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Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus


S-ranking FM-ians/Best Combo Guide

by Syre_PreddY


                          MEGAMAN STAR FORCE: PEGASUS
                     (maybe for the other 2 versions, too)


Table of Contents:

0. Updates

1. Basics                         [BSC]

2. Preparations                   [PRP]

2.1 Elemental Killer Combos       [EKC]
2.2 Non-Elemental Killer Combos   [NKC]

3. FM-ians                        [FMS]

3.1 Taurus Fire SP                [TF]
3.2 Queen Ophiuca SP              [QO]
3.3 Gemini Spark SP               [GS]
3.4 Libra Scale SP                [LS]
3.5 Cygnus Wing SP                [CW]
3.6 Harp Note SP                  [HN]
3.7 Cancer Bubble SP              [CB]
3.8 Wolf Woods SP                 [WW]
3.9 Crown Thunder SP              [CT]
3.10 Pegasus Magic SP             [PM]

4. Tricks                         [TRI]

5. Credits

(Hint: Copy the text in the brackets and search for them within the FAQ to find
what you are looking for more quickly)

/              /
/  0. UPDATES  /
/              /

- added video links for some combos showing them in action

- added new non-elemental killer combo

- added a folder example for the Folder Setup

/                   /
/  1. BASICS [BSC]  /
/                   /

This Guide is about S-ranking FM-ians within the game to get the highest 
possible damage on the SP battle cards you will get from them on S ranks. The 
damage on the SP cards changes based on your time deleting them. The
standard FM-ian cards and the EX version cards have a fixed amount of damage. 
Getting maximum damage is always a good thing, so I want to explain to you how 
you can accomplish that goal. 
I am aware of that there maybe better combos out there to do big amounts of 
damage to the bosses, however, the combos I list are those that will kill your 
enemy quick and instant. Trust me, it is a real pleasure to watch a Boss that 
gave you lots of troubles before dying in one hit.
So let us get started!

/                         /
/  2. Preparations [PRP]  /
/                         /

Before you go out for the hunt you have got to check whether you have beaten 
the EX forms of all FM-ians before. After you beat them in the story they 
appear in their EX forms at various dead ends within the wave world. Refer to
another guide for finding those dead ends, they are listed in other FAQs for
Star Force.

Next is equipment and items. You will need a lot of Search Eyes, or short 
SrchEye, because they will help you to get your desired max damage. All SP 
Boss versions are random encounters in the areas where you fought their 
EX versions, so it is ESSENTIAL to pack at least 1 Searcheye, or even 2 if you 
search for the EX card also for your M card mark on the title screen. That way, 
when you run around fighting random battles and you finally get the FM-ian to 
appear, you can beat him any way you like and you should not use your Best 
Combos for them because they are kinda expensive. YOu should have good enough 
cards to beat them if you entered the second area of DeepSpace. Nevertheless, 
you have to. You will see why. Once they explode and the screen goes back to 
the wave road, do not move, go to your inventory and use a Search Eye, then 
SAVE! This way, your next encounter will be the same Boss again and you can use 
your combos on him from the start of the battle. When you refight him, look if 
you got the Best Combo in your first 6 cards you need for the instant kill, if 
not, soft reset (L+R+START+SELECT), reload and walk around until you encounter
the boss again. Do this until you get your combo on your first card selection
screen, then use it and watch the Boss suffer. For the EX versions of the cards
you need a rank of 7 to 10. So after your S rank with max damage use another
Search Eye, then you can beat him as fast as you can to around 100 HP and then
get a battle card that kills the boss on use, than dodge the attacks a while 
and when you are sure enough time has passed to not get an S rank kill him, you 
should be within 7 to 10. Alternatively, you can wait until you get another of
your instant kill Best COmbos on the first turn and just wait for some seconds 
before you use it, so you will not get an S rank.

(Hint: SrchEye can be bought at a shop in the AMAKEN foyer wave roads.)

