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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Pack Shot

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team


Action Replay DS (AR DS) Codes

by Big Shady

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Starter/Quiz Guide version 1.0

1. Intro
2. Starter Quiz
3. Questions
4.Starter Info
5. Tips
6. Wonder mail


This is a guide to finding the starter Pokemon you want. At the beginning of
Red Rescue team and Blue Rescue team, you take a personality quiz to see 
which pokemon fits you best. Of course, you want the best pokemon. So this
is the easy way to pick it yourself.

Hi all! It's Jess. This is my first guide and I hope you like it. It's still
pretty rough, updating now.

Written 05-27-09
1. June 20 09 Fixed # sign switch to "male" on Flamethrower. Thank you to
Michael Ewles...


If you are a boy you can not get Eevee, Chikorita, or Skitty. If you are a
girl you cannot get Meowth, Machop, or Cyndaquil. Or course gender doesn't
matter in the game so if you want a gender specific pokemon just pick the
other gender. You're asked your gender at the end.

How the Quiz works

You will get asked 9 or 50 possible questions. The questions will add to your
score with the pokemon, you become whichever pokemon had the most points.
Some options may not add to your score with the desired leader, in that
case pick an answer that doesn't add many points or to a pokemon who you haven't
picked any points for. This way, the other options' scores remain low. You
should get the pokemon you want in one or two tries. Three at most, and 
that's only when you get bad questions.

There are 13 different personality types. Select the one that goes with the
desired Pokemon.

Chikorita----(not available)----Docile
Cyndaquil-------Timid-----------(not available)
Eevee-------(not available)------Naive
Machop----------Brave-----------(not available)
Meowth----------Quirky----------(not available)
Skitty-------(Not available)----Hasty


How to Use the Quiz

To get the desired pokemon, choose whichever answer matches that pokemon's
personality type. For example, to get Pikachu,(I'm a girl) I pick answers
that score for Hardy. Then pick girl at the end of the quiz.

***YOU DO NOT have all 50 questions, just 9 random. If your personality for
 the desired pokemon is not on the list, simply pick a small numbered answer.
** Try
not to keep picking the same personality type unless it's the specific pokemon,
you want to keep all other scores low.

The Questions (first question has been expanded to show example)

Q. A delinquent is hassling a girl on a busy street! What will you do?

-Help without hesitation 
(3- (machop for boy, Charmander for girl)
-Help, even if scared 
  (2 point for machop if boy, Charmander if girl)

 -Call the police  
(1-Cyndaquil for boy, Mudkip for girl and 1-Bulbasaur for boy, Chikorita for
 girl, and 1-Psyduck for boy, Squirtle for girl)

 -Do nothing out of fear
(2 points for Cyndaquil if boy, Mudkip if girl)


Q. A foreign person has started up a conversation with you. To be honest,
you don't have a clue what he's saying. How do you reply?

-Haha! Yes. Very funny!
(3 points for Jolly)

-Um, could you say that again?
(2 points for Hardy)

-Right...well I gotta go
(2 points for Timid)


Q. A friend brought over something you'd forgotten. How do you thank your

-Say thank you regularly
(Boy-2 points for Squirtle, Girl-2 points for Chikorita)

-Say thanks with a joke
(Boy-1 point for Cubone and 1 point for Totodile, Girl-1 point for Psyduck
and 1 point for Eevee)

-Say thanks, but be cool
(Boy- 2 points for Treecko, Girl-2 points for Torchic)


Q. A human hand extends out of a toilet! What would you do?

-Scream and run
(Boy-2 points for Cyndaquil, Girl-2 points for Mudkip)

-Close the lid without a word
(Boy-2 points for Mudkip and 1 point for Charmander, Girl-1 point for
Bulbasaur and 1 point for Pikachu)

-Shake hands with it
(1 point for Naive, 2 points for Brave, 1 point for Impish)


Q. A test is coming up. How do you study for it?

-Study Hard (2 points for Hardy)

-At the last second (2 points for Relaxed)

-Ignore it and play (2 points for Impish)


Q. Are there many things you would like to do?

-Yes (1 point for Hardy, 2 points for Impish)

-No (2 points for Quirky, 1 point for Sassy)


Q. Are you a cheerful personality?

-Yes (1 point for Naive, 2 points for Jolly)

-No (1 point for Quirky, 1 point for Sassy)


Q. Are you often late for school or meetings?

-Yes (One point for Sassy, 2 points for Relaxed)

-No (2 points for Hardy, 1 point for Hasty)


q. Can you focus on something you like?

