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Follow the dark path or use the light
Suikoden Tierkreis Pack Shot

Suikoden Tierkreis


Dictionary FAQ

by AdmiralPo

@@@@          ----------------
@@@           Dictionary
@@            v 1.0
              Admiral Po                                                     @@@
              ([email protected])                                  @@@@

   \ OVERVIEW \_________________________________________________________________

Dictionary? In the game, if you've recruited Sotah, the old man in Tehah
Village, you can access various information about places, peoples, etc. by
talking to him at the castle. He even refers himself as "walking dictionary".
So, that is also what this guide is meant to be, to provide information about
various elements in the game. The data here is taken from what you can read when
you talk to him, so this is just basically a write-down process in making the
guide, but could be useful especially if you miss something in the game. I also
include character informations that you can see when the credit rolls at the end
of the game, for additional data. And please don't ask how to recruit Sotah,
or other characters (duh).

*****************************   W A R N I N G !!!  *****************************
*****************************   SPOILER AHEAD !!!  *****************************

   \ TABLE OF CONTENTS \________________________________________________________

There are five main groups of data: Placenames, Chronicles, People, Tribes/
Groups, and Other. You can quickly search a data by entering the title/name
directly, or you can type the letters and numbers code in the text finder. For
example: for "One King", the code is "PPL-08" (without quotes). Some data may
appear more than once as more knowledge has been gained later in the game. Note
that some names are abbreviated like "Emp. of N. Star" instead of "Empire of
North Star". The "Ending" section is the description of character informations
at the game ending, that is what they do / happened after the final battle. For
names that is subjective, which are the main character, company, and castle
name that you pick yourself, I will use {hero}, {company}, and {castle}
respectively throughout the guide.

---- Placenames [ PLC ]

[01] Citro Village
[02] Citro Plain
[03] Flesaria Forest
[04] Forest Ruins
[05] {castle}
[06] Grayridge
[07] Grayridge 2
[08] Grayridge Mine
[09] Fort Arc
[10] Cynas
[11] Cynas 2
[12] Mislato River
[13] Ladzaa Fortress
[14] Ladzaa Fortress 2
[15] Ladzaa F.'s Fate
[16] El-Qaral
[17] Salsabil
[18] Gineh Valley
[19] Tehah Village
[20] Ch'olui Mountains
[21] Ch'olui Mountains 2
[22] Naineneis
[23] Coastal Cave
[24] Marsinah Plains
[25] Cragbark
[26] Janam Desert
[27] Kingdom of Salsabil
[28] Buried Mage City
[29] Buried Mage City 2
[30] Noslaw Woods
[31] Noslaw Woods 2
[32] Woodland Village
[33] Pharamond
[34] Pharamond 2
[35] Pharamond 3
[36] Wilds of Veile
[37] Mount Svatgol
[38] Lugenik
[39] Rarohenga
[40] Rarohenga 2
[41] Other Cynas
[42] Ritterschild
[43] Emp. of N. Star
[44] Emp. of N. Star 2
[45] Lonomakua Chfdm
[46] Kingdom of Astrasia
[47] Astrasia Freed
[48] Nth Marsinah Hills
[49] Magedom of Janam
[50] Kealohilani Island
[51] Tower of the Way
[52] Arcane Academy

---- Chronicles [ CHR ]

[01] Shining Legacy
[02] Shining Legacy 2
[03] Noble Steel
[04] Noble Steel 2
[05] Fierce Regalia
[06] Regalia's Origins
[07] Regalia's Origins 2
[08] Cerulean Flux
[09] Furious Roar
[10] Twin Blades
[11] Tatau Council
[12] Ancient Covenant
[13] Ancient Covenant 2
[14] Endless Travels
[15] Travels' Origins
[16] Boundless Amber
[17] Resonant Horror
[18] Peaceful End
[19] True Chronicle
[20] True Chronicle 2
[21] False Chronicle
[22] False Chronicle 2
[23] Readers
[24] Readers 2
[25] Bds of Priestss
[26] Wraith Soul
[27] Regalia's Origins 3

---- People [ PPL ]

[01] Ninulneda
[02] Ninulneda 2
[03] Daigoh
[04] Mayula
[05] Ayano
[06] Kane Hekili
[07] Kane Milohai
[08] One King
[09] One King 2
[10] One King 3
[11] One King 4
[12] Valfred
[13] Valfred 2
[14] Valfred 3
[15] Valfred 4
[16] Valfred 5
[17] Chancellor's Age
[18] Chancellor's Age 2
[19] Danash VIII
[20] Shairah
[21] Rizwan
[22] Rizwan 2
[23] Kureyah
[24] Macoute
[25] Macoute 2
[26] Macoute 3
[27] Beardsley
[28] Beardsley 2
[29] Beardsley 3
[30] Masrur
[31] Masrur 2
[32] Furat
[33] Furat 2
[34] Fergus
[35] Fergus 2
[36] Conon
[37] Conon 2

---- Tribes/Groups [ GRP ]

[01] Belfar Agency
[02] 7 Impl Generals
[03] Halnish Family
[04] War Priestess
[05] Six Court Nobles
[06] Wanderers
[07] Wanderers 2
[08] Wanderers 3
[09] Wanderers 4
[10] Auster Folk
[11] Auster Teachings
[12] Auster Folk's Past
[13] Scribes
[14] Scribe Tattoos
[15] Porpos-kin
[16] Sharpshooters
[17] Ordr 1 True Way
[18] Archivists
[19] Archivists 2
[20] B of Night's Vl
[21] Furious Roar
[22] Furious Roar 2
[23] Furious Roar 3
[24] Mage Forces

---- Other [ OTR ]

