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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Beginners Walkthrough

by MegaPixles

Game: Pokemon Diamond
Console Type: Handheld
Console: Nintendo Dual Screen
Type of Guide: Walkthrough
Author: MegaPixles
Only Authorized For View on: WWW.SUPERCHEATS.COM

In this guide you will be guided through Pokemon Diamond Version, and I will be doing exactly what Iím saying in this guide, ok, by the way, this does not cover the whole game, just up to the part RIGHT BEFORE the 1st Gym (as that is when you will have a hang of the game and can learn the rest simply), if I make a choice, Iíll check if it is legit (works) THEN I will type it out, so please, feel free to relax knowing I went through the same as you. I will use NO CHEATS IN THIS GUIDE. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please send me a message at [email protected] or a PM (Private Message) through the site. Thank you and enjoy.
Oh yes, and Iíll call your rival Markus!
Getting A Starter
You start out in your room watching television. Go downstairs and your mom will say Markus called for you, go to his house and as you try to walk in the door, he bumps into you, then runs back inside, follow him inside and up the stairs, then he will run to you AGAIN, telling you pretty much the same thing just doubling the fake fine a lot more than usual (x10). Just meet him at the outskirts of town and go to the lake, you will find Prof. Rowan and Dawn investigating the lake, no big deal, just ďAĒ through their entire talk then you go in and you find a briefcase (Prof. Rowanís briefcase). Seconds later your attacked by lvl 2 Starly. It doesnít matter what starter you get cause eventually youíll get Ďem all! For now, get Piplup or Chimchar. I mean, you COULD get Turtwig ... but heís not that good and I donít recommend it! K, kill the Starly and let Dawn talk to you, when you leave the lake, you must lead the way to your town again, Rowan will talk to you about visiting his lab in Sandgem.

The Road to Sandgem Town/Sandgem Town
After talking to Prof. Rowan, your mother will tell you to go see him in Sandgem Town. Well! You heard the woman! ROAD TRIP! Whatcha mean I gotta walk! Lol. Ok so get ready to get battled a few times by weaklings (which can be quite strong if youíre not careful), if we could, I would say buy 1-2 Potions, but then again, we can talk to the guy who works at the Poke Mart to get one free! Ok well, letís start aí walking! It is a simple path. First go up, then turn right, then when there;s a wall, go up again, then right again. Itís ONLY Up and Right, so you should find your way easy shmeezy. When you get there, Dawn will give you the Pokemon Trainer 101 tour, which none of us need, just press ďAĒ unless your completely, helplessly, unaware about playing Pokemon games. Which I doubt anyone is. Anyway, before the tour, you went in and got all the PokeDex crap from Rowan, so now, go to your home town! K the way back is the same just left down left down instead of up right up right. When you talk to your mom she will tell you useless crap and then give you a Journal, (YAY! More useless crap!) Markusís mom gives you 2 Town Maps to give to Markus when you see him next aswell...  Now, you can do some fun stuff, head back to Sandgem and go North til you see Dawn.

Catching Pokemon and The Jubilife Trainer School
On your way to Jubilife there are # trainer battles and you canít run from a trainer battle so just get ready to fight. Make sure the PP and HP of your Pokemon are all max (full) and that you have atleast one potion just in case. Ok, first battle is a Lv. 5 Starly, just use 3 Scratches (or Pounds/Tackles, depends on your starter) and it will kill it. If your lvl 7, you can use your special move, Bubble, Absorb, or Ember. Next battle is a Lv. 3 Bidoof x2 (2 Lv. 3 Bidoofs), own them with anything, for me it took only 4 PP from Ember to take out her team of Bidís. So just own them and move on. Theres MORE! YES! Ok the next and last trainer is another new trainer, (the first one was a new trainer, second was a lass, third is a new trainer). K he has a Lv. 5 Shinx, kill or (if you use cheats) catch XD. Then get to Jubilife city (Left-Up). K once in Jubilife, heal up and get ready to fight Markus (rival). He is in the trainer school. BUT! Before you fight him, fight the two kids in the room next to him! They have weak Abraís with Hidden Power. Own Ďem. ?. Ok each of those kids have: Lv. 6 Abraís, move set: Hidden Power, Teleport. Beat both of them then talk to the male one again to GET Hidden Power. Once thatís been done, if you want, teach Hidden Power, heal up your Starter (or if you have another Pokemon, that one too ?) and get back in the trainer school for a KICK ASS BATTLE WITH MARKUS, YOUR RIVAL!

Soon, but not yet.
Sorry, I couldnít resist but fake a rival battle (LOL ?). Now head to the next town (Oreburg). Wait, what? I cant go! This man has told me I must first talk to clowns? Sweet! All questions are ďYesĒ and yes is the one you automatically start on so when you talk to them rapidly press ďAĒ til they stop talking.
Clown One: Left Of Him
Clown Two: Jubilife TV Station
Clown Three: He he. Iíll let you find this one, since I showed you 2, and the third one is close to the second clown so... look closely!
Once you find the third clown, go back and talk to the guy and you get a Poketch. The most worthless-I MEAN most helpful *cough* device you ever get. And it also is a *cough* GREAT thing for looking at stuff you donít need... LIKE: Prev. caught Pokemon, Current Party and HP (thatís the ONLY helpful one, that and the Daycare One). But who cares about my opinion! Ok. Get the Poketch and hurry to Oreburgh.

The Way To Oreburgh!
Ok this is where we must part, I will tell you this: GO TO THE RIGHT. Infact, your gonna need my help for this part. Wanna know why?

Markus (Rival)
Pokemon Type: Variety
Recommended: Lightning / (or if you must) Grass

Alright. Lemme guide ya through. I used Ember to take out Starly (Lv. 7) and it took 2 hits to take it down. This is the order of moves I used to take out Lv. 9, Piplup: Scratch, Ember, Scratch, Scratch (Critical). Thatís all it took. All he used was: Growl, Growl, Pound. So ownage there.

OK! Thanks for reading! If you think I should make a full-game tutorial, message me or e-mail me and I will. For more info, you can ALSO message or e-mail me.

Good Luck! Happy Poke-Playing!