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Follow the dark path or use the light
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Pack Shot

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



by Platinum Deuce

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
A Walkthrough and FAQ by Platinum Deuce
E-Mail: [email protected]
Version 1.1
Created Jan. 11th, 2006

This document copyright 2006 by Will Young.  This document is for private and
personal use only.  This document may be placed on a web site as long as it 
is completely unaltered and in full.  This document is not to be used for 
profitable or promotional purposes, including, but not limited to; magazines, 
books, guides, etc... in any way whatsoever.

-- Table of Contents --

1.  Updates/Versions

2.  Characters

3.  Walkthrough

4.  Plotholes & Inconsistencies

5.  Special Thanks

1. Updates/Versions
Version 1.0 (1/11/2006) - First edition of the walkthrough is released, 
                          walkthrough is completed up through Episode 3
Version 1.1 (1/27/2006) - First edition to be submitted to GFaqs, finally
                          finished the walkthrough up through Episode 4
Version 1.2 (9/22/2006) - Finally decided to get this finished, Episode 5

2. Characters
Phoenix Wright - Your character, and the main character of this game, a 
                 rookie defense lawyer fresh out of law school. Learning 
                 by example to be the best lawyer possible.

Miles Edgeworth - Your rival and (eventually) friend, one of the best 
                  prosecution lawyers alive. He'll do anything to obtain
                  the truth.

Mia Fey - Your friend and mentor, she runs Fey & Co. Law Offices, where
          you currently work.

Maya Fey - Mia's little sister, a spirit medium in-training, and your
           assistant, she's always there for yo when you need her the most

Dick Gumshoe - Head Detective, sometimes provides helpful info and 
               evidence, always willing to help out a pal.

The Judge - The Judge of the courtroom, seems to get increasingly senile
            as the game goes on, but always comes through with a just 

3. Walkthrough
    Episode 1: The First Turnabout

Basically a tutorial chapter here, just to get you used to the courtroom
gameplay. Just so you knowm the rest of the trials are nothing like this.
You'll have to do investigating to find evidence before going to court,
witnesses aren't as stupid as Sahwit, prosecutors aren't as stupid Payne,
you most of the time will not know from the start who the murderer is, and
cases will take 2-3 trials to finish.

That being said, the cutscene shows a woman being bludgeoned by a man with
a large mole on his forehead. Let the game commence.

August 3rd, 9:47 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

It's just about time for your first case, you client is your best friend
since grade-school, Larry Butz. He's being accused of murdering his 
girlfriend, though he doesn't seem to be very concerned about that, he
seems more distraught

Witness's Account
"I was going door-to-door, selling subscriptions when I saw a man fleeing 
an apartment."
"I thought he must be in a hurry because he left the door half-open behind
"Thinking it strange, I looked inside the apartment."
"Then I saw her lying there...  A woman...  Not moving... dead!"
"I quailed in fright, and found myself unable to go inside."
"I thought to call the police immediately!"
"However, the phone in her apartment wasn't working."
"I went to a nearby park and found a public phone."
"I remember the time exactly: It was 1:00 PM."
"The man who ran was, without a doubt, the defendant sitting right over 

Simple one to start, if you've looked at the autopsy report, it says the time 
of death was between 4 and 5 PM, he's saying that it happened at 1 PM, so, on
that statement, present the autopsy report.

Sahwit will start to sweat, and he'll end up testifying again.

The Time of Discovery
"You see, when I found the body, I heard the time."
"There was a voice saying the time...  It was probably coming from the 
"Oh, but it was three hours off, wasn't it?"
"I guess the victim must have been watching a video of a taped program!"
"That's why I thought it was 1:00 PM!"
"Terribly sorry about the misunderstanding."

Easy again, watching a video during a blackout? Nice try...
Present the blackout report on the statement about the television or the 
statement about the taped program. Either way, Sahwit will get even more 
nervous, and be forced to revise his testimony again.

Hearing the Time
"Actually, I didn't 'hear' the time...  I 'saw' it!"
"There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there!
"Yeah, the murder weapon! The killer used it to hit the victim!
"That must have been what I saw."

He's claiming that the murder weapon was a clock, present the statue on
that statement. The prosecutor will point out that it is indeed a clock that
says the time out loud.

The judge will ask you if you have any more problems with the testimony.
Obviously, choose "Yes". He couldn't have known that the statue was a clock 
unless he physically held it, so point out that he went into the apartment.

Phoenix now accuses Sahwit of the murder. This will really tick off Sahwit, 
and he'll pull off his toupeť and throw it at Phoenix.

The judge will the ask if you have proof, choose to 'Try sounding the clock'.
The clock will say that it's 8:25, thus proving that the clock is 3 hours 
slow. However, Sahwit will bring up the fact that it must be proven that the
clock was running 3 hours slow on the day of the murder, Phoenix will start 
to give up.


Mia interjects, and tells you to think outside of the box. The judge will 
ask you if you have proof the the clock was slow on the day of the murder, 
say "Yes", and present the passport as evidence. This explains why the clock
was wrong. Thus proving that Sahwit is the murderer.

Congratulations, you've just won your first case!
Larry doesn't seem all that excited though, he'll ask you for proof that
his ex-girlfriend actually did care about him, it doesn't have a bearing
on anything, but you can show him the "Thinker" to cheer him up a bit.

    Episode 2: Turnabout Sisters

Mia's on the phone with someone named Maya, having a normal conversation, 
take note of it though, it becomes important later on. A bit later Mia is
attacked, and in one swift blow, your boss, mentor, and friend...  is gone.

September 5th, 8:57 PM
Fey & Co. Law Offices.

You'll enter the office, and notice the smell of blood. Head into the office 
to see a strange looking girl sitting by Mia's body, when you ask her who she 
is, she faints. You'll place her on the couch. Now examine the room.

 - Examine: Mia's body (Glass Shards/"Thinker" added to Court Record)
 - Examine: Paper near Mia's body (Reciept added)
 - Examine: Telephone

Upon examining the phone, You will notice that it's been taken apart, and then
you'll hear a woman scream, looking out the window, a woman can be seen 
staring into the room and holding a phone. Head out of the office.

The mysterious girl that you placed on the couch has regained consciousness, 
you now have a chance to talk to her.

 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: You and the Chief
 - Present: Reciept

You'll learn that the girl's name is Maya Fey, and she's Mia's little sister.
She came to pick up some evidence that Mia asked her to hold for her.

The police will arrive soon after and take Maya into custody.

September 6th, 9:07 AM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

You'll get your first chance to really talk to Maya now, when she asks if
you're going to defend her, choose any option, it won't make a difference.

 - Talk: Maya
 - Talk: Spirit Mediums
 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Talk: Your cell phone (Maya's memo added)

After talking to Maya, you basically learn that she's a spirit medium 
in-training, sadly she can't contact Mia to ask her who the murderer was.
You'll also find out that Maya recorded the entire conversation that she had
with her sister, though Gumshoe confiscated her cell phone.

Maya will ask you to contact a specific defense attorney for her, you'll get 
to choose to accept or refuse the request, but either way you'll end up doing 
it. Now head back to the scene of the murder.

September 6th
Fey & Co. Law Offices

You'll run into Detective Gumshoe again, make fun of his name, and then talk
to him about the crime.

 - Talk: Mia (Autopsy Report added)
 - Talk: Maya
 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Present: Maya's Memo (Maya's cell phone added)

Among the information Gumshoe gives you, he'll inform you that the prosecutor 
for this case is a Miles Edgeworth, he'll ask you if you know him. For the 
record, Phoenix's past, which is revealed in a later episode, actually does 
involve Edgeworth, so he does know him, but you can choose either option.

Upon presenting the Memo to Gumshoe, you'll be given the option to tell him
the truth about the phone or lie about it, either way, you'll get the phone 
back, so again, a meaningless choice here. Don't forget to check the phone 
to see the recorded message again.

Finally, afterwards, he'll mention that the woman seen in the window is a
witness to the murder, a Miss April May. Head over to her hotel room.

September 6th
Gatewater Hotel - Room 303

Upon entering the room, you'll be greeted by Miss May, who'll then go to
freshen up.

 - Examine: Open dresser drawer

You'll notice the screwdriver sticking out of the drawer, but April will come 
back before you get to see anything else.

 - Talk: What you witnessed
 - Talk: Miss May
 - Talk: This room

Miss May gives you absolutely no information on any topic, and you can't check 
out that drawer quite yet, so now head over to Grossberg Law Offices.

Upon entering the office, Grossberg will clear his throat to get your
attention. Upon mentioning Maya's name, Grossberg will immediately refuse to
take the case, before you even ask him.

 - Talk: Your refusal
 - Talk: Mia
 - Talk: That painting

You really don't get much info out of this guy, except that finding a defense 
attorney for this case will apparently be very hard. Now head back to Maya at 
the detention center.

September 6th, 3:42 PM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Maya's excited to see you back, but quickly is disheartened upon finding that
Grossberg refused.

 - Present: Maya's cell phone
 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Talk: Your family
 - Talk: Your mother
 - Talk: Your mother's enemy

When asking about Maya's family, you'll find out that Maya's mother's life was 
ruined by a man named "White".

Afterwards, you'll notice that it's 4:00, and that Maya has no more time to
find a lawyer, and you're given the choice to defend Maya or not, either way
you'll end up defending her, and selecting a reason why. You've finally 
cheered up Maya a bit, now head back to the hotel.

Upon entering the hotel, you'll be greeted by not Miss May, but the hotel 
bellboy, who informs you that April is using the bathroom at the moment, which
gives you the perfect opportunity to check that drawer again. You'll also find 
out that April May is somehow involved with a Mr. White.

 - Examine: Open dresser drawer (Wiretap added)

In the dresser drawer, you'll find a wiretap (A wiretap in the "GateWater" 
hotel, heh, get it?), then that's about it, April May is on her way back, so
you head home to get ready for the day in court.

September 7th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 1

First off, Edgeworth will call Gumshoe to the stand to summarize what happened.
Gumshoe will use the office Floor plans to describe the scene, and then floor 
plans will be added to the court record. Gumshoe will now testify as to why
he arrested Maya on the spot.

Maya Fey's Arrest
"As soon as the phone call came in, I rushed to the scene!"
"There were two people there already:"
"The defendant. Ms. Maya Fey, and the lawyer, Mr. Phoenix Wright."
"I immediately arrested Ms. Maya Fey!"
"Why? We had a witness account describing her!"
"The witness saw Ms. Maya Fey at the very moment of the murder!"

Maya will throw a piece of paper at you telling you to just press all the 
statements if you can't see any contradictions. Now you get a chance to 

You don't have to press everything, just press on the statement about the 
witness describing her., he'll be asked about this "hard evidence" he 
supposedly has. He'll change his testimony.

Hard Evidence
"After securing the suspect, I examined the scene of the crime with my own 
"I found a memo written on a piece of paper next to the victim's body!"
"On it, the word 'Maya' was writen clearly in blood!"
"Lab test results showed that the blood was the victim's!"
"Also, there was blood found on the victim's finger!"
"Before she died, the victim wrote the killer's name!"
"How you like that? That's my 'hard evidence'!"

Present the autospy report on the statement about writing the killer's name.
the report states that Mia died instantly, ergo she's couldn't have written 
the note after being struck.

Edgeworth interjects, saying that the autospy report you have is outdated, and
that he had a 2nd one performed, which states that the victim may have lived
for a few minutes after the blow. After this, you have the opportunity to call 
someone a "sham" (You get the best result by calling yourself a sham), the 
autopsy report will now be updated. This'll end Gumshoe's testimony.

Edgeworth will now call April May to the stand, and she'll testify as to what 
she "saw.

Witness's Account
"It was, like, 9:00 at night, I looked out the window, y'know!"
"And then, oooh! I saw a woman with long hair being attacked!"
"The one attacking her was the mousey girl sitting in the defendant's chair!"
"The woman, like dodged to one side and ran away!"
"But that girl, she caught up to her and...  and...  She hit her!"
"Then the woman with the long hair..."
"She kinda...  slumped."
"The end. That's all I saw. Every little bitsy witsy! *wink*"

Edgeworth will make a crack about Mia being cowardly, then you get a chance
to cross-examine.

Press on the statement about the "mousey girl", and then choose to "question
the testimony". You can choose to accuse her of either lying or not seeing 
anything, either way, you'll point out that if she'd really seen Maya, she'd 
have noticed her clothes first. She'll revise her testimony.

Witness's Account 2
"I did see everything! I did!"
"The victim--the woman--dodged the first attack and ran off to the right."
"Then the girl in the hippie clothes ran after her..."
"And she hit her with that weapon! I saw it! I did!"
"That...  that clock! Um...  the kinda statue-y clock? 'The Thinker,' I think?"
"Well? Does the accuracy of my report not startle you? Tee hee!"

Kinda simple here, present the Thinker on the statement about the clock, she
couldn't have known is was a clock just by seeing it. She'll say that she heard 
it say the time. Point out that "It couldn't have rung" because "It's empty".

Edgeworth will bring up the point that you haven't proven that the clock was 
empty at the time of the murder, and you'll be asked to provide proof of the 
time that the clock was emptied. Present Maya's cell phone, the conversation on 
there states that that he clockwork was already taken out the morning of the

Miss May will be asked again how she knew that it was a clock, and she'll say 
that she's seen it in a store. When asked if you have any objections, say yes,
and present The Thinker. You'll finally get April angry, and she'll start 
insulting you, and run out of excuses. 

The judge will ask if you have an opinion on how she knew it was a clock, say
that "She heard about it", and present Maya's cell phone as proof. You'll be 
asked to prove that Miss May was listening to the phone conversation, now
present the wiretap.

April will get mad again, and you get a chance to deal the "final blow", ask
her "Why the wiretap?", she'll say it's irrelevant because at 9:00 PM, she was 
recieving room service, proving that she wasn't at the scene during the murder.

When given the chance, "Call the bellboy as a witness", Edgeworth will object
to this, but will allow it, if you don't bring Miss May's testimony into 
question again, by default leaving Maya as the only suspect. You can choose to
accept the condition or not, but either way, you'll end up accepting the
condition, and the Bellboy will be called to the stand.

Miss May's Room Service
"I am the head bellboy at the fine Gatewater Hotel, in business for four
"I believe I recieved a call after 8:00 in the evening from our guest, Miss
"She asked for an ice coffee to be brought to her at 9:00, on the dot, sir."
"I brought it to her at precisely the time requested time, of course."
"And I delivered the ice coffee to our guest Miss May, herself."

Press on his final 3 statements, you won't find anything, but you'll be able to 
move on, the judge will allow you 1 more question. You'll be able to choose to
ask about Check-In, Bed-Making, or something else, I forget.  >.>
You can choose any of them, the bellboy will mention something that points 
toward Miss May not being by herself at the time of the murder.

Edgeworth will object on the grounds that it was objectionable. It gets 
overruled, big surprise there. Anyway, point out that "The Man with Miss May"
is now a valid suspect. Court will be adjourned for the day.

After the trial, you recieve a record of Miss May's testimony added to the 
court record.

September 7th, 3:11 PM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Miss May tells you you should die, and then you get to have a pleasant 
discussion with her.

 - Talk: That "man"
 - Talk: The wiretap
 - Talk: Your attitude

At this point, you'll get absolutely no information from her, so head back over
to the hotel.

September 7th
Gatewater Hotel
Room 303

You'll be greeted by the bellboy who now considers you an honored guest because
of all the publicity the hotel will get from the murder.

 - Talk: Miss May
 - Talk: The man with May
 - Talk: The hotel

You don't get too much useful stuff out of the bellboy, but he does say that 
if you can get a picture of the man with Miss May, he could identify him. So, 
now head over to Grossberg's Law Offices.

September 7th
Grossberg Law Offices

Grossberg's not in at the moment, but he's got some important stuff laying 

 - Examine: Picture on Grossberg's Desk

Grossberg's got 2 pictures on his desk, Exhibit B is a picture of a man with
purple hair, you can only take 1 picture at a time, so take that one with you,
and head back to the hotel and the bellboy.

 - Present: Photograph (Bellboy's Affidavit added)

The bellboy will confirm that the man in the photo is also the man that checked 
in with Miss May. Accept when he offers to write you an affidavit, and now head 
back to Miss May at the Detention Center.

 - Present: Photograph
 - Present: Bellboy's Affidavit
 - Talk: That "man"

Showing her the photo will get a reaction out of her, and then show her the 
bellboy's affidavit as proof. Now head back to Grossberg's Office.

 - Talk: Today's trial
 - Talk: Your refusal
 - Talk: That painting
 - Present: Photograph

Grossberg still doesn't want to reveal too much, until you present his photo 
back to him. Then he'll tell you that the man in the photo is Redd White of 
Bluecorp, then he'll tell you where Bluecorp is located, and now, you're 
finally getting somewhere. Head over to Bluecorp.

September 7th
Bluecorp Inc.
CEO' Office

Shortly after arriving, you're greeted by Mr. Redd White who you'll notice has
an...  interesting vocabulary...  If you think you can understand him, talk
with him for a bit.

 - Talk: Miss May
 - Talk: Night of the murder
 - Talk: Bluecorp
 - Talk: That painting

He'll try to use Miss May as a scapegoat, and won't offer any specifics as to
where he was during the murder. When you ask him about that painting, choose to
tell him that you've seen the painting before. This will cause him to punch
you, seemingly fearless of any consequences from it. Now head back to 
Grossberg's office.

 - Talk: Mr. White

You'll tell Grossberg that something is bothering you, choosing any of the 
options will allow you to guess at what the connection between the 2 are. The 
answer is ultimately that White is blackmailing him, but I'd recommend you try 
a few of the other options first, a couple are pretty funny. You'll get 3
guesses before Grossberg simply tells you.

 - Talk: The DL6 Incident
 - Talk: Reason for blackmail

You'll learn that Maya's mother, Misty Fey was the spirit medium called in 
the DL-6 incident, and that Grossberg was the one that leaked it out that the 
police went to a spirit medium. As Grossberg suggested, now head back to Mia's 

 - Examine: Mia's bookshelf -- File "A-I"
 - Examine: Mia's bookshelf -- File "J-S" (Newspaper clippings added)
 - Examine: Mia's bookshelf -- File "T-Z"

Looking through Mia's A-I files you'll find out that Mia knew Grossberg. Looking
through J-S, choose to skim through it to find a list of people that White
drove to suicide. Looking through T-Z, you'll see that all of the "W" files 
have been taken. Finally, head back to Bluecorp, to speak with Redd White 

 - Present: Newspaper Clipping

Upon presenting the clipping to him, accuse him of blackmail. When he tells you
that you should be looking for the murderer, choose either option, either will 
accuse White of commiting the crime. White will then call the prosecutor's 
office and tell them that Phoenix is the murderer. Gumshoe will arrive to take 
you into custody.

September 8th, 3:37 PM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Maya will be there to talk to you, she'll ask if there's anything she can do,
choose any option (If you tell her to defend you in court, she'll run out to
buy a book on law.) Nothing left to do now but wait for the trial tomorrow.

September 9th, 9:52 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

Edgeworth will confront you before the trial, basically telling you that you
have no chance to win the case. Afterwards you'll reveal to Maya that you're 
planning to defend yourself in court.

September 9th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 1

As soon as the trial begins, you notice something's up, since it wasn't brought 
up that this witness wasn't called in Maya's trial. Edgeworth notes that Redd
White is a busy man, and that h didn' think that a 2nd witness would be 
necessary. Redd White is now called to the stand.

Witness's Account
"Let's see, it was about 9:00, I believe."
"I was quietly persuifying...  er, that's "reading" to you, some papers by the
"Then I heard a bedlam coming from outside!"
"Surprised, I turned to look at the building across the way."
"It was then I saw him: a spiky-haired man attacking a woman with long hair!"
"Needless to say that man was none other than you, Mr. Lawyer!"
"I called Miss May over at once. She, too, was flabbergasted of course."
"The victim, she...  she ran away, but you gave chase!"
"Finally there was a terrible impaction! Then it was all over..."

Press on the statement about Mia running away, the witness will change that 
line in his testimony.

"The victim ran to the left and you gave chase."

On the changed statement, present May's Testimony, which states that Mia ran
to the right. White will insist that he did see her run left, and the judge 
will ask you who you think is correct. Reply that both are correct. You'll then
arrive at the conclusion that White viewed the crime from inside the Fey & Co. 
Law Offices.

Phoenix will suggest to point out on the floor plans where White was standing,
obviously, point to where the killer is standing. Edgeworth will say that it's
ridiculous, ans White will suddenly "remember" something, and he'll change his

She Ran to the "Left"
"Miss May's testimony was correct...  as was mine!"
"When you assaulted the girl, she first ran to the left."
"And then you hit her, savagely! That is what I saw."
"Next, with the last of her strength, she ran to the right."
"You chased her, and delivered the final blow."
"That is what Miss May saw."
"You see? You hit her twice!"
"Don't you remember, Mr. Lawyer?"

Should be obvious here. Mia's autospy report says that she died from A blow, 
not two hits. So, on the statement about hitting her twice, present the report.
Edgeworth will try to get a 10 minute recess, but the crowd's on your side
so the judge overrules, and White is forced to change his testimony again.

The Two Accounts
"Umm, well, see--I looked at the other window when I heard that thing fall."
"Then the next moment, I saw Miss Mia run to the left!"
"The killer, you, attacked her... but she dodged."
"Umm...  and then..."
"She turned, and ran for the door!"
"Then you did her in with a single blow! Thwap!"

