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Follow the dark path or use the light
Luminous Arc Pack Shot

Luminous Arc



by DylanHinds

!*!*!*!*!*!*! W A R N I N G !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!
   This document is currently being made, so I have decided to submit
   what I have already done to help the players who have just got the
   game. This version of the guide only goes up to CHAPTER EIHGT, and 
   nothing else after that. If you are not yet at that point, then 
   perhaps this guide will help you. I'm making updates every day, so
   expect a new update every day which will go further into the game.

    /***\    _   _    ___    __   __   __  __      ___    _   _    ____
  /|*****| /|*|/|*| /|***\__/**|/|**|/|**\/**\   //***\ /|*|/|*| //*__*\
 | |*****|| |*| |*|| |*********| |**|||*******\ ||**_**|||*| |*| \\*\/\/
 | |*****|| |*| |*|| |***|\/|**| |**|||***/\***|||*[_]*|||*| |*| _\\*\/
 | |*****|| |**Y**|| |***|| |**| |**|||**|/ |**|||*****|||**Y**||*\/*/
 | |*****||/ \___/ \/\__/ \ \__/ |__|\\__/|/\__|| \___/ \/\___/\ \__/
 | |*****| \/___/   \/_/   \/_/ \/__/ \_/  \/_/  \/__/   \/__/  \/_/
 | |*****|   _
 | |*****|  /*\     _____
 | |*****| /***\   //****\
 | |******Y****/  //**/\**\    __  ___   _______
 | |**********/  //**/\_\**\  /\*\/***\ / /**___*\             A T L U S
 |/\_________/  //***\/_/***\ \/|***/\/ ||**/__/\/ 
  \/________/  //************\ ||**|    ||*|   \/             
              //******__******\||**|    ||**\___/\
             //******/_/\******\|__|    \/\______/
            //******/  \ \******\_/      \/_____/
           | \*****/    \ \*****/
            \ \___/      \ \___/
             \/__/        \/__/

	ASCII art by me ^_^

                       S T R A T E G Y   G U I D E

****** I want you all to appreciate this guide. Be happy I did it. I
       sacraficed my completed game doing this because of the save 
       memory slot function that this game lacks horribly. I had a 
       perfect party for online play and now it's gone. This might 
       not seem like a big deal to you, but at the time that I'm 
       writing this, only a few people on the message boards have 
       beat the game. Mostly are still about half way through, and then
       theres the odd fellow whos near the end. This is probably the 
       first time I had a game finished when everyone was still asking
       for help. Thats the reason I started this guide. To pass on the
       knowledge that I do have about this game. Had I known that I 
       would've accidentally deleted my perfect data, I would've said
       "To hell with you noobs!" and forgotten the whole idea. But
       now I cannot do that. Because I've given up the data to one
       of my favourite games to bring you answers and help that you 
       need so very dearly. A nice eMail saying that this guide helped
       you would do wonders. If I get any unneccessary eMail saying that
       I'M a noob, or my tactics suck, well you can just take that 
       negative attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine, champion.
       This guide is now officially dedicated to ANYONE who loved a 
       video game as much as I love this one, and has had their data
       unfairly stolen away from them at the peak of their prime when
       it meant a lot to them. Thank you for reading this rant, thank 
       you for reading the guide, and thank you to God, you slime punk
       who thinks its funny to give me a kick-ass party and the trick the
       hell out of me and delete it. Great. Thanks.     
			     ( NeoGarland )

|               Author:      Dylan Hinds                                     |
|               eMail:       Hyndz.wm (at) msn (dot) com                     |
|               Website:                              |
|               Steal This:  And prepare to die.                             |

Hello everyone. Welcome to my first full walkthough. I've done two other guides,
for Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. But this is my first full walkthrough
that I will be doing. What you will find in this guide to LUMINOUS ARC for the
Nintendo DS is expert (well, lets not get carried away) strategys for all of
the battles, storyline, and the normal Battle Marks on the world map. I have
some experience in SRPGs, so you're not reading a noobs rambling. I've played
a decent amount of FFT, and FFTA, so I somewhat had the know-how when i first
cracked open this gem. But, for your sake, I finished this game first, before
writing the walkthrough, so that I don't leave out anything. With that said,
I hope you enjoy the walkthrough, and more importantly, this great game, for
your kick-ass Nintendo DS.



A millennium of peace is about to be torn asunder by the spread of darkness. 
A war with the Witches 1,000 years ago nearly destroyed the planet, and now 
they have returned.


The following sites may grab a copy of this guide for their site without asking,

( (this is where the actual copy is uploaded)
  (Don't need to eMail me 3 times, Dennis ;D)
          Also, any CNet website can use it, as its run by the same people from
GameSpot and GamFAQs.



This Walkthrough will contain some spoilers, as spoilers will ruin the great 
plot of this game, you should NOT read ahead further then your current game 
data. Although, for those jumping to sections in the guide that they
have not yet reached in the game may have something revealed to them (such as
character names or plot events).

If you wish to eMail me something related to this guide, please use the subject
as "Luminous Arc Guide" or something like that, otherwise, 'twill be deleted
without me opening it, in fear of a virus. My computer has enough of those
from por- ... Lets move on, shall we?

If you have a different strategy that worked well in the game that isn't
listed in this guide, feel free to send it to me along with the name you
wish to be credited by, and it will be added as soon as I can get it.

Also, please eMail with the name of a website that has stolen my guide, if
they have. Thank you.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    TOC      ]                      | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Table of Contents     | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

!! I have implemented the CTRL+F system. This means you may look through
the list provided, and look at the code beside the section you are looking
for. Then, you press CTRL and F at the same time, and then type in the
code in the little search box. Once you have entered it, click "Find
Next", and you should be teleported to the section you are looking for
(if not, press "Find Next" a few times, it'll take you there, don't
worry ;D).

Certain areas aren't even made yet, as knowledge of their existance is
still developing. Like the 11 character side-quests you are able to
undertake. I don't know much about the YET, so I'm not even going
to bother makeing a section for them. This guide, right now, only
serves as a refrence to those who seek help in the main game.
Although, if you have any informations worthy of being put in here,
feel free to eMail me and you information will be added along with
your credited name.

   Topic                                            Code

- TABLE OF CONTENTS............................... TOC

- BASIC INFO...................................... BSCIO

- CHARACTERS...................................... CHRTR

                         MAIN GAME

   -CHAPTER ONE..................................... CH1
   -CHAPTER TWO..................................... CH2
   -CHAPTER THREE................................... CH3

	-Intermission............................... INTRM

	-The Life of Kopin.......................... TLOK
   -CHAPTER FOUR.................................... CH4
   -CHAPTER FIVE.................................... CH5
   -CHAPTER SIX..................................... CH6
   -CHAPTER SEVEN................................... CH7
   -CHAPTER EIGHT................................... CH8
   -CHAPTER NINE.................................... CH9
   -CHAPTER TEN..................................... CH10
   -CHAPTER ELEVEN.................................. CH11
   -CHAPTER TWELVE.................................. CH12
   -CHAPTER THIRTEEN................................ CH13
   -CHAPTER FOURTEEN................................ CH14
   -CHAPTER FIFTEEN................................. CH15
   -CHAPTER SIXTEEN................................. CH16
   -CHAPTER SEVENTEEN............................... CH17
   -CHAPTER EIGHTEEN................................ CH18
   -CHAPTER NINETEEN................................ CH19

   -CHAPTER TWENTY.................................. CH20

   -CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE.............................. CH21

   -CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO.............................. CH22

   -CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE............................ CH23

   -CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR............................. CH24

   -CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE............................. CH25

  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[  BSCIO      ]                      | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |                Basic Info           | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

If you don't know ANYTHING at ALL about this games way of play, look at your
instruction manual. Y'know, it's not just a fancy decoration to make the
games' box feel heavier ;D . Anyway, in case you haven't already figured it
out (or your looking for information before you buy this game), Luminous
Arc is of the SRPG (Strategical Role Playing Game) genre. What this means, is
that you have to play strategically, where as opposed to other normal
Role Playing games, you pretty much hack 'n' slash, or just cast magic.

