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Pokemon Diamond



by Kakashi_sensei_ROCKS

~The Global Trading Station~

What is the Global Trading Station?-
	The GTS or, Global Trading Station, is located in Jubilife City. It’s used for trading different pokemon around the world using WiFi, or internet.

How to access the GTS Station- 
You can only access it when you have at least 2 badges. Other than that, you can’t go in, and a lady will make you back away from the area.

Where can I get “WiFi”?-
A Nintendo WiFi kit can be bought at your local Games Stop, Walmart, or Target. It’s a computer program that uses a USB port for a wireless connector.

How to use the WiFi and GTS.-
Run your WiFi program and your Nintendo DS. After that, do your usual thing you do before you get to the menu screen. Hit the 'A' button and go to the screen that has your game's save file, your options, and so forth. Go to the "WiFi Settings" option. Once you’re in, tap the "Nintendo WiFi Connection Settings". Follow the directions that it gives you. After you do that, it will run a test to see if you are connected(It'll take a minute).Once that's settled, travel to the GTS in Jubilife City and enter the building. Once there, you will see a giant globe. That globe will tell you where you live and where you've traded(the globe's basically there for decoration though.). Go to the lady behind the counter. She'll ask if you want Trade. Say 'yes' she'll ask you to save your game. Save it, then you'll be directed into a page that's blue and has a Nintendo DS in the background. There will be a note asking if you want to connect to WiFi. Say yes. It will tell you to wait while connecting to the "internet". Once there, you will be on the touch screen. On the top screen, you will have the choice of depositing a pokemon, seeking a pokemon, or  leaving. If you want to put out a pokemon for trade, hit “Deposit, if you want a certain Pokemon, hit “Seek“. 

If you choose to deposit, you’ll be taken to a screen that shows all of the pokemon you have(Like the Pokemon Center PC). Choose the one pokemon you want to put out for trade. An option box will appear that'll say 'Offer [that pokemon's name here]?'. On the side you'll have the options of looking at the pokemon's status, offering it, or canceling the process. Choose 'Offer' when you've found the one you want to offer. Then you'll be taken to a screen that says to give it information of the pokemon you want for it(The Pokemon's species, gender, and level.). Then you’re done! 

For the "Seeking" part, you can find a pokemon you want. You can choose its level, gender, and species.

And that's all there is to the GTS!