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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pokémon Hub

Pokemon diamond complete walkthrough version 1.0

by cheatguru15

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Walkthrough with Translation and Data
Pokemon DP Guide Contents / Menu

Section   -   Description 
1.0 - Introduction 
2.0 - Menus and Start Up 
3.0 - Walkthrough 
4.0 - Wi-Fi Modes & Underground Exploring 
5.0 - Contests 
6.0 - Items & Shops 
7.0 - Misc. Data, Icons, etc. 
8.0 - Trainer Guide and other help 
NOTE: We are slowly updating this guide to the English version. We will be keeping the Japanese translations and adding English info as needed in parenthesis (Like this) so stay tuned and vist often for the latest updates.

1.0 - Introduction
In this world live creatures known as “Pocket Monsters” (Pokemon) and for a long time, they have been living alongside humans having fun and working together at tasks. In the Sinnoh region, there are two Pokemon that symbolize the region. They appear in the Sinnoh reigon's myths and old folklore. One is called Dialga, and is said to have the power to control time. The other is called Palkia, who is said to have the ability to distort space. The sinister organization called Team Galaxy is trying to rule the region by utilizing these two Pokemon's power. During your adventure to complete your Pokedex and become the Champion, these two Pokemon, and Team Galaxy, will intertwine into the story and lead you on a fantastic journey across the Sinnoh region.

Now a new adventure begins with you from the small town of Futaba (TwinLeaf Town) in the rich Shinou (Sinnoh) Region.

A new Pokedex to record the Pokemon you see and catch.
Over 450 Pokemon to collect. Import Pokemon from previous games in the series.
Real time day and night cycle.
Compete in Pokemon Contests.
Go underground to dig for fossils, create a secret base and play capture the flag with friends.
Wi-Fi support allows you to battle Pokemon Trainers from far away and voice chat with friends.

An original black DS Lite featuring illustrations of the two legendary Pokemon, Diaruga and Parukia were available to purchase from the Pokemon Centres in Japan. Those who pre-ordered either game received a free figure of either legendary Pokemon depending on the version you ordered. Pre-ordering two copies of either one of buying both copies gave you a figure of the starter Pokemon, Hikozaru, Pocchama and Naetoru.

2.0 - Menus
First, opening up the main in-game menu using the X button gives you the options:

Trainer’s Card {Your Name} 
Settings allow you to change the Text Speed (Slow/Normal/Fast), Battle Animation (On/Off), Match Rule (Swap/Win Thru), Sound (Stereo/Mono). Button Configuration and Window Type.

The Report option is what you use to save your game and on it, it shows your location in red, you name, no. of badges no. of Pokemon and play time. Trainer’s card shows you just about the same details although you’ll find your score, amount of money and the date you started your adventure (year/month/day).

Opening up your Pokedex, you’ll see…
Once you choose to View Entry, you’ll see a description of the Pokemon along with its height and weight on the top screen. Along the bottom screen, you can choose to view its distribution (where it appears on a map), hear its cry, compare its weight/height or choose to view the male/female form. Note that unless you have a Pokemon captured, the map won’t highlight the areas where you can catch the Pokemon you’re viewing.

Using the “Pokemon” option from the main menu, you can choose to view more details about the Pokemon you are currently carrying and organize them.

If you then go into stats you can more details.

There are 17 types of Pokemon; 
Dark (??) 
Ice (???) 
Rock (??) 
Ghost (????) 
Psychic (????) 
Ground (???) 
Fighting (????) 
Electric (???) 
Grass (??) 
Poison (??) 
Flying (???) 
Dragon (????) 
Fire (???) 
Normal (????) 
Water (??) 
Metal (???) 
Insect [Bug] (??) 
The page after gives you a description of your Pokemon’s personality and when you met it etc. Next is the stats page

Finally, there’s the appearance page which will help you out in Pokemon Contests.

During battles, you have the following screens.

Opening up your Bag will allow you to use HP/PP refill items, Pokeballs, status healing items and battle items.

3.0 - Walkthrough
 Note that this walkthrough was done using the Diamond version of the game but the story should remain the same. Also who Professor Nanakamado’s assistant is will depend on if you choose to play as the male or female character. In this case, I’m playing as the male character so the Professor’s assistant is Hikari. If you play as a female, it will be Kouki..

Opening and the Start of the Game

Ah! Welcome!
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! 
My name is Nanakamado! 
Everyone calls me the Pokemon Professor. 
By the way, is it the first time you’ve been on an adventure? 
If you like, I can tell you all about adventuring! 
What are the controls?
What’s adventuring?
I’ll be fine! *
In this world, there are mystery creatures known as Pocket Monsters. 
“Pokemon” for short. 
You’ll find them living everywhere! 
This is a PokeBall! 
Push the button in the center! 
Push the button with your stylus.  

We humans get along with Pokemon and live together with them. 
Together we play and together we work. 
Then we build up our relationship with them… 
And in order to understand more about these Pokemon… 
I am spending time to study them! 
Now then, it’s time for you to tell me more about yourself! 
Are you a boy or a girl? 
Select your gender. 

So you’re a {choice}? 
Select the first answer “Hai” (yes) to confirm. 

And your name is? 
As you can see, you can enter your name in English here. Once you’re done, press start or tap the top-right button. Again, choose the top answer to confirm.

Ah, so you’re called {name}… 
That’s a good name! 
This young man here must be your friend! 
What’s his name again? 
You can give him a name (???????& #38;#65281;) or call him Jun (???), Shigeru (???), Kouji (???) or Toshinobu (????). (I chose Diamo so that’s how I will refer to him from this point onwards.)

So he’s {rival name}. Is that correct? 
Confirm his name. 

Your very own story is about to begin! 
You are going to meet various Pokemon and… 
Various people. 
I wonder what you’ll find! 
Go! Enter the world of Pokemon! 
On a Screen..

TV: “In the end, the expedition team’s efforts were not wasted for they found a rare looking Pokemon. It was in the form of a red Gyarados, a Pokemon that was never seen before…
In your House..

“And so, that was our special program, “After the Red Gyrados!” 
“Broadcasted all over the nation through Kotobuki TV!” 
“Do look forward to the our program on the same channel next week!”
Look, there’s a Nintendo Wii in your room! Anyway, walk downstairs to find your mother.


{Diamo} just called a moment ago. 
I don’t know what it’s about but he seemed to be in a rush!
Now Try heading out.

Oh yeah, {Name}! 
 Don’t go into the thicket! Wild Pokemon will jump out at you. 
I wouldn’t worry if you had your own Pokemon with you, though…
Now lets leave your house and try entering the top-left home. (Rivals house)

What the hell! 
Oh, it’s you {Name}! 
Hey, I’m off to the lake! Come with me quick! 
Now listen, {Name}! If you’re late, you’re going to be paying me 1 million yen in cash!
Walks off for a bit then stops.

Ah, I forgot something!
Enter the house and go find Diamo upstairs.

…I’ll take my bag and adventure notebook with me too. 
Hey! {Name}! 
Lets get going to the lake! I’ll be waiting for you at the road. 
If you’re late, you’re paying me 1 million yen in cash! 
Runs off...
So now you head on out of the village and find Diamo.

Hey, you watched the show that was on a moment ago didn’t you? 
That “After the Red Gyarados!” show. 
It was about the mystery of the raging Pokemon that appeared at the lake!! 
I’ve been thinking. 
I’m sure that Pokemon must be staying at our lake! 
You and I are going to go find it!
Go on towards the left (east) and into the next area past the sign.

Lake Area
Alright! Lets find this red Gyarados! 
What the…?
A grey haired man stands near the edge of the lake.

Professor! We’ve found nothing suspicious on that side either! 
Hmmm…. I see. Maybe it was just my imagination. 
But something feels different from long ago… 
Well, this lake should be fine now that we’ve checked it! 
Hikari! Lets get back. 
It’s been 4 years since you’ve been in this Shinou Region. 
 How does it feel? 

…Hmm, well there are a lot of rare Pokemon… 
In this Shinou Region. 
A great place to do my research.
The Professor and Hikari walks off in Diamo’s direction but Diamo is blocking the way.

How rude of you! Let me pass. 
I’m sorry… Please excuse us.
After the pair leaves.

Who the hell where they…? 
Hey, {Name}! I’m going to go take a look! 

What? Don’t go into the thicket you say? 
It’ll be fine! 
I won’t be long. No Pokemon will get me.
Walks off to where the Professor was standing.

It’s a bag… 
It must belong to those two that just left. Now what should we do with it? 
Who was it again? I think he was a professor… 
Two Pokemon jump out of the thicket. 
Uh-oh! Po- Pokemon?! 
What do we do!
...Opens up the bag.

Pokeballs! We’ll fight them with these! 
Wh- Which one should we choose?
You have the choice of Naetoru (Turtwig), a grass type (left), Hikozaru (Chimchar), a fire type (middle) or Pocchama (Piplup), a water type (right). Once you’ve picked one, confirm and defeat the Mukkuru (Starly). This will be your starter Pokemon.

Wow! Your {chosen Pokemon}’s tough! 
But my {Pokemon name} is much much tougher! 
…I wonder if the owner will mind… 
That we used his Pokemon?
Hikari returns.

Thank goodness! The bag is here! I have to get this to the Professor!
Looks at you and Diamo.

Did you two use the Pokemon?! 
Oh no! What should I do! What will I tell the Professor?! 
…I’ll just have to take this bag back to him for now.
Hikari then walks off..

What was with her… 
{Name!} Right, lets leave this place… 
My Pokemon got injured from the battle there… 
We’ll be in trouble if we get attacked again…
Leaving the lake.

You go on ahead. 
…I know we should return the Pokemon but… 
I want to stay with mine for a little longer…
Walk on to find the Professor waiting with Hikari.

Hey, it’s that person from earlier! I wonder if he’s mad at us. 
The Professor sees them and walks up.

I heard from Hikari that you two used my Pokemon. 
Show me them. 
Hmmm… So you used {Your Pokemon} and {Rival’s Pokemon}… 
Hmmm… I see. 
Hikari!! Lets return to the lab!
The Professor walks off.

Ye- Yes, Professor! Wait up please! 
Maybe you two should come too… 
We- Well, we’ll be seeing you.
Both the prof and Hakari runs off.

What just happened… He could have just shouted at us if he was really angry… 
And is it OK that we didn’t just return the Pokemon back to him there? 
{Name}… Lets go gome…
So now head back to your House.. 

So, what is it? 
So that’s what happened. 
But I’m glad both you and Diamo are alright. 
That Professor you told me about must be Nanakamado from Masago Town. 
I heard he’s a famous for studying Pokemon. 
I also heard he’s a scary man… 
{Name}, why did you use his Pokemon? 
You should go to Masago to explain to him why. 
It’ll be alright! I’m sure he’ll understand. 
I know, {Name}! Put these on!
You receive Running Shoes.

Going to Masago Town will be like an adventure for you. 
If you put on these Running Shoes you should be able to get there in no time! 
Hmmm, I’ll read you the instructions first. 
“By holding the ‘B’ button, you’ll be able to…” 
“Travel around faster than you normally would!” 
“Wear these Running Shoes and run with all your strength!”
That’s what it says! Cool, no?
 Leave town and go east to the first sign then go north through the patch of grass to find a shop keeper who’ll give you some Potion. Continue to find Hikari outside.

Hey, you’re here! Follow me! 
The Professor’s waiting for you! 
Look! This is the Pokemon Research Centre! 
Inside is…
Diamo comes running out.


What the hell! 
Oh, it’s you {Name}! 
That old man… He talks more nonsense than he is scary. 
But anyway… {Name}. I’m off! See ya!
Your rival then runs off.

What was that about?! 
Your friend really is hasty isn’t he? 
Well, nevermind. Lets go in.
Now back inside the Research Center

So you’re here, {Name} was it? 
Show me your Pokemon once more please. 
Hmmm… I see… 
This Pokemon seems happy to be with you. 
Right, I understand now! 
I’ll give this{Pokemon Name} to you as a present. 
Do you want to give it a nickname?
Choose “Hai” (Yes) the first option if you want to then confirm like you did before. The Prof continues:

I heard from Diamo what happened at the lake. 
Even though it was your first time, you two used your Pokemon in battle well. 
I can also see that you’ve built up a bond between you and your Pokemon in such a short time. 
That is why I’m leaving this {Pokemon Name} in your care.
I’m so glad you’re kind to Pokemon! 
If you weren’t then… No, I can’t say it… 

Now then, lets get to the main subject. I have something to ask of you. 
My name is Nanakamado! I am studying Pokemon. 
First, I’m investigating to find out all the Pokemon… 
That are in the Shinou Region! 
To do that, I need to make use of the Pokedex and record any that I find! 
This is where I must ask for your help! 
I’m going to entrust this Pokedex to you… 
Please find all the Pokemon in this Shinou Region for me!
Answer yes.

Good answer!
You receive the Pokedex.

This Pokedex will record any Pokemon you come into contact with… 
It’s a very high tech tool! 
So please, {Name}. Go visit various places and… 
Find all the Pokemon there is! 

I have the same tool too! 

How did it feel when... 
You were walking along the Route 201 with your Pokemon? 
I’m 60 years old yet… 
I still get excited being together with a Pokemon. 
Listen. There are many Pokemon in this world! 
That means you’ll be experiencing a lot of fun and excitement! 
Now go! 
You must begin your adventure, {Name}!
* The next few lines should change depending on what Pokemon you chose.

My very first Pokemon is Hikozaru! 
If you chose Hikozaru back at the lake then… 
It would have been terrible! 
But never mind… 
I’m Hikari! 
The Professor asked me to help complete the Pokedex. 
So I’m doing the same thing as you. 
But I’m a little like a Senpai (Senior) to you. 
So I’ll be telling you various things! I look forward to your acquaintance {Name}! 
Hikari walks out of the lab.
Leave the lab and go outside to find Hikari.

Hey, {Name}! Let me tell you about something! 
Whether as a Pokemon trainer or as the Professor’s assistant… 
I’m still your Senpai! 
Now follow me!
Hikari starts to give you a little tour.

This red roofed building is the Pokemon Centre! 
It’s a place where you can heal Pokemon that are wounded in battle! 
There’s a Pokemon Centre in every town. 
This blue roofed building is the Friendly Shop! 
You can sell and buy various items from here. 
Since you’re just starting out as a Pokemon trainer. 
You won’t be able to buy much but don’t worry about it! 

Oh yeah, {Name}! Maybe you should tell your family… 
That you’re helping the Professor complete his Pokedex. 
Since you’ll be travelling far, you should go tell them. 
Oh and you make sure you go heal your Pokemon… 
At the Pokemon Centre before you go! 
Well, bye!
Hikari then walks off.. 
So heal up your Pokemon and head on back home.

