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The World Ends With You


Tin Pin Slammer FAQ

by Chocobahn

|====|                      The World Ends With You                     |====|
|====|                                                                  |====|
|====|                       Tin Pin Slammer Guide                      |====|
|====|                                                                  |====|
|====|                         Author: Chocobahn                        |====|
|====|                            Version 1.03                          |====|
|====|                  Last updated: 03 September 2008                 |====|

=============================: TABLE OF CONTENT :=============================

                Legal / Copyright.....................[0100]
                Version Update........................[0200]
                What Is Tin Pin Slammer...............[0400]
                How To Play...........................[0500]
                    Deck Building.....................[0501]
                    Screen Layout.....................[0502]
                    Basic Control.....................[0503]
                Odds And Ends.........................[0800]

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:          [0100] LEGAL / COPYRIGHT                                            :

The World Ends With You, its associated characters and events are the property
of Square Enix.  No profits of any kind are being made from the usage of these
entities.  I am in no way directly connected to any person(s) working for
Square Enix and/or its associated companies.  So don't email me asking when the
World is going to end.  The latest prediction is 2014.

Any other copyright entities are the property of their respective owners.

This guide copyright 2008 Chocobahn.  No part of this document, either in part
or in whole, can be reproduced in any way, shape or form on any form of media
for commercial use.  This document is strictly for PERSONAL use only.  It
cannot be used as a profit making (money or otherwise) entity, promotional
material and/or any other ways for commercial purposes, even if you are willing
to give me pins.  I am not prepared to be sued by Square Enix.

Websites other than those listed below are allowed to host this guide. However,
no part of this guide may be modified in any way and must be presented in its
entirety, including this notice.  Please send me an email to indicate that you
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This document is made available to the following website(s) as of the time of
last update.  The latest version will ONLY be uploaded to GameFAQs.  If you have
obtained this guide from other websites, and it has not been marked as
complete, it might be worth while to check GameFAQs for the latest version.

:          [0200] VERSION UPDATE                                               :

Version 1.03
- 03 September 2008
  - Rewrite some answers in the FAQ

Version 1.02
- 20 August 2008
  - Fix some error

Version 1.01
- 23 July 2008
  - Rewrite some sections

Version 1.00
- 19 June 2008
  - First public release

:          [0300] INTRODUCTION                                                 :

Thank you for downloading this guide.  I hope this guide will help you in your
quest to be a true Slammurai.  Tin Pin Slammer (or Tin Pin for short) is not
exactly the best minigame out there, but it does have its place in the game.
You don't have to play it if you don't want to (Blitz ball, anyone?).  But if
you want to mingle, or get some pins that are only available through Tin Pin,
this is it.

This guide does not cover any aspect of the general gameplay, the locations or
drop rate of pins or any pin stats.  There are other guides out there that cover
them in details.

I hope this guide will help you in your understanding of the mechanics and
gameplay of this simple game.  So get ready to slam (or in some cases, get

:          [0400] WHAT IS TIN PIN SLAMMER                                      :

Tin Pin is a minigame found in The World Ends With You (TWEWY hereafter) played
by some over-enthusiastic school kids who look more like Pokemon players than
Slammurai.  The objective of the game is to use the pins that you are wearing
to knock your opponent's pins off the table.  It's not unlike Sumo, really.

You will play several matches of Tin Pin against certain characters in the game
during the story mode.  The actual Tin Pin game is a multiplayer game that uses
wireless communication to play against your (real life) friends / siblings /
strangers.  You can, however, practice by playing against an AI.

The game is a sticker quest (Tin Pin Versus) found at the Mind & Body Foods,
located at the Shibu Dept. Store.  You will need 1 x 1,000 Yen Pin, 1 x 500 Yen
Pin, and 1 x 100 Yen Pin.  I got mine on Day 5 of Week 1.  That seems to be the
earliest time that you can get it.

Reader "alkanetexe" has been able to buy the Tin Pin Versus sticker on Day 4 of
Week 1.

:          [0500] HOW TO PLAY                                                  :

Once you have obtained the Tin Pin Versus sticker, you can access it via your
phone menu.  You can host a game or join an existing one.  They are pretty self
explanatory.  A maximum of four players can partake in a game.  You can also
practice against an AI.

There are books in the game that you can collect that have information and/or
tips on how to play Tin Pin.  They range from item No. 451 to No. 458.

:          [0501] Deck Building                                                :

But before you dive into Tin Pin, head over to the Pin section and equip the
pins you want to use in order of preference.  The game starts off with the pin
stored in Slot 1.  If it is defeated, it will move on to Slot 2 and so on.

You can fill up as many or as little pins as you wish.  You do not have to fill
up all the slots available (e.g. you have four empty slots, but only use three

If you do not want to mess up the deck that you use for battles, I suggest
using an unused Deck to store you Tin Pin pins.  Deck 4 sounds like a good

Once you are done fixing your deck, head off to Tin Pin.

