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Follow the dark path or use the light
Suikoden Tierkreis Pack Shot

Suikoden Tierkreis


Quest Result List

by AdmiralPo

@@@@          ----------------
@@@           Quest Result
@@            v 1.0
              Admiral Po                                                     @@@
              ([email protected])                                  @@@@

   \ OVERVIEW \_________________________________________________________________

In Suikoden Tierkreis, instead of usual RPG routines (random battles, buying
equipments, rest at inn, fight bosses, etc. etc.) you also have some quests you
can do. Some of them are required by the game plot itself (means that you will
automatically signed in on the quest), and some again are optional. Also in
this game is character recruiting, a total whopping of 108 @[email protected] (and if you also
consider leveling all them up, it can be a quite fun too ^_^). The recruitments
sometimes also require completion of certain quests.

Quests are divided into three groups: mission, leader quest, and party quest.
Missions are quests that required by the game to progress, so you will always
have these. It can also be used to mark where you should go or what you should
do next. Leader quests are the one which involved the main character/hero in the
quest. Party quest let you choose whoever you want to send/Period on the 
quest, usually made up of groups of characters. You will have to leave them for
a few days then come back and check the progress/result. Note also that some
quests need certain things to help you succeed, like spesific character stats,
some pre-recruited persons, certain time or seasons/events, etc. Most quests,
especially leader and party quest, are accessed through Moana, who will handle
the quest administrations etc., yeah... And this guide will only list quest
NOT from that "other world" (that is the wireless connection).

And now for this guide, I will only mention the quest details and the (success)
RESULT of the quests. What I mean with the "result" is the text you see when
you review past quests. This guide DOES NOT cover how to complete those quests.
So, don't ever bother asking about that. Someone else has already done the job,
which allow me to get some good guides to finish my quests then write down
the results. Why would I write it down? Well, this is merely to help the
understanding of the game story. Some of the quests, especially the optional
ones, can give you some (or little...) knowledge about various aspect, like the
fate of the Wanderer's world, Diadora's background, etc. While it may not be a
major interest, it still fun to know them. Also considering that some of them
are not primary quests that need to be done, unless you are curious or maybe
somewhat perfectionist, you may will skip the quests. The results written here
will be mostly just explanation of a situation or event, and are the successfull
one (not the failed result). Note also that on some quests, you will always
failed, no matter what you do. So for this kind of quest, failure is success.
I would like to also add the failed result (for those quests with open
result), but lack the game saves, and repeating the game without "New Game+"
feature is a world of pain... T_T Oh, and for the quest result, that exclude
the last/final Mission, because there's no possible access to accomplished
quest list (such when you talk to Moana at the castle) once you beat the game,
and that there's also no "Mission Accomplished!" message after you defeated
the One King (duh).

Anyway, enjoy the guide !

*****************************   W A R N I N G !!!  *****************************
*****************************   SPOILER AHEAD !!!  *****************************

   \ QUEST LIST \_______________________________________________________________

The list will be in simple format: code, quest name, rank. Use the four chars
code to find the quest, or you can use the name directly. Rank denoted by stars
in the game, and asterisks in this guide. Note that except for Mission, the
order of listing is based on that appears on the quest list in the game, and
may not be in the order of game progress.

------[ MISSION ]

[MS01] Get Rid of Eastern Laggarts *
[MS02] Track Down Marica's Double  *
[MS03] The World's Largest Library *
[MS04] Expose Macoute's Evil       *
[MS05] To the Library at Last!     *
[MS06] Escape from the Order       *
[MS07] Warn Citro Village!         *
[MS08] Defend Citro Village!       *
[MS09] To the Magedom of Janam     *
[MS10] Scout Out Ladzaa Fortress   **
[MS11] Get Cougar Back Home        **  
[MS12] Help Research Chronicles    **
[MS13] Escort Me to Salsabil       **
[MS14] Defend the Castle!          **
[MS15] Ladzaa Fortress Siege       **
[MS16] Make Allies of the Porpos   **
[MS17] Ladzaa Fortress Siege Again ***
[MS18] Rescue the Prisoners        ***
[MS19] Goodbye, Magedom!           ***
[MS20] Journey to the West         ***
[MS21] Help the Furious Roar!      ***
[MS22] Pharamond Siege             ***
[MS23] Nab the Intruders!          ***
[MS24] Defend Pharamond!           ***
[MS25] Engage the Archivists!      ***
[MS26] Hurry to the Magedom!       ***
[MS27] Find the Desert Chronicle!  ***
[MS28] To the Tower of the Way!    ****
[MS29] Fort Arc Siege              ****
[MS30] Make Allies of Auster Folk  ****
[MS31] Rescue Sophia!              ****
[MS32] Showdown with Dirk          *****
[MS33] Check Out Rarohenga         *****
[MS34] Synas Siege                 *****
[MS35] Check Things Out            *****
[MS36] Find the 12th Chronicle!    *****
[MS37] The Final Battle            *****

------[ LEADER QUEST ]

[LQ01] Find Somebody in Rarohenga  *
[LQ02] Demon Hunting in Gineh      *
[LQ03] Find My Fated Lover         *
[LQ04] Search for Nhazu!           *
[LQ05] Arcane Academy Tour         *
[LQ06] Special Proposal            *
[LQ07] Order Approaches Naineneis  **
[LQ08] Porpos Abducted             **
[LQ09] The Return of Megion        ***
[LQ10] Get Rid of the Snow Fairy   ***
[LQ11] Make My Son a Man           *
[LQ12] The Promised Visit          *
[LQ13] Request from Gadburg        *****
[LQ14] Get Rid of Citro Monster    **
[LQ15] Get Rid of Mislato Monster  ***
[LQ16] Get Rid of Woodland Monster ****
[LQ17] Find Somebody               ***
[LQ18] Find the Chef               ****
[LQ19] Clean Up the Woodlands      ***
[LQ20] I Want to See the Elder     **
[LQ21] Discordant Countermeasures  **
[LQ22] One More Mission            ****
[LQ23] 1st Empress Consort Shairah *
[LQ24] 2nd Empress Consort Rizwan  *
[LQ25] 3rd Empress Consort Kureyah *
[LQ26] Order Soldiers in Plains    ***
[LQ27] A Monster Like Zayin?       ***
[LQ28] I Can't Take My Mask Off!   ***
[LQ29] Corner the Sticky Criminal! ****
[LQ30] Luvais's Outings            ***
[LQ31] The Green Stone             *
[LQ32] Bring Icas to Me            *
[LQ33] Something I Want to Check   ***
[LQ34] North Star Cuisine          ***
[LQ35] Oraccle Quarrel?!           ****
[LQ36] Sorry to Keep Bugging You!  **
[LQ37] Something for You           *****
[LQ38] Let Me Perform!             ***
[LQ39] SHOWDOWN!!!                 **

------[ PARTY QUEST ]

[PQ01] Letter from Lonomakua       *
[PQ02] I Need Laggart Pelts        **
[PQ03] Plowin' the Field           *
[PQ04] Gather Animals!             ***
[PQ05] Find Icas                   *
[PQ06] Help Them Dig               ****
[PQ07] Window Information          *
[PQ08] Defend Grayridge            ****
[PQ09] Seek Squidcreeper Sap       **
[PQ10] Find the Sticky Criminal!   **
[PQ11] Flush Out the Criminal!     **
[PQ12] War is an Offering?         *
[PQ13] Magedom's Two Chronicles    *
[PQ14] Rarohenga?                  *
[PQ15] The Seven Imperial Generals *
[PQ16] Playacting Priestess ?      **
[PQ17] The Wanderers' World        *
[PQ18] Mass Production of Guns?!   **
[PQ19] Chancellor's Age            **
[PQ20] Chancellor's Age, Revisited ***
[PQ21] Secret of the Black Blades  **
[PQ22] My Husband's Birthplace     *
[PQ23] Manaril and Hina            *
[PQ24] Taj's Secret                *
[PQ25] Zenoa Interview!            **
[PQ26] North Star Women            *
[PQ27] Furious Roar Goods          ***
[PQ28] Astrasian Goods             ****
[PQ29] Lugenik Goods               *****
[PQ30] Help Them Dig Again         ***
[PQ31] News of Darrow              **
[PQ32] Taking Care of the Tablet   ****
[PQ33] Keflen's World              *
[PQ34] Servillah and Eusmil        *
[PQ35] How Vaslof and Resno Met    *
[PQ36] Sisuca and Nemne?           *
[PQ37] Scribe Names                *
[PQ38] About Fierce Regalia        *
[PQ39] Minen's Background          *
[PQ40] Belemuel Interview!         *
[PQ41] Gateway to the Infinity     *
[PQ42] Windows Beyond the Gateway  *
[PQ43] Pay Back Time!              *
[PQ44] That World in the Ravine    *
[PQ45] The Other Marica's World    *
[PQ46] Atrie's World               *
[PQ47] Correcting Our Error        *
[PQ48] Correcting Our Error Again  *
[PQ49] Looking for Action          *
[PQ50] Formless Demon Hunting      ****