Home Again
Welcome home! How are you and your Pokemon doing? 
I’ve finished making dinner so take some rest OK? 
After dinner. 
So, what’s wrong {Name}? 
I see. So Professor Nanakamado has entrusted you with such a great task. 
Alright! Do your best! Mother will be cheering you on! 
Oh yeah, {Name}! I have something good for you here. Take it.
You receive an Adventure Notebook.

If you forget anything… 
You can read the notebook and refresh your memory! 
I envy you, going on an adventure. 
And you’re not alone too, you’re going together with a Pokemon! 
Mother wants to go to! 
Just kidding! Alright, {Name}! 
Mother will be fine. Do your best in your adventure! 
Mother will be very happy when you experience many things… 
And meet many people! 
…But do come home now and then. 
Mother wants to know what new Pokemon you catch too.
Diamo’s Mother enters the house.

Diamo’s Mother:
Excuse me but, did Diamo come here? 

Oh? No he didn’t… 

Diamo’s Mother:
I see… So he’s off already. This is so worrying… 
That boy just said he was going off on an adventure then rushed out of the house! 
He’s so reckless that I wanted to give him this at least. 

Don’t worry, {Name} will give it to him. 
Won’t you, {Name}! 

Diamo’s Mother:
Really? Could you really do that for me? 
{Name}, please give this to Diamo for me.
You receive a parcel. 
Be safe now, {Name}! Enjoy your adventure! 

Diamo’s Mother:
Yes… I think he’ll be arriving at… 
Kotobuki City soon… 
Please take care of Diamo.
Leave the house. Then head to Masago Town then north to find Hikari again.

Oh wait, {Name}! I haven’t told you… 
How to catch Pokemon yet. 
I’m going to catch a Pokemon. 
Watch closely!
So, pay attention closely about how to capture a Pokemon.

Heehee! I’m good, huh. 
You should really lower its health more, though. 
But the whole point is you have to lower a Pokemon’s health first. 
It’s hard to capture Pokemon with high health after all. 
You can also use moves such as Sleep… 
And it’ll make catching them much easier! 
Here, I’ll give you 5 Pokeballs! 
Be sure to capture lots of Pokemon! 
It’ll be very fun. 
Well, I’m going on ahead!
You recieve 5 PokeBalls and Hikari leaves.


Route 202
 When you’re ready and have your main Pokemon levelled to around say 10, follow the Route 202 north to Kotobuki City. You’ll fight 3 trainers along the way. Once at the northern sign, go west for a Potion then go north to find Hikari in the city.

Kotobuki City

{Name}! Did you catch some Pokemon? 
Amazing! You’ve caught {Number}! 
Looks like you’ll be completing the Pokedex… 
In no time at this rate! 
There’s a school for trainers in Kotobuki. 
You should go there too, {Name}! You’ll learn a lot about Pokemon! 
Oh yeah! Diamo went there too! 
Bye now!
Go to the Trainers school: Take the first turn left and enter the Trainers School and speak to Diamo.

Hey, {Name}! You here to study too? 
I’ve memorised everything written on the blackboard! 
I’m the kind of trainer who works hard… 
So that I don’t injure my Pokemon after all. 
So what are you doing here, {Name}? 
What? You’ve got something to give me?
You hand him the parcel from his Mother.

What’s this…? 
Alright! A town map! 
Wait… There’s 2 copies?! 
Oh well, you can have one, {Name}!
You obtain a town map.

Hmm… As far I the map shows… 
The next destination should be Kurogane City. 
There’s a Pokemon Gym there. 
Just what I need to nurture the Pokemon I’ve caught! 
Right, I’m going to start on my journey to become… 
The strongest Trainer there is! See ya!
Once again your rival rushes out.

If you’re ready, you can fight the two trainers in the right hand corner. They both have a level 6 Abra. After beating them both, speak to the boy with the glasses for a Technique Machine which allows you unlock a Pokemon’s power. You can only use it once, though. Now exit and a man will approach you.

What’s this? 
I see you’re a Pokemon Trainer without a Pokkechi. 
“Pokkechi” is short for “Pokemon Watch”! 
It’s odd to see a trainer without one you know. 
Well then, let me make one for you! 
I’m starting a Pokkechi Campaign just now! 
Find the 3 Pierrots in this city… 
And I’ll give you a Pokkechi!
Lets go find the Pierrots. The first one is to the right of the man you just spoke to, he’ll ask if your Pokemon can gain experience just by defeating other Pokemon (Yes*/No). After you get your token from him, go NW to the tall building just north of the fountain. Speak to the second Pierrot there and he’ll ask if Pokemon can equip items (Yes*/No). Now continue west to the Pokkechi store, a blue building with a logo on it. Speak to the last Pierrot there and he’ll ask you a question; Not only are Pokemon split into types but their moves are also split into types too (Yes*/No). Now you have all 3 tickets but don’t go back yet. Instead, enter the building to the west and speak to the man in red. Answer yes for a fishing rod (???????) then no to avoid an explanation. Now you can fish for water Pokemon!

Return to the man to exchange your tokens and you’ll have your very own Pokkechi on the touch screen to show you the real time. Play around with it a little to find out the different Apps that are installed such as the calculator and step counter. At the moment the Pokkechi store in Kotobuki doesn’t sell any new Apps but you’ll be able to add new ones later. But return to the store anyway, the big blue building to the west and speak to the reporter inside. She’ll interview you about your new digital Pokkechi and ask you to say something. There will be a list of words you can say here and whatever you choose will appear on TV in the game. These are one of the many events that you can share with your friends by creating a group.

If you haven’t already, you can speak to the man with long hair by the fountain to create a Pokemon Group. This allows you to trade stats with your friends to see how each other is doing in the game. Enter the mansion to the north of the Friendly Shop and speak to the girl to get a Preemptive Claw. Equip a Pokemon with it to allow them to attack first in battles. Now rest up in the Pokemon Center if you need to. If you want you can go explore the Route 204 in the north to battle a few trainers for money and capture some new Pokemon. When you’re ready to head to Kurogane City, go east to find Diamo who fight you with 2 Pokemon, his main one at level 9.

Hey, {Name}!! Looks like you’ve gotten stronger. 

Don’t ask me the same question! It’s obvious I’ve become much stronger! 
Now lets fight!
Rival Battle

 ?????? Lvl 9 
 ?????? Lvl 9 
Afterwards when you win, he says:

Ack! I lost! 
But this is the last time I’m losing to you! 
I’m going to become the strongest Pokemon trainer… 
In this world after all! 
Alright! I’m going to challenge the Pokemon Gym in Kurogane first! 
I’m going to get stronger!
Pack up then follow the Route 204 east to reach the tunnel, Route 203 while fighting some trainers. Enter the tunnel to find a man inside who’ll stop you to give you an item, Rock Smash, that’ll teach your Pokemon how to smash small rocks. You’ll need to earn the badge from the Kurogane Gym first to use it, though. Follow the path east out of Route 203 then a man will guide you to the Kurogane Gym where you’ll find Diamo. Speak to him.

Hey, it’s you {Name}! What took you so long? 
You’re as slow as ever I see. 
You’re a bit late to get anything done now. The gym leader’s not in. 
Now what did he say again… Oh yeah! He said he was going to the Kurogane Coal Mines! 
I’ve already obtained the badge so it doesn’t really matter to me, though.
If you spoke to the reporter earlier, you can check the TV and find her quoting your words in one of the houses. Enter the one to the NW and then go up and speak to the girl for a Dark Ball, good for catching Pokemon in dark places. There’s going to be lots of rock type Pokemon ahead so once ready, go to the SE of town and speak to the man next to a Machomp for a Potion. Enter the mines and pickup the Defender that boosts your Pokemon’s defence. Continue down the slopes into the next area then fight your way down to the bottom to find the gym leader. He’ll show you the move that allows Pokemon to smash small rocks before returning to the gym. Now make your way back out, heal up and you’re ready to take on Hyouta!

Welcome to Kurogane City’s Pokemon Gym! 
I’m the Gym Leader Hyouta! 
A trainer who makes use of rock type Pokemon. 
Now show me your skills as a Pokemon Trainer… 
And how strong your Pokemon are!
Gym Leader Battle, Hyouta
He has 3 rock type Pokemon; two at level 12 and one at level 14.

Oh no… I don’t have any badges left. I lost to a trainer huh. 
It can’t be helped. You were too strong. 
And I was weak… That is all. 
Following the rules of the Pokemon League, those who defeat a gym leader… 
Earns a badge! 
Here, the Pokemon League officially awards you a Coal Badge!
You receive the Coal Badge!

Now with that Coal Badge… 
You can learn the secret Rock Smash move! 
Now take this with you too!
You receive the TM76!

It contains the move, Stealth Rock!! 
It damages any Pokemon that is swapped into battle! 
You’ll be able to teach Pokemon new moves in an instant… 
With the Technique Machines. 
But think carefully because you can only use it once!
You can now teach your Pokemon the Rock Smash (?????) move to smash up those little rocks in the cave. Now lets move on, heal up then return west to the Route 203 entrance. You’ll bump into Diamo again.


Hey, {Name}! So you got the Gym Badge! 
Next badge will have to be from Hakutai City. 
But I had a look at the sign on Route 207 and it says you need a bike to pass. 
Well, I don’t mind letting my Pokemon fight more. 
Well then, I’m returning to Kotobuki! Then I’m heading out to get Hakutai’s Gym Badge! 
Dashing off in 10 seconds! 
Ah, forget countdowns!
He dashes off.

Teach one of your Pokemon the Rock Smash (?????) move by going into your bag and using it. Next make your way back and smash the rocks to the north of Route 203 to go underground for some star dust you can sell and the Flash move. Return to Kotobuki City and head to the north to find the Professor and Hikari. You’ll fight two Galaxy members and have your first team battle.

Kotobuki City
When you find the Prof.

Oh, it’s you {Name}. Good timing. 
I don’t know what these 2 weird people are talking about! 
Could you sort them out! 

Mystery Man:
You are troublesome, Pokemon Professor! 
All we’re doing is asking you about your work. 
Now hand over the results of all your study! 
If you don’t, your helper is going to get it. 

Lets fight them together and teach them a lesson!
Team Battle them and then afterwards...

Team Galaxy Battle 1
Galaxy Grunt 1 
 ?????? Lvl 9 
 ?????? Lvl 9 
Galaxy Grunt 2 
 ?????? Lvl 9 
 ?????? Lvl 9 
I guess we’ll have to withdraw for now. 
We, the Team Galaxy are kind to everyone after all.
Team Galaxy runs off.

They said they’re Team Galaxy or something… 
It’s true that the Pokemon emit some kind of energy… 
When they evolve. 
But it’s not a power for humans to handle. 
Despite that, Team Galaxy is trying to get a hold of that and is planning to do something with it. 
But anyway, that was quite a fight, {Name}! 
The power you and your Pokemon showed… 
It was the right decision to entrust you with the Pokedex! 

The Professor is researching about Pokemon evolutions! 
It’s 90% related to his work… 
He says! 
Every Pokemon evolves into something suprising. 
So, {Name} you have to help complete… 
The Professor’s Pokedex!
Hikari and the Professor walks off. A man approaches you.

Oh, that was great! That was really great! 
I’m staff from Kotobuki TV. Please have this as thanks for showing me that wonderful battle!
You receive an Accessory Holder. The man continues:

You can put in a lot of different accessories and backgrounds in that holder! 
Add them to one of the Pokemon that you’re proud of and it’ll make them much more appealing!! 
There’s a dress up at the TV station just now… 
Where you can attach accessories to your Pokemon! 
There’s Pokemon Lottery too so do drop by the station sometime!
He then walks off.

Now that you have your first Gym Badge, if you go west of the Pokemon Center, you can now have Wi-Fi and trade with people all over the world at the GTS (Global Trade Station)! Here you can register where you are (currently limited to Japan) by checking the globe. Also if you go to the ground floor of the Pokemon Center, you’ll get your Friends Notebook which allows you to record Friend Codes and battle or trade with friends. When stocked up, head north into the caves. You should have taught one of your Pokemon the Rock Smash move (?????) by now by using the item in your bag. Make your way through and back out into Route 204. The trainers here use grass and insect type Pokemon. Follow the path through to collect a Sleepy Spray and a “Seed Machine Gun” TM before you arrive at Sonoh Town.

Sonoh Town
Enter the house directly north and speak to the girl to get a TM88. Now go into the Accessories Store and speak to the left girl for a Psyduck Water Tank which will allow you to water plants to help them grow. Speak to the girl on the right too for a fruit. Now go NW of the town to find Team Galaxy.

Team Galaxy Again

Underling A:
Why do we Team Galaxy have to work in the flower fields… 
It makes us look bad… 
Underling B:
Don’t say that. It’s our job. 
I don’t like it either because there’s lots of insect and grass type Pokemon in there…
Rest up if needed then go east to Route 205. The girl here wants you to get her papa for her at the power station. Go east to collect a Potion then prepare to fight the Team Galaxy member at the door. After the fight he’ll run off into the power station and the doors will be locked. Return to Sonoh Town then to the spot where the Team Galaxy members were earlier. Go through into the flower fields to find the two demanding honey and Pokemon from man and prepare for two fights. After the fight you’ll receive the Power Station Key and some Sweet Honey (?????). Using the honey can help attract some rare Pokemon in the caves or grass fields. So head into the power station to find the little girl’s papa.

Power Station
You’ll have to fight a few Team Galaxy members inside of course and they’re trying to steal the power station’s energy. In the most inner part of the station you’ll meet one of Team Galaxy’s leaders, Mars who claims they’re trying to make the world a better place. She agrees to leave if you defeat her.

Team Galaxy Leader, Mars

She’ll have a level 14 bat type and level 16 cat type Pokemon.

Girl’s Dad:
Team Galaxy… 
They’re trying to gather Pokemon and energy… 
To create a new universe. 
I’m not sure how what they’re really up to. 
But anyway, thanks for your help! Now I can see my daughter again! 

Oh, you stink! Go take a shower! 

Girl’s Dad:
Oh sorry, hahaha. Must be because I worked too hard. 

Thank you, Mr/Miss Trainer! 
Now that those weird people are gone… 
The balloon type Pokemon will return!
Route 205
Return to Sonoh to rest up if you need to then go purchase some Antidotes from the shop (????) just to be safe, say 5. Follow Route 205 through to Hakutai Forest. Along the way you’ll pick up a Pokeball, a Plus Power (??????) that boosts your Pokemon’s attack when equipped, a Repellent (???????&?) and Good Potion. There’s a house you enter to rest up before heading past a sign into the forest. Rest up there.

Hakutai Forest
You’ll meet Momi who wants to get through the forest but she’s kind of worried with Team Galaxy wandering around. She’ll join you and help heal your Pokemon after every battle so you might want to level some Pokemon here. Pickup the Antidote to the west then make your way east. You’ll find a Super Ball, Potion and Sweet Honey. Once you reach the end…

Ah, there’s the exit! Thank goodness… We made it. 
If I went through alone, I never could have done it! 
Thank you, {Name}!
She then walks off.

