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Follow the dark path or use the light
Master of Illusion Pack Shot

Master of Illusion



by Biendeo

M M M A   A S       T   E     R   R     O   O F
M M M A   A     S   T   E     R  R      O   O F
M M M A   A SSSS    T   EEEEE R   R      OOO  F

IIIII L     L     U   U  SSSS IIIII  OOO  N   N
  I   L     L     U   U S       I   O   O NN  N
  I   L     L     U   U  SSS    I   O   O N N N
  I   L     L     U   U     S   I   O   O N  NN

FAQ by Biendeo


1 - Introduction --- (int)
2 - Solo Magic ----- (mag)
3 - Magic Show ----- (sho)
4 - Magic Training - (tra)
5 - Other ---------- (oth)
6 - FAQ ------------ (faq)

| 1 | Introduction (int)

Amaze your friends with magic on the DS! You too can become a magician!

Master of Illusion is one of the most unique games you’ll play. Why? 
Ever played a game where you do magic tricks?

If you got it from a shop, the game would have come in a box (like GBA 
games) rather than a DS box. This is because this game comes with a 
deck of cards. Nintendo wouldn’t expect you to have a deck of cards, 
right? Well, they want you to have the type that secretly have the suit 
and number on the back...

Anyway, I got this for AU$50, so that’s a bargain, the US is around 
$30. The usual DS game box, though, is inside the GBA box. This is so 
no price tag is on your box!

Anyway, when you start, the game will ask for the date (referring 
automatically to the DS’s internal clock first). This is because the 
game is set up like Brain Age and other games like that. You have 
limited options on your first day, but later you’ll see the entire 

You realise that the game is set place in a shop called Great Barbara’s 
Magic. In the menus, you’re treated to Barbara and she might shock 
those under the age of eight. Why? Look at her! She’s a...scare!

Anyway, you must do magic tricks to become a magician. Your main tool? 
The DS! Before the game was released, Nintendo said ‘The DS can sense 
waves, sensing your thoughts’. That’s not necessarily true.

The stuff you do by yourself is mainly magic, you would have no clue 
how it does it. The stuff you show to other people, though, is trick. 
They tell you how to do the trick!

When I refer to a card, I’ll have the number, then suit. A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, Jo. D, S, C, H. Say three of diamonds, I say 

Anyway, let us start.

| 2 | Solo Magic (mag)

| Magician Tips |
All Solo Magic tricks are run by the individual magicians in the game. 
something goes wrong, please check the following.

Did I follow the instructions?
Follow each step of the instructions and try again.

Are my Nintendo DS settings correct?
Some magic tricks use your DS data settings.

After enjoying Solo Magic tricks by yourself, show them off to friends 
and family.

Let your Nintendo DS be the magician and enjoy a magic show!

| Vanishing Card |
There are 12 cards on the touch screen (all 4 jacks, queens and kings) 
and they will be turned face-down. Now, you must shuffle the cards by 
sliding them across the screen. Eventually, you will be allowed to 
stop. Now, pick 5 cards. You don’t know what they are. You can look at 
the cards you pick after. Now picture one in your mind, and the DS will 
make it disappear! The amazing thing is that it picked the card you 
were thinking!

The trick is that you’d be paying attention for your card, but in fact, 
every card has been changed! The DS actually doesn’t know you’re card, 
it took every one out! You wouldn’t notice much, because you would 
concentrate on your card, there’d be an even number on black and red 
cards, and they’d keep the same number of K, Q and Js, even though one 
was taken out...confusing?

Example - Say I picked KD, JC, QH, KS, and QD. I picture QD. After 
pressing next a couple of times, the remaining cards were JS, KH, QS, 
and JD. QD disappeared, but so did the rest!

| Finger Pulse |
This would require the deck of cards. Pick 5 cards and place them face-
up on a table (or a surface). The DS will ask what cards you have 
placed out. Put them in the correct order. Then turn the real cards 
face-down (not changing position). Put your index finger of the hand 
not holding the stylus on the left-most card. The DS will tell how to 
do the following instructions. Move your finger 4 times. Then, move it 
3 times. Then move any number of times (but remember that number!). 
Then move the same amount of times as the previous step. Now leave it 
there if you’re a female. Move 2 times if you’re a male. Now move 2 
times to the right. Now keep your finger on the card and rub the lamp 
on the DS. It will then guess what card you have your finger on.

