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Follow the dark path or use the light

Claire Walkthrough

by Yunakitty

Lost In Blue 3 
Claire's Story Walkthrough/FAQ
Version 1.00
By yunakitty ([email protected]

I will start out by saying that I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, 
but in order to be clear enough to help people, I'm going to have to say 
certain things.  Just the title of contents might be a spoiler for you.  If 
you really don't want to be spoiled, the best thing to do is post your 
specific question on the GameFAQs LIB3 message board, and I or someone else 
will answer it for you.  Or, you can do what I do sometimes.  I have my 
husband open the FAQ, and I tell him what I'm looking for.  He can "Find in 
this Page" and scan the document with no fear because he doesn't care about 
being spoiled. He can find what I'm looking for.  So, enlist an uninterested 

I repeat - if you read through this walkthrough, you might get spoiled!
Table of Contents

Section I - Walkthough

Chapter 1 - Stranded
Chapter 2 - Jungle, Quarry, and Another Survivor
Chapter 3 - Building a Better Life
Chapter 4 - The Swamp and Jungle River
Chapter 5 - The Secret Lab and the Fourth Character
Chapter 6 - Kumiko and the Secrets of the Lab
Chapter 7 - Make the Medicine and Escape!

Section II - Other Things to Do

1. Other Endings for Claire
2. Making Necklaces 
3. The Chimpanzee
4. The Dolphin 
5. The Treehouse
6. Building Relationships
7. Cooking, Recipes, and Food
8. Raising Animals

Section III - Frequently Asked Questions


Section I - Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Stranded 

(Note:  All these chapter names are made up by me to beak the story into 
parts.  They don't actually use them in the game.)

You'll start on the beach.  Wander around until you start singing.  You will 
encounter Sam.  Talk with him, and then you'll join up.  You can pick up 
coconuts at this time, and you might even get a little scene where you see 
something at your feet.  Tap yourself to switch the view to the ground, then 
tap and drag the crab into the bottom right corner to catch it.

Head up to the left.  Use the L or R shoulder buttons to switch the top 
screen to map if you need to do so. You eventually see a cave.  Sam will go 
in.  After a while you will join him.  It's too cold in the cave, so you have 
to find a way to make a fire.  Head to the right, then climb up some ledges.  
Keep moving to the right until you see twigs on the ground.  Use A or tap 
them to pick them up.  Pick up all you can see/carry, as well as a piece of 
tree bark.  Claire should comment on this, then go into the menu and choose 
"Make Tool."  You can combine a twig and tree bark to make a fire starter.  
Head back to the cave.  Walk up to the pile in the middle of the room and 
press A.  The game will explain how to make a fire.  Once it's done, you'll 
have some more conversation.  This will prompt you to cook.  Say "No" to 
"Make a lunchbox?" and just cook whatever you have in your bag, if anything.  
After dinner, you'll sleep.

The next morning, you'll make a twig pile.  From then on, you can put any 
twigs you find (up to 30) in this pile.  If there are twigs in the pile, your 
partner will keep the fire going.  You can also ask a partner to go out for 
more firewood.  

Join up with Sam by pressing Y.  Take him outside.  You might make a comment 
about something on the ground.  You'll now be able to press A in most places 
to search the ground and pick up spices.  These will help with cooking 
recipes. Now head to the left.  If you get close to the upper part of the 
river, Claire should make a comment about fish.  You'll be able to ask Sam in 
"Can I talk to you about something?" about catching fish, when you get back 

I should mention talking to your partner now.  You can talk to your partner 
by pressing A near them in the cave.  You can give them things (either to 
hold in/take from their inventory, to eat immediately, or as a gift.)  Only 
lunchboxes and later necklaces make appropriate gifts.  Don't try to give a 
partner anything else as a gift.  Giving a gift raises your relationship, 
which means they will do tasks for you faster and generally be more cheerful.

You can also ask how they are doing.  Just ask once a day to raise 
relationship.  If you ask three times or more in one day, it will annoy them 
and lower relationship.

You can ask them about a certain topic.  Sometimes, there won't be anything 
in there.  Generally, you will know there is something to talk to them about 
if while you were out, you found a new item or saw something unusual, and 
your character commented on it and said they should "return and ask."  It's 
also good to check it once in a while to see if there is anything to discuss.  
Don't check more than once a day, because if there is nothing, you have to 
say nothing, which will annoy them if you do it too much.

You can also ask your partner to go get something.  At first, you can only 
ask for food and firewood.  Later, when you have something to keep water 
inside of in the cave, you will be able to ask them to go get water.  

So, for the best relationship, ask them how they are once a day, and make 
them a lunchbox and give it as a gift. It can be anything, even just a cut up 
mushroom.  They don't actually eat it, so it's OK if it's poisonous.  It's 
under debate whether the quality of the meal makes them happier or not.  All 
I know is giving them anything makes them make the "happy sound."  Also, try 
not to annoy your partner by asking things too much, keep them as well fed 
and watered, don't stay out too late by yourself, and keep enough firewood so 
that they can keep the fire going.  If the fire goes out, relight it as soon 
as possible.  Being cold for too long will make them like you less.

On with the story.  Move down the river until you see a little area that you 
can walk right up into the water.  This is a drinking spot.  (You may have 
already seen this yesterday, and that's fine.)  This is important, since you 
don't currently have anything to hold water in, so you'll need to bring Sam 
here to drink when he gets thirsty.  Run back up, and a little ways right of 
your cave.  There are some mushrooms there.

Mushrooms are a double edged sword.  There are seven colors, and they cause 
different things - poison, thirst, stomachache, and excitement (that's good, 
you won't use any stamina while this effect takes place.)  They also could be 
a cure for bad status effects, or just a plain mushroom.  The tricky part 
that the colors of each switch in every game.  If you are interested in using 
mushrooms to your advantage, quicksave your game, eat one, wait a while, 
write down the effect, reset, and repeat with a different color until you 
know what all of them do.  Once you know which ones are safe to eat, you can 
discard or ignore all others and just eat those.  The energy one can be 
really great when exploring.  The only problem is that there is no way to 
make your partner eat one (they won't eat raw mushrooms, and cooking them 
changes the effect) so if you're exploring together, they're still going to 
get tired quickly.  So it's up to you whether or not you want to mess with 
mushrooms.  I personally ignore them completely.

Return Sam to the cave.  Relight the fire if necessary.  You can either let 
him just hang out there, or ask him to go get food or firewood.  You should 
then leave, going to the right and up the ledges again.  Push the log so that 
you can climb up higher.  When you're at the top, run all the way left, out 
of that area. 

You're now in a new area.  Run to the left and then down.  You'll see 
raspberries and sticks, and you might encounter some wildlife.  Pick up a 
stick, and you'll comment on it; you'll be able to talk to Sam when you get 
home about making it into something.  Keep running left.  You'll climb up two 
ledges, and then come to a spot you have to jump across.  Claire will be 
scared, so go home and talk to Sam.  Take him back to that spot with you (you 
can wait until the next day if you guys are too tired.)  He'll help you 
cross.  Keep moving left, then up.  

Chapter 2 - The Jungle, Quarry, and Another Survivor 

You're now in the jungle.  Switch to the mini map to see where you are.  All 
over the jungle you will find some new items.  Various fruits, logs, and tree 
vines.  (In an aside, if you tap on yourself to look at the ground, you will 
occasionally see turtles or lizards, which are pretty easy to drag into your 
bag, and make good food.  Just watch out for green snakes and scorpions!  
They are not tasty and will bite you, causing poison!)

