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Follow the dark path or use the light




by IceQueenZer0

--------------------------- [ METEOS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH]--------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
------------------------------[ Nintendo Dual Screen ]-------------------------


It's raining (sorta), it's pouring, but there is no old man snoring here folks.
It's another puzzle game that I took the time to play and its war between the
planets. The planet at the object of this war is the planet Meteo and it is up
to you to destroy the planet Meteos. The gameplay is the similar concept to
other puzzle games like Tetris series, Columns, Dr. Mario, Puyo Pop, etc. espe-
cially in the vs. Mode

Meteos and its characters are trademarks of Nintendo and all copyrights belong
to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put
on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o
proper consent.


A Button = Switch the Meteos/Choose
B Button = Cancel/Go Back
X/Y Button = Switch Target Window
L/R Button = Slow Down/Speed Up
Start = Pause Game.
Stylus = choose options/switch Meteo position (up and down)


-Simple: play it your way
-Starship: 3 modes of missions
-Deluge: play till you lose
-Time War: Go for what you know
-Tutor: learn the game

-Rare Metals

-Demo Download

-Planet Registry: Planets you got
-Item Switch: items you got and how often they occur
-Hand Choice: right or left handed
-SoundBalance: adjust the dominance of the left or right speakers
-Erase Data: delete all you worked for

-DS Download Play


Bomb - Destroys nearby Meteos in a huge blast.
Fuury Hammer - Smashes Meteo with a masisive hammer.
Smoke screen - Hamoers vision with a plume of smoke.
Mini Weight -Pulverizes a column of Meteos.
Rocket - Turns 2 Meteos per side into rockets.
Smart Bomb - destroys al Meteos.
Driller Bomb - Digs down to destroy the lowest row.
Row Bomb - Destroys and entire row of Meteos.
Cross BOmb - Wrecks 1 column and 1 row of Meteos.
X bomb - Destroys Meteos with a X-shaped blast.
Super Rocket - Turns a row of Meteos into rockes.
War Axe - Cuts Meteos with a Gigantic Axe.
Smoke Line - Hampers vision with lots of smoke.
Heavyweight -  Crushes 3 colums of Meteos.
Eraser - Destroys all Meteos like the one bleow.
Speeder Lock 0 Renders the speeder briefly inoperable.


Geolyte - Earth water and air are balanced on this blue planet. The merry Geo-
lyte civilization is very similar to Earth's.

Firim - This incandescent planet burns from within and rotates at high speed.
The Firimes can command lava flows at will.

Oleana - This watery planet is covered in seas that team with life. Oleanans are
highly advanced and peaceful

Anasaze - This wild planet has thin atmosphere, making life harsh. Anasazeans
can go days subsisting on a tiny bit of water.

Grannest - This planet thrives on industry, which has sullied it environment and
forced the native machines into space.

Freaze - Chilling blizzards ravage this icy orb. Freazers are more matter than
organism, and enjoy sliding their bulk over ice

Megadom - Most of this planet is covered in dense gas that makes the natives-who
live on a floating island- eternal optimists

Boggob - The Warlike people of this swampy planet must fight for life in an
ecosystem teeming with predators.

Bavoom - Fierce winds cut through the dense atmosphere of this barren planet.
The Bavoomians live on the wind currents.

Layazero - It's unclear whether this holographic planet is real or an illusion.
Layazeroes draw strength from holographic designs

Florias - Flowers bloom wildly on this planet. Florisians are sentient plants
that use their own petals to tell the future.

Jeljel - This molten orb is covered in viscous, gooey magma that Jeljelians can
fuse with. They are a very lonely race.

Mekks - Once a space mine, the natives of Mekks spun wires like thread to make a
constantly evolving mechanized planet.

Meteo - The culprit behind the universal chaos, and destroyer of worlds. The
Metamo Ark defeated this galactic bane.

Gigagush - The great vortex around this planet sucks in anything nearby.
Gigagushers suck in prey and use poison fangs.

Cavious - A massive cavern stretches deep below this planet. The stubborn
Caviousians use their heads as rock hammers.

Brabbit - A collage of colored gas hangs over this planet Brabbiters are
sentient gas beings and amazing shape-shifters.

Forte - The timid Fortersórenowned jumpersólive in the deep surface cracks of
this liquid and plant-free planet.

