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Follow the dark path or use the light


by racefreak10

New Super Mario Bros.
Copyright 2010
By Domenic V.
Version 1.0
This file is copyright, 2010 Domenic V. All rights reserved
Table Of Contents

1.Version History
6.Power Ups
7.Mushroom Houses
9.Enemies (coming soon)
10.Extras&Goodies (coming soon)
11.Minigames (coming soon)
12.Mario VS. Luigi (coming soon)
13.Faqs (coming soon)
1.Version History

Version 1.0
-Submitted on Monday, July 26, 2010 
-Completed intro, story, controls, overview, power ups, and mushroom houses
-Completed world one in the walkthrough
-Opened the faqs section for questions

All right, so, I'm racefreak10, and this is a walkthrough of New Super Mario
Bros. for the DS. There will be a full walkthrough for every level, star coins,
secret exits, and whatnot. So far I don't really have any aknowledgements for
anyone but myself, and the creators of other FAQ's that I used to beat my game
(I can't remember who they are, but there weren't very many). most of the game
was completed by me, and I will post any comments or answer questions. Also,
feel free to rate it, and if there is anything you want to say (I will give
complete acknowledgement to sender), I will post it in this walkthrough if I
haven't already, or don't yet plan to cover it. You can contact me via E-mail
at [email protected] (I know it's long, but live with it. I've seen
E-mail addresses longer than this one). And so far, that's all the intro I
have. Oh, and I greatly acknowledge Nintendo for creating this game, because it
is one of the best Mario games yet!
I'm sorry if this isn't the best guide, but it's my first one, so you can't
really expect the best, can you?

Anyways, it was a wonderful day in the mushroom kingdom, and Mario and Peach
are walking along outside the castle, hand in hand, when, out of the blue, a
thundercloud appears over Peach's castle, and strikes it with lightning. Mario
runs to the castle to see what's happening (not a smart move if you ask me,
because it's obvious that Bowser did it), and while he's gone, Bowser jr. runs
up and grabs the princess. Mario looks back just in time to see the villian
run away with Peach. He gives chase, and gets himself hit by a shell, which
makes him small, and so he gets up and gives chase some more.

Depending on how the controls are in the options menu, running and jumping
would go like this.
-Running=either B/Y or Y/X while moving
-Jumping=either B/A or X/A
-Move=left and right on the control pad
-Sliding crouch=run along and then crouch
-Hold a shell=hold your comfortable running button and walk into the shell
(after you jumped on it)
-Kill enemies=just jump on it (note: jumping on certain enemies has no effect,
and if it has a spike, jumping on it is dangerous)
-Wall jump= jump at a wall, and as you slide down it, jump (note: when
jumping, do not let go of the wall)
-Use item on hold (the one in the bottom right on touch screen)=tap it with
the stylus
-Slide=while on a hill, hold down to slide down it, killing most enemies in
your way
-Gap dash=if you are running at top speed you can cross gaps of one space
without jumping
-Pan left on world map=hold L button while standing still
-Pan right on world map=hold R button while standing still
-Ground pound=press down while in midair
-Enter pipe=press down when on an enterable pipe
-Enter pipe above you=jump to pipe entrance while holding up
-Swim=press jump button while holding left or right
and those are all the game controls. Minigame controls will be reviewed in
the minigame section
There is one walkthrough control. Press ctrl+f to enter search, and type the
name of the section, as written in the table of contents to jump there

OK, there isn't much overview to overview, but I was told that I have to put
it in anyways, so, here goes
-Mario Game-play the actual game in single player. There will be three files
to choose from, and you can also delete and copy files
-Mario Vs. Luigi-battle an opponent for stars via DS download play (there will
be more on that later)
-Minigames-play mini games, and try to beat your high scores in single player,
or battle friends in multiplayer via DS download play (also more on that later)
-Options-change where the sound comes from, and certain controls
Now, just a quick map overview
-You will see various hammer bros. and flying red blocks on the world map. If
you see the flying red block, it's technically a free random item if you can
catch it. If there's a hammer bro. on your level, you will have to kill it,
and it will also give you a free item (random of course)
6.power ups

