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Follow the dark path or use the light
Moon Pack Shot




by Invisible Assassin


Invisible Assassin
invisibleassassin (AT) gmail (DOT) com

--Table of Contents--

   1. Intro
   2. Version
   3. Weapons
   4. Enemies
   5. Walkthrough
	Episode 1.......MN01
	Episode 2.......MN02
	Episode 3.......MN03
	Episode 4.......MN04
	Episode 5.......MN05
	Episode 6.......MN06
	Episode 7.......MN07
	Episode 8.......MN08
	Episode 9.......MN09
	Episode 10......MN10
	Episode 11......MN11
	Episode 12......MN12
	Episode 13......MN13
	Episode 14......MN14
	Episode 15......MN15
	Episode 16......MN16
	Episode 17......MN17
   6. Legal


Welcome to my walkthrough for Moon. Fun FPS on the DS with very linear levels,
yet an almost Metroid feel to the exploration. As such, there's always 
something to miss. I've capitalized all the save points, health increases, ammo
increases and alien artifacts in my guide for easy searching as this is what
I would imagine most people coming to the guide for. If you're trying to search
through, hit Ctrl+F and look for one of those terms (in singular form, not


Feb 22 - Initial release. Complete walkthrough, with alien artifacts and power
1.0	 ups.


The weapons in this game aren't anything special or unique. Don't think that 
you'll find some crazy weapon that makes an enemy's head explode out their ass.

Super Assault Rifle
Your starting gun and a good short to medium range weapon. Fires in bursts or
full auto. It's not very accurate so shooting down a hallway can get tricky.
However, it does have unlimited ammo so feel free to blast away.

Muon Pistol
Pretty much a magnum. Good power, slow gun. It has excellent accuracy and
range, though.

Quanta Rifle
A step above the assault rifle. It's more powerful but chews through ammo
quicker. Not much more accurate, if at all more accurate, than the SAR.

Fermion Sniper
Extremely powerful sniper rifle. Nothing more to be said, really, except that
it hinders your movement in that you can only strafe with this thing when you
want to use it.

Lepton Spread
As the name implies, it sprays flak at enemies. A shotgun, pretty much.

Oxid Cannon
A grenade launcher at heart, it launches explosives at the enemies. The best
part is that its splash damage doesn't injure you.

Seeker Pods
Heatseeking rocket launcher, pretty much.


Flying objects that love to attack you. Weak and annoying than any real threat
but they come in a few varieties. Most common are the flying spheres and some
white and red plane things that shoot lasers.

Tiny little robots that crawl around everywhere. Not much of a threat at all
but can easily throw you off. Especially bad for your drone.

Bigger robots that extend their legs and shoot projectiles in a spread. Aim for
the yellow part to kill them faster.

Originally a miniboss, they become regular enemies. Very easy to kill but they
have lots of health and always come with friends.

Aliens in mech suits. Yeah. Aim for the chest and head. They're dangerous even
after death as they might launch an explosive head at you or something when
they've finally bitten the dust.

Not so much enemies as obstacles but there are enough and they are deadlier
than half the enemies on this list.


This guide was done on Normal mode. I'm going to assume the reader knows the
basic controls and concepts behind the gam.

If you're looking for ALIEN ARTIFACTS, know this: they're always hidden in
vents. Just send your droid through any vent, marked in yellow on your map.
You'll either get something story-related needed to progress or an ALIEN

Collecting all the Alien Artifacts will allow you to unlock an extra mission.
You can also collect merits by reading all the terminals in a level but it
doesn't really do anything.

==Prologue==                                                               MN00

You start facing two soldiers. Turn left and walk onto the catwalk and
continue on the linear path until you get to the door. Hit the Open button on
the touchscreen to progress.

Open the next door. Move forward to the door across from you, glowing yellow
on your map. Open. Go through the next door, the second on your left. It's the
only one that is not blocked off.


Pick up the glowing SUPER ASSAULT RIFLE in front of you, in the case. You
will have to hit the L button to fire to move on, no way around it. Turn 
around and exit back through the door. Shoot the drone and proceed to through
the door on your left. Proceed down this hallway, shooting the two drones, to
the glowing object on the ground.


Go out the door straight in front of you and examine the first body you come
upon, straight ahead. Go down into the middle of the enclosure and climb onto
the green elevator pad.

==Episode 1==                                                              MN01
Product Storage Sector I

Go down the stairs and through the door. Move forward, take a right turn before
the door. Pick up and canister and shoot the drones. Go through the
previously mentioned door.

