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Follow the dark path or use the light
Knights in the Nightmare Pack Shot

Knights in the Nightmare



by Solasty

Knights in the Nightmare FAQ/Walkthrough by Solasty.

Copyright 2009 Solasty

**************PLEASE READ*****************
I'm amazed people are still using this, but I just recently got a email
requesting me to continue this. As I've told the emailer, I'm currently
pretty swamped with work and other commitments so I most likely cannot
update at all until I get a sizable break from school.

On that note, if anyone has anything they want to edit or add feel free
to email me and I can update this guide with that information, of course
with credit given where it's due.

        Table of Contents

NOTE: Every section will have a unique code for easier browsing through
the CTRL+F function.

I.    Introduction _____________________ [INT.]
II.   Copyright ________________________ [CPY.]
III.  The Basics _______________________ [TRN.]
          A. Controls/Functions ________ [TRNA.]
          B. Menus _____________________ [TRNB.]
          C. Classes ___________________ [TRNC.]
IV.   FAQ ______________________________ [FAQ.]
V.    Walkthrough ______________________ [WLK.]
          -  Scene 1 ___________________ [SCN1.]
          -  Scene 2 ___________________ [SCN2.]
          -  Scene 3 ___________________ [SCN3.]
          -  Scene 4 ___________________ [SCN4.]
          -  Scene 5 ___________________ [SCN5.]
          -  Scene 6 ___________________ [SCN6.]
          -  Scene 7 ___________________ [SCN7.]
          -  Scene 8 ___________________ [SCN8.]
          -  Scene 9 ___________________ [SCN9.]
          -  Scene 10 __________________ [SCN10.]
          -  Scene 11 __________________ [SCN11.]
VI.   Key Item List ____________________ [KEY.]
VII.  Transoul Affinity List ___________ [TRS.]
VIII. Contact Me _______________________ [CME.]
IX.   Version History __________________ [VER.]

I.        Introduction     [INT.]

Hi! This is the first FAQ/guide I've ever tried to write so please bear
with me. I'll admit here that I've rarely finished a game without a
guide, but since this game doesn't have a guide posted yet, I thought I'd
give it a shot. This is pretty much an entirely new experience for me,
so I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd alert me of any:

1. Mistakes
2. Things I missed/forgotten (ex. Key Items)
3. General Errors
4. Game Mechanics I didn't know about

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don't have the game
manual that comes with the game, so most of what I say is from experience
or found from the GameFAQs message board.

A little about this game then. Honestly, I haven't played any Atlus/Sting
<thanks to [email protected] for this correction>
games, with the exception of Riviera, so I don't know if the game
mechanics are incredibly unique to Knights of the Nightmare, but
nevertheless the gameplay is still really odd (I had to do the first few
scenes several times to get the hang of the game). I'd advise to enter
this game without any preconceptions.

II.        Copyright       [CPY.]

To be honest, I don't care if someone steals my work, but since every
guide has one of these, I'll put a notice here.

This FAQ was written for the private use of players who are
playing/generally interested in Knights of the Nightmare. As such, any
plagiarizing or use of this guide for commercial purposes are strictly
forbidden without written permission. If anyone were to have such a
desire, please contact me at the email given in the Contact Me section.

III.      The Basics       [TRN.]

Controls/Functions   [TRNA.]

NOTE: Pretty much all of these are explained in the rather lengthy
tutorial in the game.

If you don't feel like playing the tutorial, I will give a brief summary
of the things you need to know here. I'll explain the terms as I go
along. If you did play the tutorial, most of this will be review.

NOTE: I recommend the tutorial, since it has visual demonstrations.

You are the wisp, a small ball of light. You control the wisp by moving
the stylus along the bottom screen. Here's what you can do with the wisp:

1] Activate a Knight - Knights are ghosts that are around the map. To
activate them, simply drag the wisp over the knight you wish to activate.
Now this knight can basic attack.

::[Basic Attack] - Completely useless in terms of damage output. It's
main purpose is for making monsters drop gems. The unit will try to face
the wisp, so that's how you control where they are aiming. The longer you
keep the stylus down while in basic attack, the more the attack charges.
This increases the range of the attack.

::[Gems] - Give you MP for activating skills. To collect, just touch the
gems with the wisp. If the Fog is full, there's a lot, so just be a
little spastic with the stylus.

::[Fog] - Determines how many gems will drop. As the Fog depletes, less
gems will drop. Fog depletes with the use of skills. To remedy this,
phase change.

::[Phase Change] - There are 2 phases. Law and Chaos. On the right side
of the top screen, there will either be a L or a C. To change the phase,
move the wisp over L/C and do a counter-clockwise motion over the L/C to
change it.

2] Grab a Item - Items can either be key items or weapons. To do this,
simply move the wisp over the item that you set in the tactics stage.
Then move the wisp over the unit that corresponds with that item.

::[Key Item] - Used to recruit Knights, get items (usually weapons)
from random non-knight NPCs in the map, and lower the Rage Meter for
Bosses <Thanks to [email protected] for this>. Key Items that can be
used in a map will be highlighted yellow/brown in the tactics stage.
Key Items are obtained from Objects in the map.

