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Pokémon Hub

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough

by LucarioOfDeath

 ______   ______     __  __     ______     __    __     ______     __   __    
/\  == \ /\  __ \   /\ \/ /    /\  ___\   /\ "-./  \   /\  __ \   /\ "-.\ \   
\ \  _-/ \ \ \/\ \  \ \  _"-.  \ \  __\   \ \ \-./\ \  \ \ \/\ \  \ \ \-.  \  
 \ \_\    \ \_____\  \ \_\ \_\  \ \_____\  \ \_\ \ \_\  \ \_____\  \ \_\\"\_\ 
  \/_/     \/_____/   \/_/\/_/   \/_____/   \/_/  \/_/   \/_____/   \/_/ \/_/ 
 ____  ____                       _       ______          __        __  
|_   ||   _|                     / |_   .' ___  |        [  |      |  ] 
  | |__| |  .---.  ,--.   _ .--.`| |-' / .'   \_|   .--.  | |  .--.| |  
  |  __  | / /__\\`'_\ : [ `/'`\]| |   | |   ____ / .'`\ \| |/ /'`\' |  
 _| |  | |_| \__.,// | |, | |    | |,  \ `.___]  || \__. || || \__/  |  
|____||____|'.__.'\'-;__/[___]   \__/   `._____.'  '.__.'[___]'.__.;__] 
                                __   _  _  ___  
                                   (  ) ( \( )(   \ 
                                   /__\  )  (  ) ) )
                _____         _    _____ _ _             
            |   __|___ _ _| |  |   __|_| |_ _ ___ ___ 
            |__   | . | | | |  |__   | | | | | -_|  _|
            |_____|___|___|_|  |_____|_|_|\_/|___|_| 


Version: 1.0                                 By:Meh
                  Email: [email protected]

           |          Table Of Contents         |TAB|                       |                                

            |         Section                                  |   REF    |                                   
            | Table of Contents                                |TABLEC|   |
            | Updates                                          |UPDATE|   |
            | Introduction                                     |INTROD|   |     
            | Other                                            |OTROFL|   | 
            | The Adventure Begins                             |TADVBN|   |                                                                                |           | Second Gym Bugsy Boy                             |SDHMBB|   |
            | Rollout Menace & Far Fetched Ideas               |RMAFFI|   |
            | Scaredy Dogs and Ghostly Encounters              |SDAGEN|   |

If you need to find a section fast, please us to Ctrl + F function to search the refferal letters ? To find the Table of Contents you search TABLEC.

            |          Updates        |UPDATE|                                |                                

                      April 3rd: Start the FAQ of Heart Gold
April 4th: Finished 2cd and 3rd Gym

            |          Introduction       |INTROD|                            |                                

Hello, I'd first like to start off this guide by telling you some background information about it and where it comes from.

Pokemon, is created by Nintendo. Pokemon has been with us since 1996, with the start of the games Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. Soon later after its big success they brought out a different version, Pokemon Blue.
In 1998 America, Australia and Europe got the games Red and Blue, in English. Afterwards Pokemon Yellow, which main feature was the Pikachu you had following you and the fact it was more based on the anime, was released.

Generation Two of Pokemon was soon released in the form of Pokemon Gold and Silver. This introduced and new region named Jhoto to Pokemon fans and another 100 new pokemon. It also allowed you to go back to the region of Kanto.
This series was followed by Crystal, which had new animations and focused on Suicune.

Generation Three, Saphire and Ruby, new colors, 136 more pokemon and new region, Hoenn, was introduced to these games. 
Nintendo then remade Red and Green, to bring the pokemon into Saphire and Ruby. These wre named FireRed and LeafGreen.
Emerald was released as a third counter part of Saphire and Ruby, allowing cut scences, the Battle Frontier and the ability to catch both legendaries.

Some spin offs were introduced, in particular, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger. These games were completely different to the normal Pokemon Games. In my opinion, PMD is the best.

Generation Four, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, were produced on the DS, this brought forward another 106 pokemon and a new region named Sinnoh. Pokemon Battle Revolution was released on the Wii and sometime after Pokemon Platinum another verion of Diamond and Pearl was released. This added some more features to the game, and one in the main- Torn World.

And now, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. They are the remakes of Gold and Silver versions. This is the game this guide will focus on. 
Heart Gold and Soul Silver are based on the Jhoto region, where you have to battle the 8th gym leaders in Jhoto then beat the Elite Four, but then unlike the other games, you can go to Kanto afterwards. Here you can battle the other 8th gym leaders and as a final challenge, Red.
Please E-Mail questions or information to [email protected]

          |        Other                    |OTROFL|                       |                                

As per usual, there are two games, with very slight differences. Not really very big differences, just different pokemon can be found, and the main story revolves around a different legendary. Here are the different pokemon found in each one:

 Heart Gold                        Soul Silver

        Mankey    Primeape                    Meowth,   Persian            
        Growlithe Arcanine                    Vulpix    Ninetales           
        Omanyte   Omastar                     Kabuto    Kabutops           
        Spinarak  Ariados                     Ledyba    Ledian            
        Gligar    Gliscor                     Delibird  Skarmory             
        Mantyke   Mantine                     Teddiursa Ursaring             
        Phanpy    Donphan                     Mawile    Gulpin         
        Sableye   Kyogre                      Swalot    Groudon             
        Baltoy    Claydol                              
Yes, Heart Gold does have more catchable pokemon, though it doesn't really matter.

That's really the main differences in the two games.

Okay some basic to the game.

So Pokemon, they all have types. You must learn which type's are effective against which and which are not. You must build a balanced team, no two same types. Also on that part, try not to go for a full 6 partied team, it makes it very hard to keep them on the same level, 4 is a good number.
Strategy. Most people think leveling your Pokemon up as much as possible is the best way to win. Granted leveling is needed, but strategy plays a major part in this game. Learn which moves will work best with your type, what moves will hurt the opponent the most, and how to use your items.

Pokemon get boosted attack power if the type of attack you are using is the same as your pokemons type. This is called Same Type Attack Bonus, aka STAB.

Battle whatever and whenever you can, pick up all the items you can find. This will help you in the long run, gaining more EXP for your Pokemon.

Before we start, I ahve to ask.

How do you get a Pikachu on a bus?


Ahahahhahah classic.

          | The Adventure Begins                 |TADVBN|                  |                                

Same old story, Prof. Oak will come in the ask you if you need help, bla bla bla. After the usual talk, he'll ask you if you are a male or female. Not much changes if you pick one other than your friend is the opposite gender. Then he'll ask for your name. Some more text and the you shrink and end up in a room. Fantastic, eh.

Okay, first off. There's a computor there with a e-mail from Lyra, bragging about her pokemon >.>. Go down the stairs and your mum will talk to you. She tells you professor Elm was looking for you. She'll give you your bag, trainer card, save option, options menu. These are located on the touch screen.

So walk outside in to the fresh air and HOLY CRAP A MARILL. Lyra/Ethan will come out of the lab and call Marill back. Go to the left and you'll see a red haired person peeking into the lab. He won't do much for now other than kick you, in the groin no less. After you get up from that, head into the lab and walk towards Elm. He will talk to you and offer you a pokemon, so you can go a errand for him to Mr. Pokemon, weird name eh. The A button will pop up to pokemon. Here is some help on which pokemon to choose.

Grass type Pokemon. Evolves at lvl 16 and lvl 32. Is a defensive pokemon in the main. This pokemon is effective against, water, ground and rock type pokemon and has a resistence to ground and water types.
It those have a resistence to ice, rock, fire, flying and bug. The first two gym's will be a tough one for this pokemon, but later on it becomes a great pokemon. Great for people not used to this game, not one of my favorites though.