This game is different. You see, your battles are roughly much longer
then your battles in other RPGs (usually about 5-10-30 minutes each).
Your characters can move a certain amount of spaces on a grid-like
battlefield (usally four to five spaces AAT). And then some characters
can attack one space ahead of them, some can attack two spaces ahead of
them. Then you get your magic. Different spells can vary in both distance
and damage, so its up to you, the player, to utilize these traits to your
advantage and eliminate the enemy.

You also gain 'levels' in this game. General rule of thumb in RPGs, the
higher level your characters are, the better their stats will be. Their stats
determine how well they will be in battle, varrying from how much damage they
can do, how much damage they can take, and you also gain abilities and spells
as you grow in level. The higher level you are, the better the spells learned
will be.

Now, aside from the gameplay, Luminous Arc offers some of the greatest plot
available on a Nintendo DS at this time. Although, somewhat generic, and
some parts can be felt as though are from other games, its an overall great
story for your portable gaming pleasure.

Along with the storyline, you have some great music. Each and every song
in the game will fill your ears with joy and happiness. Yes, all 37
tracks are very well orchestrated and flow quite nicely. From 115 different
sound effects, your battles and cutscenes will be filled with goodness.
There are also over 1,500 peices of spoken dialogue (1,631 to be exact).
So your audio in this game is pretty much up to par with any other DS
game you've played, if not better.

Throughout the game, you will encounter countless characters, that all
play a part in the story. Each character you're able to play as has
their own backstory that will just pull you in further into the games
curse. You may want to skip school/work tommorrow, my friend.

The game has a very anime-style aura. Maybe its the fact that everything
outside of battle, other then the world map, is drawn in japenese anime
style. From your lovely scenery background to every single character. It's
all very nicely done, as well. Fans of anime TV shows and movies will be

The game also has an online feature, which allows you to compete with
your friends in an online battle. With prizes awarded, this should
keep you active for a while!


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CHRTR    ]                      | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |                     Characters      | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

   The following is a list and a short description of some
   of the characters you will meet throughout your journey.
   But to keep this guide as spoiler-free as possible, there 
   will only be descriptions about the first people you meet ;D .

Raised in the Ever Garden. Alph has a strong sense of justice
and wants to be a great knight. He cares greatly about his brother
and his friends, and idolizes Heath.

Alph's brother and another member of the Ever Garden. A bit timid,
though he dearly loves his older brother, and follows him everywhere.
He uses a bow in battle, and he has an obsession with eggs.

An Arc Knight that serves the Luminous Church. He is in charge of 
training the Ever Garden members. Heath is also known as the 
"Cleansing Flame".

A devout priestess who lives at the Ever Garden. She's a big sister
to the others, and is a pretty easy going person. In battle, she 
provides support, because she's slow.

The Ever Garden's big brother. He's proud of his father, "The 
Lion King", who died in battle. A hit with the ladies and a strong 
ally. Calls himself "God of Gourmet" for his knowledge of foods.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH1      ]  Holy Garden         | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |                 Chapter One         | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

The game starts off with two mysterious characters talking to eachother
about "vitae". "Master" claims to have found a new type, and decides
to name it. You are given the option to choose it's name through six
choices. All they do is determine the outcome of the 'vitae' you will
be rewarded with after battles. However, the name "Ephemeral" is 
glitched to give you better 'vitae'. So choose that one, unless your
purposely trying to get... not-as-good 'vitae' (vitae will make a 
LOT more sense as the game progresses).

Now you get to witness two members of what appears to be a church
talking blasphemy about their leader, who then appears and catches
them. The two leaders then discuss a problem. Then words about 
research are exchanged.

Now you see a knight-looking man named Heath who is speaking 
with Kingston about witches returning to cause destruction
and kill "God". The famous phrase "Protect the light, Condemn
the dark" is spoken for the first time.

You are now introduced to two more characters, Alph and Theo. And
it appears as they are training. Alph pwnz his noob brother, as
the battle is broken up by yet ANOTHER new character, Leon (Jesus,
how are you going to remember all these names?).

Theo then admits that he can pwnz0rz his brother in an archery fight,
but then the brothers are interrupted by ANOTHER (zOmG!11!) character,
Cecille, who is concerned about the brothers' wounds. The two return
to training.

Leon then speaks to Cecille about how they are always training, and 
then Leon starts flaunting his awsomeness by asking Cecille why waste
time improving perfection. Honestly, why would you? However, Leon's
vaction is brought to a rude end when Sir Heath returns to enlighten
the Garden Children about the witches, and how Heath was ordered to
'condemn' them. A civilian then shows up to inform the Garden Children
of monsters attacking "herb" (marijuana) pickers. Looks like it's off
to the front lines with you!

But before you head off into battle, you are able to speak with 
either Theo, Leon or Heath by selecting "Action" from your
lower-screen menu. Do so to learn more about the characters if 
you wish, and once you are done, select "Advance the Story".

Well, you only have four characters, and their already selected (and
they need to be), so just select "Go".

| BATTLE ONE    | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:  100  R          |
|                                                                            |
| Well, it doesn't get much easier then this. Get accustomed to the grid-like|
| battlefield, as it doesn't turn into random encounters, like all SRPGs.    |
| Select "Wait" with all your characters until at least one enemy gets close |
| enough for you to attack, because if you just go and charge, you'll just be|
| throwing yourself out like bait, and you'll probably die.                  |
| Except Leon, when his turn rolls around, select "Skills" and use "Charge"  |
| to bring up Leons attack stat for four turns. Get used to that skill, as   |
| well. Continue waiting until an enemy has come into range, and then focus  |
| everyone on that single enemy. Remember that Theo is an archer, and he can |
| strike from far away, so keep your distance with him. The other three need |
| to be right up to the enemy, so don't worry about them.                    |
|                                                                            |
| While your in this battle, start looking at your screens, look at how the  |
| battles work with the percentages, and learn that you will do more damage  |
| if you are behind, or beside and enemy as opposed to if your infront of    |
| them.                                                                      |
|    								             |
| Also, you should see that you get more EXP (increases your level) when you |
| kill an enemy, as opposed to when you only attack it, you get a fraction   |
| of the real amount.                                                        |
| 									     |
| As the enemies surround you, continue focusing all your guys on a single   |
| foe. Heath can attack two spaces in front of him, this means you don't     |
| directly need to be infront of the enemy to attack, AND if you manage to   |
| line up two enemies, he can attack them both at the same time. Sweet!      |
|  									     |
| You'll also notice that when you level up, that character will be fully    |
| healed. You will thank whoever you worship for this throughout the entire  |
| game, as it's extreamly helpful.                                           |
|									     |
| Soon enough, the creatures should fall, and you'll be rewarded with items  |
| and some money.                                                            |
|									     |
| And no, I have no clue why in the world the birds and demon-things are     |
| carrying 400 R, vitamins and antidotes, so don't ask. It will forever      |
| remain a mystery in RPG history.                                           |

The civilians praise the party (mostly the stud, Sir Heath), and then its back
to return to the Ever Garden. 