Next you need the Kaiser Knuckle.
Head into the Space Station, into the wave roads of area 4 but not into the 
wave roads that lead to Andromeda! There are some tap portals you need to tap
with the stylus to teleport onto them, so head up and right using tap portals
if you have to until you arrive on a square with a one-way road. It leads to
the right and a bit down. On the end of the following path keep walking against
the borders and you will find an invisible path. Follow it to the end and 
enter the CompSpace you find. There is a Mr. Hertz at the bottom of that area
that will give you the LonelyHeart Key if you answer his question with NO.
Use this key with the laser door in DeepSpace 2 on the right side of the area,
walk into DeepSpace 3 and get the Kaiser Knuckle there. It has 4/3/4 and is
needed to finish of FM-ians after recording a combo against them.

And now, the combos!

The elemental weakness system in Star Force works like this:

fire > wood > elec > water > fire

Since there are only two elementless bosses you can use elemental killer combos
at their best, because they do twice the damage to a Boss thats weak to that

DO NOT FORGET to buy your recorded combos as usable battle cards from Master
Shin. He is found on the roof of AMAKEN. Head to the Lab in AMAKEN and use the
door leading up-right. You will see him.




Use your Extra Folder you get from Luna for that one. Just put DEFENSE battle
cards into the folder, e.g. Barriers and GREY battle cards like Invis, 
Attack+10 or Paralyse and your six OFFENSIVE battle cards that you will use 
for your combo ONLY. Set your 6 offensive combo cards as favorites to make 
them also appear in grey. This way you can take out all cards you do not 
need when they appear in the card selection screen as fast as possible to make 
all your 6 combo cards appear ASAP. One thing to note: At battle start your 30 
cards are separated into 2 sub folders of 15 cards. So if you are unlucky, 
there are 4 of your offensive cards in 1 folder, so the maximum you get to 
appear for you to use simultaneously are 5. Reset and redo the fight until you
can use all 6 combo cards within one turn.
Unequip all Brothers out of your folder and your Star Force! (Just hit A while
highlighting them)
Select all 6 cards once that happens and wait for your chance to use them 
You must only put 6 offensive cards into your folder for making Best Combos
because when you counter your enemy you get a random OFFENSIVE card out of 
your entire folder as a reward to use. And if you just got 6, one of those 
cards will be chosen for sure. That makes 12 battle cards you can use for 
one combo!

Here is an example of how my folder looks when making combos:

Aqua+50 (default grey card)
- combo card (favorite)
- combo card (favorite)
- combo card (favorite)
- combo card (favorite)
- combo card (favorite)
- combo card (favorite)

/                                     /
/                                     /




See combo in action: 

-> (combo is called "Yabakum" here)

(done by icekakt)

This one consists of only VulcanSeeds 2 and 3. You get this cards from 
viruses, Version 2 is found within the first Space Station area and Version 3
is found within area 2 of DeepSpace. That is why you should have reached 
Deepspace Area 2. 
VulcanSeeds do 9 times 30 (vers. 2) and 40 (vers. 3) damage. However, this
damage is spread across 3 columns. In order to unlock their killer potential
you have to do a Mega Attack using them right into the enemys face when you
record this combo. Mega Attacks are done by pressing down on the pad and once
the boss gets targeted pressing A.
Once you got 3 VulcanSeeds 2 and 3 VulcanSeeds 3 head for Cancer Bubble. He
should be SP now. 
Prepare your Combo folder as I told you above and enter the fight. Select your 
cards until you get your needed 6 offensive VulcanSeeds and dodge his attacks.
Stay in the middle column and shoot his bubbles, dodge his claws and shoot his
bubbles for another turn. After that he will use his tidal wave attack. That
means he will be within the first two rows in front of your own row! And that
is what you want, because you can only Mega Attack with VulcanSeed when the
enemy is located in this 2 rows in front of you. Now you can decide for
yourself whether you want to Mega Attack while he does tidal wave, what causes
damage to you or you hit him while he teleports around 9 times after his tidal
wave within those two rounds. This way, you will not get damaged.
After this round, he will use his Claw Throw 2 times before he uses tidal wave
one time. So dodge and shoot until you can block tidal wave and then Mega
Attack him with VulcanSeed. 
When you have hit him with all 6 Seeds kill him using the Kaiser Knuckle, he
should not have too much hp left, in fact, if you placed all Seeds with a Mega
Attack he is dead after the last one, read why:

VulcanSeed 3 (9 x 40 dmg) = 360 damage x 3 = 1080 damage
VulcanSeed 2 (9 x 30 dmg) = 270 damage x 3 = 810 damage
                                             1080 + 810 = 1990 damage!

