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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Gym Leader/ Elite Four Guide

by Judicator328

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl 
Elite four and Gym leader guide

Version History
Gym/Pokemon League Info
Section 1: Oreburgh  City Gym
Section 2 : Eterna City Gym
Section 3 : Veilstone City Gym
Section 4: Pastoria City Gym (here!!)
Section 5: Hearthome City Gym
Contact me!!

This Guide is just for the Gyms and the Elite Four. IT is NOT for helping you catch Palkia or how to get to Pastoria City or 
anything like that. It is for gyms and the Elite four.  I will update the guide as much as possible. It is not copywrited.
Version History:
Version  .5: 9/20/07 - 10/16/07: Sections 1 - 3 written
Version .75: 10/17/07 - Format changes and Section 4 written
Version .85: 10/18/07 - Contacts added and Section 5 written
Gym/Pokemon League Info: 
When you beat a gym, you will be allowed to use an HM outside of battle, you might get to have traded pokemon obey 
you better, and you get a badge! There are 8 gyms in Sinnoh. Once you beat all 8 gyms, you may challenge the Pokemon 
League in... the Pokemon League (that is the city's name)!!!! 
Section 1: 
Gym Battle One!
This gym is in Oreburgh City. It is the rock gym, so get out your water, grass, and fighting types. Rock is super affective 
to: fire, ice, flying, and bug. don't have those types for this gym. Electric moves do no damage on ground types, and 
he has two. If you use them, you minus well put you level 12 pokemon against a level 100 Lucario. In other words, 
don't do it. If you win, you will get the Coal Badge! It will allow you to use HM Rock Smash! 
Enough with the future, first you have to beat Roark. 

Gym Leader One: Roark
Pokemon Type: Rock (some ground)
Interesting facts: He is Gym Leader 6's son (YES, he's a boy).
Geodude: male: Level 12 (rock, ground)
Onix: male: Level 12 (rock, ground)
Cranidos: male: Level 14 (rock)

This should be SIMPLE with a good water type, like if you picked Pilup. If not, you can be good with grass (Turtwig). 
If you have neither types, you should go in with a level 13 pokemon or better to beat him. Chimchar isn't good, but 
evlove him and teach him mach punch and you will be fine.Machops can always give you some help with low kick 
doing more damage to heavy types (Onix). That is what I did. Next, you better be getting to Enterna City...
Section 2:
Gym Battle Two!!
Your next is in Eterna City! Gardeina uses grass types, so put your waters and rocks back in the PC. Fire 
works great and flying is even better. The pokemon are a little stronger, but after that battle with 
Commander Mars, you will be fine. I would recomend a level 21 or above pokemon or a level 19 or 
above fire or flying type.Win the battle to get a forest badge. With that you can use HM cut outside 
of battle and all traded pokemon upto level 30 will obey you. 
Gym Leader Two: Gardenia
Pokemon Type: Grass (some poison) 

Cherubi: Level 19: female (grass)
Turtwig: Level 19: male (grass)
Roserade: Level 22: female: (grass, poison)

When I did this gym, I crushed the leader with my Monferno. I also had a Staravia which brought terror to 
her. She is the easiest gym leader, yet.Level 19s and 20s are pretty easy if you battled trainers in Enterna 
Forest. After you beat her, you have to fight Jupiter...
Section 3:
Gym Battle Three!!!
Now, the battle is NOT in Hearthrome. That is battle 5. If you want to battle pokemon in the mid-thirties, 
go ahead. (a guy will stop you) Since you can't battle there, you better head to Veilstone. This gym is 
the fighting gym. Put your normal, ice, dark, rock, and steel types away for this battle. Pull out your 
psychic and keep your flying types out. Winning gets you the Cobble badge. You also can use the 
move Fly outside of battle.

Gym Leader Three: Maylene
Pokemon Type: Fighting (some psychic and steel)

Meditite: Level 27: female (fighting, psychic)
Machoke: Level 27: male (fighting)
Lucario: Level 30: male (fighting, steel)

I may have mentioned a level 100 Lucario earlier, but DON'T panic. He isn't  THAT strong, yet. Even 
at level 30, Lucario still is tough. Fire types should be pulled out on Lucario.  Meditite should give 
you no challenge and take down that Machoke with your birds or your psychic types.After a hard battle,
 head to Pastoria City! I heard Crasher Wake, gym leader 4, lives there... 
Section 4: 
Gym Battle Four!!!!
When you beat this gym, you will be about half way through the gyms! The gym leader is harder than leader 3,
even though his pokemon are at the same level. He is the leader of the water gym. Water is super affective to 
Fire, Rock, and ground. That means no monfernos, and no Gravelers. I would suggest using a grass type.
Not electric, because of his ground in his Quagsire. Electric does 4x the damage to Gyarados which will
give you an advantage.Winning will get you the Fen Badge, make all pokemon up to level 50 obey you, and 
it will allow you to use HM Defog outside of battle.

Gym Leader 4: Crasher Wake
Pokemon type: Water (flying and ground)

Gyarados: Level 27: male (water, flying)
Quagsire: Level 27: male (water, ground)
Floatzel: Level 30: male (water)

I had trouble with this gym, but I leveled my pokemon up to level 30 and I crushed him. A great pokemon
that you may not think of is a shinx. Shinx isn't good, but his evolutions, Luxio, and Luxray are. He is electric
which will go well against Gyarados and Floatzel. The next gym is a place you have already been! It's in
Hearthome City...
Section 5:
Gym Battle five!!!!!
This Gym is very hard to beat. The gym leader uses ghost type pokemon. Ghost and Dark are super 
affective. I would recomend using dark, since if you have a ghost pokemon, her ghost moves will
be super affective. Put away your normal moves and fighting moves, because you minus well put your
level 30 pokemon against a level 100 Arceus with hacked 999 stats.Poison and bug also do little damage
to her pokemon. Winning will get you the Relic Badge and the abiltiy to use surf outside of battle. Time for

Gym Leader 5: Fantina
Pokemon Type: Ghost

Drifblim: Level 32: female (Ghost, Flying)
Gengar: Level 34: female (Ghost, Poison) 
Mismagius: Level 36: female (ghost)

Finally, a hard leader!!!! If you don't beat her the first time, try again!! When you beat her surf to a 
place you have never been before, Canalave City...
Contact me:
Not Really Frequently Asked Questions, Because This Is The First Time My Contact Information Is Online 
Q: What can I ask/tell you?
A: You can mention spelling/grammar mistakes or mistakes in the guide.
You can ask me about any questions you have related to this game or the guide.

Q: Can I trade/battle you?
A: Possibly. (You may ask and send an e-mail) Or you can go to the pokemon
forums where I have a list of pokemon and items I want and will offer for them!

Q: Have you just made these questions up, and no one asked them?
Q: Did you read the title?