Hakutai City
To the north of the forest exit is some trees you can pick fruit off from. Or you can answer no the first time and choose to water them instead. You can also fight the fishermen sitting at the water. Go on east into Hakutai City then enter the house next to the Pokemon Center to the south and speak to the old man for an Excavation Kit (???????). Use it anywhere you like to enter the underground dungeons. Answer yes to the old man’s first question which is a test for you to go underground first. Leave the house and use the set to find Hyouta underground.

Shinou Underground Passageways

Oh, it’s you! This must be your first time here! 
Welcome to the underground passageways of Shinou! 
What? What is this place you ask? 
Can’t you guess my looking around you? 
These are the underground passageways of Shinou and there are lots of them! 
What? What am I doing here? 
Well, that’s a tough question. You can… 
Do anything you like underground here really… 
For example you can excavate fossils or create a secret base for yourself. 
You can play with your friends here too. 
You should ask the old man in Hakutai for details. 
Well, I’ll see you again later!
Return to the surface by pressing X then selecting the second last option and speak to the old man. He’ll reward you some traps that you can use to play capture the flag with your friends. Speak to him again to learn about fossils. Now enter the underground again and tap your stylus on the walls. When you find something sparkling, press A to start excavating. To dig for fossils, use either the hammer or pickaxe. Each will have different strengths. The crack that appears at the top is how many more turns you have before you retrieve what you dig up.

Once you find something, return to the old man and he’ll swap the goods you found for some orbs along with other items. Speak to him again for your next test which is to grow something underground with one of your orbs. Return underground and select the second option and then plant (???) it. Make sure you remember where it is! It takes one day to grow. Return to the old man again to get your Drill Reward (???????) then speak to him again to learn about making your own secret base.

Now go back underground, face the wall and select the first option “Traps” then select the drill to make a hole. It will ask if you want to make a secret base so answer yes and that’s it! Now go speak to the old man again twice to learn about decorating your base and also to collect your furniture reward. Return underground and press A at your base entrance. Choose yes to enter then when it asks if you want to leave the hole open or closed, choose the second option to keep it closed. Use your computer and choose the first option to start decorating. Once you’ve done that return to the man for a doll of your starter Pokemon which you can put in your base too. Now you can try playing capture the flag with your friends through wireless link if you want or continue digging.

Hakutai City
Enter the tall building next to the shop. The old man on the first floor (Name Changer) can change your Pokemon’s nicknames if you want. Go on up to the second floor and speak to the old lady for a TM67, “Recycle”. It allows you to use an item that you’ve already used again. Exit the building and go enter the Pokemon Gym where you’ll find the gym leader Natane who uses insect and grass type Pokemon. She tells you that you must find all the other gym members and defeat them first inside before you can battle her. There’s 4 in total and they’re not hard to find. Just check the 4 corners of the room.

Gym Leader Battle, Natane

She has 3 grass type Pokemon; a level 19, 19 and 22.

I hate to admit this but you’re strong! 
It must have been a lot of work to raise your Pokemon. 
It also means you’ve given a lot of love in caring for them. 
In recognition of that, I give you this!
You receive the Forest Badge.

With that Forest Badge, you’ll be able to… 
Use a secret move known as “Cut”! 
Also, with 2 badges now you can control Pokemon up to level 30. 
They will all listen to you. 
And here’s a present from me!
You receive TM86.

TM86 is Grass Union! A technique I really like! 
The heavier your opponent’s Pokemon… 
The greater the damage it’ll inflict!
Go and heal up your Pokemon if you need to then enter the bike shop to find out the owner’s gone to the Team Galaxy’s building but hasn’t come back yet. Go to the north of the city for an event.

Oh, isn’t that a Pokedex? Are you Professor Nanakamado’s assistant? 
What’s your name? 
Oh, you’re {Name}! I’ll remember that! 
I’m Shirona. I’m a trainer who likes to… 
Investigate Pokemon myths.
She then looks around and continues;

That Pokemon statue was… 
Built here in Hakutai long ago. 
It’s written on it that the Pokemon had great powers. 
If you’re out looking for Pokemon then you may come across it too. 
I know! Why don’t you try using this?
You receive Secret Machine 01 (Cut).

With this, you can cut down bushes and reach places you couldn’t before. 
It should be helpful in completing your Pokedex. 
Well, good luck!
Team Galaxy Building

So use the new “Cut” SM01 (?????) to teach one of your Pokemon to cut down trees and enter the Team Galaxy building. You can either ignore the members on the first two floors and run straight upstairs or fight them. They don’t attack you on sight but if you do talk to them, you’ll learn about how they’re trying to develop a new kind of energy by making use of Pokemon for a better future… Or so they claim. On the top floor you’ll find the bike shop owner and another of Team Galaxy’s leaders.

Team Galaxy Leader, Jupiter 
She’ll have a level 18 bat type and level 20 Skunk Pokemon.

Battle data here 
After you win, she’ll leave saying they’ve already gathered the energy they need from the power station and got what they want from the Hakutai statue. Their boss is planning to use the power of the mythical Pokemon to take over the Shinou Region. She warns you not to get in the way.

Bike Shop Owner:
Oh thank you! Thanks to you I’m saved! 
You know, Team Galaxy… 
Said to me, “Bibbi’s a space Pokemon. Hand it over to us now!” 
I didn’t know what they meant at all. They were acting like aliens themselves. 
But nevermind! Thanks again! 
I’ll give you a bike as a token of my gratitude!
Route 206
So lets go to the Bike Shop and collect your bike (?????). It has 3 gears which you can change between using the B button. If you need to, go rest up and then head south onto to Route 206. Speak to the Professor’s assistant when you pass him and if you have around 40 Pokemon, he’ll give you a Learning Device that will allow even KO'ed Pokemon to receive XP. Afterwards, head outside and you can ride your bike back towards Kurogane City quickly. It’s a slope so you’ll be sliding down very fast. Just use the D-Pad to pull backwards. You’ll be fighting trainers on bikes along the way. At the end of the road, speak to the lady to get a Flag. If you were paying attention to underneath the bridge, you’ll notice there’s an item below so if you cut your way through to the east, you can pick up a Silver Spray that repels Pokemon attacks for 200 steps. There’s also a Poison Needle (????) that increases the attack power of poison based moves and there are some new Pokemon there too so might want to go scouting. You won’t be able to explore the Labyrinth Cave yet. Continue south when ready to meet Hikari.

Hey, {Name}! How are you doing with the Pokedex? 
Me? I’m somewhere between doing good and not so good… 
But it’s OK! 
I just got something really cool so I thought I would share it with you. 
Which hand do you choose? (Right/Left).
Choosing right, I got a Battle Searcher.

Oh, so you chose the Battle Searcher. 
I knew you would choose the good thing. 
By using it, you can find out which trainers will fight you again. 
Do you have a Pokkechi yet, {Name}…? 
Oh, you do. Well, I’ll give this to you too then. 
Keep it up, {Name}! 
The “Dowsing Machine” Appy is used for finding items you can’t see. 
Just try using it! 
If an item happens to be near you… 
It’ll tell you! 
You can find some in dark caves! 
Well, good luck with the Pokedex now! Professor Nanakamado really looks forward to it!
Hikari then walks off. Lets move on now..

Route 207
If you really need to, return to Kurogane City to rest up first. To get back up the sinking sand, just use your bike (?????). Otherwise don’t go down the sand and continue east along Route 207. You’ll be fighting more trainers in team battles and there will be a Good Potion by the lamp posts. Enter Mount Dengan at the end.

Mount Dengan
Walk in towards the steps and a man will approach you.

Do you know about the beginning of the world? 
This Mount Dengan is where the Shinou Region began. 
That’s the theory. 
…There will be no conflict in a world that’s just been created. 
Fighting with Pokemon however, is another matter. 
I want you not to forget that as a Pokemon trainer. 
It’s going to be tough for one with a weak heart. 
Now excuse me..
The man walks off.

Hmmm, now who could that have been? Anyway, this is a good place to try out your new Finder App! If you find something, a spot will remain on the screen. It’ll be up to you to locate the item. Just keep tapping and moving until the spot is near the Center of the radar. Then press A to inspect the spot where you think the item is and you’ll get it.

Route 208
Continue through the cave to Route 208 where you’ll find more trainers. Under the bridge you’ll find a Speeder (????) that increases your Pokemon’s speed and pass some small boulders, you’ll find a Pokeball. Continue to descend the mountain then find a martial artist hiding in the corner south of the fruit trees to get a Vital Stone. Now enter the little house and speak to the man to get another fruit. You’ll learn that your Pokemon will be happy if you give them fruit to eat, nature’s candy but of course, they have their effects such as healing. Speak to the little girl to get a Fruit Tree Searcher Appy. Now you’ll know where all the trees are! Continue along into Yosuga City.

Yosuga City

A Pokemon runs into you..

Thank goodness you happened to be standing there! 
Otherwise I don’t know where Mimiroll will have run off to… 
Mimiroll, get back in your Pokeball! 
I’m Mimi! One of the contest judges. 
Please come to the contest so that I can thank you!
Mimi walks off.

Looks like you’re in for a Pokemon Contest! Follow the path round to where a man with a red cap is. Enter the Pokemon Club behind him and speak to the old man for a Pofin Case. You can now increase the chances of your Pokemon winning contests by cooking them some Pofins in the Pofin House next to the shop. Once you’re ready, speak to the red cap man and answer yes so that he leads you to the contest building. Go up and speak to the girl in purple once you’re there.

Oh, sorry! 
You’re here for the contest? Huhuhu, do enjoy yourself. 
I’m the gym leader, Melissa of Yosuga City. 
And I’m really good at contests too! 
Hmmm, you need to get much much stronger! 
Then we’ll battle!
Milissa then walks off, of course.

Go on in to find Mimi.

Oh, you’re that boy from earlier! 

Oh, {Name}. 

Wha- What! You and Mrs Ayako are family?! 
Then this contest is really going to be something! 

I don’t know. 
I never told {Name} about participating in the contest. 
Do you two know each other? 

Oh yeah! 
I’ve yet to thank you! Please accept this accessory!
You receive Glittering Powder.

When you’re taking part in the contest, you can use… 
That powder on your Pokemon! 
I’m one of the judges here so if you want… 
You can try joining in too! 
You can practice first if you want. 
Well, do excuse me, Mrs Ayako!
Mimi then walks off.

Are you surprised, {Name}? 
I was bored so I came to have fun in Yosuga. 
I didn’t expect to… 
See you here too! 
What? You want to join the contest? 
Well, the contest is all about looking smart so… 
You can’t just enter the way you dress now. 
Put this on and smarten yourself up.
You receive a Tuxedo.

I’m sure it’ll look good on you! I chose it for you after all! 
Well, enjoy the contest! 
I’m sure your Pokemon will show off the other side of their qualities in the contest. Bye!
Go up to the person in front of the desk and speak to him. He’ll notice you haven’t been in a contest before so you’ll have to practice. Speak with the reception to the right, select the first option to practice then choose one of the 3 things to practice; Appearance (?????), Dance (???) or Acting (???). Check the Contest section of this guide for more details about what you have to do in each different stage of the contest. Once you think you have the hang of it, speak to the middle receptionist and choose the appropriate options to enter. Good luck!

After the contest return towards the south to where the man with the cap is. You’ll fight your rival Diamo yet again.

Here I am! Been waiting for you, {Name}!! 
Lets see how strong both of us has become! 
As Pokemon trainers, we have to test ourselves a lot. 
Now lets go!!
He has 4 Pokemon: a L19 bird type, L21 grass type, L20 water type and a L20 fire type.

Rival Battle Diamo

Pokemon and battle info here 
After you win the battle:

Aaah! I lost again! 
At this rate, how am I going to fulfil my dream of becoming the strongest Pokemon trainer… 
No! If I can become stronger and keep it up then one day… 
Alright! I’m challenging the Tobari City next! 
See ya, {Name}! Next time we meet… 
You’ll be surprised at how strong I will be!
Route 209
When ready, drop off one of your active Pokemon at the Pokemon Center then go east to Route 209. Outside the outpost will be a bearded man who found a Pokemon Egg and he gives you it. He heard from a professor that if you keep it along with your active Pokemon, it will hatch eventually. That’s what you had to make space for. Go through the outpost, collect the Sweet Honey to the NE patch of grass then speak to the fisherman for a Good Rod. Answer no to the second question to skip his fishing explanation. Continue east to the patch of trees SE of “Pikachu” to find a Accurate Aim which raises your Pokemon’s accuracy. Follow the path on to find a broken stone tower by the river (it looks like an old fireplace). If you got the Vital Stone I mentioned earlier then you should be able to fix it to become the Tower of the Deceased. Move on north through the excavation site to find the Lost Tower. To the east you’ll find TM47, Steel Wings which increases defence.

Lost Tower

Here you fight trainers on each floor as well as random dark type Pokemon. You’ll find a Full Circle Stone that can evolve a certain Pokemon, a Healthy Shard (???????) that heals 50% HP, TM27 (Requital) which makes a Pokemon attack with full power, a HM04 that can destroy large boulders and a Charm that lowers encounter rates when a Pokemon is equipped with it.

Zui Town

There’s a Pokemon Nursery to the NW if you’re interested in raising your other Pokemon slowly, an orange roofed house with a white beard man in front of it. One of the other men will give you a Pokemon History App. Jump down the steps to the east and visit the houses to get a Capsule Sea inside the Zui ruins, you can find a Mystery Sweet (??????) which levels up your Pokemon by 1, Golden Orb, Mystery Plate (???????&?) which increases an esper’s attack power and, a Strange Object (???????) that does the same thing. When you’re ready, go north to Route 210 to find Yamagoya Cafe. Inside you can fight the waitress and two collectors sitting at the table. You can also buy some Moo Moo Milk (???????) for 500 Yen which heals 100 HP. Continue east to find a PP Aid (???????) which recovers 10 PP, a TM from a fighter, a Martial Plate (???????&?) which increases the attack power of fighter types, an Effect Guard (???????&?), TM34 “Electric Wave” and a Cure All (???????). You might want to watch out for the two Elite Trainers at the end of the route as well.

Tobira City

Heal up at the Center then head for the gym. Speak to the bald man that’s walking around nearby for TM63 “Seize” which disables the equipment the opponent Pokemon is using. Enter the house and speak to the girl for a Pokemon massage. You’ll get an accessory for the contests. Now enter the next house and speak to the Pierrot. Guess which hand he’s holding the coin in to get a Coin Case. Walk on up to the gym to find Hikari.

