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Follow the dark path or use the light
Luminous Arc Pack Shot

Luminous Arc


Game Script

by Nuitari_Shadow

                                VERSION 1.00

                         PUBLISHED: JANUARY 18, 2010

                        FAQ CREATOR: Nuitari_Shadow

ASCII art is currently in progress

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The only websites that are allowed to post this FAQ are



* VERSION 1.00   01/18/2010
  Published FAQ


My name is Chelsea and this is the first FAQ I have ever written. Feel 
free to contact me at [email protected] as long as long as it is no 
in any way vindictive or hateful. I created this FAQ for the people who 
are either a) unwilling to read every word of the game script during 
the game in order to get to the action or b) liked parts of the 
storyline but do not want to start a new game just to re-read it. I 
personally began to type down the script to inspire some fanfic writing 
so feel free to use this FAQ for that purpose as well. I would also 
like to mention here that if you are reading this, kudos to you because 
most people ignore this...or maybe you are just crazy and like this.


     * 0 PRE-GAME........................................000
     * 1 HOLY GARDEN.....................................001
     * 2 GIRL IN WHITE...................................002
     * 3 CONDEMN THE DARK................................003
     * 4 WITCH OF IMMOLATION.............................004
     * 5 DEPARTURE.......................................005
     * 6 REUNION.........................................006
     * 7 THE INFORMANT...................................007
     * 8 METAMORPHOSIS...................................008
     * 9 FURNACE GOD.....................................009
     * 10 WIND...........................................010
     * 11 HOLY JUDGMENT..................................011
     * 12 LETHE FOREST...................................012
     * 13 WITCH & RYM....................................013
     * 14 TABOO..........................................014
     * 15 PARTING WAYS...................................015
     * 16 SECOND THOUGHTS................................016
     * 17 A HERO'S AWAKENING.............................017
     * 18 LIKE, AN ANGEL? ...............................018
     * 19 ALTAR OF SOULS.................................019
     * 20 LION'S PRIDE...................................020
     * 21 HOLY ECLIPSE...................................021
     * 22 ROUND TABLE COUNCIL............................022
     * 23 COCOON OF GOD..................................023
     * 24 THE PORTAL.....................................024
     * 25 THE LIGHT......................................025

To search for a specific dialogue sequence, press Ctrl+F and type in 
either the chapter name or the number to the right of the chapter. Hit 
enter and it should take you straight to that dialogue sequence. 


A little info about the format:

     * The character speaking is in CAPS
     * Anything in (parentheses) is a sound effect in the game that I
       thought was significant enough to include
     * Anything in [brackets] is an author's note
     * Some things in the game were spelled incorrectly. Anytime that
       occurred, I mentioned it in brackets.


|                           PRE-GAME   000                            |

???: [Payan] ...Hmm. ...Hmm.

???: [Alice] What is it, Master?

???: [Therese] Is your back acting up again?

???: [Payan] No, it's not that! I've come up with a new name!

???: [Therese] Oh! Master, does that mean...?

???: [Payan] Yes. I've discovered a new Vitae. The name is...

     [choices: Legend, Hope, Longing, Ephemeral, Secret, Happiness]

???: [Payan] This is the new Vitae. This word will later hold a vital
     meaning that will aid a particular boy. Remember this word well,
     you two.

???: [Alice & Therese] Yeees, Master!


Monk [1]: Did you hear? Someone from the Church was attacked by
          monsters controlled by the Witches!

Monk [2]: It's been 1000 years since our God sealed those Witches. I
          never thought we'd see the day when Witches would roam the
          earth again...

Monk [1]: Perhaps this has something to do with the death of our former
          Grand Cardinal.

Monk [2]: Our new Grand Cardinal, Johannes, is only 13 years old. He is
          a bit young, even if he was certified by our former Grand

Monk [1]: You didn't hear this from me, but I doubt he'll be a good
          Grand Cardinal.

Monk [2]: The peace that has been protected by Luminous is ending...

???: [Kingston] Hold your tongues...Such talk cannot be tolerated.

Monk [2]: C-C-Cardinal!

Monk [1]: Your Eminence!

KINGSTON: What is the meaning of this!? Spreading malicious gossip
          about our Grand Cardinal, the voice of our God...

Monk [1]: P-Please forgive me!

KINGSTON: Silence! You two have committed blasphemy against Johannes...
          No, against our God! Guards, seize these two sinners!

???: [Johannes] That's enough, Kingston.

KINGSTON: Ah, Grand Cardinal Johannes!

JOHANNES: What seems to be the problem here?

KINGSTON: These two insulted Your Holiness...

JOHANNES: The monk's anxiety and doubt is a natural reaction to my
          inexperience. Do not blame them.

KINGSTON: But...Your Holiness!

JOHANNES: Kingston, release them.

KINGSTON: As you wish, Your Holiness. You two should thank the Grand
          Cardinal for his compassion!

Monks: Yes, Sir!

JOHANNES: Please continue your efforts for the Luminous Church. I will
          also strive to mold myself into a leader worthy of your

Monk [1]: You will be a shining example for all, Grand Cardinal!

Monk [2]: I pledge my life to serve you and Luminous, Your Holiness! B-
          Bless Your Holiness!

KINGSTON: Those blundering oafs...

JOHANNES: By the way, Cardinal, has there been any progress with the
          Witch countermeasure?

KINGSTON: Of course.

JOHANNES: We cannot have those accursed Witches running around any

KINGSTON: Your Holiness, please leave it to me.


KINGSTON: How is the research progressing?

Priest: The Round Table Council is on the move. In addition, the Eurus
        Knights in the East are assisting them, so we should be on

KINGSTON: Please complete the research posthaste. His Holiness is
          getting anxious.

Priest: What our God commands, I shall do, Your Eminence.


HEATH: Your Holiness. Did you summon me?

KINGSTON: Witches have appeared again. They are attacking the citizenry
          using monsters.

HEATH: Is that so!?

KINGSTON: The revival of our God is close at hand, but the world is
          full of grief. This grief is sown by our enemies, those vile
          Witches. Arc Knight, Heath! It is time to call forth the
          elite force you trained, the Garden Children. Lead them into
          battle with the blessing of the Luminous Church. Condemn
          every single Witch on the planet in the name of our God.

HEATH: Yes, Sir!

KINGSTON: Protect the Light. Condemn the Dark.


???: [Claire?] I can feel that the world is changing...The time for you
     to leave the village has finally come. Please go and find the
     light of hope.

???: [Lucia?] You can count on me!

|                   1   HOLY GARDEN >>> PRE-ACTION   001              |

ALPH: Schaaaa!

THEO: Taaaa!

ALPH: Yaaaa! (slice)

THEO: Aah!

ALPH: Take this! Haaaa! (slice)

THEO: Whoa! (crash)

LEON: Okay, that's enough, you two. Alph is the winner.

ALPH: Haha...Yes!

THEO: Yeah, I'm no match for you at swordfighting. But, I'm sure I
      could beat you in an archery battle!

ALPH: So, you're more confident with your bow, huh? Okay, let's do it!

CECILLE: Hey, you two. You should really let your wounds heal first.

ALPH: Eh, I'm not wounded. This is nothing!

THEO: I'm okay, too!

ALPH: Ready? Go! Wapaa! (slice)

THEO: Schoooo!

CECILLE: Come on, you guys!

LEON: How come those two never get tired of training?

CECILLE: I think it's more that you just get bored easily. You'll never
         be able to defeat Witches and monsters without proper

LEON: Man, I'm a genius. Why waste time trying to improve perfection?

CECILLE: Sir Heath isn't going to be happy if he hears you say that
         again. (sigh)

LEON: Sir Heath went to the Holy Capital because the Cardinal called
      for him. I figure I've got all day to just relax and enjoy your

THEO: Oh! It's Sir Heath!

LEON: Wh-What?

CECILLE: Welcome back, Sir Heath!

HEATH: Thanks. It looks like you've been training hard while I was

ALPH: Of course!

LEON: N-No doubt about it!

HEATH: Is something wrong, Leon? You're acting awfully strange.

LEON: N-Nothing! Just tired from all the training I've been doing!

CECILLE: Hee hee hee.

ALPH: So, Sir Heath, what did the Cardinal want to speak to you about?

HEATH: About that...Cardinal Kingston summoned me to assign me a very
       important mission. I'm to condemn any and all Witches I can

ALPH: So the rumor about the Witches appearing is...!

HEATH: Yes, it's true. The Holy Capital was in an uproar over the news.

THEO: What? Witches have appeared?

LEON: The day has finally come!

HEATH: Yes. It is time to use the skills you have gained to serve our
       God. You must be ready to leave at a moment's notice. The
       darkness never rests...

Civilian: Sir Heath! I beg you, please help us!

HEATH: You're from Carwee Town...What happened?

Civilian: Monsters have appeared in the plains to the northeast.

HEATH: What!?

Civilian: Some of us who went out to harvest herbs didn't escape in 
          time...Please! Please help us out!

LEO: That was just about a moment's notice...

ALPH: Finally...A chance to fight monsters!

LEON: Let's show them what we can do!

ALPH: Yeah!

THEO: ...

HEATH: Theo! What's wrong!?

THEO: Huh? ...It's nothing. Let's go!

HEATH: One last lesson for all of you: a knight must not flee when
       others are in peril! Let's head to the plains in the northeast
       where the monsters appeared! Cecille, I'm leaving you in charge
       while we're out.

CECILLE: Yes, Sir. Be careful, all of you. Protect the Light. Condemn
         the Dark!


ALPH: Are the monsters further ahead?

HEATH: Everyone, be on your guard.

THEO: Monsters have really appeared, huh...?

ALPH: Theo? Are you scared?

THEO: I-I'm not scared!

ALPH: Don't worry.

THEO: ...I'm not worried...

ALPH: Actually, I'm a little nervous, too.

THEO: You're nervous, Big Brother? You're lying, right?

ALPH: This is going to be my first time fighting monsters, too. So, of
      course, I'm nervous. But, you see, we've been training very hard
      for this day. Believe in yourself, Theo, and just do what we've
      been practicing. Let's go over what we learned...

THEO: Okay!

ALPH: So...What shall we do?

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

THEO: Alph, before we go into the battle, let's confirm our strategies!

{To view the tutorials, navigate to the World Map and press START. They 
are located in the System Menu.}

|                             ACTION >>> LEON                         |

LEON: Recently, monsters have started appearing all over the world.
      Earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters are getting more
      frequent. They say that these monsters were created by Witches.
      The whole world thinks it might be the return of the Aldheld

ALPH: The incident where Witches devastated the entire planet...

LEON: Well...that's why we, the Garden Children, are here now! We've
      been brought together to make sure Witches can never harm the
      planet again. All the years of training and preparation was for
      the moment they resurface. That time has finally come! So, let's
      show them our strength! Let's do it!

|                           ACTION >>> HEATH                          |

HEATH: What's on your mind, Alph? Did you find anything?

ALPH: Uh, Sir Heath. There's something I wanted to ask you. Where did
      the monsters come from?

HEATH: Monsters are summoned by evil magic spells cast by Witches! I
       hear there's a Witch who controls fire wreaking havoc in many
       areas recently. They say that she is accompanied by two large
       black shadows. Those Witches have stolen peace from the people.
       They soil the Light of our God...I will show them no mercy!

|                        DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                      |

THEO: Alph! I hear voices from over there.

ALPH: What?

Civilian: Ahhhhh!

LEON: There they are! Over there! Monsters are going after them!

Monster: Kueeeeee!

THEO: Oh, it's a real monster!

Civilian: H-Help!

HEATH: We're moving in! Everyone, dispatch those monsters! Show them
       the results of your training!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

ALPH: Sweet!

LEON: Did you get a good look at the power of Leon, the Young Lion

THEO: We...We won...! We did it!

Civilian: Whoa! They defeated monsters! ...They're amazing!

HEATH: Are you all right?

Civilian: Y-Yes! Thank you very much! Who are you people?

HEATH: We are from the Ever Garden.

Civilian: The Ever Garden...Then...That means you're the Arc Knight!
          You're Sir Heath!

THEO: That's right. He's our master. And he's famous!

ALPH: Yeah, you've got the right man. That's Sir Heath.

Civilian: Thank you very much, Sir Heath...and everybody else from the
          Ever Garden!

HEATH: Leon, take these people back to their homes.

LEON: Yes, Sir! All right! Let's move it, you guys!

Civilian: Huh? Oh...?

THEO: You're not supposed to be giving them orders, Leon. They're

ALPH: Haha. Even Theo's telling you to mind your manners, Leon.

LEON: Sh-Shut up...

Civilian: That'll be okay. We can go back ourselves. Thank you very
          much for saving us. I will never forget your kindness.

ALPH: So...Mission complete?

LEON: I must say, we did pretty well for our first battle, no?

THEO: I'm so flattered after being thanked so many times.

HEATH: We should also head home, as well. Back to the Ever Garden...

|                 2   GIRL IN WHITE >>> PRE-ACTION   002              |

THEO: We're home!

HEATH: We defeated those monsters today, thanks to God's divine
       protection. Don't forget to thank Him. Protect the Light,
       condemn the Dark.

ALPH: Protect the Light...

THEO: Condemn the Dark!

???: [Lucia] ...

THEO: Huh? Who's that in front of the dorm?

ALPH: I have no idea...

LEON: Yowza! What a cutie. Hey, baby! Why'd an angel like you leave
      your pinhead to come here?

???: [Lucia] ...

LEON: What's your name?

???: [Lucia] ...You smell sweaty.

LEON: Huh?

???: [Lucia] Hurry up and bathe. And don't forget to cleanse the
     weapons you used against the monsters.

ALPH: H-Huh? Who do you think YOU are...?

CECILLE: Welcome home, everyone.

THEO: Cecille!

CECILLE: I'm glad everyone's safe.

LEON: Monster hunting is a piece of cake!

THEO: I'm still nervous, though...

CECILLE: Well, let's go inside. You guys must be tired.

???: [Lucia] Hey, what should I be doing? How long do I have to stand

ALPH: Uh, Cecille. Who is this girl?

HEATH: Starting today, she'll be the Ever Garden's maid. She comes as a
       recommendation from the Millennial Sisterhood Committee.

LEON: A maid?

ALPH: Why do we need a maid?

HEATH: So we can focus on Witch hunting. You need to be ready at any
       time, so...She will be taking care of everything at the Ever
       Garden from now on: Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and keeping you
       healthy...Her name is...

???: [Lucia] Lucia. Nice to meet you.

THEO: Nice to meet you, too.

LUCIA: What do you need me to do?

HEATH: Hmmm...Let's see...You can start by washing the dishes. Alph!
       Show her where the kitchen is.

ALPH: Huh? Why me?

HEATH: It was your turn to wash dishes today, right? So it is your
       responsibility to train your replacement.

ALPH: Tch, what a pain...

LEON: Alph, this is one time I will gladly wash dishes for you.

LUCIA: (slap)

LEON: Ow! What the hell was that for?

LUCIA: Pervert!

LEON: Ugh...On second thought, it is your turn, Alph. Rules are rules,
      you know.

ALPH: I don't want to deal with a brat like her. You should do it,

CECILLE: It's time to me to go pray now...

ALPH: Oh, come on. Please...

HEATH: Alph! I told you to do it. So follow your orders.

ALPH: Yes, Sir...Ugh...

HEATH: Very well. I will go and report to the Holy Congress' eastern
       headquarters. Take care.

CECILLE: Well, it's time for me to pray.

LEON: My heart's been crushed. I need to heal my wounded heart in town.
      See ya!

THEO: I need to repair my bow.

ALPH: Hey, come on, you guys! Don't leave me here alone!

LUCIA: Hey, you!

ALPH: What?

LUCIA: I don't do dishes.

ALPH: Wh-What did you say?

LUCIA: It'll dry out my hands. So, I don't like doing it.

ALPH: What kind of a maid are you?

LUCIA: I choose my own job as a maid.

ALPH: Grr...! Fine, then start cleaning. Go sweep the floors in the

LUCIA: Oh, okay. I'm fine with sweeping. Bring me a broom.

ALPH: It's right over there. Go get it yourself!

LUCIA: Bring me a broom.

ALPH: Argh...Here!

LUCIA: Oh, not bad. The engraving on the handle is very nice. The grip
       is excellent, and it's well balanced...Very easy to use...And
       the weaving of the broom head is just superb!

ALPH: ...Why are you grinning at the broom?

LUCIA: Oh, n-nothing.

ALPH: O-kay, whatever...Just sweep up around here.

LUCIA: Hold on...

ALPH:  What is it now?

LUCIA: You really need to bathe. You smell really awful right now.
       Don't forget to clean all the monster blood off your weapon!

ALPH: Yeah, yeah...(What is up with this girl...?)


LUCIA: I'm done sweeping the dorm.

ALPH: Wow, that was quick.

LUCIA: Well, I'm good with brooms.

ALPH: I see. 

LUCIA: What should I do next?

ALPH: Hmmm...I guess I'll give you a tour of our quarters. Come with

LUCIA: Okay.

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

THEO: Hey Lucia. It's me, Theo. Do you know who I am yet?

LUCIA: ...Sorry. Not yet.

ALPH: Theo's my younger brother.


THEO: Where were you before you came here?

LUCIA: Many places.

THEO: So do you know the area near here, then?

LUCIA: Not really.

THEO: This place is called the Ever Garden, and this is the dorm that
      we sleep in! The surrounding areas are the region of Albein and
      part of the Eastern Continent, East Glabber! If you go south,
      you'll be in the Eurus Plain region. There's a Eurus Knight base
      there, as well as a port city you can use to reach the Western

ALPH: Theo, you got that all from your last geography lesson, huh?

THEO: Haha...You can tell? Oh yeah, Carwee Town is also nearby. I go
      there to buy food all the time.

LUCIA: Oh, okay. You taught me a lot.

THEO: If you go grocery shopping, buy lots of eggs for me!

|                           ACTION >>> CECILLE                        |

CECILLE: Hm, what's wrong, Alph?

ALPH: Nothing, I'm just showing her around. I figured she didn't know
      the area.

LUCIA: Hello.

CECILLE: Hi, Lucia.

LUCIA: Have you been living here for long?

CECILLE: Over ten years now. But, both Alph and Theo have been here

ALPH: Yeah, but I was very little when I got here, so I don't remember

CECILLE: You guys have been here since the Ever Garden was first
         established, right?

LUCIA: First established, huh? How long ago was that?

CECILLE: The Ever Garden was established the year Grand Cardinal
         Johannes was born. It was established by the Cardinal who
         foresaw the reappearance of the Witches.

ALPH: That's right. We're training to fight the Witches and monsters!

LUCIA: Witches and monsters, eh? So what were you two doing before you
       came to the Ever Garden?

ALPH: I've been raised by the Church for as long as I can remember.

LUCIA: Hm...I see...

ALPH: I don't remember too much about when I was young, but every
      here's great!

|                         DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                     |

ALPH: *yawwwwn*

LUCIA: You look like a fool with your mouth wide open. Don't do that in
       public! Aren't you supposed to be a knight!?

ALPH: Shut up. Here's your room. Why do you wanna stay out here?
      There's a room at the dorm, you know.

LUCIA: I don't want to sleep in the same building as you and Leon.

ALPH: Uh, okay, I guess.

LUCIA: I don't want you wandering around here. Stay in your dorm.

ALPH: I wouldn't come here even if you asked me to!


{Alph and Theo's Room}

THEO: Hey...Hey, Big Brother.

ALPH: What? You can't sleep?

THEO: Yeah, I'm still worked up...Today's battle was crazy. We really
      whupped those monsters good!

ALPH: Yeah, you did great out there, bro!

THEO: Do you think we're gonna have to fight more of 'em?

ALPH: Well, Witches have reappeared...So, there will probably be more

THEO: Hmm...I'm a little worried, brother...

ALPH: Don't worry. I'll be fighting, too. Get some sleep now, Theo. You
      need to rest so your body heals up, ok?

THEO: *yawn* Okay, good night, Alph.

ALPH: Good night...*yawn* I guess I'll go to sleep too...


ALPH: ...Zzz...Zzz...

???: [Lucia] (...1 broom, 2 brooms, 3 brooms...)

ALPH: (...?)

???: [Lucia] (Ooh, a golden broom! Wonderful...Mmmm...)

ALPH: (Who is this...?)

???: [Lucia] (Huh...What is this feeling...? Oh no...! Someone's inside
     my dream...!)

ALPH: (...??)

???: [Lucia] (Is this...Alph...!? I can't believe HE'S a Rym!)

ALPH: (Is this...the voice of that weird maid?)

???: [Lucia] (Uh...I can hear you! And where do you get off calling ME

ALPH: (Witches created those monsters to destroy our peace, right? Our
      mission is to fight these Witches and monsters!)

???: [Lucia] (Wow, you're even dumber than I thought!)

ALPH: (What?)

???: [Lucia] (I see there's no point in talking to you anymore. Just
     get out of my dream!)

ALPH: (You...!)

???: [Lucia] (...)

ALPH: Hey!! (screen brightens -> Alph wakes up) ...That voice I heard
      in my dream...Was that Lucia...?


ALPH: Hey! Get up!

LUCIA: *yawn*

ALPH: What did you do to me!?

LUCIA: ...What are you doing here in the middle of the night?

ALPH: you were the strange voice that was in my dream, weren't you!?

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: Hey!

LUCIA: What? Are you still half-asleep or something?

ALPH: No! I WAS asleep until I heard your voice in my dream!

LUCIA: Well, EXCUSE ME! You're the one who just came barging into MY

ALPH: What!?

Monster: Grrrrrrr...

LUCIA: Look out!

ALPH: Whoa!

LUCIA: What are you doing!? Do you wanna die here?

ALPH: Wh-What is this creature!? This isn't a normal forest animal, is

LUCIA: Of course not! It's a monster! Let me guess. You didn't cleanse
       your weapon like I told you to, did you?

ALPH: Huh?

LUCIA: The scent of monster blood attracts other monsters! I can't
       believe you don't know that! Some knight you are.

Monster: Grrrrrr...

ALPH: We're surrounded! Stay back, Lucia! I'll handle this! Take this!

Monster: Grrrrraaa...

ALPH: Whoa! Ahhhh!

LUCIA: Ugh, I can't watch this! (flash -> transforms to Witch) Move!
       You're in my way! Yaaaa! ...Shine! (flash)

ALPH: What the...!?

Monster: (smack) Gyaaaa! (dies)

ALPH: That...Is that...?

LUCIA: What are you doing? Don't just stand there! You need to focus
       and work with me if you want to live!

ALPH: Shut up! Don't tell me what to do!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

LUCIA: Phew. Finally!

ALPH: You...Did you just use a spell?

LUCIA: Yes, I did.

ALPH: You know an awful lot about monsters and...You...You're a...
      You're a Witch, aren't you!?

LUCIA: Wow. You figured it out.

ALPH: Huh?

LUCIAL Why the surprise? I know about monsters. I can use magic...Yes,
       I'm a Witch.

ALPH: Um...(Witches...they're the ones who create monsters and destroy
      peace. The teachings of the Luminous Verses say I must condemn
      Witches...) Are you really...a Witch?

LUCIA: I just answered that. You're really annoying.

ALPH: Well then, I have to condemn you!

LUCIA: Condemn? You're gonna kill me? Because I'm a Witch? Are you

ALPH: I will condemn Witches and bring peace back to the world. That's
      what the Garden Children were assembled for! Prepare yourself,
      you Witch!

LUCIA: You think you can kill me? You couldn't even defeat those weak
       monsters by yourself! What in the world makes you think that you
       can beat me!?

ALPH: Ugh...

LUCIA: Besides, aren't you forgetting something important?

ALPH: Something important?

LUCIA: I just saved your life, you ingrate. If I wasn't there, you
       would've been a monster's dinner by now. So that means I'm your
       savior. Right?

ALPH: W-Well...I guess that's true...

LUCIA: So don't tell the others about this! I still have many things
       here that I need to take care of. This is an order from your

ALPH: ...

LUCIA: Do you understand?

ALPH: ...A knight never forgets a favor. I'll keep quiet about your
      identity...But, just for this one time! If you ever use your
      spell again, I'll definitely condemn you next time!

LUCIA: Hmph...


LEON: Alph! Where are you?

ALPH: Leon! I'm right here! What's up?

LEON: Hey...what are you doing here? Just you and Lucia alone, huh?

ALPH: I-I was just taking a walk and I happened to run into her!

LEON: Oh really? Or...Are you guys...No, no, a man doesn't kiss and
      tell. That's not important now, anyway. We have an order to move

ALPH: What?

LEON: They found the hideout of one of the Witches!

ALPH: What?

LUCIA: A Witch?

LEON: We're heading out now. Prepare yourselves.

ALPH: Okay!

|               3   CONDEMN THE DARK >>> PRE-ACTION   003             |

HEATH: Our objective is to break into the mansion at the edge of the
       Palu Forest. According to our reconnaissance, there's a Witch
       hiding in it.

LEON: All right! We're finally fighting a Witch! My heart's beating
      like a drum!

CECILLE: your chest feels like it's going to burst?

LEON: Looks like yours is bursting, too...

CECILLE: Hey! Eyes up top, mister!

LEON: Ow! Hey, looking's not a crime! I start because I care!

HEATH: Silence, you two! Apparently, this Witch uses the Water
       Lapistier to augment her power.

THEO: Water Lapistier?

CECILLE: The Witch has the Lapistier!?

HEATH: It's a stone that feeds off the Light of God and pollutes the
       world. It's said that Witches who possess a Lapistier can
       unleash tremendous powers. We need to do whatever it takes to
       get that Lapistier back in our hands.

ALPH: We're gonna get them back?

HEATH: Yes. We need to take them to Grand Cardinal Johannes, so he can
       expunge their evil powers. Even though we have divine protection
       from God, we cannot be careless. Do not let your guard down!
       We're going to condemn that Witch in the name of God!

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

HEATH: Cecille, I would like you to join the battle this time. You can
       never tell what foul tricks a Witch can perform. I would like to
       have your healing powers with us as a precaution.

CECILLE: You can count on me!

LEON: Don't try to be a hero, now. Because you're too slow to save the

CECILLE: Tch! I'll make sure I'm extra slow when it comes to healing

ALPH: I sure wish Saki was here...

LEON: Yeah, I agree.

LUCIA: Who's Saki?

ALPH: Lucia! What are you doing here?

LUCIA: I followed you because I was getting anxious. And I wanted to
       see the Witch.

ALPH: Tch, to see if you're related?

LUCIA: Did you say something?

ALPH: Never mind.

LUCIA: So, who's Saki?

THEO: She's another one of us Garden Children. She's a good friend of

CECILLE: Saki's very agile and quick.

LEON: Haha, the Tortoise and the Hare! What a great combo!

CECILLE: Hey! Stop calling me slow!

HEATH: Silence! Lucia, be sure to stay out of the fight. I understand
       that you are curious. But, it will be dangerous, so stay back.

LUCIA: Yes, Sir.

HEATH: Okay, everyone, prepare to break in!

|                            ACTION >>> LUCIA                         |

LUCIA: Hey, Alph...Is there really a Witch inside that mansion?

ALPH: Of course! That's why we're here to condemn it.

LUCIA: There is no Witch in there.

ALPH: Huh...? What do you mean? You mean, you can tell because you're a
      Witch, too?

LUCIA: That's right, I'm a Witch. Are you going to comdemn [spelled
       wrong in the game, supposed to be 'condemn'] me, too? After all,
       we're supposedly destroying your peace, right?

ALPH: Exactly! Witches are the evil shadow that disrupts our peace. If
      you don't wanna be condemned, you'd better stay put!

LUCIA: ...

|                            ACTION >>> HEATH                         |

ALPH: What are the Witches' intentions?

HEATH: A Witch is a being that hates the Light of God. They're trying
       to pull this light-filled world into the darkness.

CECILLE: That's right. Starting with that earthquake near the Holy
         Capital, there are disasters happening all over the world.
         Monsters are attacking people, and people now live in fear. As
         the Luminous foretold: when Witches reappear, so will the
         world's danger.

ALPH: The world's danger...

HEATH: The Witch that we're going to condemn is trying to use the
       Forbidden Light.

ALPH: Forbidden Light?

HEATH: The Lapistier. It leeches off the Light of God in order to
       develop its destructive power. The power it contains can
       probably easily level a town or two.

ALPH: Whoa...Is it that dangerous!?

CECILLE: That's why we're going to have the Grand Cardinal cleanse it.
         In order to do that, we have to take the Lapistier back from
         the Witches!

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

THEO: Alph, what kinds of stones do you think Lapistier are?

ALPH: Hmmm...

LEON: I heard it it feeds on the Light of God. A glowing
      rock that creates an evil shadow to swallow our peace...

THEO: What!? The Witches have something as scary as that?

ALPH: That's why we have to do something about it! We can do it!

THEO: You're right, Alph! So, the Lapistier glow, huh? But, I think
      stones look prettier when they don't glow...Like the stone Alph
      and I share!

LEON: You mean those stones you two had when the Church found you?

ALPH: It's one stone cracked in half. The halves match up perfectly.

THEO: It's a sign of our brotherhood!

ALPH: Yeah!

|                         DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                     |

HEATH: Alph.

ALPH: Yes, what is it, Sir Heath?

HEATH: From now on the enemies you face will be more and more powerful.
       You need to talk to your comrades after battles to keep them in
       good spirits. They need to feel their best, mentally and
       physically, to fight at their best. Do you understand, Alph?

ALPH: I understand, Sir!

{"Intermission" is now available after battles.}

HEATH: Garden Childre, assemble! It is time to begin our mission!
       Protect the Light, condemn the Dark!


Mansion Owner: The Water Lapistier that sank to the bottom of the
               lake...The Round Table Council is so desperate to get
               their hands on it. If I bring this to them, my social
               status would skyrocket. It's such a simple scheme,
               really. Hahaha...

ALPH: We found you! Evil Witch!

Mansion Owner: Who the hell are you!?

HEATH: We are the sword of Light that banishes the Dark...

ALPH: We are the Garden Children!

Mansion Owner: Garden Children!? Agents from the Church, eh?

ALPH: Hand over the Water Lapistier, you vile Witch!

Mansion Owner: Witch? You think I'M a Witch? Hahaha...

ALPH: What's so funny!?

Mansion Owner: Must the Church control everything despite having the
               Light's strength? So the Church won't let me be, eh?
               They're greedy enough to send you...So be it. Call me a
               Witch or whatever you want! But if it has come to this,
               I don't intend to hold back! Let's see the power of the
               Water Lapistier!

HEATH: If you intend to fight us, you leave us no choice! Let the
       battle begin!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

LEON: How do you like that, Witch!?

Mansion Owner; I guess I got too greedy...Ugh...I was a fool...

ALPH: This is the Water Lapistier...

CECILLE: It's beautiful...What a gentle light...

THEO: Secure the Lapistier.

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

THEO: We did it, Alph!

ALPH: Yeah, good work, Theo.


LEON: Eh, Witches aren't so tough.

LUCIA: ...

CECILLE: What's wrong, Lucia? Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?

LUCIA: ...No, I'm fine.

LEON: You don't look like you're okay. Are you sure?

LUCIA: I told you, I'm fine.

ALPH: Lucia?

LUCIA: Don't talk to me.

LEON: Ooh, I guess she hates you now, too.

HEATH: You all did really well. I was impressed. I'm sure Cardinal
       Kingston will be glad to hear of this outcome. On that note, His
       Holiness will be visiting Carwee in the south tomorrow. I have
       been ordered to accompany him to assist their inspection.

THEO: So, are we staying here?

HEATH: No, I'm going to have you come this time. I think now is a good
       time to show him how well my apprentices are developing. You're
       on your way to becoming an elite squad.

CECILLE: So, we're going to meet the Cardinal?

HEATH: That's right. Okay, let's go to Carwee.

ALPH: ...

THEO: What's wrong, Alph?

ALPH: It's nothing...

HEATH: Alph? Did you want to say something?

ALPH: Um, Sir Heath. That woman we just fought...Was she really a

HEATH: What? Do you think the information the Church gave us was

ALPH: Oh, no. That's not what I meant. I just thought that we may have
      needed to investigate further.

LUCIA: ...

HEATH: Listen, Alph. You were just bewildered by that Witch. They use
       any means necessary in order to take advantage of people. Be
       strong, Alph. You must not allow that Witch to corrode your 

ALPH: ...I understand, Sir.


ALPH: ...

LUCIA: That was dumb. Of course he's gonna lecture you if you ask
       something like that.

ALPH: Hey, was that woman...

LUCIA: ...She wasn't a Witch.

ALPH: So we just fought an innocent person...?

LUCIA: No. She wasn't a Witch, but she wasn't innocent either. She was
       a villain who was trying to use the Lapistier for her own
       interests. She got what she deserved, so you don't need to feel
       bad about it.

