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Follow the dark path or use the light
Soul Bubbles Pack Shot

Soul Bubbles



by Deejai1220


                    Soul Bubbles (DS) FAQ/Walkthrough

                            Table of Contents
                Press Ctrl+F and enter a code listed
            to the right to jump to a section of the guide.

          1. Legal Disclaimer.........................[LD0]
          2. Version History..........................[VH0]

                2.1 Version 0.25
                2.2 Version 0.3
                2.3 Version 0.x

          3. Introduction.............................[IN0]
          4. How to Play..............................[CT0]

                4.1 Moving Psychopomp
                4.2 Moving Bubbles
                4.3 Masks
                4.4 Important Objects
                4.5 Collectibles
                4.6 Options

          5. Enemies and Obstacles....................[EO0]

                5.1 Enemies...........................[EO1]
                5.2 Obstacles.........................[EO2]

          6. Unlockables..............................[UL0]

                6.1 Ranks
                6.2 Golden Clocks
                6.3 Secret Messages
                6.4 Gallery
                6.5 Secret Levels

          7. Gameplay Tips............................[GT0]

                8.1 Time and Rank
                8.2 Less Baggage

          8. Walkthrough..............................[WT0]

                8.1 Initiation Levels.................[WT1]
                8.2 Tir Taingire......................[WT2]
                8.3 Altjeringa........................[WT3]
                8.4 ..................................[WT4]
                8.5 ..................................[WT5]
                8.6 ..................................[WT6]
                8.7 ..................................[WT7]
                8.8 ..................................[WT8]
                8.9 ..................................[WT9]

          9. Credits..................................[CR0]

1. Legal Disclaimer                                                [LD0]

This guide is for personal use only. Any other use such as commercial
distribution or unauthorized publication is prohibited. You may obtain
permission to publish this guide by emailing me at [email protected]

The guide is permitted for use on the following sites:

        (   ) (   )

2. Version History                                                 [VH0]

Version 0.25                                                     6/24/08

+ General information, tips, enemies, obstacles, and the walkthrough are 
  done up to Altjeringa 1. 

- The table of contents isn't functional.

- The guide is unpolished.

Version 0.3                                                      6/26/08

+ The Altjeringa 1 walkthrough is finished.

+ The guide has had cosmetic reconstruction.

+ Enemies and obstacles are now separate.

+ The table of contents is now functional and contains 3-digit Ctrl+F

Version 0.x                                                      6/xx/08

+ The table of contents has been updated.

+ "Unlockables" now contains "Secret Messages".

+ "Controls" is now "How to Play" and has "Important Objects" added to

+ Rather than being an entire section, "Collectibles" is now a
  subsection in "How to Play".

+ Various minor tweaks and updates have been made.

+ The Altjeringa walkthrough is complete.

3. Introduction                                                    [IN0]

This is my first FAQ. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not writing this
because I like this game. In fact, I had never even heard of this game
at the time I decided to write this. The real purpose of this guide is
to score me the thirty dollar GameFAQs FAQ bounty. Now, that may seem
shallow, but hear me out... Actually it is shallow, but here, take my
guide. Your satisfaction is only collateral damage here and I'm not even
gonna act it isn't. Enjoy.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] Your contributions to this
guide are welcome and you I will make sure you are credited.

4. How to Play                                                     [CT0]

4.1 Moving Psychopomp

4.1a Great Spirit Tree
From the Spirit Tree overview, you can see you calabash stash in the
middle, seven surrounding worlds, a back arrow, and a down arrow. Tap a
world to make Psychopomp move there. Double tap it to enter the world
where you can enter levels the same way. If you tap the calabash in the
middle, you will see how many calabashes you've collected. If you tap
down arrow, you will go to the base of the Spirit Tree where there are
three initiation levels. From here or from the Spirit Tree overview, you
can press the back arrow on the bottom left to return to the main menu.

  *  *  *

4.1b Gameplay
Your screen will generally follow the spirits. To move your character
(Psychopomp), click a spot on the screen and he will move there. To
move your screen away from the spirits, slide your stylus to the edge of
the screen. You can also bring up your map (hold down) and click
somewhere to move there. Psychopomp is invincible and go anywhere. You
can press start at any time during the game to restart, quit, or see
your current time and stardust on the level.