Press on his first statement, he'll say that "that thing" that fell was the 
glass light stand. Press him further, and he'll say that he saw it, and then
he'll change his first statement.

"A light stand was lying on the floor when I looked."

On this new statement, present the floor plans. You'll point out that he can't 
possibly have seen the light stand from the hotel room, and that the only way 
he could've seen the stand, was to be at the scene of the murder when it fell.

It'll seem that Redd White is about to confess to the murder, when Edgeworth 
objects, and tells White to confess to placing the wiretap, giving him a 
possible way to have seen the light stand. White will now testify about placing 
the wiretap.

The Wiretapping
"It was the beginning of September...  the week before the murder."
"I had entered the Fey & Co. Law Offices."
"Of course, I had done so to place the wiretap."
"That is when I saw this glass light stand."

There's nothing to use in his testimony, press on everything, and then listen 
to the testimony again, and that'll trigger Phoenix about to give up, but then
you'll hear a voice telling you not to give up, you'll look over and see Mia
next to you, and pass out.

You'll wake up in the defendant lobby, with Mia next to you again, apparently
when you gave up, you triggered Maya's powers, and she was able to channel Mia
she tells you to flip over the reciept, and you'll notice that Mia just bought
the stand on Sept. 4th, meaning if White placed the wiretap the week prior to 
the murder he wouldn't have seen the stand. The reciept will be updated in
the court record, and you'll head back in to the courtroom.

September 9th, 1:16 PM
District Court
Courtroom No. 1

The case is just about over, but the judge and Edgeworth decide to give you 
one last chance, and Redd White will offer his final testimony again, unchanged.

The Wiretapping
"It was the beginning of September...  the week before the murder."
"I had entered the Fey & Co. Law Offices."
"Of course, I had done so to place the wiretap."
"That is when I saw this glass light stand."

Present the reciept on the first statement, proving that White was the
murderer. Edgeworth will object and ask for 1 more day before dismissing the
case. You can choose to object or to wait and see what happens, either way
Redd White will not leave that stand, and Mia will give you a list of names.
Read it aloud, and Redd White will admit his guilt. Confetti will fall, and
court is adjourned.

September 9th, 2:24 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

Well that's about it, Mia thanks you, but says she can't stick around for too 
long since Maya's powers are still weak, she asks you to come to the office at 
9:00 at night.

September 9th, 9:02 PM
Fey & Co. Law Offices

You'll find Maya there, Mia has asked her to help you out running the office,
and behold! A new partnership has formed! So touching. 

    Episode 3: Turnabout Samurai

October 14th, 5:31 PM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

The episode starts with Maya watching a show on TV called the Steel Samurai,
though not much else happens. You and her close up for the day.

October 16th, 8:14 AM
Phoenix Wright's Bedroom

You get a call from Maya saying that the Steel Samurai killed someone! You 
don't really seem to understand the urgency of the situation, so Maya urges you 
to just come down to the office.

October 16th, 9:22 AM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

You hear on the TV that Will Powers, the actor who plays the Steel Samurai
was arrested for murder. Soon after arriving Maya gets a call from Will Powers
who apparently needs a defense attorney, which is where you come in.

October 16th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Maya's a bit startled at how the "Steel Samurai" looks in real life, and 
immediately decides that Will Powers is guilty of at least 1 murder, maybe
even 2. Though after talking fo him for a little bit, she changes her mind.

 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: Powers's alibi
 - Talk: The Steel Samurai

Basically all you get here is Powers' alibi, which isn't all that great, he 
tells you that he was asleep during the murder, and when returning to the set, 
he was arrested on the spot. Hammer was apparently stabbed through the chest
with the spear used in the show. Might be a good idea to check out the crime 
scene, head to Global Studios.

October 16th
Global Studios
Main Gate

As you enter the studio gate, you'll be stopped by an older woman named Wendy
Oldbag, she'll drone on continuously for a bit until you just decide to stop 
listening. When she finally shuts up, you can talk to her.

 - Talk: The studios
 - Talk: Mr. Hammer
 - Talk: Will Powers
 - Talk: Reason for suspicion

You'll be able to find out a bit from her. You find out that the victim, Jack
Hammer used to be a great action hero before reduced to playing the villain in
a kid's TV show. Oldbag is also fairly certain that Powers is the culprit, as
he was the only one that passed the gate between 1PM and 2:30PM that day.

Anyway, she won't let you in unless you bring her a letter of request. So, 
head back to Powers at the Detention Center.

 - Talk: Your alibi
 - Talk: The security lady (Powers's Letter added)

Since Oldbag says that she saw Powers pass the gate, you confirm Powers' alibi
with him, and he swears that he was asleep the whole time. With Powers' request
in hand, head back to Ms. Oldbag at the studio.

 - Present: Powers's Letter

When you get there, simply present the letter to Oldbag, she'll let you into
studio 1, Maya will grab a map to the studio, and it'll be added to the court 
record. Head on over to Studio 1.

October 16th
Studio One Entrance

Here you'll find everyone's favorite detective, Dick Gumshoe. He's a bit upset
at you since you defeated Edgeworth in a case. Luckily, he'll still talk to
you about the case.

 - Talk: The investigation (Jack's Autopsy Report added)
 - Talk: Reason for arrest
 - Talk: The security lady
 - Talk: Decisive evidence

Gumshoe doesn't tell you too much that you don't already know, except that
here's a photo of Powers entering the gate, which is pretty hard evidence 
against your client. Sadly she won't show you the picture, head back out to Ms.
Oldbag again.

 - Talk: Photographic proof
 - Talk: Automatic camera
 - Talk: Reason for suspicion
 - Talk: Mr. Hammer

Oldbag gives you a little more info about the camera system, but nothing really 
too important. Thanks to Gumshoe, you can now go check out the Employee Area of
the studio, so head over there.

October 16th
Global Studios
Employee Area

 - Examine: Will Powers' dressing room

Not really anything to do here at the moment. So, examine the dressing room
door to find out that it's unlocked then head in there.

October 16th
Global Studios
Dressing Room

 - Examine: Powers' bag (Cardkey added)

Examine Powers' bag in the bottom right corner, and Maya will find a card key
which will allow you to get into Studio One, that's all you need from here, so 
head all the way back to outside of studio one now.

 - Examine: Studio One gate

Examine the gate at the end of the pathway, and Maya will try the card key you 
just got on it, the gate will open, and you're in. So head to Inside Studio One.

October 16th
Studio One

No one here at the moment, so check around a bit.

 - Examine: Camera equipment

Check out any of the equipment on the left side of the room, Maya will almost 
drop it, and someone will come over and tell you to get away from it. Her name
is Penny Nichols, and she believes that Will Powers is innocent, she'll help in 
any way she can.

 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Talk: Will Powers
 - Talk: Sensing someone

She doesn't give you much info at all, but she does tell you that she "sensed"
someone else at the studio that day, and only one person would know if anyone 
else was in the studio that day, so as much as you don't want to, go back to
Oldbag again.

October 16th
Global Studios
Main Gate

 - Talk: Assistant's claim
 - Examine: Security Computer (Powers's(?) Photo added)

Pretty funny scene here, tell her about the assistant sensing someone else, 
she get extremely pissed off, and basically run off screaming, ready to attack

After she runs off, you get to check out the computer, choose to try it.
You'll need to know the camera's number, which is ST1-307 (in case you weren't 
paying that much attention when they said it.) You'll get a printout of the 
picture. Not a very convincing photo, is it?

Anyway, that's it for the day

October 18th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 4

You'll see that Edgeworth is once again the prosecuting attorney, he'll first 
call Gumshoe to the stand to describe the case. The case is a bit more 
complicated then the last, so you're given the option to listen to it again or 

After hearing the description, the murder weapon, the spear, will be added to 
the court record. Edgeworth calls Ms. Oldbag to the stand, she'll start to 
ramble on, and Edgeworth will object to his own witness (what's even sadder is 
that the judge sustains it...) She'll begin her testimony.

Witness's Account
"On the day of the murder, I arrived at the guard station at 1:00 PM."
"Poor old Hammer and the rest had been doing a run-through there since the
"I, well, I had some errands to run that morning."
"Anyway, it was 1:00 when I got to the guard station."
"I was at the main gate from then until 5:00!"
"Now, the murder happened at 2:30 PM, right?"
"Interesting to me, because a certain man walked right by me at 2:00 PM."
"It was Powers! That man right there, and he was heading toward the studio!"

On the statement about a man walking by at 2:00, present the photo, you'll 
point out that it might not have been Powers in the Steel Samurai costume.
The judge won't really consider it proof, unless it can be proven that it is 
Powers in the suit. Oldbag will say that she can in-fact prove it, and will
tesitfy again.

The Man in the Photo
"I never say anything I don't mean, mind you!"
"That morning, during the run-through of the action scene..."
"I saw Powers trip and fall!"
"He broke one of the props, it was a big mess."
"Apparently, he sprained his ankle pretty bad."
"Now, look at that picture!"
"You can see he's dragging his leg! See? Clear as day!"
"That's how I knew it was Powers. Happy?"

Press her on the statement about breaking a prop, she'll say that it was the 
spear that he broke, and she fixed it with duct-tape. Your Court record will be 
updated to reflect that. 

Press on the statement about Powers spraining his ankle. Edgeworth will stop 
your cross-examination. You'll be able to object if you want, either way the 
judge will then bring up the point that someone not caught on camera could 
have committed the murder. Edgeworth will have the witness testify about that.

Witness's Account, cont.
"The time of poor Hammer's death was 2:30 PM, true?"
"The only person I saw go to the studio before then was Will Powers!"
"No one else went there!"
"If they had, I would have seen them!"

When she says "No one else went there", present the photo as evidence again, 
and you'll inquire as to why it says "Photo #2", suggesting that 2 people 
passed the gate. After a minute, she'll remember something, and testify about
the other person.

The Other Person
"Every day, after I finish my guard duties, I have one other important job to 
"I go through the photos recorded on the security camera and check them."
"I throw out any photos that aren't suspicious lookin', you see."
"Come to think of it, now I remember throwing out one photo that day!"

Press on her last statement to get her to tell you who was in that first photo,
and she'll say it was a fanboy who snuck in through the drain in the employees 
area, a young boy in 2nd/3rd grade." After this, the judge will call for a 5 
minute recess.

October 18th, 11:08 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

You'll talk to Will and Maya outside for a little, and you'll decide to try 
and get someone else considered as a suspect. The court will reconvene.

Back in court, you get a chance to point out another person that could've
been the murderer. Choose the security lady, she knew about Powers' ankle, so
she could've faked it in the photograph. Edgeworth will not object to this, so 
you'll have the choice to press further or to "Give granny a break", either 
way, you'll be forced to press more to keep Oldbag considered a suspect.

Oldbag will then try to get the kid considered a suspect as well, but you'll
say that you have proof that it couldn't have been the kid, you'll be asked to
present the proof. Present the spear, a child could not have taken it.

After this, the judge will decide to end the trial for the day.

But Wait! Oldbag speaks up, there was apparently something that she was told 
not to talk about. So, you get one more testimony to hear.

My Lips Were Sealed
"Global Studios wanted me to keep quiet about something."
"There were...  some other people at the studios on the day of the murder."
"They said they had 'nothing to do with it,' see?"
"So they told me to just pretend they 'hadn't been at the studios that day.'"
"But if you're going to go accusing me, I'm not letting them get away scot 

Press on the statement about "other people" and she'll say that the director 
and producer were also there. The director was there for the run-through, and 
then had lunch at studio two with the producer. After pressing there, you don't 
need to continue, so when given the option choose to "Take a break."

In light of the new information, a verdict cannot be reached until the others
present at the studio are questioned. Now, court is adjourned.

October 18th, 1:04 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

Powers is cheered up a little that he hasn't been found guilty yet. Now you get
to do a little investigation about the other people at the studio.

October 18th
Wright & Co. Law Offices

You don't really do anything here, just a place to start off. Head over to
the studio.

October 18th, 2:16 PM
Global Studios
Main Gate

Again, nothing really to do here, you see that there's no one watching the gate
since Ms. Oldbag's been taken into custody. Head over to Outside Studio 1.

October 18th
Global Studios
Outside Studio One

Once again, nothing to do here, however, you can now go to Studio 2 from here,
so head on over.

October 18th
Studio Two Entrance

Okay, you now get to at least do something, take a look around.

 - Examine: Plates
 - Examine: Door

Exciting eh'?
Examine the plates on table, and you'll notice that someone ate lunch at studio 
two recently. Afterwards, examine the door on the trailer, sadly it's locked. 
Nothing else really to do. Head over to the Employee Area.

October 18th
Global Studios
Employee Area

Here you'll find Penny, but only briefly. Oldbag apparently just called her
and told her to cover up the drain, after pointing that out, she'll leave to
go watch the guard station.

 - Examine: Drain

Upon examining the drain, Maya will want to rip it off, let her, you'll need
to. Not much else to do here, with the drain back open, go talk to Penny at
the main gate.

 - Talk: The studios
 - Talk: The fanboy
 - Talk: The director, et al.

Not much useable info from her, you find out that there's one particular 
fanboy that sneaks in most of the time though, and that the producer is the
one who's the biggest star of the studios. After talking to her, head over
to Powers' dressing room, and get ready for one of the best characters in 
video game history.

October 18th
Global Studios
Dressing Room

Upon entering, you'll be greeted with the line, "WTF? Who are j00 d00dz!? 
LMAO!" Meet the director of the Steel Samurai, Sal Manella. After you trigger
his "CR34T1V3 P0W3RZ", you'll get to talk to him, assuming you can understand
1337 5p33k of course...

 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Talk: The producer
 - Talk: The bigwigs

You learn that the producer is named Dee Vazquez, and that she has "m4d sk1llz"
Sal, Dee, and the other bigwigs all have solid alibis for the time of the 
murder, so not much else for you to do here, head back over to Studio Two.

October 18th
Studio Two Entrance

Upon arriving, you'll hear a crash coming from inside the trailer, it's locked,
so you can't get in currently, but they probably have a key at the guard 
station, so head over there again, and meet an old friend.

Ms. Oldbag is back and furious, she wasn't able to fit into a Steel Samurai
outfit, thus ruled out as the killer.

 - Talk: The fanboy
 - Talk: The director, et al.

The only thing you learn from her is that she thirsts for blood at the moment,
doesn't look like you'll get the key from her, now go back to the Employee 

Here, you'll finally get to meet the infamous "fanboy", Cody Hackins has
wasted no time in sneaking into the studio

 - Talk: The Steel Samurai
 - Talk: What happened (Empty bottle added)

Upon asking him what happened, he refuses to tell you, and runs off, on his way 
though, he bumps a table and a suspicious looking bottle falls to the floor,
you'll add it to your court record. Head back out to the main gate.

 - Examine: Guard Station (Trailer key added)

Oldbag has apparently spotted Cody, and is in the process of chasing him down,
this gives you the perfect opportunity to check the guard station for the key.
Grab it and head back to Studio 2.

 - Examine: Trailer Door

Examining the trailer door will trigger you unlocking the door, now that you
can, head on in.

October 18th
Studio Two Trailer

In here you'll find a mysterious smoking woman who reveals herself as none 
other than the producer of Global Studios, Dee Vasquez.

 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Talk: The Steel Samurai
 - Talk: The director (Vasquez's Memo added)

She's a bit preoccupied at the moment and won't want to talk about anything
until she finds the script she needs, she'll give you a memo to give to Sal 
Manella when you see him, so head back over to Powers' dressing room to see

 - Present: Vasquez's Memo

He'll read the letter, and tell you that "his ass is p0wned" if he can't find
that script, since Sal doesn't know where it is, you might as well take a look 
around for it too. Head into Studio One.

 - Examine: Director's chair (Script added)

Maya doesn't like it here much, examine the chair, Maya will check around it, 
and find the script. Now that you have it, head back to the studio two trailer.

 - Present: Script
 - Talk: The blocked path (Mr. Monkey's head added)

Hand the script over to Vasquez, she doesn't seem too thankful, but at least
she'll talk to you now. She'll reveal that the path leading to/from studio
two was blocked until 4:00. 

You'll bring up the point that the head could've fallen after 2:30. She'll 
take you over to the studio one entrance, and explain that the Mr. Monkey is
also a clock, and that the time stopped when it broke, Maya will check the 
clock, and see that it stopped at 2:15. After explaining, Ms. Vasquez will 
leave, and the Monkey head data will be added to the court record.

Things suddenly don't look oo good for Powers, head back to the office.

October 18th
Wright & Co. Law Offices

It's looking grim, and all of the sudden...  Ta-Da! Maya will do her
transformation trick, and Mia's back!

Mia will remind you that you do indeed have a lead in that kid, Cody. Head back
to the studios now.

October 18th 
Global Studios
Main Gate

Oldbag's finally done chasing Cody, but apparently is still out of breath, she
mentions that she didn't catch him, but at least she has a "hostage" now.

 - Talk: the "hostage" 
 - Present: Cardkey (Steel Samurai Card added)

Cody apparently dropped a card while running from Oldbag, using that card, you
may be able to get Cody to talk to you, unfortunately she won't give it to you.

Luckily for you, Oldbag wants to visit the spot where Hammer died, so lend her
the key, and she'll give you the card. With Cody's card, head over to the 
Employee Area to find Cody again.

Upon entering, you'll find him, and he'll run away immediately into Powers'
dressing room, head in after him.

Cody will try to run away again, but he apparently likes Mia, so he'll stick
around when Mia asks him to.

 - Present: Steel Samurai Card

Cody recognizes the card, but he apparently doesn't need it, now you've gotta 
find a premium Ultra-Rare to get for him. Now, you'll need to head back to the 
Studio 2 trailer.

October 18th
Studio Two Trailer

You'll be greeted by Penny, who'll finally provide something useful...

 - Talk: Mr. Hammer
 - Talk: What happened?
 - Talk: The fanboy
 - Present: Steel Samurai Card (URP Card added)

Apparently, something happened to Hammer, sadly she won't tell you exactly
what. Present Cody's card to her, and she'll see that that's the one card she 
needs to finish her set. Trade cards with her to get the premium card that
Cody wants. Now head back to Cody in Powers' dressing room.

 - Present: URP Card
 - Talk: The Steel Samurai ("Path to Glory" added)
 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: What you saw

Cody will want to know what you like most about the Steel Samurai, it doesn't
matter which you choose, Cody will end up giving Mia his photo album of all
the Steel Samurai's killing blows.

Cody will also tell you everything that he saw, which points towards Powers
being guilty even more, you decide not to call Cody to the stand, but then 
Gumshoe bursts in saying that he heard everything, and he drags Cody off.

Mia will now say that she needs to go, tell her that you believe that Powers is 
truly innocent, and she'll see you tomorrow in court.

October 19th, 9:42 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

Bunch of gloomy stuff said here, you've got to find something overlooked in
the evidence or Powers is doomed.

October 19th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 4

Edgeworth's gonna start here by calling Sal Manella to the stand, it's pretty
funny here, since you actually get to see Edgeworth called a "n00b". Don't 
worry, he doesn't testify in 1337 5p33k...

The Day of the Murder
"I was at the studios from around 9:00 that morning."
"During the morning, I was doing...  umm...  an action scene run-through."
"It took a lot more time than I thought it would."
"I hear that everyone else ate lunch in the Employee Area..."
"But I had a meeting in the Studio Two trailer, so I ended up skipping lunch."
"We were in the meeting until around 4:00..."
"During the meeting, well, I'm pretty sure no one left their chairs."

Press on the statement about skipping lunch, and when Mia asks, say that
"It's contradictory", and you'll ask him about the plates you saw by the
trailer. Manella will admit that he, in-fact, did eat something, He'll say
that he had a steak, and ate it when they took a break during the meeting.

Now press on the statement about no one leaving their chairs, and "Press
harder" when given the chance, and you'll point out the obvious contradiction.
Now the judge will tell Manella to testify about the break in the meeting.

The Break
"Yeah, FWIW, we took a break...  ROFL!"
"But it was only 15 minutes! 15! That's only 13 in Base 12!"
"Not enough time for someone to, say, commit murder in Studio One! LOL!"
"That's only just enough time to eat a t-bone steak, if you ask me! *steams*"

Press on his first statement, to find out that the break was at 2:30, then 
press on the statement about not having time to commit murder. Edgeworth will 
object and say that it's impossible for someone from the trailer to have gone
to studio one, agree with his that it's impossible.

With that, Manella will get to step down, and Edgeworth will say that he has 
a decisive witness.

October 19th, 11:04 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

Hope's running thin, not even Mia has an idea, but she guarantees Powers that
he's innocent, we'll prove it.

October 9th, 11:15 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 4

Edgeworth will now call Cody Hackins to the stand, Edgeworth will have 
trouble getting Cody to state his name & age. Luckily for Edgeworth, Mia 

Before Cody testfies, it'll be brought to attention, that Cody still has his 
digital camera, even though it's orbidden in the courtroom. The camera will be 
added to the court record.

Witness's Account
"I wanted to see a Steel Samurai rehearsal, just once."
"I found a map on the Internet, ad went to the studios that day."
"I went through the woods, off the path, so that old lady wouldn't catch me."
"I was going for the studio."
"I got kinda lost on the way, though. For about 30 minutes."
"When I came out by the studio. there was the Steel Samurai!"
"It totally rocked! Right before my eyes, out came the bad guy!"
"Of course, the Steel Samurai took him down! Pow!"
"If I had my camera with me, that woulda been the time for a shot, I tell you."
"Anyway, I couldn't get into the studio, so I went home."