Are you here to challenge the gym, {Name}? 
You’re getting stronger so quickly. 
Me? I’m here to shop at the department store… 
Of- Of course I’m working on completing the Pokedex too. 
Well, bye!
If you think you’re ready, you can enter the Gym to fight Sumomo who makes use of fighter type Pokemon. There’s a bit of puzzle solving in this gym but it’s not hard. Just make use of the gaps in the sliding yellow panels and the red stairs in the rooms.

Hello and nice to meet you. 
I am Tobira City’s Gym Leader, Sumomo. 
Why did I become a gym leader? I don’t really know… 
What it means to be strong but… 
I’m doing my best to be a gym leader that only I can be. 
Now attack me from whichever direction you want!
3 fighter type Pokemon; L21, L27 and L30.

Gym Leader Battle, Sumomo:

Pokemon battle info here 
After you defeat him:

…I lose. 
It’s been a long time since I lost. But you fought well. 
Please accept this gym badge!
You receive the Cobol Badge!

Now then… 
Those who possess this badge of approval from the Pokemon League… 
Can make use of… 
Flying moves at any time they wish. 
Take this with you please.
You receive TM60.

That TM contains “Drain Punch”. 
When you use that move, not only does the enemy suffer damage, 
But you also absorb the Pokemon’s HP.
Leave the gym to find Hikari again.

Oh, {Name}! I have a favour to ask… 
I dropped my Pokedex by accident and Team Galaxy has taken it! 
Pleaes help me! I’ll be waiting for you up ahead! 
Please come.
Now lets go help Hikari out.. Return to the NW entrance of Tobira City to find Hikari.

Oh, {Name}! I have a favour to ask… 
I dropped my Pokedex by accident and Team Galaxy has taken it! 
Please help and fight with me!
So answer yes if you’re ready to fight the two Team Galaxy guards.

With you and your Pokemon and, me and my Pokemon. 
Our dream team will never lose to them! 
I’m not going to forgive them for troubling people like this!
Finally after the fight:

Underling 1:
Damn it! These Pokemon are so weak! 
Lets get back to HQ and get some new ones! 
Bah! I don’t need this Pokedex! 
Team Galaxy already has every Pokemon in the world… 
No every Pokemon in the universe! 
Now take it away with you!
The Team Galaxy underling 1 runs off..

Underling 2:
Not carrying out our duties well… 
Are we? 
Well then, let me say “We’ll remember this!” just like underlings do for now!
The Team Galaxy underling 2 now runs off.

What was that about? 
And what are Team Galaxy doing in this city anyway?! 
Thanks, {Name}. 
If Professor Nanakamado found out that the Pokedex was taken by them… 
Ah, I don’t want to even think about it… 
So what are you going to do now, {Name}? 
I’m planning to go to Nomose City. 
There’s lots of Pokemon in the marshlands there.
Hikari walks off, leaving you to continue..

Enter the little shed for HM02, “Fly in the Sky” (FLY) which allows Pokemon to carry you to cities you’ve already visited. Well, for those who have played previous Pokemon games, you’ll know about the big department store that sells a lot of goodies and the Game Center where you can play some mini games to earn prizes so if you want, you can go about exploring these places if you want. Check the items list I made to find out what item is what. When ready exit the city via the south to Route 214.

Route 214
Enter the cave nearby to the south to find a TM28 “Dig”. You’ll find a Special Guard and a Great Root (???????) that allows HP absorb moves to absorb more than usual.

Rich Neighbourhood

Drop by the restaurant to nearby and speak to the customers at the tables for some quick team battles with Pokemon around the level 20s. Not much XP at this point but some good money! Head south and go into one of the houses to the west to get a TM from the Pierrot. Leave and continue through Route 213.

Route 213
Don’t let those little children fool you, they can use Pokemon too… In the low L20s that is. There’s a TM40 here and if you go visit the Professor Footprints in the little house to the west, you’ll get a Footprint Ribbon. 
Nomose City

Here you can pickup an accessory for your Naetoru if you speak to the girl with the umbrella. Once you’re ready, enter the gym to fight Maximum Mask who uses water Pokemon. Again, there’s a bit of puzzle solving to do before you can reach the other trainers and then Maxi himself. Not hard to figure out.

You did well to get here!! 
I’m am the Great Gym Leader of Nomose City 
Maximum Mask! 
All my Pokemon are specially trained in their water powers! 
I’ll take on every attack you got… 
Then beat you! Now come on!
He has 3 water types; L27 Gyarados, L30 Frozel and L27 Nuo.

Gym Leader Battle, Maximum Mask

Pokemon battle info here 
After you beat Max Mask, it's time for your next badge, saying:

Well, it didn’t turn out the way I expected but… 
It was some serious fun! 
Now I shall hand you this!
You receive the Fen Badge!

Now you can use the HM known as Kiribarai… 
With that Fen Badge on you! 
And I’ll give you this… 
So that you this so that you and your Pokemon can get stronger!
You receive HM55!

That HM 55 contains Salt Water!! 
When your opponent has about half HP left… 
That move will inflict double the damage! 
You can finish them off in one hit!
North of the city is a Safari Park where you can pay 500 Yen for a chance to catch some Pokemon without fighting. All you have to do is either provoke it by throwing mud or tame it with some food before you try capturing it with a Pokeball. If you get stuck while exploring, just wiggle the D-Pad left and right until you’re out of the hole. Before entering, go up to the second floor of the building. Here you can pay 100 Yen to see which areas have what Pokemon in them. Enter the park and speak to the green haired guy for a HM05, Clear Fog which er, lets your Pokemon clear away fog! Leave the park and heal your Pokemon if you have to then buy some sprays because the next new area will have lots of grassy areas so unless you want to fight lots of Pokemon, have some sprays ready. Also have a Pokemon that you can teach HM05 to because you’ll need it next. Now speak to the Team Galaxy member outside the building. He’s up to something and runs off as soon as he notices you. Follow him east and speak to him again to find they’re up to some kind of experiment before he runs off again. Diamo comes running up to you..

Heheheh! Why do we always have to bump into each other! 
So, {Name} you been training your Pokemon? 
I’m going to see how strong… 
You and your Pokemons have become!
He has a L26 bird type, L25 Ponita, L28 starter Pokemon and a L25 Buizel.

Battle with Diamo

info here.. 
Well, looks like you’ve gotten a little stronger. 
That really surprised me and it’s why I lost… 
So what was with that Team Galaxy member? 
I don’t know what’s going on but lets go after him! 
If they’re not Pokemon and they run away then they must be bad guys! 
Bye, {Name}! I won’t go easy on your next time!
Continue east out of the city to find the Team Galaxy guy near the shore again. Speak to him to find out he’s planning to start an experiment by the sea with the power they stole from the power station. He’ll run off again so follow him into the Rich Neighbourhood where he’ll divulge more about Team Galaxy’s plans to create a new universe. Follow him again for a quick fight then he’ll decide to return to HQ. Go north to find Shirona.

Oh, long time no see. How is your Pokedex coming along? 
I came to investigate the legend of the sea but… 
It looks like I can’t go into it right now. 
Do you know about the legend? It tells of an island within the sea… 
And that a mythical Pokemon is there. 
That’s why they say it’s not a place for people to go to… 
Oh, wait! Sorry for changing the subject but… 
Did you see the group of Psyducks at Route 210?
Answering yes...

Really! You know there’s a café there, right? 
All the Psyducks there are huddling together, holding their heads… 
Maybe if you use this on them. 
You’re completing the Pokedex right? Maybe you should go have a look.
You obtain a Secret Potion.

I used to adventure with an old Pokedex too. 
I hope you find all the Pokemon you’re looking for! 
Then you might find out about the secret to the mythical Pokemon. 
Route 210
So head on back to Route 210 where the Psyducks are then inspect them and say yes to use the Secret Potion. Shirona will come along again.

So you used the Secret Potion. 
Those Psyducks had headaches… 
But it’s unknown where it came from… 
Oh wait! Could I ask you a favor? 
I want you to deliver this charm to my grandmother in Kannagi. 
I’m sure you’ll find some rare Pokemon along the way there so… 
It shouldn’t be too bad a task for you.
Answering yes, you'll receive the Ancient Charm.

My grandmother is a proud looking person named Olla so… 
You should recognise her when you see her… 
Oh, and she’s also the elder of the village too. 
You’ll be able to find her easily. 
Now about where it is… You should be able to find out if you look at the map. 
Well, I’m counting on you! We’ll meet again somewhere!
Follow the new path. In this area you’ll have to teach your Pokemon HM05, Clear Fog or you’ll have a hard time navigating the forest. Note that besides the random Pokemon battles in the grass, there are some hidden Ninja Pokemon Trainers too. Along the way, you’ll find a Smoke Ball (?????) that gives you a high change of running away from random battles.

Kannagi Town

Enter the house in the SW corner and speak to the martial artist for an Analogue Clock App. Next go collect some Shades (??????) from the man in the shop in the NW corner which will increase the power of dark type Pokemon. After you rest up, go speak to the Team Galaxy member to stop him from blowing up the town which he thinks is old and useless. Afterwards, Shirona’s grandmother will come speak to you.

Shirona’s Grandmother: 
Oh, thank you! You’re quite a strong trainer aren’t you! 
Allow me to thank you as this town’s elder. 
Oh, that charm you have… Could you let me see it for a moment? 
What’s that? My granddaughter Shirona asked you to deliver it to me?
You hand her the charm..

This charm was made in Kannagi long looong ago. 
It’s said that the God who made the Shinou Region granted it to us. 
Even now you can find one of them around occasionally. 
Ah wait! Since you came all the way to Kannagi… 
Why don’t you have a look inside these ruins?
Go inside and have a look at the wall painting with 3 things standing in a triangle around something glowing in the Center. Shirona’s grandmother will enter.

In this wall painting… 
…are the Gods. 
These 3 Pokemon obtained a power and through it, 
They created this land. 
It is them who preserve space and time. 
That’s the folklore that’s been passed down generations in Kannagi here. 
Oh, and I found something interesting. Here, take it! 
It belonged to my granddaughter but, she doesn’t use it anymore.
You receive HM03, Surf!

If you take a Pokemon along with you who learns this “Surf” move… 
You’ll be able to swim in rivers and the sea. 
But my granddaughter also mentioned something else. What was it again… 
Oh yeah! You’ll need the gym badge from Yosuga to be able to use it when you’re not in battle. 
Well, you’ll have to do something about that part yourself.
Now head back outside for an event.

Looks like there was another pointless battle here. 
You should travel the world… 
So that you can see things from a greater level. 
A level that is as great as the universe. 
My name is Akagi. 
I am searching for a power… 
To stop all these pointless battles and create a better ideal world. 
But it appears that power isn’t here… 
I met you before on Mount Tengan. 
If you find any power that is mentioned in the legends, I want you to tell me. 
I need it to create a new world.
Well, if you used HM02, you’ll be able to fly back to Yosuga City which is a little SE of where you are now. It’s the city where you took part in the Pokemon Contest and where you met Melissa.

Yosuga City

Enter the gym and go up on the lift. There will be some simple arithmetic you need to do. First answer is 3+5+7=15 so take the right door. Second door is 12+28=40 so enter the middle door. Third is 3x13=39 so enter the left. Finally, the fourth is the first answer you got so enter the right to find Melissa.

I’ve been waiting for you!! 
I’ve been studying a lot since I came to this country. 
I take part in contests and that’s why I’ve been studying Pokemon dressed in this manner. 
Then I became gym leader. 
So now you must challenge me! 
I will win because I’m a gym leader!
She has 3 ghost type Pokemon; one L32, one L36 and one L38. I’d watch out for confusion moves and have a few Heal Alls ready.

Gym Leader Battle, Melissa

Pokemon battle info here.. 
I’m surprised! 
You and your Pokemon… 
Are very strong! 
I approve of your power and shall hand you this gym badge!
You receive the Relic Badge!

With this badge, you can use Surf. 
You can also have this TM… 
You should be able to make use of it.
You receive TM65.

TM 65 contains Shadow Claw!! 
A sneaky attack that can hit and surprise opponents easily!!
Now leave the gym to find Shirona waiting outside.

I’m glad I found you here! I’ve been looking for you! 
I heard about what happened in Kannagi. 
Thank you for protecting the ruins! 
How dare Team Galaxy…!! 
I thought they’re just people who talk about such strange things 
And dress in weird clothes but… 
They’re more troublesome than I thought. 
They can’t try and monopolise everything! 
By the way, did you find the ruins interesting? 
If you like you can go to the library in… 
Mio City which has a lot of old books. 
I’m sure it’ll help you out in completing your Pokedex! 
Do drop by that place. Bye now!
Route 218
Now off to Mio City we go then! First fly back to Kotobuki City, the very first city you travelled to and where the GTS is. Make one of your Pokemon learn HM03, “Surf” then exit the city via the NW exit to Route 218. Here you can find a Mystery Sweet (??????) that increases your Pokemon level by one just to the east of the dock. Follow the past west and you’ll find Hikari’s father waiting inside the outpost to upgrade your Pokedex so that you can view both male and female versions of each Pokemon.

Mio City

Enter the first house and speak to the girl for a TM. In the house north of the shop there’s an old man that can make your Pokemon forget TMs or HMs. Rest up then cross the bridge to find Diamo.

Hey, {Name}! 
I bet you’re here to challenge the Pokemon Gym here! 
I’ll challenge you to see if you’re up to it. 
I just got my badge from there after all!
He has a L31 bird type, L32 Ponyta, L30 insect type, L35 starter Pokemon and a L32 Buizel fire type.

Rival Battle, Diamo

Pokemon battle info here.. 
I see you’re a little stronger than me as usual… 
But let me tell you this! 
The one challenging the Pokemon League and becoming the champion… 
Will be me! But anyway, you should be able to beat the gym leader here! 
Go get it done now!
So on the west side of Mio City is the Library Shirona was talking about. On the top floor there are readable books telling of the Shinou Myth, Tale of the Shinou Region, Tale of Tobari, The Beginning, A Horrific Tale, and Shinou Folklore. One of the Shinou stories tell of how the region was created when 3 Pokemon painfully held their breath and dived deep into a lake to obtain a power that created the land. Another tells of how long ago there were humans that married Pokemon and Pokemon that married humans because both sides were of the same race. The Horrific Tale on the other hand tells of how there is one Pokemon that could take away anyone’s memories just by looking into their eyes. Those who get touched by it loses all emotions and those who hurt it, will no longer be able to move.

Anyway, if you’re ready, it’s time to fight the next gym leader, Tougan so he’s going to be using steel type Pokemon. This time you need to work your way through the multi-level gym by using the lifts.

Hmmm, that’s the gym badge from Kurogane. 
I see! So you defeated my son! 
But never mind, he is still very much inexperienced. 
I’ll fight instead… 
In place of my son!
He has 3 steel type Pokemon; two L36s and one L39.