[01] Pump
[02] Pump 2
[03] Units
[04] Synthetic Androids
[05] Formless Demons
[06] Formless Demons 2
[07] Guns
[08] Guns 2
[09] Guns 3
[10] Marks of Stars
[11] Marks of Stars 2
[12] Gateways
[13] Infinity
[14] Corridors
[15] Renegades
[16] One True Way
[17] One True Way 2
[18] One True Way 3
[19] Lift
[20] Lift 2
[21] Starbearers
[22] Starbearers 2
[23] Starbearers 3
[24] Starbearers 4
[25] Tblt of Promise
[26] Divine Edge
[27] Sacred Blades
[28] Ancstr's Jdgmnt
[29] Plucking Bow
[30] Pillar of Spirits
[31] Pillar of Spirits 2
[32] Black Blades
[33] Black Blades 2
[34] Black Blades 3

---- Ending [ END ]

[001] Tenkai Star: {hero}
[002] Tengou Star: Diulf
[003] Tenki Star: Liu
[004] Tenkan Star: Zenoa
[005] Tenyu Star: Ordovic
[006] Tenyu Star: Megion
[007] Tenmou Star: Vaslof
[008] Teni Star: Enumclaw
[009] Tenei Star: Marica
[010] Tenki Star: Neira
[011] Tenfu Star: Resno
[012] Tenman Star: Diadora
[013] Tenko Star: Luvais
[014] Tensyo Star: Belemuel
[015] Tenritsu Star: Geschutz
[016] Tensyo Star: Zayin
[017] Tenan Star: Luo-Tao
[018] Tenyu Star: Chein
[019] Tenku Star: Nhazu
[020] Tensoku Star: Tsaubern
[021] Teni Star: Dogha
[022] Tensatsu Star: Bosche
[023] Tenbi Star: Sphiel
[024] Tenkyu Star: Selen
[025] Tentai Star: Jale
[026] Tenjyu Star: Rajim
[027] Tenken Star: Dromon
[028] Tenhei Star: Chrodechild
[029] Tenzai Star: Felecca
[030] Tenson Star: Fredegund
[031] Tenpai Star: Xebec
[032] Tenrou Star: Shams
[033] Tensui Star: Manaril
[034] Tenbou Star: Nova
[035] Tenkoku Star: Sophia
[036] Tenkou Star: Tigre
[037] Chikai Star: Gilliam
[038] Chisatsu Star: Misrach
[039] Chiyu Star: Rekareka
[040] Chiketsu Star: Mubal
[041] Chiyu Star: Indrik
[042] Chii Star: Yomi
[043] Chiei Star: Chihaya
[044] Chiki Star: Meruvis
[045] Chimou Star: Asad
[046] Chibun Star: Gorno
[047] Chisei Star: Hafin
[048] Chikatsu Star: Keflen
[049] Chitou Star: Yadima
[050] Chikyou Star: Hina
[051] Chian Star: Mourgent
[052] Chijiku Star: Khemia
[053] Chikai Star: Moana
[054] Chisa Star: Amaralicht
[055] Chiyu Star: Quilard
[056] Chirei Star: Eunice
[057] Chijyu Star: Zahra
[058] Chibi Star: Taj
[059] Chikyu Star: Yula
[060] Chibaku Star: Nomno
[061] Chizen Star: Nuzhat
[062] Chikou Star: Servillah
[063] Chikyou Star: Lycia
[064] Chihi Star: Kow-Low
[065] Chisou Star: Balsam
[066] Chikou Star: Guntram
[067] Chimei Star: Roberto
[068] Chisin Star: Eusmil
[069] Chitai Star: Nictis
[070] Chiman Star: Nimni
[071] Chisui Star: Sotah
[072] Chisyu Star: Kashgar
[073] Chiin Star: Maybelle
[074] Chii Star: Rufa
[075] Chiri Star: Lubberkin
[076] Chisyun Star: Yod
[077] Chiraku Star: Ramin
[078] Chitatsu Star: Hotupa
[079] Chisoku Star: Wahie
[080] Chichin Star: Nofret
[081] Chikei Star: Minen
[082] Chima Star: Namna
[083] Chiyou Star: Sisuca
[084] Chiyu Star: Nakil
[085] Chifuku Star: Len-Lien
[086] Chihi Star: Ouragan
[087] Chiku Star: Nemne
[088] Chiko Star: Gadburg
[089] Chizen Star: Anya
[090] Chitan Star: Morrin
[091] Chikaku Star: Yovel
[092] Chisyu Star: Autar
[093] Chizou Star: Wustum
[094] Chihei Star: Buchse
[095] Chison Star: Muro
[096] Chido Star: Hao-Shi
[097] Chisatsu Star: Lathilda
[098] Chiaku Star: Diiwica
[099] Chisyu Star: Semia
[100] Chisu Star: Logan
[101] Chiin Star: Erin
[102] Chikei Star: Darrow
[103] Chisou Star: Savina
[104] Chiretsu Star: Numnu
[105] Chiken Star: Icas
[106] Chimou Star: Tongatihi
[107] Chizoku Star: Mun-Tsang
[108] Chikou Star: Tuhululu

   \ DATA \_____________________________________________________________________

@@@ Placenames @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

[PLC-01] Citro Village
Tiny farm village in nothern Citro Plain. So remote it doesn't belong to any
particular country, and is self-governed.

[PLC-02] Citro Plain
Plain located near continent center. Warm climate and abundant crops. With
appearance of Flesaria Forest, expanded south.

[PLC-03] Flesaria Forest
Appeared suddenly from Eastern Hill to north Citro Plain. Everybody but the
party thinks it's always been there.

[PLC-04] Forest Ruins
Mysterious tower that appeared on Eastern Hill with Flesaria Forest. Appears as
a giant statue. Shining Legacy was inside.

[PLC-05] {castle}
{company} Company's HQ castle, refurbished from the Forest Ruins that appeared
with Flesaria Forest.

[PLC-06] Grayridge
Fell into decline when nearby mine closed. A few years ago, Order created
Chapter there. Now Order's frontline base.

[PLC-07] Grayridge 2
Order withdrew from Grayridge to concentrate on Fort Arc. After the pullout,
the townspeople quit the Order.

