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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Pack Shot

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


Hidden Statue FAQ

by PastorJK

      Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
           Arrr, Matey There Be a Dead Man 
                    In This Chest

              written by PastorJK
       [email protected]

This faq is to inform people where to locate the hidden statues in the game
that unlock the secret characters with which you can play.  It is my first faq,
and I hope that you enjoy it.

1. Legality Issues (LGIS)

2. Version Number (VRSN)
3. Secret Characters (SCHR)
     a. Mortician (MORT)
     b. Lord Beckett (BECK)
     c. Warrior (WARR)
     d. Voodoo Doll (VDOO)
     e. Captain Pirate (CAPN)
     f. Norrington (NORR)

 1. Legality Issues (LGIS)

    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. You may not use this faq to make any kind of gain, whether
monetary or otherwise.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright September 2006 PastorJK.

 2. Version Number (VRSN)

      Version - 1.0

 3. Secret Characters (SCHR)
     To unlock the secret characters, you are required to replay each level
     after you beat it once.  All characters have the three swing combo and a 
     kick.  If you have unlocked them already the characters can also do the 
     Clap of Thunder, Deadlights, Parting Blow

     a. Mortician (MORT)
          The mortician is the scary, emaciated, stringy-haired, gown-wearing
          foe you fight in the prison levels.  Eventhough, he kills you easily
          when you fight him, playing with him is troublesome.  He doesn't have
          much health, and his combo starts with an upward thrust, which means 
          he dies very easily.  The Moritician has no signature move of which 
          to speak.  He does come with the cleaver, though.
          The statue needed to obtain this character is located in the Prison
          Cliffs area (the third area on Prison Island).  When you get to the
          crumbling walkway, make your way down to the lower level either by
          falling down or walking down the path on the right side and defeat
          the Morticians.  The statue is located in the far left side.
     b. Lord Beckett (BECK)
          Lord Beckett is in charge of the East India Company and wants to
          obtain the heart of Davy Jones because he who holds Jones' heart
          controls the seas.  He is horribly devious and bargains with peoples
          lives to get that which he wants.  You have to defeat him at the end
          of the Port Royal level with Elizabeth to obtain the letters of 
          Marque, which will clear Will and Elizabeth's names.  Lord Beckett 
          is dressed in his very exspensive, regal, navy blue suit with gold 
          buttons.  He has a very cocky stance, and his swing is way too slow 
          to be effective, which means - once again - that he dies very easily.
          His three swing combo is cool looking, though, as he spins around and
          thrusts with a second hidden sword.  He does not come with a special
          weapon, and he has no signature move of which to speak.

          The statue needed to obtain this character is located in the Port
          Royal Docks area (the third area in Port Royal).  After you talk to
          "your friend," or rather your father's friend, you will walk into an 
          area where you will reach the docks.  Walk up the steps and to the 
          left.  You will cross a bridge and find another set of steps down.
          Walk down and you will see a lever which will open a door that will 
          allow you access to the actual docks and a few of the brown clad 
          townsmen.  The statue is to the far left of this lower area.
     c. Warrior (WARR)
     	  The warrior is the strong, painted cannibal you fight against on Isle
          de Pelegostos.  He comes with a femur which has very little reach 
          meaning - you guessed it - he dies very easily.  He has no special 
          move, but he can do the Clap of Thunder combo.  He is slow and gets 
          dazed pretty easily.
          The statue needed to obtain this character is located in the Isle de
          Pelegostos Grotto area (the second area on Isle de Pelegostos).  In 
          all of the islands that you visit all of them different areas that
          you must complete before you fight the bosses.  Each area is also
          broken up into different sections designated by skull clouds.  This 
          particular statue is located near the skull cloud that takes you to 
          the third section in the Grotto area.   
     d. Voodoo Doll (VDOO)
          The voodoo doll is the pesky, character in the swamps that has all
          the swords sticking out of him.  He thrusts out his stomach as a
          block.  His three swing combo is actually pretty good, however, he -
          much like the rest of the special characters - still gets killed

          The statue needed to obtain this character is located in the Swamp
          Town area (the second area in Tia Dalma's Swamp).  Immediately after
          you enter the town you will come to the first alligator.  The statue
          north of the alligator.  You should see it before the alligator.
     e. Captain Pirate (CAPN)
          The captain pirate is the inebriated, red-coated pirate that won't
          let you through the gate in the Tortuga Streets unless you bring him
          a hat and the same guy you have to fight as a mid boss.  He can be
          tricky since he throws glass bottles at you and can block most of
          your attacks.
          The statue needed to obtain this character is located in the Tortuga
          Docks area (the first area on Tortuga Island).  You will come to the
          last section of the Docks area where there is skull cloud guarded by
          two foes.  There is a path that leads past this cloud to the right.
          Follow it to obtain the statue.

     f. Norrington (NORR)
          Formerly, Commodore Norrington, he was stripped of his title when he
          sailed into a hurricane after the infamous pirate Captain Jack
          Sparrow and the crew of the Black Pearl and did not catch them.  He
          hopes to regain his nobility by securing a much wanted artifact for 
          Lord Beckett.
          The statue needed to obtain this character is located in the Isle 
          Cruces Town area (the last area on Isle Cruces).  You will pass
          through three skull clouds and the watch a cutscene involving
          Norrington running through the area.  Follow the path along until you
          come to a rundown lumber mill complete with the dilapidated water
          wheel.  The statue is located to the right of the wheel behind a cast
          iron rod fence.  

There you have it folks.  All statues.  Be cool and have fun.
Special thanks to Bryan Faherty whose walkthrough I used.  Definitely recommend