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Follow the dark path or use the light

Mini-Game FAQ

by BaDBoY


        S E G A   S U P E R S T A R S   T E N N I S
                       (Nintendo DS)
                       Mini-Game FAQ

                     Written by BaDBoY
                 Wednesday, March 19, 2008

                   Current Version: 1.00
                   Last Update: 3/22/2008

 00  Table of Contents

 01  Introduction
     01.01  What Is This Guide?
     01.02  Revision History

 02  Mini-Games
     02.01  ChuChu Rocket!
     02.02  Curien Mansion
     02.03  Jet Set Radio
     02.04  Puyo Pop Fever
     02.05  Sonic the Hedgehog
     02.06  Space Harrier
     02.07  Super Monkey Ball
     02.08  Virtua Squad

 03  Conclusion & Disclaimer

 01  Introduction

     01.01  What Is This Guide?

 Welcome! This guide is based on the Nintendo DS version of
 Sega Superstars Tennis. Basically, this guide explains the
 mini-games, aka Missions, though many people may be able
 to solve most of them without any help. There's a total of
 eight mini-games, each one of them contains 10 stages. If
 you find a better way or a trick that is not mentioned
 here, please contact me.

 This guide is only for the mini-games. You may contact me
 for corrections or additions. However, I will not answer
 any questions regarding the game through email. Do NOT
 spam. Otherwise, I will not read your message.

 For corrections/additions ONLY, send a message to:

 If you have questions, post them on the GameFAQs message
 boards: <<

 Note: This guide may contain some language errors due to
       the fact that English is not my native language.

     01.02  Revision History

 O  Version 1.00 | 3/22/2008 | 37.8 KB
    The first release.

 02  Mini-Games

     02.01  ChuChu Rocket!

 This mini-game is based on ChuChu Rocket!, a puzzle game
 released in 1999 for Sega Dreamcast.

 Stage 1:
 You need to hit the arrows to direct the ChuChus. You have
 20 seconds to do that. By hitting any of the four arrows
 once, you will pass this stage. To hit one of the arrows,
 simply hold down the direction and smash the ball. For
 example, if you want to shoot the southern arrow, hold
 Down before you smash the ball. The main goal is to direct
 the ChuChus in order for them to ride the rocket. The
 fastest way to complete this stage is to hit the arrow on
 the left as soon as possible, then hit the one on the
 right (if some ChuChus passed by before you hit the first
 arrow). By doing this, you should get an AAA rank.

 Stage 2:
 The second stage is similar to the first one. However,
 there are more arrows here. Again, you should direct the
 ChuChus by hitting the arrows. The arrows point to the
 direction that the ChuChus will go to when they step on
 the arrow. Now the rocket is in the bottom right corner,
 so try to hit the blue arrows (only once). You have 20
 seconds to do that. First go on the middle while holding
 the Down button, then shoot the ball to hit the first
 arrow. Now try to hit the other blue arrow (around the top
 right corner). Now watch the ChuChus go to the rocket.

 Stage 3:
 This one is a bit more difficult that the other two. You
 need to hit the KapuKapus while they are running. Within
 the time limit, you must hit no less than 14 Kapus. Note
 that with one smash you can hit MULTIPLE Kapus. One cool
 way to complete this stage is to stand in the middle and
 wait for the ball to come. Then hold down the Up button
 and smash the ball when the three Kapus are in the same
 line to kill them all!

 Stage 4:
 In this stage, you should save the ChuChus within 20
 seconds. It is similar to stages 1 and 2. Again, the blue
 arrows are your targets. This is how I do it. Hit the blue
 arrow on the right twice, then hit the other blue one

 Stage 5:
 Save more ChuChus! Again, you got 20 seconds to do that.
 Here's how I complete this stage. First, hit the blue
 arrow on the bottom right twice, then hit the bottom arrow
 in the middle once. That's it. I guess you know how to hit
 the second arrow (you did that in the previous stages),
 but to hit the first arrow, while in the middle of your
 side, before you hit the ball hold down both Right and

 Stage 6:
 Back to the Kapus. You need to hit 14 of them in this
 stage within the time limit. In many occasions, you will
 find a few of them in a straight line, and that's when you
 should hit the ball, because one serve will kill them all.
 Try to know the direction of their movements.