When Cody says "If I had my camera with me", present the camera. You'll point
out that he supposedly always has his camera with him, Edgeworth will call you 
cruel, but at least you'll get a new testimony out of Cody.

What I saw
"Y-yeah, I had my camera with me."
"But I was glued to the action! I couldn't take my eyes off it!"
"The Steel Samurai, he goes for the bad guy...  wham!"
"Then...  then the bad guy stopped moving!"
"He's so strong! The Steel Samurai rules!"

Press him on the "bad guy stopped moving" statement, he'll say that the Steel
Samurai brought him to justice, but he doesn't remember exactly how the fight 
ended. Press him harder to ask him if he "couldn't take his eyes off the 
action" then how'd he miss the most important part?

The judge will ask you why he missed the climax of the fight. Choose to "Show
evidence" and present the camera. Cody will admit that he didn't see the end of 
the fight because he was trying to figure out how to get his camera to work.
The judge will have Cody testify once more.

No Photo?
"Yeah, you're right, pops."
"The Steel Samurai had just escaped from the clutchs of the villain."
"So I held up my camera to take a picture!"
"But the lens wouldn't open in time, so I missed it."
"Th-that's all that happened. Yup."

Press him on the statement about the lens not opening, then press him on his
last statement. You'll realize that the would've taken at least one picture,
even if he did miss the final blow. Cody will admit to this, and change the 
last line in his testimony.

"I took a few shots, but it was too late, so I erased 'em."

On the new statement, present "Path to Glory" Cody's photo album. You'll note
that if a picture of the Steel Samurai existed, Cody would've added them to the
book instead of erasing them, unless...  (dum dum dum) The Steel Samurai did
not win!

Cody will burst into tears when you figure this out, and admit that the Steel
Samurai did in-fact lose. Which means that the person in the suit was the 
victim, Jack Hammer.

Cody will then admit that he did save one photo, he will then present it to the 
court. Notice anything strange? Mia will tell you to point out the inconsistency
in the photo. At the top right, you'll see the bottom half of a number "2".
Point that out, this proves that the murder took place at Studio Two, not
Studio One. Point out studio two when the judge asks you where the murder really
took place.

When given the option, say that it's significant because the path was blocked,
meaning that only the people at studio two could've commited the crime.

Edgeworth will now demand proof that Jack Hammer stole the Steel Samurai
costume, say that you have proof, and then present the empty bottle, it says
sleeping pills on it, you'll now suggest that Hammer drugged Powers. Ask
that the bottle be checked for fingerprints when given the option. The judge 
will then take the bottle.

With that, court will adjourn until tomorrow, you've now got a bunch more
information to worry about.

October 19th 2:47 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 1

Barely saved Powers in there, but lots of new information to investigate, so
time to go find a bit more evidence.

October 19th, 3:27 PM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

Maya is back, which of course means that Mia is currently unavailable, tell
Maya about the events that transpired in her absence.

 - Talk: The Steel Samurai
 - Talk: The director's alibi
 - Talk: Any ideas

Maya's very surprised at what went on while she was channeling Mia. She'll 
suggest that you head over to talk to Powers again, so off to the Detention
Center you go.

October 19th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

As usual, Powers looks like he's about to burst into tears, thankfully he
doesn't, and you get to talk to him a little.

 - Talk: Producer Vasquez
 - Talk: Director Manella
 - Talk: Mr. Hammer

You find out from him that Vasquez pretty much saved the studio when she showed 
up, and that around that same time, for no stated reason, Hammer gave up being 
a star. Time to go look for a little more evidence, so head to he studios.

October 19th
Global Studios
Main Gate

Oldbag is dead silent today, but she still will make sure that you know not to
touch her donuts.

 - Talk: Producer Vasquez
 - Talk: Director Manella
 - Talk: Mr. Hammer

More of what you already know, Vasquez is a genius, the studio heads love her,
Manella's a puppet bleh bleh bleh, head over to the Employee Area.

October 19th
Global Studios
Employee Area

Here, you'll be pretty much ambushed by Gumshoe when you try to look for more 
evidence. But at least he'll provide something useful.

 - Talk: The plate (Steak Plate added)
 - Talk: The investigation
 - Talk: Prosecutor Edgeworth (Sleeping Pill Bottle added)

Gumshoe will inform you that traces of sleeping pills were indeed found on
Powers' plate, as well as Hammer's prints on the pill bottle. Two nice bits of
info here from the detective, if you want a compliment, you can present the
Steak Plate to him, but you don't need to, head into Powers' dressing room
now, you'll find Penny here who has some bad news for Maya.

 - Talk: Mr. Hammer
 - Talk: Five years ago
 - Talk: The last episode
 - Talk: Studio policy (Present: "Path to Glory")
 - Talk: Five years ago

Penny will finally tell you that Vasquez had some kind of hold on Hammer
because of something that happened 5 years ago at studio 2, but she still
won't tell you exactly what it was that happened. She'll also inform you that 
Global Studios will no longer be making any kids shows, including the Steel 
Samurai. Penny is convinced that the kids will find a new hero, so when given 
the chance present Cody's photo book to her, she'll now tell you about the 
incident 5 years ago.

Apparently, Hammer accidently killed someone 5 years ago, and the studio
never let it get out to the public. Unfortunately, she doesn't know much more
than that, but she also informs you that Oldbag does, so head back over to the
main gate.

 - Talk: Five years ago (Present: Sleeping Pill Bottle and Steak Plate)
                        (Five-Year-Old Photo added)

Oldbag know, but she'll be reluctant to tell you unless you have proof that
Hammer took the Samurai costume, so show her the Pill Bottle with Hammer's 
prints on it, and then Powers' steak plate.

She'll now tell you that not only did Hammer accidently kill someone, but also
that a paprazzi took a photo of it. Although as it turns out, Vasquez has 
mafia connections, and she used them to silence the paprazzi. Oldbag will then
give you a photo of the incident from 5 years ago. With this photo in hand,
head to the studio one entrance.

October 19th
Studio One Entrance

Nothing to do here, but Maya talks for a sec, head over to Studio Two from 

October 19th
Studio Two Entrance

You'll find Vasquez here, as usual, not much to say, as insistant as Maya may

 - Present: Five-Year-Old Photo

Apparently, you've found something that interests Ms. Vasquez, she'll go 
inside the trailer, you'll want to follow her in.

Vasquez tells you that Hammer killing another person wasn't an accident, and
that's why she was able to control him for so long. You'll demand proof of 
this, and she won't be able to provide any, then she'll demand that you hand 
over the photo, and when you refuse, suddenly you're surrounded by large men
wearing black, and Vasquez tells them to "erase" you, Game Over....

"Hold it right there!"

And you're saved! Gumshoe shows up just in time! Why 4 large men that most
likely have guns are scared of Gumshoe, I have no idea, but nevertheless, 
you're alive, and ready for court tomorrow.

October 20th, 10:00
District Court
Courtroom No. 4

Edgeworth will call Vasquez to the stand to start off the trial, she dislikes
"needless banter", so straight to the testimony.

The Day of the Murder
"I entered the trailer, oh, a little before noon."
"The meeting began at 12:00 sharp. It ended at 4:00."
"There was to be a rehearsal afterwards, so we went to Studio One..."
"I was fatigued, so I had Sal take me."
"At 2:30, we took a 15-minute break in the meeting."
"Sal and I ate t-bone steaks on the table in front of the trailer."

The judge will ask what she means by "I had Sal take me", and she'll specify
that she had Sal drive her to studio one in the van. The van will be added to 
the court record.

On the statement about her and Sal eating steak, present the steak plate. If
she really ate steak, then why wasn't there a bone left over? Point out that
she didn't eat the steak because she was Meeting with the Steel Samurai. You'll
then suggest that she was confronted by the Steel Samurai, and she killed him
with her bare hands.

Vasquez seems strangely confident, she'll state that she'd be unable to wield
the Samurai Spear effectively, say that she couldn't do it, then you'll suggest
that the spear was not the murder weapon. Present the spear itself as proof.

The spear was being held together by duct tape, thus it'd be impossible to 
use it to stab someone with it through a thick costume. Vasquez will then ask 
you what the real murder weapon was. Present the Five-Year-Old Photo, you'll 
say that Hammer was killed in the same way as the man in the photo.

Vasquez will still deny it, she'll point out that the body was found at Studio
One in the Evil Magistrate costume. Her and Edgeworth will point out that 
there was not enough time in the 15-minute break to do all this. Say that 
there was another way for her to move the body, then present the van as proof.

Point out that Manella had to have been involved in the murder, because Vasquez
could not have done everything by herself. You'll suggest that they burned the
Steel Samurai costume in the incinerator. It seems that Vasquez has lost, as 
she says that "you win".

Awkward pause...

She only admits that you have won the battle of wits, yet you still lack
decisive proof that Vasquez is the killer. Tell her to testify again, it
won't do any good, but wait, Edgeworth Objects!

He was hoping to come up with a question, while he was objecting, he didn't...

But wait! Edgeworth Objects again! This time he actually has something to say
too. He asks that the witness testifies again. The judge asks what he wants 
the witness to testify on.

"Verily, I say. Ergo."

He wants to hear what happened after they found the body. Maya will wonder
why exactly Edgeworth did that, but who knows?

After Finding the Body
"I was with Sal and Oldbag, the security lady, when we found the body."
"The assistant was there, too. Only Powers was absent."
"I immediately called the police. Then Powers showed up."
"The security lady, Oldbag, was quite agitated. Pointing at Powers, saying 'he 
did it!'"
"I asked to be left out of the proceedings."
"I went back to the trailer to get my script and direction notes."

Press on the statement about going back to the trailer, and choose to press 
harder, she'll say that she didn't bring her notes because she didn't think 
she'd need them because of the murder, you may notice the contradiction in 
there, but unfortunately, Phoenix doesn't, he'll be ready to let it go, but 
then, Edgeworth objects!

If she didn't bring her notes because of the murder, that means she knew about 
the murder before arriving at Studio One. Vasquez will say she has a good 
explanation why she didn't bring her note, and she'll add to her testimony.

"I knew that Hammer was injured and couldn't do any action scenes, so I left
them behind,"

Obvious one here, Powers was injured, not Hammer, present the first photo (of
the Samurai dragging his leg), you'll point out that she though Hammer was 
injured because she saw him limping in the Steel Samurai costume when he came
to Studio Two.

Vasquez still doesn't give up, she now claims that she has no motive, tell the
judge that you have proof of the motive, and then present the Five-Year-Old 
Photo. You'll tell the court that Vasquez was using Hammer for 5 years because
of the incident depicted. The judge will be confused because that would mean
that Vasquez would want Hammer alive, tell the judge that "She had no motive."

You'll then point out that Hammer went to the studio to kill Vasquez, but
Vasquez killed him in self-defense. Dee Vasquez will now admit her guilt, and
that's it for the trial of Will Powers. Court is adjourned.

October 20th, 1:12 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 3

Powers is very grateful to you, but it still bothers him that Hammer tried to
pin the murder on him, he asks you why. Present "Path to Glory" to him, and
you'll say he did it because he was jealous.

Edgeworth will approach you, and basically tell you to stay away from him,
because of you he's burdened by "unnecessary" feelings.

A bit later on, it's the premiere of the new kids show from Global Studios
called "Pink Princess". Hope you're ready to collect some cards, because Maya
sure is.

    Episode 4: Turnabout Goodbyes

Two guys on a boat, innocent enough, right? Until of course, one of them is 
shot...  and into the water he goes...  Close up on the murderer's face, and 
it's...  Edgeworth!?  NOOOOOOOOOOO!

December 25th, 10:08 AM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

Maya's apparently looking for a waterfall to sit under, large monster spotted
in the local lake...  Everything seems normal until the news comes on...

Edgeworth suspected of murder!? Impossible right? Head to the Detention
Center to check this out.

December 25th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Edgeworth shows up, notices it's you and leaves...
Good to know prison hasn't affected his attitude...

You call him back, he'll stick around, expected you to start laughing at him,
but he'll talk to you, somewhat...

 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: Gourd Lake
 - Present: Attorney's Badge

He won't say much to you as he still doesn't trust you all that much, but he'll
at least say that he came down to the lake to see Gourdy. Present your badge to
him, to offer to defend him, he won't accept, despite not being able to find a 
lawyer. A bit of info is needed, so go check out the crime scene.

December 25th
Gourd Lake Park Entrance

Gumshoe seems particularly out-of-sorts today, but for once he's ready and
willing to help you out, so go ahead and ask him a few questions.

 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: The witness
 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: Defense request

The main things that you'll find out here are basic details of the crime. Where
and how it went down, and the main case against Edgeworth, since you pretty 
much saw the entire thing in the opening cutscene, I won't say much about it,
except that it happened at 12:15 AM.

After everything, he'll leave, and you'll have the opportunity to either ask 
him for the autospy report or how to reach him. Either way, he'll tell you to
meet him at the Police Dept. later and he'll have the autopsy report. Head down
to the public beach.

December 25th
Gourd Lake Public Beach

 - Examine: Poppers (Poppers added)

Not a whole lot to do here, examine the things on the bottom right bench, you'll
tell Maya what hey are (poppers), choose to take them, and they'll go to your 
court record. Go to the Boat Rental Shop

December 25th
Boat Rental Shop

The place is apparently closed for Christmas, there's absolutely nothing to do
here, but you'll ultimately have to go here to continue, so might as well get 
it out of the way. Head back past the beach, and over to Gourd Lake Woods.

December 25th
Gourd Lake Woods

It appears that someone's set up camp here, despite the "No Camping" sign, no
one seems to be around though, check the place out anyway.

 - Examine: Camera

Upon examining the camera set up on the left side of the scene, you'll realize 
that there's some kind of microphone hooked up to it, Maya will get mad trying
to trigger it, and eventually use the party popper on it, and a ticked off
camper will show up. After yelling at you for a few minutes, you'll get a 
chance to ask her about the murder.

 - Present: Attorney's Badge
 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: The camera (Lotta's Camera added)
 - Talk: Lotta
 - Present: Lotta's Camera

She's kinda miffed at you, so she won't be too cooperative until you show her
your attorney's badge. Her name is Lotta Hart, and she's apparently a college 
student who's there photographing meteors. She'll explain that her camera is
rigged to automatically go off when an "explosion" type noise is heard.

Present her own camera to her to basically ask her if she happened to get a 
picture of the murder, she'll think about it, and then go into her SUV to
check. You're done here for the moment, head back out through the lake 
entrance, and to the Criminal Affairs Department.

December 25th
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

Gumshoe will show up shortly after you, hopefully he'll have some info for you.

 - Talk: The victim
 - Talk: The meeting
 - Talk: Trusting Edgeworth
 - Talk: The autopsy report (Autospy Report added)

You get the autopsy report from him, but not much else, they still can't ID
the victim, and he can't go into detail about the meeting. Maya will think
that the victim's face looks familiar, but nothing solid yet. Head back to 
Lotta at the lake.

December 25th
Gourd Lake Woods

Lotta's there waiting for you, and good news, she's got a photo of the murder!
The picture doesn't show too much, but it's more then you've got currently...
Lotta will then suddenly "remember" that she's also a witness to the murder, 
convenient eh'? You can't tell her to tell the cops or not, either way, she'll
take it as her duty to report it to the police. She'll give you the picture,
and then take off. Head back out to the beach.

December 25th
Gourd Lake Public Beach

Here, you're confronted by jolly old Santa Claus, after thoroughly confusing
Maya, he'll remove his beard showing you that it's your old friend Larry.

 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: Samurai Dogs
 - Talk: Gourdy (Gourdy Article added)

You don't find out anything about the case, but you do get a little bit more 
info on Phoenix's past. As it turns out Phoenix, Larry, and Edgeworth used to
be classmates, and Edgeworth used to dream about becoming a defense attorney,
kinda interesting because he pretty much became the opposite.

He'll also say a bit about the sea monster sighting in Gourd Lake, and then
give you the tabloid about the sighting. From here, head back to your office.

Back a the office, Maya will remember something about the victim, that he was
a lawyer that worked with Mia. You'll then decide that it might be a good idea
to talk to someone that might've known him, so head to Grossberg's Law Offices.

December 25th
Grossberg Law Offices

In Grossberg's office, you won't see him right away, but you'll recognize the
obnoxiously loud clearing of the throat.

 - Talk: What happened
 - Talk: That painting
 - Present: Autospy report
 - Talk: Robert Hammond
 - Talk: The DL6 Incident (Misty Fey's Photo added)

Sadly, this guy know about as much about the trial as Larry did. Show him the
autopsy report though, and he'll identify the victim as Robert Hammond, the
defense attorney from the DL-6 incident. (Didn't think you'd heard about that
again, did you?). Grossberg will go on a bit about the DL-6, mostly info that
you already know (assuming you remember Episode 2), but then he'll reveal that
the victim was Edgeworth's father, Gregory Edgeworth. He'll then give you a
photo of Misty Fey to show to Edgeworth. So head over to him at he Detetion

December 25th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Edgeworth is surprised to see you back, especially so soon, he still hasn't 
found a defense attorney though, so go ahead and see if you can convince him to
take your help.

 - Present: Misty Fey's Photo
 - Talk: The DL6 Incident
 - Talk: The suspect
 - Talk: Your father
 - Present: Lake Photo (Edgeworth's Request added)

After you show Edgeworth the photo of Maya's mother, he'll realize how much 
progress you've made in your investigation, and be willing to talk to you.

You get a bunch of "almost-information" about the DL6. The suspect would be
around 50 years old now, but he went into hiding, that the statute of 
limitations for the case runs out in 3 days, nothing that you can really use,
but keep in in mind. 

Presenting the Lake Photo will spur you asking Edgeworth if he did actually
shoot Hammond, which in turn causes Edgeworth to finally ask you to defend him.
You can choose to say yes or no, either way you'll obviously end up saying yes,
but you get a pretty funny scene if you choose "no". Edgeworth will give you 
his letter of request, so head to the Police Dept. to inform Gumshoe.

December 25th
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

Gumshoe's a bit upset that there's now a second witness because of you, but
you know Gumshoe, he'll get over it.

 - Talk: Lotta's testimony
 - Talk: Tomorrow's trial
 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Present: Edgeworth's Request

Lotta's apparently gonna testify that she saw Edgeworth shoot the victim, and 
on top of that, she's going to enlarge the photo that she took to prove it, 
isn't that great news...  Anyway, present Edgeworth's Request to Gumshoe to end 
the investigation part of the first chapter. Hope you're ready for court
against Manfred von Karma.

December 26th, 9:44 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Edgeworth will warn you about Prosecutor von Karma. That he's 10 times more
vicious than Edgeworth, and 20 times more ruthless, He's apparently never lost
a case in his 40 year career, and to top it off, Maya can't contact Mia for 
you currently, looks to be a fun trial...

December 26th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 3

Von Karma makes it perfectly clear that he is completely prepared for this
trial, he'll call forth Gumshoe, and ask...  err...  order him to explain the 
murder. He'll explain using an overhead map of the lake, which will then be 
added to your court record. Von Karma will now have Gumshoe testify... yes, 
von Karma, not the judge...

The Arrest of Edgeworth
"A man called into the station around 30 minutes after midnight."
"We headed for the scene of the crime as fast as we could."
"That's where we found Mr. Edgeworth."
"Now, I didn't suspect him of anything at all."
"But...  the next morning, a body was found in the lake."
"So we had to arrest Mr. Edgeworth."

Press on the statement about finding a body in the lake, and Gumshoe will
reveal that a bullet was found in the body, von Karma will present it, and 
it'll be added to your court record.

Press on his last statement, and he'll say that they also found the murder 
weapon, a pistol in the boat. Gumshoe will change his last statement.

"The murder weapon we found in the boat was decisive evidence"

Press on the new statement, and Gumshoe will tell you that fingerprints from
Edgeworth's right hand were found on the gun. The pistol will be added to your
court record.

Gumshoe will then tell you that the bullet and gun match due to the ballistic
markings, Maya will ask what that means, and von Karma will have the judge
explain what ballistic markings are. After which, von Karma (again, not the
judge) will call for a 10 minute recess to prepare the next witness.

December 26th, 11:09 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Not looking good for Edgeworth... He was the only other person on the boat, his
fingerprints were on the gun, and he has no explanation for how the victim was

You'll ask Maya if she's had any luck contacting Mia, she hasn't, and now she's 
starting to feel a little useless, you can agree with her or reassure her, 
either way there's no big downside, as opposed to making Maya feel a little
down. Head on back into the court.

Von Karma will call Lotta Hart to the stand now and she'll go straight to her

Witness's Account
"It was Christmas Eve, just after midnight, I reckon."
"I was in my car."
"I heard this 'bang' come up from the lake."
"When I looked out the window, I saw two gents in a boat."
"Then there was another 'bang'..."
"There wasn't nary a thing on the lake but that boat."

Von Karma will then present the photo that Lotta took to the judge, the judge 
will be ready to declare a verdict right there. You'll raise an objection, and
von Karma will then tell you that unless you've found a contradiction in the 
testimony, you'll be found in contempt court.

Maya will ask you if you think you heard a contradiction, and no matter which
you answer, you'll go ahead with the cross-examination.

As far as I can tell, you have to press on all of her statements, and choose to
"Press Further" on all of them that give the option. The judge will end the
cross-examination, and once again, be ready to declare a verdict, but just as
he calls Edgeworth to the stand...  HOLD IT! Maya interjects!

Maya will demand that Lotta tell the truth in her testimony, and be specific
about it, and Lotta will insist that she did see Edgeworth. Because of the 
outburst that Maya made, von Karma will have the judge hold you in contempt, 
and have you taken out of the courtroom, but once again, Maya speaks up.

