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Star Crystal Location Guide

by Dragovian1

Monster Racers

Star Crystal Locations
By Dragovian1

Monster Racers: This is a game for the Nintendo DS by Koei and UFO
Interactive. This game revolves guessed it, racing monsters.
You catch them, train them, give them items, breed them, and race them.

Now, on to MONSTER RACERS!!! Specifically�finding Star Crystals, but 
first a description. A man is collecting them in Star City for his king. So, 
find them and you shall be rewarded after reaching a certain amount 
(5, 10, etc.). Star Crystals sparkle a bluish white in the field and can also 
be found by defeating certain people in a race. There you have it. Oh�
and this is my first guide.


Me: Like I said...1st guide. I'm trying people. Now, if I'm not spot on turn 
this way, fake right, look with it. The Star Crystals aren't that 
hard to spot given the general location. Also, I'm not listing the racers 
names, since their monster names is all that is shown...and that's only 
in a race. You may contact me at:

[email protected]

I may reply and I may ignore you. You can ask questions nicely and the
chances for a reply sky rocket, but don't and I'll ignore you. Don't whine.
Moving on.


This guide will be split into the areas and the continents found within 
Monster Racers for easy reference. I�m ONLY going to list areas WITH 
star crystals. Try Ctrl + F for easy look up. Ex. �1.1.a� without ��. 
I�ll update as I play the game.

PS: Abbreviations:
	sc= Star Crystal
	N= North
	NE= North East
	NW= North West
	S= South
	SE= South East
	SW= South West
	E= East
	W= West
	1st area= Entrance area(I'll name other areas, but this is the basis)
	2nd area, 3rd area, etc.= These are based off the entrance/1st

Necessary Items for some areas: Power Glove, Sledgehammer

1.1 Star Island
	1.1.a Star City
	1.1.b Star Plains
	1.1.c Star Caves

1.2 Oceania
	1.2.a Ayers Rock
	1.2.b Rainforest
	1.2.c Great Barrier Reef

1.3 Asia
	1.3.a Fuji
	1.3.b Guilin
	1.3.c Taklamakan

1.4 Eurasia
	1.4.a Kamchatka
	1.4.b Eurasian GP
	1.4.c North Pole

1.5 Africa
	1.5.a Masai Mara
	1.5.b African GP

2.1 Rewards

3.1 Version History

4.1 Credits

5.1 Copyright

6.1 Q/A


Now, let's begin the guide to the Star Crystals.


1.1 Star Island: The beginning of your journey. The home of monster
racing, and the place where monsters were first discovered. Monster
racers from all over the world begin their careers here.


1.1.a Star City:
This is where the Star Crystal man awaits you. You may find him to trade 
your star crystals in for items. The only city on Star Island. It was only
built in recent years in response to the ever-growing popularity of the
monster races.

1. The Star Crystal man points out a sc at the base of a tree when you first 
speak to him. Grab it!

2. Check W along the Monsterium fence.

3. In the 2nd area of Star City, you can find Aku and his house. This sc
is just NE of his house, in a corner.


1.1.b Star Plains:
A small flat region in the west of Star Island. It is inhabited by a wide
variety of smaller low level monsters.

1. E of the Green Orb location, close to trees and a moving monster.

2. NW in a yellow chest.


1.1.c Star Caves:
A series of caves in the east of Star Island. Dark at all times of the day,
it is known as a place of great mystery.

1. 1st area. In the NE, beat a racers in a pink hat to claim your sc.

2. 1st area. Sledgehammer needed. Go N, then W, then S, smash rock,
then continue S to a Yellow Chest.

3. 2nd area. Sledgehammer needed. Smash rocks to gain access to 2 chests.
W chest has the sc.


1.2 Oceania:
The most recently established region for monster racing. Up-and-coming
racers come here to see unusual monsters and to test their skill.


1.2.a Ayers Rock:
One of the largest single rocks in the world. Also known as Uluru, some
consider it the center of the earth.

1. 1st area. SE behind a string of rocks.

2. 1st area. N, beat the man in blue in a race.


1.2.b Rainforest:
An ancient area of bushland in the east of Australia. Many monsters
live deep within the undergrowth.

1. 1st area. N, power glove needed. In a grove of trees.

2. 1st area. NE, power glove needed. In a yellow chest.


1.2.c Great Barrier Reef:
Stunningly beautiful, this is the world's largest coral reef. It has taken
over two million years to grow to this size.

1. From 1st area, take track to 2nd area, then take the SW track to a small
island. Beat the racer there.


1.3 Asia:
Monster racing popularity has risen dramatically here in the past few years.
The number and level of racers in the area are also rising rapidly.