-Yes (2 points for Hardy, 1 point for Docile)

-No (2 points for Quirky)


Q. Can you go into a haunted house?

-No problem (3 points for Brave)

-Un...n-no...(2 points for Quirky)

-With someone I like (2 points for Sassy)


Q. Can you sincerely thank someone when you are grateful?

-Yes (1 point for Calm, 2 points for Docile)

-No (1 Point for Quirky, 2 points for Sassy)


q. Do you dream of lounging around idly without much excitement?

-Yes (2 points for Calm, 

-No (2 points for impish)


Q. Do you fall asleep without noticing?

-Yes (1 point for Calm, 2 points for Relaxed)

-No (2 points for hardy)


Q. Do you hate to be the last person to leave class at the end of the day?

-Yes (1 point for Timid, 2 points for Lonely)

-No (2 points for Impish)


Q. Do you like groan inducing puns?

-Love them! (3 points for Naive and 1 point for impish)

-A little (2 points for Jolly)

-Spare me (2 points for Sassy)


Q. Do you like Pranks?

-Yes (2 points for Impish)

-No (1 point for Docile and 1 point for Relaxed)


Q. Do you like to imagine things for your own amusement?

-Yes (2 points for Naive)

-No (2 points for Hasty)


Q. Do you like to noisily enjoy yourself with others? (LOL)

-Yes (1 point for Lonely, 2 points for Jolly)

-No (1 point for Timid)


Q. Do you often yawn?

-Yes (2 points for Calm, 1 point for Relaxed)

-No (1 point for Hardy, 2 points for Hasty)


Q. Do others sometimes call you childish?

-yes (2 points for Naive, 1 point for Jolly)

-No (2 points for Calm)


Q. Do others tell you to watch what you say? 

-Yes (2 points for Sassy, 1 point for Impish)

-No (2 points for Calm)


Q. Do you feel lonesome when you are alone?

-Yes (1 point for Timid, 2 points for Lonely)

-No (2 points for Sassy)


Q. Do you get the feeling you've slowed down lately?

-Yes (2 points for Relaxed)

-No (2 points for Hasty)


Do you like to fight?

-Yes (2 points for Timid, 1 point for Impish)

-No (2 points for Calm, 1 point for Lonely)


Do you occasionally consider yourself to be dull and over cautious?

-Yes (2 points for Calm, 1 point for Docile)

-No (2 points for Hardy)


Do you sometimes run out of things to do all of a sudden?

-Yes (2 points for Quirky)

-No (2 points for Hardy)


Do you tend to laugh a lot?

-Yes (1 point for Docile, 2 points for Naive)

-No (2 points for Quirky)


Do you think you are cool? Be honest.

-Yes (2 points for Sassy)

-No (2 points for Relaxed)


Grab any finger on your left hand. Which digit did you grab?

-Thumb (2 points for Timid)

-Index finger (2 points for Hasty)

-Middle Finger (2 points for Jolly)

-Ring Finger (2 points for Sassy)

-Little Finger (2 points for Lonely)


Have you ever made a pitfall trap?

-Yes (1 point for Lonely,2 points for Impish)

-No (2 points for Calm)


How quickly do you respond to email?

-Reply right away (1 point for hardy, 1 point for Hasty)

-May reply, May not (2 points for Quirky)

-Too much trouble (2 points for Sassy)


It's a pleasant day at the beach. How do you feel?

-This feels great! (2 points for Jolly)

-Snore... (2 points for relaxed)

-I want to go home soon! (2 points for Hasty)


It's a weekend, but no one will play with you. What do you do?

-Go on a trip (1 point for Lonely, 1 point for Jolly)

-Hang around vacantly (1 point for calm, 2 pints for Relaxed)

-Huddle in a corner (1 point for Timid, 3 points for Lonely)


It's the summer festival! Do you like carnivals?

-Love them! (2 points for Jolly)

-Don't care (1 point for Quirky, 1 point for Sassy)


It's the summer holidays! Where would you like to go?

-The beach! (2 points for Jolly)

-Spas (2 points for calm)

-Anywhere (2 points for quirky)


On vacation outings, you want to...

-Go alone (1 point for Quirky, 1 point for Hasty)

-Go with others (1 point for lonely, 1 point for Jolly)


Somebody calls you "weird but funny" How does that make you feel?