Since she was the one who shouted out, Maya insists that only she be kicked out
of the courtroom. Von Karma will say that it doesn't matter, since all that's 
left is the verdict, you can choose to agree with him or not. either way,
you'll point out that Lotta just said that she "saw Edgeworth" which was not
in her testimony, which gives you the right to another cross-examination.

Von Karma will object to this, but the judge actually grows a couple, and 
overrules him, and gives you the right to cross-examine again. Although you're
still in comtempt of court, so Maya is arrested. Lotta will give a new

That Last Statement
"I saw it clear as day. The man on the boat was Mr. Edgeworth!"

Yep, that's it... Concise, ain't she?
Important note, DO NOT PRESS HERE. Pressing on her statement/testimony will
result in you being penalized a point. Simply present the lake photo, you'll
point out that she couldn't have clearly seen Edgeworth due to the fog. The
judge will then ask Lotta how he was able to see through the fog, she'll
testify again.

How Edgeworth Was Seen
"Yer right. It was a cold night, and the fog was thick as grits."
"So, once I was finished setting up my camera, I got back in the car."
"Still, I brought my binoculars with me."
"When I heard that noise out on the lake, I looked with my binoculars."

Press on the statement about her bringing binoculars. Those must be some
pretty close-to-earth shooting stars to be able to see them with binoculars.
You'll also bring up the camera, but von Karma will question the relevence 
of it. Choose to Press further when the judge asks you. The 3rd line in her
testimony will change.

"The camera was set up to take pictures of the meteor shower."

On her new statement, present the camera, you'll bring up that it was pointing
out at the lake, and if she was photographing stars it'd be pointing upwards.
(I'd rather have pointed out that it wouldn't be rigged to respond to sounds
if she wanted pictures of stars, but either way...)

The judge will ask you what she was looking at then, choose to "Show Evidence"
and present the Gourdy Article. You'll suggest that Lotta was trying to 
photograph Gourdy. Lotta will deny it, and demand proof, choose that "You have
proof", and submit the camera again.

You'll point out that the camera was set to go off on loud noises, because
according to the article, Gourdy makes a loud noise when it appears.

Lotta finally confesses that she was there to try and get a shot of Gourdy, but
her and Von Karma point out that it doesn't prove anything, that she still saw
Edgeworth, you'll ask why she was hiding it, and she'll testify again.

Lotta's New Testimony
"Actually, I'm not a research student at a university."
"I'm an investigative photographer."
"Imagine what a scoop it'd be if I got a picture of that monster!"
"That's why I was camping out by the lake."
"But, that's all I was hiding."
"When I heard the 'bang' I looked right straight out at that lake."
"There wasn't much else to look at, so I just watched that boat the whole 
"Then I saw a flash, near one of the men's hands, and I heard another gunshot."
"I was looking right at that boat, the whole time, cross my heart and hope to 

Von Karma, being the stand-up guy he is, immediately objects to you even having
a chance to cross-examine. You'll get a chance to cross-examine, but the judge
informs you that it's your last chance.

On the statement about watching the boat the whole time, present the Gourdy
Article. If there was a possibility of seeing Gourdy, she'd have been scanning
the lake, not watching the boat. Lotta will finally admit that she didn't
exactly see the murder, Lotta will also be ready to tell you that she did
something to the photo, but von Karma cuts her off. You'll think back, and 
remember that Gumshoe said that she was going to enlarge the photo.

When given the choice choose to "Make her show the enlargement", pretty 
important here, if you choose to "Wait and see what happens" you automatically
lose the case, so make sure you see that photo...

Von Karma will deny that the enlargement exists, and then object to it being
shown. The judge will overrule, and you'll be shown the photo, and it'll be
updated in your court record. The judge will then be ready to pass his verdict,
and you're given a choice.

 - Object to the enlargment
 - Show other evidence
 - Wait and see

Choosing "Wait and see" will, once again, result in an automatic case loss, and
if you try to "Show other evidence" you'll simply be cut-off by von Karma, and
given the option again, so obviously, object to the enlargement.

You'll point out there there's something strange about the photo, and the judge 
will have you point out what's wrong with the photo. Point out the hand that
the murderer is holding the gun in, and present that it contradicts the pistol.

The man in the photo is firing the gun with his left hand, while the prints on 
the gun are from Edgeworth's right hand. Thus proving that the shooter isn't

The judge will bring up the question "If Edgeworth isn't the murderer, then who 
is?" Von Karma will demand that you answer, choose "The victim himself". Von 
Karma will then tell you that suicide was impossible because the bullet came
from at least a meter away. The autopsy report will be updated.

The judge will postpone the verdict for a day, and court is adjourned.

December 26th, 1:15 PM
District Court
Defedant Lobby No. 2

Edgeworth is still on edge (no pun intended), as usual, and wants you to give
Maya a message from him...  To watch what she says in court...  Isn't he so

Lotta's deposition of her testimony will be added to your court record.

December 26th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Maya's still being held by the police, she doesn't really know why she did what
she did, but it's a good thing she did.

 - Talk: Questioning
 - Talk: Mia

She'll be free to go soon, and she hasn't yet been able to contact Mia, and 
that's pretty much it, you can show her a few items to get a reaction out of 
her, but it's unneccessary, when you're ready, head back to Gourd Lake.

December 26th
Gourd Lake Park Entrance

No one to talk to, nothing to check out, head to the beach.

December 26th
Gourd Lake Public Beach

Same deal, nothing really to do here, into the woods you go.

December 26th
Gourd Lake Woods

You'll find Gumshoe here. He'll "kinda" thank you about the trial, talk to him
a bit.

 - Talk: Tomorrow's Trial
 - Talk: Prosecutor Edgeworth
 - Talk: Maya Fey

Apparently, Von Karma's planning to call his second witness at the trial 
tomorrow, sadly he can't divulge the information of who quite yet. Not much 
info altogether, Gumshoe will head back to the station now, but not without 
mentioning that Maya's bail has been payed in full by Edgeworth. Looks like he
can be a nice guy every once in a while. Head back out through the entrance, 
and to the detention center.

December 26th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Maya's free to go, and that's all you're here for. Head straight back to Gourd

December 26th
Gourd Lake Park Entrance

Lotta's here, and more importantly, she feels sorry about what happened, and 
wants to make it up to you. There's 3 talk topics, but only one is necessary,
if you want to see the other 2, check them first "Making it up" automatically 
progresses the game.

 - Talk: Making it up

Apparently she knows something that von Karma didn't want her to say, but she
won't give you the info for free, she wants information on Gourdy in exchange
for it. Go to the Criminal Affairs Dept. from here.

December 26th
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

 - Talk: The investigation
 - Talk: Gourdy
 - Talk: Secret weapons

More good news, the police think that they've found out Edgeworth's motive,
that he wanted to kill the man that that got his father's murderer off the 
hook, makes sense...

When you tell Gumshoe about the whole Gourdy dreal with Lotta, he demands to
help you out by lending you a "secret weapon". Which consist of; Missile (a K-9
police dog) *woof*, a fishing pole, and a metal detector.

You get a hilarious scene by taking missile and going to see Larry at the
Gourd Lake beach, but when you're ready to progress, get the metal detector
from Gumshoe, and head to Gourd Lake Beach.

December 26th
Gourd Lake Public Beach

Looks a little different doesn't it? The giant Steel Samurai is courtesy of 
your good friend Larry.

 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: The Big Samurai

You don't find out anything important here, but keep in mind that Larry's air
compressor was broken yesterday, and head to the boat rental shop.

December 26th
Boat Rental Shop

The metal detector will automatically go off here, Maya will check in the 
nearby bushes, and come up with an air tank with flags wrapped around it. After
you convince Maya that it's not Gourdy, it'll be added to your inventory, head
back to Larry, at the beach.

 - Present: Air Tank
 - Talk: The flying air tank

Choose "Is it yours", and you'll assume that it belongs to Larry, and he'll ask 
you why he'd need it, respond "to inflate something". Larry will confess that 
it's his. After that, choose to "Ask more about the tank", Larry will tell you
what happened, the new 'talk' topic will open.

Apparently on Dec. 20th, the air tank exploded into to air, taking the deflated
Steel Samurai with it. and he was unable to find it until the night of Dec. 
24th, so Larry was on the lake on the night of the murder, though he went home
before midnight, so he wasn't there at the time of the murder. Head back to
Lotta in the woods now.

December 26th
Gourd Lake Woods

Lotta's there, still waiting for any info you can find about Gourdy.

 - Talk: Gourdy

She'll ask if you've found out anything about Gourdy yet, answer "Gourdy 
doesn't exist" and say that you have proof, present the air tank here. You'll
explain to her what "Gourdy" was just the deflated Steel Samurai landing in
the lake, ad the "bang" sound was when the air tank exploded. 

Lotta's a bit disappointed at hearing about Gourdy, but now she'll at least 
give you the info that you needed.

 - Talk: Case information (Second Lake Photo added)

Lotta's info is that she knows who the 2nd witness is, the caretaker of the 
boat rental shop. She'll also have a 2nd lake photo, but there's nothing in it
though, just a shot of the lake. That being said, Lotta will take off. Head
back to the Boat Rental shop.

December 26th
Boat Rental Shop

Nothing to do here in particular, but now you can head into the Caretaker's 
Shack, do so.

December 26th
Caretaker's Shack

You'll be greeted by a senile old man who apparently thinks you and Maya are
Keith and Meg, respectively. He's apparently very relieved that you're going to
run the pasta shop for him...  Won't this be an interesting conversation...

 - Present: Attorney's Badge

Before you can get any info out of him, you'll need to present your badge, or
he'll just keep on thinking you're Keith, he'll agree to give you info, on the 
condition that you run the shop, despite not being Keith, you can choose to
agree to it or not, either way, you'll eventually agree.

 - Present: Lake Photo
 - Talk: What you saw
 - Examine: Parrot (Parrot added)
 - Talk: Polly

Even after presenting your badge, he doesn't have much useful things to say, so
present the first lake photo to him, which will spur his memory, and he'll tell
you that he saw the murder take place.

Next, examine the parrot in the room, and it'll be added to your court record,
he'll also say a bit more about the bird, on your way out Maya will talk to
Polly ad the bird will mention DL-6. Now things are starting to get strange...
Sadly, the old guy falls asleep again, and the game progresses automatically
with him locking you out. Looks like you may need a bit more info on the DL-6
so head over to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

December 26th
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

Gumshoe's still here of course, looking confused, as usual, go ahead and talk
to him for a bit.

 - Talk: The boat caretaker
 - Talk: The DL6 incident

No one, including the police, know who that mysterious old man at the boat 
rental shop is, but he is indeed the witness that's going to testify at the 
next trial. In addition to that, he also doesn't know much about the DL6, and 
he's not allowed to open the file up unless it's somehow related to the current 

 - Present: Parrot

The parrot is proof enough for Gumshoe, seeing as it knew about the DL-6 the 
old man must also know about it, he gives you special permission to check in 
the evidence room. So, go ahead in.

December 26th
Police Department
Records Room

Maya goes and digs through the pounds of dust, she'llgo ahead and grab 
whichever part of the file you ask her for.

 - Talk: The case summary
 - Talk: Victim data
 - Talk: Suspect data (DL-6 Case File added)

On Dec. 28th, 2001 at 2:00 PM a earthquake hit, knocking out the power in the 
courtroom Miles Edgeworth, his father (Gregory Edgeworth), and a clerk (Yanni
Yogi) were in an elevator at the time, and it took 5 hours before they were
rescued. During that time Gregory Edgeworth was shot, the gun had been fired

The only suspect was the clerk, Yanni Yogi, but he was found innocent because
of his defense lawyer, Robert Hammond. Hammond claimed that Yogi suffered brain
damage and memory loss bcause of the oxygen shortage in the elevator.

That's all what basically happened in the case, or all that you need to know
anyway, the file will be added to your court record. That's it for the day, 
nothing left to do but save and get ready for day 2 of von Karma.

December 27th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 3

Von Karma won't have an opening statement, but he will have a prediction. He
expects to win the case in three minutes, no one can ever accuse him of lacking

Moving as fast as possible to stay within the 3 minutes, von Karma will call
forth the senile boat shop caretaker. You'll notice that his name wasn't
stated, you can object to this or not. If you don't, Maya will make you do it
anyway. He apparently can't remember anything beyond a few years, so he doesn't
remember, he'll testify.

The Night of the Murder
"It was the night of the 24th, just after midnight, ayup."
"I was in the restaurant...  where I er...  rent boats, as usual."
"Then I heard a 'bang!' Ayup."
"When I looked out the window, I saw a boat just a' floating on the lake."
"Then I heard another 'bang.'"
"Just about then the boat comes back to shore, and a man walks by my window."

As usual, von Karma will object to you even having a chance to cross-examine.
Since there's only 10 seconds left before his three minutes are up, he'll 
demand a verdict. You'll be given a choice whether to cross examine or not, and
like last time, even if you choose not to, Maya will make you do it. Von Karma
will scream in pain as the 3 minute mark passes, and you get a chance at the 

Press on his last statement, and he'll say he could see Edgeworth clearly as
he walked by his window, he'll add a line to his testimony.

"That man was the defendant...  he was saying 'I can't believe he's dead.'"

Now press on the new statement, and he'll insist that he's sure of what the 
defendant said. Then he'll fall over...

Not looking good here...  You'll have a chance to raise an objection, either
way, you have no proof. If you don't object, you'll be given the same choice 
again, and again, it won't matter.

There's no reason to prolong the trial any longer, the judge has reached his
verdict, Edgeworth is found...   G u i l t y.
Court Adjourned, Game Over...




You look over, and Larry's at the witness stand, he was there that night, and
he demands to be heard! Of course, von Karma objects to this, the verdict was 
already decided, but it's our duty to hear him out, right here, and right now!
The judge withdraws his previous verdict, and the case is re-opened for Larry's
testimony. There's a 5 minute recess to get him ready.

December 27th, 10:28 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Edgeworth's trembling a bit because of how close it came in there. Maya will 
ask him why his prints are on the murder weapon. He'll say he passed out after
the man with him was shot, and when he woke up, he picked it up without

On another note, This a big chance to catch von Karma off-guard, he's only ever
run trials where he's had a chance to set up the witnesses and have them say
what he wants them to say. and Larry is, to say the least, a bit 

December 27th, 10:35 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 3

Court's back in session, and Larry's ready to testify, that may or may not be
a good thing...

The Night of the Murder
"That night, I was out in a boat on the lake."
"I was looking for something, and I, er, found it."
"So I quietly slipped the boat back in at the rental shop dock."
"Then just as I was thinking about going home, I heard this 'bang'!"
"I looked out over the lake, but I didn't notice the boat."
"So after I heard that single gunshot I went home."

A bit vague, but it's all you got...  Start the cross-examination

On his last statement, about the single gunshot, present Lotta's deposition,
which states that TWO shots were fired. It turns out Larry might've heard both
gunshots, but he was actually listening to the radio with his headphones at 
the time...

Once the judge stops the audience from booing, you're given a chance to have
Larry continue his testimony, or not, either way you're forced to have Larry
continue, he'll testify again.

What Larry Heard
"It's lonely, being alone on Christman Eve!"
"That's why I was listening to an all-requests show on the radio, see?"
"I was listening to it like real booming loud, like."
"But I'm sure I heard that gunshot!"
"I remember exactly what the DJ was saying when I heard it, too."

He heard the gunshot between songs, so there was no music playing at the time.
Ergo, it's possible that Larry heard the shot, after convincing the judge of 
this, you've got your chance to cross-examine.

Press on his last statement, and von Karma will object, on the grounds that 
it's a pointless question. Tell judge that "We should care", Larry will add a 
line to his testimony.

"Just when she said 'Hey it's almost Christmas!' I heard the gunshot!"

On the new statement, present Lotta's Deposition again, if the DJ said it's 
"almost" Christmas, that means that Larry heard the shot prior to midnight.

The judge won't know what to make of this, and von Karma obviously doesn't
accept it, when the judge asks you what you think, say that "Larry's right".
Von Karma will demand evidence of this, present the Second Lake Photo. It was 
taken at 11:50 PM, which proves that there was a big enough sound to trigger
the camera at that time.

You'll then suggest that neither Larry, nor the other witnesses were mistaken,
and that there were in reality 2 sets of gunshots that night!

Von Karma will of course object, and demand that you prove that the camera was 
set off by a gunshot at 11:50, when the judge asks, present the pistol. It was 
fired 3 times, which explains the 3 shots that were heard.

Von Karma will admit that it all adds up nicely, but it makes no sense, why 
would there be 2 sets of gunshots? Von Karma will go over the facts so far that 
we have in the case, and you'll then suggest that the actual time of the murder 
was 11:50, when Larry heard the gunshot. You'll then be shown the original
picture and asked exactly who is on the boat. Say that it's Edgeworth and the

Then when the judge asks you the murderer's name, say that you don't know the 
murderer's name, you'll add that you don't know because he never said his name.
You'll suggest that the boat shop's caretaker was the one who killed Hammond, 
then disguised himself as Hammond in order to frame Edgeworth.

The judge will then ask you where the murder actually took place, choose the
boat shop, and von Karma will want proof, and you'll tell him that since Larry
heard the gunshot while near the shop even with headphones on, the gunshot 
must've been close.

You'll then explain from the beginning what happened on the night of the 
murder. So, pay attention if you aren't sure yourself. During the explanation, 
the judge will ask you who shot the gun from boat, answer the boat shop 
caretaker. Von Karma then asks you why he fired twice, say "To create a 

The judge will think for a second, and then call for the boat shop caretaker
to be brought back out. While waiting for him to be brought out, the judge will
call Edgeworth to the stand to answer a few questions.

Edgeworth will confirm everything that you assumed about why he was at the
lake. Before the questioning, the guard will come in exclaiming that the boat
shop caretaker has gotten away, the judge will demand that he be found, but
the trial will be extended for one more day. Court is adjourned for the day.

December 27th, 1:22 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

It seems pretty safe for Edgeworth at the moment, but he's still upset about 
something that's been troubling him for a while. A dream he's been having... 
a memory...  of murder!

And on that ominous note, part 2 of the episode ends with style...

December 27th, 2:11 PM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

Apparently, after ending the trial on such a powerful note, Edgeworth didn't 
give many details about it, because you and Maya don't know much about it.

Larry will show up gloating about his testimony in court today, after he
finally shuts up, talk to him for a bit.

 - Talk: Today's tial
 - Talk: Edgeworth 
 - Talk: The class trial
 - Talk: Edgeworth's goals

This is where you finally get to delve into the details of Phoenix, Larry,
and Edgeworth's past.

During a day during PE class, when they were in 4th grade, an envelope 
containing 38 dollars was stolen from Edgeworth. That day, Phoenix was the only
one who missed PE class, so everyone figured he had done it, including the 
teacher. Phoenix was just about to apoogize for a crime he didn't commit, when


Edgeworth interjected! Even though it was his money that was stolen, and all
facts pointed towards Phoenix being the thief, he still stood up for Phoenix,
saying that since there's no proof no one should be blaming Phoenix.

Even after that, they still think that Phoenix should be forced to apologize,
which is when Larry speaks up, telling everyone to shut-up." This quiets down
the class, and thus a beautiful friendship is born.

After Edgeworth moved away, Phoenix hadn't heard from him again, until fairly 
recently, when he heard about him as a prosecutor. Even after trying to get in 
touch with him, he couldn't reach Edgeworth, which is why he became an attorney,
so that sooner or later, Edgeworth would be forced to face him.

After this, you'll clear out a few pieces of evidence that you no longer need,
now head over to the detention center.

December 27th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Edgeworth apparently doesn't remember about the class trial, too bad it's a
nice little story...

 - Talk: Why prosecute?
 - Talk: Prosecutor von Karma

Not much relevant to the case here, but a bit more backstory, he became a 
prosecutor because a defense attorney was responsible for getting Yanni Yogi
off the hook after he murderer Gregory Edgeworth. He began to hate defense 
attorneys after the DL-6. After that, von Karma took it upon himself to mentor
and teach Edgeworth everything he needed to know to be the vicious prosecutor
he is now.

Now that the past has been covered, head to Gourd Lake.

December 27th
Gourd Lake Park Entrance

Gumshoe's here, but you don't get a chance to say much to him, he's determined
to find that boat shop caretaker in time for court tomorrow, so you just worry
about winning the case. Head down to the beach.

December 27th
Gourd Lake Public Beach

Larry's giant Steel Samurai is gone, what a shame. After you finish grieving,
head to the boat rental shop.

December 27th
Boat Rental Shop

For some reason, Grossberg is here...
He doesn't say much, but he does offer his assistance if you need help with
anything. Head on in to the caretaker's shack.

December 27th
Caretaker's Shack

Polly's here, but no caretaker, that's alright though, you get about the same 
amount of info from either...

 - Examine: Caretaker's safe (Letter from the Safe added)

Examine the safe sitting on top of the TV, Maya will get the safe combo from 
Polly again, and check inside.

Inside the safe, you'll find a letter describing how to kill Hammond and frame
Edgeworth, apparently someone wrote out instructions on how to get revenge on
the two people that ruined the caretaker's life. So, apparently when the 
caretaker commited the crimes, he was just following instructions. The letter
will be added to your court record. Head back out of the lake, and over to
Edgeworth at the detention center.

 - Present: Letter from the Safe
 - Talk: Yanni Yogi

Edgeworth doesn't know what to make of this, he doesn't know of anyone in
particular who'd want to seek revenge on him, but if the 2 people mentioned in
the letter are Edgeworth and Hammond, then the mysterious caretaker would have
to be...  Yanni Yogi! (Surprised? Yeah, neither was I....)