[PLC-08] Grayridge Mine
Used to yield precious metals, but ran dry a decade ago and was closed. There's
a Gateway located inside this mine.

[PLC-09] Fort Arc
Long, east-west fortress. Protects Cynas's southern border. Order's largest
military base. The only entry into Cynas.

[PLC-10] Cynas
Order of the One True Way's HQ city. Largest, most populous on continent. Its
people are all Order members.

[PLC-11] Cynas 2
After the 12th fusion, ringed by twelve pillars of light. It's supposed the area
inside is connected to the One King's world.

[PLC-12] Mislato River
Through east Citro Plain. Magedom of Janam territory to the east of it. A road
along bank leads to every point in Magedom.

[PLC-13] Ladzaa Fortress
Between Order and Magedom territory. Once a Magedom stronghold, became occupied
by Order after a war there a few years ago.

[PLC-14] Ladzaa Fortress 2
Order troops were cleared out with {company} Company operation, and the fortress
was returned to Magedom hands.

[PLC-15] Ladzaa F.'s Fate
It was completely destroyed by an earthquake. Freed captives were inside. Many
officers and men died there.

[PLC-16] El-Qaral
"Mage City," the Imperial Capital of the Magedom of Janam. Center of power and
mage arts. Its people are spirited.

[PLC-17] Salsabil
In southernmost Janam. Has trade harbor. Was once an independent kingdom, but a
few decades ago merged with the Magedom.

[PLC-18] Gineh Valley
Extends east from Ch'olui Mountains. Used to reach north Citro Plain, but was
shortened by emergence of Flesaria Forest.

[PLC-19] Tehah Village
At eastern foot of Ch'olui Mountains. Doesn't belong to any one country.
Villagers are used to a cold, rugged mountain climate.

[PLC-20] Ch'olui Mountains
Steep and known for blizzards and snowslides. Nearly impossible for any but most
experienced to traverse.

[PLC-21] Ch'olui Mountains 2
Now that west half is gone, where the most perilous and difficult passes were,
they are much easier to traverse.

[PLC-22] Naineneis
The town where the Porpos-kin live. It's in the shape of a giant shell, large
enough to fit the whole of Citro Village.

[PLC-23] Coastal Cave
A cave near Naineneis. A hot spring wells deep within it.

[PLC-24] Marsinah Plains
Vast grasslands that appeared, replacing the west half of Ch'olui Mountains.
Quite dry but fertile, with many animals.

[PLC-25] Cragbark
Where the Tribe of the Furious Roar lives. Most of the houses, and the king's
pavilion as well, are half underground.

[PLC-26] Janam Desert
Appeared with the 10th fusion. When it emerged, nearly all of the Magedom of
Janam vanished, leaving only Salsabil behind.

[PLC-27] Kingdom of Salsabil
Because Magedom no longer exists, the people remember Salsabil as always having
been independent. Shams is their king.

[PLC-28] Buried Mage City
What remains of El-Qaral after swallowed up by desert of the 10th World.
Buildings still remain, but no people.

[PLC-29] Buried Mage City 2
Didn't dissapear completely with 10th fusion because Rizwan used Ancient
Covenant to resist fusion's power.

[PLC-30] Noslaw Woods
Spreads over western continent. Filled with gigantic trees, making it gloomy
even in daytime. Scribes live here.

[PLC-31] Noslaw Woods 2
Nearly impossible not to get lost in. Maybe that's why people who have lost
hope somtimes enter these woods.

[PLC-32] Woodland Village
The Scribes hide themselves away, avoiding contact with the outside world.
Protective wards keep intruders out.

[PLC-33] Pharamond
What used to be the capitol of the Kingdom of Astrasia. It was seized by the
Order two years ago during a war.

[PLC-34] Pharamond 2
The Order has massed troops here and is using it as a base to try and bring the
Marsinah Plains under their control.

[PLC-35] Pharamond 3
With helps of the citizens and the company, Order troops were driven out, and
Pharamond became Astrasia's capital again.

[PLC-36] Wilds of Veile
Extends north of Pharamond. Used to be fertile, but got covered by an avalanche
two years ago and became barren.

[PLC-37] Mount Svatgol
Huge, very hot volcano that rises on the eastern side of continent. Lugenik, the
Auster Folk's city, is here.

[PLC-38] Lugenik
The central Auster Folk city. It's built on the sides of the rock cliffs of a
ravine on Mount Svatgol.

[PLC-39] Rarohenga
Appeared with the 11th fusion. Its land and creatures seem sinister and
unnatural. "Rarohenga" means "underworld."

[PLC-40] Rarohenga 2
Original world wiped out by weapons created to counter One King. Its Chronicle
warped, deforming that world.

[PLC-41] Other Cynas
Appeared with the 12th fusion. Looks like Cynas, but lies in deserted ruins.
There's a partly-destroyed Tower of the Way here too.

[PLC-42] Ritterschild
A kingdom on the East Continent, east across strait from Magedom of Janam. Has
complex relationship with the Magedom.

[PLC-43] Emp. of N. Star
Large country that occupies the land north of Order territory. It has little
interaction with other countries.

[PLC-44] Emp. of N. Star 2
They revere war, but feel an unjust war would be a desecration, and would never
attack another country recklessly.

[PLC-45] Lonomakua Chfdm
A country in the sea southwest of Naineneis that rules over the Lonomakua

[PLC-46] Kingdom of Astrasia
West of Grayridge. Although small, it was brave and formidable, but it lost to
the Order and was annexed two years ago.

[PLC-47] Astrasia Freed
With the people's help, Chrodechild and the company drove out the Order and
Astrasia regained its sovereignty.

[PLC-48] Nth Marsinah Hills
Gently-sloping undulations barely noticeable unless from a distance. These hills
mark northern entrance to the plains.

[PLC-49] Magedom of Janam
Order foe. Rules eastern continent. Used Chronicles to develop mage arts, with
which they annexed other nations.