Dawndus - This planet boasts a perpetual state of either dawn or dusk. The
insomniac Dawndusians like to feign sleep.

Globin - Globin's structure is much like a living body, and its people destri-
bute nourishment and repel invaders.

Lastar - A fierce brilliance envelops this world, eliminating all shadows.
Lastarals speak by reflecting this brilliant light

Hevender - Hevendor is home to the life-forms known as the seven sages. Before
these powerful psychics, Meteos are but toys.

Hotted - The intense heat of Hotted makes the iron-rich rocks on its surface
shine. Hotteds are savage, giant... but dutiful.

Gravitas - The brutal gravity of Gravitas turns the tiniest speck into an
ultradense particle. Gravitases enjoy little leisure.

Luna=Luna - These twin moons are tied like lovers dancing a waltz. The natives
often attempt to jump between moons.

Starrii - The home of the goddess Starrii, this planet is populated by humble
oracles who live to protect her.

Olena - This watery planet's mostly covered in seas that teem with life.
Oleanans are highly advanced and peaceful.

Thirnova - This strange light spawned between two supernovas is likely an
alternate dimension. Thirnovas are half energy.

Suburbion - This tiny, man-made space suburb is home to a bellicose race whose
home planet was destroyed by constant warfare.

Wuud - Wuud is basically a single giant tree. Wuudites live symbiotically with
the great tree, never harming it.

Wiral - Only machines move across this ravaged planet's surface. The Wiralons
all moved into the lobes of an electro-brain.

Vubble - Vubblies skate among giant bubbles made by vubble's highly viscous
ocean foam. They absolutely lothe sharp things.

Yooj - A thunderhead of monstrous size hangs over this sphere. As a result,
Yoojics can only think big.


To play the game, you have to match 3 or more Meteos vertically or horizontally.
Each planet has different kinds of gravity and that affects how high the blasted
Meteos will rise and fall. Don't let the Meteos stay staked at the top or the
column will flash and eventually lead to game over.


This is basically costumizing the game you want to play it. You can choose the
planet you want to control, difficulty, number of lives (game ends after certain
number you choose) or if you chose time then game ends in what time you chose
and the team you are on (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)


There are 3 routes: Straight, Split, and Multi

Straight: fight random order of planets
Split: You have many paths to take towards several possible endings
Multi: You fight against more than one opponent sometimes and you have missions
to undertake.


You have 4 modes:

Score as many as you can in 2:00 or 5:00
Clear 100 or 1000 Meteos


This is what you would consider an endurace mode. You play on the desired planet
until you lose.


You earn Meteos Metals for each and every kind of Meteos that you launch into


Need: 50 H20, 100 Soil, 600 Herb, 100 Zoo, 1 Glow

Need: 1800 Air, 150 Fire, 150 H20, 150 Soil, 150 Zap, 150 Herb, 150 Zoo, 1

Need: 1 Air, 400 Fire, 1 H20, 2000 Soil, 500 Iron, 400 Zap, 400 Herb, 1 Zoo,
1 Glow, 1 Dark, 2 Time

Need: 300 Air, 1200 Fire, 300 Soil, 700 Herb, 700 Zoo, 10 Glow

Need: 1 Soul

Need: 2980 Soil, 1 Zoo, 8 Dark

Need: 100 Air, 100 H20

Need: 100 Air, 200 H20

Need: 20 Air, 10 Fire, 30 H20, 300 Iron, 1500 Zoo, 30 Dark, 1 Soul

Need: 3333 Zoo, 666 Dark, 3 Soul

Need: 1221 Soil, 1441 Iron, 121 Zap, 161 Zoo, 1 Time

Need: 777 Air, 777 Fire, 777 H20, 777 Soil, 777 Iron, 777 Zap, 777 Herb, 777
Zoo, 77 Glow, 77 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time

Need: 4000 Fire, 800 Iron, 50 Dark, 2 Soul

Need: 666 Fire, 666 Soil, 666 Zoo, 3 Dark

Need: 1500 Glow, 2 Time

Layer Zero
Need: 256 Air, 256 Fire, 256 H20, 256 Soil, 256 Iron, 256 Zap, 256 Herb, 256
Zoo, 64 Light, 64 Dark