   \ QUEST RESULT \_____________________________________________________________

In this section there will be: quest name/title (sorted by Mission, Leader, and
Party Quest), along with their code and rank, followed by description (before
signing in on the quest), and the result (after successfully completing it).
For a brief explanation of the format, see below :

[code] -quest title- (rank)
-client, reward, Period time-

OK, here's the full list :

---------------------------------------------------------------------[ MISSION ]

[MS01] Get Rid of Eastern Laggarts (*)

Client: Rajim; Reward: 500 P

The Laggarts from the Eastern Hill have been wreaking havoc near the village
lately.  I want you to take care of them, but be careful! They've gotten really

- Citro Village Defense Corps outing
- Monster Hunting
- Around the Eastern Hill
- By the end of the day.  At this point, the time limit doesn't matter.

Hero :
Now there's a forest all of a sudden! And Dirk and Liu say it's always been
there! Touched that book and saw that weird vision and got some new powers!
What's goin' on?!

[MS02] Track Down Marica's Double (*)

Client: Marica; Reward: Bone Axe

It's bad enough she's pretending to be me, but then she threatened the villagers
with a huge axe, too?!  We've got to find this girl and see who she is!

- Find Marica's Double
- Looks just like Marica, but is reportedly wielding a big axe
- Went off into the north forest

Hero :
So it was a Marica from another world. Apparently, they call all those other
worlds the "Infinity". But how come I was the only one that couldn't go to
another world?!

[MS03] The World's Largest Library (*)

Client: Hero; Reward: 500 P

Hotupa said there's a huge library, biggest in the world, in a city called
Cynas. Maybe we can find out something about those weird books there! Cynas
is north, he said.

- Go to Cynas Library and find out about books
- Cynas is to the north

Hero :
North of Grayridge is controlled by a weird group named the "Order of the One
True Way." We need a pass to go through, but Order Chapter Secretary Macoute
won't give us one!

[MS04] Expose Macoute's Evil (*)

Client: Erin; Reward: 5000 P

Macoute has been using the tax he took from the people to line his own pockets.
I want you to help me find proof. Then I bet you'll get your pass right away!

- Get proof of Macoute's wrongdoing
- Check the nearby mine

Hero :
Windbag Macoute was hiding the tax money in the mine! That stuff about the food
shortage next year was just a lie. He gave us our pass so we wouldn't report him
to the Order.

[MS05] To the Library at Last! (*)

Client: Hero; Reward: 50 P

We can finally go to Cynas now that we got our pass! I don't like that Order
headquarters is there, but we wanna find out about those books. And Erin wants
to go, too.

- Go to Cynas Library and find out about the books
- Cynas is to the north

Hero :
We went to the Cynas library, but they didn't know much about the books. But
there where some pretty dangerous-looking guys there eyein' us. I think they
want our books!

[MS06] Escape from the Order (*)

Client: Hero; Reward: 5000 P

Those sinister-lookin' guys from the library might come after us, lookin' for
those books! We'd better get out of Cynas. Outta Order territory, actually!

- Escape from Order territory
- Go back to Grayridge

Hero :
We managed to get away from those guys and get to Grayridge somehow. But there
are Order troops here, and they're gonna invade Citro Village! Are ya kiddin'

[MS07] Warn Citro Village! (*)

Client: Hero; Reward: 5000 P

Order troops are on their way to Citro Village! They wanna capture it and turn
it into another Cynas. We gotta get the jump on them and warn the village!

- Let the village know about the Order troops
- Get a head start by going through the mine Gateway to the Fortress Ruins

Hero :
Marica and Jale are gonna take care of warnin' the village. Meanwhile, we'd
better get ourselves ready at the castle!

[MS08] Defend Citro Village! (*)

Client: Hero; Reward: 10000 P

The Order troops are here! We gotta stop 'em here in this forest or at the
castle! We ain't lettin' them any closer to our village!

- Engage the Order units
- Battle them at Flesaria Forest

Hero :
Those archivist guys showed up with the Order and I didn't know how it was gonna
turn out... But then we got some aid from the Magedom of Janam! But I wonder

[MS09] To the Magedom of Janam (*)

Client: Hero; Reward: 10000 P

The Magedom is sayin' we oughta fight the order together. Not a bad idea, but I
wanna see who I'm dealin' with. So I'm goin' to the Magedom to meet the top

- Go to the Magedom of Janam
- Head East

Hero :
Met the Mage Lord and formed an alliance, so if the Order ever attacks again,
they're gonna send reinforcements. But we gotta do stuff for them, too, they

[MS10] Scout Out Ladzaa Fortress (**)

Client: Shairah; Reward: 20000 P

Ladzaa fortress is north, up Mislato River.  We're gonna be makin' an assault,
and we want you to join us. But first, I want you to go get a feel for the lay
of the land there. 

- Check out the area around Ladzaa Fortress
- Go North along the Mislato River

Hero :
Went to check out Ladzaa Fortress, and met a guy named Cougar as he came runnin'
out. Apparently, he's from another world. We gotta help him get home!

[MS11] Get Cougar Back Home (**)

Client: Hero; Reward: Wtr Drgn Claws, Argent Fists

Turns out Cougar came to this world through a Ladzaa Fortress Gateway. But that
Fortress is crawling with Order soldiers, so we're gonna have him use the castle
Gateway instead.

- Get Cougar back to his home world
- Use the Gateway in your Headquarters

Hero :
Apparently, you can only go back through the same Gateway you came in by. So
Cougar has to use the Ladzaa Gateway. We gotta drive the Order outta there so he
can go home!

[MS12] Help Research Chronicles (**)

Client: Rizwan; Reward: 10000 P

We want you to use your Marks of the Stars and let us watch you fight the
Dreambeasts we created via mage arts.  That will help us better analyze the
Marks of the Stars.

- Help with Chronicle Research
- Use the Marks of the Stars to fight Dreambeasts

Hero :
I didn't mind the dreambeasts, but how can Rizwan force her own daughter to read
the Chronicle like that? Shams said he wants to rescue Manaril someday, and so
do I.

[MS13] Escort Me to Salsabil (**)

Client: Kureyah; Reward: 10000 P

I want you to escort me to my hometown of Salsabil. I don't trust the Magedom
forces and I can't ask the Blades of Night's Veil. You are the only ones I can
turn to!

- Act as the Third Empress Consort's bodyguard escorts
- Take her to the town of Salsabil
- Go southward along the Mislato River

Hero :
Taking Shams's mom to Salsabil wasn't any big deal, but how could she badger her
own dad like that? I guess there's a lot of complicated stuff goin' on in the

[MS14] Defend the Castle! (**)

Client: Nakil; Reward: Argent GrtSword, Sapphire Rod

Order troops have left Grayridge and are going to attach the Headquarters!
Reinforcements are on the way from the Magedom, so let's engage the Order

- Engage Order units.

Hero :
We managed to drive back the Order troops all by ourselves! Now I hope we can
always be this successful!

[MS15] Ladzaa Fortress Siege (**)

Client: Mage Lord; Reward: 30000 P

I ordered the Magedom Army to drive away the Order of the One True Way from
Ladzaa Fortress. And I want your best warriors to take part in the operation
as well.

- Storm Ladzaa Fortress
- Get rid of the Order Troops

Hero :
Didn't even make it to Ladzaa. We gotta do something about that ridiculously
strong Auster Folk guys, or we're never gonna get Cougar home. Gotta be a way...