[PLC-50] Kealohilani Island
Used to be a part of Lonomakua. Secret base of the Dromon pirates. Vanished
along with the western half of Ch'olui Mountains.

[PLC-51] Tower of the Way
A giant tower that is the central hub of Cynas and the headquarters of the Order
of the One True Way.

[PLC-52] Arcane Academy
Center for mage arts in Magedom. Headed by Second Empress Consort Rizwan.
Researches night and day to develop mage arts.

@@@ Chronicles @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

[CHR-01] Shining Legacy
Odd book found in the Eastern Hill ruins. Some people gain mysterious "marks of
the stars" when they touch this book.

[CHR-02] Shining Legacy 2
Thought to be the Chronicle of the World Flesaria Forest originally came from.

[CHR-03] Noble Steel
Odd book Macoute hid in Grayridge Mine. Apparently, he didn't know what the book
was. Gives some people marks of the stars.

[CHR-04] Noble Steel 2
The Chronicle of the Auster Folk's world. Ordovic was able to take physical form
when this book was brought to him.

[CHR-05] Fierce Regalia
Borrowed from the Arcane Academy. The Magedom of Janam developed their system
of mage arts by researching it.

[CHR-06] Regalia's Origins
Taken by Magedom from Ritterschild during conflict decades ago. The nations
friendly now but the Chronicle never returned.

[CHR-07] Regalia's Origins 2
Before the Magedom had it, it was in the hands of the Order. Probably used by
Valfred at that time.

[CHR-08] Cerulean Flux
A Chronicle that the Porpos-kin had. It looks like exactly the same as other
Beads of the Priestess.

[CHR-09] Furious Roar
Roar's decorative bone artifact enshrined in the Pillar of Spirits in the king's
pavilion. Called the "Wraith Soul."

[CHR-10] Twin Blades
A Chronicle owned by the Kingdom of Astrasia. The true identity of the sacred
twin blades, Divine Edge.

[CHR-11] Tatau Council
Scribe body tattoo borne by the elder. It has the ability to neutralize the
power of other Chronicles.

[CHR-12] Ancient Covenant
The Magedom's own Chronicle. Manaril forced to read it at Academy. After Magedom
vanished, a Rizwan vision gave it to Shams.

[CHR-13] Ancient Covenant 2
The Magedom used it to develop a system of mage arts. Later used Fierce Regalia
to develop mage arts even further.

[CHR-14] Endless Travels
Diadora's key-shaped staff. Gives ability to create Gateways at will, but
Diadora is the only one who can use it.

[CHR-15] Travels' Origins
Diadora turned out to be a Wanderer, so that means the Chronicle of Endless
Travels was the Wanderer's Chronicle.

[CHR-16] Boundless Amber
Chronicle of the 10th World, found by archivist in Janam Desert. Sophia had it
implanted and transformed into the Queen of Dust.

[CHR-17] Resonant Horror
Chronicle of the 11th World. Warped when it recorded deaths of millions. That
also deformed the 11th World, which became Rarohenga.

[CHR-18] Peaceful End
Chronicle of the 12th World. Its Tenkai Star left message in it that said if 12
Chronicles were gathered, possible to defeat One King.

[CHR-19] True Chronicle
Chronicle in which everything of this world is recorded. Doesn't determine
future but has records of future natural disasters.

[CHR-20] True Chronicle 2
When a world is fused, it becomes "truth" recorded in True Chronicle. People's
memories are then modified to fit this truth.

[CHR-21] False Chronicle
What the Order archivists for some reason call Chronicles such as the Shining
Legacy or Noble Steel.

[CHR-22] False Chronicle 2
Order name for "fake" Chronicles, any Chronicles other than the True Chronicle,
the Chronicle of this world.

[CHR-23] Readers
Those who can extract info from Chronicles and change it into written words.
Manaril is only one in Magedom.

[CHR-24] Readers 2
The ability to "read" is apparently one of the marks of the stars.

[CHR-25] Bds of Priestss
Sea god offerings crafted by Porpos priestess. Look like necklaces, but Porpos
history recorded on them. Hundreds exist.

[CHR-26] Wraith Soul
Manifestation of guardian spirit of the Tribe of the Furious Roar. Its true
identity is the Chronicle of the Furious Roar.

[CHR-27] Regalia's Origins 3
Order first got a hold of it, and Ritterschild then took it from them. By that
time, though, it had already been used.

@@@ People @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

[PPL-01] Ninulneda
Sea god considered guardian deity of Porpos-kin. She sometimes takes over
Priestess Neira's body to impart her will.

[PPL-02] Ninulneda 2
Some suspect these divine revelations are nothing but playacting, but a person
who investigated denies this.

[PPL-03] Daigoh
One of the Seven Imperial Generals. He has War Priestess Mayula at his command.

[PPL-04] Mayula
War Priestess who serves Imperial General Daigoh. Fine swordswoman. Referred to
as "princess," so of Imperial Family?

[PPL-05] Ayano
One of the Seven Imperial Generals. She's well-known for being brave and heroic
at all times.

[PPL-06] Kane Hekili
The Tribal Council Head of Lonomakua. He's Chief Kane Miholai's younger brother
and Hina's father.

[PPL-07] Kane Milohai
The Chief of Lonomakua and Hina's uncle. He's reportedly a very benevolent man.

[PPL-08] One King
Destroyed world where Furious Roar lived. Starbearers there weren't a match for
the One King's power, and were wiped out.

[PPL-09] One King 2
Atrie is fighting the One King in his world, too. Order believes One True Way
will be realized when the One King comes.

[PPL-10] One King 3
Rewrites the True Chronicles of many worlds. These worlds then either vanish
or get swallowed into the One King's world.

[PPL-11] One King 4
In the One King's world, same period of time just keeps repeating itself over
and over forever, a world without a future.

[PPL-12] Valfred
Chancellor of the Order of the One True Way. Claims he can foresee the
predetermined future. Predicted lightning strike.