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH2      ]   Girl in White      | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Two           | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

The 'heroes' return, and to Leon's surprise, theres a, and I quote, 
"cutie" at the dorm. Leon spreads a little Leon-Magic, but to no avail.

You then learn that this babe is the new maid. Hot chick? Maid? 
They should've gave this game a higher ESRB rating and threw in a 
'lil some' extra, ya knaw'm sayin'? Eh.. Anywho, Heath then tells you
she is there to cook, clean, and do the laundry. Ha! What are the 
chances of that? A woman who is attractive AND does all those things?
Thats a rare sight (No offense to the female gamers. I just felt I 
had to throw that in there. You can send me hate-mail if you'd like :D)!

You then learn that her name is Lucia. Leon offers to take Alphs place,
and show Lucia where the sink is, but after being violently striken by
the damsel, he throws the burden back onto Alphs shoulders. What a man,
eh? When the going gets tough, the man starts going, away :D .

Well, then Lucia sheds her skin to reveal quite the mouthy little bi- 
actually.. Lets keep this guide as clean as possible... Anyway, she
freaks on Alph and makes it quite clear that she doesn't 'do dishes'.

Lucia starts admiring the broom and all of its traits, then tells Alph
that he smells. After she's done sweeping, you are given the option to 
talk with Theo or Cecille, and you are now introduced to one of the 
many libraries spread around the entire world. I sugest you do all 
three things, and read every book in the library, as it sheds some 
light on the games storyline and the characters' personalities, which
by the way you will need to study closely, for reasons that lie further
in the game. 

Once you're done reading and speaking with everyone, head to the shop.
You don't have much money at the moment, but thats fine, you don't really
need anything, because its all crap that you already have! Seriously,
all (ALL!) of the equipment you already have. And a quick rule of thumb,
you cannot buy a greatsword for Alph, or a short sword for Leon. All
characters are stuck with their respective weapon, so don't waste any 
money on trying to do so.

However, if you had some trouble in the previous encounter with monsters,
you might want to think about picking up some healing items. Screw the
antidotes, you almost never get poisoned at all in the upcomming chapters,
or even at all in the entire game, if your lucky. So just pick up some
VitaMint. One should be fine, if any at all, since you already have one
in your invitory.

When your done doing everything, go ahead and Advance the Story.

Lucia wishes to sleep outside in a forest area, with good reason: she
doesn't want to sleep under the same roof as Leon. Smart gal.

Back in the dorm, Theo confesses to Alph that he is slightly scared of
monsters, and Alph tells him that more are comming because of the 
witches' reappearance. And then assures Theo that he will protect him.

While sleeping, Alph hears something in his head, and he begins to 
think that it's the weird maid. So he goes out to investigate.

The two begin arguing, and then they are suddenly surrounded by
monsters (oh snap!). Lucia then tronsforms into new clothing,
and casts a spell on one of the monsters. But there are more! It's off 
to the pits with you!

| BATTLE TWO     | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:  500 R          |
| Theres only three monsters this time, but now your stuck with only two     |
| characters to fight with. But thats cool, because Lucia can cast magic,    |
| both a healing spell, and a damaging spell. Start off with Lucia rushing   |
| to the enemy at the bottom right hand corner of the map, and have her cast |
| Shine on it to nearly 1-hit-kill the bastard. You won't be able to attack  |
| anything with Alph, so just use him to hide behind Lucia.                  |
| One of the beasts should come and attack either Lucia or Alph (hopefully   |
| Lucia because she'll only take 1 damage). The other two will not be able   |
| to strike yet. Alph should get the next turn after all three beasts have   |
| gone. Use his turn to attack the one that Lucia hurt already for an easy   |
| kill and some free EXP. Next, use Lucia to cast Shine on the nearest beast |
| and put her closer to the two beasts so that they attack her and not Alph. |
| Then use Alph to attack the one Lucia just hurt for another easy kill.     |
|									     |
| Don't worry about giving Lucia EXP yet, give as most as you can to Alph,   |
| and let him get all the kills.                                             |
|									     |
| Now theres only one left. Sadly, Lucia hasn't enough MP to cast another    |
| Shine on the bugger, so just Wait with her until the beast nears.          |
| When he does, get Lucia to physically attack him to take away about half   |
| of his HP. Then get Alph to get the final finishing blow to end the battle.|

After the battle, Alph figures out that Lucia is, in fact, a witch. Now, I'd 
like you to hit yourself if you didn't see that comming. Done? Swell.

Now Alph says he needs to condemn her, but Lucia manages to sweetalk Alph into
not doing so. Leon then comes running in, thinking that Lucia and Alph were..
Well... What would YOU think if you saw YOUR male friend in the woods, at 
night, with a hot maid? Yeah.. 

Leon then informs Alph about the mission they have been ordered to condemn a
witch that they have found housing themself in a nearby mansion.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH3      ]  Condemn the Dark    | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Three         | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

Well, ready to fight a witch? Leon sure is. And he claims his chest
is about to burst open! Uh! But then he says that CECILLE'S chest is
about to burst! What a champ! And with the excuse,

	"Looking's not a crime! I stare because a I care!"

Remember those words well, young grasshopper.. Those words very 
sacred to the people of Peeping Tom. I've even started using the 
phrase many a time to my lady friends. Doesn't work though, I can
assure you :( .

Well, on with the guide...

Heath then tells everyone that the witch has the Water Lapistier.
He also explains that a Lapistier is a stone that feeds off of the
Light of God, and pollutes the world, and that witches who posses
Lapistier can cause sever damage. Heath asks Cecille to throw in 
her arms for battle in fear of what dirty tricks a witch might pull.

You find out that Lucia has followed you to the mansion and she begins
asking questions.

Before the battle, you are allowed to speak with Lucia, Heath or Theo.
Do so with everyone, and when your ready (you may save your game by
returning to the world map, opening the menu with the START button and 
selecting "Save Game" if you do not wish to go through all that talking 
again in case you die), Advance the Story.

Before the fight, Heath tells you briefly about "Intermissions". You 
probably won't understand until the time comes, so just ignore him
at the moment, as I will explain it better after the upcoming fight.


	-You no longer need to use everyone in your party in the 
	storyline battles. However, it is wise that you do use all of
	them to lessen the difficulty. Unless, of course, your trying
	to make the game harder. However, this guide is going to guide
	you through the rest of the storyline battles in the game with
	as many characters as possible.