-Happy! (1 point for Lonely, 1 point for Naive)

-Not happy (1 point for Hasty, 1 point for Sassy)


The road forks to the right and left. You are told there is treasure 
on the right. What do you do?

-Instantly go right (2 points for Docile)

-It's a trap! Go left! (2 points for Sassy)

-Choose either side (2 points for Quirky)


There is a bucket. If you put water in it, how high will you fill it?

-Full (2 points for Hardy) 

-Half (2 points for Calm)

-A little (2 points for Quirky)


There is a person you like, but here is no opportunity to get close.
 What do you do?

-Bravely declare my love (1 point for Hardy, 3 points for Brave)

-Might say hello (2 points for Quirky)

-Pull a prank to get attention (2 points for Impish)

-Look from afar (2 points from Timid)


There is a scream from behind a door! How will you react?

-Yank open the door (1 point for Hardy, 3 points for Brave)

-Scream in unison (2 points for Naive)


There is a wallet on the side of the road. What do you do?

-Turn it in to the police (2 points for Docile)

-Yay! Yay! (2 points for Naive)

-Is anyone watching... (2 points for impish)


There is an alien invasion! What will you do?

-Fight (Go to next question)

-Run (2 points for Timid)

-Ignore it (2 points for Relaxed)


You valiantly fight the aliens...but you are defeated. An alien tells you,
"You have impressed us. It was a pleasure to see you. Join us and together
 we shall rule the world. How do you reply?

-Rule with the Aliens! (1 point for Sassy, 1 point for relaxed)

-Refuse (4 points for Brave)


What do you do with you room's light when you go to bed?

-Leave it on (1 point for timid, 2 points for Lonely)

-Turn it off (2 points for Calm)


When the going gets tough, do you get going?

-Yes (2 points for Hardy, 2 points for Brave)

-No (2 points for Quirky and 2 points for Sassy)


You are offered a choice of two gifts. Which one will you take?

-Big Box (2 points for Docile, 1 point for Naive)

-Small Box (2 points for Timid, 1 point for Calm)


You are suddenly locked inside a pitch black room! What do you do?

-Kick the door (2 points for Timid)

-Cry (2 points for Lonely)

-Clean it (1 point for Quirky, 2 points for Impish)


you broke a rotten egg in your room! What do you do?

-Open a window right away (2 points for Docile, 1 point for Hasty)

-Sniff it first (1 point for Relaxed, 2 points for Naive)


You come across a treasure chest! What do you do?

-Open it right away! (2 points for Hasty)

-No...It could be a trap... (2 points for Timid)

-It's going to be empty... (2 points for Sassy)


You win a lottery! What do you do with the money?

-Spend it now (1 point for Hasty, 2 points for Jolly)

-Save it (1 point for Hardy and Quirky)

-Give it away (2 points for Quirky and Brave)


You receive a gift! But you don't know what's in it. What do you do?

-Open it now (2 points for Hasty)

-Open it later (2 points for Calm)

-Get someone to open it (2 points for timid)


Your conuntry's leader is in front of you. How do you speak to him or her?

-Speak calmly (2 points for Calm)

-Speak nevously (2 points for Docile)

-WHATEVER!( 2 points for Sassy)


Your friend fails to show up for a meeting at the promised time. 
What do you do?

-Become irritated (1 point for Docile, 2 points for Hasty)

-Wait patiently (2 points for Relaxed)

-Get angry and bail (3 points for Hasty)


Your friend is being bullied! What do you do?

-Face up to the bully (3 points for Brave)

-Caution the Bully from afar (2 points for timid)

-Heckle the bully from behind (3 points for Brave, 1 point for Impish)


You're going bungee jumping for the first time. Since it's scary you decide 
to test the rope with a doll...The bungee cord snaps! Do you still try to 
make the jump?

-Yes (3 points for Brave, 1 point for Impish)

-No (1 point for timid, 2 points for Docile.)



Extra Info:

Most of these questions you may be able to answer yourself.
 (Timid, just pick the chicken
answer, Brave, pick the brave answer, Sassy, pick the bratty answer...)

But the hard part is knowing which Pokemon corresponds to which personality
type. So double check you have that down. You also want to make sure you
have a good pokemon, you'll be playing it for the first half of the game,
longer if you want to. I'm judging by the Story Mode part of the game because
you most likely won't matter after that.