Examine the control panel and then go through the door behind it. This next
room has a SAVE POINT. Go through the next door and kill the three droids. If
you'll notice on your map, you seem to be in an egg-carton like section.
Head to the southwest, killing the two droids on your way, and open the door.

There will be about five droids in this next room, so keep your eyes peeled.
Otherwise, turn right and head all the way south, and open the door. This is
a tiny hallway but you will be introduced to two crawlers here. Kill 'em and
keep going.

From here, you're at a crossroads. Ahead is a shielded area, to the left is a
barricaded area and, to the right, is an unlocked door. You can take potshots
at crawlers if you head left but you have to go right anyways.

Once you're through the door, turn left and drop down. Approach the droid.

Now you control the droid. Yay! Shoot the orange panel above the vent to drop
the shield and head on through. Go all the way through the vent until the next
vent cover. Shoot the orange panel and go through. Shoot the energy crystal

The game will teach you how to switch weapons now. Do so and make your way into
the western room and pick up your droid. Don't worry if you take too long, you
can always switch back to the droid. Go up the stairs and continue along the 
path. Shoot the two crystals to drop the field and go through the door.

If you want to collect all the ALIEN ARTIFACTS, backtrack to that egg-carton
room you passed earlier and guide your droid through the vent in the northeast
for your very first ALIEN ARTIFACT.

Go back down the stairs to where all those crates were barricading your path
and let your droid loose. Watch out for the crawlers. All you can do is stun
them. You'll notice a yellow dot on the southeast corner of your map. Guide
your droid there and you'll find a vent. Go through and continue down the long
and linear path, through another vent, and you'll reach your second ALIEN
ARTIFACT. Make your way back the the crate room and head up the western flight
of stairs and shoot the crystal on the ceiling. Switch back to your character
and meet your droid where the shield used to be. Continue west through the

The next area is pretty much the exact same thing, except mirrored and without
the vents. So just send your droid to the other side of the field through the
crates and shoot the two crystals on the ceiling. Switch to your character, go
west, pick up droid, keep going west.

The next area is even more of the same but with pipes blocking the way. Send 
the droid underneath them and beware the enemies who will fire on you. Stun
them and repeat your previous actions, except with three crystals. Keep heading

Kill the two crawlers in this area, then send the droid through the vent. Go
through and shoot the crystal, opening up this hallway. Head through the door
at the end of it and pick up a HEALTH INCREASE. Then go through the southern

In this next area, examine the body in front of the red door on the west side.
Go through the south door for a SAVE ROOM. Past here, there is a new spider
type of robot and two drones. Kill them and go through the southern door. This
next area has a ton of flying enemies so be careful. Exit east.

Kill the enemies in this room first and then you can work on the field. Examine
the two big orange bars and walk through. Pick up the MUON PISTOL and go
through the east door to another SAVE ROOM. Exit south for your first boss


	This thing is easy. It either shoots or jumps and unleashes a shockwave
	that does some damage. The real danger are the flyers that spawn with
	it but they drop items when killed. Just keep blasting.

After the boss battle, head upstairs and grab the RED KEY. Go into the east
room with the help of your droid and pick up an AMMO INCREASE. Now go all the
way back to where that body you examined was and open that red door (but it's
not red anymore).

Go down this hallway and examine the terminal and then go through the door.
Take your droid through the vent on the right to find the third ALIEN ARTIFACT,
and then take it through the left vent until you reach the open area. Disable
the turret ahead of you and shoot the crystal right behind it and get out of 
the turret's way before switching.

Regain control of your character and either take out the turrets quickly or
run through the door on the west. The next area is linear but has quite a few
drones, flyers and turrets. The area after is cross shaped but try to spend as
little time as possible in the middle of it unless you like dying. Otherwise,
run in a straight line straight to the door.

The next area is mostly linear but splits symmetrically and still leads to the
same damn exit. It's also got two turrets and a drone. Be careful and exit out.
The next area is a big area with two spiders and a turret. Take them out and
keep moving onwards.

You will come to a red hallway. Go straight into the next room and get the
HEALTH INCREASE. Then go back and take the turn to progress. You'll find
yourself in a tiny room with a door that's shooting at you. Yes, you read that
right. Shoot the little lock in the middle when it open and starts firing at
you. This will take TONS of ammo so use your Super Assault Rifle. 

==Episode 2==                                                              MN02

Go forward through the door for a real boss battle.