It's off to the wars, with you!

| BATTLE THREE  | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:   800 R          |
| You can't really attack anyone at the moment, so just wait with everyone   |
| except Leon, who will use Charge, like in the first battle. However, Theo  |
| will probably be able to attack someone when his turn roles around (and if |
| he can't, just Wait) due to his archery skills. Do so and attack the foe   |
| closest to him, but remember to keep your distance so that he cannot get   |
| hurt when the enemy can attack. Or shoot as far away as possible, to       |
| minimize the amount of people who will bum rush the poor boy.              |
|									     |
| If Leon gets the chance to attack before he uses Charge, just use Charge,  |
| let Heath do the damage instead, because Charge will increase Leon's       |
| attack for the next while, so it's a good trade.                           |
| 									     |
| Another rule of thumb: healers ALWAYS do something. If there is no one to  |
| heal, you will STILL heal someone, other then themself. Why? Because when  |
| someone casts supportive or healing magic on an ally, they get a whooping  |
| 30 EXP EACH time. This is a great way to overtrain your magic users. So    |
| from now on, I want you ALWAYS healing SOMEONE with Cecille (I also want   |
| you using her all the time, as it will make the ending chapters of the     |
| game a lot easier for you).						     |
|									     |
| By now you should have some attack opportunities open for you, so take     |
| them. But remember, focus all your men on a single target, that way you    |
| take them out before they get the chance to hurt you. And don't forget     |
| about Heath's spear, it can attack two squares at a time. But also be      |
| mindful that it can also hurt your ally, if he is across from the enemy,   |
| and Heath attacks him, the spear will go through and hit your ally. Just   |
| be careful.                                                                |
| 									     |
| New enemy style in this battle, folks. You will now be introduced to an    |
| Archer. Well, what do they do? Exactly what Theo does: Attack from afar.   |
| This can get quite annoying, as sometimes, when low on health, they with   |
| Shoot you, and then quickly flee the area. You're best taking them out     |
| with either your magic casters or Theo. But since no one can do damaging   |
| spells, you're stuck with just Theo. So try and keep him alive.            |
| 									     |
| Now by this time, some of your members should be hurt. Hopefully Cecille's |
| turn will come around, and you can use her to heal. If not (but she should |
| be because you shouldn't be sepparating your party yet), then try to level |
| them up. Remember? Allys get instantly healed when they level up. You'll   |
| be using this tactic throughout the ENTIRE game, so get used to it, chump. |
|									     |
| Another thing I'd like you to get used to doing, is 'saving the enemy'.    |
| This means, if an enemy is almost dead (one more hit to kill him), and     |
| the guy your controlling only needs 10 EXP to level up, don't waste it.    |
| Because EXP doesn't carry over into the next level. Make that guy hit      |
| someone else (and this is the ONLY TIME that I permit to not kill an enemy)|
| or use an item on someone to get an easy 30 EXP (but then, you shouldn't   |
| have spare items yet, so don't do that yet).                               |
|									     |
| If Alph is level 3 or higher, you can use his new skill, Rifle. What this  |
| does, is allow Alph to hit a faraway target with his gun, at the expense   |
| of some MP. That's not too bad considering your only other way of getting  |
| rid of Archers at the moment is Theo. However, if you dont have Rifle yet, |
| then just let Alph hack away at any enemy close to him, with the least     |
| amount of HP.                                                              |
|									     |
| By this time, you should be about to (or already have) made aquaintances   |
| with yet another enemy class, the mage. These buggers can get annoying     |
| because they can heal, and attack from afar with magic. Dispose of them as |
| quickly as you can. Also, when their health gets low, they try to heal     |
| themselves, if that happens, be happy. Because then you can work in some   |
| more hits and earn some more EXP.                                          |

* !! NEW FUNCTION ALERT: INTERMISSION        [INTRM]                      *
*                                                                         *
* -Intermission is now unlocked, and you will take part in it after       *
* every single battle (with the except of a few story ones). What         *
* Intermission does, is allows you (Alph) to talk to any of the party     *
* members that were sent into the battle you just finished. Everyone      *
* starts off without any heart, or any points. After every battle, you    *
* select a member to talk to. When you talk to this member, they will     *
* ask you a question. Now here is where your knowledge of the             *
* characters' personality come into play; you need to know what the best  *
* answer to each question that the questioner would want. These questions *
* allow you to get into the characters persona, and learn more about      *
* them, and what affects their lives.                                     *
*                                                                         *
* Normal Answer: The worst answer, you get no points for making this      *
*	       response. Usually avoidable unless your purposely          *
*	       screwing it up.                                            *
*                                                                         *
* Good Answer:   The medium answer, you get a single point for making     *
*	       this response. It's sometimes difficult to tell            *
*	       the Good Answer and the Best Answer apart.                 *
*                                                                         *
* Best Answer:   The best answer, you get two points for making this      *
*	       response. This is the answer you WANT to give, as you      *
*	       are rewarded with better items and sometimes an ending.    *
*                                                                         *
* 								          *
* How the point system works:                                             *
* 				 	 	 	                  *
* Each playable character has a series of 10 questions that they ask you. *
* Depending on the answer you give, you will be rewarded accordingly.     *
* With each point you get closer to a Heart Level. A Heart Level, is an   *
* increase in the friendship that Alph and the certain character share    *
* together (this in no way affects the storyline).                        *
*                                                                         *
*	Heart Levels:                                                     *
*                                                                         *
* There are a total of four (4) different heart levels.                   *
* An empty heart (level one), a half-filled heart (level two),            *
* a full heart (level three) and a full heart with an arrow inside        *
* (level four). Everytime you gain a heart level with a certain           *
* character, he/she rewards you with a certain items. And level three     *
* and four, you get Vitae. Now these have no purpose and do not concern   *
* the gameplay until Chapter 13, but what they essentially do, is         *
* upgrade your equipment, and give them extraordinary bonuses.            *
*                                                                         *
* 	Endings:                                                          *
*                                                                         *
* Every character has an emotional ending that includes Alph (these       *
* also in no way affect the outcome of the actual storyline). However,    *
* you can only veiw these ending if you reach a heart level of three or   *
* four, before the heart becomes 'maxed'.                                 *
*                                                                         *
* 	Maxing Out Hearts:                                                *
*                                                                         *
* In order to max out a heart, you need to finish every question (total   *
* of ten questions) for a character. This may be a good thing, and this   *
* may be a bad thing. If you do not reach level 3 before the heart        *
* becomes maxed, then you will not see the characters ending, unless      *
* you start a new game, or a new game +. Not only do you not see the      *
* characters emotional ending with Alph, but you don't get the Vitae      *
* either! It's important that you answer as many questions as correctly   *
* as possible.                                                            *
*                                                                         *
*	  Gaining Heart Levels:					          *
*                                                                         *
*			!! This is not confirmed, its what                *
*    			   I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong :D.         *
*                                                                         *
* Level One Heart: Reach at least one point.                              *
*                                                                         *
* Level Two Heart: Reach at least five points.                            *
*                                                                         *
* Level Three Heart: Reach at least fifteen points.                       *
*                                                                         *
* Level Four Heart: Reach the maximum twenty points.                      *
*                                                                         *
*                                                                         *
* Yes, this means in order to reach a Level Four Heart with a             *
* character, you MUST answer EVERY question with the Best Answer.         *
*                                                                         *
* You may switch the character you talk to after a battle, and            *
* still have the level achieved on another, so don't worry about          *
* losing heart levels.                                                    *

After you've chosen who to speak to, you receive the Water Lapistier. You
also learn about the arrival of Cardinal Kingston in Carwee Town. It also
turns out that Alphs suspisions were true, they never really did fight a
witch. Lucia confirms this for the confused lad. But you also find out that
the woman you just killed was a sinner, so Alph guesses its okay. But do you?
Can you live with the life of just a common criminal on your shoulders? Go
start new game, damn it. I'm ashamed of you. 