ALPH: Is...Is that so?

LUCIA: By the way, just to let you know, a real Witch is WAY more
       powerful than her. If you intend to fight Witches, you need to
       train more...A LOT more. At this rate, you and your friends
       don't stand a chance.

ALPH: ...

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

???: [Kopin] The owner of this mansion was not a Witch. Come on, I knew
     that from the very beginning!

KOPIN: Oh, hello. My name is Kopin. Nice to meet you. I hope to keep an
       eye on Alph and the gang from the shadows. *stare*

|               4   WITCH OF IMMOLATION >>> PRE-ACTION   004          |

Civilian (1): You're telling me a few small kids are the ones killing
              the monsters!?

Civilian (2): I heard they even defeated a real Witch! They found her
              in that old mansion...

Civilian (1): You can count on the Garden Children! They're so

Civilian (2): As long as they're around, I'm not afraid of those nasty

LEON: Ha ha! We're heroes here. I could get used to this treatment.

THEO: I'm a little embarrassed. Right, Alph?

ALPH: Huh? Yeah, you're right.

CECILLE: We wish for peace and the Light...A small Light that belongs
         to the hearts of the people...Let's all do our best to protect
         their Light.

LEON: Personally, I'M wishing for the smiles of all the lovely ladies.
      Heh heh.



THEO: Wow! So this is the Luminous Church? It's huge!

HEATH: Let's all go and great Cardinal Kingston together.

LUCIA: Does that include me?

HEATH: Of course. You're a member of the Ever Garden now, too, Lucia.
       So you should meet the Cardinal with us.

LEON: Nice! We finally get to meet him in person!

CECILLE: Saki couldn't make it here in time...

THEO: That's too bad...

ALPH: Hey, Lucia...

LUCIA: What?

ALPH: (Hey...Are you sure you should meet Sir Kingston? What if he
      finds out that you're a Witch?)

LUCIA: (It's not like he's going to know just by looking at me.)

ALPH: (He's the Cardinal of the Luminous Church! If he finds out...)

HEATH: Alph, Lucia. What are you two whispering about?

ALPH: Oh, it's nothing!

HEATH: Okay, let's go inside...

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

???: [Andre] STOP right there!! What do you puny ruffians want from
     this holy Church!?

THEO: Alph, there's a strange man coming out.

HEATH: Oh, it's sir Andre. How do you do, Andre?

ANDRE: Grr, it's an Arc Knight! You're not bringing these suspicious
       looking runts to Sir Kingston, are you? I can't let them pass
       just because you ask me to let them pass. I can't allow that.
       Not even if you are an Arc Knight!

CECILLE: What an annoying man...

THEO: Sir heath, who's this?

HEATH: Sir Andre from the Zephyroth Knights.

ALPH: A knight!? Looking like that!?

HEATH: hold your tongue, Alph. Sir Andre is His Holiness' right-hand
       man and leader of the Zephyroth Knights. They call him the
       "Master of the Western Wind."

ANDRE: Heath, have you not taught them proper etiquette?

HEATH: I apologize, Sir Andre. I will talk to them personally.

ANDRE: in any case, I can't let this suspicious-looking lot into the
       Church! You'll never get past...these MANLY BICEPS!

HEATH: Sir Andre, is there some kind of misunderstanding?

ANDRE: What?

HEATH: We servants of God are here to greet Sir Kingston, in accordance
       to the teachings of the Luminous Verses. It seems as if you are
       attempting to hinder a holy greeting. Is this really the type of
       thing a knight serving Luminous would do?

ANDRE: Grrrrrr...

LUCIA: Looks like he doesn't have a response to that.

THEO: Nice one, Sir Heath!

LEON: So, excuse us as we go through.

???: [Kingston] What is going on here? What is all this commotion?

HEATH: Sir Kingston...

ANDRE: Sir Kingston!

KINGSTON: Oh? Sir Heath.

HEATH: Arc Knight Heath, reporting for duty. I have just arrived at the
       request of Your Eminence.

KINGSTON: I appreciate your service. But, who are these children with

HEATH: They're from the Ever Garden.

KINGSTON; I see. So you are the Garden Children. I have heard many good
          things about you. 

HEATH: Thank you for your kind words.

KINGSTON: However, Heath.

HEATH: Yes, Your Eminence?

KINGSTON: If they are the Garden Children, why are they not
          exterminating Witches? Is that not their mission?

HEATH: Th-That's...

KINGSTON: What if the Witches were to obtain the Lapistier while they
          are here? We cannot afford to have them galavant [spelled
          wrong in the game, supposed to be 'gallivant'] about,
          shirking their duties. By tarrying, you give the powers to
          the Witches, the root of all evil!

ANDRE: EXACTLY! What Sir Kingston said!

KINGSTON: Those despicable, ferocious, brutal, vile creatures!

LUCIA: HEY! I don't care if you a Cardinal or whatever! I've heard
       enough of your filthy lies!

ALPH: L-Lucia!

KINGSTON: Who...Who are you?

ANDRE: That was very rude to Sir Kingston!

LUCIA: You shut up, Rustbucket!

ANDRE: Wh-Wh-What did you call me!?

LUCIA: What do you mean, "root of all evil"!? Exactly what kind of evil
       deeds have Witches done to you? I mean, how much do YOU even
       know about Witches? Answer me!


LUCIA: Yeah, you! Mr. "Witches this" and "Witches that"! You old fool!

KINGSTON: O-Old fool...

LUCIA: Have you even seen a real Witch before!?

KINGSTON: A...A real Witch?

LUCIA: admit you haven't even seen one before, so shut up
       about it!

ANDRE: Be quiet, you!

HEATH: Stop it, Lucia!

LUCIA: I don't care! The whole damn Church should get blown up! (storms

ANDRE: Hey! Don't you go anywhere, girlie! Nobody calls me a

KINGSTON: Ohh...I feel a bit faint...Andre, lend me your shoulder...

ANDRE: Right away, Sir!

KINGSTON: Assist me to my room...Get me a painkiller for my headache...

ANDRE: Yes, Sir! Heath! I'm holding YOU responsible for all of this!

HEATH: ...

LEON: What the hell just happened?

CECILLE: What happened to Lucia?

THEO: I was so scared...

HEATH: I'm going to check on Cardinal Kingston. I still have to give
       him the Water Lapistier anyway.

CECILLE: Sir Heath, will you be alright?

HEATH: Hmm. An apology letter probably won't be sufficient for this...

CECILLE: Oh, no...

ALPH: That Lucia...


HEATH: Let us break for now. Everybody meet back here later.

ALPH: Meet at the Church later, huh...?

|                          ACTION >>> EVERYONE                        |

LEON: Cardinal Kingston, huh?

CECILLE: Cardinal Kingston supports the young new Grand Cardinal

LEON: So he's virtually the supreme leader, then?

CECILLE: I've never spoken to him directly, but I'm sure he's great

THEO: That Andre guy that was with him, why was he dressed all weird?

ALPH: Weird? He's the Zephyroth Knights' Commander. You should respect

LEON: Eh, he didn't look so strong. I wasn't very impressed with his
      "manly" biceps.

CECILLE: Hey, Leon, that's not very nice!

ALPH: Since he is a Knight Commander, I want to see him in a battle

THEO: I think Sir Heath looks stronger than that guy.

CECILLE: Theo, what are you saying!? Although, I do have to admit...he
         is kind of annoying. But still...

ALPH: In any case, where did Lucia go?

|                          ACTION >>> LUCIA                           |

THEO: I wonder where Lucia went. Poor Lucia, she's all by herself.

ALPH: You're right, let's go find her.

LEON: Hey...I don't really understand this particular situation...But,
      I do know that it's always better to leave an angry girl alone.
      Trust me.

ALPH: Is that so?

CECILLE: I wonder why she was so mad. It almost seemed like she was on
         the Witches' side.

ALPH: That's...

THEO: Ooh! Ooh! I know! She probably didn't like the smell of that
      Andre guy!

ALPH: ...

CECILLE: Do you really think so?

LEON: I guess that's a possibility. Remember the first time we met her?
      Anyhow, I think it would be best if we just let Lucia cool off
      for a bit.

ALPH: I guess you're right.

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |


???: [Vanessa]: So, this is the desecrated land of "God"...

LEON: Check her out, Alph!

THEO: Wow, that lady sure has some loud clothes.

ALPH: She looks pretty suspicious...

LEON: Hey, lady in red! Who are you?

???: [Vanessa] Who, me? I can tell you who I am, but you all better
     prepare to die!

LEON: What!?

Witch of Immolation: My name's Vanessa...Also known as the Witch of

ALPH: Witch of Immolation?

Witch of Immolation: Well, now that you've heard my name, let's get
                     this barbecue started!

HEATH: Sorry, but I cannot allow you to harm my students, fiendish

ALPH: Sir Heath!

Witch of Immolation: Heath? I see...So you're Heath, the "Cleansing
                     Flame". I'm honored to meet you.

ALPH: "Cleansing Flame"? I didn't know Sir Heath had that nickname.

HEATH: You there, Witch of Immolation ,was it? What is your purpose

Witch of Immolation: I'm here to take the Water Lapistier. There's no
                     use for you humans to be holding on to it.

HEATH: What!?

ANDRE: Hey, Heath! I'm not through talking to you! You're gonna be
       punished for that rude gir...Huh? Who's that girl with the bold
       fashion sense?

HEATH: Sit Andre, she's a Witch!

ANDRE: A...W-W-Witch!?

HEATH: Please take Cardinal Kingston and the Lapistier to a safe place.

ANDRE: F-Fine!

LEON: Hey, Witch! Today's your unlucky day. You'll wish you never ran
      into us.

ALPH: We, the Garden Children, will take you on!

Witch of Immolation: Oh, this will be interesting! You think you can
                     handle the heat!? Well then, come play with fire,

LUCIA: Th-That's...!

CECILLE: Lucia, stay back! She's a Witch!

LUCIA: Vanessa, knock it off!

Witch of Immolation: Oh, look, if it isn't Lucia.

LUCIA: The Witch that was attacking people with monsters...Let me

Witch of Immolation: Yeah, you got it. That's all me, the Big V!
                     There's nothing to gain by waiting around like you
                     guys! I already wiped out the Eurus Knights. Now
                     I'm here to get the Water Lapistier. I'm going to
                     send you kids and the "Knight Light" to meet your
                     God! Gul, Gal! It's lunchtime!

Gal: Grrrr!

HEATH: Here they come!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

Witch of Immolation: Hm, I guess I've underestimated you.

ALPH: Don't take the Garden Children lightly, Witch!

Witch of Immolation: Well, I'm done toying with you. Time to finish you
                     guys off with this Lapistier!

HEATH: We have divine protection from out God. We cannot lose!

Witch of Immolation: You guys are funny. You don't even know who your
                     God is. Whatever. You'll find out soon enough.
                     Wind Lapistier, lend me your powers! Haaaa~ (glow)

CECILLE: Power is emanating from the Lapistier! (flash)

LUCIA: Quit it, Vanessa! You're doing this the wrong way!

Witch of Immolation: Shut up! If you continue to get in my way, I won't
                     show you mercy either, Lucia! Haahh! (flash)

LUCIA: Aaaah!

ALPH: Lucia! Yaaaa! (flash)

Witch of Immolation: What the...!?

LUCIA: Ugh...

ALPH: ...I guess we're even now, Lucia!

LUCIA: Alph...? 

ALPH: Rrrrraaaahh! (flash)

THEO: Alph is...glowing!?

LUCIA: This is...the power of...Rym! So Alph really is...

Witch of Immolation: This power...Hehe, I see how it is...Lucia, you
                     already found your Rym, huh? Ahahahaha! This is
                     interesting! I'll be back to check on you soon!
                     Buh-bye, boys! (warp)

ALPH: Wait!!

HEATH: Give it up, Alph. Pursuing her is uselss. I heard that Witches
       who hold a Lapistier are exceptionally powerful...

LEON: Man! That was pretty crazy, huh?

CECILLE: Lucia, are you okay?

LUCIA: It's not a big deal...Mr. Hero here just acted like it was.

CECILLE: I'm glad.

LEON: Hey, Lucia. Did you know that Witch?

HEATH: Can you tell us about that, Lucia?

LUCIA: ...

HEATH: Are you a Witch?

ALPH: S-Sir Heath! Why would you ask her that...?

LUCIA: Yeah, I'm a Witch.

ALPH: Lucia!!

HEATH: How did we not notice that there was a Witch among us...? Did
       you infiltrate the Ever Garden to secretly investigate us!?

LUCIA: I wouldn't waste my time doing that.

HEATH: What?

LUCIA: I don't even care about your stupid little group. I don't care
       how "elite" you THINK you are, but you guys are way too weak. Do
       you guys even realize that?

HEATH: Then, why...?

LUCIA: I'm not going to answer that. But, I will tell you that my main
       goal is to defeat your God.

HEATH: You...You sinful Witch!

ALPH: S-Sir Heath! You're not going to condemn Lucia, are you...?

HEATH: Of course I am. I condemn all Witches!

LUCIA: You're very loyal..."Cleansing Flame."

HEATH: Prepare yourself, Witch!

ALPH: Please wait, Sit Heath! (warp)

???: [Mel] Abraca-Pocus! Lucia! Are you all right? I cam to pick ya up.

THEO: Whoa! She just appeared out of nowhere!


HEATH: Tch! Are you one of the sinners, too?

???: [Mel] I'm fixin' to skeedaddle! Let's go, Lucia!

LUCIA: I've accomplished my goal. Let's go.

ALPH: Wait, Lucia! What's your goal?

LUCIA: (It find you.)

ALPH: Huh...?

LUCIA: (Your life is mine. I saved you. You better not waste it. I'll
       come back to claim you soon.)

ALPH: Wh-What are you talking about?

LUCIA: Mel, let's go.

???: [Mel] Ahem! Hocus-Cadabra! (warp)

ALPH: Lucia!

THEO: Awww, man! They're gone.

HEATH: Those Witches got away!?

ALPH: But Sir Heath...Lucia helped defend us from the Witch of

HEATH: Alph, I told you not to be tricked! Lucia was deceiving us the
       entire time!

ALPH: Ugh...


KINGSTON: I guess the Witch of Immolation has left already.

HEATH: Forgive me, Cardinal Kingston. I allowed the Witches to escape.

ANDRE: You useless weakling! You're all dismissed!

KINGSTON: Stop, Andre. Heath helped us drive those Witches away. It
          shouldn't make you so upset if you think of it that way.

ANDRE: But, Sir Kingston...

KINGSTON: I must say, that was terrible...I have underestimated the

HEATH: The Witch of Immolation had the Wind Lapistier in her

KINGSTON: What? I thought the Eurus Knights had the Wind Lapistier...

Soldier: C-Cardinal Kingston!!

KINGSTON: At ease, soldier. What's the matter?

Soldier: It's an urgent message from the eastern branch of the Holy
         Congress! The Eurus Knights were attacked by a Witch! They
         were decimated by a gigantic flash!


HEATH: So that's how the Witch of Immolation got the Wind Lapistier
       ...Damn it!

LEON: Did you say Eurus Knights?

CECILLE: It's one of the wings of the Luminous Church...

ALPH: And they were destroyed...!?

KINGSTON: Heath! Go over there quickly and survey the situation!

HEATH: Yes, Sir!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: That's cruel...Lady Vanessa...You've left me behind. Are you
       trying to tell me I should walk home...?

|                  5   DEPARTURE >>> PRE-ACTION   005                 |

Injured Soldier: Ohhh...The pain, oh, the pain!

Soldier: Hey, hang in there! Where's the doctor? I need a doctor over
         here, fast!

LEON: This is so horrible...It's like a field hospital.

THEO: The damage here is worse then the damage in Carwee...

CECILLE: I'm going to lend my assistance.

ALPH: I never knew that the Witches were capable of this kind of

HEATH: ...

ALPH: Sir Heath, what do you think?

HEATH: This looks like it was done by that Witch of Immolation. The
       Eurus Knights were doing experiments at the Wahl Plains to the

ALPH: Experiments?

HEATH: An experiment to determine how powerful the Wind Lapistier is,

ALPH: Why would they do that? Aren't Lapistier very dangerous?

HEATH: Right now, the Church is researching a countermeasure against
       Witches. The Lapistier experiments were tied to the
       countermeasure research.

LEON: So they were trying to use the power of the Lapistier against the

HEATH: However, it looks like the Witch of Immolation appeared during
       the experiment, destroyed the Eurus Knights with an enormous
       flash, then stole the Wind Lapistier.

ALPH: Damn those Witches! How could they do this!?

HEATH: The Lapistier are deadly. We must gather them quickly, so they
       can be purified.

THEO: Hey, Alph. Let's help out here like Cecille is. We can't heal
      people, but there must be something we can help with.

ALPH: Yeah, you're right, Theo. Is that okay, Sir Heath?

HEATH: Sure. I'll go with you two.

Injured Soldier: There's no way we can stand such power...It's so
                 bright! It burns! My eyes! My EYES!

CECILLE: It's okay. Please calm down. The Witches aren't here anymore.

Injured Soldier: Run! Get away from that light!! Waaah!

THEO: This is awful!

HEATH: The Eurus Knights, known for courage, reduced to frightened

ALPH: That Witch of Immolation! I'll never forgive her for this.

ANDRE: Clear the way! Cardinal Kingston is arriving!

ALPH: What, Cardinal Kingston!?


HEATH: Cardinal Kingston! I thought you were staying in Carwee Town.

KINGSTON: The situation has changed. There's not a minute to waste,
          since the Eurus Knights have been annihilated. We're forming
          a specialized protection unit, the "Crow Knights"!

HEATH: Crow Knights?

KINGSTON: The best of the best from the Eurus and Zephyroth Knights. A
          super elite unit.

ANDRE: I'm the Crow Knights' Leader!

KINGSTON: The Crow Knights will protect the Holy Capital and the Church
          headquarters. They're going to protect His Holiness from
          those repugnant Witches!

HEATH: An excellent idea, Your Eminence! But why did you came all the
       way here to tell us this?

KINGSTON: Arc Knight, Heath!

HEATH: Yes, Sir!

KINGSTON: You are hereby commissioned as a Crow Knight.


ALPH: What!?

KINGSTON: Grand Cardinal Johannes has also agreed. Do you accept?

HEATH: But, I thought I was in charge of the Garden Children...

KINGSTON: This is a commandment from God's mouthpiece. Are you going to

HEATH: Ah...No, sir [should be capitalized]. I'll gladly serve as Crow

ANDRE: From now on, you are under MY command. Guahahahaha!

ALPH: What should we do without Sir Heath?

LEON: Are you breaking us all up?

KINGSTON: No, you Garden Children have an important mission to

THEO: Important mission?

ANDRE: That's right! This is a direct order from Cardinal Kingston! You
       should be honored.

HEATH: What is their mission?

KINGSTON: Condemn the Witch of Immolation, and...find and secure all of
          the Lapistier. We must prevent those abominable Witches from
          gaining more power, so bring them directly to me at the
          Luminous Church.

LEON: Condemn the Witch of Immolation...

THEO And find the Lapistier!

HEATH: Your Holiness! They are not ready for that type of...

KINGSTON: They'll be fine, Heath. After all, they're the young elites
          trained by the "Cleansing Flame." They will certainly exceed
          our greatest expectations. Or do you lack faith in your

HEATH: No, it isn't that...

KINGSTON: Very well then. It is decided. From this point forward...The
          Garden Children are now a special squadron known as...the
          [should be capitalized] Witch Busters.

LEON: Uh...The Witch Busters...?

ANDRE: Cardinal Kingston, can we give them a better name?

KINGSTON: Y-You don't like "Witch Busters"?

HEATH: Since we are the Crow Knights, what if they were God's hunting
       dogs? Fatal Hounds!

KINGSTON: Hmmm...Fatal Hounds, you say? I guess it's not a bad name.
          Very well. You Garden Children will be known as the Fatal
          Hounds from now on!

LEON: God's hunting dogs...

ALPH: The Fatal Hounds!

KINGSTON: Now then, most valiant young members of the Fatal Hounds
          ...You have been given a new mission of the utmost
          importance. However, your knowledge of Witches and Lapistier
          must still be limited. Enlighten yourselves at the library to
          prepare for the task at hand. I hereby grant you access to
          the research data at the Church. Study hard.

HEATH: Thank you very much, Cardinal Kingston. Okay, everyone. You are
       dismissed for now. We shall meet again in the evening.

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

|                           ACTION >>> CECILLE                        |

CECILLE: I never dreamed such a thing could happen to the Knights.

THEO: I can't believe a Witch did this...It's terrible, Alph.

CECILLE: So the Witches have this much power with the Lapistier?

THEO: I'm scared, Big Brother...

ALPH: The Witch of Immolation...Slaughtering the Eurus Knights like
      that! She was behind the attack on Carwee Town, as well!

CECILLE: It seems that we were really lucky when we encountered her.
         The Water Lapistier wasn't stolen from us.

LEON: But now that I think about it, she didn't use any gigantic flash
      on us! If the Witch of Immolation is powerful enough to destroy
      the Knights...Why didn't she use that huge flash when we were
      fighting against her?

ALPH: That's true...

THEO: Maybe it was because Lucia...who's also a Witch, was there?

CECILLE: Maybe there's another reason?

ALPH: I don't think we know enough about the Witches to figure this out
      now. But, we do know that we're going to be facing these Witches
      again soon.

LEON: Yeah. So we can't be scared of them. There's no backing down. I'm
      pumped! Let's do this!

THEO: Yeah!

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

THEO: So we're the Fatal hounds now...Alph, aren't you excited?

ALPH: We've been given a really important mission. We'd better do well!

LEON: Sir Heath is worried about us, but at the same time, he trusts
      us. We can't let him down!

CECILLE: Do you think we're fit for this important task...?

LEON: Why are you worrying, Cecille? We haven't even started the
      mission yet.

CECILLE: I know, but still...

LEON: Look, we're all a little nervous. But, people are counting on us.
      We can't fail!

ALPH: That's right, Cecille! We can do this!

THEO: I'm...depending on you, Cecille!

CECILLE: Yes, you're right...Thank you, everyone. Let's do our best!

ALPH: Yeah!

THEO: Yup!

LEON: Hell yeah! Fatal Hounds, roll out!

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

ALPH: Sir Heath.

HEATH: You're here. Your mission is to collect the Lapistier and
       condemn the Witch of Immolation. I understand that this is a
       dangerous mission for your youngsters. However, this has been
       decreed by the Luminous Church. You cannot refuse.

ALPH: That Witch is going to be tough enough, but finding the Lapistier
      on top of that...

THEO: Hey, Alph. How many Lapistier are there?

ALPH: Well, so far we've seen two: Water and Wind...

LEON: If there are two, that means there are probably more out there,

HEATH: That's also a matter of debate among the Luminous Church, I
       hear. Finding the Lapistier will be tough, but you must do so to
       defeat the Witches.

CECILLE: If this will lead to a peaceful planet, then we will
         accomplish our mission.

HEATH: Exactly, Cecille. Your years of intensive training have all been
       leading up to this day. This mission is crucial, and you are the
       only ones who can do it. Although I'm not fighting alongside
       you, fight together as a team, and you can win.

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

HEATH: Alph. Come over here for a moment.

ALPH: Yes?

HEATH: Fight me.

ALPH: Huh?

HEATH: Show me your strength.

ALPH: Sir Heath...

HEATH: The rest of you cannot interfere.

THEO: Go, Big Brother!

LEON: You can take him, Alph!

HEATH: Give me your best shot, Alph!

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

HEATH: Not bad, Alph. I feel a bit more relieved now. Alph. I am
       appointing you leader of the Fatal Hounds.

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

CECILLE: Congratulations, Alph.

THEO: Go, Big Brother!

LEON: I would've chosen a different leader, but if that's Sir Heath's

APH: Well, since we all agree...Let's get that Witch of Immolation!

CECILLE: What...Already?

ALPH: We don't know what that damn Witch of Immolation is doing right
      now while we're just sitting here!

LEON: And, where exactly are we headed?

ALPH: Ummmm...That's a good question...

LEON: Hey, what happened to your spirit?

HEATH: The Church has left you some directions. You need to obtain
       information from Nikolai about the Witch of Immolation.

ALPH: Nikolai? The guy that left the Ever Garden about six months ago?

LEON: I see! Wasn't he given special permission to research the

ALPH: Where's Nikolai now?

CECILLE: ...He should be at the gateway of this continent, the port
         town Ridget.

ALPH: How do you know that, Cecille?

CECILLE: I get letters from him once a week.

LEON: Which reminds me...You were his favorite, weren't you? Aww, isn't
      it sweet how he keeps sending you a letter once a week?

CECILLE: It's not like that...Nikolai just sends them to me by himself.
         I've never once written him back.

THEO: Let's go meet Nikolai!

ALPH: Yeah!

HEATH: Well, I will be going to the Holy Capital. I won't be seeing you
       of a while, but I believe in you all. Remember, you must never
       abandon the ones you are protecting. Do not forget this!

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

HEATH: Protect the Light, condemn the Dark.

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: Alph is now the leader of the Garden Children...I seem to have
       left my fertilizing shampoo outside of the bucket again...

|                   6   REUNION >>> PRE-ACTION   006                  |

CECILLE: It's peaceful here. It doesn't seem like there had been a
         battle here...

LEON: The flame of battle is quickly reduced ashes.

CECILLE: I suppose we always have to be ready to act in those moments.

THEO: Hey, Alph? Where did Lucia go...?

ALPH: I don't know, and I don't care where she went.

LEON: ...Oh! Hey, Lucia!

ALPH: Huh!? Where!?

LEON: Ha! Just kidding. Gotcha!

ALPH: Why, you...!

CECILLE: Are you that worried about her?

ALPH: No! We're looking for Witches, aren't we!?

LEON: Heh...

THEO: I hope you find her soon, Big Brother.

ALPH: I keep telling you, it's not like that! Now knock it off!

THEO: Ow! Don't hit me!

CECILLE: Now, now. That's enough, guys. *sigh* Alph, Theo...You two
         will never grow up.

ALPH: What, and you're all grown up?

LEON: Well, certain parts of her have grown up nicely...


LEON: Ahaha, I'm just joking. But man, it feels like only yesterday
      Theo was still just a baby. I remember having to change his
      diapers every day.

THEO: Th-That was a long time ago, You can stop talking about it...

LEON: You too, Cecille. We used to take baths together, remember?

CECILLE: Wh-What are you talking about?

LEON: But...I still can't believe that we used to be those little kids.
      And now, we're Fatal Hounds, going up against Witches. Huh...


ALPH: We can't let down the people in the Church who raised us. We have
      to train so that we don't embarrass them as Fatal Hounds!

LEON: Right.

CECILLE: Let's do our best!

THEO: Oh, I see the port town!

ALPH: You're right. ...Hm? Something's wrong!


THEO: The town is in shambles...

CECILLE: Ridget used to be famous for being a beautiful town...

Civilian: Isn't this awful? Ridget used to be called the Emerald of the
          Eastern Continent, but now look...

LEON: What happened?

Civilian: A Witch just appeared out of nowhere and destroyed

LEON: Was it the Witch of Immolation, who controls fire?

Civilian: Yeah! With that huge scythe...I don't even want to think
          about it!

CECILLE: Is anyone hurt? I'm ready to help in any way I can.

Civilian: To tell you the truth, Priestess, nobody was hurt or killed.
          Some stranger came and cast a healing spell, saving us all.

CECILLE: Healing magic? I thought that only people from the Church
         could use it...

THEO: Could it be...a Witch?

ALPH: Could it be Lucia!?

???: [Saki] You all seem to be fine.

LEON: Whoa! I thought my heart was gonna leap out of my chest!

CECILLE: Oh! Saki!

LEON: Oh, it's you, Saki. Didn't anyone ever tell you not to sneak up
      on friends?

SAKI: Sir Heath has ordered accompany you.

CECILLE: Really?

SAKI: My orders are to assist you by using my tracking abilities to
      find Witches. So from now on, I am assigned to the Fatal Hounds,
      as well.

ALPH: Awesome!

THEO: Welcome back, Saki.

CECILLE: I'm glad we're all back together again.

SAKI: Yes.

ALPH: Okay! Let's get to Nikolai's place.

LEON: Where does he live?

SAI: He went to the Western Continent.

LEON: Huh!? Are you serious!?

SAKI: My information is always accurate...Do you need a demonstration?
      Leon. You went to the flower shop last week to talk to Julia,

LEON: All right, all right! Your information is always accurate!

THEO: The Western Continent, huh...? What should be do now, Alph?

ALPH: Well, we can't just sit here and do nothing. We should go look
      for Nikolai.

CECILLE: So, are we going to the Western Continent?

SAKI: Ridget runs a ferry service.

ALPH: Well, let's get going, then. When we're ready, let's get on the
      ferry to look for Nikolai.

|                            ACTION >>> SAKI                          |

CECILLE: You really surprised me, Saki. You just popped up out of

SAKI: I am highly skilled in the art of stealth.

LEON: C'mon, Saki. You shouldn't be sneaking up on, like

CECILLE: Well, how have you been doing these days, Saki?

SAKI: I am fine. I'm pleased to see that you are all doing well.

ALPH: Yeah, you're usually out on your secret intelligence-gathering
      missions. That's why we don't see you at the Ever Garden very

CECILLE: I'm so happy that you can come along with us on this mission,

SAI: Yes. I am pleased, too.

THEO: Once we find Nikolai, we'll have everyone from the Garden.

LEON: But, why in the world did Nikolai go to the Western Continent?

SAKI: My intelligence suggests that he is seeking out Witches.

ALPH: Witches!?

SAKI: When the Witch of Immolation was here, someone heard her
      speak...She said..."God's light will be heading to the Western

ALPH: Then the Witch of Immolation should be going there, too!

CECILLE: We have to hurry. I'm worried about Nikolai.

LEON: But he's not really the type of guy we have to worry about, is

ALPH: I'm more concerned about the Witch. Let's go to the Western

|                           ACTION >>> THEO                           |

THEO: Do you think it was the Witch of Immolation who attacked Ridget?

SAKI: Yes. I am certain of it.

ALPH: But, who cast that healing spell?

CECILLE: Only priests trained by the Church can use healing magic. We
         can only use it by getting God's permission to use his powers
         of light.

LEON: Hmm...Something's weird here...If only people from the Church can
      use healing spells, then why isn't there anyone like that around

SAKI: The information we have implies that the person is not from the

THEO: Someone who can use those powers but isn't from the Church...

ALPH: So, is it a Witch!?

THEO: But if that's the case, then a Witch saved the people in the

LEON: Man, we still don't know anything about these Witches...

ALPH: I guess Nikolai is our only hope then, huh?

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

LEON: Man, the ocean is huge!

THEO: The horizon is so beautiful...

SAKI: The sea is calm, and the weather is pleasant.

CECILLE: It's so peaceful...

ALPH: Ah, this wind feels good...

???: [Mel] Yes, indeedy!

LEON: ...Who said tha...YOU!? You're that little kid Witch who
      disappeared with Lucia!

???: [Mel] Heh heh heh! I see you remember me!

SAKI: Have you encountered this child before?

Torrent Witch: Yep! I'm the ruler of water, the Torrent Witch! I am

LEON: This can't be right...A kid like her, a Witch!?

Torrent Witch: You rude little whippersnapper! I'm no runt!

ALPH: Hey, Midget Witch! Where are Lucia and the Witch of Immolation!?

Torrent Witch: "Midget Witch"? I came to check out Lucia's Rym, but...I
               didn't think you'd be such a Rudy McChurlish! Brats like
               you need a slap on the rump! Prepare yourself!

LEON: ...Um...I can't fight her...

THEO: She's even smaller than me...I can't pick on a little kid!

Torrent Witch: Grr~! Don't underestimate me! Don't be so quick to judge
               me! I'll mess you up worse'n a week-old burrito!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

Torrent Witch: Argh~! I'm pos-i-lute-ly furious~! Hurting the Torrent
               Witch like this! *sob* You're a Rym to...Rym...too...

ALPH: "Rym"...?

Torrent Witch: Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

THEO: W-We made her cry, Big Brother...

CECILLE: God, please forgive us. We have harmed a small child.

Torrent Witch: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah!

SAKI: This is...a Witch? This was not in my intel...

LEON: O,h man,...What're we gonna do now?

ALPH: I don't know...Hey, are you really a Witch?

Torrent Witch: Waaaaaah! This screwy Lucia's fated kinship!?
               I feel sorry for her~!

ALPH: Fated kinship...?

Torrent Witch: You are a Rym, right? Why are you hurting us Witches!?

ALPH: What are you talking about? Rym? Fated kinship?

LUCIA: You've said enough, Mel.

