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Follow the dark path or use the light

Lost in Blue 3


Fishing Guide

by red_panda

           ______ ___   ___ ______ ______ ________ __
           \__   \\  \  \  \\     \\     \\   __  \\ \
              \  \ \  \  \  \\  \\ \\ \\  \\  \_\  \\ \
           __  \  \ \  \  \  \\  \\ \\ \\  \\   ___/ \_\
           \ \__\  \ \  \__\  \\  \\____\\  \\  \      __
            \______/  \_____/\_\\__\      \__\\__\     \_\

___   ___ ___ ___________ __ ______ ______  _______ ___________ _______
\  \  \  \\  \\____   ___\\ \\     \\     \\    _  \\____   ___\\   ___\
 \  \  \  \\  \    \  \    \ \\  \\ \\ \\  \\  \_\  \    \  \    \  \____
  \  \  \  \\  \    \  \    \ \\  \\ \\ \\  \\   __  \    \  \    \   ___\
   \  \__\  \\  \____\  \    \ \\  \\____\\  \\  \ \  \    \  \    \  \____
    \_____/\_\\______\\__\    \_\\__\      \__\\__\ \__\    \__\    \______\
          ________ ___________ ________ _________ _________  /_/
          \   ____\\____   ___\\   __  \\   __   \\   _____\
           \  \____     \  \    \  \_\  \\  \_\  / \  \_____
            \____  \     \  \    \   __  \\      \  \_____  \
             ____\  \     \  \    \  \ \  \\  \\  \   ____\  \
             \_______\     \__\    \__\ \__\\__\\__\  \_______\

    ___     _______ ______ ___ ________ ___     _______ _______
    \  \    \   ___\\     \\  \\   _   \\  \    \   ___\\   ___\
     \  \    \  \____\  \\ \\  \\  \_\  \\  \    \  \____\  \____
      \  \    \   ___\\  \\ \\  \\   __  \\  \    \   ___\\   ___\
       \  \____\  \____\  \\ \\  \\  \ \  \\  \____\  \____\  \____
        \______\\______\\__\\_____\\__\ \__\\______\\______\\______\
                         ___      _______ _______
                         \  \     \   ___\\   ___\
                          \  \     \  \____\  \___
                           \  \     \   ___\\   __\
                            \  \_____\  \____\  \___
                     ________   ___   ___ __ _______ _______
                     \   ____\  \  \  \  \\ \\   __ \\   ___\
                      \  \  _____\  \  \  \\ \\  \ \ \\  \____
                       \  \ \_  _\\  \  \  \\ \\  \ \ \\   ___\
                        \  \__\ \  \  \__\  \\ \\  \_\ \\  \____
                         \_______\  \_____/\_\\_\\_____/ \______\



      ~ Version 1.0
      ~ Version 1.1

      (Part 1: What is Jump! Ultimate Stars)
      (Part 2: Differences between JSS and JUS)
      (Part 3: Controls and Basic Stuff)

      (Part 1: Who is Lenalee?)
      (Part 2: How to unlock her)


      (Part 1: Lenalee's 2-Blocks Support Koma)
      (Part 2: Lenalee's 3-Blocks Support Koma)

      (Part 1: The Moves)
      (Part 2: Lenalee's 4-Blocks Battle Koma)
      (Part 3: Lenalee's 5-Blocks Battle Koma)

      (Part 1: Playing Style)
      (Part 2: Her Allies)
      (Part 3: Characters Combination)



                               I. INTRODUCTION

Hey there! I'm Wong Yeang Chiong, the author of this guide. I'm born in the
year 1986 (the year of the Tiger), and I'm a Pisces. A little bit about
myself, this is my forth guide and I am proud to write these guides to fellow
gamers and fans of the Jump! series. I loved JSS ("Jump Superstars") and
decided to grab a copy of JUS ("Jump! Ultimate Stars") the moment my paycheck
kicked in. This game is really awesome because it has new features and a lot
more characters than its prequel.

I dedicate this guide to Chrissy, the girl I love, who is my everything;
Jonathan Chan, my wonderful and supportive brother; Mah Boon Kin,
the world's biggest Lenalee fanboy; Katsura Hoshino, the creator of the
D.Gray-man series; Jessica "Century Child" Melo, one of the greatest Lavi
and Kanda fangirl; the people at GameScore and GameScore, for being a
wonderful game store and having some really awesome customers; YuanJing
and ZhengYong, for helping me when I was really down; Chua Zhaohan, for
being the other L and translation; Glenn "Gleen" Seet, for being such a
good friend; Cecil "Limi" Wong, for the much needed talk; Gerald Wong Han
"Fang" Feng, my distant brother who remembers about me when I'm missing; and
finally Joanne Martian Dass, a dear friend of mine whom I am no longer in
contact with, we miss you.

I'm sorry this guide came out later than it should have been, I started
writing this guide a year ago but never really got to finish it
due to hectic school life as well as some unfortunate events that took place
in between. I apologise.

If you feel that I left out any vital information, lack of any information
that you think I should add to my guide or have certain words or sections
corrected, please feel free to e-mail me at:

                     [email protected]

Please put in a relevant subject title so I know the issues in which you
have regards to. I will definitely do my best to help you out and answer all
your questions. Do kindly give me a bit of time to respond because my schedule
has always been quite hectic at times.

This guide is about Lenalee Lee, an Exorcist from The Black Order.
Sit back, relax yourself with a hot cup of coffee as you enjoy this guide,
thank you everyone!

                                 II. UPDATES

Version 1.0 ~ Raw version of the guide
Version 1.1 ~ Edited some spelling errors located on my FAQS section,
              I apologise for the spelling / English errors

                           III. JUMP! ULTIMATE STARS
                   (Part 1: What is Jump! Ultimate Stars)

If you have yet to purchase this game, please read this:

For all you anime and manga fans out there, for all you Shonen Jump! fans out
there, this is a game not to be missed. Jump! Ultimate Stars feature over
300 characters from over 30 different Jump mangas. Mangas such as Death Note,
Bleach, Naruto, D.Gray-man and Kinnikuman are but the few of the many series
which you will find in this game.

This is a platform fighting game, for fans of Super Smash Brothers series,
this game is similar in terms of game-play but with a lot more. You get to
create your own Koma deck (which will be explained later) from various mangas,
and duke it out! You are able to change your characters in the midst of the
game depending on who you have in your deck.

Unlike the ability to pick up items and use them in Super Smash Brothers, in
JUS, you use whatever Support abilities in your deck. The items you find
in chests and boxes are healing items, sabotaging items, support items and
gems, are used automatically.

If you have already purchased a copy of this game, please read this:

Firstly, congratulations on purchasing Jump! Ultimate Stars. You have just
chosen a great game to add to your library of DS games. If you have already
played this game, you would have gotten hold of the game mechanics. Otherwise,
you can refer to the section below to familiarise yourself with the game and
its environment.

This guide would contain the basic information about the game, followed by an
elaborate walkthrough and guide dedicated to Lenalee Lee. I will include all
fighting strategies that I have come across during my course of game and
using Lenalee. However, if you have a lot more to add, kindly e-mail me if you
wish to share the information with everyone. I will add them to the guide,
thank you.

                           III. JUMP! ULTIMATE STARS
                    (Part 2: Differences between JSS and JUS)

If you have a copy of Jump! Superstars, you would be wondering what
are the differences between JSS and JUS. Asking yourself if it is ever
necessary to purchase JUS while you own a copy of JSS? Definitely! Asking if
there are a lot more characters than JSS? Definitely! I'll do a comparison
for you to judge.

JUS has more characters than JSS, however two series are taken out. They are
Mr. Fullswing and Hikaru no Go. Although more characters are added in to
make up for their loss. Although I'd very much like to see Hikaru no Go in
there. There are some characters that are taken out from some series, such as
Rock Lee, Shikamaru, Neji and etc from the Naruto series. Although the
other additional characters make up for their absense but they are very much

JUS has the much desired Wifi feature that JSS doesn't have. JUS have a voice
chat system that you can use by pushing X before or after a Friend Battle.