1.3.a Fuji:
A vast forest extending at the foot of the famous Mt. Fuji. Once you enter,
it is hard to find your way out again.

1. From the 1st area, take the most W path to a different area, 
then take right path to a small semi-circle grove where the sc is.


1.3.b Guilin:
This area is famous for its magnificient scenery, similar to Chinese ink
paintings with its mountains and rivers.

1. 4th area (entrance=1st area). Go N, then W where an Astral Force member is,
then check the dead end on the right, sc is on ground.

2. Reach the cave/building. Go far E after entering, the sc is on the ground.


1.3.c Taklamakan:
A vast dry desert in the middle of Asia. It almost never rains, and the
mountains of sand seem to continue forever.

1. From 1st area, go E, E, N, N, W, and race the pair by the oasis.

2. From 1st area, go E, E, N, N, W, W, W, N, then turn right and check
the ground.


1.4 Eurasia:
Far in the frozen north, this is still a famous area for monster racing. It was
developed with the support of a certain wealthy industrialist.


1.4.a Kamchatka:
One of the world's most famous volcanic areas. The monsters here are able
to handle extreme heat.

1. 1st area. Climb the mountain all the way (Do not leave the 1st area though).
Then, take the small path on the right to the sc on the ground.

2. 2nd area. Defeat pair of racers. One wears pink and the other has glasses.


1.4.b Eurasian GP:
The largest and most important monster racing tournament in Eurasia. A
member of the Star Seven is defending champion.

1. Go N, then turn E, then S, and finally W. The sc is at the end behind chairs.


1.4.c North Pole:
The northern most point on the planet. The Arctic Ocean is so frozen
over that the ice seems just like land.

1. 1st area only. Get past the ice to a walkable area. (No, I won't tell you how
to get through the ice maze.) Walk stairs, go S, then W, then N, and choose
the left path (no monster) and check the back NW corner.


1.5 Africa:
A region with a relatively long history of monster racing. The region is known
for its powerful monsters and its efforts at monster conservation.


1.5.a Masai Mara:
A vast African savanna. It is bustling with a wide range of exotic wild

1. 1st area. Turn E, then S at first southern path, then W. Look in
Yellow Chest.

2. 1st area. Go W as far as possible, then S, then E, and just N check the
Yellow Chest.

3. 1st area. Go E as far as possible, then S, then W through a tight
forest path, eventually going N to a sc shining on a rock.

4. From 1st area, go E, then S into a different area. Go S, then E to a
Yellow Chest.

5. From 1st area, go W, then SE into a different area. Go S and beat a
kid in red with brown hair.


1.5.b African GP:
The largest and most important monster racing tournament in Africa.
A member of the Star Seven is defending champion.

1. Check W between 2 sofas.


2.1 Rewards: After reaching a set amount of Star Crystals, you
may be rewarded by the man in Star City.

5 sc = Vest - Increases equipped monsters Will by 1.

10 sc = Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Black Gumdrops - Increases 
monsters stats. 

20 sc = High Bell - Makes High Level monster more likely to 



5/18/2010 - Created guide.

5/25/2010 - Submitted guide with first 28 Star Crystal locations.


Thank you to UFO Interactive and Koei for creating such a fun game.

Thank you to Gamefaqs for posting this guide.

Thank you to Shonen Jump for running the ad for this game.

Thank you to my friends.

Mostly, thanks mom. Love ya.



This guide is created and owned by Dragovian1. 
No person/place/thing/etc. may use this guide without approval. 
I will check and I will find thieves. You have been warned.
You may print this guide for use as a checklist, quick ref., etc.

Only the following website/s have permission to post my guide:

You may seek approval by sending an email to me at:

[email protected]

There is no guarantee I shall see or acknowledge your request and it 
may also take awhile, especially as time passes, since I will have 
obviously moved on.


6.1 Q/A:

1. Will you post a list of Star Crystals found through the game in a 
timeline form?

No. Different people go to different areas first, so it would be 
extremely difficult to try that. Try checking them off as you go.


2. Can I find Star Crystals during a race?

No. Only in the field or after defeating a racer.


3. Do I need a certain monster to get Star Crystals?



4. *Whine* I don't have the item to reach a location, my monsters 
aren't strong enough, etc. What can I do? *Whine*

PLAY THE GAME! If you don't have something, continue playing 
and you will eventually come across it...and...TRAIN YOUR 


5. I cheked your locations and nothing was there?

Well, you probably already got it and forgot. Check other areas.


6. Do I need these to beat the story?

No, but they help, since the items can be useful.


7. Do Exotic Monsters and Star Crystals tie in?



8. Will you post the rest?

Possibly, depending on life. These things take time.
Be patient.


Well, that�s it my little monster racers. Have fun racing
and watch for shooting star crystals.