[MS16] Make Allies of the Porpos (**)

Client: Liu; Reward: 10000 P

The best way to capture Ladzaa is to get the Porpos-kin to help.  They might
seem like pawns of the Order, but if we can find out why, and help, I bet
they'll help us!

- Negotiate with the Porpos-Kin
- Go through the Gineh Valley, Tehah Village and beyond the Ch'olui Mountains

Hero :
The Porpos had one of the books. (A necklace, really.) The Order took it, so the
Porpos didn't wanna cross'em. But we got it back for them, and now we're allies!
Now, on to Ladzaa!

[MS17] Ladzaa Fortress Siege Again (***)

Client: Nakil; Reward: 30000 P

A Mage company got too eager and attacked Ladzaa. But they got thrashed, and
now many of them are POWs!  Could you start early? But His Lordship wants to
see you first.

- Capture Ladzaa Fortress
- Go to the Imperial Palace first

Hero :
It went great, thanks to Nimni and the Porpos! The Order has withdrawn from
Ladzaa Fortress! Now we can finally send Cougar back to his own world!

[MS18] Rescue the Prisoners (***)

Client: Asad; Reward: 20000 P

The prisoners the Order took are being held at an encampment north of Ladzaa
Fortress.  Magedom forces are going to storm it, and we'd like you to help.

- Rescue the prisoners the Order is holding captive
- Wait for Shairah to arrive first

Hero :
The Order KNEW there was gonna be an earthquake. That's why they let the
prisoners go! Now they and Ladzaa Fortress are all at the bottom of the river!!!

[MS19] Goodbye, Magedom! (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 5000 P

I've had it with the Magedom!  Our alliance is over! Asad's gonna go rescue
Chrodechild and the Blades, and I'm gonna go get Manaril.  Besides, Shams
asked me to, too!

- Rescue Manaril from the Arcane Academy
- Gather at the Mislato River afterwards

Hero :
Asad, the Blades, Manaril and we all got outta the Magedom in one piece! We
don't need any more of the Magedom's help! From now on, we fight the Order

[MS20] Journey to the West (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 20000 P

They say the west half of the Ch'olui Mountains has turned into plains!  And
there are some Furious Roar people there now!  But I guess we won't know till
we see!

- Check out the newly-appeared plains
- Go westof the Ch'olui Mountains

Hero :
We found the Roar tribe on the plains, but they never heard of Cougar. And just
when we were getting along so well, they got suspicious of us and kicked us out.

[MS21] Help the Furious Roar! (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 30000 P, Argent Fists

Order troops are movin' in the Marsinah Plains and they're gonna try to conquer
the Roar!  It doesn't matter if the Roar think we're parwns of the Order now,
We gotta save 'em!

- Engage the Order troops in the northern Marsinah Plains

Hero :
We drove the Order troops back, but Chrodechild's little sister is their leader.
She seems kinda brainwashed... Guess we'd better do something about her.

[MS22] Pharamond Siege (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 50000 P

Pharamond troops seem vulnerable right now.  This is our chance!  The
Astrasian citizens are gonna rise up with us, so I know we can do this! And we
have to rescue Fredegund!

- Capture Pharamond

Hero :
The Order is out of Astrasia! Chrodechild and her sister made up, too, so
everything is good all around! And Chrodechild's sword turned out to be a

[MS23] Nab the Intruders! (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 1000 P

We just moved to Pharamond and we have intruders already?! Aw, man! What do
they want?! Anyway, let's go find 'em and nab 'em!

- Find the intruders who broke into the castle
- Go to the Chronicle Room

Hero :
One intruder was that archivist girl we saw in the Cynas library. She can make
Gateways wherever she wants! We got sent to some weird place through her
Gateway. Now what?

[MS24] Defend Pharamond! (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 30000 P

The Order is targeting Pharamond again!  The Auster Folk are apparently with
them, too.  But it ain't gonna happen, now that we're back.

- Engage the Order troops north of Pharamond

Hero :
We drove back the Order troops! But no time to relax. We gotta tell everybody
what the Scribes told us, and we gotta get those Chronicles back. Whew! So much
to do!

[MS25] Engage the Archivists! (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 10000 P

Those archivists are gonna attack our castle, and they're bringin' the
Chronicles they stole with 'em.  They can use the Marks of the Stars even if
they ain't Starbearers.

- Engage the archivists
- The archivists have four Chronicles

Hero :
Defended our castle and got 3 of 4 Chronicles. But Dirk had the other one--
inside him! That's what made those other two archivists turn into monsters and

[MS26] Hurry to the Magedom! (***)

Client: Liu; Reward: 10000 P

The Magedom is about to make an all-out attack, but the Order's retreating! Did
they predict another earthquake or something?! Better warn the Magedom fast!

- Warn the Magedom about the danger
- Go to El-Qaral
- Have the Magedom people go, too

Hero :
The 10th World appeared and turned the entire Magedom into a desert. Only
Salsabil was left. This is that Order Chancellor's doing! He's gonna pay!!!

[MS27] Find the Desert Chronicle! (***)

Client: Hero; Reward: 10000 P

The 10th Chronicle has gotta be somewhere in that desert world.  We gotta
find it before the Order does, or our castle is gonna disappear next!

- Find the 10th Chronicle
- Go to the Janam Desert
- Have Luo-Tao go, too

Hero :
We thought Luo-Tao found the Chronicle, but it turned out to be a trap. Diadora
was waiting for us. Another archivist found the 10th Chronicle, but we got

[MS28] To the Tower of the Way! (****)

Client: Diadora; Reward: 10000 P

I can open up a Gateway in the Tower of the Way.  We could go in and get the
10th Chronicle back.  Or do you want to try and defeat Valfred and get the True

- Get the 10th Chronicle back
- Storm the Tower of the Way via Diadora's Gateway

Hero :
When we got to the tower, Nova and the Chancellor were having a falling out,
so we couldn't get the Chronicle. Guess it's a full-on attack on Cynas for us,

[MS29] Fort Arc Siege (****)

Client: Hero; Reward: 30000 P

Even if they're gonna erase our castle with the 10th Chronicle, we still got
time.  So we're gonna attack Cynas and crush Valfred!  Gotta get through Fort
Arc first, though.

- Break through Fort Arc

Hero :
Just as when we thought we won, that archivist Sophia sicced her sand creatures
on us and we had to scram. But at least now Vaslof is our ally! Gotta be a

[MS30] Make Allies of Auster Folk (****)

Client: Vaslof; Reward: 30000 P, Hell Fists

We Auster Folk seem to be able to handle those creatures.  I want to help you,
but I have to get my Tribe's consent.  Come with me to the Auster Folk city of

- Win over the Auster Folk
- Go to Lugenik

Hero :
The Auster Folk were really stubborn, but they finally agreed to ally with us,
thanks to Ordovic! Now we can go hit Fort Arc again as soon as they get to the

[MS31] Rescue Sophia! (****)

Client: Hero; Reward: 40000 P

With the help of the Auster Folk and the Porpos, we're gonna wipe out the sand
creatures and break through Fort Arc!  And we're gonna rescue Sophia, too.
We promised Nova!

- Break through Fort Arc
- Rescue Sophia

Hero :
Way to go, Nova! I'm so glad you could save Sohpia! Well, that takes care of
Fort Arc. Now it's on to Cynas!

[MS32] Showdown with Dirk (*****)

Client: Hero; Reward: Demon Spear

He took Liu hostage and said he wanted to me. Why does it have to be like this?
But if it's a fight he wants. . .

- Face off
- At the Castle Plaza

Hero :
That big dummy, Dirk... He knew the Chancellor was gonna erase our castle with
the 11th fusion, so he borrowed Liu's tattoo, saved us, and disappeared... The
big dummy...!

[MS33] Check Out Rarohenga (*****)

Client: Sophia; Reward: Iris Shield, Iris Axe

If the 11th World has appeared, what Diadora called "Rarohenga," then the 11th
Chronicle must be there.  The Chancellor is sure to look for it himself. I'm
going to go stop him. 

- Check out Rarohenga
- Find the 11th Chronicle
- Northwest of Pharamond

Hero :
Valfred got the 11th book! He's gonna make an offering outta this world to the
One King! All he needs now is the 12th fusion! But there's still time!

