unleashing. This attack 
can also cause Sleep(which the game interprets as Immobility).
Cross Boomerang - After losing half of its health, it will start using this 
attack. Vespertillo will charge to one side of the bottom Zone and launch two 
cross-like boomerangs. To dodge this, you simply dodge by dashing.

This is the first *real* boss(instead of just color swaps of other Noise) in 
the game, and can also be very confusing if you don't know what to do.
The fight starts with the bottom Zone in total darkness, so you can't really 
see or attack Vespertillo. You can see it's outline and glowing eyes, but 
attacking it causes 0 damage(oddly enough, though, it passes the Light puck). 
In order to turn the lights back on, you've got to look to the top Zone, 
because Gabba Bats will be draining the electricity out of the power lines. 
You don't have to erase them all to turn the lights back on, only the ones 
that are draining the lines. Due to the dumb AI, though, you'll probably have 
to kill all the regular Bats first. 
When one side is clear of Bats draining the lines, the lights will become 
partially on. This is your time to strike! Vespertillo will still attack, but 
he is vulnerable to damage. 
When Shiki erases all of the Bats that are draining the power lines, the 
lights will become fully on and Vespertillo will be stunned from the bright 
If you have a Fusion Attack primed, use it now. While it's shielding his eyes 
from the light, it's completely stunned and takes double damage. If you don't,
keep attacking with Neku and clearing Bats with Shiki, as Vespertillo will 
continually be summoning bats during this stage. 
If it summons enough bats, they will turn the lights off and you have to 
repeat the process. So keep clearing Bats so you can delay the lights turning 
off and you'll be fine. 
Note that it will eventually turn off the lights no matter how many Bats are 
on there and/or simply overwhelm you with too many Bats.

Week 1, Day 4, Boss 1 (W1D4B1):
Swing Shark - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 10/10
HP: 1200
Attack: 50
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 15
No EXP earned.

Fin Slice - Whenever it's swimming with it's fine above the ground, it's using
this attack. Coming in contact with this fin causes damage. Dodge it by not 
touching it!
Chomp - Leaps up out of the ground to chomp at Neku, his Partner, or a Noise! 
Causes damage to Neku or his Partner, but if it chomps at a Noise, it erases 
it. Seems good? In return for erasing it, you are denied the EXP, PP, and Pin 
drop from the Noise and the Shark gets faster and stronger. Also causes a 
color change. It's preceded by a circular ripple on the ground. When you see 
this under you(or your partner), move out of the way(or block/dodge).

Strategy is simple. Get rid of the two Dixiefrogs, two Bigbanfrogs, and the 
slew of Bigbansprogs first. Get to as many of them before the Shark as you 
can. Once the Frogs and Sprogs are taken care of, work on the Shark. By now, 
it's probably Chomped one or two Noise, so it's gotten a speed boost, making 
it annoying to hit. 
Just play defensively until you see it about to Chomp. When you see the 
ripples, dodge out of the way, then attack. 
That's the easiest way I've found to hit it at this point in the game. Other 
than it's Fin Slice and Chomp, it gets nothing new throughout the fight.
Fairly easy "boss"(it's just another color swap of other Noise), just 
extremely annoying when it Chomps too many Noise(just like other Shark 

Week 1, Day 5, Boss 1 (W1D5B1): 
Circle Pit Grizzly - Difficulty 6/10; Annoyance Factor 2/10
HP: 3500
Attack: 150
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 15
No EXP earned.

Backhand - backhands Neku or his partner. No knockdown, but causes Neku to 
flinch if hit.
Swipe - swipes with huge claw to attack Neku or his partner. Knocks down if 
deals damage. Can toss obstacles with it.
Grizzly Slam - raises a claw and jumps into the air, damaging Neku, then lands 
on the ground, causing a shockwave. First hit causes less damage than Swipe(a 
little more than half) while the shockwave deals extremely heavy damage(twice 
as strong as Swipe).

Play defensively and attack from range. Use a Psychokinesis pin to attack with
the obstacles first so they'll break and he can't hit you with Swipe from 
Circle Pit Grizzly is oddly aggressive for a Noise and attacks extremely fast 
with a lot of power. If you think you can manage it, juggle it with your Ice 
Blow/Risers, Murasame(or it's evolutions) that you just got, and Force Rounds.
Ice Blow/Risers > Murasame > Force Rounds > Ice Blow/Risers should keep him in
the air and you unharmed. Otherwise, just stay at range and blast it from a 
far. Don't forget to block with Shiki when you see it start to attack.

Week 1, Day 7, Boss 1 (W1D7B1):
Cornix Canor - Difficulty 2/10; Annoyance Factor 8/10 
HP: 800
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 20
No EXP earned.

Summon Decadravens - All throughout the fight if there are not 4 Decadravens 
in the battle, they will be constantly summoned. Thankfully they don't try to 
steal your pins. Just like the other Canor, these minions do not drop Pins and
assumingly no EXP/PP.
Dive - If it's not carrying something, it will fly back and forth on the 
bottom Zone(you can see it's shadow). When it gets to the ground, it will make
a screech and it will either dive from one side of the screen to the other, 
picking an obstacle(even one of the bigass Buses from time to time O_O) up on 
the way. It will then move to the top Zone and dive the opposite way. To make 
it drop what it is carrying, simply hit it once with Shiki.
Drop - If you don't hit it when it's on the top Zone, it flies back down to 
the bottom Zone. You'll once again see its shadow, along with the shadow of 
the thing it's carrying. Obviously bigger obstacles mean bigger shadows. It 
will fly in the sky back and forth a few times until it decides to drop it on 
Neku. Dodge this by simply moving out of the way. Beware of dropped Cars, 
Vans, and Buses!

The strategy is simple, but annoying to pull off. For starters, you can't make
it flinch. You can only damage it when it's Diving, meaning you're always at 
risk whenever you can damage it as MOST ranged psychs aren't fast enough to 
hit it unless you're playing chicken with it or something. 
To further complicate matters, you can rarely hit it on the top Zone due to 
Decadravens cluttering the screen, causing the dumb AI to hit them instead of 
So while you're trying to hit Cornix, the Decadravens are constantly pecking 
at you, Shiki's hitting them instead of Cornix when it's Diving on her Zone, 
and Neku'll probably get hit once-per Dive if you're doing the only sane way 
of hitting it(which is standing in front of it). 
You really just have to KILL IT UNTIL IT DIES! There's nothing special, no 
changes throughout the fight. Just Ravens, Diving, and Dropping. 

Week 1, Day 7, Boss 2 (W1D7B2):
Yodai Higashizawa/Ovis Cantus - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 2/10(would 
1/10; but Inhale sucks)
HP: 8000
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 30
No EXP earned.