These are all the power ups you can find throughout the game.
-Mushroom-will turn you from small to big in an instant. If an enemy hits you
now you don't die, but you go back to small
-Fire flower-when you have this power up, press or hold the dash button to
throw a fireball that will kill enemies (does not work on some enemies). If
hit, you'll turn back to big Mario
-Mini mushroom-turns you tiny in a flash. Enemies can't see you, but you have to
ground pound them to kill them. Mini Mario can sometimes go into small pipes,
that regular Mario can't go into. If you get hurt, you die
-Blue shell-turns Mario into what looks like a koopa version of Mario. If you
run, you will eventually hide in your shell and zoom along the course killing
most enemies, and smashing bricks that are in your path. If you get hurt, you
turn into big Mario
-Star-if you get one of these, you turn invincible, and destroy every enemy in
your path. Falling in a pit or a lowered ceiling can still kill you
though, so be careful! (Note: a star is very rare, so grab one if you see one!)
-Giant mushroom-the name is the description. If you grab one, of these, you
instantly grow humongous, and destroy 99% of the things in your path.
(Note: regardless of what Mario you were before, you will always come out as
big Mario)
7.mushroom houses

Yes, I know this is boring, but I decided to put it here anyway. Besides,
there's a little secret about mushroom houses at the end of this section
-Red mushroom house-go in here and hit the block for a random item to keep
on hold
-Green mushroom house-in this house, there will be six blocks. They contain as
Follows: one Bowser head, one X2 multiplier, three one ups, and a three life
mushroom. Hit the blocks in random order, and if you get a one up mushroom,
that will currently be one life. If you get the X2, your current one up cards
will be multiplied by 2. If you get the Bowser head, all your one up cards
will turn into one ups, and you'll have to run around and collect them. If you
get the three mushroom card it equals 3 one-ups. if you get all the cards
except the Bowser card, they will turn into one-ups, and you'll still have to
run around and collect them. The max lives you can get here is 12
-Giant house-hit the block in here and you automatically get a giant mushroom
on hold
-Secret. If you finish a level with the time on the timer ending in 11, 22, or
33 (e.g. timer=211 at end of level), a red mushroom house will appear at the
beginning of whatever world you are currently at (the house will stay there
until you use it, even when you warp). If the timer ends in 44, 55, or 66, a
life house will appear, and if the timer ends in 77, 88, or 99, a giant house
will appear.
And that's all I have to say on the subject of mushroom houses

Finally! The part that everybody has been waiting for! Ok, so first you go to
a new file, or an already created one (wait! don't go to it yet!). If you
already have a started file, you can choose to be Mario or Luigi! If you want
to be Mario, proceed as you normally would, but if you want to be Luigi, hold
L+R and select your file. Keep holding them until you hear Luigi, or see him
on the map (Note: sometimes this does NOT work, and I'm not quite sure why).
So, anyway, this is how to decode this stuff.
This is the level that is currently being played. w=world l=level x=world or
level number b=boo house f=fortress c=castle bc=Bowser's castle. You will also
see lA and lB, and possibly lC. These are levels that have letters instead of
This is how hard the level is, according to me, on a rating of 1 to 5 stars
-Here, in this section is a walkthrough of the level
-And then the star coins that haven't been mentioned yet
-And lastly, any secret exits in the level

If there is a specific level you want to visit, press ctrl+f and type in
the desired level in the same format as above (e.g. w3-lc, or w2-l3)
So, here we go.
Kill the goomba and hit the 3 ? blocks. The second block contains either a
mushroom or a fire flower. Jump on top of the hill and hit the brick for a
coin. Then go to your right and jump on top of the highest brick there. Jump
up, and (if you're still big Mario), hold down (keep holding it!) and you
should ground pound the brick, and coins should be constantly coming out of it.
Keep holding down until a mushroom pops out. Go grab the mushroom and if you're
still big Mario, you should see it pop up in the bottom right corner of the
touch screen (if you ever want to use an item from there in the future, just
tap it with the stylus). Then keep going along. Kill the two goombas, jump over
the pipe, and hit the next ? block you see. A giant mushroom will come out of
it, and if you grab it, you will become humongous. Now just keep going right,
and don't stop. You can also jump and grab that star coin along the way. Now,
depending on how much damage you did, you might get 1 or more lives. and if
you didn't make it to the end, just jump up the steps and grab the flagpole
(if you destroyed some of the bricks and didn't quite make it to the end, and
you can't jump over the bricks, just jump around the bricks a bit, and hidden
coin blocks you can jump on should appear). (Also, if you smash the flagpole
with giant Mario, you automatically get 5 lives)