You can explore around if you like, but your major goal is to find a log and 
some tree vines (one will do, but it doesn't hurt to get more.)  Don't wear 
yourself out too much - leave at least 30% stamina to get home with.  If you 
find a lot of stuff and your inventory is full.  Hit Y to let go of Sam, then 
turn and talk to him.  Choose "I have something to give you" and then "Please 
hold onto this" to move items into his inventory.  Hit A on the item to move 
it to him, and X to see his inventory when you want something back.

You'll sometimes see holes in the jungle that you can crawl through.  Only 
girls can fit in this, so you have to leave Sam behind.  For the most part, 
the holes are a waste of time.  So you can just ignore them for now.

When you get home, ask Sam about the vines.  You'll now be able to put them 
in a pile near the firewood, and ask him to make ropes.  Go ahead and ask him 
to make at least one rope right now.  Tell him he has two days to do it, 
because if you try to rush him he gets annoyed.  In my experience he does it 
just as fast even if you tell him he has more time.  You can get started on 
dinner, or ask Sam to make it.  It's up to you.  Personally, unless I'm 
working on recipes, I let another person make dinner, because it saves time.  

Go to bed when you're ready.  The next morning, if Sam has made the rope, 
you're ready to go.  If not, wait until he says he's done.  Go explore the 
beach or something.  When it's made, go to the vine pile, hit A, then hit 
left or right.  It will switch from vine supply to rope supply.  Press down 
to move them in your inventory.  

This is VERY IMPORTANT!  Before you go out on this next excursion, fill up 
your bellies and make sure you are rested!  If you are worn out from a too 
long jungle trip the day before and you didn't start out with 100% stamina, 
it's probably better if you take a rest day right now.  You can ask Sam to 
make more ropes while you're waiting to recover.  For an easy food source, 
make a spear out of the stick you found (if you haven't already) and go to 
the upper part of the river outside your cave.  Spear fish for a while and 
get as many fish as you can.  You might be able to make your first recipe 
right now - if you catch a sweetfish, you can grill it with rock salt (found 
on the beach just like spices are found in green areas) to get Grilled 
Sweetfish.  See Section II for more info on recipes. 

OK, all rested and full?  Leave together, making sure you have that rope with 
you.  Go get a drink of water from the drinking spot, then head out.  Go back 
to the jungle, and move left towards the west part of the jungle.  You may 
encounter a chimpanzee in one of the circular grottoes in this area.  See 
Section II for advice on the chimp.  Pick up any fruit you see and a log if 
you don't already have one.  Keep moving left until you come to a fallen tree 
across a river.  You'll be prompted to fix it.  Go ahead and let go of Sam 
for a moment, and transfer any juicy fruit you have (papaya, pineapple, 
coconut) into his inventory.  You'll thank me later.  Join up again, and hit 
A near the tree to build a bridge.  The log has to be in your inventory, not 
his, to work.

The game will explain how to build, so I won't.  The only thing that needs to 
be said, because I've noticed people having trouble with it on the boards, is 
that you are hammering stakes into the ground.  The stakes are pretty small, 
so it's hard to tell, but you want to have the bare, flat end facing up at 
you, and the pointy end facing down away from you.  Use the arrows to flip 
and rotate it until it's in the right position.  It takes a while to get the 
hang of, so don't get discouraged if you don't get it right away.  Then use 
the stylus to pick up the stake and move it to the spot marked on the left 
side of your screen.  Then, you have to tap the moving boxes when they are 
lined up exactly over each other.  Repeat until done.

When you're done, you'll be worn out and decide to return home.  You go to 
bed immediately with no supper (which is why I told you to eat a big 
breakfast and drink a lot of water!)  In the morning, Sam will get mad and 
run off.  He will be gone until you do certain things, so don't waste any 
time.  Run out of the cave and drink some water.  Head back to the jungle, 
back to the bridge you built.  Cross it.  Keep moving left, then head down 
towards the beach.  Inspect the cave, and you'll meet another survivor!  This 
is James.  Return to your cave and get Sam.  If you need to rest before 
heading out again, that's fine.  James will wait.  Go ahead and bring 
anything good with you, like any food you have, logs, vines, ropes, firewood, 
and your fire starter.  Put stuff in Sam's inventory if you need to.  You'll 
also want to go out to the trees to the south and to the east of your cave 
and pick up all the leaves you can.  Trust me on this, do it.

On your way trough the jungle, pick up all the logs and vines you see. When 
you eventually get back to James' camp, you will move in.  Great!  Start a 
fire, put all your vines and firewood in the piles, and put stuff on the 

Chapter Three:  Building a New Life

This area you're living in now is called the quarry.  There is a water source 
to the north of your cave.  Run all the way up and climb down three ledges to 
reach it.  I know, what a pain in the butt.  And for know, you have to hold 
the guy's hands and bring them here at least once a day!

I just want to say right away that James is a much more awesome partner than 
Sam.  If you ask him to go get food, he will bring super filling meat, as 
well as useful lard and furs, instead of the piddly fish and mushrooms that 
Sam brings.  For this reason, I send James out for food and make Sam stay at 
home or go out with me.

You're able to build furniture here, which you weren't able to do in the 
first cave.  Either join up with a guy to do it yourself, or just ask them to 
do it like a task.  

The first thing you can build is some shelves.  You'll need one log and one 
rope.  If you're out of rope, just ask Sam to make more.  James cannot make 
rope, by the way.

You can build more shelves, up to three times.  If you can't, try filling the 
shelves you have up all the way, and your character should say something 
about expanding the shelves.  Talk to a partner to trigger it.

Once you've built some shelves, Claire should say something about other 
things to build.  Talk to a partner to trigger the bed and table and chairs.  
Don't worry so much about the table and chairs right now.  The biggest thing 
is getting the shelves built up all the way and making better beds.  

So, what you're focusing on in the days to come is improving your cave to 
make life easier.  You will be exploring some, but focus on getting the cave 

You'll need logs, leaves and rope (and eventually fur) to build things you 
want.  Logs and the vines to make rope are found in the jungle, of course.  
They reappear every 3-4 days after you've picked them up.  Most things take 
this long to reappear. Leaves are around the trees at your first camp (so you 
can walk back there, but wait at least 4 days from when you came from there, 
so it won't be a wasted trip and they'll actually be there.)  There are also 
a few leaves in the area to the north of the quarry, which you haven't gone 
to just yet.  Fur can be gotten from James.  He will randomly bring it back 
when he goes for food.  You're going to need 12 leaves total (two bed stages 
at 6 each) and 9 furs total (6 for the last bed, and 3 for the last part of 
the chairs.)  I don't know the exact count on the logs and rope, but it's a 

Store up these things and build as soon as you can.  Keep yourselves fed with 
James' meats and anything you find while scavenging for building materials.  
Twigs can be found around the trees in the quarry (there are four.) Keep an 
eye on the beach, because bottles and oil drums wash up randomly.  Bottles 
hold 1 L of water and oil drums hold 30.  If you find an oil drum, you'll 
automatically place it in the first cave you walk into, so if you happen to 
find one on the first beach, DON'T go into your first cave!  You'll put it in 
there!  Which is fine, later on when you find more oil drums, but the sooner 
you have a water source in the quarry cave, the better.  Make sure you talk 
to a partner about it once you place it in there, because then if you find a 
second one, you'll be able to talk to them about building a bath, which is a 
great way of boosting relationship.  When you do have an oil drum, you can 
fill it from any water bottles you have in your inventory, they will fill up 
automatically when you drink at a drinking spot.  You can also ask a partner 
to go get water.  This is not efficient in my opinion, as they only bring 
back 2 L most of the time, and they don't even drink water themselves while 
they're gone!  Geez!  But once there is a water supply in the cave, the guys 
will drink when they get very thirsty, but not if you're in the cave, for 
some reason.  If they are whining about being thirsty, just step outside 
really quick and come back in, and they will have had some water.