Actually, nah. It's cool. Once the conversation with Lucia is done, it's 
time to finish that Intermission you started a few minutes back :D .

*	The Life of Kopin              [TLOK]                             *
*                                                                         *
*                                                                         *
* After the Intermission, you get to witness the begining of "The Life of *
* Kopin". Just what is a Kopin, you ask? Well its somewhat of a servant,  *
* for witches. Or pets. Whatever you want to think they are, they will    *
* always be there for you to brighten you up after a chapter, with short  *
* stories of their lives.                                                 *
*                                                                         *
* Theres not really much to these things except some mild humor. But for  *
* those easily distracted, you can use your NDS Stylus (or perhaps        *
* another stylus-like object) to touch the Kopin on your lower screen.    *
*									  *
* If you touch the specific part of the Kopin, or his desk, then he will  *
* turn around and show you his face. His face changes every chapter so it *
* never gets old.                                                         *

Anyway, after that ordeal is finito, your back on the world map, and another
landmark becomes available with two swords crossed together like an "X".
From here on in, I will be refering to these landmarks as Battle Marks,
please try to keep up with my video-game-slang terminology, and don't fall

Now, return to the Ever Garden landmark, and enter it if you feel the need
to purchase some healing items. You don't need to, but its always nice knowing
you have them, in case of an emergancy.

When your done, head south, onto the Battle Mark, and you'll be greeted with
a not-so friendly encounter. Its off to the front lines, with you!

| BATTLE FOUR   | Difficulty: Medium           | Prize Money:   600 R        |
| Bring in all your characters unless your a retard, where you will take only|
| one member of your choice.                                                 |
|									     |
| Now, you're no where near the enemies, so just chill and Wait. Of course,  |
| have Leon use Charge, but if you don't know that you will be using that    |
| move at the begining of every battle by now, then you do now. Try to keep  |
| up, will ya?                                                               |
|									     |
| And of course, when Theo's turn rears its blonde head, head to the west,   |
| in the direction of a behemoth, and fire one at him with your bow.         |
| Continue waiting until the goblins come from all angles.                   |
|									     |
| Remember to keep using Aid with Cecille on another party member. If she    |
| uses it on herself, she only gets 5 EXP, where she could be getting 30.    |
| By the time Heath's turn comes, head to where Theo headed, and you should  |
| be able to attack something (like the behemoth that Theo already hit).     |
| Should have it killed.                                                     |
| 									     |
| Theres a chance Theo might die, if you haven't gotten a chance to move him |
| so don't worry. After that, the two goblins should have made their way to  |
| Leon and Alph's general area. Use this time to work in an attack from Leon |
| and then have Alph deliver the finishing blow (Or the other way around,    |
| whomevers turn comes first).						     |
|									     |
| Don't use Heath to flee, he's already in a snake pit, so use him to spear  |
| a goblin or two for a near death experience for the enemy. Then use Leon   |
| and Alph to kill the remaining goblin on the eastern side. That leaves two |
| left. Move Leon and Alph down there to protect Heath and Cecille as soon   |
| as you get the chance.                                                     |
|									     |
| Again, always have Cecille healing OTHERS, unless its a state of emergency |
| in which case you can go ahead and heal yourself. But always think about   |
| how close she is to a level up. If she need anything less then 30 EXP, then|
| heal someone else.							     |
|									     |
| Soon enough you'll have both of your tanks at the begining area, with only |
| one or two goblins left. Just slaughter them with a barrage of attacks from|
| your tanks.                                                                |

* About Battle Marks                                                        *
*                                                                           *
* Battle marks serve as the regualar battles you'll have throught the main  *
* game, and at least one ALWAYS blocks your path to the next destination.   *
*							                    *
* You must always fight at a Battle Mark for the time time you step on it.  *
* However, second, third, and so fourth journeys past that specific Battle  *
* Mark, there is a chance that you will not have to fight with any monsters *
* again. So, if you don't want to waste 5 to 10 minutes in a battle you've  *
* already done, then save you game and select the destination ahead of the  *
* Battle Mark (usually a town), and when you step on the Battle Mark, you'll*
* asked if you wish to enter battle. Select "No" and you're home free.      *

* Author's Note #1                                                          *
*                                                                           *
* I suggest talking to the same person for the Intermission as you did      *
* before, and to continue talking to them until you've achieved a max heart *
* level (until the heart changes to a blue color) with them before you      *
* decide to speak with other members.                                       *

* Author's note #2                                                          *
*									    *
* You now have the option to 'train'. What this means is to do a number of  *
* encounters until your level has significantly increased, and you can see  *
* a blatant increase in character performance on the battlefield. A general *
* rule of mine for Luminous Arc, is to train at least two levels for every  *
* chapter. However, these rules can be bended in either direction for       *
* different purposes. Right now, you're in chapter three. This means your   *
* general party level should be 6. You don't need to be, but two levels per *
* chapter is a sure safe way to stay steady with the games dificulty flow.  *

If you wish to train your party, now's the chance before you enter the next 
chapter, so it is up to you whether you do or not.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH4      ] Witch of Immolation  | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Four          | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

Upon entering Carwee Town, you immediately notice the civilians speaking
about how a bunch of children are defeating the monsters. Then after some
short dialague about how the Garden Childern are flattered, and some male
humor from your friend Leon, Heath takes the party into the Luminous Church.

Heath explains to everyone that they're going to meet with the Grand
Cardinal Kingston. Alph has his doubts, because, well, y'know about Lucia.
Lucia explains that the Grand Cardinal will not find out, and things 
follow through... But as they proceed through the church, the party is
greeted by Andre, the leader of the Zephyroth Knights, and the Grand
Cardinal Kingston's right-hand man.

Andre makes it quite clear, that the party will not make it past...
his MANLY BICEPS!... Sadly, Heath manages to calm the baffoon, and the
Grand Cardinal Kingston shows up. He speaks of how he is impressed with
the Garden Childrens' deeds, but is wondering why they are in the church,
instead of punishing witches.

During his ranting, Kingston manages to let a few things slip about his true
feelings towards witches, and Lucia gets into a verbal fight with the Grand
Cardinal, and soon after, storms out. The party shortly leaves the church
to look for her.

Now you are able to Speak with everyone, speak with Lucia, and there is 
another Library (get used to seeing them in towns) for your view pleasure.
Veiw and speak to everyone, and when you're finished, head over to the shop.

New equipment! Yay! Well, by this time, you should've managed to gather up
some Rios (whether you trained at the Heintz Plains or not) to spend. And
that's exactly what you will be doing now.

Outfit your characters with all the best equipment available. You can tell if
the equipment is better then your current one by looking at your characters'
sprite image at the top of the screen. If there is a red arrow pointing up,
it is better. If there is a blue arrow pointing down, that means its worse.
If there is a capitalized "E", then you already have one equipped.

Anyway, buy the following...

