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Follow the dark path or use the light
MySims Agents Pack Shot

MySims Agents


Collection Guide

by phoenixmaiden


Author: phoenixmaiden
Version: 1.5


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
[2] Furniture
    [2.01] Bed Tab
    [2.02] Closet Tab
    [2.03] Chest Tab
    [2.04] Sports Tab
    [2.05] Flowers Tab
    [2.06] Electronics Tab
    [2.07] Decorations Tab
    [2.08] Pictures Tab
    [2.09] Wallpaper Tab
    [2.10] Floor Tab
    [2.11] Table Tab
    [2.12] Sofa Tab
[3] Outdoor Decorations
    [3.01] Tree Tab
    [3.02] Fountain Tab
    [3.03] Lamp Post Tab
    [3.04] Benches Tab
    [3.05] Dustbin Tab
    [3.06] Objects Tab
    [3.07] Fences Tab
    [3.08] Gates Tab
[4] Building Blueprints
    [4.01] Home Tab
    [4.02] Friends Home Tab
    [4.03] Furniture Shop Tab
    [4.04] Tailor Shop Tab
    [4.05] Curio Shop Tab
    [4.06] Flower Shop Tab
    [4.07] Restaurant Tab
    [4.08] Police Station Tab
    [4.09] Station Tab
    [4.10] Town Hall Tab
    [4.11] House Tab
[5] Wardrobe
    [5.01] Accessories Tab
    [5.02] Shirts Tab
    [5.03] Pants Tab
    [5.04] Dressy Outfits Tab
[6] Fish Book
    [6.01] Stream Fish
    [6.02] Ocean Fish
    [6.03] Other Fish
[7] PC HQ Missions
[8] Questions & Answers
[9] Special Thanks
[10] Contact Information
[11] Version History
[12] Copyright
[1] Introduction

Hello all! I've just started this game and no matter hard I looked, I couldn't
 find anything on the collectables and what they were. And if you are like me 
who likes to collect everything in the game, it ban be quite annoying and 
frustrating. So, I decided to make my own! This is my first guide, so I hope 
I do okay.

Here we go!
[2] Furniture

Furniture is used to decorate the inside of your house of course! Otherwise it 
would be completely empty and bare and you would have to sleep on the floor! 
Don't want to do that, ergo furniture. It comes in a variety of themes so you 
can switch things around acording to what you like or your mood, like me. 
HaHa Ha...Anywho. Furniture can be bought at Abel's Furniture Shop- located 
in Town Hall Square (open evening & night), DJ Candy's Curio Shop- located in 
Town Hall Square (open noon to evening) and Violet's Flower Shop- located in 
East Village (open all day except for mornings). Decorations and other things
can also be bought on your TV in the mornings on Michelle's TV Show. The Gems
are given to you by Lyndsay after you complete her mission. SHe will give you 
one every morning until there isn't any more.

[2.01] Bed's Tab

Red Bed
Green Bed
Blue Bed
Yellow Bed
Straw Bed
Hospital Bed
Queen's Bed
King's Bed
Rattan Bed
Log Bed
Victorian Bed
Japanese Bed
Girl's Bed
Block Bed
Western Bed
Tomb Bed
Whimsical Bed
Marine Bed
Metallic Bed
Cute Bed
Sci-Fi Bed
Candy Bed
Horror Bed
Modern Bed
Retro Bed
Star Bed

[2.02] Closets Tab

Red Closet
Green Closet
Blue Closet
Yellow Closet
Antique Closet
Rattan Closet
Log Closet
Victorian Closet
Japanese Closet
Girl's Closet
Block Closet
Western Closet
Tomb Closet
Whimsical Closet
Marine Closet
Metallic Closet
Steel Locker
Cute Closet
Sci-Fi Closet
Candy Closet
Horror Closet
Modern Closet
Retro Closet
Star Closet
King's Closet
Queen's Closet
Rattan Vanity
Victorian Vanity
Girl's Vanity
Western Vanity
Tomb Vanity
Whimsical Vanity
Marine Vanity
Metallic Vanity
Cute Vanity
Candy Vanity
Horror Vanity
Modern Vanity
Retro Vanity
Star Vanity
King's Vanity
Queen's Vanity
Rattan Screen
Log Screen
Victorian Screen
Folding Screen
Girl's Screen
Block Screen
Western Screen
Tomb Screen
Whimsical Screen
Marine Screen
Metallic Screen
Metal Barricade
Cute Screen
Sci-Fi Screen
Candy Screen
Horror Screen
Modern Screen
Retro Screen
Star Screen

[2.03] Chest Tab

Red Chest
Green Chest
Blue Chest
Yellow Chest
Grand Chest
Wavy Front Chest
Pretty Chest
Antique Chest
Dilapidated Chest
Rattan Chest
Log Chest
Victorian Chest
Japanese Chest
Girl's Chest
Block Chest
Western Chest
Tomb Chest
Whimsical Chest
Marine Chest
Metallic Chest
Cute Chest
Sci-Fi Chest
Candy Chest
Horror Chest
Modern Chest
Retro Chest
Star Chest
King's Chest
Queen's Chest
Rattan Shelf
Log Drawer Shelf
Victorian Shelf
JPN Shelf
Girl's Shelf
Block Drawer Shelf
Western Shelf
Tomb Shelf
Whimsical Shelf
Marine Shelf
Metallic Shelf
Sci-Fi Shelf
Candy Shelf
Horror Shelf
Modern Shelf
Retro Shelf
Star Shelf

[2.04] Sports Tab

Rugby Set
Baseball Set
Ice Hockey Set
Heavy Bag
Champion Belt A
Champion Belt B
Champion Belt C
Go Set
Marble Solitaire
Chess Set
Pinball Machine
Pool Table
Foosball Table
Small Bookcase
Big Bookcase
Inclined bench
Skis and boots
Luxury Bookcase 1
Luxury Bookcase 2
White Surfboard
Blue Surfboard
Red Surfboard
Yellow Surfboard
Green Surfboard
Black Surfboard
Handmade Surfboard

[2.05] Flowers Tab

Bombax Elipticum
Autograph Tree
Cathedral Cactus
Long Leafed Fig
Ficus Willemaniana
Bird of Paradise
Non-Leaf Strelitzia
Ficus Umbellata
Blue Latan Palm
Footstool Palm
Elephant Ear
Coconut Palm
Flower Basket