Gym Leader Battle, Tougan

You managed to defeat my prided Pokemon. I approve of your strength. 
I shall give you this Mine Badge!
You obtain the Mine Badge!

With this Mine Badge… 
You can use the HM “Superhuman Strength” anytime you want! 
Now you that you have 6 badges, you’ll be able to control… 
Pokemon that have been traded up to level 70! 
Right! Take this too!
You obtain TM91.

In that TM 91 is Raster Canon!! 
When this hits your opponent… 
It will lower their special defence occasionally!
After the fight just take the platform to the right for a quick way back down. Go outside to meet Diamo once again.

Hey, I knew you could get the Mine Badge! 
You should aim to be Pokemon Champion with your skills. 
But with me being so strong, I doubt you’ll be able to make it. 
Right! Come with me to the library, {Name}!
So head on north into the library to find Diamo on the top floor.

Hey, {Name}! Over here!
...Walking over to a table where Hikari and Professor Nanakamado is.

Hey, Professor! I brought {Name} here! 
Well, I’m off! 


…Alright, alright already. 

Ah, now that you’re all here, listen up! 
Both of you may have forgotten about this already but, 
I’m researching about… 
Pokemon’s evolutions. 
But the more I research the more I don’t understand. 
Pokemon that evolve and Pokemon that don’t… 
What is the difference between them? 
Do only immature Pokemon evolve? 
If that’s the case then how does all my research relate to… 
The inertia of the legendary Pokemon? 
Now then… 
It is said that 3 legendary Pokemon stay in the lake of the Shinnou Region. 
If I can just see them myself I might be able to… 
Understand something about Pokemon evolutions.. 
This is where I must ask you all for a favor! 
I want you all to find the legendary Pokemon! 

What! You never gave me a Pokedex! 

…Who was the one that ran out of the lab… 
Before I could hand it to you? 
But never mind! Looking out for lots of Pokemon… 
Is an important part in making you two stronger. 

Of course we’ll go! The Pokedex is nearly complete! 
You’ll go too won’t you, {Name}! 

Right! Now about which lake you should go to… 
There just happens to be 3 lakes in Shinou and there are 3 of you here. 
Lets split you up and investigate them individually! 
Hikari, you go to Lake Shinji! 

Yes, Professor! 

Diamo, I want you to go to Lake Eichi! 
The route from Kissaki City that leads there is a tough route so… 
I want a strong Pokemon trainer to do it. 

Su- Sure! 
Haha, you know me well, Professor! 

And you {Name}, I want you to go to Lake Rich! 
It should be in between Tobari and Nomose.
A great earthquake is felt...

…It stopped. 
Are you all alright? 
Be careful when you’re going outside. I’m worried about what happened in the city.
Everyone walks off.

{Name}, come quickly! 
…Be careful of anymore earthquakes.
Go outside for another event.

…So the earthquake there wasn’t a natural one.
A sailor comes running up to you and the Prof.

Hey, old man! Big news! 
I heard there was an explosion at Lake Riche!! 
It went… 
The sailor runs off..

I’m going to the lake! I think something bad is happening there somehow!
Your rival runs off..

…That Diamo. 
{Name}, I’m worried about what happened at Lake Riche. 
But I just can’t say what just happened there. 
Don’t push yourself too hard! 
Once we’ve had a look at Lake Shinji, we’ll be right over. 

…{Name} will be alright.
Route 213
The Rich Lake is the one SE of the island closest to Nomose City where the Safari Park is so fly there then when ready head east onto Route 213. If you want, you can go collect two items here and fight some swimmers. Walk on to the beach then start swimming south from where the second fisherman is. To the west of the water you’ll find an Energy Cluster (???????&?) which heals full HP and along the east, you’ll find a Will of the Water (?????) that evolves a water type Pokemon.

If you don’t want to fight then just follow the route east to the Rich Neighbourhood then go north past the house with the blonde hair lady at the door. Remember where you were talking with Shirona and there were two men guarding the path in between the trees? Well, they’re gone now so you can go into the Rich Lake area.

Rich Lake

Surprise, surprise… Team Galaxy’s been blowing up the lake. Now they’re planning to blow up Lake Shinji next and your hometown Futaba might get caught in it! Battle your way through the gang then enter the cave to find their leader.

This mission went well. The boss will be pleased
All this is for everyone and for us, Team Galaxy!
Then Noticing you...

I know you!
You’re the one that came to Team Galaxy’s HQ at Hakutai!
Ha! Jupiter should be ashamed of herself! How can she lose to a kid like you!
But as long as there’s the possibility that you’ll be a threat to us, I’ll have to deal with you!!
Team Galaxy Battle, Saturn

Has 3 Pokemon; two L35s and one fighter type L37.

Damn! How can I lose! I guess this will just have to bide for time!
But never mind! No matter what you do…
A little kid like you won’t be able to stop the flow of time.
Team Galaxy will have all 3 legendary Pokemon from these lakes then…
We’ll use their power to create a new universe!
My team mate Mars should have caught the next Pokemon…
At Lake Shinji just about now…
Lake Shinji
Lake Shinji is the lake where you chose your starter Pokemon which is the one to the SW of the island. Fly on home and rest up in your house if you need to then go to the lake to find the Professor. He’s holding up well against the bad guys.

{Name}! You came just at the right time!
Team Galaxy has the legendary Pokemon…
You have to go help Hikari!
Fight your way through to Hikari in the corner.

{Name}! Te- Team Galaxy has the…
The legendary Pokemon…!

You! Seeing your face reminds of some bad things!
I’m talking about what happened at the power station!!
Because of you, I ended up being in some serious trouble.
What! You don’t know who I am?
Fine! Let me introduce myself one more time!
I’m from Team Galaxy’s HQ, Mars! Strong and beautiful!
What? You came to save these two?!
I won’t let you! It won’t happen!! I’ll have to deal with you too!
Team Galaxy Battle, Mars

She has 3 Pokemon; L37 Goldbat, L37 Dormirror and a L39 Bunyatt.

I lost again…
First at the power station and now here at Lake Shinji!!
This… This can’t happen to a leader of Team Galaxy!!
…Calm down, Mars.
My job is to…
Bring back the sleeping legendary Pokemon from the lake…
Back to HQ…
Yes! The mission was a great success this time!
I’ll let you go this time! The boss is waiting for my return back at the HQ!
There’s a link between the 3 Pokemon at these lakes, isn’t there?
Thanks to what Saturn done…
The cave to this sleeping Emulite Pokemon appeared.
It probably woke up to save its friends…
And thanks to that happening, we Team Galaxy caught it easily!
Now we have…
The God of Emotions, Emulite…
The God of Will, Agnom…
And the God of Wisdom, Yukushii…
You’re going to have something to look forward to from Team Galaxy.
Team Galaxy leaves.

I see…
So the legendary Pokemon at Lake Riche…
Has been caught by Team Galaxy too…
We’re up against some serious adults.
I’m glad that…
You children are all right.
Oh! I wonder what’s happened to Lake Eichi? I’m worried about Diamo!
Route 216
Well, there’s only one last lake left but you might want to buy some Potions first because the next area has some heavy hail weather which damages your Pokemon during battles. Fly to Kannagi Town, Shirona’s home and make your way west into the Mount Tengan caves. Your Pokemon will have to make use of HM04 so learn it if you haven’t already. Once inside the cave, head north to take the narrow path up. Follow the path round and you should reach stairs going down to a large square lake. Continue following the path to reach Route 216. Once there, you can make your way through the thick snow. There’s a lodge where you can rest in a warm bed and heal your Pokemon.

Route 217
Head on north into Route 217 and go in a NW direction to reach another lodge. Behind it you’ll find HM08 “Rock Climb” which allows you to climb up anywhere that has footholds. In the NE lodge you’ll find a lady who’ll give you a Cursed Charm (???????) that increases ghost type Pokemon’s attack power when equipped. Once you get to the entrance to Lake Eichi, you’ll find Team Galaxy guarding the place so you can’t get through. Head on east to Kissaki City.

Kissaki City
Here’s the ship that will take you to the Pokemon League once you’ve earned the last two badges! Anyway, go rest up your Pokemon then you can go challenge Suzuna, The Diamond Dust Girl. The puzzle’s slightly harder in this gym. What you have to basically is slide down through the Center from a high place so that you smash up the snowballs. Once you’ve done that, it’s just one straight path to Suzuna.

You want to challenge me?
Sure! I’ve been waiting for a strong opponent.
But you know, I’m really strong when I’m in the spirit.
I’m in the spirit for Pokemon, dressing up pretty, love and everything else right now!
You better prepare yourself!
Gym Leader Battle, Suzuna

4 Pokemon; L38 grass type Yukiburi, L38 Nyura, another L42 grass type Yukinouh and a L40 Chalem. You’ll have to use physical attacks only on Chalem when it puts a shield up or just keep using specials to take it down.

You’re good! I really respect that!
Yes, now I feel like I’m in your spirit of doing things now!
Oh, I have to give you this…!
You obtain the Glazer Badge.
With that Glazer Badge…
You can use the HM “Rock Climb” outside of battles too.
And you have this too!
You obtain TM 72.

TM 72 contains Avalanche!
When you’re receiving hits from the enemy…
Your moves’ attack power will double!
Great move, don’t you agree!
Now leave the city and return to the entrance to Lake Shinji. Team Galaxy won’t be blocking the way now. Enter the lake to find Diamo and one of the other TG leaders.

Damn you, Team Galaxy!!

Oh, is that it?
Our Pokemon aren’t too bad but you are just plain weak.
How are you going to save the Pokemon of this lake like that…?
You should give up being a Pokemon Champion too.
Anyway, this place is too cold. I’m going back to the HQ.
He then walks to the exit.

Oh, it’s you. We met in Hakutai, didn’t we?
Listen. Team Galaxy is going to do something really great for the good of everyone now.
So don’t give me that rubbish about how you feel sorry for these Pokemon.
And don’t try to interfere.
Even if you try to infiltrate into our HQ in Tobira, it’ll be pointless.
Now excuse me.
He now walks off.

Yeah, that’s right!
I couldn’t do anything against Team Galaxy!
That Pokemon “Yukushii” or whatever name it was really looked in pain…
I will get stronger…
It’s not about wins and losses…
It’s just that that I have to become stronger…
Well, looks like Team Galaxy has all 3 legendary Pokemon now. Before you fly off to Tobari where the department store is, swim over to the NE shore to pickup a TM.

Tobari City
Head on north from the Pokemon Center and speak to the Team Galaxy guy next to the satellite. He’ll drop a key to the warehouse before running off. Now go to the warehouse where you fought to help Hikari get her Pokedex back. Use the key to open the door inside then enter the Team Galaxy HQ.

Team Galaxy HQ
Work your way through the building using the warps. You’ll eventually find the Key Card you need for the higher levels in the first locked room you come across. In these lower levels of the HQ you’ll find TM49 “Seize” which allows you to use your opponent’s specials such as any recovery moves or status changing ones, TM 6 “Slime Bomb”which can inflict poison and TM21, “Outburst” which can is an attack that gets stronger while you’re in a rage.

Once you have the Key Card from the from the wet room, leave the warehouse and return to the main HQ with the satellites outside. Fight your way up the building again and use the warps. Along the way, you can rest in the beds… Nice eh? You’ll find a Energy Shard and PP Aider. Once you meet the boss…

…I see…
So you’re the Pokemon trainer…
That I’ve been receiving reports about opposing us Team Galaxy.
I never thought it would a child like you.
I heard they had a lot of trouble dealing with you.
I know why you came here.
You came for the 3 Pokemon Emulite, Agnom and Yukushii, didn’t you?
I don’t need those Pokemon anymore.
If it’ll get you leave of this place then, feel free to dispose of them…
From my HQ.
But before that…
I want you to show me the power...
You used to stand up against Team Galaxy.
Team Galaxy Battle, Boss Akagi

He has a L40 dark type, L43 Nyura and a L40 Goldbat.

I see. You are strong.
So you say that the source of your power comes from the kindness you have towards your Pokemon?
…It’s all such a waste and so pointless. It’s all just lies.
All things you can’t see waver and disappear.
They die and go.

That is why I’ve done away with all emotions.
…But never mind that. You wouldn’t understand.
I do commend you for the power and bravery you showed in coming here alone however.
Allow me to give you this.
You obtain a MasterBall.

You can catch any Pokemon with that Master Ball.
It is the ultimate Pokeball.
But I don’t need it now.
I don’t treat Pokemon as if they were my partners like you trainers do.
And neither does the rest of Team Galaxy treat them as tools.
I use Pokemon and make their power part of me.
If you want to save the Pokemon from the lakes…
Use the warp panel up ahead.
I shall head to Mount Tengan.
Yes, the place where we first met…
There I will climb to the peak…
And end everything…
No, it will be the beginning of everything.
Follow on to use the warp then enter the lab to find (from left to right), Emulite, Yukushii and Agnom. Speak to Saturn for a fight.

You came all the way here to save these Pokemon?
…I never do understand what the boss is thinking.
Why is he letting a kid like you do as you please…?
We Team Galaxy will monopolise everything we need…
And throw out what we don’t.
But never mind. Since you came all the way here allow me to show you some hospitality.
Besides, I have to get my revenge for what happened at the lake.
Team Galaxy Battle, Saturn

He has a L38 psychic type, L38 Dormirror and a L40 fighter type.

..Damn it! How can you be so strong!
But it doesn’t matter. Do whatever you want with these 3 Pokemon…
You can free them by hitting this button on this machine.
Pressing the button.

The boss has created a Red Chain using the crystals…
He created from each of these 3 Pokemon.
I heard he needs it to…
Tie up something at Mount Tengan…
I never did know what…
The boss wanted to do there.
Mount Tengan
Pack your bags and fly to Yosuga City where the Pokemon Contests are held. It’s a long trip through the caves so be sure to grab some sprays and other items you’ll need. Teach your Pokemon HM08 “Rock Climb” if you haven’t already and then exit the city via the SW. Make your way into the Tengan Mountain cave then follow the path round to the western exit but don’t go outside. Instead, swim across the stretch of water to your right and then climb up the wall. Continue your climb up to the peak from here and you’ll know you’re going the right way when there’s a group of Team Galaxy hanging around. If you end up at an exit with a TG guy standing there who won’t fight you when you talk to him, that’s the wrong way. Just head on back out then climb west to find another entrance from there. You’ll find a TM80 “Landslide” along the way. Once you’re at the peak, be sure to heal up.

Team Galaxy Boss:
This will be the end of everything and also the start of everything.
I will use this Red Chain to open the door to another dimension.
Then I will use the power…
To control time
Come forth Legendary Pokemon, Diaruga!
A portal is opened and a giant Pokemon appears.

…Now everything will be destroyed.
Everything will disappear. All conflict will disappear.
I’m the only one that can stop this flow of time.
The wave from Diaruga spreads throughout Shinou.
This is the Pokemon from the legends that created Shinou.
The incarnation of time, Diaruga!