You can explore the area to the north if you wish.  Take one of the guys with 
you and push the rock together.  Jump across and head up to enter the bamboo 
grove area.  The actual bamboo is in the northeast part of the area.  There 
is a little path down in the southwest part, where you can find twigs, 
leaves, potatoes and burdock.  You can also find raspberries and carrots in 
the main part of this area.  In the actual bamboo grove, you can find green 
bamboo and dig up bamboo shoots.  

There are two exits to the north.  Don't bother with the one on the left for 
now.  There is nothing useful there yet, and you'll waste energy jumping all 
the way out there.  If you take the right route, you snake around and climb 
down a bunch of ledges to reach another beach!  You can find the usual stuff 
here, nothing special.  But it's there.

When you take the bamboo back, you can talk to a partner about it, then be 
able to make a pile out of it.  Baskets can be made out of bamboo, but guys 
will not do it, and the main character cannot do it.  So, you're going to 
have to wait until you meet another girl.  Be prepared to wait!  Until then, 
it's really only useful for making spears.  You can make fishing poles and 
bows, but Claire cannot hunt or pole fish.  It is worthwhile to make 1 bow 
out of a bamboo or stick and a tree vine.  Then combine that with a twig and 
a tree bark to make the improved fire starter!  It will rub itself, so you 
just have to blow.

Chapter Four: The Swamp and Jungle River 

Once you've made your cave as comfortable as it's going to get, you're ready 
to move on.  Take James with you and head to the upper left part of the 
jungle.  He will smash the big rock and you can go up into the swamp.  

When in the swamp, switch to the mini map to see where you can walk.  When 
you are down in the bog, you can't run, so don't even try.  You're basically 
moving around the swamp, climbing up where you can and pushing down logs.  
You might want to quicksave at the very beginning of the swamp in case you 
waste too much energy and time being lost.  I really can't explain where you 
have to go; you just have to do it yourself.  Your eventual goal is the two 
exits to the right.  You will have to "fight" an alligator in the middle of 
the swamp.  I say "fight" because in this game, girls can't actually fight.  
You are evading the enemy until it gives up.  Well, that was fun.

You will see chives, lotus root and taro in the swamp, which can all be used 
in recipes if you're interested in that.

Keep moving through the swamp, and head for the lower exit for right now.  
Move all the way to the right, and push down the log.  Take the right exit 
down and pick up the twigs and push down the log, but don't head that way.  
You were just making shortcuts in both of those instances.  Head back up and 
then take the left exit down out of the jungle river area.  You'll be back in 
the jungle, on the east side of it.  Push the big rock out of the way, then 
jump across, picking up logs and vines as you go.  Head home for today.

The next excursion you make will be back to the jungle river area.  You want 
to bring at least 4 logs and 5 ropes with you.  Also, before you go, pack up 
again.  If everything goes well, you will be moving soon.  Make sure everyone 
is fed and fully watered.  Fill the inventory of the guy that you don't take 
with you (I recommend James for this, of course - take Sam with you) with 
twigs, bamboo, etc; but not all the way, since you're going to ask him to go 
out for food before you leave.  Give him at least 6 inventory spots to put 
food in.  The guy you take with you (should be Sam, but it's up to you, 
doesn't affect the story) can carry any more twigs, vines, etc.  Make sure 
you have your fire starter, or make a second one so that you can leave one in 
this cave (you might come back.)

You have a choice, you can go through the swamp the same way you did the 
first time, heading for the upper right exit this time, or you can head to 
the east part of the jungle and take that way up, then go left into the 
swamp, and then head for the upper right exit.  I prefer the second route.  
They take just as much time, but it's less time in the swamp. The swamp 
creeps me out!

When you get near the exit, you will have to "fight" an anaconda.  Yay.  When 
it's over with, move out of there and you'll be back in the jungle river 
area.  You'll see a deer, and you'll be able to talk about large animals back 
at home.  (Not that you can hunt them yourself, but just talk about it 
anyway, because it unlocks something else later.)  Pick up the tree vines and 
the logs to the far right, then head for the little beach area.  You'll now 
be able to build a raft there.  Joined with a guy, hit A to make it.  I 
believe that you need 6 logs and 4 ropes total.  I only told you to take 4 
logs since you can find 2-3 here.  There are three steps to building the 
raft, so even if you don't have everything you need, you can get as far as 
you can and come back another day.  But why?  You can easily have everything 
you need.

When it's built, you can row the raft together.  Head to the upper rightmost 
"dock."  Get off and climb up.  I believe you have to fight the anaconda 
again.  Then go into the cave behind the waterfall.  You'll be in a bat cave.  
You'll have to play a rock throwing game, and it's pretty easy.  Take a drink 
and then head out the UPPER right exit.  Don't mess with the lower one, a lot 
of people make that mistake (myself included) and it is just a waste of time 
for right now.  

Now you're in a lake area.  Head to the right, picking up twigs.  Keep moving 
right and you will encounter the anaconda AGAIN.  Get that over with, then 
climb down to the right.  Enter, and you're now in the lab.

Chapter Five - The Secret Lab and the Fourth Character 

Head on in the next room.  Run down to the left (I know the map is 
overwhelming; I was like, "Where do I go?!?" the first time.)  You're headed 
for the door at the top, near the middle.  Go in and you've found your third 
base!  You can drop off some stuff and pick up the Scrap of Paper A on the 

You could make a fire and go to sleep, or you can head back out the main 
entrance.  Make sure you have 1 log and 1 rope, and a guy with you!  You will 
witness a plane crash!  Climb up out of the little valley, and run to the 
left.  Get to where there are a couple of trees, then go up.  There is 
another fallen tree you can make a bridge out of.  Build it (you brought your 
guy, right?) and cross.  Run up and to the left into the flower field, and 
you'll meet your fourth character!  She's not much use right now.  You'll 
return automatically to the lab.  The other guy will magically appear there 
as well, how convenient.  Get the twigs and food and stuff out of his 
inventory, and put them away.  

The lab comes with fully built everything, which is nice.  You also have a 
sink that already has a little bit of water in it!  This is nice, because 
your closest water source (for right now) is the bat cave.  Yep, all the way 
back there.  Hope you found a few bottles while at the quarry!  Oh yeah, and 
go ahead and discard the fuse in the shelves.  It's of no use to Claire's 

Make dinner if everyone seems hungry, if not, just light the fire and go to 
bed.  Have breakfast in the morning, ask James to get some food, and head out 
with Sam.  

I should explain the layout of the lab right now.  Look at the mini map.  
Your base is in the upper middle of the screen.  These might be slight 
spoilers, just by the names, but I have to explain what I call things and 
where they are for you to be able to follow me, and I'd like to use the same 
names the whole time.