Need: 1500 Fire, 1500 Soil, 1500 Iron, 100 Zap, 100 Herb, 100 Dark, 2 Soul

Need: 200 Air, 200 Fire, 100 H20, 100 Soil

Need: 1024 Iron, 800 Zap

Need: 5000 Air, 5000 Fire, 5000 H20, 5000 Soil, 3000 Iron, 3000 Zap, 2000
Herb, 2000 Zoo, 1000 Glow, 1000 Dark, 5 Soul, 5 Time

Need: 2500 Herb, 2500 Zoo, 500 Glow, 3 Time

Need: 78 Air, 77 Fire, 75 H20, 1200 Dark, 2 Soul

Need: 1000 Fire, 2800 Zap, 400 Glow, 2 Time

Need: 500 Iron, 2000 Zap, 50 Glow, 1 Time

Need: 800 H20, 3000 Herb, 1 Soul

Need: 4000 Air, 500 Fire, 1000 H20, 100 Glow, 1 Time


Driller Bomb
Need: 150 Air, 200 Fire

Heavy weight
Need: 256 Soil, 512 Iron, 512 Herb

Row Bomb
Need: 111 Fire, 111 H20, 111 Soil

Smart Bomb
Need: 300 Air, 300 Fire, 300 H20, 300 Soil, 300 Iron, 300 Zap, 300 Herb, 300
Zoo, 50 Glow, 50 Dark, 1 Soul and 1 Time

Smoke Line
Need: 800 Air, 1000 H20, 20 Glow, 1 soul

Speeder lock
Need: 1024 H20, 255 Soil, 350 Herb, 20 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time

Super Rocket
Need: 80 Air, 80 Fire, 1111 Iron

War Axe
Need: 500 Herb, 400 Zoo

X Bomb
Need: 500 Fire, 500 Soil, 5 Glow, 1 Time


Need: 500 Fire, 500 H20, 500 Zap, 500 Zoo and 200 Glow

Need: 500 Air, 500 Soil, 500 Iron, 500 Herb and 200 Dark


Anasaze Set
Need: 200 Soil

Bavoom Set
Need: 500 Air

Boggob Set
Need:200 Herb

Brabbit Set
Need: 1000 Air

Cavious Set
Need: 1000 Soil

Credits Sound set
Need: 100 Air, 100 Fire, 100 H20, 100 Soil, 100 Iron, 100 Zap, 100 Herb, 100
Zoo, 100 Glow, 100 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time

Dawndus Set
Need: 500 Zoo

Ending 1
Need: 1 Soul

Ending 2
Need: 1 Time

Ending 3
Need: 1 Time

Firim Set
Need: 200 Fire

Florias Set
Need: 1000 Herb

Forte Set
Need: 500 Soil

Freaze Set
Need: 500 H20

Fusion Room
Need: 300 Fire, 300 H20

Gigagush Set
Need: 1000 Iron

Globin Set
Need: 1000 Zoo

Grannest Set
Need: 200 Iron

Gravitas Set
Need: 500 Zap

Henedevor Set
Need: 200 Dark

Hotted Set
Need: 1000 Fire

JelJel Set
Need: 500 Fire

Lastar Set
Need: 1 Time

Layazero Set
Need: 1000 Zap

Luna = Luna Set
Need: 100 Dark

Megadom Set
Need: 200 Zap

Mekks Set
Need: 500 Iron

Need: 100 Air

Meteo Sound Set
Need: 1 Air, 1 Fire, 1 H20, 1 Soil, 1 Iron, 1 Zap, 1 Herb, 1 Zoo, 1 Glow,
1 Dark, 1 Soul, 1 Time

Oleana Set
Need: 200 H20

Need: 100 Air

Need: 300 Zap, 300 Herb

Star Trip
Need: 300 Soil, 300 Iron

Need: Set 1 Soul

Subordion Set
Need: 300 Dark

Thirnova Set
Need: 300 Glow

Vubble Set
Need: 1000 H20

Wiral Set
Need: 100 glow

Wuud Set
Need: 500 Herb

Yooj Set
Need: 200 Glow


There are 12 endins in Starship Mode. Each ending you get depends on the route
you take. There are 2 endings for straight, 3 for multi and 7 for Split route
and you must fufill various conditions. Here are the endings we got so far.

--Invisible Bonds--

The final blow to Meteo wasn't working, and the metamo ark was savaged. But then
deep-space laser cannons fired beams from all directions - the many races united
to protect the ark! Together they destroyed Planet Meteo.