4.2 Moving Bubbles

To move a bubble, blow on it. To blow, hold your stylus on the screen
and drag it in a direction to make Psychopomp blow that way. Sliding
the stylus farther will result in a blowing harder. You can blow for
4-9 seconds before Psychopomp is winded depending on how hard you blow.
When you run out of breath, just let go and blow again.

4.3 Masks

There are three masks which you will use throughout the game. A mask can
be worn at any time by holding corresponding direction button. While
wearing a mask, you gain a unique ability.

4.3a Tiger Mask
You will receive this mask at the start of Initiation 3. It allows you
to cut obstacles and enemies as well as divide and combine bubbles. To
wear this mask, hold right. Slide your stylus while wearing this mask to
make a cut. To divide a bubble, cut a straight line from one side of the
bubble to the other. To combine two touching bubbles, cut a line from
the middle of one bubble to the middle of another.

  *  *  *

4.3b Bird Mask
You will receive this mask at the start of Tir Taingire 1. It allows you
to create new bubbles. To create a bubble, hold up and draw a circle in
and open space. This mask also allows you to increase the size of a
bubble by creating a new bubble and binding it to another via the Tiger

  *  *  *

4.3c Elephant Mask
You will receive this mask with the Bird Mask. It allows you to deflate
bubbles, even to the point of popping. To deflate a bubble, hold left
and touch the bubble with the stylus. This can be used to collect items
that are completely blocked off by making a new bubble inside the
closed-off area.

4.4 Important Objects

4.4a Celestial Stones
These are safe spots for spirits. When you start a level, you will find
seven spirits gathered in one of these spheres.

  *  *  *

4.4b Gateway Cube
Placed at the end of a level this is your destination for your spirits.
Let your spirit-filled bubble hover here for a few seconds and the
spirits will enter.

  *  *  *

4.4c All-Knowing Stones
This is a stone with a question mark on it. All-Knowing Stones appear
in many levels throughout the game. If you find one, tap it for a
helpful hint.

4.5 Collectibles

4.5a Stardust
Stardust will show you the way through the level. You can collect
stardust by touching it with a bubble. Collecting more stardust will
earn you a higher rank at the end of a level. When you collect the final
piece of stardust in a level, it will glow green and make a different

  *  *  *

4.5b Stardust Clusters
Stardust clusters appear in more obscure locations than stardust and
consist of a red star in the middle of eight surrounding stardust
pieces. The red star is worth ten stars, making the cluster worth

  *  *  *

4.5c Spirits
Seven spirits are found at the beginning of a level, huddled together in a
a celestial stone. To complete a level, at least one of those spirits
must make it to the Gateway Cube at the end of the level. Spirits must
be transported inside a bubble. If a spirit is left outside a bubble or
celestial sphere for too long, it will die. 

Note: The level will not end until all of the spirits enter the Gateway
Cube and/or die.

To advance to the next world, you must save fifteen spirits from the
previous world.

  *  *  *

4.5d Calabashes
Vitamin filled treasures. Mmmmm... These, coupled with stardust and
spirits, determine your rank for a level, but calabash are much more
rare. There are three of them per level starting with Tir Taingire 2.
When spirits are near a calabash, they will turn into hearts.
Calabashes can only be collected by spirits. When replaying a level,
calabashes that have already been collected will be blue.

4.6 Options

4.6a Sound
Go here first and switch the sound to "Surround" if you're using the DS
speakers. It makes the sound quality much better. The other two options
are "Stereo" and "Headphones".

  *  *  *

4.6b Gallery
A gallery of unlockable images.

  *  *  *

4.6c Credits
View the names of the people responsible for Soul Bubbles. Tap the
letters to make them break away and make a sound. Letters farther to the
left will make lower sounds and letters to the right will make higher

  *  *  *

4.6d Delete Save Data
No surprises here.

  *  *  *

4.6e Saving
Saving is automatic in Soul Bubbles and happens whenever you exit a

5. Enemies and Obstacles                                           [EO0]

5.1 Enemies                                                        [EO1]

5.1a Canaries
These yellow birds will grab your bubble and toss it around like like a
beach ball and will also toss it into wind channels. Tap them once or
twice to kill them.