Door on the upper left - Underground Lake (locked)
Door farthest to the left - Sub Room (locked and broken)
Door in the bottom left corner - Hatch to Bamboo area (locked)
Door on the left middle hall, by itself - Cage Room (unlocked)
Upper door on "upside down F" hallway - Mom's room (locked)
Lower door on "upside down F" hallway - Kumiko's Dad's Room (locked and 
Door on upper right - out of facility
Rightmost door - Photo Room (locked)
Bottom right door - Hatch to "Field" (locked)

You are heading for the right side of the facility, to the "Photo Room."  It 
is locked with a three digit code, but that is on Sam's pendant.  Don't have 
it with you?  Go in the menu, then look in your album under "Other."  The 
description of the pendant will tell you the code.

Once in there, you will find out something shocking.  You will also find 
Scrap of Paper B.  Leave the room, then head all the way down in that wing to 
a hatch.  The code on Scrap of Paper A will unlock it.  This is a shortcut to 
the Field.  Step out and pick up twigs around the area if you need to.

Go back to bases, and talk to Sam.  He realizes who he is, and is now called 
Eric.  I will refer to him as Eric for the rest of the guide.

Relight the fire if necessary, and leave Eric there if you want.  Go to the 
bottom left corner of the map, and use the code on Scrap of Paper B to unlock 
that hatch.  It's a shortcut to the bamboo area.  Pick up stuff if you want, 
and then head back to base.  Talk to your partners, and there should be a 
choice about medicine.  Ask about it, and you'll find that an herb to cure 
Kumiko can be found past the gas zone.

Go to bed, or gather water and supplies and go to bed.  In the morning, fill 
up your bellies, send James out for food if desired, and take Eric with you.  
Head back to the bat cave, drink some water, and then take the lower right 

Run across this lower part of the lake area.  You'll have to jump, climb, and 
push things.  Just keep moving right.  If you examine the sandy areas near 
the little rivers, you may open up the ability to build a raft there.  Ignore 
this for now.

The next area is the gas zone.  Make sure you have the top screen on mini 
map, so you can tell where you can go.  Have the sound on if possible.  There 
is poison purple gas coming up out of some of the cracks, and it's random 
every visit.  So, you just have to feel your way through.  You might want to 
quicksave in case you mess up, because backtracking uses too much energy, and 
if you accidentally touch the poison gas, it slowly depletes 23% HP.  Yikes!

You will be able to hear the gas hissing, and it will get louder as you get 
closer.  Just be careful and go a different way if it's blocked.  You're 
heading for the upper right exit.  You'll have to fight the lousy anaconda 
AGAIN.  When that's over, run up and out.

You're now in the last beach area.  Up ahead of you are some green herbs.  
Tap to dig one up.  You only need one, but don't put it in your partner's 
inventory!  If he gets hungry enough he will eat it!  

You don't have to head back just yet.  Head up to the large tree, and examine 
it.  You'll be able to talk to a partner about that when you get back.  
Collect twigs, and then move to the right.  The lower right snaky path heads 
to a spot where you can meet the dolphin.  See Section II for advice on the 
dolphin.  The upper right snaky path heads to a diving spot.  Only guys can 
dive, so you must be join with a guy to dive.  See Section II for advice on 
diving. You can die while diving, so quicksave before you start.  You might 
want to make a couple dives before heading back.  I usually don't let it get 
later than 6pm before heading back.  You can pick up some food and some 
copper wires if you're lucky.  (They'll be in demand very soon.)

On your way back, make a detour in the gas mines to the middle part of the 
top of the map.  The immediate way may be blocked, so you may have to go to 
the center and then go up.  They won't block both ways up at the same time.  
There is a hot springs here.  Take a dip together for 40% Stamina restoration 
and a boost to relationship!

Keep heading back.   When you get back to the lab, you'll automatically 
revive Kumiko.  You now have your fourth character!

Chapter Six - Kumiko and the Secrets of the Lab 

Okay, the biggest, best thing right now is that you can open a drinking spot.  
Take Kumiko to the cage room.  There is a portable radio on the floor in here 
if you haven't been in here before.  I won't say anything else about it right 
now.  Go to the lower right part of the room.  You'll read a journal there.  
Write down the six digit number, then use it on the upper left door in the 
lab.  You can now go into the underground lake!  There is a drinking spot to 
the right.  You can spear fish for eel here as well. 

Now that Kumiko is awake, you will be able to fix doors that are kind of 
sparking electricity or something. You need copper wires, and then you can 
ask her to fix ones you've actually visited and seen sparking, or take her to 
the door and fix them yourself.  Fixing is not as hard as it seems at first.  
You have to release the stylus right on top of the orange arrow when putting 
in wire, then press the stylus in the fire until it's all the way hot, and 
tap the spot marked.

You'll need copper wire.  You can find it by diving at the last beach, and 
three wires can be found in the old ship.  This was the upper left path from 
the bamboo grove that I told you to ignore earlier.  You can get there 
quickly from the second hatch in the lab.  You can also find a map and a plug 
in the ship.  The copper wires will reappear every 4 days, so if you're not 
into diving, this will be how you will get wires.  You'll need 11 copper 
wires total and 2 plugs.  Just discard any fuses you find as these are only 
used in Kumiko's story.

On a side note: if you ask Kumiko to go for food, she will bring stuff 
similar to Eric, since she can also fish.

Go outside to her plane.  There is now a memo on the ground.  Pick it up.  It 
has the code to open her father's room.  You will need to fix it with copper 
wire first.  I can't remember if it needs 3 or 6.  I will find out, but 
you'll know for sure by whether it has two steps to fixing it or not.

Since you've already opened the underground lake and visited it, that should 
be the trigger for Claire to wonder more about the lab.  When you wake up the 
next morning, she should say something along the lines of she wants to learn 
more about the island, and maybe she should ask Kumiko.  Go talk to Kumiko 
and ask her about the island.  It will take 3 days for her to tell it all to 
you.  When she is done, hopefully you will have her father's room open.  Take 
her in there, to the left side of the room.  She will read her father's diary 
and cry.  Take her back to the base and ask her about it.  She will tell you 
what it said, and the message will have a 6 digit code in it.  You can use 
this to open the sub room (left most room on map.)  You'll also need to fix 
the crackling with copper wires.

Chapter Seven- Make the Medicine and Escape!

Take Eric into the sub room.  Run to the left side of the room.  You will 
encounter the real Sam.  He will request that you make him some medicine.  
He'll tell you a three digit code; write it down. Leave and go back in to 
find his pendant. Go to the room above Kumiko's dad's room.  The code has 
three parts which will be Eric's pendant code, Sam's spoken number, and Sam's 
pendant code.  If you mess up or forgot Sam's spoken code, Eric will repeat 

Inside the room is the boys' mother's lab.  There are notes on how to make a 
cure for the virus.  Take the compounding base with you and return home.  Ask 
your partners about the ingredients.  They will give you hints, but I'll get 
right to the point and tell you where they are.
Paradise Herb - This one is easy.  You'll find it all over the island.  In 
fact, save it for last, because you'll probably encounter it while getting 
the other two.  It looks like a dandelion.  If you don't find it on the way 
to the other ones, just take the right hatch to the field and there are some 
growing right there.