Torrent Witch: Luciaaaa! Uwaaaah! I'm sorry!

ALPH: Lucia!

SAKI: Lucia?

ALPH: Hey, Lucia! What the heck is she saying? What are Ryms and fated

LUCIA: Shut up.

ALPH: Huh?

LUCIA: How could you do this to Mel...? You're terrible.

Torrent Witch: *sob* Is he really...*sniff*...a Rym?

LUCIA: Yeah.

Torrent Witch: What a shame...Big palooka...*hic*

ALPH: Tell me what "Rym" means!

LUCIA: ...Let's go, Mel.

Torrent Witch: *hic*...*sob*...*hic*...Hocus-Cadabra! (warp)

ALPH: Lucia! Hey!

LEON: Damn! They just vanished! Heh...That's pretty cool. 

ALPH: This is not the time to admire them!

SAKI: An adolescent crybaby...I was not aware that Witches like that

ALPH: Damn it! What the hell were they talking about? "Rym"...?

CECILLE: Everyone, I can see the Western Continent.

THEO: That's Adwest, the port town.

LEON: Nikolai'd better be there.

SAKI: You still doubt my information? Do you require another
      demonstration, Leon?

LEON: N-No, Ma'am. We'll be right there, Nikolai!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: Today, one of my Kopin friends was attacked by an evil monster.
       ...Well, good luck!

|                 7   THE INFORMANT >>> PRE-ACTION   007              |

LEON: Adwest is a lively town.

THEO: Huh? What's that? There's an argument going on over there.

???: [Nikolai] Why can't you get a ship out to the Holy Capital!? How
     long are you going to make me wait!?

Sailor: It's because of the Witches. The Holy Capital is under martial

???: [Nikolai] I have important information for the Church! Very
     important, indeed!

Sailor: I don't care what you say. I won't break the law for you.

???: [Nikolai] I have to report my research to Cardinal Kingston! Why
     can't you fit this concept into your little mind!?

Sailor: Hey! Just who do you think you are!?

???: [Nikolai] I cannot divulge my identity!

CECILLE: Nikolai? Is that you? Nikolai, right?

???: [Nikolai] Bing bing bing! My sense are tingling! Who is it...?

CECILLE: Nikolai, we were looking for you!

NIKOLAI: Oh, my love, Cecille! You've come all this way just to see me?
         How wonderful!

LEON: Yeah, right, man.

NIKOLAI: Oh, Leon. *sigh* You are here, too?

LEON: What was that *sigh* for!?

ALPH: Hey, long time no see!

THEO: We found you, Nikolai!

NIKOLAI: Why, it's Alph! And Theo!

SAKI: Where are the Witches?

NIKOLAI: Saki!? What are you talking about?

CECILLE: Saki, we have to start from the beginning.

ALPH: We have been formed into a group called the fatal Hounds. We're
      hunting Witches. 

THEO: We are looking for Lapistier and the Witch of Immolation.


LEON: The Church told us to ask you about Witches.

CECILLE: You know a great deal about Witches, don't you? Can you help
         us, Nikolai?

NIKOLAI: Leave it to me, my love! I shall not let you down! To be
         honest, I have come here seeking my beloved Witch of
         Immolation as well!

LEON: "Beloved," huh...?

ALPH: I see he's still crazy about Witches.

NIKOLAI: Not only that...They say there's a Witches Secret [I think the
         game forgot the word 'Hideout' ]on the Western Continent! Do
         you want to know? Hmhmhm, you wanna know, right?

SAKI: I see he's still an irritant.

CECILLE: Hey, Nikolai. I would love to hear about Witches, but I don't
         think it's a good idea to do it right here.

NIKOLAI: Oh! I quite agree with you, dear Cecille!

LEON: Fine. I can listen and eat at the same time. C'mon, I'm getting

THEO: Yay! I agree! I'm hungry too!

ALPH: Okay. Let's go find a place where we can sit and eat.

|                           ACTION >>> NIKOLAI                        |

NIKOLAI: Oh! I just love the sweet, mysterious aroma of those
         intoxicating Witches!

ALPH: I was gonna ask how you've been...But I guess that answers my

NIKOLAI: I'm fueled by the intensity of my passion for Witches!

LEON: Really? I figured you would have used up all you "passion" on
      Cecille. How much money have you spent sending her letters? Do
      you even have a job?

NIKOLAI: Of course! Don't you understand her allure, you
         unsophisticated lout?

LEON: ...That's...That's not what I meant. You love Witches, right?
      Cecille's not a Witch, man!

NIKOLAI: Of course, I'm aware of that. Are you some kind of simpleton,

LEON: ...

CECILLE: N-Nikolai! Leon! We're all friends here, right?

NIKOLAI: Of course, my love!

LEON: ...Tch.

THEO: Brother? Nikolai isn't even thinking about what he's saying, is

ALPH: You've got that right. He hasn't changed a bit, has he?

SAKI: *sigh*

|                            ACTION >>> LEON                          |

LEON: Oh yeah! The fish here are delicious!

THEO: Leon knows so much about food!

ALPH: Hmm...We always eat the same stuff at the Ever Garden, though.
      Leon, where do you learn this stuff?

LEON: I hear about it from beautiful girls! All the ladies love
      delicious food! So if you meet a lot of pretty girls, you eat a
      lot of pretty good food.

SAKI: Hmm...My intelligence cannot contradict Leon's statement...

CECILLE: So, exactly how many girls have you "met" for you to know so
         much, Leon?

LEON: Uh, it's not like that, Cecille...

SAKI: I see. Cecille grows agitated when she hears about Leon meeting
      other women.

LEON: Oh great, here we go again...

NIKOLAI: Ahh! She's so radiant when she's angry! Cecille, fix me with
         your stern gaze!

LEON: (smack) ...

NIKOLAI: Wh-Why did you do that!?

LEON: I just felt like it.

NIKOLAI: Y-You oaf...

SAKI: Leon and Nikolai...They have never gotten along, have they?

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

LEON: Yeaaah! Let's eat!

THEO: I wanna egg salad sandwich!

LEON: Since we're in Adwest...we gotta try the Saint Shark's fin. Fresh
      from the Saint Sea! Man, this is just too good!

SAKI: Hmm...Leon has gathered more intelligence than I have about food.


NIKOLAI: Hm!? My senses are going crazy...There must be a Witch nearby!

LEON: What's this sense thing you keep going on about?

NIKOLAI: I can feel it when there's a Witch around me. I assume it's
         from my copious research, coupled with my immense

LEON: Okay, okay. Don't dislocate your arm patting your own back there,

CECILLE: I'm glad you're doing so well, Nikolai. 

NIKOLAI: Why, thank you, my lovely Cecille. Your remain as beautiful as
         ever. I missed you so much...The days without you were...!

CECILLE: H-Hey...Why don't you tell us about the Witch?

SAKI: Flushed cheeks...Shaking voice...It appears that Cecille is

NIKOLAI: Oh yes! Right! Sure! The Witch of Immolation! That image of
         beauty! I saw her in Ridget! My heart pounds when I think
         about her!

LEON: *sigh* If he was a normal citizen, he'd probably have been
      executed by now.

SAKI: That is a distinct possibility.

ALPH: Yeah, so? Where is the Witch of Immolation?

NIKOLAI: I believe that we can find her in the Lethe Forest.

LEON: The Lethe Forest?

SAKI: It's a sealed area in the northern part of this continent...No
      one may enter...the Lethe Forest.

NIKOLAI: I knew you'd know that, Saki.

SAKI: It's basic knowledge for me.

NIKOLAI: Then, do you know what's inside the Lethe Forest?

SAKI: U-Um...

NIKOLAI: ...You don't know? You don't know, do you!? Hah! Do you want
         to know? Oh, I  (one too many spaces in the game) know you
         want to know!

SAKI: Cecille: Requesting permission to render Nikolai unconscious.

CECILLE: Not, now, Saki. ...Not now.

NIKOLAI: well, then, let me tell you. In the Lethe Forest...there is a
         town filled with Witches!

LEON: What!?

ALPH: A Witch town?

NIKOLAI: It also holds the Mother of all the Lapistier...Mother Lapis!

THEO: Mother Lapis?

NIKOLAI: It's a mother-like spirit that is the source of the Lapistier.
         It could be the Witches' source of magic.

CECILLE: I can't believe it.

NIKOLAI: I don't blame you for not believing me, but this is the result
         of my research. I'm sure that I'm right about this.

CECILLE: But, Nikolai, let's assume for a moment that this town, and
         Mother Lapis, exist. Why has the Church done nothing about it?
         They would act immediately!

NIKOLAI: That's a very good point, my love. A very good point. That's
         the part that I can't quite figure out yet. What is preventing
         the Church from executing any punitive measures?

THEO: I don't understand Nikolai...He uses hard words I don't know...

ALPH: Just take a nap, Theo. I'll wake you when he's through.

Witch of Immolation: Ooh, this sounds fun. Let me join.


NIKOLAI: Bing bing bing! BING! My senses are off the scale!

ALPH: Y-You...! The Witch of Immolation!

Witch of Immolation: Hey, Mr. Glasses. You sound like you're all into
                     that research thing. You did pretty good, finding
                     out all that information by yourself. It's too bad
                     you're just a human.

NIKOLAI: Waaaaah! My beloved Witch! She's reeeeeaaaaalllll!!

Witch of Immolation: Wh-What the...!? Get...offa me!

NIKOLAI: I'm so glad that I'm still alive!! Ohh, I could die happy
         right now!

Witch of Immolation: Let...GO!! (smack)

NIKOLAI: Ahh...My love...So strong...(crash)

LEON: *sigh* I know I'd be happy if he died right now...

CECILLE: I feel sorry for Nikolai...

Witch of Immolation: Argh! You disgusting creep! I take back what I
                     said before!

ALPH: The Witch of Immolation! What are you doing here!?

Witch of Immolation: I came here to spend some quality adult time!

SAKI: It appears that she was drinking alone. How very un-feminine...

CECILLE: I don't think she can keep a man.

THEO: How sad...She'll never get married.

Witch of Immolation: Shut up! That's none of your business! Anyway,
                     this is the end for all of you! I will turn you
                     all into ashes!

NIKOLAI: Woohoo! I'm going to have a fight with a lovely Witch!

Witch of Immolation: ...Uh...Whatever! Prepare to die!

ALPH: Yeah, right! Bring it on!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

Witch of Immolation: Damn...That power of yours...It seems like you
                     really ARE Lucia's Rym.

ALPH: That word "Rym" Again! Just what the hell is a Rym!?

Witch of Immolation: But, I won't let Lucia have you! You're mine, kid!
                     Come to me...And bring forth the bravery of the
                     heavens...Nogila Megila! (flash)

ALPH: Nooo!

THEO: Look out, brother (supposed to be capitalized)!

ALPH: What!?

THEO: (attack) Uaarggh!

Witch of Immolation: Damn it! Why'd you get in my way!?

ALPH: Theo! 

THEO: A-Are you okay, Big Brother...? Ugh...! (crash)

ALPH: Theo! Are you okay!? THEO!

CECILLE: Stay with us, Theo!

THEO: Ugh...I feel so hot...I'm burning up...

ALPH: Witch of Immolation! I'll never forgive you for this! Yaaaaah!

Witch of Immolation: Argh! Casting that Rune used up all of my
                     energy...Fine...I'll walk away. ...This time. But,
                     you will be mine somday. Ahaha!(warp)

ALPH: Wait!

SAKI: Stop, Alph...

LEON: We'll go after the Witch. You stay here with Theo!

ALPH: But...!

LEON: Your brother needs you, man!

ALPH: I...okay. (Leon and Saki run off) Theo, are you all right?

THEO: Yeah...I feel a lot better now, thanks to Cecille...

NIKOLAI: It seems like that was one of the ancient Runes.

CECILLE: What should we do now, Nikolai?

NIKOLAI: I am not sure. The only one who would know is the caster, my
         lovely Witch.

ALPH: I'm sorry...This is all because of me.

THEO: No, Big Brother...You don't have to apologize...

ALPH: But if I'd only been more careful...

THEO: Brother! I'm a member of the Fatal Hounds, too! This is nothing.
      So...You don't have to...worry about...

ALPH: Theo!!

CECILLE: He's fallen asleep.

NIKOLAI: Hmm...Theo's grown up a lot while I was gone, hasn't he?

CECILLE: Yes. He's a great crusader, just like Alph.

LEON: *pant* *pant* Sorry.we lost her.

SAKI: What is Theo's condition?

CECILLE: He'll be fine. He's asleep now.

ALPH: That Witch of Immolation...She won't get away next time!

LEON: But, we don't know where she went, man...

NIKOLAI: It seems my lovely Witch of Immolation has an interest in
         Alph. I'm sure that she'll come back to us eventually. She did
         say, "You will be mine..."

ALPH: Why me!?

NIKOLAI: Ahh...If I were in your place, I'd already be hers.

CECILLE: Let's get back to the inn. I want to get Theo to bed.

LEON: Right.


THEO: Where am I...? I'm in bed? Did I faint? Ugh, it hurts! My
      arm...It feels like it's being torn off...! What happened to my
      arm!? (flash) ...Nooo! Wh-What is this!? M-My arm!

SAKI: Theo! Your arm...! (flash)

THEO: *gasp* Saki!

SAKI: It is fortunate that I came here to check on you. I will go get

THEO: No! Please...Don't tell anyone!

SAKI: Hm? You do not want assistance?

THEO: I-I'm fine! Please, don't let them know! I don't want you all...
      or my brother to worry about me!

SAKI: Theo...

THEO: Please! ...I'm begging you...

SAKI: ...As you wish.

THEO: Thank you...


LEON: So, now what? What're we gonna do?

ALPH: We have to catch the Witch of Immolation, of course!

LEON: But, we don't know where she is!

NIKOLAI: She must be in the Lethe Forest. It's our best bet.

LEON: Last time you said that, she was at the bar. I'm done listening
      to you, man.

NIKOLAI: I...I don't have any reply for that.

LEON: Hey, Alph. Let's forget about chasing down that Witch of
      Immolation for now. Let's look for some Lapistier.

CECILLE: I think that's a good idea. That's part of our mission, too.

ALPH: Yeah, but...We can't just let the Witches run around out there!

SAKI: If we pursue the Lapistier, we will encounter the Witch of

CECILLE: Where have you been, Saki?

SAKI: ...Picking flowers.

ALPH: What do you mean, Saki? How do you know that if we go after the
      Lapistier, then we'll run into her again?

SAKI: The Witch of Immolation is collecting Lapistier...That is why she
      attacked the Eurus Knights in and the town of Carwee.

NIKOLAI: Hmm...Perhaps the Witch of Immolation has the ability to
         locate the Lapistier...

SAKI: I do not know about the abilities of Witches...However, I do know
      that they are hunting for Lapistier.

LEON: So, if we start looking for Lapistier, we'll find her. Two birds,
      one stone!

SAKI: right...

ALPH: Do you know where the Lapistier are?

SAKI: To the west, in the town of Dotruvar, they say there is a
      mysterious stone. There is a high chance that this is the Fire

CECILLE: Thank you for the information, Saki.

NIKOLAI: So the Fire Lapistier...My lovely Witch who controls fire will
         surely try to find it!

LEON: For once, I actually agree with Nikolai. The Witch of
      Immolation's gotta be going after the Fire Lapistier.

ALPH: All right. We'll have to get to the Fire Lapistier before the
      Witch does! First thing tomorrow morning, we're heading for

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: I've taken a part time job as a waiter at the pub in Adwest. By
       learning how to make customers happy...I feel I am one step
       closer to becoming the ultimate monster.

|                8   METAMORPHOSIS >>> PRE-ACTION   008               |

ALPH: What town is this?

NIKOLAI: this is Gemarr, a mining town. We're still a ways from

CECILLE: We've walked so far...We should take a break here.

LEON: Man, I'm hungry...

THEO: Me too! I want some egg custard!

LEON: The Gemasa Mushroom grows around here. It's supposed to be really
      tasty, man!

ALPH: You guys never shut up about food...

SAKI: Amazing! His information network even covers small towns like

THEO: Hello!

Civilian: Huh...We have visitors?

NIKOLAI: We are the Fatal Hounds. We're traveling the world to fight

Civilian: "Fetal Clowns?" What's that?

NIKOLAI: No! The Fatal Hounds.

Civilian: Hmph. You all look suspicious. I don't trust you outsiders.
          Once you're done with your business here, please leave.

LEON: What the hell was that about?

SAKI: That was blunt...

CECILLE: This seems like a protective little town.

NIKOLAI: There's nothing we can do about that, my dear. Wherever you
         go, the customs and manners of the natives vary wildly.

CECILLE: I don't know...It seems like this is a little different from
         that, though.

THEO: Ugh...

CECILLE: What's wrong, Theo?

ALPH: Are you alright!?

THEO: Y-Yeah. I'm fine...

ALPH: If you're not feeling well, just tell me, okay?

THEO: I'm fine, Big Brother! I'm fine...Hey, let's go look around the
      town! I wanna see stuff!

ALPH: A-All right...Yeah. Let's go check out this town.

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

ALPH: Theo, let me know if you're not feeling so hot, all right?

THEO: I'm okay, Big Brother.

ALPH: Are you hungry? I'll go get you something.

THEO: I wanna eat steak quiche!

SAKI: A dish with high egg content, as usual. However, adding steak to
      a quiche...? That sounds like quite an unorthodox recipe.

CECILLE: At least he has an appetite. He must be feeling better.

ALPH: Okay, I'll go get it for you.

THEO: Yay!

LEON: Hey, Alph, don't you think you're spoiling Theo a little here?

ALPH: He's my only brother! I'm worried about him!

LEON: If you keep worrying like that...Theo's gonna stay like this
      forever, man.

NIKOLAI: are you concerned about Theo as well, Leon?

CECILLE: Theo will be fine, guys.

THEO: You're all so nice. I love you all! I'm doing my best. So there's
      no need to worry!

LEON & ALPH: Um...*sigh*

|                          ACTION >>> NIKOLAI                         |

NIKOLAI: Gemarr is famous for stones. But since there are so many here,
         there might be some Rune sleeping in the area as well.

ALPH: Rune? What does that have to do with rocks?

NIKOLAI: The magic that my beloved Witches and our priests use comes
         from Rune. However, there are stones that contain the power of
         Rune inside them. This power is known as Vitae. You've read
         about this before, correct?

SAKI: Stones with power inside them...That sounds like a Lapistier.

NIKOLAI: Indeed. The concept is similar to how my lovely Witches gain
         their powers. But of course, no other stone is as powerful as
         the Lapistier. Still, the general public is banned from using
         Rune. They're probably of no use to this town.

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

LEON: Man, this is a boring town.

NIKOLAI: I heard it used to be more lively back when the mine had more

LEON: Perhaps everyone's all depressed since the town's so small now...

Civilian [1]: Aaaahhhh!

Civilian [2]: M-Monster!

ALPH: What!?

CECILLE: A monster!?

Civilian [1]: Nooooooooo!! Heeeellllp!

Monster: Grrr!

LEON: Let's go! C'mon!

ALPH: Yeah!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

Civilian [1]: Th-Thank God...Th-Thank you so much!

Monster: Grrrr!

Civilian [1]: Aaaah!

ALPH: What!?

LEON: there was another one!?

THEO: Watch out! (slice)

Monster: Gyaaaaarrr!

ALPH: Theo!

Civilian [3]: Wow, kid. Thanks for your help...Help...

(image of Theo with dragon arm)

Civilian [3]: Heeelp! Monster!

THEO: What?


CECILLE: The scales...just like...a dragon...?

THEO: Ah! No! Don't look!

ALPH: Theo!

NIKOLAI: This is the power of that Witche's Rune...

CECILLE: How cruel...

ALPH: Theo, why!? Why didn't you tell us about this earlier!?

THEO: Because...Because I didn't want my brother to hate me because of

ALPH: You're my only brother! Why would I hate you!?

LEON: He's right, Theo. None of us would hold this against you.

THEO: But, I...

ALPH: You idiot! (smack)

THEO: B-Brother?

ALPH: Why didn't you talk to me earlier!? Do you think you can't depend
      on me? Do you think you can't trust me!?

SAKI: Enough, Alph. Theo has been struggling with the pain on his own.
      He didn't want to cause, especially...any trouble.
      He was wrestling with the pain and the fear that you would turn
      against him. Please try to understand how Theo feels.

ALPH: ...

CECILLE: That's right, Alph. Theo is the one who is hurting most. Don't
         be upset with him.

ALPH: Y-You're right...I was so worried and angry when I saw your
      arm...Please forgive me, Theo. I'm sorry.

THEO: No, I'm sorry too...for trying to hide this...

LEON: What's gonna happen to Theo now? I mean, it may just be his arm
      now, but is it gonna spread to the rest of him?

ALPH: That's not going to happen! Don't even say something like that!

NIKOLAI: No, Leon is right to be concerned.

ALPH: What?

NIKOLAI: If we let Theo's condition continue, he will turn into a

LEON: Then what do we have to do to uncurse Theo, Nikolai?

NIKOLAI: The person who used the Rune...We will have to ask the lovely
         Witch of Immolation to uncurse Theo. Maybe the other lovely
         Witches will have some hints, but...

ALPH: That damned Witch!

Civilian [3]: There he is! The monster brat!

Civilian [2] Damned freak! Get out of this town!

ALPH: What!?

Civilian [2]: They may not be Witches, but they had the powers to
              defeat the monsters!

Civilian [3]: And that brat right there...He has to be a monster! Look 
at him!

ALPH: No! We're here to fight the Witches!

Civilian [3]: Shut up! I don't listen to what monsters have to say! Get
              out of here!

Civilian [1]: Go on! Scram!

ALPH: Tch...

LEON: Alph, no matter what we say, we're just wasting our time. Let's

CECILLE: There's no telling what they'll do to us if we stay here any

NIKOLAI: Let's get to Dotruvar. My love, the Witch of Immolation, will
         be there!

LEON: Come on, Alph!

THEO: ...I'm sorry, everyone...Because of me...I...

ALPH: This isn't your fault. Don't cry, Theo. Let's go, everyone.

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: I have no close friends. So, I mentioned this to Lady Vanessa.
       She told me to go over to her place and she'd introduce me to a
       good friend. When I got there, all I saw was a daikon radish.
       What do I do with this?

|                 9   FURNACE GOD >>> PRE-ACTION   009                |

LEON: So this is Dotruvar.

Civilian: 'Oi! Are you guys visitors? Welcome to the smithery town of
          Dotruvar! C'mon in!

LEON: I guess they're happy to see some tourists in this town.

Civilian: Ahaha, I take it ya went to Gemarr? Now there's a buncha hard
          headed folk. Did they say anythin' bad ta hurt your feelings?

THEO: ...

Civilian: Aw, well. They're aint so bad after ya git to know'em!

LEON: What a huge difference between here and that other town...

NIKOLAI: This area of the continent has a wide variety of stone and
         metal resources. It's natural that the towns would be a little
         competitive for mining rights. That's why there's a rivalry
         between the peoples of the two villages. Since Dotruvar
         manufactures goods, and doesn't just mine, traders often

Civilian: Ayup! Visitors are always welcome! Weapons, cookware...we
          make everything!

CECILLE: Pardon me, but I hard that there was a shining stone in this

Civilian: Are you talking about the Furnace God, Hernas?

CECILLE: The a god?

Civilian: Oh, no, Ms. Priestess. That'd be silly. He just lives in the
          stone. For the blacksmiths here, the fire of the furnace is
          our lifeblood. Hernas is the god of Fire, y'see. That makes
          him the God of blacksmiths! He's only here by the blessing of
          the Luminous God, of course. Ha ha ha...If you're interested
          in Hernas, you should check out Godor's workshop. That's
          where Hernas's furnace is.

LEON: Well, all right. Let's get going. Let's head to Godor's workshop.

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

ALPH: How are you feeling, Theo? Does it hurt?

THEO: I'll be fine for now, Big Brother. Thanks for caring about me.

ALPH: Come one, everyone! Let's hurry up and defeat the Witch of

LEON: I know how you feel, Alph, but we kinda have to find her first!

ALPH: Yeah...but...

SAKI: Alph. Theo held back his pain for us. You must do the same. Don't
      rush into things that could jeopardize us all.

NIKOLAI: If that Lapistier is real, then I'm sure my beloved Witch will
         come for it!

ALPH: Right. I guess we'll have to go check and see if that rock here
      is really a Lapistier! Let's go!

|                           ACTION >>> CECILLE                        |

CECILLE: That Witch of Immolation...She's so cruel...

ALPH: I'll never forgive her!

CECILLE: It's tough for me to watch Theo try to hold his pain inside
         ...I wish I could do something to make him feel a little bit
         better...Oh yeah, Alph. Do you remember when we were young,
         Theo had a fever, and we went for herbs?

ALPH: Yeah...We went out into the forest to look for the herbs...But we
      got lost. You were such a crybaby. You kept bawling and saying
      we'd never get home. That was horrible...I'm glad Sir Heath heard
      you and found us, though.

CECILLE: Quit it! You always call me a crybaby. ...Hey, wait. That
         wasn't my point! Stop sidetracking me. Anyway, that herb we
         were looking for can be used as a pain reliever as well.

ALPH: What do you mean?

CECILLE: If we found some more of that herb, we might be able to ease
         his pain.

ALPH: Let's go find that herb, then!

CECILLE: It ought to be near the Ever Garden. We should go when we're
         done here.

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

Godor: Welcome! Can I help you guys? Our special is this large scythe
       with a strong blade and perfect balance!

NIKOLAI: Sir, I heard that the god Hernas is kept here in this

Godor: Oh, you've come to pray to Hernas? Great! We have souvenirs for
       sale as well. Take some home to you r families!

CECILLE: Er, no...We are here by order of the Church to search for

LEON: They call us "Fatal Hounds!"

Godor: Facial Mounds?

LEON: You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?

Godor: W-Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the Furnace God Hernas
       is a Lapistier?

NIKOLAI: That's what we're here to find out.

Godor: Uh...What'll you do if it turns out Hernas is a Lapistier?

ALPH: We will confiscate it so that the Witches will not be able to
      take it.

Godor: No, no! Hernas is the God of Fire! He lends his power to all our
       forges here! If you take our god away, we won't be able to be a
       town famous for its metalwork anymore!

ALPH: The Eastern Continent's Eurus Knights...have been wiped out by a
      Witch who tried to obtain the Wind Lapistier. The Witches think
      nothing of ending human lives to gain their Lapistier.

Godor: But you'd be ending our livelihoods! What about our lives,

LEON: You wouldn't even be alive to complain if a Witch killed you, old

Godor: But...!

CECILLE: Please, at least let us check to see  if your Hernas is a
         Lapistier or not.

Godor: ...All right. This is Hernas, our god.

SAKI: It's shining...(shine)

CECILLE: It has the same shine as the Wind and Water ones. This is a


Witch of Immolation: It really is beautiful, isn't it?

CECILLE: Oh, yes...Huh?

LEON: Y-You!

ALPH: Witch of Immolation!

Godor: Uwaaaaah!

NIKOLAI: My love!

Witch of Immolation: Get the hell off me! (slap)

NIKOLAI: Oh yes! Hurt me more!

Witch of Immolation: Now, give me the Fire Lapistier.

LEON: You're not getting this!

ALPH: Witch of Immolation! Uncurse my brother!

Witch of Immolation: Curse? What are you talking about?

THEO: Don't act like you don't know! (reveals his arm) My arm! Look at

Witch of Immolation: Eh? That's...Ahaha! That's just great!

ALPH: What's so funny!?

Witch of Immolation: I guess you have the dragon's blood in you, as

ALPH: Dragon's blood?

Witch of Immolation: It's just an arm for now...oh well, you're still
                     just a kid.

THEO: I'm not a kid!

Witch of Immolation: Pretty soon, your whole body will be transformed
                     into that of a dragon. And when that happens,
                     you'll be mine! Hahahaha!

THEO: S-Stop joking!

ALPH: I'm not letting anything happen to my little brother! I'll make
      you undo the curse, if I have to beat it out of you!

Witch of Immolation: Well, you've got balls, kid. Too bad I'm going to
                     turn'em to ashes!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

Witch of Immolation: I can't believe this...I screwed up.

ALPH: Uncurse Theo!

Witch of Immolation: No way! Kid! Come with me!

THEO: Huh!?

Witch of Immolation: You're gonna turn into a dragon, like it or not.
                     Come fight by my side!

ALPH: That's enough of your nonsense!

NIKOLAI: Weren't dragon the enemies of the Witches long ago?

Witch of Immolation: Psh! That's just a stupid myth your Church made


Witch of Immolation: The dragons are here to protect the planet. They
                     are created by the planet. When the Witches and
                     the Dragons come together, they are supremely
                     powerful. Powerful enough to suppress gods!

NIKOLAI: I've never heard that before...

SAKI: My intelligence gathering has indicated nothing of the sort...

Witch of Immolation: Kid, you're a dragon. That's why my magic did that
                     to you.

THEO: I-I'm...not human...?

Witch of Immolation: You don't belong with humans. So, come with me...

ALPH: Shut up!

THEO: Brother, I...

ALPH: Theo! Don't listen to what that lying Witch is saying!


???: [Mavi] That's enough!

ALPH: What?

LEON: Damn it! It's another Witch!


NIKOLAI: Bing bing bing bing! Oh, this energy...


LUCIA: Vanessa! That's enough!

ALPH: Lucia!?

Witch of Immolation: Well, well, Mavi and Lucia, huh? And just what do
                     the Nature Witch and the Dawn Witch want from me?

NIKOLAI: Oh Em gee! Three wonderful Witches! This is heaven!

SAKI: Nikolai...This is more like hell.

Nature Witch: Lady Claire is sick of your brutal activities. I will not
              forgive you for what you have done! My fists will punish

Witch of Immolation: You want to punish me? You're barking up the wrong
                     tree. I'm just trying to save the planet--my way!
                     Claire's methods are too slow!

LUCIA: You're wrong! Lady Claire is just trying to think it through

Witch of Immolation: Careful, my ass! She's just scared! Mavi, you have
                     to agree with me! Aren't you sick of her
                     cowardice? I know you want to come with me!

Nature Witch: Damn you...Calling Lady Claire a coward...! You may have
              been our friend once, but I cannot forgive this!

SAKI: The Witches are...arguing...?

NIKOLAI: This...This is so beautiful...Should've sent a poet...

ALPH: Lucia! If you're a Witch...Then help us...Please help Theo!

LUCIA: What happened to Theo?

ALPH: The Witch of Immolation's magic did this to him!

THEO: (reveals arm) I...

LUCIA: Th-That arm!

Witch of Immolation: Surprised, Lucia? That kid's a dragon, too! And I
                     will make him my Rym!

LUCIA: I won't let you do that!

Nature Witch: Lucia! Hold Vanessa back!

LUCIA: Right!

Nature Witch: Humans! Step back! You don't want to be near when my
              fists start flying!

ALPH: B-But!

Witch of Immolation: If Mavi and I fight, I know we won't both come out
                     unscathed...And they have Lucia, too...I'm at a
                     serious disadvantage here. I think I'll have to
                     pass, this time. But I'll just take this with me!
                     Yoink! (swipes Fire Lapistier)

ALPH: Crap! The Lapistier!

Witch of Immolation: See you later, dragon boy! I'll come back for you
                     some other day! (warp)

ALPH: No! Wait!

Nature Witch: Wait! Vanessa! (warp)

LUCIA: Wait! (warp)

NIKOLAI: Awww! My lovely Witches have abandoned me...

Godor: Give back our God, Hernas! Without him...The town will...(flash)
       No! The furnance's [spelled wrong in the game, supposed to be
       'furnace's'] fire is getting weaker! I can't create strong
       weapons or items anymore! You guys are gonna get Hernas back
       from that Witch, right!?

CECILLE: The Lapistier is a dangerous tone. It must be cleansed by the
         Grand Cardinal.

Godor: Wait! What's going to happen to this town!? All you do is fight!
       You don't know how we feel! You're taking away our very way of
       life! *sigh* It's over...This town if finished...

CECILLE: Mr. Godor...

ALPH: Look, I'm sorry, but we don't have time to pity that fool! We
      have to go after the Witches!


LEON: Damn it! We lost 'em!

SAKI: Recent intel obtained indicates that Witches run fast.

NIKOLAI: But why were the Witches arguing with each other? I'm a little
         confused now...

THEO: The Witch of Immolation said that I was a dragon...

ALPH: Theo! Don't listen to that Witch!

THEO: But this arm...Look at it! I'm a dragon!

ALPH: No! That's the Witch's curse on you!

THEO: But...!

CECILLE: Hold on! Isn't that Lucia?

ALPH: What!?

LEON: Oh, it is her!