[MS34] Cynas Siege (*****)

Client: Hero; Reward: 30000 P

Valfred said he was gonna use the 11th book to finish the tirual.  The 12th
World is gonna come!  We gotta storm Cynas and get that True Chronicle before
that happens!

- Storm Cynas
- Go to the top level of the Tower of the Way
- Defeat Valfred and take the True Chronicle

Hero :
The 12th World came and Valfred completed the ritual. I guess we almost got
sucked into the One King's World, too. I think we're back in our world now, but
I ain't sure.

[MS35] Check Things Out (*****)

Client: Hero; Reward: 10000 P

The One King is definitely here, but I dunno what that did to this world. We're
still alive, so I don't think it's the One King's World... Better go check
around and see!

- Check around to see what's going on
- Diadora will come along

Hero :
Cynas was ringed by twelve pillars of light. We think it's linked to the One
King's world inside. If we Starbearers lose, this whole world is gonna be the
One King's...

[MS36] Find the 12th Chronicle! (*****)

Client: Manaril; Reward: 50000 P

A ritual to fuse 12 worlds brought the One King. If we can gather 12 
Chronicles, too, we might be able to oppose him. Please find the one we need in
the 12th World.

- Find the 12th Chronicle
- The 12th World is west of Cynas
- Luo-Tao will go along

Hero :
We got the last Chronicle! The guy in the vision we saw when we touched it said
we might be able to defeat the One King with 12 Chronicles, too! It's gotta

[MS37] The Final Battle (*****)

Client: Hero; Reward: None

We got 12 Chronicles!  Now we can erase those 12 pillars around Cynas, climb
the tower, and take out the One King!  This is gonna be the final battle!
Here we go!!!

- Break into twelve teams and get rid of the twelve pillars
- The goal is to take down the One King

----------------------------------------------------------------[ LEADER QUEST ]

[LQ01] Find Somebody in Rarohenga (*)

Client: Scribe Female; Reward: 30000 P

One of the Scribes left the woods and hasn't returned.  We think he went to
that fearful place you call Rarohenga.  Do you think you could find him and
bring him back?

- Conduct a manhunt
- One of the Scribes
- In Rarohenga

Kow Low :
Thank you for finding me! Not only couldn't I help that little girl alone, I
don't even think I would've made it back alive myself. You saved my life.

[LQ02] Demon Hunting in Gineh (*)

Client: Peddling Wanderer; Reward: 10000 P

There's a demon in Gineh valley! I'm not kidding! A big, horned thing! You've
got to get rid of it for us! Signed, Peddling Wanderer.

- Monster hunting?
- A huge horned man
- Gineh Valley

Moana :
Well, just like we thought, it wasn't a demon. Now the "demon" is with us and
won't show up in Gineh Valley anymore. Shall we say we took care of it and get
the reward?

[LQ03] Find My Fated Lover (*)

Client: Maybelle; Reward: 10000 P

I am reborn from Warrior of the Light Raphelancia. 1000 years ago in our former
lives, Warrior of Light Ru'ukahthis and I swore our love.  Please find his

- Conduct a manhunt
- Fated Lover?

Moana :
That was easy! We didn't have to do a thing. She seems a little obsessed, but
don't break her heart, okay? If you guys become a couple, I really will be
"Moana the Matchmaker"!

[LQ04] Search for Nhazu! (*)

Client: Tehah Elder; Reward: 10000 P

We haven't seen Nhazu since yesterday.  The villagers are searching the
mountains, but we can't find him.  Could you help us? Signed, Tehah Elder.

- Conduct a manhunt
- Nhazu
- The Ch'olui Mountains

Tehah Elder :
Thank you for finding Nhazu! You know, I seem to be starting to recall that we
used to depend on Dogha for help with the mountains... Hmm. Signed, Tehah Elder

[LQ05] Arcane Academy Tour (*)

Client: Geschutz; Reward: 100 P

We'd like to tour the Magedom's Arcane Academy in El-Qaral. Could you arrange
that? We'll be waiting on the West side of the Mislato river. Signed, Mage
Arts Students.

- Arrange an Arcane Academy Tour
- Meet at Mislato River

Moana :
They said they wanted to tour the Arcane Academy, but then they said they want
to see that book? Very fishy! I'm glad you refused. But too bad we won't get the

[LQ06] Special Proposal (*)

Client: Geschutz; Reward: Rifle

Sorry to bother you again, but we'd like to talk again if you don't mind.
We'll be waiting at the same place as before.  Signed, Geschutz.

- Talk?
- Meet at Mislato River

Moana :
Well, what do you know? These guys were Ritterschild soldiers? Why didn't they
just say so in the first place? Anyway, I'm glad they're our allies now!

[LQ07] Order Approaches Naineneis (**)

Client: Porpos-kin; Reward: 30000 P

It looks like the Order troops are heading for Naineneis! Please help us!
Signed, the Porpos-kin.

- Rescue Naineneis
- Nimni will go along

Moana :
I told them they didn't have to pay, seeing as it was the Dromon Pirates who
drove the Order away. But they said they were grateful to you for coming, and
paid anyway.

[LQ08] Porpos Abducted (**)

Client: Woman; Reward: Trident

In Naineneis, I heard a Porpos was abducted by Lonomakua pirates!  I bet they
plan to sell this Porpos off.  Please do something! Signed, Passing Through.

- Go rescue the abducted Porpos?
- Go to Naineneis

Moana :
Thought something was fishy! So it was a naughty little Porpos, huh? And the
pirates were his victims? I'll just tell the requester we rescued the Porpos

[LQ09] The Return of Megion (***)

Client: Tigre; Reward: Wtr Drgn Claws

Messengers from Megion have arrives here in Cragbark.  Could you please ask
King Diulf if he would return? Signed, Tigre.

- Meet with Megion's Messengers
- Go to Cragbark

Diulf :
I'm very sorry to have involved you in our tribe's internal troubles. But Megion
is an extraordinary warrior, and I'm sure he'll be an asset to your company.

[LQ10] Get Rid of the Snow Fairy  (***)

Client: Tehah Youth Group; Reward: Ch'olui Cabbage

There's a Snow Fairy in the Ch'olui Mountains! Several of us have gotten
snow blasted at us up there!  We need your help! Signed, Tehah Youth Group.

- Monster Hunting
- Snow Fairy?
- Go to the Ch'olui Mountains

Moana :
A real Snow Fairy? Are you sure it's safe to bring her here? But if you're fine
with it, it must be okay, I guess. Anyway, I told them you took care of it.

[LQ11] Make My Son a Man (*)

Client: Rekareka; Reward: 100 P

if you can make the Porpos open up to humans, you can do anything. Would you
help me turn my son into a full-fledged Merchant? Signed, Rekareka.

- Get the details from Rekareka
- Meet at 2nd Floor Residence

Moana :
So Rekareka is gonna send Tuhululu out to make a business deal, and wants you to
send some bodyguards with him? Guess that means we don't get paid until then.

[LQ12] The Promised Visit (*)

Client: Tsaubern; Reward: 10000 P

Hello, how have you been?  I'm thinking about coming to visit your castle, as
promised.  What do you think? Signed, Tsaubern.

- Meet with Tsaubern
- Talk on the rooftop

Moana :
That guy's a little odd. We don't usually charge for just a meeting, but he said
to consider it a gift. Pretty generous. Think he's Ritterschild nobility?

[LQ13] Request from Gadburg (*****)

Client: Gadburg; Reward: 50000 P, Evil-Eye Sword

Could you take me to the ruins that appeared in Citro Plain, but keep it a
secret from the Princesses and the Blades? Awaiting your reply. Signed,

- Go to Citro Plains
- Take Gadburg

Gadburg :
Thank you for allowing Mourgent to join the company. As a token of my gratitude,
please accept this sword that I put my heart and soul into forging.

[LQ14] Get Rid of Citro Monster (**)

Client: Citro Defense Corps; Reward: 30000 P

There's a black monster prowling around Citro Plain! We're afraid that it's
going to come into the village.  Could you get rid of it?  Signed, The
Defense Corps.

- Monster Hunting
- An unidentified black monster
- Go to Citro Plain

Moana :
So it wasn't a Renegade? And even though somebody from another world couldn't
defeat it, a warrior in a weird getup took care of it? What could it be? At
least we got paid.