Inhale - "Time for a taste test..." Steroids will form a black hole around his
mouth, making it impossible to use Psychs or attack with Shiki. It doesn't 
heal him or anything, but it does waste charges on your pins. MAKE SURE NOT TO
Energy Balls - "I'll char you both black!" Steroids will form some kind of 
portal with his fists where energy balls shoot out. These are easy to avoid on
both Zones. Neku can just dodge them by walking around and Shiki is rarely hit
by them and can block them.
Lightning - Used after Phase 1 and immediately following Energy Balls. The 
bottom screen will flash and Steroids will cause lightning to strike where 
Neku is standing 5 times. This will cause decent damage and will always 
immobilize(you just got struck by lightning, what do you expect?).
Pound - Steroids has 4 versions of this attack. 
   Pound v1 - "I'll pound you!" Your standard "IMMA CHARGIN' MAH FIST!" mega 
PAWNCH attack. He hits the ground with his fist that causes a minor shockwave 
around the site of impact, causing heavy damage if fist connects and causing 
Neku to flinch if he is not dashing, no matter where he's standing.
   Pound v2 - "I'll pound you!" Your standard "VULCAN JAB MOTHER ****A!" 
attack. A quicker, more rapid hitting version of Pound v1, but causes no 
   Pound v3 - "Mrahahaha!" He slams Shiki with his fist. The weaker version of
the Shiki-hitting Pound
   Pound v4 - "Hregah!" He PAWNCHes Shiki with his fist. The stronger one. He 
hits quite lazily-looking, too. 
Swipe - "I'll mince you!" Steroids will swipe with one hand. This attack not 
only deals a decent amount of damage, but also knocks you FLYING across to the
other side of the arena. 

Steroids is a 2(3?) Phase fight, which is fairly simple.
Phase 1, "Welcome to my kitchen!": 100% yellow HP - 50%
Steroids starts out kneeling on one knee. In Phase 1, he'll only use Inhale 
and Energy Balls, minus the lightning. 
Phase 2, "Now we're boiling!": 50% yellow HP - 0%
Steroids stands up finally in Phase 2. He starts using ALL of his attacks now.
His attacks all have a ton of power behind them(except maybe Pound v2 and 
Energy Balls...), but they're all generally pretty slow(except for Lightning),
so you should be able to Block/Dodge them easily. Get rid of the yellow HP bar
in its entirety...
Phase 3, "We've preheated long enough!": 100% green HP - erasure
I can't tell if something happens that's different, but nothing seems to 

Miscellaneous Quotes:
"Mr. Kitaniji..." - Being defeated

Week 2 (WEEK2)

Week 2, Day 1, Boss 1 (W2D1B1):
Dub Rhino - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 1/10
HP: 800
Attack: 120
Takes 120% damage from Negative Psychs and 90% damage from Positive Psychs
PP: 15
No EXP earned.
Horn Slam - Dub Rhino will rear back, stand on its hind legs, and then slam 
it's horn on the ground. Causes heavy damage, Neku to flinch and drag back a 
little, and has a chance to cause Defense Break, which increases your damage 
Horn Ram - Dub Rhino will use this attack after losing half of its yellow HP 
bar. It will lower its head and ram it's horns into the air, causing Neku or 
his partner to fly into the air.

The Dub Rhino is the game's introduction to this week's new Noise, the Rhino. 
As a result, it's not too hard and it attacks and moves slow. 
It does have one annoying quirk about it, though. Unlike other Rhinos who take
half damage from attacks while Neku is in front of them(even if they hit on 
their backside, if Neku is in front, you'll get reduced damage), the Dub Rhino
takes 0 damage from frontal attacks. 
It is weaker to negative(ranged) psychs and takes reduced damage from 
positive(melee) ones, so dash behind it and blast it from afar to take it down

Week 2, Day 2, Boss 1 (W2D2B1): 
Eurobeat Boomer x2 - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 6/10
HP: 910 each
Attack: 100 each
No weaknesses or resistance.
PP: 5 each
EXP: 100 each

Boomer Jump - Similar to Final Fantasy Dragoons, Boomers will jump up into the
air and come crashing down after a short time. Dodge this by avoiding the 
crosshair that shows where they're going to land, but be warned that it will 
follow you for a short time.
Boomer Rush - The Boomer will lean back on it's tail and rush forward to the 
other side of the arena, attacking with its legs.
Baby Uppercut - The baby in the Boomer's Pouch will reveal itself and the 
Boomer will jump, with the baby upper cutting. Rarely done on the bottom Zone,
but I believe it knocks you up in the air, as well.

This is your introduction to Taboo Noise. Taboo Noise can only be really hurt 
while holding the Light Puck(an attack without it will suffer a 75% damage 
redux), so it's important that you focus on passing it while fighting them. 
Anyway, these aren't really bosses, but they are pretty tough at this point in
the game. You'll fight these same things later on in the game, nothing will be
different, except you'll be stronger. Boomers are particularly annoying, 
though. If there are battles with more than one Boomer, you'll be constantly 
hounded by Boomer Jump, and this fight is no exception. Just attack with both 
characters(spam left or right with Joshua while attacking with Neku normally 
if you can't follow the Light Puck and still play well) and keep dodging their
attacks, they'll die eventually.

Week 2, Day 3, Optional Boss(W2D3OB):
Progfox - Difficulty /10; Annoyance Factor 8/10
HP: 5000
Attack: 100
Takes 80% damage from Negative Psychs.
PP: 20.
No EXP earned.

Teleport - Progfox likes to teleport. A LOT. This will get annoying fast.
Summon Tail Flame: Top - Summons 3 Tail Flames on the top Zone. These have 
very little HP(about 100), but if you don't erase them, Progfrox will absorb 
them, allowing it to transform into more powerful things.
Summon Tail Flame: Bottom - Whenever Progfox gets a new level of tails(1 > 3 >
6 > 9), it will summon a Tail Flame on the bottom Zone. 1 tail has none, 3 has
1, 6 as 2, 9 has 3, but they go away anyway, so it doesn't matter. These harm 
Neku on contact and also always cause Attack Break.
Call Tail Flame - Progfox will howl on the bottom Zone, causing the tail 
flames to either revolve around itself or rush towards Neku.
Tail Flame Absorb - Whenever Progfrox teleports onto a tail flame, it will 
absorb it, giving it another tail. It can have up to 9 tails at once.
Transform: Mushroom - Progfox transforms into a mushroom. The Mushroom doesn't
do anything, so you can use this time to use healing pins, big charge 
pins(like Massive Hit or Nexus Ray postgame...), or anything. Any damage, 
however, will make it change back into the fox, but you can still continue 
your combo. Needs at least 1 tail.
Transform: Raven - Progfox transforms into a raven and swoops forward, firing 
a pin feather. Needs 1 tail.
Transform: Wolf - Progfox transforms into a wolf and blazes around the 
battlefield. Needs 1 tail.
Transform: Statue - Progfox transforms into a statue and drops on top of Neku 
or his partner. A big shadow will be where it's falling. Needs 3 tails.
Transform: Frog - Progfox transforms into a frog and spews bubbles. Needs 3 
Transform: Neku - Progfox transforms into Neku! Uses either Stellar Flurry(a 
lot of rapid hitting jabs), Lance Lunge(runs up to a target and hits with a 
lance, knocking them back), Piercing Pillar R(causes a singular ice pillar to 
rise up from the ground, hitting multiple times and knocking into the air) or 
Apport C(drops a big meteor). Needs 6 tails.
Transform: Skeleton - Progfox transforms into a HUGE skeleton with just two 
arms, a spine, a skull, and a fiery tail. Its Skeleton Transformation doesn't 
do anything EXCEPT for heal itself whenever Neku tries to use a psych. It will
heal 50 HP each time you use a psych. ANY psych. So don't do anything. :P 
Needs 6 tails.
Transform: Bahamut - Progfox transforms into a Noise version of Bahamut and 
uses Mega Flare on Neku and Joshua! This is its famed Fusion Attack that a lot
complain about. Requires 9 tails, Progfox uses it immediately on gaining 9 
tails, and it consumes them all, leaving it back with 1.

