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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Pickup ability guide

by magma

08:56 31/08/2007
   ___ _      _                        _     _ _ _ _         
  / _ (_) ___| | __/\ /\ _ __     __ _| |__ (_) (_) |_ _   _ 
 / /_)/ |/ __| |/ / / \ \ '_ \   / _` | '_ \| | | | __| | | |
/ ___/| | (__|   <\ \_/ / |_) | | (_| | |_) | | | | |_| |_| |
\/    |_|\___|_|\_\\___/| .__/   \__,_|_.__/|_|_|_|\__|\__, |
                        |_|                            |___/ 
   ___       _     _      
  / _ \_   _(_) __| | ___ 
 / /_\/ | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
/ /_\\| |_| | | (_| |  __/
\____/ \__,_|_|\__,_|\___|
 By Chris Dickinson 2007

(80 charcaters)
  (to remind me long to do)

  1.a = Legal junk
  1.b = about me
  1.c = the guide = WTF DOES IT DO??
1.cii = What pokemon use it??
1.ciii = what items/levels?
  1.c = some other useful bits

  So, on with the show!
 1.a Legal junk!
  This guide is protected under international
  Copyright law, you mustn't reproduce this
  Under any circumstances, or copy this
  Guide or try to edit+and sell as 
  Your own!.

Right now the shit bit done, now for the about me bit!
  1.b About me!
  First things first...
  I started playing pokemon when it first came out, it was my first GB game,
  I was like the best in my school, aand me and a close group of friends
  were the gurus we knew everthing about it, and were just the best,
  and im not lieing.
  pokemon gold came, i made a new friend called antony (spelling)
  and we found out evrything like where tyrouge was, how to get lugia,
  and he went to japan and got us a celebi each, it was wicked.
  Pokemon ruby, back to old friends, still best.
  Pokemon D/P i only know 1 person with it, and he sucks balls!
  So i decided id do a pickup guide!

  1.c the guide!  Firstly, WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT DO??????
      Well, after a battle, the pokemon has a chance to pick up certain items!
      But certain objects are available at certain levels AND ONLY at
      them levels.
1.cii  What pokemon learn it????? the question stumbled scientists forever!
       well...maybe only a few days...and when i say scientists i mean...
       me... and many others...=-

   Pokemon that learn are :- Meowth (not persian)
                             Teddiursa (not ursaring)
                             Phanphy (not donphan)
                             Munchlax (not snorlax)

  1.ciii   The items and levels!

  Level 1-10 :- Common = potion
Uncommon= antidote, super potion, great ball, repel, escape rope, full heal

Slightly rare= Hyper potion

Rare= Ultra ball

V.rare= revive, nugget.

11-20 :- common = antidote

Uncommon= super potion, Grt ball, repel, escape rope, full heal, hyper potion 

Slightly rare= ultra ball

rare= revive

v.rare= nugget, !!!!Kings rock!!!!      

21-30 :- common = super potion

Uncommon= Grt Ball, repel, escape rope, full heal, Hyper potion, 

Slightly rare= revive

Rare= !!!!rare candy!!!!

V.rare= !!!!kings rock!!!!, full restore

31-40 :- Common = Great ball

Uncommon= repel, escape rope, full heal, hyper potion, ultra ball, revive

slightly rare= rare candy

rare= dark stone

V.Rare= full restore, ether

41-50 :- Commom= repel

uncommon= escape rope, full heal, hyper potion, ultra ball, revive, Rare candy

Slightly rare= dark stone

Rare= light stone

V.rare= ether, white herb

51-60 :- Common= escape rope

uncommon= full heal, hyper potion, ultra ball, revive, rare candy, dark stone

slightly rare= light stone

rare= awakening stone

V.rare= white herb, TM 44 (rest)

61-70 :- common= full heal

uncommon= hyper potion, ultra ball, revive, rare candy, dark stone, light stone

Slightly rare= awakening stone

Rare= full restore

V.Rare= TM 44 (rest), elixer

71-80 :- common = hyper potin

Uncommon= ultra ball, revive, rare candy, dark stone, light stone, awake stone

Slightly rare=  full restore

Rare= max revive

V.Rare= elixer, TM01 (Focus punch)

81-90 :- common= ultra ball
Uncommon= revive, rare candy, dark stone, light stone, awake stone, full restore

Slightly rare= max revive

Rare= elixer

V.Rare= TM01 (focus punchg),!!!!!!!!!!!!leftovers!!!!!!!!

91-100 :- common= revive
Uncommon= Rare candy, dark stone, light stone, awake stone, full restore,
Uncommon continued= max revive,

slightly rare= elixer

Rare= !max elixer! 

V.Rare= !!!!leftovers!!!! , !!!!!!!!TM26 EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!

*note= that is order of common-ness, say 81-90,
revive's are more common than rare candys, which are commoner than
dark stone.

Other useful bits!

Zigzagoon only need 1,000,000xp til lvl 100, so they are the best pickyupers.

Im an abuser, i have 5 zigzagoons of varying levels with me, and my empoleon,
i go victory road, and get loads of good stuff.

Thanks for reading
If i have spelt something wrong, or made a mistake, and i will give you
credit, contact me on [email protected], its also my MSN addy,

Credit to for the V.Rare items, i only got upto rare.