Team Galaxy Boss:
I will now create the ultimate world…
With my desires!
A whole new world!
And I will become the God of that world!
Walk on up.

There’s no need to rush.
I know you want to fight our boss but…
You’ll have to fight me first!
We still need to repay you after all.

Then you have to fight me.
You maybe strong but I’m going to fight serious this time!
Diamo runs in.

Hold it!
How can you have all this fun without me!

Diamo! Well if it isn’t…
The cry baby from Lake Eichi.
So have you gotten stronger now? Very well! We’ll have a 2v2 battle!
Team Galaxy Battle, Jupiter and Mars

They have two L40 Dormirrors, two L41 Goldbat, L45 Bunyatt and a L46 Skunk.

…Heh, see how strong my Pokemon is!
I can become strong too!
…But maybe I’ve reached my limits now…
{Name}, use this!
Diamo heals your Pokemon.

Hey {Name}! The rest is up to you now!
Diamo walks off and light appears around Diaruga.

Team Galaxy Boss:
Yes, Diaruga!
Wonderful! Beautitful!
That is our new galaxy! Our new universe!
Something’s odd.



The new galaxy disappears. Emulite appears next to you briefly before disappearing again.

Team Galaxy Boss:
The Red Chain…! It’s been broken…!
And why?
Why did that Pokemon Emulite from Shinji appear next to you?!
No, this isn’t the time for that! The- The new galaxy’s gone!!
I won’t let this happen…
I will catch those 3 Pokemon again and remake the Red Chain!
But before that! I will destroy you!!
Team Galaxy Battle, Boss Akagi

He has 4 Pokemon; a L45 dark bird type, L48 Manyura, psychic type, a L45 Gyarados and a L62 Dark Bat.

What does the true ultimate mean to you?
Do you truly know what shining precious things are?
…No matter.
One day I will become the God.
And then I shall make all ultimate things mine…
Hikari and ProfessorNanakamado comes along.

Good gracious! This the God of Time, Diaruga…
Is it angry or is it sad..
I think it’s waiting for you to go over {Name}.
What will it try to do…
Go {Name}. Go over to Diaruga!
And listen to the voice from its heart! You must find out what its feelings are.
The Red Chain forcefully summoned it out here…
You should be able to calm down its rage if you listen to it…
I’m sure of it.

{Name}… I saw Diamo just there.
He says he believes in you and that it’ll all be fine.
And I believe in you too.
So please, save this Pokemon!
It’s suffering because Team Galaxy forced it out from that dimension!
Walk on up to Diaruga.

Well, I hope you haven’t used that Master Ball! Use it on Diaruga now!

Good work! Really good work!
This was the first time I’ve been so excited in my 60 years of life!

After that incident, the Professor’s been investigating all sorts of things…
We then got really worried about you so…
We made our way here…
I’m glad you’re alright, {Name}.
Well, lets go home!
Hikari walks up and leads you away.

No one’s future… Or world…
Should be taken away by anything.
For a quick exit, enter the dungeon then use an Escape Rope. Now fly to Nomose City and travel to the Riche Neighbourhood. Route 222 is open now.

Route 222
Make your way through to Nagisa City in the east. To the NW area of grass where the posh looking trainer is, there is a hidden Full Potion. Follow the path and you’ll obtain TM 56 “Throw” and you’ll also come across a “We Love Pikachuus House” along the way. Once you go through the outpost…

Hey, you’re that Pokemon trainer!
I heard your Pokemon are really strong.
Oh, let me introduce myself!
I’m Olba! One of the Elite Four in the Pokemon League!
Yes, you just maybe able to do it!
You see, there hasn’t been any strong challenger…
Coming to see this gym leader for a long time.
Now because of that…
The whole place is in a mess and has a power cut!
Maybe if you could give him a real good challenge…
So that you can get his spirits up again! I’m counting on you!
Nagisa City
Go east to the viewing tower first then go up it and speak to the blonde hair guy there. He’s the gym leader of this city and it seems he’s up for a challenge now after seeing you. Next, head into the main part of the city to find another gym leader, Mikan in a sandy area.

…Ex- Excuse me. I’m Mikan, a gym leader.
I don’t lead this city’s gym, though.
I’m from a place called the Jouto Region…
…I- I’m so glad that you know about…
The Jouto Region…
Umm, if you don’t have the gym badge from here…
You won’t be able to go on from here.
When ready, run on up to the gym to find Olba there who will ask you to give Denji the gym leader a good battle before leaving. As the name suggests, he uses electric Pokemon and as with the previous gym, there’s a little puzzle solving for you before you can reach him. Once you’re there…

…Now then, a challenge.
There a few who manage to come and fight me but…
All of them were weak and boring…
…Heh, I’m Denji.
They call me the number one gym leader in the Shinou Region…
But whatever.
I hope you can remind me…
Of the fun a trainer can have!
Gym Leader Battle, Denji

4 Electric Pokemon. He has a L46 Raichuu, L49 Rentra, L47 Octan and a L47 Eteboz.

…That was one amazingly fun Pokemon battle!
From now on…
I’ll be looking forward to see…
What other ways of fighting you and your Pokemon come up with!
Now, take this 8th gym badge!
You obtain the Beacon Badge!

With that Beacon Badge, you can make use of the HM, “Spray.”
You’ll need it to get over waterfalls and to get to the Pokemon League!
Now that you have all badges…
Every Pokemon…
Will listen to you!
Now take this too please!
You obtain TM 57.

TM 57 contains Charge Beam!!
It’s a special move that inflicts high damage!
Route 223
Leave the gym, heal up and have a Pokemon ready for learning the “Spray” move. Return to Mikan and speak to her for HM 07 which is the “Spray” move and you’re ready to make your way through Route 223. Rest up at the end and it’s time for the Champion’s Road.

Victory Road
The Pokémon and the Trainers inside of Victory Road have very high levels, spanning from the mid-to-upper 40's range. Your Pokémon should be at least Level 48 before entering (or trying to complete the whole thing), although lower-to-mid 50's would be ideal.

From the start, you will have to cross a bridge. Across the bridge, you can use Rock Climb to get down to the lower area of the first floor, fight the Psychic, and pick up TM41 (Torment). There's nothing else down here, though, so Rock Climb your way back up, and then head east. 

When you get to a place that you can climb some steps down, do so, fight against the Birdkeeper, and continue north to pick up a Full Heal. Go back to where the bridge takes you north and follow that path north, west, and then north again to a flight of stairs.

Up on the second floor, you can either go north or south. Going north will lead you to some bike ramps and boulders that you need to move, all of which will eventually lead you to a Max Ether.

Going south will lead you to a boulder formation like this:

| #..# |
| .21# |
| .3.# |
| ..## |
Push boulder 1 south, boulder 2 west, and boulder 3 south and you'll be able to pass. Keep going west until you find another puzzle.

To solve this one, push the boulder on the left down one tile, then go over to the smashable rock. Rock Smash it, and then push the boulder north, up to the Trainer.

Go east, use Rock Smash again, fight a Trainer, and then you'll have to solve another puzzle. This one is easy, though; just push the top-most boulder west and head north and you'll find yourself at a flight of stairs leading down. However, if you go back down the stairs and to the puzzle again, you'll be able to go over to the east, where there are more boulder puzzles, as well as bike ramps that can lead you to a Full Restore, a Double Battle against two Cool Trainers, and TM71 (Stone Edge).

Now you'll be back on the first floor. Cross the bridge over to a ledge that you can use Rock Climb down, but be careful not to jump off of the ledge below, otherwise you'll have to backtrack. Make your way around the cliff you were on until you find a Black Belt. Beat him, and you'll reach another flight of stairs leading down.

Surf over to the Psychic (don't bother taking the north route). Go east, and then south to find two Cool Trainers (Double Battle). Fight them, and then Surf down the path, climbing upstairs, to reach a Rare Candy. There's also a Max Revive hidden nearby, so use your Dousing Machine.

Go back to where the Psychic was and then Surf north until you reach a waterfall. Use Waterfall to climb it, and then take the path west until you find a Dragon Tamer. From here, you can take the southern Waterfall down to TM59 (Dragon Pulse). Otherwise, beat him, then keep going west, then south until you find a flight of stairs.

You'll be back on the first floor again. Head west until you get to an Expert. Keep going west past him and you'll find the Razor Claw, which you can equip to a Sneasel and then trade it to evolve it into Weavile. Climbing up the steps by the Expert and then heading east will lead you to a Zinc and a person blocking passage into another part of the cave. Otherwise, go south, then up the cliff to the east so you can fight another Dragon Tamer. Fight him, cross the bridge, and you'll be at the exit.

Also, south of the Expert in the aforementioned step, instead of going east, you can go west, use Rock Climb, and make your way to the flight of stairs. This will lead you up to another boulder puzzle.

| ######### |
| #x.1..-># |
| #$.3..-># |
| #x.2..-># |
| ######### |
("$" marks the item [TM79], and the "->" marks the location of the stairs.) 
Push boulder 1 west, then boulder 2 west, and then boulder 3 either north or south to access TM79 (Dark Pulse).

In here you’ll find TM 41, “Quibble” which prevents opponents from using the same move every time, TM 59 “Dragon Blast”, TM 79 “Dark Blast” and a Sharp Claw (??????) which increases your chance of a critical hit when equipped.

Pokémon League
Well, here it is: the Pokémon League! The place where champions are made. Use Waterfall to ascend the massive waterfall, and then enter the glorious building.

Inside, be sure to heal your Pokémon, especially before approaching the door that a person is blocking. There's a Poké Mart here that sells pretty much everything you might need. It's highly recommend to stock up on supplies such as Hyper Potions, Full Restores, Revives, and Full Heals. 10 to 15 of each should be sufficient.

Save your game, and then approach the door. As you do so, Rival will show up and challenge you to yet another fight. This time, though, his team is quite formidable.

Wait! You’re off to challenge the Pokemon League right?
I came here to do that too!
Come on, lets have a battle to see who should go in there!
Rival Battle {Diamo}

Pokémon Trainer Damion (Rival) $5300 

 Staraptor NRM / FLY Lv 48 

 Heracross BUG / FTG Lv 50 

 Snorlax NRM Lv 51 

 (if you picked Turtwig) 

 Roserade GRS / PSN Lv 49 

 Floatzel WTR Lv 49 

 Infernape FIR / FTG Lv 53 

 (if you picked Chimchar) 

 Roserade GRS / PSN Lv 49 

 Rapidash FIR Lv 49 

 Empoleon WTR / STL Lv 53 

 (if you picked Piplup) 

 Rapidash FIR Lv 49 

 Floatzel WTR Lv 49 

 Torterra GRS / GRD Lv 53 

Damion's team of Pokémon is quite diverse at this point. He will try to use a lot of type-matching against you, so the order that he sends out his Pokémon in depends on what Pokémon you are using. The best advice you can follow is to just try and type-match his Pokémon by sending out Pokémon that are effective against his. If you can't do that, then try to use your strongest attacks. His fully evolved starter Pokémon is more than likely your biggest threat, due to its high stats and level.

After beating him, he will run off again. Now, all that's left is for you to talk to the person in front of the door. Do so, and he will check to make sure that you have each of the Gym Badges. Since at this point, you obviously do, he will step aside and let you take on the Elite Four.

I’m still losing to you! Looks like the Pokemon League is still too early for me!
Damn it! I’ll get stronger and then I’ll be back for the Pokemon League!
I will become the strongest Pokemon trainer there is…
And become champion!
{Name}! Don’t lose to anyone until I’ve beaten you first!!
Heal, save your game, and make sure you're ready. You'll want your Pokémon to be in the mid-50s if you want to stand a good chance. Using Legendary Pokémon like Dialga or Palkia will improve your odds, but will not guarantee victory. You'll need to stay on your toes and apply your fiercest battle strategies if you want to win! When you're ready, walk through the door, and take the elevator up to the first of the Elite Four.

The first of the Elite Four is Aaron, who primarily uses Bug-type Pokémon. A Flying- or Rock-type Pokémon will be invaluable in this fight, although Electric-, Ice-, and Psychic-type attacks are also effective against some of his Pokémon.

Elite Four Battle {Aaron}

Make sure you have everything that you need before going in because you can’t get back out once you’re inside. When ready, speak to the official who will check your badges and you’re ready to fight.

Elite Four Aaron $6840 

 Dustox BUG / PSN Lv 53 

 Drapion PSN / DRK Lv 57 

 Vespiqueen BUG / FLY Lv 54 

 Heracross BUG / FTG Lv 54 

 Beautifly BUG / FLY Lv 53 

You should be fairly familiar with squashing Dustox and Beautifly from all of your encounters with them in your battles against Team Galactic. Dustox can use Toxic and can also set up a Light Screen, both of which will hamper your ability to fight at your fullest. Try to take it out with one good Psychic-, Ground-, or Flying-type attack before it gets a chance to use either of those attacks.

Drapion is Aaron's counter to Flying-type Pokémon. It knows Ice Fang to deal with anything trying to exploit the rest of his team's weakness. Poison/Dark is a hard type to find a weakness to, as well. Ground-type attacks are really your only option if you want to do the most damage. Otherwise, just whittle away at its HP with your strongest attacks.

Heracross has a lot of offense, similar to Damion's Heracross. It knows Close Combat and Mega Horn, both of which are very strong attacks and will do a lot of damage to anything it hits. It also has Stone Edge in its roster of moves to help combat Flying-type Pokémon. However, fortunately Heracross is pretty slow, and it's also 4x weak to Flying, so even a weak Flying-type attack like Aerial Ace will be more than enough to knock it out.

Vespiqueen is very sturdy. It has high defenses and decent HP, so it's a bit tricky to take down. One good Rock-type attack will rip it apart, though, but if you don't have one at your disposal, strike it with Electric-, Ice-, or Flying-type attacks to deal the most damage. It can recover HP with Heal Order, and can raise both of its defensive stats with Defend Order. Try not to let it use Defend Order too many times, otherwise it will become nearly impossible to take down!

Elite Four Battle {Bertha}

After Aaron comes Bertha, the master of Ground-type Pokémon. If you have a Grass-type Pokémon, send it to the front of your party now. Do not however, lead with a Water-type Pokémon, otherwise you'll be sorry!

Elite Four Bertha $7080 

 Quagsire WTR / GRD Lv 55 

 Hippowdon GRD Lv 59 

 Golem RCK / GRD Lv 56 

 Whiscash WTR / GRD Lv 55 

 Sudowoodo RCK Lv 56 

Quagsire will start out the battle by annoying you. It loves to use Double Team to raise its evasion, making it harder to hit. It will also whip up a Sandstorm so your HP will be whittled away while you try and fail hitting it. Grass-type attacks will make fodder out of it, though. It has Water Absorb, so your Water-type attacks will heal it instead of hurting it, so don't count on using such attacks against it.