Yes, that is the damage 6 face-up VulcanSeeds do. Cancer Bubble has 1800 HP, so
he might be dead already. After the fight save your combo! Maybe the Best
Combo menu says your combo did not do 1990 damage, but thats ok. For me it
recorded 1800 damage, but it does 1990 damage once you use your combo in




See combo in action: 


(done by kryspykreame)

This combo is made using Flicker Kicks! This cards are also obtained from 
viruses, Version 2 wanders the Scrap Yard wave roads, Version 3 can be found
in the CompSpace of the fourth Space Station door.
Prepare your folder with 3 FlickrKck 2 and 3 FlickrKck 3, then head for Crown
Thunder. You will have to counter your enemy to unleash the full power of this
combo. And he is the easiest to counter.
To counter him, use a FlickrKck when he jumps before he uses one of his skulls
to attack you. And another counter is easily possible before he uses his big
thunder, when he jumped up before he unleashes it use your FlickrKck. With a
bit of practice you should get the right moments for yourself. You should
counter him at least 4 times to get to use 10 Kicks.
Once your combo is recorded, you will have to beat him using your buster. So
use the Kaiser Knuckle and shoot him, you might use some Holy Panels as the
grey cards in your folder, they cut the damage you take in half if you
stand on them, thats a good thing if he gets to stun you with big thunder,
because then you are up for big pain!
However, let us see what this combo does:

FlickrKick 3 (3 x 60 dmg) = 180 damage x 3 = 540 damage
FlickrKick 2 (3 x 50 dmg) = 150 damage x 3 = 450 damage

average bonus damage of additional FlickrKicks out of 4 counters:

FlickrKick 3 (3 x 60 dmg) = 180 damage x 2 = 360 damage
FlickrKick 2 (3 x 50 dmg) = 150 damage x 2 = 300 damage

540 + 450 + 360 + 300 = 1650 damage!

average bonus damage of additional FlickrKicks out of 6 counters:

FlickrKick 3 (3 x 60 dmg) = 180 damage x 3 = 540 damage
FlickrKick 2 (3 x 50 dmg) = 150 damage x 3 = 450 damage

540 + 450 + 540 + 450 = 1980 damage!

Best Combos are nice, right? Five counters are best because the combo will then
cause more than 1700 damage. But 4 counters are also fine, but less counters
are not recommended! You will see why once you encounter Pegasus Magic SP.




See combo in action: 

-> (combo is called "Zaghip" here)

(done by icekakt using only TailBurner3 and TailBurner2 while countering)

Fire battle cards will be used here. In fact, TailBurner 3 and FireRing 3 are
best. Tailburner3 can be found in the third Space Station area and FireRing3
is found in the CompSpace of the third Space Station door.
So once 3 TailBurner 3 and 3 FireRing 3 hit your folder head to either Cancer
Bubble or Crown Thunder. I used Cancer because you do not need to counter with
this combo, but do as you wish.
Just hit Cancer with all 6 chips and you are good. That is not a difficult
task because the attacks of the cards fly straight ahead. So lets calculate:

TailBurner 3 (180 dmg) x 3 = 540 damage
FireRing 3   (120 dmg x 2) = 240 damage x 3 = 840 damage
                                              540 + 840 = 1380 damage!

With counters you will do more damage, but you do not need to to instant kill.
Save your combo after the fight. The combo screen might tell you your combo did
less damage, but that is because FireRing is a boomerang and might not hit two 
times during the recording of the combo, but it will hit twice once you use
your combo.