Egdeworth will tell you a bit about Yogi now, about how tension was high in the 
elevator and how his father started to argue with him, but due to lack of
oxygen, he doesn't remember too much.

Yogi got off the hook because they claimed that his mental condition was 
affected by the lack of air in the elevator, under such circumstaces, he 
couldn't be found guilty, so the claim passed and he was found innocent. Maya
will then ask why he'd want revenge on Edgeworth. Edgeworth will now finally
give you a few details about his dream/memory.

 - Talk: The nightmare

He's apparently had the same dream every night for the past 15 years. He's 
been dreaming that when in the elevator, the gun fell to his feet, and trying
to stop his father and Yogi from fighting, he threw it at them. The gun 
discharged, and he hears a horrible scream.

He believes that it might not be just a dream, but a memory that he 
subconsiously blocked out, and that maybe he killed his own father accidently.

Not a lot you can do about this, but then Maya will suggest that you talk to
someone who knows a lot about the DL-6, so head over to Grossberg's office.

December 27th
Grossberg Law Offices

Maya's a little passive-aggressive upon entering the office, she'll tell 
Grossberg the whole possiblity of Edgeworth killing his father.

Grossberg will nowlend his opinion that since everything fits into place with
the assumption, that there's a good possibility that Edgeworth did indeed shoot
his father.

 - Talk: Gregory Edgeworth
 - Talk: The spirit medium
 - Present: Letter from the Safe

Grossberg will mention about how Gregory Edgeworth once tried to discredit von 
Karma by calling attention to his underhanded methods of prosecution, though
Karma still won the case...

Upon presenting the letter to him, he'll inform you that though Hammond was a 
skilled defense attorney, he never believed that his clients were innocent, he 
defended them for his own sake. Grossberg will then recognize the handwriting
on the note, and ask you if you have any idea who wrote it, answer "Manfred
von Karma", and Grossberg will confirm it.

 - Talk: Prosecutor von Karma
 - Talk: Gregory vs. Manfred

Von Karma apparently knows that Miles Edgeworth supposedly killed his father,
and expect him to bring it up in court tomorrow. Grossberg will suggest the
possibility that von Karma is trying to get revenge on Gregory Edgeworth by
going after his son. You'll ask why von Karma would want revenge on Gregory
Edgeworth in the first place. Grossberg will explain that when they met in 
court, von Karma won the case, but Edgeworth accused von Karma of using faulty
evidence, it was the only penalty von Karma ever recieved in his career.

After recieving the penalty, von Karma took the only vacation that he has ever 
taken, and a rather long vacation at that, apparently that penalty upset him 
quite a bit.

Might wanna check the police records again regarding this, so head over to the 
Criminal Affairs Dept.

December 27th
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

You'll be greeted by some random police officer, who'll give you permission to
go into the records room, since von Karma is in there anyay....  Yes, THE von
Karma, this oughta be fun, head on in to the Records room.

December 27th
Police Department
Records Room

Still dusty in here, you don't see von Karma right away, might as well do some

 - Examine: Open drawer

Examie the open drawer on the wall, inside, Maya will find the DL-6 file, but
it's been completely emptied out, and then... "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Say 
hello to everyone's favorite person...

Apparently he doesn't even recognize you, he doesn't usually remember defense
attorneys, they're like bugs to him, quite the charmer isn't he?

 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: Tomorrow's trial
 - Present: Letter from the Safe (DL-6 Bullet added)

Von Karma will call Edgeworth and his father 2nd rate and amateurs, and what's
more, he'll deny having any kinda of grudge against Edgeworth's father, and he
won't tell you why he mentored Miles. He's also rather confident that Egdeworth 
will admit his own guilt tomorrow in court.

In answer to your question...  Yes, Phoenix is dumb enough to present the 
letter from the safe to von Karma, in-fact, you have to do it to progress in
the game.

Upon presenting the letter, von Karma will admit that it's his handwriting, of
course he won't take kindly to you having it...  He'll pull out his handy 
stun gun (naturally), and deliver quite a shock to you and Maya...

You'll wake up a bit later, unfortunately von Karma took the letter, and all 
of the DL-6 info with him. On top of that, Maya's now feeling very bad about 
herself, thinking that she's useless. You'll notice something, Maya apparently 
grabbed a piece of evidence from von Karma, when she jumped on him, the bullet
taken from Gregory Edgeworth's heart, so at least you have one piece of
evidence to work with, hopefully it will be enough...

December 28, 9:51 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

As Phoenix says, it's judgement day. Gumshoe kept his promise, and now has
Yanni Yogi in custody, now all you gotta do is prove who he is.

December 28th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 3

The boat shop caretaker will take the stand once again.

Why I Left Court
"Er, I'm really sorry about just leaving yesterday like I did."
"But, I wasn't running away or nothing."
"I, uh, went to buy some food for Polly, see..."
"I figured I got nothing to do with this incident anyhow."
"Er...  I mean, I'd need one of those 'motive' things, right? And I don't got
"So, my testimony yesterday stands as is."

Press on the statement about him having nothing to do with the incident, and 
then on the statement about him not having a motive, the judge will then stop
the cross-examination and ask you if his identity has anything to do with the
cross-examination. You'll say yes, and the judge will ask you who he is.
Obviously, choose Yanni Yogi.

Assuming the caretaker is actually Yanni Yogi, then his motive would be 
obvious. Von Karma will of course demand proof, you'll ask that the man's 
fingerprints be compared to Yogi's, von Karma will then inform you that the
man has no fingerprints. They were apparently burned off when he worked at a 
chemical plant.

Not looking up, you may know what happened, but you have no proof, von Karma
will now start to gloat, mockingly suggesting that you cross-examine the man's
pet parrot...  but wait...  that's not a bad idea...  You'll now ask to do
just that. Von Karma will object, but seeing as von Karma was technically the 
one who suggested it, you have the right to do it. Von Karma will tell you
that there will be consequences if you find nothing, and ask again if you want
to go through with it. You can choose yes or no, but either way, you'll end 
up calling the parrot to the stand.

After the bird completely ignores the judge for minutes, it's time for you to
hear the single BEST testimony in the game.

Who Is Your Owner?
"Hello! Hello! *squawk*"

YES! What a great testimony! It gives you so many openings! Begin the

Press on "statement" that consists of more than an ellipsis, and that will 
trigger Maya asking the bird one of 3 questions.

 - "Have we forgotten something?"
 - "What's your name?"
 - "What's the safe number?"

If you remember correctly, asking "have we forgotten something" will make the 
bird mention the DL-6, that would of course be too easy. Von Karma has 
apparently re-trained the bird...  it now will not respond to that question. 

Of course, choose one of the other 2 questions, and you'll have to prove how
the bird's answer relates to the DL-6. For each answer say that it does relate 
to the caretaker's identity, and present the DL-6 case file as proof. For the
safe combination say it relates to the "Case Summary" page, and for the bird's
name choose the "Suspect Data" page. The safe combo (1228) is the same as the 
DL-6 incident's date, and the bird's name (Polly) is the same as Yogi's late
fianceť. The judge will accept the two "coincidences" as a pattern, and 
re-suumon the caretaker.

The judge will ask the caretaker his name once more for his name, von Karma
will once again try and state that he's lost his memory, but he's stopped by
the caretaker, who looks completely different suddenly.

The caretaker will now confess to being Yanni Yogi, and confess to killing 
Hammond and trying to frame Edgeworth. The judge will ask why he intended to
frame Edgeworth, Yogi's not at liberty to say. Yogi is then placed under

The judge will call Edgeworth to the stand, von Karma's got nothing to say,
and Edgeworth is found not guilty. Hooray, you win! Court is adjourned.




Edgeworth objects to the judge's verdict? huh?

Edgeworth is about to confess to killing his father, you can choose to object
or not, but either way, Edgeworth will confess. He'll say exactly what he's 
been seeing in his dreams for the past 15 years, that he killed his father in
the elevator that day.

The judge isn't sure how to deal with this, von Karma will suggest that the
trial be held for it immediately.

The judge will call for a 5 minute recess to consider the correct course of 

December 28th, 2:24 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

The evil sounding music carries over to this scene, cool huh?

Edgeworth and Gumshoe are disappointed to say the least, Edgeworth has just
confessed is guilt, but that doesn't seem to be stopping you, as you're still
preparing your case, promising Edgeworth that you'll prove him innocent.

December 28th, 2:30 PM
District Court
Courtroom No. 3

The trial starts up, and von Karma wants to get right down to it, since the
case's statute of limitations runs out at the end of the day. The judge will
call Edgeworth to the stand, and he'll testify.

The DL-6 Incident
"That day, I had gone to the courtroom to observe one of my father's trials."
"As we went to leave, an earthquake struck, trapping us in the elevator."
"My father and Mr. Yogi lost their composure, and began to argue."
"Just then, something heavy fell at my feet."
"I picked it up, and threw it at Mr. Yogi, I wanted them to stop fighting."
"A moment later, there was a single gunshot, then a scream."
"It was a terrible scream. I remember it to this day."

On the statement about the "single gunshot", present the DL-6 case file, von
Karma will not accept it as evidence unless you point out which page the 
contradiction occurs on, choose victim data, it says that the gun was fired 
twice, yet only one bullet was found.

The judge will suggest that another shooter fired the 2nd shot, and von Karma 
will object, on the grounds that there's no proof that the 2nd bullet was fired 
at the same time/place. Say that you do have proof, and present the DL-6 
Incident Photo. When asked to point out the contradiction in the photo, point
out the bullet hole in the window.

You'll point out that after Edgeworth threw the gun, he lost consciousness,
therefore, there had to have been a second shooter.

Von Karma will object to your "wild fantasies" and refer to the Case Summary
page of the DL-6 file, which states that the only bullet found was the one
taken out of the victim, therefore something else had to have made the bullet
hole on the door.

You start to lose hope now, without a second bullet, you've got no case. The
judge will be ready to pass his verdict, and Edgeworth still believes that he
is responsible. The judge will ask you if you have any objections to the 
verdict being announced, you can choose to object or not, if you choose 
"No objections" you'll see a vision of Mia and you'll call for an objection 

After you call for an objection, von Karma will demand to know the grounds of
your objection, and you'll have a vision of Mia saying "The second bullet must
exist." and "Someone took it". You say just that, and suggest that the 
murderer took the bullet, this raises further questions...

The judge will ask you how would the murderer have found it, and why he would
need it. Choose "The murderer didn't need it". You'll see another vision of 
Mia, this time saying "Had to take it" and another vision saying "You're 
thinking too normal, think crazy, don't think why the murderer needed to take 
it, figure why he HAD to take it..."

You suggest to the judge that the murderer didn't intend to take the bullet, 
but he "had" to take it, because it hit the murderer, "It's not like he could
perform surgery right there." The judge will notice a problem with that, that
both of the other 2 in the elevator, Yogi and Miles were unharmed, which leads
to the suggestion that the murderer came from the outside.

The judge can thell that you're grasping, but he cannot deny the possibility 
that said events really did occur. von Karma will try to get the judge to deny
it anyway, since no one else involved was hurt there was no "murderer".

Maya will then recall hat Grossberg said yesterday about von Karma taking the
long vacation right at the time of the murder, what if he took that vacation
because he was injured...? You'll then come to the conclusion that von Karma 
is the murderer. 

The judge will ask you if you know the murderer's name, you can choose to say 
it or save it, either way you'll be forced into saying it. the other suspect
is von Karma!

Von Karma won't even "honor the ridiculous outburst" by objecting to it,
you'll point out to the court about his long vacation right after the incident,
and von Karma will demand that you prove it, he'll tell you to go find the 
surgeon that operated on him, and Edgeworth will inform you that he probably 
wouldn't even have undergone surgery, as he wouldn't have left the possibility
of a witness.

Since he didn't have surgery performed, he couldn't have taken the bullet out
by himself, and the bullet has to be somewhere, where could the bullet possibly 
be? Von Karma will ask if you can prove what happened to the bullet, you can
choose "It's impossible to prove" if you want, but you'll just get another 
vision of Mia, and be forced to show evidence anyway. Present the metal

You'll suggest that the bullet is still inside von Karma, and then intend to
run the metal detector over von Karma in order to find it. Von Karma will 
object, and he'll actually start to sweat, he's apparently getting a bit 
nervous. Von Karma will simply refuse at first, but as you persist he'll 
object on the grounds that it's an invasion of privacy, and call for a
suspension of the trial. You'll object to the suspension on the grounds that
the statute of limitations runs out at the end of the day, and von Karma can't
think of a response to that.

The judge will intervene, and make von Karma submit to being swept over with
the metal detector...

*beep* *beep* *beeeeeep*

It reacts on von Karma's right shoulder. Though von karma will still deny it, 
saying that the bullet in his shoulder is unrelated to the DL-6. The judge will 
then ask if you can prove that the bullet in his shoulder is related to the
DL-6 murder. Von Karma's a bit more confident all of the sudden, saying that 
you can't prove it because he took all of the DL-6 evidence. You'll then say 
that you do indeed have proof.

Present the DL-6 Bullet here, and von Karma's a bit surprised to say the least.
You'll suggest that the bullet be matched up with the bullet in von Karma's
shoulder, and that's checkmate...

Von Karma will lose his compusure, and begin to howl demonically, Edgeworth
recognizes the scream as the same one he heard on the day of the DL-6, and 
von Karma will continue going insane.

Headbanger von Karma will go over the events of what happened on the day of the
murder, that it was his destiny to kill Edgeworth, and that he had even fooled
Gregory Edgeworth's ghost. Von Karma regains his composure, and demands that 
the judge bring an end to the trial. Miles Edgeworth is (once again) found...
Not Guilty. 

Confetti falls, and court is adjourned.

December 28th, 5:38 PM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Maya's impressed, and Edgeworth is even thankful, surprising as it may be.


Gumshoe shows up, tremendously happy about the outcome, and even though his 
salary went  down a bit, he's still throwing a party.

Edgeworth takes a lesson from Gumshoe on how to show his thanks to you.


Makes him feel a bit foolish, but, that's okay, he'll get used to it, as he's 
finally loosening up a bit.

Lotta will show up, and even she's impressed at your performance in court. She
is apparently back in college, no longer an investigative reporter.

Right after that, your good friend Larry's here too, to give Edgeworth a
celebration gift of...  $38.00...  Wait a second, doesn't that sound familiar?
Yep, it was Larry who stole Edgeworth's lunch money that day 15 years ago, and
what's more, Edgeworth apparently knew about it, but no one said anything, 
you'll call for the death sentence on both Larry and Edgeworth, but as Maya
said, the statute of limitations has run out.

Lotta will have everyone line up for a photo, and thus the big celebration
for Edgeworth's freedom ensues.

December 29th, 5:02 AM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

You arrive at the office pretty early, and find a note from Maya, she's 
apparently going back to resume her spirit medium training, she's still feeling
as if she was useless. This may be goodbye, you'll take off for the train 
station to find Maya.

Upon arriving, you find Maya just in time, she's leaving since she can't even 
talk to spirits.


You'll tell her that you'd never have won the case without her help, but she's
still feeling useless, and won't believe you, present to her the DL-6 bullet
that she grabbed from von Karma, it's proof that she actually was a big help.

Maya will tell you that she'll be back someday, and that it's only goodbye for 
now, a tear falls from her eye as she boards the train. That's the story, and
the credits roll.

Funny scenes in the credits, and the pretty nice group picture at the end, plus
at the end of the credits, the fifth case is unlocked, so be sure to watch all
the way through.

Oh, and if you're wonder why there's such solid closure when there's still one 
episode left, it's because the original game, Gyakuten Saiban for the GBA,
ended here, the 5th case was added on when the game was remade for the NDS.
The US never got the GBA version.

    Episode 5: Rise from the Ashes

First off, you get to lay witness to probably the coolest CS on any handheld
game ever made. Two murders? at the same time? something shatters? some doll
on a windowsill? What?? This CS doesn't make sense! It will soon enough...

February 22nd, 10:02 AM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

You're at your law office, but like every day for the past 2 months. you don't
want to do much of anything. You're still in a little of a depressed state
since Maya left to continue her training.

"There you are!"

Apparently, waiting for you is a confused girl who thinks you're Mia Fey, you
explain to her your identity, luckily she's still heard of the "undefeated 
defense attorney" Phoenix Wright, and wants you to help her sister, who
apparently has a trial tomorrow.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your "faux-Maya" for this case, Ema Skye.

 - Talk: Ema
 - Talk: The case
 - Talk: Sci. Investigator
 - Talk: Relation to Mia

At the tender age of 15, Ema aspires to be a scientific investigator, and to 
help you prove her sister Lana innocent, despite the fact that there's a 
witness. She'll tell you that lately, Lana has beome somewhat cold, but she's
Ema's only family, so she has to help out. Head over to the detention center
to get the first few details of the case.

February 22nd
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Ema's a bit anxious about seeing her sister, and you can see why by looking
at the bruises on the guard...  Lana doesn't exactly seem happy to see her 
sister, she apparently doesn't want her involved.

She already knows who you are, which isn't too surprising, seeing as she is 
the chief prosecutor for this district. (Hmmm, 2 sisters, the older one being
a lawyer, seems a little familiar...)

 - Talk: The case
 - Talk: The victim
 - Talk: Lana

Interesting, she's admitted to commiting the crime huh? This might be a bit 
tougher then your previous cases.

The crime apparently went down in the parking lot at the prosecutor's office
at 5:15, she's saying that she stabbed the victim in the trunk of her 
subordinate's car. A witness saw the whole thing, and she was arrested on the
spot. The victim was a detective, one Bruce Goodman, meaning that the police
department will consider it a matter of pride to have Lana found guilty.

Ema notices a bandage on Lana's hand, it's from when she stabbed Goodman, she
apparently cut herself accidently. You'll decide that all this is a bit too 
much, and it's time to change the subject.

 - Talk: Relation to Mia

Ema inists that that her sister was not always so cold to people (As hard as 
that is to believe), guess you'll have to take her word for it, head to the
scene of the crime, the underground parking lot.

February 22nd
Prosecutor's Office
Underground Parking Lot

This is where it all happened...  apparently...
You don't get far, it seems as if the year 1885 hasn't come to pick up their 
sheriff (yeah, lame joke  :P), either way apparently this guy doesn't want you
checking out his crime scene, so you're currently restriced to just the front
end of the lot.

 - Examine: Wallet (Goodman's ID added)

Hard to miss, the thing lying on the ground by the door. Examine it, and it 
will trigger a little scene where you'll learn to use the one of the cool 
touch screen-only features of case 5.

You'll get to examine items close up now, examine the clasp on the wallet to 
open it, and find the ID inside. It seems that a Mr. Bruce Goodman needs to be
more careful with his things. The ID will be added to your court record.

Nothing else to really check out here, when you're ready, move the the other
part of the lot, try to examine something (it doesn't matter what) to trigger
the sheriff showing back up to stop you, however, he will note that you might
be able to get some info by checking out the prosecutor's office.

Before you're able to do anything else, it's (apparently) time for some lunch,
presented by none other than Miss Angel Starr, the witness that Lana mentioned.
The Prosecutor's Office can wait, you might want to have a word with Miss Starr

 - Talk: The case
 - Talk: What you witnessed
 - Talk: Angel
 - Talk: Prosecutor's Office

Angel dislikes prosecutors, and she makes that very obvious, they're evil
despicable horrible creatures, and yesterday, she just happened to see one of
them commit an unfathomable act. She is indeed the witness that saw Lana 
commit the murder. Her boyfriend is apparently a security guard, which is why
she was in the parking lot at the time.

There's probably a lot more that you'd like to figure out about Angel, but at
the moment, there's not much else that you can find out, head to the High
Prosecutor's Office when ready.

February 22nd
High Prosecutor's Office

Hmmm, that shirt on the wall looks familiar doesn't it...
Yes, Edgeworth is the high prosecutor, and apparently it was his car that the
murder happened on.

 - Talk: The case
 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: Lana Skye (Edgeworth's Knife added)
 - Examine: Trophy (Prosecutor Trophy added)
 - Present: Prosecutor's Trophy

You don't find out too much about the case, but you geta a little backstory on
Edgeworth, lots of rumors currently floating around about him forging evidence,
fixing cases, etc... You'll also learn that Edgeworth met Lana long beforehand,
from his first case, and he's always had respect for her.

At the end of everything, you'll finally find out a little bit of info on the 
case, the murder weapon was a knife from the toolbox in Edgeworth's car, it'll
be added to your court record.

Examine the trophy sitting on Edgeworth's couch, that's the famed "King of
Prosecutors" award that Edgeworth just recieved, he doesn't seem to thrilled
about having it though, it'll be added to the court record. Present the trophy
back to Edgeworth, you don't get any real info from it, but it opens up a new 
"Talk" topic"

 - Talk: The day of the crime (Parking Stub added)

The murder went down during the "Evidence Transferral" at the police station, 
which was in turn taking place at the same time as Edgeworth's award ceremony.
Edgeworth got back to the office at 5:12 exactly, according to his parking
stub, which will now be added to your court record.

Now it's time to make way for Jim Carrey, or at least a police officer bearing 
his resemblance. Officer Mike Meekins, he's arrived to deliver a report to
Edgeworth, which Edgeworth is not too happy about. Well, you're about done
here, when you're ready, go down to the Parking Lot, and then out to the Police
Dept. Entrance.