                             III. JUMP! ULTIMATE STARS
                        (Part 3: Controls and Basic Stuff)

Being completely new to the game, there has got to be a lot of things that
you have no idea how it works. In this section, we will quickly run through
all the controls and basic stuff. I promise you this section will be essential
and you will not find this section boring (unless of course you have already
played through and understand the basics). More of the basic stuff to do with
interfaces and additional explanations of the menu can be found in Genroh's
helpful guide.


Alright, let us get started with the battle controls. I will brief you through
Lenalee's fighting style.

Basic Controls:
 Start - Pause the game
Select - Ultimate Action / Taunt
    Up - Nothing
  Left - Move Left
 Right - Move Right
  Down - Block
     A - Jump
     B - Minor Attack
     Y - Medium Attack
     X - Heavy Attack a.k.a Special
     L - Summon assigned Support character
     R - Summon assigned Support character

  Notes: If no Support characters are assigned to either L or R, the button
         doesn't do anything

         Blocking when an item appear allows you to reject the item

                                  BASIC STUFF

In order to understand the basic of the game, let us go through an important
term that we will be constantly using. The word "Koma".

         Koma = Blocks that represents a character in which you place inside
                your Koma Grid. Komas come in different numbers and shapes.

    Koma Grid = A manga-looking page at the bottom of your DS. It has a total
                of 20 grids (4 x 5). This is where you place all of your
                character Komas.

    Help Koma = Help Komas are single koma that takes up one block, they
                allow you to give your characters additional abilities.

 Support Koma = Support Komas are 2 to 3 blocks that will appear to aid your
                character before disappearing. Support Komas can be
                interrupted, an example would be if you had
                Light (Death Note) out and he's about to write the name of
                your victim. Your opponent can interrupt by hitting him,
                disrupting his actions.

  Battle Koma = Battle Komas range from 4 to 8 blocks. They are your 'main'
                Komas in which you use to do battles with. They are the only
                ones that can be given the 'Leader' status.

    Koma Deck = A Koma Deck MUST consist of at least ONE of each of the listed
                Koma types and an assigned leader. Which means that you need
                to have at least one Help Koma, one Support Koma and one
                Battle Koma. The moment you finished arranging your deck, you
                must to assign a leader.

       Leader = Leader gets 2 points each time they defeat an opponent whereas
                normal Battle characters get 1 point. You can only have one
                leader in your deck. The leader can be seen with the leader
                badge on the character's koma. A leader must be assigned
                before your deck can be used.

In JUS, there is a Rock-Scissors-Paper concept. Instead of a common
Rock-Scissors-Paper system, there is a Knowledge-Laughter-Power system.

 /___   __
 __|__ |  |   Knowledge
  / \  |__|
 /   \

  __|__       Laughter
   / \ 
  /   \

   )  |       Power
  /   |
 /   \|

Knowledge overwhelms Laughter,
Laughter overwhelms Power,
Power overwhelms Knowledge.

How do weaknesses work, let us take three characters for a case study. I'll
pick Lenalee from D.Gray-man, Gintoki from Gintama and Ichigo from Bleach.
Lenalee's attribute is Knowledge, Gintoki's Laughter and Ichigo's Power. While
Lenalee attacks Gintoki, she has an advantage being a Knowledge character since
Knowledge overwhelms Laughter. She has an additional multiply of 1.5 times
when damage is being done to Gintoki. So if her attack causes 10 damage, it
will deal 15 damage to Gintoki.

It helps to take a look at the character you are fighting. So don't forget
to browse through your koma collection each time you unlocked something just
so you know what kind of attribute you're up against.

                              IV. LENALEE LEE
                         (Part 1: Who is Lenalee?)

Who exactly is this girl? Lenalee is aged 16 as of this point of writing, her
birthday is on the 20th of February. She and her brother, Komui Lee, lives
and works for The Black Order. Her role? Exorcist. Yes, Lenalee is an
exorcist. Her role is to exorcise Akumas. Their version of demons. I won't
dive into what Akumas really are, you'd have to watch the anime and read about
it in the manga if you want to know more.

D.Gray-man is an anime that focuses on Exorcists (kinda).
The main villian is a 'man' named Millineum Earl. The Earl's intention is
to search and destroy every Exorcist until he can find the 'Heart'.
Every Exorcist possess an 'Innocence', and one of the Innocence is the

Lenalee was taken by the people of The Black Order, separating her from
her only kin, her brother. Her parents were killed by the Akumas.
She tries hard to escape and even attempted suicide. The pair of boots
which she is wearing, is her Anti-Akuma weapon. Fortunately
(or unfortunately, for some), she will not be using it to fight against any
Akumas in JUS.

Komui, as you may remember, Lenalee's brother, entered the The Black Order just
so that he could look after his sister. Being the only person whom she can
trust, he sought to look for her. Finally earning himself a place to work in
The Black Order, just so he could be closer to her.

Her first appearance is in the first volume of the manga.
Allen (another exorcist and also a character in JUS) was mistaken for an Akuma
because of the scar on his forehead after being scanned by the gatekeeper.
Kanda (another exorcist and too a character in JUS) voluntarily 'exorcise'
Allen. Lenalee appears and stops Kanda from further attempts to attack Allen.

Joining her from the D.Gray-man series are returning characters from Jump!
Super Stars, Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Reever. Along with the new addition of
Komui, Cross, Arystar and Miranda. Some brief introduction for each
of the D.Gray-man characters.

Allen is the main hero in this series. His family abandoned him and he became
an orphan, but got adopted by a man named Mana Walker. Mana died later on,
and Allen chose to have Mana resurrected, unknown to him that Mana will turn
into an Akuma. Just as Mana is about to kill Allen, Allen's left arm activate
itself and frees Mana from being an accursed Akuma. Allen's left arm is
deformed, but this is because his arm contains an Innocence of a
Parasite-type. The scar on his left eye is caused by Mana, which evolved into
a curse. It allows Allen to see through Akuma disguises since Akuma wears the
skin of those they killed. He has a Help, Support and Battle Koma.

Kanda is an Exorcist in The Black Order and met Allen in a not-too-pleasant
way. Thinking that Allen is an Akuma in disguise, Kanda attacks Allen outside
the headquarters of The Black Order. Kanda is cold and seems unfeeling. Very
cautious with a "No Nonsense" personality. He probably doesn't get along with
a lot of people. His anti-Akuma weapon is his sword. Kanda is summoned in
Allen's 5 Battle Koma in Jump! Super Stars. But he has one now. He has a
Help and Support Koma.

Lavi has a joker personality, easy going and carefree. He gives pretty much
everyone a nickname and is fond of older women. His anti-Akuma weapon is a
size-shifting mallet. He's one of my favourite characters in the series,
actually. A pity he doesn't have a Battle Koma. He has a Help and Support

Reever is in charge of the Science department inside The Black Order. He
is usually the wiser one compared to Komui. He can be seen waking Komui up
whenever something important urgent happens, if Komui doesn't wake up, he'd
tell him that Lenalee is getting married. Which causes Komui to wake up in an
instant. He has a Help Koma.

Joining us are some of the newer characters that wasn't in JSS.

Komui is the brother of Lenalee. Who joined The Black Order just so he could
be closer to his sister. He loves coffee and spend his time being lazy. He
is a complete goof and has a secret room in the headquarter. He usually has
a sly grin when he intends to do something sinister such as 'repairing' Allen's
arm in the manga / anime. He has a Help Koma.

Cross is Allen's master who ran away mysteriously after incurring a
huge amount of debts leaving Allen to pay it all off via gambling. Cross has
a foul temper and often punishes Allen. Allen is really afraid of his master.
But it was he who taught Allen about the Akumas and the Exorcists. He took
Allen in after Mana (Allen's foster father) was liberated by Allen. Cross is
one of the five generals. He has a Help Koma.