[LQ15] Get Rid of Mislato Monster (***)

Client: Salsabil Housewife; Reward: 40000 P, Darkness Cape

I saw a scary, pitch-black monster on the bank of Mislato River! I'm still
shaking! Please, you've got to do something! Signed, Salsabil Housewife.

- Monster Hunting
- An unidentified black monster
- Go to Mislato River

Moana :
The same kind of monster as before? And the same warrior took care of it? Well,
I feel bad about getting paid when we didn't defeat it, but the monster IS

[LQ16] Get Rid of Woodland Monster (****)

Client: Scribe Girl; Reward: 50000 P, Death Helm

There's a black monster in the woords!  I'm so scared!  They told me not to
ask humans for help, but I can't stand it anymore!  Signed, Scribe Girl.

- Monster Hunting
- An Unidentified black monster
- Go to the Noslaw Woods

Moana :
Formless Demons, huh? And now that the warrior that defeated them is one of us,
we can feel good about accepting the rewards! Whew! I feel so much better!

[LQ17] Find Somebody (***)

Client: Morrin; Reward: 1000 P

Could you find somebody for me?  Your Company can do almost anything, they
say, so I'm hoping you can help me. Signed, Woman from East.

- Conduct a Manhunt
- Meet in person to get the details
- Go to the Inn in Salsabil

Moana :
So a woman is chasing after a man that got away, huh? I hope you find him soon!
It sounds juicy. Maybe we'll get to see a big scene!

[LQ18] Find the Chef (****)

Client: Shairah; 
Reward: 100 P

Lemme get right to the point. Have you seen a chef named Wustum? If you have,
haul him in here to the Mage City, would ya?  Thanks.  Signed, Shairah.

- Conduct a manhunt?
- Ask Asad for more information

Moana :
It all seem so stupid, doesn't it? Anyway, she might get really mad if we flat-
out refuse, so I'll give some noncomittal answer.

[LQ19] Clean Up the Woodlands (***)

Client: Porpos Granny; Reward: 50000 P

Might not be any of my beeswax, but I saw some mighty odd creatures from
Rarohenga going into Noslaw Woods.  Somebody'd better do something. . .
Signed, Porpos Granny.

- Monster Hunting
- Rarohenga Monsters
- Go to the Noslaw Woods

Liu :
I guess I'm the Scribe elder, so lemme say thanks for saving our woods! Looks
like this opened up the Scribe's eyes a little bit, so maybe they'll start

[LQ20] I Want to See the Elder (**)

Client: Mun-Tsang; Reward: 100 P

I'd like to meet with the Elder of the Scribes.  I'll be waiting in Flesaria
Forest, outside of the Castle's entrance.

- Meet with this person?
- Go to northern Flesaria Forest
- Accompany Liu

Liu :
I don't know myself why the old woman chose me to be elder. But still, I don't
think Mun-Tsang quite gets it. If she did, I bet she could join hands with us.

[LQ21] Discordant Countermeasures (**)

Client: Naineneis Porpos; Reward: 5000 P

Hello, everybody. Lately, a wierd human has been making a horrible racket in
the streets.  Could you make him stop? Signed, Naineneis Porpos.

- Make the racket stop
- Go to Naineneis

Moana :
Music that makes people angry?! I never heard of such a thing! Well, we took
care of this job, but that musician might try to perform in some other town,

[LQ22] One More Mission (****)

Client: Tsaubern; Reward: 100 P

I actually have another mission.  But I hate to sneak around people's backs. I
want to carry it out openly, with you present.  Won't you accompany me?

- Talk to a certain person
- Accompany Tsaubern

Tsaubern :
Despite her cute looks, she's a very shrewd woman. As far as the mission is
concerned, I got to know what I wanted. But now I'm even more intrigued by her.

[LQ23] 1st Empress Consort Shairah (*)

Client: Shairah; Reward: 5000 P

I have a request for you already.  Nothing too hard. Just want you to go scout
and Order fortress. I'll give you the details when I see you, so please come
to El-Qaral.

- Scout the Ladzaa Fortress
- Find out the details at the El-Qaral Imperial Palace

Hero :
She apparently wants us to go check out Ladzaa Fortress. And the Blades of
Night's Veil are gonna come with us.

[LQ24] 2nd Empress Consort Rizwan (*)

Client: Rizwan; Reward: 5000 P

We'd like your help with some Chronicle research. Please bring Mubal, and a
few of your people who have powerful Marks of the Stars, to the Academy. 

- Help with Chronicle Research
- Find out the details at the Arcane Academy

Hero :
Rizwan wants us to fight some vision things. But Shams asked us to check on his
sister first. She's somewhere deep in the Arcane Academy.

[LQ25] 3rd Empress Consort Kureyah (*)

Client: Kureyah; Reward: 5000 P

My name is Kureyah. I am Sham's mother. My son told me a lot about you, and I'd
like you to help me with something. I will be waiting at the El-Qaral Prince's

- She seems to have some sort of request?
- Find out the details at the Prince's Palace

Hero :
She said she's gonna visit her hometown, so she needs some bodyguards. What does
that have to do with fightin' the Order?

[LQ26] Order Soldiers in Plains (***)

Client: Tigre; Reward: 50000 P

The Order is prowling northern Marsinah Plains. Attack doesn't seem imminent,
but we'd like King Diulf's judgement.  Could you please ask His Highness to

- Order soldiers are prowling around the Marsinah Plains.
- Find out the enemy's intention.
- Go to Cragbark

Cragbark Villager :
You cleaned up the Order stragglers. Now we can move about freely without worry.
We thank you!

[LQ27] A Monster Like Zayin? (***)

Client: Guntram; Reward: Giant God Fist

Lookouts in Rarohenga report seeing a monster diferent from all the others
there.  From a distance, it appears to be a giant that looks like Zayin. What
should we do?

- A mysterious giant is wandering around Rarohenga
- It looks like Zayin?
- Go to Pharamond

Guntram :
Thank you for saving Pharamond! But I'm still curious about what that
conversation between Rufa and Zayin meant...

[LQ28] I Can't Take My Mask Off! (***)

Client: Yovel; Reward: 100 P

I don't know what's going on, but when I woke up this morning, I couldn't get
my mask off!  What do I do?! Signed, Yovel.

- Find a way to get the mask off?
- Meet in person to get details

Hero :
Yovel's mask is glued on with that inventor guy's adhesive. To get the mask off,
we apparently gotta catch a monster from another world.

[LQ29] Corner the Sticky Criminal! (****)

Client: Moana; Reward: 100 P

We have to ask Autar about that Yovel mask incident if we want to find out who
the true culprit is!

- Talk to Autar

Moana :
So Numnu did it out of jealousy because Autar is so cute, huh? It all seems so
silly now. I'm glad we found out the truth, though!

[LQ30] Luvais's Outings (***)

Client: Asad; Reward: 100 P

Luvais sometimes goes off without telling anyone where he'll be. I wish he would
stop this sort of behavior, but he must have good reason. Have you heard

- Find out where Luvais goes?

Luvais :
I'm sorry I caused all this trouble. But I won't be going back there for a 
while. Maybe I'll be able to move on now...

[LQ31] The Green Stone (*)

Client: Liu; Reward: 100 P

Did you see a pretty little green stone lying around the castle? Not a gem or
anything, just an ordinary stone. . .But if you see it, could you let me

- Look for Green Stone?

Liu :
It's nothing. Just forget about it, okay? I never showed it to you because I
didn't want you to think I was pining for my past. Don't read too much into it,
all right?

[LQ32] Bring Icas to Me (*)

Client: Moana; Reward: 1000 P

Morrin, was it?  That woman that asked us to find Icas.  Now she wants you to
bring Icas to her.

- Take Icas to Morrin
- Morrin is in Salsabil Inn

Morrin :
Thank you for finding Icas. And for protecting him from the assassin, too. To
show my appreciation, I plan on keeping Icas in line, now that I'm here at the
castle, too.

[LQ33] Something I Want to Check (***)

Client: Wustum; Reward: Salted Guts, Roasted Corn

There's something I want to check.  Could you please bring the Magedom prince
and princess to me?

- Meet with Wustum
- Bring Shams and Manaril

Wustum :
The prince is still young. It might take some time, but I'll fix those taste
buds of his yet!