LongSwd............... 350 R
Nodachi............... 500 R
Flatbow............... 280 R
HealSta............... 300 R
Scl Mail.............. 360 R
Scl Mail.............. 360 R
Wht Robe.............. 250 R
          Total Cost  `````````
                     = 2,400 R

You should have enough money for all of it. If not, then forget the HealSta.
After that, if you still don't have enough... Well, then something's wrong.

Anyway, if you happen to have spare money after the 2,400 R decrease, you
should pick up some accessories. All of them increase one of your stats by
2 points. However, each character can only equip 2 accessories at a time,
so pick carefully, as you probably don't have the money to buy every one
(and even if you do, still don't). Pick which ones you want, or think you
will gain the most benefits from. Like the Brace (Attack +2) would be good
for Leon, since he is always attacking, and since he is buffed by his Charge,
he's strong enough already, why not give him more power?

However, your first priority for now should be either a Brace, or a Cape.
Either one will be for Alph, for an upcoming fight in Chapter Five. After this,
just buy some healing items (don't waste everything on them, you should barely
be using healing items yet in the first place), and if you can spare it, a
Brace for Leon. After that, you should be pretty close to broke, if you weren't

* Author's Note #3                                                         *
*									   *
* Once you have purchased your new equipment, be sure to sell of all of    *
* the old stuff for some spare Rios. You can never have enough money.      *
*									   *
* This rule applies to the rest of the entire game.                        *

To equip your new stuff, from the shop, go to outfit. From here you can change
your groups equipment. Do so with the newly purchased goods, and then sell off
your old crap for the spare Rios.

When all is said and done, go ahead and Advance the Story.

Uh-oh! A witch dressed in very sexy red clothing! And what a place to put a
tattoo! That alone probably sold this game 100 copies! Sure as hell caught my
eye. You learn that this babe has a name, Vanessa, and she is known as the
Witch of Immoloation. She calls out a fight, and confesses she's honoured to
meet Heath, also known as the "Cleansing Flame".

Andre comes and poops himself, and then Lucia comes in and she apparently
knows this witch, who calls herself the "Big V".

Vanessa then sends her pets after you. Meet Gul and Gal, my friend, and 
they'll be feeding you your EXP today. It's off to the gallows, with you!

| BATTLE FIVE   | Difficulty: Small Challenge| Prize Money:  1,300 R         |
| Select all of your party members for battle, and select go, you chimpanzie.|
|									     |
| No more surprises, have everyone Wait, except Leon, who will use Charge.   |
| Not even Theo will get a clear shot of an enemy, yet, so don't try to.     |
|									     |
| Heal someone with Cecille for the easy 30 EXP when her turn roles around.  |
|									     |
| On the second round of turns your party gets, just slightly move foreward. |
| Don't use all their movement spaces, just open youself to the battlefield  |
| slightly, as the enemies are now cornering you.			     |
|									     |
| Soon, you will realize that those little red things can cast magic. You    |
| want to destroy them first. Luckily for you (or unluckily), if you trained |
| like I sugested back on the Heintz Plains to at least level 6, you will    |
| the spell Aqua for Cecille. Now, if have moved your troops out from that   |
| begining platform, those fire-casters will be in range for your Cecille to |
| pull off an Aqua spell. Do so, and it's a one-hit-kill on them.            |
|									     |
| It's probably now safe to move your troops outward. Send Leon to any       |
| nearby fire-caster, select attack, and see if he can one-shot them. If he  |
| can, great. Do it, and get another kill. If not, look around for another   |
| damaged enemy (if there is one, that is). If not, then go ahead and take   |
| away as much HP as you can. That should bring them to minimal health if it |
| doesn't kill them.                                                         |
|									     |
| Proceed up the western walkway (have Leon head east if there are any foes  |
| left in that area. There should only be one (maybe two) fire-casters, two  |
| behemoths and the Vanessa. If the behemoths stand in your way at the       |
| western  path, then have Alph in the front, attacking them head-on, and    |
| Theo shooting them from one or two spaces back from Alph. Continue to have |
| Cecille use Aid on any fallen members (although, if there are any magic-   |
| casters left [which there probably is] then take them out with an Aqua).   |
|									     |
| So right now you should half Alph attacking either Vanessa or a behemoth,  |
| which ever is closer, Theo attacking the same guy from a little ways back, |
| and Cecille casting Aqua on any fire-casters in range, if there are none,  |
| be sure to heal Alph. And then you should have Leon and Heath headed in    |
| the eastern portion to take care of the fire casters that weren't in range |
| for Cecille.                                                               |
|								             |
| Depending on his position, Alph might die. And if he does, don't bother    |
| reviving him (if you even can). But if he does, don't put Theo and Cecille |
| right next to eachother, because with them as the only western attackers,  |
| the behemoths could take you right out (they can attack two squares, like  |
| Heath, so be mindful of that), and leave you with only Leon and Heath.     |
|									     |
| If Leons' Charge runs out (it probably will at this point) re-cast it.     |
|                                                                            |
| Heath also has a lightning spell that he can use, "Strum" that hit far     |
| ranged enemies. When him and Leon are entering the western area through the|
| eastern-north, or down from the roof on the middle buidling, don't hesitate|
| to pull that spell out and blast whatever you can.                         |
|									     |
| Remember that level ups are your friend when you need a restored characer, |
| and continue to heal with Cecille as Theo attacks from afar, and Leon &    |
| Heath begin their head-on assault.                                         |
|									     |
| If you keep this up, the enemies should fall quickly. A Charged Leon can   |
| take out at least half of the behemoth's HP, wich leaves Theo and Heath to |
| get some finishing moves, and with Cecille healing them they should have a |
| low chance of dying, unless you get unlucky and all the remaining enemies  |
| take a shot at a single guy, in which case they're probably dead. But if   |
| Theo is the only remaining guy (for whatever reason), just hit and run.    |
| By that point there shouldn't be any foe with anything above 50% of their  |
| HP, so just take them out.                                                 |
After the battle, Vanessa, with the Water Lapistier tries to kill Lucia. But
Alph saves her, as a favour for her saving his life earlier. Alph then begins
glowing mysteriously. The two witches then exchange words about how "Alph is
a 'Rym'" and then Vanessa flies off.

Sir Heath then questions Lucia as to why she knew Vanessa, and Lucia spills
the beans to everyone that she is indeed a witch. Heath, discombobulated,
announces that he is going to condemn Lucia.

Suddenly, an odd-looking female appears and addresses Lucia. Heath reveals
that she also is a witch, and then her and Lucia disappear together.

The Eurus Knights have been wipped out by a witch, apparently, and the Grand
Cardinal Kingston orders Heath and the Garden Children to head to their base
and investigate.

On the world map, your route is laied before you. Your destination is guarded
by a Battle Mark. It's off to the blood pool, with you!

| BATTLE SIX    | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:   800 R          |
| Select all your characters for battle.                                     |
|									     |
| Theo will most likely be able to pull off a hit on his first turn, so do so|
| and inflict some damage, as your other troops just camp it out near the    |
| begining area, and have Leon use Charge, like usual.			     |
|									     |
| Use Cecille to heal anyone for some easy EXP.			             |
|									     |
| Soon enough the enemies will start to close in on you. This is when you    |
| unleash your tanks on them. Focus on taking one out at a time.             |
|									     |
| Once they surround you, its actually pretty easy, just run in there, get a |
| back attack (which might be able to get a few one-hit-kills) and repeat.   |

After the battle, continue onto the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch or 
train your guys. Since this is a new chapter, I suggest training to level


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH5      ]  Departure           | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Five          | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

As you enter, you can tell by the music playing that death is in the air.
Bodies are laying everywhere. Cecille wishes to lend her assistance to
the fallen warriors via healing spells.