 Stage 7:
 In this stage you should direct the Kapus to the ChuChus.
 You need to do that for 40 ChuChus. Note that hitting the
 Kapus themselves will kill them! Only hit the blue arrows
 to direct them to the ChuChus. In summary, you need to hit
 each of the blue arrows once. Move diagonally to the back
 while hitting the ball to hit the ones on the bottom. To
 hit the one on the left, ONLY hold down the Left button
 (without the Up button) then hit the ball. If you do that
 quicky, you will be able to kill more than 70 ChuChus!

 Stage 8:
 Two rockets in one stage. First of all, hit the middle
 arrow on the top twice (hold Up and smash when you are in
 the middle). Then hit the arrow in the middle only once
 (just hit the ball without pressing the d-pad). When all
 the ChuChus are on the left side of the field, hit the
 blue arrow that is near them, by holding down the Left
 button before serving the ball. Unfortunately, one rocket
 can't handle all of these ChuChus, so you need to do this.
 Hit the bottom blue arrow that is in the middle once only,
 then hit the arrow in the middle twice.

 Stage 9:
 Two rockets were not even enough for the ChuChus. In this
 stage, there are three of those rockets. The ChuChus will
 start moving to the right. Quickly, hit the arrow on the
 right twice. Then hit the arrow in the middle once. After
 that, hit the bottom arrow once. When you are done with
 the first rocket, hit the same (bottom) arrow twice to
 launch the second rocket. Now hit the top arrow once, then
 hit the arrow on the left (also once).

 Stage 10:
 The final ChuChu Rocket stage! You need to get at least
 1,800 points in a series of stages. For the first part,
 hit the arrow on the right three times, then hit the other
 blue arrow once. For the second part, hit the blue arrow
 on the left twice, then hit the other blue one three
 times. For the third part, hit the bottom-left arrow once,
 then hit the bottom arrow three times. For the fourth
 part, hit the arrow on the left once, then hit the arrow
 in the middle twice. After that, hit the arrow on the
 right three times. For the fifth part, which is a
 difficult one, kill the Kapus before they touch the
 ChuChus. I expect that you got more than 1,800 by
 completing the fifth part. The sixth one is for the
 ranking. So, when you reach it, hit the bottom-left arrow
 once, then hit the top-right arrow until it points to
 south, and finally hit the bottom-right arrow until it
 points to the rocket. If you get 2,000 points, you will
 get an AAA rank!

     02.02  Curien Mansion

 This mini-game is based on the light gun horror series the
 House of the Dead.

 Stage 1:
 In this stage, you should hit 14 zombies. Note that you
 can hit more than a zombie if they are in one line. So
 that's an advantage that you will use in the Curien
 Mansion missions. Also, note that you got 1 heart
 (life/chance). One touch by any zombie makes you fail this
 stage. However, it's very easy to dodge the zombies. If
 one has almost reached you, move to the middle of the
 field and he will eventually come back to the middle.

 Stage 2:
 This stage is more creative than the first one. You can
 now do triple shots. But you MUST also hit multiple
 zombies at once. Don't just hit one zombie. If there's
 only one, then wait for a few seconds. You need to do 14
 zombie combos here. Also, note that the number of zombies
 IS limited. So don't waste your time with one zombie.
 Otherwise, you'll fail.

 Stage 3:
 In this stage, you should find the bigger zombies and hit
 them. You need to kill five of them. But killng all
 zombies in the map will make your rank AAA. The big
 zombies are slightly taller than the other ones, and
 require more than one hit.

 Stage 4:
 In this stage, you will be able to shoot bigger balls. You
 need to use them to kill MULTIPLE zombies (22 zombie
 combos needed). I find this one easier than stage 2.
 Still, remember that the points will only be given after
 you hit multiple zombies at once.

 Stage 5:
 Here you should hit the racquet zombies (five of them).
 This kind of zombies is faster than the other kind. They
 can also kill you by throwing a racquet, so watch out. You
 can also know that there's a throwing zombie in the field
 from the sound.