[LQ34] North Star Cuisine (***)

Client: Wustum; Reward: Dragon Patty, Crab Stew

More of those North Star people joined us lately, eh?  Might not be a bad
idea to have the Prince try some North Star cuisine.  Think you could help me?

- Part of the campaign to fix Shams's taste in food
- Wants a North Star person to help

Wustum :
Probably should've waited until the prince's taste buds got a little better. I
feel bad for the poor North Star lady. But her cooking taught me a thing or two.
It's a big world!

[LQ35] Oraccle Quarrel?! (****)

Client: Anya; Reward: Hell Fists

You know those Auster Folk oracle soldiers?  There's a rumor they were having
a big argument!  As leader, maybe you'd better go mediate, don't you think?

- Rumored quarrel between the oracle soldiers?
- Go find out more information directly

Anya :
That's what it was all about? I don't really get it, but I'm glad they made up.
Now, don't go thinking I asked you because I was too scared to talk to Auster

[LQ36] Sorry to Keep Bugging You! (**)

Client: Marica?; Reward: 50000 P

I saw another Renegare go from my world to yours!  I'm coming over to take
care of it.  Do you think you could fight with me?

- Renegade Hunting
- Wants Hero to go, too

Marica? :
Sorry about that little experiment I did. Anyway, I'll be back again some time!

[LQ37] Something for You (*****)

Client: Atrie; Reward: God-Beast Sword, Crescent Axe

Hero, I've got something I want to give you.  Will you accept it? But I guess
you won't know until you see it, right? Can I come over?

- Atrie has a gift?
- Meet in person to get the details

Atrie :
Thank you. I'm glad I got the chance to see what it's like to fight by your
side. That sword looked perfect for you. I hope it'll serve you well.

[LQ38] Let Me Perform! (***)

Client: Ramin; Reward: 100 P

The commander in my world is a low-born that tries to stop every one of my
performances! Aren't there any open-minded leaders out there who will let me

- Wants to play to his heart's content

Ramin :
Hmph! What could be more annoying than having a low-born with the same face as
mine stand in my way?! I'll never grace this world with my presence again!

[LQ39] SHOWDOWN!!! (**)

Client: Gorno; Reward: Sun necklace, Moon Necklace, Venus Ornament

There's a me in your world, isn't there?! I challenge him to a showdown!!
Let's see who's the better artisan of us two!

- Showdown between Artisans

Gorno :
I won the showdown this time!!! But the me in this world is bound to create even
better pieces soon!!! I bet he's already at it right now!!!

-----------------------------------------------------------------[ PARTY QUEST ]

[PQ01] Letter from Lonomakua (*)

Client: Hina; Reward: 10000 P; Period: 40 Days

Islands suddenly vanished here in Lonomakua.  I heard the same happened on your
continent. I'm hoping we can perhaps exchange information. Signed, Hina Aumakua.

- Go talk to the person who wrote the letter from Lonomakua
- Period the three Dromon Pirates "Dromon" "Felecca" "Xebec"

Dromon :
Shiver me timbers! My brother knows the Lonomakua princess, does he?! That lass
sure does have guts. But if she hears me call her "lass" again, I'll be

[PQ02] I Need Laggart Pelts (**)

Client: Rekareka; 
Reward: 30000 P, Rainbow Thread, Silk Cloth, Rainbow Cloth; Period: 5 Days

I'm sending Tuhululu out to buy Laggart Pelts. He needs those
bodyguards we talked about. They don't need business sense, just brawn.
Signed, Rekareka.

- Help Tuhululu get some stock in
- Needs somebody brawny

Rekareka :
Thanks to your fine bodyguards, Tuhululu was able to focus on business. He got
even more Laggart Pelts than I expected! Please accept these with my gratitude.

[PQ03] Plowin' the Field (*)

Client: Yadima; 
Reward: 5000 P, Citro Tomato, Janam Potato; Period: 1 Day

I wanna get that field I found behind the castle plowed and ready to plant.
Reckon you can send me a few strong types to help? Signed, Yadima.

- Help Yadima with Field Work
- Needs somebody strong

Yadima :
Now we'll be able to grow our own crops right here at the castle. Please thank
your friends who came to help.

[PQ04] Gather Animals! (***)

Client: Autar; Reward: 5000 P, Pekklar Meat; Period: 15 Days

The Order might attack again, so we should go gather animals for food while we
can.  But the warriors are all busy, and we kids can't go.  Could you send
somebody for me?

- Gather Animals at Marsinah Plains
- Need somebody agile and luck

Autar :
This ought to be enough. Thank you, [Hero]!

[PQ05] Find Icas (*)

Client: Morrin; 
Reward: 500 P; Period: 7 Days

Please bring a man named Icas to me.  He's in Cynas, but he won't be able to
stand the Order rules long.  You can catch him when he escaped Cynas. Signed,

- Conduct a manhunt for Icas
- Around Grayridge?
- Use pretty women as bait?

Moana :
See?! I knew if we sent a pretty woman or two, he'd bite! Now all you have to do
is take him to the woman that requested him.

[PQ06] Help Them Dig (****)

Client: Nofret; Reward: 10000 P, Noble's Shoes, Magic Armband; Period: 25 Days

The Mage City was huge!  Me and my men cant handle it all alone.  Can you send
me some more hands?  People with some oomph, and no kids!!! Signed, Nofret.

- Help them dig up the Mage City
- Needs somebody strong

Nofret :
We got a huge haul of treasures, thanks to you! Come get your share, okay?
Oh, and could you bring the Magedom's prince and princess?

[PQ07] Window Information (*)

Client: Tongatihi; 
Reward: 100 P; Period: 10 Days

Please gather as much information about Windows as possible. Knowing your
Company, I bet you can even search other worlds! Signed, Tongatihi.

- Gather window Information
- From other worlds, too

Tongatihi :
It's a shame, but I'm afraid I couldn't find what I wanted among the information
gathered for me. Isn't there anything else out there?

[PQ08] Defend Grayridge (****)

Client: Gilliam; Reward: 50000 P; Period: 10 Days

The sand creatures from Fort Arc have been approaching Grayridge.  If they
attack, I'm afraid I'm not sure we have the manpower to fend them off.
Request for assistance.

- Defend Grayridge
- Stop the Sand creatures

Gilliam :
I knew we could count on [Hero] Company! The menace that was approaching
Grayridge is now gone. I and all of the townspeople thank you!

[PQ09] Seek Squidcreeper Sap (**)

Client: Yovel; Reward: 50000 P, Fish Guts, Whale Tusk, Prismatic Peach
Period: 5 Days

I need the sap of a Squidcreeper to get this mask off.  I have to go to another
world to get this monster.  Could you send somebody with me?  Signed, Yovel.

- Gather Squidcreeper Sap
- Go to another world
- Squidcreepers live in the sea

Yovel :
Just like Balsam said, the mask came right off with Squidcreeper Sap! I couldn't
have done it without everybody's help!

[PQ10] Find the Sticky Criminal! (**)

Client: Moana; Reward: 5000 P; Period: 5 Days

Guess we'd better find the culprit that glued that mask to Yovel's face with
the adhesive.  Of we just let him go free, he might do something worse.

- Conduct a manhunt for the culprit who glued the mask onto Yovel
- Guess it's not Morrin?

Yod :
I saw somebody sneak into my master's research room one night. He must've stolen
that adhesive. It was dark, so the only thing I could tell was he was smaller
than me.

[PQ11] Flush Out the Criminal! (**)

Client: Moana; Reward: 5000 P; Period: 5 Days

The person that took the adhesive from Balsam'd research room was apparently
smaller than Yod.  Pretty good lead, I'd say.  That should narrow down the

- Conduct a manhunt for the culprit who glued the mask on Yovel?
- The culprit is smaller than Yod?

Moana :
Guess what?! An empty adhesive bottle was found in a shed on Autar's farm!
Autar is smaller than Yod... I hate to say it, but I guess he's our #1 suspect.

[PQ12] War is an Offering? (*)

Client: Marica; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

I heard the Empire of the North Star believes war is an offering to the Gods.
Wouldn't that make them pretty dangerous?  I want to check it out.  You know,
ask around the castle.