Neku - Progfox will teleport around a lot, so Neku will have a hard time 
keeping up. It will even teleport out of combos/juggles(it got out of Josh's 
beam fire and Piercing Pillar/Vulcan Uppercut juggles several times). For this
reason, you may want to put mainly healing stuff on Neku with a few 
attacks(Lightning Pawn would be amazing for this, but Tail Flames and the fact
that you can't get it until AFTER W2D3 kinda screws that thought). Shockwave 
Pins are NOT ideal for this boss, the Tail Flames will revolve around Progfox,
causing Attack Break, making you hit weaker. Despite it's resistance to 
Negative psychs, I'd recommend them, so you aren't in *too* much danger of 
Attack Break/flinching. Innocence Beam(Pin 028, a Force Rounds pin) is the 
best for this fight because of it's spreading, penetrating shots, you're 
nearly guarenteed a hit if you spray in its general direction. If you really 
want to use Shockwave and other Positive psychs, equip something with 
Resistance to Attack Break.
Partner - Main priority is to kill the tails to delay Transform: Bahamut, this
is more important than the bottom screen. Attack Progfox whenever there aren't
any Tail Flames on the top Zone. Not much else to say. Block/Dodge whenever 
you see an attack coming, like Apport C or Transform: Statue.

Week 2, Day 3-5, Boss 1 (W2D3-5B1): 
Reaper Beat - Difficulty N/A; Annoyance Factor N/A
HP: 5000
Attack: 100
No weaknesses, resistance, PP earned, or EXP earned.

Agility - Not an attack, but Beat is very fast and can move around the 
battlefield faster than you can keep up.
Shockwave - Beat uses his Skateboard like Neku would use a Shockwave psych.
Energy Wave - Beat leaps into the air and comes crashing down, releasing a 
circular energy wave on the ground.
Skateboard Slam - Beat rushes forward and hits you with the bottom side of his
Force Rounds - Beat shoots 3-5 Force Rounds at once, which then spread out.
Block - Beat blocks all damage in that Zone for a short period of time.

Appears after you try to leave Towa Records(Day 3), Tipsy Tose Hall(Day 4), 
and Miyashita Park(Day 5). You don't have to beat him, just survive for about 
30 seconds. So don't try to damage him, just keep dodging his attacks.

Week 2, Day 5, Boss 2 (W2D5B2): 
Trance Rhino - Difficulty N/A; Annoyance Factor N/A
HP: 3500
Attack: 300
Takes 120% damage from Negative Psychs and 90% damage from Positive Psychs
PP: 6
EXP: 310

Horn Slam - Trance Rhino will rear back, stand on its hind legs, and then slam
it's horn on the ground. Causes heavy damage, Neku to flinch and drag back a 
little, and has a chance to cause Defense Break, which increases your damage 

Same as Reaper Beat, just survive about 20 seconds.

Week 2, Day 6, Optional Boss(W2D6OB):
Grindcore Minks - Difficulty 2/10; Annoyance Factor 3/10
HP: 8000
Attack: 200
Takes 110% damage from Positive Psychs and 90% damage from Negative Psychs
PP: 30
No EXP earned.

Energy Wave - A Grindcore Mink will shoot an arrow-shaped energy wave at Neku 
or his partner.
Fire Fang - A Grindcore Mink will use this if you get close to it. It will 
attack with it's... whiskers, I guess, in a ]-shaped direction, hitting 2-3 
Twister - One of the Minks will turn into a twister, like all other Minks. 
While in this state, it's invulnerable to damage and will damage anyone near 
Tornado - When BOTH of the Minks use Twister, this attack will shortly follow.
They will turn into two Tornados, sweeping the battlefield, tossing the 
obstacles around like Neku would with Psychokinesis. You take minor damage 
from obstacles, but much heavier damage from touching the Tornados. No way you
can counter this or avoid it, so just dodge the obstacles and Tornados as much
as you can.

The Grindcores are one of the few bosses that use an actual attack pattern 
rather than using them randomly. They'll spend about 45-50 seconds tossing 
Energy Waves every now and then, then they'll use Twister 3 times for 10 
seconds each, then they'll use Tornado.  
As for actually Erasing them, they're quite easy actually. Just like all other
Minks, they are weak to Positive psychs and resistant to Negative ones. They 
flinch when they take damage, just like all other Minks... in fact, the only 
thing different from these Minks is that they share an HP bar, they have more 
abilities, and stronger stats. One odd thing to note, however. Whenever 
obstacles fall on them after Tornado, they take 0 damage(it shows up as 
Positive damage, even though Psychokinesis damage is Neutral, and you'd think 
that's what obstacles dropping would be) and it passes the Puck, even though 
you had nothing to do with it.

Week 2, Day 7, Boss 1 (W2D7B1): 
Sho Minamimoto/Leo Cantus - Difficulty 10/10; Annoyance Factor 5/10
HP: 3141
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 50
No EXP earned.