February 22
Police Department

Well, you're greeted by the best character in any game ever made, the Blue
Badger! And who's that dancing along with the badger? Everyone's favorite pal,
Detective Gumshoe.

 - Talk: The case
 - Talk: The investigation
 - Present: Goodman's ID
 - Present: Edgeworth's Knife or Parking Stub

He's not "in the loop" on this particular case, so he doesn't have much info 
for you, although he can tell you a little about what's going on at the police
station. It's "Sheriff" Jake Marshall that's in charge of this case. Hmmm, a
mere patrolman in charge of a case this important? Seems fishy.

Upon presenting the ID to Gumshoe, he'll confirm that Goodman was the victim,
and it'll open up a new "talk" topic. Then upon presenting either the knife or
the stub, you'll get another new topic.

 - Talk: Bruce Goodman
 - Talk: Rumors at law
 - Examine: Blue Badger (Blue Badger Panel added, Letter of Introduction added)

Not much info here eihter, basically stuff you already know Lana called the
victim (Goodman) out to the parking and killed him, rumors about Edgeworth,

Examining the Blue Badger adds it to your court record, and should advance the 
story. Gumshoe will give you a "letter of introduction" which you can use to 
gain access to the crime scene. Now head back to the lot.

February 22nd
Prosecutor's Office
Underground Parking Lot

You'll see Angel on her way out, saying goodbye to her 2nd boyfriend, then
sheriff Marshall will arrive

 - Present: Letter of introduction
 - Talk: The victim (Goodman's Autopsy Report added)
 - Talk: Marshall

Present the letter first, and he'll actually give you info and let you
investigate. Ask him about the victim, he'll give you the autopsy report, and
inform you that Lana and Goodman had nothing in common, so Lana had no motive
to commit the murder.

Step over to the other side of the lot when you're ready.

 - Examine: Cell phone (Cell Phone added)
 - Examine: Car
 - Examine: Trunk (Victim's Note added)

Examine the little yellow thing on the ground, Ema suggests that it's the
victim's cell phone, choose to check it out, and the "item examination" will 
start up automatically. Examine the button on the side of the phone to open it,
and then examine the blue button on the front of the phone.

Upon pressing the button, listen closely...
Recognize the Steel Samurai ringtone?

Uh-Oh, this could be trouble...  You hit redial on this mysterious phone, and
suddenly a phone rings? And to top it off, Marshall points out that the phone
wasn't the victim's it was in-fact Lana's cell phone! Lana apparently called 
someone right before the murder, 3 guesses as to who is was.

Examine the car and you'll notice that the lock is broken, then examine the
trunk of the car, be careful to examine the space where the trunk is open, and
not the outline rope or anything. Examining the trunk, you'll find a note that
reads "6-7S  12/2", it'll be added to the court record. Now head back over to

 - Talk: Lana Skye
 - Talk: Office atmosphere

Nothing too important here, more rumors about Edgeworth, except Marshall adds
the suggestion that Lana Skye was involved too.

The story should advance here, Ema confesses that it was her phone that rang 
when you hit redial on Lana's phone, so 3 minutes after the murder, it was Ema
that Lana called, though she hung up right away. The cell phone will be updated
in the court record, and it's on to court...

February 23, 9:34 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Lana doesn't seem to concerned about how the trial is looking, and she offers
you a word of advice, "Never 'believe' your client". Intresting, hm? Head on 
into court.

February 23, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 9

Rumors or not, Edgeworth is just as confident as ever, and is in-turn confident
towards his "professional witness". Get ready to hear the testimony of the 
"Cough-Up Queen" herself.

Angel Starr takes the stand, after she finishing passing out lunches, she'll 
state her name and profession, and then Edgeworth will reveal that until
recently, Angel Starr was a very skilled detective, and because of this she
will give the description of the case, no need for a detective.

Angel will explain with an overhead map, and say how she performed the arrest
as well as acting as the witness, she seems pretty confident, and with good 
reason. Time to hear one of the toughest testimonies in the game.

Witness's Account
"Somehow, I always knew a day like this would come."
"I was on my way to deliver a lunchbox to my boyfriend..."
"When I sensed something...  perhaps it was my finely-honed detective instincts
"Then, through a wire fence, I saw the chief prosecutor standing next to a 
garish car."
"The chief prosecutor was holding a knife in her right hand..."
"Then, she thrust the pointy tip of the knife into Detective Goodman's chest!"

Seems airtight at first glance, Press on her first statement to make her reveal
that she was fired by the porsecutor's office, now press on her statement about
the garish car. You should now accuse Angel of being a biased witness.

It seems that you've angered her with that, she'll take it personally, and then
reveal that she has a photo, which was taken a moment after the alleged murder.
The photo will be added to the court record.

Now that you have this photo, immediately present it on the statement about 
Lana holding the knife. As can be seen in the photo, she doesn't seem to be 
holding a knife.

Edgeworth will object, and point out that the photo was obviously taken after
the murder, due to the fact that blood splatter can be seen on Lana's coat.
Object further, (Choosing "No problem", will cause you to start over.) Angel
has just contradicted herself, she said that the picture was taken at the 
"very moment" of the murder, not after it happened.

Angel will correct herself, and then go on to say that the murder was 
premeditated, she'd planned it, due to the fact that she wore thin rubber
(surgical) gloves. Hm, good point...  but something doesn't quite add up...

Angel will add to her testimony.

"The murder was planned! The rubber gloves prove it!"

Present Edgeworth's knife here. If it was a planned murder, then why'd she use
Edgeworth's knife? wouldn't she have brought her own murder weapon? Angel 
doesn't like that too much, however Edgeworth doesn't seem phased.

Edgeworth brings up the point that whether or not the murder was planned or 
not is irrelevant, however Angel doesn't seem to want to let it go...  The 
judge will ask Angel to testify again, but only has to what she actually saw.

Angel's Deduction
"Lana Skye intended to murder Detective Goodman!"
"That's why she called the victim all the way to the Prosecutor's Office."
"I'm sure the Chief Prosecutor had a grudge against the victim."
"Nothing else could drive that human machine to plunge the knife in again 
and again..."

On her statement about "plunging the knife in", present the autopsy report, 
if you've looked at it, you've probably noticed that it says "one stab wound",
not enough to warrant "over and over".

She'll justify it by saying that she thought she saw blood before she saw the 
stabbing which led her to believe there more than a single stabbing had 
occured. She'll change the last line of her testimony.

"Her red muffler looked like blood to me...  that's how ghastly the whole
scene was."

Present the photo on the new statement, according to said photo, she wasn't
even wearing her muffler at the time. This "professional witness" isn't looking
too impressive at the moment. Angel will now move on to her next testimony.

Apprehending the Suspect
"After the murder, the suspect attempted to run behind a partition off to her
"I quickly caught her explained her rights to her, and arrested her on the
"Ah yes. When I arrested her, she mentioned the muffler!"
"That's what had me confused in my earlier testimony!"
"The chief prosecutor made to escape, but against Angel Starr, resistance is

Press on the statement about "arresting her on the spot", and press further.
Won't prove anything, but it'll bring up the idea that Angel couldn't have 
gotten to Lana THAT fast, due to the fence in-between them.

Next press on the statement about her mentioning the muffler, and Ask further
when given the option, she'll say that Lana said "muffler" over her cell phone,
but only after she first tried the phone on the wall. This will update the cell
phone in the court record, and Angel will add to her testimony.

"She gave up trying to use the phone on the wall, and just used her cell 

Object to the new statement, and present the floor plans. If it all happened the
way she said, she couldn't have seen Lana trying to use the wall phone, due to
the partition, it'd be blocking her view, thus proving that she couldn't have 
seen this happening from Lot B.

Point out that the witness lied about "Where she saw it". It'd be pointless for 
Angel to lie about seeing Lana trying to use the emergency phone, so what most 
likely happen was that she simple witnessed the events from another location.

The judge will have you point out on the floor map where Angel really witnessed
the murder from. Point out the security room, that's the only place where she
could've seen both the emergency phone AND Edgeworth's car.

This raises further questions though...  Why would she lie about where she saw 
the crime from? The judge will have you provide that reason, choose that it
changes the "Distance from the crime". You'll then ask Angel how long it took
for her to get from the security room to Lana to perform the arrest. She'll use
the overhead map to illustrate, and then note that it took 5+ minutes.

Angel still insists that no matter the circumstance, she still saw Lana murder
Goodman, you'll be asked if you have any evidence against this. You can choose
either option, you'll end up objecting, and pointing out that if Lana really 
commited murder, she wouldn't stick around for 5 minutes trying to make a phone

Angel's biased against prosecutors, and thus there's too big of a hole in her
testimony, court is adjourned for the day...


Apparently, Ms. Starr has more evidence, and more lunch, ergo the judge allows
one more testimony for the day.

Decisive Evidence
"I should have mentioned those five minutes when I wasn't looking at the crime
"And now, to the matter of the victim's shoe...  Did I not bring this up...?"
"Two types of blood were found on this shoe!"
"One was of course the victim's."
"And the other was...!  The defendant, Ms. Lana Skye's blood!"
"This shoe proves it! It's flawless, decisive evidence!"

Edgeworth objects to this evidence, as it has not been approved by the police
department, but it seems that Angel is one step ahead, and actually did get it
approved as legal evidence. The shoe will be added to the record.

You get your chance to cross-examine now. Press on her last statement, and 
when Ema asks, choose that there is a problem with the shoe. You'll be asked
to point out the problem on the shoe using the close-up examination feature.

Turn the shoe, so that you can see the bottom of it, and present the blood on 
the bottom of the shoe, you'll then be asked why that is contradictory. Now 
present Angel's photo again. Notice anything? There doesn't seem to be any 
bloody footprints on the ground...  This is a valid contradiction, but it 
brings into question, why weren't there any  bloody footprints?


Edgeworth seems to have it all figured out...
He refers back to when Angel said that Lana kicked over an oil drum, and Angel
confirms that the drum that she kicked over was full of water, which Edgeworth
suggests she used toclean away the bloody footprints.

Not looking too good all of the sudden, the judge is ready to end the trial.




Apparently, Angel overheard Ema saying that she was "on the prosecution's 
side", Well, Angel can't have that...  Yes you guessed it, she has yet another
piece of evidence to bring out.

Angel presents another photo, this one of the body after the murder took place.
Using that to prove that she wasn't lying about the water or the shoe.

Well it seems like that's the nail in the coffin, the judge is ready to
conclude the trial...  this time for real...


It seems that there is a problem with this last piece of evidence, and you'll 
have to point out where it is in the photo. Target the piece of cloth sticking 
out of the car's muffler, and present it. Now you'll be asked why the item in
the muffler is relevant to the case. Present the cell phone here. Angel heard 
Lana say "muffler" over the phone, she could very well have been referring to 
the car's exhaust pipe, and thus the item stuffed in there could be of great
importance to the case.

Angel is out of evidence to submit (FINALLY), and the proceedings are suspended
for the moment. The court takes a 30 minute recess.

February 23rd, 11:56 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

At this point, you'll meet up with the sheriff again, who apparently saw Lana
on the day of the murder, and as to his recollection she was indeed wearing a 
scarf, so it seems Ms. Starr was right about that after all... The plot

February 23rd, 12:32 PM
District Court
Courtroom No. 9

As court starts back up, Edgeworth is apparently having some kind of 
conniption, and at the stand is a large man wearing a quite noticeable suit.

And no, your game isn't frozen, throughout this entire case, this guy will
just stare for like 6-8 seconds, and absolutely nothing else will happen, not 
really a big deal or anything, but just don't get caught off guard by it, it 
happens a few more times in the case.

This large stuffy individual is none other than the district's chief of police
Damon Gant, he's come to deliver the red scarf that was found in the muffler of
the car. The red scarf was wrapped around a switchblade knife, it'll be added
to the court record, and then the judge will have you open it. The examination
screen will open automatically, just examine the button on the side.

Edgeworth is is quite annoyed that such a significant piece of evidence went
overlooked for so long, and the judge will have Damon Gant testify as to why
the department was in such a state of disarray.

Department in Disorder
"This knife is special...  but I can't say how here."
"Unless there's evidence to prove a connection between this knife and 
"That was a bad day for the Department. We weren't in any shape to do an
"A detective was killed at the Police Department, see... what a mess!"
"The time of the crime? 5:15. Scary coincidence, eh?"
"It's not officially linked to this here case, so I can't talk much about it."

Get all that? Yep, a second murder, at the exact same time as the first,
occured in the police department. Weird, isn't it?

On his statement about proving a connection from the knife to Goodman, present
the memo as evidence, if you've payed attention to detail, you've probably
already noticed. The tag on the knife reads "SL-9  2", and the memo is 
actually written upside down, it reads "2/21  SL-9". Both mention "SL-9" 
meaning the knife is connected to Goodman, thus Gant is now able to comment on
the knife. He'll replace the first 2 lines of his testimony with a new 1.

"This knife was evidence in a case. It was stolen from the Department's
evidence room."

Press on the new statement, and Gant will reveal that the knife was a murder
weapon in a case solved long ago.

Now, press on the statement about the 2nd detective being killed. Gant will 
reveal here that they just arrested the suspect in the second murder. Gant will
then proceed to offer you one piece of information regarding the second murder.

Gant gives you three choices to pick from, you can actually get him to comment 
on all 3, pick whichever you want, he'll comment on it, then just go back to
the statement, press again, and he'll offer you the 3 options again.

To advance the story though, just choose "Where the victim was found" to find
out that the murder occured in the evidence room. Now you can press on his last 
statement about the 2 cases, and you'll point out that the 2 cases are indeed 
related. Edgeworth will now request that Gant release the info on the 2nd case.
He'll change the last line of his testimony.

"I'll cooperate, but I can't reveal the name of the victim at the Department, 

Press on the new statement, and you're given three choices again to try and
figure out who the victim was, choose "the victim's ID number". The number 
is...  "5842189", If that doesn't look familiar to you, I suggest that you 
check out your court record.

When the judge asks, reply that "It does tell me something", but wait...  that
doesn't make sense...  Present Goodman's ID, to point out that the number that
Gant just revealed matches the number on that ID. Which means that... yep...
Bruce Goodman was killed in 2 different places at the same time!

Edgeworth is a little miffed that this wasn't brought to his attention earlier,
but he'll be silenced pretty quickly, when Gant points out that it was 
Edgeworth's fault that this wasn't brought to attention...  It seems that the
officer that Edgeworth sent away yesterday was bearing this information for
him. Pretty big error on Edgeworth's part it seems...

That's it for the day, 2 murders, 2 locations, 1 victim, doesn't add up well 
enough to come to a conclusion just yet. Court's adjourned until tomorrow.

February 23rd, 2:15 PM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

Ema's a bit confused as to how the case has turned out so far, and you should 
be too, so time to try and shed a little more light on the matter, head to the
Underground Lot.

February 23rd
Prosecutor's Office
Underground Parking Lot

It's time to introduce another cool touch-screen only feature of case 5, as
Ema brings out her trusty Luminol testing fluid. After her little explanation,
the luminol screen will automatically start up.

Spray the luminol right to the left of the car, on the ground. You'll see a few
stains. You may have to spray a couple times to get the blood stains completely
clear, and the game won't advance until you do get the stains completely clear.

After you get the bloodstains clear, you'll start to wonder what's 
"scientifically" odd about the stains. Choose "The amount of blood", it's a 
bit strange for so little blood to be present at the site of a knife struggle.

It seems Angel is still hanging around with her everlasting supply of box 
lunches, and she's still got stuff to say.

 - Talk: Today's trial
 - Talk: Detective Starr
 - Present: Victim's Note or Switchblade Knife
 - Present: Crime Photo

She's not too upset about how the morning's trial turned out, but she's still
extremely insistent on what she saw. She'll also mention one of the more 
important parts of this case, the SL-9.

Upon presenting either the SL-9 note or knife, Angel will elaborate a bit on
the SL-9, saying that Goodman was he head detective in that case, sadly, not 
much else though, until you present the crime photo to her, a new talk
topic will open now.

 - Talk: SL9 Incident
 - Talk: Detective Marshall (Steak Lunch added)

Apparently, the SL-9 was when Angel started to hate prosecutors. During the
SL-9, the prosecutors involved fabricated evidence to get the suspect 
convicted and executed, get Jake Marshall demoted to a mere patrolman, and
get Angel completely fired from the force.

Angel reveals that the real reason that she comes to the lot every day is to
meet with people that can help her get more and more evidence on the SL-9.
She'll never let the case die, until it is actually resolved. She figures
that you're actually determined to do the same, so she gives you a very 
useful piece of detective equipment...  STEAK!

Head to the Police Dept. Entrance. One there, you may have to go into the 
Security Guard Office and back out before the next scene triggers.

February 23rd
Police Department

You're greeted by an especially hungry Gumshoe. He seems excited that they've
arrested a suspect for the murder in the evidence room, he doesn't give you a
chance to get any info out of him, as he takes off pretty quick, though he 
does suggest that you head to the detention center to see who the suspect is.

You can't get straight there from the Police Dept., so take a detour through 
your law office to get to the detention center.

February 23rd
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Don't you just wanna break that damn megaphone...
Yes, the suspect in the 2nd murder is Mike Meekins, and as much as you don't 
want to, you'll need to talk to him to get some information.

 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Talk: Bandaged hand
 - Talk: The victim
 - Present: Goodman's ID

On the day of the murder, apparently Marshall was supposed to be on guard at
the evidence room, but wasn't when Meekins noticed a suspecious person, and 
went in, and that's all he remembers...  Yeah, this guy's gonna be helpful...

When you ask about his bandaged hand, he remembers that in the evidence room,
Goodman pulled a knife on him, but he doesn't remember exactly how he was 
slashed. Also, he has no recollection of stabbing the victim, nor did he know 
him before hand. 

Jog his memory a bit by showing him Goodman's ID, you'll get a new talk topic.

 - Talk: Crime details
 - Talk: Reason for arrest

He'll remember a little bit about the crime now. He approached Goodman, and 
asked for his ID, and Goodman apparently pulled a knife on him (I'd probably
pull a knife on this guy too...)

When you ask him why he was arrested, he'll mention that he was caught on the
security tape, and with that, he's finally given you something that you can
use, and you can get out of there, head to the Criminal Affairs Dept.

February 23rd
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

Here you're greeted by the esteemed Chief Gant. He seems to be in a good mood
 as usual. Try to get some info out of him.

 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: Evident incident
 - Examine: Head of Detectives (Goodman's Lost Item Report added)

Hm, it seems that Edgeworth is in a bit of trouble, and has been ever since 
the Gourd Lake thing, too bad he's hesitant to tell you anything else, though
he will mention something about the head of detectives, and you'll get to talk
to him directly.

Examine the Head of Detectives, he's the guy sitting at the computer behind
Gant, he'll inform you that all of Goodman's stuff was taken, except for a 
half-written lost item report, which will be added to your court record. You 
should have a new talk topic available now.

 - Talk: Permission Granted

You ask for access to the scene of the 2nd murder, and then...




After Gant's done staring at you (that getting annoying yet?) He says it's fine
and gives an ID that you can use to get into the evidence room, so head there

February 23rd
Police Department
Security Guard Office

 - Examine: Door

Examine the door on the side of the room, you have the card key necessary to
get in, but hmmm...  It seems that the card reader isn't turned on. No worries
though, because Sheriff Marshall is here to save the day. Jake Marshall shows up
to turn it on for you. You'll also be able to talk to him a bit about the case.

 - Present: Steak Lunch
 - Talk: Guard Office
 - Talk: Marshall
 - Talk: Security system
 - Talk: Transferal

Present the steak lunch to Marshall first, or else he'll be too hungry to answer
anything for you.

After he finishes his lunch, you'll find out that even though, he's the security
guard that was supposed to be on duty, he wasn't even in the building at the 
time that Goodman was stabbed. He'll also tell you about how the SL-9 case 
officially closed 2 days ago, but more importantly, he'll give you a glimpse of
the list of IDs that were used to enter the evidence room on the day of the 
murder, though he won't let you see it too long as it's not officially linked to
the case yet. So, you'll need to fix that.
 - Present: Goodman's ID (ID Card Record added)

Matching up Goodman's ID with the ID record proves that Goodman had his ID when 
he entered the evidence room, but then why'd he pull a knife on Meekins? The
plot thickens...  Anyway, this at least proves that the ID record is related to
the case so it'll be added to your court record.

Head into the evidence room.

February 23
Evidence Room
Sector Three


It seems Gumshoe's waiting for you inside with Evidence Room Floorplans that are
added to your court record.

 - Talk: Judge for a Day
 - Talk: Edgeworth
 - Talk: Evidence safe (Evidence Locker added)
 - Present: Switchblade Knife or Victim's Note
 - Talk: SL9 Incident
 - Present: ID Card Record

As usual, Gumshoe doesn't give you much info that you can use, although he does
tell you a good bit about the lockers, the lockers are apparently fingerprint
coded, so only the person that owns the locker can open it.

Upon presenting the ID record, Gumshoe will notice that the 2nd number on the 
list is actually Edgeworth's ID, and the record will be updated to reflect this.

After you're done with Gumshoe, investigate the room a bit.

 - Examine: Glove hanging on the police tape
 - Examine: Broken bits on the floor behind the police tape (Unstable jar added)

Not much info upon finding the glove, but it says SL-9 on it, so might as well
put it into the court record.

Upon checking the broken fragments, Gumshoe will inform you that whatever this 
was before it broke was related to the SL-9 case, Ema will then suggest that you
try to fix it, and a little mini-game will open.

