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Pokemon Diamond


How to Easily Evolve Pokemon Through Happiness

by isdarts

Easy post-game Happiness Evolution Guide

By: John-Paul A.K.A. Isdarts
Date: May 22, 2008
Contact Info: [email protected]

Table of Contents
(S1)	Introduction
(S2)	Version History
(S3)	FAQ
(S4)	How to Easily Happiness Evolve Pokémon
	(S4.A)	Items/Stuff Needed
	(S4.B) How to do this
	(S4.C)	Tips
(S5)	Contact Rules
(S6)	Legal Information
(S7)	Credits

(S1)	Introduction

	Hello, I'm John-Paul A.K.A isdarts. This is my first Walkthrough/FAQ so I may mess up but years of using them to help me with games have helped me understand the format and requirements. This guide is, as many of you might know, a guide that can, and hopefully will, help you with obtaining all 493 Pokémon on either Pokémon Diamond or Pearl. This guide is to help with those annoying Happiness Evolutions that take so long to make work.
(S2)	Version History

	Version 1 -- May 22, 2008
		Worked on guide and other stuff for a while
(S3)	FAQ

Q:	What is a Happiness Evolution?

A:	Happiness Evolution is where certain Pokémon evolve out of Happiness with     their trainer

Q:	What Pokémon evolve out of Happiness?

A:	Eevee - Espeon (Morning) OR Umbreon (Night)
	Chansey - Blissey
	Pichu - Pikachu
	Igglybuff - Jigglypuff
	Cleffa - Clefairy
	Azurill - Marill
	Golbat - Crobat
	Togepi - Togetic
More to come
(S4)	How to Easily Evolve Pokémon through Happiness

(S4.A)	Stuff Needed

	To make this work, you will want to breed the Pokémon or start increasing its happiness as soon as you can. I normally get a newly hatched Level 1 Pokémon. 
	You will also need $117,600 (MINIMUM) and an Exp. Share.

(S4.B) How to do This
	First, get the Pokémon you want to Happiness Evolve. Now go to Veilstone City and go to the PokéMart. Go to the Second Floor and talk to the Middle person. Buy 2 of everything. Give it all to your Pokémon you want to evolve. Next, go to the Elite 4 and give your Pokémon an Exp. Share. Enter the Elite 4 and begin knocking them out. My Pokémon normally evolve by the third person if I do this. So far I've obtained Espeon, Blissey, Umbreon, and Togetic doing this. If it doesn't work on your first run, try again.

(S4.C)	Tips

-	I hear it is easier if you hatch the Pokémon you want to evolve.
-	Try walking around for a bit with the Pokémon in the lead for a while.
-	While giving them the food and walking around, have them hold the Soothe Bell for a happiness bost

(S5)	Contact Rules

	In a few days (from 5/22/08) I will be able to check my E-Mail.
	Please put a Subject like "Pokémon Guide"
	Don't put any information I don't need like Summer Job Offers...
	If you're going to criticize me, please do it nicely not rudely.
(S6)	Legal Information

	This Guide is Copyright of John-Paul as of May 22, 2008. Any site/anyone using this guide or plagiarizing it in any way will have 10 days to fix it or I will take legal action. The only way this guide may be used is read of the Internet or Printed for home use but not sold or distributed in ANY way.