[2.06] Electronics Tab

Rattan Lamp
Log Lamp
Victorian Lamp
Japanese Lamp
Girl's Lamp
Block Lamp
Western Lamp
Tomb Lamp
Whimsical Lamp
Marine Lamp
Metallic Lamp
Cute Lamp
Sci-Fi Lamp
Candy Lamp
Horror Lamp
Modern Lamp
Retro Lamp
Star Lamp
King's Lamp
Queen's Lamp
Black and White TV
Large TV Set
Flat Screen TV
Record Player
Boom Box
CD Player
Retro Stereo Set
Large Stereo Set
Metal Sculpture
Laptop Computer
Desktop 1
Desktop 2
White Sink
Oak Sink
Ebony Sink
Modern Sink
White Cabinet Set
Oak Cabinet Set
Ebony Cabinet Set
Modern Cabinet Set
White Cabinet
Oak Cabinet
Ebony Cabinet
Modern Cabinet
White Stove
Oak Stove
Ebony Stove
Modern Stove
Wood Stove
Clay Stove
Electric Heater
Air Conditioner

[2.07] Decorations Tab

Pen Holder
Small Globe
Big Globe
Round Waste Basket
Square Waste Basket
F-Synthesis Machine
Picture Frame
Pickling Barrel
Western Barrels
Stuffed Tiger
Stuffed Leopard
Stuffed Zebra
Stuffed Giraffe
Stuffed Rhinoceros
Stuffed Hippo
Stuffed Elephant
Stuffed Horse
Stuffed White Horse
Stuffed Lion
Red Frog
Orange Frog
Yello Frog
Yello Green Frog
Green Frog
Purple Frog
Gold Frog

[2.08] Pictures Tab

Faux Mounted Boar
Faux Mounted Deer
Faux Mounted Wolf
Faux Mounted Bear
Faux Mounted Tiger
Faux Mounted White Tiger
Faux Mounted Sheep
Smiling Lady Picture
Turban Girl Picture
Noblewoman Picture
Boy with Flute Picture
Woodblock Print
Retro Poster
Lady with Marten Picture
Old Lady Picture
Night Patrol Picture
Woman with Parasol
Nobleman Picture
JPN Beauty Picture
Revolution Picture
Cheating Picture
Car Poster
Baseball Picture
Idol Poster
Football Poster
Singer Poster
Sunset Poster
Ship Poster
Forest House Poster
Clock Tower Poster
Rocket Poster
Portrait of Hopkins
Antique Urn
Samurai Armor
Western Armor
Japanese Sword
Japanese Halberd
White Heron Castle
Japanese TV Tower
Freedom Statue
Executive Mansion
French Expo Tower
Victory Arch
Spanish Church
House of Our Lady
German Castle
Greek Goddess Temple
House of Holy Basil
Big Clock Tower
Tuscan Bell Tower
Video Game Company
Model Boat
Model Plane
Model Car
Model Train
Model Helicopter

[2.09] Wallpaper Tab

White Wooden Wall
Oak Wall
Ebony Wall
Modern Wall
Forest Wall
Sky Wall
Sea Wall
Star Wall
Peach Wall
Blue Wall
Retro Wall
Arabian Wall
Woodwork Wall 
Concrete Wall
Stone Wall 
Marble Wall 
Rattan Wall
Log Wall
Victorian Wall
Japanese Wall
Girl's Wall
Block Wall
Casino Wall
Kid's Wall
Tomb Wall
Whimsical Wall 
Metallic Wall
Wrestling Wall
Cute Wall
Sci-Fi Wall
Striped Wall 
Cork Wall
Chinese Wall
Bamboo Wall
Brick Wall
Passionate Wall
Charming Wall
Disco Wall
Candy Wall
Horror Wall 
Queen's Wall

[2.10] Floor Tab

White Wooden Floor
Oak Floor
Ebony Floor
Modern Floor
Forest Floor
Cloud Floor
Sea Floor
Star Floor
Pink Rug
Blue Rug
Retro Rug
Arabian Rug
Woodwork Floor
Concrete Floor
Rock Floor
Marble Floor
Rattan Floor
Log house Floor
Victorian Floor
Japanese Floor
Girl's Floor
Block Floor
Casino Carpet
Kid's Floor
Tomb Floor
Whimsical Floor
Metallic Floor
Wrestling Floor
Cute Floor
Sci-Fi Floor
Blue Tile Floor
Quilted Rug
Fur Rug
Cow Rug
Round Rug
Library Floor
White Tile Floor
Candy Floor
Horror Floor
King's Floor
Queen's Floor

[2.11] Table Tab

Red Table
Green Table
Blue Table
Yellow Table
Glass Table
Log Desk
Japanese Desk
Low Japanese Table
Block Desk
Western Low Table
Tomb Low Table
Whimsical Low Table
Marine Low Table
Metallic Low Table
Cute Low Table
SF Low Table
Candy Low Table
Horror Low Table
Modern Low Table
Retro Low Table
Star Low Table
Wooden Table
Office Desk
Minister's Desk
Antique Table
Rattan Table
Log Table
Victorian Table
Girl's Table
Block Table
Library Table
Western High Table
Tomb High Table
Whimsical High Table
Marine High Table
Metallic High Table
Commentator's Table
Cute Table
Sci-Fi High Table
Modern Table
Candy Table
Horror Table
Modern Table
Retro Table
Star Table
King's Table
Queen's Table

[2.12] Sofa Tab

Red Chair
Green Chair
Blue Chair
Yellow Chair
King's Throne
Office Chair
Rattan Chair
Log Chair
Victorian Chair
Japanese Cushion
Girl's Chair
Block Chair
Library Chair
Round Green Chair
Western Chair
Tomb Chair
Whimsical Chair
Marine Chair
Metallic Chair
Pipe Chair
Cute Chair
Sci-Fi Chair
Candy Chair
Horror Chair
Modern Chair
Retro Chair
Star Chair
White Sofa
Red Sofa
Blue Sofa
White Love Seat
Red Love Seat
Blue Love Seat
Leopard Print Sofa
Zebra Print Sofa
Rattan Sofa
Log Bench
Victorian Sofa
Girl's Sofa
Block Sofa
Western Sofa
Tomb Sofa
Whimsical Sofa
Marine Sofa
Metallic Sofa
Cute Sofa
Sci-Fi Sofa
Candy Sofa
Horror Sofa
Modern Sofa
Retro Sofa
Star Sofa
King's Sofa
Queen's Sofa

[3] Outdoor Decorations

These objects are placed around town and are replaceable to whatever you want 
it to be. These objects are made by combining essences in your F-Synthesis 
Machine that Ashley gives you. There are 3 Base Essences: Blue Diamond, Red 
Moon and Yellow Star and 7 Sub-Essences: White cube, Light-Blue Ring, Yellow 
Double Ring, Green Plant, Pink Heart, Grey Cube and Purple UFO. 