NIKOLAI: Oh! Huzzah! A lovely Witch has come back to me! My lovely

LUCIA: (slap)

NIKOLAI: Ah...My heart. I can't take it. My love is too strong...


LUCIA: ...

ALPH: Why are you here!? Where's the Witch of Immolation!? Give us the

LUCIA: *sigh* You just never shut up, do you?

ALPH: What!?

LUCIA: Follow me. I'll take you all to the Witch Village.

ALPH: What!?


|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: As I was walking down the road, I felt a sharp pain in the back
       of my head. I guess I'm getting pretty old, so I should take
       better care of my health.

|                    10   WIND >>> PRE-ACTION   010                   |

ALPH: Hey, Lucia! What do you mean by Witch Village!?

LUCIA: What does it sound like? It's a village of Witches. It's our

NIKOLAI: Um...Just where is it?

LUCIA: It's in the Lethe Forest.

NIKOLAI: Yahoo! My research was correct! I'm a genius! A GENIUS!

LUCIA: Hey, Cecille...Who's this lunatic?

CECILLE: That's Nikolai. He researches Witches. He's intelligent, but
         he's a little...

LUCIA: I think he's crazy.

SAKI: Your assessment is accurate.

LUCIA: I don't know you, either.

SAKI: I'm Saki. Pleased to meet you...

LUCIA: I'm Lucia.

SAKI: I thought Witches were evil, but perhaps my conclusion was based
      on flawed intel.

LUCIA: We'll see about that. Maybe we are evil.

SAKI: My eyes don't lie to me.

LUCIA: Yeah? Well, I hear that Witches can confuse humans, so watch

SAKI: I will...I'm quite good at watching...

LUCIA: Alph.

ALPH: What?

LUCIA: We need to stop somewhere before we get to the Witch Village.
       It's right over there.

ALPH: Is something there?

LUCIA: I'm going to get something that will help with Theo's condition.

ALPH: Okay.


LUCIA: It's beyond this forest. Let's go.

ALPH: Beyond this forest, huh?

|                           ACTION >>> LUCIA                          |

ALPH: So Lucia, what have you been up to lately?

LUCIA: Many things.

ALPH: What's "many things" supposed to mean?

LUCIA: More than one or two things.

THEO: I see. You've been pretty busy, then?

LUCIA: That's right.

LEON: Many things, huh...?

ALPH: You'd better not have attacked any town full of innocent people
      or stolen any more Lapistier, Lucia!

LUCIA: And why would I do that? I can't believe you're this stubborn.

ALPH: Because you're with that Witch of Immolation! ...Right?

LUCIA: True, I am a Witch like her. But...There are many differences
       between us! M A N Y  T H I N G S ! Argh! If I had to sit here
       and explain it so that you can understand it, we'd be here until
       the sun burns out. So, how about you  just shut up and come
       along with me?

ALPH: What!? ...Tch!

NIKOLAI: Mmmmm! This smells like Rune!

LUCIA: This is one of the few lands where you God's power cannot reach.
       That's why we Witches like it so much. We've cast spells to keep
       people like you from entering. It's our home.

NIKOLAI: I knew it! Hahaha! My nose never fails me! Ahh! I'm surrounded
         by this beautiful Rune! It's wonderful~

THEO: ...

LUCIA: Does the lunatic have to come with us?

CECILLE: He can be very helpful sometimes. Please bear with him.

LUCIA: *sigh* Fine...

|                           ACTION >>> CECILLE                        |


ALPH: What's wrong, Cecille? You seem bothered about something.

CECILLE: Are we really going to the Witch Village...?

ALPH: We need to go there to cure Theo's curse.

CECILLE: But if we really go to the Witches and accept their help...I
         don't think we'll be any different than the Witches...

ALPH: Huh?

CECILLE: Am I wrong? We're members of the Church. We're not allowed to
         enter the Lethe Forest. If we disobey the Church's
         laws...We're agreeing with the Witches, right? Do you expect
         me, a priestess, to go with the Witches? It's like the people
         in Gemarr of Dotruvar said...We won't be any different from
         the monsters...!

ALPH: Wha!? Calm down, Cecille! We're going to the Village to save

LEON: Yeah! We're going to help our friend! Are you saying that that's
      what a monster would do? Of course not, right?

CECILLE: ...Yes, I guess you're right.

THEO: Sorry, Cecille. Just because of me...

CECILLE: No, Theo...I'm sorry...I...

ALPH: ...

|                             ACTION >>> SAKI                         |

SAKI: I have a question, Lucia. What is required to neutralized the
      curse afflicting Theo?

LUCIA: There is a stone that can cancel out the Rune. In order for us
       to use it though, we need to get something.

ALPH: Where do we get that stone?

LUCIA: After we're done in the forest, we'll go there next. So shut up.

ALPH: What!?

LEON: ...Lucia's always so harsh with Alph. Hmm...Could it be...?

LUCIA: (slap)

LEON: Gah!

LUCIA: Stop acting like an idiot.

ALPH: Violent little brat...

LUCIA: ...You say something?

ALPH: Oh, nothing...! Nothing! Hahaha...

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

CECILLE: A whole village of Witches...

SAKI: What's troubling you, Cecille?

CECILLE: I am a priestess of the Church. I could not atone if I entered
         this village...If we were to ask the Church, I'm sure we could
         help Theo without Witches...And...And asking Witches to help 
us is...

ALPH: ...

LUCIA: Did I do something wrong?

CECILLE: No, no...I'm very glad that you have offered to help, but...

NIKOLAI: My love, Cecille is a priestess. I totally understand how you
         feel, dear.

ALPH: Cecille...Go back to the Garden. Huh? Everyone else, too. Theo
      and I will go on into the village.

LEON: Wait, what are you saying?

ALPH: We're breaking the Church's laws by accepting the Witches' help.
      I don't want you all to be in trouble just because of my brother.

CECILLE: Alph...

LEON: Heh, I'm going too, man.

ALPH: What?

LEON: We've been together for longer than I can even remember, Alph. I
      think of him as my own little bro. So, I'm going, no matter what
      you say. All we have to do is not get caught, right? Ha! 

ALPH: Leon...

NIKOLAI: I will accompany you. I'll never get another chance to visit
         Witch Heaven. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from this
         opportunity. I'm sure Theo would be sad if I didn't come

SAKI: I will accompany you, as well...For Theo.

ALPH: You guys...

THEO: Thank you. I'm happy that you're all with me.


LEON: You don't have to come, Cecille. We're not in the same position
      as you.

SAKI: I will escort her back to the Garden. It's too risky for her to
      go alone. But, if I'm by myself I'll be able to catch up with
      everyone else.

LEON: Okay. Can you do that, Saki?

NIKOLAI: Mmmmmm...

ALPH: What's wrong, Nikolai?


NIKOLAI: BIIIIIINNNNG! Oh, that feeling...There's a lovely Witch close

ALPH: What?

LUCIA: That's an odd sense you have...But, you're right. There is a
       Witch living here.

NIKOLAI: Really!?

LUCIA: Vivi! Please come out! It's me!


Sky Witch: Ohhhh, long time no see, Luciaaaa...

LUCIA: Vivi! You seem to be doing well.

Sky Witch: I had a nice loooooooong nap today. I feel great.

NIKOLAI: Um...My lady Lucia...Who might this lovely Witch be.

LUCIA: She's the Sky Witch, Vivi.

Sky Witch: Everybody calls me...*yawn* The Sky Witch.

NIKOLAI: Aaah! My lovely Sky Witch! Please, spin me into a tornado of

Sky Witch: Ahhhh! Get away from me! (wind attack)

NIKOLAI: Yaaaay! I'm flying high on my Witch's loooooove......! (crash)
         Argh...My back hurts...But, I'm happy...

LEON: *Sigh* He's gonna be like this forever, isn't he?

Sky Witch: So, Lucia...What's up...?

LUCIA: I came to get the Chronos Gem. Vanessa has cast the Dragon Rune
       on this boy...

THEO: What's a Chronos Gem?

LUCIA: It's a stone that we need to remove your curse. Please, Vivi.

Sky Witch: Oooohhh..What should I dooo...?

ALPH: Please! Help my brother!

Sky Witch: Okaaay, let's play tag.

ALPH: Huh?

Sky Witch: If you can catch me...I'll give you this gem...

LUCIA: I knew this was going to happen...Vivi loves to play tag.

ALPH: That's all? We just play tag with her? Piece of cake!

LUCIA: Vivi's really fast. Don't underestimate her.

Sky Witch: Here we goo...Ready...set, goooo! (warp)

ALPH: Whoa! She's fast!

LUCIA: In order to catch Vivi, "two of us must sandwich her." Alph, be

ALPH: So, "she must be between two of our people" in order to catch
      her, right?

LUCIA: Yeah, that's the idea.

ALPH: Gotcha! All right, here we come!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

Sky Witch: Aww...You caught me.

LEON: *pant* *pant* She's so fast...

Sky Witch: Okay, best two out of three...

LEON: Whaaa!?

Sky Witch: ...But I'm too lazy, so whatever. Never mind.

LEON: What the hell...?


Sky Witch: Here's the "Chronos Gem..."

LUCIA: Thank you, Vivi!

ALPH: Thank you very much!

Sky Witch: Youo're welcome...See you guys later...

LUCIA: Wait, Vivi!

Sky Witch: Huh? Yeah?

LUCIA: Help us stop Vanessa! Vanessa thinks she can defeat their god
       with the power of the Lapistier.

Sky Witch: Whaaa? Lapistier are for healing the planet, not defeating

THEO: The planet...? What, this planet?

NIKOLAI: The stories that we heard from the Church always said that the
         Lapistier...were made to destroy the world. What you say
         doesn't match up with our own legends at all.

LUCIA: Please, Vivi!

Sky Witch: Meh. Naaah...I don't care about Vanessa...I don't want to
           commit to anything...I'm going to live as freely as I want,
           with no restraints...If I feel like helping you, I guess I
           might lend a hand...Laaaater, everyone. Bye-bye... (warp)

LUCIA: Vivi! Hey!

NIKOLAI: Living freely without restraints...That's not an easy thing to
         do. Mmm, my lovely Sky Witch is so wonderful!

CECILLE: Living freely...

ALPH: I guess there must be slacker Witches, just like slacker

LUCIA: She's the weirdest one out of all of us. Okay. Let's get going.

SAKI: Cecille...Let us go back to the Ever Garden...

CECILLE: No, I'll go with everyone else.

LEON: Huh?

CECILLE: going to live freely. You people are the most important
         things I have right now.

LEON: Cecille...

NIKOLAI: And the most important is me, right? Right?

LEON: Will you please shut UP!? (smack)


ALPH: Are you sure about this, Cecille?


ALPH: All right. Let's all go to the Witch Village.

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: When I went to fetch a pail of water, I feel into the river.
       Some fish decided to munch on me...So, I'm a bit smaller.

|               11   HOLY JUDGMENT >>> PRE-ACTION   011               |

NIKOLAI: Ring End Falls...This is where the highway ends. The Lethe
         Forest is north of here. So, the wonderful Witch Village
         should be nearby, right, luscious Lady Lucia?


ALPH: Hurry up and take us there, Lucia!

???: [Mel Abraca-Pocus! (warp)

Torrent Witch: I was waiting for you, Lucia! It's been a donkey's age
               since I saw you folks last.

THEO: Oh! The Kid Witch!

NIKOLAI: Ohh!? What a cute lovely Witch!

Torrent Witch: Who's this palooka? He's rushing me like a raging bull.

CECILLE: No! Bad Nikolai! Bad!

NIKOLAI: Noo! Forgive me, my lady Cecille!

Torrent Witch: *sigh* Well, well, well...

THEO: Sorry. Nikolai's actually a decent person on the inside...

Torrent Witch: Oh ho ho! You must be the dragon boy!


ALPH: Hey! You didn't have to say that!

Torrent Witch: Oh, sorry there. Didn't mean to razz you. It just popped

ALPH: Did this kid come here to start a fight or something?

LUCIA: No, she wouldn't do that. 

ALPH: Hmph...

LUCIA: All right, Theo. Let's go to the Witch Village.

Torrent Witch: Everyone, follow me!

|                          ACTION >>> CECILLE                         |

SAKI: I thought Witches would be evil, but after doing my own
      intelligence, it appears that my initial assessment was

CECILLE: They seem willing to help us...

ALPH: But the Witch of Immolation isn't like that.

THEO: Maybe...Not all Witches are bad like that Witch of Immolation?

LEON: If you see it that way, then they're no different than humans.
      You get good ones, you get bad ones.

NIKOLAI: Leon! Please refrain from lumping my lovely Witches into a
         category with yourself! My beloved Witches are
         different...They're the embodiment of mystery. Ahh~

LEON: All right, Nikolai, all right. That's more than enough of that.

CECILLE: Then why does the Church teach us that the Witches are evil?

LUCIA: Oh, that's easy. It's because we're fighting against your god.

CECILLE: Fighting against our God...? So, then...

LUCIA: If you truly believe your god is right, then even you people
       would have to think that the Witches are your enemies.

ALPH: ...And if not?

LUCIA: *sigh* ...Think about it! Hmph!

ALPH: Wh-What's wrong?

THEO: Lucia's always mean to Big Brother, huh?

LEON: Maybe she doesn't like him?

ALPH: H-Hmph! I-I don't care if she likes me or not!

|                            ACTION >>> MEL                           |

ALPH: Can the curse really be cured?

MEL: You betcha!

LUCIA: You will need the courage to enter our village, though. Also
       ...We will need some "Draconic Geode" to undo his curse.

ALPH: "Draconic Geode"?

MEL: Well? Shall we skeedaddle?

LEON: When we were on the ship, you came and attacked us. What do you
      want this time?

MEL: I had my own reasons back then. Don't cry over spilled milk. We've
     gotta concentrate on saving Theo now, right?

LUCIA: Mel has come to get us.

MEL: Yeppers, I came here to help you all. Come on, let's get a wiggle
     on! Off to the Witch Village!

|                           ACTION >>> LUCIA                          |

LUCIA: Do you still think that Witches are supposed to be condemned?

ALPH: No...But I can't forgive that Witch of Immolation and her

LUCIA: So, you're saying that Witches who command monsters are evil?
       You're dense.

ALPH: What!? That's God's word!

LUCIA: You...You don't even know what your god is...Let me tell you
       something! Witches didn't summon the monsters! That's just a
       lie! Understand!?

ALPH: A lie!?

LUCIA: We Witches represent the natural elements of this planet. But
       monsters are different. They do not represent any element. 

ALPH: Then, what are they?

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: Well? Say something!

LUCIA: I don't know, okay! Go look it up yourself! Sheesh!

ALPH: H-Hey...*sigh* She never makes any sense...

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

ANDRE: Hold! Hold it! I've finally found you!

ALPH: S-Sir Andre...!

LEON: What brings you here, Sir?

ANDRE: Fatal Hounds! Turn over the boy!


HUGO: Sir Andre, you haven't explained the situation to them. They are

CECILLE: Oh, it's Provost Hugo. Why are you here?

HUGO: You've all done very well, Garden Children...Rather, Fatal
      Hounds! Umm. We are here to take Theo into custody.

ALPH: Custody? What do you mean?

HUGO: According to our information, Theo has been cursed by a Witch.

ALPH: How do you know that?

ANDRE: Don't underestimate our information network! Everything you kids
       do is under our watchful eyes!

HUGO: And, umm...His Holiness Johannes will cleanse the curse of the
      dragon from his body.

CECILLE: His Holiness Johannes! The Grand Cardinal!?

HUGO: Yes. Grand Cardinal Johannes has taken great pity on Theo after
      hearing what has happened to him. The Grand Cardinal wishes to
      cleanse the curse from Theo's soul.

CECILLE: The Grand Cardinal! What an honor!

ANDRE: Ahhhh, but...! There is one condition...

ALPH: Condition?

ANDRE: The girls you are with! Yes! The evil Witches! You must punish
       them right here! Right in front of us!

CECILLE: Wait! They were trying to help break Theo's curse...

HUGO: How unconscionable! A priestess, commiserating with Witches?


ANDRE: Fatal Hounds! What is your mission!? Wasn't it to punish
       Witches!? You ignored your orders and fraternized with the vile
       enemy! If I were a...less kind man, I would send you to the
       executioners! But since I'm so nice, I will give you one last
       chance! Now, punish the Witches!

ALPH: *grunt*...Lucia...

LUCIA: If you say you will fight us, then we will fight back. But we
       can't lose. We will fight you with all our power!

LEON: Hey, Alph. Are you seriously thinking about fighting our friends?

CECILLE: If we defeat Lucia and Mel...Grand Cardinal Johannes

ALPH: I want to save Theo...But I don't want to defeat Lucia to do

NIKOLAI: I do not wish to do battle with these lovely Witches...

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: I...I will...

ANDRE: Graaaahhh! I can't wait for you slowpokes!

HUGO: S-Sir Andre!?

ANDRE: I have a short fuse! I was just going to punish you all from the
       start, you traitors! I was going to execute you after you killed
       those Witches, but I see you are completely useless! I will kill
       you all with my huge muscles...Even the Witches![

HUGO: Sir Andre, please...Do not slay the child, Theo.

ANDRE: Shut up! We only need that arm of his, right?

HUGO: Well, yes, but...

ALPH: Hey! What does that mean!?

ANDRE: We're going to take that arm and do some experiments on it.
       Since a Witch's curse if rare, that arm will be a sample of its

CECILLE: H-How could you...?

Torrent Witch: I'm fir to cast a kitten! You bozos are going to get it!

ANDRE: Let's go! You brats, conspiring with Witches and turning against
       our God!

ALPH: I will protect Theo, no matter what!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

ANDRE: Grrrr...You little brats...You are betraying the very Church
       that raised you!

ALPH: Wha!?

ANDRE: Pathetic orphans! Unwanted, thrown-away children! That's what
       you are, Garden Children! And it was us, the Luminous Church,
       who gave you a reason to live! This rebellion will never be
       forgiven! You punks are simply extra baggage on the Church's
       back! Don't think this is over! You will pay for this! Hugo,
       let's get out of here!

HUGO: Y-Yes! Y-You will pay for this, traitors!

MEL: They're crying as the run away. It's so funny! Heh heh heh!

NIKOLAI: So now we're all traitors, huh?

LEON: Well, I was expecting something like that, so I don't really


SAKI: Cecille...?

NIKOLAI: We can't blame her for feeling so badly. She has always
         believed so strongly in the Luminous Church...It must be a big
         shock to be tossed out, just like that.

CECILLE: No, that's not it. I just can't believe they were planning to
         use Theo for experiments...

CECILLE: No, I can't forgive them!

LEON: I'm guessing there's something we didn't know about the Church.
      Something really big.

MEL: You guys don't know anything! Not a single thing!

ALPH: What?

MEL: Come to the Village, and you'll learn the whole shebang. Now,
     let's go!

LUCIA: We're almost there. Let's go.

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: A nice drink is a fine ending to a day for an old Kopin like
       myself. I sit at the pub and enjoy my time...Kopin time. It's
       pretty relaxing. My life is pretty rosy.

|               12   LETHE FOREST >>> PRE-ACTION   012                |

MEL: This is the entrance to the village. I'll remove the seal, so step
     aside. Calm water, enraged water...Always moving, without
     end...Surge, with the power of the tides! Folis Wias! (flash)

ALPH: The's opening...!


NIKOLAI: Hmm! This is wonderful! I'm about to enter the land within
         Lethe Forest! I am amazed! Astounded! Astonished! We're
         heading to the Paradise of Witches! Ahh, I'm so glad to be

LEON: Man, you're always happy, aren't you?

NIKOLAI: Yes! I am happy!

LEON: *sigh* I was being sarcastic...

CECILLE: ...This village is full of Witches, but somehow, I feel quite
         relaxed...It's as if I've been here before...That's
         impossible, though...(flash) Huh?

LEON: What's wrong, Cecille? You're looking around everywhere. 

CECILLE: I thought I heard someone say, "Welcome back..." No...I guess

THEO: Huh? Where's Lucia?

LEON: Where'd she go?

MEL: Weird...

ALPH: What's wrong, Mel?

MEL: It seems like the Village is really quiet. Hello! Is anybody here?
     Come on, you guys. Follow me. Let's go see what's the big idea.

|                           ACTION >>> THEO                           |

THEO: H-Hey, Big Brother. What did he mean by "thrown-away" children?

ALPH: Andre...he said that, didn't he?

LEON: Giving us a "reason to live," eh?

CECILLE: Punishing Witches and looking for Lapistier...?

NIKOLAI: I don't think you have to worry about that now. Cheer up.

LEON: Of course you'd say that, Nikolai. You're happy just chasing
      after "cute little Witches," right?

MEL: I don't want this lunkhead chasing me around!

NIKOLAI: Oh, don't say such hurtful things, my lovely little Mel!

LEON: (smack)

NIKOLAI: Owww! I was just kidding!

ALPH: Didn't sound like it...

NIKOLAI: If you start to think about what our own mission was...What
         were Andre and Hugo doing? I don't think there's a rational
         point to what those Neanderthals were up to.

LEON: Yeah! They wanted to turn Theo into a guinea pig. I can't forgive
      them for that!

ALPH: Sir Heath always taught us the most important thing is to protect
      the people closest to us! I don't think that Heath was teaching
      us the wrong thing...


|                          ACTION >>> CECILLE                         |

CECILLE: What a mysterious forest. It's a little creepy at first, but
         now it's calming and relaxing...

ALPH: Yeah.

CECILLE: I'm weird, aren't I? Not so long ago I was saying that I
         didn't want to come... But now, it seems like time has stopped
         in this forest. It feels like I could just forget about the
         bad things that happened before......

ALPH: Cecille...


ALPH: Cecille?


ALPH: What's wrong? Are you all right?

CECILLE: Oh, it's nothing......

|                            ACTION >>> LEON                          |

LEON: Cecille's been a bit odd lately, hasn't she?

SAKI: You noticed, as well? She appears to be deep in thought.

THEO: Yeah...I wonder why?

NIKOLAI: Perhaps she isn't feeling well!? I must investigate! My lovely
         Cecille! How are you doing!? Is anything amiss in your pretty

CECILLE: ...Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

NIKOLAI: This place is gorgeous, isn't it?

CECILLE: ...Huh? Oh, yeah, Nikolai.

NIKOLAI: I'm just sooo happy!

CECILLE: ...Um, Nikolai?


CECILLE: Can you be quiet?

NIKOLAI: A-Anything you say, my lady!


LEON: What the hell does that idiot think he's doing!?

SAKI: I wonder what's on her mind...Maybe something is troubling her.

LEON: Well, yeah, since we've all just been branded "traitors of the

MEL: That's not the only thing. It's as if this forest is...welcoming
     her. Well...More than you guys, anyway.

LEON: More than us...?

THEO: Let's just leave her alone for now.

ALPH: Right.

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

ALICE: Oh! There she is!

THERESE: Lady Claire!

CLAIRE: So, you have come. I was waiting for you all. I am Claire, the
        Thunder Witch...I am the leader of the Witches.

NIKOLAI: Ooooh! My lovely Claire! Leader of my loves! The Witchiest
         Witch of them all! How beautiful! How stunning! I could die a
         happy man at this moment!

CLAIRE: Before I allow you to enter, I will have to test your strength.
        ...And see whether or not you are the ones who our planet has

ALPH: What!?



CLAIRE: Mavi! Vivi! As we planned...

MAVI: I've always wanted to fight humans! No mercy!

VIVI: Meh, what a pain...I don't wanna do this...I'm too tired...

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

CLAIRE: I understand your strength now. I apologize for my rudeness.

LEON: We thought you'd tricked us!

MAVI: Heh, sorry about that.

CLAIRE: Once again, welcome to the Witch Village.

ALPH: U-Um...Claire?

CLAIRE: You must be Alph.

ALPH: How do you know my name...?

CLAIRE: Leon, Cecille, Nikolai, Saki...and Theo. I know you all. Theo.

THEO: yes?

CLAIRE: Vanessa has given you a rather tough time...Allow me to
        apologize for her...I am terribly sorry about this.

THEO: Um...I...

LEON: Is she for real? I'm getting all confused now...

ALPH: Claire, we came here to undo the curse. Please tell us how to
      uncurse him!

CLAIRE: ...That is not a curse. It is a spell that returns Theo to his
        original form.

ALPH: What?


LEON: What the hell!? Are you telling us Theo's a dragon?

CLAIRE: I'm sorry if I have angered you. However, that is the truth. It
        might be very hard for Theo to accept, but...

ALPH: That's not funny! Theo is my brother! There's no way he--

CLAIRE: ...Alph, you are [I think an 'a' was supposed to be in here]
        dragon as well.

ALPH: !!

LEON: What!?

THEO: B-Brother is a dragon, too...?

ALPH: W-Wait. I'm a dragon? No way...

CLAIRE: Please, look back to the past. Vannessa [spelled wrong in the
        game, supposed to be 'Vanessa'] was going to cast her spell on
        you, Alph. Not Theo.


LEON: That's right...Theo was hit by the magic because he protected 

CLAIRE: Vanessa was going to change you back into your original form.
        But, her magic hit Theo instead. I'm sure that Vanessa did not
        expect there to be two dragons. Even I was surprised to hear
        about Theo.

ALPH: ...I see. That's how it was...So if I'm a dragon, that explains
      why Theo is a dragon. But knowing that doesn't really help me
      right now! All I want to know is how to change him back into a

CLAIRE: The power of the Rune can be neutralized by the Draconic Geode.

ALPH: Draconic Geode? Where can I find that?

CLAIRE: Lucia has gone to get it.

ALPH: Huh? Why Lucia?

CLAIRE: Lucia feels guilty over the incident involving Theo...

MEL: Claire! Iiyella Volcano is the only place you can get a Draconic
     Geode! You made her go to a dangerous place like that all by her

CLAIRE: Yes. I thought she would be fine...Alph! Lucia's in danger!

ALPH: What!?

MEL: Let's go help her!

ALPH: All right!

VIVI: Oh, wait...Me too...I'll come with...

CLAIRE: Hmm...Did I make an error in judgement [spelled wrong in the
        game, supposed to be 'judgment']? Did I err in sending Lucia by
        herself? *sigh* I knew I was a failure as the leader of the

ALICE: Don't be so worried, Lady Claire!


CLAIRE: *sniff* *sniff*

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: Apparently I'm a good stress reliever. I guess Lady Vanessa was
       really mad at something...Squish, squish...Squish, squish...

|                 13   WITCH & RYM >>> PRE-ACTION   013               |

VIVI: Meh, you guys are so slow...

LEON: This is such...a tough walk...! Hey you, with your carpet!


MEL: Abraca-Pocus!

LEON: That's cheating, too!

THEO: Ugh...It was all uphill...I'm so tired...

MEL: It's a very hilly place around here. We can't help it!

ALPH: Where can I get that whatever stone?

MEL: The Draconic Geode! It's just over this mountain!

LEON: You have GOT to be kidding...

|                             ACTION >>> MEL                          |

ALPH: What kind of rock is a Draconic Geode?

MEL: It's a stone made inside the planet.

ALPH: Inside...?

MEL: It's a mighty stone, almost as strong as you guys are when you're

NIKOLAI: Oh-ho! It seems that there are a lot of things I don't know
         yet! Very interesting!

ALPH: Once we get that rock, we can save Theo, right? Hang in there,

THEO: Okay!

|                            ACTION >>> SAKI                          |

ALPH: This volcano is still inside of the seal around the Lethe Forest,

SAKI: So we are still currently in the forbidden zone...

MEL: Sometimes, the ground shakes, right? That's because of the
     volcanic energy. The magma is moving. It means that the planet is

VIVI: But it's your god's fault that we're having more earthquakes...

CECILLE: Is it...God that's doing all this...?

|                            ACTION >>> VIVI                          |

ALPH: I thought you weren't going to help us.

VIVI: Huuuuuuh?

ALPH: You said you didn't want to constrain yourself or something.

VIVI: Oh, really? I did? But, now I want to help Lucia, so I'm

NIKOLAI: My lovely Vivi is as moody as the clouds...Aahh! I love that
         part of her, too! Please give me a moody magic carpet ride, my

VIVI: Noooo, don't touch me...! (magical attack)

NIKOLAI: Yaaay! My lovely Witch's love has sent me flying through the
         air! (crash)

ALPH: ...Oooh. That's gonna hurt. I hope love heals all wounds...

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

THEO: *huff* *puff*

ALPH: *gasp* *pant*

LEON: A-Are we there yet? You said we were almost there...

MEL: You used to find Draconic Geodes around here, but the monsters ate

THEO: Huh? Monsters eat rocks!?

MEL: Yep. There's a special magic inside Draconic Geodes. They
     revitalize the monsters' bodies when they eat them.

VIVI: Lucia...She probably went deeper, into a more dangerous
      place...Like a monster's nest...

ALPH: A monster's nest!?

VIVI: I can smell the monsters...Their stink carries in the wind...

MEL: Mmm, this isn't good!

LEON: Hey! You guys! It looks like there's a bunch of monsters over

ALPH: What!?

Monster: Grrrrrr!

LUCIA: (flash) Shine!

Monster: (attack hits) Gyaaar!

LUCIA: I won't let you have this stone!

Monster: Grr...

LUCIA: Move! Get outta my way! (magical attack) Shine!

ALPH: Lucia!

LUCIA: Huh!? Alph?

ALPH: Hey! Don't look away!

Monster: Gruaaaahhh!! (attack)

LUCIA: Ahhhhh!

ALPH: Hi-yaaah! (slice)

Monster: Urgh!

ALPH: Don't ever look away from your enemy during a battle!

LUCIA: You're the one that shouted my name!

ALPH: Don't pin that on me!

LUCIA: What are you doing here, anyway!?

ALPH: Helping you!

LUCIA: I-I didn't need your help!

ALPH: What!?

Monster: Gwarrrr!

ALPH: Can you fight, Lucia!?

LUCIA: Of course I can!

LEON: Alph! Lucia! Are you guys all right!?

ALPH: All right, everyone! Let's give these monsters a beating!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

ALPH: Yes! *huff*

THEO: My brother sure worked hard today, didn't he?

CECILLE: Yes, he did.

THEO: It's like last time, when he tried to save Lucia...I wonder why?

CECILLE: I don't know. But, it certainly seems as if there's something
         secret going on between them.

ALPH: Lucia! Why did you come to a dangerous place like this by

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: If we got here a little later you'd have been killed!

LUCIA: ...But...

ALPH: No buts! Do you know how worried we were?

LUCIA: ...Sorry.

ALPH: Huh?

LEON: L-Lucia apologized!

NIKOLAI: Please calm yourself, Alph. My lovely Lucia has done all this
         for Theo. Shouldn't you be thanking her before you yell at

ALPH: Uh...Y-Yeah...Thank you, Lucia.

LUCIA: No. Thank you, for helping me.

MEL: Lucia! Did you find the Draconic Geode?

LUCIA: Yeah. Those monsters were eating them, but I managed to get one.
       Here it is (shows it).

CECILLE: Phew! We can uncurse Theo now, right?

MEL: Sorry, babydoll. It's not that easy.


MEL: We have to ask the great Sage to refine it for us.

LEON: The Great Sage?

MEL: He knows eeeeeverything.

LUCIA: Let's go. The Great Sage lives past the Witch Village. Let's
       head back.

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: Today, myself and the other Kopins met up. We have heated
       discussions until morning on topics like world affairs or talk
       about what we ate for dinner the night before.


[back at Witch Village]

MEL: Well, we're at our destination. This is the Sage's place.

CLAIRE: We have been waiting for you.

THEO: Oh, Lady Claire!

CLAIRE: I knew that you would be able to pass this trial.

MEL: Hmm...Maybe they didn't really need help from Vivi and me.

VIVI: Their spirits are really close to each other...

CLAIRE: Yes...

???: [Payan] What is it, Claire? It's rather lively out here, yes.

CLAIRE: Lucia and the others have returned, Master Pa-Pa.

???: [Payan] Ooh, Lucia. It's been a while, hasn't it?

NIKOLAI: Th-That animal...It's talking! Is this more lovely Witch

LEON: Is that a seal? No, wait...A sealion?

CECILLE: Isn't he a manatee?

MEL: You're all so rude! Who do you think he is!? He is the messenger
     of the stars...The Great Sage, Payan-Payan!

VIVI: He's a very respected elder! Bow down!

NIKOLAI: *salaam* Hey, wait! Are you trying to trick me?

LEON: He's the sage!? Are you serious?

Sage Payan: Am I not allowed to speak? Am I not allowed to be a sage?
            This is a fine example of how humans can be so closed
            minded, yes.

CLAIRE: Master Pa-Pa. This is the dragon child and his friends.

Sage Payan: Yes, yes. I can see...You seem to have a great burden on
            your shoulders. You want to use the power of the Draconic
            Geode to uncurse you, yes?