 Stage 6:
 You should hit multiple zombies with rapid fire (26 zombie
 combos). It's not really a rapid fire gun, but you will
 serve three lined balls at once. You must kill multiple
 zombies at once. Note that the racquet zombies also appear
 here, so that will make this stage a little bit more
 difficult. But the good thing is that you have 3 lives, so
 no worries. You can easily get AAA rank by killing all
 zombies (multiple) without dying.

 Stage 7:
 This stage is cooler than the previous ones. Save the
 civilains from the zombies! I'm not sure if the civilains
 may die or not (as in the House of the Dead series), but
 for saving each one of them, a first-aid kit will be
 dropped (it will raise you lives by one). Racquet zombies
 can be seen here, too. After saving several civilians (if
 you survived it), the stage will suddenly stop, and you
 will get an AAA rank!

 Stage 8:
 In this stage, you need to hit a high combo in one shot
 (six combos). Some items, such as the big ball, combo
 balls, and the triple bals, will appear every few seconds.
 Use them to hit multiple targets at once.

 Stage 9:
 In this stage, you should not die within the time limit.
 You start with 3 lives. Meanwhile, you can kill as many
 zombies as you can. It's easy to avoid the normal zombies,
 but the racquet zombies might be a problem. Running away
 from zombies can also make you survive, as they are moving

 Stage 10:
 As in ChuChu Rockets, the main goal here is to get a very
 high score (at least 1,800 points). This stage is exactly
 like stage 9, but here you try to get a score instead of
 playing against the time. Also, surviving this stage is
 very important. You start with 3 lives. Note that all
 zombies here give score, even if you hit them one by one.
 But to make it easier, some items will even appear, such
 as the combo balls. Once you reach 2,000 points or more,
 you will get an AAA rank.

     02.03  Jet Set Radio

 This mini-game is based on the Jet Set Radio series. The
 first game in the series, released for the Dreamcast and
 later for the Game Boy Advance, is known in North America
 as Jet Grind Radio.

 Stage 1:
 In this stage you need to collect 16 paint cans. You got
 30 seconds to do that. To collect the cans, simply walk
 over them. You don't even need to hit anything. If you get
 all the cans that were dropped, you will get an AAA rank.

 Stage 2:
 In this stage you need to hit 5 tags in 30 seconds. Each
 tag has got a colour, and so have the cans. You need to
 select a can (by taking it) then shoot the tag with the
 same colour. The easiest way is to get blue cans, then
 shoot the balls without pressing the d-pad, so that the
 balls land on the blue tag.

 Stage 3:
 In this stage, you got 60 seconds and you need to hit
 Combo five times. After you hit Combo, go get the dropped
 item. Note that sometimes a riot policeman comes to your
 side and hits you! This won't make you fail, but you won't
 be able to serve a hit for a few seconds. To avoid him,
 when you hear some barks, run around the field. You may
 find hitting Combo a bit difficult. If so, try this. Walk
 forward near the net, in the middle of the two squares,
 then go one or two steps on the right. Whenever the ball
 comes to you, press Down+Left+A.

 Stage 4:
 In this stage, you need to complete the tag. In another
 words, hit every coloured piece of the tag by shooting a
 ball on it after obtaining the can that has its colour.
 There's a time limit, so make sure you do this stage
 before the time ends.

 Stage 5:
 Simply, you need to avoid the riot police (four of them)
 on this stage. Run away of them whenever they come.
 Additionally, you can hit the colours on the other side of
 the field, but make sure to get a can with the same colour
 first. The most important thing here is to get is to avoid
 all policemen.

 Stage 6:
 This is a bit more difficult that the previous ones. Here,
 you need to choose the correct can and hit the part of the
 tag that has the same colour as it. Of course, the riot
 policemen will come and annoy you, so try to run away when
 they do that. Anyway, Combo will keep dropping those cans.
 You select the ones carefully. Some of them, like the
 black paint can, is not needed, so ignore it. Actually, if
 you use it, it will erase the paint! Now the hard part is
 to hit the exact part of the tag within 1 minute. For the
 blue part, you can hit it with Down+A (after getting the
 blue can). For the red part, just press A to shoot the
 ball. For the green part, press Up+A. For the yellow part,
 just press B. The hard part is the light blue one. But
 with a lot of tries you can do it. If you managed to paint
 all of the tag, you will get an AAA rank. But I think you
 can complete it without painting one of the parts.