The essences can be taken from objects and buildings around town with your 

Blue Diamond       = Train Station, Town Hall, Tailor Shop, Your House
Red Moon           = Police Station, Furniture Shop, Curio Shop, Other Houses
Yellow Star        = Restaurant, Flower Shop, Friend's Houses
White Cube         = Lamp Posts, Fences
Light-Blue Ring    = Fountains, Corner Fences
Yellow Double Ring = Telephones, Gates
Green Plant        = Flower Beds, Trees
Pink Heart         = Benches, Tables
Purple UFO         = Objects

Also so you know, the items that you take the essences from, when using it to
make things in the F-Synthesis machine create the exact same thing. For 
example, you get the white cube from Lamp Posts and Fences, using it in the 
Synthesizer you make Lamp Posts and Fences.

Different combinations make different item themes and they are as follows:

1 Blue Diamond Base and any Sub-Base = Basic Theme
1 Yellow Star Base and any Sub-Base  = Cute Theme
1 Red Moon Base and any Sub-Base     = Cool Theme
2 Blue Diamond Base and any Sub-Base = Wild Theme
2 Yellow Star Base and any Sub-Base  = Candy Theme
2 Red Moon Base and any Sub-Base     = Horror Theme
1 Blue Diamond Base and 1 Yellow Star Base and any Sub-Base = Sci-Fi Theme
1 Blue Diamond Base and 1 Red Moon Base and any Sub-Base    = Japanese Theme
1 Yellow Star Base and 1 Red Moon Base and any Sub-Base     = Lovely Theme

With that said, here is the list!

[3.01] Tree Tab

Basic Tree 1
Basic Tree 2
Cute Tree
Cool Tree
Lovely Tree
Japanese Tree 1
Japanese Tree 2
Wild Tree 
Candy Tree 1
Candy Tree 2
Horror Tree 1
Horror Tree 2
Basic Flower Bed 1
Basic Flower Bed 2
Cute Flower Bed 1
Cute Flower Bed 2
Cool Flower Bed 1
Cool Flower Bed 2
Lovely Flower Bed 1
Lovely Flower Bed 2
Sci-Fi Flower Bed 1
Sci-Fi Flower Bed 2
Japanese Bed 1
Japanese Bed 2
Wild Flower Bed 1
Wild Flower Bed 2
Candy Flower Bed 1
Candy Flower Bed 2
Horror Flower Bed 1
Horror Flower Bed 2
Flower Cart
Tree Stump 

[3.02] Fountain Tab

Basic Fountain 1
Basic Fountain 2
Cute Fountain 1
Cute Fountain 2
Cool Fountain 1
Cool Fountain 2
Lovely Fountain 1
Lovely Fountain 2
Sci-Fi Fountain 1
Sci-Fi Fountain 2
Japenese Fountain 1
Japanese Fountain 2
Wild Fountain 1
Wild Fountain 2
Candy Fountain 1
Candy Fountain 2
Horror Fountain 1
Horror Fountain 2
Castle Tower
Fire Hydrant
Drinking Fountain

[3.03] Lamp Post Tab

Basic Lamp Post 1
Basic Lamp Post 2
Cute Lamp Post 1
Cute Lamp Post 2
Cool Lamp Post 1
Cool Lamp Post 2
Lovely Lamp Post 1
Lovely Lamp Post 2
Sci-Fi Lamp Post 1
Sci-Fi Lamp Post 2
Japenese Lamp Post 1
Japanese Lamp Post 2
Wild Lamp Post 1
Wild Lamp Post 2
Candy Lamp Post 1
Candy Lamp Post 2
Horror Lamp Post 1
Horror Lamp Post 2
Basic Telephone 1
Basic Telephone 2
Cute Telephone 1
Cute Telephone 2
Cool Telephone 1
Cool Telephone 2
Lovely Telephone 1
Lovely Telephone 2
Sci-Fi Telephone 1
Sci-Fi Telephone 2
Wild Telephone 1
Wild Telephone 2
Candy Telephone 1
Candy Telephone 2
Horror Telephone 1
Horror Telephone 2
Vending Machine
Illumination 1
Illumination 2

[3.04] Benches Tab

Regular Bench 1
Regular Bench 2
Cute Bench 1
Cute Bench 2
Cool Bench 1
Cool Bench 2
Lovely Bench 1
Lovely Bench 2
Sci-Fi Bench 1
Sci-Fi Bench 2
Japenese Bench 1
Japanese Bench 2
Wild Bench 1
Wild Bench 2
Candy Bench 1
Candy Bench 2
Horror Bench 1
Horror Bench 2
Basic Patio 1
Basic Patio 2
Cute Patio 1
Cute Patio 2
Cool Patio 1
Cool Patio 2
Lovely Patio 1
Lovely Patio 2
Sci-Fi Patio 1
Sci-Fi Patio 2
Wild Patio 1
Wild Patio 2
Candy Patio 1
Candy Patio 2
Horror Patio 1
Horror Patio 2
Beach Parasol
Picnic Set

[3.05] Dustbin Tab

Basic Dustbin 1
Basic Dustbin 2
Cute Dustbin 1
Cute Dustbin 2
Cool Dustbin 1
Cool Dustbin 2
Lovely Dustbin 1
Lovely Dustbin 2
Sci-Fi Dustbin 1
Sci-Fi Dustbin 2
Wild Dustbin 1
Wild Dustbin 2
Candy Dustbin 1
Candy Dustbin 2
Horror Dustbin 1
Horror Dustbin 2
Basic Mailbox 1
Basic Mailbox 2
Cute Mailbox 1
Cute Mailbox 2
Cool Mailbox 1
Cool Mailbox 2
Lovely Mailbox 1
Lovely Mailbox 2
Sci-Fi Mailbox 1
Sci-Fi Mailbox 2
Wild Mailbox 1
Wild Mailbox 2
Candy Mailbox 1
Candy Mailbox 2
Horror Mailbox 1
Horror Mailbox 2