Summon Taboo Noise - "Inverse Matrix!" "Go!" "The world is garbage!" Pi-Face 
will summon a group of Taboo Noise(he does this quite amusingly, tossing them 
up from his pocket). These Taboos seem to have a dashing attack where they 
turn into a ball and roll into you, causing Attack Break sometimes. I've seen 
these groups of Noise:
2x Carcinopunk, 1x Eurobeat Boomer
2x Carcinopunk, 1x Death Metal Mink
1x Wall of Grizzly
2x Death Metal Mink
3x Carcinopunk
2x Eurobeat Boomer
2x Wall of Grizzly
2x Death metal Mink, 1x Eurobeat Boomer
4x Carcinopunk
2x Carcinopunk, 1x Wall of Grizzly
3x Eurobeat Boomer
2x Eurobeat Boomer, 1x Death Metal Mink
3x Death Metal Mink
Teleport - "Zetta slow!"(Pi-Face) "You're out of your vector!" Sho/Leo 
teleport. A LOT. Generally when you touch the stylus on him.
Dash - Pi-Face can dash, just like you can, but it doesn't make him 
invulnerable to damage and he does it quite slowly. 
Transform: Leo Cantus - "Hrrrrrgaaaaah!" Pi-Face will transform into his Noise
form, Leo Cantus. Leo Cantus has Taboo properties, so watch out.
Melee Attack - "Zetta slow!"(Leo Cantus) "Sooo zetta slow!" Leo Cantus will 
attack with his legs. He loves to teleport before this attack and can combo a 
few hits right after each other or into Slam Rush.
Slam Rush - "Iiiiiiiinfinity!"(Leo Cantus) Leo Cantus will cause the screen to
static up, then rush forward for a grab and then slams his hand into the 
ground. Meaning he looks quite stupid/is open to attacks if he misses. Dash 
out of the way of him or get ready to teleport up or down when the screen 
statics up and attack! However, if he rushes off the screen, he'll return a 
few moments later, ready to attack again. Can cause Defense Break and be 
comboed from his Melee Attack
Energy Shotgun - "Die, radian!" Pi-Face will shoot 1 or 2 waves of 5 energy 
rounds that spread out in a cone.
Energy Spiral - "Iiiiiiiinfinity!"(Pi-Face) Pi-Face will release energy rounds
in a circular, spiraling pattern.
Energy Bombardment - "n factorial!" Pi-Face will release a ball of energy into
the air that will drop energy rounds in a circular pattern. Only uses it on 
the bottom Zone
Ultimate Leo Cantus - Pi-Face will teleport up to the top Zone, regardless of 
what's going on. Toss a TON of Taboo Noise and immediately transform into 
Ultimate Leo Cantus. He's the same Noise model, but you can tell from his idle
animation that he's a lot faster. His attacks gain a lot more strength and 
speed(and they have a black/red fire streak now). In addition, his Slam Rush 
is replaced with Energy Rush.
Energy Rush - Ultimate Leo Cantus will rush forward with an energy barrier in 
front of him. The screen no longer statics up, so you have much less warning.

The fight starts out with Pi-Face floating in the background of the top Zone. 
He will summon two waves of Taboo Noise, then enter the fight himself. He will
only occupy only ONE zone at a time, probably the only Reaper in the game that
does so. Whenever you damage Sho enough in his Zone(it doesn't take much), Sho
will absorb all the Taboos in his Zone(but not take away the ones on the 
opposite) and Transform into Leo Cantus. If you erase all the Taboos, Sho will
teleport to the other Zone and summon more Taboos. After losing half of the 
yellow bar, Sho will immediately Transform whenever teleporting to another 
Zone instead of waiting to be damaged, and will summon more powerful groups of
Taboos. After losing his entire yellow bar, he will Transform into Ultimate 
Leo Cantus and ONLY stay on Joshua's Zone, meaning that Neku's only use from 
now on is to not take damage and pass the Light Puck. Ultimate Leo Cantus is 
dangerous, he attacks extremely fast and hurts a lot. Play extremely 
defensively with Joshua, I'd go as far as to only attack with Jesus Beams and 
never do finishers, because they leave you open for too long and you get to 
keep the Puck, so you can do full damage to Pi-Face. Burn down the rest of the
green bar and you win. Congratulations, you've beaten the hardest boss for a 
while now.

Miscellaneous Quotes: 
"Where's your beauty?" - Sho entering the battle.

Week 3 (WEEK3)

Week 3, Day 2, Optional Boss(W3D2OB):
Woolly AOR - Difficulty 8/10; Annoyance Factor 10/10
HP: 10000(not a typo)
Attack: 215
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 40
No EXP earned.

Trunk Smash - The Woolly will slap you with it's trunk, knocking you back a 
good distance.
Earthquake - The Woolly will stomp, causing an earthquake. It's shown by 
disturbances on the ground, which spread out away from him. They will ALWAYS 
cause flinching unless Neku is Dashing(the only way I've been able to avoid 
them), even if your Partner is in the air. It won't cause damage unless 
Neku/his partner is hit by the shockwaves, but they'll still get flinched.

Don't fight it. Seriously. Just don't. Not until you can get Lazy Bomber, the 
Wild Boar Pin, Her Royal Highness, and Over The Top. It's just not worth it. 
Woollies are ALWAYS best left alone, as they are nearly impossible to fight 
without a Lazy Bomber pin. And this one is even worse, so I wouldn't attempt 
it with that combination. Its Earthquake will keep Neku(unless he's using a 
Velocity Attack/Crash pin, obviously) and his partner from attacking, even if 
they aren't near the shockwaves, and while you're scrambling from it, it will 
smack you with its trunk.

Week 3, Day 2, Boss 1 (W3D2B1):
Pteropus Canor - Difficulty 7/10; Annoyance Factor 6/10
HP: 4000
Attack: 500
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 40
No EXP earned.

Summon Happycore Bat - Pteropus will summon Happycore Bats to the top Zone to 
attack your partner. These drop no Pins, EXP, or PP It only does this attack 
while it's shielding its eyes from the full brightness of the light, but it 
can summon by taking damage, as well.
Wing Attack - Pteropus will growl, rear back and strike at the ground with its 
wings, causing a shockwave. Just dodge it by dashing when you hear it growl.
Wing Strike - Pteropus will attack with one of its wings in a reverse swooping
pattern. It will growl, just like it growls when it uses Wing Attack.
Hypnosis - After turning part of the lights on, Pteropus will start using this 
attack. It will cling onto a rafter and hang upside-down and shoot rings at 
Neku. This attack is VERY easy to dodge, as it cannot hit behind itself while 
using this attack, so dash behind it and start unleashing. This attack also 
has a high chance of causing Sleep(which the game interprets as Immobility).
Cross Boomerang - After losing about 75% of its yellow health, it will start 
using this attack. Pteropus will charge to one side of the bottom Zone and 
launch two cross-like boomerangs. To dodge this, you simply dodge by dashing.
Fly - Pteropus will fly up and come back down at a high speed, causing a good 
amount of damage. It will also growl, just like when it uses it's Wing 