(Hint: You might want to counter if you play Dragon to instant kill Dragon Sky
SP. In that case counter Crown Thunder with TailBurners using Mega Attacks!)




See combo in action: 

-> (combo is called "Selnorak" here)

(done by icekakt)

If you play the Pegasus Version you do not even need this combo. And that is 
just because your PegasusMagicGX Giga Chip does 900 damage to fire enemies and
Taurus is your only pure Fire enemy (Libra is dual element).
If you do not play Pegasus, here is the most effective one:

StickyRain 3 (6 x 30 dmg) = 180 damage x 3 = 540 damage
StickyRain 2 (6 x 25 dmg) = 150 damage x 3 = 450 damage

StickyRain gets you your easiest counters. Why? Because StickyRain hits 6 times
with one use and it does not cause the enemy to flinch. That is when he gets
invulnverable after a hit for a short time. And StickyRain will also not cancel
attacks of FM-ians. So, everytime you use a StickyRain when your enemy is about
to attack you are almost guaranteed to get a counter. Even against Cancer
Bubble! So you might want to counter 6 times using 12 Sticky Rains:

average bonus of countering:

StickyRain 3 (6 x 30 dmg) = 180 damage x 3 = 540 damage
StickyRain 2 (6 x 25 dmg) = 150 damage x 3 = 450 damage

That sums up to 1980 damage! Instant Kill of Leo Kingdom SP and Taurus, too!

/                                         /
/                                         /

I will only cover those shortly, because the focus of this guide are the 
elemental combos.


See combo in action: 

-> (combo is called "BzrkSbre" here)

(done by icekakt)

A common non-elemental killer combo is done using BerserkerSword 3 and 2. Here
is the math:

BerserkerSwrd 3 (3 x 80 dmg) = 240 damage x 3 = 720 damage
BerserkerSwrd 2 (3 x 70 dmg) = 210 damage x 3 = 630 damage

counter 6 times, average bonus out of 6 additional cards to use:

BerserkerSwrd 3 (3 x 80 dmg) = 240 damage x 3 = 720 damage
BerserkerSwrd 2 (3 x 70 dmg) = 210 damage x 3 = 630 damage

720 x 2 + 630 x 2 = 2700 damage!

Instant Kills all SP Bosses except Crown Thunder. You might get more damage 
with this if countering gets you more BerserkSwrd3 than BerserkSwrd2, because 
the counter bonus cards are random!

Break Combo

For Pegasus users the break combo is also kinda popular:

JamminPunch 260 damage x 3 = 780 damage
BreakSword  200 damage x 3 = 600 damage

Get your Pegasus Star Force before you get all those 6 battle cards to use in
one turn, equip your Star Force before or it will not appear for you to select!
Also it must appear before your 6 offensive cards appear during one turn.
Those 2 mentioned battle cards have the property to do double damage on break.
That means if your enemy is frozen and you use either JamminPunch or
BreakSword those cards will do double damage! Freeze your enemy with the
charged shot of your Star Force power, then use the battle card! If you do not
play Pegasus, use the M. Breath Mega Weapon you get from the Cipher Code:
KMALEETZCP. This weapon may freeze the enemy with a charged shot randomly!
Now the math:

780 x 2 + 600 x 2 = 2760 damage!

And YouTube gives us another fine example:


(done by kryspykreame)

Nice damage though, but difficult to pull off while recording.

12 JamminPunch Combo

This combo is done with 12 (!) JamminPunches. As they are the single strongest
attack cards with 260 damage each they would do 260 x 12 damage = 3120.
But in order to get to do that you have got to get 6 JamminPunches in one 
This is only possible if you ask 3 of your brothers to fill their favorites
with 3 JamminPunches each and your own folder with 3 Punches and no other
offensive card. Then you have to be very lucky! You need to get your 3 Jammin
Punches AND your 3 Brothers to appear in the same turn AND the roulette of the
6 cards of your brothers favorites have to return a JamminPunch each for you
to use. And after you got that lucky you must counter with your 6 
JamminPunches to receive 6 more.
Your chances are 2,5% for getting 3 JamminPunches and your 3 Brothers in one
turn AND receiving a JamminPunch from each Brother Roulette when they got 3
JamminPunches in their favorites. So it is up to you.