[3.06] Objects Tab

Plumb-bob Object
Whimsical Object
Colorful Object
4-colored Bar Object
Lion Object
Lion Object
Pink Flower Object
Heart Object
Sci-Fi Object
UFO Object 
Guidance Robot
Stone Deity Object
Fox Object
Buffalo Object 1
Cactus Object 2
Parfait Object 1
Gingerbread Man Object 2
Eerie Object 1
Ghost Object 2
Scarecrow Object
Totem Pole
Stone Pillar
Arrow Sign
Drum Can
Stacked Wooden Boxes
Farm Equipment

[3.07] Fences Tab

Basic Corner Fence 1
Basic Corner Fence 2
Basic Corner Fence 3
Cute Cor. Fence 1
Cute Cor. Fence 2
Cute Cor. Fence 3
Cool Cor. Fence 1
Cool Cor. Fence 2
Cool Cor. Fence 3
Lovely Cor. Fence 1
Lovely Cor. Fence 2
Lovely Cor. Fence 3
Sci-Fi Cor. Fence 1
Sci-Fi Cor. Fence 2
Sci-Fi Cor. Fence 3
Japanese C. Fence 1
Japanese C. Fence 2
Japanese C. Fence 3
Wild Cor. Fence 1
Wild Cor. Fence 2
Candy Cor. Fence 1
Candy Cor. Fence 2
Candy Cor. Fence 3
Horror Cor. Fence 1
Horror Cor. Fence 2
Horror Cor. Fence 3
Basic Fence 1
Basic Fence 2
Basic Fence 3
Cute Fence 1
Cute Fence 2
Cute Fence 3
Cool Fence 1
Cool Fence 2
Cool Fence 3
Lovely Fence 1
Lovely Fence 2
Lovely Fence 3
Sci-Fi Fence 1
Sci-Fi Fence 2
Sci-Fi Fence 3
Japanese Fence 1
Japanese Fence 2
Japanese Fence 3
Wild Fence 1
Wild Fence 2
Candy Fence 1
Candy Fence 2
Candy Fence 3
Horror Fence 1
Horror Fence 2
Horror Fence 3

[3.08] Gates Tab

Basic Gate 1
Basic Gate 2
Basic Gate 3
Cute Gate 1
Cute Gate 2
Cute Gate 3
Cool Gate 1
Cool Gate 2
Cool Gate 3
Lovely Gate 1
Lovely Gate 2
Lovely Gate 3
Sci-Fi Gate 1
Sci-Fi Gate 2
Sci-Fi Gate 3
Japanese Gate 1
Japanese Gate 2
Japanese Gate 3
Wild Gate 1
Wild Gate 2
Candy Gate 1
Candy Gate 2
Candy Gate 3
Horror Gate 1
Horror Gate 2
Horror Gate 3
Arch of Triumph
Flower Arch
Shrine Gateway

[4] Building Blueprints

Building Blueprints are used to change the theme of the outside of your house 
and all the other buildings of the town. The blueprints that you can find can 
be taken to Ashley. She is located in Town Hall Square right below Abel's 
Furniture Shop. You can then make them with essences so you can use them 
to make your town beautiful. Blueprints can be found by completing missions, 
rewards from mini-games or cheering up residents around town.

[4.01] Home Tab

Basic Home M1
Basic Home L1
Basic Home M2
Basic Home L2
Basic Home M3
Basic Home L3
Cute Home M1
Cute Home L1
Cute Home M2
Cute Home L2
Cute Home M3
Cute Home L3
Cool Home M1
Cool Home L1
Cool Home M2
Cool Home L2
Cool Home M3
Cool Home L3
Lovely Home M1
Lovely Home L1
Lovely Home M2
Lovely Home L3
Lovely Home M3
Lovely Home L3
Sci-Fi Home M1
Sci-Fi Home L1
Sci-Fi Home M2
Sci-Fi Home L2
Sci-Fi Home M3
Sci-Fi Home L3
Japanese Home M1
Japanese Home L1
Japanese Home M2
Japanese Home L2
Wild Home M1
Wild Home L1
Wild Home M2
Wild Home L2
Candy Home M1
Candy Home L1
Candy Home M2
Candy Home L2
Candy Home M3
Candy Home L3
Horror Home M1
Horror Home L1
Horror Home M2
Horror Home L2
Horror Home M3
Horror Home L3

[4.02] Friends Home Tab

Basic Friend's Home
Cute Friend's Home
Cool Friend's Home
Lovely Friend's Home
Sci-Fi Friend's Home
Japanese Friend's Home
Wild Friend's Home
Candy Friend's Home
Horror Friend's Home

[4.03] Furniture Shop Tab

Basic Furniture Shop
Cute Furniture Shop
Cool Furniture Shop
Lovely Furn. Shop
Sci-Fi Furn. Shop
Japanese Furn. Shop
Wild Furniture Shop
Candy Furniture Shop
Horror Furniture Shop

[4.04] Tailor Shop Tab

Basic Tailor
Cute Tailor
Cool Tailor
Lovely Tailor
Sci-Fi Tailor
JPN Tailor
Wild Tailor
Candy Tailor
Horror Tailor

[4.05] Curio Shop Tab

Basic Curio Shop
Cute Curio Shop
Cool Curio Shop
Lovely Curio Shop
Sci-Fi Curio Shop
Japanese Curio Shop
Wild Curio Shop
Candy Curio Shop
Horror Curio Shop

[4.06] Flower Shop Tab

Regular Flower Shop
Cute Flower Shop
Cool Flower Shop
Lovely Flower Shop
Sci-Fi Flower Shop
Japanese Flower Shop
Wild Flower Shop
Candy Flower Shop
Horror Flower Shop

[4.07] Restaurant Tab

Regular Restaurant
Cute Restaurant
Cool Restaurant
Lovely Restaurant
Sci-Fi Restaurant
Japanese Restaurant
Wild Restaurant
Candy Restaurant
Horror Restaurant