Remember Vespertillo WAY back in W1D3? He's back, and much more powerful. It's 
the same strategy, but Pteropus has a few more quirks than Vespertillo. For 
one, his Hypnosis can be absolutely deadly. They have a HUGE chance to cause 
Immobility, and it can keep you chain stunned because of how many he keeps 
firing in a row. What makes it even worse, is that Hypnosis can PUSH YOU OFF 
THE SCREEN WHILE IMMOBILIZED! Making it impossible to dash out of the rings if 
you get out of it. You MUST dodge this attack. Thankfully, it has its weakness
in the fact that it can't fire behind himself, so you can take shelter there. 
Next are its Cross Boomerangs. These have been upgraded quite a bit, as well. 
They will push you back now, so it keeps hitting you. They'll also pull you 
towards Pteropus on their return trip, meaning more hits. There is one shining 
light, however. After losing 25% of its green health, it turns into its Master
of A-East form, which is a harmless golden bat. Once you've gotten to this 
point, finish off any Bats left and finish it off, it can't attack in this 

Week 3, Day 3, Boss 1 (W3D3B1):
Uzuki Yashiro - Difficulty 9/10; Annoyance Factor 9/10
HP: 5500
Attack: 85
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 30
No EXP earned.
Flower Shot - "Ah haha!" Uzuki will shoot 5 flowers from her pistol that will 
circle the target and then home in on it, hitting multiple times each time a 
flower hits a target!
Force Rounds - "Hrragh!" Uzuki will shoot Force Rounds from her pistol, just 
like Neku does. Can cause Defense Break. Does not cause flinching.
Homing Shot - "Going somewhere?" "Take THIS!" Uzuki will jump in the air and 
fire a homing flower that will follow the target around. Can cause Defense 
Break and drags Neku back a good bit in the direction it hits.
Healing Wings - "Just hold still!" Uzuki will cover her body with her wings 
and then heal herself for 846 HP, 1269 with the Light Puck(in a later fight).

Uzuki is a beast. You will definitely want two healing Pins(Peace Full and 
Monkey Leisure are my favorites) and your best Regeneration Threads for this 
fight. Flower Shot absolutely owns Beat, Homing Shot is a PAIN to avoid, and 
Defense Break from 2 of her 3 attacks is bad enough as it is, add in a healing
effect, and she is as difficult as Sho. Uzuki, like most Reapers, is 
vulnerable to juggling effects, so equip yourself with Piercing Pillar, Vulcan
Uppercut, Flame Blast and other similar psychs, and you should be able to keep
her out of commission on the bottom Zone. Beat is pretty screwed on the top 
screen, because he can't avoid any of her attacks without blocking, so keep a 
close eye on the top screen, blocking as needed. There's nothing you can do to
keep her from using Healing Wings, so keep beating on her, and hope she 
doesn't feel like using it multiple times in a row(happened once to me x_x). 
She can use all of her attacks all the time, so the fight doesn't change at 
all from 100% to 0%, so keep beating her down and keeping your health high, 
and you'll win.

Miscellaneous Quotes:
"Don't bother struggling!" - At the start of the fight
"Just wait!" - After losing all of her yellow HP bar
"No!" - Being defeated

Week 3, Day 4, Boss 1 (W3D4B1):
Koki Kariya - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 1/10
HP: 6000
Attack: 90
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 35
No EXP earned.

Force Rounds - "Heeyaa!" Like Uzuki, Kariya can shoot Force Rounds. UNLIKE 
Uzuki, these don't seem to cause Defense Break.
Energy Spread - "See ya!" "Come on!" Kariya draws his hand back and charges 
energy (you can see wind blowing around his uniform/wings) and then releases a
spread of 6 shots in front of him.
Heavy Bomber - "Ready to clock out?" Kariya will fly up into the air, charge 
energy in his hands(you can see it this time), then shoots a projectile that 
looks like a sperm(I'm NOT kidding) which blows up into a huge bomb on the 
ground, causing huge damage.
Spark Core - "What a pain..." Kariya will summon a Spark Core that will 
revolve around him. Then he will dash around like crazy, making him very hard 
to hit. Only does this on the bottom Zone. Can Immobilize, but it rarely hits 
Neku, so it's not a threat.

Despite Kariya being apparently the stronger of the pair in the story, he's 
weak as HELL in battle. All his attacks are dodgable, cause no status 
effects(Spark Core rarely hits, so it doesn't count), and are easy to dodge. 
No strategy needed, just don't try to melee him with Positive psychs while 
Spark Core is up and you'll be fine. 

Miscellaneous Quotes:
"Aight... game on!" - At the start of the fight
"Can we call it a day...?" - After losing all of his yellow HP bar
"Never woulda thought..." - Being defeated

Week 3, Day 4, Boss 2 (W3D4B2):
Koki Kariya and Uzuki Yashiro - Difficulty 4/10; Annoyance Factor 3/10
They seem to use Kariya's stats in this battle.

Uzuki and Kariya share the same attacks like they did in their previous 
Light Puck - The Dynamic Duo have a Light Puck, just like Neku and his partner
do! Whoever holds the Light Puck gain 50% increased damage(and healing!) on 
all their attacks. It passes after 10 attacks that land, regardless of if they 
deal damage or not, unless they are blocked.

Uzuki challenges Beat on the top Zone and Kariya challenges Neku on the bottom 
Kariya must seriously drag others down with him, because Uzuki's a lot tamer 
now. She doesn't Flower Shot, Homing Shot, or use Healing Wings as much. Just 
beat on them until they die, nothing really changes from the previous two 

Miscellaneous Quotes:
"I'm just warmin' up!" "Take what you get!" - Kariya getting the Light Puck
"Coming back your way!" "That was so whatever..." - Uzuki getting the Light 
Same start of battle/losing all of yellow HP quotes

Week 3, Day 5, Optional Boss(W3D5OB): 
Goth Metal Drake - Difficulty 5/10; Annoyance Factor 9/10(1/10 with Joshua)
HP: 7000
Attack: 250
Takes 80% damage from Positive and Negative Psychs.
PP: 50
No EXP earned.

Flame Breath - The Drake will breath fire in a huge area, causing massive, 
repeated hits. Joshua can avoid this with Levitation and your partners can 
block this if you're lucky. If they do get hit with it, you better hope you 
survive it, because there's no way to get them out of it until it stops, but 
Neku can dash out of it because he's awesome like that.
Double Fireball - Goth Metal Drake's Fireballs are different in the fact that 
it shoots two waves of fireballs, one RIGHT after the other. On the top Zone, 
though, it fires 2-3 columns/rows of fireballs instead of 2 waves.
Charge Breath - Goth Metal Drake's Charge Breath is different from others' 
because it fires 3 in a row instead of just one shot.
Tail Swipe - Just a regular attack hitting with its tail.
Flight Attack - Goth Metal Drake will fly off screen to the right on the top 
screen, hitting Neku's partner in the process.