Here's the rundown:


Grass/Poison type  Recomended Partner: Squirtle or Pikachu

Moveset Suggestion: Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Growl (early game)
 and Bullet Seed (later)

Typing is the biggest downside to Bulbasaur and the other Grass types. They
are weak to Flying bosses, fire, ice, and bug. There are just so many flying
bosses, Bulbasaur could get KOed. Your biggest problem will be Skamory and
Arcticuno. Having a poison type too may not be a good thing nessasarily. If
you are starting out you may prefer a plain Grass type.

You want Pikachu as a partner to handle the flying bosses or Squirtle to take
the fire pokemon. You can easily add a water or fire type to your team later
and you'll get Magnemite free later after Thunderwave Cave.


Fire Type  Reccomended Partner: Chikorita or Squirtle

Moveset Suggestion: Metal Claw, Ember, Flamethrower, Fireblast (TM if you have
it) or if it's early have Ember, Metal Claw, Scratch, and rage. Later he gets
the awesome Dragon Rage which will be great against many bosses. Slash is a
good normal move.

Charmander is one of my personal favorite pokemon. He has good attacks like
Embe, Metal Claw, rage, and scratch for the early game. Unfortunately he
doesn't learn a ranged attack until level 31 Flamethrower. He can walk on
Magma, which won't be too useful until Post Game. Magma Cavern has many
ground and rock pokemon that will be tough for Charmander. Choose a grass of
water type to handle them. Because of his late ranged attack, I suggest
Chikorita with her level 8 Razor Leaf or Squirtle with the early Bubble.
Charmander doesn't face much water in Story Mode other than the Bubble
shooting Poliwags and an occasional Wooper. Chikorita can take them at a
distance if you line her up right. :)


Water Type, Recomended Partner: Charmander or Cyndaquil

Moveset Suggestion: Bubble(L7), Water Gun(L13), Bite (L19), and Protect (L28).
L47's Hydro Pump can replace Bubble later. Keep Tail Whip if until you get
Protect. It can lower the enemy's defense, making up for Squirtle's average
strength attack. Water Pulse (ranged) and Watergun are good TM's to consider
giving him.

Squirtle is best in the defensive area, making him great for a partner. So
often did my partner get ambushed from behind while I was busy. Squirtle has
both Bubble to kill from a distance, and also the defense he needs to stay in
the game. I reccomend Charmander or Cyndaquil because they can easily take out
the grass types that are the biggest threat to Squirtle.

Electric Type, Recomended Partner: 

Moveset Suggestion: Keep Quick Attack since electric moves do nothing on
ground types,Thunder and Thundershock and Shockwave(ranged) are good too.
Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Shock wave are all TM's and it's simple to get them
from Wondermail.

Pikachu will not be effective in Magma Cavern. He will fail miserably in most
dungeons because of his weakness against the ridculously common grass types.
His greatest use is paralyzing at a distance, letting the partner do the
attacking. Fry skamory and the three legendary birds and maybe Rayquaza if you
get that far. Not very recomended. After Thunderwave Cave (2nd Dungeon) you'll
get Magnemite, an electric type just as useful. Not very recommended.


Normal Type, Recommended Partner: Chikorita, Squirtle

Moveset Suggestion: Bite, Payday, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt.

If you go with Meowth, be prepared for TMs. That's what you need with him.
he learns normal or dark moves, but you want TM's for any real damage. His
stats are okay. He doesn't learn a good ranged attack, use TM's and take a
partner like Chikorita or Squirtle who learns one early. There's only so much
a gravelrock can do,you know?


Water Type, reccommended Partner: Any fire type.

His abilities are his best asset. Damp/Cloud nine prevent bad weather and
explosives.Other than that, he's almost completely useless. Even Misty didn't
want him. he looks stupid, and confusion is his best move. get the Tm's Water
Pulse, Waterfall, and Surf if you need any attack moves. He will need an
offensive partner to kill the very common Grass types. Or you can pick
Torchic, he can get the Dark types with his fighting and kill the grass types.
Only pick him If you want
a challenging game...nevermind just don't choose him.


Fighting Type, recommended partner: Pikachu

Moveset Suggestion:
Karate chop (L13), Seismic Toss (L19) low kick, Leer
Most of the attacks are about the same, differing only in strength. Get a
pokemon with ranged attacks to help out.