:          [0502] Screen Layout                                                :

The top screen is divided into three sections.  Top left displays both you and
your opponent's number of pins left in the deck.  It will decrease as pins are
thrown into the abyss.  Under the pins are the score for each player.

Bottom left displays the WHAMMIES you have and the number of uses left in them.

The main section on the right is the map of the table.  The red dot is you, and
the blue dot represents your opponent(s).  On the top right corner is a timer,
if you want to TKO your opponents, you must knock them all off before the timer
reaches zero.  Otherwise, the winner is determined by points.  (see below)

Bottom screen is the battlefield.  Use the touch screen to move your pin in the
desired direction.

:          [0503] Basic Control                                                :

There are three ways to move your pin - slash, charge and spin.

Slash your pin down the middle using a stylus to cause the pin to travel in a
straight line.  Obviously, slash the pin in the direction of your opponent's

You can perform a Charge Slam by drawing a line and hold the stylus to the
screen, then release.  It will become more powerful, but if you miss, it can

If the pin can spin, you can "bend it like Beckham" by slashing along its edge
to make the pin travel in a curve line.

:          [0504] WHAMMIES                                                     :

There are four WHAMMIES (or special moves) for use, each mapped to one of the
d-pad button (or face buttons for lefties).  They are Dive Bomber (up), Stinger
(right), Sledgehammer (left) and Helping Hand (down).  Except for Helping Hand,
the rest of the WHAMMIES operate on a rock-paper-scissors system.  Stinger beats
Dive Bomber, which beats Sledgehammer, which beats Stinger.

  o-->-- Stinger ---->---- Dive Bomber -->--o
  |                                         |
  o------<------- Sledgehammer ----<--------o

WHAMMIES can only be used a certain number of times, ranging from nothing to
many.  That number is displayed on the Pin Info screen.  If you have used up
the WHAMMIES, obviously you cannot use them again in the same battle.

You can use WHAMMIES even when your pin is moving.

-=[ Dive Bomber (up) ]=- 

The pin jumps into the air and comes crashing back down onto the table.  Any
pins that are in the way will be stunned.  The landing site can be adjusted by
using a crosshair that appears as the pin jumps up into the air.  The dive
bomber can be counterattacked by the stinger.

-=[ Stinger (right) ]=-

The stinger causes your pin to become a large rock with spikes.  Any pins that
come into contact with it will be stunned.  However, you cannot move during the
time your pin is in stinger mode.  Stinger can be counterattacked by the

-=[ Sledgehammer (left) ]=-

A hammer appears and strikes any pins that are within its hammer head's range.
The hammer rotates around the pin in full circle.  The handle has no effect.
Sledgehammer can be counterattacked by the dive bomber.

The rate of rotation and the number of rotations are different for each pin.

-=[ Helping Hand (down) ]=-

A giant hand appears and knocks your pin back onto the table.  However, it only
works just as you start to fall off the edge.  It is not a guarantee lifeline.
This cannot be counterattacked.

:          [0505] Panels                                                       :

There are tricks panels that can help (or hinder) you in the game.

-=[ Red L-Block ]=- 

Panel that allows you to become invisible.  Read again, it's invisible, not
invincible.  You are still susceptible to all WHAMMIES.  You just suffer it in

-=[ Red Fan ]=- 

Sends your pin airborne for a brief period of time so that you can jump over
other pins and whatnots.

-=[ Blue Warping Circle]=- 

Teleport your pin to another Blue Warping Circle.

-=[ Bricks ]=-

Walls that prevent pins from falling.

-=[ Metal Panels ]=-

Opposite of bricks.  It can send your pin flying off the table.

:          [0506] Winning                                                      :

There are two ways that you can win Tin Pin, TKO (Total Knock Out) and points
(similar to boxing).  You can TKO all opponents by removing all their pins from
the table.

Points system works as follow:

2 points for knocking an opponent's pin off the table
1 point for stunning an opponent's pin with WHAMMIES

If you remove your opponent's last pin from the battlefield (i.e. you TKO your
opponent), all your opponent's points are transferred to you.  Likewise, you
will get a big fat zero if you are TKO'ed.

If the game timed out and there is still more than one player on the field, the
winner is determined by the highest number of points.

:         [0600] FAQ                                                           :

[Q1]: Do I lose the pins if I lose?
[A1]: No, you will not lose any pins.


[Q2]: So what do I lose?
[A2]: Pride, mostly, and bragging rights.


[Q3]: Is there any point in playing?
[A3]: Yes.  Playing Tin Pin against another human player is considered as
      Mingle, and will generate Mingle Pin Point, or MPP.  Some pins require
      MPP to evolve.  If you aim to evolve a pin that uses MPP, make sure to
      send that particular pin into battle.

      You can also obtain other Pins by playing Tin Pin.


[Q4]: Is there a one-player mode?
[A4]: It's actually not that easy a question to answer.  The actual Tin Pin
      minigame that is accessible through your phone menu does not have a
      one-player mode.  You can play against an AI by choosing practice, but
      that does not get you anything.