Arystar is a Vampire-like Exoricst. His anti-Akuma weapon are his fangs. He
spend his whole life in his castle with his grandfather until Elaide came
along. He fell deeply in love with Elaide (and Elaide the same towards him).
Do read the manga or watch the anime, it's really awesome. He's pretty
ignorant to the real world and has to be taught how to live his life. He has
a Help Koma.

Miranda is a troubled woman who seems to be very unlucky. She was found by
Allen and Lenalee when they went to investigate a town that "never had a
tomorrow". Suffering from chronic depression due to the fact that she gets
fired from all her jobs and having the kids calling her a jinx. After she
realised she is in control of an Innocence and with the help of Allen and
Lenalee, she regains confidence and left for The Black Order after the
mystery was solved. She has a Help Koma.

                               IV. LENALEE LEE
                          (Part 2: How to unlock her)

The first step to using Lenalee is to unlock her. Unlocking her is an easy
task. All of these tasks are to be done in the D.Gray-man world. In this
world, you will be given 2 missions. Each with 5 tasks. Unlocking Lenalee
would be a breeze.

Lenalee is unlocked when you collect all 4 Stars under 30 seconds. Each
player stars with a star. Your role is to protect your own star while beating
the other characters so that they'll drop the star/s they are carrying.
The moment the battle starts, jump down to the platform directly below your
character to get the first star. Then proceed to beat the living hell out of
your 2 opponents. I would not recommend ringing them out even though it is
an easy way to kill them. But if you do ring them out, jump up to the 2nd
platform to find the star from your fallen opponent. If you defeat your
opponent directly, the star should just drop out of her / him.

After unlocking Lenalee, you can proceed to buy her Komas with the gems that
you earn from the battles you fought.

         ___     ___
       _2   |___3   |
      | | S |   | S |
      | |___|   |___|
 ___  |  ___     ___
1   |_|_4   |___5   |
| H |   | B |   | B |
|___|   |___|   |___|

2-Blocks Support Koma:
 50 Knowledge Gems
  5 Jump Gems

3 Support Koma:
 20 Power Gems
 80 Knowledge Gems
 10 Jump Gems

4 Battle Koma:
200 Knowledge Gems
 15 Jump Gems

5 Battle Koma:
400 Knowledge Gems
 20 Jump Gems

Gems can be accumulated when you defeat an opponent of that type and pick
up the gems they drop or from item boxes that you may find.

In here, I'll also include how you can unlock the other characters from the
D.Gray-man series. They must meet the requirements in the D.Gray-man Universe
to be unlocked. Arystar, however, cannot be acquired here.

-=Mission 1 Unlockables=-

Unlocking Allen:
Collect more stars than all of your opponents. Securing 3 would be
sufficient if you just want to withstand till the end.

Unlocking Kanda:
Collect all the stars within 40 seconds. I'd recommend doing this along
with Lenalee's mission.

Unlocking Reever:
Collect at least 3 stars and you will be able to unlock Reever.

Unlocking Cross:
This is a special tasks that you don't see until you unknowingly meet
the requirement. Complete with full health. One way to do this is to
KO all your opponents via ring out and get to the middle platform to
get the stars they drop. Do it fast.

-=Mission 2 Unlockables=-

Unlocking Miranda:
Defeat your opponents, easy enough, huh?

Unlocking Komui:
Beat at least one character with a Special Attack.

Unlocking Lavi:
Beat at least two character with a Special Attack.

-=Planet "J": Mission 2=-

Unlocking Arystar:
Complete the stage with at least 5 points. This should be easy as you
progress further and unlock stronger characters.

                                  V. HELP KOMA

Albeit a short section, it is helpful to know the use of Lenalee as a Help
Koma. Lenalee's Help Koma allows a character to perform wall jumping. Although
Lenalee isn't able to perform such a technique, at least she is able to give
this gift to others, right?

Anyway, what's the use of performing a wall jump? Lenalee does not need such
an ability since she is able to perform triple jump. Not all characters have
access to this ability by default. Triple jumping is helpful for dodging.
Wall jumping can be pretty tricky to use. It is also a poor-man's substitude
for a triple jump. But that doesn't make it any less useful.

Wall jumping can be extremely useful! It applies not only to the walls inside
of the battle arena but the outside as well. If you have used up all of your
available jumps (each character is only able to double jump unless specified)
and have Lenalee assigned to your character use this as it is
definitely your life saver.

                                 VI. SUPPORT KOMA
                     (Part 1: Lenalee's 2-Blocks Support Koma)

The following section is dedicated to using Lenalee's Support Komas. Support
Koma have a weakness. Should they be attacked upon being summoned, they
will immediately cease being summoned causing you to waste one of your
specials. Thus knowing when to summon your Support Koma is extremely
important, the game isn't about mindless button mashing and pounding on
your opponent/s.

Lenalee's 2-Blocks Support Koma allows her to use Onkyou no Tougi - Otokase.
A brief history of her skill. Onkyou no Tougi - Otokase allows her to travel
extremely quick in relative to the speed of sound. Known as Stepping Skill
of Sound: "Sound Shackles".

What exactly is its role? Lenalee will be summoned when you use this Koma,
using her ability, Onkyou no Tougi - Otokase, she will pick either you or
your opponent and is sent flying up to an extremely high area. This can be
both advantageous or disadvantageous, the key is to using it at the
appropriate moment. Take into consideration where you are facing because
that is the direction which Lenalee will carry you or your opponent towards.
It can be used while you are in midair, making this one of those exclusive
Komas that you should keep in mind when you build a deck.

This is albeit tricky to use but a very fun Koma to have in your deck if you
feel a little sadistic or require a bit of help. I recommend them for
jumpers. Jumpers' playing style would be to move around platforms, attacking
and jumping away (either down or up, a platform). Or you can classify it as

Some of the situations whereby summoning Lenalee should be considered
an option:

~When you are about to get a ring out
~When you are outside of the fighting arena
~When you are taking a beating in a corner
~When you only have 2 jumps and have to reach to a higher platform
~When you are chasing after an opponent
~When you want to dodge or avoid taking certain items
~When you have to push your opponent out of the way
~When you have to prevent the other players from stealing your kill

A little bit hard to master since everyone character moves differently. To
capture your opponent with Lenalee, there are several methods but two of which
I find extremely useful:

1. Jump while summoning Lenalee
2. Quick Drop (Down + Jump) then summoning Lenalee

These two methods allow Lenalee to bypass your character (since you are out
of her reach) and allows her to go after the target in front of you instead.
The best way is to time your move correctly since Lenalee is pretty quick
with transporting your character or target. Precise timing is absolute. Thus
practice often in "Training Mode", practice makes perfect!

                                 VI. SUPPORT KOMA
                     (Part 2: Lenalee's 3-Blocks Support Koma)

Although I prefer to have Lenalee's 2-Blocks Support Koma in my deck, her
3-Blocks Support Koma is not without use. Straightforward and easy to use,
this koma allows Lenalee to be summoned. Upon being summoned, Lenalee will
perform her special, Enbu Kirikaze. Stirring up a whirlwind with her Dark
Boots, her move will easily ring out any opponent near the edge of the arena.

Unlike her other Support Koma, she cannot be summoned while you are in
mid-air. Offensive Support Komas are extremely useful when you have opponents
coming from both sides. For this Support Koma, it is even more useful when
your opponent is within distance for you to ring them out.

One attack from her Enbu Kirikaze will have your opponent/s sent flying.
This can be an advantage if used correctly. There really isn't a way to
determine if there is a "right moment" to use this skill since each situation
varies. But it helps to keep in mind some of the situations whereby you
frequently encounter, thus giving you an option to use Lenalee in the given

~When you have two opponents or more coming towards you from different sides
~When your opponent/s is near the edge of the arena
~When you want to push an opponent/s away
~When you want to get rid of an item/s in front of you

Distance is a considerable factor when summoning Lenalee or any Support Komas.
Situation and timing would be next in mind. Avoid summoning if your opponent
is too close since they can easily cancel the summoning. A good method to
ensure that your summoned Support Koma is not wasted is to distract them
or make sure they are distracted before summoning them.