 Stage 7:
 In this stage, you should fill some tags as you did
 before. But now, you need to fill nine sections of them.
 As you start, there are three colours. Take a can for each
 one of them and shoot the ball to the tag. Make sure you
 don't take a can by mistake, or you will not be able to
 continue. Of course, the riot policemen will keep chasing
 you from time to time, so avoid them. If they touch you,
 you will even lose the can you are holding. Sometimes,
 Combo will not drop enough cans. If that happens, you
 should wait for him to reappear. But waiting may make you
 fail, so it's better to restart. I know, it's based on how
 lucky you are. It's very important not to use a black can,
 because it erases the tag, which will waste more time. If
 Combo drops two cans of the same colour, and one can that
 has a different colour, take one of the first two and
 shoot the ball. You got only 1 minute to complete this
 stage. This stage is really weird because failure is based
 on luck.

 Stage 8:
 In this stage, you should fill tags quickly before they
 fade. You got 60 seconds, and you need to fill 50%. It may
 not be really hard if you know how to shoot the ball at a
 certain area on the other side of the court.

 Stage 9:
 Here you should hit the tags without missing. You can do
 no more than 3 misses. As usual, take the can and paint.
 It's better to play as a character that has a good control
 over the ball. No policemen here, that's good. But the
 hard part is that you should not do any miss. To make it
 easier for you, I'll give you some hints for hitting each
 part. For the dark blue, hold Down+B (you must have a blue
 can of course). For the yellow part, you may hit it with
 Down+A. For the red part, Right+Down+B (you may hold down
 that for a second depending on your location). For the
 purple part, pressing A could do that. For the light blue
 part, which is probably the easiest one, Up+A. And
 finally, for the green part, Up+Right+A.

 Stage 10:
 Getting a high score (at least 800 points) is your goal on
 the stage. Fill the tag with colours, avoid the riot
 policemen, and don't take any black paint cans. The tag is
 a little complicated for 60 seconds. As in stage 8, the
 cans are random, so if you are lucky enough, you may get
 the ones that you want. If you complete the tag, you will
 get extra time and a different tag will appear, so don't
 worry a lot about time.

     02.04  Puyo Pop Fever

 This mini-game is based on the Puyo puzzle series.

 Stage 1:
 Hit the Puyos in 45 seconds. You need to hit 16 of them.
 Unlike the other mini-games, you serve the ball on this
 one. In addition, after pressing the service button once,
 you can move the arrow, which points to the direction of
 the shot, before you press the same button again to serve
 the ball. Simply hit the Puyos. Attached Puyos with the
 same colour will be gone when you hit one of them. If the
 whole screen is filled up with Puyos, you will fail. As in
 the squash sport in real life, the Puyos are like a wall,
 so if you shoot them, the ball will come back to you.
 Then, you can use it to shoot some more Puyos and get more
 score points.

 Stage 2:
 Unlike stage 1, here you MUST hit a high Puyo combo. If
 you hit a single Puyo that has no attached Puyos with the
 same colour, you won't get any points. It is really easy.
 In 45 seconds, you are supposed to do at least 5 combos.
 But most likely, you'll do much more than that.

 Stage 3:
 Your goal here is to hit the red Puyos only (16 of them).
 Everything else is like stage 1.

 Stage 4:
 Here, you need to get a high rally by doing 10 consecutive
 hits. As I said in the stage 1 tips earlier, think of
 Puyos as a wall, so shoot the ball when it comes to you.
 You need to do that 10 times without losing the ball. If
 you don't hit the Puyos for a while, some of them will
 become white. You can't remove those ones, but they will
 still act as a wall. Keep your eyes on the ball and move
 accordingly. Note that after hitting a Puyo, you may move
 forward a little bit if that would help. You may need to
 wait for a while if you don't see enough Puyos. One more
 important thing, use the B button throughout this stage.
 This will force your player not to do a smash serve so
 that you don't lose the ball. Also, it will make things
 slower for a better control over the ball.