ALPH: Please, uncurse Theo!

Sage Payan: I understand. Hey, Pollon! Is Pollon-Pollon here?

POLLON: Yes, Master? Have you hurt your back again, ya?

Sage Payan: What? No! Turn this Draconic Geode into a charm to stop
            this boy's transformation.

POLLON: Eh? This boy's turning into a dragon, ya? Please, le met see...

THEO: Okay.

POLLON: Oh, this is the Nogila Megila Rune, ya? This must be Vanessa's
        Rune. It has both Guts and Heaven. Hmhm...Okay, I got it. I see
        you have everything we need. I can make it, ya.

THEO: Really!?

POLLON: yes. Leave it to me. Please hold on a minute, ya?

Sage Payan: Pollon is a student of mine. He can imbue items.

ALPH: Imbue items...?

Sage Payan: That's correct. He mixes Vitae and an item together to
            create a new item, with a new effect! We call it imbuing.

THERESE: You can put elements into items to add more effects to them.

ALICE: You can also create rare items, too!

Sage Payan: You've picked up Runes here and there, yes? If you bring
            those Runes here, we can identify them. We can then use
            them to imbue Vitae.

ALICE: It'll cost some Rico to identify them...

THERESE: So please be careful. 

{You are now able to visit Payan-Payan's workshop. The workshop is only 
available in the Witch Village.}


Sage Payan: It should be ready anytime now.

CECILLE: Now Theo won't become a dragon, right?

LEON: That's great!

THEO: I'm sorry I've caused you so much trouble. Thank you all...Thank
      you so much!

ALPH: Let me thank you, too. Everyone, thank you!

LEON: No biggie, man! We've been together since we were kids.

NIKOLAI: Indeed. We simply did what had to be done.

THEO: Everyone...

LUCIA: I wish I had friends like you guys...

CECILLE: What are you talking about? You're our friend, too!


ALPH: ...You've helped us. You've helped Theo. Of course you're our

MEL: So we're all your pals, too? Well, that's just the bee's knees!

LEON: Man...It's so weird that we were raised to condemn the Witches,
      and now we're all friends here, huh?

ALPH: We've been hearing that the Witches are evil for our whole lives,
      but there aren't any Witches like that here.

NIKOLAI: Indeed! You're supposed to love Witches! Ahhh! I can't decide
         which one of you to hug first!

MEL: You don't need to hug any of us, you big goofus!

POLLON: Koo! Sorry for the wait! The Draconic Necklace is complete, ya?

Sage Payan: I knew you could do it quickly. Let me take a look at
            it...Hmm, it looks very nice, yes. I think that you are
            better than I am at imbuing items.

POLLON: Of course not, Master. I'm still in training, ya?

Sage Payan: Here you go, my boy. Put this on, yes. That should take
            care of the curse.

THEO: Okay!

MEL: Problem solved!

Sage Payan: You have all had a rough day. Go back to the Village and
            rest, yes. It's been a while since I was in the
            village...Perhaps I should go as well. Hey, Pollon. Come
            with me, please.

POLLON: Yes, Master.

MEL: Yay! I get to be all huggy-huggy with Pa-Pa!


CLAIRE: Please make yourselves at home.

VIVI: Meh, I'm gonna take a nap...

MEL: Huggy huggy bo-buggy...

Sage Payan: Heh heh...You are such a spoiled child, Mel, yes.

CLAIRE: Please, our guests...Make yourselves comfortable.

NIKOLAI: Yes! Thank you very much for your kindness!

Sage Payan: This village has many interesting documents, yes. I am sure
            that you should be able to find some useful information.
            Perhaps you ought to go find out the truth about this
            planet. Oh ho ho! One more thing...I have created this
            little device for you to try out, yes. Here, take it. You
            will be able to battle with people like yourselves, from
            other lands. Perhaps doing so will help you find rare
            items, as well, yes. You should try it out. Hoo hoo hoo... 

{You are now able to connect with other players to play multiplayer 
battles! You can enter battles from the Network menu.}


LEON: I'm so tired...I feel like I could sleep forever.


SAKI: Are you all right, Cecille?


LEON: Do you want to go back to the Church?


LEON: I know, it's tough. But rest up. Let's think about this tomorrow.
      I'm always here if you want to talk about anything.


NIKOLAI: Hold on one moment! I won't let you get away with this, Leon!

LEON: Hey, hey! It's nothing like that!


ALPH: Lucia.

LUCIA: Hm? Yeah?

ALPH: Thank you for what you've done for Theo.

LUCIA: I just did what anyone would do. It was just common courtesy.
       Besides...It was my fault that Theo was cursed.

ALPH: What are you talking about? It was all Vanessa's fault.

LUCIA: Well, Vanessa found out that you were my Rym. And after she
       found out, she tried to make you hers. That ended up getting
       Theo hurt.

ALPH: I see...I'm still confused, though. What is this Rym thing,
      anyway? Can you tell me now?

LUCIA: A Rym is...a dragon that is stronger than the gods. When the
       hearts of a dragon and Witch become one, it becomes a Rym.

ALPH: So let me get this straight...First off, I'm not human, I'm a
      dragon. Or a dragon-man. Or something.


ALPH: And you and I...We're a Witch and a dragon, right?


ALPH: S-So, what's the part about putting our hearts together mean...?

LUCIA: ...Well, you have to think about me, and I have to think about 

ALPH: ...

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: Wow, how can you say something that cheesy with a straight face?

LUCIA: Hey! Y-You asked me, so I explained it for you.

ALPH: ...

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: B-But, why do you and Vanessa...Why do you need a Rym?

LUCIA: ...To defeat your god.

ALPH: What?

LUCIA: Your god is about to wake from its slumber. When it awakens, it
       will consume the planet...And it's up to the Witches to stop
       your god from doing that.

ALPH: Wait, you're saying...God's going to eat the planet!?

LUCIA: Let's talk about that tomorrow. I'm really tired.

ALPH: ...Right, I'm tired too. Well then, good night.

LUCIA: Good night.


THEO: Good morning, Big Brother.

ALPH: Good morning. Hey, how's your arm doing?

THEO: It's all back to normal now! It doesn't hurt, either.

ALPH: I see. I'm glad to hear it.

THEO: But there's more! I can bring out the dragon's power at will now!

ALPH: What!? A-Are you okay with doing that!?

THEO: Ehehe! Cool, huh!?

ALPH: Uh...yeah. That's good for you, Theo!

THEO: Yep!

{Theo is now a Rym Guardian!}

POLLON: You guys are the dragon brothers, ya?

ALPH: Hey, Mr. Manatee. I'm Alph, and he's Theo. Don't call us 'dragon

POLLON: I'm sorry, ya. Could you not call me "Mr. Manatee"? My name is
        Pollon-Pollon, ya.

ALPH: Oh, okay. Sorry about that. Nice to meet you, Pollon.

POLLON: Same to you, Alph, Theo.

NIKOLAI: Good morning, Alph, Theo, and the Sage's student. Could you
         guys help me out? Where can I find the library that the Great
         Sage talked about last night? I want to learn everything I can
         about my lovely Witches. So I'd like to take a look at it.

POLLON: The library is over there, ya. A little while ago, the
        priestess and the spiky-headed man went there, too.

ALPH: Cecille and Leon?

NIKOLAI: Wh-Wh-Whaaaaat!? (runs off)

THEO: Wow, that was fast...He's already gone.

ALPH: *sigh*

THEO: Hey, let's go to the library, too.

ALPH: Yeah. I wanna find out more about what Lucia was talking about
      yesterday. I could probably find out more in the Library.

THEO: Let's go, brother.

|                          ACTION >>> LUCIA                           |

ALPH: It looks like all you Witches seem to have something on your

LUCIA: Well, we have to save the planet. So, yeah, we're a bit tense.

ALPH: I wonder how long Vanessa is going to fight by herself...

LUCIA: Vanessa is just doing things her own way. She relies on her own
       strength too much, and that makes her aggressive. All we Witches
       only really want peace on this planet...We have lived quietly in
       this forest for a very long time. But now that your god's power
       is building up once again, we can't just hide here in our forest
       and hope that nothing happens.

|                            ACTION >>> LEON                          |

ALPH: Oh? It's Leon and Cecille.

LEON: Hey, Cecille, are you all right? Ever since we entered this
      forest, you've...

CECILLE: Thank you for worrying about me, Leon. I...I don't know. What
         if the Witches are not inherently evil...? Is everything we
         were taught a lie...? The Church's teachings...Justice,
         blessings...Are they all just stories designed to cloud our
         minds so we can't see the truth?

LEON: Cecille...

CECILLE: I'm a little confused right now, but I think I'll find my
         answer soon. So, can you just give me a little more time to

LEON: Yeah, as you wish...But if you're having trouble...Don't hesitate
      to talk to me. Because, I...You know...I...

NIKOLAI: Cecille, my love! If you have anything to say, please say it
         to me!

LEON: N-Nikolai...

NIKOLAI: Leon! I cannot allow you to monopolize all of lovely Cecille's

LEON: I-I was just worried about her and...

NIKOLAI: No! I will never allow it! Never!

CECILLE: He, you guys...

ALPH: Nikolai! Claire was looking for you.

NIKOLAI: The beautiful Claire!? If a lovely Witch calls out to Nikolai,
         I will follow her to the ends of the world! (goes off)

LEON: *sigh*

ALPH: Nikolai's imagination is...going a little too far.

CECILLE: Yeah...*giggle*

APLH: Cecille, you'd rather have some peace and quiet, right?

LEON: We won't bother you anymore. Take your time.

CECILLE: Thanks, you two.

|                               DIALOGUE                              |

ALICE: We-We're in danger! Help!

THEO: What's going on?

ALICE: Vanessa is trying to take the Nature Lapistier!

ALPH: What!?

ALICE: Right now, Lady Claire is doing her best to stop her! Please,

ALPH: I'm on it!


VANESSA: Claire, give me the Nature Lapistier.


VANESSA: I don't want to do anything we'll both regret. Just give it to

CLAIRE: just what do you want with the Nature Lapistier?

VANESSA: I'm going to stop humans from doing stupid things.

CLAIRE: Stupid things?

VANESSA: I'm sure you already know, Claire. The humans are attempting a
         ridiculous plot at the Jeidath Research Center!


VANESSA: If we don't stop them now, it will only cause us trouble later
         on. With the Fire, Wind, and Nature Lapistier, I'll destroy
         the place!

CLAIRE: Vanessa, you're going about this the wrong way. 

VANESSA: Ha! If we did things the way you suggest, it'll be too late
         for us! The god is waking up faster than you think, Claire!

CLAIRE: R-Really? Do you really think we will be too late for the

VANESSA: You're hopeless, Claire, just hand over the Nature Lapistier!

CLAIRE: The Lapistier...Vanessa...

ALPH: Hold it!

LUCIA: Don't listen to her, Lady Claire!


MEL: Are you all right, Lady Claire!?

MAVI: Have you no sense of shame, coming after the village's

VANESSA: Hmph, I'm way outnumbered. There's too many of you. I'll give
         up on the Nature Lapistier. I'll do it with the two that I
         already have! (warp)

ALPH: No! She left!

Sage Payan: What happened? Did I miss anything?

CLAIER: Master Pa-Pa. Vanessa came for the Nature Lapistier...Should I
        have given her the Lapistier...? I've made another
        mistake...*mumble* *mumble*...

Sage Payan: No, you didn't, Claire. We should not be giving any more
            strength to Vanessa.

CLAIRE: Is that so? Really?

MEL: Why did Vanessa come to steal the Nature Lapistier, Claire?

CLAIRE: She said she was going to destroy the Research Center at

ALPH: Jeidath?

NIKOLAI: Jeidath is where the Church has been experimenting with Rune,
         along with alchemy and other things.

SAKI: They are known for their work in creating new medicines...

CECILLE: Why would she want to destroy a place like that?

CLAIER: I feel a strange energy coming from that area...A very strong,
        evil energy...A feeling of dark power...

NIKOLAI: Please, hold on! There are over a thousand people working at
         that facility! If we don't stop my lovely Vanessa, those
         people will be in danger!

ALPH: Let's get to Jeidath and stop Vanessa!

LUCIA: Let's go!

Sage Payan: Hold on! Pollon, come over here, yes.

POLLON: Yes, Master.

Sage Payan: I would like you to accompany them. Go forth, my student,
            and learn the truth, yes!

POLLON: Understood. Everyone, I'm pleased to meet you, ya.

THEO: Yay! A new friend! Nice to meet you too, Pollon!

ALPH: All right, let's go to Jeidath!

|                    14   TABOO >>> PRE-BATTLE  014                   |

ALPH: Th-This is the research facility?

LEON: What the...This place is a mess.

NIKOLAI: It seems that we are a bit late.

Researcher: H-Help me...A-A light appeared suddenly...It just...
            destroyed everything...W-Water...Please...

LUCIA: I can't believe she really did this!

MEL: There she is!


ALPH: Vanessa! You'll pay for what you did today!

CECILLE: You killed these innocent people!

NIKOLAI: Even if you are one of my lovely Witches, this is horrible!

VANESSA: No, I didn't...

LEON: Shut up! No mercy!

VANESSA: Wait, this wasn't me. This is...

ALPH: I'm putting an end to this!

MAVI: Alph! I will join your fight! All this pointless destruction...
      It's unforgivable! Prepare yourself, Vanessa!

VANESSA: Tch...You too, Mavi...? Argh, fine!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

VANESS: What...? The Wind Lapistier has calmed down...This energy must 
be...Is the Thunder Lapistier nearby? (spark [warp])

KINGSTON: *cough* *cough* You have given us a great deal of trouble


KINGSTON: Is it not that easy to forgive, Iris.. [either one too many
          periods or one too few] You have destroyed an important
          facility. Well...The whole facility WAS for you, so...Now         
          that we are done here, I suppose we have no more use for this
          facility. But, if you didn't have your barrier, you would
          have killed me as well.

VANESSAL You...Kingston!

KINGSTON: Hm? ...Aah! You're that Witch of Immolation! And you're with
          those traitorous Garden Children! What is going on here!?

LEON: We'd like to ask you the same thing! While you're at it, tell us
      who that little girl next to you is!

NIKOLAI: Hm...I have the strongest urge to go hug her right now. I
         wonder why...?

KINGSTON: Ahaha...! How entertaining! God must be telling me to cleanse
          the world of those who disobey Him! Very well. I shall
          introduce you. Meet the Steel Witch, Iris!

LUCIA: "Steel Witch"?

KINGSTON: Yes. Iris is a man-made Witch created through the power of
          Rune. She is the result of all the effort that the Round
          Table Council has done!

NIKOLAI: Steel Witch? What heresy! I am a little curious, though...

VANESSA: Steel Witch, S Witch What can an artificial Witch do!?

KINGSTON: Hmhmhm...Don't underestimate her power, or you will suffer.
          Iris, exterminate everyone here!


KINGSTON: Wh-What!? Of course not!

Researcher: Ugh...It's her...She destroyed the facility...


Researcher: Waaah! (crash)


MEL: The was Rune?

MAVI: What!? It can use Rune!?

KINGSTON: Even though she was created by man, she is a Witch, and
          Witches use Rune.

VANESSA: I see. So she couldn't control her Rune power, huh? And that's
         what destroyed this place.

KINGSTON: Indeed. She couldn't control the power of the Lapistier.

LUCIA: What? Lapistier? What do you mean?

KINGSTON: Oh, silly me. My tongue slipped. To tell you the truth...The
          Thunder Lapistier is in place of her heart.

SAKI: Thunder Lapistier...? Why does the Church possess that

KINGSTON: Hm, I wonder why?

SAKI: The Church...Did you come to my village...? Did you...!?

KINGSTON: That's enough talk. Iris! Finish them!


VANESSA: Don't think that you can defeat me, you fake!

      dodoodooooo* *doot doo doo dodoodooo!*

LUCIA: What? She's playing a song?

THEO: There are monsters gathering around her!

VANESSA: She can use monsters?

MEL: Vanessa, let's settle our score later. Help us trash this tin can!

VANESSA: ...Fine! Just this once, though!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

KINGSTON: I see you children are no strangers to combat. Iris! Activate
          your Hyper Mode!


KINGSTON: Exterminate all of the witches, Garden Children, and any
          surviving researchers who are still here! Oh...Keep
          protecting me with your barrier, of course!


MEL: So much power...!

MAVI: If we stay here, we'll be vaporized!


VANESSA: Tch! Everyone! Get over here! Mel! Help me out!

MEL: Gotcha!

IRIS: 3...2...

LUCIA: Everyone! Run to Vanessa!

IRIS: 1...ZERO. (warp)


ALPH: *gasp*

THEO: Where are we?

VANESSA: We are near the town of Madrasta. Mel and I teleported us

LEOn: We jumped al the way to the next town over, huh?

LUCIA: Thanks for you help, Vanessa and Mel.

VANESSA: I couldn't have just watched you guys burn.

ALPH: I have to thank you, too. ...Thank you.

VANESSA: Oh? Were you guys there, too? I didn't notice. Well then, I've
         got my own stuff to do. See ya! (warp)

LUCIA: Wait! Vanessa!

VIVI: Aww...She's already gone...

MEL: Vanessa...She's acting cocky, but she really...

LUCIA: Vanessa...

SAKI: I would classify that Steel Witch as a major threat.

LEON: Even Vanessa ran away from her...

ALPH: They were seriously trying to kill us! I guess that means we're
      no longer welcome in the Church.

CECILLE: I can't believe the Church created such an abomination...

MEL: You have to keep your eyes open to see the truth, missy.

CECILLE: I can't even close my eyes to pray?

MEL: If you have your eyes open, you can see what's happening in front
     of you.

ALPH: You're not alone, Cecille. We won't let what we see scare us!

CECILLE: Alph...

THEO: Hey, it seems like something's going on in the town.

ALPH: Let's go check it out.

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: I've become friends with the radish that Lady Vanessa introduced 
to me. His name is Daikon. I invited him to my favorite bucket. We 
talked about a number of things. He said, "One doesn't need a reason to 
live. Just existing is good enough."

|                15   PARTING WAYS >>> PRE-ACTION   015               |

Civilian [1]: Did you see that flash of light!? The entire town was
              destroyed instantly!

Civilian [2]: I'm sure that light was caused by a Witch's magic.

Civilian [1]: This town will probably be next. I'd better start

Civilian [2]: No matter where you try to escape to, the Witches will
              eventually get us!

LEON: Everyone seems to be in a panic.

THEO: They're all afraid of the Witches.

ALPH: Of course they are...The facility at Jeidath was blown up!

LUCIA: That was the Steel Witch, though. It wasn't us.

POLLON: Koo...There's no point in trying to convince them of that.

SAKI: I wonder why the Church created the Steel Witch...

NIKOLAI: I suspect that they're trying to fight fire with fire.

ALPH: So you think that they created the Steel Witch to defeat the
      other Witches?

NIKOLAI: Indeed. But I must stress that I was just using a figure of
         speech. I'm not saying that all my beloved Witches use fire...

MEL: Hmmm...He seems to know his onions. They must have learned their
     lesson when they sent that whole group of knights up against

LEON: You think the Church is that desperate to get rid of the Witches?

MEL: I figure they don't want us trying to keep their god from waking
     up. And they don't even know that it's connected to the end of

ALPH: That battle with the Steel Witch was tough...Let's take a break.

THEO: I wanna eat a big egg frittata.

LEON: I wouldn't mind checking out some of the "local scenery." *wink*

ALPH: Let's stick together for now. Try not to let anyone see Pollon.

LEON: Yes, Sir...

POLLON: Koo...*sob* Ya...

|                             ACTION >>> MAVI                         |

MAVI: How arrogant can humans be!? Did they really think that they
      could control that much power?

MEL: I can't forgive'em for fooling' with the Thunder Lapistier like

CECILLE: I can't understand how that kind of person can believe in
         God's justice...The Steel playing with
         innocent lives.

LEON: The Grand Cardinal's behind this, I'm sure. I wonder what his
      goal is...You'd think he has enough power. I mean, he leads the
      Church and everything

LUCIA: Well, he's obviously after more power than he can get by leading
       a religion. He also doesn't seem to have a problem with
       sacrificing the people who serve the Church.

ALPH: ! True...

VIVI: Is this what their God wants, too?

LUCIA: I don't know...

|                            ACTION >>> SAKI                          |

SAKI: The Thunder Lapistier...My clan...Everyone...


SAKI: I've told you that I was from the Shadow Clan, correct? And
      now...I'm the only surviving member of my clan. The Thunder
      Lapistier belonged to the Shadow Clan.

THEO: What!? Are you saying that...

SAKI: The Shadow Clan was slaughtered and the Thunder Lapistier was
      stolen. Kingston had the Thunder Lapistier! He was the one that
      stole it!

NIKOLAI: Kingston stole the Thunder Lapistier...So that's the reason
         why the Shadow Clan was destroyed...

SAKI: I've been tricked by the Church for my entire life! *grunt* I'm a
      fool...How can I trust my intel?

ALPH: Saki...Don't be so angry with yourself...

SAKI: I was working for my enemy! What would I say to my clan if they
      were alive...?

LUCIA: Yeah. I think they'd be angry, too.

ALPH: Lucia! You didn't have to say that!

LUCIA: But they wouldn't be angry with you, Saki. They'd be angry with
       the Church that had you believing their lies all this time.


LUCIA: I'm sure of it. Don't hate yourself over this.

SAKI: ...I see. Thank you. I know what I must do now. I'm the only one
      left who can guide the anger of my dead clan now...

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

Civilian [1]: Hey, everyone! The Crow Knights have come!

Civilian [2]: The Arc Knight Heath is with them!

Civilian [1]: Now this town will be safe!

Civilian [3]: Three cheers for Sir Heath!

ALPH: What? Sir Heath?

THEO: Oh, it's him! Brother! It's Sir Heath!

LEON: Hey, let's go say hello.

CECILLE: Wait! We've been branded traitors.

SAKI: If we are captured, we will likely be executed.

ALPH: ...I'm sure Sir Heath will believe us...But, there are too many
      people there now. Let's wait until he's alone.

Civilian [3]: Sir Heath!

Civilian [1]: Hooray! Hooray!

HEATH: Everyone, please calm down. We have come to investigate the
       reason behind Jeidath's destruction.

Civilian [3]: Witches did that, right?

HEATH: I am here to determine that for myself.

Civilian [3]: Will this town be safe?

HEATH: Yes. The Crow Knights will protect the people of this town.
       Please, pay no heed to any rumors that are being spread...about
       Jeidath and Witches. The Witches want us to panic and act out of

Civilian [3]: If you say so, Sir Heath...

Civilian [1]: Back to work, everybody!

Civilian [2]: Please, Sir Heath! Bring peace back to our town!

Knight: Sir Heath, we are prepared to leave.

HEATH: Allow everyone to take a small rest. After that, we will leave
       for Jeidath.

Knight: Yes, Sir! (runs off)


ALPH: Sir Heath!

THEO: Sir Heath?

HEATH: Hm? You...! What do you want, traitors?


HEATH: You have ignored your mission and have allowed yourself to be
       charmed by the Witches you were sent to condemn. You have also
       attacked Sir Andre.

ALPH: No! We weren't charmed! Lucia and the other Witches helped Theo!

HEATH: Did you ask the Witches to help you, knowing that they were
       against our God?

LEON: Wait, Sir Heath! The Church was going to use Theo as an
      experiment. Are you saying we should still have faith in the
      Church after that?

HEATH: ...

NIKOLAI: Sir, are you aware of what the Church did to the town of

LUCIA: The Church created the Steel Witch in Jeidath.

HEATH: A "Steel Witch"?

LUCIA: Jeidath was leveled because the Steel Witch lost control.

NIKOLAI: These lovely Witches would never do such things. They are all
         kind people.

HEATH: Then how do you explain the actions of the Witch of Immolation?
       She single-handedly wiped out the Eurus Knights.

MEL: I apologize for that Vanessa has done. But Witches are not the
     enemies of humanity. In fact, we've been helping--

HEATH: I will not fall for your blasphemous words! I have seen many
       people who have suffered from the Witches! I will never forgive
       the Witches for what they have done! I swear to God that I will
       see all Witches punished for their crimes!

ALPH: Sir Heath! The Witches aren't our enemies!

HEATH: Silence, Alph. Not another word. Are you going to say that the
       enemy is the Church? Or God Himself, perhaps?

ALPH: What?

HEATH: Do you expect me to listen to this nonsense? I see that you have
       become too close to the Witches. You are no longer my students!
       I will punish you with my own hands!

ALPH: Sir Heath! You would actually fight against us!?

HEATH: Silence, Alph. I'm tired of hearing your protests.

ALPH: Then I will fight you!

THEO: Brother!

LEON: Alph!

ALPH: Everyone, step aside.

HEATH: I am the Cleansing Flame. I will not be defeated by a traitor.

ALPH: If I win...Please, just listen to us!

HEATH: ...This is it, Alph!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

ALPH: Sir Heath! God is going to destroy the planet, not save it! We
      are supposed to prevent God from waking up!

HEATH: So what? 

ALPH: Huh?

HEATH: Even if that were true, it doesn't matter to me. I have o doubt
       that the Witches are evil beings. The Witches still cause
       innocent people suffering. It is my duty, my mission, and my
       wish to purge them from this world!

ALPH: Sir Heath...

KINGSTON: That was quite entertaining.


HEATH: Cardinal Kingston!

KINGSTON: I have always enjoyed seeing a student pit himself against
          his master.

ALPH: Kingston!

KINGSTON: I had thought that you were obliterated in Iris's attack, but
          you've run here. I suppose I shouldn't underestimate you
          people. Iris! Do not fail me this time!


ALPH: That's the Steel Witch!

HEATH: Steel Witch? Her...?

KINGSTON: Now, Iris! Destroy them all!


HEATH: Iris...! Is that you, Iris!?


KINGSTON: I see that we couldn't completely erase her memory...


KINGSTON: Tch, you useless Scrap Witch! Oh, well. I have ordered the
          Crow Knights to this town in case something like this
          occured. [spelled wrong in the game, supposed to be

MEL: What!?

VIVI: Oh, looky...We're surrounded...

KINGSTON: Now, Heath! Command your soldiers! Order them to capture the
          Witches and the traitors!

HEATH: ...

MAVI: Do it, if you've got the stones! The Nature Witch will not fall
      to you puny humans!

VIVI: No, Mavi...If you fight with your full power, you could easily
      destroy this town.

LUCIA: No! Don't do it!

MAVI: But...

KINGSTON: What are you doing, Heat!?

HEATH: ...

KINGSTON: Hmph. Never mind, then. I will do it! Knights who serve the
          Light of God! Capture these traitors!

Knights: Yes, Your Holiness! Come one, men, we've gotta catch them all!
         [Pokemon reference?] Yeaaaah!

POLLON: Koo! They're going to get us, ya!

LUCIA: Mel! Can you warp us out of here?

MEL: I can't teleport this many people by myself...[

MAVI: Then I'll have to...!


LEON: Then what choice do we have!?

Knights: (flash) Argh! (attack) Nooo! Wh-Who the hell...!?

LEON: Hey, the enemy squad has split up!

SAKI: They're fighting each other?

VIVI: There's some guy running over here, and he's attacking the

???: [Kai] ...

LEON: Wh-Who the hell are you?

MEL: Whoaaa! It's a samurai!

???: [Kai] ...I shall help you in the name of justice. Follow me.

LEON: Wha?

THEO: What did he mean?

MEL: Let's just trust him for now! 23 skiddoo, folks!

ALPH: Everyone, run!

KINGSTON: Argh! What are you doing!? Don't let them get away! You...You
          bumbling fools!

JOHANNES: It seems like they used our superior numbers against us...

KINGSTON: Y-Your Holiness...I'm sorry we performed so miserably.

JOHANNES: Dragons and Witches who seek to darken God's blessed
          light...The holy day when I will give my body to God is
          drawing near. Make no mistake about that, Cardinal 

KINGSTON: Yes, Your Holiness!


ALPH: That was a close one...

THEO: That was a surprise!

CECILLE: Are you all okay?

LUCIA: Yeah...

NIKOLAI: I will endeavor to save my lovely Witches with every ounce of
         my being!

VIVI: Ahahahaha...There's no need for that.

POLLON: *huff* I've never run this far...*puff* all at once

LEON: Man, I still can't believe you can run at all with those legs of

ALPH: Thank you. You saved us all.

???: [Kai] ...

MEL: Are you really a samurai!? The real McCoy-san?

???: [Kai] ...

THEO: I'm Theo! Nice to meet you!

???: [Kai] ...

MEL: Hey, you at [I don't think this 'at' was supposed to be added]
     oughta at least introduce yourself, Buckaroo Banzai!

???: [Kai] ...I am Kai...of the Eurus Knights.

ALPH: The Eurus Knights...?

KAI: Hm? I sense that we are being followed. 

ALPH: Huh? W-Wait up!

LEON: More running? D'oh!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: A tragedy occurred. My friend Daikon arrived at the dinner
       table...completely transformed! What Lady Vanessa said after
       that truly hurt: "The radish at the bottom of the pot tastes the

|              16   SECOND THOUGHTS >>> PRE-ACTION   016              |

LEON: W-We should be fine for now, right?

NIKOLAI: I suggest that we should stop for a rest. I'm very tired...

KAI: Yes.

THEO: Is Sir Heath after us, too...?

ALPH: ...Probably. He wouldn't listen to what we had to say. For Sir
      Heath, Witches are the enemy, and always will be...I'm not his
      student anymore...Damn it!

THEO: Big Brother...

ALPH: I'm sorry, Theo...I just want to be alone for now.

LEON: Hey, Alph!

CECILLE: This must be tough for Alph.

NIKOLAI: He looked up to Sir Heath so strongly...

LUCIA: ...

THEO: Lucia? Where are you going?

CECILLE: Theo, come back here.

THEO: Huh? Why?

CECILLE: Let's leave them alone for now.

THEO: Okay...


SAKI: I wish I had more information...

NIKOLAI: About what?

SAKI: The Steel Witch. She seemed surprised when she saw Sir Heath.

NIKOLAI: I noticed that. Curious...When she saw Sir Heath, the Steel
         Witch stopped attacking. Sir Heath seemed to be surprised when
         he saw the Steel Witch, as well.

LEON: What do you think that all meant?

SAKI: If I knew that, I wouldn't be wishing for more information.

KAI: ...

LEON: Hey, guys. Don't tell Alph about this, all right? I don't want
      him to have another thing to worry about.

CECILLE: You're right...


ALPH: Sir Heath...Why wouldn't you listen to me? I thought you

LUCIA: Are you upset that Sir Heath abandoned you?

ALPH: L-Lucia! I told you to leave me alone.

LUCIA: Are you crying, Alph?


LUCIA: Let me ask you one question, then. Didn't you just tell Sir
       Heath that "God" is the one he should be fighting?

ALPH: Yeah...I'm right, aren't I?

LUCIA: When did you decide that?

ALPH: Huh?

LUCIA: We've come together because of all that's happened to us, but I
       never heard you say that you were going to fight your god before

ALPH: C-Can't you figure that out for yourself? If I hadn't made that
      decision, I wouldn't be working with you Witches. Besides, I'm
      your Rym, right?

LUCIA: Then stop whining about Sir Heath. He is serving the god you are
       now fighting. That makes him our enemy.


LUCIA: Think about it. What if Sir Heath finds us again?  Are you going
       to run away, or stand an fight?

ALPH: I-I...

LUCIA: What if one of us tries to kill Sir Heath?

ALPH: I won't let that happen!

LUCIA: Then, what if Sir Heath tries to kill one of us?

ALPH: ...

LUCIA: *sigh* Never mind. You're in no shape to fight with us. You
       can't be my Rym if you can't let go of some things in order to
       protect this world.

ALPH: ...Sir Heath was more than my teacher. I looked up to him. He was
      like a brother. I don't want him to be my enemy!

LUCIA: Then I guess I can't depend on you anymore. I thought you were
       the one I could count on...But apparently I was wrong. Goodbye,
       you crybaby.

ALPH: Hey, Lucia! Wait! Where are you going!?

|                            ACTION >>> THEO                          |

THEO: Sir Heath didn't listen to us...

ALPH: Yeah...

LEON: I thought he'd understand...that we were doing what we did to
      protect you, Theo.

NIKOLAI: Indeed...But why does Sir Heath hate my lovely  Witches with
         such passion?

CECILLE: Perhaps he has a personal reason to dislike Witches so

SAKI: Not even I know everything about Sir Heath's past.

ALPH: But Sit Heath was the one who taught us the importance of
      protecting each other.

CECILLE: Alph...

|                             ACTION >>> MEL                          |

MEL: Where did Lucia go?

ALPH: Who cares!?

MAVI: What happened between the two of you?