Fire type pokemon. Evolves at lvl 14 and 36. Is a great attacking pokemon, but defensive wise, meh. It's very frail. It has a type advantage and many types, grass, bug, ice and steel. It is good for early game but later on it can be a bit of a challenge. Is the only fire type you can for a long while though. My personal favorite in this game, though I have already completed it with him. If you want attack power, go for this flaming hedgehod. Btw, the Typhlosion sprite is pretty awesome in this game.

Water type pokemon. Evolves at lvl 18 and lvl 30. A pretty late middle evolution but its final evo is early which is awesome. It has a pretty good attack stat and better defensive that Cynda. Toto is a great choice for this game and I will be using it this time around. Toto awayyy.

Click the poke button in the middle to choose it and it will pop out right behind you :O. Pokemon in the first slot in your party will always follow you. You can use the blue machine to heal and the lab assistant will give you a whole FIVE POTIONS. So, go outside and Lyra will talk to you. Go back into your own house and you will recieve your very own Pok?Gear! It can only hold numbers and change its background now though later it will give you access to the map and radio. Your mother will explain the gear to you and you can then go off on your way.

Head towards Route 29(westways) and Elm will give you his number. Head into route 29.

          | ROUTE 29                    |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 2-4                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                        | Pidgey     | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                                                     | Sentret    | Normal                                         |                                                                           | Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                   | Rattata    | Normal                                         |                                                    +-------------------------------------------------------------+ 
I will add to encouter rates whenever I get them, help is appreiciated.
Not really much to do. Battle some pokemon for easy levels if you wish. Level your pokemon up to 7 and you should be set.                 
Head west till you can turn up then go northwestish so you can find a potion. Go back west and pass by the gatehouse. You will see a apricorn tree, but you have no case, so ignore it. For now.
Go into Cherrygrove Town.
          | Cherrygrove                 |
Once you enter in a little bit, a old man will run up to you and give you a tour of the city. And damn does he run fast. Afterwards he will give you the Running Shoes allowing you to run faster! A new feature in HG/SS is that you can click the pair of shoes on the bottom screen allowing you to run without having to hold B. Awesome in my opinion.
I'm loving the new PokeMart and Poke Center images. Go heal up if needed. Head out towards the north and the Guide will run up to you and give you the map card. Nice of him.

          | ROUTE 30                    |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 2-4                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                        | Pidgey     | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                                                     | Spinarak   | Bug/Poison                                     |                                                                           | Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                   | Rattata    | Normal                                         |      | Ledyba     | Bug/Flying                                     |      | Caterpie   | Bug                                            |      | Metapod    | Bug                                            |       | Weedle     | Bug/Poison                                     |                                                                     | Kakuna     | Bug/Poison                                     |                                                           +-------------------------------------------------------------+ 
Head up into the route and immediatly you will find a potion on the right. Go into the house directly up and you will recieve the paricorn case from the guy inside. Go outisde and shake the tree on the left the get a GRN Apricorn. Continue upwards and grab the antidote on the side. Go straight up, not left and you will reach Mr.Pokemon's House. Grab the PNK Apricorn nearby.

Inside you will find Mr. P and Prof. Oak. He will give you the Mystery Egg which will eventually hatch into.....You'll find out ;). He'll heal your poor pokemon afterwards.
Anyway after some more dialogue Oak will give you a Pokedex. It has changed a fair bit and looks cooler honestly.
Prof. Elm will call you saying something very very very very very very bad has happened. But, he can't tell you now. AAAHHHHHHHHH!

Heal and save. Head out of Cherrygrove and the Red Haired person that tried kick you will come out and challenge you.
Welcome to the first Rival and Trainer Battle of the game!
My Pokemon:
Totodile: Lvl 8
As usual your rival will pick the pokemon you are weak against aka
If you pick    :    He'll pick
Totodile       :  Chikorita
Cyndaquil      :  Totodile
          Chikorita      : Cyndaquil
+------------------------------------------------------------+                   |                                                            |                                                     +------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Pokemon | Type  | Ability | Level| Gender | Exp  |  Reward |                      +------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Chikorita| Grass | Overgrow|  5   | Male   | 67   |  500P   |                      +------------------------------------------------------------+                      +------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Totodile | Water | Torrent |  5   | Male   | 70   |  500P   |                      +------------------------------------------------------------++------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Cyndaquil| Fire  | Blaze|  5   | Male      | 69   |  500P   |                      +------------------------------------------------------------+

Some pretty cool music will play during this battle. I left my DS and listened to it for a while :D.
Anyway, not a very hard battle. You should be 1-2 levels over his pokemon. I hit him 4 times with scratch and he was out. He doesn't have any elemental attacks so just hit him with your best attack till he goes down. Use a potion if nessacary. You should win with ease and might even gain a level. You'll get 500P for this easy battle. You'll see his trainer card afterwards with his name and he'll take it back. Head back towards the lab and collect the Grn Apricorn along the way.

Back where the red haired boy was, there is yet another potion in that spot. Go into the lab and you will be framed as the criminal. Lyra/Ethan will come up and clain your innocence saying they saw who did it and it was the red haired boy you fought. The Policeman will ask if you got his name and you can enter it. You then give Elm the egg which he will keep >.>.
Go back into your house and talk to your mom. She'll ask if you want to save some money. I'd advise doing this as sometimes she will buy you some pretty handy items. You can always reclaim the money anyway.
Head back to Route 29
Route 29:

There Lyra will explain the basics of catching Pok?mon which btw she defies the laws of the damned game and gives you 5 Pok? Balls. Nice of her.
Catch a Pokemon if needed. I'd stay with your starter for now as the pokemon here won't be good for a while.

Now you have pokeballs Route 46 might be good to go to now.

          | ROUTE 46                    |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 2-4                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                                                                                                                             | Geodude    | Rock/Ground                                    |                                                                           | Spearow    | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                   | Rattata    | Normal                                         |                                                    +-------------------------------------------------------------+
Spearow is a good pokemon to catch now. Geodude too, but it might be better to wait until we get into a area with ones of a higher level, y'know. Unless you really need it for the flying gym ahead.

Nothing else to do so head back to cherrygrove and into Route 30.

          | ROUTE 30                    |
Exact same pokemon and levels as last just this time, you can actually battle trainers, find more items and go to another place.
Go to left this time and get into a battle.
 Youngster Joey:
 Lvl 4 Rattata, 47 EXP, 64P.
He'll ask if you want his phone number. Refuse it if you wish. He doesn't do much other than annoy the hell outta you. Go foward to the next trainer.
Youngster Mikey:
Lvl 2 Pidgey   22 EXP
Lvl 4 Rattata  48 EXP 64P Reward.
Another easy battle. Go up to where the flowers are. On the second line of them there is a potion in the third flower. Go up and battle the bug trainer.
Bug Catcher Don:
Caterpie Lvl 3, 33 EXP
Caterpie Lvl 3, 33 EXP Missed the reward here, sorry.