[PPL-13] Valfred 2
Has True Chronicle so he can read future, but only about natural phenomenon, not
what people will do in future.

[PPL-14] Valfred 3
Upcoming fusions are laid out in True Chronicle, but if Chronicles of other
worlds used, locations can be controlled.

[PPL-15] Valfred 4
Valfred has been causing some fusions himself by rewriting the True Chronicle.
Something to do with a ritual?

[PPL-16] Valfred 5
Valfred aimed to cause 12 fusions before One King's advent to link the world
with One King's world that has preset future.

[PPL-17] Chancellor's Age
There's a rumor that Valfred hasn't aged at all in decades. Even senior Order
members can attest to this.

[PPL-18] Chancellor's Age 2
Since Valfred obtained the True Chronicle, his appearance hasn't changed at all.
Must be power of the Chronicle?

[PPL-19] Danash VIII
Mage Lord of the Magedom of Janam. Has three wives called "Empress Consorts."
Hoping to take on a fourth as well.

[PPL-20] Shairah
The First Empress Consort of the Magedom of Janam, and the Commander-in-Chief
of Mage Forces. Asad's direct superior.

[PPL-21] Rizwan
The Second Empress Consort of the Magedom of Janam. She's also the head of the
Arcane Academy.

[PPL-22] Rizwan 2
Mother of Imperial Princess Manaril. To maintain her standing, she drives
daughter mercilessly to use "reader" ability.

[PPL-23] Kureyah
Shams's mom. 3rd Empress Consort. Daughter of Salsabil Viceroy, Masrur. Demands
support from Salsabil hometown.

[PPL-24] Macoute
Former secretary of Order Grayridge Chapter. Made up propechies to line pockets.
No word since Order troops came to Grayridge.

[PPL-25] Macoute 2
After wrongdoing exposed, taken to Order HQ for re-education. To see what he
learned, now being made spread Order word.

[PPL-26] Macoute 3
He had the mark of the Chronicle of Resonant Horror implanted in him, was
reduced to a terrible monster, and died.

[PPL-27] Beardsley
Order lieutenant stationed in Pharamond. Assists Fredegund, but his real role is
to watch her and keep her true to Order.

[PPL-28] Beardsley 2
After pulling out of Astrasia, he apparently returned to Order Headquarter

[PPL-29] Beardsley 3
To see One True Way realized, accepted mark of Resonant Horror, turned into a
monster, fought bravely and died.

[PPL-30] Masrur
Kureyah's father. Descendant of the Salsabil royal family. Now the Salsabil
Viceroy. A good ruler loved by his people.

[PPL-31] Masrur 2
Grand father of Shams and Manaril, and guardian of King of Salsabil, Shams...
Or, at least, that's what people remember.

[PPL-32] Furat
Masrur's wife and Kureyah's mother. She's worried that her daughter, once so
sweet, has now become power-hungry.

[PPL-33] Furat 2
Even though Manaril isn't really her blood relation, Furat now remembers Manaril
as her granddaughter.

[PPL-34] Fergus
Order archivist. He and Conon sought the Shining Legacy, and ran into party
many times. Supervises volatile Conon.

[PPL-35] Fergus 2
Had the mark of the Noble Steel embedded in him and turned into a monster for a
time before the power made him vanish.

[PPL-36] Conon
Order archivist often teamed with Fergus. They've already battled {hero} and
friends several times.

[PPL-37] Conon 2
Had Cerulen Flux mark embedded in him and became a monster. Power overcame him
and he turned to light and vanished.

@@@ Tribes/Groups @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

[GRP-01] Belfar Agency
Top-secret special military agency of the United Kingdom of Ritterschild, made
up entirely of sharpshooters.

[GRP-02] 7 Impl Generals
The commanders who lead the 7 armies of the Empire of the North Star. Their
soldiers are almost religiously devoted to them.

[GRP-03] Halnish Family
Family of head of Six Court Nobles of Ritterschild. The heir of this family is
purported to like high places.

[GRP-04] War Priestess
Serves 7 Imperial Generals of Empire of North Star. War is revered there, and
War Priestess handles all battlefield rites.

[GRP-05] Six Court Nobles
Sovereigns of the six grand dukedoms and the central powers that make up the
United Kingdom of Ritterschild.

[GRP-06] Wanderers
Merchants who travel in groups, peddling wares. Well-versed in Gateways, they
even go to and from other worlds.

[GRP-07] Wanderers 2
Another tribe sent here from another world by a fusion. The Chronicle of their
original world is Endless Travels.

[GRP-08] Wanderers 3
Part of their original world appeared here, but then vanished, when another
fusion's world emerged on top of it.

[GRP-09] Wanderers 4
At the time of the later fusion, the tribe was spread across Infinity peddling
goods, so not a single one of them was lost.

[GRP-10] Auster Folk
A tribe of giants that lives in the north. Have sturdy builds, fantastic
strength adn horns on foreheads. They support the Order.

[GRP-11] Auster Teachings
They hold that the world is as it should be, and to change it is wrong. Support
the Order because of similar beliefs.

[GRP-12] Auster Folk's Past
Another tribe that lost to the One King in their original world and ended up
coming to this world through a fusion.

[GRP-13] Scribes
Knowledgeable about Chronicles but afraid they would be used for evil, so hide
away in woods. Liu is also a Scribe.

[GRP-14] Scribe Tattoos
When Scribes come of age, get magic tattoos to protect their memories when
world fusions occur, even if not Starbearers.

[GRP-15] Porpos-kin
A water-dwelling tribe that lives in western sea. Cute and usually quite gentle,
they do not like conflict.

[GRP-16] Sharpshooters
Ritterschild soldiers equipped with guns. Guns are so costly, only most skilled
are awarded title of "sharpshooter."

[GRP-17] Ordr 1 True Way
Uses prophecies and even military force to spread message. Has grown powerful
enough to rival nations. HQ is in Cynas.

