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Follow the dark path or use the light
Jump! Ultimate Stars Pack Shot

Jump! Ultimate Stars


Majin Buu FAQ

by shinyspark

Jump! Ultimate Stars
Majin Buu FAQ - Version 1.0
Created by shinyspark

Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   Acquiring and Evolving Buu (Boo)
III.  Buu's Koma
IV.   Basic Controls  
V.    Strategy and Combos
VI.   Deck Building
VII.  Contact Information
VIII. Credits
IX.   Legal Info

I.  Introduction

Since I've used every other DBZ character in some deck or another, I 
felt it was time that I tried out Buu.  While a bright pink humanoid 
may not be very intimidating, Majin Buu is quite a powerhouse as I'll 
try to show you.

II.  Acquiring  and Evolving Buu

Where to find

1. KO all opponents

2. KO all opponents within 35 seconds

3. KO all opponents within 30 seconds

4. KO all opponents within 25 seconds

5. KO all opponents within 20 seconds
Unlock: Majin Buu (Dragon Ball)

Here's what his Evolution Chart will look like when finished

H = Help
B = Battle
# = Koma space
EP = Evolution Path


Unlocking Majin Buu's first battle koma (power one) will cost 600 red and 
30 white gems.  

Unlocking Buu's second koma (laughter) requires unlocking his 
evolution path in Mr. Satan's chart, 200 red gems, 400 yellow gems, and 60 
blue gems.

Unlocking Buu's EP will unlock the second version of 5 koma Gotenks.

III. Buu's Koma

1-koma (help)
Character gains HP regeneration. 

6 Koma: Power
J-Soul: 192

6 Koma: Laughter
J-Soul: 192

Special A: Kamehame Ha
Attack Nature: Power
Hits: 14
Damage: 44-90(against wall)
Decent beam attack.  Basically the same as any DBZ's beam.  Can be nicely
combo'd into like other beams.  Not as good as Goku's KamehameHa due to 
lack of teleporting.

Special B: Henka Beam (Restores some health)
Attack Nature: Power
Hits: 6
Damage: 36-66

Buu shoots a beam from his head tentacle, turns opponent into food, eats 
them,and spits them out.  Decent ringout potential.  This move connects 
well with a combo discussed later.

I much more prefer Buu's laughter koma.  This is because the majority of 
battle koma used online are of the power variety, so it is nice to deal 
some extra damage.  Also, while Laughter Buu may suffer from a Knowledge 
weakness,he has Power specials, leaving him with not much of a weakness 
at all.

IV.  Basic Controls

Since Buu has varying natures, I'll list the max and basic damage.

Command          Attack	          #of hits	  Basic          Max 
B                Punch              1              9              13

>B               Head tentacle      1              9              13
^B               Kicks up           1              9              13

B in air         Arms slam down     1              9              13

vB               Buu screams        1              9              13 
                 (forces character

Y                2 long punches     3 	           18             27
	         followed by a 
		 long kick

>Y               Buu kicks          4              24             36
                 (Press Y for more
		 kicks.  Max: 4)                  
^Y               Rips off his arm,  9              18             27
                 which proceeds to 
		 maul opponent

Y in air         Performs a cart-   5              24             30
		 wheel in the air
vY               Head smack         1              18             27

Ultimate Action  Beats his chest
	         to restore a tiny
		 bit of HP

V. Strategies and Combos

Basic Setup

Buu doesn't really need anything to be good, but equipping a SP-gaining
character such as Ishida or Gohan is good.

Basic Combo

This works for just about everyone in the game.
B, >B, Y, >Y  does a good bit of damage, especially to power characters.

Basic Strategy

Buu is great at attacking from a distance.  His forward Y especially can 
serve as a good poke.  For closer poking, try >B.  Decent range and not 
too much down time.  Make sure to make use of Buu's range to win.

Sudden Death:  Basic combo works wonders here.  Just keep poking them with
your forward attacks, and follow it up with a ^X and say bye-bye opponent.
If the special doesn't kill them, keep them from coming back with your
foot up their ass.  By which I mean use >Y.


This are Buu-only combos

B, >B, Y, >Y
Your most basic combo.  Does 60 damage, 90 damage max.

B, ^B, ^Y Does 36 damage, 54 damage max.  
Best for when you've got some support that you can activate while doing 
this, as Buu's ^Y takes a while to finish.
^B is a great launcher to kick off many a combo.

B, ^B, X Does 62 damage, 93 max
Hit them in the air then hit them as they fall with a Kamehame Ha.