Head up into Route 31
          | ROUTE 30                    |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 2-4                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                        | Pidgey     | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                                                     | Spinarak   | Bug/Poison                                     |                                                                           | Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                   | Rattata    | Normal                                         |       | Ledyba     | Bug/Flying                                     |       | Caterpie   | Bug                                            |       | Metapod    | Bug                                            |       | Weedle     | Bug/Poison                                     |                                                                     | Kakuna     | Bug/Poison                                     |       | Bellsprout | Grass/Poison                                   |                                                         +-------------------------------------------------------------+
So a Bellsprout can now be found, may be handy. I'd catch one. You can trade one for a Onix in a bit which will come in handy. I wouldn't use Bellsprout as a pokemon in your team, imo Butterfree is better though it does have 4x against rock. But never mind that. Tis' just my opinion. You'll find a potion up near the cave which bring us to a grand total of 10. Go down the steps to find a Blk Apricorn and then pick up the Poke Ball and battle the Bug Trainer.
Bug Catcher Wade:
Caterpie Lvl 2, 22 Exp                                          Caterpie Lvl 2, 22 Exp                                             Weedle   Lvl 3, 33 Exp                                          Caterpie Lvl 2, 22 Exp, 32P Reward, Phone Number: Yes
Go into Dark Cave if you want. Not much there other than Zubat, Dunsparce and Geodude. Dunsparce is quite rare but not much use, Zubat might come in handy. Nothing really in there at the moment so no point explaining it much.You can find yet another potion inside however. Head towards Violet City and you'll revieve the Vs. Recorder from Ethan/Lyra.

          | Violet City                 |
Not much pokemon wise. You can catch Poliwag, Poliwhirl and Magikarp with Surf and the rods later on at levels 15-22 or so. Heal if needed now.
Okay so down in the house on the far southwest side there is a person who will trade a Onix for a Bellsprout. It has a hasty nature and was male and was carrying a item. It is a adavantage over Faulkner when it learns a rock move at level 9. I'd advise getting it. There is a hidden Poke Ball, just on the first island after the first bridge. Go to the bottm left corner, walk up twice then right tice and look upwards to get it. Head through the gate house in the top left to get to route 36.
          | Route 36                    |
So like nothing here. Talk to the fat dude to get HM06 Rock Smash which will be allowed to be used after you get the Zephyr badge to break rocks, whihc is handy to find Items and Pokemon. Head back into Violet City and go through the south exit to get a Ylw Apricorn. Onwards to Route 32 and more pokemons, including a electric type :O.
          | Route 32                    |

+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 4-6                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                        | Bellsprout | Grass/Poison                                   |                                                                                                     | Mareep     | Electric                                       |                                                                           | Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying                                  |                                                                   | Rattata    | Normal                                         |      | Hoppip     | Grass/Flying                                   |      | Wooper     | Water/Ground                                   |      | Zubat      | Poison/Flying                                  |       | Ekans      | Poison                                         |                                                                                                                                +-------------------------------------------------------------+          
Catch a Mareep. Liek now. Well not really, but it is a awesome pokemon. I'll be catching it. Has a advantage over Faulkner. Some good Exp the get around here. I trained for a while. After your done go up into Violet City, over the bridges and into Sprout Tower.
          | Sprout Tower                |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 3-5                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                                                                                                                             | Ghastly    | Ghost/Poison                                   |                                                                                                                                              | Rattata    | Normal                                         |                                                    +-------------------------------------------------------------+
Sprout Tower, full of bellsprout trainers and lots of wild Ghastly. Its a horrible place to my poor Totodile. Head up the ladder(which has a nice image of you climbing it). Head to the right and battle th monk there.
Sage Nico:
Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp                                           Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp                                          Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp, 144P Reward
Easy pweasy. Head up the ladder. Directly down there is a Parlyz Heal. Fight the monk on the right again.
Sage Chow:
Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp                                           Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp                                          Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp, 144P Reward
Same old, same old. Head up the ladder and grab the X accuracy above you. Battle the sage. 

Sage Edmond:
Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp                                           Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp                                          Bellsprout Lvl 3, 54 Exp, 144P Reward
Have. Have I not done this before? Go up the ladder to the last floor. Grab the potion on the left and battle the next sage.

Sage Jin :                                                       Bellsprout Lvl 6, 108 Exp, 288P Reward
Some difference finally. Go up and battle the next sage

Sage Neal:
Bellsprout Lvl 6, 108 Exp, 288P Reward.
Go battle the next monk.
Sage Troy :
Bellsprout Lvl 7, 128 Exp                                                                                     HootHoot   Lvl 7, 128 Exp, 336P Reward
Where the fudge did that HootHoot come from. Go up and you will see your rival talking to the Head Sage, he'll use a escape rope and leave afterwards. Pick up the escape rope if need be and talk to the Head Sage to battle him.
My Pokemon:
Totodile Lvl 11
Pidgey   Lvl 10
Mareep   Lvl 12
Whooper  Lvl 6
+------------------------------------------------------------------+                   |                  Monk Li                                         |                                                     +------------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Pokemon  | Type        | Ability    |Lv| Gender | Exp  | Prize   |                      +------------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Bellsprout| Grass/Poison| Chlorophyll|7 | Male   | 126  |  1200P  |    |Bellsprout| Grass/Poison| Chlorophyll|7 | Male   | 126  |         |    |HootHoot  |Normal/Flying| Inner Focus|10| Male   | 123  |         |                  +------------------------------------------------------------------+
Easy battle. Btw my Whooper will not stay there. You will get TM70 Flash afterwards. It gives you the ability to light up caves such as Dark Cave. You can also go battle Faulkner now. Exit, heal and enter Violet Gym.
          | Violet Gym                  |
Step onto the thingy in the middle to go upwards. Two trainers are there, battle them or skip em.
Bird Keeper Abe:
Spearow Lvl 9, 111 Exp, 288P Reward

Bird Keeper Rod:
Pidgey Lvl 7, 82 Exp,
Pidgey Lvl 7, 82 Exp, 224P Reward
After thats done, go up and talk to Faulkner to battle him.
My Pokemon:
Totodile Lvl 11
Pidgey   Lvl 11
Mareep   Lvl 14
Whooper  Lvl 6
+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                   |                Leader Faulkner                                           |                                                     +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Pokemon  | Type           | Ability       |Lvl |  Gender  | Exp          |                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Pidgey    |Normal/Flying   | Keen Eye      |9   |  Male    | 105          |              |Pidgeotto |Normal/Flying   | Keen Eye      |13  |  Male    | 310          |                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+
                            1560P Reward
Pretty easy battle. Three thundershocks was all it took. Anyway for those of you who do not have Mareep. Pidgey will go down pretty easy, hit it with your strongest move or a rock move if you have one. It should go down easily in 2-3 hits, a super effective one Koing it.
Pidgeotto on the other hand. This one will hit hard, with gust or tackle. Use electric or rock if you have it. Even at that it will take 2-3 hits. If you have neither, use totodile/cyndaquil and their elemental attacks. If you have Chikorita. Well your screwed unless you picked up a Rock/Electric type. It should go down in 5 hits as long as it doesn't use Roost. Overall, its not too hard.
Once you beat him you will get the Zephyr Badge, which allows you to use Rock Smash outside of battle and TM51 Roost. Exit the gym and into Violet City.
Violet City:                                                                 

Outside Prof. Elm will call you. He will tell you that the egg is in the Poke Mart. Go the the left and enter and talk to the lab assistant. It hatches into a Lvl 1 Togepi after around 2700 steps, with a egg move.
I got a super potion in the Poke Mart from the guy in orange also. And for your help here is a list of the Items now in the Poke Mart:
Poke Ball    200P         Potion    300P                              Super Potion 700P         Antidote  100P                          Parlyz Heal  200P         Awakening 250P                             Burn Heal    250P         Ice Heal  250P                            Escape Rope  550P         Repel     350P                             Net Ball    1000P         Heal Ball 300P
Outside a Kimono Girl will speak to you, not much of interest is said. Anyway, over to the far right there is a rock that can be smashed. I got a revive from it and follow that path to get a Super Potion. Head to Route  32
         | Second Gym Bugsy Boy                 |SDGMBB|                  |                                

Route 32:
Somethings to do now so head left and into the Ruins of Alph.

          | Ruins of Alph               |
Once you get in go foward and bit and down, where there are 5 unbreakable rocks. On the topest one there is a Great Ball.
Go up past the house and into through the hole in the ruin. Then right, up left and into the hole. Go up to the top click on the thing there and use the escape rope. This will open up a new wall with the Items- Heal Powder, Energypowder, Peacha and Oran Berry. Head back to the Kabuto Puzzle.