::[Objects] - Random objects lying around the map. After reaching a
certain threshold for damage, they will drop items. Certain things like
chests and barrels require you just to open them, while other objects
need to put in a fragile state to drop items.

::[Fragile State] - If you bring the wisp over an object there is a
percentage. That is the damage percentage that object has taken. When it
reaches 100% it is in it's fragile state, and can be broken with a
Warrior Skill. Breaking objects drop materials which can be used for
upgrades, and if the object is broken, after a couple turns, that object
will respawn.

::[Weapons] - Obviously, they're weapons. Like Riviera, every weapon has
a skill attached to it. So to use skills you must place a weapon on the
corresponding units. More on that later. Like Basic Attacks, Skills can
be directed and increase their range as they charge. When they are fully
charged you can also place them into the ready position. Skills are used
for damage output to monsters and objects.

NOTE: Certain Weapons can only be used in certain phases. They will be
denoted in battle with a small L or C tag hanging off the weapon. In the
tactics stage, if you place the stylus over the weapon, it will show
it's area of effect in either the top or bottom. The top is Law and the
bottom is Chaos. Some weapons can be used in both phases.

NOTE: While in battle, even if a weapon is not used, as long as it is
set, it will lose durability. So, plan out the best way to finish the
turn with the minimal amount of weapons.

NOTE: When you use any type of attack, you lose VIT on the unit. When
that unit reaches 0 VIT, it will disappear! The numbers are:
.1 for Normal attacks, .5 for skill attacks, and 1.0 for High Skill

NOTE: When you hit an enemy, either with a skill or a basic attack, it
will raise the number in the top left of the top screen in battle. This
is the Rush Counter.

::[Rush Counter] - This has to do with weapon effects. When this rush
counter hits the number that is listed in E-1, E-2, or E-3, that effect
will take place in battle for that turn. <Thanks to Aquajolt for this>

::[Ready Position] - When the skill is fully charged, there will be a
small box at the top right corner. Bring the wisp over that and the
knight will stay charged with that skill. When you want to release the
skill, just touch the knight with the wisp.

NOTE: If a knight is charging a skill, that skill will still be charged
even if you phase change to the phase that the skill cannot be used on.
You can also still activate that skill durin the wrong phase, but it will
automatically change the phase to the correct one while attacking.

3] Dodge Bullets - Though they're called bullets, most of them do not, in
any way, resemble bullets. They're the strange colored shapes that fly
around the map. If you are hit by them you lose time, but you gain EXP.

::[Turns] - A turn is composed from the time. When time runs out, the
turn ends. Also, every scene has a set amount of turns you can have
before you game over. Time depletes from the use of skills, basic
attacks, and damage to the wisp. At the end of each turn, you pick the
enemies that will spawn for the next turn. That means, if you did not
kill a enemy in one turn, then it does not retain it's HP, and you will
have to start from scratch (this does not apply to boss fights). Deciding
the enemies is a slot machine-esque mini-game. It's not entirely
pointless, since each enemy has a different spot in the little brick wall
of colors, which are the kill markers.

NOTE: You can also end your turn early by pressing Up, Down, Right, Left,
A, B, X, or Y. A menu will pop up, and you can convert your time for
either EXP or MP.

::[Kill Markers] - When you kill an enemy, it's colored brick will
covered with a KILL sign. Line these up either diagonally, vertically, or
horizontally to win the battle. There is no other way to win.

NOTE: Diagonally is not just any diagonal. It has to start from the left
side and end on the right side, or vice versa.

NOTE: The color of the Bricks denote the element of the monster.
Similarily, the color of the monster denotes it's elemental affinity.

::[EXP] - Experience Points. They're used to level up your knights. You
can only use EXP after you have won a battle. EXP is gained from being
hit by bullets, being grazed by bullets (you are really close to the
bullet but you don't take damage to your time), killing monsters.

4] Hide - Reduces damage done to the wisp and cancels an action.

5] Jam Enemy Attacks <Completely explained to me by ReroTheZero>
In a battle, boxes with numbers will appear over a monster. These are
called Enemy Gears. To jam a attack, use the wisp to spin the gear as
many times as the number inside that gear. Doing so makes the monster
lose it's attack that turn (this can be noticed with the small matrix
on the left of the screen).

NOTE: This can also change the elemental affinity of a monster, so it is
highly recommended to master this technique. <Credit to ReroTheZero>

::Enemy Matrix (need official name) - During battle, on the left side of
the top screen, there is a bar with attack hanging off it and several
white lines dangling from the bar. The number of white lines matches the
number of monsters on the map. Each white line has a small marker that
matches the monster type that it represents. When that marker hits the
bar, the monster it represents will attack. 

Menus                [TRNB.]

Start Up Menu:

::Teachings - Tutorial

::Start the Game - New Game

::Continue - Load/Continue

::Leveling - Replay scenes you already beat for experience and items on
your current save file.

Tactics Screen:

I'm no good with text art, so I'll just describe it. On the right is the
items. They will have a very helpful Touch-> icon next to them. Touch one
of the boxes, and it will open into a seperate item menu. More on that

Under that is the Phase. You CAN change the phase in the tactics screen.
So you can start with Chaos or Law.