Need: Beat Straight Mode

--Spritual Legacy--

The Metamo ark transformed itself into the essence of other planets to equalize
its attack power. After doing so against Planet Meteo, it could not reagain its
shape and became the new planet Meteo. None know what will happen now.

Need: Beat the Meteo at the very top in Split Mode

--New Universe--

The ruthless meteos horde crushed every last planet in the Universe. Having lost
their home, The meteos slowly fused into new planets and galaxies over thousands
of years. These bountiful new planets gave forth new life.

Need: Beat the Meteos at the very bottom in Split Mode

--Miracle Reborn--

The Meteo War had ended, But the Universe was hurt and stars were vanishing. It
turned out Meteos were also a resource! The Metamo ark initiated a massive Fu-
sion with the remainders, reviving the universe.

Need: Beat Straight Mode with 500K points

--The Galaxy Embarks--

Once planet Meteo blew up, the meteos rampage ended. Having lost their master,
the wandering meteos were draw to the Metamo ark, making a Multi colored glow of
utter brilliance. The Metamo Ark embarked on an endless journey.

Need: Beat 3rd Meteos from the top in Split Mode

--A sport is Born--

Planet Meteo fell before the Metamo Ark, but once peace reigned again, a new
sport arose. Planets would launch meteos at opposing planets, trying to launch
the most. With total destruction at risk, it was awfully thrilling.

Need: Beat 2nd Meteos from the top in Split Mode

--The New Utopia--

After planet Meteo was destroyed, fresh breezes and bountiful soil ruled. It was
a Utopian dream that spread forth, erasing all dark fears of the phantasmagoric
Meteo. All lived in happy peace, forgetting the past...

Need: Beat Middle Meteos in Split Mode

--The Galactic Fork--

Delivering the final blow to Meteos was proving difficult until the meteos fused
into a giant fork! Using all of it's power, the Metamo Ark cut up the well-done
Meteo like a delicious steak. Utter victory is ours! Probably.

Need: Beat 3rd Meteos from the bottom in Split Mode

--Limitless Eye--

Planet Meteos exploded! "We won! We Won!" so shouted the joyful crew of the
Metamo ark but victory was fleeting. In the deeps of space, evil eyes gazed at
the ark and then an untouchable swarm of meteos launched!

Need: Defeat lower Meteos in Multi Route

--The Great Battle--

At last, planet Meteo was destroyed.. but the Surviving Meteos became an infi-
nite mass. Metamo Arks came from each planet, an infinite army fight the foe.
The universe was at stake. The final battle began.

Need: Defeat Middle Meteos in Multi Route

--In the Angel's Halo--

The scattered Meteos encircled the entire universe, creating a ring that gave
birth to all the new planets. It was a shining time, as the halo of that once
fearful civilization wrapped worlds like an embrace.

Need: Defeat 2nd Meteos from the bottom in Split Mode

--The Ascent--

The meteos self-spawned and became an infinite mass. The Metamo Ark no longer
needed to fight and all the planets returned to their original state by fused
meteos. The metamo ark and it's denizens became like gods.

Planet Anasaze sound: set Beat the Branch route
Planet Brabbit sound: set Launch 10,000 or more Meteos
Planet Cavious sound: set Play for an Hour
Planet Freaze sound set: See four endings for the Branch route
Planet Layazero sound set: Finish a 1,000 Meteo war in 3 minutes or less
100 Air, Fire, Soil, and H2O Meteos: Finish a 100Meteo War in 10 seconds or less
100 Iron, Zap, Zoo and Herb Meteos: Play three wireless matches
Cross Bomb: See the true ending for the Straight route
Eraser: Get five other players' profiles
Fury Hammer: Clear the Multi route for the first time
Smoke Screen: Score 100,000 points in a 5:00 time war
Florias: Play the game for more than 5 hours
Grannest: Complete Star Trip "STRAIGHT" mode once
Planet Jeljel: Get another Player's profile
Planet Layazero: See the true ending of multi route
Planet Meteos: Play Star Trip and watch any 8 different endings
Planet Vubble: See all seven endingsfor the Branch route

God - Creator of all
GameFly - description
Whoever posts this FAQ
Thunderman, Zardah, garrspete2, kyozenbaka, digimax, animalcrossingfreak for the
cheats and fusions.
You - for reading.