Move the top left one next to the piece that has the matching
eye and double tap on the piece you just moved three times.
Next, take the bottom left piece and move it to the top, where the gap between the top and top left corner is. Double tap it once.
Now, take the right hand piece and put it in the middle row on the right-hand gap. Double tap it twice.
Finally, take the bottom one and put it on the left side and double tap it three times. The puzzle will glow, and you'll be sent to the underground. You can find Unknown here at levels 5. Once in there a guy will give you the Unknown Report. Not much else here so find the ladder and climb up it. There is a hidden Rare Candy at the top left after you break some rocks so make sure the get it. Exit to Route 32 and head south

Route 32:
Heading south a man will talk to you and hand you the miracle seed which boosts grass type moves. Continue down to fight a Youngster.

Youngster Albert:
Rattata Lvl 6, 72 Exp.
Zubat   Lvl 8, 91 Exp

Head down and talk to a Picnicker to battle

Picnicker Liz:
Nidoran Lvl8, 100 EXP
She'll ask for your phone number. Go left then down past the steps and into another battle.

Camper Roland:
Nidoran Lvl 9, 115 EXP.
Go down and up a bit to find a great ball then go down the patch at the steps to find TM09 Bullet Seed. Now head down the steps and get engaged in a battle

Youngster Gordon:
Whooper Lvl 10, 111 Exp

Head down and you'll find a Poke Center, heal and talk to the fisherman to get the old rod, so you can now catch magikarp and goldeen. Then go back up past the last battle and onto the bridge with 3 fisherman, at the right fork.

Fisherman Henry:
Poliwag Lvl 8, 132 Exp
Poliwag Lvl 8, 132 Exp

Fisherman Justin:
Magikarp Lvl 5x3, Lvl 15 and around 120 Exp

Fisherman Ralph:
Goldeen Lvl 10, 237 Exp

Go back to the center and heal. Just found out the guy in the corner will give you Lure Balls. Head down and fight the bird trainer.
Bird Keeper
Pidgey  Lvl6, 64 Exp
Pidgey  Lvl6, 64 Exp
Spearow Lvl8, 99 Exp
Go to the top left corner beside the cave and examine the spot below to find a great ball. Enter the cave.

          | Union Cave                  |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 5-7                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                        | Zubat      | Poison/Flying    | Cave      |                 |          | Geodude    | Rock/Ground      | Cave      |                 |      | Onix       | Rock/Ground      | Cave      |                 |      | Rattata    | Normal           | Cave      |                 |       | Sandshrew  | Ground           | Cave      |                 |       | Wooper     | Water/Ground     | Surf      |                 |      | Quagsire   | Water/Ground     | Surf      |                 |                               | Magikarp   | Water            | Old Rod   |                 |                            | Goldeen    | Water            | Old Rod   |                 |                                                                                                            +-------------------------------------------------------------+
Union Cave does not have much more in it. It may be worthwhile the catch a Sandshrew and evolve it. Note that those that have Soul Silver will not be able to find it as it is found in the wild in heart gold only.
Go towards the left and there is two paths, go to the left one to collect the X Attack then take the other path upwards. You'll get into battle with a awesome looking firebreather. Head down that stairs afterwards.

Firebreather Ray:
Vulpix Lvl 9, 144 Exp

Union Cave B1F:
Same pokemon as before just the levels are slightly higher. No point going down here unless you want items. Once down continue straight till you hit a rock. Examine it to find a X Speed. Go past the rock to find TM39 Rock Tomb. It is a good move for Onix if you have one. You can collect a X Defend at the top of the room. Go back to where you were before

Union Cave 1F:
Go straight down and engage the battle with the hiker.

Hiker Daniel:
Onix lvl 11, 253 EXP
Good EXP there. Head right now. You'll come to yet another Hiker.
Hiker Russel:
Geodude lvl 4,  61 EXP
Geodude Lvl 6,  93 EXP
Geodude Lvl 8, 124 EXP  300P
Head right and bit and down, you'll see 3 rocks, with a gap in between in a part, walk into the gap and examine the wall for a Great Ball. Continue down the battle another firebreather. Man those sprites look cool.

Firebreather Bill:
Koffing Lvl6, 145 EXPx2

Yo can find a visible great Ball in the corner of where you are now. Go left than maneuver between the rocks the find another one of those potions. 11 now eh. Go out from where you are and go downwards. You'll see a lone rock with a parlyz heal in it, continue down and fight the Pokemaniac
Poke Maniac Larry:
Slowpoke Lvl11, 232 EXP
A nice reward here. Continue right past the gap, grab the awakening near the exit and out into Route 33 we go.

          | Route 33                    |
+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                  | Pokemon    | Type                Levels 5-7                 |+-------------------------------------------------------------+                                        | Spearow    | Normal/Flying   | Grass      |                 |          | Hoppip     | Grass/Flying    | Grass      |                 |      | Ekans      | Poison          | Grass      |                 |      | Rattata    | Normal          | Grass      |                 |       | Zubat      | Poison/Flying   | Grass      |                 |                                                                                                                   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
Fairly short route. A nice addition to it is that there is rain. Pretty. Go down and shake the Pnk and Blk Apricorn tree. You shall be able to use these soon. Go up and right and battle the hiker.

Hiker Anthony:
Geodude Lvl 11, 171 Exp
Machop  Lvl 11. 175 Exp
He'll ask for your number. Head into Azalea town now.

          | Azalea Town                 |
Once you go foward a bit you'll see a guy in black hitting a man. He wil then move to block the entrance of slowpoke well. There is a house with smoke and a pile of logs. Examine the logs to find a Full Heal. On the top left of the town there is a White Apricorn. You can go and heal now. Go back the where you found the apricorn and enter, you will see the Ball Maker Kurt and his Grand Daughter inside. Talk to Kurt to get him to give out about the people down in Slowpoke well and he will race off there. Go to the entrance, down the path and into the well.

          | Slowpoke Well               |
| Pokemon    | Type             |                             |
| Zubat      | Poison/Flying    | Cave                        |
| Slowpoke   | Water/Psychic    | Cave /Surf                  |
| Magikarp   | Water            | Old Rod                     |
| Goldeen    | Water            | Old Rod                     |      +-------------------------------------------------------------+
Inside you will find Kurt who has hurt himself. You must go beat Team Rocket by yourself. Then go through the hole. Go up and battle the Grunt

Team Rocket Grunt:
Rattata Lvl 9, 109 Expx2 
Go up and around and battle the next grunt beside a Super Potion.

Team Rocket Grunt:
Zubat Lvl 9, 103 Exp
Ekans Lvl11, 145 Exp

Go dwown the two sets of stairs and follow the narrow path to a rock with another Super Potion, head back up the stairs and battle the next grunt.

Team Rocket Grunt:
Rattata Lvl 7,  70 Exp
Zubat   Lvl 9, 103 Exp
Zubat   Lvl 9, 103 Exp, 360P

Now go up and fight the Team Rocket Admin Proton.

My Pokemon:
Croconaw Lvl 18
Mareep   Lvl 16
Pidgey   Lvl 13

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                   |            Rocket Admin Proton                                           |                                                     +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Pokemon  | Type           | Ability       |Lvl |  Gender  | Exp          |                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Zubat     |Poison/Flying   | Inner Focus   |8   |  Male    |  91          |              |Koffing   |Poison          | Levitate      |12  |  Male    | 292          |                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+
480P Reward
Like seriously this guys an Admin? Just handle him like you did with the grunts. Piece of cake. Just don't use ground moves due to Koffing's levitate and Zubats flying typing. Once you beat him Kurt will come up to you and bring you to his house.