To the left is the Ready Bar. It's yellow. Touch that when you're done

NOTE: You don't need to set any items to start the battle,
though that's incredibly stupid.

Item Menu:

You can change the way the items are set up. There is the LIST, ICONS, or
TABLE which you can touch. Pick whichever one is the most helpful. I
prefer LIST. So in LIST:

NAME  |  QL  |  EL  |  POW  |  T  |  LV  |  E-1  |  E-2  |  E-3  |

NAME: Obviously the name of the weapon
QL: Quality Level or the level of upgrade (ex. +2)
EL: The Element of the item. The elements are:
      Neutral - Strong vs Lightning. Weak vs Neutral/Sanctity/Darkness
      Fire - Strong vs Ice. Weak vs Fire/Lightning
      Ice - Strong vs Fire. Weak vs Ice/Lightning
      Lightning - Strong vs Neutral. Weak vs Lightning/Fire/Ice
      Sanctity - Strong vs Darkness. Weak vs Sanctity/Neutral
      Darkness - Strong vs Sanctity. Weak vs Darkness/Neutral
POW: Power of the item.
T: Weapon type. The types are:
      Lance - L. Knight
      Bow - Archer
      Daggers - Hermit
      Axe - Warrior
      Rapier - Duelist
      Staff - Wizard
      Mace - Priestess
LV: Level Requirement
E-1: Effect 1 - This will have a number, when that number is reached with
                the Rush Counter, the weapons effect will happen if
                it was set.
E-2: Effect 2 - Same as E-1.
E-3: Effect 3 = Same as E-1.
<Thanks to Aquajolt for explaining Effects to me>

NOTE: The weapon types are specific to that class. Only that class can 
use that weapon (with the exception of the Heroine). If you are unsure if
the weapon can be used with the units you currently have out, just touch
it and it will go to a confirmation screen. The top screen will have
highlighted/colored any units on the field that can use the weapon.

NOTE: When you raise the QL of a weapon. It will also add the +[#] to
the unit's CI or LI whenever you use that weapons skill. This is only
temporary though. QL will also raise POW and allow for Weapon Effects.

NOTE: If you press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, X, or Y you will go to
the Rush Counter Effects screen. This has to do with E-1, E-2, and E-3.

NOTE: Rush Counter Effects are not necessarily beneficial. Use caution
when using effects.

Setup Menu:

Distribute EXP - Level up your units

Transoul - Sacrifice a unit to power up another unit. This will increase
the various stats of the unit. There are a couple other things to take
into account:

-Transoul-ing can change the units LI, CI, VIT, EXP, and the Maximum
level of the units.
-Though it can change, it does not necessarily mean it will change for
the better. Here are some guidelines: <Contributed by [email protected]
and kratosauron0 from>
   > High Loyalty will yield more VIT
   > Same races will yield better bonuses
   > Same Elements will yield better bonuses
   > Same Order of Knights will yield better bonuses
   > If the units have some kind of relationship, the transoul is much
     more potent. I'll give a list for this later on.
-A unit's Maximum level will only increase if you transoul the SAME
class. Otherwise it's just a stat modifier.
-When you Transoul a unit, they have a last word, and you're a player
who refuses to let their characters die in a Strategy RPG, then it might
be a little painful to see them go away.

Exile Units - Delete the unit from your list.

Strengthen Item - Make Weapons stronger. The weapon will require 
materials. Materials come from killing monsters and breaking objects.

Fuse Items - Combines durabilities for an item.

Item Breakdown - Breakdown an item for materials.

Unit List - Look at all your units.

Item List - Look at all your items.

Class Info - General information for all the classes.

End Setup - Continue with the story.

Unit List:

| NAME | CLS | LV | EL | VIT | LI | CI | LOY |

NAME - Name of the Unit
CLS - The unit's Class
LV - The unit's Level
EL - The unit's elemental affinity
VIT - The amount of VIT the unit has
LI - Law Index : Affects how much damage is done with Law attacks
CI - Chaos Index : Affects how much damage is done with Chaos
<Thanks to Aquajolt for official names on LI and CI>
LOY - Loyalty : Affects how much VIT is recovered when a unit levels

NOTE: If you place your stylus over a unit, the top screen will have a
small character art for their class, and their stats. Along the bottom
of the top screen is the Order of Knights that the unit belongs to.

Classes              [TRNC.]

There are 7 classes you can use. The Duelist, Warrior, Hermit, Archer, 
Priestess, Wizard, and the L.Knight. Most of this information can be 
found in the Class Info option in the Setup Menu.
I recommend that one, since this is a much more rudimentary version.
However I have added on the restrictions for the directions a unit
can face.

NOTE: Since the map is angled. I will explain here (and later at the
start of the walkthrough for those who are skipping this) the directions
I'll be using.
Up = Northeast
Down = Southwest
Left = Nortwest
Right = Southeast

This is using the standard of North and South being the Vertical plane.

Duelists use rapiers as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Pierce : A simple stab [+Knockback ability]

 C: Character - Facing right

::Chaos - Jump Attack : Moves ahead one square and attacks all adjacent
squares [+Movement ability]

 C: Character - Facing right
 >: Character movement after attack

Duelists can only face Up and Left.