 Stage 5:
 Here you should hit the Puyos to clear the adjacent
 garbage ones. Simply, hit the Puyos that are close to the
 white ones. It's useful to follow the arrow direction, so
 that you shoot the ball exactly where you want it to be.
 After removing like 8 garbage Puyos, you will pass.

 Stage 6:
 Hit multiple Puyo combos. You need to do that five times
 within a minute. I don't see what's different between this
 and stage 2, but here you also need to hit Puyos with the
 same colour that are attached together. Single Puyos will
 not give you any points.

 Stage 7:
 Here, you should clear the Puyo wall within 70 seconds.
 Just shoot all Puyos you see here. As I said earlier, the
 direction arrow is very useful, so make use of it.
 Although the time says 90 seconds, you will fail if you do
 this in more than 70 seconds. The hard part may be when
 there are only a few Puyos on the ground. Here are some
 hints: When you start, shoot the ball quickly and don't
 move. When it comes back to you, shoot again, and so on,
 until that column vanishes. Then either hit the rightmost
 column if you are on the left side, or the opposite column
 if you are on the right side. Shoot using Right+A until
 the column disappears, then do the same thing with the
 left side. After that, do the middle Puyos, using the A
 button. You should do all of that very fast so that you
 get enough time for the last few Puyos.

 Stage 8:
 Beat the clock (70 seconds). In other words, do not make
 the screen becomes full of Puyos within 70 seconds. Keep
 hitting those Puyos very quickly. Make a good use of
 combos to remove multiple Puyos at once. If there's a
 column that has a lot of Puyos in it, concentrate on it so
 that the Puyos do not tranform to garbage. Carry on for 20
 more seconds and you will get an AAA rank!

 Stage 9:
 Clear the fever modes. Here, you should clear three wall
 VERY QUICKLY. The walls are not random, so I'll give you
 some hints here. For the first wall, shoot the ball as you
 start to remove the green Puyos, then shoot the blue Puyos
 on the left, and finally shoot the red ones. For the
 second wall, shoot the red Puyos on the right, then shoot
 the green ones on the right, and finally shoot the blue
 ones. For the third wall, start by shooting the blue Puyos
 on the left, then shoot the red ones, and finally shoot
 the green ones. For the fourth wall, go in the middle of
 your side, and shoot the ball four times without moving.
 For the fifth wall, start by shooting the red Puyos on the
 right, then shoot the blue ones, then the yellow ones, and
 finally the green ones on the left. For the sixth wall,
 shoot the green Puyos first, then the red ones, then the
 blue ones, and finally the yellow ones. And so on. You can
 take your time at the beginning, but once you shoot the
 ball, you need to solve the puzzle quickly without missing
 any shots. I think that by reaching the sixth wall, you'll
 get an AAA rank.

 Stage 10:
 Get a high score as usual. However, here you need 4,000
 points. Also, make sure the screen doesn't get full with
 these Puyos. Combos and consecutive hits will help you a
 lot. It might take some time. After a while you will get a
 fever mode! You will get a load of points by hitting the

     02.05  Sonic the Hedgehog

 This mini-game is based on the Sonic series.

 Stage 1:
 Here you need to collect some rings. Actually, you will
 need 28 rings. Avoid the thrown objects, even though you
 got 3 lives. But if you touch one of those objects, you
 will lose some rings. You won't use your racquet here!
 Just collect the rings and run away from those objects.

 Stage 2:
 Now this is like stage 1, but you must collect the rings
 in the same order they appear. You need 24 rings, and you
 got 3 lives, too. Also try to avoid the guy who's throwing
 things at you. If you collect rings not in the order they
 appear, you won't get any points.