      In the main game, you can play a handful of games that advances the story.
      There is also the Stride in the Tipsy Tose Hall district that you can go
      to for some Tin Pin fun (see Q9 below).  After you have beaten the game
      once, the "Another Day" chapter is opened for you.  Within that, you can
      play Tin Pin against other NPC.


[Q5]: Which pin can I use?
[A5]: You can use any pins that is in your pile, whether it is in the stockpile
      or mastered pile.  Make sure to put the pin in your deck in order to use


[Q6]: Is there any difference between mastered and stockpile pins?
[A6]: Not that I can see.  Tin Pin stats do not change as the pin gains levels.
      However, if the pin evolved, it is considered as a new pin, and the stats
      will take on the new values associated with the new pin.


[Q7]: Where can I find pins?
[A7]: This is beyond the scope of this guide.  Check other pin guide for further
      details.  Generally, they can be obtain in the following ways:
      - Dropped by Noise
      - Dropped by Reapers
      - Dropped by bosses
      - Given by the Reapers when you meet their 'wall-breaking' criteria
      - Winning Tin Pin against NPC
      - Purchased in shop using money or through quest


[Q8]: Okay, if you're not going to tell me where, can you tell me what pins do I
      get by playing Tin Pin?
[A8]: Sure, you get those pins that has a 'Tin Pin' prefix (e.g. Tin Pin Shiva).
      They range from Pin 230 to 245.  You can also get other pins that can be
      obtained via other methods (e.g. 1,000 Yen, which you can get via Noise
[A8a]: Reader "Dean" (weiss[$dot$]dean[$at$]gmail[$dot$]com) has indicated that
       Tin Pin Wind and Tin Pin Blade can both be purchased at Cyco Records in
       the Udagawa backstreets.


[Q9]: Where can I find helpless victims to play Tin Pin with?
[A9]: Short of asking your dog, cat or random animal that you caught at the zoo
      to hit any button on a DS, you can play Tin Pin at the Stride in the Tipsy
      Tose Hall district.  It should be available, just like any other shops,
      after the your frist Tin Pin tournament in Week 2, Day 2.

:         [0700] EMAIL - DO'S AND DON'TS                                       :

DO contact me if you:

+ think I am not making things clear enough.
+ found an error in this guide.
+ have information regarding anything not covered in this guide.
+ have any suggestions on how to improve this guide.
+ want to congratulate me on a job well done.
+ want to hire me as a technical writer.  ^_^.

DON'T contact me for the followings:

- ask anything that is already covered in this guide.  Your email shall be
  totally disregarded.

- ask anything about the general gameplay.  This guide is specifically written
  to cover a certain aspect of the game.  Your email shall be totally

- junk mail, forward mail, chain mail, any mail about extending my body part,
  buying a Rolex, or claiming lottery wins, etc.  I shall ask Shuto Daaaaaan to
  throw his deadly pins at you.

- Basically don't contact me for anything that does not relate to Tin Pin.

When sending email,

* write in proper English in order to receive a proper response.  Can't help
  you if I don't understand your request.

* put "The World Ends With You" or "Tin Pin" (or something similar) in the
  subject line. I do receive crap load of junk mail, and will delete anything
  that remotely looks like spam.  If you don't do that, I may delete your email
  by accident.

* when contributing, state whether you want to have your email address
  published.  Default is opt-in (i.e. I will publish your email address unless
  you told me otherwise).

* either to me or one of the contributors, just replace the [$at$] with the "@"
  symbol, and [$dot$] with "." (without quotes).  This is to avoid junk mail.
  I know, it's annoying, blame all those who spam.

Now, here is the email address you have all been waiting for:


:         [0800] ODDS AND ENDS                                                 :

While I have made it my destiny to ensure the integrity and accuracy of this
guide, I cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy and usefulness of any and
all information presented in this guide.  Use them at your own risk.

If you have spotted any mistakes, language-wise and/or information-wise, I can
be contacted at the email address list above.  Please follow the email
guideline mentioned above.

If you have any suggestions on what I should put in, leave out, etc.  Please
contact me.  I will consider all suggestions.  Of course, I have the final say.

No pins were destroyed in their falls into the abyss during the making of this

:          [0900] CREDITS                                                      :

Thanks to:

- Square Enix and Jupiter, for the game
- TWEWY Wikia articles ( for information on pins, and the game
  in general.
- Dean - for pointing out "Tin Pin" pins can be purchased.
- alkanetexe - for pointing out "Tin Pin Versus" sticker can be obtained earlier
  than as stated in the guide.
- All the sites that host my guide
- You, the reader, for downloading and reading this guide

Hope you have enjoyed this guide as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  That's
it for now, boys and girls.  Until next time, you are reading yet another
Chocobahn production.

~ Chocobahn ~

For my game reviews and other FAQs, visit:

==========[ ***** END OF DOCUMENT ***** ]=======================================