This is what you have to do for the other two star coins.
First of all, do NOT get the giant mushroom. Go right, past the block that
it's in (hit the next ? block for a coin). Jump over the pit, onto the pipe,
and then onto the bricks. You will see the same star coin that you got
earlier, but it will be kind of transparent (that's what all star coins you've
already collected will look like). Now, keep going right until you get to the
next pipe. You should be able to go down it, into a room that has the star coin
in it. Just go right and jump on the pipe. Then jump from the pipe to grab the
star coin. Exit through the pipe and backtrack a bit to a spot where the star
coin is underneath a layer of bricks. First, make sure that you're big Mario,
and then ground pound the bricks and you'll go right through them and grab the
star coin. Then you jump out and proceed right, to the end of the level.
Ok, now we're getting somewhere. You will now pop back up onto the world map.
You can replay this level as much as you like, just as you can any other
levels you've completed so far. And (if you beat this level just now) level
two will now be accessible.
You will automatically start by ground pounding into the level, and, if you're
big Mario or better, you'll smash through the bricks and grab the nine coins
below. Now when you go right, you will notice three holes with layers of bricks
covering them. You can ground pound the first two if you're big Mario (you can
get a mushroom or fire flower from the first block you see). Now on the third
hole, do as we did before with the multiple coin block, and hold down when you
ground pound. You should go through all the bricks continuously, unless you
are small Mario. Then go right, into a room that contains a ton of coins. Grab
them all and continue right. Then you will see two bricks. The first one
contains one coin, while the other holds multiple coins. You should know by now
how to get the mushroom out of there. Then head right and use the trampoline to
rocket your way up and out of there (if you grab it by accident, simply stop
where you are, don't move, and take you're thumb off of the dash button). If
you want to grab a few meagre coins, head left a bit and get them. Then head
right, past the way you came up, and jump on top of the fist few bricks you
see. Head right and jump onto the next little brick platform. Then jump right,
and into the little cave to grab the star coin. Now head right and grab the
mushroom/fire flower from the next ? block while killing the bad guys along the
way. Then kill the green koopa, and slide crouch through the small opening (if
you're small Mario, you can simply walk through it). Then continue right. There
are two ways to get this star coin. One for when you're big, and one for when
you're small. If you're big, jump onto the top center of the structure the star
coin is hiding in, and do a multi ground pound on the bricks. If you happen to
be small, jump on the koopa and throw it at the lowermost bricks. Enter the
small opening and simply jump up to grab the star coin if the koopa didn't
already get it for you. Keep going right and hop on the teeter-totter, while
still going right (look out for that goomba, or he'll fall right on top of
you!). Obliterate the multiple coin block for a mushroom and continue right.
Jump over the first pipe that has a piranha plant in it, and hit the ? block
for a mushroom or fire flower. Then go left a teensy bit and hop onto the two
bricks. Stand exactly on top of the left brick and jump straight up. A star
will appear, so grab it (but stay in the nearby area!), and once you've killed
all the nearby enemies, wait for the star to wear off. Then go down the first
pipe. Grab the coins first (the rightmost brick in the row is a multiple coin
brick), then grab the shell and throw it onto the floor below. Then jump down
and let it damage you until you're small Mario (I know it sounds stupid, but
follow me on this!). Then jump out of harms way and let it destroy the rest of
the lowermost bricks. Jump down and run through the opening. When you get to
the next room keep going until you hit a wall. Hit the ? block and grab the
giant mushroom. Then destroy everything you can! Then exit through the pipe
and go right until you've past the second teeter-totter and encounter one more
pipe. Go through it and finish the level!