Warriors use axes as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Swing : A wide swipe [+Break ability]

 C: Character - Facing right

::Chaos - Power Chop : 3 pronged shockwave [+Break ability]

 C: Character - Facing right

Warriors can only face Up and Left.

Hermits use daggers as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Shot : Throw Daggers in a V [+Status Ailment ability]

 C: Character - Facing right

::Chaos - Slash : Slash with both daggers
   C _____

 C: Character - Facing right

Hermits can only face Down and Right.

Archers use Bows as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Snipe : Hit one square within range [+Stun ability]
     _______       _______       _______       _______
   C|_|_|_|x| >> C|x|_|_|_| >> C|_|x|_|_| >> C|_|_|x|_|

 C: Character - Facing right
 x: Target square to shoot (this will be highlighted)
 >>: When x moves

::Chaos - Barrage : Rain of arrows in a small area within range
              _           _                  _                    _
      _______|x|_       _|x|_______        _|x|_____        _____|x|_
   C |_|_|_|x|x|x| >> C|x|x|x|_|_|_| >> C |x|x|x|_|_| >> C |_|_|x|x|x|
             |x|         |x|                |x|                  |x|

 C: Character - Facing right
 x: Target squares to shoot (this will be highlighted)
 >>: When x moves

Priestesses use maces as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Cross Spell : T-shaped AoE

 C: Character - Facing right

::Chaos - Gram : Place a trap in a single square within range 
[+Gram ability]
     _________       _________       _________       _________
   C|_|_|_|_|x| >> C|x|_|_|_|_| >> C|_|x|_|_|_| >> C|_|_|x|_|_|
   >> C|_|_|_|x|_|

 C: Character - Facing right
 x: Target square to lay trap (this will be highlighted)
 >>: When x moves

Priestesses can only face Down and Right.

Wizards use Staffs as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Gram : Place a trap in a single square within range 
[+Gram ability]
     _________       _________       _________       _________ 
   C|_|_|_|_|x| >> C|x|_|_|_|_| >> C|_|x|_|_|_| >> C|_|_|x|_|_|
   >> C|_|_|_|x|_|

 C: Character - Facing right
 x: Target square to lay trap (this will be highlighted)
 >>: When x moves

::Chaos - Magic Blast : Huge Aoe

 C: Character - Facing right

Wizards can only face Down and Right.

L.Knights use Lances as their weapons.
Attack Types:
::Law - Pierce : Straightfoward stab [+Knockback ability]

 C: Character - Facing right

::Chaos - Trample : Charge forward [+Movement ability]

 C: Character - Facing right
 >: Character movement after attack

NOTE: If you do not charge the attack to the max and only have 1 square
highlighted, the L.Knight will only advance 1 square instead of 2.

L.Knights can face any direction.

IV.           FAQ          [FAQ.]

Okay so I'll add to this as people contact (if they will) so for now,
I'll just fill this part with general questions I've seen, or questions I

Q] How come I can't move my characters?
A] You can only move your units if it's in the effect of their attack. Of
the normal units, Duelists and L.Knights can move with just their normal
attack in Chaos phase.

V.        Walkthrough      [WLK.]

Okay! So finally the Walkthrough. A few notes to make here. I won't be
going over the cutscenes and stories too much, since they don't have much
to do with the battles, and that would be spoiling the story! The
walkthrough is divided up into the scenes, and I'm only giving the
general way as to how I got all the items and knights, and how I dealt
with bosses. Otherwise you're on your own, since the bricks line up
differently each play through and that's all up to you to decide what
line you want to make to win. In other words, I won't tell you to switch
out units for any other purpose besides getting items. I'm just here to
advise you on the game, not play it for you. The winning strategy will
be entirely up to you to make. Though I'll start out more specific,
I'll gradually start easing up and just add my own thoughts instead of
giving instructions.

Also, I want to reinforce that I'm trying to beat the game myself, so I
might miss some things along the way. If you found something that isn't
in this guide, or a mistake, please tell me; credit will be given where
it's due. In addition, since I'm trying to beat the game, I have not
done a 2nd play through, and I'm not very far into the game. Please
bear with me, since I'm restarting a lot to get information I previously

Oh yes, also, this walkthrough is on NORMAL mode. Please be sure to note
that, since you get a different set of items in EASY mode, which changes
the drops of the objects.

Since I'm pretty terrible with text art and I'm going to be giving
directions, let me clear this up.
Up = Northeast
Down = Southwest
Left = Northwest
Right = Southeast

These are based off the standard compass used for directions in games:

West<-- -->East

*All Items will be encompassed in a {} for easier reading.
*All Key Items that can be gained in a scene will be listed in that
scene's section.
*All Key Items that can be used in a scene will be listed in that scene's
section along with the corresponding unit it belongs to.
*All Key Items that are found from a regenerated object will be marked
with a [*].

Well then, let's start. Ah yes, a final word. I know that the tutorial is
ridiculously long, but it would be HIGHLY in your best interests to take
your time and go through it. Without the tutorial you wouldn't even know
how to start.