The trick is that the cards you input, the fourth from the left will 
always be picked! Try it differently and you’ll see!

Example - I put in this order Jo, AS, AC, AH, AD. I input them and turn 
them over. I put my finger on Jo. I move 4 times to AD. I move 3 times 
to AH. I move 14 times to AS. I move 14 times again to AS. I move 2 
times to AH. I rub the lamp and the Ace of Hearts is called!

| Mystic Breeze |
The months of the year will appear on the top screen, and the game will 
sense which one you’re touching, even though it’s on the top screen. 
Put your finger on any number. After each instruction, you must blow 
into the MIC and months will fly off the screen. Move your finger the 
number of times your birthday month’s number says. Now move 3 times. 
Now move 7 times. Now move 4 times. Now move once. Now move two more 
times. The only one left is the one you ended up on!

I do not know the trick, but I do know it knows what the month is 
(remember putting it in on the DS menu?). I’ve also had a bad 
experience. I started on June. Moved to May, then back to June. Then I 
had to move 7 times. I moved to March, but when I blowed, March blowed 
away! The end result is always the current month; the game says 'What a 

Example - Say it is May. I put my finger on Jun 6 and move 5 times 
because my birthday is in May, to May 5. I move 3 times to Jun 6. I 
move 7 times to Aug 8. I move 4 times to Feb 2. I move once to May 5. I 
move twice back to May 5. May 5 is the only one left!

| Knock, Knock |
This trick requires the deck of cards. The magician tells you to get 
your deck of cards, and you must take 14 cards. It doesn’t matter which 
card it is, because the trick doesn’t need to know that. The remaining 
cards are put away, and you need to put a pile of cards with the same 
number of cards as the letters of your name, which must be 6 letters or 
less. This will be pile 2. Then pick either pile and put away the 
other. Look at the top card on your selected pile and remember it. 
Then, move the top card to the bottom, repeating it to the number of 
letters in the word Nintendo. Then (I know it’s crazy) tap the top card 
on the touch screen and let the people in the apartment tell you if you 
tapped your card. Repeat this until he says it was your card.

This is set. The sixth card is always your card. He asks you to make 2 
piles to put an even number of cards in your left hand. I have tried 
with all the numbers, from 1 to 6. With 1, there are 12 cards not in a 
pile. 13 after you see your card. After Nintendo, the card is 6th, 
because it’s first from the back (N), second (I), third (N), and so on 
until it’s eighth from the back. Since that it was 13 cards, that’s 
sixth from the front. With two, there’s 12 cards, but the card is 
second from the front (because you put the pile on top. This replaces 
the more cards taken out. It would be twelfth from the back (N), first 
from the back (I), and so on. Since you only had 7 letters, it’s 
seventh from the back, which is still sixth from the front.

Example – I take 14 cards. M-U-N-C-H. 5 cards in pile 1. I do the same 
thing in pile 2. I put pile 2 away and pick the first card of pile 1. 
The card is JD. This goes with my 4 remaining cards. Then the rest of 
pile 1 goes on top. JD is the fifth of the nine cards. N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O. 
The card is sixth. He calls it when he gets to it.

| Today’s Special |
This trick is really clever. 16 numbers in a 4x4 box appear, and you 
must pick 4. Each would delete the rest in its row and column. After 
that, the DS will tell you what the answer is if you add them up. Then, 
the result is today’s date. Cool.

Including this trick, most of the Solo Magic is set. You’ll always end 
with the same result. Look at my example and pick 4 different numbers, 
or even 3 or 2. Do you end up with 73?

Example - Today is the third of July. The numbers are below. I pick 19, 
24, 17 and 13. Adding up, they equal 73. 7/3 July the third.