The last star coin and secret ending tie together on this one.
At the second teeter totter near the end of the level, stand on the left side
until the right side is pretty high (you have to get your timing right or you
won't make it!), then jump on the right side and jump off of there to get on
top of the level. Run right until you come into a dip with a pipe and the star
coin. Grab the star coin and enter the pipe to the red flag/secret ending!
Now, if you did both the endings, there should be a path to level 3 and a red
mushroom house. Go to the mushroom house, and then go back and do level 3.
This level is a bit of a step up from the other levels, but at least we're
getting somewhere.
Wow! Humongous mushrooms that you can stand on! Anyway, grab those first few
coins and head right, and... Wow! Now the mushrooms are moving! Hit the ? block
for a mushroom or fire flower. Jump the gap and jump onto the twirly thing.
Press your jump button, and it will send you ricocheting upwards. Bank a bit to
the right, and it will, set you down on a platform. Grab the coins and use the
second twirler to fly up, and again, to the right. You will land on another
mushroom, but this one will send you flying back up in the air. Press down
while twirling to zip down in a drill-like motion (be careful when doing this,
because you won't stop spinning until you touch the ground). Also when doing
this, you can also smash any bricks in your way. So anyways, do that, and if
you stay in the centre, you will grab the star coin. Then drift down and bounce
on it again. This time go to the right, and follow the coins (which means
collect them!), until you get right to the next star coin. Hit the ? block for
another mushroom/fire flower and continue right. Now, see those mushroom that
are moving around like crazy? Well jump on the third one and you should see
the star coin. Stand on the edge that's closest to the coin, and wait for your
mushroomy platform to go near it. Then, all you have to do is jump up and grab
it! Then continue right once again, and kill the koopa. You can grab the coins
if you like, and then run and jump into the ring. 8 red coins will
automatically appear. This will happen throughout the game, and it is actually
pretty common sometimes. So if you can grab all the coins before the timer runs
out you will receive as follows:
-Mini Mario-mushroom
-Small Mario-mushroom
-Big Mario-big Mario upgrade (fire flower, shell Mario, etc.)
-Fire Mario or any other Mario not mentioned-one up
Continue right and you will see the flagpole. Jump on the last big mushroom,
and wait till the right side is highest (just like with the teeter totter).
Then jump on the right and, if your fast enough, you can get 8000 points, or,
if you're lucky, a one up!
Good, good. Now the fortress will be playable. If you followed me, check out
the sign that has a picture of a star coin on it. It will ask you if you want
to go through at the cost of 5 star coins. Say yes, and you will be given the
option to save your game. You might as well, because there's no other way to
save unless you've beaten the game. Now go to the green mushroom house, and
then when you're done, go to the fortress.
Ok, right off the bat on this level, you should notice a dry bones, two ?
blocks, and the fact that the platform you're standing on is moving. So you can
grab the coins if you want, and then jump up. The ? block on the left contains
a mushroom/fire flower, while the one on the left holds a coin. Now head
upwards, and try not to be between two blocks when they're coming together,
because if they crush you, you automatically die. Collect the coins along the
way (you'll need them!), and you will eventually come to a point where you will
see a series of blocks moving up and down. As soon as a space opens up, run
through it as fast as you can! Or else they will do the same thing as
earlier... crush you to death. Once you're at the top, go grab the star coin on
the right, and then hit the ? block for another mushroom/fire flower. Then you
will see a series of moving stairs. How to get up them? My strategy is to jump
on the first step as soon as it starts moving outwards. Same with the next
step, and the next step, and so on, until you get to the top. Now, go left and
go in the pipe. It will shoot you upwards, turning the shadow coins into coins
along the way. When you get to the top, jump back down, but don't ground pound!
Slide down the wall, and when you see the door, wall jump onto the platform.
Go into the door, and grab the star coin without getting crushed, and exit.
Jump straight up from the doorway, and you should land on the platform that's
right above your head. Jump upwards in the same fashion as before until you
reach the star coin. Then do the same with the next few steps. Now head up a
bit more. When you see the pipe, stand on it, but don't go in it right away.
Watch the open and close time of the walls above you. 2 or 3 seconds before
it's going to open, enter the pipe, and you should be able to make it to the
top without being crushed. Hit the ? block for a mushroom/fire flower, and
enter the scary looking wooden doors.

Ok, this is the first boss battle, and it is super easy. All you have to do
is jump on him three times to kill him, or you can ground pound him twice,
which works as well. Or you can throw a stream of fireballs.

