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Surviving High School



by The Lost Gamer

Version 1.2 8/1/13

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Surviving High School
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer ([email protected])
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
  002a.  Episode One
  002b.  Episode Two
  002c.  Episode Three
  002d.  Episode Four
  002e.  Episode Five
003.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the iOS game called "Surviving 
High School". This guide covers Season One, which comes 
free with the game. To contact me about this guide, use 
my email address, [email protected]

Thanks to jgs, for the football picture seen at the top 
of this guide.

002.  Walkthrough

To start the game, tap on "play/resume". To download more 
games (at a price), tap on "more episodes". The first 
season of the game is free.

002a.  Episode One

The game starts with Owen, who is a transfer student at 
Twin Branches High School. He meets Zoe. There are three 
different things you can say to Zoe. Pick whichever 
option you like best. She will react differently, 
depending on which option you pick.

Owen introduces himself to Zoe. She shows him around, and 
Zoe's friend Emily shows up. She reminds Zoe about 
cheerleading practice after the pep rally. Owen says he 
should have known Zoe was a cheerleader, and she asks 

You have two options here. One is "nice" and the other is 
"outgoing". If you pick outgoing, your score goes up. 
This happens with pretty much every option in the game. 
Some options give points, while other options don't.

A male student runs into Owen. Catch yourself, instead of 
grabbing Zoe (which knocks you and Zoe down). The male 
student, who is Nate, apologizes. He agrees to show Owen 
around while the girls go to PE.

When the girls leave, Nate slams Owen against a locker 
and tells him to stay away from Zoe. Insult Nate, and he 
storms off, saying that you made the wrong enemy.

The game switches to Zoe and Emily in PE. Emily has a 
relationship problem. She and Ben are celebrating their 
one month anniversary, but in order to get to the 
restaurant in time, they'd have to skip their last class 
of the day.

Tell Emily that it's sometimes okay to break the rules, 
seeing as she plans on doing this, no matter what you 
say. A volleyball is hit towards Zoe. Hit the ball back 
to win the volleyball game.

After PE, a girl named Maria says that the school is 
going to hold an election for the Social Chair. Emily and 
Maria convince Zoe to run for the position, by announcing 
her candidacy right after the pep rally. It's the perfect 
thing to cheer Zoe up, after her breakup with her 
boyfriend, Howard (who left for college).

Back with Owen, he talks with Ben and Spencer. Spencer 
tries to recruit Owen for the football team, but Owen 
says no. Mr. Dean, the teacher, interrupts the 
conversation. He tests Owen, by asking what the "A" in 
"The Scarlet Letter" stands for. The answer is adultery.

During lunch, Owen goes to the cafeteria. A student named 
Wes apepars. He knows a lot about what happens in the 
school, and he offers to give Owen some information. You 
can ask about Nate or Zoe. Nate is the team quarterback, 
and he took Zoe to Homecoming. He plans on making Zoe his 
girlfriend, but she turned him down when he asked her 

Wes leaves, and Owen has to pick where to sit. The nerds 
are playing a game, while the hipsters are going over 
photos. Sit with the nerds, and they invite you to play 
with them. Name your character Owengard for points. Sit 
with the hipsters, and they show you their photographs. 
Say you like the kitten picture.

The pep rally takes place after this. You control Zoe. 
Pick all of the right answers before time runs out! The 
right answers are "Go Twin Branches", "Beat the 
Warriors", "Go! Fight! Win!", and "Go Squirrels!". You 
get points for picking several correct answers.

After the pep rally, Zoe tries to announce that she's 
running for Social Chair. Her announcement is interrupted 
by Paige, who announces that SHE is running for Social 
Chair. Paige's reputation for good parties proceeds her, 
and after school, Zoe's friends decide to leave her.

Zoe can yell at them for abandoning her, but she should 
say that she understands. After all, they're just trying 
to do what's best for the cheerleading squad.

Owen sees Zoe working on posters, alone, as he leaves 
school. He talks with her, and she admits she's thinking 
about quitting. Tell her not to quit, before she starts. 
Owen agrees to help Zoe, which makes her happy.

Owen and Zoe talk a bit, before he goes home. Grandma 
Betty asks how the first day of school was. Tell her 
about Zoe. Owen will mention going to the state 
championship football game on Friday. Grandma isn't sure 
that it's a good idea for Owen to get close to football 

That night, Owen remembers the football experience at his 
old school. His thoughts are interrupted when vandals 
destroy the mailbox at his house. They warn him that he 
can't run from what he did.