Because he is fighting, he's going to do badly against the common bug, poison,
flying (BOSSES), Psychic (which are already tough), and ice. He does badly
against bosses AND the dungeon pokemon?  BUT WAIT. He has great stong attacks
and good attack scores. Fighting can crush Ice, Rock, Steel, and dark pokemon,
the weaknesses to many of the starters. If you keep Pikachu for the flying
bosses, you should be fine.


Ground Type , Recommended partner: Cyndaquil

Moveset: Early game: Tail whip, bone club, headbutt, bonemerang. Later you
should use Rage (L29) thrash, and bone rush.

Bonemerang is a good long range move, but it comes a little late at L 25. Get
Charmander or Cyndaquil to handle the tough grass types that will make it hard
for him. Don't worry about the water, there is very few of them in Story Mode.
Bone Club will come in handy with the Monster Houses. Consider fire most, but
Pikachu may also prove handy against the flying bosses.


Normal Type, Recommended Partner: Charmander or Squirtle.

Moveset: You'll be relying a lot on Quick Attack and Bite (L30). She doesn't
learn any good offensive moves. It can learn a few TM's because of its normal
 type, it has no good advantage over any type.

Rock can crush him, so you'll want a grass type (most
rock types also are ground type). The only real reason you'd want him is for
evolution. No worries, Story Mode is relatively easy. You can get partners
to help out, but keep in mind that the leader takes the most battles and 
damage, so think twice before picking any normal starter. You'd only want him
for the evolved form.


Grass type, recommended Partner: Torchic or Mudkip

Movesets: This pokemon has the best of Grass starters' moves. (Although
Bulbasaur's Sleep Powder comes in handy) Keep Razor Leaf (L8), Poisonpowder,
Synthesis or Reflect, and later at L50, you'll get the precious Safeguard and

Chikorita has it all! Status inflicting Poisonpowder, Defensive Reflect,
Synthesis for healing, Razorleaf for range, and the TM Gigadrain to destroy
water, to finish off a perfect moveset. Your going to need a good offensive
partner. Chikorita's main weakness is fire and bug type. Squirtle can take
the fire and probably the bugs. If you want you can take Pikachu as a partner
to fry the Boss birds.


Fire type, Recommended Partner: Chikorita or Bulbasaur

Moveset: Ember, Smokescreen, Leer, and quick attack. Later you can add
Flamewheel, but you may want to take the TM Flamethrower if you can't wait.

Cyndaquil has excellent Special attack and defense stats. It learns great
offensive moves after L12's Ember: Flamethrower and Quick attack and
Flamewheel. I think  Chikorita and Bulbasaur is best for Cyndaquil because
they can inflict status conditions while Cyndaquil attacks. He doesn't have
a ranged move early on, so the grass partner can pitch in with Razor Leaf.


Water Type, Recommended Partner: Chikorita or Charmander

Moveset: Try Bite, Leer, water gun, and Water Pulse (TM) for range. Otherwise
get Chikorita for range.

This guy has the best defense, and he'll need it. Sadly, only 2 of his moves
are water type. He has bite, and water gun, but Hydro Pump comes in the 50's
and by then I'm sure you'll have ditched this dino. He has pretty good
offensive moves but the great water advantage turns useless and yet he
retains the weakness to grass. Not reccomended. you can however take Water
Pulse and Surf for good offensive water moves.


Grass Type, Recommended Partner: Cyndaquil or Torchic

Moveset: Leer, absorb, quick attack, Bullet seed (TM)

Treecko's draining moves allow it to regain HP while hurting foes. He'll
do great against water and ground types.  You want a fire partner to
take the bugs, but also consider Squirtle or Mudkip to take the fire
on Mt. Blaze.


Fire Type, Recommended Partner: Mudkip, Squirtle, or Chikorita

Movesets: Ember, Peck, Flamethower, Firespin

Chikorita's versality will help your team immensly. Torchic's biggest
threat is water, but there isn't much of that in Story Mode. You'll be
safe to pick a water type to cover anything Torchic can't. Torchic 
can also use a few fighting moves later on. Fire and water makes the
best type team. Torchic makes protecting its partner easy: he can
easily defeat the grass types.


Water Type, Recommended Partner: Charmander or Torchic

Movesets: Mudkip gets only one water move early on: Water gun.
Water gun, Mud Slap, Take Down, and Protect

Mudkip will rely one Water TM to get the most of water type. I say
get Water Pulse for range.  Later you can teach him Dig (before he
evolves too) and other ground type moves. For the ultimate team,
teach him Ice Beam or Blizzard and pair him with Torchic to take out
Story Mode in a flash.