[GRP-18] Archivists
Those with special powers who work under Chancellor. They gather False
Chronicles. Use mark of stars.

[GRP-19] Archivists 2
With help of True Chronicle, given marks of other Chronicles, artificial
Starbearers (Diadora is an exception).

[GRP-20] B of Night's Vl
The new name the Royal Knights of Astrasia have gone by since driven out of
homeland and taking refuge with the Magedom.

[GRP-21] Furious Roar
A tribe od agile, brave, beast-headed semi-humans who live somewhere in the
Infinity. Cougar is a Roar.

[GRP-22] Furious Roar 2
Beast-headed tribe that appeared with the Marsinah Plains. Of same race as
Cougar but say they've never heard of him.

[GRP-23] Furious Roar 3
Lost to One King in their original world, and then and their plains appeared in
this world. Lost memory of former world.

[GRP-24] Mage Forces
The regular army of the Magedom of Janam. First Empress Consort Shairah is their

@@@ Other @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

[OTR-01] Pump
Left behind in Naineneis by a human inventor. Moves water from low places to
high. Useless in watter-filled Naineneis.

[OTR-02] Pump 2
Balsam turned out to be the creator of this device. Its power source is also a

[OTR-03] Units
The source of power for Balsam's inventions. The lift, the pump, and Yod are all
powered by these devices.

[OTR-04] Synthetic Androids
Mechanical figures that run by mage arts. Not only can they move, but some even
have wills of their own and real emotions.

[OTR-05] Formless Demons
Black monsters like Renegades, but can't even be defeated by people from other
worlds. Only a certain man can defeat them.

[OTR-06] Formless Demons 2
Outsiders that seep in when the boundaries between worlds are weakened by the
occurrence of a fusion.

[OTR-07] Guns
Used by mysterious Ritterschild trio. These weapons make long-range attacks
by launching something at super-high speed.

[OTR-08] Guns 2
Mainly developed by Ritterschild. The Magedom also has gun technology but hasn't
used it, preferring mage arts.

[OTR-09] Guns 3
The basic principles of guns were created based on information gained from the
Chronicle of Fierce Regalia.

[OTR-10] Marks of Stars
Mysterious powers received when the Chronicles are touched. Not everyone can
receive them. The reason is unknown.

[OTR-11] Marks of Stars 2
Powers given to Starbearers by the Chronicles. Ex: Tenkai Star gets skill owned
by Tenkai of book's original world.

[OTR-12] Gateways
Portals that connect worlds. Travelers can go to other worlds by passing through
these Gateways.

[OTR-13] Infinity
There are infinite number of parallel worlds--not just one. All of these worlds
together are called the "Infinity."

[OTR-14] Corridors
Passages between Gateways. Go thru Corridor between 2 Gateways to get to another
world, or different place in the same world.

[OTR-15] Renegades
Monsters from other worlds via Corridor, gaining strength as they come. Only
one from another world can defeat them.

[OTR-16] One True Way
Holds that someday a world will come in which future is predetermined, with all
people living in tranquility.

[OTR-17] One True Way 2
Future disasters not to be avoided, but accepted as is. Those who do not accept
this precept can't go to the next world.

[OTR-18] One True Way 3
Order emphasizes the aspect of predicting natural disasters, in a bid to garner
wide-spread popular support.

[OTR-19] Lift
Elevating machine in Grayridge Mine. Created by an inventor who was passing
through. Nobody knows what makes it work.

[OTR-20] Lift 2
Elevating machine developed by the inventor Balsam. It uses a special power
source called a "unit." Runs indefinitely.

[OTR-21] Starbearers
See visions and get marks of stars when they touch Chronicles. There are a
surprising number of them in the company.

[OTR-22] Starbearers 2
Commune with other Chronicles, so can never be fully controlled by True
Chronicle. That's why memories kept upon fusion.

[OTR-23] Starbearers 3
Stars are lights that guard paths world traverse. They find their hosts in
people who most affect these paths.

[OTR-24] Starbearers 4
If a World's Starbearer are wiped out, that world is taken over by One King,
fuses with another world, and fades.

[OTR-25] Tblt of Promise
Stone tablet that appeared at same time as Zenoa. Each time a new Starbearer
becomes and ally, his name appears on tablet.

[OTR-26] Divine Edge
A treasured royal Astrasian sword. Only the king may wield it. But for some
reason now in the hands of Order general Fredegund.

[OTR-27] Sacred Blades
The Divine Edge turned out to be matched pair. Chrodechild's half is the
Chronicle of the Sacred Twin Blades.

[OTR-28] Ancstr's Jdgmnt
A rite performed at Ancestral Altar in Lugenik in which ancestral god is asked
for advice. Ordovic is that ancestor.

[OTR-29] Plucking Bow
Instrument played by musician Ramin. Unclear if it's the instrument or Ramin
himself that arouses fury in others.

[OTR-30] Pillar of Spirits
Pillar in Cragbark king's pavilion, worshipped by the Furious Roar. The tribe's
guardian spirit is thought to dwell there.

[OTR-31] Pillar of Spirits 2
The Chronicle of the Furious Roar, also called the "Wraith Soul," was enshrined
in this pillar.

[OTR-32] Black Blades
What "Night's Veil" refers to. Given to all Blades of Night's Veil. Symbolized
former Astrasian Royal Knights too.

[OTR-33] Black Blades 2
The only one who can forge black blades is the smith Gadburg, who worked for the
royal family of Astrasia.

[OTR-34] Black Blades 3
Only Gadburg knows exactly how they are made, but the process uses info from
the Chronicle of the Sacred Twin Blades.

@@@ Ending @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

[END-001] Tenkai Star: {hero}
Does he know he saved the world? Still always rushing around, leading the

[END-002] Tengou Star: Diulf
Worked for the prosperity of his people and good relations with other tribes.