- Ask people about the Empire of the North Star

Marica :
Seems I didn't have to worry. If they were so dangerous, they would've started
all kind of wars, right? I bet Asad and Chrodechild knew they were okay all

[PQ13] Magedom's Two Chronicles (*)

Client: Liu; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

Janam created mage arts via Chronicle research, right? I thought that meant
that Fierce Regalia, but Ancient Covenant is Janam's Chronicle, right? Can I
look into all that?

- Find out about the Magedom's two Chronicles

Liu :
I guess I just about got it now. So, long story short, they used both
Chronicles, huh? Not sure what we're supposed to do with that tidbit, but I was

[PQ14] Rarohenga? (*)

Client: Hotupa; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 10 Days

Diadora said that "Rarohenga" meant "hell" in her world's language, but that's
what it means in Wanderer language, too. . .Do you mind if I look into her
background a bit?

- Find out about Diadora's background

Hotupa :
It was easier than I thought it would be. Diadora herself said she wasn't try to
hide anything, and admits "Diadora" is an alias, but she wouldn't tell me her
real name.

[PQ15] The Seven Imperial Generals (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

So the Empire of the North Star has "Seven Imperial Generals," huh?  Sounds
pretty cool!  Can I look into it some more?  Don't worry.  I'm just going to
ask around the castle.

- Find out about the Seven Imperial generals
- Share findings with Sotah

Anya :
Those Seven Imperial Generals sure are cool! Can we have something like that,
too? Like the Four Iron-Clawed Crows...? What do you mean, that's not cool?!

[PQ16] Playacting Priestess ? (**)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

The Porpos god is supposed to take over the priestess and speak through her,
right? But lots of people think she's just faking... Mind if I try to find
out the truth?

- Find out if the priestess is just playacting.
- Share findings with Sotah

Anya :
I dunno. We're talking about a god here, right? I mean, if we go crassly poking
around, the Porpos will get mad at us. Some things are better left alone...

[PQ17] The Wanderers' World (*)

Client: Moana; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

Our ancestors came to this world with a fusion, so part of our original world
should be here somewhere, right?  But we have no idea where! I really wonder
about that...

- Find the land from the original Wanderer's world

Moana :
Guru Wahie knew. A part of the Wanderers' world DID come, but then another
fusion came in top of it and erased it. He didn't say where, but I guess it
doesn't matter.

[PQ18] Mass Production of Guns?! (**)

Client: Khemia; Reward: Prototype Guns, Prototype Rifle, 50000 P; Period: 1 Day

As you know, it takes a great deal of time and money to make a gun.  But each
of that Geschutz Trio has a gun! Don't tell me Ritterchild can mass-produce

- Check out mass gun production theory
- Share findings with Sotah

Khemia :
So it was simply a matter of them being good enough marksmen to be considered
shrapshooters, eh? A trio like that could really help me with my research!
Heh heh!

[PQ19] Chancellor's Age (**)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 8 Days

Did you know there was a rumor that the Order Chancellor hasn't appeared to
have aged at all in decades? Decades!  It's all very odd. Maybe I should ask
about it.

- Ask around about the Order Chancellor's Age.
- Share the findings with Sotah

Anya :
Hmm. Apparently, it's true. He's only been appearing in public for a few years,
so not many people know, but when I asked long-time Order members... Creepy!

[PQ20] Chancellor's Age, Revisited (***)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

I checked out that rumor about the Order Chancellor not aging, right?  Well, I
want to check into it some more.  I mean, I'll just feel all weird until I
know for sure!

- Find out about the Order Chancellor's age
- Share findings with Sotah

Anya :
I found out in no time! He hasn't aged since he got a hold of the True
Chronicle. I bet you know who my source is, right? So that Chronicle really has
that kind of power?

[PQ21] Secret of the Black Blades (**)

Client: Balsam; Reward: Black Blade; Period: 5 Days

I'd like to know more about the manufacturing process of Night's Veil's black
blades.  Perhaps I can apply it to my inventions. But I hesitate to ask
Gadburg directly.

- Find out about the black blades

Balsam :
So the details are unclear, eh? But it seems definite that information from the
Sacred Twin Blades is used. That must be why they can do what ordinary swords

[PQ22] My Husband's Birthplace (*)

Client: Lathilda; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

My husband very sweetly tells me that my hometown is his hometown. He must have
one, too, but he won't say where. I hate to check up on him, but could you find

- Find out where Bosche was born

Moana :
Bosche wasn't trying to hide where he was born. His parents were adventurers,
too, always traveling, and they don't know where he was born. But he seems

[PQ23] Manaril and Hina (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

I heard a rumor that Manaril and Hina don't get along.  As leader, you want to
know what's going on, right?  Let me get to the bottom of this for you!

- Check out the rumor about Manaril and Hina

Anya :
You can relax! They get along just fine. It's just that when they stand side by
side, they look about the same age, and that makes Hina feel a little weird.

[PQ24] Taj's Secret (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 30 Days

Taj is awfully dedicated to the Prince, isn't he? It's like selfless devotion.
I wonder if there's a story behind it?  I can't really ask them, but maybe
Nakil knows something.

- Find out why Taj is so devoted.
- Ask Nakil

Anya :
What a story... Taj's parent were nobility, but they committed treason, and were
executed. Taj was going to be killed, too, but the prince risked his own life to
save him.

[PQ25] Zenoa Interview! (**)

Client: Anya; Reward: 100 P; Period: 1 Day

As leader, aren't you curious about who Zenoa really is?  Me, too! It might
be hard to get her to talk, but do you mind if I give it a shot with my gift
of gab?

- Ask Zenoa about her background

Anya :
I'm sorry. I apologize. Please forgive me. I was wrong. I won't do it again.
I'll never ask again. So please, please, please stop being mean to me! Waaah!

[PQ26] North Star Women (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: Silk Cloth; Period: 1 Day

Yula and Chihaya are so ladylike and polite.  Everybody in the castle is
wondering if all North Star women are like that.  Mind if I ask around?

- Ask about Empire of the North Star women

Anya :
They say there are all kinds of ladies there. I her Ayano, one of the Seven
Imperial Generals, is dynamic and kind of rough. I'm glad everybody's not the

[PQ27] Furious Roar Goods (***)

Client: Tuhululu; Reward: 1000 P, Pekklar Meat; Period: 35 Days

Um. . .I want to go see if the Furious Roar has any trade goods we can sell
for a good price.  Would that be okay?  My mom can't leave the shop, but I can
go in her place.

- Find new trade goods
- Around Cragbark

Tuhululu :
I found a great new trade good! I bet we can make a good profit! Mom sure is
gonna be happy.

[PQ28] Astrasian Goods (****)

Client: Tuhululu; Reward: 3000 P; Period: 35 Days

Um. . .I want to go see if Astrasia has any trade goods we can sell for a
good price.  would that be okay?  My mom can't leave the shop, but I can go in
her place.

- Find New Trade Goods
- In Astrasia

Tuhululu :
I found a great new trade good! I bet we can make a good profit! Mom sure is
gonna be happy.

[PQ29] Lugenik Goods (*****)

Client: Tuhululu; Reward: 3000 P, Netherlion Horn; Period: 40 Days

Um. . .I want to go see if Lugenik has any trade goods we can sell for a good
price.  Would that be okay?  My mom can't leave the shop, but I can go in
her place.

- Find New Trade Goods
- Around Lugenik

Tuhululu :
I found a great new trade good! I bet we can make a good profit! Mom sure is
gonna be happy.

[PQ30] Help Them Dig Again (***)

Client: Nofret; Reward: 30000 P, Uncut Topaz; Period: 30 Days

Got a message from my men back in the Mage City.  They found some spots that
look really promising.  Can I borrow a few hands?  I'm going too, of course.

- Help them dig up the Mage City
- Around Lugenik

Nofret :
Not a bad haul! We can have the Magedom people look to see if there's anything
that means anything to them, and sell the rest!

[PQ31] News of Darrow (**)

Client: Anya; Reward: 100 P; Period: 35 Days

She puts on a brave face, but Savina must be worried about her boyfriend
Darrow.  We should at least try to find out if he's still alive!  Anything to
ease Savina's mind...

- Try to get news of Darrow.
- Anything at all would help

Anya :
We can't be sure it's Darrow, but they say a soldier like him is being held at
Cynas headquarters. So there's a good chance he's alive! I hope that eases her
mind a little.