                              VII. BATTLE KOMA
                             (Part 1: The Moves)

We will start off with the moves that Lenalee has. The important thing is to
note how much damage is being dealt each time you attack your opponent, the
key is to knowing when to attack and how much damage should be done so that
you can plan your next move.

Some things to note about Lenalee. Lenalee is able to perform a Triple
Jump. Some of the characters with such a trait includes Kenshin and Eve.
This is useful when you are about to face a ring out, that one jump could
save you from losing a point. Or two jumps...if you only used up one.

Lenalee is also known for her speed, the ability to 'fly' and all the fanciful
kicking skills she have. Also up her sleeves...uhhh...hehe, she is able to
perform Super Jump, Triple Jump and Air Dash.

They are split into different sections:

Basic attacks are executed with only the attack button (B or Y button).
Advance moves requires a direction button and an attack button.
Aerial moves are done while jumping (A button) or in mid-air.


Let us take a look at how a move is analysed:

~Heel Drop (1)
            Input: Up + B(3)
  Damage (Normal): 8(4)
Damage (Laughter): 12(5)
      Total Combo: 1(6)
         Distance: Near(7)
      Description: Blah blah blah(8)

(1) The name of the move
(2) Ground or Aerial moves. Ground moves can be used when you are on the
    ground. Aerial moves require you to be off any platform or in mid-air.
(3) What are the keys you have to input to execute the move
(4) The damage to 'Normal' type characters (in this for Lenalee, they are
    Power and Knowledge type)
(5) The damage to Laughter type characters (since Lenalee is a Knowledge type
    character, she deals an additional multiply of 1.5 times the damage)
(6) The maximum amount of combo that can be done with the move or any
    additional moves
(7) The distance the attack is capable of handling:

    ~'Near' is when your opponent is directly in front of you, or a couple of
     punches away

    ~'Mid' is when your opponent reside a little bit further away from you

    ~'Far' is when your opponent resides near the end of your screen

(8) Detailed description of the move, when to use and any additional
    information I feel would be of use

                               BASIC MOVES

~Reverse Heel Kick
            Input: B
  Damage (Normal): 7
Damage (Laughter): 10
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near
      Description: A basic attack, Lenalee does a Reverse Heel Kick on the

~Flying Kick (Heavy)
            Input: Y
  Damage (Normal): 15
Damage (Laughter): 22
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near to Mid
      Description: A flying kick. Other than using it to attack your
                   opponents, you might wanna try to pull some stunts with
                   this one. Besides advancing towards your enemy, you can
                   use this move while moving towards your opponent. Allowing
                   you to damage your opponent while at it. Careful though,
                   this attack penetrates your enemy, which causes you to
                   fly pass your enemy instead.

            Input: Tap Left or Right, twice
  Damage (Normal): 0
Damage (Laughter): 0
      Total Combo: 0
         Distance: Near to Mid
      Description: This allows you to get from one point to another pretty
                   quickly. However, the downside is if your opponent is
                   in your way as you attempt to dash through, you will
                   slowed down for a bit until you passed through your
                   opponent. Sometimes causing you to dash twice. Be
                   quick though.

~Super Jump
            Input: Select
  Damage (Normal): 0
Damage (Laughter): 0
      Total Combo: 0
         Distance: Near
      Description: This is a high jump. Takes awhile before she jumps, she
                   can jump up to 2 platforms high. This move will take away
                   one of her jumps

                               ADVANCE MOVES

~Enbu Kirikaze (Minor)
            Input: Down + B
  Damage (Normal): 7
Damage (Laughter): 10
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near
      Description: This move is pretty slow, but a successful strike will
                   leave your oppoent vulnerable to your next attack. Be
                   quick on your next execution, however. I would suggest
                   summoning your Support Koma with a hotkey as you execute
                   this move.

~Flying Kick (Minor)
            Input: Forward + B
  Damage (Normal): 6
Damage (Laughter): 9
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near to Mid
      Description: This move is pretty helpful. Unlike the stronger version,
                   this causes Lenalee to stop right in front of your target
                   if you managed to land a hit. This allows you to continue
                   attacking or use your Support Koma...or whichever you
                   prefer and that includes running away. This can be used
                   for a normal combo after a 'B' attack.

~Crescent Kick
            Input: Up + B
  Damage (Normal): 8
Damage (Laughter): 12
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near
      Description: This is something you can use to combo from your basic
                   'B' attack. It pushes your opponent slightly further enough
                   for you to execute your next move.

~Advancing Crescent Kick
            Input: Down + Y
  Damage (Normal): 14
Damage (Laughter): 21
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near (when opponent jumps in front of you) or Mid
      Description: This move is extremely useful when you want to kick away
                   item boxes or items towards your opponent, but be sure
                   you are of correct distance because you don't want to end
                   up consuming the item instead of kicking it away due to
                   wrong estimation. This move can Guard Break, so your
                   opponent who is blocking ends up receiving damage.

~Whirlwind Kick
(Ground to Aerial)
            Input: Forward + Y
  Damage (Normal): 2 to 13 (flexible -can be comboed with B attack-)
Damage (Laughter): 3 to 21 (flexible -can be comboed with B attack-)
      Total Combo: 1 to 5
         Distance: Near to Far (flexible -higher platform-)
      Description: By repeatedly pressing Y, Lenalee will continue to attack
                   your opponent. This allows you to execute a combo. This
                   move is extremely useful when you want to ring out your
                   opponent/s or just to get out of the way. You can even
                   do a 3-hit combo that does 15 damage (Normal) by
                   repeatingly hitting the Y button. It further develops a
                   combo that will evolve into an aerial attack, a successful
                   combo ends your opponent up a platform.

~Reversed Crescent Kick
(Ground to Aerial)
            Input: Up + Y
  Damage (Normal): 15 to 23 (flexible -can be comboed with B attack-)
Damage (Laughter): 22 to 34 (flexible -can be comboed with B attack-)
      Total Combo: 1 to 2
         Distance: Near
      Description: This move is useful when you want to further your combo.
                   Additionally, after the execution of this move, you can
                   combo with a B attack. This pushes your opponent down and
                   is extremely useful when you use it at the edge of the
                   arena for a ring out.

                                 AERIAL MOVES

~Quick Landing
            Input: Down + A
  Damage (Normal): 0
Damage (Laughter): 0
      Total Combo: 0
         Distance: Near
      Description: This allows you to hit the ground faster. Extremely
                   useful when you wanna land and get away rather than to
                   hover around in mid-air and possibly get ravaged by your
                   opponent. But take caution when you land because you may
                   just land right in front of your enemy. Best to block
                   after landing to make sure the coast is clear before

~Air Dash
            Input: Tap Left or Right, twice
  Damage (Normal): 0
Damage (Laughter): 0
      Total Combo: 0
         Distance: Mid
      Description: Lenalee allows her to do a dash in mid-air. Unlike her
                   ground dash, this allows her to pass through her
                   opponent. Extremely useful for getting yourself out of
                   a complicated situation when you have to deal with
                   people charging up their attack, readying themselves to
                   launch it at you.

~Aerial Crescent Kick
            Input: B
  Damage (Normal): 8
Damage (Laughter): 12
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near
      Description: This move is best used when you are near the edge of the
                   arena with a monkey for an opponent, or simply anyone whom
                   you think you can ring out. This move is quick, so use
                   this to your advantage when the situation is right.

~Aerial Advancing Crescent Kick
            Input: Y (flexible -can be used with directional keys Up or Down-)
  Damage (Normal): 14
Damage (Laughter): 21
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Mid
      Description: Extremely useful for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you can
                   ascend or descend or simply advancing towards your opponent
                   and kicking them. This kick will send your opponent
                   crashing down. Use this when your opponent is near the
                   edge of the map for the maximum advantage.