Azalea Town:
There he will give you a Fast Ball- This Ball is great for the running legendaries. The faster they are the better the catch rate
He'll also offer to make you Poke Balls out of your apricorns. They are as follows
| Apricorn           | Poke Ball   | What the Ball does/catch rate diff       |
| Red Apricorn       | Level Ball  | The bigger lvl difference, better rate   |
| Blue Apricorn      | Lure Ball   | Wild Pokemon from Rod's have better rate |
| Yellow Apricorn    | Moon Ball   | Wild Poke evolves with a Moon Stone      |
| Green Apricorn     | Friend Ball | Brings happiness up more than usual      |
| White Apricorn     | Fast Ball   | Faster they are, better the catch rate   |
| Black Apricorn     | Heavy Ball  | Heavier the Pokemon, higher the catchrate|
| Pink Apricorn      | Love Ball   | If they are opposite genders, better rate|
After words his granddaughter will offer you his number. Might as well accept it. Now for Azalea Gym! Its in the center of the town.

          | Azalea Gym                  |
Okay I'll be battling all the trainers here for some EXP. Take the middle spider to battle a trainer.
Bug Cather Al:
Caterpie Lvl 12, 135 EXP
Weedle   Lvl 12, 133 EXP

Take the same spider back and this time take the left one. Go up and battle the bug catcher
Bug Catcher Benny:
Weedle   Lvl  7,  78 EXP
Kakuna   Lvl  9, 136 EXP
Beedrill Lvl 12, 408 EXP Forgot the reward again :S
Go straight into the spider and into your first double battle!
Ami and Mimi:
Spinark lvl 10 114 EXP
Ledyba  lvl 10 114 EXP 320P
Go back and hit the blue switch. Next battle plox

Bug Catcher Josh:
Paras Lvl 13, 195 EXP

Go back on the spider and hit the blue switch, go back on the spider and hit the blue switch beside them, walk onto the spider and hit the red switch and then go up to bugsy after being on that little ride. Save and talk to him.

My Pokemon:
Croconaw Lvl 18
Mareep   Lvl 16
Pidgey   Lvl 15

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                   |            Gym Leader Bugsy                                              |                                                     +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Pokemon  | Type           | Ability       |Lvl |  Gender  | Exp          |                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Scyther   |Bug/Flying      | Technician    |17  |Female    | 681 w/ Sitrus|             |Metapod   |Bug             | ShedSkin      |15  |Female    | 231          | |Kakuna    |Bug/Poison      | ShedSkin      |15  |Female    | 228          |                       +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+
1800P and TM89 U-Turn

The hardest battle so far. Metapod and Kakuna are not very challenging with only one attack each, so just hit it with fire, gust or rock.

Scyther on the other hand. Due to its ability Quick Attack will get a power boost. It will mainly use this always hitting you first. It can also higher its critical ratio by using Focus Pump.  It has been said Scyther has Leer but I have not seen him use it. Once Scyther gets in a bit of trouble it will use U-Turn. This is quite a handy move. It has 70 power but due to STAB it is now 105. It will damage your team alot. Once this is used it will switch out to one of the other two pokemon, keeping Scyther safe. If you have a rock type move. USE IT! Scyther has a 4x weakness to rock and it will be taken out easy peasy with it. If not use fire, flying or electric. Once Scyther is down the other two are no challenge at all. Remember Scyther has a Sitrus Berry which will heal it slightly. Use one of your potions if needed.

Once beaten Bugsy will give you U-Turn and the Hive Badge. Exit the gym.

          | Rollout Menace & Far Fetched Ideas                |RMAFFI|     |                                

Go to the Poke Center and heal. Go to the exit near the left and your rival will come up and talk to you. He'll want to battle you.

My Pokemon:
Totodile Lvl 19
Flaafy   Lvl 17
Pidgey   Lvl 15

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                   |            Rival Battle                                                  |                                                     +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Pokemon  | Type           | Ability       |Lvl |  Gender  | Exp          |                      +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                        |Ghastly   |Ghost/Poison    | Levitate      |14  |  male    | 285          |             |Zubat     |Flying/Poison   | Inner Focus   |16  |  male    | 184          | |Starter   |Grass/Water/Fire| Torrent/Blaze |18  |  male    | 542          |                       +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+
1152P Reward

Ghastly, its immune to Ground, Fighting and Normal type attacks. Hit it with a dark move such as bite and it will be out. Any other strong move will suffice though.
Zubat, just hit it with whatever, watch out for confuse ray though. Electric and rock works best.
Now for his starter, Croconaw
is weak to Electric/Grass, Bayleef to Fire/Flying/Bug/Poison and Quilava to Water/Rock/Ground. Hit it 2-3 with any of those and it'll be gone. Bayleef will use a healing move to heal itself so it might cause some bother.
Afterwards head into Ilex Forest

          | Ilex Forest                 |
| Pokemon    | Type             | 5-7                         |
| Caterpie   | Bug              | Forest                      |
| Weedle     | Bug/Poison       | Forest                      |
| Metapod    | Bug              | Forest                      |
| Kakuna     | Bug/Poison       | Forest                      |
| Zubat      | Poison/Flying    | Forest                      |
| Paras      | Bug/Grass        | Forest                      |
| Oddish     | Grass/Poison     | Forest                      |
Nice cut scence. Anyway head upwards, and to the right. You'll be asked to help out a guy catch some farfetch'd.
So go step on the first twigs. Avoid the next set of twigs and come up and around the Farfetch'd there.
Now go right, pick up the Revive along the way. Do not step on the first twigs you see. Take the far left path and go up and talk to the Farfetch'd. Follow the direction it went in. You'll have to step on the first set of twigs but avoid the second and step on the third. Now avoid all the sets of twigs and come up behind it.

Once caught the guy will thank you and the master will come up and give you HM01 Cut!

For those of you with Cynda, you can now recieve Charcoal off the assistant on the right, in the house with smoke coming out of it in Azalea Town. Its in the bottom right.

Now you can use a pokemon to cut the tree. Do so. So go up left and up. After a sign there will be a little fork. Go below and follow it to find a X Attack. There is a antidote near the pond on the left side of it. Now go east and you'll come to a tree, go around it and in the top left corner of the route, there is a repel. Now go down past the man and go up to the second gap in the trees. There is a super potion there. Just before you come to a Kimono girl take a right and follow the trees around to the Headbutt tutor. This can be a pretty nifty move. It allows you to headbutt trees and pokemon can fall out of them.

Now go to the Kimono girl, she'll ask for your help and your current first slot pokemon will show her the way out. But seriously, the pokemon moves 5 steps in front of her and it magical shows her the way out. WTH! Pick up the Ether. Now go left and enter the gatehouse. The lady in there will give you TM12 Taunt.

          | Route 34                    |
| Pokemon    | Type             | 10-13                       |
| Drowzee    | Psychic          | Grass                       | 
| Rattata    | Normal           | Grass                       |
| Abra       | Psychic          | Grass                       |
| Ditto      | Normal           | Grass                       |
| Tentacool  | Water/Poison     | Surf                        |
| Tentacruel | Water/Poison     | Surf                        |
| Magikarp   | Water            | Old Rod                     |
| Krabby     | Water            | Old Rod                     |      +-------------------------------------------------------------+
So a couple new Pokemon here. Drowzee, a Psychic defensive pokemon. Not very useful. Ditto, is only good for breeding.
Abra though, if you manage to catch one, can evolve into the all powerful Kadabra and Alakazam. Its very annoying to level it up due to its only move being teleport >.>.

So go up and battle the youngster. Afterwards battle the next guy you see.

Youngster  Samuel:
Rattata   Lvl  7, 85 EXP
Sandshrew Lvl 10
Spearow   Lvl  8, 99 EXPx2 128P

Pokefan Brandon
Snubbull Lvl 13
Mareep   Lvl 13 103 EXP 842P

Continue upwards for yet another battle. And there is a super potion in the top right corner face upwards right into the tree.

