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Jump! Ultimate Stars


Naruto FAQ

by son1cwildfire

Naruto FAQ (by son1cwildfire)

Table of Contents
I. Intro
II. Komas
III. Standard Attacks and Standard Combos
IV. Tips when using Naruto
V. Support Combos
VI. Ally Boosts
VII. Deck-making
VIII. Contact Me
IX. Legal and Credits

I. Intro
Naruto is a ninja in the Manga and Anime “Naruto” and was a troublemaker who
sought after the title of Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village. After
maturing 2-3 years later, he has now become a powerful ninja who sets out to
rescue his friend Sasuke, who sides with Orochimaru(a bad guy) because he wants
the power to defeat his brother whom killed his entire clan. Naruto was trained
by one of the Sannin, Jiraiya, and is able to use the Rasengan, a very powerful
attack that is Naruto’s special A in all of his komas that I'm going to talk
about. In this game, Naruto is in his matured form. I’m not going to go too
deep into the story, since you’ll probably be bored by the time you actually
start reading the FAQ so I’m just going to go on.

II. Komas
Naruto 1 Koma(Help)
-Naruto’s help koma gives the ability to wall jump.

Naruto 2 Koma(Support)
-Naruto’s 2 koma is Naruto’s sexy no jutsu. This support koma requires a little
bit of start-up time, but stuns the enemy. This support koma does no damage to
the opponent.

Naruto 3 Koma(Support)
-The Naruto 3 Koma support is the 4 koma’s special B, which is the Uzumaki
Rendan. This support koma does 30 damage to characters of power/laughter nature
and 45 damage to characters of knowledge nature.

Naruto 4 Koma(Battle)
-Naruto’s 4 koma has two forms; one in the form of a square and the other in
the form of a line. The super A is a basic Rasengan that needs a little
start-up time; the super B is the Uzumaki Rendan, which is surprisingly
stronger than the Rasengan. Both Rasengan and the Uzumaki Rendan are power type
specials, so they do the same damage.
4 Koma Power and Laughter
Special A (Rasengan)				Special B (Uzumaki Rendan)
32 damage  					36 damage	against power/laughter
48 damage					54 damage	against knowledge

Naruto 5 Koma(Battle)
-Naruto’s 5 koma has a Rasengan that’s much easier to combo into and a shadow
clone attack. Naruto’s super A now begins with 2 kicks while the Rasengan is
charging, so it is easy to combo into. Super B is a shadow clone attack that
can hit people within your view. If you’re going to use 5 Naruto, you’ll be
using his Rasengan much more than the shadow clone attack. Unlike Naruto’s 4
koma, Naruto’s 5 koma only has one nature. Both specials are of power nature.
5 Koma Power
Special A (Rasengan)				Special B (Shadow Clone Attack)
40 damage					32 damage	against power/laughter
60 damage					48 damage	against knowledge

Naruto 6 Koma(Battle)
-Naruto’s 6 koma has some interesting specials that include a Rasengan and a
Rasengan combo. Naruto’s special A is a powerful Rasengan that is held by 2
Narutos. Naruto’s special B has an interesting twist to it; he first kicks the
opponent up and summons some shadow clones to hold the opponent down. Naruto
uses the Rasengan on his enemy while he/she/it is being held down by the shadow
clones. Naruto’s 6 koma only has one nature. Both specials are of power nature.
6 Koma Power
Special A (Rasengan)				Special B (Rasengan Combo)
48 damage					44 damage	against power/laughter
72 damage					66 damage	against knowledge

III. Standard Attacks and Standard Combos
**Note, P is Power L is Laughter(Comedy) and K is Knowledge.
Commands					Damage(P/L)	Damage(K)
B						8		12
B>						8		12
B^						8		12
B-down					8		12
Aerial B					8		12
Y						15		22
Y>						12		18
Y^						16		24
Y-down					16		24
Aerial Y					16		24