Actually, people were able to pull this off, watch here:


(done by DarkRobin1)

/                    /
/  3. FM-IANS [FMS]  /
/                    /

3.1 Taurus Fire SP [TF]

HP: 1400
Element: Fire
Maximum SP battle card damage: 280
Place to encounter: Echo Ridge wave roads

If you play Pegasus, wait until you get PegasusMagicGX and either some Sticky
Rains or other strong cards on your first turn. The Giga card does 900 damage
to him and the remaining 500 HP you get with 2 well placed Sticky Rains or
other strong chips.
Or use one of those Best Combos you made that do more than 1400 damage. If you
use your Wood Killer Combo be aware that Taurus must be standing in the two
rows right in front of your own row to do its maximum damage!

3.2 Queen Ophiuca SP [QO]

HP: 2100
Element: Wood
Maximum SP battle card damage: 260
Place to encounter: Time Square wave roads

Use your Fire Killer Combo. Its an instant kill because she is weak to fire.
In fact, our combo will own her for 2760 damage! Thats enough. Be careful
though! Use the combo right at the start of the battle by hitting A
repeatedly, because if you use the combo while she is in her back row FireRing3
will be no boomerang and just hit once!

3.3 Gemini Spark SP [GS]

HP: 2200
Element: Elec
Maximum SP battle card damage: 190
Place to encounter: Dream Island Park wave roads

Those two are Elec! That means our deadly Wood Killer Combo will hit them
really hard! So use it! But be careful that the black one with the HP counter
beneath him must be located within those two rows in front of your own row for
the instant kill! Gemini Spark usually moves to one of those two rows as his 
first action after battle start. So just wait for his first move, it should be
to where you want him to be. At least he always did for me.

3.4 Libra Scales SP [LS]

HP: 1700
Element: Fire / Aqua
Maximum SP battle card damage: 150
Place to encounter: Wave roads of Classroom 5-A

Wow, he is dual element. He changes his element frequently during the battle.
So you have several options here. Either use a combo with more than 1700 damage
or use the Aqua Killer Combo when he is surrounded by red rings or use your
Elec Killer Combo when he is surrounded by blue rings. If you wait for him to
change to Aqua element you will get maximum damage on your SP card if you use
your combo right then.

3.5 Cygnus Wing SP [CW]

HP: 1500
Element: None
Maximum SP battle card damage: 300
Place to encounter: Wave roads in the Lab at AMAKEN

He has no element for us to abuse, what a shame! But we have some strong combos
at our disposal, so use those that do more than 1500 damage to kick his ass.
He moves very randomly so be careful when using the Wood Killer combo, you
should know why by now.

3.6 Harp Note SP [HN]

HP: 1600
Element: None
Maximum SP battle card damage: 55
Place to encounter: Vista Point wave roads

The last FM-ian with no element. Same tactic as for Cygnus, bring up those
strong combos with more than 1600 damage and you will be fine. Harp Note moves
randomly to the two rows you need her to be in for your Wood Killer Combo when
he does her Shock Notes, that is the attack where he uses two speakers. But as 
she stands still while performing this attack you have enough time to look 
whether she is in position for the instant kill or not.

3.7 Cancer Bubble SP [CB]

HP: 1800
Element: Aqua
Maximum SP battle card damage: 200
Place to encounter: Fixed location in the wave roads of AMAKEN Foyer

Our main combo making victim. You might already have killed him for the max
200 damage of his SP card when testing your recorded combos. If not, head there
and kill him with your Elec Killer Combo. Wood Killer Combo will not work for
maximum damage, because when he uses his tidal wave, and that is the first
possible moment he enters the two necessary rows, you will only get 185 damage
for the SP chip, so use the Elec Killer Combo or one of those Non-Elemental