Four Seas Carrot - To the left of the hot springs in the gas zone.  You have 
to dig it up like a carrot.  Don't put it in the shelves or a partner's 
inventory, because they will eat it if hungry enough!

Farewell Cherry Blossom - Build a mini raft (1 log, 1 rope) at the LEFT river 
in the lower part of the lake area.  Take it downstream.  You can hit the 
branches as you go along, and you just might catch a Paradise Herb or a rare 
apple.  The most important thing is to choose Right, Right, Right, Right, and 
then Left when prompted to choose a direction.  If you do this correctly, you 
will end up at a new location.  Walk down to the tree and pick up the petal.

You now have all the ingredients!  Return to Mom's room with the compounding 
base and the three items.  You can make the medicine in there.  Then return 
to the sub room.  You will give Sam the medicine and escape in the sub.  The 

Yeah, I know, it's pretty abrupt.  But you have three more characters you can 
play as, as well as Serious Survival as Sam!  You could also work on another 
ending by starting your day over again and not giving Sam the medicine.  Make 
sure you watch the whole ending though, and save your cleared data, to open 
the other modes of play.  You'll still be able to play more as Claire, even 
if you do that.

Section B

Other Stuff to Do

1. Other Endings for Claire
2. Making Necklaces 
3. The Chimpanzee
4. The Dolphin 
5. The Treehouse
6. Building Relationships
7. Cooking, Recipes, and Food
8. Raising Animals

1. Other Endings for Claire

Radio Rescue:
You can find a portable radio in the cage room of the lab.  After you open 
the underground lake, Eric will come in one morning with a broken radio.  He 
will say what frequency it's set to.  Write it down, because I don't know if 
you can find it out any other way!  Take both (or at least the working one 
and knowledge of the right frequency) to the cliff near the flower field 
where Kumiko crashed.  At the top, you can go in you inventory and use the 
radio.  Quickly dial it the right frequency.  You can hear some neat things 
on other frequencies, but battery power is limited.  Though, if you do run it 
down, I've heard that you can put the radio in James's inventory and send him 
out for food, and he will come back each day with it partially charged.  
Anyway, once you are at the right frequency, you will talk to someone.  It 
doesn't matter what answer you give them.  After a week has passed, return to 
the first cave and run down to the shore.  You will be rescued!

Dolphin Ending:
Befriend the dolphin (see dolphin section of this FAQ.)  At a certain point, 
you will walk up to visit him, and he'll tell you (how, I'm not sure) that a 
boat passes by at a certain time every day.  Then Claire shudders and says 
she can't do it because she's afraid of water.  I'm not sure what is up with 
this.  I had Kumiko with me at the time.  I don't know if having Eric would 
have helped, since he coached her through her last fear.  I don't know where 
to meet the boat or at what time.  If anyone has any info on this, please 
pass it along.  Thank you!

365 days Ending:

It's rumored that you get a special ending if you live for 365 days on the 
island without escaping.  I've only gotten to 77, so I'm not sure about it.  
If anyone has done this feat, please let me know about it.

2. Making Necklaces 

To unlock the ability to make necklaces, you must revisit the first cave 
after you have woken Kumiko.  Stay the night and you should get a scene the 
next morning.  Just play along, and at the end you'll be able to make 

This will also unlock finding shells on the beach and finding colored stones.  
When you stoop and search the ground in any sandy area, you will start to 
find shells in addition to rock salt.  It will just show a graphic of a 
shell, but there are actually 9 different shells you can find.  If you open 
your backpack, then press X, it will switch screens and show you how much 
rope, bait, spices you have, as well as shells and stones.  

Colored Stones can be found:
Red Stone - befriend the chimp by talking to him 4 times, he will give you 
these randomly when you offer him a present (see Talking to the Chimpanzee.)
Orange Stone - Found in flower field where Kumiko crashed.  If you stand on 
top of the little purple flowers off by themselves (not the big patches near 
her plane) and tap yourself, you will switch to ground view, and sometimes 
these will be there.  Looks like an egg.
Yellow Stone - Hop across the stones to get to the little island in the 
middle of the lake.  Stand on a bare patch and tap yourself, you might find a 
yellow stone.  There are four bare patches, and I once found a stone in each 
one on the same day.
Green Stone - Found while diving in the underground lake.
Light Blue Stone - Dolphin will randomly give to you as present once he likes 
you enough.
Dark Blue Stone - Found while diving at last beach or at quarry.
Purple Stone - Found in center island of jungle river area.  Row the raft 
there, then just move around, tapping yourself.  I've found two, but it seems 
to be totally random where you find them, unlike the orange and yellow 

I've heard that the stones you find on the ground take 10 days to respawn.  
I'm not sure if this is true or not.  The diving ones, and the ones you get 
from animals don't seem to have a limit.  I got 8 dark blue stones in one day 
of diving, and got a red stone from the monkey two days in a row.

3. The Chimpanzee

The chimp will appear in one of the three circular areas on the left side of 
the jungle map. He appears once everyday; once you've talked to him, he's 
gone until the next day. 
You have two options, Offer Present or Talk. When you first meet the chimp, 
it's no good to offer a present. He doesn't trust you and he is too far away 
to accept it. You have to talk to him successfully two times (doesn't have to 
be consecutive days) before he will get close enough to give presents to. 
Talking is simple, but it can be challenging. Make sure you quicksave before 
talking to the chimp so that you can get the hang of it, and reset if 
necessary. He will make one of three sounds to you "Uho", "Uki", or "Ki ki." 
You have to repeat it back when he starts listening. Note that the sound he 
makes and the written sound may not seem the same, but I've had success just 
saying them like they're written (Ooh hoe, Ooh Key, and Key Key), but in a 
monkey voice. I usually say it over and over until he reacts instead of just 
once. I'm not sure if it matters, but I've had the most success that way. 
The first time you talk to him, you have to repeat one sound. The second 
time, two sounds. And so on. Once you have talked to him twice, he will be 
close enough the next time to give him presents. He will ask for three 
different things. A green symbol means he's hungry; he wants a lunchbox. A 
blue symbol means he's thirsty, he wants a papaya or a pineapple. An "!" 
means that he would like a necklace. Quicksave before offering a present, 
just in case he asks for something that you don't have. You could arrive to 
meet him with all three things in your bag, but of course if you can't make 
necklaces yet, that's a problem! At the very minimum, it's so easy to have a 
piece of juicy fruit, since they are nearby. 
You do only have to talk to him twice to get him close enough to give gifts. 
But if you talk to him 4 times successfully, he will get very close to you, 
and the quality of the gifts improves. 
2 talks - Tomato, Apple, Random Fruit, Log 
3 talks (haven't done, skipped over) 
4 talks - Red Stone, Bottle, Bones, Random Fruit, Apple, Tomato, Iron Rod 
Obviously, the most coveted items are the tomato, apple and the red stone. 
You can quicksave, give a gift and then reset if it's not what you wanted. 
If you give him bad gifts, or things he didn't ask for, he will eventually 
back up a step or two, and you'll have to talk to him again to get him to 
come closer.

4. The Dolphin

You can meet the dolphin at the bottom narrow path at the last beach.  There 
are three things you can do:  Sing a Song or under Play Together, Whistle 
through your fingers or Wave Your Hand.