ALPH: N-Nothing! Nothing happened!

VIVI: Aww. Did you guys have an argument?

ALPH: *grunt*

MEL: *sob* Waaaah! Lucia's gone off by herself again!

MAVI: *sigh* You are Lucia's Rym, aren't you? What are you doing!?

POLLON: Koo! Think about what you say, ya? Don't be so stubborn, ya!

ALPH: ...

|                          ACTION >>> NIKOLAI                         |

ALPH: Do you think we're being hunted because of what the Church says?
      ...Because they say that the Witches are evil?

NIKOLAI: I believe that the Church is pursuing both the Witches and the
         Lapistier. Regardless of the truth, as long as they continue
         their facade of punishing evil, they will have the public's

THEO: Is the Church trying to use us? We've believed in the Church all
      this time...Was it all a lie?

LEON: But what about the Steel Witch?

CECILLE: Creating life in a laboratory disrupts the natural flow of
         life...Is Kingston trying to play god?

NIKOLAI: He reveres God...Yet, he wants to be God's equal. It just
         doesn't make sense.

ALPH: But not everything the Church taught us was wrong, though...I
      believe in...protecting what's important to me.

KAI: ...If battle cannot be avoided, the one with the weaker heart will
     always lose. IF you want to be truly strong, you must believe in

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

ALPH: Stupid Lucia...Running off by herself...

ANDRE: Ahahaha! I've finally caught up to you, you traitors! I swear
       upon my abs, pecs, and delts that I will capture you all! (stat
       raising sound)

LEON: Tch! More Church troops...

SAKI: How unfortunate that we should encounter him.

ANDRE: Beware this famous sword I hold in my right hand! The Regulus
       Heart! Only the leader of the Zephyroth Knights can use this
       edge! I shall put this awesome blade to use by punishing the

LEON: ...Hey, Mister Flexo...Why is that sword still in its scabbard? 

ANDRE: Grrr! Sut up! It's stuck in the sheath! ...Argh, I remember the
       previous leader using it, though...

NIKOLAI: Perhaps the sword has rusted into its scabbard?

LEON: You can't even take care of your weapon, and you call yourself a

KAI: That is deplorable.

ANDRE: Cram it, you stupid snots! With my ultimate physique, I don't
       even need a weapon to smash you! (stat-raising sound) I'll pound
       you all flat without breaking a sweat!

LEON: Then you didn't need to steal that sword, you idiot.

ANDRE: Idiot!? Disrespectful twerp! I suppose that when the master is a
       fool, his students will also be fools!

ALPH: What!? 

ANDRE: Let me tell you something. You teacher, Heath, was demoted from
       his role as one of Johannes's guards! He was made the leader of
       some remote army, and now he's not even that! And it's all
       because of you, you traitors! This is what he deserves!

ALPH: Because of us, Sir Heath was...?

ANDRE: If I had been demoted so shamefully, I couldn't go out without
       hiding my face! But your precious Arc Knight heath is alive,
       clinging to his former title! What a pathetic loser!

ALPH: You son of a...! Don't talk about Sir Heath like that!

ANDRE: Shut up! Prepare yourself, punks! I'll show you the strength
       of...Andre's Crow Knight Super Brigade! Kill these kids!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

ANDRE: Argh! You brats! You're betraying God's will! But God's sword is
       justice! God will punish you with his might!

LEON: A sword isn't meant to hurt people! It's used to protect them!

ANDRE: Hmm? I've heard that phrase before...Oh, the previous leader of
       the Zephyroth Knights used to say that! That fool who was happy
       to be called the "Lion King"!

LEON: (light bulb goes off) "L-Lion King"?

ANDRE: He was so conceited, just because he was the leader! I decided I
       had to punish him myself instead of waiting for God to do it!
       I'm a much better leader than he ever was! Wahahaa! Oh, that was
       fun! Hahaha! 

LEON: What did you just say? You "punished..." the Lion King?

ANDRE: Yes. When the pirates came in and tried to plunder the Church, I
       killed him as he fought the pirates and threw the lot of them in
       the ocean. And now I am the leader of the Zephyroth Knights!
       Wahahahaha! Wahaha...Ow!...I'm hurt from this battle...I'll let
       you live this time...Again!

LEON: Hold it, Andre! You won't get away from me that easily!

ALPH: Leon!

LEON: Sorry, Alph. We're gonna have to part ways for now.

ALPH: Huh?

LEON: The "Lion King" that Metalhead [anyone play Jak & Daxter?] killed
      was my father.

ALPH: What!?

LEON: I have to avenge him! I will never forgive Andre! Now that I know
      the truth, I have to go after him. I'll be back after I take him
      down. Later, guys!

ALPH: Leon!

CECILLE: Wait, Leon! You can't...

LEON: ...I'm sorry, Cecille. I'll see you in my dreams.


NIKOLAI: What a smooth operator...

KAI: ...He is quite bold.


ALPH: Leon...If you are not here...what can I...?

SAKI: He seemed very determined...

NIKOLAI: My lovely Cecille tried to stop him, but even that didn't


MEL: If he can get revenge on that screwy torpedo, he'll come back.

THEO: Yeah, Big Brother. Let's believe in Leon!

NIKOLAI: Leon has his own goals. We have our own things to take care
         of, too.

ALPH: Our own things...?

NIKOLAI: Aren't we going to try to stop god with the lovely Witches?
         You told Sir Heath that, at least.

ALPH: That's because I thought he would join us to help the world...But
      Sir Heath didn't want to understand our situation...I...I don't
      want to fight Sir Heath!

THEO: Alph...

MAVI: I see. So this is why Lucia left. You wimp.

ALPH: What?

MAVI: I understand that you respect Heath. I also understand that you
      feel like Heath has abandoned you. But you are forgetting
      something more important than that.

ALPH: More important...?

NIKOLAI: She's correct, Alph...Who have you sworn to protect?

ALPH: The planet...

NIKOLAI: The whole planet? Anyone in particular?

ALPH: ...Lucia.

NIKOLAI: See? You do remember.

ALPH: But, Sir Heath...

NIKOLAI: *sigh* This is going to be tough...

CECILLE: He, what would Sir Heath say to you if he was here right now?

ALPH: What?

CECILLE: He'd probably say something like "I'll pound some sense into
         your head."

ALPH: ...

THEO: Listen, Alph. Sir Heath always taught us that it's very important
      that a knight cannot run away from those he has sworn to protect.
      Isn't that right?

ALPH: Theo...I'm a failure of a big brother for being lectured by my
      kid bro...heh. Thank you, everyone. My mind's made up. I will
      keep fighting! Even if Sir Heath stands in our way! That's what
      Sir heath has taught us to do!

NIKOLAI: Alph...

THEO: Big Brother!

MAVI: There you go!

ALPH: Let's go look for Lucia, everyone!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: I was only goofing around, but I ended up completely burning one
       of my friends. I totally apologize, Vivi's Kopin...

|              17   A HERO'S AWAKENING >>> PRE-ACTION   017           |

LUCIA: ...It's so quiet......I feel lonely...All alone out here...
       ...Why do I keep thinking about him!? I can fight alone. I must
       fight alone...I will protect the planet alone.

???: [Iris] YOU WILL DIE ALONE! (warp)

LUCIA: Th-The Steel Witch!? What are you doing here?


LUCIA: Don't underestimate me! I'm strong enough to fight on my own!


MEL: Lucia, where are you?

POLLON: Koo, koo? I can't find her, ya.

THEO: Hmm? Isn't that Lady Claire?

CECILLE: You're right, it is Lady Claire.

MEL: S'matta, Claire?

CLAIRE: I was worried because I felt Alph and Lucia separating.

ALPH: ...

VIVI: Heeeey, Claaaaaaire...Where's Luciaaaaaaa?

CLAIRE: I sense Lucia in the forest nearby.

CECILLE: That must be the forest with the holy statue of Saint Zehaal.

THEO: People go there to pray to the statue.

SAKI: Why is Lucia there...?

CLAIRE: Maybe she went to get the Thunder Lapistier. I sense Lucia and
        the Thunder Lapistier are near each other...

ALPH: The Thunder Lapistier?

MEL: Claire! Why didn't you tell us earlier? Step on it, guys! Lucia's
     in trouble!

ALPH: Hang in there, Lucia...!

CLAIRE: Um, what's going on, everyone? Did I say something wrong?

MEL: I'll tell you later! We've gotta save Lucia first!

|                          ACTION >>> CECILLE                         |

CECILLE: Alph! Let's hurry! I have a bad feeling about this...

ALPH: Me too! I feel Lucia needs help...! Let's go, everyone!

|                           ACTION >>> CLAIRE                         |

CLAIRE: Why does everyone look so serious...?

MAVI: Lady Claire! We don't have time to explain right now! Lucia is in
      grave peril!

CLAIRE: What!? I-Is that so...? Then we must hurry!

ALPH: Let's go!

|                            ACTION >>> KAI                           |

KAI: The Thunder Lapistier...We might be engaging in a battle. I know
     we're in hurry, [I think it's supposed to be 'in a hurry'] but we
     must be prepared for what lies ahead.

ALPH: Got it!

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

LUCIA: Grr...You damn lab experiment! How can you be stronger than I


LUCIA: No...! I am strong myself!

ALPH: Luciaaaa!

LUCIA: A-Alph...?

ALPH: Are you all right?

LUCIA: How did you find me?

ALPH: I'm sorry for leaving you. I was shocked about Sir Heath and lost
      control of myself...I'm sorry, Lucia.

LUCIA: D-Don't apologize! I...I was being mean to you, too...I know how
       important Sir Heath is to you...

ALPH: ...

LUCIA: I knew that you were coming. I believed in you.

ALPH: Lucia...I have made a decision. I want to protect your home. I
      want to protect this world! That's what I want the most.

LUCIA: ...What about me?

ALPH: Of course, I'll protect you, too!

LUCIA: Thank you, my Rym.

ALPH: Sure.

LUCIA: Alph, close your eyes.

ALPH: Okay.

LUCIA: I can see you. What can you see, Alph?

ALPH: I can see you with my eyes closed. Try smiling for once, Lucia.

LUCIA: Sh-Shut up! I'll smile when I feel like it! Let's work together.

ALPH: ...Of course.

LUCIA: Our planet, give us power. I will fight for the planet!

ALPH: I'll...I'll fight to protect Lucia!

{Alph is now a Rym Hero!}

THEO: A-Alph...!

CLAIRE: He has awoken! Alph's dragon power has been realized!

THEO: Wha...? (flash) Our stones are shining...The symbols of our

CLAIRE: That light...Is that...?

THEO: Alph! Take this!

ALPH: Theo! This is yours...! Huh!? Mine's shining too! What? (flash)
      The two stones became one! I...I feel energy flowing into me!

LUCIA: Alph, fight with me.

ALPH: This power is for you, Lucia!

{Alph and Lucia learned Shining Ray!}

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

IRIS: WHY...? THIS IS IMPOSS...IBLE......(disappears)

LUCIA: Thanks, Alph.

ALPH: You don't have to thank me. Protecting you is my duty.

LUCIA: Will you protect me from now on?

ALPH: Of course, I'll protect you forever.

LUCIA: Ahaha...Thank you.

CLAIRE: Wonderful...! Lucia has finally found...her fated kinship.

POLLON: Koo! Master once told me...Once a fated kinship has been found,
        protecting that bond will give them both strength!

CLAIRE: Yes...

MEL: Waaaaaaah! This is so touching!

KAI: ...Indeed.

MAVI: A Rym, huh...

CECILLE: Those two are a good match.

THEO: Yup!

SAKI: This battle has just begun.

CECILLE: Don't say that, Saki!

ALPH: By the way, Lady Claire, about this stone...

CLAIRE: I was wondering about that light that it emitted...It must be 
the Light Lapistier.

ALPH: Light Lapistier!?

CLAIRE: The lost Light Lapistier was shattered into two pieces. And you
        two brothers were holding onto them this whole
        time...This...this must be destiny.

ALPH: Lucia, you should hold onto this. Your magical power will be
      stronger if you keep it with you.

LUCIA: Nah, you keep it. It's the proof of your brotherhood with Theo,

ALPH: ...Thank you. I'll keep it, then.

LUCIA: Good.

CLAIRE: We'll be hunted down by the Church if we stay here. Let's
        return to the Witch Village.

MEL: That's a good idea! Come with us, Kai.

KAI: I'm grateful.

MEL: Hey, you two! Stop making eyes at each other and skedaddle!

ALPH: W-We're coming!

MEL: By the way, Claire?


MEL: Is Mother Lapis still in Lethe Forest?

CLAIRE: Yes, she's still protected by the barrier surrounding Lethe

CECILLE: Lethe Forest...

LUCIA: What's the matter, Cecille?

CECILLE: Hm? Uh...I was nervous about going there...I don't really know

SAKI: Cecille...

MEL: We should move Mother Lapis to the Witch Village. It's too
     dangerous to leave her in the Lethe Forest.

CLAIRE: I agree.

MEL: All right-a-roonie! Let's vamoose to the Lethe Forest!


KINGSTON: I can't believe Iris was defeated. I underestimated the
          Witches...Wake up, Iris. I know you have enough energy to
          come back to me.


KINGSTON: As long as you keep the Thunder Lapistier within you body,
          yes...Now, hurry up and repair the damage you have taken.
          There are still many tasks I need you to accomplish


|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: I felt cold and woke up this morning. I was disturbed to
       find...I was on top of a cutting board.

|              18   LIKE, AN ANGEL? >>> PRE-ACTION   018              |

HUGO: So, this is the entrance to the Lethe Forest. Those abominable
      Witches live in the village beyond this forest!

???: [Priel] I'm SO not digging this place's vibe. It's, like, totally

HUGO: Then why did you follow us, Miss Priel? You can leave if you

PRIEL: Don't be such a whiner, Hugo. 

HUGO: Guards! Ready Hugo's Ultimate Barrier Remover!

Soldier: Yes, Sir!

PRIEL: What's that?

HUGO: It's the latest weapon invented by the Round Table Council. We
      can easily destroy the barrier around the Lethe Forest with this.

PRIEL: I see.

HUGO: Ready! Aim! Fire! (fire)

Soldier: Sir, it's no use! The cannon's beam is being deflected!

HUGO: Fire it again! (fire)

Soldier: Sir! There's absolutely no damage!

HUGO: *sob* I spent so much of my research budget on this...

PRIEL: Ahahaha! How pathetic!

HUGO: This isn't funny! Now we can't get into the Witch Village.

PRIEL: This dinky little barriers' the only thing in your way, right?
       Piece of cake! Ta-daaa! (flash)

HUGO: What?

Soldier: S-Sir Hugo! The barrier disappeared!

HUGO: R-Really?

PRIEL: Come on, let's go!

HUGO: I-Indeed, you are an angel. I'm impressed, Miss Priel!


CLAIRE: Ahh...

NIKOLAI: Lady Claire! What's the matter? Are you okay!?

CLAIRE: The barrier around the Lethe Forest has been destroyed...

MEL: What in tarnation!? No who the dickens coulda done that?

VIVI: I smell an unpleasant Church member...And something else smells
      nasty, too...

MAVI: The barrier was removed! Mother Lapis is in danger!

MEL: Let's make tracks, everyone!

???: [Vanessa] Wait a minute! (warp)

LUCIA: Vanessa!

VANESSA: The barrier seems to have been destroyed. Claire! Why did you
         leave the village!?

CLAIRE: B-Because I was worried about...Lucia and her Rym being

VANESSA: No, I mean why did you leave the village UNATTENDED, you
         idiot!? Now the village and Mother Lapis are in danger!

CLAIRE: I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot...*sob* *sob*

MEL: Vanessa! This ain't time to play the blame game with Claire!
     Hurry! You've gotta come with us!

VANESSA: Hmph, fine.


ALICE: Waaah! Lady Claire!


CLAIRE: Alice, Therese, what happened?

ALICE: Some strange men went by!


MEL: Where did they go?

ALICE: *sniff* They were heading towards Mother Lapis.

CLAIRE: Oh, no...

VANESSA: I told you!

CLAIRE: It's all my fault...!It's because I left the village. Ahh, what
        should I do...? *sob* *snivel* *sob*

MEL: Save it for later! We need to get to Mother Lapis toot sweet!

ALPH: Where is Mother Lapis?

LUCIA: She's deep in the forest! This way!

|                           ACTION >>> LUCIA                          |

ALPH: What is Mother Lapis, anyway?

LUCIA: Haven't you read the books in the village library? There should
       be a book in there that talks about Mother Lapis. I guess I'll
       just go ahead and tell you. Mother Lapis is a matriarchal spirit
       for all us Witches. She is the only thing that can purify this

ALPH: So what if she was destroyed...?

LUCIA: Then, if the planet gets hurt, it wouldn't be able to heal
       itself anymore. Mother Lapis is essential to the planet's
       survival. Rune, the life force of the planet, can't harm Mother
       Lapis. If there's anything that an destroy her, then it would
       have to be...Your former god. His power is not from this planet,
       so he's the only thing. Nothing the Church makes will ever be
       able to destroy Mother Lapis, since everything they make is
       powered by Rune. So, in theory that means that she should be
       completely safe from harm. But still, something doesn't feel

|                          ACTION >>> VANESSA                         |

KAI: ...

VANESSA: I heard that you're a survivor from the Eurus Knights.

KAI: ...Indeed.

VANESSA: I assume that you've got on hell of a grudge against me. Do
         you want revenge?

KAI: ...I will seek vengeance for the deaths of my compatriots...But
     not from you. It will come from the Round Table Council and its

ALPH: So are you saying the Lapistier went out of control...because of
      the Round Table Council!?

VANESSA: That's right. Because I was there, I was able to minimize the
         damage. I was the one who kept the Lapistier from going out of 

ALPH: So that was what happened...

|                           ACTION >>> CLAIRE                         |

CLAIRE: Oh no! The barrier that the last dragon created has been
        destroyed...After the ancient battle of Aldheld, the last
        dragon left the barrier here before he died...

POLLON: I can't believe that the ancient barrier was destroyed so
        easily, koo...

CLAIRE: I'm surprised too...I sense that someone with a terrible power
        is in this area. *sob* Last dragon, I'm sorry...I'm sorry I
        couldn't protect what you left for us...

VANESSA: Arrgghh! Hurry it up, Claire! Let's go!

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

ALPH: There they are!

CECILLE: That's Provost Hugo!

THEO: He looks like he's arguing with some girl...

ALPH: Who's that girl?

LUCIA: She doesn't look like the Steel Witch.

NIKOLAI: She's a mystery woman...I don't think she's connected with the

HUGO: Please don't, Miss Priel!

PRIEL: Why not? Let's break this stupid ol' rock to little bitty bits!

HUGO: We must bring the Mother Lapis back to the Church!

PRIEL: You're gonna break it later, right? Why not just Kaboom it,
       like, right now?

HUGO: We have to do research on it!

PRIEL: I was born to see to Master God's rebirth. I want to see that
       happen, like, as soon as possible! And I like, totally, don't
       like that rock!

HUGO: Don't be selfish, Miss Priel!

ALPH: Stop right there!

HUGO: You...!

PRIEL: Now's my chance! KABOOM! (flash) Teehee, there we go. All

HUGO: No...You...You didn't! You DID! You broke it! Awwww...His
      Eminence is going to be upset with me...He'll cut my salary...

LUCIA: Sh-She just destroyed Mother Lapis...

MAVI: N-Not even my fist can do anything to the Lapistier...

CECILLE: Uhh! My...head! The pain...! (crash)

SAKI: Cecille!? What's the matter?

MEL: Wh-Who's that ditzy dame with the wings?

PRIEL: Oh, do you mean me? I'm an angel, Priel. I'm Master God's
       number-one fan!

VANNESSA: [spelled wrong in the game, one too many 'N'] Angel?

PRIEL: Master God has, like, commanded me to destroy the Witch Village.

HUGO: But we were commanded to TAKE the Mother Lapis!

PRIEL: Really? I don't remember that part at all.

HUGO: *sigh* I can't believe God's subordinate would be this dense...

PRIEL: Ooh? I heard that...Do you have a death wish?

HUGO: N-No! Of course not, Miss Priel!

PRIEL: A-hahahaha! You were about to soak your shorts, weren't you?

HUGO: Tch...

LUCIA: This idiot is an angel?

PRIEL: By the way, Hugo, who are these people?

HUGO: That's right! These are the ones who oppose God! Witches and
      their companions!

PRIEL: So they're Master God's enemies? That's, like, sooooo not cool.

NIKOLAI: What a bimbo...She's the complete opposite of my beautiful

PRIEL: I totally don't remember anyone asking for your opinion.

CECILLE: Ahhh (flash)...My head is burning...

SAKI: Cecille!

LUCIA: Cecille?



???: [Mother Lapis] (Cecille...Can you hear me...?)

CECILLE: (Who's calling my name?)

???: [Mother Lapis] (Cecille...Cecille...!)

CECILLE: (Who...are you?)

???: [Mother Lapis] (I am Mother Lapis. The mother of all Witches...
                    including you.)

CECILLE: (I-I'm not a Witch!)

MOTHER LAPIS: (Search your memory. Recall your true strength.)

CECILLE: (What?)

MOTHER LAPIS: (The angel has shattered me. I do not have much power
              left...But, I will use that little strength I have to
              awaken the power within you. You have the strength...The
              strength to protect those close to you. Awaken now, my
              precious child.)

CECILLE: (I remember now...I am...I am...)



SAKI: Cecille, are you all right?

CECILLE: ...Uhhh...

LUCIA: Hmm? I sense some energy coming from Cecille, something...

MAVI: Is this Dark Rune?

NIKOLAI: L-Lady Cecille's changing!

LUCIA: This power...! (flash)


SAKI: C-Cecille!?

CECILLE: I just remembered...My true duty.

SAKI: What?

CECILLE: I represent the darkness. I am the Twilight Witch. I am the
         one who leads destiny! 

{Cecille became the 'Twilight Witch'}

LUCIA: Cecille is...the Twilight Witch?

VANESSA: The Twilight Witch? The priestess!? Ahahaha, this is

HUGO: Er...Sorry to intrude on you, but...What just happened?

CECILLE: Oh, it's you, Provost Hugo. 

HUGO: C-Cecille! What's happened to you!?

CECILLE: I am a Witch. The Twilight Witch, Cecille!

HUGO: Th-That can't be!

CECILLE: I remember you treated me VERY WELL when I was a priestess.

HUGO: I-I-I don't remember that!

CECILLE: It's time to repay the favor, Provost Hugo.

HUGO: Y-You Witches! Miss Priel! Please, kill them!

PRIEL: Not a problem! Ahahaha!

CECILLE: Behold my new strength!

SAKI: Cecille!

CECILLE: Share your strength with me, Saki!

SAKI: I shall lend you my power!

{Learned 'Lily Rondo' Syngery!}

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

PRIEL: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OWWWWWW! You're like, so mean! Seriously, you
       all need to chill! Who beats up an angel!?

HUGO: Damn, you all...Ouch...

PRIEL: I am SOOOOO outta here!

HUGO: Please wait, Miss Priel! Take me with you!

PRIEL: Buh-Bye! (warp)

THEO: Huh!? They disappeared!

VANNESSA: [spelled wrong in the game, one too many 'N'] I won't let you
          get away! (warp)

CLAIRE: Hey, Vanessa!

VIVI: Vanessa's goooooone.

ALPH: How could something like THAT be an angel?

POLLON: Koo, koo. I was thinking the same thing, Alph. I'm surprised,

MEL: I'm more surprised that Cecille's a Witch!

LUCIA: So, what exactly happened, Cecille?

CECILLE: The remnants of Mother Lapis's power spoke to me. At that
         point, my memory and my powers returned.

NIKOLAI: Lady Cecille was a Witch! Oh! This must be a miracle, caused
         by my love! That must be it!

CECILLE: Not even close! (slap)

NIKOLAI: Ahh! Double the pain, double the pleasure! (crash)

LUCIA: I'm pretty shocked that Cecille is a Witch, too.

CECILLE: I sealed my power and memory of being the Twilight Witch
         within myself. I did this to prepare myself to fight God, and
         to meet Alph and the others.

CLAIRE: The Twilight Witch governs darkness. Darkness controls destiny
        ...Twilight Witch, Cecille. You left us so suddenly! But, I am
        glad you have returned to us.

CECILLE: Me too, Lady Claire.

VIVI: Hey, loooook...Look at where Mother Lapis Waaaas. There's
      something shiiiiiny. Shiny, shiny. (flash)

CLAIRE: That's...The Dark Lapistier!

MAVI: Did Mother Lapis leave that!?

CECILLE: I gave it to Mother Lapis before I left the village. Because I
         had always planned to return here. But things didn't turn out
         the way I had planned...

NIKOLAI: How so, Lady Cecille?

CLAIRE: Let's talk about that later. We must go to the Ancient Ruins at

LUCIA: Ancient Ruins?

CECILLE: The power sealing God away has weakened now that Mother Lapis
         is gone. We have little time! Follow me, everyone. Let's go to
         the Ancient Ruins.

CLAIRE: Cecille...You know something that I don't! It's in the memories
        you just recovered!

CECILLE: Yes. Let's go!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: I've been having headaches recently, so I went to the town
       hospital. During my diagnostic evaluation, the doctor let out a
       tiny scream. I waited for the results. The doctor's report

|               19   ALTAR OF SOULS >>> PRE-ACTION   019              |

CECILLE: Here we are. This is the Altar of Souls. 

CLAIRE: What is this place?

CECILLE: A ritual used to offer souls was performed here.

ALPH: A ritual to..."offer souls"?

CECILLE: Long ago, the Church sacrificed people to their god, Zehaal.

ALPH: Human sacrifices!?

POLLON: Koo, koo! I heard about this from master Payan-Payan! Long ago,
        Zehaal's power gained control of this area. This power grew and
        took control of the people who led the Church. The Church's new
        god directed them to make sacrifices and prepared for his
        rebirth by consuming the souls.

CECILLE: But Mother Lapis realized this, and sealed the Altar of Souls.
         Mother Lapis halted the sacrifices. Since then, Zehaal has lay

ALPH: Hey, Cecille. How do you know something that happened so long

CECILLE: It's a memory from the Dark Lapistier belonging to the
         Twilight Witch.

ALPH: I see...

CECILLE: The seal on the Altar vanished when the angel destroyed Mother
         Lapis. If the sacrificing of souls begins once again, we'll
         all be in jeopardy. I'll use the Dark Lapistier to seal the
         ruins once more. Give me strength, everyone!

MEL: You got I, sister!

LUCIA: We cannot let Zehaal be revived!

CLAIRE: Let's seal this place at once. 

CECILLE: I'll begin the sealing, now.

|                           ACTION >>> MAVI                           |

MAVI: Just who exactly is that angel...?None of our Runes nor attacks
      could leave a single scratch on Mother Lapis. So, how could
      she...? What kind of power does she have?

LUCIA: It's power that humans and Witches can't comprehend, one from
       beyond the planet. She must be using powers given to her by

MEL: So she's related to him!?

CLAIRE: The planet's power has weakened now that Mother Lapis is

VIVI: Uh-oh, so Zehaal's gonna get reborn?

MAVI: We cannot let that happen! No matter what!

|                          ACTION >>> CECILLE                         |

CECILLE: If the sacrifices in the Altar of Souls begin again...then god
         will gain the strength to return to this world.

SAKI: Will destroying the Altar resolve this situation?

CECILLE: No. The Altar itself isn't necessary to perform the ritual.
         The land is what is necessary for god to accept the offer. WE
         can destroy the altar, but we cannot destroy the land.

SAKI: I see. So that is why you sealed this area. It was the only
      possible solution.

CECILLE: But, since the seal has been broken, sacrifices would give him
         power again. Many more lives may be lost as sacrifices to god.
         We must hurry!

|                           ACTION >>> NIKOLAI                        |

NIKOLAI: Ohhhh! Lady Cecille is sooooooo beautiful!

THEO: Why are you so happy, Nikolai?

NIKOLAI: Because she's a Witch! Somehow, I'd always felt something...

THEO: Those Witches seem to have a spell on you anyway...

POLLON: You know that the power of the Witches is used to protect the
        planet, ya?

NIKOLAI: So what you're saying is...Their unavoidable duty to protect
         the planet gives them strength!

POLLON: Koooooooo? Well, yes. That's one way to put it, ya.

THEO: I'm surprised that Cecille was a Witch, Alph.

ALPH: Yeah. We lived together in the Ever Garden all this time, and we
      never knew.

THEO: But she's still Cecille, right?

ALPH: Of course!

CECILLE: ...? What is it, Alph? Theo?

ALPH: N-Nothing.

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |


THEO: No! It's the Steel Witch! Watch out, everyone! It's the Steel

ALPH: I thought we defeated you!


THEO: We killed Sir Heath? Nuh-uh!

ALPH: What are you talking about!?


Kingston: "Iris is a piece of junk!"

HUGO: "Indeed...The repair costs have been astronomical. My expenses
      are skyrocketing!"

KINGSTON: "Please, Hugo. I'm counting on you to keep her in fighting

HUGO: "May I write the cost up as labor expenses?"

KINGSTON: "Hmm, put it under equipment expenses. We'll save more money
          that way."

HUGO: "This is more like a machine than just equipment...There will be
      an added excise tax. What should we do?"

KINGSTON: "I'll let you use your best judgement. [spelled wrong in the
          game, supposed to be 'judgment'] Just take care of it, Hugo."

HUGO: "Understood. By the way, Your Eminence, your entertainment
      expenses seem to be--"

KINGSTON: "Ahaha, oops...Well, uhh...I can explain that..."

ALPH: Wh-What kind of spell was that!?

THEO: That wasn't a spell. It's bookkeeping.

ALPH: How do you know that...? Hey, Steel Witch! What the hell does
      that have to do with Sir Heath?



KINGSTON: "That's right. Heath has been killed by Witches! Umm...Let's
          see...Heath asked them to fight him one-on-one, but those
          cowardly Witches ganged upon him and beat him to death.
          Although he was an Arc Knight, he simply could not face that
          many foes at once, and he died of his injuries. It's so


KINGSTON: "That's right. Kill all the Witches!"


THEO: Those are all lies!

LUCIA: We didn't do anything to Heath!

ALPH: Kingston is tricking you!


=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================


ALPH: Stop! You can't keep this up!


VIVI: Heeey, we're in trouble. I smell lots of people coming.

ALPH: What?

SAKI: I shall go and appraise the size of the pursuing forces. (runs
      off then returns) I have unfortunate news. A large army is
      heading this way. Sir Heath is their commander!

ALPH: Seriously!?


HEATH: Witches! Traitors! Hear my words!

ALPH: Sir Heath!

HEATH: You have been surrounded by five hundred of our troops! There is
       no way to escape! Give up peacefully!

ALPH: We'll never give up! We're going to defeat God! And if you try to
      stop, we'll defeat you too, Sir Heath!

HEATH: I admire your dedication, Alph. However, you and the Witches
       will all die right here!


HEATH: Iris!? Is that you!?


HEATH: Wh-What are you talking about, Iris?

PRIEL: Bonjour, boys and girls! How are you doing?

ALPH: It's the angel!

KINGSTON: Witches, traitors, and five hundred fools. I see that Junk
          Witch is here as well. I'm pleased to see so many ants here.

HEATH: You Eminence! Why are you here?

KINGSTON: I've come here to watch the sacrifice, of course.

HEATH: Sacrifice!? What do you mean!?

PRIEL: Everyone here will have their souls sacrificed to Master God.
       Master God's gonna be so stoked to see those ugly ol' Witches
       being sacrificed!

HEATH: Again, what are you talking about?

KINGSTON: Think about it, Heath. All your lives will be offered to God.
          You useless idiots can at least die when I ask, yes?

HEATH: Then our orders to defeat the Witches here were...

KINGSTON: It was a ruse, of course. I plan on offering you all to God
          as sacrifices. I am surprised that the Witches are actually
          here. I have no doubt that God divinely predicted all of

HEATH: You are about to create five hundred victims!?

KINGSTON: Don't be so emotional, Heath. It's only five hundred or so.


KINGSTON: Now, let us begin the sacrificial rites!

PRIEL: Arrivederci, losers! 1, 2, Kaboooom!!! (flash)

CECILLE: Watch out, everyone!



Doomed Soldier: Hwuaaaah!

Unlucky Soldier: Nooooh! (warp)

KINGSTON: This is spectacular, Miss Priel.

PRIEL: It's all you can eat, Master God! Haha!

Poor Soldier: Ahhhhh!! (light attack)

Miserable Soldier: Heeaaaalp!

PRIEL: Let's go back, Kingy.

KINGSTON: Sure. We must prepare the next step. The day of the Holy
          Eclipse draws near... (warp)

ALPH: Phew, that was close...

CECILLE: Is everyone okay?