Ok, there is a secret exit here, and you will need a shell Mario, so go and
get one if you can. So now, once you get into the level, go in the door where
the second star coin was. In the upper right of the room, there should be a
gap. Go through it, and you will appear in a secret room. Use your shell, and
run as fast as you can. You should go into your shell and start spinning.
Simply smash the bricks blocking your way by running into them while spinning.
Once in the next room, stay in your shell, and jump while spinning (don't let
go of the dash button!) to hit the bricks up above. Then, once you've smashed
the bricks, and can get in properly, enter the pipe, and you should come out
outside the castle. Now, all you have to do is run right and jump onto the
All right! Now, if you did both exits, a cannon and level 4 will be playable.
First, you might as well use the cannon first (I'm not going to do a cannon
level walkthrough, because all there is to say about it is go right and enter
the cannon). So the cannon will launch you to world 5, but come back to
world 1 by tapping the world on the touch screen
Here we go! The level will start out with you on a hill. Go and slide down it,
killing the three goombas along the way. Then kill the next two koopas. Go to
the ? block, and ground pound it for a mushroom, or a fire flower, and then
continue. You will see a pit with a pipe, and a tiny tunnel that you can't get
through yet. Kill the parakoopa, and then hit the ? block for a... mini
mushroom! Now go to the teeny tiny tunnel and go through it. Then enter the
teeny tiny pipe. Inside the pipe, run along the water as fast as you can, and
you will run ON it. Collect the coins, and brush past shadow coins, until you
come to a wall. Jump at the wall, and wall jump to get a few more coins and
the star coin. Then go back down, and wall jump to the mini pipe. Now, when
you come out, you can hit the ? block for a coin. Then go right and avoid the
goombas, and keep going until you reach a set of three ? blocks. Hit the
middle one for a mushroom/fire flower, and the go right. Don't go on top of
those bricks above you. See those bricks blocking the pipe? If you are big or
better Mario, stand on the bricks, and go right up to the pipe. Then ground
pound the bricks beneath you and enter it. If you are small Mario, there is
another way. Jump on the koopa so that he goes into his shell. Then grab him
and go on top of the structure. Throw him in that little space between the
bricks, and he will go crazy. Wait a bit, and close to the bottom, he will
hit a brick that contains a one up. Jump down and grab it, but stay out of
harms way. Once he breaks the last brick, clearing the way to the pipe, he
will fall into the little hole. Now all you have to do is gap dash the hole
and enter the pipe. Once inside, go right, but do NOT grab the coins. You
will see two bricks near the pipe. Hit the one on the right and a P block
will pop out. Jump on the P block and use the coins (now turned into bricks)
as steps to get to the top ledge and grab the star coin. Then quickly jump
down and get as many coins as you can. There will be one brick that was where
all the others were that didn't turn into a coin. It just happens to be a
multi coin block. Then, after you've gotten all the coins (or haven't, it
doesn't really matter), you can leave through the pipe on the right. Now,
when you come out, you'll have to backtrack a bit. When you see the star coin,
go past it and keep going left. By the time you get underneath this red pipe
that spits out goombas, you should have hit the halfway mark. Now, go back to
the right, to where that star coin was. Try to make yourself small, because
getting to the star coin as big Mario is risky (unless you have a shell Mario
with you). If you want to do it as big Mario, your best bet is sliding down
the hill, and over the hole. But I would prefer to be small Mario, and gap
dash it. To get out, do the same thing to the corresponding Marios. Then head
right again. You will see a pipe. Be very careful jumping over it, as goombas
will come out of it and try to get you. After you've gotten over the pipe,
simply jump on the flagpole, and you're done!
now check out this sign. it looks the same as the last one, and it pretty much
is the same (but this one leads to a giant house). Just pay five star coins,
save the game, and you're done! You can do this two more times. One leads to
level A, and the other one leads to a green mushroom house. If you can, open
these ones up too. Then we can proceed to level 5 (and after that, I will
provide a walkthrough for level A).
Ok, this is another mushroom level, and overall, it's pretty easy. First, go
left while jumping on the mushrooms, and hit the middle ? block for a
mushroom/fire flower. then go right and, whoa! That star coin is pretty early
in the level, and really easy to get. Simply start by bouncing underneath it,
and then, just when you touch ground (or mushroom in this case), press whatever
your jump button is, and you should go rocketing into the air. Getting the star
coin from there is a breeze. There isn't much to say here now, so just go
right, and avoid the koopas along the way until you come to a spot where there
are two platforms suspended by one string. Stand on the left one until the one
on the right is just high enough you can jump onto it, and from there, to the
star coin. Be very careful, because if one platform reaches the very top, both
platforms will drop into nothingness. Now keep going right, and on the third