Hippowdon's Ability, Sandstream, will summon forth a Sandstorm when its sent out, so you'll have to face the whipping sand regardless of whether Quagsire can pull it off or not. Hit it with your strongest Grass- or Water-type attack to put it out cold.

Golem has very high Defense, but it is also 4x weak to both Water- and Grass-type attacks, so using them will knock it out almost positively. Fighting-type attacks are super effective against it, but its high Defense might prevent them from knocking it out with one shot. It's very slow, though, but has high Attack and, as I've already said, high Defense.

Whiscash is also super-weak to Grass-type attacks. Fortunately, it doesn't have Water Absorb, so if you're running through Bertha's Pokémon with a Water-type and don't want to switch, you won't have to, although it will probably take you two hits to knock it out.

Sudowoodo is really a push over. It has strong attacks, but it's slow and weak to the same types as the rest of her Pokémon. It should be an easy knockout unless you don't have any of those types.

Elite Four Battle {Flint}

Next up comes the third member of the Elite Four, Flint, whom you've seen earlier in Sunyshore City. He uses Fire-type Pokémon, although really his team is pretty diverse (due to the overall lack of Fire-type Pokémon in Sinnoh), so be ready to take on a variety of types.

Elite Four Flint $7320 

 Rapidash FIR Lv 58 

 Infernape FIR / FTG Lv 61 

 Steelix STL / GRD Lv 57 

 Drifblim GHO / FLY Lv 58 

 Lopunny NRM Lv 57 

Rapidash is very quick and can be pretty powerful, so try and douse its fire with whatever attacks you can throw at it. Its defenses are pretty shaky, though, so one good hit and it's gone.

Infernape is the monster of his team, possessing very powerful moves and high attack stats to use them. Flare Blitz, a Fire-type Double-Edge move (120 base power), will do a considerable amount of damage to anything it hits. It also has Mach Punch to get a jump on your faster Pokémon. Flying- or Water-type Pokémon are most effective against it, although it does know Thunderpunch, so make sure that your Pokémon can take the hit. Also try to avoid using your Rock-type Pokémon here, otherwise they'll face the wrath of Infernape's Fighting-type attacks.

Steelix has massive Defense, as always, but it's slow as tar and is very weak to Water- or Fire-type attacks. If you have any Special-based Fighting- or Ground-type attacks, those will be effective as well, although its Defense will prevent any Physical-based ones from being very potent.

Drifblim has great HP, and it also knows Baton Pass, but it shouldn't be too much of a worry.

His Lopunny has Mirror Coat, which will counter any of your Special-based attacks, so try and use Physical-based attacks against it unless you want to risk getting knocked out.

Elite Four Battle {Lucian}

Once you've beaten Flint, only one more Elite Four member will be remaining: Lucian. Lucian uses strong Psychic-type Pokémon. He'll start off with a Mr. Mime, so try and start with a Dark- or Ghost-type Pokémon or a Pokémon with a Dark-type attack (like Crunch or Dark Pulse).

Elite Four Lucian $7560 

 Mr. Mime PSY Lv 59 

 Medicham FTG / PSY Lv 60 

 Alakazam PSY Lv 60 

 Bronzong STL / PSY Lv 63 

 Girafarig NRM / PSY Lv 59 

Mr. Mime knows both Light Screen and Reflect, which will half your Special-based and Physical-based damage for five turns respectively. It also has Psychic and Thunderbolt to inflict some damage.

Medicham is a monster with its high Attack stat (thanks to its Ability, Pure Power). It uses Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Drain Punch (Fighting-type move). Although it doesn't have any Psychic-type moves, its Physical-based Punches will be very strong and they cover a very wide range of different type weaknesses, so you need to try and take it out as quickly as possible. Its defenses are pretty low, though, so a quick, strong attack will inflict heavy damage on it. Flying-type attacks are your best bet against it.

Alakazam is very fast and very strong. It knows Focus Blast, a Special-based Fighting-type move that inflicts heavy damage. Very nasty if you're planning on using a Dark-type Pokémon against it. It also knows Psychic, which will do a ton of damage to pretty much anything that isn't Dark-type.

Lucian's Bronzong has very high Defense and Special Defense, although it has rather low Special Attack, so you're in luck. However, it will use Calm Mind frequently, which will raise both its Special Attack and Special Defense. After using that, its Psychic attack will be quite strong. It also knows Gyro Ball which is effective against your faster Pokémon.

Girafarig is deceptively effective at throwing Psychic around. It will do some decent damage. Other than that, Girafarig shouldn't be too much of a threat. Dark-type attacks are your best bet against it. Be sure not to use Ghost-type attacks, though, because it has full immunity to them due to it being part Normal-type.

Pokémon League Champion Battle {Cynthia}

Once you've beaten Lucian, heal your Pokémon to full HP, then walk down the path to face the Pokémon League Champion... Cynthia!

Champion Cynthia $13200 

 Spiritomb GHO / DRK Lv 61 

 Gastrodon WTR / GRD Lv 60 

 Milotic WTR Lv 63 

 Garchomp DRG / GRD Lv 66 

 Lucario FTG / STL Lv 63 

 Roserade GRS / PSN Lv 60 

There aren't a lot of common weaknesses in Cynthia's team. Her Spiritomb doesn't have any weaknesses, actually, so don't worry so much about what Pokémon you start with in this fight. With its high Defense and Special Defense and total lack of weakness, Spiritomb will likely take a few good shots to take down. Its offenses aren't that great, though, so at least you shouldn't be too threatened.

Gastrodon's only real weakness is Grass-type attacks, so if you don't have any of those, rely on using your strongest Physical-based attacks against it, because it has lower Defense than it does Special Defense. Be careful, though, because it has strong moves such as Earthquake, Stone Edge, Muddy Water, and even Sludge Bomb.

Her Milotic can be a real pain to take down. It's weak to Electric- and Grass-type attacks, although it has the HP and defenses to take a good hit from one of them and still survive. Avoid inflicting it with a status ailment, though, because otherwise its Marvel Scale Ability will kick in and raise its Defense by 1.5x. It knows Mirror Coat, which is nasty if you use a Special-based attack against it, because it will inflict double that damage back to you (unless you knock it out, of course). Avoid using them if you can, unless you're sure you'll be able to knock it out.

Garchomp is a fierce Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon with high Attack and Speed. It also has nice HP, as well as decent defenses, making it quite hardy and a challenge to take down. It can use Dragon Rush, an extremely powerful Dragon-type attack; Earthquake, which is just plain nasty and it gets the Same Type Attack Bonus, making it really deadly; Giga Impact, which is like a beefed up Hyper Beam; and Brick Break for a nice, solid Fighting-type attack. Your best bet against it is a strong Ice-type attack (beware Brick Break if you're using an Ice-type Pokémon, though!) or a Dragon-type attack of your own, although otherwise just strike it with your strongest attacks and try to keep your HP as high as possible.

Lucario, which you probably haven't fought against since your fight with Maylene, is a difficult Pokémon to take down due to its great types. Fighting-, Ground-, and Fire-type attacks are awesome against Lucario, but nearly everything else is really quite ineffective. It knows Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Psychic, and Aura Sphere, giving it a very large array of powerful attacks. It also has high Attack and Special Attack, as well as good Speed, but fortunately its defensive stats aren't so hot. Use that to your advantage.

Her Roserade shouldn't be quite as difficult compared to the rest of her Pokémon, but it's still a formidable foe. It boasts very high Special Attack and quite high Special Defense, and its Speed isn't half bad either. It can use Sludge Bomb, which will put a serious dent in your Pokémon's HP. Steel-type Pokémon are amazing to use against Roserade.

After beating all six of Cynthia's Pokémon, she will tell you to climb the platform up. Do so, and you'll be taken through the door. Inside, Cynthia will lead you to where you register yourself and your Pokémon as the new Pokémon League Champions. Professor Rowan will also join you and congratulate you on your accomplishment.

Congratulations! You are the new Pokémon League Champion!
Victory Road and Elite Four sections by Marril via

To be Continued…….

4.0 - WiFi and the UnderGround.
WiFi Connection

The UnderGround Area

Unlike the previous regions, the area of Sinnoh has a hidden underground area. This area has a variety of functions, many of which utilise the DS to DS linkup, but it does not require it. To access it you need to obtain the Explore Kit in Eterna City.

With this item in your Key Items Pocket, you will be able to go underground. Where ever you are in Sinnoh sets the part of the Underground you go into, some of which is closed off so you need to enter it at various different places in Sinnoh in order to go everywhere.

Once you leave the Underground, you will return to where you entered it. Each area has items of various rarities up for trade from the hikers. 
Take a look at the picture. The Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left & Bottom Right specifically are cut off from each other and are only accessible from those areas in Sinnoh above ground. 

To activate the many events including obstacles and Fossil Hunting, all you have to do is follow the shines on the Map on the Top Screen and when you're close to one, just press the Touch Screen and if there are any by you then you will see a Shining Diamond. Just go up to it and you will activate it.

The Sinnoh Underground is also vital if you wish to get the Pokémon, Spiritomb

Excavation (Digging)

The main thing that you do in the Sinnoh Underground is Excavating in the walls for various items. After locating them, this is controlled purely with the touch screen. It gives you a Pick Axe and a Hammer to use to try and break through the rocks in order to find 2 to 4 items. However there is a limit on how much stress you can induce on the wall through this before the wall collapses itself. To make things worse, there a good number of rocks that are just there to take up space that can cause a cave in if you keep hitting them.

There are a number of items that are found here including all the evolution stones, shards that are used to trade for evolution stones, the different plates used for Arceus and various items such as Revives and Hard Stones.

You can also find all of the fossils here after you get the National Dex; Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, Old Amber, Claw Fossil and Root Fossil. Also you can get the Armor Fossil and Skull Fossil depending on your version at any time. However unlike in past games, you can have any number of these fossils on you so you can go revive 20 Omanytes or Anoriths if you do so wish.

The other thing you will find is the currency of the Underground; Spheres. There are 5 different kinds of Spheres found in the underground; Reds, Blues, Greens, Prisms & Pales. However, when you keep getting them, they are not combined and there is only way to combine them and that does cause a loss in the Spheres. What you do is drop the highest amount you have on the ground and keep dropping each subsequent piece onto the ground and then pick it up. You will get the original drop amount plus the extra amounts. Below is a table that states the amounts that are given for the Spheres of particular sizes:

Original Size 	Added Size
1 - 4 		     +1
5 - 9 		     +2
10 - 14 	    +3
15 - 19		    +4
20 - 24 	    +5
24 - 29 	    +6
30 - 34 	    +7
35+ 		   +10
There is another way to get Spheres however, in the far corners of the underground, there are traders that will give you large amounts of gems (in quantities of over 70) in exchange for items you have found. However, be careful as some of the items you find you will only get once such as the Arceus plates. 
Secret Bases

Secret Bases make a welcome return. Placed within the Underground world in Sinnoh, you can decorate them like in Ruby & Sapphire. To access them, you need to get a Drill from the old man in Eterna City. This Drill is one use so you have to be careful. However you can pick up another one from the hikers for a price.

Once you have created your Base, you'll want to deck it out.. Hidden amongst the underground are a number of Hikers, all of which sell specific items for a certain amount of the Spheres explained above. Each of the hikers sell different things for your Secret Base for a various amount of Spheres, some of which will definitely require you compile them with the above method. Then you simply decorate it up when you get inside the Secret Base.

You can also obtain more items with Mr. E Good's Tasks

Secret Bases do have another use however...

Flag Retrieval

Flag Retrieval is a small mini-game that you and a friend can play. Simply put you need to go to your friend's secret base to get a flag. However your friends are capable of placing traps such as strong wind, boulders etc. to stop you from progressing. The first back wins the game. The Winner manages to get upgrades to their own Secret Base so they can place more items in it. There are multiple different levels in the Flag Retrieval, the highest being the Platinum level, obtained by capturing 50 flags from your friend's bases. If you have this ranking, you can remove all of the annoying rocks in your Secret Base

Underground Man

Next to the Pokémon Center in Eterna City is the man that gives you the Explore Kit. Once you have the Explore Kit however, he gives you many tasks that you are to do in the Underground. Do the missions of his, and he'll give you many things. Below is a list of his missions;

Task Reward 
Go Underground Move Trap (Up), Bubble Trap, Leaf Trap 
Dig Up an Item Prism Sphere 1, Red Sphere 1, Blue Sphere 1 
Bury a Sphere Digger Drill 
Make a Secret Base Plain Table, Wooden Chair, Small Bookshelf, Buneary Doll 
Decorate Secret Base Doll of your Starter (Turtwig, Chimchar or Piplup) 
Capture 1 Flag Bronze Flag, Base Upgrade (Up to 12 Decorations), Pretty Gem 
Capture 3 Flags Silver Flag, Base Upgrade (Up to 15 Decorations), Shiny Gem 
Capture 10 Flags Gold Flag, Base Upgrade (10 Rocks Removed), Mystic Gem 
Capture 50 Flags Platinum Flag, Base Upgrade (All Rocks Removed), Glitter Gem 

5.0 - Super Contests.
These contests are similar to the previous ones but with a few added extras. There are three rounds to determine your success in the Pokémon Super Contests: 

Visual Judgement

This round is similar to the first round in the main games, however instead of just relying on your PokéBlock stats, this time you have to physically dress your Pokémon up with a variety of items to try and get points. You do this via the touch screen and then when you are done you put your Pokémon out in front of the crowd and see what they think based on the type of contest that it is

Dance Judgement

The second round is a Dancing round. The Pokémon that you have entered the contest with either becomes the main singer or one of the background singers based on its performence in the last round. In this round, you get rated based on your rhythm and co-ordination with the music of the momnt. To control this, you press the 4 buttons on the touch screen to the music when instructed. The better your rhythm, the more points you get.

Performence Judgement

The final round runs exactly the same as the main part of the contests in Ruby & Sapphire. You use attacks in here to try and get Appeal Points and Jam the points of the opponents. The person with the most points at the end of the 5 battle rounds wins this round.

