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Pokémon Hub

Beginners guide to teams and strategies.

by smccl

Hello and welcome to my beginners guide to team creation and effective strategies for in game experiences. There is absolutely NO wi-fi mentioned in here at all, sorry.

Part 1, your starting pokemon.
 Your starting pokemon has a large impact on the game, mainly their type advantages and disadvantages through evolution. I will explain them and the differences. Super effective moves hit anywhere between 1.5- 4 times as hard as usual. Not very effective moves hit for anywhere between 0.5-0.25 as hard as usual.

                           The Chimchar family

Chimchar- a fire type pokemon, excellent to use against grass, ice, bug, and steel types. Terrible against rock, ground, fire, and water types.

Monferno- same as Chimchar

Infernape- Fire and Fighting type, if trained right and given the right moves he is effective at fighting rock, steel, grass, bug, normal, and ice types. Weak against water, ground, rock, psychic, and flying attacks.

                                     The Piplup family

Piplup- a water type pokemon- good at fighting rock, fire, ground, and steel. Not good at fighting against grass, or electric types.

Prinplup- same as piplup

Empoleon- a water and steel type pokemon. Excellent at fighting rock, poison, dragon, bug, flying, steel, ghost, and ice types. However, fighting types can get super effective hits in as well as ground types.

                               The Turtwig family

Turtwig- a grass type pokemon, good at fighting water, rock, and ground types, terrible at fighting fire, flying, bug, ice, and poison types.

Grotle- same as turtwig

Torterra- a grass and ground type- excellent at fighting rock, ground, and electric types. Terrible at fighting fire, ice (you get hit 4 times as hard with those moves), flying, and bug types.

The pokemon you select will have a somewhat large impact on how the game begins and how easy the first sections of the game will be for you.

Part 2. Creating your first team and training it.

  Now that you have selected your very first pokemon it is time to go out and catch and train your first team. The pokemon you have access to is very limited so it wonít be hard to get a team going. The first 2 wild pokemon you will encounter are called Starly and Bidoof. I highly recommend acquiring a Starly most of all, Bidoof is not that good and will be soon outclassed by the upcoming Shinx. Starly seems terribly weak at first but once it reaches level 9 it will become a powerhouse for the early game after learning Quick Attack and Wing Attack. This one pokemon after it evolved beat the second gym leader Gardenia and her whole group of trainers all by itself with only using Wing Attack.

A good team to train at the start is your starter pokemon, Starly, Shinx, Kricketot (found on route 202 at night), Bidoof ( only for learning HM moves), and a Budew.

Part 3. Your first gym battle.

Your travels will lead you to Oreburgh city, by now you should have caught a Shinx, Starly, Bidoof, and Budew. You should focus on training Budew to level 13 so it knows Mega Drain and Stun Spore. These 2 moves will leave the gym leader and both trainers in his gym defenseless. If you did this properly, then congratulations, you just beat your first gym! Simply battle at least one trainer from every gym to get a feel for their pokemonís weaknesses and adjust your team accordingly.

Part 4. Evolution and when to prevent it.

Evolution makes certain pokemon more powerful, but it can occasionally have a drawback. The pokemon to evolve as soon as it is available in the party mentioned above in part 2 are Starly, Budew, and Kricketot. The pokemon to prevent from evolving is Shinx. The reason behind this is Shinx will evolve into Luxio, a decent electric type. However it will delay him from learning Spark, a useful electric move until he is level 18. If you prevent Shinx from evolving until it is level 17 it will learn Spark one turn early and give you a slightly early advantage against flying types.

Part 5. Double battle doís and doníts

There are certain moves that damage both your targets and your partner, such as earthquake, lava plume, and surf. When using either of these moves as well as others like them, make sure your ally is either resistant or immune to the attack if at all possible. Special abilities like Levitate will make them immune to earthquake, Flash Fire increases the power of the pokemon when hit by fire moves like lava plume. Use these abilities to your advantage in double battles to dominate the arena.

Part 6. Overcoming type immunities

Some pokemon like Starly and the dreaded Spiritomb can be difficult to fight if using the wrong type of pokemon. Starly is immune to ground type attacks, but if you have a pokemon that knows the move Gravity it can eliminate Starlyís immunity to ground, making it vulnerable. Spiritomb is a Ghost and Dark type pokemon, itís Ghost element allows it to become immune to Fighting attacks that are normally super effective against itís Dark element, and itís Dark element makes it immune to Psychic attacks that itís Ghost element is weak against. The only way around this is to use the move Foresight. This will eliminate itís ghost elementís immunity to fighting attacks, letting you get a super effective hit in with a fighting move like Aura Sphere and Close Combat.

Part 7. Gaining the upper hand.

You will occasionally find yourself in a loosing situation with no hope for winning. Do not give up, there is almost always a sneaky way to win. Some good strategies for turning a hopeless situation into a winning one are the move Destiny Bond, if you use this move right then the pokemon that knocks yours out will faint at the same time, effectively eliminating a large threat for a small sacrifice. And the move Endeavor, this move will cut your opponents pokemonís health down to equal the userís health. Think of equipping a item called Focus Band on a pokemon and having it get knocked out, the band will save it at 1 hp left. Use Endeavor immediately afterwards, this will take your opponentís huge offensive pokemon and drop it to 1 hp as well, effectively wiping out the threat they pose. If that pokemon is poisoned as well, it will faint on the same turn you use Endeavor.

Part 8. Ending

This is admittedly a very short tip/walkthrough. But as you gain experience in the game I find long and detailed walkthroughs are pointless. If anyone has any questions about any aspect of the game, including everything I left out. Feel free to contact me. smcclear4389(AT) (GMaiL DOT) com.