[4.08] Police Station Tab

Regular Police Station
Cute Police Station
Cool Police Station
Lovely Police Station
Sci-Fi Police Station
Japanese Police Station
Wild Police Station
Candy Police Station
Horror Police Station

[4.09] Station Tab

Regular Station
Cute Station
Cool Station
Lovely Station
Sci-Fi Station
Japanese Station
Wild Station
Candy Station
Horror Station

[4.10] Town Hall Tab

Basic Town Hall
Cute Town Hall
Cool Town Hall
Lovely Town Hall
Sci-Fi Town Hall
Japanese Town Hall
Wild Town Hall
Candy Town Hall
Horror Town Hall

[4.11] House Tab

Basic House 1
Basic House 2
Cute House 1
Cute House 2
Cool House 1
Cool House 2
Lovely House 1
Lovely House 2
Sci-Fi House 1
Sci-Fi House 2
Japanese House 1
Japanese House 2
Wild House 1
Wild House 2
Candy House 1
Candy House 2
Horror House 1
Horror House 2


[5] Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is, of course, where you store your clothes that you can wear to 
make yourself look pretty. You can buy clothes at Katie's Tailor Shop- located
in East Village (open mornings until evening). Later in the game you can make 
your own clothes too! The clothes for the main character may vary depending on
what gender you are playing, so some clothing will not be available to boys 
that are for the girls. The character that I am playing is a girl so if I get
this wrong feel free to correct me.

[5.01] Accessories Tab

Paper Samurai Helmet
Fish Hat
Straw Hat
Woolen Cap (Pink)
Woolen Cap (Yellow)
Cap (Red)
Cap (Blue)
Backwards Cap (Black)
Backwards Cap (Green)
Silk Hat

Tiara (Red Jewel)
Tiara (Blue Jewel)
Tiara (Green Jewel)
Crown (Red Jewels)
Crown (Blue Jewels)
Crown (Green Jewels)
Flower Crown
Ribbon Hair Accessory (Red)
Ribbon Hair Accessory (Blue)
Ribbon Hair Accessory (Yellow)
Pig Tails
Women's Sunglasses
Girly Fashion Glasses
Women's Ballroom Mask

Rugby Headgear
Wrestling Mask (Black)
Wrestling Mask (Red)
Wrestling Mask (Blue)
Budha Mask
Chinese Mask
Chinese Lion Head
Baseball Helmet (White)
Baseball Helmet (Black)
Baseball Helmet (Blue)
Police Hat (Black)
Police Hat (Blue)
Police Hat (Yellow)
Kid's Hat (White)
Kid's Hat (Red)
Kid's HatBlue)
Racing Helmet (White)
Racing Helmet (Red)
Racing Helmet (Blue)
Explorer's Hat (White)
Explorer's Hat (Green)
Explorer's Hat (Yellow)
Tim's Head Gear
Cow Headgear
Samurai Helmet
Cat Ears
Ninja Hood (Black)
Ninja Hood (Red)
Ninja Hood (Blue)
Witch Hat (Black)
Witch Hat (Red)
Witch Hat (Purple)

[5.02] Shirts Tab

T-Shirt (White)
T-Shirt (Black)
T-Shirt (Red)
T-Shirt (Purple)
T-Shirt (Blue)
T-Shirt (Green)
T-Shirt (Yellow)
T-Shirt Orange)
Camouflage T-Shirt (Black)
Camouflage T-Shirt (Red)
Camouflage T-Shirt (Purple)
Camouflage T-Shirt (Blue)
Camouflage T-Shirt (Green)
Camouflage T-Shirt (Orange)
Print T-Shirt (Star)
Print T-Shirt (Diamond)
Print T-Shirt (#5)
Print T-Shirt (Clover)
Print T-Shirt (Smiley Face)
Print T-Shirt (Flower)
Checked T-Shirt (Red)
Checked T-Shirt (Pink)
Checked T-Shirt (Blue)
Checked T-Shirt (Green)
Checked T-Shirt (Yellow)
Checked T-Shirt (Orange)
Animal T-Shirt (Panda)
Animal T-Shirt (Rabbit)
Animal T-Shirt (Bear)
Animal T-Shirt (Elephant)
Animal T-Shirt (Frog)
Animal T-Shirt (Pig)
Food T-Shirt (Grape)
Food T-Shirt (Banana) 
Food T-Shirt (Cherry)
Food T-Shirt (Pear)
Food T-Shirt (Apple)
Food T-Shirt (Strawberry)
Japanese T-Shirt (White)
Japanese T-Shirt (Black)
Japanese T-Shirt (Red)
Japanese T-Shirt (Pink)
Japanese T-Shirt (Purple)
Japanese T-Shirt (Blue)
Japanese T-Shirt (Baby Blue)
Japanese T-Shirt (Light Blue)
Japanese T-Shirt (Green)
Japanese T-Shirt (Yellow)
Heart T-Shirt (White)
Heart T-Shirt (Red)
Heart T-Shirt (Pink)
Heart T-Shirt (Light Purple)
Heart T-Shirt (Green)
Heart T-Shirt (Orange)
Circle Shirt (White)
Circle Shirt (Red)
Circle Shirt (Purple)
Circle Shirt (Blue)
Circle Shirt (Green)
Circle Shirt (Yellow)
Polo Shirt (White)
Polo Shirt (Black)
Polo Shirt (Red)
Polo Shirt (pink)
Polo Shirt (Purple)
Polo Shirt (Blue)
Polo Shirt (Green)
Polo Shirt (Orange)
Striped Shirt (Black/White)
Striped Shirt (Black/Grey)
Striped Shirt (Black/Red)
Striped Shirt (Black/Pink)
Striped Shirt (Black/Purple)
Striped Shirt (Black/Light Blue)
Striped Shirt (Black/Green)
Striped Shirt (Orange)
Rugby Shirt (Black)
Rugby Shirt (Red)
Rugby Shirt (Pink)
Rugby Shirt (Purple)
Rugby Shirt (Blue)
Rugby Shirt (Light Blue)
Rugby Shirt (Green)
Rugby Shirt (Orange)
Gradient Polo (White)
Gradient Polo (Black)
Gradient Polo (Red)
Gradient Polo (Pink)
Gradient Polo (Purple)
Gradient Polo (Blue)
Gradient Polo (Green)
Gradient Polo (Orange)
Hawaiian Shirt (White)
Hawaiian Shirt (Black)
Hawaiian Shirt (Red)
Hawaiian Shirt (Pink)
Hawaiian Shirt (Purple)
Hawaiian Shirt (Blue)
Hawaiian Shirt (Light Blue)
Hawaiian Shirt (Yellow)
Patchwork Clothes
Camisole (Pink) (Girl)
Camisole (Light Pink) (Girl)
Camisole (Purple) (Girl)
Camisole (Light Blue) (Girl)
Camisole (Blue) (Girl)
Camisole (Green) (Girl)
Camisole (Yellow) (Girl)
Camisole (Orange) (Girl)
Patterned Camisole (Pink) (Girl)
Patterned Camisole (Purple) (Girl)
Patterned Camisole (Blue) (Girl)
Patterned Camisole (Light Blue) (Girl)
Patterned Camisole (Green) (Girl)
Patterned Camisole (Yellow) (Girl)
Tanktop (Black) (Boy)
Tanktop (Blue) (Boy)
Tanktop (Green) (Boy)
Tanktop (Yellow) (Boy)