 Stage 3:
 Collect the moving rings (28 of them). The rings will
 start moving around the court, you must run and collect
 them. Also, avoid the thrown objects, or else, you'll lose
 your rings. If you don't collect the moving rings in a
 certain time, they will disappear. Even if you managed in
 avoiding the objects, you may fail if you don't get most
 of the rings. For some sets of rings, you may stop at one
 position and let the rings move on your direction.

 Stage 4:
 Dodge the spiked balls. So, in 50 seconds, you should
 avoid all balls that are thrown at you. I don't think
 that's very difficult. First, only one preson will throw
 them, then two, and in the last 10 seconds, three of them
 will do that. Speed characters will do a good job here.
 Try to move right and left on the bottom line. If you
 survived for 10 more seconds, you will get an AAA rank.

 Stage 5:
 Collect the rings again. This time, however, you need 38
 of them. You got 3 lives, too, but you should avoid the
 thrown spiked balls.

 Stage 6:
 Just like stage 2, collect the rings in the order they
 appear. You need 30 rings. You got 3 lives. Collect them
 quickly, or they will disappear. Also, there's a person
 that will shoot spiked balls at you, and then another one
 will join him.

 Stage 7:
 Just like stage 3, the rings are now moving. Collect 38 of
 them. The hard part is that three people will throw spiked
 balls or bombs on you. Again, you might find it easy to
 collect some sets by stopping at an expected position
 where the rings will come to, or you can walk in the
 opposite direction of the moving rings (toward the rings,
 not behind them). You must not miss a lot of rings, or you
 will fail, even if you survived.

 Stage 8:
 This is like stage 4, but here you are supposed to dodge
 faster spiked balls in 50 seconds. Select a speed
 character like Sonic, then go to the bottom line and move
 right and left. Instead, you may run around the court in
 circles. Soon after you pass the first 30 seconds a fourth
 guy will come and throw spiked balls at you. If you
 survive for 60 seconds, you will get an AAA rank.

 Stage 9:
 Collect the random rings (18 of them). Now the problem is
 that there are guys who throw spiked balls at you very
 fast. So keep in mind that you must avoid them or you will
 lose your rings. Don't stop anywhere here, and don't go to
 the same position that you were at moments ago, because
 it's where the spiked balls will be at. If a bomb is
 placed near the ring, wait for it to explode then take the
 ring. If you get 22 rings, you will get an AAA rank.

 Stage 10:
 Get a high score as usual. This time, you need 4,000
 points. Many people will throw spiked balls at you, but
 you got 5 lives! Collecting rings is how you get points
 here. Also, if you lose some rings, don't worry, you won't
 lose any points. In fact, retaking the dropped rings will
 give you more points! I got 7,080 points on this one.

     02.06  Space Harrier

 This mini-game is based on the Space Harrier series.

 Stage 1:
 Avoid the rocks. This has nothing to do with tennis. Just
 avoid everything you will see as you move forward. You got
 5 lives. You may walk a little bit forward by holding Up,
 or backward by holding Down. If you don't lose any life,
 you will get an AAA rank.

 Stage 2:
 This time, you should hit 14 rocks. Another easy stage.
 You should shoot a ball when there's a rock in front of
 you. I don't think you can shoot in a different angle
 other than what's exactly in front. You don't have to
 shoot everything by the way.

 Stage 3:
 Survive with no serve. You got 5 lives here. What you need
 to do here is to avoid everything, including the fire by
 the Ida heads and laser beams.

 Stage 4:
 Here, you should shoot the Ida heads (14 of them). As I
 mentioned earlier, you may only shoot what is exactly in
 front of you. While you are shooting them, make sure you
 avoid their flames. You got 5 lives anyway.

 Stage 5:
 Survive with serve. You can shoot the balls now, and what
 you need here is to survive. You got three lives. Shoot
 everything you see, though some things may not be shot.
 Ida heads will also appear here. Also, some alien ships
 will come to you and shoot. You can blast them if you want
 to. The other kind of them can be shot if they aren't
 closed. Sometimes, you may need to go forward and backward
 by holding Up or Down, to avoid flames/beams. Later on, a
 dragon will come and attack you. Keep shooting it will be
 reddening until you kill it. And that's when you complete
 this stage.