Deal with it like you would a regular Drake. Equip juggling pins like Piercing
Pillar, Vulcan Uppercut, Velocity Crash/Attack, etc. Flame Blast won't work on
Drakes unless you know it into the air first. First, before you start killing 
it, build up a Fusion as fast as possible if you aren't using Joshua. This 
will allow you to interrupt its Flame Breath attack if you didn't block it on 
time. Then proceed to unleash on it, juggling as much as possible to keep it 
from attacking Neku. It's attacks hurt. A lot. More than most Drakes do. The 
fight is the same from 100% to 0%, so no surprises, just lots of hurt if you 
aren't careful.

Week 3, Day 5, Boss 1 (W3D5B1):
Bass Reaper Swarm - Difficulty 5/10; Annoyance Factor 3/10
HP: 2222 each
Attack: 130 each
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 6 each 
EXP: 250 each 
Force Rounds - A Bass Reaper will shoot a Force Round similar to Uzuki and 
Kariya. Has a high chance for Defense Break(100%? Has anyone been hit with 
this and not gotten hit with Defense Break?).
Shotgun Blast - A Bass Reaper will shoot 3 energy stars in a spreading 
Run Away! - The Bass Reapers don't like to be close to players, so they'll 
float back away from Neku if he tries to get close, making them harder to 
attack with melee psychs.

This fight is just a bunch of Bass Reapers(you start out fighting 3, then up 
to 5 join in later) swarming Neku and Beat. You fight up to 10 Bass Reapers in
There are two ways to do this fight.
The first is to go all out on the offense and destroy the first 3 as fast as 
possible. The fight doesn't end because you've erased 10 Bass Reapers, it ends
because you've erased all of them on the screen. If you can erase the 3 Bass 
Reapers before more rush in, you can finish it quickly, so equip all your most
powerful Pins and Threads.
The alternative is to play defensively and just beat them through attrition, 
since there are only 10 that you can fight max. Equip as many Healing Pins and
Regeneration/Defensive Threads that you can, because you'll certainly need 
them. The Bass Reapers themselves aren't necessarily powerful, but they can 
eventually wear you down with 5 on screen at once.

Week 3, Day 5, Boss 2 (W3D5B2): 
Berserk Uzuki Yashrio and Koki Kariya - Difficulty 7/10; Annoyance Factor 4/10
HP: 7000
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 50
No EXP earned.
Same as the last 2v2 fight with one added attack...
Reaper Fusion - Was it any surprise that these two have a Fusion Attack? Well,
it's not really a Fusion. It only hits one Player, as opposed to Transform: 
Bahamut or your own Fusions, and it doesn't heal. They use it immediately 
after 5 consecutive Puck passes.

If you couldn't tell it from their Berserk title, these guys have gotten a lot 
tougher. They have more HP and attack, and are extremely aggressive now. On 
top of this, they've got a Fusion Attack.
Equip the two Supply Boost pins you should have by now, a Cure Drink pin, and 
a Healing pin(I prefer Monkey Leisure and Peace Full since they have the most 
uses), because this fight could take a very long time, similar to the Reaper 
Swarm, thanks to Uzuki's Healing Wings and their Fusion Attack. 
Besides the Fusion Attack and the increased stats and aggressiveness(and all 
their quotes replaced with angry grunts...), the fight has stayed the same, so
it's no more or less annoying. 
For laughs, beat them by landing the final attack on Uzuki, as Kariya's death 
noise is more like a gurgle, lol.
Miscellaneous Quotes: 
None, unless you count angry, berserker grunts and yells.

Week 3, Day 6, Boss 1 (W3D6B1): 
Taboo Sho Minamimoto - Difficulty 10/10; Annoyance Factor 10/10
HP: 5926
Attack: 250
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 100
No EXP earned.

Energy Shotgun - "Tangent!" Pi-Face will shoot 2 waves of 3 and 4 energy 
rounds that spread out in a cone.
Energy Spiral - "Sine!" Pi-Face will release energy rounds in a circular, 
spiraling pattern.
Energy Bombardment - "Cosine!" "Prepare to be iterated!" Pi-Face will release 
a ball of energy into the air that will drop energy rounds in a circular 
pattern. Only uses it on the bottom Zone
Teleport - "Zetta slow!" "You're out of your vector" Pi-Face still loves to 
Teleport all over the place, and does it every time you touch him with the 
stylus, so Shockwave pins will have no effect unless you catch him while he's 
doing an attack.
Regeneration - Sho now regenerates health passively. He regenerates 33 health 
every few seconds on BOTH screens, meaning he's got twice the regenerating 
Taboo Defenses - As his name implies, he has Taboo Defenses, meaning you can't 
harm him really unless you have the Light Puck.

Die. Seriously, just die. If you die, you don't game over. The game acts like 
you lost the fight anyway and you don't get anything special for beating him 
normally in the story. Not to mention its tough/long as hell. Anyway, if you 
insist on beating him, equip as many Regeneration and Healing Threads and Pins
as possible. Use the 4 pin healing combo I mentioned earlier(Supply Boost x2, 
Monkey Leisure, and Peace Full). For your attacking Pins, I recommend the 
Velocity Attack(or Crash, if you evolved it correctly) pin and something else,
probably a Force/Energy/Patrol Rounds psych. The IDEAL combination is a 
Velocity Attack and a Velocity Crash pin, so you can nearly constantly have it
going, as Sho is weak to juggling(just like all humanoid Reapers), but his 
Teleport ability makes it hard to do it with Vulcan Uppercut, Flame Blast, or 
Ice Risers. While he does have amazing offensive and defensive power, he does 
have one weakness besides juggling: his attacks have a TERRIBLE hitbox and are 
very inaccurate as a result. For this reason, you should mainly focus on Beat 
so you can block his attacks(even then, half the time Sho will be in the air 
and spam Energy Shotgun...), since they will rarely hit Neku. For Post-game 
battling, Wolf + Velocity Attack + Velocity Tackle + Over the Top or Lightning
Rook x2 + Her Royal Highness + Over the Top will make this fight simple(and 

Miscellaneous Quotes: 
"You zetta sons of digits!" - Getting to 25% of his green HP bar.
"Alright... it's time." - Being defeated

Week 3, Day 7, Boss 1 (W3D7B1):
Mitsuki Konishi/Tigris Cantus - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 10/10
HP: 4444
Attack: 70
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 75
No EXP earned.