Dress Shirt (White)
Dress Shirt (Black)
Dress Shirt (Red)
Dress Shirt (Pink)
Dress Shirt (Purple)
Dress Shirt (Blue)
Dress Shirt (Green)
Dress Shirt (Orange)
Blouse (Whie)
Blouse (Black)
Blouse (Purple)
Blouse (Blue)
Blouse (Yellow)
Blouse (Orange)
Resort Shirt (Black)
Resort Shirt (Red)
Resort Shirt (Pink)
Resort Shirt (Blue)
Resort Shirt (Green)
Resort Shirt (Yellow)
Sweatshirt (White)
Sweatshirt (Orange)
Sweatshirt (Pink)
Sweatshirt (Purple)
Sweatshirt (Green)
Sweatshirt (Yellow)
Hooded Sweatshirt (Black)
Hooded Sweatshirt (Red)
Hooded Sweatshirt (Pink)
Hooded Sweatshirt (Blue)
Hooded Sweatshirt (Green)
Hooded Sweatshirt (Yellow)
Training Jacket (White)
Training Jacket (Black)
Training Jacket (Red)
Training Jacket (Pink)
Training jacket (Blue)
Training Jacket (Light Blue)
Training Jacket (Yellow)
Training Jacket (Orange)
Turtleneck (White)
Turtleneck (Black)
Turtleneck (Pink/Red stripes)
Turtleneck (Blue/Green Stripes)
Vest (White)
Vest (Black)
Vest (Red)
Vest (Blue)
Vest (Green)
Vest (Yellow)

Denim Jacket (White/Orange)
Denim Jacket (Dark Blue/White)
Denim Jacket (Purple/White)
Denim Jacket (Blue/White)
Denim Jacket (Baby Blue/White)
Denim Jacket (Light Blue/White)
Sweater (White)
Sweater (Pink)
Sweater (Purple)
Sweater (Blue)
Sweater (Green)
Sweater (Yellow)
Leather Jacket (White)
Leather Jacket (Black)
Leather Jacket (Red)
Leather Jacket (Blue)
Leather Jacket (Light Blue)
Leather Jacket (Brown)

Soccer Jersey (Black)
Soccer Jersey (Yellow)
Soccer Jersey (Orange)
Baseball Jersey (White)
Baseball Jersey (Black)
Baseball Jersey (Blue)
Police Uniform Top (Black)
Police Uniform Top (Blue)
Police Uniform Top (Yellow)
Kid's Top (Pink)
Kid's Top (Blue)
Kid's Top (White/Yellow)
Punk Clothes
Tennis Shirt (White) (Girl)
Tennis Shirt (Black) (Girl)
Tennis Shirt (Green) (Girl)
Tennis Top (White)
Tennis Top (Red)
Tennis Top (Blue)

[5.03] Pants Tab

Jeans (White)
Jeans (Black)
Jeans (Purple)
Jeans (Blue)
Jeans (Baby Blue)
Jeans (Light Blue)
Roll-Ups (White)
Roll-Ups (Black)
Roll-Ups (Purple)
Roll-Ups (Blue)
Roll-Ups (Baby Blue)
Roll-Ups (Light Blue)
Distressed Jeans (White)
Distressed Jeans (Black)
Distressed Jeans (Purple)
Distressed Jeans (Blue)
Distressed Jeans (Baby Blue)
Distressed Jeans (Light Blue)
Chinos (White)
Chinos (Black)
Chinos (Red)
Chinos (Pink)
Chinos (Blue)
Chinos (Green)
Chinos (Yellow)
Chinos (Orange)
Patterned Chinos (Red)
Patterned Chinos (Pink)
Patterned Chinos (Blue)
Patterned Chinos (Green)
Patterned Chinos (Yellow)
Patterned Chinos (Orange)
Apron (Black) (Boy)
Apron (Blue) (Boy)

Shorts (Black)
Shorts (Red)
Shorts (Blue)
Shorts (Green)
Shorts (Yellow)
Shorts (Orange)
Camouflage Pants (Black/White Zebra)
Camouflage Pants (Red/White Zebra)
Camouflage Pants (Red Leopard)
Camouflage Pants (Blue)
Camouflage Pants (Green)
Camouflage Pants (Yellow Leopard)
Hotpants (Purple) (Girl)
Hotpants (Blue) (Girl)
Hotpants (Yellow) (Girl)