NIKOLAI: Are you all unhurt, my lovely Witches?

LUCIA: We all seem to be fine. Thanks, Cecille.

CECILLE: I was afraid that my protective barrier was too late, but
         apparently I was in time.

CLAIRE: Thank you, Cecille.

SAKI: But, look...

ALPH: Five hundred lives were snuffed out in an instant...That's

MEL: Are we the only ones who survived that 'splosion?

THEO: Look! It's Sir Heath!

ALPH: Is he with...the Steel Witch?


HEATH: You saved my life with your barrier spell, Iris...Thank you,


HEATH: Iris, if I had known wouldn't be like this...

IRIS: SIR HEATH...*shrk* I LOV...*skzrt* GOOD...B...YE.........

HEATH: Iiiriiisss! (flash)

LUCIA: The Steel Witch...Iris's disappearing...She used the
       last of her strength to protect Heath.


THEO: Isn't that...the Thunder Lapistier...?

CECILLE: The Lapistier that had been placed inside her...

HEATH: Forgive me, Iris...

ALPH: Umm...Sir Heath...Who was Iris...?

HEATH: I.found her as an orphan. She was a kind girl who loved
       flowers...She grew to love me as an older brother...And then the
       Church...turned her into that! Damn them!

KAI: Heath...

HEATH: Kai...Thank you for protecting Alph and the others.

KAI: Think nothing of it. I was just doing my friend a favor.

NIKOLAI: A favor? What do you mean?

HEATH: I asked Kai to look after you.

ALPH: You asked him to protect us? I thought you were on the Church's
      side, Sir Heath?

HEATH: I was suspicious of Kingston's odd actions when I worked for
       him. I began to investigate Kingston in secret. I believe that
       he sensed my distrust, so he decided to keep you away from me in
       order to keep you on his side. But you seem to have figured out
       the truth on your own. I wanted to join you so that we could
       fight together. However, I had to stay within the Church so I
       could reveal Kingston's deception. That is why I asked my old
       friend Kai to protect you all.

THEO: So you were just pretending to hate us in Madrasta?

HEATH: That's correct. 

THEO: Wow! I was completely fooled!

HEATH: I apologize for that.

ALPH: I-I knew Sir Heath was on our side this whole time!

LUCIA: Really? Because I seem to remember a certain someone crying over
       Sir Heath...

ALPH: Sh-Shut up!

MEL: But, Kai-Banzai-san, how'd you manage to find us? 

LUCIA: She's right. We had been in the Witch Village for a while.

KAI: ...I was heading to Jeidath. I heard that the Witches had appeared
     there. I was on my way there. It was only luck that I found you in

HEATH: Oh, really? I thought you had been following them ever since I
       left their group...

KAI: I apologize.

CECILLE: ...Then it was fate that led to us meeting in Madrasta.

NIKOLAI: So Sir heath, what is Kingston planning to do?

HEATH: He plans to reawaken god.


CECILLE: I thought so...

HEATH: At first, he was simply controlling the Round Table Council and
       ordering them to conduct research on the Lapistier and Rune
       energy. But his actions began to grow more and more
       disturbing...He made Iris into the Steel Witch...And now he's
       just sacrificed hundreds of my men just to feed god's hunger!
       This cannot be forgiven!

ALPH: So are you going to join us, Sir Heath?

HEATH: Yes, Alph. I will. For Iris's sake, and for those of my loyal
       troops, I will defeat Kingston! I will stop god's revival...Stop
       it before the Holy Eclipse arrives.

ALPH: Yeah!

THEO: Yipeee!

KAI: Then, I will take my leave.

HEATH: Kai, wait! This isn't going to be easy. I need your help.

KAI: They have you here now. I doubt you will need my help. Farewell.

MEL: Sir Kai-san! Pleeeeeze, don't go! Waaaaah!

MAVI: Hey! How can you make a young girl cry like this? You're a
      terrible man!

KAI: ...

THEO: Come on, Mr. Kai!

KAI: B-But...

HEATH: Kai! Come with us.

KAI: ...!

HEATH: ...! 

{Heath and Kai learned "Holy Knights" Synergy!}

ALPH: What should we do now, Sir Heath?

HEATH: Let us proceed to the Holy Capital. They are preparing for the
       Holy Eclipse.

ALPH: All right, let's go to San Riese [spelled wrong in the game,
      supposed to be [Reise]!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: In an attempt to escape my daily grind, I've gone on a little
       vacation. The blazing sun and the sound of rolling waves help me

|                 20   LION'S PRIDE >>>PRE-ACTION   020               |

HEATH: There's a gate up ahead on the coast, leading to San Reise. We
       must pass through the gate in order to get to the Holy Capital.

NIKOLAI: Is the sea route still closed down?

HEATH: Yes. If we approach the Holy Capital by boat, the Crow Knights
       will sink us. In addition, very few people will be allowed to
       enter the Holy Capital at the moment, on Kingston's orders. I
       assume that the preparations for the Holy Eclipse are proceeding

ALPH: We have to stop them right now!

HEATH: Wait. The gate to the Holy Capital will be guarded by the Crow
       Knights.  We should prepare ourselves first.

VIVI: Heeeeey, I smell blood and sweat coming from that direction. I
      think some people might be fighting over theeeerrrre.

HEATH: What?

VIVI: Over thereeeee.

ALPH: Let's go and check!

|                             ACTION >>> KAI                          |

KAI: ...Alph. Did you tell Heath what you had to say to him?

ALPH: Wha?

KAI: You appeared to be depressed after you fought him. 

ALPH: Um...Well...

HEATH: I had no choice but to fight you in Madrasta. It was not my
       intention to hurt you. I'm sorry.

ALPH: We're all fine now. Thanks a lot for asking Sir Kai to look after
      us, Sir Heath.

THEO: Phew...I'm relieved now. I knew Sir Heath was never wrong, right,

ALPH: Of course. I believe in Sir Heath, because he was the one who
      taught us the importance of protecting those who are close to us!

HEATH: Heh...

KAI: ...Hmm. You have good students, Heath.

HEATH: Indeed.

LUCIA: You lead a charmed life, Alph.

ALPH: Hmm?

LUCIA: No one you believe in has ever betrayed you. It's not often that
       a person can claim that. You should be very happy.

ALPH: Yeah, you're right.

|                            ACTION >>> VIVI                          |

VIVI: You knoooow, I hate what that stooooopid angel smells like.

SAKI: Smells like?

VIVI: I remember smelling something like that before. Ooooooh! I
      remember now! She smelled like a mooooonster.

THEO: So you think the angel's a monster?

LUCIA: The angel was created by the god, Zehaal, to serve him, right?

MAVI: Hmm. Are you saying that the monsters were also created by the


MAVI: So Zehaal created the monsters all around the world so he could
      hunt us Witches down?

LUCIA: And human lives were being sacrificed, giving him even more

CLAIRE: Hmm...I was thinking about that before...

MAVI: Lady Claire...

CECILLE: Even if the angel is a monster, her power is much greater than
         any ordinary creature. Her power would be similar to the

POLLON: I can sense Zehaal's power somewhere nearby, ya...

CECILLE: I have a bad feeling about this...

LUCIA: Let's head to the Holy Capital at once!

|                           ACTION >>> HEATH                          |

HEATH: We'd usually be able to take a boat across the ocean to san
       Riese [spelled wrong in the game, supposed to be 'Reise'].
       However, after the Witches appeared, ships are prohibited from
       entering it. Only a few people are allowed to enter the Holy
       Capital through the gates.

ALPH: So if we can use that gate...

HEATH: We can use the gate, but it will be well-guarded. A battle will
       be unavoidable. Are you ready, Alph?

ALPH: Of course, Sir Heath!

HEATH: Then, let's go.

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

LEON: Andre! I'll make the world a better place by cutting you out of

ANDRE: You stubborn brat! I was ordered here by His Eminence Himself
       for this important duty. I am the keeper of the gates that lead
       to the Holy Capital of San Reise. And the first foe I face is a
       weakling like you!?

LEON: Gate keeper? You're nothing but a guard dog.

ANDRE: Why you...! You're calling me, the leader of the Zephyroth
       Knights, a dog!? Leon! Get ready to die a painful and
       humiliating death. 

LEON: Hmph! You're just a coward who can't do anything on your own. You
      don't deserve to be anyone's leader.

ANDRE: That's it, punk! I, Andre, the surpreme [spelled wrong in the
       game, supposed to be 'supreme'] commander of the Zephyroth
       Knights, shall strike you down by my own hand!

LEON: Andre, you killed my father! Prepare to die!

ALPH: Leon!

LEON: Alph! Everyone!

HEATH: You take care of Andre, Leon. Let us handle the rest.

LEON: Sir Heath!

ANDRE: Ha1 I knew you'd betray us eventually, Arc Knight!

HEATH: I can't be a part of the Church's evil deeds. I will fight
       against the Church, under the flag of justice!

ANDRE: You're a fool! Justice lies with God! Our god, Zehaal, who will
       be reincarnated very soon!

CECILLE: It's as I thought...The god will be reborn soon.

ANDRE: You people are like insects compared to God...And God has no
       time to waste on puny bugs like you! I'll crush you all with my
       Regulus Heart!

LEON: *sigh* Why do you bother fighting with a sword that's stuck in
      its scabbard!?

ANDRE: Rrrrr!! You'll pay for mocking me! Come! Crow Knights!
       Blackstars, to me!

Soldiers: Yessir!

ANDRE: The Blackstars are the best of the best of the Crow Knight
       ranks. All of them have a thirst for blood that would put the
       most feral beast to shame. When they're through with you, there
       will be nothing left but your screams. Attack!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

ANDRE: Gwaah! How dare you...You traitors...!

LEON: Don't lecture me, you hypocrite! You betrayed my father!

ANDRE: Hmph...That's tru-*cough* I guess I've lost. E-Even if I die
       now, the ritual to revive God has...begun already...You cannot
       stop it... (crash)

THEO: Nice job, Leon.

LEON: ...Father, I have avenged you.

ALPH: It's finally over, Leon.

LEON: Yeah...I know. Thanks, guys.

HEATH: That was splendid, Leon.

LEON: Thank you very much, Sir Heath. I'm kind of surprised to see you
      here with Alph, though...

HEATH: I had to split up from you so that I could investigate the
       Church myself.

CECILLE: Leon, I'm glad you're fine.

LEON: Wha? Is that you, Cecille?

CECILLE: Y-Yeah...!

LEON: Wow, you look so different...What happened?

CECILLE: I'm a Witch.

LEON: Wh-What!?

CECILLE: It's a long story. Are you surprised?

LEON: O-Of course! I didn't know you were a Witch! But...You're still,
      you know...YOU, right, Cecille?

CECILLE: Yes. Just with some new powers.

LEON: Well, okay then. That's cool with me.

CECILLE: Thank you, and welcome back, Leon.

LEON: Heh, it's good to be back, Cecille!

NIKOLAI: NOW JUST A SECOND HERE! That's close enough, you two! Break it

LEON: You got something to say?

NIKOLAI: What? What?

{Learned a new Synergy: "Rival Strike!"}

HEATH: By the way, Leon, you should hold onto the Regulus Heart. Keep
       it as a memento of your father.

LEON: The famous sword...Regulus Heart...!! (flash)

THEO: Wow! The sword came out of the scabbard! It isn't rusty at all!

MAVI: That keen edge, without the slightest blemish...It's beautiful.

ALPH: Why couldn't Andre pull the sword out of the scabbard?

KAI: The sword has chosen Leon to be its wielder.

LEON: M-Me...!?

HEATH: You father, the Lion King, has given you the strength to use the

LEON: I see. Father...Thank you...

{Leon is now a "Sword Master!"}

ALPH: Sir Heath, the gate is now unguarded. Let's hurry to San Reise!

HEATH: All right, everyone. To the Holy Capital!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: During my vacation, the current pulled me out to sea, and I
       drifted. Today is my third day drifting. My body absorbed a lot
       of sea water and grew for some reason.

|                21   HOLY ECLIPSE >>> PRE-ACTION   021               |
HEATH: This is the center of the Luminous faith: The Holy Capital, San 
ALPH: So this is where they're planning on reviving the god?
HEATH: That's correct.
CECILLE: We're running out of time. Let's hurry. We have to stop the  
         ritual that brings about the Holy Eclipse at all costs!
POLLON: Koo! Wait a second. I need a little breather, ya...
LEON: There's no time for breaks!
POLLON: Just a short one. Please!
THEO: I'm pretty tired, too. Let's rest up for a second.
LEON: Tsk! Fine! 

|                            ACTION >>> LEON                          |
CECILLE: So were you chasing Andre this whole time, Leon?
Andre: Yeah. But that overmuscled lunkhead always had a huge number of       
       troops with him. I didn't get a chance to attack him until right 
       before you showed up. And showed up. But waiting for 
       the right moment was definitely worth it. Plus, I was able to be 
       of help to you guys.
CECILLE: I was worried about you.
ALPH: You're always worried, Cecille.
LEON: I thought you might have changed now that you're a Witch...But,  
      I'm glad to see that you haven't changed a bit. Anyway, now we 
      fight together again! 

|                            ACTION >>> SAKI                          |

SAKI: I have returned from performing reconnaissance on the area. The  
      Church seems to be busy preparing for the Holy Eclipse ritual.

HEATH: The preparations for rituals this big are usually done long 
       beforehand. It's unusual that they're still getting ready at  
       this hour.

NIKOLAI: It's likely that they decided to rush and get the ritual over

CLAIRE: There is no set date or time that the ritual for the Holy
        Eclipse needs to be performed at. The ritual begins once the
        requirements for Zehaal's revival are fulfilled.

CECILLE: Mother Lapis was suppressing Zehaal's power, but she is now 
         destroyed. A great many lives have now been sacrificed for

LUCIA: Johannes will sacrifice his own body so that Zehaal can re-enter
       the world. We must stop their ritual. If Zehaal is revived, the
       planet will die!

HEATH: There are many soldiers in the Holy Capital. Be on your guard.

ALPH: Yes, Sir!

|                           ACTION >>> HEATH                          |

HEATH: The Luminous Church was controlled by Kingston's conspiracy.

LUCIA: What exactly is he planning? He's trying to revive God, but is
       he just following God's orders? Knowing Kingston, I don't think
       that's what he has in mind...

ALPH: So what does he want? To rule the world?

HEATH: ...Kingston fears death above all else.

LUCIA: So he's going to revive Zehaal, and then ask for eternal life as
       a reward?

HEATH: No. He plans to steal Zehaal's power...and become a god himself.

ALPH: Is that even possible!?

HEATH: I cannot say...But he must be confident. He has spent decades
       setting this plan into motion. I will not allow his disastrous
       plan to come to fruition!

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

LUCIA: What? There's already a battle going on in front of the

VANESSA: Come, my crimson flames! Consume them all! (attack)

Soldier [1]: Waaah!

Soldier [2]: Tch! You won't get past us, Witch!

VANESSA: Oh, for crap's sake! They just keep coming! Take this!

Soldier [2]: Gyaaaah! (crash)

LUCIA: Vanessa!

VANESSA: Bah! I wasted my time on the weaklings. You're here before I
         could finish!

CECILLE: We're in a hurry. Let us fight together, Vanessa.

CLAIRE: The seven of us most cooperate if we are going to defeat

VANESSA: Huh!? So NOW you want to fight together? They wouldn't have
         gotten this far if you would have acted earlier, Claire!

CLAIRE: W-Well, you're right, Vanessa...*sniff*

LUCIA: Hey! Don't blame it all on Lady Claire! You just ran off on your
       own and caused pointless destruction!

VANESSA: Sh-Shut up! I'm doing my best to stop Zehaal's rebirth!

MEL: Dry up, you two! This is no time to be flappin' yer gums over a

CECILLE: She's right. Arguing about the past isn't going to solve
         anything. We must fight together, to change the future!

CLAIRE: Please, Vanessa!

VANESSA: ...Hmph. We've been fighting for the same thing from the very

CLAIRE: ...We were?

VANESSA: I just didn't agree with your methods and did things my own
         way. But, we've all just been trying to defeat the god! Don't
         you see?

CLAIRE: Vanessa...

Soldier [3]: There they are! Hurry, everyone!

Soldier [4]: Surround them!!

NIKOLAI: This is indeed the Church's capital. There's no end to these

VANESSA: Don't sound so impressed! Let's just take care of 'em and move

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

LEON: There they are!

HEATH: It's Kingston! And Grand Cardinal Johannes!

SAKI: The unstable angel is here as well.

PRIEL: Like, WHOA! You cuties all look so, like, steamed!

KINGSTON: Where the hell are the palace guards!?

JOHANNES: Hello, everyone.

ALPH: Grand Cardinal Johannes!

JOHANNES: I'd extend a warm welcome to you all, but, unfortunately, I
          do no have the time for that.

PRIEL: Cutie little Johannes here is going to become one with Master

LUCIA: What!?

JOHANNES: Kingston. Deal with them.

KINGSTON: Yes, Your Holiness.

JOHANNES: Good bye, everyone.

ALPH: Wait, Johannes!

KINGSTON: Hold it! Just where do you think you're going!? I have
          prepared my latest and greatest weapon in case you
          interrupted us. Come!

Rune Weapon: Deedledeedle...Deedeedee...ASSIGN A TARGET FOR

LEON: What is that!?

KAI: A machine of some kind?

KINGSTON: Hmmhmmhmm...Are you surprised? This Rune Weapon is based on
          the knowledge we gained while creating Iris. Take a look.

CLAIRE: That's the Water Lapistier!

KINGSTON: Correct. I'll simply insert this into its body, like so...


KINGSTON: The power enhancer within it will maximize the Lapistier's
          energy! It will not cease its attacks until its targets are
          destroyed! You have no chance of surviving this!

NIKOLAI: Wh-What a terrible misuse of science...

PRIEL: C'mon, Johannes, cutie! Let's go to the Altar!

JOHANNES: Of course, Lady Angel. Please take me there to become one
          with God!

PRIEL: Ooooh, you're soooo cute!

ALPH: I won't let you get away!

KINGSTON: Hello? Killer technomancy over here! You have to fight it
          first! Now...Attack!


THEO: It's coming over here! Waaah!


LUCIA: We don't have time to waste playing with Kingston's new toy!
       Let's get rid of this thing quickly!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

KINGSTON: Ugh! Even my Rune Weapon has been defeated!

VANESSA: You thought you could stop us with a mere toy like that?

KINGSTON: Looks like I'd better make my escape...After I reclaim the
          Water Lapistier...Now, if you'll excuse me!

ALPH: Stop! Kingston!


PRIEL: Oh no! You guys totally lost already?

KINGSTON: I am so ashamed.

PRIEL: Hey! Johannes just started to form the cocoon!

ALPH: Cocoon...?

THEO: Look! At the top of the Altar!

ALPH: Th-That's...!

CLAIRE: Zehaal's formed his cocoon!

LUCIA: That's really Johannes...?

PRIEL: He's super cute, huh? With the power of the vessel, he fused His
       and Johannes' souls together and turned into a super cute
       cocoon. Once the cocoon hatches, Master God will be resurrected!

ALPH: Then, I'm gonna smash it before he emerges!!

PRIEL: You are soooo lame. I'm not gonna let you do that, I mean...Why
       do you guys have to come along and kill the mood!? Ooooh! Priel
       is like, super mad now!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

PRIEL: Ouuuch! That totally hurts! Like, how could you hurt someone as
       pretty as me? You are SO lame! (flash) Oh! Master God's cocoon
       is complete! Teehee!

LUCIA: What?

PRIEL: Emergence is the only thing left...I mean! I can't wait to see
       Master God! I'm like, soooo excited! Teehehehehe!!! Okay Master
       God, time to meet your Number One Fan! Take care, Kingy! I'm
       gonna, like, go to the place now.

KINGSTON: What? W-Wait, Priel...Madam.

PRIEL: Adieuuuu! (warp)

KINGSTON: Stop. STOP! Take me with you!

LUCIA: Where is that angel going?

ALPH: What did she mean by "the place?"

KINGSTON: Grrr...You stupid angel! Ridiculing us like that! Now we must
          use the ultimate fruit of the Round Table Council's research.
          Time to activate the device that will give me control of God.
          Then, that angel will be...

HEATH: Kingston! I won't let you run off this time!

KINGSTON: Catch me if you can! Voila! Round Table Flash! (warp)

THEO: He's gone!

LEON: Damn! Where the hell did he go?

CLAIRE: I can feel the fetal god's movement. This is the cocoon we just
        saw...It's flying towards the southeast...With tremendous

NIKOLAI: Southeast from here would be...Kursegrad Continent! It's an
         ancient legendary battlefield, where the Witches fought God.

POLLON: Koo! Kursegrad should hold more power than anywhere else in the
        world, ya.

LUCIA: They're trying to revive him at Kursegrad, huh?

HEATH: Kingston is probably headed there too.

ALPH: Let's go after them, Sir Heath!

HEATH: Yes, we must follow them to Kursegrad!


THEO: Alph.

ALPH: What's wrong, Theo?

THEO: Do you think God is strong?

ALPH: Yeah, probably. He is called "God," after all...

THEO: ...

ALPH: ...But, everything I know about God is from the Luminous Verses,
      you know? I haven't really seen his strength in person, so I
      don't know what to expect. But I'm gonna smash that cocoon before
      he gets a chance to try it!

THEO: ...*cough* Mmm...Bwahahahaha!

ALPH: Wh-What's wrong, Theo? I thought I answered you honestly.

THEO: Sorry, sorry...I was just worried for a bit. But you relieved me
      with your dramatic speech, there. Thank you, Alph!

ALPH: I see.

THEO: Alph, you protect Lucia. And I'll protect you!

ALPH: Yeah!

{Learned Rym's Impact Synergy!}

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: After drifting for a while, I landed on a deserted island. As I
       sat there alone, staring at the sea, Lady Vanessa came to pick
       me up. The first thing she said to me was, "Who the hell are

|          22    ROUND TABLE COUNCIL >>> PRE-ACTION   022         |

HUGO: Welcome back, Cardinal Kingston!

KINGSTON: Is everything ready, Hugo?

HUGO: Yes Sir, of course! Right this way...

KINGSTON: Oh yes, this is it... With this equipment, I can control the
          power of God!

HUGO: Okay, Cardinal Kinston. Please turn it on.

KINGSTON: Hehehe...As soon as I turn this on, I will become all

PRIEL: Heyyyy...Don't be building nasty toys like that!

HUGO: P-P-P-Priel!

KINGSTON: Wh-Where did you...? How did you...?

PRIEL: Chuuuu! (magic attack) Ka-BOOOM!

HUGO: No! My precious baby! I put my heart and soul into that device!

KINGSTON Wh-What have you done...?

PRIEL: Normally, I would like, totally Kaboom both of you for being so
       lame, but...Today is Master God's birthday! So I'll forgive you
       this time...Teeheeheehee! Ciao-oo! (warp)

KINGTON: you...You...You...!


ALPH: What in the world is that facility over there?

NIKOLAI: That symbol...The Round Table Council? The color is different,

SAKI: I believe this should be the Round Table Council's Headquarters.
      My information indicated that it was located near Kursegrad.

NIKOLAI: So, this is the headquarters? They must be doing extensive
         research projects.

VANESSA: Hey, is that stupid cocoon of god here?

CLAIRE: No, it's not here. But...I do sense the Water Lapistier.

HEATH: I thought Kingston had the Water Lapistier!

ALPH: So that means Kingston's inside here?

LEON: Let's check it out, guys!

|                             ACTION >>> KAI                          |

KAI: I will never forgive the Round Table Council for stealing my
     comrades' lives!

LUCIA: The Wind Lapistier went haywire...

KAI: The Council probably knew that many lives would be lost in the
     experiment. But, they just deemed them expendable, and greedily

THEO: We were also taught that Lapistier hold forbidden powers. We were
      told to collect the Lapistier because Kingston wanted to acquire
      the power, right?

CLAIRE: How foolish of him to try to gain the Forbidden Light...That's
        certainly not the kind of power that humans can handle.

|                           ACTION >>> NIKOLAI                        |


LEON: What's up, Nikolai? You actually look pretty serious for once.

NIKOLAI: Excuse me? I'm always serious! Forbidden research,
         manipulating life...It reminds me of Fareth...My father.

ALPH: Your dad, huh?

NIKOLAI: Father left me alone and went missing.

THEO: Huh!?

LEON: So, when they found your dad, they sent him off to the firing
      squad, huh?

ALPH: I heard Fareth was executed...

CECILLE: Nikolai, you've never said anything about it until now...

NIKOLAI: Oh, sorry, Lady Cecille...But this isn't really the sort of
         thing I would casually talk about. My father had specialized
         in research dealing with the essence of life. He continued his
         research at the Round Table Council...Then, he probably came
         to a realization during the course of his work. The dangers in
         tinkering with life...When the fundamentals of life are
         warped, you warp mankind's future itself. No single human
         should be able to hold the fate of all humanity in his hand.
         That's probably why he had to disappear. In order to keep the
         secrets of life he discovered from the Round Table Council.

ALPH: Nikolai...

NIKOLAI: Whoa! Didn't mean to get all gloomy on you guys there. What
         I'm trying to say is...that I'm not completely unrelated to
         the Round Table Council. That's all you need to know. So,
         let's go, everyone! I'll show you what's on my mind!

|                         DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                     |

LEON: Look, it's Kingston!

CECILLE: Provost Hugo's with him, too?

KAI: Hugo!

THEO: Huh? They both look sorta depressed.

KINGSTON: You...You again!? How bothersome! Chasing us all the way

ALPH: Where is the cocoon of god?

KINGSTON: I don't know. That stupid angel took it somewhere.

VANESSA: What do you mean, you don't know? Tell us before he

LUCIA: This world...This planet's going to be destroyed! Tell us so we
       can stop him!

HUGO: If we had this device, then God would have been powerless...

KINGSTON: I was going to take over the world...I would have controlled

LEON: Hey, what are you two old guys muttering about?

KINGSTON: Listen to me! This world belongs to human beings! During the
          past thousand years, it was humans who made it flourish! I
          don't care whether it's God or Witches, I'm not going to let
          them ruin everything we worked for! Human beings will not be
          slaves to God!

HUGO: The Round Table Council has been doing research to harness God's
      power. God, Witches, and Lapistier! We had thoroughly researched
      everything. Then, we finally completed the device we needed to
      control God. However...

KINGSTON: That...stupid Angel...Damn it!

NIKOLAI: You...You people were trying to control a god...? Looks like
         the Round Table Council was doing some outrageous research.

KAI: ...And you thought nothing of sacrificing the knights for your

HEATH: The Eurus Knights were killed by their experiments on the

KAI: Yes...

VANESSA: ...well, that was also sort of my fault. I apologize.

KAI: No. You have no reason to apologize. If they didn't misuse the
     Lapistier...the tragedy would have never come to pass.

LUCIA: These guys are meaningless to us now. We need to focus on our
       primary goal. We must stop Zehaal's resurrection.

MEL: Darn skippy! These ragamuffins are old news. Let's go get that

CLAIRE: Oh, actually, there's one last thing. Please wait a moment.
        Ummm, Sir Cardinal?


CLAIRE: Can we have the Water Lapistier back? We need it to fight
        against your god...

KINGSTON: ...! Lapistier!


KINGSTON: Yes, that's right, the Lapistier! With the Lapistier, I can
          fight God.


KINGSTON: All of you Witches! Hand me all of the Lapistier you have.
          Give them to me, every single one!

LEON: What the hell are you talking about?

KINGSTON: I can make an army of Steel Witches to defeat God! That way,
          I can still take over the world! Hugo! Rise!

HUGO: Yes?

KINGSTON: Where's the Lapistier fusion device that you were developing?

HUGO: It's right over here, but I haven't completed final testing.

KINGSTON: Well, why don't you just complete final testing now?

HUGO: Sir Kingston...Wh-what are you doing!?

LUCIA: That's the Water Lapistier!

KINGSTON: Hyaah!!! (flash)

HUGO: Aaahhhh! (flash)

KINGSTON: you're going to be the final result of your own experiment.
          Aren't you happy?

LEON: He put the Lapistier inside Hugo's body!?

CLAIRE: Oh no, I shouldn't have said anything...This wouldn't have
        happened if I...

MEL: Cry over spilt milk later! Se gotta stop that huge Provost galoot

HUGO: (flash) Guaaaahhh! Kuuugohhhh!

KINGSTON: Looks like the transformation is complete! Your experiment
          was a success! Now then...Get me those Lapistier, Hugo!

HUGO: *craaaack* (flash)

KINGSTON: Ughh! Wh-What are you doing, Hugo!?

HUGO: Uggghhh...You're all going to die! All I wanted was to retire and
      live quietly...You ruined my dreams!

KINGSTON: Keeeee! What is going on!?

MEL: The Lapistier went wild! That palooka's fixin' to give us the
     bum's rush now!

MAVI: Just as I thought, humans are not strong enough to control the

HUGO: Gogogg! Magoggghh!

THEO: Whoa, he's coming this way!

KAI: Hugo! I'll make you regret killing those Knights!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

KINGSTON: Hugo...I thought you had complete control over the
          Lapistier...How could you lose? How could you lose to those

LUCIA: We inherited the power from the planet. We're the only ones that
       can use Lapistier! Your research is useless!

KINGSTON: Grr, grrr! You stupid Witches! Ruining my precious dreams!
          Always thwarting my schemes! I'll get you all! You're all

VANESSA: What are you gonna do? Curse us to death? You think YOU can
         beat us by yourself, Cardinal Sin?

KINGSTON: G-God will...! Yes, God will smite you all!


KINGSTON: I am the Cardinal! The one truly loyal to God! God will
          answer his humble servant! He has to! You heathens have
          absolutely no chance against God!

NIKOLAI: It's hard to believe he was planning to make a god his slave a
         second ago.

MEL: He's probably all discombobulated right now. All his plans have
     been foiled.

KAI: Pathetic...

KINGSTON: Hahaha...Wahaha! Round Table Flash! (warp)

ALPH: Whoa!!

VANESSA: Crap! The Water Lapistier!

MEL: Take it easy. We know where His Hoodliness is going. Claire,
     where's Zehaal's cocoon?

CLAIRE: I'll lead the way. Let's go, everyone. Toward the ancient


LUCIA: ...

CLAIRE: Is anything wrong, Lucia?

LUCIA: Oh, Lady Claire.

VIVI: Lucia, are you tired?

LUCIA: What?

CLAIRE: I see...You're worried. Worried about what's going to happen

LUCIA: ...No, I'm not...

CLAIRE: I don't blame you. You and your Rym are going to be key players
        in the battle against the god. But you needn't feel ashamed for
        being worried. Everyone else is, too.

CECILLE: The planet will certainly see us through. It'll be okay. You
         Rym...Alph will protect you, too.

LUCIA: Thanks, Cecille...

MEL: We just have to snatch the Water Lapistier so we'll have all of

VANESSA: Then, we're all prepared to stop Zehaal!

MEL: Damn skippy! Let's go bump off Kingston and get the Water

MAVI: Then we'll pound that airheaded angel and that god's cocoon!

VANESSA: Sounds like it's going to be a hot time!

CLAIRE: ...There is one more thing I need to tell all of you.

MAVI: What is it, Lady Claire?

CLAIRE: Since Cecille is back, We're finally here, all seven of us. I'm
        going to teach you the greatest secret of the Witches.

VANESSA: The greatest secret? That's a bold claim...

LUCIA: ...Oh!!

VIVI: What in the world are you talking about? This is the first I've
      heard about this...

MEL: Claire! Is that...!?

CLAIRE: Yes, the technique we can use only when all seven of us are
        here. "Rainbow Magic."

{Learned "Rainbow Array" Synergy.}

CLAIRE: Okay everyone, let's go. To the battlefield...

MEL: Right-o!

LUCIA: Let's do it!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: After being abandoned by Vanessa, I spent seven days on a the
       deserted island. My body returned to normal, but since I had
       been abandoned...I had no way to get home...But then, Vivi's
       Kopin came to rescue me.

|                23   COCOON OF GOD >>> PRE-ACTION   023             |

CLAIRE: This ancient battlefield...This is where the Witches fought
        Zehaal, long ago.

MEL: Even now, we can still feel the energy that Zehaal released when
     he was put to sleep here.

CLAIRE: That angel is going to try to use this energy to cause god's
        cocoon to hatch in this land.

LUCIA: If we don't do something soon, the cocoon will hatch!

ALPH: Let's hurry up. Kingston must be down there.

|                             ACTION >>> KAI                          |

ALPH: Is Kingston trying to use god's power to become a god himself?

KAI: If one seeks power, then becoming a god would be the ultimate
     goal. What a helpless man...

LUCIA: Helpless...That's an apt description for his situation. He was
       already the most powerful human in the world. There was nothing
       else left for him to aspire to.

