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Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs


Lugia: how to get it.

by UsagiTheRanger

Okay, so have you got all the Pokemon except 1? Do you have all the pokemon, Ranging from R-001 to R-300? Well, who knew there was a R-301? I did! All you need to do is the following: Catch ALL of the pokemon from R-001 to R-300 (This does not include Event Pokemon.) and complete all 52 quests. A tip about those will be up sometime in the near-ish future. Anyway, when you have met those requirements, go to Rand's house. A cutscene will start with two Pinchers pleading to Rand to go save Blue Eyes. You walk in, overhearing the conversation. Everyone is startled to see you, and than Rand, Leanne and Nema are all happy. The Pinchers are startled, but they go on anyway. Eventually, Rand asks you to go. You HAVE to agree to progress. Anyway, Rand tells you to go to Tilt Village on Mitonga Island to use the Union. You will start a cutscene and you tell Murph that you want to go to the Eastern Sea. He takes you there, and you hear Lugia's cry. As you progress deeper, a current that wasn't there before will start to push you back. Because of Lugia, the cavern goes deeper. Catch some Chinchou and Lanturns before progressing deeper, because its gonna be all dark. And, your gonna have to do an Under Water chase because a Pincher doesn't believe you are helping Blue Eyes. After that, he tells you where Blue Eyes is. There's a Save Point somewhere near here so go ahead and use it. The last chamber you will hear Lugia's cry and Blue Eyes' scream. You go over to save her from falling rocks. After you give her air from your tank, she starts to lead you up to the surface. After you are up there and on the Union, Lugia comes out. Murph and your fellow ranger Push you ahead to battle Lugia. After you win, you will be awarded with 3 things: Lugia's sign, a Badge to show you caught Lugia, and a Party on the Union. Hope this helps!