--==Skirts==-- (Girl)
Short Skirt (Black)
Short Skirt (Red)
Short Skirt (Purple)
Short Skirt (Blue)
Short Skirt (Green)
Short Skirt (Yellow)
Striped Skirt (Black)
Striped Skirt (Red)
Striped Skirt (Blue)
Striped Skirt (Green)
Striped Skirt (Yellow)
Striped Skirt (Brown)
Polka Dot Skirt (Light Blue)
Polka Dot Skirt (Black)
Polka Dot Skirt (Red)
Polka Dot Skirt (Pink)
Polka Dot Skirt (Blue)
Polka Dot Skirt (Green)
Flower Print Skirt (Light Blue/Blue)
Flower Print Skirt (Green/Red)
Flower Print Skirt (Blue/Pink)
Flower Print Skirt (Green/Purple)
Flower Print Skirt (Blue/Orange)
Flower Print Skirt (Green/Orange)
Checkered Skirt (Black/Red)
Checkered Skirt (Red/Green)
Checkered Skirt (Purple/Pink)
Checkered Skirt (Blue/ Light Blue)
Checkered Skirt (Green/ Dark Green)
Checkered Skirt (Brown/ Yellow)
Denim Skirt (Dark Blue)
Denim Skirt (Pink)
Denim Skirt (Blue)
Denim Skirt (Baby Blue)
Denim Skirt (Light Blue)
Denim Skirt (Orange)
Pleated Skirt (Black)
Pleated Skirt (Red)
Pleated Skirt (Purple)
Pleated Skirt (Blue)
Pleated Skirt (Green)
Pleated Skirt (Orange)

Soccer Pants (White)
Soccer Pants (Blue)
Soccer Pants (Green)
Baseball Pants (White)
Baseball Pants (Black)
Baseball Pants (Blue)
Police Pants (Black)
Police Pants (Blue)
Police Pants (Yellow)
Kid's Pants (Blue)
Kid's Pants (Yellow)
Kid's Pants (Brown)
Western Shorts (Pink)
Western Shorts (Blue)
Tennis Skirt (White) (Girl)
Tennis Skirt (Black) (Girl)
Tennis Skirt (Green) (Girl)
Tennis Bottom (Red) (Boy)
Tennis Bottom (Blue) (Boy)

[5.04] Dressy Outfits Tab

Training Jacket (Red)
Training Jacket (Blue)
Training Jacket (Green)
Suit (White)
Suit (Black)
Overalls (White)
Overalls (Purple)
Overalls (Blue)
Overalls (Green)
Formal Evening Dress
Psychedelic Outfit (Pink/White)
Psychedelic Outfit (Blue/Yellow)
Psychedelic Outfit (Green/Pink)
Ethnic Outfit (Red/Blue)
Ethnic Outfit (Orange/Brown)
Ethnic Outfit (Brown/Green)
Evening Gown (Black) (Girl)
Evening Gown (Red) (Girl)
Evening Gown (Blue) (Girl)
Dress (Red Stripes) (Girl)
Dress (Blue Stripes) (Girl)
Dress (Green Stripes) (Girl)
Frilled Dress (Pink) (Girl)
Frilled Dress (Purple) (Girl)
Frilled Dress (Yellow) (Girl)
Polka Dot Dress (Purple) (Girl)
Polka Dot Dress (Blue) (Girl)
Polka Dot Dress (Yellow) (Girl)
Kimono (Pink) (Girl)
Kimono (Yellow) (Girl)
Bikini (Girl)
Checkered Dress (Pink) (Girl)
Checkered Dress (Green) (Girl)
Checkered Dress (Yellow) (Girl)

Judogi (White)
Joudogi (Black)
Joudogi (Blue)
Racing Suit (White)
Racing Suit (Red)
Racing Suit (Blue)
Explorer's Outfit (White)
Explorer's Outfit (Green)
Explorer's Outfit (Yellow)
Ninja Outfit (Black
Ninja Outfit (Red)
Ninja Outfit (Blue)
Cow Costume
Samurai Armor
Karate Outfit (Black)
Karate Outfit (Pink)
Agent Outfit 1
China Dress (White) (Girl)
China Dress (Red) (Girl)
China Dress (Purple) (Girl)
China Dress (Green) (Girl)
Wedding Dress (White) (Girl)
Wedding Dress (Pink) (Girl)
Wedding Dress (Yellow) (Girl)
Wrestling Costume (Black) (Boy)
Wrestling Costume (Red) (Boy)
Wrestling Costume (Blue) (Boy)
Princess Clothes (Red) (Girl)
Princess Clothes (Blue) (Girl)
Princess Clothes (Green) (Girl)
Prince Clothes (Red) (Boy)
Prince Clothes (Blue) (Boy)
Prince Clothes (Green) (Boy)
Student Outfit (Dark Blue/Red skirt) (Girl)
Student Outfit (Dark Blue/Red pants) (Boy)
Student Outfit (Blue skirt) (Girl)
Student Outfit (Blue pant) (Boy)
Witch Skirt (Girl)
Witch Miniskirt (Red) (Girl)
Witch Miniskirt (Purple) (Girl)
Maid Uniform (Black) (Girl)
Maid Uniform (Yellow) (Girl)
Maid Uniform (Brown) (Girl)
Women's Black Suit (Girl)
Men's Black Suit (Boy)
Vincent's Clothes
Assistant's Outfit

[6] Fish Book

The fish book is a record of the fish you catch using fishing rods. You don't 
get the rods until you beat the game and complete Mayor Hopkins' mission. 
There are four kinds of rods in the game and you have to be at certain points
to get them. When you talk to Hopkins again after his mission he will give 
you the Starter Fishing Rod. After collecting 10 kinds of fish, Hopkins will
give you the Small Fish Rod. Doing the challange with Hopkins and Joseph and
catch 20 different kinds of fish will get you the Big Rish Rod when you talk 
to Joseph again. After you get more kinds of fish or almost complete the fish
book, Joseph will give you the Salvage Fishing Rod.

There are 5 different places you can fish: Crystal Falls by the stream where 
you walk in and by the waterfall, East Village, Bayside, Little Lea Lake and
Open Meadow behind your second house. Fish can be caught at any time during
the day, and some fish can only be caught at a certain time or with a certain
rod. In the game it says where you can find them, but most fish can be caught 
at other places and times as well. I will put that down here too. Besides fish
you can also find random junk like anchor and treasure boxes that have money, 
frogs or blueprints.

Also, you can sell your fish to Gino when he is in his Restaurant- located in
Station Plaza. He will buy fish from you for $300 and big fish for $700. The 
other fish like Jellyfish can be sold at any other shop.

Good Luck finding them all!