7.0 - PokeDex Entries / Pokemon Numbers
Diamond & Pearl Pokemon 
Nat. Dex # DP Dex # Image/Sprite Pokemon Name Type 
387 1  Naetoru Grass 
388 2  Hayashigame Grass 
389 3  Dodaitosu Grass / Ground 
390 4  Hikozaru Fire 
391 5  Moukazaru Fire / Fighting 
392 6  Goukazaru Fire / Fighting 
393 7  Pocchama Water 
394 8  Poddaishi Water 
395 9  Enparuto
Empoleon (US) Water / Steel 
396 10  Mukkuru Normal / Flying 
397 11  Mukubaado Normal / Flying 
398 12  Mukuhohku Normal / Flying 
399 13  Bippa Normal 
400 14  Biidaru Normal / Water 
401 15  Koroboshi Bug 
402 16  Korotokku Bug 
403 17  Korinku Electric 
404 18  Rukushio Electric 
405 19  Rentorah Electric 
406 20  Subomii Grass / Poison 
407 27  Rosereido Grass / Poison 
408 36  Zugaidosu Rock 
409 37  Ramubarudo Rock 
410 38  Tatetopusu Rock / Steel 
411 39  Toritepusu Rock / Steel 
412 45  Minomucchi Bug 
413 46  Minomadamu Bug / Grass 
414 47  Gahmeil Bug / Flying 
415 53  Mitsuhanii Bug / Flying 
416 54  Beequeen Bug / Flying 
417 55  Pachirisu Electric 
418 56  Buoysel Water 
419 57  Floasel Water 
420 58  Cherinbo Grass 
421 59  Cherimu Grass 
422 60  Karanakushi Water 
423 61  Toritodon Water / Ground 
424 64  Etebohsu Normal 
425 65  Fuwante Ghost / Flying 
426 66  Fuwaraido Ghost / Flying 
427 67  Mimiroru Normal 
428 68  Mimiroppu Normal 
429 73  Maumahji Ghost 
430 75  Donkarasu Dark / Flying 
431 76  Nyarumah Normal 
432 77  Bunyatto Normal 
433 82  Riishan Psychic 
434 84  Sukanpuu Poison / Dark 
435 85  Sukatanku Poison / Dark 
436 88  Dohmirah Steel / Psychic 
437 89  Dohtakun Steel / Psychic 
438 92  Bonsly Rock 
439 94  Mime Jr. Psychic 
440 96  Pinpuku Normal 
441 102  Perap Normal / Flying 
442 108  Mikaruge Ghost / Dark 
443 109  Fukamaru Dragon / Ground 
444 110  Gabaito Dragon / Ground 
445 111  Gaburiasu Dragon / Ground 
446 112  Munchlax Normal 
447 115  Rioru Fighting 
448 116  Lucario Fighting / Steel 
449 122  Hipopotasu Ground 
450 123  Kabarudon Ground 
451 127  Sukorupi Poison / Bug 
452 128  Dorapion Poison / Dark 
453 129  Guregguru Poison / Fighting 
454 130  Dokuroggu Poison / Fighting 
455 131  Masukippa Grass 
456 134  Keikouo Water 
457 135  Neoranto Water 
458 140  Tamanta Water / Flying 
459 142  Yukikaburi Grass / Ice 
460 143  Yukinooh Grass / Ice 
461 145  Weavile Dark / Ice 
462 ???  Jibacoil Electric / Steel 
463 ???  Beroberuto Normal 
464 ???  Dosaidon Ground / Rock 
465 ???  Monjumbo Grass 
466 ???  Elekiburu Electric 
467 ???  Buuburn Fire 
468 ???  Togekiss Normal / Flying 
469 ???  Megayanma Bug / Flying 
470 ???  Leafia Grass 
471 ???  Glashia Ice 
472 ???  Guraion Ground / Flying 
473 ???  Manmuu Ice / Ground 
474 ???  PorygonZ Normal 
475 ???  Erureido Psychic / Fighting 
476 ???  Dainose Rock / Steel 
477 ???  Yonowahru Ghost 
478 ???  Yukimenoko Ice / Ghost 
479 ???  Rotomu Electric / Ghost 
480 146  Yukushii Psychic 
481 147  Emuritto Psychic 
482 148  Agunomu Psychic 
483 149  Diaruga Steel / Dragon 
484 150  Parukia Water / Dragon 
485 ???  Hiidoran Fire / Steel 
486 ???  Regigigas Normal 
487 ???  Giratina Ghost / Dragon 
488 ???  Kureseria Psychic 
489 ???  Fione Water 
490 104  Manaphy Water 
491 105  Darkrai Dark 
492 106  Sheimi Grass 
493 107  Alseus Normal  

4.0 - Wi-Fi Modes & Underground Exploring
There’s a lot of Wi-Fi modes available in the game depending on what building you access and you can only start accessing most of them after you obtain your first Gym Badge.

Pokemon Center
So lets introduce the ones at the Pokemon Centre first. This is where you can trade or battle with your friends via Wi-Fi. To start off first however, you will have to register some Friend Codes using your Friends List (???????&?). Find this in your bag under the key items category Once you open it you’ll have the 3 options View Friends List, Register Friend Code and View Friend Code. The rest should be self-explanatory.

Wi-Fi Club
First downstairs you’ll find the Wi-Fi Club where you can find out if your friends are on. Once you talk to the NPC and get connected to WFC, you’ll have two options. The first option is the “Recruit” option. This allows you to search for any friends online for a Single Battle, Double Battle or Trade. The second option disconnects you from WFC.

Colosseum & Union Room
Upstairs, you’ll find the Colosseum to the right and Union Room to the left. The Union Room is actually a wireless link room which allows you to link up with a large number of friends nearby. The Colosseum on the other hand allows you to have team battles via Wi-Fi with your friends. Your options are 2 player team battle and you can choose between a Single Battle (1 Pokemon each), Double Battle (2 Pokemon each) or Mix Battle.(3 Pokemon each). The 4 player team battle allows Multi Battles only.

GTS (Global Trade Station)
Found only in Kotobuki City, this place allows you to trade Pokemon with other players via Wi-Fi. After choosing the first option and connecting to WFC, you’re given the options to leave a Pokemon for trade, find a Pokemon you want, or disconnect.

By choosing to leave a Pokemon, you will have the option of choosing what Pokemon you want it to be traded for. You’ll be able to choose what you’re looking for by setting the name of the Pokemon, gender (Don’t Care/Male/Female) and level. So if any other player happens to want your Pokemon, they’ll have to have the Pokemon you want before they can trade for it. You can only leave one Pokemon at the GTS at any time although you can withdraw it whenever you want.

Finding a Pokemon for trade is pretty similar and you will have to know a bit of Kana or at least the name of the Pokemon you’re after.

Checking the rotating globe allows you to set whereabouts you live although the map is currently only limited to Japan.

Battle Tower
This is only unlocked after you win the Pokemon League and allows you to fight with random players via Wi-Fi.

Fossil Digging, Orb Growing and Capture the Flag
Once you have the Excavation Kit (???????) you can go exploring the underground passages of Shinou, digging for fossils, creating a secret base and play capture the flag with your friends via wireless link. You can use the kit from your key items anywhere in Shinou basically as long as you’re standing on ground. After you’re inside the passage, you can open up the main menu to setup traps, plant orbs, view your goods, view treasure, stats or return to the surface.

In the stats window the following are listed under Score… 
Number of people met. 
Goods dug up. 
Flags Captured. 
Orbs excavated. 
Fossils excavated. 
Number of traps triggered. 
During your adventure, you’ll learn the basics of setting up a secret base and digging for goods so I won’t cover it here.

5.0 - Contests
Well, it’s not all about fighting trainers and capturing new Pokemon because at Yosuga City you can have one of your Pokemon take part in a Pokemon Contest.

Once at the Pokemon Contest building, speak to the receptionist on the left then pick the first option to join in. You can then select which rank you want to try which are normal, great, ultra and master. You can then select the type of contest you want your Pokemon to be in which is either coolness, beauty, cuteness, smart or burliness. Finally, you must choose which Pokemon participates and you’re in!

The contest is split into 3 parts; dressing up, dance, and performance.

Dress up is simple and all you have to do is look at what the theme is and dress up your Pokemon accordingly. For example, there’s one where the theme’s about colored accessories (??????) so dress in colors.

Dance requires you to watch each Pokemon as they dance during the first half of the bar then you have to time your button taps during the second half of the bar.

Finally the performance part of the contest requires you to show off your Pokemon’s moves. Not too different the the last generation games at all.

To help your Pokemon gain the upper hand, you can collect various fruits from trees during your adventure and then cook Pofins at City to increase your Pokemon’s appearance stats. After speaking to the lady near the Pofin maker, all you have to do is choose your ingredients then spin the dough carefully so that it doesn’t spin too slowly or flow out of the brim.

Your Pofin Case (???????) can only hold one Pofin at any time. To feed your Pokemon the Pofin you made, just use the case from the key items section of your bag.

6.0 - Items & Shopping
Here is a list of the items you can purchase from the big department store in Tobari City. Some items you can purchase in the various smaller shops around Shinou.

1st Floor 
Name   -   Use 
Pokeball ???????? - For capturing wild Pokemon. 
Super Ball ??????? -Increases chance of successfully capturing wild Pokemon. 
Hyper Ball ??????? -Greatly increase chance of capturing Pokemon. 
Escape Rope ??????? - Escape out of dungeons and caves etc. 
Pippi Doll ???????? - Escape from battles. 
Insect Spray ???????? - No wild Pokemon attacks for 100 steps. 
Silver Spray ???????? - No wild Pokemon attacks for 200 steps. 
Gold Spray ??????? - No wild Pokemon attacks for 250 steps. 
Grass Mail ?????? 
Flame Mail ??????? 
Blue Mail ?????? 
Space Mail ??????? 
Potion ????? Heals 20 HP 
Good Potion ??????&? - Heals 50 HP 
Great Potion ??????&?? - Heals 200 HP 
Full Potion ??????&?? - Heals full HP. 
Energy Shard ??????? - Heals half HP. 
Antidote ???? - Heals poison. 
Heal Paralysis ????? 
Heal Burns ?????? 
Heal Frostbite ?????? 
Heal Sleep ?????? 
Heal All ??????? - Cures all status effects. 
2nd Floor 
Name   -   Use 
Taurine ???? - Increases attack. 
Bloghexine ?????&?? - Increase defence. 
Rizotium ????? - Increases special attack. 
Kitosan ???? - Increases special defence. 
Indometacin ????? ;?? - Increases speed 
Max up ??????? - Increases max HP. 
Speeder ????? - Increases speed when equipped. 
Plus Power ?????? - Increases attack when equipped. 
Defender ?????&?? - Increases defence when equipped. 
Effect Guard ??????? - Prevents status down for 5 turns when equipped. 
Critique Cutter ??????&?? - Easier to hit target when equipped. 
Target ?????&? - Increases accuracy when equipped. 
Special Up ???????? - Increases special attack when equipped. 
Special Guard ???????? - Increases special defence when equipped. 
4th Floor 
Name   -   Use 
Yellow Cushion ??????&?? 
Cupboard ?????? 
Big TV ??????? 
Fridge ????? 
Beautiful Sink ?????? 
Max up ??????? 
Gonbe Doll ?????? 
Usohachi Doll ??????? 
Tamanta Doll ??????? 
Buizel Doll ??????? 
Perappu Doll ??????? 
Other Items 
Name   -   Use 
Heal Ball ?????? - A Pokeball that will heal any 
Pokemon you catch with it. Net Ball ?????? - Easier to catch insect and water types. 
Nest Ball ?????? - The weaker the Pokemon, the easier it is to catch them with this ball. 
Dark Ball ?????? - In dark places such as caves or during the night, Pokemon are easier to catch with this ball. 
Quick Ball ??????? - The earlier you use this ball in battle, the easier it is to catch a Pokemon. 
Timer Ball ??????? - The more turns you use up during a battle, the easier it is to catch a Pokemon. 
Repeat Ball ??????? - Makes catching Pokemon you already caught easier to catch. 
Gorgeous Ball ???????? - Makes Pokemon like you more easily. 
8.0 - Trainer Guide & and Misc Help
Becoming a Good Trainer by Nightshade

Part 1

In this guide you will figure out what it takes to become the ultimate trainer. If by reading this guide you think you can just win anyone in a battle then your totally wrong this guide will only give you certain suggestions to how you can become a good trainer and the basics the rest is up to you! So lets get started shall we…


Stats are a crucial part of learning to becoming a good trainer you need to know what your Pokemon are able to achieve. For example you may have a level 100 Mewtwo but if its stats are low then its nothing. There are many items available to increase your Pokemon’s stats whether it’s just temporary for a battle or permanent. These items can be obtained from many stores at cheap prices stock upon these! They will help you during battles to raise what your Pokemon can do! Its always a good idea to use these items and increase your Pokemon’s ability before going to battle a gym leader or the Elite 4 . Now you may be thinking “I got a level 100 team my stats are good” but you may be wrong if you used rare candy’s to raise your levels your Pokemon will actually be weaker as rare candy’s low Pokemon stats so it is useless! NEVER use Rare Candy’s it will only lower your Pokemon and make you look like N00B trainer because you cant level up your Pokemon any other way. 

So lets say you didn’t use Rare Candy’s you can still be wrong levelling up your Pokemon isn’t enough you need to manually raise there stats with items as well so you can reach the highest possible stats which will form exceptionally strong Pokemon which your opponent will have a hard time defeating. The best possible way to get your stats up is hard work! Train your pocket monsters as much as you can but also give them items that will help them! There is also something called Pokerus in the game which makes your Pokemon level up and get better stats quicker but this virus is very rare I many trainers will never even see this virus ever! If out do get Pokerus then make sure you don’t loose it spread it in the Pokemon world but battling with the Pokemon infected with the virus. Its best if you battle wild Pokemon as they will later go on to spreading the virus for you so that you have a much better chance of caching a Pokemon with the virus or transmitting the virus to one of your own Pokemon. 

Know your enemy

This is a crucial part of becoming a good trainer! You must know what your enemy’s weaknesses and strengths are or you will never go far. it’s a pretty simple formula based roughly on science for example fire type moves are effective mostly on grass Pokemon why you ask? Well simple grass is flammable! Here is another example: Water type moves are effective on fire type Pokemon. Again very simple water takes out fire. But its not that simple it gets more difficult with other Pokemon like ghost or earth (Psst earths weakness is water) since there a bit harder to resolve but once you know your enemy and its weakness then you have an automatic 40% higher success rate in my opinion because if you don’t you can seriously look stupid. You might send out Bulbasaur to fight a Charmander. But knowing your enemy doesn’t automatically make you win it will defiantly make you inflict more damage but if your enemy knows as well as you it can be tough battle I suggest you do your research as much as you can. 

Take a look around there is always something helpful around the site. Know that you know your enemy’s weakness its time to do something about it! Use attacks that are going to effect your enemy more than another attack but don’t keep using that attack variety is the spice of life try new things if you can afford to or how about some moves that will lover your opponents stats like I said in the previous paragraph stats are the key to a strong Pokemon if you lower them then the Pokemon automatically becomes more weaker making it easier for you to take the win. What u would suggest is that you experiment as much as you can on wild Pokemon or somewhere like the battle frontier to learn for yourself as you will learn it much faster than reading about it experience will make you grow! And make you much wiser! 

That’s it for part 1, Part 2 will be available shortly due to new ways to train and develop your skills in Diamond and Pearl so part 2 will be a little different so keep it locked right here on PPN and become the ultimate trainer!