    Start          # 1           # 2           # 3
O--O--O--O--O O--O--O  O--O    O--O  O--O          O--O
|16|18|15|17| |16|18|  |17|    |18|  |17|          |17|
O--O--O--O--O O--O--O  O--O O--O--O  O--O O--O     O--O
|24|26|23|25| |24|26|  |25| |24|          |24|
O--O--O--O--O O--O--O  O--O O--O--O--O--O O--O--O
|11|13|10|12| |11|13|  |12|    |13|10|12|    |13|
O--O--O--O--O O--O--O--O--O    O--O--O--O    O--O--O
|20|22|19|21|       |19|          |19|          |19|
O--O--O--O--O       O--O          O--O          O--O

| Finger Yoga |
This trick requires you to put your hand up, so don’t do it somewhere 
which will do something bad (like in a business meeting). On the top 
screen, 5 poses appear. Oddly, there are actually 6. Do one when it 
appears. Continue through the list until the DS tells you what you are 

This is the only solo magic that I don’t know how it does it. I have 
tried, it’s not time. I left my DS on for about 3 minutes on one pose, 
and then did another pose, but the DS got it right.

I did have an incident when I was showing it to my friend, where I had 
my index finger on the MIC (so he knew it wasn’t voice commanded), and 
the rest of my left hand was in the rock pose. My friend did his pose, 
and the game guessed the rock pose. I don’t know what happens. I was 
holding the stylus, but my friend was right in front of the DS.

Example - I make the wave pose when it comes. The DS got it right. 

| Magic Gems |
9 gems will appear on the top screen, and you must press shuffle until 
you are satisfied with your result. Then you must pick a number. There 
is 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Then, from where it says START, the game will 
count the number you pick and will take out the gem it ends on. This 
will happen three times. Each gem has a letter on it. The 3 gems that 
were picked will spell out a word. The remaining gems make another word 

The trick is that it keeps shuffling in a set order. There are 3 
shuffle combinations, and each can make words from the numbers. It’s 
not really magic, but a good trick to do with friends.

Sometimes, the game picks the letter under start as the first letter, 
sometimes, after counting 2 for example when I pick 2, it picks the one 
after the 2nd one!

Example - I pick 5. The letters I get are L, I and O, which make the 
word OIL. The remaining gems made the word 'WATER!’ The game says that 
water and oil are separate, no matter how hard you try to mix them.

| Deep Psyche |
You will be asked to put in your birthday (MMDDYYYY (just so you can do 
it with other people, it knows your birthday already!)). The DS will 
split your number into 4. You will be asked 4 questions that will add 
to each group.

Question 1 - You are walking through a forest. What do you have in your 
right hand? 'Flowers' or 'Sword'?
Question 2 - In the forest, you arrive at a forked path. What tool do 
you have right now? 'Compass' or 'Shovel'?
Question 3 - At the end of the path there is a river and a ferry. What 
do you pay the toll with? 'Coins' or 'Gold ring'?
Question 4 - You leave the boat and arrive at a dark cave. What do you 
have with you? 'Torch' or 'Candle'?

After answering all 4 questions, the result numbers will form 50807041 
(every time). This is the trick. Like Finger Pulse, you get into a 
forced position. The number is then altered, so if you look at it 
upside-down, it will say 'I hOLD8DS'. The 8 is meant to look like the 
two screens symbol.

Example - I put in 05041991. The number is split into 05, 04, 19 and 
91. I say sword for the first question. Sword is +45. 05+45=50. I say 
compass for the second question. Compass is +76. 04+76=80. I say coins 
with the third question. Coins is +51. 19+51=70. I say torch for the 
last question. Torch is -50. 91-50=41. My new number is now arranged to 
form 50807041. Upside-down, it says 'I hold DS'!

| 3 | Magic Show (sho)

| Magician Tips |
Here are some hints for you to perform Magic Shows like a pro.

<1> Learn and practice!
While you can easily perform most of the magic tricks once you master 
them, some require practice. Master the controls and lines so you can 
perform them with confidence.

<2> Don’t overplay!
No matter how great people think your magic tricks are, they’ll be less 
impressed if you overdo it. The Magic Show section has more than ten 
magic tricks, but only show a maximum of three tricks at a time.

Effective Combinations
Try combining different types of magic tricks.

Example 1: Vanishing Card
-> Magician’s Command
-> Ghost Writer

Example 2: Two Candles
-> Wise Eyes
-> Magic Guy

Example 3: Shuffle Games
-> Genius Dog
-> Funny Face

<3> Don’t repeat!
Some Magic Show tricks require you to change the commands you give the 
depending on what your audience picks. If you keep showing magic tricks 
like these, your audience will figure out that you’re changing the 
command every time. Avoid repeat performances!