	Giant Robot Thing
	Just move side to side to avoid his attacks and shoot the spots on his
	chest. He'll expose his weak point and let out some flyers, but just
	keep blasting away until he's dead.

==Episode 3==                                                              MN03
Escape Product Storage Sector I

Yay, timed missions. >_>

Look at your map, you'll see you only have one door to go through so go. It's
a totally linear path so run and gun any enemies in your way. One you drop
down to a terminal, go right and run straight for the elevator.


Go back in the base and go all the way east you can possibly go and then head
through the south door. Head downstairs, through the door and then through the
big circular door (that leads into the airlock). Go through another door and
you're in the garage.


Pick up the explosives on the crate right in front of you and then get into the
vehicle. There's no map path for the vehicle section but it's linear anyways.
Just watch out for drones and the yellow things on the ground. They're mines.
Head towards the blue blip on your radar. However, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, when
you see a row of red-capped towers, park your vehicle right in front of them
and proceed past them on foot.

Why is this important? If you continue on to the garage, there is a glitch in
the earlier versions of the game which cause you to lose the vechile forcing
you to restart the game.

Anyways, cutscene.

When it's done, head forward and get onto another elevator pad.

==Episode 4==                                                              MN04
Product Storage Sector II

This area looks exactly like the last place so continue straight ahead to the
terminal. The map will show you it branches off into three parts, the middle
of which is locked. Go past the next room, which is a SAVE ROOM, and let's
take the left path for now.

Go down the blue hallway and watch out for the crawlers. You'll notice a vent
on your left, marked in yellow on the map. Send your droid through for an
ALIEN ARTIFACT. Keep going into the next room. This is actually a long series
of rooms with lots of drones and spiders. Otherwise, there's only one real way
to go so head straight forward.

You should be in your destination room now. Go left and downstairs, taking out
the turret, spider and drone and keep heading onward to the Missing Piece. Now
backtrack all the way to the start and take the right path. Be sure to visit

For this path, you'll have to use your droid to get under the pipes to your
right. On the opposite end of the room is a vent you can access for the next
ALIEN ARTIFACT. On either side of it are crystals to take down the field. Blast
them and exit the vent, immediately switch, and then pick up your droid and 
continue on. This next area is interesting. You have to take your droid through
a vent and blast two crystals in each area to drop the field. Twice. While
dodging cannon fire. Good luck. There's only one way to go so enjoy.

In the next area, go left to the field and send your droid right, under the
pipes. Guide it into the auxilliary room and shoot the crystal. Quickly switch
back and move to the next field. Switch back to your droid and go to the next
auxilliary room and repeat the process. Then meet up with your droid by going
under more pipes and then head into the inner alcove. Before turning left to
the next Missing Piece, send your droid into the vent for another ALIEN
ARTIFACT. Then go get the Missing Piece. Now you'll have to head all the way
back solving the puzzles all over again. It's very annoying.

Now you're back in the main room. Examine the terminal in the middle and pick
up the Quanta Rifle. Now head for the middle path. In the next room, there will
be a spider, two turrets and two drones. Clear them out andhead south. You can
go either left or right. Left has two drones and right has two spiders. Your
choice. Once you're through, go down into the lab area. After the scene, go
south and then drop down. You will have to fight another door. Kill it.

Episode 5                                                                  MN05
Sanctus Vector

Go forward and face the next boss!

	Laser Orb Thing
	This one's easy. Use your drone to get through the vent and shoot the
	four crystals. The field will drop and the boss will come forward. 
	Shoot out the red lights and then, when his weak spot is revealed, 
	blast into him with the Quanta Rifle.

Chapter 6                                                                  MN06
Exit Product Storage Sector II 

You should start off facing the force field. Turn around and go through the
door and then go through the next door on your right. As soon as you hit the
hangar ahead, there will be drones everywhere and a turret on the wall. I
recommend your pistol as it one-hit kills the drones. Exit through the north

Go down this long crawler-infested hallway and then drop down. You'll be back 
in the main area. Turn right and go back to the elevator that brought you down
here in the first place. Beware the drones on the way.

Go back to your vehicle. Turn right and go into that garage I was talking about
earlier. Drive onto the platform.


Now you have two minutes to head down this path to the elevator while avoiding
drones and mines. Then you have to do it again, with no extra time, to the 
communications tower, exit your vehicle and examine the controls.


