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Pokémon Hub

Pokemon Diamond: Evolving certain Pokemon

by PikaDude

                /EvolvingCertain Pokemon\
                       BY: PikaDude

1. Introduction/Hint
2. Aipom to Ambipom
2.1 Bonsly to Sudowoodo, Mime Jr. to Mr. Mime
2.2 Combee to Vespiqueen
2.3 Riolou to Lucario, Chingling to Chimecho
2.4 Febass to Milotic
2.5 Sneasal to weavile
2.6 Megneton to Megnezone, Nosepass to Probopass
2.7 Lickitung to Lickilicky
2.8 Rhydon to Rhyperior
2.9 Tengela to Tangrowth, Yanma to Yanmega, Piloswine to Mamoswine
2.10 Electabuzz to Electrive, Magmar to Magmotor
2.11 Eevee to Leafeon, Eevee to Glaceon
2.12 Gligar to Gliscor
2.13 Porygon2 to Porygon Z
2.14 Kirlia to Gallade, Snorunt to Froglass
2.15 Dusclops to Dusknoir 
2.16 Happiny to Chansey
2.17 Roselia to Roserade
3.0 Credits/Help

In this Guide (This isn't considered as a Walkthrough.) I will tell you how to Evolve certain

And the hint is press crtl+F to find your section you want to look at easeir.

/Aipom to Ampibipom\
To evlove Aipom to Ambipom it needs to know the move Double Hit.
Aipom learns Double Hit at level 32.
/Bonsly to Sudowoodo, Mime Jr. to Mr. Mime\
Both of these pokemon will evolve if they know the move Mimic.
Bonsly learns it at level 17 and, Mime Jr. learns it at level 18.

/Combee to Vespiqueen\
To evolve Combee it must be a female, male 
Combees will not evolve.

/Riolou to Lucario, Chingling to Chimecho\
both of these Pokemon will evolve through happiness (Never letting it faint, giving it vitamins, etc.)
except, evolve Riolou through happiness in the day time and, evolve Chingling through happiness
at night.

/Febass to Milotic\
Febass will evolve to Milotic if you raise it's beuty for contests to nearly max.
To do so got to Hearthome. Next, there will be a house located somewhere (I forgot.) that will
make berrys into poffins. (Poffins are the new kind of Poke'blocks.) Give your febass the best
kind of poffins. Then, level it up when it's beuaty is nearly max. if this dosn't work... Go
catch another one and try your luck.

/Sneasel to Weavile\
Sneasel will evolve if it is holding the Grip Claw item (Which is found at the end of victory road.)
and is leveled up at night.

/Megneton to Megnezone, Nosepass to Probopass.\
Both of these pokemon will evolve to there next evolution if they both gain a
level in Mt. Coronet. (THEY CAN EVOLVE ANY WHERE IN MT. CORONET!! Except for the Spear Pillar.)

/Lickitung to Lickilicky\
To evolve lickitung it must know the move Rollout. Lickitung learns Rollout
at level 33. So make sure it knows the move Rollout so it can evolve into Lickilicky
when it gains the another level.

/Rhydon to Rhyperior\
Rhydon will evolve to Ryperior if it is holding the item protecter (Which is found on
route 228.) then trade it to another game. It will evolve through the trade. Hopefully
your freing will trade it back to you.

/Tangelia to Tangrowth, Yanma to Yanmega, Piloswine to Mamoswine\
All of these pokemon will evolve if they know the move Ancient Power.
these pokemon will learn the move around the mid-30's.

/Electabuzz to Electrive, Magmar to Magmotor\
Electubuzz will evolve if it is holding the item Electrizer.
And Magmar will evolve if it is holding the item Magmarizer.

You can find the electrizer on wild Elikeds by the Fuegou Ironworks if you have leafgreen in your game slot 2.

The same thing is with the Magmarizer. You find them on wild magbys if you have your Fire Red in your game slot 2.

/Eevee to Leafeon, Eevee to Glaceon\
To get Leafeon level Eevee up by the Moss stone found in Enterna forest.

Glaceon is similar. Evolve Eevee by the stone found in the North Western part of the route 
under Snowpoint city. 

/Gligar to Gliscor\
To evolve Gligar it must hold the razor fang item which is found outside of the battle Tower.
Then trade it to another game, it will evolve during the trade.

/Porygon 2 to Porygon Z\
To evolve Porygon to it's counterpart it must hold the item Dubious Disc, which is found somwhere in
route 225. Then, trade it to another game. It will evolve during the trade.

/Dusclops to Dusknoir\
To evolve Dusclops to Dusknoir it must hold the reaper cloth which is found on
route 229. Then, yet again trade it to another game, it will evolve during the trade.

/Happiny to Chansey\
To evolve happiny it must be happy with and it must hold the oval stone item.
The happier it is the easier it will take to evolve chansey into Blissy.

/Roselia to Roserade\
To evolve Roselia you must use a shiny stone on it.

/Kirlia to Gallade, Snorunt to Froglass\
To evolve kirlia you must use a dawn stone on it BUT! it must be a male to evolve it to a

Now Snorunt's evolution is simalir. Give it a dawn and it MUST, be a female for it to evolve.

Everything done by: ME!!! (PikaDude)

For information email me at:
[email protected]