 Stage 6:
 Hit the Mukadense spaceships. Your goal here is to hit 24
 of them. You will start wil five lives. You should avoid
 their laser beams. Also, try not to touch the trees. Each
 set of spaceships will probably only shoot you once at a
 time. If you don't blast them, they will be gone, and
 another set will come. Note that it's not necessary to
 survive in order to get an AAA rank. Focus on the number
 of spaceships to be hit.

 Stage 7:
 Survive the clock. With three lives, you need to survive
 for at least 70 seconds. If you survive for 20 more
 seconds, you will probably get an AAA rank. Note that you
 don't have to shoot everything. It's just for the score.
 The most important thing here is to survive. You may
 notice that there are more objects here.

 Stage 8:
 Hit the Tomos Spheres. You should hit 20 Tomos here. You
 got 3 lives. There are only Tomos Spheres here, with some
 trees. Of course, you can't shoot the Tomos when they are
 closed, so wait for a second, and start shooting them all.
 After some time, four Tomos will appear instead of three.

 Stage 9:
 Defeat Dragon Squilla quickly. You got 3 lives, and you
 should do that within 1 minute. The stage, of course, will
 not be empty. You need to watch out for the objects on
 your way, which include everything you have seen so far.
 You've seen the Dragon Squilla before. Once you reach it,
 all you need to do is to spam-shoot it and avoid its fire.
 When it's moving forward (the same direction you are
 running to), it will not attack you, so shoot it as much
 as you can. But when it's coming back to you, avoid the
 flames. The more hits it takes, the darker it becomes.
 It's better to save your lives for the Dragon Squilla

 Stage 10:
 Get a high score. This time, you need 4,000 points, while
 you got 3 lives. To get points, you need to shoot stones,
 Ida heads, Mukadense spaceships, Tomo Spheres, and the
 Dragon Squilla. But even without doing anything, you will
 automatically get some points for running. However,
 survival is more important than scoring. If you think that
 some objects may hurt you, stop shooting and try to avoid

     02.07  Super Monkey Ball

 This mini-game is based on the Monkey Ball series.

 Stage 1:
 Hit the mini-balls through the gates. You should hit three
 mini-balls here. There are one extra ball, if you move it
 through the gates, you will get an AAA rank. You can do up
 to 5 wrong hits. It's like a billiards game. You will see
 a directional arrow after you press the button. You can
 change the angle of that arrow for your benefit. There are
 three gates. One that is in front of you, another one is
 on the left, and the last one is on the right.

 Stage 2:
 This stage is exactly like stage 1, but here the gates
 will disappear when a ball goes through them. You need to
 make three balls go through the gates, so you will use the
 three gates that you see.

 Stage 3:
 Clear the monkey balls. I don't see what's different
 between this and stage 1, except that the balls have
 monkies inside them on this stage. Anyway, despite the
 fact that there are four balls, you only need to make
 three of them go through any gates. The gates will not
 disappear as in stage 2. However, you'll probably get an
 AAA rank if you also let the fourth ball go through a

 Stage 4:
 Here, the gates will be shifting. There's only one gate
 here. But whenever a ball goes through it, it will move
 (or shift). You need to make three or four balls go
 through it.

 Stage 5:
 Clear the full court. There are two gates and seven balls
 here. As usual, you can do up to five wrong shots. You
 need to make at least five of the seven balls go through
 any of the two gates.

 Stage 6:
 Clear the moving gate. This time, there are four balls
 over there, but there's only one gate, and it's moving.
 You need to hit three or four of those balls and make them
 enter the gates.

 Stage 7:
 You need to do three trick shots here. There are two gates
 here, but the are on both sides. You main goal is to make
 the dark ball go through any of the two gates. In
 addition, you must start by shooting the white ball. You
 can do up to five wrong shots. For the first part, go to
 the middle of the court, and shoot the white ball. For the
 second part, also stay in the middle of the court, and
 shoot the left edge of the white ball. For the third part,
 while in the middle of the court, shoot the right side of
 the white ball. For the last part, simply shoot the white
 ball when you are in the middle, too.