Scene 1              [SCN1.]

Okay so after the cutscene is all done. It's time to fight! By the way I
love the character art for this game. It's seriously amazing.

::Abandoned Church
A dilapidated church lies lonely and
forgotten in the depths of the ancient
forest of Valde. The ravages of time are
apparent, and what little remains show
that the church was built long ago...

KEY ITEMS in scene:
{Favorite Jug}
{Knitted Scarf}
{Letter Opener}
{Wedding Ring}
{Soul Crucible}* <Thanks to GfireX954 and [email protected] for this!>

KEY ITEMS usable in scene:
{Knitted Scarf} >> Johann

Since this is the first battle, it's ridiculously simple.

-You only really need 1 item, the {Frozen Axe}.
-Make sure you get all the items from the objects first. So, simply
charge your {Frozen Axe} attack in Chaos Phase Upwards and Leftwards.
-You may need to attack upwards twice to get the chest to open.
-Get the items and then kill the monsters.
-Try not to kill the slime that is walking in front of Johann
until you get the items. Otherwise you can't recharge your MP until the
next turn. This only applies if you're using my strategy.
-You won't get the key item from objects that require you to OPEN
them if you force them into a fragile state before they open.
-Make sure to get all the items in the first turn. In the 2nd turn set
the {Knitted Scarf} as well. Drag that onto Johann, then you're all set.
Just blast the monsters away until you win.
-If you can, abuse the elemental circle, and go for the 200%, it's
pretty much a guaranteed 1 hit kill.
-{Soul Crucible} is only obtainable from a regenerated candle stick.
In the first turn, completely destroy all the candle sticks, and in the
2nd turn, recruit Johann, then press A and go to the Time for EXP option.
In the 3rd turn, the candle sticks should be back. Put them in Fragile
State, and get the {Soul Crucible}. Then win!

NOTE: After you obtain the key item from an object and you break it. When
it respawns, it will drop another key item!
NOTE on the NOTE: This only applies if that object is supposed to drop a
key item.

Congratulations on finishing your first battle! Afterwards you will gain
Johann. Watch the after battle cutscene. The little knight that got eaten
is none other than... Johann! Just remember that when the color fades
like that for the cutscene, it's a small flashback on the units you
found in that map. This way it will be less confusing.

Setup Screen:
If you like Johann, then level him up. If you're not sure since you just
started, hold off on leveling him for now. Unless you really just want to
blow off all your EXP, which is perfectly fine since you can just get it
back in the LEVELING option at the start up screen.

Scene 2              [SCN2.]

::Deep Forest - Northwest
This area of the Valde Forest is so
heavily overgrown that the sun rarely
reaches the forest floor. Few people
dared to tread here, and all manner of
plants and animals flourish.

KEY ITEMS in scene:
{Indigo Ocarina}
{Leather Wallet}
{Slim Darts}
{Piche's Bauble}*

KEY ITEMS usable in scene:
{Favorite Jug} >> Bonn
{Wedding Ring} >> Moira

You get 2 characters this round. Bonn and Moira.

-Bring a {Slasher} and a {Searing Edges}.
-Use the Slasher Skill to open up the crate and destroy the grasses.
-You can destroy the Dryad Fences as well. Though they only drop
-{Searing Edges} will deal with any monsters that get away from
{Slasher}'s range.
-Clean the monsters up after you get the key items, and you're done!
-Make sure to completely break the box.
-Like the {Soul Crucible} you can only get {Piche's Bauble} from a
regenerated object. It takes a little longer this battle for the box to
regenerate, so make absolutely sure to unequip your items if you're going
to just skip each turn, which can be done by pressing A and swapping your
time for EXP until the box reappears.

NOTE: Though you can do it that way, it might be a better idea to make
sure the bricks are set up so you can win on the final turn.

Simple enough, yeah?

Alright Setup Screen time. If you like a certain unit, whether it's
because of their art, personality, or whatever. Then by all means level
that one up. For example, I really liked Moira, so I leveled her up.

If you want to level your units even more, just reset and go the LEVELING
option. The same goes if you're running low on items or you want more

Scene 3              [SCN3.]

::Deep Forest - Northeast
The northeastern region of Valde Forest
is a marshy area, where the streams that
feed into Noir Lake emerge. Fungi from
this area are a valuable food source
for the inhabitants of this locale.

KEY ITEMS in scene:
{Crochet Needle}
{Sake Bottle}
{Upora Statue}
{Dry Grass}*

KEY ITEMS usable in scene:
{Indigo Orcarina} >> Michel
{Slim Darts} >> Mardin
{Leather Wallet} >> Norton

-Pay attention to the VIT of your characters, since if it reaches
0, that unit will disappear! This happened to my Michel, which made me
restart the map.
-Set the {Leather Wallet} and {Slim Darts}. Giving them to their
respective owners.
-Now set a {Darkish} and a {Slasher}. Use the {Slasher} to open the crate
and then break it. This is very important! There are 2 key items to be
gained from that regenerated crate and it takes 4 turns for it to be
regenerated once! This is a 9 turn battle, so you'll get the 2nd item
on the last turn!
-to get the Items from the log and the crate, switch to chaos mode, and
start normal attacking with your L.Knight upwards. Stop him right next to
the grass. Now use {Darkish} on the grass and the logs!
-The L.Knight will only advance the highlighted squares. If you don't
charge his normal attack, he will only advance 1 square instead of 2.
Make use of this.
-Set the {Indigo Ocarina} in the next turn so we can recruit Michel. Also
change out Mardin (the L.Knight) for a warrior. Set a {Frozen Axe} to
deal with the Fire type trees on the top half, and to break the grass.
-Now try to set up for a win in the brick wall as you go through your
turns. On turns 5 open and break the crate to get the key item. If you
broke the grass, it will eventually regenerate. That gives you the last
key item.