Get back in your vehcile and head right from the comm. tower. Avoid the mines
and drones and get onto the platform where you will be lowered down again. This
next area may seem more winding but all paths lead to the same place. The trick
is to make all the same turn choices. If you go left, take every left path. If
right, take every right path. This way, you won't be going in circles. Once
you're far enough...


Episode 7                                                                  MN07
Non-ETEO Transport Vessel

Now you get to fight aliens! Woo! Remember: fire at the chest and head. I
recommend the head so that you don't have to deal with a kamikaze alien. The
path is winding but linear and will take you straight to the core.

	This thing fires in a spread but it's easy enough to avoid. Shoot the
	blinking red light on top of each panel to destroy them, then blast at
	the core. I suggest a Quanta Rifle for the latter part. The former is
	up to you; use whatever you like. Be warned, it also tosses grenades
	out. These aren't much of a problem at all but can do some heavy damage
	so be careful.

Episode 8                                                                  MN08
LOLA-RR10/Waste Disposal

You're back in your vehicle. Go forwards along the path, shooting drones and
avoiding mines. Head towards the blue dot. You'll notice it's on a small path.
Park your vehicle and get go in the path. You'll see another elevator, so get

This entrance is pretty much the exact same as the last, so save your game in
the SAVE ROOM and let's get ready. Examine the terminal ahead. This place is
a gigantic circle and, as you will notice, it's pretty much a straight line.

You might want to start south but there's only one open door right now and it's
north. So you'll have to go counterclockwise. The first area has drones. Kill
them and go on. There are no enemies in this next room so guide your droid
through the vent to the left of the next door. You'll get an ALIEN ARTIFACT. 
Once that's done, go through the door.

Take a left here.


Keep going upstairs and then head through the door.


You'll be sniped at by some of the alien mechs. Dodge them and head right. Go
up these stairs and the door at the right when you reach the top.


The first core is in this room. You cannot go in the exact same section as the
core but you can fire upon it. I recommend using your Muon Pistol to take out
the red lights and then your Quanta Rifle to destroy the core itself because
you'll have little room to fire and avoid the core's attacks. Once it's dead,
go through the south door for a SAVE ROOM.

Use your droid to take out the field in front of you so you can access the
AMMO INCREASE in the next room. Then go through the door in the path that
branches off. There will be two mechs and six drones inside. Take them out and
go through the only other door.

More enemies, same linear path. *yawn* Go through to the next door. Now there's
some real branching paths here. Send the droid under the pipes and take out the
two crystals near the cieling to drop the first field. Go through and send the
droid through one of the two vents in the corner and then shoot the two
crystals on the other side. Go through the next door.

Send your droid through the pipes on the right and circle all the way into the
vent. Before shooting the crystal when emerging, go through the next vent for
an ALIEN ARTIFACT. Then shoot to crystal, switch to your character and move
forward, then reunite your droid with him. Go through the door.

Linear path with some drones and a spider. Have fun. Go through the door at the

Once again, destroy the core. There are some enemies here too but they drop
ammo and health. Seriously, watch out for the grenades. When done, go through
the next door, to the south, and you'll happen upon a SAVE ROOM.

In the next room, guide your droid under the pipes to the hallway ahead. Shoot
the crystal and the end of it and the one around the corner and then go through
the field. Retrieve your droid before going through the first door you pass. In
there is a HEALTH INCREASE. Once you get that, go through one of the other

In the next room are four droids. Go through the door past them. Send the droid
through the vents in the right and circle round to the room with the big
machine. Shoot the crystals on either side to drop the field and then continue
through the next door, shooting the drones on the way. This next hallway has a
drone and some alien mechs. Kill them but before going through the next door,
send your droid under the pipes for the only ALIEN ARTIFACT not in a vent, so
far. Then go through that door.

In this hallway, you'll cross a bridge with a turret right beside you on either
side. Use your Muon Pistol. Then go through the next door. Now you're in the
core room, and there's a big open space here and only two drones! Yay! Once
it's destroyed, go through the western door. Drop down and go save first,
through the door on your left. Then go right, to the centre path. Kill another

Episode 9                                                                  MN09
Guardian II

Go forward for the boss.

	Big Robot Thing Again
	He's A LOT more annoying this time. He's got way more firepower and a
	force field on all sides. To attack him, you've got to take down the
	field by examining the big orange bar on each post. One that's down,
	spray his chest with the Quanta Rifle and then blast his weak point
	with the Muon Pistol.