At the end of the chapter, you see what your score is. 
Your score goes up, when you make certain choices during 
the chapter. There are 100 points per episode, and if you 
get 450 or higher over all five episodes, you see a bonus 

Here are choices that get you points.

1. Tell Zoe "I was lost...until I found you."
2. Say cheerleaders are outgoing.
3. Catch yourself, instead of grabbing into Zoe.
4. Insult Nate.
5. Tell Maria that it's sometimes okay to break the 
6. Hit the volleyball.
7. Say that the "A" in "The Scarlet Letter" stands for 
8. Ask Wes about Nate.
9. If you sit with the nerds, name your character 
Owengard. If you sit with the hipsters, say you like the 
kitten picture.
10. Pick the correct cheers during the pep rally.
11. Tell Zoe's friends that you understand their 
12. Tell Zoe she shouldn't quit before she even starts.
13. Tell Grandma Betty that you met a girl. 

002b.  Episode Two

The next morning, Zoe is at her aunt's house, putting the 
final touches on a few banners. Her cousin Sam asks if 
she's really going to go through with the election. Tell 
her that you'd be better at Social Chair than Paige.

Sam wants to know why Zoe is running. Tell her it's 
because you really believe in it, not because you need 
something to do.

When Owen arrives at school, Nate confronts him about 
spending time with Zoe. Owen and Nate get pushy with each 
other. Tell Nate that he thinks he's smart, but there's a 
lot he doesn't know.

Nate asks why Owen left his previous school. He provokes 
Owen into shoving him, and Owen gets in trouble with a 

In school, Zoe is putting up a banner. Nate helps her, 
and when she thanks him, he says he'll always be there 
for her. Tell Nate that he doesn't have to do that.

Nate asks Zoe out on a date. Tell him that you're not 
ready yet. Nate says that he'll wait for her. The 
conversation changes to Paige's party, which is going to 
be fantastic.

Zoe decides to hold her own party, which will be better 
than Paige's. She has to hold the party on Thursday, so 
it'll take place before Paige's party. Ben isn't so sure 
about having a party in the middle of the week. Tell him 
that it's uncharted territory, to convince him.

Emily and Ben leave school early, for their anniversary 
date. Zoe sees Owen and asks him to help spread the word 
about the party. Owen isn't so sure, so convince him by 
saying it'll really help you out.

Zoe and Owen will talk to three groups about the party. 
Tell the theater people to use the party as research, 
tell the nerds that there will be lots of games, and tell 
the hipsters that Nick could write about the party. If 
you pick the wrong answers, you upset the groups and you 
have to start over. 

After this, Paige talks to Zoe and Owen. Paige is upset 
about Zoe's party. Owen steps forward. Tell him to back 
off for points.

Zoe then goes to her friends on the cheerleading squad. 
Convince them to come, by saying good things about the 
party. The things you want to pick are "great music", 
"hot guys", "fun dancing" and "delicious snacks".

Across the field, some football players get into a fight. 
Zoe steps forward. She should yell at them to stop. Owen 
will tackle Jacob to end the fight. Everyone is impressed 
with Owen's football skills. He is invited to join the 
team, and he runs away.

Zoe chases after him. Comfort him, and the two of them 
will talk. Zoe explains how she wants to help everyone in 
school. Owen is inspired by this, and he decides to help 
the school by joining the football team.

Later, Nate talks with Wes. Wes has proof that Owen lied 
about which school he came from. But why? Nate is 
determined to find out. 


You get points if you...

1. Tell Sam you'd be better at the Social Chair job than 
2. Tell Sam you're running because you really believe in 
3. Tell Nate that he thinks he's so smart.
4. Tell Nate he doesn't have to help out.
5. Tell Nate that you won't date him because you're not 
6. Tell Ben that a mid-week party is uncharted territory.
7. Tell Owen that it will really help Zoe out if he works 
with her.
8. Tell the theater people to think of the party as 
9. Tell the nerds that the party will have games.
10. Say that Nick could write a story about the party.
11. Have Zoe decide to handle it herself.
12. Convince the cheerleaders to come to the party, based 
on the fun dancing, hot guys, great music and delicious 
13. Yell at the fighting football players.
14. Comfort Owen.

002c.  Episode Three

Owen gets up early the next morning and discovers his 
tires are slashed. Grandma Betty asks if he wants to talk 
about it. Tell her that you can't talk right now, because 
you're on the way to football practice.

