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Follow the dark path or use the light
Luminous Arc Pack Shot

Luminous Arc


Imbuing FAQ

by ff4paladin

Imbuing FAQ for Luminous Arc:
Guide Created by: FF4Paladin on 9/29/07 at 10:51 AM MST
Copyright 2007 FF4Paladin
Email any errors found to [email protected]

Table of Contents...
1.0: Introduction
1.1: Copyright/Legal Info
1.2: Frequently Asked Questions regarding imbuing
1.3: Purpose of this FAQ 
1.4: How to use
2.0: Version History
3.0: Alice the Apprentice 
3.1: Phrases
3.2: Weapons
3.3: Armor
3.4: Accessories
4.0: Therese the Apprentice
4.1: Phrases
4.2: Weapons
4.3: Armor
4.4: Accessories

1.0: Introduction

Hello, this FAQ was created because I read on various forums that
people where having a hard time creating imbued equipment. 
In response, I have decided to make a FAQ to help those of you make the 
most powerful equipment in the game. This is my first FAQ ever, so I 
hope it helps you all to make this game even more enjoyable. 
Thanks and enjoy!

1.1: Copyright/Legal Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

In other words:
This FAQ is to be distributed to NO ONE without my explicit consent.
You must ask if this FAQ can be posted anywhere else on the internet
other then This guide is meant to be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

You can email me at [email protected] to ask for permission.

1.2: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it matter if I use Alice or Therese when imbuing items?
A: Yes, the girls will only imbue items based on the phrases given.
For instance, the Airblade can only be crafted by Alice, if you give 
the same items to Therese, the effects of the Vitae will be added.

Q: Does it matter what order I use the Vitae based on the phrases
they give me?
A: No, as long as you have the right weapon and the 2 corresponding
Vitae to go along with it, you'll get the rare piece you're after.

Q: Where can I find the Sandals that are a component for various
A: The only way that you can obtain the pair of Sandals is by 
creating a solid relationship (full heart w/ arrow through it) 
with Kai the Samurai.

Q: I don't have the Vitae that you listed below to make ________,
where can I get this Vitae?
A: The only way to obtain Vitae is by doing side-battles (area on
map where two swords are crossed, they are side-battles fought late
in the game) along the main story, or they can be obtained by 
characters whom you build a strong relationship with.

1.3: Purpose of this FAQ

This guide is to be used by players of Luminous Arc who want to
imbue/synthesis the most powerful weapons, armor, and accessories, in 
the game.  

1.4: How to use

The way to use this guide is by finding what location/town has
the particular piece of equipment you're looking for, along with
the necessary Vitae to complete the transformation. I have 
convinently placed the phrases at the top of each apprentice's 
FAQ for those of you who wish to solve the riddles on your own.
Below the phrases of each apprentice are the answers to the ones
I could figure out so far. *NOTE* THIS FAQ IS STILL IN THE WORKS,
ADDED! *END NOTE* There are some rather powerful items to be made 
in Luminous Arc, so good luck.

2.0: Version History
As the title states, this is about the version history...

Version 1.0 (9/29/07)
-Completed FAQ for imbuing process
Version 1.1 (12/04/07)
-Fixed minor spelling and grammar mistakes. Also added new imbued items and
phrases for each apprentice.

Apprentice Alice

Phrases (aka Hints):  

-Some sandals make you run so fast, youíll pierce the wind itself! 
-Did you know there is a brace worn by a warrior who fought for a hundred 
-Have you heard of a book written by a Dark Shidoshi?
-What would a wind-blessed cloak as big as the sky look like? 
-Thereís a book about a hundred years of loneliness... 
-Have you heard of a ring that can only be made under a quiet moon?
-They say there is a staff that is quiet and lonely...
-Tell me about the black cloak thatís been blessed by darkness. Creepy! 
-Iíve heard of a kunai that can pierce a hole in the clouds.
-The lonely beast could run so fast...
-Iíve heard that thereís a fist imbued with the power of an earth beast! 
-Have you seen a ring that pierces the clouds? 
-Have you heard of a sword that sings a sad song?
-I heard about a bow made for killing birds.
-Did you know that thereís a sword made from a hundred-year-old tree? 
-Isnít there some armor as thick as a wall that takes a hundred years to 
-Did you know that dark sages wore special necklaces? 
-What is the average windspeed of a bird laden with a ring? 
-Guards who watch over great walls wear special uniforms, donít they?
-Have you heard of a bow imbued with the soul of a cloud? 
-Have you seen that armor made for quiet loners? 
-I heard that a sad warrior used a powerful spear 
-Have you seen a dogi with a pattern of clouds on a blue sky?  
-Have you heard of a lamp filled with the lights of heaven? 
-The warriors of heaven and hell wear awesome armor! 
-Have you heard that a sage cast black magic on a necklace to grant him 
-A wise sage said that the best armor comes from your gut. 
-Iíve heard of armor that protects you from snow and wind. 
-Do poets wear fancy rings when writing dark poetry? 
-Have you seen a suit with a swan pattern? Swans are the most romantic birds 
of all!
-Thereís a ring forged by a soul full of hope. 
-They say the best large swords are hot and romantic. 
-Have you heard of an amazing sword that flows like the wind? 
-Have you seen a necklace that always shines like the moon? 
-Can you believe thereís a sword that strong enough to kill even the moon?
-A famous crossbow was once used to counter a poetís opinions.
-Iíve seen a ring engraved with a picture of a shidoshi of water!