I'm not sure of the exact requirements of befriending the dolphin.  All I 
know is that I played with it every day for about two weeks before it started 
giving me stuff, and it was about two and a half weeks before it gave me a 
light blue stone, and three weeks before I got the boat dialogue.  I don't 
know if it's better to start with singing or playing, unlike the chimp where 
you have to start with talking before you give gifts.

In Sing A Song, you have to blow into the mike as musical notes move into a 
certain spot.  The better you do, the better reaction you seem to get.  When 
he's at the gift giving point, I notice that I only get light blue stones 
when I do it perfect or only make 1 mistake.

The two Play Together games are easy.  You don't have to do anything, Claire 
just does it automatically.  You'd better have a fish to give him when you're 
done.  And no, shellfish don't cut it.  He can't open them.  

The dolphin has only given me presents after singing, not playing.  I have 
gotten empty bottles, seaweed, shellfish, copper wire, and light blue stones. 

You can also talk to the dolphin from the narrow path to the sea to the right 
of the quarry cave.  This is more convenient in some ways, especially if you 
are still working on building the treehouse.

5. The Treehouse

You can build another place to live at the last beach, past the gas zone.  It 
will take a while to build, since it calls for more than 20 logs, more than 
20 ropes, and 10 leaves.  If you are serious about building it, I recommend 
moving back into the quarry for a while in order to build up rope and logs.  
You can get to the jungle from the hatch that goes to the Field from the Lab, 
but it's just easier from the quarry.  When you've got all you can hold, load 
up a guy, move back into the lab for a night (or rough it and take the bamboo 
area hatch to the lab, then go to the last beach from there - more 
exhausting, because remember, you're not going to finish this house in one 
trip, so you'll have to make it back home the same day!

When you do get it built, you're not done yet!  The treehouse starts out with 
no furniture built.  So that means in order to be comfortable and efficient, 
you are going to need lots more logs, ropes, 12 leave, 9 furs and at least 
one more oil drum.  (You can use a second for a bath -see Oil Drum Bath.)

I don't really like living in the treehouse, because you can't collect spices 
anywhere in that area, and you're cut off from everything else by the gas 
zone.  But in James's game (and maybe in all of them) you can build a sturdy 
raft on that beach which takes a long time, so it's more convenient to live 
there and build it.  Anyway, I think you build it just for bragging rights, 
really, and for something to do if you're trying to reach a year on the 

6. Building Relationships

This is a very important aspect of the game that most people overlook.  How 
much the other characters like you greatly affects how quickly they will get 
things done for you, and how much stuff they will bring back if you ask them 
to get stuff.  There are a few ways to build relationships.

An important thing to note now is the "happy sound" and the "sad sound."  You 
will hear these after talking to a character, giving them a present, and at 
other times.
Sad sound - 
-Ask character to do too much
-Ask them how they're doing or ask to talk to them about something then 
cancel three times or more
-Let the fire be out too long in the cave
-Give a bad response in conversation.
Happy Sound - 
-Ask them how they're doing (just once a day - and note, this will stop 
making a happy sound after a while, it's not bad, it just means that you are 
good enough friends that it's not affecting your relationship level anymore)
-Give them a lunchbox as a gift ("I have a gift for you", not "Please hold 
onto something for me" or "Eat this.") It can just be a cut up mushroom and 
they will make the happy sound, but it's under debate whether a better lunch 
makes them "more happy." Note- they don't actually eat the lunchbox, so if 
you're tight for food, you're probably better off eating your good stuff as a 
shared meal and saving "trash" like mushrooms for gift lunches. Only one 
lunch a day will make them happy, so any more than that is wasted.
-"Can I ask you something?" Choosing this when you actually have something to 
ask them about, and then asking them will make a happy sound.  So, if you are 
already holding hands with one person, you might want to save these questions 
for another partner in order to get a free boost to your relationship with 
the second person.
-Give them a necklace present (this will come much later in the game.  You 
can give both a lunch and a necklace in the same day and get the happy sound 
for both.  Don't know how much more happy necklaces that you really polished 
make them versus crummy quick ones.
- Give them a bath.  When you get a second oil drum and take it back to base, 
you should be able to ask a partner about building a bath, and then be able 
to do it.  (1 log, 1 rope.)  Take a partner out to the drum after 7pm to give 
them a bath.  You basically just have to blow softly but steadily on the mic 
until they say they're done.  Watch out for it to get too hot or cold, and 
blow harder or softer depending on what they want.  Note that this can only 
be done at the quarry and the treehouse.
- Going into the hot springs together.

Once you get to a certain level with characters of the opposite sex, you will 
start holding hands.  And yes, you can hold hands with two people (not at the 
same time, but you can be at that level with both of the opposite sex 
characters at the same time.)

So, it's up to you whether you concentrate your love on one person, or spread 
it around.  It's easy to make a quick lunch and ask each partner how they are 
doing every day, but I like to save my questions for James, because the more 
he likes you, the more meat and fur he brings, which is awesome!

7. Cooking, Recipes, and Food

You start out with just cut and grill.  To unlock each of the cooking 

Deep Fry - get lard (if you're a girl, ask James to go for food and he will 
eventually bring it.)  Then, ask a partner about lard, and it will unlock.
Stirfry - Get the flat stone by diving from the quarry.  You have to unlock 
diving first, so this will be much later in the game than when you first come 
to the quarry.
Boil - Dig up the bowl.  It is in the lower part of the lake area (bottom 
exit from bat cave.)  Right when you enter that area, run up and climb up, 
then run all the way up.  You should see something sticking out of the 
ground.  Tap on it and dig it up.  Note that this only happens after Kumiko 
is revived, so don't bother looking until she's awake.
Steam - Same as Boil.

There is an in game explanation for each of the cooking methods, so I won't 
bother.  Remember that you can hit select while you're cooking to get the 
explanation again.

You'll need spices to cook.  All spices except rock salt can be found by 
hitting A when standing in any green area, and even the swamp.  Rock salt can 
be found most places where it is sandy.  

Here are all the confirmed recipes.  Thanks to many people on the LIB3 
message boards, especially, littleturtlegir, who confirmed most of these.