LEON: But even if you have power, that won't keep you from dying

KAI: We will have to stop him, because he cannot stop himself.

HEATH: The entire planet hinges on this battle! We must stop him!

ALPH: ...Yes!

|                          ACTION >>> POLLON                          |

POLLON: Koo! Zehaal will have to create a cocoon before he can possess
        a new body. When I say "possess," I mean he'll need a new body
        to put his power into, or else that power will be wasted, ya.

CLAIRE: Zehaal is trying to get the energy to hatch the cocoon by
        draining it from this land.

LUCIA: Once he revives, then he'll consume the entire planet...

ALPH: I will not let that happen!

|                          ACTION >>> CLAIRE                          |

CLAIRE: This old battlefield is a place where Zehaal fought the dragon
        and Witches. This gigantic crater was created by the shockwaves
        created in that battle. And the otherworldly power of Zehaal
        scoured all life from the land here, changing it into a barren
        wasteland. And yet, a thousand years later, this area is still
        desolate. That's because some of his power still remains in
        this land.

ALPH: What frightful power...

|                        DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                      |

KINGSTON: God! Oh magnificent God!

PRIEL: Oh? Like, it's Kingy! What are you doing here? You look so
       creepy! Teeheehee!

KINGSTON: Get out of my way! I don't need you! I have come to see God!

PRIEL: Like, what the heck! You're SO annoying! I'm totally cheesed at

KINGSTON: God! Please, send harsh punishment to the Witches who disobey
          You...Please, remove them all from this world!

PRIEL: Huh? Like, what are you trying to do?

ALPH: I found you, Kingston!

THEO: That angel's here, too!

LEON: There's the god's cocoon!

KINGSTON: Oh! God! They're here! Please, punish them all! Please, hear
          the sincere prayers of your most devout believer...

PRIEL: A-hahaha! Poor widdle Kingy! You like, totally don't get it! 


PRIEL: Like, you humans are just food for Master God! 


PRIEL: Uh-huh! He eats you, and then it's all over for you! Yum yum


PRIEL: So like, even if you pray to Master God, there's no point, you
       know? He's not gonna do anything...except eat you.


PRIEL: Why don't you just kill those dirty Witches by yourself?

KINGSTON: I don't have the power...That's why I'm here, asking for
          God's help...

PRIEL: Come on, Kingy, you've got something fun to play with! It's
       kinda gross, since it still has the "warmth" from that cutie

KINGSTON: N-No! That's...

PRIEL: Check it out! It's the Water Lapistier! (flash)

KINGSTON: N-Noooo! Don't...No!

PRIEL: You're, like, SO weird, Kingy! Didn't you want power? Here ya
       go! Youuuuuuu're welcome~! (flash)


LEON: Wh-What!?

LUCIA: The angel just pushed the Water Lapistier into Kingston's chest!

ALPH: Is she trying to make him like Hugo!?

THEO: Oh, no...That's terrible!

PRIEL: Ehehe! Like, that's not enough? Priel power! (magic burst) Woo-

KINGSTON: Grraaaaaah! (flash)

LUCIA: Wh-What is this...? The power of the Lapistier is growing...?

KINGSTON: Rrraaaah! N-Now my plan surpass God's power...

PRIEL: It's aaall gone! Poof! Ahahaha!


ALPH: K-Kingston...

CECILLE: No, he's not Kingston any more. Now he is just a puppet, being
         controlled by Zehaal!

KINGSTON: Garrrrr!

PRIEL: Hahaha! Show 'em what you've got, Kingy!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================


PRIEL: Huh? Oh well, I guess Kingy's body couldn't handle the power of
       Lapistier. Argh! Kingy! Why couldn't you be a teensy bit more

KINGSTON: OHH...GOD'S...POWER...Aaaah! (flash -> disappears)

CECILLE: That's the end of Kingston...

HEATH: The end of a man who tried to be a god!...Who abused the
       Church's power!

THEO: (flash) But the Lapistier...It's still there.

PRIEL: Aww, phooey. This is soooo boring! Kingy wasn't any help at all,
       even after I gave him all that power!

LUCIA: Angel...!

PRIEL: But I guess he did manage to keep you busy! Hey hey, everybody!
       Check it out! Master God's gonna hatch!

ALPH: What!?

Cocoon: U...Ur...Uwarr...

ZEHAAL: Uwarrrrrr!

PRIEL: Oooohhh! Isn't Master God's roaring so, like, sexy!?

ZEHAAL: Ohhhhhhhhhh!

ALPH: That's...God!?

PRIEL: Yeppers! He's greater than anything in existence! He will end
       this world!

LUCIA: Has the god revived!?

PRIEL: C'mon, Master God! Consume this entire world! Hm? What? What's
       wrong? (flash) Noo! Who!? Who's bothering God!? Like, oh my God!

CLAIRE: Is it the power of the planet?

PRIEL: This dinky little planet? Phooey! Planet, I'll teach you a
       lesson! (warp)

ZEHAAL: Uarrrrggh!!

PRIEL: There ya go, Master God! Let's go straight to the planet's
       heart! Let's make it so that it can't bother us any more! Go,
       God! Go, God! It's your birthday!

ALPH: G-God and the angel just disappeared!

LEON: Where did they go!?

CECILLE: She said that they were going to consume the planet's heart...

CLAIRE: The planet's heart...Do you think they really went to the heart
        of the planet!? If the center of the planet is consumed, the
        world will die! Every living thing on the world will be killed!

ALPH: Let's go after them!

CLAIRE: We have all seven Lapistier. The time to do now.

LEON: H-How do we get to the center of the planet!?

CLAIRE: A way to the planet's heart...There is a path in the desert.

LUCIA: Then let's go! We have to protect the planet! Our only enemy now

ALPH: Zehaal! The one who started all this!

LUCIA: He's the one that destroyed this world's peace!

ALPH: Let's go, everyone!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: Today, I talked about the future with Mel's Kopin. I wish I
       could spend more time with her, even if only for a little

|                  24   THE PORTAL >>> PRE-ACTION   024              |

ALPH: I had no idea that there a place like this on the world...

THEO: Wow! It's all sand!

LEON: Why is there nothing but sand here?

CLAIRE: Because the portal to the planet's heart is nearby. The
        planet's power is waning.

POLLON: That portal is slowly draining the life out of the planet, koo.
        Barely anything can grow around here, ya.

LUCIA: So this portal leads to the planet's heart, huh?

ALPH: Let's go! We don't have time to waste!

CECILLE: Wait. I want to tell you something before we go.

LEON: What's wrong?

CECILLE: We will be fighting a god...You will need the ultimate magic:
         the "Spear of Dawn."

ALPH: Spear of Dawn...?

CECILLE: It is also known as Over Flash.

THEO: That sounds like a strong name.

CECILLE: Only Lucia, the Dawn Witch, can use this spell.

LUCIA: Only me?

CECILLE: Gather the might of all Witches, and release the power in a
         single burst. This is magic that has enough power to surpass
         even Zehaal.

CLAIRE: Wait a moment, Cecille. I have read that when the spell of Over
        Flash is cast, the Dawn Witch must sacrifice her life, correct?


ALPH: Hey! I'm not going to let her use dangerous magic like that! I
      won't let that happen!

CECILLE: If you are there with her, then she will be all right, Alph. 

ALPH: Huh?

CECILLE: Rym have an ultimate power called "The Eternal Shield." If
         Lucia is protected by her Rym's...Alph's power, she will not

ALPH: I-I see...

CECILLE: But Over Flash is to be used only as our last resort! We may
         not be forced to use it, but...Just be prepared, Lucia.

LUCIA: Okay.

LEON: Well, okay then! Let's get going to the center of the planet!

|                           ACTION >>> HEATH                          |

HEATH: Kingston used to be a very respected individual. But he became
       addicted to the power his authority had granted him. He had
       enough power to be able to do anything at all. Anything he
       desired could be his. ...And where would his desire turn from
       there? He was not content with his own power, and so he coveted
       the power of god.

KAI: God consumes all. His very existence is hunger. It seems that
     Kingston and Zehaal were very much alike in that regard.

HEATH: Desire is part of being human. We all want something...

KAI: I cannot claim to have gone without desires of my own...

HEATH: Perhaps we all consume the world, in our own way...

ALPH: That's not true! Sir Heath and Sir Kai, you two are fighting to
      protect the planet! That's completely different from what
      Kingston did!

KAI: Hm...

HEATH: We must prove that our only desires are for peace. 

ALPH: Yes!

|                        ACTION >>> GARDEN CHILDREN                   |

LEON: The portal of the world...We can get to the heart from there,

THEO: This is really strange. We're going to go really deep
      underground, right?

POLLON: The heart of the world...You humans call it the Holy Land
        Canal. It's linked to this continent, ya. It's the very center
        of the planet.

SAKI: The Church says that god came here 1000 years ago and gave wisdom
      to the saints.

THEO: The saints were the Luminous, and that was how the Luminous
      Church began. But, I think everything would have been better if
      god never came to this world. Then the planet would've been
      peaceful, right?

LUCIA: Well, we Witches were created by the planet because that god

ALPH: The Luminous Church founded the Garden, and that's why we're all

CECILLE: We were meant to be standing in this place. Right here, right

NIKOLAI: I will not let any god destroy us. It is by his actions that
         we are here, but I cannot allow him to take it all away.

LEON: I don't need any futures that include the end of the world! We'll
      have to fight for a better tomorrow! One we make ourselves!

SAKI: We cannot change history, but we have the right to change the

ALPH: The future...That's what we're all fighting for!

|                           ACTION >>> WITCHES                        |

CLAIRE: The being that came to this planet 1000 years ago is the one to
        destroy it now. This "god" has no real consciousness of its
        own. It is driven to consume. All it knows is desire, hunger,
        and greed. We, the Witches who survived that ancient battle
        long ago, slept for a millennium within Mother Lapis.

MEL: And when god's revival was predicted, Momma Lapis started makin'
     new Witches and wakin' up all of us who were catchin' some super-

CLAIRE: The humans must have been terrified to be shut into this
        world's darkness...Only putting faith in a god gave them the
        strength to continue.

VANESSA: But when the humans prayed to god, it only made Zehaal
         stronger, right?

MAVI: Even if we manage to kill the god, if this world gets taken by
      the darkness again, the humans might just eek his guidance once

VIVI: Weeeeeellllll...If that's the way it is, Then isn't anything we
      do kinda pointless?

LUCIA: ...I will believe in the humans. And because I believe in them,
       I cannot allow darkness to swallow the world! We don't know what
       they'll do with the future, but they deserve to have one.

CLAIRE: ...You're right, Lucia. The angel is ahead of us. IF we kill
        Zehaal, then the monsters that were created on this planet may
        vanish along with him.

CECILLE: ...If that happens, do you think the humans will stop hating

CLAIRE: I cannot be sure. But, I hope that Witches and humans can learn
        to live together on this world.

LUCIA: Yes. But for now, we must fight to protect the planet...and
       everyone on it!

|                       DIALOGUE >>> PRE-BATTLE                       |

PRIEL: Yippie! I found you all! HEEEEY, YOU GUYS! So, like, just WHERE
       to you think you're going?

ALPH: The angel! You're still here?

LUCIA: Get out of our way!

PRIEL: No way, Jose! I'm not gonna let you waltz in on Master God!
       'Cuz, y'know...This is an exclusive party! Reserved so He can go
       and eat the heart of the planet that's been bugging Him!

LEON: Sorry, missy, but I'm crashing this little engagement. We'll
      defeat god and save this planet! He'll have to go hungry!

PRIEL: Teehee! You are such losers! You humans were, like, CREATED by
       Master God. Didn't you know that? So, like, going against Him? 
       Duh! That makes you, like, SO rude.

NIKOLAI: Even if he did create us, we can't allow him to simply pop out
         of nowhere after a thousand years and eat every living thing
         in the world! We just can't let that happen! We have the right
         to fight for our own lives, too!

PRIEL: Uh-doy! You guys, are, like, SO sweetdiculously stupid! Rights?
       Like, you don't deserve anything! Do, like, insects get to vote?
       NO. There's nothing in the universe that belongs to you! All you
       guys are are li'l snackies for Master God when he gets the
       munchies. You're just gonna get eaten up by Master God, along
       with the planet. I mean, weren't you all living happily because
       of Master God? Don't start making sad faces now! Mater God'll
       make all your worries disappear, forever! Teehee!

CLAIRE: I will not let that happen! Nothing will come out the way you

LEON: Then what about you? God's just gonna eat you too, right?

PRIEL: Teehee! BUZZZ! Wrong, Mister! Nope! I'm special! After He, like,
       eats you and the planet up, --yum yum yum-me and Master God are
       gonna live together forever! (sigh) I'll be Him and me, just the
       two of us, happily ever after! An' I'll be, like, "Oh, Master
       God! Ohmigod! I'm like, SO happy!" You know what that means...I
       can't let you past here! Never!

LEON: I don't give a crap about your honeymoon plans! We're busting

ALPH: We are going to defeat Zehaal!

PRIEL: Like, OH. MY. GOD. NOBODY ruins my honeymoon plans! So,
       uh...Prepare to, like, die!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

PRIEL: Nooo! Master God, please help! My powers are, like, fading! I
       need a pick-me-up! Hey, Master God!? Pretty please!? Wha!? I'm
       just gonna get eaten, too? No, Mater God...It can't
       be...Whyyyyy!? I love Master God SOOOO much, but you're still
       doing this to Priel? No! Don't eat pretty pretty Priel!! God,
       don't eat meeeeeee! Nooooooo!

LUCIA: The angel's disappearing!

PRIEL: No...Master God! I don't want to disappear...!Waaaaaaa.........
       (flash -> disappears)

LUCIA: So Zehaal consumes everything...Even that angel he created
       himself. He's really just going to consume everything, isn't he?

ALPH: I'm not gonna let that happen! We will defeat Zehaal!

LEON: Defeat a god, huh? That's a pretty tall order. But the stronger
      the enemy is, the more pumped I get! Hoo-rah!

SAKI: We must not fail. We're the only ones who can stop the world's

NIKOLAI: I will go anywhere and do anything for my lovely Witches! I'll
         go against fire, water, or the power of god himself!

HEATH: If we don't fight, darkness will swallow the world. I wield my
       spear for peace!

VIVI: All we can do now is fight...Meh...

MEL: Spare the rod, spoil the god! Heh heh heh!

CLAIRE: Planet, please lead us...

MAVI: I will not forgive anyone who hurts this planet! Not even a god!

VANESSA: Huh! For once, we actually have the same opinion on something!

MAVI: I'll deal with you myself one day, Vanessa...But we need you now!

VANESSA: Ha! I'll be looking forward to that day!

MAVI: But, now...!

VANESSA: Yeah, yeah, I know! Let's do this.

THEO: Hey, aren't you guys scared? We're fighting a god! You know...

KAI: ...Don't be frightened. Believe in yourself and in your friends.

ALPH: Theo. I'm with you! And everyone here is with us, together! If we
      put our wills together, no enemy can defeat us!

CECILLE: A priestess who once served under god is now walking the path
         of Twilight Witch. Fate is definitely on our side!

POLLON: Feelings, fate, bonds...A great jewel created from the pressure
        of our struggles and determination...And now, it eminates
        [spelled wrong in the game, supposed o be 'emanates'] great
        power. It is time to wield it, ya!

LUCIA: Now we will strike to reclaim the peace that Zehaal has stolen
       from this world!

ALPH: Yeah, that's why we're here! The final battle for peace!

|                             LIFE OF KOPIN                           |

KOPIN: This world is such a beautiful place. Even if the world should
       happen to end tomorrow, I'd like to sit here and just stare at
       the setting sun. That is a skill fit for me, the ultimate

|                          25   THE LIGHT   025                      |

LUCIA: The portal to the heart of the planet...I didn't expect it to be
       a place like this.

ALPH: So, the god we used to worship lies just ahead of us...

THEO: Can we really beat a god?

VANESSA: Listen up, kid. There's not a lot of choices here. Either we
         win, or everyone and everything dies.

MAVI: That's right. We need to completely obliterate Zehaal's soul this

THEO: ...Oh...kay?

CECILLE: Ridding this world of god's spirit will not be an easy task.
         We may have to use Lucia's new power...

ALPH: Over Flash...

LUCIA: I'm ready, if it comes to that.

ALPH: I'm gonna protect you, Lucia, no matter what!

CLAIRE: The Witches, dragons, and humans have all come together. We
        also have all the Lapistier. Even though we have all this going
        for us, defeating god will definitely not be an easy task.
        However, this is certainly our one and only chance we'll have
        to defeat him. Everyone...We must take back our planet, so
        nobody will ever live in fear of Zehaal again!

ALPH: So this is it, huh?

LUCIA: Yes. We're on the verge of finally reversing the "destruction"
       that this planet embraced a thousand years ago.

ALPH: Hey, Lucia. What do you think will happen to this world after
      this battle?

LUCIA: Why are you asking a question like that at a time like this?

ALPH: I was just thinking...

LUCIA: Defeating Zehaal is our foremost priority right now, right?

ALPH: Well, of course, but...

LUCIA: So why dream about the future? IF we don't focus, we won't have
       a future.

ALPH: Yeah, you're right...

LUCIA: Well, since you brought it up...What do you think will happen,

ALPH: Huh? You really want to know? Well, the Cardinal, Grand Cardinal,
      and the Provost are all dead, right? And we're about to get rid
      of the so-called god...So it will probably throw the Luminous
      Church and its followers into chaos.

LUCIA: Okay...

ALPH: So, uh, maybe it won't matter what anyone is...Witch, dragon, or
      human...Doesn't that sound like it would be a really fun place to

LUCIA: ...Yeah, I guess. It might be pretty nice if we could all
       coexist together...

ALPH: See? I knew it! You agree with me, don't you?

LUCIA: Yes...I agree with you.

ALPH: See, now we have to win! We have to make that future a reality!

LUCIA: Yeah, I'm with you...Hey, Alph. I can fight because of you.

ALPH: Because of me? What are you talking about? You don't need me. You
      were strong ever since the day we first met. Man, you even saved
      my life.

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: What's up, Lucia? You're pretty quiet, even for you.

LUCIA: Um. Hey, Alph, will you make me a promise? You have to swear to
       keep it...Swear that you will protect this planet, no matter
       what happens.

ALPH: Of course! I swear it! I'll protect this planet, and you, no
      matter what!

LUCIA: ...Thank you, Alph. Come on, let's do this, Alph!

ALPH: Yeah!


ZEHAAL: The beating heart of the world...I've waited a thousand years.
        I have come to bring it all to an end!

ALPH: Hold it right there, "God"!

ZEHAAL: After all this time...A dragon has come to resist me again.

VANESSA: This battle has dragged on long enough. Let's end this,

ZEHAAL: You wretched Witches, rending my soul to pieces a thousand
        years ago.

CLAIRE: We're going to end it all, right here, right now! We should
        have destroyed you completely in that battle...

MEL: You're a bad seed, Zehaal! Nothing but evil, through and through.

ZEHAAL: Witches, dragons, and humans. Do you still dare oppose me? I
        shall consume you all. You cannot escape your fates.

ALPH: Wrong! It is YOU who cannot escape. Your judgment is at hand!

LUCIA: Let's bring peace back to our planet!

|                           NO ACTIONS AVAILABLE                      |

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

|              DIALOGUE >>> AFTER BATTLE AGAINST ZEHAAL               |

ZEHAAL: Ohhhhhhhh...! I am Zehaal...And the time has come for me to put
        an end to everything! Receive my Light, and look upon my true
        self! (flash -> transformation to Wings of Doom)

ALPH: Is that...really him!?

WINGS OF DOOM: I am the harbinger of the void. I transcend all and
               shall return this world to the nothingness it came from.
               My wings will shred everything they touch into
               nonexistence. Behold the power of the infinite!

=======================      <<< BATTLE >>>        ====================

WINGS OF DOOM: GrrrraaAAAagh...!

ALPH: Did we beat him?

MAVI: It's not over yet!

WINGS OF DOOM: Rrrraaahh...Not yet...No, not yet! Not until I
               consume...the world! (flash)

THEO: Wh-What's happening...? (flash)

VANESSA: God's power is growing even stronger! (flash)

CLAIRE: His power is fueled by his overwhelming desire to consume
        everything. Perhaps this is not something that can be stopped
        with mere violence...

MEL: If we don't keep it back, everything will be annihilated!

SAKI: My intel does not indicate a preferred plan of action. I defer to
      you, friends.

LUCIA: Everyone, listen to me! Focus your powers into the Lapistier!
       Then, give them to me!

CLAIRE: Are you going to use the Spear of Dawn!?

LUCIA: Yes! I'm going to put god back to sleep...Forever!

VANESSA: Wait, Lucia! What if something happens to you when you cast
         Over Flash!?

LUCIA: Thanks for caring, Vanessa. But, this is something that only I
       can do. I must perform my duty!

VANESSA: Hmph...I'm not the Dawn Witch, but I can do SOMETHING about
         that damn thing!

ALPH: I'm going with you, Vanessa!


ALPH: I must protect Lucia!

VANESSA: Heh. I like your attitude, kid! Let's go!

CLAIRE: Stop! Vanessa! Alph!

VANESSA: Claire?

CLAIRE: Let's all place our faith in Lucia. She will defeat Zehaal with
        the Spear of Dawn. 

VANESSA: But...!

CLAIRE: It'll be okay. Her Rym, Alph, will be able to protect her.

VANESSA: ...Fine. I respect your judgement. [spelled wrong in the game,
         supposed to be 'judgment']

CLAIRE: Thank you, Vanessa. We need to leave this place, now! Everyone,
        channel your magic into the Lapistier, then pass them to Lucia!

MEL: Water Lapistier! (flash) Water helps us heal and cleanse our

POLLON: Koo! I'll be a legendary hero who goes down in history, ya!

VIVI: Wind Lapistier! (flash) My hopes are delivered on the wind!

SAKI: I have faith in you, Alph & Lucia. Everything won't end here, I
      know it.

VANESSA: Okay, Fire Lapistier! (flash) It's our turn!! Flames of
         courage...Give them the power to fight!

LEON: We're gonna live! There's nothing that could ever keep us down!

MAVI: Nature Lapistier! (flash) The planet gave us all life. Now we
      must do all we can to give it peace!

NIKOLAI: It'd be a shame if I, Nikolai, foremost researcher of all
         Witches, isn't here to see this through with my own eyes to
         the very end!

CLAIRE: Go already, you Witch fanatic! (push)

NIKOLAI: Oooh...! She's pushing me...(crash)

CLAIRE: Thunder Lapistier (flash)...I have waited for this moment...
        Thunder...Light the sky, and punish the void!

KAI: The false god will be struck down!

CECILLE: Dark Lapistier (flash) ...Darkness, don't end our fates...The
         fates of everything in this world!

HEATH: I will show you what I have always believed in! I'll prove that
       our hearts are driven by a desire for peace!

ALPH: Lucia, take this...

LUCIA: The Lapistier of Light (flash) ...

CLAIRE: All the Lapistier are with you now. You can do it, Lucia.

LUCIA: Thank you.

CLAIRE: Alph, please protect Lucia.

ALPH: Yes!

THEO: Alph, Lucia...

ALPH: We'll be fine, Theo! Just believe in us!

CECILLE: Let's go, Theo! Alph has the power. The power to protect
         Lucia...To protect all!

THEO: Yeah! I believe in you, Big Brother! Alph! Lucia! We'll be
      waiting for you!

ALPH: All right!

LUCIA: Everyone...Thank you.

ALPH: Lucia, they're all gone. It's up to us to defeat god.

LUCIA: ...

ALPH: Lucia?

LUCIA: Alph, listen very carefully. 

ALPH: Wh-What now!?

LUCIA: Concentrate on defending the planet's heart.

ALPH: Defending the planet's heart? What are you talking about?

LUCIA: If I use the Spear of Dawn here, I'll probably destroy the heart
       of the world along with god. ...And if the heart dies, then the
       rest of the world will die as well. So even if we kill Zehaal,
       it will still be for naught.

ALPH: Wh-What about you? Won't you be sacrificing youself [spelled
      wrong in the game, supposed to be 'yourself'] if you use Over
      Flash? Don't you need my shield to protect you?

LUCIA: ...Look, there is no other way. If I can save the planet, then I
       don't care if I have to die. That's the Dawn Witch's fate. The
       Dawn Witch's duty.

ALPH: ...Are you insane? That's not true! I swore that I'd protect you!

LUCIA: Of course I want you to protect me! I don't WANT to die. But I
       didn't expect that I'd have to cast Over Flash right HERE!

ALPH: It shouldn't have to be like that! I can't just let you die!

LUCIA: Are you going to risk the whole world just to try and protect
       me!? If you try to save me, every living thing on this planet
       will die, including us! Please, Alph! Tell me that you'll
       protect the planet's heart!

ALPH: No! Even if I save the world, it doesn't mean a thing without

LUCIA: Alph! Listen to me!

ALPH: I...I... (flash)

LUCIA: We're running out of time. Alph, I believe you'll do what's
       right...Protect the planet...Protect everyone. The Light in 
       everyone's hearts will turn our fleeting hopes into a miracle!
       Light, shower all lives and awaken their powers! Goodbye,

ALPH: Lucia!

LUCIA: Spear of Dawn! Eliminate our foe with the ultimate light! Over
       Flash!! (flash)

ALPH: Luuuuuuciaaaaaa! Lucia...! Argh! Damn it! What good is the Rym's
      power? What good is saving the planet.If I can't even use my
      power to save a single girl's life!? It's pointless!

THEO: (...Alph, don't give up!)

ALPH: Theo?

THEO: (Believe in your powers!) (flash)

ALPH: This is...The Light Lapistier! This glow...The overflowing
      power...! The planet is lending me its strength! (glow) Lucia!
      Can you hear me? I'm gonna protect everything...Now! This planet
      that you're willing to give your life to save...! Eternal Shield,
      embrace it all! (flash)


The Light Lapistier flashed enveloping Alph and Lucia within its glow. 
The light encompassed the entire planet. 

One year later...


SAKI: Sir Heath, here are the findings of my investigation.

HEATH: Well done. Oh yes...aren't we supposed to meet at the Witch
       Village today? 

SAKI: Yes, today is the scheduled day.

HEATH: Has it really been a year already?

KAI: Heath.

HEATH: Yes, Kai?

KAI: About the subjugation of the monsters...

HEATH: Hold on for a moment. Saki, you may leave for the village now.

SAKI: Yes, Sir. What about you and Kai, Sir?

HEATH: You do know how busy we are? We can't rest until all the various
       areas have been pacified. Besides, reorganizing the church is an
       important task.

KAI: I am the leader of the Eurus knights now, Saki. We cannot spare
     the time away from our duties in the Holy Congress.

HEATH: Go and represent us. ...Say hello to everyone for us.

SAKI: Yes, Sir.

KAI: By the way, Heath...about the additions to the scripture...

HEATH: There's so much to write about...The Witches, the dragons, the

KAI: Why don't we have Nikolai to do that?

HEATH: He's a good writer, but the scriptures'd tell everyone to
       worship Witches

KAI: Hmm. Good point.

HEATH: Let's think about that later. In any event...we haven't had any
       time to rest recently, have we?

KAI: Indeed.

HEATH: I think it's at lest more peaceful now than back when we were

KAI: ...That's true.


CECILLE: Hey, Leon, I heard the news. Weren't you chosen to be one of
         the lieutenants in the Zephyroth Knights? 

LEON: Yeah, but I'm still nowhere near as good as my dad was. But,
      knowing that Sir Heath has selected me makes me want to kick it
      up a notch!

CECILLE: We're not going to see each other much once you start working
         with the Knights. Alph and Theo have decided to form a
         security force to protect the town. Saki works for Heath as an
         intelligence operative. Everyone's going to be so far away...
         it's going to be so lonely.

LEON: ......H-Hey, Cecille.


LEON: I...

NIKOLAI: Stop riiight there, usurper!

LEON: Woah! Nikolai!? Where the hell did you just appear from!?

NIKOLAI: I'm not letting this charade continue!! I can't let you have
         Lady Cecille all to yourself! Not a chance!

CECILLE: Umm...I wasn't going to...

LEON: Wh-What!?


APH: Hey! Heeey! I've been calling you! Why aren't you answering me!?
     ...What? You're still in a bad mood...?

THEO: It's what you said to me, Alph. It would make anyone mad!

ALPH: Uh...Well...Sorry...? It was my fault. I'm serious! I feel really
      bad about it! So will you at least look at me?


VANESSA: Huh? You're still here? 

THEO: Oh! It's Vanessa!

VANESSA: Hey there, dragon boy. What do you think? Do you wanna be my
         Rym yet?

THEO: Uh...No...

VANESSA: Just tell me whenever you think you can handle the job, okay?
         We're all meeting at the village, right? Hurry up! I'm sure
         everybody's waiting for us!

ALPH: Oh yeah! We gotta get going! Hey, Let's go!

THEO: Hey, waiiit! Don't leave me here!

VANESSA: In a hurry? Why don't you let me whisk us away with a little
         magic? Teehee!

THEO: No! I wanna go with my brother!

VANESSA: *sigh* O...kay then, that's to bad. Hehehe...

ALPH: Oh, yeah. Let's go say hello to Payan, too! We haven't done that
      for a while.

THEO: Okay!


THEO: Hello!

POLLON: Koo! It's Alph and Theo! It's been a long time.

ALPH: Hey, Pollon! What's up?

POLLON: I'm good as always, ya!

ALICE: Hey! It's the dragon guy!

THERESE: And the dragon guy's brother!

THEO: Whoa!

ALPH: Hey, Alice and Therese!

OLLON: Koo! I see you remember! It's never a dull moment here, ya.

ALICE: Alice and Therese are learning how to craft items from Pollon!

THERESE: Therese is better at it!

ALICE: No, Alice is better!

POLLON: You're both quite skilled and are both very good students, ya.

ALICE: Yay, he praised me.

THERESE: Pollon praised me, too!

ALPH: I see you guys are pretty spirited.

PAYAN: Oh, it's the dragon boys.

THEO: Oh, it's the sage!

PAYAN: What? Are you going to the village now? Can you do me a favor?
       I'd like you to give this to Claire for me.

THEO: What's this?

PAYAN: Whatever you do, don't open it! You'll be cursed if you do!

THEO: Wahhhh!

PAYAN: Ahaha! I'm just kidding. It's actually a sweet cake that Alice
       and Therese baked for her.

THEO: Oh! Really? Yay!

ALICE & THERESE: Alice and Therese make the bestest cakes in the world!

PAYAN: Share it with everybody in the village.

ALPH: Thank you, Payan!


ALPH: You're all already here?

LEON: Yeah! You're late, Alph!

SAKI: Were you sleeping late again?

CECILLE: Vivi's fallen asleep since we were waiting so long for you.

VIVI: ...Zzz...

MAVI: Hey, Vivi. Wake up. Everybody's here now.

VIVI: Mmm...The carpet is changing from wool to silk...Mmm...

VANESSA: It'll take an explosion to wake that sloth up. I guess it's up
         to me...

CLAIRE: Oh, please stop it, Vanessa. You'll burn down the entire Lethe

NIKOLAI: Watching a Witch sleep is also quite fascinating!

VIVI: Ooooh...Someone's watching me...Oh, noooooo...

ALPH: Claire, Payan asked us to give this to you.

CLAIRE: Oh...It's a cake from Alice and Therese. Those children are so
        spoiled, living at Master Pa-Pa's place.

MEL: That's not fair! I wanna be with Master Pa-Pa and get spoiled!

MAVI: Mel, you're already pretty spoiled. At this rate, you're never
      gonna be able to make your wish come true...

MEL: Huh! I'll be fine! I'll always have someone to help me.

CLAIRE: Okay, everyone. Let's have some tea.

THEO: What? Is it snack time already?

CECILLE: Well, we were waiting until you guys showed up.

ALPH: Oh, sorry...Haha...

THEO: You know, right before we left, Alph got into a big argument with
      Lu... Mmmmph! (muffling sound) Let go of me!

ALPH: Hey! You don't have to tell everyone!

LEON: I can probably guess what this is all about.

NIKOLAI: I don't understand. Why Alph...?

ALPH: What? Do you have a problem with the two of us?

NIKOLAI: Ouch! You smacked me upside the head! No, my perfect brain!

LEON: Speaking of "Lu..." Where is she?

THEO: Huh? We were walking together earlier, but...

ALPH: Again? She's always disappearing whenever we need her!

???: [Lucia] Hey! I've been right here, thank you! Hello everyone. Long
     time no see! How have you all been?


The Extra Dungeon is now open! For the second playthrough, all 
characters will be available in battles for the Mysteria Ruins and 
random encounters. All story battles will use the original rosters.


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