Ben shows up early to school, to play with a beach ball 
with his girlfriend. Hit the ball when she hits it at 
Ben. The ball lands in the water, and Ben tosses Emily in 
the pool.

Emily pulls Ben into the pool, and the two are about to 
kiss when Emily's father, the coach, appears. Tell Coach 
Kessler that you were just messing around. He appreciates 
the honesty, but he is still unhappy. He forces Emily to 
do extra laps and orders Ben to leave.

At football practice, catch the ball. The football 
players want to put Owen through some tests, before 
letting him on the team. With this challenge, pick "run 
really fast" and "sprint quickly" several times in order 
to win.

The players force Owen to bench press some weight. You 
can play it safe or go for a record. With this challenge, 
pick "lift the weight" and "bench press well" several 
times in order to win. 

Your next challenge is to practice defensive moves. 
Follow Spencer's instructions: backpedal, break right and 
turn on the juice.

If you pass two out of the three tests, you make the 
football team. Otherwise, you have to do the challenge 
again from the beginning.

Ben and Zoe are buying things for the party. Decide to 
buy a photo booth, and when Ben's dad asks what the 
things are for, say it is for a school play. Ben tells 
Zoe about the problems he's had with Emily's father, and 
Zoe says that he should show he is responsible.

Back at football practice, Owen is asked to tackle Nate. 
Dodge the lineman, and Owen goes straight for Nate. Owen 
gets distracted with a memory of the last time he played 
football, and Nate manages to throw a touchdown pass.

Ben goes to the Coach and asks for a chance to start 
over. Coach is impressed, and he decides to give Ben a 
shot. He asks Ben to show up tomorrow night for dinner. 
Tell him tomorrow is perfect.

When Coach leaves, Emily talks to Ben about the party. Is 
Ben really going to miss a party to have dinner at 
Emily's house? The party IS at Ben's house, after all. 
Ben says that Emily is much more important to him than a 
party, and the two kiss.

On the way home, Owen gets a call from his grandmother. 
She thinks someone is upstairs. Tell Grandma to try to 
stay calm. Owen runs home, instead of taking a ride with 
Zoe. By the time he arrives, the prowler is gone, and 
Owen's room is trashed.


You get points if you...

1. Tell Grandma you can't talk right now.
2. Hit the ball.
3. Tell Coach that you were messing around.
4. Catch the ball.
5. Sprint quickly and run really fast in the hurdle 
6. Bench press well and lift the weight in the bench 
press challenge.
7. Show your moves by backpedalling, breaking right, then 
turning on the juice.
8. Pick a photo booth.
9. Say the props are for a school play.
10. Dodge the lineman at practice.
11. Tell Coach that tomorrow is perfect.
12. Tell Grandma to try to stay calm. 

002d.  Episode Four

Zoe and Sam are preparing for the party. Sam mentions 
some of the odd things about Owen. Admit that it's a 
little strange. Sam suggests getting the truth out of 
Owen, during a game of Truth or Date.

Ben calls Zoe and tells her that he won't be at the 
party. This makes Zoe panic. Ben is nervous, himself, but 
Emily tells him that the way to impress her dad is to be 
responsible, academically serious and manly.

Ben leaves the car. Greet Emily's dad as Mr. Kessler. He 
is impressed that you're being respectful. Give him a 
firm handshake to further impress him.

Zoe is setting up the party, when Owen shows up early to 
help. He asks for which snack to put out. Put out chips 
and salsa. Owen then asks what music to put on. Put on 
pop music. As for the TV, you should put on a videogame.

Zoe tries to talk to Owen after they set up, but the 
guests interrupt. The party seems to be a success, 
provided you made the correct decisions while setting up 
the party.

Meanwhile, Ben is being interrogated by Mr. Kessler at 
the dinner. Ben says that he plans to go to Kingston. Say 
that Ben's ideal career is event coordinator.

After a series of questions, Mr. Kessler brings up the 
fact that Emily and Ben ditched school to go on a date. 
Have Ben admit the entire thing was his idea. Mr. Kessler 
isn't happy, but he's glad that you at least told the 

At the party, the three groups that Owen and Zoe invited 
are enjoying themselves. Nate shows up and tries to cozy 
up to Zoe. Tell him that you are looking for Paige. 
Nate's conversation will be interrupted by Wes, who got 
the information about Owen.

Zoe finds Owen and pulls him into another room. A game of 
Truth or Dare is going on. Accept the dare, and when it's 
Owen's turn, ask him what his first kiss was like. If you 
ask about his old school, he clams up and refuses to say 

Owen leaves, and Zoe follows. She asks about his old 
school, and the party is interrupted by an angry 
neighbor. He threatens to call the police.