Heath believes it was the Witch of Immolation, Vanessa who caused the
destruction. And just when you least expect it, your friends Kingston
and the MANLY BICEPS known only as Andre show up.

Kingston informs Heath about the Crow Knights, and appoints Heath to be
a part of it. Kingston then enlightens the Garden Children of their new
task, to Condemn the Witch of Immolation and to find and secure all of the
Lapistier. Kingston then appoints the Garden Children as Witch Busters...

But apparently that name is no good, so it's immediately changed to
"Fatal Hounds".

Now you are able to speak with Cecille or Theo, and you're allowed to catch
up on your reading at the local library. Do so quickly and head to the shop.

You already know how things work in the shop from Carwee Town, so do the same
again and purchase all the best upgrades BUT DO NOT (NOT) BUY ANYTHING FOR
HEATH. Heath leaves the party in two seconds, so don't buy him anything
new. Just buy everyone else their best equips at this point in time.

When you're ready, Advance the Story.

It's off to the crapper with you!

| BATTLE SEVEN  | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:   1,400 R        |
| This battle is pretty easy, since it's just a one-on-one fight between you |
| and your mentor, Sir Heath.						     |
|									     |
| As the fight begins, move backwards one square, away from Heath. Second    |
| turn, head away from Heath again, in the western area as far as you can,   |
| but stay RIGHT on the edge of the map. Next, put yourself right in the     |
| corner of the map on the western side.				     |
|									     |
| Now Heath will be in attacking range. Attack him. The rest of the battle   |
| will be you and him exchanging shots with eachother. As long you are are   |
| level 8 or highier, you will no doubt reign supreme, and Heath will try to |
| flee into a corner. Catch up to him and deliver a finishing blow.          |

Afterwards, Heath declares that Alph is the new leader of the Fatal Hounds.
Congratulations are given to the new leader, and then it's off to the world
map, with you.

Oh boy! this time you have to go through TWO Battle Marks. Well, what're you
waiting for? It's off to the den, with you!

| BATTLE EIGHT  | Difficulty: Normal            | Prize Money:  1,200 R      |
| Now your stuck with only four characters. Oh well. Select them and battle. |
|									     |
| Make everyone wait, explain Leon (use Charge) and Cecille (heal someone).  |
|									     |
| You still are probably unable to attack, so wait until Theo's turn, and    |
| attack something. As the enemies begin closing in, attack with everything  |
| you have. Start by using Rifle with Alph, until the get nearer, in which   |
| case you should go full frontal. Don't forget about Cecille's Aqua spell.  |
|									     |
| Just continue to lure them towards you, keep you party rope tight, and     |
| unleash the fury on anyone who comes within range. Continue until the      |
| battle is won.							     |

What are you doing? No brake for you! Keep going! IT'S OFF TO THE BLOODY

| BATTLE NINE   | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:   1,600 R        |
| Is the tactic of camping back and waiting for the enemy getting old for    |
| you? Well too bad, because it isn't for the enemy! Wait it out.            |
|									     |
| A monk'll probably get a hit on Leon. Don't worry, still use charge when   |
| his turn comes, just use Cecille to heal him and get 30 EXP to boot.       |
|									     |
| When round two comes, you should be ready for attacks. So use them. And    |
| focus everyone on a single target so that you can reduce their quantity    |
| quickly.                                                                   |
|									     |
| Be cautious this battle. Some monks can only attack face to face, but      |
| others are able to use a bow, and can attack at a long range. Beware.      |
|									     |
| Just keep your party together, and take the enemies out one by one. And    |
| repeat this for an easy victory. You should be getting used to these       |
| tactics by now.							     |

Now, you may either continue training, because if you've been following the
two levels per chapter rule, then the EXP you're getting right now isn't too
bad at all... Or you can move onto the Port Town Riget. It's your call.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH6      ]  Reunion             | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Six           | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

Upon entering, Alph is teased by Leon and company about his feelings
towards Lucia. Leon also makes more magical comments about Cecille's...
Magic holders... Yeah.. That's what their called...

Words about Leon changing Theos' diapers when he was a baby are also 

Now in the town, the party witnesses the destruction of the town.
A civilian says that a witch came in and just destroyed everything.
He also hints that it was Vanessa, by mentioning a "huge scythe".

Then you're introduced to another playable character, Saki. She says
that Heath ordered her to accompany you. I guess it's a fair trade,
right? Get rid of Heath in exchange for some babe with chains around
her body? Gotta love that.

Saki then tells Alph and friends that Nikolai is on the western continent.
Leon disputes whether or not her information is accurate, and Saki pwnz
him with a rather... Brief description of Leon's past.

Before you head off, you are given the option to speak with either
Saki or Theo. And availability to the library is also granted. It was
probably the only building that didn't get leveled.

Also, a new shop has come in! Oh joy! Well, they have some nice
equipment for sale.. But no new weapons. So outfit Leon and Alph
with their best armour (Chn Mail), get their best helmet (LthrHelm)
as well. You should still have some money left so outfit you other
characters with their new stuff. Just remember that Alph and Leon
are your primary concern. Always get their equipment first, in case
you run out of Rios. Cecille should be your second prioroty after that,
and once shes done... You can pretty do whatever you please with your
money. Like healing items, I guess.

When you done, Advance the Story.

After shortly talking about how the weather is nice, Alph and friends
make the aquaintance of a rather odd looking girl... It's the girl 
from Carwee Town!She reveals her name as Mel.

After Alph calls her the "Midget Witch", strap on you handstrap,
and prepare for battle. It's off to the shipbattle, with you!

| BATTLE TEN    | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:         R        |
| You're forced to use both Saki and Alph, but you're going to select every- |
| one, just because I said so ;D .                                           |
|									     |
| First off, just listen to that kick-ass battle music. It's probably my     |
| favourite out of the entire game. You know this battle is going to be      |
| intense.                                                                   |
|									     |
| Stay back, and have Saki use SpdJutsu to increase her speed to more then   |
| it needs to be. Leon will use Charge, and Cecille will heal. Otherwise,    |
| just camp back and allow the enemy to pursue you.                          |
| 									     |
| When Theo's turn rolls around, he should be able to get a clear shot at    |
| one of the Mikopins on the upper half of the boat. Do so to wittle his HP. |
|									     |
| When Saki's turn comes, she should be able to strike an enemy. Don't forget|
| that she can attack two spaces ahead of her, just like Heath.              |
|									     |
| The Mikopins will usually heal if the need arises, but don't get angry,    |
| it's giving you more EXP, because you have to hit them more, so chill.     |
|									     |
| When the second round of turns arrives, you should be able to attack with  |
| either Alph's Rifle for Long Range or Leon for short range. Remember to    |
| attack the same guy until he dies, unless you want some EXP, let them heal |
| a bit first, but don't get too cocky, because Mel is on her way towards    |
| you. 									     |
| 									     |
| Don't bother with Aqua, since the Mikopins are water-based enemies, it only|
| does sub-par damage. Not worth it. Cecille will act as your mage for this  |
| battle. 	                                                             |
|									     |
| When Mel get's close, she'll tend to heal her weakened Mikopins before     |
| begining an assualt. This should be good, as Mel, being a witch, has some  |
| decent spells in her arsenal.                                              |
|							                     |
| Once all the Mikopins are condemned, its time to focus all your might onto |
| Mel. If you can, surround her. If you can't, just swarm all around her and |
| attack any chance you get. If you still have some MP with Alph after useing|
| Rifle a couple of time (or even if you didn't), use that too, if you can't |
| muster a normal attack.                                                    |
|									     |
| Water magic does close to nothing to Mel, so don't even try that.          |
|									     |
| Once you have only Mel to worry about, things just get easy. Mel gets one  |
| turn, while you get four (five, but Cecille shouldn't be attacking) of your|
| own. Soon enough, the witch will fall.                                     |

After the battle, Mel begins crying like a little gir- ... Well, I suppose
we'll forgive her just once.