Youngster Ian
Mankey Lvl 10, 157 EXP
DiglettLvl 12  201 EXP

He'll ask for your number but he's only for rematches.
Go down and fight the picnicker. Accept her number as sometimes she may give you some type of evolution stone whihc are very very very rare in this game.

Picnicker Gina:
Hoppip    Lvl  9, 142 EXP
Bulbasaur Lvl 12, 163 EXP
Hoppip    Lvl  9, 142 EXP 192P

Now go up to the day care and Lyra will notice you after a while and give you their phone number. If you  leave the day care the old man will give you his and the old lady's phone number.
This day care, is a mixture of playboy mansion and a adoption center mixed in. Leave a male and female pokemon of the same egg group in here and that dirty old lady will make sure they get it on. Kinda ironic we just got a recorder eh.
Continue North for the last battle of this route.

Camper Todd:
Psyduck Lvl 14, 240 EXP 224P

To the right there is a TM63 Embargo. Head into Goldenrod.

          | GoldenRod                   |
Heal up if need be. Directly across from the Center is the Departement Store. Items are as follows:

 Top Clerk 2F 
| Item                  | Price |
| Poke Ball             | $ 200 | 
| Great Ball            | $ 600 |
| Ultra Ball            | $1200 |
| Escape Rope           | $ 550 |
| Poke Doll             | $1000 |
| Repel                 | $ 350 |
| Super Repel           | $ 500 |
| Max Repel             | $ 700 |
| Grass Mail            | $  50 |
| Flame Mail            | $  50 |
| Bubble Mail           | $  50 |
| Space Mail            | $  50 |

 Bottom Clerk 2F 
| Item                  | Price |
| Potion                | $ 300 |
| Super Potion          | $ 700 |
| Hyper Potion          | $1200 |
| Max Potion            | $2500 |
| Revive                | $1500 |
| Antidote              | $ 100 |
| Parlyz Heal           | $ 200 |
| Burn Heal             | $ 250 |
| Ice Heal              | $ 250 |
| Awakening             | $ 250 |
| Full Heal             | $ 600 |
Only Clerk 3F                                                      +---------------+---------------+
| Item                  | Price |
| X Speed               | $ 350 |
| X Attack              | $ 500 |
| X Defend              | $ 550 |
| Guard Spec.           | $ 700 |
| Dire Hit              | $ 650 |
| X Accuarcy            | $ 950 |
| X Special             | $ 350 |
| X Sp. Def             | $ 350 |

 Only Clerk 4F 
| Item                  | Price |
| Protein               | $9800 |
| Iron                  | $9800 |
| Calcium               | $9800 |
| Zinc                  | $9800 |
| Carbos                | $9800 |
| HP Up                 | $9800 |

 Only Clerk 5F 
| Item                  | Price |
| TM70, Flash           | $1000 |
| TM17, Protect         | $2000 |
| TM54, False Swipe     | $2000 |
| TM83, Natural Gift    | $2000 |
| TM16, Light Screen    | $2000 |
| TM33, Reflect         | $2000 |
| TM22, Solarbeam       | $3000 |
| TM52, Focus Blast     | $5500 |
| TM38, Fire Blast      | $5500 |
| TM25, Thunder         | $5500 |
| TM14, Blizzard        | $5500 |
| TM15, Hyper Beam      | $5500 |
On 5F, there is a guy who will trade a Macho for a Drowzee. It will come with a Macho Brace. It is good for the gym leader in this town.
Now leave the Dept Store. Go one up from the Pkmn Center to find the Game Store, with the rather addictive Voltorb Flip.  Talk to the guy at the table to get the Coin Case.
Left G.C Guy:
Abra @ 200 Coins
Ekans/Sandshrew @ 700 Coins
Dratini @ 2100 coins
All pokemon are levels 15. The guy on the right has some TM's.

So voltorb flip is hard for some people. I'd advise trying for a Abra or maybe even a Dratini. The abra will come in very handy, Alakazam is a great powerhouse.
Some tips for playing this game:

1. See if any of the bottom numbers is a 0. this means there aren't any voltors in that row so it's safe to flip all the cards in that row. flip over all cards in the rows with a 0 as the bottom number.

2. Check the numbers on the sides/bottom of the rows to see if the top number added to the bottom number add up to 5. 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, ect.if they do equal five then this means that the row is 'dead' which means that all the cards in the row are either voltorbs or 1s, either way there is no need to flip them, so you can use your memo pad to mark them so you know not to flip them.

3. hopefully doing step one uncovered some numbers (a 2 or a 3) if so use these numbers to try to make the other row that shares the number 'dead' Example the shared number is a 2 and the row that is unflipped has the numbers 5 at the top and 1 at the bottom, well 5+1=6 so normally we'd say that it isn't 'dead'. but since we uncovered a 2 in that row we can count all the unflipped cards as 1s, so we have a 2 and 4 unflipped cards 2+4=6. if they add up to the same number as what the numbers outside the row add up to then that row is dead, mark all the cards so you know not to flip them. do this for all rows with a 2 or 3 showing. if a row isn't 'dead' then that means one of the unflipped cards in that row is a 2 or 3.

Those three steps are pretty much all that I do and I often make it to level 7, but I've only been playing a few days, I use a bit of logic with the numbers but voltorb flip is more luck than it is math. At level 4 and up you almost always end up with four cards that aren't 'dead' and you know that two of the cards are 2 and that the other two cards are probably voltorbs and you're forced into a 50/50 guess.

Also note that how every many cards you flip over on a level is the same as the level you will start out on should you flip a voltorb.. so if I'm on level five, and I flip over four cards and then I flip a voltorb, I'll drop down to level 4. if I flip over 2 cards and flip a voltorb I get sent back to level 2. 
That should help you get the coins you need. I spent an hour trying to get 2,100 last time.
Exit and go take the right path and go down and into the bike shop. Talk to the guy inside to get a bike. Now go up a bit and left and on the second building on the right enter. Its the radio tower. Go to the last girl on the counter for a quiz answer:
Yes Yes No Yes No
And you will recieve a Radio Card. Whitney will talk to you and return the her gym. Leave and go past the game corner down and into the underground. Lyra will talk to you and give you the fashion case there. Underground is some trainers and a photographer and a hiker with some accessories. I won't go into much detail of the battles so here are the pokemon:
Grimer L11, Grimer L11
Lickitung L12
Magnemite L7
Magnemite L7 Voltorb L11 Magnemite L9
Slowpoke L11 Slowpoke L11
          | Goldenrod Gym               |
Sentret L9, Sentret L13, Sentret L16 
Meowth L16, Meowth L16 
Snubbull L17                                                   Jigglypuff L15, Jigglypuff L15, Jigglypuff L15
Thats the Pokemon in this gym, I don't feel like fighting these ones though :P.
Go up the steps just ahead and go straight, follow the path right, up, right, down one step, right and go down the steps
Move down from the stairs one or
two spaces and hop in through the gap between the stairs and wall here. Move back through the gap and go up and left down through the arch. Talk to Whitney to battle her.
My Pokemon:
Croconaw Lvl 21
Mareep   Lvl 18
Pidgey   Lvl 19
Kadabra  Lvl 18

+--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                   |          Gym Leader Whitney                                              |                                                     +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+                      | Clefairy   | Female | Lv. 17 |            | Miltank    | Female | Lv. 19 |+------------------------------+            +------------------------------+  |    Mimic                     |            |    Rollout                   | |    Metronome                 |            |    Milk Drink                | |    Doubleslap                |            |    Attract                   | |    ???                       |            |    Stomp                     | |    Ability: Cute Charm       |            |    Ability: Scrappy          |+------------------------------+            +------------------------------+ |    Normal     | EXP: 247     |            |    Normal     | EXP: 813     |+------------------------------+            +------------------------------+
Damn love. Damn it to hell. In this battle Attract and Cute Charm will annoy you. Alot. If your pokemon is of the opposite sex and is infatuated, it has only a 50% chance of actually attacking.
Whitney will always open up with Clefairy. Clefairy ain't too bad, doubleslap will hardly hurt at all, it being a low powered normal move. Metronome can sometimes be strong but usually is useless, can sometimes use moves that are not needed, or sometimes use a uber move. It will occasionally use Mimic to put the last move that your Pokemon used in its own moveset.
Just hit it with a fighting move, or even a good strong move and it'll be out for good.