Episode 10								   MN10
Power Station

Go through the door on the opposite side and pick up the Fermion Sniper on the
pedestal. Then go through the door behind it. Kill the alien mech in this room
and then go through the next door for a SAVE POINT. Then go through to the next

You'll notice tons of doors in this next room. First things first, go up to the
terminal in front of you and get the map. Now you have four paths to go through
before the middle one, to the east. Great. I'll divide it up now.

North West
In the first room, there's an alien mech. In the second room, there's a mech.
Send your droid through the vent in the north and you'll come into the bottom
floor. Watch out for the two mechs and go right to get an ALIEN ARTIFACT. Go
back to your character and go through the next door. Go forward and you'll come
to an intersection. Send your droid under the pipes, circle around, shoot the 
crystals on either side and then go through to the next door. This next place
has three paths but it doesn't really matter. Send your drone through the pipes
in the centre one, choose either left or right, shoot the crystals, take your
character down that way and go through the door for a SAVE ROOM. Now you'll
have to fight some boss.

	Rolling Guy
	All he can really do is shoot some energy blasts and roll at you.
	Easily avoided. Just shoot his face with the Muon Pistol.

One he's dead, you get the Data Packet. Now backtrack all the way to the
central hub.

North East
This path forks but both lead into the same room. I highly suggest going left
as it only has half as many enemies. Go through the door, up the ramp and 
through the next door. This next room has drones and alien mechs. At the end of
it are three doors. Take either one of the side ones to access a tiny bridge
with an AMMO INCREASE. Then go back through that middle door. Get through the
drones and mech in the next room and go through the door. In this room, park
yourself away from the door (the drones can shoot through the field) and send
your droid through the vent. You'll have to go through two series of tunnels,
picking up an ALIEN ARTIFACT on the way. Once you emerge, keep heading straight
and you'll see a bunch of crates. There's a crystal on either side of this
debris, so blast them and then get your guy over there and through the next
door. There are a ton of droids in this next small hallway and past that is a 
SAVE POINT. After this room, boss fight with another one of those big rolling
things. Same strategy. Then backtrack to the start.

South East
Small room with a couple of droids first. The second room is tons more
interesting. Go wait by the field and send your droid through the vents on the
other side. Blast the crystals and then pick it up and move on. This next area
has two paths but I have no idea why the middle area is blocked off. There's
nothing there. Either way, go through to the next room. Go past this next lab
area, killing drones. Go across the catwalks and go to the door on the bottom
floor. Go through the next room to get to a SAVE POINT. Now, boss fight, data
piece, backtrack.

South West
In this first hallway, there's nothing but a couple of droids. In this next
room, keep going straight and head downstairs. You'll first come across an
AMMO INCREASE. Turn right and you'll see a vent you can find an ALIEN ARTIFACT
in. When done, head back upstairs and go through that door. The next room is a
bunch of catwalks with drones and a mech. Keep going. In the next room, go
right and park in front of the field. Send the droid further along, under some
pipes. Go all the way around and shoot the crystals. Move your character to the
next room and shoot the two crystals here to drop the other field and retrieve
your droid. Then go through the door at the top of the stairs. Go along this
hallway into the next room, which is a SAVE POINT. Kill the boss, get the data
piece and backtrack.

Now that you have all the pieces, go through the centre door in the east of the
main hub. Go forward and kill another door.

Episode 11								   MN11
Phexic Manifold

Go forward, boss battle. Yay!

	Big Machine Thing
	Your biggest boss yet and... you fight it with the droid. Alright...
	There are three sides with three lights each. Just shoot them all until
	they're all gone while avoiding his (pretty simple) attacks.

Episode 12								   MN12
Cold Process

Go into the vent where the boss used to be and navigate to the weapon room.
Shoot the crystals, switch and pick up the Lepton Spread and your droid. Then
move on to the next room. Navigate to the elevator in the centre. Go down the
next long hallway and into the other elevator. Go forward and interact with the
terminal. Only one place this time, yay! Go forwards and into a SAVE ROOM.

In the next room, there's a big circular silo with a drone circling around the
path. You can't kill it, so avoid it and go on through the next door. In the 
next area, take a left. You'll see two vents on your map. Send your drone
through the vent on the east first. Go along this vent. At the first 
intersection, shoot the crystal on the left and then take the right path. Go
through the next two vent fields. You'll happen across another intersection.
Shoot the crystal to the left and, if you're fast enough, the field ahead will
be open. Go through. All the way ahead will be an ALIEN ARTIFACT. Shoo the
crystal to the right and then head left. At the next intersection, shoot the
crystal on the right and then go left. You'll eventually meet up with your guy.
Go through the next door.