3.8 Wolf Woods SP [WW]

HP: 1700
Element: Wood
Maximum SP battle card damage: 170
Place to encounter: Fixed location in the wave roads the Snake Exhibit

He is weak to fire, so abuse this! Our Fire Killer Combo works fine with him,
but you can also use the Wood Killer Combo because he moves to those two rows
rather quick as his first attack might be Upper Claw, for which he always moves
to the row directly in front of you. 
If you play Pegasus there is another way to kill him that quick. Use the Giga
Card BreakTimeBomb, as it does 600 damage fire-based, that makes 1200 damage to
him! And TaurusFireSP or some other strong fire or non-fire cards take good
care of the remaining 500 HP.

3.9 Crown Thunder SP [CT]

HP: 3000
Element: Elec
Maximum SP battle card damage: 330
Place to encounter: Fixed location in the wave roads of the City Dump

The main reason for getting all VulcanSeeds for the Wood Killer Combo to work.
3000 HP are somewhat difficult to scratch off of him, but you will get an
instant kill with your Wood Killer Combo if he moves to the needed two rows.
He always did for me as his first move after the battle start, so if that is
his usual pattern just concentrate and hit A once he makes his first move in
battle and you kill him. Isn't it satisfying to own a 3000 HP boss with one
attack? Oh, it gets even more satisfying! Up for Pegasus SP!

3.10 Pegasus Magic SP [PM]

HP: 3400
Element: Aqua
Maximum SP battle card damage: 330
Place to encounter: DeepSpace 3

Here is the toughest boss in the whole game! He is a real pain if you do not
get your best combo right in your first random encounter to beat him, he is
so fast you can barely keep up with him and his moves hurt so much! So if you
lose to him do not be sad! I lost to him 2 times before I could beat him to
make use of a SearchEye to instant kill him so that is a common thing. He IS
hard after all. Use your Elec Killer Combo to own him, as it does enough damage
to him. Here is the reason why you have to get a Elec Killer Combo with at 
least 4 counters because even with 4 counters your combo will only damage him
for 3300 HP, and the remaining 100 HP can get rough. After a non-instant
killing combo he will use his unblockable 600 damage attack on you, so you are
fine if you kept Sonia as your Brother, FirstBarrier protects you entirely. And
the remaining 100 HP are easier to deplete than 500 HP left, you might find
that out the hard way...

/                   /
/  4. Tricks [TRI]  /
/                   /

Quick Zenny making

If you equip the Z Finder Mega Weapon every battle will only get you Zenny.
That applies for FM-ians, too! So you have two choices for that: Cancer
Bubble or Wolf Woods. You should kill them quick without using Combos, they are
easy. However, Cancer is much easier than Wolf, he just gets you 3500 Zenny per
win but he is a quick kill with a good Elec-type folder and he dies way quicker
than Wolf and Wolf might hurt. Wolf gets you 5500 Zenny per win but he takes 
longer to beat due to his unpredictable movement and the damage you may take.
If you have to fight Wolf with less than 50% of your max HP you may die while
fighting, wasting time and not getting Zenny, so save yourself that time!

You will need lots of Zenny, because SearchEyes costs 6000 Zenny each and a
combo card 3000 Zenny each!

/              /
/  5. Credits  /
/              /

For this FAQ I used information out of the following FAQs on

- Walkthrough by The_Sixler,

- Card Force List by oemnoc videos done by:

- DarkRobin1

- kryspykreame

- Icekakt

5.1 Contact Information

If you have a question or a suggestion for this FAQ, do not hesitate to write
me a mail to:

[email protected]

5.2 Thanks to

- Capcom, for another great Megaman game

- FAQs hosted on GameFaqs

- People that actually do those insane mass damage combos

- People that show us their accomplishments as videos on YouTube for everyone

- You for reading and using my FAQ.

5.3 Copyright

Copyright 2007 Marcus Goehlert a.k.a. Syre_PreddY
If you want to use my FAQ please ask me first! I do not think i would say no if
you ask gently.

Currently this FAQ is only hosted on,, and with my permission. Other sites might follow.