                   Being able to ascend or descend is useful because it
                   helps you to clear a path. This move doesn't offer just
                   these advantage. If you are facing a ring out and is
                   capable of performing one last jump towards safety, you
                   can ascend and kick your opponent who is waiting for you
                   at the edge of the map that's trying to create a barrier
                   between you and the your safety point. You can choose to
                   descend if you are at a higher platform and wants to stop
                   people from jumping around.

                              VII. BATTLE KOMA
                 (Part 2: Lenalee's 4-Blocks Battle Koma)

After all the boring basic, lets dive into the essence of Lenalee. Lenalee's
4-Blocks Battle Koma allows her to use her specials, Enbu Kirikaze and
Enbu Kuroshizuku. Using the same format, we'll proceed to analyse her

~Enbu Kirikaze
            Input: X
  Damage (Normal): 2 to 36
Damage (Laughter): 3 to 54
      Total Combo: 1 to 6
         Distance: Near to Mid
      Description: Lenalee kicks out a whirlwind which her Dark Boots
                   conjure. This will send any opponents flying if they
                   are caught in your special. Extremely useful for pushing
                   away your opponents or if you are close to the edge of the
                   arena, it saves you from being ring out. Of course do hop
                   away once you waste them. Or if your opponents are near
                   the edge of the arena instead, this is your chance to
                   score a couple of extra points.

                   You can sneak this move in when your opponent/s is
                   trying to jump back onto the arena when they get kicked
                   out. Very irritating when used against but very fun
                   when use against. Heh!

~Enbu Kuroshizuku
(Ground to Aerial to Ground)
            Input: Up + X
  Damage (Normal): 2 to 28
Damage (Laughter): 3 to 42
      Total Combo: 1 to 2
         Distance: Near
      Description: Lenalee will perform a forward somersault before striking
                   downwards towards the ground, damaging and pushing any
                   opponents in her way. This move will cause Lenalee to
                   descend all the way down to the ground.

                   Enbu Kuroshizuku is extremely useful for pushing your
                   opponent/s away. That's not all that it offers, using this
                   when you have opponent at the edge will give you the
                   perfect chance in accomplishing a ring out. However, this
                   skill can be especially tricky to use if an estimation is
                   calculated wrongly. Instead landing at the correct point
                   after the skill is executed, you may very well end up
                   falling out of the arena and cause yourself a ring out.

I personally prefer 4-Blocks Battle Koma Lenalee compared to her 5-Blocks
Battle Koma because I like the specials she has. Besides, that 1 extra space
which you saved allows you to slot in something useful. Lenalee is fast but
weak. But that does not stop her from excelling at what I think she does
best, kicking everyone's butt and then playing hide and go seek.

Different situation requires you to use a different special. Enbu Kirikaze is
extremely useful for pushing things away, and that includes your opponents.
Thanks to the distance, you can ensure that she would be at a safe spot when
you use it. Most often, aggressive characters will pummel you to death at a
corner. This is when Enbu Kirikaze will be at its maximum potential. Pushing
your opponent away and then getting to another platform. I wouldn't recommend
running though, but jumping. Either ascend or descend to a platform.

Her second special, Enbu Kuroshizuku is a little risky but fun to use skill.
It gets you out of a tight situation if you're surrounded and ends with you
on the ground level. Tick your opponents by using it while they are fighting
on a platform below you if you feel an urge to be in the midst of the battle.
Although do keep an eye out on your health, you don't want to join a battle
when you are running low on life. Some of the arenas have random holes or
ring out area so be careful where you land because that's the last place you
would ever want to fall into.

                              VII. BATTLE KOMA
                 (Part 3: Lenalee's 5-Blocks Battle Koma)

On to a stronger version of Lenalee.
For 1 space, we switch Enbu Kirikaze with Onkyou no Tougi: Otakase and
Enbu Kuroshizuku with Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase. Whether or not this is
worth the trade is entirely on your judgement. Whereas I prefer to play
against my opponent with a 4-Blocks Lenalee, some of my friends and
opponents uses her 5-Blocks. A quick look at her moves before an analysis:

~Onkyou no Tougi: Otakase
(Ground to Aerial)
            Input: X
  Damage (Normal): 2 to 42
Damage (Laughter): 3 to 63
      Total Combo: Up to 4
         Distance: Near to Mid
      Description: Dashing forward, Lenalee will start off her combo with
                   a swift kick in the face before going all aerial on your
                   opponent. This move is essentially useful if your
                   opponent is positioned at the edge of the arena. But
                   instead of using this special to attack, you can consider
                   it an alternative to get you out of a tight situation.

~Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase
(Ground to Aerial to Ground)
            Input: Up + X
  Damage (Normal): 2 to 46
Damage (Laughter): 3 to 69
      Total Combo: 1
         Distance: Near
      Description: Like Enbu Kuroshizuku, only more powerful...much more
                   powerful. I'm not talking about just the damage, but the
                   impact that you will soon witness when you perfect your
                   distant estimation skills. Lenalee will jump straight up
                   vertically before she strikes downwards...vertically,
                   crashing all her enemies below her. Again, practice extreme
                   caution when you decide to use this skill.

A more in-depth analysis of the 5-Blocks Battle Koma Lenalee, Lenalee takes
on a stronger role. She have a slight increase in her health, which is actually
important because that's how you sustain your duration in the arena.
The faster your health decreases with each oncoming attack by your opponent,
the faster your character perish or requires you to change to a different

4-Blocks Lenalee has 128 health, 5-Blocks Lenalee has 144 health. Although
the difference between the heatlh isn't much (some may beg to differ), it all
boils down to which skills you prefer to have and how your deck is made. My
playing style for Lenalee would be pure ring out purposes. In my opinion, she
is capable of springing a ring out attack with her Up + X special and get
away with it.

Onkyou no Tougi: Otakase can be used to ring out your opponent quite
effectively. Its final attack kicks your opponent down, sending them
hitting the platform / ground. When used outside of the arena, this turns
into an instant ring out.

Her maximum damage from her invocation, Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase,
isn't caused by a DIRECT attack. Which means that you won't be able to deal
that much damage if you land right on your opponent. The key to using this
move is to position yourself a little bit further than usual from your
opponent and on a platform above their current position. The real damage is
dealt from the blades at the side conjured by Lenalee's Dark Boots, and the
blades are located on the side as she strikes downwards during her special.

                            VIII. PERFECT COMBINATION
                             (Part 1: Playing Style)

Lenalee's playing style varies because she's a versatile character. You can
use her as a Ring Out character, her specials and her advance attacks are the
perfect candidate. Not to forget, all her aerial moves are very handy when
you are facing opponents who jumps around all over the arena.

You can keep her in your deck as a character whom you can use to provoke
sudden attacks on your clueless opponents. I wouldn't recommend trying the
same trick twice though, it will only put your opponents on guard whenever
you are seen around.

Offensive playing style would require you to be on the look out for opponents
who are near death or are at the edge. Take advantage of the confusion that
your opponents face. Often, people are drawn into their own battle to notice
their surroundings. This is when you have the best chance to ring them out
or use Lenalee's Up + X special.

Defensive playing style requires you to stash Lenalee in your deck and hide
her really well from your opponents. Her uses would be to create a pathway
should you get stuck, launch sudden attack when the opportunity arises and
then going back to hiding in the deck. Used to a minimum but yet at the
correct time for maximum potential.

In summary, Lenalee can be a rather versatile character but only when used
appropriately. Each characters have their own pros and cons. Lenalee may be
weak in terms of the amount of health she has, but she can lash out some
really unexpected moves when you are up against her. If you ever spot a
Lenalee during your battle, always make sure never to stand too close to the
edge of the arena and make sure she is not anywhere above you.