<4> Never show the secret!
Some Magic Show tricks use the same principle and yet appear totally 
different. If you reveal a trick’s secret, not only will you be unable 
to perform that trick again, but you also may ruin the secret of other 
tricks, as well.

<5> To become a true magician...
Keep in mind the rules you’ve read and perform with showmanship. 
Remember, magic is a form of communication, and we hope everyone will 
enjoy your performances!

| Two Candles |
This trick is basically an easy trick. Assume you have the DS down on 
the table with the top screen at the point where it’s almost parallel 
with the surface (the standard position). To pick which candle to blow 
out, press L or R. You can’t see L or R being pushed down. In an 
audience, you also can’t hear it. It does amaze though. On the bottom 
screen, the bottom-right corner will show you which candle will go out. 
The dot on the left card means that the red candle will go out and vice 
versa. The red candle will go out on default.

| Shuffle Games |
This trick is a three-in-one. Unfortunately 2 are pretty much the same. 
You hand the DS over to the audience (well that’s what the instructions 
say) and they pick something. You can guess it. How? It’s all in a 
trick. When guessing, make sure it’s not too sudden, so in birth month, 
if it appears second, say it around the fourth one. Also, make sure the 
audience doesn’t press END.

Birth Month
The audience will pick a month, and they will shuffle where it goes 
with every other month. They will read them out in the order the arrow 
points to, but only pay attention to the first month. The place where 
that month should be is where the audience’s month is. January also 

Future Vacations and Recreation
These two are the same. The audience picks from a large list of 
locations or things to do. Then they shuffle it among 9 other tasks. 
This is harder than the birth month. You must hear out for what the 
first letter is. The list contains one of one type and nine of another. 
The type is if the first letter has a curved line or not. This will 
make it stand out from everything else.

| Mystic Hand |
The audience draws a hand, and you tell the audience where to tap the 
hand to tell it what you desire. The fingers are for wealth, the arm 
for love and the OK button for dreams. Make sure that you sound like 
it’s encouraging, like ‘The arm will get the hand to reach what you 
want.’ or ‘Touch the fingers so the hand grabs what you desire.’ or 
‘Press the OK button so the hand can get what you need.’. Also, make 
sure that the audience don’t think that the DS picks it up by voice, so 
tell them to point to it.

| Magician’s Command |
Drag the lady onto the table, and then clap your hands a few times. The 
lady will transform. Like the Two Candles trick, pressing L or R turns 
on and off the ability to transform. In the top-left corner of the top 
screen, if there is a dot, you can transform the lady. The trick ends 
when the lady is human again. Make sure that you make her human, so 
when she’s a giraffe, end it off.

| Card Fortune |
You need cards for this trick and must have read the ‘Secret of the 
Place a card that’s not the joker on the table face-down. Read the back 
so you know what the card is. The game will determine the card via a 
series of buttons asking your gender, marriage status and star sign. 
This doesn’t mean anything though. It all depends on where you press 
the button. On the top screen’s corners, you will know what each corner 
of the button you press acts. This is quite difficult if you have an 
un-calibrated touch screen, because you need to be precise on the 

| Genius Dog |
Select 3 objects from the list and then say something according to what 
box it is in. ‘Left box: Show me! Middle box: Fetch! Right box: Go 
boy!’ If you forget, the tops of the boxes shape like the first letter. 
Add to the effect that you wave an actual object over the DS so the dog 
can sniff it.

| Funny Face |
You need cards and must have read the ‘Secret of the Cards’. Draw a 
face and it will tell you the card. There are tiny markers on the 
screen to help you draw a good circle, and to tell you where to start 
the card. Imagine the markers were for a clock. Ace is 1, Jack is 11, 
Queen is 12 and the numbered cards are their actual numbers. Start the 
head from the marker that corresponds to the card and clock. Drawing 
the face determines the suit. Left eye: Diamonds. Right eye: Clubs. 
Nose: Hearts. Mouth: Spades. If it’s a king, start on the correct part 
of the face and do the head last. It doesn’t matter where you start the 

| Love Tester |
Oh boy, people can actually get hurt from this. Use at your own risk! 
There are two versions, but the main thing is actually from pressing L 
or R to set whether a good or bad result would display. The light bit 
on the edge of the ring around the circles tell you if the result is 
good (upper bit) or bad (lower bit). The touch version require both 
people to put their fingers on the circles, and electricity will spark. 
The voice version requires both people to say ‘I love you’. I find it 
cool how the touch screen senses weight on the screen, but can tell 
when you’re pushing on both sides of the screen.