  *  *  *

5.1b Owls
These gray birds will grab your bubble and run off with it, preventing
you from moving the bubble until you kill them. To kill these birds, cut
them with your Tiger Mask.

  *  *  *

5.1c Ravens
These black birds are fast and will not hesitate to throw your bubble
into spikes. One touch will kill them.

  *  *  *

5.1d Bees
More like a humming bird on drugs, these things will fly at your bubble
and try to grab a spirit out of it. Two taps will take this sucker out.

  *  *  *

5.1e Chameleons
Chameleons are green lizards that attack with their tongues. A chameleon
will attach its tongue to a bubble with a spirit in it and reel it in to
eat a spirit inside. They will eat one spirit and then fall asleep, but
to prevent this, you can either cut their tongue when they stick it out,
or tap to stun them. Stunning won't release their grip, but it will
prevent them from grabbing you in the first place. To kill them, cut
their tongue and then tap them three times.

  *  *  *

5.1f Moles (Itjaritjari)
Moles are found with a pair of holes that look like really short tree
stumps. They will pop out of one hole, grab your bubble, and throw it
out the other. Tap them once to knock them out for a short duration.

5.2 Obstacles                                                      [EO2]

5.2a Wind Channels

These will either help you or hurt you. Wind channels flow in one
direction and will push your bubble in that direction. To pass through
a wind channel blowing against you, use consistent blows.

  *  *  *

5.2b Tight Spaces
To get through a tight space, cut or deflate your bubble until you have
small enough bubbles to blow through the space.

  *  *  *

5.2c Mushroom Switches
These switches generally open a nearby log door. To activate it, push
it with a bubble. If there are two adjacent mushrooms, you will need to
push both of them simultaneously. Do this by creating a bubble big
enough to touch both of the switches.

  *  *  *

5.2d Vines
Vines will trap your bubble by sticking themselves to it. Cut them to
free your bubble from their grasp.

  *  *  *

5.2e Shroud
Shroud is the black mass that prevent you from seeing a level before you
venture it. Spirits will remove any surrounding shroud.

  *  *  *

5.2f Moving Scenery
To put it frankly, this is scenery that moves. They move in the way and
they move out of the way. They come in two sizes, big and small. 
Simple enough. Just blow past them.

  *  *  *

5.2g Spikes
Spikes don't move, but if your bubble touches one, it will pop. Take
caution around these things.

  *  *  *

5.2h Spinning Wheels
Much like wind channels, these will move your bubble in the same
direction they are spinning.

  *  *  *

5.2i Closed-Off Areas
To traverse an area with no entrance, draw a new bubble inside the area.

  *  *  *

5.2j Sandstorms
This is an area covered by airborne sand that blows back and forth. A
wind channel with no sense of direction.

  *  *  *

5.2k Fragile Rocks
These are round rocks that can be broken. When a spirit gets near one, a
hand-print will appear on it. Tap the rock to destroy it.

  *  *  *

5.2l Falling Rocks
These are harmless rocks that fall and knock your bubble out of the way.
They are continuous, much like a wind channel.

  *  *  *

5.2m Sturdy Rocks
These are the same as fragile rocks except they are varied in shape and
size, don't glow, and they break by sliding your stylus over them rather
than tapping.

6. Unlockables                                                     [UL0]

6.1 Ranks

The ranks are E, D, C, B, A, A+, and, S, in order from worst to best. Your rank
depends on the amount of stardust, calabash, and spirits brought to the
Gateway Cube. An S rank is given for 100 percent item collection in a
level. When you receive an S, it will be gold rather than white like the
other letter ranks.

6.2 Golden Clocks

Golden clocks are received by completing a level quickly, regardless of
item collection. If you receive a golden clock, a message will appear at
the end of the level that says "Faster than the wind!" After this, the
clock next to your completion time will turn gold. 

6.3 Secret Messages
Upon completion of a level, you may receive one of the following
messages for fulfilling a certain requirement.

6.3a "Faster than the wind!"
You finished the level very fast. This will give you a golden clock.

  *  *  *

6.3b "Petal Blower!"
I don't know what this one means. I got it when I finished Altjeringa 3
in 33:03 with an S ranking. Maybe it just means you're extremely slow.

