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Follow the dark path or use the light

Side Quests

by lamdog1


Legend of Zelda  Spirit Tracks: 		
			SIDE QUESTS         			


By Lamdog01

	Don't be disappointed when I say this: I have not fully beaten 
this game but I'm at the end. Of course I haven't done every side 
quest but I've done most of them. Just so you know once I do a lot 
of stuff I might come out with more versions. 

If you write back to me don't give any negative comments.
But you can tell me if you don't think I did something right and 
you can ask me questions. Enjoy! :p

Okay now we start.

	Anouki Village Cave

In case you don't know where Anouki Village is it's in the Snow 
Realm. Okay first enter Anouki Village. Next go to the village 
Honco's house. (If you don't know where the village honco's 
house is, it's house that's on the tallest hill.)
	Okay take two steps to the right but don't go down the stairs. 
Move to the wall above you and you will see a crack. Bomb it and 
go inside. (If you do not have bomb's go to Beedle's Hot Air 
Balloon and buy bombs because you need them a lot in the game.
	If Beedle doesn't have bombs then do some other side quests 
I have listed until he starts selling them.
	If Beedle hasn't appeared yet do the same thing I said before.
	If you don't know what Beedle looks like he's the guy who 
looks like he's been living on a beach his whole life.)
	Okay back to the cave. So go inside and you will see a box 
and ice and tiles. First click on the box with your stylus and press, 
up, left, down, left, up, right, up, right, up, left, down, right, down, 
left and up. Climb up on the stairs to your left and on to the ledge. 
Now jump across each ledge including the box then you will be at 
the treasure chest. Once you open the chest leave the cave. 

	Little Goron In Goron City

	Sorry to the people who have not yet beat the Fire Temple, 
because you need to if you want to do this.
 Once you have beaten the Fire Temple hang around at the 
Goron Target Range for a bit, play the game there a few times then 
head back to Goron City.
 (If you don't know where the Goron Target Range is, I'll tell 
you. It's the place right next to Goron City on the left. It's the 
place looks like a sanctuary but it is not.)
 Once you do that go and talk to the little Goron kid who 
yells out something. 
He will ask you to take him to Castle Town so he can meet 
the princess, if only he knew, anyways do it and he'll hop out of 
your train and leave you at the station. Run after him and talk him 
and he'll give you a force gem.
Shield of Antiquity

This side quest requires a stamp book.
	You know how you have to buy a shield for 80 Rupees 
 Well this shield you get for free from your friend Niko the 
person you share a room with. He will ask you to get him 10 
stamps. Once you bring him the 10 stamps you get the Shield of 

		The Hungry Girl
	Go to Castle Town and talk to the girl who's either in 
her house or on the east side of town. 
She says she wants 10 fish. (You must beat the Water 
Temple to do this.) So go to the Water Realm, then go to Papuchia 
 Therefore when you get out of your train, go down to the 
first part of the island that's shaped liked a circle.
 Jump to the island that's to the left of you, jump again to the 
left and go south.
 You will see a lady selling fish and she'll ask you to get 
some ice, ignore her for right now, talk to her and she will sell you 
some fish.
 Bring the fish back to the girl in Castle Town and she will 
give you a prize.   

		Raving Rabbits
There are 2 side quests you can do now.
1.	Go to Rabbitland Rescue and talk to the crazy dude 
who is literally in love with rabbits. And he will ask 
you to bring him 5 rabbits and he will give you a 
heart container I think. Once you do that talk to him 
and he'll ask you for 10 grass rabbits. (I haven't 
done that yet.)

2.     		Go to Castle Town. When you enter go to your 
map and look at the two houses on the west side circle them 
and go inside and talk to the people inside them.
 If one says she wants to find her husband, her husband is at 
Rabbitland Rescue. Take her there and you get the goods.

		Little Boy Is A Bird
	Go to Aboda Village. 
Right when you get off the train head south until you bump 
into a house.
 Somewhere around that area there is a little boy.
 Talk to him and he will ask you to take him to a place to fly 
say yes and then he will ask you do you know where, answer I do.
P.S (Take him to Beedle's Hot Air Balloon.) And you get a 
force gem. 

Thank you so much for reading this. I will soon be adding 
more. Thank you. :p