Following this section would include: Her Allies, whereby we will dive a little
bit into the other characters and their uses in the D.Gray-man series, we
don't want to leave anyone out; Characters Combination, a list
of Support Komas I feel would go well with Lenalee; and finally, Deck
Customization, a section whereby you can offer a deck suggestion and I will
put it on here along with some of my own deck.

                            VIII. PERFECT COMBINATION
                              (Part 2: Her Allies)

Lenalee is compatible with Allen, Kanda and Komui, her brother. I recommend
putting them in the same deck, along with your other characters. Here is what
each character does:

            Help Koma - Prevents being Blinded
          Description ~ I hardly use it but sometimes you do get blinded.
                        This is just an alternate solution. Do take note of
                        your surroundings so in case you are ever blind, you
                        have an option of running away instead.

2-Blocks Support Koma - Kurosu Baringu
          Description ~ Allen jumps up and fires a barrage of bullets...or
                        5 beams of bullets at one shot, actually. The good
                        part is that it can be summoned in Mid-air, thus
                        it allows you to push back anyone who's jumping
                        towards you. Pretty useful if you're up against
                        3 opponents or is running away from someone.

3-Blocks Support Koma - Kurosu Gureibu
          Description ~ Allen's signature move. This is another Guard
                        Breaking skill. I usually bind this to my R key,
                        while attacking my opponent, I would summon Allen
                        right before I end my last hit. Usually your
                        opponent will block, making this Koma extremely
                        useful in certain circumstances.

            Help Koma - Decrease Sword Damages
          Description ~ Since you can't check out your oppoent's deck,
                        putting this koma in your deck is like striking
                        the lottery. You never know if it would be of use.
                        But if none of your opponent uses swords, then this
                        koma is pretty useless. But do keep in him because
                        having an extra boost works really well.

2-Blocks Support Koma - Zankou Ittou
          Description ~ Another awesome Koma. Simply because you can summon
                        Kanda in Mid-air. Zankou Ittou is a Guard Breaking
                        skill. Mid-air + Guard Break = useful Koma. This
                        Support Koma is useful when you want to make sure
                        your opponent stay out of your way. But the
                        downside is that getting Kanda out is a little
                        slow. Perfect timing and opportunity is necessary.

3-Blocks Support Koma - Kaichu: Ichigen
          Description ~ One of the most awesome Support Koma I usually have
                        in my deck. Upon being summoned, Kanda will execute
                        his move, Kaichu: Ichigen. It homes onto your enemies
                        and what makes this Koma even better is that he can be
                        summoned in Mid-air. Keep this Support Koma in mind
                        when you have a deck with Lenalee. It's worth it!

            Help Koma - Regenerates SP when you are not doing anything
          Description ~ In my opinion, this is useful if you like playing the
                        "Waiting Game". Standing around while waiting for
                        your opponent to look for you before you decide to do
                        anything. Depending on your playing style, this is
                        one Koma you might want to consider using or just
                        taking it away.

2-Blocks Support Koma - Shin
          Description ~ This move can be considered pretty handy. But it takes
                        awhile for Lavi to execute his move. Hopping onto its
                        mallet, it extends and pushes your opponent back. This
                        move is also good for breaking walls.

3-Blocks Support Koma - Koukakaijin Hiban
          Description ~ Koukakaijin Hiban is like a fiery whirlwind. This
                        allows Lavi to push your opponents up as the attack
                        continues, adding a Burn effect to whoever comes into
                        contact with the whirlwind. A good support Koma if
                        you need to get away from your opponent that's chasing

            Help Koma - Prevents being Poisoned
          Description ~ This is useful when you are into taking every
                        single item from a chest or barrel and fear getting
                        poisoned. Pretty useful since I consider poison to
                        be much more of a threat compared to the other
                        negative statuses that you will get.

2-Blocks Support Koma - Kyuuhetsu
          Description ~ Arystar will negate all your negative status effect.
                        This is pretty instant and useful if you are really
                        into thieving all the items on the arena. Although
                        there is a method to use it on your allies / 
                        opponents too. Like Lenalee's 2-Blocks Support
                        Koma, you can jump out of the way after you summon
                        Arystar, which will cause him to heal whoever is in
                        front of you.

3-Blocks Support Koma - crimson snow
          Description ~ Krory will lunge forward and attack your opponent,
                        adding a Poison negative status effect. This is pretty
                        awesome. Dealing basic damage and slowly poisoning
                        your enemies. But don't be too close to your enemy
                        should you choose to use it since Krory has a tendency
                        of lunging pass your opponent if they are too near.

            Help Koma - Exposes Invisibility on your opponents
          Description ~ This could be useful if your opponent has a few
                        tricks up her / his sleeves. Although not necessary
                        since you can attack your opponents despite them being

            Help Koma - Regenrates SP if you do not change or use characters
          Description ~ This is extremely useful if you like to stand around
                        and wait for your opponent to come towards you. But
                        I'd rather use this on Allen than on Lenalee though.

            Help Koma - Strengthens Guard
          Description ~ If you're up against some hard hitting opponent. It
                        helps because you can't expect to dodge every attack
                        so blocking a few times can be very handy. You could
                        allocate the ability to Lenalee or a Battle Koma you

            Help Koma - Increases SP while attacking or blocking opponents
                        with opposing nature
          Description ~ This is especially useful. The key note is that
                        you don't need to allocate the power to Lenalee, all
                        you need to do is to place this koma next to Lenalee
                        for the boost while giving his ability to another
                        Battle Koma you frequent.

                            VIII. PERFECT COMBINATION
                        (Part 3: Characters Combination)

This section will discuss what Support Komas would work well with Lenalee.
Although everyone got their style of playing, I just wish to share mine. But
do feel free to contribute to this section!



~2-Blocks Support Sena~
Sena rushes out ahead and charge forward, any opponents in his way will be
slapped with a Confused status. Extremely useful if you wanna run for cover
and make sure your opponents get off your back. The distance is great too.

~3-Blocks Support Sena~
Not only does Sena charge forward but causing a whirlwind as well as a Stop
status. Extremely useful for running away from an opponent or simply stopping
them just to torture them afterwards. Great distance coverage.

~3-Blocks Support Youichi~
Great for pushing your opponents back as you move. Not only does the attack
passes through your opponents but it is an extremely powerful long range

~2-Blocks Support Kurita~
Standing still and waits for anyone to pass through him. Kurita will push
your opponent back, leaving you lots of time to plan your next move. This
will buy you a bit of time, a handy Support Koma.

~3-Blocks Support Kurita~
Marching forth, Kurita pushes your opponent back. The good thing about him is
that each time he pushes someone, his duration on the arena will last longer
than usual. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, pushing your opponents
back but preventing you from using another Koma until he's done. Medium
distance covered.

~2-Blocks Support Tarou~
Useful Koma, upon being summoned, Tarou will grant your character extra
speed. Allowing you to run faster. But using 1 SP for this, you'd wonder if
it is worth it. I'd say "Take it"!

~3-Blocks Support Gen~
Awesome Koma! Gen kicks the football diagonally upwards, covering great
distance, sending anyone who comes in contact with the ball to volley up one
platform. Great for getting opponents up a platform or on a platform above

~2-Blocks Support The Hah Brothers~
Weird name...uhhh, yeah. Three brothers will appear one after the other, each
one shouting. The first two shouts just pushes your opponent back, it is the
third shout that causes a Stop status effect on your enemy. Useful Koma to
keep your opponent at bay as you get away.



~3-Blocks Support Itsuki~
If you ask me, this Koma is pretty cute. Anyway, Itsuki will appear in a towel
and then take it off. No worries, there's no nudity anywhere but your opponent
will be paralysed if they are within her range. A good way for you to plan
your next move or simply to run away.


ICHIGO 100%:

~3-Blocks Support Tsukana~
The moment she appears, she'll start blowing...whistles. This causes your
opponent to be confused. Extremely useful since it pushes your enemies back
a little bit while they get confused.