Update: It's not for being slow. I got 53 minutes on Altjeringa 5 (S
ranking) and got no message. It could be for blowing a lot of or all of
the petals off the flowers in a level.

  *  *  *

6.3c "Nature Lover!"
Thanks to dirty_cowboy of GameFAQs. Here's his quote.

"On a couple of levels I've had 'nature lover' on the end of level
screen. I'm pretty sure I got that for not cutting plants or blowing
petals off flowers (which I guess makes sense if it's going to call me a
nature lover for it)..."

6.4 Gallery

6.5 Secret Levels

7. Gameplay Tips                                                   [GT0]

7.1 Time and Rank

Your completion time and your letter rank on a level are completely
independent of each other. This means that you can take as much time as
you want to get an S rank, and you can be as sloppy as you want to get a
golden clock.

7.2 Less Baggage

Remember, you only need to save one spirit to complete a level. So, if
you just want to rush through a level and/or you're going for a golden
clock, blow the spirits out of the celestial sphere and only bubble up
one spirit, letting the rest of them die. This will significantly
increase your mobility, but make sure you don't leave any protected
spirits behind as this will prevent you from finishing the level.

7.3 Impatience Is Key

Another time shaver. When you reach the Gateway Cube, instead of
hovering your bubble inside of it, use your Elephant Mask to pop the
bubble and blow the spirit(s) to the cube. This will save you a few
valuable seconds if you're going for a golden clock.

8. Walkthrough                                                     [WT0]

Your goal in each level is to get at least one of the the spirits you
begin with to the Gateway Cube at the end of the level. This walkthrough
will tell you how to S-rank every level.

8.1 Initiation Levels                                              [WT1]

There are no spirits in these levels. The goal is to bring the bubble to
the Gateway Cube. These levels are just for getting the user acquainted
with the control scheme and the story. On top of being incredibly easy,
these levels also offer no rewards for quick completion or item
collection. Your time is recorded, but your rank is not, and there are
no golden clocks on these levels. There are 3 initiation levels. You
receive the Tiger Mask at the start of Initiation 3.

8.2 Tir Taingire - Where the wind blows                            [WT2]

8.2a Tir Taingire 1
Total Stardust: 62
(There are no calabashes in this level)

Bubble the spirits and head right. Open the log door and continue on the
path until you reach another log door. Pass through that and grab the
stars and the cluster above the branch. Keep going past the moving log
and avoid the spikes on the lower left. Get the stars and pass through
some more moving logs. Collect the stars along the way until you reach a
small opening.

Stardust Count: 30

Go up and kill two ravens hovering by some spikes on the left. Grab the
4 stars, move on past another moving log, collecting 4 more stars. Move
past the bigger moving log to a couple of ravens by a spike pit again.
Watch the spikes and tag the ravens, collecting 4 more stars before
entering a wind channel. Once you get to the tight space, leave your
bubble there and scroll the screen past there to cut the two owls who
will gladly take anything you stick through there. If you bring your
bubble right up to the space you will be able to see one of the owls.
The other one is to the bottom right of that one. Just cut randomly
until you hear a squishy sound. Go back to the bubble and get it through
the tight space. Grab the stars and go left into a vine pit with some
more stars. Cut the vines and grab the stars.

Stardust Count: 54

Get through another tight space and a log door. Go up and blow through a
wind channel flowing against you. Grab the last few stars and hit the
Gateway Cube.

  *  *  *

8.2b Tir Taingire 2
Total Stardust: 137

Bubble up and head up-right above a branch for a star cluster. Go back
and head down-right where there will be a spike pit on the right and a
couple of ravens to throw you in it. Kill them and grab the stars.
Head on left past a moving stone and circle around to collect the stars.
Go through the log door where there will be a couple of stars and you
will see your first calabash. Snag it and continue on until you collect
the stars at the end of the tunnel.