[END-003] Tenki Star: Liu
Energetically continued to pursue two roles of company adviser and Scribe Elder.

[END-004] Tenkan Star: Zenoa
Dissapeared with the True Chronicle. Later appeared in Empire of the North

[END-005] Tenyu Star: Ordovic
Nobody has seen him since, but a voice can sometimes be heard at Ancestral

[END-006] Tenyu Star: Megion
Spends his time travelling, but occasionally visits Diulf or {hero}.

[END-007] Tenmou Star: Vaslof
Took charge of Cynas defense as it was rebuilt into a harmonious, peaceful

[END-008] Teni Star: Enumclaw
Getting rid of the remaining Formless Demons. Who knows what he'll do after

[END-009] Tenei Star: Marica
Tries to rein in leader, who tends to get carried away, but he always breaks

[END-010] Tenki Star: Neira
Withdrew from role of tribal leader to devote herself solely to the Sea God.

[END-011] Tenfu Star: Resno
With her husband, she contributed to Cynas's reconstruction and defense.

[END-012] Tenman Star: Diadora
Used Endless Travels to journey around helping with restoration, then vanished.

[END-013] Tenko Star: Luvais
When he returns from his wanderings, he always has astonishing information.

[END-014] Tensyo Star: Belemuel
He seems to be searching for Enumclaw, but exactly why is unclear.

[END-015] Tenritsu Star: Geschutz
Belfar disbanded. Appointed firearm troops commander of Ritterschild's regular

[END-016] Tensyo Star: Zayin
Balsam is always tinkering with its innards, but it doesn't seem to mind.

[END-017] Tenan Star: Luo-Tao
Worked to help the Scribes, now in Cynas, live with other races in harmony.

[END-018] Tenyu Star: Chein
Often showed up here and there, taking on huge monsters as "training."

[END-019] Tenku Star: Nhazu
Accompanied Dogha on his expeditions, later becoming a mountaineer himself.

[END-020] Tensoku Star: Tsaubern
Envoy from Ritterschild said he saw Tsaubern at a meeting of the Six Court

[END-021] Teni Star: Dogha
Went on countless climbing expeditions, challenging slopes such as Mt. Svatgol.

[END-022] Tensatsu Star: Bosche
With five children, they became an adventuring family exploring the frontiers.

[END-023] Tenbi Star: Sphiel
She shows up at taverns everywhere, offering popular drinks cooled with snow.

[END-024] Tenkyu Star: Selen
At the company full-time now, she trains with her son and watches him grow up.

[END-025] Tentai Star: Jale
Alongside his mother, he continued to be a valued member of the company.

[END-026] Tenjyu Star: Rajim
At villager's insistence, continued to be Citro Village Elder all his life.

[END-027] Tenken Star: Dromon
Continued as a pirate, helping Hina by punishing evil pirates or merchants.

[END-028] Tenhei Star: Chrodechild
As first queen of Astrasia, she helped in the recovery of Astrasia and Cynas.

[END-029] Tenzai Star: Felecca
Dromon enemies always had cute stuffed animals at the ready to deal with her.

[END-030] Tenson Star: Fredegund
To make amends for betraying her people, she remained without title or position.

[END-031] Tenpai Star: Xebec
Hina invited him to work at Lonomakua ministry office, but he remained a pirate.

[END-032] Tenrou Star: Shams
As King of Salsabil, forged relations with foreign countries like Ritterschild.

[END-033] Tensui Star: Manaril
Followed her mother's footsteps, researching Chronicles and the mage arts at the

[END-034] Tenbou Star: Nova
Stayed with the company, but his true purpose was always to watch over Sophia.

[END-035] Tenkoku Star: Sophia
Using the mark of the True Chronicle, she helped best friend Manaril research.

[END-036] Tenkou Star: Tigre
On behalf of Diulf, helped develop understanding between tribes in Cynas.

[END-037] Chikai Star: Gilliam
At town's urging, became the mayor of Grayridge, and lead the restoration of
the town.

[END-038] Chisatsu Star: Misrach
He joined the Kingdom of Salsabil's regular army, becoming Grand General.

[END-039] Chiyu Star: Rekareka
After son was established, she joined her husband, who was leading another

[END-040] Chiketsu Star: Mubal
Studied mage arts under Nuzhat again, and researched Chronicles with Manaril.

[END-041] Chiyu Star: Indrik
After Vaslof went to Cynas, became the brave defender of Lugenik in Vaslof's

[END-042] Chii Star: Yomi
Gave another performance in Cynas and was well-received, then took show on the

[END-043] Chiei Star: Chihaya
As before, she could always be found playing her flute wherever Yomi was

[END-044] Chiki Star: Meruvis
Ever the queen's loyal swordsman, became Astrasia's Commander of Royal Knights.

[END-045] Chimou Star: Asad
Became Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Mage Forces newly-established by

[END-046] Chibun Star: Gorno
Inspired by Gadburg, stayed on at workshop, crafting work of art after another.

[END-047] Chisei Star: Hafin
Following Asad to Astrasia, he joined the Royal Mage Forces there.

[END-048] Chikatsu Star: Keflen
Putting his past behind him, he helped with the restoration of Cynas.

[END-049] Chitou Star: Yadima
Expanded farm with Muro's help and became the owner of a flourishing

[END-050] Chikyou Star: Hina
Entered Lonomakua Chiefdom's ministry office and helped advise her father.

[END-051] Chian Star: Mourgent
They say he headed for the Empire of the North Star, but nobody knows for sure.

[END-052] Chijiku Star: Khemia
He went to Ritterschild, and then further east, ever seeking new gun

[END-053] Chikai Star: Moana
Continued business of bringing people together, but remained single herself.

[END-054] Chisa Star: Amaralicht
After intense training, he and his brother became Royal Knights of Astrasia.

[END-055] Chiyu Star: Quilard
He and his brother trained under Fredegund and became Royal Knights of Astrasia.