~3-Blocks Support Satsuki~
Satsuki will run forth and hug your opponent. This will cause a Battle-Koma
Seal status (which means your opponent can't change to another Battle Koma
until the effect is gone). Useful for taking down an opponent or simply buying
yourself a little bit of time as you run off.



~2-Blocks Support Tsunayoshi & Reborn~
Pretty cute Support Koma. Reborn turns into some circular round thing with
spikes out from his body, rolling towards your opponent. This pushes them
back and allows Lenalee to run or to use her special. Pretty handy to have
and adorable too!

~3-Blocks Support Takeshi~
Takeshi will swing his blade wildly(?) when called out. This is extremely
useful if you want to combo or simply just buy yourself some time with him
cutting your opponent.

~2-Blocks Support Bianchi~
Like Arystar, but just 2-Blocks instead of 3. She run towards her opponent
and upon hitting them, they get poisoned. Pushes your opponent back a little
too. Useful if you wanna replace Krory and have something in mind when
dealing with poison.

~3-Blocks Support Hibari~
Make sure the wall is broken when using Hibari. Maintain a close distance
though not too close or else his attack will miss. After he hit his
opponent, he will drag him all the way to the edge and throw her / him out,
free ring out points! One of the unique Koma that you should have at least
in one of your deck. Fun to use.



~3-Blocks Support Tsubasa~
Along with his other team mate, the duo will combine strength and kick a
devestating soccer ball towards your opponent. As it hits your opponent, it
pushes her / him back. This gives you a lot of time to perform your next
action. Great distance coverage too!

~3-Blocks Support Kojiro~
Kojiro will appear and kicks a fiery soccer ball as an image of a Fire Tiger
appear behind him (awesome!). This has great distance coverage and decent
damage. It pushes your opponent back as it passes through, allowing him to
attack any opponents that may be behind your current target.



~3-Blocks Support Gintoki~
Gintoki will ride on his motorcycle and rush forth, upon colliding with your
opponent, he will attack her / him with his bokken. Great distance coverage
and a good Support Koma for you to purchase some time for your next action.

~2-Blocks Support Kagura~
Kagura will don on Gintoki's disguise and ride on a motorbike, after a little
bit of cruising, she falls off the bike and let it slip through the floor.
On both occasions, whether or not she's on the bike, damage will still
occur. Great distance coverage, useful for buying some time.

~3-Blocks Support Kagura~
Pretty cute Support Koma to have. Kagura will be under the table searching
for a victim. Being in contact with your opponent, she will pull her / him
in and proceed to beat the living daylight out of her victim. I usually
summon her out and kick my opponent towards her. A little bit tricky but
possible after a little practice. Very awesome!

~3-Blocks Support Shinpachi~
Shinpachi will start yelling stuff on his karaoke system (?), upon hitting
your opponent, he will cause them to have a Confused status. Useful Koma
you should consider having in your deck if you wanna play a game of

~3-Blocks Support Kotaro & Elizebeth~
Kotaro and Elizabeth will appear, fanning with a giant signboard while
tossing what appears to be some sort of a grenade. Useful for running
away or simply to annoy your enemies. Worth checking out.

~2-Blocks Support Ayame~
Ayame will appear and toss some stuff (I can't identify what's that, if you
know, please e-mail me, thank you!) Upon hitting your opponent, a Confused
status will affect your enemy. Extremely useful for escaping, but make sure
you aren't too close to your enemy when summoning Ayame or whatever she toss
will not hit your opponent.

~3-Blocks Support Ayame~
Although not much of a distance coverage, what will first appear being carried
by a frozen statue of Gintoki, which will break causing all the ice shards
to scatter in both directions. This is useful when you have to freeze enemies,
and would be a possibility for you to use Lenalee's Up + X special.

~3-Blocks Support Isao~
Isao appears from a rubbish bin and starts yelling, anyone caught within his
range will have a Confused status effect on them. This is good if you have
opponents coming from both ways and simply wish to seize the opportunity in
irritating them.

~3-Blocks Support Toshiro~
Toshiro slices his enemy or anything before him, pushing whoever he's slicing
back, buying you more time to do whatever you have in mind. Useful when you
are escaping or have to keep someone at bay as you perform the next trick
that has been up your sleeves.

~3-Blocks Support Sougo~
He will appear on top of a giant beetle which will attack your opponent,
causing whoever it hits flying up. Although the range isn't much to be desired
but it can be a pretty fun Koma to use.



~2-Blocks Support Momotaro~
Momotaro will fire some projectiles towards your opponent, causing a Confused
status effect when it hits your enemy. Useful for running away, moderate
distance coverage.

~3-Blocks Support Omito~
Omito will twirl his spear before repeatedly stabbing, although it takes a
little bit while before he perform his action after getting summoned. This
is great to distract your opponent and push them back for a bit before you
unleash your special or to escape.

~3-Blocks Hien~
Hien will appear and claw your opponent, paralysing her / him on his last
swipe. Very useful if you intend to buy yourself some time and to 

~3-Blocks Support J~
J will appear and hurl punches in different directions. This will keep your
enemies at bay and pushes them back if they get too close. Useful for running
away and planning your next move.



~2-Blocks Support Nube~
This one is a little tricky to estimate because of the distance. Being too
close to your opponent would render a miss, being too far wouldn't do anything
but this is definitely worth a shot. Nube will throw some sort of an address
book (or phone book...or neither!?), a successful hit will have it wrapped
around your opponent which will paralyse them.

~3-Blocks Support Yukime~
Yukime will freeze any opponents near her. Lenalee can hide within her range
as she proceed to freeze your opponents. This would work as a good combination
with her Up + X special.



~2-Blocks Support Yoh~
Yoh's cut will pass through your opponents with great distance covered. Which
means you can simply let Yoh mow through your opponents, giving you plenty of
time to execute your next move.



~2-Blocks Support Giorno~
Giorno's Stand, Gold Experience will lunge towards your opponent with a punch
that will cause them to have a Slow status effect. Very useful for getting rid
of anyone who is tailing you.

~2-Blocks Support Jolyne~
Jolyne will cause a web to appear, any opponents caught within its reach
will find themselves paralysed. A good way of using her would be to summon
her and then duck or hang around near her with your opponents closing in,
Up + X special is recommended if you successfully trap your opponent,
especially if you're near the edge.

~3-Blocks Support Gyro~
Gyro will throw his steel ball towards your opponent, upon hitting them and
causing a bit of damage, your opponent is hit with a Guard Seal. This
prevents your opponent from blocking, giving you the best chance to take
whoever down.



~3-Blocks Support Seiya~
This is actually pretty fun to put in your deck, in my opinion. Seiya will
hover in front of you as he unleash barrage of punches down. This is good
for putting your opponent at one spot as you prepare to use one of Lenalee's
special. But take note that the last hit caused by Seiya will knock your
opponent down, so time your attack/s properly.

~3-Blocks Support Shiryu~
Shiryu will rush towards your opponent, upon collision, carrying her / him
up. This attack deals decent damage, has good distance coverage and also
adds a Burn status effect on his victim.

~3-Blocks Support Hyoga~
Hyoga takes a little while to charge up, but when he's done, a beam of
ice with pretty good distance coverage will freeze an opponent in front
of him. This is useful if you have a distracted player (who's probably
busy attacking an opponent or acquiring an item) and wants to sneak in a
kill or two.

~2-Blocks Support Shun~
Shun will have chains spiraling around him (he's a male!), any opponents
within his range will be knocked back. Great for getting rid of anyone that
is heading down your way.

~3-Blocks Support Shun~
A swirling purplish vortex-like thingy will be created by Shun, opponents
within its reach will be paralysed. When you summon Shun, be sure to hide
within his range as your opponent/s come towards you. Trap them, and if
the situation is right, prepare to unleash your Up + X special.