[PQ32] Taking Care of the Tablet (****)

Client: Zenoa; Reward: Broom, 10000 P; Period: 5 Days

You lot can make yourselves useful by polishing up the Tablet of Promise.
Spotless, you hear?  I wanna be able to see my reflection in it.  And you can
think of it as an honor.

- Polish the Tablet of Promise

Zenoa :
What a shock. Even I can't find anything to criticize that polishing job for.
I might even say "thank you." You won't hear that from me very often, so be

[PQ33] Keflen's World (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

Only a chunk of desert came with the 10th World. I wonder what the original
world was like?  People lived there, so it couldn't have been ALL desert. Maybe
I'll ask Keflen.

- Ask about Keflen's World

Anya :
Apparently, there were seas and mountains and towns, just like this world. Guess
I should've known. But there was a huge desert, too, and that's the part that

[PQ34] Servillah and Eusmil (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

Those two SERIOUSLY don't get along, huh? Lycia said there wasn't really
anything behind it, but I wonder.  Guess it's time to put my gift of gab to

- Find out about Servillah and Eusmil
- Find out why they don't get along

Anya :
So they lived right next to each other when they were little, and grew up not
really liking each other. Now they get angry just looking at each other! Not
much we can do...

[PQ35] How Vaslof and Resno Met (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

I'll prove it to you that I'm not afraid to talk to the Auster Folk!  I'm
going to find out how Vaslof and Resno first met!

- Check out Vaslof and Renso
- Find out how they first met

Anya :
See? I asked them! Apparently, Vaslof saved Resno's life during a clash with the
Magedom. And then Resno returned the favor in the very next operation. That's
how they met.

[PQ36] Sisuca and Nemne? (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 3 Days

Did you know that Sisuca and Nemne are sometimes seen going off together?
Hmm. . .I want to know, but I kinda don't want to know. I guess I'll check it
out, though.

- Check out Sisuca and Nemne.
- Find out about their mysterious behaviour

Anya :
Sisuca was giving Nemne singing lessons. Sisuca is a great singer! But Nemne
sings the strangest songs. Anyway, it looked like they were having fun together.

[PQ37] Scribe Names (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

The Scribes always use full names, like "Luo-Tao."  Maybe "Luo" is his given
name and "Tao" is his family name? Can we just use "Luo?" I want to check into
Scribe names.

- Ask around about Scribe names

Anya :
"Luo-Tao" is a two-part given name. They have separate family names, too. Using
just "Luo" would be rude. Liu went by "Liu" to distance himself from the

[PQ38] About Fierce Regalia (*)

Client: Minen; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 40 Days

Fierce Regalia was in Order hands before being taken by the Magedom? Would you
like me to look into this?  I'd have to go to Ritterschild and back, so it
might take some time.

- Find out about the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia
- The Order had it at some point?

Minen :
So the truth was very different from what we've been told. The Order found
Fierce Regalia first, and then Ritterschild took it. But by then, the Order'd
already used it.

[PQ39] Minen's Background (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 1000 P; Period: 1 Day

I wonder why Minen looked into Fierce Regalia for us and not Geschutz? She has
connections, maybe?   I can't go into Ritterschild to find out, so I'll ask
around the castle.

- Find out about Minen's connections

Tsaubern :
Her father is the head of a distinguished family, on a par with the Six Court
Nobles, and one of the founders of the Belfar Agency. She must've asked for his

[PQ40] Belemuel Interview! (*)

Client: Anya; Reward: 100 P; Period: 1 Day

There sure are a lot of mysterious characters here.  That Belemuel especially!
I think I'll ask him about his background.  Actually, I just want to get him
to speak!

- Ask Belemuel about his background

Anya :
No matter what I said to him, he completely ignored me. In some ways, that's
even worse than Zenoa's venomous tongue...

[PQ41] Gateway to the Infinity (*)

Client: Wahie; Reward: 10000 P; Period: 10 Days

Yes, yes. You're going to check it out right away, eh? No need to worry!
I'll be sure to bring them back when the time is up!

Wahie :
Looks like they're back safe. Let's give what they brought back to Moana. And
we'll be getting requests in from other worlds now, so come see me from time to

[PQ42] Windows Beyond the Gateway (*)

Client: Tongatihi; Reward: 100 P; Period: 10 Days

Please gather as much information about windows in other worlds as possible.
Otherwise, my head is going to start hurting again. . .OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Ouch! Ouch!

- Gather window Information
- From as many places in the Infinity as possible.

Tongatihi :
It appears the window information I want doesn't even exist in other worlds. Why
don't people give the windows the proper thought they deserve?!
Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Ouch! Ouch!

[PQ43] Pay Back Time! (*)

Client: Lubberkin; Reward: 100 P; Period: 10 Days

I told you how horribly I was treated in that world I got sent to, right? It
still makes my blood boil! Nobody would blame me if I went and told them off,

- Wants to go back to the world he was sent to
- Wants to tell them off

Lubberkin :
That town where they made me work like a slave... It's completely gone, just
like the Magedom! Sure, I was furious with them! But I didn't want anything like
THAT to happen!

[PQ44] That World in the Ravine (*)

Client: Liu; Reward: 100 P; Period: 10 Days

Remember when we got sent to the Ravine of Infinity and saw that Scribe-like
world?  I wanna go visit there again.  Maybe they can tell us more about the
One King and Stuff.

- Go to the world seen from the Ravine of Infinity
- Gather information

Liu :
I went there! They didn't have any new information, but, over there, Luo-Tao is
Elder. We had a great talk, Elder to Elder. I learned a lot, maybe even grew up
a little?

[PQ45] The Other Marica's World (*)

Client: Marica; Reward: Crescent Axe; Period: 10 Days

Liu told me when you got sent to the Ravine of Infinity, you saw the other me?
And she and her allies were fighting something, right? Can I go look into

- Go to the other Marica's world
- Find out what's going on there

Marica :
The other Marica's world in the same situation as ours. They're fighting a group
just like the Order. But over there, I'm the Tenkai Star and the leader! Weird.

[PQ46] Atrie's World (*)

Client: Jale; Reward: Scale Shield; Period: 10 Days

Description: I bet you're wondering what's going on in Atrie's world, right?
I can go look for you if you want.

- Go to Atrie's World
- Find out what's going on

Jale :
The situation over there isn't much different from here. They're on the
offensive, but they haven't won. I used to think Atrie was kinda meek, but he's
a good leader.

[PQ47] Correcting Our Error (*)

Client: Kashgar; Reward: 10 P; Period: 10 Days

Perhaps other Auster Folk worlds in the Infinity are unwittingly cooperating
with the One King, just as we did.  I want to go and help them rectify that

- Go into another world where the Auster Folk live
- If they are cooperating with the One King, dissuade them

Kashgar :
As I feared, there was another Auster Folk world out there acting as One King
pawns... But how stubborn! They wouldn't listen, no matter what I said. Just as
we didn't...

[PQ48] Correcting Our Error Again (*)

Client: Kashgar; Reward: Large Ruby; Period: 10 Days

That tribe was clearly on the wrong path.  I can't just give up because they
won't listen.  I must go to that world again and convince them, just as you
did for us!

- Convince the Auster Folk in the other world
- Make them stop cooperating with the One King

Kashgar :
I was finally able to correct that other-world tribe's error, but only because I
managed to call forth their ancestor... Their obstinacy was indeed extreme.

[PQ49] Looking for Action (*)

Client: Icas; Reward: 10 P; Period: 10 Days

Please! Let me go to another world!  My heart, my very soul, longs to meet
the beautiful ladies of foreign worlds!  I can't suppress my feelings any
longer! I beg you!

- Wants to meet women of another world

Morrin :
I asked Wahie to do me a selfish favor. I needed to keep Icas here! But I won't
stay in our way, of course, if you need to send Icas to other worlds on company

[PQ50] Formless Demon Hunting (****)

Client: Enumclaw; Reward: Darkness Stone, 3000 P; Period: 30 Days

A Formless Demon has appeared again, near Fort Arc.  I could've just gone to
take care of it myself, but I thought I'd better get your okay first now that
I'm a member.

- Formless Demon Hunting
- Near Fort Arc

Enumclaw :
Got rid of the Formless Demon. The World's boundaries still seem to be unstable,
however. More might show up.

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