double platform thing, do the same thing as with the star coin, this time,
making sure it's just high enough for you to jump into the pipe. You will see
a set of bouncing mushrooms, and you can activate the moving mushroom if you
like, but to me, it's just plain annoying. Now go to the right, and as there
are no enemies here, and just pits, you don't have to be that cautious. When
you get to the star coin (I like the little coin mushroom design around it),
do the same thing you did with the first star coin to catch it. Then, keep 
going right, and the only hole that's safe to fall into is the one on the far
right. Then, after you fall from the sky, jump over the two koopas, and go
right. You will then see a small array of ? blocks. Of the middle two, the
one on the right contains a mushroom, or a fire flower. Then go right, hit the
ring, and try to grab all eight coins. Now, keep going right, and avoid those
koopas. You will come to a series of four bricks. All of them are multiple
coin blocks. But can you get all four mushrooms from them? Now go right one
more time, avoid the goomba, and try to get a one up on the flagpole!
Cool! You're almost done world one! Now, if you can go to level A, go to it,
because that is the next walkthrough on the list. But if not, just skip this
next one, and go to the final castle. But before you go anywhere, I recommend
you go to that green mushroom house.
Probably the hardest level in world one.  When you start, go down the pipe,
and you will end up underwater (I have no idea how Mario manages to hold his
breath that long!). Start by going right, and avoid the cheep cheeps at all
costs. The only way I know of to kill them, is to use a fireball. You can go
and hit the first ? Block for a mushroom or a fire flower. Then go right, and
the screen will start to move automatically (one word about automatic moving
levels. Stay ahead but still a little bit back. If you get sandwiched between
the level wall, and some other wall, you get squashed and automatically die.
But you also never know when that little enemy is gonna pop out of nowhere and
kill you). Stay back, because after a few seconds, your first set of sharks
will pop up, and the only way to kill them also happens to be fireballs (how
does Mario manage to throw fireballs underwater?). Go right, dodging the sharks
along the way, until you come to a P block. Hit it and grab the ghost coins,
while avoiding the big bubbles. If you touch them, they will bounce you back
the way you came. Right after that, get as close as possible to the ceiling,
where the star coin is.  Down below, there are hidden coin blocks, making it
hard to get to the star coin, though I've done it a few times before. Now,
this is very hard to find, but down below, and a little to the right of this
star coin, is a hidden block that contains a one up. Now, go right, and into
the first pipe you see. There, you will notice the star coin and two ? blocks.
The ? block on the left contains a coin, while the block on the right also
holds a coin. When you come out, go right and you will see a random item
block. Hit it, and it will give you a random item. Now, if you'd like, grab
the ring, though it's hard to grab all the coins with all these sharks
swimming about. And even with all these bubbling pipes, still try your best to
avoid getting killed. So, if you're small, it's easier to grab this star coin,
but you can always go the long way around, if you're big Mario. Now all you
have to do is go right, avoid the last few sharks, and enter the pipe. From
there, finishing the level is just a matter of jumping on the flagpole.
Yes! We're almost finished with world one! But be warned, though the first
world has really been pounding it on you, it's probably the most peaceful world
of them all. Anyways, if you completed level A, quickly go to the red mushroom
house, and then off we go to the final castle!
Finally! The final castle! Start out by going to the right and jumping onto
the rope (be warned! if you stay in one spot on the rope for to long, Mario
will fall off!). Stand near the end of the rope, and using it as a trampoline,
jump onto the next part. From there, keep going and jump on the next rope. Hit
the next ? block you see for a mushroom or a fire flower. You will see a star
coin above you and wonder, how do I get up there? Wall jump up to it. Then come
back down and continue. You will come to a series of ropes over lava. Avoid
the lava bubbles, and go to the little block and lowering platform. When it
gets to it's lowest point (not underneath the lava), a small platform will
pop up, and you can use it to grab the star coin. Then, on the second rope
after that stand on what is roughly the middle, and jump as high as you can.
You should be able to see a pipe for about a second, and then it will 
disappear again. Do this several times, finding out exactly where it is,
until you end up entering it. In the next little room, simply grab the star
coin, and go back the way you came in. Then, go right until you come to the
wooden doors. Enter them, and you will come face to face with Bowser!

Ok, this boss battle is also sort of easy, but I didn't rate this level three
stars for fun! When Bowser comes close to you, use the platform to jump over
him. Or you can just pound him with fireballs. Both ways work.
Ok guys, that was a lot of enthusiasm, by both of us, and that is the end of
my walkthrough SO FAR. You really think I would stop at the end of world one
and leave it at that? No way! Don't despair, there is a lot more to come, and
it will be awesome! Trust me. But for now, ciao!