1. Egg Salad (Cut) - Egg, Carrot, Rock Salt, Pepper 
2. Radish Salad (Cut) - Radish, Rock Salt, Blue Seed 
3. Burdock Root Salad (Cut) - Burdock, Purple Bean, Chili Pepper 
4. Seaweed Salad (Cut) - Seaweed, Purple Bean, Blue Seed 
5. Mushroom Salad (Cut) - Mushroom, Vegetable, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
6. Mackerel Sashimi (Cut) - Mackerel, Chives, Purple Bean 
8. Sashimi Platter (Cut) - Various Fish, Chives, Purple Bean 
9. Fruit Platter (Cut) - Papaya, Passion Fruits, Other Fruits, Tree Sap Drop 
10. Big Eared Apple (Cut) - Apple, Tree Sap Drop 
11. Baked Potato (Grill) - Potato, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
12. Grilled Eel (Grill) - Eel, Purple Bean, Tree Sap Drop 
13. Grilled Sweetfish (Grill) - Sweetfish, Rock Salt 
14. Grilled Clam (Grill) - Clam, Purple Bean 
15. Grilled Poultry (Grill) - Poultry (any bird meat), Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
18. Grilled Masu Salmon (Grill) - Masu Salmon, Rock Salt 
19. Butter Grilled Trout (Grill) - Rainbow Trout, Onion, Rock Salt, Brown 
21. Masu Salmon Skewer (Grill) - Masu Salmon, Carrot, Pepper Seed, Rock Salt 
22. Sauteed Wolf (Grill) - Wolf Meat, Milk, Carrot, Brown Seed 
23. Grilled Apple (Grill) - Apple, Tree Sap Drop 
24. Apple Pie (Grill) - Apple, Milk, Tree Sap Drop 
25. Tropical Fried Pork (Stir Fry) - Boar Meat, Pineapple, Rock Salt, Pepper 
27. Crab Omelet (Stir Fry) - Crab, Egg, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
28. Mushroom Omelet (Stir Fry) - Mushroom, Egg, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed 
29. Italian Omelet (Stir Fry) - Potato, Onion, Egg, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
30. Butter Fried Clam (Stirfry) - Shortneck, Rock Salt, Brown Seed 
31. Mushroom Saute (Stir Fry) - Mushroom, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
32. Burdock Root (Stir Fry) - Burdock, Carrot, Purple Bean, Tree Sap Drop 
33. Eggs Sunny-side Up (Stir Fry) - Egg, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
34. Rainbow Trout Saute (Stir Fry) - Rainbow Trout, Carrot, Potato, Brown 
Seed, Pepper Seed 
37. Boiled Pork Salad (Boil) - Boar Meat, Vegetable, Purple Bean, Blue Seed 
38. Clam Chowder (Boil) - Any Shellfish, Milk, Onion, Yellow Bud, Rock Salt 
39. Meat & Potato Stew (Boil) - Boar Meat, Potato, Carrot, Purple Bean, Tree 
Sap Drop 40. Pot-au-feu (Boil) - Boar Meat, Potato, Onion, Carrot, Yellow 
Bud, Rock Salt 
41. Sardine Soup (Boil) - Sardine, Chives, Purple Bean, Pepper Seed 
42. Onion Soup (Boil) - Onion, Carrot, Yellow Bud, Rock Salt 
43. Pigeon Soup (Boil) - Pigeon Meat, Chives, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
44. Duck Hot Pot (Boil) - Duck Meat, Chive, Carrot, Purple Seed, Rock Salt 
45. Boiled Egg (Boil) - Egg, Rock Salt 
47. Raccoon Hot Pot (Boil) - Raccoon Meat, Carrot, Onion, Rock Salt, Purple 
48. Pork Miso Soup (Boil) - Boar Meat, Carrot, Radish, Chive, Purple Seed, 
Rock Salt 
49. Deer Hot Pot (Boil) - Deer Meat, Carrot, Burdock, Chives, Purple Bean, 
Rock Salt 
50. Boiled Bamboo Shoot (Boil) - Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Burdock, Radish, 
Purple Seed, Tree Sap Drop 
51. Wolf Hot Pot (Boil) - Wolf Meat, Carrot, Radish, Chives, Purple Bean, 
Blue Seed 
52. Cream Stew (Boil) - Any Meat, Milk, Carrot, Potato, Yellow Bud, Pepper 
53. Minestrone (Boil) - Tomato, Onion, Potato, Meats, Brown Seed, Pepper Seed 
54. Fried Sillaginoid (Deep Fry) - Sillaginoid, Rock Salt 
55. Onion Rings (Deep Fry) - Onion, Rock Salt 
56. French Fries (Deep Fry) - Potato, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
57. Fried Oyster (Deep Fry) - Oyster, Rock Salt 
58. Fried Mackerel (Deep Fry) - Mackerel, Rock Salt 
59. Deep Fried Poultry (Deep Fry) - Poultry, Purple Bean, Rock Salt 
60. Mixed Tempura (Deep Fry) - Potato, Burdock, Carrot, Rock Salt 
61. Lotus Root Chips (Deep Fry) - Lotus Root, Rock Salt 
63. Potato Salad (Steam) - Potato, Carrot, Rock Salt, Pepper Seed 
64. Steamed Crab (Steam) - Crab, Purple Bean 
65. Steamed Taro (Steam) - Taro, Rock Salt 
66. Egg Hotchpotch (Steam) - Bird meat, Mushroom, Egg, Purple Bean, Rock Salt 
67. Custard Pudding (Steam) - Egg, Tree sap drop, Brown Seed 
68. Steamed Sea Urchin (Steam) - Sea Urchin, Purple Bean 
"Can you go get some food?" - Food brought by partners _________
I thought this might be helpful for people that are trying to make the 
recipes as Claire, because you have to rely on the kindness of your partners 
to get most of the ingredients. You've probably noticed that partners bring 
you different things at different base camps. If you need a certain 
ingredient, this might help in knowing who to ask or where you need to be 
living. Note - if you are in one camp and ask a partner to get food, and then 
move into another camp the same day, when you wake up, the partner will give 
you a delivery of food based on the new camp, not where you were when you 
asked them to move. This can be convenient when you want ingredients from two 
different places- ie- ask James to get food in the morning at the treehouse, 
then pick an onion, a carrot, and a potato, and move back to the lab. He's 
more likely to bring boar meat at the lab, and you'll already have the other 
ingredients for Pot-au-feu.  
Also, how much your partners like you will definitely influence the amount of 
food you get. So butter them up and they'll bring a lot more home, and you'll 
have more to choose from at dinner time. (See the Building Relationships 
section.) This is not an exhaustive list; rather, just what I have observed.  
Your partners might surprise you and bring other things!

As a rule, James is the only partner that brings meats and fur.  Kumiko and 
Eric, being the fishers, bring fish, shellfish, and veggies.  Claire brings 
fruits and veggies. (There's no entries for her below, because I'm playing as 
her while making this guide!)  Kumiko and Eric will also start bringing lard 
to the treehouse, which is weird, but whatever!

First Cave 
Eric - Mushrooms, clams 
James - Rabbit, pigeon, raccoon, lynx 
Kumiko - Mushroom, clams, white carp 
Eric - Seaweed, Potato, Sardine, Blue Mushroom, Black Mushroom, Brown 
Mushroom, White Mushroom 
James - Duck, Raccoon, Goat, Rabbit, Lard 
Kumiko -  
Eric - Char, Rainbow Trout, White Carp, Blue Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, 
James - Boar, Duck, Pigeon, Deer, Wolf, Lynx, Lard, Fur 
Kumiko - Char, Rainbow trout 
Eric - Seaweed, Moray Eel, Sardine, Scallop, Tomato, Potato, Lard, Brown 
Mushroom, White Mushroom 
James - Hawk, Chicken, Pigeon, Lynx, Wolf, Lard 
Kumiko - Potato, Radish, onion, chives, mushrooms, seaweed, tomato, lard, 
moray eel, sillaginoid, Scallop

8. Raising Animals

You can raise either a goat or chicken in this game, and you can be either 
male or female to do this.    Note - you can't have both animals at the same 

Catching a Chicken - You have to have talked to a partner to trigger being 
able to catch and raise the chicken.  This happens either after you've eaten 
chicken that was brought home by James, or after you've caught and eaten 
chicken yourself.  Even a girl can use the small trap to catch a chicken.  
Most people don't know that.  A small trap is a basket and a twig combined.  
Place it on most green areas.  You can check it immediately, and keep 
checking it over and over again until what you want is caught in it.  If it's 
not what you want, just let it escape.  If it is, tap it with your stylus and 
drag it into your bag.  It can be hard sometimes, because the little critters 
want to get away!  If you've talked to a partner about raising the chicken, 
you will get the option "Raise the chicken?"  Say yes and you will capture it 
alive.  Note that it's not in your inventory, and you don't have to go home 
right away either.  When you do get home, it will be there, and you can also 
talk to a partner about catching it for an easy friendship boost.