Zoe sends a text to Ben, asking for help. When Ben 
receives the text, he asks to be excused. Say it is 
because you have to help a friend. Mr. Kessler is 
impressed, when he learns that Zoe is the friend who 
needs help.

Ben tells Zoe that she needs to hide everyone, pretend to 
be Ben's cousin from Wisconsin, then claim she was 
watching TV. Do those three things, in that order, and 
the neighbor is pleased.

Ben gets the approval of Emily's father, provided you did 
everything correctly. The party continues, and Zoe talks 
to Owen. She says that she doesn't care what happened in 
the past, because she likes him for who he is now.

Nate interrupts. He shows a bobcat-covered folder to 
Owen. He knows all about what happened at the previous 
school, and he uses this information to blackmail Owen 
into quitting the team and never talking to Zoe again.


You get points if you...

1. Admit Owen's actions are a little strange.
2. Greet Emily's father as Mr. Kessler.
3. Shake Mr. Kessler's hand firmly.
4. Set up the party with chips and salsa, pop music and a 
4. Say you hope to be an event coordinator.
5. Take the blame for Emily ditching school.
6. Tell Nate you were looking for Page.
7. Accept a dare.
8. Ask Owen what his first kiss was like.
9. Say that you need to help a friend.
10. Tell everyone to hide.
11. Say you are from Wisconsin.
12. Claim you were watching TV.

002e.  Episode Five

At school the next day, Paige corners Emily and tells her 
that one party isn't going to stop her campaign. Answer 
however you want to, and Paige responds in a mean 

The football team members note that Owen did not show up 
the practice that morning. Zoe wants to find Owen. When 
asked why, say that you have a good feeling about him.

Zoe figures that Owen is at his old school, but which 
school was that? Owen lied about what school he came 
from. Remember that the folder Nate had last night had a 
bobcat on it. This helps Zoe and Ben find Owen's old 

They travel to the school and find some football players. 
They ask why you want to see Owen. Say it's because he's 
your friend. They don't know where Owen is, but they talk 
a bit about what happened with Owen. He hurt someone 
badly, during a football game.

Zoe and Ben travel to the apartment of the student who 
was hurt. Owen is there, and he tells the entire story of 
what happened. His football team was losing, and the 
coach put a lot of pressure on them to win.

As Owen, say that you're going to go out there and win 
this thing. When the Coach tells you to attack the other 
team's star player, even if it's with an illegal tackle, 
say that seems wrong. In the end, you have to tackle him.

Comfort Owen by saying he isn't that person anymore. Owen 
agrees, and he goes inside the apartment to meet Ken. He 
says that he has come to take responsibility for what 
happened. Ken and Owen have a serious discussion, which 
ends with Owen deciding to play for the football team.

On the way out, Owen runs into the vandal who has been 
attacking him. This person is Ken's brother. Forgive him 
for what happened. Owen talks with Ken's brother, then 
Owen and Zoe go to the football game.

The team is upset that Owen showed up late. Tell them 
that they need you to play. They reluctantly let you play 
as the defensive linebacker. At the right time, you want 
to charge.

On the next play, you want to follow the plan that you 
did in Episode Three. That is, you want to backpedal, cut 
right and turn on the juice. After that, you're 
challenged to keep playing. Select "play well" and "stop 
the offense" several times to pass the challenge.

Towards the end of the game, the offense is having 
trouble. Owen offers to go out there, as the linebacker. 
Nate is suspicious, but tell him that you're there 
because you both want to win.

Nate accepts this. When the play is in motion, block the 
linebacker. Nate has a clear path to make a good pass, 
and it turns out that Owen makes the winning play of the 
game. Hooray!


You get points if you...

1. Say that you have a good feeling about Owen.
2. Remember that the mascot is a bobcat.
3. Say Owen is your friend.
4. Say you're going to go out there and win this thing.
5. Tell the Coach that his plan seems wrong.
6. Tackle Ken.
7. Console Owen by saying he's not that person anymore.
8. Tell Ken you came to take responsibility for what 
9. Forgive Ken's brother.
10. Tell the team they need you to play.
11. Charge the other team.
12. Backpedal, cut right and turn on the juice.
13. Play well and stop the offense several times.
14. Tell Nate you're here because we want to win.
15. Block the linebacker.

003.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you 
want to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first 
(instructions under general information).