Normal Type, Recommended Partner: Charmander or Squirtle

Movesets: Attract, sing, Doubleslap, Tackle

Unfortunately, Skitty gets the worst of offensive moves. You'll want
a Fire type (good advantages few weaknesses) or Squirtle to take
Skitty's status inflicting and put it to good use with attacks. The
good news is, you can put it to sleep then hide behind your partner
while they do the attacking. Skitty also comes with the Cute Charm
abitlity to infatuate.

-Get the X-Ray Specs, you'll be able to avoid ambushes easier.

-Use range, kill them before they can get physical.

-Level Up! I say you should level up 2 levels or so before each new
dungeon, take 4 or five before Sinister woods. The poison alone can
get you. Here's some useful markers for leveling:

Sinister Woods=Level 12 or 13
Mt. Thunder=Level 15 or 16
Great Canyon=Level 20
Uproar Forest=Level 25
Magma Cavern=Level 27 or 28
Sky Tower=Level 30

-Keep your friends leveled up! this can save your butt if you are not 
type matched to your dungeon.

-Give all gummies to your partner or yourself. Most likely you will not
need your friends for more than two or three dungeons.

-Play the Monster Houses! I went through all Story mode and got in
ONE monster house. they are FUN to play, seriously, especially if you
want a challenge or if you are very good.

-In the beginning you will want to recruit and level up a bunch of 
pokemon so you'll have a good diverse team. This is very useful
Post game when not all dungeons contain all of one type. The earliest
and best of each important type:

Fire: Go get a Growlithe. It has Flash Fire, so no fire attacks can 
harm him! Great! mt. Thunder, 9 and 10 floor.

Water: Poliwag. It gets Hypnosis and Bubble, range and status! Water
gun is the next water move. Silent Chasm.

Electric: Magnemite. You can get this free and it can learn some great
electric moves like Thundershock, Thunderwave, and TM Thunder.

Grass: Shroomish. Get one! The Effect Spore ability allows it to poison
or stun any opponent without a move. Teach it Bullet Seed and it's good
to go. It knows Absorb when you get it I believe. Sinister Woods.

Ice: You can just teach a water type Ice Beam or you can go get the
Pillowine in the Frosty Grotto.

Fighting: Mankey in the Uproar Forest. Tyrogue in Mt. Steel as well.

Ground: Geodude at Mt. Steel

Flying: The earliest is Pidgey, but any boss will fit the bill way better
after Story Mode.

Bug: Paras is probably the best in Silent Chasm.

Rock: Geodude or Sudowoodo (Sinister Woods).

Dark: You'll get Absol free later, at level 21. For an early Dark type
get  Houndoom.


On the title screen, select wondermail and imput these
codes to get the mentioned TM's! All at Tiny Woods, for you
convenience. And the answer is YES, if you use those codes you
are skipping, cheating, or in any other way, not PLAYING BY THE
RULES! But it's not hacking, you still play the game, it's still just
as fun, just easier. If you want a challenge, do not use them. However
if you are stuck, by all means these will help you.

Reward: Blizzard + ?
Wonder Mail:
??FN WWX? 4P?-
T1?Y 6476 R??W

Reward: Ice Beam + ?
Wonder Mail:
??1N WHY? 4P?1
H1?Y 6476 P??W

Reward: Giga Drain + ?
Wonder Mail:
??1N WMY? 4P?F
S1?Y 6476 9??W

Reward: Thunderbolt + ?
Wonder Mail:
??FN W1T? 4P?-
01?Y 6476 +??W

Reward: Thunder + ?
Wonder Mail:
??1N WWY? 4P?+
?1?Y 6476 +??W

Reward: Dig + ?
Wonder Mail:
??FN WCS? 4P?-
01?Y 6476 S??W

Reward: Bullet Seed + ?
Wonder Mail:
??1N WQ0? 4P?H
C1?Y 6476 7??W

Reward: Shock Wave + ?
Wonder Mail:
??FN WWY? 4P?(male)
K1?Y 6476 Y??W

Reward: Flamethrower + ?
Wonder Mail:
??1N W3Y? 4P?(male)
61?Y 6476 Y??W

Reward: Waterfall + ?
Wonder Mail:
??FN W2X? 4P?S
C1?Y 64N6 C??W

Reward: Surf + ?
Wonder Mail:
??FN W4F? 4P?X
N1?Y 64N6 5??W


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