Stardust Count: 35

Head up-right past the vines and curve around the top side of the spike
island to get some stars. Now go up through a vine pit. Go right, go up,
and get the star cluster to the left. Then go right into a tunnel of
wheels. Once you're out, you'll see your first All-Knowing Stone. This
particular stone knows nothing so just head right past it. Go up and
grab the star cluster to the right. There's a bee to the left, but
there's no use bothering him. Go back down and continue on through a
tunnel. Grab some stars, kill two ravens, and avoid the spikes at the
end. After that, you will come to an All-Knowing Stone.

Stardust Count: 103

Head left through a small space and a log door to grab a calabash. Go
back and head right. Grab some stars and pass two moving stones. Now two
bees will try to mug you. Four well-placed taps should do the trick.
After murdering the bees, head up-right past another moving stone to
grab the last calabash. Go back down through the small opening. Grab a
few more stars and pass by the Gateway Cube for a star cluster before

  *  *  *

8.2c Tir Taingire 3
Total Stardust: 133

Go down-right and you'll find a closed-off star cluster. Draw a bubble
inside that area to grab the stars. Go back and go up to grab a few
stars and head up left to circle around a rock to find some more stars
and another closed-off cluster. Get the cluster and go down-right into a
tunnel. Follow the tunnel into a grid of tight spaces between rocks.
Pick up the scattered stars and grab the calabash near the top-left.

Stardust Count: 57

Go to the right and pass four log doors. You will see a wind channel
flowing up and a few stars. Go past the wind channel into a cave with
two canaries and a star cluster. These birds take two hits each and
will try to throw you into the wind channel. Kill the birds, get the
stars and head down against the wind channel for a calabash. Now, follow
the wind upward and go right. Watch for the spike pit and squeeze
out of the tunnel through the small opening to the up-right. Squeeze
past one more opening and kill the two ravens by the spike pit. Get the
stars and head right into a tunnel. Kill the raven in there and continue
on to a wind channel with a few rocks. Grab the first four stars.

Stardust Count: 95

Follow the trail of stars through the middle until you find a passageway
of spinning wheels. Go in and take a left to find the last calabash. Go
back out and around the left side of the rock in the middle for some
stars and take a left into a branch where you will see a stardust
cluster. Draw a new bubble to get the cluster. Now go back to the spirit
bubble and take a right to to grab a few more stars get out of the wind
channel. Squeeze through the small opening and get the last few stars
before tagging the Gateway cube.

  *  *  *

8.2d Tir Taingire 4
Total Stardust: 108

Pop the switch to move the log and rush past the log before it moves
back. Go left and down through the wind channel for a calabash and head
back up with the wind all the way to the top. Go past the moving log for
a star cluster and go back down to take a right at the opening right
below you. Get past the moving log and follow the star trail down. Go to
the right past another log to reach the cave exit and get a the stars.

Stardust Count: 30

There's a big open area with four bees and some stars. Get the stars,
kill the bees, and go up through a passage past a few spikes and past a
raven for a calabash. Tag the raven, bag the calabash and go back out.
Go to the lower right and kill the raven by the spike pit. Pass through
a series of moving stones and you'll reach a fork in the road. Take a
left and follow the rotating stone panel down to another, making sure to
grab the stars along the way. You'll reach two big logs moving up and
down. Go between them and grab the three stars. Enter the wind channel
and follow the stars until you find a small opening to the top right. Go
through the opening to get a calabash. Go back out and head down and
you'll see a couple of bees, a spinning wheel to the left, and a spike
pit to the right. Kill the bees and head down and go left past some
vines under a moving log to collect some stars. Continue past a similar
obstacle for some more stars and go up into a cave with a spinning stone
hook with some stars. Grab the stars, go down, and head left out of the

Stardust Count: 78

Continue left and take out two bees guarding some stars. Follow the star
trail and take out the two ravens. Get the star cluster at the bottom
and continue on left to the Gateway Cube.

  *  *  *

8.2e Tir Taingire 5
Total Stardust: 164

Go left and follow the tunnel, collecting the stars as you go until you
reach a wind channel flowing straight up. Enter the wind and go up to
the first exit on the right. Continue past some moving stones and
squeeze through the tight space to exit the tunnel and you'll be
attacked by three bees. Kill them and go down through another tight
space to get a few stars and you'll be back at the start. Go up and
follow the wind channel in a complete circle around the lowest rock to
get the stars. Now go back in the wind to the right and grab a few stars
off to the right side near some moving stones. Go up through the rocks
to get a star cluster and take a left past a downward path to get a few
more stars. There should be a tight space to your top left and a wind
channel to your bottom left. Enter the wind channel and take your first
left. Grab the four stars and go back right all the way to the moving
stones to the bottom right of where you got the star cluster.