~2-Blocks Support Ikki~
Ikki emits some sort of a radiance from his fist, should your opponent be
unfortunate enough to get caught, she / he will be affected with 3 random
negative status alignment, Stop, Seal Attack or Guard Seal. Depending on
the different status, the strategy varies. I'll leave this one to your



~3-Blocks Support Taizo~
Koumi appears and kick Taizo's butt, sending him flying and mowing through
any of your opponents in his way. Any opponents that Taizo mowed will be
marked with a Confused status. This is useful if you are running from an
angry mob. Although it will take quite awhile for the summon to begin its



~3-Blocks Support Ryoma~
Ryoma swings his racket and launches an attack that will cause your opponent
to be affected with a Stop status. Extremely useful since it passes through
your opponent, causing the next person who is unfortunate enough to be behind
to be affected. Very handy!

~2-Blocks Support Kaidoh~
Kaidoh will serve your opponent nothing less than a ball (haha!) full of
poison. Great distance coverage and it passes through your opponents,
affecting anyone who stands behind the first victim. The Poison status effect
is extremely helpful to take down opponents.

~3-Blocks Support Kaidoh~
A much more powerful version of his 2-Blocks Support Koma. Although the time
he takes to charge up his attack is slightly slower.

~3-Blocks Support Sadaharu~
After summoning, he takes a bit of time to charge up his attack. But when
he is done, he'll launch an attack that covers a pretty good distance and
on top of that, paralyses your opponent/s. Pretty awesome but slow.

~2-Blocks Support Keigo~
One of my personal favourite. Keigo can be summoned in Mid-air. Works best
with Lenalee's Up + Y. Keigo leaps into the air and upon swinging his racket,
the tennis ball by which he hit will cause your opponent to have a Guard Seal
status effect. Proceed to beat the living crap out of your opponent when that



~3-Blocks Support Trunk~
You can summon Trunk in Mid-air, making this one of the perfect characters
to use with your Up + Y. The last hit from Trunk will cause your opponent to
get knocked down, which is pretty good for a ring out.



~2-Blocks Support Naruto~
The moment you summon Naruto, he will proceed to use Harem no Jutsu (for those
who actually watched Naruto). Hide within his illusion and act as a bait,
your opponents who are fooled into trying to nab you will find themselves

~3-Blocks Support Kakashi~
Kakashi dashes forward and grabs your opponent. After Kakashi has successfully
grabbed your opponent, a copy of him will appear behind the target and attacks
her / him. In the phase of the attack, his target will be pushed upwards,
leaving them on another platform above you. This is useful if you're at ground
level and wants to get away from your opponent. Moderate distance and pretty
fast for Kakashi to execute his move.



~2-Blocks Support Killua~
This is pretty fun. Killua will jump up slightly and toss a lightning bolt,
Zeus style! He can be summoned in Mid-air. Bind him to your L trigger button
(or R, but I prefer L). As you perform Up + Y, hit L simultaneously. A
beautiful combo that will leave your victim with a Shock status.



~2-Blocks Support Sven~
Sven's suitcase will fire a paralysis web. Takes a short while for him to
trigger the attack but definitely worth the shot if it is successful. Use
this time to run away or simply ravage your poor opponent.



~3-Blocks Support Toshiro~
Toshiro fires a beam of ice and freezes your opponent. Pretty good distance
coverage, and freezing opponent is useful and healthy! Use this chance to
get away or push your opponent back with Lenalee's special.

~2-Blocks Support Yoruichi~
Works just like Lenalee's 2-Blocks Support Koma. Yoruichi will appear and
carry either you or your opponent (depending on where you summon her) and
leaps to a higher platform. This is useful if you want to get away from
getting brutally ravaged or wants to annoy your opponents.



~2-Blocks Support Dakki~
Sexy Dakki will appear to sweep your opponent, pushing her target back.
Pretty quick to execute her move after summoned. Useful when you are up
against one other person.



~3-Blocks Support Toki~
Pretty cool character. Able to be summoned in Mid-air, another excellent
comination for Lenalee's Up + Y. Toki appears slightly above your character
and shower your opponent with punches. Definitely have him on bind.

~2-Blocks Support Rei~
Rei appears slightly above your character, pushes and attack from both sides.
Being able to be summonded in Mid-air makes this a great combination for
Lenalee's Up + Y. Hit your opponent up then leave him slamming down. Bind
it for a faster method to summoning Rei.



~3-Blocks Support Hiei~
Hiei's third eye will cause your opponent within his range to be paralysed.
This is useful when you know there's an opponent coming your way and timing
when to summon Hiei is an important factor. It takes a short while for Hiei
to remove his bandana to reveal his third eye. After your opponent is
paralysed, do as you deem fit...RAVAGE or not...


And that's that! With all the recommended Support Komas in mind, you should
have an idea regarding the types of deck you wish to create. Always an
opportunity with something unique and awesome. Good luck and all the best!

                                   IX. FAQS

All questions pertaining to this game or this guide will be answered in this
section. Feel free to e-mail me questions and I could add them to this
section and share it with everyone, proper credits will be given. Have
fun reading!

Q. Is Lenalee really meant for ringing opponents out?
A. Not necessarily. She is capable of doing that, but like I said, Lenalee is
   a versatile character. You can switch to her and use her to create a
   pathway for your characters so you can find a safe spot. She's fast and
   that's an advantage if you wanna ravage the slower characters.

Q. Should I use Lenalee as my character of choice if it is my first time
A. By all means, Lenalee is a really versatile character so you can start
   learning the game mechanics and stuff. She is one of my regular Battle
   Komas that I use against my friends in matches still.

Q. Hey, I got new suggestions for your guide, what should I do?
A. E-mail me at [email protected], I'll reply to you as soon as
   I get the chance to. Promise!

Q. There's a Support Koma suggestion I have in mind, could you put it up
A. Yeah sure! Send me an e-mail and I'll update the guide as soon as I get
   the time and have a chance for it.

Q. Bind? What?
A. Hotkey...ummm...setting either your L or R button for that specific

Q. Any Jump! tricks? (pun not intended?)
A. Lenalee can perform a "forth jump". Fuusuke or Naruto's Help Koma can give
   the ability Lenalee to perform a Wall Jump. Lenalee has a default triple
   jump capability. But adding to this will grant her a "forth jump".

Q. You're missing out some series for your "Characters Combination"
   section, what happened?
A. Those are the ones I commonly use or have in my deck. But feel free
   to suggest!

Q. Is Lenalee single?
A. Ummm...she's not real, dude / dudette. Besides, I think she likes Allen.

Q. Who's your favourite character in JUS?
A. I'm stuck between Toshiro from Bleach or Allen from D.Gray-man.

Q. And Lenalee!?
A. Yeah, her too!

Q. Who's your favourite D.Gray-man character?
A. I like most of the characters!

Q. Which anime did you wish was in JUS?
A. Claymore! They should put Irene as a Battle Koma too, and Clare, and
   Teresa and...(no Raki!)

Q. Yeah, yeah, we get it. Anything else?
A. Thank you for reading this!

                           X. CREDITS AND DISCLAIMERS

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      IGN - For hosting my guide and helping me getting started back on JSS

Neoseeker - For hosting my guide and the nice people in the Nintendo DS forum

 GameFAQs - For hosting my guide and the people on the JUS forum

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              Nintendo - For inventing the awesome Nintendo DS

                 Jump! - For the Jump! series

             Ganbarion - For developing Jump! Ultimate Stars, great job!

       Katsura Hoshino - The creator of D.Gray-man, without you, Lenalee would
                         never have existed. Thank you!

             My family - Thanks for all the wonderful support

               Chrissy - I love you and you're my everything

         Jonathan Chan - For sticking through thick and thin with me and being
                         such a good brother

          Mah Boon Kin - The world's greatest and biggest Lenalee fanboy and
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     Jessica "CC" Melo - The world's greatest and biggest Lavi and Kanda

                Genroh - His FAQ helps to get me started when I first bought
                         JSS and now JUS, nice work Genroh

  Chua Zhaohan (Polar) - For helping me being the other L and helping me
                         with lots of translations

    Michael and Denise - For letting me stay over at your place when I went
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