Sabre + Sad + Song = Air Blade 
(Attack +80 Speed +25 Element: Wind)

Sphairai + Earth + Beast = Gaia Fist 
(Attack +150 Magic +65 Element: Earth)

Sagebook + Dark + Shidoshi = Death Book 
(Attack +160 Magic +120 Element: Dark)

Chizuru + Pierce + Cloud = Kamikaze 
(Attack +130 Element: Wind)

BroadSwd + Century + Tree = Yggdra Sword 
(Attack +130 Magic +25 Element: Earth Effect: Sleep)

ShortSta + Quiet + Lonely = Twilight (Cecille must be a Priestess) 
(Attack +65 Magic +95 Element: Dark)

Fine Spr + Sad + Warrior = Brionac 
(Attack +170 Magic +80 Element: Thunder)

RuneBook + Lonely + Century = Grimoire
(Attack +60 Magic +235 Element: Light)

BrassBow + Bird + Kill = Gaia Bow
(Attack +125 Tech +25 Element: Earth)

SteelBow + Cloud + Soul = Gale Bow
(Attack +135 Speed +25 Element: Wind)

Changdao + Hot + Romance = Dead End
(Attack +15 Effect: Instant Kill)

GoldLamp + Heaven + Light = Aeolus
(Attack +120 Magic +115 Element: Wind)

EagleEye + Counter + Poet = Eclipse
(Attack +145 Element: Dark)

Izayoi + Moon + Kill = Murasame
(Attack +160 Element: Water)

Yukikage + Flow + Wind = Yukibana
(Attack +140 Speed/Tech/Magic +25)

Ivy Leaf + Water + Snow = SnowDrop
(Attack +100 Magic +200 Element: Water)

Phantom + Hell + Goddess = AxelHorn
(Attack +130 Magic +180)


HvyPlate + Wall + Century = Balbadia 
(Guard +150)

GrndMail + Heaven + Hell = Mnta Mail 
(Guard +120 MP +150)

BlueDogi + Sky + Cloud = Kamisimo 
(Guard +110 Element: Wind)

Suit + Bird + Romance = Swan Suit
(Guard +100 Element: Water)

LumnMail + Snow + Wind = Wind Mail
(Guard +130 Element: Wind)

MagiCoat + Dark + Black = DarkShwl
(Guard +90 Element: Dark)

MagiCoat + Sky + Wind = AirShawl
(Guard +90 Element: Wind)

BlckDogi + Hope + Sea = Uminchu
(Guard +110 Element: Water)

LumnMail + Lonely + Quiet = Dark Rex
(Guard +130 Element: Dark)

LumnMail + Water + Soul = AquaSoul
(Guard +130 Element: Water)

MagiCoat + Water + Blue = TrntShwl
(Guard +90 Element: Water)


StarCharm + Black + Sage = Ephemera 
(Magic +100 Resist -100)

Sandals + Pierce + Wind = Jetpack 
(Speed +100 Tech -100)

Sandals + Lonely + Beast = Sleipnir 
(Move +1)

RuneRing + Shidoshi + Water = AquaRing
(Reduces Water damage by 1/4)

RuneRing + Dark + Poet = DarkRing
(Reduces Dark damage by 1/4)

RuneRing + Wind + Bird = WindRing
(Reduces Wind damage by 1/4)

DarkRing + Quiet + Moon = DarkSoul
(Cancels Dark magic damage)

WindRing + Pierce + Cloud = WindSoul
(Cancels Wind magic damage)

Apprentice Therese

Phrases (aka Hints):