Stardust Count: 78

Enter the tunnel and pass the series of moving stones and you'll find a
bunch of spinning stones. Go right and into the stones. They should do
the work for you until you reach an opening at the bottom. Go into it
for a calabash and get back into the stones to continue your ride. The
stones should take you along the entire stardust trail and spit you back
near the start. Exit the tunnel and head back left past the wind
channels to where the three bees where. Head left into a tunnel with
wind flowing against you. Continue through there until you reach an
opening to the right. Go into the tight space for a star cluster, and go
even farther for calabash number two. Head out and back up the wind
channel to exit the tunnel the same way you came in. Go up into the
tightly grouped rocks and get all of the stars between them. You'll be
attacked by a bee so take him out too. After the first group of rocks
there will be another. Go between the rocks and grab the first few stars.
Take a left into a cave to grab the last calabash. Go back through the
rocks and follow the star trail up. You should see the Gateway cube, but
before entering it, grab the four stars above it and the star cluster
above the branch.

8.3 Altjeringa - Where earth itches                                [WT3]

8.3a Altjeringa 1
Total Stardust: 132

Go right past a few rocks and you'll see a star trail leading downward.
Go to the right of the trail for a star cluster and then go back and
follow the trail down into a sandstorm. Take a right and grab the four
stars before leaving the storm. Continue right and past a moving rock
and you'll see some fragile rocks to the upper right. Break the rocks
and move through the passage to get a calabash. Go back out and go down
through a star trail and exit the tunnel.

Stardust Count: 30

Continue on and you'll come to a star trail near a chameleon. Kill the
chameleon and follow the trail down past an All-Knowing Stone and you'll
find some more stars before some falling rocks. Get the stars and go
left past the falling rocks to see a closed-off star cluster. Bubble the
cluster and head back through the falling rocks and up the trail. Get a
few more stars and you'll come to a couple of fragile rocks.

Stardust Count: 60

Tag the rocks and continue through. You'll find another fragile rock at
the top. Break it and rocks will start falling on you. Go up through the
rocks and through the tight space on the right for another calabash. Go
back and to the left and follow the trail to a couple of mole holes.
Whack the mole and continue past an All-Knowing Stone and a tight space.
You'll find another All-Knowing Stone by some mole holes and a star
trail. Go to the second mole hole and let the mole pull you through to
the other side. Head left to grab some stars and smash the fragile rocks
leading into the tunnel, grabbing the stars left behind the rocks. Keep
going and you'll come to a mole hole by a couple of fragile rocks. Smash
the rocks to reveal a star trail next to a chameleon. Follow the trail
and kill the chameleon. Head up-right and snag the closed-off star
cluster before bashing the mole to the right. Continue to the fragile
rock and break it open. Keep going and you'll come to another mole. Let
this mole grab you and take you to a cave. Go right to get the last
calabash and let the mole grab you to pull you out. Follow the same path
upward, bashing the two moles along the way, and continue on to the star
trail between the moving rocks to exit the tunnel.

Stardust Count: 110

Head right to grab a few more stars and you'll find the Gateway Cube.
Before entering it, grab the star cluster to the top right.

  *  *  *

8.3b Altjeringa 2
Total Stardust: 132

Grab the star cluster in the top left, go back, and follow the star
trail to the right all the way down into a sandstorm. Go down, and 
squeeze into the tight space to the left for a calabash. Back out and
continue to follow the star trail down to some fragile rocks. Break them
and go down into a tunnel. Grab the first few stars and head into the
tight space above you for a star cluster.