You need to water the chicken daily.  The morning is the best time.  You need 
a water bottle to do this.  Walk up to the front of the chicken and press A 
to water it.  If it is healthy, it will lay an egg every morning.  If you 
move, the chicken will move with you and appear in front of your new house.  

Catching a Goat - This one is somewhat harder.  I'm not sure of the exact way 
to trigger your partners to talk about the goat. It should help to have seen 
a goat in person (again, run in and out of the Field screen, but you'll have 
to actually run over to the area where the goat appears and back again 
instead of just popping in and out.) Also, having eaten goat meat at some 
point is important. James will bring it back for you if you ask him to go for 
food at most bases. Also, you have to be far enough in the game to have seen 
the deer in the Jungle river area.

I got the goat by setting a large trap in the leftmost grassy patch in the 
Field (area to the west of your first cave.) Right in the middle of the grass 
is the best spot. Then, leave and reenter the screen over and over (the lab 
hatch is the best spot to go from.)  You don't actually have to run over to 
the trap, because if you catch one, you will hear the goat hollering for its 
life right when you enter the screen. You may not catch one on the first day 
of trying.  Large traps disappear the next day, so you'll have to set a new 
one, but don't get discouraged.  Try again.  If it's taking a ridiculous 
amount of time, however, maybe you haven't triggered catching a goat yet, and 
you might want to try some of the tips in the last paragraph. When you do 
catch one, run up to it and choose to raise it. 
The goat will appear in front of your base, even the lab!  Water it daily 
from the front (with a full water bottle) then milk it from the side (with an 
empty water bottle.)  If you're a guy, then you need to join with a girl to 
water and milk it.  The game will explain the milking mini game.  I never 
even mess with trying to pet it or anything.  I just milk as fast as I can 
before it gets too mad.  You might want to quicksave before attempting it the 
first time, just to get the hang of it.

Section C

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Eric/James hates me!  They won't do anything I ask!

A:  Read my section about "Building Relationships."  The more they like you, 
the easier it is to get them to do what you want.  Also, the problem might be 
the smoker.  I don't like the smoker.  It can kind of mess up your partners 
for a little while.  Sometimes when you ask them to smoke meat, they just get 
hung up on it, never finish it, and the meat spoils, so they really can't 
finish it.  If you try to ask them to do anything else, they either get sad 
or just outright refuse to do it.  Remove the spoiled meat and discard it, 
and even move to another camp if necessary to make them snap out of it.

Q: How can I build a smoker?

A:  Read my last question to see how I feel about the smoker.  That said, if 
you want to complete your album, you have to make the smoker.  To trigger it, 
you have to let food spoil in your bag several times.  I'm pretty sure it has 
to be meat or fish.  Finally you'll say something about preserving food, and 
you'll be able to ask a partner.  Hold hands with a guy or just ask him to 
make it for you.  It takes one log and one rope.

Once the smoker's built, I don't recommend you use it heavily for the reasons 
outlined above.  To make each kind of jerky for your album, just put one 
piece of fish or meat in there at a time, and ask just one partner to work on 
it,  Don't ask them to do anything else, not even cook dinner, until they are 
finished.  It may still hang them up, but it's less likely to.  

Q: How do I wake up the girl?

A:  You have to get mugwort.  You can't just go get it though.  You have to 
explore the lab a little first.  Open the Photo room (right most door on map) 
with the code on Sam's pendant and explore it to find "Sam's" true identity.  
Open the first and second hatches (see next question for directions,) and 
maybe even go in the cage room. Eventually, a topic should come up about 
medicine that you can ask the guys about.  Now, you will be able to go get 
the mugwort.

Go back to the bat cave, and take the bottom right exit.  Move all the way 
across the area, until you get to the gas zone.

Make sure you have the top screen on mini map, so you can tell where you can 
go.  Have the sound on if possible.  There is poison purple gas coming up out 
of some of the cracks, and it's random every visit.  So, you just have to 
feel your way through.  You might want to quicksave in case you mess up, 
because backtracking uses too much energy, and if you accidentally touch the 
poison gas, it slowly depletes 23% HP.  Yikes!

You will be able to hear the gas hissing, and it will get louder as you get 
closer.  Just be careful and go a different way if it's blocked.  You're 
heading for the upper right exit.  You'll have to fight the lousy anaconda 
AGAIN.  When that's over, run up and out.

You're now in the last beach area.  Up ahead of you are some green herbs.  
Dig one up and go back home to wake up the girl!

Q: How do I Open the Lab Doors?

A: The codes change from game to game, so you have to find them out in your 
own game.  Here are the locations:

Door on the upper left - Underground Lake - code found in cage room after 
Kumiko is awake, lower right part of room has a journal
Door farthest to the left - Sub Room - fix with 3 copper wires, code is in 
Kumiko's father's diary (she will tell you the code.)
Door in the bottom left corner - Hatch to Bamboo area - Scrap of Paper B 
found in photo room
Upper door on "upside down F" hallway - Mom's room - Eric's pendant code, 
Sam's spoken code, Sam's pendant code
Lower door on "upside down F" hallway - Kumiko's Dad's Room - fix in two 
stages of copper wire (6 total), then use code from Memo found by plane
Rightmost door - Photo Room - Eric's pendant code
Bottom right door - Hatch to "Field" - Scrap of Paper A found in base
Elevator in Underground Lake - fix into two parts, 5 copper wires and 2 plugs

Q: How do I make the medicine to cure Sam?

A: Sam told you a three digit code; write it down. Leave and go back in the 
sub room to find his pendant. Go to the room above Kumiko's dad's room.  The 
code has three parts which will be Eric's pendant code, Sam's spoken number, 
and Sam's pendant code.  If you mess up or forgot Sam's spoken code, Eric 
will repeat it.

Inside the room is the boys' mother's lab.  There are notes on how to make a 
cure for the virus.  Take the compounding base with you and return home.  Ask 
your partners about the ingredients.  They will give you hints, but I'll get 
right to the point and tell you where they are.
Paradise Herb - This one is easy.  You'll find it all over the island.  In 
fact, save it for last, because you'll probably encounter it while getting 
the other two.  It looks like a dandelion.  If you don't find it on the way 
to the other ones, just take the right hatch to the field and there is some 
growing right there.

Four Seas Carrot - To the left of the hot springs in the gas zone.  You have 
to dig it up like a carrot.  Don't put it in the shelves or a partner's 
inventory, because they will eat it if hungry enough!

Farewell Cherry Blossom - Build a mini raft (1 log, 1 rope) at the LEFT river 
in the lower part of the lake area.  Take it downstream.  You can hit the 
branches as you go along, and you just might catch a Paradise Herb or a rare 
apple.  The most important thing is to choose Right, Right, Right, Right, and 
then Left when prompted to choose a direction.  If you do this correctly, you 
will end up at a new location.  Walk down to the tree and pick up the petal.

You now have all the ingredients!  Return to Mom's room with the compounding 
base and the three items.  You can make the medicine in there.