Shadow Rush - "Go!" "Fools!" The Iron Maiden(or a clone of her) will send a 
shadow of herself to rush forward and attack you.
Energy Blast - "Here, champ!" If the "white darkness" absorbs an obstacle, 
such as a cone or car, it will blast up from the bottom Zone(which you can see
in the background of the top Zone), dealing damage to Beat.
Taboo Absorption - If the "white darkness" absorbs a Taboo Noise, it will deal 
damage to the Iron Maiden and stun her for a few seconds. Now is the time to 
strike with Beat!
Noise Absorption - "Why thank you!" If the "white darkness" absorbs a regular 
Noise, it will heal the Iron Maiden for 133.
Teleport - The Iron Maiden teleports all over the place in Beat's zone, making 
her extremely hard to hit.
Shadow Switch - "Vexatious worm!" After Beat attacks the Iron Maiden on the 
top Zone, she will retreat to her shadow clone in the bottom Zone, allowing 
Neku to attack! She only stays there for a few seconds, so attack quickly. 
Summon Clone - During Phase 3, the Iron Maiden will summon many clones of 
herself on the top screen, making it nearly impossible to attack her. These 
clones do not attack and can be erased.
Icicle Stab - If the Iron Maiden gets in Neku's shadow, icicles will 
repeatedly stab his feet, dealing damage. Likewise, if Neku gets in her 
shadow, the clones in the top Zone will vanish, allowing Beat to pummel the 
Iron Maiden into submission.

The Konishi fight is extremely annoying and unusual, with 4 phases. Pin 
selection does not REALLY matter, but a Psychokinesis(the one that lets you 
grab enemies would be perfect) pin and a few rapid hitting pins(such as 
Force/Energy/Patrol Rounds or Apport T). Don't equip any Healing Pins, as you 
won't be able to use them in Phase 3 or 4, so rely on Regeneration Threads in 
order to heal.
Phase 1: 100% yellow HP - 70%
She will stay on the top Zone, fighting Beat, while you are left on the bottom
Zone to fend off against all kinds of Wolf, Frog, and Crab Noise. Every now 
and then, the white space in the bottom left of the bottom Zone will start 
sucking everything towards it. Neku can't fall in, so don't worry. You need to 
keep the regular Noise(by erasing them) and the obstacles(by Psychokinesising 
them) away from the "white darkness" and allow the Taboo Noise to get sucked 
in(either with a little help from Psychokinesis or allowing them to get sucked
in there naturally). She will be nearly impossible to attack with Beat until 
you allow a Taboo to stun her, so don't worry if you can't hit her.
Phase 2: 70% yellow HP - 0% 
This Phase is another puzzle. She will be invisible during this phase on the 
top Zone until you hit her. To tell where she is, look up towards the sky on 
the bottom Zone and you can see where she is, hit her with Beat a few times 
and she'll retreat to her clone on the bottom Zone. While she's on the bottom 
zone, ANY DAMAGE SHE TAKES WILL STUN HER. So even if you had a bunch of pins 
that did 1 damage, you can keep her down there. Until you reveal her, she will
spam Shadow Rush in both Zones, so dodge them by simply blocking or dashing 
out of the way. Also, if you have a Fusion primed or any Healing Pins, use 
them now.
Phase 3, "Claim it if you can!": 100% green HP - 25%
She begins this phase by stealing all your pins, even your Fusion pin(this is 
a blessing in disguise, as Beat probably got burned by his cards a few times, 
since he can't always hit her). In order to damage her, you'll have to rely on
Beat. This is complicated by the fact that she is constantly summoning Shadow 
Clones. To make matters worse, Konishi decides to make you play Shadow Tag 
with her in Neku's screen. If she tags your shadow, you take damage. If you 
tag her shadow, you make the clones vanish. So stay in her shadow as much as 
possible and pummel her. At the end of this Phase, you get the Squirrel Noise 
Phase 4: 25% green HP - erasure
This is where it gets moronically confusing for most people. You can't see 
Konishi in this Phase, instead she's got 6 Clones of herself, 3 in each Zone, 
and they all spam Shadow Rush. Beat can't attack her because she's not there. 
However, you can tell where she is by looking at your shadow. She floats 
around the bottom Zone as a little yellow light, and you can find the light 
easier by heading in the opposite direction that your shadow is pointing. When
you find the light, tap the screen to use the Squirrel Noise Pin to attack 
that area. When you hit with it, she will be briefly revealed and retreat to 
the top Zone. This is where you can land the finishing blow. The light will be
on the top screen now, and Beat's shadow will move, just like Neku's. Attack 
the light with Beat and finisher her off. If you don't manage to erase her 
then, you'll have to repeat the revealing process. Konishi always starts in the 
far left of the bottom Zone, so tap there and you can finish this fight easily.

Week 3, Day 7, Boss 2 (W3D7B2): 
Megumi Kitanji and Berserk/Possessed Shiki Misaki - Difficulty 1 or 8/10; 
Annoyance Factor 1 or 9/10
HP: 10000 
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 100 if you land the final blow on Shiki, 200 if Megumi
No EXP earned.

Go Mr. Mew! - Shiki will attack Beat with Mr. Mew, doing a standard air or 
ground combo like she did when she was your partner. The finisher can inflict 
Attack Break. She also goes invincible while performing a finisher, just like 
when she was your partner.
Dragon Bite - "Submit!" Megumi will turn one of his hands into a dragon's 
mouth and attack you with it. This attack is easy to dodge, as this attack has
a very long activation time, but if you don't dodge it, you'll have a high 
chance be afflicted with a poison(which is HP Drain in the game) and take 
heavy damage.
Red Energy Spray - "Heh heh heh heh..." Megumi will extend his arms and will 
send out four spiraling waves of energy balls. This can inflict Attack Break. 
This attack looks very similar to attacks used in Japanese top-down shooters, 
as you have very little room to dodge them. 
Blue Energy Spray - "Rgah!" Megumi will summon an energy ball on each side of 
him, which then shoots out spiraling energy balls. The larger ones that shoot 
the others out can be destroyed in one shot, but don't touch them as they can 
damage you. Both the large and the small balls(insert anatomy joke here) can 
inflict Defense Break.
Laser - "Yogh!" Megumi will shoot a very quick laser out of his hand.
Guided Laser - "Yogh!" Megumi will send one or two lines out in the direction 
he is facing. These lines will turn at random places in right angles, so it 
looks very geometrical. The lines will disappear after they are done and 
Megumi will shoot a laser along that path. Very easy to dodge, just stay out 
of the lines that he drew.
Time Stop - "Time, be still!" Just what it sounds like, Megumi stops time. 
During this period, everything except Megumi and the line from Guided Laser is
frozen. The fish, your cursor, Shiki, Beat, his attacks(energy balls will be 
stuck in place, not moving until after time returns to normal), and yourself. 
If he uses either Energy Spray, it will not activate until after time returns 
to normal.  
This battle can either be extremely frustrating and difficult or a cake walk. 
Megumi is vulnerable to all juggling abilities(Velocity, Piercing Pillar, 
Vulcan Uppercut, blah blah). If he is constantly juggled, he won't be able to 
attack at all, meaning a very easy victory for you. 
Now then, if you don't want to do that(for ethical reasons, you don't have the
right pins, whatever), it will be a very difficult fight, as not only are his 
attacks extremely powerful, but they can be difficult to dodge, too. 
In either case, Shiki doesn't hurt, so don't worry about her. 
He's vulnerable to damage at all times, so attack him whenever you have an 
When he summons Blue Energy Sprayers, attack them immediately, so you don't 
get attacked by them and possibly get Defense Broken. 
Counter Red Energy Spray by running as far away as possible to give you as 
much room as you can. 
Both lasers are easy to dodge as they have a finicky hit box and Guided Laser 
shows you where it's going. 
Time Stop will be the most difficult to deal with. He loves to use two Red 
Energy Sprays or Guided Lasers and then Dragon Bite you. If he uses Lasers, 
good, you got off easy. If he Sprays twice, you're screwed. You will be stuck 
in place by the rapid hits of the energy balls and then hit with a Dragon 
Nothing else to say but good luck, because you will need it. Can't give any 
real advice other than juggle him.