Setup Screen:
Level up your favorite units. Another thing to note is that, leveling a
unit recovers some of their VIT. Though I personally wouldn't recommend
leveling Michel since his VIT is much too low.

Scene 4              [SCN4.]

::Deep Forest - South
The Southern part of Valde Forest was
close to more civilized areas, and this
region saw lots of traffic from cities.
The flowers blooming here are telling
reminders of spring's approach.

KEY ITEMS in scene:
{Spear Replica}
{Fountain Pen}
{Quill Pen}
{Crimson Brooch}

KEY ITEMS used in scene:
{Letter Opener} >> Jorgen
{Sake Bottle} >> Firenz
{Upora Statue} >> Dreyuss
{Piches Bauble} >> Werewolf

Boss Time!

2 more units. The Archer Dreyuss and the Warrior Firenz, along with a
non-knight NPC. Now we have 3 grasses and a chest.

BOSS INFO: Werewolf Jamie - Lv.60 | 10400 HP |
The Werewolf has 3 attacks. The most common one is when he slashes, and
after some delay, 3 gigantic gashes flash across the screen from where
he was standing. It's easy enough to avoid. The second attack is when
he claws into the air. This brings out several mini bullets that fan out.
The third and final attack is when he summons a giant moon and begins
slashing it. After 3 intervals of slashing, the moon shatters and all
the pieces break off and fly around the map. When you see the moon, move
the wisp as far away as possible! If you're too close you'll lose all
your time before even reacting.

MINI-NOTE: If you put your stylus on a Boss, it will give you it's
information. Among that information, the NOTICE: <Hint>, gives you a hint
as to what to watch out for, for his super move! In this case, when the
wolf howls, he will summon the moon.

When the rage meter fills up the boss will activate it's Ultimate Attack,
which in this case is the moon shattering. The rage meter will never
exceed the health of the Boss, so as you get closer to winning, it gets
more dangerous. You can deplete the Rage meter with a key item, and from
then on, the rage meter will fill at 3/4ths the normal growth rate.
<Thanks to Aquajolt for this explanation>

-First recruit the 2 knights with the {Sake Bottle} and the 
{Upora Statue}.
-The grass on the left is on a elevated surface so the warrior can't hit
it use a {Handmade Bow} to get the grass and the chest.
-Use a {Slasher} for the grass on the right.
-Don't worry about hitting the wolf, it has a lot of HP.
-On the next turn, set the letter opener to get the item from Jorgen the
-I would switch out Dreyuss for Moira, to get that last
grass at the top with {Searing Edges}.
-Afterwards focus on the wolf.
-All he does is walk in a circle, so just charge and ready your
skills and unleash when he's in range, so you can focus on dodging.
-Whenever he just stands there and growls, a Enemy Gear will pop up!
Abuse this.

Scene 5              [SCN5.]

::Northern Gate of Regnieburg
This place marked the boundary between
the forest and the town to the south
the roads here were paved with stone to
allow horses to travel through Valde
Forest to the church further north.

KEY ITEMS in scene:
{Bent Coin}
{Secret Box}
{Holy Water}
{Holy Necklace}

KEY ITEMS usable in scene:
{Crochet Needle} >> Nadia
{Quill Pen} >> Bailey
{Crimson Brooch} >> Frances
{Teapot} >> Erica

Random thought: That little witch monster is really cute.

Big surprise here! 3 new units this time. We have the hermit Frances,
the Duelist Erica Val Eh Sokolov (that's an awesome name) and Bailey (a
guy who looks like a stereotypical evil guy who WILL betray you, though
he probably won't, I still don't use him). Oh and the non-knights Melfi,
Monk, and Nadia. Nadia is the only non-knight that gives you an item,
Anyway, for my sake, set the Quill Pen so you can replace Bailey in the
next turn.

-I would only set 2 key items per turn at the max, to guarantee
some weapon diversity in case the situation calls for it.
-Be careful with the barrels and make sure you get them open.
-I would switch the positions of Erica and Bailey for the first turn.
Then you can advance Erica left in Chaos Phase to set up for a {Slasher}
next turn. Similarily, you can use a {Slasher} for Bailey to get rid of
the sign.
-Get a {Searing Edges} to open the left-most Barrel.
-Get Erica back into her starting position, so she can move Up one space,
onto the ledge. Next turn switch her out for a warrior and bring a
{Frozen Axe} to take care of the Barrel.