It's fairly easy to figure out, but to fix the broken evidence, put it together 
in this order:

 - Fragment #5, rotate to the right twice
 - Fragment #4, rotate to the right twice
 - Fragment #6, rotate to the left once
 - Fragment #1, rotate to the right once
 - Fragment #8, rotate to the left once
 - Fragment #3, rotate to the left once
 - Fragment #2, rotate to the right twice
 - Fragment #7, rotate to the right once

It'll still be missing one piece, but that's as far as you can get at the 
moment, the jar will be added to your court record. Time to investigate a bit 
more, go into your court record and select the luminol.

 - Luminol: Top row locker, furthest to the left

Spray about 7-8 times, and then select the handprint that appears, apparently
the attacker touched that spot while fleeing the scene, not much info about it
just yet, but keep that spot in mind.

 - Luminol: Floor around the broken jar fragments

Apparently the spot where the attack took place. Ema makes note of it on the

 - Luminol: Top row locker, furthest to the right

The blood here is visible even without the luminol, but spray it anyway, Ema 
will mark it on the floorplans.

You're about done here. Gumshoe will inform you that Edgeworth should be 
returning to his office soon, so heard there next.

Before leaving here, be sure to examine the junk thats sitting in between the 
lockers, it has nothing to do with the case, but you'll get a cute little scene
that'll give you a chuckle if you've played through the 2nd Phoenix Wright game.

February 23
High Prosecutor's Office
Room 1202

Gumshoe's already been here and given Edgeworth his "report" (which by the way,
is another allusion towards a later Phoenix Wright game), so maybe you'll be
able to get some useful information from him.

 - Talk: Inquiry Committee
 - Talk: Tomorrow's Trial
 - Present: Switchblade Knife or Victim's Note
 - Talk: Allegations of forgery
 - Present: ID Card Record (Unrelated Evidence added)

Really not a lot here, some Edgeworth backstory. When you present the ID record,
Edgeworth will tell you that he was in the evidence room that day at Gant's 
request. He was retrieving a piece of unrelated evidence, you'll add it to your 
court record.

That's pretty much everything that you're going to get from Edgeworth, but 
before you leave, Edgeworth will give you fingerprint powder, so it's time to 
test it out. Head back to the evidence room.

February 23
Evidence Room
Sector Three

Upon entering, a scene will automatically start up, and you'll get another cool
touch-screen feature, the fingerprinting session!

You'll automatically go into a close-up of the visible bloody handprint that
you found on Gumshoe's locker. Choose a finger and tap the screen to spread the
powder, then blow into the mic to reveal the print. The game won't progress
unless you reveal ~95% of the fingerprint, so make sure to spread plenty of 
powder, and remove ALL of the excess powder.

Sadly, this first handprint was apparently made with a gloved hand, so you won't
be able to check who made it, move on to check the non-bloody fingerprint that's
only slightly visible to the lower-left of bloody print. 

This attempt will be a success, compare it to Gumshoe's file to find it's match.
Of course, since it's Gumshoe's locker, this isn't anything huge.

 - Examine: Top row locker, furthest to the left

If you recall, there was another bloody handprint here as well, so why not try
for a useful fingerprint one more time.

If you try and check any of the prints that were revealed with the luminol,
they'll have been wiped away, so target about where the fourth finger would be,
and check for a print. Compare it to Marshall's file for a match.

This means that Marshall left a bloody handprint in the evidence room! This is 
quite the turn of events isn't it...? That's about it for today's investigation.
Time for another date in court.

February 24, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 9

As usual, Edgeworth is more than ready for the trial. Even though he's not quite
sure how Goodman was killed in 2 places at the same time, it doesn't seem to
phase him. I just wish he'd choose a more bearable witness...  Officer Meekins
takes the stand...

Crime Report, Sir!
"Although it's not my normal duty, I was assigned to guard the evidence room 
 that day"
"I spotted a suspicious man on the security screen, and rushed into the room!"
"I was only doing what I was trained to do, sir!"
"I was suddenly attacked!"
"I fought for my life! Then I...  I did it!"
"After that I passed out...  until another officer smacked me awake!"

Press on his first statement and he'll tell you that he moved the blue badger
into the evidence room, then press on his second statement to get him to tell 
you his ID number, and why it appears twice on the ID record, the first time is
when he moved the blue badger, and the secone time is when he saw the 
"suspicious man" this will be reflected on the ID Card Record.

That's the bulk of the information, but press on the rest of his statements to 
progress the trial.

Here's where Meekins provides the most important piece of evidence in the
entire case as of yet. A surveillance tape of the "murder" in the evidence room.
Pay attention now...  this is one of the best scenes in Nintendo DS history.

"What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!?"

Wasn't the Blue Badger so conveniently placed in that video clip? Surprisingly,
Edgeworth doesn't find the video clip all too credible, so he has Meekins
testify about the scene as well.

Mystery Man
"His face can't be clearly seen in the video,"
"but there's no question that the other person was Detective Goodman, sir!"
"I mean, he opened the locker, which required Detective Goodman's fingerprint to
"The locker he opened is unquestionably Detective Goodman's locker, sir!"
"So it must be him! No one else could have unlocked it!"

Present the Security tape on the statement about him opening the locker. A
skeptical Edgeworth will then have you point out exactly where in the video
the contradiction is.

Pause the tape while the camera is panned all the way to the right, then select 
the light on Goodman's locker and present it. Notice that it's lit up already, 
indicating that it was already unlocked! 

The judge asks you to explain why the door was unlocked beforehand, and Ema will
suggest that something was jamming the sensor, but not much else, nd you'll have
to inspect the video once more.

Just as "Goodman" opens the locker, you'll notice something fall out, pause the
tape just as the item falls out, target it and present it. This brings up the 
possibility that whatever this item is, it wasn't fully in the locker, but
stuck in between the door and the sensor.

So, let's see...  Something thin and white that blocks electrial current, there
just might be something in the court record that fits that description... 
Present the rubber glove when the judge asks, and it all falls into place.

As usual Edgeworth is ready though, he reminds that judge that this is all just
"possible", and he'll have Meekins testify further as to how he's sure it was 
Goodman in the evidence room.

Mystery Man (2)
"There's one other thing that proves the man was Detective Goodman, sir!"
"To enter the evidence room, one must use their ID card!"
"When an ID card is used, there's a record of it!"
"At the time of the crime, the detective had used his card!"

Obvious one here...  Goodman's ID was found in the Underground Parking lot, 
which makes no sense if that was really him in the evidence room. So present the
ID on his last statement.

You'll also go on to point out that the unfinished lost item card that Goodman
was filling out was most likely regarding the ID card. All of which strengthens
your suggestion that it was not Bruce Goodman that was in the evidence room at

Edgeworth is still unwavering, and with good reason. He reiterates the points 
that you just made which strongly suggests that the murder did not take place
in the eveidence room...  Sadly, this also suggests that the murder DID take 
place in the parking lot, where Lana Skye was witnessed stabbing the victim...

Yep, the whole testimony was Edgeworth's trap, brilliant wasn't it?

While this all does suggest that the incident in the evidence room was
unrelated, there are still questions regarding that incident, so raise an 
objection, and you'll demand further testimony on the incident, and since the
prosecution only prepared the one witness, you'll get a chance to call a
witness up, so pick your favorite cowboy from the list of profiles, and request
that he testify.

February 24, 11:32 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

While Edgeworth and the prosecution team prepares Marshall to testify, it
appears that Lana has arranged for Gumshoe to bring you a little light reading.
He'll show up with the SL-9 Incident File, might come in handy, but wait is that
Ema's name in the file?

Apparently the SL-9 used to be known as the "Joe Darke Killings", this 
strikes a nerve with Ema and she runs off. No time take off after her. Time to
get back into the courtroom.

February 24, 12:14 PM
Distrcit Court
Courtroom No. 9

Still lacking Ema, the case continues with Sheriff Marshall at the stand.

The Day of the Crime
"My job was to keep a wary eye on that bone orchard."
"They said I was supposed to make rounds three times a day, but that ain't my
"Besides, the room's protected by two security systems anyway."
"If I remember right, I was at a street-side saloon at the time it went down."
"I'm just an innocent travelin' man, so if you're out of ammo it's time I hit
 the trail."

Before you cross-examine, you'll have him elaborate on the "two security 
systems" that he mentioned, and he'll say that he meant the surveillance cameras
and the ID card reader. He doesn't seem to have any knowledge about the
fingerprint activated locks.

Once you get to cross-examine go to his last statement, and present his
fingerprints. The judge seems startled that Marshall's bloodstained prints are
at the scene, but surprisingly Marshall seems calm and ready to explain.

Bloodstained Fingerprints
"Like I said, it's only natural for my fingerprints to be in that evidence
"One of them just happened to be at the same place as that bloodstained
"The murderer touched the locker where my fingerprint was by chance."
"The bloodstain and the fingerprint are completely unrelated."
"Or didn't you know the murderer was wearing gloves?"
"See? I had nothing to do with it."

Press on his first statement to get him to reveal that the locker where his 
fingerprints were found is his locker anyway. Then he'll change the last line
of his testimony.

"Too bad it wasn't me in that video, right, pardner?"

Press on the new statement and you'll point out that there are a bunch of blind 
spots in the video and that Marshall could've avoid being caught on tape if he 
wanted. The judge will then have you point out if anything's wrong with the 
video, choose to show evidence.

Near the end of the tape when the camera is panned to the left, pause it so that
you can see the small piece of cloth sticking out of Marshall's locker. Target
that piece of cloth and hit present. This piece of cloth appearing mid-way
through the tape proves that Jake's locker was opened, which in-turn proves
that Marshall was in the room at the time.

Despite the fact that you've already explained the fingerprint locks on the
lockers, Marshall still seems ignorant to them, as he claims that anyone could
have opened up his locker to put something in there, and he'll ask for proof
that only he could've opened it, so present the evidence locker to him, and
he'll finally get the picture.

Finally, Marshall is beaten, but still is reluctant to give the details. So
you'll have to explain to the court. The judge will have you present on the
floorplans exactly where Marshall was during the incident. Target "V" (remember,
Meekins is still considered the "killer" despite the fact that he was the one 
that got knocked out) and hit present. Suggesting that Marshall dressed up as
Goodman and entered the evidence room.

Since Meekins didn't know beforehand what Goodman looked like, he wouldn't have
been able to identify him at a glance, and it also clears up why he couldn't 
have shown his ID when Meekins asked.

Marshall is still denying it, and wants hard evidence that he was in the 
evidence room, which you don't have.

Worry not, help is here from an unlikely source. Edgeworth suggests that there
must be a reason that he opened his locker, so we go back to the tape.

Wait for the point in the tape where Meekins and "Goodman" start fighting, pause
the tape at the spot where "Goodman" takes a step back and his coat is
splattered with blood, target the blood and present. Marshall couldn't very well
just stroll out of the evidence room covered in blood, thus he had to stash the
blood-stained coat in his locker.

Marshall is finally ready to cooperate, he'll testify as to what actually

Marshall's Confession
"I had to do it that day. I couldn't just stand by and let it die."
"I stole the detective's ID and dressed like him. I planned to take out the 
"I wasn't expecting Officer Meekins. I knocked him out..."
"and managed to escape. I knew which areas wouldn't be caught on the camera."
"There wasn't any murder in the evidence room at 5:15."

There's obviously no contradictions here, so just press on all of his statements
to progress the trial, then you and Edgeworth will both want to know why he did
all this in the first place. He'll remain rather secretive on the subject, but
he'll add another line to his testimony.

"I can't just forget the SL-9 incident...  You know why?"

On this new statement, present the SL-9 file. If you've looked through the file,
you've probably noticed one of the victim's names...  Yes, Neil Marshall was
Jake's brother.

Even though the case was closed two years ago, Marshall can't let it go, as he
feels something about the case is still being hidden.

That finally wraps up the mystery of what happened in the evidence room.
However, remember that Lana Skye is still looking rather guilty regarding the
murder of Goodman at the parking lot. 

With all the loose ends regarding the "other murder" tied up, it seems that
there isn't much else that can be said about Goodman's murderer, Lana is the 
only suspect, and there was a reliable witness, the judge is ready to render a


Ema's back! and ahe's not ready for the trial to end yet. Edgeworth agrees to 
hear what she has to say, she went back and tested the bloodstained handprints
again and she found....


A bit anti-climactic don't you think?

Although she still believes that something is wrong with the stain in-general,
the judge will ask if you agree, choose to object. There's something missing
from the floorplans, and the judge will have you point out what was in the 
evidence room that isn't shown on the floorplans.

Well, by this time you've seen the video 4-5 times at least, so you should have
a pretty good idea of what's missing, but just in case you don't here's a few 
clues; it's blue, it dances, and it plays an annoying tune. Present the badger,
and it'll be added to the floorplan.

The judge doesn't realize anything wrong with that, but it makes Edgeworth 
wince. The bagder in that spot blocks anyone from being able to leave a
handprint on that spot. This proves that the handprint was put there, before
Meekins moved the badger in there at 4:50.

The judge will ask for proof that shows when the supposed "first murder" took
place. Present the ID card record. There are only two entries prior to 4:50, we 
already know why Edgeworth entered the room at 4:40, so that only leaves the
entry at 4:20, the ID number 7777777, sadly we don't know who that is yet,
although you should have a pretty good idea. It's someone with a rank of Captain
or higher, and as Edgeworth will say, no it's not Lana...  but let's not get
ahead of the story just yet.

Marshall will then ask Lana a rather dramatic question...  "Was all the evidence
used in the SL-9 case legitimate?" With a less than positive answer. The court
goes into a tad of a frenzy. With the judge unable to calm everyone down, the 
end of this case will have to wait until tomorrow...

February 24, 3:12 PM
Wright & Co. Law Offices

Ema's still a little shaken up from the trial, but she's composed herself a bit
now, and she'll give you a little bit of information about how she's related to 
the SL-9 case.

Joe Darke attempted to kill Ema, but she was rescued by Officer Marshall's
brother, which was when Neil Marshall was killed.

 - Talk: SL9 incident
 - Talk: After the incident
 - Talk: Permanent picture
 - Talk: Something puzzling

After Ema's explanation of the event, you finally get a somewhat clear picture
about what happened during the SL-9, or at least this part of it. Joe Darke
escaped from custody and attacked Ema.

One more little bit of info here, Lana was a detective before she was made Chief
Prosecutor. This is a subject that you could stand to get a little more depth
on, so head to the Detention Center.

February 24
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

 - Talk: Today's trial
 - Talk: Detective Lana Skye
 - Talk: Darke investigation
 - Talk: First one at scene

A couple years back, Lana was a detective, and her partner was the illustrious
Damon Gant, they were apparently a very talented duo who were well known for 
their speed in solving cases.

After Darke attacked Ema, Lana was the first one to happen upon the scene. She
found an unconscious Joe Darke and Ema, along with Neil Marshall, who was 
already dead. All of this happened in the office shared between Gant and Skye,
the same office that Gant now has all to himself. Time to see if we can take a
look in there.

February 24
Police Department

Not quite Gant's office, but you'll get there eventually. In the meantime, 
Marshall's hanging out here, so you can try to get some more information from

 - Talk: Darke trial
 - Talk: Prosecutor Marshall
 - Talk: Scars
 - Talk: Gant & Skye

Marshall will go a little more in-depth about the forged evidence used in the 
SL-9, revealing that the tip of Darke's knife didn't match up with the wound
that was found on Neil Marshall, so there's a good chance that the knife was not
really the murder weapon.

Marshall will also go in-depth about how his brother was a very talented
prosecutor who actually won the same award that Edgeworth just got, and that
how Gant & Skye made sure to get rid of most of the people involved in the SL-9.

After Marshall finishes telling you everything he knows, he says "adios" and
hits that old dusty trail.

February 24
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

There's technically no one else, but the police chief in the background will 
chime in to tell you where everyone is today, and then he'll tell you how to get
to Gant's office. So head there now.

February 24
Police Department
Chief's Office

Rather extravagant room isn't it? Quite fitting for Gant. As you enter, he'll
shove something into his desk, and then greet you. He'll point out the picture
hanging near Lana's desk, and it'll be added to your court record.

Unfortunately, Gant is on his way out and doesn't want you investigating in
there, he locks you out for the time being.

You'll find yourself back at the police department entrance, but of course you
don't give up that easily, time to find a way to get into the office.

February 24
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

Head back into the police department, to find that Gumshoe's returned.

 - Talk: Edgeworth's crisis
 - Talk: SL9 incident
 - Talk: Darke's crimes
 - Present: Switchblade Knife
 - Talk: Murder weapon (Neil Marshall's autopsy report added, Switchblade knife

The pressure on Edgeworth is still increasing, and Joe Darke never left any
evidence behind, until that final murder that happened in Gant's office.
Nothing relevant that you don't already know here until you present the knife,
which will prompt Gumshoe to give you Neil Marshall's autopsy report, and update
the Switchblade knife.

You'll then ask Gumshoe if he can let you into Gant's office, but seeing as 
he'd likely get fired if he did, he'd a bit reluctant to.

That's all that's you'll get from Gumshoe at the moment, head to see Edgeworth.

February 24th
Prosecutor's Office
Underground Parking Lot

Just a segway here, nothing to do, continue on to the high prosecutor's office.

February 24th
High Prosecutor's Office

You'll enter as Edgeworth is writing something, which he's quick to ball up and
toss away.

 - Talk: Forged evidence
 - Talk: Tomorrow's trial
 - Talk: The day of the crime
 - Examine: paper wad under Edgeworth's desk
 - Present: Gant Team photo
 - Talk: Prosecutor trophy (Prosecutor trophy updated)

A bit of Edgeworth backstory is always good. He stepped in as head prosecutor
for the SL-9 case because Marshall was murdered even though he wasn't part of 
the investigation, and when he was presented with the evidence list for the case
it seemed far too short.

Despite your perfectly orchestrated diversion failing, Ema is still able to get
the paper that Edgeworth was writing on when you entered, and I bet you didn't
see this one coming, Edgeworth is quitting!

Gant and Lana Skye may have been responsible for the forged evidence used in
the SL-9 case, but Edgeworth still blames himself, and he's tired of dealing 
with the accusations. I gotta say, you can't really blame him.

Upon presenting the photo to him, Ema will notice that the trophy that Neil has
is slightly different from Edgeworth's. Unlike Gumshoe, it seems that Edgeworth
actually knows what the story behind the trophy's design is, though you'll have
ask Gant why he decided to change two years ago.

Well, you're about done with Edgeworth for now, so head back down to the 
parking lot.

February 24th
Prosecutor's Office
Underground Parking Lot

This time Ms. Starr is back with her infamous box lunches.

 - Talk: Darke investigation
 - Talk: After case closed
 - Talk: Legendary duo
 - Talk: Being "used"

Angel obviously remembers the SL-9 as well, and will confirm that Gant & Skye
made sure to demote/fire everyone involved in the case except for Goodman.

Angel also apparently used to look up to Lana, along with everyone else at the
police department, which just fuels her hatred for her more because the change
was so sudden and dramatic.

The last thing you get from this conversation is pretty interesting, ever since
the SL-9, Gant's basically had full control of the police department AND full 
control of the prosecutor's office, through Lana. Angel thinks that Gant is 
somehow controlling Lana, and that's what she accredits Lana's "change" to.

Good info from Angel, now head back to Gumshoe.

February 24th
Police Department
Criminal Affairs

Gumshoe's still insistant on not letting you into Gant's office, but now you
might be able to sway him with evidence.

 - Present: Letter of Resignation (Gumshoe's ID added)

Edgeworth being pushed to the edge (no pun intended) is all that Gumshoe needed
to hear, he'll lend you his ID so that you can get into Gant's office. So head
on over there.

February 24th
Police Department
Chief's Office

Gumshoe apparently followed you into the office, so for the time being, you've 
got 2 sidekicks, you have 2 new talk topics from him as well.

 - Talk: The Chief's office
 - Talk: Chief Gant

No real information here. No one uses Lana's desk anymore, yet Gant still 
cleans it every day, and then Gumshoe will suggest that Gant might be a suspect,
which you probably already were considering anyway. Look around the room for a 

 - Luminol: The floor behind Lana's desk

Lots of blood here, take a guess what occurred in that spot 2 years ago?

 - Examine: Gant's desk (Evidence List added)
 - Examine: Safe by Gant's desk

Remember the paper that Gant stuffed into his desk when you were in here the
first time? Well, now's your chance to grab it. It's the 2nd half of the SL-9
evidence list, remember how Edgeworth though it was too short? Well, it seems he
was right.

When you check out the safe, you'll have to put in a seven-digit code. You
should know what it is already, but in-case you don't, here's a hint...  it
starts with "7".

 - Examine: Inside the safe by Gant's desk

A piece of cloth and a brokn piece of...  something... A bit random, or at least
Gumshoe thinks so, you'll have to prove to him that they're related to this case
before he lets you take them.

 - Present: Unstable Jar (Unstable jar updated)
 - Present: Fingerprinting Set (Strip of cloth added)

The first one's easy, it's obviously the last piece of the jar that you put
together earlier. Once you present the jar, choose to assemble it and fit it
into place. This new piece is a tad different though, it has full lines on it,
instead of just scattered dots of blood. Hm, wonder what that means...

Present the fingerprinting set, and Gumshoe will let you use it on the 
leather cloth, choose either the index of middle finger and see who's print it

And the print belongs to...  wait...  that doesn't make any sense...  and it 
has Gumshoe confused too, he'll give you cloth to hold on to.

        Note: No I'm not telling you who the fingerprint belongs to
              because it actually is genuinely surprising. You only 
              have so many options, you can figure it out.