Crystal Falls (CF)                      Morning (M)
East Village (EV)                       Afternoon (A)
Bayside (BS)                            Evening (E)
Open Meadow (OM)                        Night (N)
Little Lea Lake (LLL)

[6.01] Stream Fish

Eel......................EV (M)(E)(N), LLL (M)(E)(N), OM (E)(N)
Carp.....................LLL (M)(A)(E)(N), OM (M)(E)
Catfish..................EV (E)(N), LLL (M)(A)(E), OM (M)(A)(E)(N)
Black Bass...............LLL (M)(A)
Rainbow Trout............CF (M)(A)(E)(N)
Brook Trout..............EV (M)(A)(E)(N), CF (M)(A)(E)(N)
Sweetfish................CF (M)(A)(E)(N) 
Pike.....................CF (M)(A)(E)(N), EV (A)(E)
Snake-Head Mullet........OM (M)(A)(E)(N), EV (M)(N)
Piranha..................CF (M)(E)(N), LLL (M)(E)(N)
Pond Smelt...............LLL (M)(A)(N), OM (M)(A)(E)
Multi-Colored Carp.......OM (M)(A)(E)
King Salmon..............CF (M)(A)(E)(N), EV (N)
Arapaima.................EV (E)(N)
Guppy....................LLL (M)(A)(E)(N), OM (M)(A)(E)
Arowana..................CF (M)(E)(N)

[6.02] Ocean Fish

Horse Mackerel...........BS (A)(E)(N)
Sea Bream................BS (M)(A)(E)
Sea Bass.................BS (M)(N)
Sardine..................BS (A)(E) 
Pacific Saury............BS (M)(N)
Barracuda................BS (M)(A)
Mahi-Mahi................BS (M)(A)
Sawshark.................BS (A)(N)
Sea Robin................BS (M)(A)
Butterflyfish............BS (A)
Marlin...................BS (M)(A)
Anomalocarid.............BS (N)
Ocean Sunfish............BS (E) 
Flying Fish..............BS (M)(A)

[6.03] Other Fish

Crayfish................EV (M)(A)(E)(N)
Tathrella Clam..........BS (M)(E)
Jellyfish...............BS (M)(A)(E)(N)
Starfish................BS (M)(A)(E)
[7] PC HQ Missions

This is a list of missions that are available throughout the game down in your
secret office in your house via bookcase. The items you need to make with the
synthisizer can be made by checking the Outdoor Items Section. I do not have
all the exact wording for the missions for some because I decided to make this
section last minute. If you can send me it that would be great!

Okay, here we go!

Mission 1:
Your orders are to assist Officer Ginny. She is looking for a hidden squad
member in the Town Hall Plaza, but there are obstacles in her way. Get rid of
the obstacles to help her investigation.
     Answer: Remove all objects in Town Hall Plaza. Go to town layout and
remove all the blue dots there.

Mission 2:
Your orders are to assist Michelle with her journalistic duties. She is in 
need of two telephones placed near her house.
     Answer: Michelle's house is in East Village. Make 2 telephones and place
them directly in front of her house.

Mission 3:
Your order is to assist, Violet, the owner of the local flower shop. She needs
to make some flower beds by the lake, but cannot do it alone! Three flower
beds should be enough.
     Answer: Make 3 flower beds and place them in Little Lea Lake close to the
water. So, right by the railing.

Mission 4:
Our client wants to see a star-shaped flower bed. No doubt, you know what that
is. Place it anywhere in East Village.
     Answer: Make a Sci-Fi flower bed 1, the star one, and place it anywhere
in East Village.

Mission 5:
Your orders are to assist DJ Candy with holding a live event. She is in need 
of outdoor lighting. Put up some cool looking lights in the space in front of
the Curio Shop.
     Answer: Make 2 cool lamp posts and place them in front of DJ Candy's shop
in Town Hall Plaza.

Mission 6:
We need a place to send your documents if the need arises, but there are no
mailboxes to send packages to...Your orders are to set up a mailbox at the
Station Plaza. Make sure it's location is obvious.
     Answer: Make a mailbox and place it in Station Plaza, right next to 
Ginny's Police Station.

Mission 7: Your orders are to set up a 'Cool Patio 1' near the town hall. The
mayor has put in 15 requests for this patio. One patio should be enough to 
keep him happy.
     Answer: Make the cool patio 1 and place it next to the Town Hall in Town
Hall Plaza.

Mission 8: Your orders are to deliver a secret package to one of our 
operatives. Place a 'picnic set' directly next to the train station in Station
Plaza. Our operative will know to pick up the package here.
     Answer: Make a picnic set and place it to the right of the train station
in Station Plaza.

Mission 9: Your orders are to assist Lyndsay in acquiring a stone statue. She
 is in dire need to research a 'Moai Roack Carving.' Place one in the Town
Hall Plaza.
     Answer: Make a Moai Statue and place it anywere in Town Hall Plaza.

Mission 10:
Your orders are to assist Abel in redecorating the outside of his house. He
has said that he wants his house to look 'cooler.' 
     Answer: Change the theme of Abel's shop Cool in Town Hall Plaza.

Mission 11: comming soon!
[8] Questions & Answers

This is the spot where as the title says, ask questions and I will answer them
the best I can. The first few are some questions that I had while playing and
I wrote down.

1. Where is the treasure map?
It is in Station Plaza between Martin's house and a regular house.
Along the fence there is a rock, push it and it is underneath.

2. What is Thief -V-'s frog code?
Yellow, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange,
Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Orange

3. What is Mayor Hopkins password for his mission?

[9] Special Thanks

I want to thank, first of all EA games for making such an awesome game. I had 
so much fun playing it. Even though I grew frustrated with it at times. I also
want to thank everyone on gamefaqs Q & A board, your questions and answers 
were most helpful.

If you, readers, have anything to add in this faq that I don't have you can
be added here too.
[10] Contact Information

My e-mail address is [email protected] Feel free to email me for 
questions or comments just make sure your emails are clear and coherent. If I 
can't read them then I will not answer and they will just get deleted. The 
same will happen to spam or hate mail.
[11] Version History

Version 1.0  8/11/12  Started Guide-bare outline
Version 1.1  8/14/12  Put in all the synthsis Items that I have, still some 
Version 1.2  8/16/12  Finally collected all Blueprints and bought all the 
                      Furniture from the shop. Not complete but it will be.
Version 1.3  8/18/12  Put in clothing section and started fishing section. 
Version 1.4  8/19/12  Guide finished but still needs some things. Will add as 
                      I get them in the game.
Version 1.5  8/21/12  Added more items to furniture section.
Version 1.6  8/23/12  Started the HQ Mission section.
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