Scene 6              [SCN6.]

::Regnieburg Bridge 7
This section of the city was the center
of activity for the fishermen and other
people who lived off the bounty of Noir
Lake. This area is riddled with canals
and bridges, making it all but a maze.

KEY ITEMS in scene:
{Tanned Scroll}
{Thin Watch}

KEY ITEMS usable in scene:
{Fountain Pen} >> Raphael
{Holy Water} >> Isabel
{Bent Coint} >> Rolenta
{Spear Replica} >> Alonso
{Talisman} >> Rolf

We now have a Wizard who goes by Rolf! Along with another L.Knight,
Alonso and a male Hermit, Rolenta! Alonso looks funny. Anyway, among
the non-knights, Raphael and Isabel are the ones that give items.
We have a crate and a barrel to open, and a small bridge made of pipes.

-Hopefully you have gotten a Chaos Rod from some previous item drops. It
will come in handy.
-Since I prefer abusing the AoE on the Chaos Rod, I'll be opening the
barrel and the breaking the bridge with it. If you don't like that, you
can abuse Alonso's movement ability and get him beside the crate first,
use the {Halberd} skill to open it. Then move him again and use the
{Halberd on the Barrel}. You'll still need to bust open the bridge
though, so either you keep moving Alonso or use the AoE, or come up
with another solution.
-You could also replace Rolenta with Dreyuss, and bomb the bridge.
-Having a Lightning Element weapon like the {Jewel Rod} would be great

Scene 7              [SCN7.]

::Regnieburg Bridge 4
This section of Regnieburg is where the
docks and wharfs lay, making this the
hub of trade for the city as goods came
in and out by barge. The land here is
fairly flat and easy to traverse.

KEY ITEMS in scene:

KEY ITEMS usable in scene:
{Paint} >> Sven
{Secret Box} >> Lillian
{Tanned Scroll} >> Crozeph
{Thin Watch} >> Simone

Now we get the Priestess Simone, along with another Duelist, Lilian, and
another L.Knight, Crozeph. Crozeph looks awesome! Very cool face.

-Get a key item to Simone, and switch her out quickly. She's useless as
she is right now.
-You can abuse the {Halberd} Skill here, with Crozeph.
-Moving Lilian in chaos mode is probably a good idea, so you can set her
up next to the chest for another unit to deal with it. Unless you happen
to have a rapier that works in Law.
-Make use of the L.Knights you have to move around into favorable
positions that let you use the class you want with the right elemental
-It's probably a good idea to do the Leveling option to get some more

Scene 8              [SCN8.]

::Regnieburg Right District
The largest residential district in the
lakeside town was in this area. Most of
the stores and facilities were here,
and an important amount of trade was
done within the city.

So a new Duelist, Wizard, and Priestess. Friebur looks incredibly French.
Oh yes, and the non-knight Belinda is willing to give us a weapon for a
sack of {flour}.

-You should have gotten the hang of what you should be doing now.
-Dreyuss with {Homemade Bow} is really useful here to get all the items.
-If you don't have a Sanctity type weapon, use weapons like fire/ice to
avoid elemental weakening. Since it's highly likely that you'll need to
kill a Darkness type monster for the Finisher.

It seems things are starting to pick up pace in the cutscenes as well.

Scene 9              [SCN9.]

::Regnieburg Carlaine District
This residential section of the town was
built on an island in the harbor. While
it was not spacious, many people made
their homes here. Its many docks
provided transport to the rest of the town.

It looks like the monsters are quite angry at us for murdering their
buddies. Should we feel accomplished or ashamed?

Stupid jokes aside. We have yet another Duelist and L.Knight!
But the real thing is that we finally have a new Archer! Though he really
doesn't look like an archer. Our L.Knight has the strange name of
Annalot. I wonder where they come up with these names.

-If you're going to break the barrel with Annalot. Use a {Halberd},
{Darkish} does way too much damage.
-{Frozen Axe} or a Chaos type axe would be very helpful to get the
barrel to the left on the middle ledge. Make sure the barrel is in it's
-Read the first Advice for this Scene. {Darkish} is rather overpowered.
If you can aim the {Darkish} at a Sanctity type monster, it would do
absolute wonders.
-The enemy at the top (up) is more easily dealt with if you move the unit
on the left closer.

Scene 10              [SCN10.]

::Bridge - Regnieburg Side
Dussel Bridge connects the town to the
small island that held the fortress
protecting the castle. The bridge has
been damaged by war and natural wear,
but shows signs of constant repair.

Well, now we know you're true identity! and if you haven't figured it
out, I'd advise you to start over and pay more attention.

We now have Maria! Our Heroine. She has a horrible VIT. Bring your stylus
over her and look in awe at her character art.

-Anyway we're only allowed to use Maria. She can use any weapon and there
are no objects, so just wing it and have fun.
-Though Maria can use any weapon, the only thing that sticks with her is
the attack damage and the element, she has her own attack range.
-Maria can also move in Chaos phase.
-Make sure she doesn't hit 0 VIT. It's okay if you get close though,
since she regenerates it back to 7.77 at the end of each scene.