Lucia comes in, pwning Mel, and Mel appologizes because apparently, Alph,
is a sad excuse for a 'Rym', whatever that is. They then disappear before
telling Alph what that means. Oh well.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH7      ]  The Informant       | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Seven         | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |

Upon arriving, you encounter a man with red hair arguing with a sailor,
over getting a ship to the Holy Capital. The sailor exclaims it's because
of the witches.

Cecille then comes in, and reveals that the man with red hair is Nikolai.
Now, readers, I want you to say hello to quite possibly the funniest
character in the game. It's a close tie between Nikolai and Andre...
and his... MANLY BICEPS!

Anyway, Nikolai is saddened by Leon's being there, while Alph and Theo
are estatic over the reunion. The Fatal Hounds then tell the story about
how they were all appointed the mission of condemning witches and finding
the Lapistier. Nikolai confesses that he is also looking for his 'beloved'
Witch of Immolation... And then Alph reveals that Nikolai is 'crazy 
about witches'. Uh oh.. This could be a bumpy ride... 

Well, before you head off to the local diner, you should do some actions.
Such activities include talking to Nikolai and Leon, and heading over
to the library. Do so, and when you are finished, head over the shop.

Hooray! New equips! Things are getting slightly pricey, now, but you
still should outift your party members with the optimal equipment.
When your done, Advance the Story.

While eating, Nikolai claims his senses are ringing, and that there
must be a witch nearby. He then starts talking to Cecille, embarrasing
her with somewhat romantic comments.

Nikolai then explains to the group about the Witch Forest, and that
it houses the mother of Lapistier... Mother Lapis.

Unfortunately, Vanessa shows up (or fortunately, depends if you are
in 'the mood' heh, heh...) and Nikolai's senses sky rocket, as I'm sure
something rocketed.. *Shudder*.

Get ready you scally wag! It's off to the belly of the beast, with you!

| BATTLE ELEVEN |Difficulty:Things CAN go bad| Prize Money:  1,900 R         |
| You're forced to take Alph and Nikolai. Be a chum and take everyone with   |
| you.									     |
|									     |
| The tactic for this battle is slightly changed from what your used to, so  |
| keep up with me. As you start, Saki should already be able to make a move  |
| on the fire-casters that have made their return. Do so, and the focus Theo |
| to attack it, and have Alph use his Rifle on the same one. This should     |
| eliminate an enemy right off the bat.                                      |
|									     |
| Leon is still going to use Charge before he attacks anything, and Cecille  |
| should still be curing anyone for the 30 EXP boost.                        |
|									     |
| When Nikolai gets his turn, bring him up to Theo and Alph, and cast Attack |
| Up on at least them two (if you can fit in Nikolai, then thats great.      |
| Notice how the spell effects 5 squares? That means anything within those   |
| squares will be affected by the spell... Even enemies, so be careful.      |
|									     |
| The behemoths can attack two squares at a time, and Vanessa is equipped    |
| with some new fire spells.. That hit a radius instead of a single square.  |
| In the same way as Attack Up does, so when the time comes to rush Vanessa  |
| or behemoths, be mindful. 						     |
|									     |
| At level 11, Leon learns a skill called X-Slash. It allows him to inflict  |
| nearly double the damage as beforehand. And with Charge in play, he can    |
| take out a magic caster within a single blow. Use this if the need arises. |
|									     |
| By now, you probably have a single FP point with at least one character.   |
| Say hello to Flash Drives. What these do, is give the user an extreme bonus|
| in either magical or physical attributes (depends on the character), and   |
| throws in a status effect like Guard Down or something along those lines.  |
| Level one FDs require a single FP, level two require two FPs, and so on.   |
| The highest FD is a level three, which can pretty much get you out of a    |
| pickle, if you ever get into one and have a level three DS. But for now,   |
| you're stuck with the level ones. Use them to your discretion.             |
|									     |
| As your enemies decrease in size, the threat stays minimal, so keep on the |
| heat and just go all out attack when there are only one or two enemies left|

Well, well, well. The word 'Rym' just seems to be popping up everywhere....
quite frustrated and tries to cast a spell on Alph... Good news for him is
that Theo jumps in the way, and saves Alph.

Alph strikes Vanessa, who then flees.

Apparently it was an anceint rune spell, that was casted. Theo then passes
out. Alph swears that the Witch of Immolation won't get away next time.

Now in an inn, Theo wakes up and complains about his arm burning. Then Saki
comes in and sees it. Theo begs Saki not to tell the others, and she

Nikolai guesses that Vanessa has fled to the Lethe Forest, so thats where
your going to be headed!

...But, theres a Battle Mark in your way, so strap up... It's off to
the sands of war, with you!

| BATTLE TWELVE | Difficulty: Easy           | Prize Money:  1,700 R         |
| Select all your members, like usual, and now you'll be back to camping     |
| until the enemies get near you. Buff your party with Nikolai, Charge with  |
| Leon, and have Cecille heal a random ally. Saki will also use SpdJustsu.   |
|									     |
| If whenever an enemy gets close to the party before all your buffs are     |
| complete, I want you to avoid using the buffs. For instance, say a beast   |
| came up at the begining of battle to attack Theo, and it's Leons turn. If  |
| you can make it next to him, forget the Charge, and fire off an X-Slash.   |
|									     |
| Attack the rest from afar with either spells or Rifle or with Theo. But    |
| remember that if they swarm you, re-direct your entire troops' focus onto  |
| a single enemy, to eleminate the numbers that can attack. Don't spread it  |
| out too much unless you are overtrained.                                   |

Now, my first time through the game, I trained with that battle until I was
level 20. You don't need to do this, but let me say, it made the next portions
of the game a lot easier, and if you have some spare time, I sugest that you
do it. Unless you're looking for a challenge, in which case just end the
battle, grab the loot and continue along you merry way.


  ______ _ _________________________________________________________
 /  ____| |________________   _____________________________________ \
 | /    | | U M I N O U S  | |  ___________                        \ |
 | |    | |                | | /           \                       | |
 | |    | |_/\ /\          | |[    CH8      ] Metamorphosis        | |
 | |    \____//<>\ R C     | | \___________/                       | |
 | |         / __ \        | |               Chapter Eight         | |
 | |        / /  \ \       | |             ``````````````````````` | |
 | \________\/____\/_______| |_____________________________________/ |