Stardust Count: 56

Go back out of the tight space and follow the stardust to your right
past a discrete mole hole and eventually past some falling rocks. You'll
get to a fork in the road where a mole will grab your bubble. Smack him
and go up and to the right, through a tight space, for a cluster. Go
out and to the left and follow the tunnel to a mole. Let him grab you.
He will throw you into a cave with a calabash and a mole hole. Grab the
calabash and exit via the tight space on the right, into some falling
rocks. Go down and to the right, back to the fork in the road with the
mole. Smack the mole again and take a right, following a star trail into
another sandstorm. When you reach the sandstorm, go up and take out the
chameleon to your right. Continue and take out the next chameleon on
your left and head into the tight space on your left for a star cluster.
Go out and continue upward past a series of aggressive moving rocks.
After that, continue until you get to a few stars and a chameleon. Grab
the stars, take out the chameleon, and grab a few more stars before
being whisked back into a sandstorm and a fork in the road. Take a
right and follow the trail to your last few stars where you'll find the
Gateway Cube. Don't enter the cube. Go up to the left into a tight
space. Move through the space, through some moving rocks, and through
another space for the last calabash. Grab it and head home.

  *  *  *

8.3c Altjeringa 3
Total Stardust: 251

Go to the lower right for a star cluster. Head back and follow the star
trail to your left to a tight space to the bottom left. Before going
through, break the sturdy rocky blocking a tight space to the top left.
Squeeze through that space for a calabash, go back out, and go through
the space to the bottom left. Let one of the two moles grab you and spit
you out. Go left through a tight space and continue past a star trail
and to a sturdy rock below an All-Knowing Stone. Break the rock and go
down to find a closed-off star cluster. Grab it and go back to the star
trail you passed earlier. Follow the trail down into a tight space and
break through the sturdy rocks at the bottom. Go down through the
tunnel, smack the mole that grabs you on the right, and continue along
the star trail to some more sturdy rocks. Break through the rocks and
keep following the tunnel to some more sturdy rocks blocking two
different paths. Break the rocks and watch out for the mole hidden
beneath them. Grab the cluster on the right and head back past the mole
to continue along. Pass the All-Knowing Stone and go down into the
pitch-black opal mine.

Tip: Your map is your best tool here.

Stardust Count: 90

Go down-right all the way until your bubble stops. You down-left for a
star cluster and head up-right into a curve that will take you left.
Immediately after the curve, there will be an opening at the top. Pass
by that to get the star cluster to the top-left, then go back to the
opening and head up. You'll be able to see here. Smash the sturdy rocks
and continue upward and to the right for a few more stars before you're
taken back into the dark. Follow the brief path through some stars and
you'll reach a giant fragile rock. Smash it and continue to some falling
rocks. Go down and you'll see a star trail leading down to the right.
Follow it to some sturdy rocks clogging a tight space to the left. Break
the rocks and go into the cave for a star cluster. Go out and continue
following the star trail up to the right where you'll find a chameleon.
Take it out and go up to another rock-clogged tight space. Break the
rocks and go up for your second calabash. Go out and continue right,
following the star trail to a mole. Let the mole take you. Go down to a
fork in the road where both paths are blocked by sturdy rocks.

Stardust Count: 171

Break the rocks on the right and follow the star trail past a mole and
down into another opal mine. Go straight left to grab a star cluster,
and then go back and go straight down all the way and you'll curve to
the right into another star cluster. Go back and take your first left to
continue. Go all the way left past a bottom opening for another cluster.
Then go down into that opening and take your first right for the last
calabash. Go back and go down, doing a u-turn to the left. Immediately
after the u-turn, slip into the gap on the left which will lead you to
your last stars in a cluster to the left. After grabbing that, go back
and take a right, then go straight up, passing an opening on the right.
Follow the tunnel to the Gateway Cube and enter it.

  *  *  *

8.3d Altjeringa 4
Total Stardust: 106

Take a left, and follow the star trail down into the tunnel. Keep going
past a moving rock and you'll find a star trail leading down. Follow it
to a room with three moles. Let the one on the left grab you through.
Grab the stars to the right and you'll see three more mole holes. Take
the top one, pop out, take a right, and go down into the falling rocks.
You'll find some fragile rocks to your right. Break them and go up to
get a calabash. Go back up the falling rocks and take a right. Follow
the trail to a mole. Let him take you. Go right and let the bottom mole
grab you. Go up and grab a few stars and you'll be in another triple
mole setup. Take the right mole and you'll pop out into a few stars
above an All-Knowing Stone. Go right into an opal mine. Go down-right
and stick to the bottom while sliding all the way down until you make
a turn down and around to the left. Go left to some moving stones, and
slip up the tight space between them at the top. You may need to cut
your bubble in half for this one. Follow the trail to a calabash and go
back to the moving stones and take a left. You'll do a little curve and
come out into a lit cave, grabbing a few stars. You'll be flung into a
mole, so make sure you smack him so you can grab the star cluster to the