| Wise Eyes |
Place a coin in front, behind or to the side of the DS and draw some 
eyes with eyelashes. This is just the effect of blinking. ‘Behind: 
Where? Right: Find it! Left: Look! Front: Show me!’ Saying any of these 
tells the eyes where to look. The top screen will give an indication 
like Genius Dog did.

| Enigmatic Egg |
This trick requires the cards and you must know the ‘Secret of the 
Cards’. Pick 8 uniquely numbered cards (I prefer A-8) then spread them 
out. Let the audience pick one out and show them it (read the back 
while doing this). Then shuffle them and spread them so the card on top 
is on the right so you 1|2 5|6 can see the card. Then pick the top card 
and tap it on the touch   -+- -+- screen. It depends on where you tap 
the egg where the DS knows 3 3|4 7|8 where the card is. In this diagram 
on the left, you can see where TAP TAP to tap and how many times to 
tap. Tap TAP to say when the card will
 1   2  appear. Tap 1 means tap once, and tap 2 means tap twice. The 
number represents the place the card is, and where it is where you must 
tap on the egg. It’s confusing, but cool.

| Magic Guy |
This trick requires the cards and you must know the ‘Secret of the 
Cards’. This trick is EXACTLY the same as Card Fortune, just set out 
differently. The places where you must tap are the area above the hat, 
the hat itself, the cape and the face. Using the same strategy as Card 
Fortune, tell the audience where to tap in a convincing way.

| Ghost Writer |
Before you perform this trick, tap the area under the START button. You 
must write 3 messages according to what you will say. This trick 
requires the cards and you must know the ‘Secret of the Cards’. This is 
not exactly like Card Fortune, but works in the same way. You tap the 
button the same way like you would do in Card Fortune, but to activate 
the button, you must talk to the DS. The DS will write the messages you 
wrote before. Say something so it all makes sense. After the third tap, 
you must say ‘Show me the card’ or something like that. The DS will 
draw the card. It’s more appealing than Card Fortune.

| Blank Card |
This trick requires the cards and you must know the ‘Secret of the 
Cards’. This trick has you drawing the edges of the card, then it will 
flip over and reveal the card. This is probably the hardest to 
remember, and you’ll see why. The first line you draw sets the suit, 
then the second line sets where the card is between in four card sets. 
The third line narrows it down to 2 cards, and the direction of the 
last card sets which of the last cards. If it is a king, start with the 
suit and then continue with the second line without lifting off the 
touch screen. After drawing, make it look like you’re casting a spell. 
This is the most confusing and hardest of all the magic tricks.

| Cell Phone Surprise |
Before you perform this trick, tap the area under the START button. 
This will allow you to insert your phone number, as this trick is 
mainly used for getting a date...anyway, this trick acts like the Deep 
Psyche trick in the solo magic, so you pretty much don’t have to do 
anything. After your phone number appears, ask them to call the number, 
then answer your phone. SURPRISE!

| 4 | Magic Training (tra)
Exercise skills like reasoning and judgment through magical methods in 
Magic Training. If you train daily, you might develop magical skills!

Corner Kittens/Monte Carlo
Playing these cards games requires logic and instincts.

Blank Card Lesson
It takes more practice to master this than any other Magic Show trick. 
makes perfect!

Mirrored Letters
This is an unusual exercise for your brain.

Internal Clock
Train your internal clock to tick like an atomic clock!

| Corner Kittens |
There are 4 stack piles and 4 discard piles, and you must place the 
sequentially like Solitaire in order. The discard piles are for when 
you can’t put them in the piles. You can put the top card in the 
discard piles into the normal piles, but not other discard piles. You 
must get all the cards into the stack piles. The hard thing is that you 
lose if you run out of cards twice. That is to say all the discard 
piles form a new deck once you run out. That is shuffled, so you really 
need to be strategic for this.