Milktank aka The Cow from Hell. Not really though but this Pokemon can be a real hard pokemon to beat.
It has very good defence and attack stats, with a nice speed, SPDef and SPAtk stat. It will mainly use Stomp. It will always use Attract at the start, lowering your chances of actually hitting Milktank by half. If you have a female pokemon, use it and use it well. I have not seen it use Milk Drink, but it can be used, and Whitney does have a Super Potion or two. Best hope is to get a Pokemon faster than it, and hit it with fighting type moves. Machop will be of major use here, it will win you the battle especially if it is a female one. You should win, eventually. Also it can hit Ghost types due to its Ability. Stomp can make you flinch so make sure you hit before its Milktank, as flinching can be very costly. Rollout is used very rarely by Milktank and when it has been used, its very powerful. Once it gets to the 3rd or 4th hit, i'd switch to your weakest pokemon, like I have my lvl 6 bellsprout. It will KO nearly every single pokemon you could have caught up to this point. Luckily its not used too often, only when Stomp is out of PP, if that battle goes on that long.

Once you beat her, she will cry. Try to leave and a trainer will tell you that Whitney will stop after a while, so go back and talk to her. She will give you the plain badge which allows you to use Strength outside of battle. Though I don't remember getting it, do you? She'll also give you the TM45 Attract. Damn that move.
Exit the gym.

          | Scaredy Dogs and Ghostly Encounters                |SDAGEN|    |                                

Once outside, go into the flower shop right beside the gym and talk to the girl inside. She will see you have the Plain Badge and will give you the SquirtBottle. You NEED this to continue any further in the game. Now you can heal and buy whatever you need.
Head out through the northern gatehouse, talk to the guy in there, to get a lvl 20 Spearow which is quite a nice addition. Keep it, or deliver the letter. I'll be keeping it :P.

          | Route 35                    |
| Pokemon    | Type             | 10 -14                      |
| NidoranM   | Poison           | Grass                       |   
| NidoranF   | Poison           | Grass                       |
| Drowzee    | Psychic          | Grass                       |
| Abra       | Psychic          | Grass                       |
| Pidgey     | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Ditto      | Normal           | Grass                       |
| Yanma      | Bug/Flying       | Grass                       |
| Psyduck    | Water            | Surf                        |
| Golduck    | Water            | Surf                        |
| Magikarp   | Water            | Old Rod                     |
| Poliwag    | Water            | Old Rod                     |      +-------------------------------------------------------------+
Okay, not much new here. Yanma. Might be nice once it learns ancientpower and evolves but meh, don't get it :P,
So for now go straight and get into a battle with a Picnicker

Picnicker Kim
Vulpix Lvl 15,  202 EXP, 242P

Go left and up for a two lovers wanting to battle, not double though. They look like 7 though >.>

Camper Elliot
Sandshrew lvl 13, 225 EXP
Marill    lvl 15, 200 EXP 240P

Picnicker Brooke:
Pikachu Lvl 16, 

Go up some more for another 3 battles.

Camper Ivan:
Diglett Lvl 10, 258 exp
Zubat   Lvl 10, 158 EXP
Diglett Lvl 14, 364 EXP 224P

Juggler Irwin:
Voltorb Lvl 2
Voltorb Lvl 6
Voltorb Lvl 10
Voltorv Lvl 14 448P

Firebreather Walt:
Magmar Lvl 11
Magmar Lvl 16
Now battle the guard if it is night time.

Policeman Dirk
Growlithe Lvl 14 273 EXPx2, 560P

Head right a bit now. Battle the bug trainer

Bug Catcher Errrr:
Venonat Lvl 15, Missed the exp and reward >.>

He'll ask for your number, not worth the bother.

Go down and turn left when you can to get a Parlyz heal, now continue back down the grassy patch, turning left at the bottom.

Now go forward to the Bird Keeper and battle him

Bird Keeper Bryan:
Pidgey    Lvl 12, 141 EXP
Pidgeotto Lvl 14, 339 EXP

If you run past him you will find TM66 Payback. Now go towards the National Back Gatehouse- Back up the grassy patch, left, and into it on the right past the guard.
Go through the left exit and you will meet a guy with a Poliwrath. He will show you up the the Pokeathlon Stadium.

| POKEATHLON STADIUM               |

This place is, surprisingly fun. Couple of things to do in here. Outside of the stadium and to the left is some type of tube things. Press A on it and you will be given and Apricorn Blender!!
This allows you to make drinks for your pokemon to improve their Pokeathlon stats, to use it, drag and drop some apricorns into it, then walk around for a while, if you check it, the drink should now be drinkable. If you go up the stadium and talk to the lady at the front desk, Whitney will come up and explain it to you. She will dash off and give you a Jersey that will allow you to compete.

There are 5 events in the Pokeathlon

| Speed Course   | 
| Stats focused on: Speed, Skill, Stamina, Jump  |
| Events: [1] Hurdle Dash (Speed + Jump)         |
|         [2] Pennant Capture (Speed + Skill)    |
|         [3] Relay Run (Speed + Stamina)        |

| Power Course   | 
| Stats focused on: Power, Stamina, Speed, Skill |
| Events:  1 Block Smash (Power + Stamina)       |
|          2 Circle Push (Power + Speed)         |
|          3   Goal Roll (Power + Skill)         |

| Skill Course   | 
| Stats focused on: Skill, Power, Speed          |
| Events: 1 Snow Throw      (Skill + Power)      |
|         2 Goal Roll       (Skill + Power)      |
|         3 Pennant Capture (Skill + Speed)      |

| Stamina Course | 
| Stats focused on: Stamina, Power, Speed        |
| Events:  1  Ring Drop   (Stamina + Power)      |
|          2  Relay Run   (Stamina + Speed)      |
|          3  Block Smash (Stamina + Power)      |

| Jump Course    | 
| Stats focused on: Jump, Skill, Power, Speed    |
| Events:  1  Lamp Jump   (Jump + Skill)         |
|          2  Disc Catch  (Jump + Power)         |
|          3  Hurdle Dash (Jump + Speed)         |

Each Pokemon will have Speed, Power, Stamina and Jump stats. You pick 3 Pokemon to compete in each course, sometimes they have to work together, sometimes they do not.

You have to do 3 events in each and at the end you are awarded Points these points can be used in the shop and you can buy certain Items on Certain days. You generally get around 250 min each time, 400 max.

Red Apricorn    -  200P
Blue Apricorn   -  200P
Green Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
Moon Stone      - 3000P
Rare Candy      - 2000P

Yellow Apricorn -  200P
Pink Apricorn   -  200P
White Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
Fire Stone      - 2500P
PP Up           - 1000P

Blue Apricorn   -  200P
Pink Apricorn   -  200P
Black Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
Water Stone     - 2500P
Heart Scale     - 1000P

Yellow Apricorn -  200P
Pink Apricorn   -  200P
White Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
Thunderstone    - 2500P
PP Up           -  500P

Red Apricorn    -  200P
Yellow Apricorn -  200P
Greem Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
Metal Coat      - 2500P
Nugget          -  500P

Green Apricorn  -  200P
White Apricorn  -  200P
Black Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
Leaf Stone      - 2500P
Rare Candy      - 2000P

Red Apricorn    -  200P
Blue Apricorn   -  200P
Black Apricorn  -  200P
Moomoo Milk     -  100P
King's Rock     - 3000P
Heart Scale     - 1000P
I'd advise you the try out for the evolution stones. I myself will be trying for a couple of Heart Scales as this are very hard to come by and will be helpful for later on in the game.