Okay now you're quite blatantly told the identity of the wisp. Putting
that aside, we now have our lovely heroine for the story. We must be
getting into the meat of the story now. On that note, I wonder just how
many unique character arts this game has? Nearly every unit in the
cutscenes have a unique character design.

Scene 11              [SCN11.]

::Fortress Gate
A strategic area between Regnieburg and
St. Celestina Island. It has seen a
number of battles, and was rebuilt even
stronger than before after each assault.

I like this boss. It has an interesting style.

This boss is pretty tough compared to the wolf. When she swings her
hammer down, MOVE THE WISP. A pretty large blue stream flows down the
screen. It takes off a heavy amount of time per hit so please be careful.
When she swipes multiple times, she'll do something like the Wolf's
moon. Only this time it's a ball packed with star shaped chunks. It has a
much more extensive coverage of the screen, so when you see it, cease
all activities and try to avoid it. When she starts charging (a red tag
will come off her and say "Filling") she'll raise both her arms and stop
attacking you for a short period of time. If you hit her during this
charging time, she will counterattack. Her counterattack is 4 segments
of a circle come flying into the center of the screen (usually around
you) and form up in a circle. DON'T hide in the middle of it, since a
giant compass-like thing grows in the middle until it fill the circle.
Then the entire thing shatters sending all the bits around the screen.

NOTE: When she's damaged enough, she will start casting the blue compass
death attack even if she isn't hit while charging.

-There's only one object, take care of it with your new archer Walder.
-The empty spot is in a bad position. Consider placing a L.Knight or a
Duelist there to move it into a better spot, or closer to the Boss. If
you want to be right next to the boss, use a Duelist because Jump Attack
lets you climb ledges.
-Don't focus on attacking, focus on dodging. Time doesn't run out if you
do nothing, so take it easy.
-Using the L or R button, lets you hide, reducing damage done to your
-Try to use higher damaging weapons to end this more quickly.

VI.        Key Items       [KEY.]

After browsing the message boards a bit, I found that there were several
requests for a Key Items list, along with a FAQ/Guide.

The walkthrough will have a list of key items per scene. So this is more
of a summary.

<Thanks to [email protected] for a list of Key Items and the scenes they
are found and used>

|        Name        | SCN   | SCN  |               Owner               |
|                    | Found | Used |                                   |

1.   {Knitted Scarf}      1      1              Johann Elliott
2.   {Wedding Ring}       1      2             Moira Chateletze
3.   {Favorite Jug}       1      2               Bonn Clavell
4.   {Letter Opener}      1      4             Jorgen B. Druten            
5.   {Indigo Ocarina}     2      3           Michel Kareem Levine
6.   {Leather Wallet}     2      3           Norton Noah Gardener
7.   {Slim Darts}         2      3               Mardin Scott
8.   {Crochet Needle}     3      5               Nadia Elliot 
9.   {Teapot}             3      5           Erica Val Eh Sokolov
10.  {Sake Bottle}        3      4              Firenz Hanover
11.  {Upora Statue}       3      4             Dreyuss Koubelka
12.  {Spear Replica}      4      6              Alonso Updike
13.  {Fountain Pen}       4      6             Raphael Krishner
14.  {Quill Pen}          4      5             Bailey Y. Fender
15.  {Crimson Brooch}     4      5              Frances Mervyl
16.  {Bent Coin}          5      6            Rolenta Ellenhart
17.  {Talisman}           5      6              Rolf Rolinger
18.  {Secret Box}         5      7            Lillian I. Amnoble
19.  {Holy Water}         5      6           Isabel Irena Ragford
20.  {Holy Necklace}      5      14               Melissa
<Thanks to [email protected] for this one>            
21.  {Tanned Scroll}      6      7            Crozeph Ross Arlay
22.  {Paint}              6      7              Sven K. Brewer
23.  {Thin Watch}         6      7              Simone Alexei
24.  {Soul Crucible}      1      46              Zolgonark
<The above was contributed by GfireX954 and [email protected]>
25.  {Piche's Bauble}     2      4              Werewolf Jamie
<Thanks to [email protected] for this one>
26.  {Hoe}                3      5               Monk
27.  {Dry Grass}	  3      

VII.Transoul Affinity List [TRS.]

<Found from kratosauron0 at>
This will be a list of units with the units that give them special
bonuses through Transoul.

|   Unit   |    1    |     2    |    3    |    4    |    5    |  

VIII.      Contact Me      [CME.]

You can contact me at my email [email protected]

This email is already pretty spammed, so I absolutely require that:

-The subject of the email be Knights in the Nightmare
-Use at least semi-proper language and grammar
-If you're asking a question, make sure that it isn't already explained
in the guide

IX.     Version History    [VER.]

[July 01, 2009
Version: .1

Submitting what I have already written to GameFAQs.]

[December 02, 2009
Version: .101

This was actually done several days after my first update, but I somehow
forgot about the game and this guide. I most likely won't pick this up
any time soon, but if anyone has something they want to fix, or even add,
I can update that and give credit.

Notable updates: I'm redoing my game AGAIN, because I found out each level
has more than just the key items that belong to the first wave of objects.
So I haven't made any actual progress in the game. Sorry.]