[END-056] Chirei Star: Eunice
Besides her, there never was another nurse who could put up with Zahra's

[END-057] Chijyu Star: Zahra
Remained house physician, always thrilled to be able to examine so many races.

[END-058] Chibi Star: Taj
As the Captain of Salsabil's Guards, he continued to defend friend King Shams.

[END-059] Chikyu Star: Yula
Went back to the Empire of the North Star, where civil war later broke out.

[END-060] Chibaku Star: Nomno
Half the time, asleep at the castle, the other half of the time, in Naineneis.

[END-061] Chizen Star: Nuzhat
Forever trying to drill her mage-art secrets into Mubal for future generations.

[END-062] Chikou Star: Servillah
Served King Diulf as his number one adjutant. Later, gave birth to his child.

[END-063] Chikyou Star: Lycia
Stayed with the company, but would sometimes go to Salsabil for Wustum's food.

[END-064] Chihi Star: Kow-Low
Joined Sotah's project of writing down the memories of the Scribe for

[END-065] Chisou Star: Balsam
Researching Rarohenga relics Nofret dug up, trying to master mentor's

[END-066] Chikou Star: Guntram
Became prime minister of the Kingdom of Astrasia, putting queen's policies to

[END-067] Chimei Star: Roberto
Became a Royal Knight of Astrasia but per his request currently on loan at

[END-068] Chisin Star: Eusmil
Almost as if to keep up with Servillah, she gave birth to Megion's child.

[END-069] Chitai Star: Nictis
He stayed with Megion and Eusmil, and babysat their child with joy.

[END-070] Chiman Star: Nimni
Though he said he wasn't suited, became new leader of tribe at Neira's urging.

[END-071] Chisui Star: Sotah
With Kow-Low's full support, writing down Scribe memories for posterity.

[END-072] Chisyu Star: Kashgar
Wants to retire, but no successor can be found. Remains chief for now.

[END-073] Chiin Star: Maybelle
Still belongs to the company and tries to sneak into leader's room at times.

[END-074] Chii Star: Rufa
Disappeared, and Rarohenga monsters and the Resonant Horror's aura are now gone.

[END-075] Chiri Star: Lubberkin
Hw works frantically to bring back Grayridge's former spirit and animation.

[END-076] Chisyun Star: Yod
Tells Balsam he wants to look cool like Precursor, but Balsam never listens.

[END-077] Chiraku Star: Ramin
He gave an unasked-for performance in Lugenik and almost got beaten up.

[END-078] Chitatsu Star: Hotupa
Merchant, or liaison officer for the company? Either way, Hotupa is enjoying

[END-079] Chisoku Star: Wahie
Can't travel the Infinity anymore, but now advises young Wanderers in Corridor.

[END-080] Chichin Star: Nofret
Digs for Rarohenga treasure, but nobody but Balsam buys the relics she finds

[END-081] Chikei Star: Minen
Taking Fierce Regalia, she went back to Ritterschild and developed new guns.

[END-082] Chima Star: Namna
As Ninulneda's head priest, spent life safeguarding the Naineneis temple and

[END-083] Chiyou Star: Sisuca
"Mom" of the company. Rajim is worried about her being single, but not Sisuca.

[END-084] Chiyu Star: Nakil
Became a Salsabil diplomat, using mild mannered nature to get others to open up.

[END-085] Chifuku Star: Len-Lien
Always accompanies Liu as he rushes back and forth between castle and Cynas.

[END-086] Chihi Star: Ouragan
Fulfilled dream of eating Pekklar meat, then went off looking for Icas once

[END-087] Chiku Star: Nemne
Went back to Naineneis, but still often visits the company to sing with Sisuca.

[END-088] Chiko Star: Gadburg
A castle full of skilled craftsmen inspires him to try ever-new techniques.

[END-089] Chizen Star: Anya
Thought becoming a writer, but then realized it didn't involve any talking.

[END-090] Chitan Star: Morrin
Stopped chasing Icas, sure he would return to beautiful ladies at castle on his

[END-091] Chikaku Star: Yovel
After sister stopped chasing Icas, free to give company his full participation.

[END-092] Chisyu Star: Autar
More at home taking care of animals, he set up a large farm on the Marsinah

[END-093] Chizou Star: Wustum
Became Salsabil Royal Palace chef. Now trying to correct Shams's poor taste in

[END-094] Chihei Star: Buchse
Head of Halnish family took a liking to him and made him captain of the guard.

[END-095] Chison Star: Muro
Became Yadima's successor. Used incredible strength to turn barren land into

[END-096] Chido Star: Hao-Shi
Persuaded those unwilling to leave the Noslaw Woods, and got them to move to

[END-097] Chisatsu Star: Lathilda
Had five children in no time and became known as plucky mom of adventuring

[END-098] Chiaku Star: Diiwica
Still believe Ordovic is Auster's first ancestor, and guards the Ancestral

[END-099] Chisyu Star: Semia
Opened popular gambling den in Cynas, praising the good of an unknowable future.

[END-100] Chisu Star: Logan
Returned to Grayridge and reopened the inn, but often visits Erin at the castle.

[END-101] Chiin Star: Erin
Thanks to her efforts, the accomodations at the castle are always comfortable.

[END-102] Chikei Star: Darrow
His Cynas wedding to Savina was a symbol of new hope to the disheartened people.

[END-103] Chisou Star: Savina
She and Darrow live a happy married life in Cynas. She even learned to cook

[END-104] Chiretsu Star: Numnu
Joined Dromon Pirates and helped terrorize Lonomakua seas. Felecca never

[END-105] Chiken Star: Icas
Went to the Empire of the North Star in search of more beautiful ladies.

[END-106] Chimou Star: Tongatihi
Got to make as many windows as his heart desired during the restoration of

[END-107] Chizoku Star: Mun-Tsang
Served the young elder after having tattoo changed back with her people's

[END-108] Chikou Star: Tuhululu
Went independent with Rekareka's approval and then became a great merchant.

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