Stardust Count: 54

Get grabbed by the mole. You'll pop out into three moles. Take the left
one. You'll pop out with a star trail to your left and a closed-off star
cluster to your right. Grab the cluster and follow the trail into a mole
at the bottom. Let him grab you and you'll pop out to three moles. Let
the top one grab you and you'll pop out to the first set of three moles.
This time, take the mole on the right. Pop out and grab the stars to the
right, passing a couple of moving stones. Grab the star cluster at the
bottom right and the calabash in the tight space to the right before
exiting via the mole at the top right. Now you're back to the first
three moles again. This time, just take the mole with the dragonfly sign
next to it. That would be left, down, left. Now you pop out and go down-
left, avoiding the mole at the bottom and taking the tunnel up in the
top left. You'll get your last few stars and see the Gateway Cube. Hop

  *  *  *

8.3e Altjeringa 5
Total Stardust: 138

Go left, following the stardust until you reach a fork in the road.
Break the sturdy rocks at the top and go through. Go right, grabbing the
stars, and go up through another sturdy rock. Continue following the
trail past some falling rocks, grabbing some stars, and eventually
coming to an open area. Go up and break through the sturdy rock in the
tight space. Go up-right past some falling rocks to the first calabash.
Grab it and go back and to the left. There are two sets of fragile rocks
at the top. At the bottom under the first hole at the top right, there
will be a tight space with a star cluster in it. Grab the cluster, then
head back out and go up and break the fragile rock at the top left. Some
other fragile rocks will drop on you. Go up all the way past a mole,
smacking him, and break the closed-off fragile rock on the left. It will
release some rocks, revealing a star cluster that you can get by making
a new bubble. Grab it and go back down to the mole, letting hime grab
you. You'll pop out with three directions to choose from. Go up the
middle for the stars.

Stardust Count: 64

Take a right. Break the fragile rock at the top and some rocks will fall
down. Go up to the sturdy rock and break through it for a star cluster,
and then go back down and take a right. Continue until you get to a
sandstorm and you'll see a chameleon above you. Go into the tight space
to the right for a calabash. Then come out go left, back past the fallen
rocks and past a downward path, to a mole. Let the mole grab you. Pop
out and go right. Break the rocks to the upper right and squeeze
through the space. Continue and take your first turn up into a small
space where you'll have to squeeze up again and you'll get a star
cluster. Go back out and continue through the middle, grabbing the stars
until the path splits into two, the lower path being a sandstorm. Take
the upper path for the star cluster, smacking the mole at the top.

Stardust Count: 130

Head back down to go into the sandstorm. Grab the stars and
break the sturdy rocks at the bottom.

Tip: Rather than dragging your bubble back and forth accross the rock to
break it, scroll the screen over to the rock to break it, Then go back
to the bubble and take it down into the tunnel.

Go down and break another set of sturdy rocks before grabbing the final
calabash. Head back up and take a right. Go back into the tunnels past
the sandstorm and take your first down to get grabbed by a mole. Go
through the tunnel to the right, and follow the tunnel through the
middle and through a sandstorm. Go up the tunnel on the left, collecting
your last few stars before entering the Gateway Cube.

8.4                                                                [WT4]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

8.5                                                                [WT5]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

8.6                                                                [WT6]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

8.7                                                                [WT7]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

8.8                                                                [WT8]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

8.9                                                                [WT9]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

8.10                                                               [WTF]

Total Stardust:

  *  *  *

Total Stardust:

9. Credits                                                         [CR0]

This guide was created by Deejai Justin. You can reach me at
[email protected]

The game "Soul Bubbles" for DS was created by Mekensleep. also deserves credit as the source of my motivation.
Their "FAQ Bounty" service offers money in the form of credit for people
who contribute in-demand FAQs.