Miscellaneous Quotes:
"Such... such power!" - Being defeated
"Now Player, we play for keeps!" - Losing all of his yellow HP bar
"Try harder!" - Randomly says this when getting hit, usually when being 
knocked into the air.

Week 3, Day 7, Boss 3 (W3D7B3): 
Megumi Kitanji/Anguis Cantus - Difficulty 3/10; Annoyance Factor 3/10
HP: 10000
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 125
No EXP earned.

Top Laser Blast - Anguis will charge up energy in his mouth and fire it at 
your partner.
Bottom Laser Blast - Anguis will charge up energy in his mouth and fire it at 
Neku. Immediately after, he will use Energy Spray.
Energy Spray - Used immediately after BLB. Anguis fires a spread of 8 energy 
balls after the Laser Blast
Dragon Bite - "Enough!" A quick bite to your partner or Neku.
Multicolor Energy Spray - Anguis fires a spread of 8 energy balls that are 
different colors. Yellow ones do nothing but damage, Red ones deal damage and 
can inflict Attack Break, and the Blue ones deal damage and can inflict 
Defense Break.
Bubble - Shoots a bubble towards Neku that drags him to Anguis' mouth, who 
then chomps down with a Dragon Bite. Can be broken with attacks.

Before you enter the Room of Reckoning, equip as many line damage 
Pins(Lightning Bolt post game, Entanglement, the Lightning Rook you just got, 
etc) as you have and fill the rest with healing Pins and Supply Boost pins. 
You will thank me later. If you don't have any besides Lightning Rook, equip 
Velocity Attack/Crash or Energy/Force/Patrol rounds that deal penetrating 
Megumi has turned into a giant Snake(...why? It didn't work for Jafar). Even 
though Anguis' body is all over the place, he takes reduced damage from 
attacks to his body, so strike at his head to deal the most damage. 
His attacks are all easy to dodge and block. Especially for Neku, who can 
dodge all his attacks except Bubble by moving up behind his head. 
When the fight starts, his head will be up in the top Zone with Shiki, so run 
around the bottom screen, trying to find a piece of his body to attack. You 
can find them in the extreme corners of the arena, so dash around to each 
corner to find something to hit. 
When he comes down to the bottom Zone to attack Neku, Shiki can still attack 
him, so don't worry. 
At this point, you'll want to move to the very top of the Zone, so you can 
avoid most of his attacks. When Bubble comes after you, just dash 
around until it pops on it's own. If you DO get hit by Bubble, immediately 
begin spamming attacks on it in hopes of breaking it(Vortex Saber works 
wonders for this). If you can't break it by the time it drags you to Anguis' 
mouth, start dragging Neku into a dash in hopes that you can avoid the Dragon 
When you take out his entire HP, you begin another fight with him. The only 
difference is that Beat is your partner now and you carry over the same HP, 
Fusion Stars, and Pin usage from the first fight. Beat him down a second time,
and you win, then you get to see an old friend again...

Miscellaneous Quotes: 
"Com... poser!" - Being defeated

Week 3, Day 7, Boss 4 (W3D7B4): 
Megumi Kitanji/Draco Cantus - Difficulty 9/10; Annoyance Factor 10/10
HP: 25000
Attack: 100
No weaknesses or resistances.
PP: 150
No EXP earned. 
Energy Spread - Same as the Anguis version, except he can fire it multiple 
times from multiple heads.
Dragon Bite - Again, same as the Anguis version.
Laser Blast - Same thing again.
Bubble - Same thing, just a lot more dangerous considering the circumstances.
Swords of Revealing Light! - "Let the Light save you!" The main head in the 
top Zone will begin charging energy, like it's going to use Laser Blast. 
Instead, he will summon 5 Swords of Revealing Light to come down and stab one 
spot on the bottom Zone. After they stab the ground, they will explode in a 
wide radius, dealing huge damage.
Healing - If you don't use your partner's orb in time, he will heal 3000 HP.

Oh SNAP, he did not just do that! 
You didn't even get a chance to change Pins or Threads.
Fortunately, if you heeded my warning, you'll be prepared for this boss.
First off, Draco is a nearly exact copy of Anguis, except with 5 heads now
instead of 1, so be prepared for massive amounts of attacks. 
Secondly, you'll notice you don't have a partner for this fight, so you're 
fighting alone.
The fight is everything you'd think an end-game fight would be including 
massive damage, multiple attacks that will cover the entire screen(if the 
Megumi fight wasn't a nod to Japanese shooters, this fight certainly is...), a
decently epic song, and all odds are against you. 
Draco's heads will constantly be using Energy Spread or Laser Blast if you are
afar and will Dragon Bite you if you get close. 
On this account, you'll be lucky if you hear anything else other than "Rgah!"
Fortunately for you, there is one saving grace. Every 20% of his yellow HP 
bar, one of your partners will, miraculously, perform a level 2 Fusion with
you! Or at least, the cutscene suggests it anyway. Nothing actually happens 
except the orb that is containing that partner will glow and an arrow will
show up. Press the d-pad or buttons in the way that it shows(left for Shiki, 
upfor Josh, and right for Beat), and you'll gain the Light Puck. Except this 
Light Puck is PERMANENT. All of your finishers will gain the Light Puck boost,
including healing! Each time you press a direction when the game tells you to
now, you'll gain a boost to it, up to x5 damage or healing.
One thing to note here, after the first 3 level 2 Fusions with your 3 
partners, there won't be any more cutscenes, you'll just have to listen for 
the sound cue to press the button. With this power, you'll have a chance 
against him, but he's still hard. 
You'll have the best chance at avoiding his attacks by sticking to one of the 
corners. When he gets to 0 HP, the Four Stars pin will appear. Tap it, and 
you'll have defeated him and beaten the game! Then watch how Neku slays this 
dragon, pretty ****ing epic if you ask me.

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out things that have missed, my apologies for not being able to list names, 
but I have a terrible time with names that I don't write down.

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