The next area has a spider, some drones and some turrets. Fight through. Park
yourself by the field and send your droid through the vent up ahead. Once you
emerge, shoot the crystal to the right and the one all the way to the left.
Switch back, go through the field and pick up the AMMO INCREASE. Get both your
guy and your droid to drop down and meet up, then go through the door for a 

The next two rooms are straightforward. Go through. This third one is a bit
more complex. You'll notice on path on the right is blocked by pipes and the
one further ahead has a field. Park by the field and send your droid under the
pipes and shoot the two crystals. Switch and go forward and get the HEALTH
INCREASE. Now meet up and go down through the south door.

In the next area, send the droid through the vent to your left and, after
emerging, shoot the two crystals immediately to the right, one near and one
far. Switch and go through and shoot the other crystals from here. Then meet up
and go through the west door for a SAVE POINT.

In the next room, send the droid through the vent in the north for another
ALIEN ARTIFACT. Then go west. The next two rooms are very small and linear. The
third room has a vent at the end. Go through (and this really freakin' long
path) for another ALIEN ARTIFACT. When you've got it, go through the door.

Go down this hallway and then, in the next room, is another door. Kill it.

Episode 13								   MN13
Guardian III

Go forward and face this guy again.

	Big Robot Guy Again
	This fight has the same concept as last time, except you've got a
	bigger area and two floors. The big orange bar things are on every
	other poles this time. Make sure the last bar is on the ground floor
	so you can get some good shots in as fast as you can.

Episode 14								   MN14
Irradiated Stratum

Go to the other side of the room and go through the door. Pick up the Oxid
Cannon in the next room and keep progressing. Go into the elevator in the next

Once again, go forwards, interact with the terminal and discover you've got
three paths again. Ugh. So close but so far. Anyways, go forwards and into the
SAVE ROOM. Then go into the next room. Near the end of it is a vent you can
guide the droid through for an ALIEN ARTIFACT. Go through the east door when
you're done. In the next room, let's go south first.

The first room is linear. Go through. In the next, park by the field at the
south, then send your droid through the pipes in the north to the crystals.
Destroy then, go through the field for a HEALTH INCREASE. Once done, go through
the west door. In the next room are two mechs and about four droids. Kill. All
you have to do is examine the Power Cell before backtracking (the game made a
shortcut for you). Now go east into the SAVE ROOM.

In the next room, go upstairs and guide the droid through the vent for another
ALIEN ARTIFACT. Then go through the east door. In the next room, there's a
scorpion boss (now regular enemy) and some drones. Kill it and go through the
north door, up the ramp.

Go to the field up ahead and send the droid through the vent. Shoot the 
crystals and go through for an AMMO INCRASE. When you're done, head through the
west door. The next room is tiny, go through. You're in the Power Cell room now
with tons of mechs and driuds. Kill them, examine and then backtrack. Then go
left into the SAVE ROOM.

The next room has a scorpion and three mechs and a bunch of droids. Kill the
scorpion and mechs and then go through the door. At the end of the next long
hallways is a vent through which you can get an ALIEN ARTIFACT. Then go south.
Go through the next hallway and into the west door. This is the last Power Cell
room. Kill all the enemies and examine it. Then go south. Pick up the Seeker
Pod in the next room. get on the elevator in front of you.

Episode 15								   MN15
Matrix Progenitor

Go through the door and take the first right and get an AMMO INCREASE. Then
drop down for a boss.

	Core Thing
	This is ridiculous. Sniper and then Seeker Pod. There you go.

Episode 16								   MN16
Fermian Homeworld	

Go through the door at the left of this room. Go down this hall, go through the
door and then go through the door on the left. In this next room is a desk
right in front of you. Notice the room to the left. Go straight ahead until you
hit a force field. Then send the droid back into that left room and go through
the vent. Shoot the crystals, go through, join up, head through the door. The
rest of this level is linear and has tons of enemies. Have fun running and
gunning. Eventually you'll reach an elevator.

Episode 17								   MN17

	Final Boss!
	This fight is actually pretty easy. Just keep spamming his head with
	the Oxid Cannon ad Pod Seeker, using the Muon Pistol to take out the
	drones. This will take a while but he'll be down soon.

Congrats, you just beat Moon.


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