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Pokemon Platinum


Event Pokemon Walkthrough

by PhilXZ

Pokemon Platinum has a wide array of special event Pokemon that are unlocked via certain items and sometimes trigger certain items and places in the game that can't be accessed without them. To attain these items you have to go to a Nintendo-hosted 'Nintendo Event' or use a code device like an Action Replay.

Mystery Gift Option: To obtain the Mystery Gift, which is necessary to obtan Nintendo Event Pokemon, talk to a TV couple . On the 3rd Floor of the Jubilife TV Station, you will find this couple. Normally s/he will ask you for a greeting for you to provide in battles however if you give him some keywords, he will activate the Mystery Gift function for you. The words are as follows: EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI CONNECTION

*For all these events you will need the National Pokedex, a Pokedex upgrade given to you by Prof. Oak once you have seen all Sinnoh Pokemon and recorded them in your Sinnoh Dex.


Requirement: Oak's Letter, beat Pokemon League

How to Obtain: Once you have Oak's Letter, head to Route 224. The Route can be accessed through an entrance in the Victory Road cave. If you haven't defeated the Elite 4 and the Pokemon Champion this entrance is blocked by a man. Work your way through the trainers and wild Pokemon until you see Prof. Oak at a white rock. The professor will tell you a story and Shaymin will appear. It will notice you and run up the path it came from. Follow it up the path and you will come up to an island covered in flowers with Shaymin sitting on top of the highest mound ready to fight. If you capture it, be ready for a special treat!

Capture Bonus: Gracidea Flower

Requirements: Shaymin in 1st Party Slot

How to Obtain: Head to Floaroma Town and talk to the girl outside the Pokemon Center. She will notice your Shaymin and give you the Gracidea Flower. This Key Item allows Shaymin to transform into it's Sky Forme.


Requirements: Azure Flute, beat Pokemon League, fought Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga

How to Obtain: Head to the Spear Pillar after encountering Giratina, Palkia, and Dialga there and beating the Elite 4. Once stepping reaching the top, srtep on the foremost stone platform and use the Azure Flute. A glass stair case will appear leading you to Arceus.

Capture Bonus: None


Requirements: Membership Pass, beat Pokemon League, been to Fullmoon Island

How to Obtain: Go to Canalave City and enter the usually closed Inn located at the top of the right side of the City. You will then be transported to Newmoon Island and face Darkrai.

Capture Bonus: None


Requirements: Manaphy Egg transferred from Pokemon Ranger, one free slot in your party

How to Obtain: Access your Mystery Gift option like usual to collect the Item card obtained from the Nintendo Event (no need to perform this if uusing an Action Replay).  Go to a local PokeMart to find a green-suited Bellhop character, talk to him and obtain the Manaphy Egg. Hatch the egg as normal.

-11th Movie Regigigas- 

Requirements: Defeat the Pokemon League

How to Obtain: Obtain this special Regigigas by being trading or Action Replay, the originals were given out to those attending the movies at Japan to watch 'Giratina & the Bouquet of the Sky'. And there you go!

Capture Bonus: Regice (Mt. Coronet Route 216 Exit), Regirock (Route 228), Registeel (In of cave at Iron Island)

Obtaining the Regis: Visit the above locations and step on the glass dots there to awaken them.

-12th Movie Arceus-

Requirements: Defeat the Pokemon League

How to Obtain: Get it in Japan at the 12th Movie (or Action Replay).

Capture Bonus: History Lesson and Flame Plate

How to Obtain: With the 12th Movie Arceus in your party, go the to Oreburgh Mines. There you'll meet a hiker who will give you a Flame Plate and tell you about Arceus. Then go to Canalave City's Library and atthe top floor you will meet him again to continue learning more about Arceus.

-Rotom Forms-

Requirements: Rotom, Secret Key

How to Obtain: Go to Eterna City and enter the Galactic Building with the Secret Key in your bag and Rotom in your party. On the 1st floor on the building go to the wall on the left side of the floor. Use the Secret Key to enter a secret room with red-colored appliances you can now transform your Rotom.

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