That's about all you'll be able to get from here because Gant's back...  and not
exactly thrilled that you're in his office...  He'll kick you out, but not
before firing Gumshoe and having a few choice words with Ema.

February 24th
Police Department

Gumshoe's is feeling a bit of remorse, so he runs off trying to get his job
back. For you though, the pieces are finally starting to fall into place...
Just one more place you need to head to for the day...

February 24th
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Time to talk to Lana once more, and this time you seem a bit annoyed with her.

 - Talk: Keeping quiet

You accuse Lana of hiding the truth in order to protect someone, she'll ask you
to point out exactly who she's supposedly protecting, obviously you're going to
choose Gant.

 - Talk: Damon Gant

You'll point out that Lana and Edgeworth will both be under investigation
regarding the falsified evidence in SL-9, but why not Gant...?  It seems he's 
the only other party with the ability to alter the evidence.

Lana will them want proof that Gant forged evidence. Choose either the cloth 
strip or the unstable jar to prove that Gant was concealing these pieces of 

Now Lana will finally admit that she was follow Gant's orders.

 - Talk: "Orders"

She'll tell you that Gant told her to get rid of Goodman's body, and that when
she opened Edgeworth's trunk and found the body, the SL-9 knife was stuck in his
chest, not Edgeworth's knife. So when Lana pulled out the SL-9 knife and
replaced it with Edgeworth's knife, that's when Angel saw her.

 - Talk: Darke's Knife

Remember how she called Ema right after the "murder" occured, apparently that
was to ask Ema to hide the knife for her. She also called Marshall about hiding
anything SL-9 related, which is what caused him to decide to go into the 
evidence room that day.

That's pretty much it, and although you've proven yourself to Lana, she still
cannot tell you anything more, and does not want you to persue the issue in
court tomorrow, but we all know that that's not gonna happen.

February 25th, 9:47 AM
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Lana's not here, and you haven't seen Ema either, Edgeworth is here though and
he's found out who "7777777" is as well, and since Gant hasn't been charged with
anything, there's no reason to suspect him, so as it is now the trial will
likely end 5 minutes in. Unless of course Edgeworth wants to know the truth.

February 25th, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 9

Before the prosecution's opening statement, Gant fades in with something to say.
Apparently he's giving Lana permission to speak to the court directly, and what
she has to say isn't going to help your case any...

She confesses to murdering Goodman and forfeits her right to an attorney, she
then asks that judgment be passed on her immediately. The judge of course 
respects her right to self-representation and is ready to declare a verdict.


Of all people, Edgeworth has a problem with this and does not accept the 
defendant's claim. Gant doesn't seems to like this much, but Edgeworth is
concerned that something shady is going on behind the scenes, and calls Ema to
the stand.

Lana doesn't want this to happen, but in Edgeworth's own words "I don't care 
what you think Ms. Skye." Ema takes the stand.

Edgeworth wants Ema to testify as to what happened two years ago regarding the

Two Years Ago
"I was waiting in my sister's office that day."
"A man came running in, and took me hostage."
"Neil Marshall rescued me,"
"but I'll never forget what I saw that instant!"
"The man raised up his knife, and... and stabbed Mr. Marshall in the chest...!"

Press on the statement about never forgetting what she saw. She'll reveal that
Goodman asked her about it 2 years ago, choose to hear more and she'll then 
reveal that she drew a picture, choose to "Ask about the picture". Edgeworth
will object, but only to point out that a picture wasn't on the evidence list 
that he recieved.

Ema will change the line in her testimony.

"I drew a picture of that scene once... but it seems to have been lost."

Present the evidence list on this new statement, if you've been paying attention
to your evidence, you know why you're presenting this...

On the back on the list is the picture that Ema drew, but that's not all...
Edgeworth will then produce his list, and the judge will point out that
the list that Edgeworth got two years ago was only half of the list. Edgeworth
is a little taken aback by this.

but wait!

If the lists were connected at some point, wouldn't that mean that the drawing 
might span both pieces? Aha, there is! On the back of Edgeworth's drawing is...


the blue badger's head?


Nothing to see here, moving along...

The evidence list will be updated in your court record. Ema will now testify
about the picture she drew.

Ema's Picture
"This is the picture I drew two years ago."
"The flash of lightning was so bright all I could see were shadows."
"After that I must have fainted."
"This picture shows exactly what I saw that instant!"

On her last statement, present Neil's autopsy report, you'll point out that
there's a contradiction in the picture, and the judge will have you specify

Target the "knife" that Darke is holding, and present it to the judge. He won't
understand, Ema won't understand, not even Edgeworth understands...  If Darke
only stabbed him once, and the tip was found inside the body, then the tip of
the knife should still be intact in the drawing.

Ema is sure that she remembered correctly when she drew the picture, so the
only possible conclusion is that the broken tip from the knife is the piece of
evidence that was forged.

Edgeworth will then suggest that there must've been another broken knife, when
given the option, agree that "there is another one" (though either option will
have the same outcome.) Then, present the Gant team photo, the King of 
Prosecutor's award at that time still included a broken sword.

but wait...  That means that the person holding the knife in the picture was
more likely Neil Marshall, not Joe Darke! So then, how is it that the 
prosecutor ended up dead?


Ema's repressed memories come back to her, and she confirms that she in-fact
DID draw the "blue badger" that was found on the back of Edgeworth's half of
the evidence list. She'll now get another chance to testify based on what she
now remembers.

Ema's Recollection
"When I saw that man raise his knife..."
"I panicked, and rushed toward both of them."
"I think I...  I knocked away the man with the knife."
"Just then there was another flash of lightning, and that's when I saw... the
 Blue Badger!"
"He wasn't in the room, but I'm sure I saw his shadow!"

Weirder and weirder, right? The Blue Badger didn't even exist two years ago, and
Ema is sure that she saw his shadow when Darke kidnapped her.


Lana starting to sweat, you're getting too close to finding out the truth, and
she's pleading for this case to be put to rest, but as Edgeworth says, "It's too
late to turn back."

Press on her final statement, and Edgeworth will declare that Ema has to be 
mistaken. When you disagree, say that you "just might know" what the "Blue
Badger" that she saw was, the Judge will now have you show the court what
exactly looked like the Blue Badger. Choose the Unstable Jar, and present it.

Doesn't look too much like the Blue Badger right now, so you'll have to use the 
touch screen to change the view angle of it.

It's kind of hard to explain how to position it correctly...  Flip it
horizontally so that it's completely backwards (The blood should not be visible 
and the jar's broken handle should be facing you), then adjust the vertical 
angle so that the jar's handles stick out like the horns, and the jar's base is
sticking out above like the middle horn.

You don't get penalized if you get the angle wrong, so don't be afraid to mess 

So you made the jar appear to look like the Blue Badger, so what? Edgeworth will
claim that this changes nothing, suggest that it changes the location of the 
murder. That's the wrong side of the office! 

Edgeworth will then point out that that means the murderer would have had to 
have moved the body after the murder, what would be the reason for that?

The Judge will ask if you've figured out this "reason", and you'll point out 
that if someone hit the wall hard enough to cause the jar to fall, they'd have 
met a very sharp sword being held by the suit of armor. and if the person with
the knife was actually Neil Marshall, then Ema pushed him...  So, in-turn...
Ema is the true killer of Neil Marshall...  Guess we know why Lana was so
desperate to stop the trial now...


Lana's back at the stand, and is demanding that you're wrong. That Joe Darke
killed Marshall. Edgeworth will then accuse Lana of being the one who moved
the bodies in order to protect Ema. Lana will of course deny it and demand proof
that Ema is the one who actually killed Marshall. Of course, such evidence 
doesn't exist yet, unless of course the victim left a message somehow...

The judge will ask you (even though Edgeworth suggested it) if a message exists
say that it "is in the evidence". Upon hearing this Lana continues to plead for
you to stop, Edgeworth of course won't have it.

The Judge will then have you present the evidence, choose the unstable jar
again, and present it. You suggest that the victim wrote something there, in
blood, but it was wiped away. You'll then have to connect the blood dots so that
they spell something. Pretty obvious here, just connect them so that they say
"EMA". And suddenly, the evidence seems pretty solid.

Gant enters the room and starts piling blame on Edgeworth regarding this 
newfound outcome, and once again the crowd goes into an uncalmable frenzy.

Don't worry, there's not a 4th day in this case, but there is a short recess.

February 25, 12:06
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Lana's sent Gumshoe out on another errand, he brings you a book on Evidence Law
at her request, might be useful since you're about to accuse Gant of murder.

February 25th, 12:52 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 9

It's time to continue the trial, but there seems to be a lot of concern that
Edgeworth may have been manipulating the witnesses, the solution? The defense
gets to call all further witnesses. So call Damon Gant to the stand.

Edgeworth has a bit of trouble getting Gant to cooperate, he eventually goes
along with it, but has no intentions of making this easy on you. He informs you
that sa Chief of police, he has the option to refuse to testify without

He won't excercise this right just yet, so you'll get a testimony out of him.

SL-9 Incident
"As I recall, Neil and I were questioning him that day."
"To make a long story short, we slipped up. That power outage didn't help 
"When I went to my office, I found Lana there."
"Apparently she had already... 'arranged' the crime scene."
"As you can see, I had nothing to do with the 'forgery.'"

On Gant's last statement present the jar yet again. The fact that he was hiding
one shard of the jar proves that he was concealing evidence.

Gant's not quite worried yet though, he denies that you found them in his
office and then even raises the possibility that YOU forged the evidence. 
Although, since Gumshoe was present when you found the evidence, the Judge 
accepts, and Gant will testify about them.

Evidence & Forgery
"Let's see, what was it now? A jar fragment...  and a list?"
"For all I know, you could have planted them in my office."
"Anyway, you can't prove 'when' those pieces of evidence were discovered."
"If they were found after Darke was convicted, then they're worthless."
"there's no reason I'd participate in a forgery."
"Rearranging the crime scene wouldn't help me out in any way."

Press on his last statement to point out that he did indeed benefit from it, as
he was made Chief because of it. However it turns out that he was next in line
to be made chief anyway...  so dead end there, but it gets Gant to change that
line in this testimony.

"I wouldn't be anyone's 'accomplice' if there was nothing in it for me."

Press on the new statement, and you'll be able to point out an accomplice, when
the Judge asks, choose Lana Skye.

You'll suggest that helping Lana protect Ema would keep Lana indebted to him, 
Basically letting him control the Prosection offices along with the police
department. Thus giving him unchecked authority over all investigations.

Gant still doesn't seem phased, especially since you lack hard evidence, and 
Lana refuses to testify against Gant.

Edgeworth will bring up the possibility that Gant is still controlling Lana
throughout this incident, which is why she's been acting strange. That Gant
is the real murderer of Goodman, but is forcing Lana to take the blame.

The Judge will have you present evidence that ties Gant to the murder. Present
the ID card record, and you will declare that the owner of card number 7777777
is Gant, and now you're finally starting to get him angry by proving that he 
entered the evidence room on the day of the murder.

Edgeworth will ask Gant if he went into the evidence room alone, and then you
will suggest that he went in with Goodman. He will deny it and say that he had
not seen Goodman in days. You'll then have to prove to the Judge that Gant and
Goodman met on the day of the crime. Present Goodman's Lost Item Report.

Goodman had to have met with Gant because he wasn't in possession of his ID, and
he had to enter the evidence room that day.

Gant will try to say that he simply lent Goodman his ID, but Edgeworth will
point out that it's not possible, because it would still be on his body.

With Gant getting angrier and angrier, he then tries to point out that the body
was found in the underground parking lot while he was at the police department 
all day. The Judge will have you present evidence that proves how Gant moved 
the body, present the Screwdriver. This suggests that Gant put the body in 
Edgeworth's trunk and then asked Edgeworth to take the screwdriver to the 
prosecutor's office in order to move the body.

Gant's finally running out of excuses, and so....  He decides not to make any
more. Gant decides to invoke his right to refuse to testify, so unless you have
solid evidence against him he's about done.

The Judge will ask if you have any concrete proof to show, choose that you don't
have any yet.

Gant leaves the the stand, and as the Judge warned earlier, you are to be 
severely penalized for accusing the Chief of police without solid evidence...


Edgeworth interjects, stating that there is still one person who can testify
conclusively against the Chief. The Judge will then have you call this witness
to the stand, obviously call for Lana to take the stand.

The Judge readies for Lana to take the stand, so he calls one more recess for
the day.


Gant's back! and he has one more thing to say to Lana... He reminds her that
if she accepts your claims, then Ema will be convicted for the murder of Neil

February 25, 2:04
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Gumshoe's apparently been watching the case, and has decided to hire himself as
your assistant.

Gant may have refused to testify, but Edgeworth points out that by refusing 
testimony, he also forfeits his right to say anything. Ema is also back, and has
been watching the trial so far. Luckily, she's not too upset about the outcome 
so far, she wants to be in the courtroom with you now.

February 25th, 2:21 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 9

Lana's at the stand, but she doesn't seem to eager, her disposition hasn't

Gant & The Fabrication
"I worked alongside Gant for years..."
"There's no truth to this 'blackmail' theory."
"I fabricated the evidence two years ago all by myself."
"When I found Prosecutor Marshall's body, I rearranged the crime scene."
"My only motivation was to get Darke convicted. It had nothing to do with Ema."

Lana's still dead set on refusing to tell the truth. Press on her statement 
about finding the body, to get her to change her testimony.

"I broke off the tip of Darke's knife, planted it inside the wound, the moved 
 the body."

Now press on the new statement, and you'll get a choice of what to ask next. 
Choose "Why did you move the body?" and she'll add another line to her 

"The pieces of the jar that shattered during the events threatened my plan."

On this new statement, you get to present the unstable jar yet again (popular
piece of evidence, isn't it?) If Marshall was able to write "EMA" on it, then
it would have to still be in one piece, since he couldn't very well write on
an already broken jar.

It seems not even Lana knows the complete truth behind the jar, the Judge will
have her testify about that now.

Jar & Message in Blood
"I immediately noticed the blood traces on the jar,"
"but it was dark  in the room and I didn't have time to check it out."
"To be safe, I wiped away the blood."
"The fragments were large, so I'm sure I got them all."
"All I could think about was wiping them clean before they were discovered."

Go to her statement about her being sure she got all the fragments, then for the
fifth time today, present the unstable jar.

Since one of the pieces was found in Gant's safe with blood still on it, that
means that Gant got to the scene before Lana got there to arrange the crime 
scene. The Judge tries his best to explain the scene, but he can't!


Then the judge remembers that he's not on "trail".

Edgeworth then suggests that Gant was the first one to arrive at the scene, 
and upon arriving, he smashed the jar, and then knowingly hid one of the pieces,
but the question is why? Edgeworth will then suggest that he did this in order
to blackmail Lana.

Lana finally starts to break, and starts desperately trying to convince Ema
that she didn't kill Marshall.

but wait a second....

If Gant got to the scene first and was able to hide evidence, maybe he also
fixed it to make Ema appear as the murderer!

In light of this new possibility, Lana finally decides to testify about what
she actually saw.

Actual Crime Scene
"When I arrived, I found Mr. Marshall's body impaled on that suit of armor's
"Ema and Darke were lying unconscious on the floor nearby."
"When I saw what had happened, I thought she... did it."
"That's why I erased all the evidence that linked her to the murder."
"I had Chief Gant help me remove the body from the sword and carry it..."
"But if it all really was a fabrication, Ema might be innocent!"

Not only all this, but she also has evidence as to what she saw. Although, she
says that she gave it to you this morning, your court record will automatically
open, and you'll have to find this picture. Go to the Evidence Law book that you
received and hit Check. Flip the book around, and examine the little icon on 
the back to open it. You'll find the picture there, and it'll be added to the
court record.

It's time now for the final cross-examination...


It looks like your chance to cross-examine is cut short, because Gant is back,
and he'd like a chance to defend himself. Although as Edgeworth pointed out 
earlier, since he refused to testify, he can no longer make any statements of
any sort in the trial.

This makes Gant a bit anxious...  for a second anyway, he then states that he's
not worried because you still have one piece of evidence that clears his name.
The Judge will tell you that you must present the evidence if Gant is telling 
the truth, and you'll be given the choice to present it or not. Choose that you
"Cannot show evidence".

Gant's now furious at you, and will point out that in Lana's photo, a piece of
Marshall's vest is cut out, admitting that he took it.

Gant will admit to being the first person at the scene, altering it, and doing
everything in order to control Lana. Basically everything except the murder
accusations. Edgeworth will then accuse him of fabricating the message on the 
jar as well, and Gant will again tell you to submit the piece of cloth.

And now is the time to show the cloth as evidence.

When you present the cloth, Gant will admit to personally cutting it off of 
Marshall's vest. Edgeworth will state that since the handprint is so deep and 
clear, that the print must be authentic and not falsified. He'll want it sent 
for analysis, but Gant states that you already know who's prints are on it, 
which of course, you do.

The Judge will now ask you who's prints are on the cloth, pick Ema Skye, and 
present it.

Gant seems pretty at ease now, and Lana is devastated, but it's not over yet...

Gant will now accuse you of concealing the evidence and threaten to press
charges after the trial. You seem unphased though, because the cloth contains
a huge contradiction. A contradiction that proves that Ema can't be the killer!

You'll then have to present evidence that proves the contradiction with the 
cloth. Choose Lana's picture and present it. The fact that there's no blood on
the cloth strip proves that it was cut out before Marshall was killed.

Everything pieces together finally, you and Edgeworth will put the scene
together fully, and Gant is now done for good.


Gant has one last hope, he declares that the cloth strip that you presented was
illegal evidence, thus it cannot be used to convict a suspect.

The Judge will then ask you if you admit to illegally concealing the evidence.
If you're down to your last penalty point, then make sure to choose "I did not"
Otherwise either option will have the same outcome.

You'll point out that you didn't conceal the evidence because you couldn't, the
Judge will want proof that you didn't do anything illegal when you refused to 
present the cloth. Present the Evidence Law book. You couldn't have presented 
the cloth earlier because it wasn't proven to be relevant to the case, and you
didn't have approval of the police department, until Gant specifically requested

Gant goes into a clapping frenzy, and he's finally finished.

Gant admits to everything, and stays in his good spirits until the very end.
The judge is finally able to declare Ms. Lana Skye...  Not Guilty. And court is 

February 25, 5:03
District Court
Defendant Lobby No. 2

Ema's not as happy as you would expect, but that changes once trusty Gumshoe
brings out Lana, Lana finally admits to Ema what's been going on with her the 
past few years, and apologizes, and all is well between sisters again.

Still more drama to be had though. Edgeworth is still planning to resign as a 
prosecutor, as what Gant said got to him "in order to fight crime alone, you 
need a weapon." and Edgeworth is terrified at the thought of becoming like Gant.
Lana will tell him that he wasn't alone, since you and him were both working
together to find the truth.

You'll then have to present evidence that proves that you twoeach needed each
others' help in the case. Present the Evidence List. Both you and Edgeworth
each supplied one half of it, and neither of you would've been able to restore
the entire picture without the other.

          "And so another case came to a close. As for the sisters...
           I have faith. Faith that their lives...  have only just
           begun. As for me...  I think it's time I started a new 
           journey of my own. A journey to rediscover myself."

Congratulations! You just beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, So one more time
speak loud and clearly into the mic.


4. Plotholes & Inconsistencies
This is a section that I decide to add because there's so much stuff in the 
game that doesn't seem to add up, I'm not saying that these things make perfect
sense, but I'm trying to explain them the best I can.


Q. (Ch.4) How come I can't point out that the gun was fired 3 times until
   Larry says that he heard a shot? Wouldn't that prove that someone else
   could be the murderer?
A. No, because until Larry speaks up, there's no evidence that suggests the 
   possibility that the bullet was fired at the same time as the other 2.
   It'd be too easy to say that the other bullet was used for target practice
   or something at a completely different time.

Q. (Ch.5) Why did they think there was a murder at the Police Dept.? There
   was no body found and no witnesses...
A. This part, I really can't figure out, but I've pieced together this much:

      - "Goodman" was, without-a-doubt, in the evidence room at 5:15 on the 
        day of the murder.
      - "Goodman" was involved in a struggle at 5:15 on said day.
      - Goodman was dead by 5:15 on said day.

Add that all up, and there you go...  Of course to get the third part of that,
you have to acknowledge the fact that Goodman was found in the underground lot
at the exact same time, but at least it almost makes sense...

Q. (Ch.5) Why was Goodman's locker set up with the glove blocking the lock?
   Jake didn't know about the locks, so who set it up?
A. No one set it up...  just dumb luck...  The glove just happened to be
   stuck there.

Q. (Ch.5) Let me get this straight...  Lana comes into the office, sees Neil
   dead, and Joe Darke unconscious, and immediately thinks that her 14-year 
   old sister is the murderer?
A. Um...  well... yes.
   It's meant for you to think that Lana immediately figured out what it took 
   you two days of court to figure out, and came to the conclusion that Ema was 
   the real killer. So, think of it like that

Feel free to e-mail me with anything else that doesn't seem to add up to you
I may not be able to explain it, but I'll try.  >.>

5. Special Thanks
Special Thanks to...

 - Capcom for taking a chance and bringing this game to the US
 - GFaqs for posting the FAQ (assuming it gets posted  >.> )
 - Muscles Marinara for agreeing to demolish Capcom HQ if they don't bring the 
   sequels over
 - Nintendo for producing the single best gaming system of 2005, and probably
   the best portable gaming system ever.
 - The Professor and Mary-Ann

Thanks for reading!