B, ^B, ^X Does 70 damage, 105 max
Same as above, only this time, you eat them as they fall.  Generally much

Tap Buu + Basic Combo  Does 69 damage, 103 max.
Not quite a combo, since your opponent can block in between.  If you're 
playing against an opponent that doesn't block so much, go ahead and use 
this for extra damage.

vY, X or ^X
Guardbreak + special is a combo that works for a great many characters.
If you don't want to waste a special bar, or don't have one to waste, just
follow up with a combo.

Support Combos

For Buu, I find that the single most useful support is 2 koma piccolo. The 
stretchiness of both just can't be beat.  Remember to assign the most used
supports L or R button shortcuts for better comboing.

B, >B, Y, Piccolo during Y, ^X or X

I generally always pick ^X, because it deals more damage on average, heals 
Buu, and is faster to use.

B, ^B, ^Y, Piccolo, ^X

On the last step of your Y attack, use Piccolo.  Your 
opponent will be pulled to you, where you can eat him and throw him back out.
This chains nicely into the Infinite Combo mentioned later.

Usopp 3-koma (One Piece) B, >B, Y, ^X  Deals 118 damage, Max: 150+

If you do it correctly, Usopp will launch his firebird shot at the same
time you spit your opponent out.  This will also leave them burned, making 
them take more damage over time.  

B, ^B, ^Y, 3-koma Takeshi Yamamoto[Katekyo Hitman Reborn], X or ^X
Does 113 damage, 151 max

Activate Takeshi when you do the ^Y for spectacular results.

Semi-Infinite Combo

This combo requires some very careful timing.

^X + Piccolo 68 damage per cycle, max 102

When you're going to spit the opponent out, summon piccolo.  He will grab 
your opponent and pull him back into you.  While this is happening, use 
another ^X. Rinse and repeat till your opponent is dead.

VI. Deck Building
For Buu, a good support is necessary, especially against close range 
attackers that you might otherwise lose to.  Pairing Buu with another 
or another 2 battle koma is also a good idea, since many of Buu's combos 
require SP.

Help Koma

Neuro - Prevents paralysis and gives Buu an ally support.
Gintoki - Increases Special Gauge when blocking at the last moment.
Kind of hard to use, and pretty impractical, since as Buu, you want to keep
your opponent at a distance most of the time.  If you need some more HP
for Buu, might as well use Gintoki.
Mr. Satan - Increases SP when KO'ing.  Decent support koma, especially if
you're using Buu as your main character.
Ichigo - Extra SP is always good.
Ishida - Even more SP is always better.

Support Koma

Aside from the supports that I mentioned as part of the combos, the below
supports can help out a deck

Big 3 (Trunks, Sena, Seiya 3 koma) - While frowned upon by most players,
including myself.  If you just have to win, putting these in your deck helps.

If an enemy is coming at you, Sena, Trunks, and Seiya will all put some
distance between you and the opponent.  Trunks and Seiya especially will
best be combo'd into.  Sena should be used if you're feeling super cheap.

Satsuki Kitaooji 2-koma (Ichigo 100%)

This girl gives some extra health regeneration to Buu.  There's a glitch 
with her that makes her super effective with Buu's special.  Don't use her 
online, but try her out and you'll see what I mean.

Neuro 2-koma

Definitely not the greatest blinder, but decent, since it gives Buu a 
health boost.  The fact that Neuro throws the blindness rather than casts 
it around him, (ex: Krillin, Kurama) is good for a Buu deck, since you 
can cast it mid-combo and it'll land a distance away, which is where your 
opponent will soon be.

Battle Koma

Gintoki (any koma)  Gintoki, aside from giving Buu a boost, is a decent 
character in his own right.  My favorite version of him is his 5-koma, 
since his specials are lightning fast, and lighting powerful.  Against 
power koma, his specials do more damage than Buu.  His 5-koma's ^X also 
regenerates HP,helping out with a regeneration theme.

Neuro (any koma)  Neuro's supports pretty much suck a lot.  Invisibilty is
a decent effect, but since it comes at the price of 3 spaces and an SP bar,
it is just not worthwhile.  Blindness is an okay ability, but you'd be 
better off with a different blinder if you really wanted it.  

VII. Contact Information

Feel free to contact me about new comboes, strategies, or general 
improvements to the FAQ.

My email is: [email protected] 
AIM SN: hackershdw

VIII. Credits 
Friends: the ones who told me Jump! was cool and constantly push me to beat

Danexedas: for the basis on which I made my FAQ.  Sorta

Genroh:  for making a comprehensive guide to Jump! that I use all the time

Creators of this game, thanks for making such a great one!

IX. Legal Info

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.