These events can be pretty fun too.
So there's a old man nearby, saying he once jumped 998 jumps. If you do 1000 jumps in the pokeathlon, he'll give you a Rare Candy.

 Not much else here, so back to the gatehouse. Take the other exit this time.

| National Park                    |

| Pokemon    | Type             |     Lvl 10 -14              |
| Pidgey     | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Caterpie   | Bug              | Grass                       |
| Metapod    | Bug              | Grass                       |
| Weedle     | Bug/Poison       | Grass                       |
| Kakuna     | Bug/Poison       | Grass                       |
| Sunkern    | Grass            | Grass                       |
Nice music here. So first off, go over to the right bench and talk to the woman sitting next to the Persian to get the Quick Claw, this particular item can be pretty handy on rather slow pokemon giving it a 10% chance to go first in a battle. Now walk into the top left tile of the flower bed at the corner from the left side, then go one step up and search the ground to find a hidden Full Heal.

Now go to the top right corner of the park, where the guy with the DS is, go through the gap there and follow it to the right to find a soothe bell. This is a good item to evolve your togepi.
Now go back through the left and straight down. You'll find TM26 DIG at the very bottom. Go left a bit more and in the corner where a lamppost is you will find a full heal.
Now go back through the gap. Its time to pown some noobs.

I'll tell you all the trainers EXP and rewards here, find them yourself :P.

Pokefan William:
Raichu Lvl 16, 417 EXP

Lass Krise
Oddish Lvl 14, 351 EXP
Cubone Lvl 17, 474 EXP
Phone Number

School Kid Jack
Oddish Lvl 12
VoltorbLvl 16

Pokefan Beverely:
Snubbul lvl 16,  202 EXP
Phone Number

Go up to the middle of the park and take the exit on the right when you are ready.

Oh but before that I must mention there is a bug catching contest on Teusday's Thursday's and Saturdays. During this time new pokemon are added, Like scyther and Pinsir.

| Route 36                         |

| Pokemon    | Type             | 12-15                       |
| NidoranM   | Poison           | Grass     |                 |
| NidoranF   | Poison           | Grass     |                 |
| Pidgey     | Normal/Flying    | Grass     |                 |
| Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying    | Grass     |                 |
| Growlithe  | Fire             | Grass HG  |                 |
| Vulpix     | Fire             | Grass SS  |                 |
| Stantler   | Normal           | Grass     |                 |
Growlithe and Vulpix. First fire pokemon you shall come across. I'd wait just a tiny bit longer to catch em though. But once you do, they'll be very handy in the long run.

So mkay, grab the Blue Apricorn. Then go down and battle the Psychic.

Psychic Mark:
Abra    Lvl 14, 225 EXP
Abra    Lvl 14, 225 EXP
Kadabra Lvl 16, 496 EXP

Go right a bit now to battle.
School Kid Alan
Tangela Lvl 17, 604 EXP 340P
Grab his number

Now go right a bit more and talk to the tree and say yes when it asks you if you want to use the squirt bottle. It turns out the weird tree is a Sudowoodo!

| Sudowoodo | Lv. 20           |
| Type: Rock          | M or F |
| --> Flail                    |
| --> Low Kick                 |
| --> Rock Throw               |
| --> Mimic                    |
Okay, easy battle. I'd highly advise catching it. Its a very nice level at this stage and is a strong rock type pokemon. If you already have a Graveller or Onix, don't use it. Either way catch it, its a once in a game opportunity.

So once you get rid of it, either beating it or catching it, you will be given Berry Plots! Along with Oran Berries and Pecha Berries. The Berry Pots are a key item that allows you to grow berries by depositing one of your already existing berries into one of the pots, plant some oran berries in now too, as they'll come in handy for a side quest.

Okay so now to hand back that Spearow if you wish. Or cheat, take the mail off Spearow and give it to another Pokemon from the PC ;).

So turn right and go into Violet City, and then into Route 31. Talk to the Fat dude next to the tree to deliver the letter and get TM44, Rest as a reward. Totally not worth it.

Head north now and turn left whenever you can to grab a hyper potion, now go up into Route 37!
| Route 37                         |

| Pokemon    | Type             |       13-16                 |
| Pidgey     | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Pidgeotto  | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Hoothoot   | Normal/Flying    | Grass                       |
| Growlithe  | Fire             | Grass                       |
| Stantler   | Normal           | Grass                       |
| Spinarak   | Bug/Poison       | Grass                       |
Catch a growlithe if you don't have a fire type, or if you are playing SS Vulpix. They are both quite powerful Fire type pokemon, but do need the hard to come by Fire Stone to evolve.

Spinarak is a new addition here. I've never been fond of bug types, but if your one of those lovers grab it, Ariados can be pretty handy, especially for Running Legendaries >.>.

So mkay, up to the double battle with the two twins!

Twins Tori and Til:
Marill Lvl 16 198 EXP
Mareep Lvl 16 200 EXP

And up a bit further to battle two Beauty's

Beauty Callie and Kassandra:
Clefable   Lvl 16, 440 EXP x2
Wigglytuff Lvl 16, 352 EXP x2

If you go back down and into the patch of grass, and up, you can fight a psychic guy.

Psychic Greg:
Drowzee Lvl 17, 370 EXP

Now, past the Psychic you can get a trio of apricorns, Red Black and a blue apricorn. Go back through the grassy patch and go up past the beauty's and twins to reach Ecruteak City!

| Ecruteak City                    |
           Now you've reached this town, GO HEAL!
Once inside the Poke Center Bill will talk to you and leave. Heal up. You can now go back the way you came to Goldenrod, and get a Eevee Lvl 5. You can find it, when you go left past the game corner and enter he house with a yellowy roof. Talk to Bill and
he'll tell you about an Eevee that wandered into the Pokemon Center while he was doing his job and how it now needs someone to take care of it. So like say YES!

Now Eevee, not so good of a Pokemon unevolved. But Jolteon is insanely fast, the 6th fastest in the game. You can get one by using a thunder stone, it may come in handy if you want speed and its other stats are pretty average too.
Vaporeon the HP it has, is MASSIVE! Pretty good special attack and special defence too, a good pokemon if your looking for a water type.

Flareon, best attacking fire type you can find in any game, of course, its pretty damn fragile. Its Special Attack, is a fair bit over average, not as good as Arcanine though. Its fast, not quite as fast as Arcanine yet again and its special def is sweet, ranking 36 in the game. Overall its a great fire type, but if you want a fire attacker, pick Arcanine. 

Espeon, this little guy, has a amazing special attack, a great pokemon, while its dark counter part Umbreon, is pretty okay.

So once you grab this guy, go back the where you were.

Okay, go to the gatehouse on the right and into Route 42.

TM65 Shadow Claw is there. If you go near the cave you will get HM04 Strength, from a Hiker who so bodly bashed into you.

Go back into the city now. Go one building across from the Poke Mart and enter. In here there is a little bit of a commotion. Seems the guy wants some action, err nevermind. He'll start spinning randomly so lets put a stop to this fools antics. Go up and talk to him.

Rocket Grunt:
Koffing Lvl 12, 292 EXP

Okay, that was very easy, even for a rocket grunt.

Walk off the stage and the suited guy will talk to you, he will give you HM03 Surf, for your reward. This move, is a great water type attack and is literally the most important move in the game.
Use it on your water starter if you have one, maybe even a gyrados. Nah, don't use it on him.

Exit the theatre now.