| Monte Carlo |
The cards are placed in a 5x5 square, and the remaining in a deck. You 
must match pairs by the number in any direction (including diagonals). 
After matching a pair, move them out and move all the rest up. If they 
hit the left side, they go to the right side of the row above. All the 
cards in front of the pair stay. Cards are added from the deck, and 
when all cards have been paired, you win. You lose if there are no more 
pairs on the 5x5 square. This is easier than Corner Kittens, but still 

| Daily Horoscope |
All the aces, kings, queens and jacks and 1 joker are in a pile and 
shuffled. They are then lain out in a 4x4 square and each card is on 
top of a space. The spaces must be arranged in a way where each column 
has 1 suit and each row has 1 number. The left-over card will be read 
and placed in its correct spot, and the game is over when you pick up 
the joker. Then, depending on how many cards got to its spot, you will 
get your horoscope.

| Blank Card Lesson |
Because the Blank Card trick is a hard one, the game will give you five 
cards. You must draw them like you would in the Blank Card trick. You 
will be timed, and your time will be your score.

| Mirrored Letters |
The top screen will display a letter, and you must draw it like the top 
screen was a mirror, so when they’re face-to-face, it’s like a stamp. 
You don’t have to be precise, the DS only wants the motion and a rough 
placement and size. Eventually, you’ll encounter some with multiple 
letters. There are 3 levels for you to unlock.

Level 1: An up-side-down 2, an up-side-down 9, an up-side-down T, an 
up-side-down U, and up-side-down d.

Level 2: An up-side-down Q, an up-side-down M, an up-side-down e, my 
up-side-down pound symbol, each of these three letters up-side-down – e 
g g.

Level 3: Coming Soon.

| Internal Clock |
Tap on the screen for each second that passes, then see how well you 
did and what your actual time was. There are 3 levels: 10 seconds, 30 
seconds and 60 seconds. The more seconds, the harder it is.

| 5 | Other (oth)
The Secret of the Cards

There’s a secret to the cards that came with your game. They hide their 
suit and numbers within the patterns on their backs. Have you noticed 
it? Take a look at the top parts of the patterns. See the suits and 
numbers? Knowing this secret allows you to tell what card your audience 
holds simply by looking at the back of it. Discovering what card the 
audience has and secretly telling that to the DS allows you to perform 
amazing magic tricks. While the secret marks are well hidden, you’ll 
raise suspicion if you keep staring at the card back. To avoid this, 
once the audience pick a card, let him or her put it next to the DS. 
Then pretend to look at the screens and casually peek at it. The Joker 
is not used in Magic Shows. Remove the two Joker cards before starting 
the magic trick. The ace of spades symbol on the right side of the menu 
bar indicates that the magic trick uses the cards.

| 6 | FAQ (faq)

How do I unlock more?
Play every day. It takes about 9 days to unlock all the magic shows and 
you’ll need to play Mirrored Letters and Internal Clock a lot to unlock 
the later versions.

What is this Card Choices thing?
Card choices is unlocked by doing Internal Clock 60 Sec. (I didn’t have 
Mirrored Letters Lev. 3 unlocked at this point). This allows you to 
change the back of the cards during Corner Kittens, Monte Carlo, and 
Daily Horoscope. There’s not much use since you don’t perform these to 
anyone. It also doesn’t appear in the Solo Magic trick Vanishing Card. 
There are 10 designs in total, but there’s not much use.

I don’t understand the trick. How can I view the instructions again?
Hold SELECT until the screen goes black. The ‘SECRETS REVEALED’ page 
comes up first, then the trick itself. Normally, the first page tells 
you how to do it.

Can I use other cards to play?
Yes, as long as you can read their backs. The cards included with this 
game are quite good though.

Version History

3rd July 2008 - v1.00
The first release of the FAQ. Most done.

17th July 2008 - v1.01
Question about Card Choices, new site this can be on and version 

16th December 208 – v1.50
Figured out what Card Choices is, re-did the example and theory of 
Knock, Knock, added Mirrored Letters levels 1 and 2, and added sites.


FAQ by Biendeo
Game by Nintendo
Tricks by Tenyo
Special Thanks to GameFAQs
Special Thanks to GameSpot

This FAQ is legally only on the following sites:

If you see this somewhere else, or have an inquiry, e-mail 
[email protected]

Want to be a part of this? E-mail me something about these.

How does the DS know what pose I do in Finger Yoga?
What can you unlock each day?

Questions will be put into the FAQ.

Copyright 2008 Biendeo