 Stage 8:
 Collect eight bananas here. There's only one gate. Shoot
 any of the balls so that it goes through the gate. Once
 one of them goes through, a banana will appear. You can't
 take it until you shoot another ball. Do that quickly
 before the banana disappears. You will be able to run
 anywhere after serving and before the ball(s) stop moving.
 Sometimes, more than one banana will appear.

 Stage 9:
 Beat the clock. You should clear the court within no more
 than 80 seconds. There are around six balls, and two gates
 on the sides. You can do any number of services. Also, if
 you hit one of the monkey balls, the ball you served will
 come back to you. You can then shoot it again.

 Stage 10:
 Get a high score (800 points or more). There's one gate
 only. And the gate is actually moving. You can do up to
 five wrong services. However, you may use the same ball
 more than once, as it will bounce back to you after it
 hits a monkey ball. And if a monkey ball goes through the
 gate, a banana or more will appear. Those will give you
 some extra points. Once you get 1,000 points, you will get
 an AAA rank.

     02.08  Virtua Squad

 This game is based on the Virtua Cop shooter series. The
 PC versions are known in North America as Virtua Squad and
 Virtua Squad 2.

 Stage 1:
 Hit the enemies. Here you need to hit 6 enemies by moving
 the red pointer and shooting them. You got 5 lives. If you
 don't kill them fast, they will shoot you. When you shoot
 an enemy on one side, prepare yourself to shoot another
 one on the other side.

 Stage 2:
 Here, it doesn't matter how many enemies you kill. What
 matters is your lives. You should not be shot more than
 three times. Sometimes, the camera won't zoom in at the
 enemies, but still you should hit them. A civilian will
 appear while you are shooting some enemies. Don't kill it.

 Stage 3:
 You should do at least five justice shots. You got five
 lives. You should avoid hitting the civillians. To do a
 justice shot, shoot the enemy's hands (or their weapon).

 Stage 4:
 Here, you should save five innocent people, while of
 course shooting the enemies. You got five lives, too. You
 must save the innocents. They will be wearing white
 clothes. Sometimes, an enemy will follow one of the
 civillians. Make sure you don't hit the wrong target.

 Stage 5:
 Hit the elite enemies. You should kill six of them. The
 elite enemies will not wear a tuxedo. Although you should
 kill every enemy over there, only the elite enemies will
 give you points. The elite enemies are also faster than
 the other ones. Make sure you don't hit the innocents. You
 got 5 lives on this stage.

 Stage 6:
 Don't miss or lose a life. You got 7 lives, but you should
 not miss more than twice. No need to rush here, unless an
 elite enemy appears, since they are very fast. It is very
 important not to miss your targets. Even if you complete
 this stage with some missed shots, you will fail. There's
 a fast way to hit some enemies though I don't recommend
 doing it a lot here. You can press the A button 1 second
 before you trigger.

 Stage 7:
 Here, keep hitting Kong until you kill him. Meanwhile, he
 will launch some rockets at you. Keep shooting those
 rockets, then continue shooting him until he dies.

 Stage 8:
 Clear the entire area. You got 5 lives. You should kill 20
 enemies. You can also hit the other enemies on the
 background. There are no elite enemies here, which is a
 good thing.

 Stage 9:
 Survive against the clock. You got 3 lives, and you should
 survive for at least 70 seconds. Make sure you kill the
 elite enemies very quickly. The enemy positions may not be
 random, which is an advantage. If you managed to survive
 for 90 seconds, you will get an AAA rank.

 Stage 10:
 Get a high score (800 points). You got 5 lives here. Elite
 enemies will give you 20 points, while the normal ones
 will give 10. You can also shoot the other enemies on the
 background for more points. After a while, Kong will
 appear. After you kill him, you will get a lot of points,
 but that may not be enough (probably less than 800
 points), so you will continue shooting enemies in another
 part of the stage. Once you get 1,000 points, you will get
 an AAA rank.

 03  Conclusion & Disclaimer

 That's it for now. I may write a full FAQ if nobody else
 does. But for the time being, I will try to improve this
 guide. Thanks for reading!


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