-There once was a great spearman who fought with pure anger and guts.
-Thereís a scythe with the powers a legendary bird of fire.
-Have you heard of a black kunai as silent as snowfall.
-Thereís a sword that can pierce through any wall.
-The people of the green earth wear durible clothing.
-Thereís an armor hewn from fallen trees. 
-I know of a ring that makes you the lonliest person under the heavens. 
-The beast living in a tree - It gave a ring to me. 
-Warriors wear rings of fire...And they burn, burn, burn! 
-Oh! The purest person in the world wears a wonderful cloak.
-A ring forged with the power of earth provides a wall of protection.
-Beating a hot lump of iron into a good suit of armor takes guts!
-Iíd look good in a green cloak thatís been blessed by the trees.
-Thereís a killer rod that has the power of light.
-Thereís a ring forged from the hot fires of hell.
-Blue shidoshis wore special sandals didnít they?
-Thereís a dogi made with a red beastís hide.
-A charm with sadness can make your heart tougher.
-Thereís a great sword that a stout-hearted warrior used.
-Thereís a legendary scythe from a fallen world.
-Thereís a scary bracer that will kill its wearer...after a hundred years!
-Some sages wear a ring engraved with a thunderbolt.
-Thereís a sword forged with the anger of thunder.
-Thereís a bracer that can counter any kind of attack in the world!
-Thereís a bracer that will give you the guts of a dragon.
-Thereís a sword that has the power of a hot-blooded beast.
-Thereís a lamp that was lit from the fires of hell.
-Thereís a glove made from the green dreams of the earth.
-Thereís an armor worn by a fire guardian.
-Thereís a dogi worn by poets when they sing their songs.
-Thereís a staff made by a sage that lived in the heavens...
-A comfortable pair of sandals can ease the earthís anger.
-A yellow cloak has been blessed by the light...
-They say that a ring that moves the flow of water can protect life.
-All the popular girls wear kimonos of pure white. 
-A famous archer once said, 'romance is eternal' Thatís so sweet!
-Thereís cloth that shines like a yellow moon...
-Thereís a sword that has the power of a fallen dragon.
-Thereís a rod that is blessed with hope and sunlight. 
-You can wear a red coat thatís blessed by fire.
-*sigh* Thereís a special suit you wear when you pledge eternal love...
-Thereís some armor that holds the power of a white dragon!
-Thereís a suit of armor that counters the flow of magic!
-Thereís a necklace that will shine with the power of the sun, forever!
-A powerful sailor carried a sword across all the seas of the world.
-Thereís a ring engraved with a goddess of light.
-A particular flower means that your soul is full of love.


Ranseur + Anger + Guts = Wahrheit 
(Attack + 150 Magic + 100)

Estoc + Wall + Pierce = Defender 
(Attack + 110 Guard + 25)

Urumi + Thunder + Anger = ElecEdge 
(Attack + 115 Resist + 25 MP + 50 Element: Thunder)

DemonScy + Fallen + World = SolarScy
(Attack +160 Element: Fire)

ManaBld + Warrior + Heart = Soulbane
(Attack +120 MP +100)

MapleRod + Kill + Light = SolarRod
(Attack +95 Magic +130 Speed +40 Element: Light)

Mizudori + Black + Snow = Shisui
(Attack +120 Element: Water)

LapisSwd + Fallen + Dragon = Midgard
(Attack +170 HP/MP/Guard/Tech/Resist +20)

Hawk Eye + Romance + Eternal = Corona
(Attack +120 Tech +25 Element: Earth)

DeathScy + Flame + Bird = Phoenix
(Attack +120 Magic +100 MP +100 Element: Fire)

Dagger + Hot + Beast = Dolphin
(Attack +120 Element: Water)

SilvLamp + Flame + Hell = Ifrit
(Attack +75 Magic +200 Element: Fire)

RuneRod + Hope + Sun = Cosmos
(Attack +140 Magic +150 MP +50 Element: Light)

Lily Pad + Love + Soul = Foliator
(Attack +140 Magic +140 Element: Light)

Pugio + World + Sea = Vajra
(Attack +145 Element: Thunder)


LumnMail + Fallen + Tree = Woodsuit 
(Guard + 130 Element: Earth)

BrwnDogi + Red + Beast = Kariginu 
(Guard +110 Element: Fire)

WhtDogi + Song + Poet = Momiji
(Guard +110 Element: Earth)

MagiCoat + Light + Yellow = Dawn Shwl
(Guard +90 Element: Light)

MagiCoat + Tree + Green = NatrShwl
(Guard +90 Element: Earth)

Overalls + Earth + Green = LeafSuit
(Guard +100 Element: Earth)

FineSuit + Moon + Yellow = SolShell
(Guard +100 Element: Light)

Lux Robe + Pure + World = LapisRbe
(Guard +90)

Andre Ar + Hot + Guts = VitaMail
(Guard +100 HP +150)

MagiCoat + Flame + Red = FireShwl
(Guard +90 Element: Fire)

RuneSuit + Love + Eternal = RymCloak
(Guard +120 Element: Dragon)

RuneMail + Dragon + White = Rym Mail
(Guard +140 Resist/Speed/Tech +20)

Leather + Flow + Counter = Absorber
(Guard +130 Resist +50)


Sandals + Earth + Anger = HvyGuard
(Guard +100 Attack -100)

Sandals + Blue + Shidoshi = ZenCharm
(Tech +100 Speed -100)

StarCharm + Heart + Sad = Lifehack
(MP +100 HP -100) 

FireRing + Hot + Hell = FireSoul 
(Cancels Fire magic damage)

RuneRing + Tree + Beast = WoodRing
(Reduces Earth damage by 1/4)

RuneRing + Water + Flow = LifeRing
(HP +50 Guard +20)

RuneRing + Flame + Warrior = FireRing
(Reduces Fire damage by 1/4)

WoodRing + Wall + Earth = WoodSoul
(Cancels Earth magic damage)

RuneRing + Goddess + Light = LumnRing
(Reduces Light damage by 1/4)