B, B^, Y>					28		42
B, B^, Y					31		46
B, B^, Y^, B					40		60
B, B^, Y^, Y					48		72

4 Koma
B, B^, X^					52		78
B, B^, X^					60(P)	70(K)	52(L)

5 Koma
B, B^, Y, X					67		100

6 Koma
B, B^, X^					60		90
B, B^,X					64		96
^small characters like Hiei can escape after the B^, but it should hit people
who are medium sized or larger

IV. Tips when using Naruto
Naruto is an average character that does not do a huge amount of damage, but
can execute quick attacks. My personal favorite is his 6 koma, but a lot of you
probably like 5 the best because of his handy X attack. Naruto may not be a
threatening opponent by himself, but he can be extremely lethal with the help
of a support. So I highly recommend that you have a support in your deck that
will work with Naruto, at least one anyway. I’ll talk more about support combos
in the next section. Naruto’s guard break is fortunately, a ranged attack. This
is good because most guard break attacks only work if the opponent is right in
front of you. If you’re close to the opponent, do a combo. If you’re far from
the opponent, do a guard break. Naruto can also do some guard break combos with
the help of a support, but that will be covered in the next section too. If you
ever get your opponent near an edge, don’t do a support combo. You should do B,
B^, Y when you’re near the edge, since the last kick from Y temporarily “stuns”
your opponent. So don’t go wasting SP when you don’t need to when you’re near
an edge; I’ve seen MANY people do this. Naruto’s ultimate action lets you get
hit once if you get hit while the wood icon on the bottom left corner is still
there. I only suggest using the ultimate action when you’re opponent has a
rapid punching special. Let’s say you are fighting a Dio or a Luffy, who both
have rapid punching specials. If you get hit while they are punching you with
X, teleport behind them and attack them from there. This will be hard at first,
but you’ll get the hang of it.
V. Support Combos
					Power		Knowledge		Laughter
4 Koma
Lucifer 3(L)
B, B^, L, X^, B, B^, X^		136		188			136

5 Koma
Zoro 3(Z)
B, B^, Y, Z, X^			95		130			95
B, B^, Y, Z, X^, B, B^, Y, X, Z	198		281			198

6 Koma
Piccolo 2 Koma(P)
B, B^, Y>, P, B, B^, X^		104		156			104
B, B^, Y>, P, B, B^, X, P, B, B^, X^ 186		276			186
^small characters like Hiei can escape after the second B^, but characters that
are medium sized or larger should be hit by this deadly combo.

VI. Ally Boosts
-Sakura’s help koma halves the time for any negative status effect
 except for Judgement.
-Sakura’s two koma support is just a basic punch from Sakura that does
 28 damage to power/laughter and 42 damage to knowledge.
-Sakura’s three koma support heals you and rids you of status effects.

-Gaara’s help koma gives you auto-guard.
-Gaara’s two koma support releases a pile of sand straight forward to
hit the enemy; it requires a little time to start up. This attack does 22
damage to Power/Knowledge characters and 38 damage to Laughter characters.
-Gaara’s three koma support is one of those supports where you choose
 who to hit. It does 34 damage to Power/Knowledge characters and 59
 damage to Laughter characters.

Jiraiya(Naruto)-Jiraiya’s help koma gives 1 extra SP bar.

VII. Deck-making
4 Koma (using laughter Naruto)
When you make a deck with Naruto 4 koma, you should definitely have 1 or 2
other battle characters as well. Naruto’s Uzumaki Rendan is stronger than his
Rasengan, so you’ll probably be using it more. Lucifer 3 is an ideal support
koma for this deck because of the chain combo Naruto can do. You should
definitely have a healer if you’re going to use Naruto 4, because he tends to
be easily killed. I suggest you use the laughter version of Naruto 4 koma,
because most people on wifi just LOVE power characters. Besides, if you run
into a knowledge character, your Rasengan and Uzumaki Rendan are of power
nature and deal more damage to them anyway.
5 Koma (maintaining SP)
When you make a deck with Naruto 5 koma, you should put at least one more
battle character in the same deck. Making a solo deck with Naruto 5 would just
leave you with too much space. I would highly suggest Zoro 3 as your support
for the deck; he does a good amount of damage and is good for Naruto’s combos.
I suggest you put a few help komas that increase your SP bar by 1, since the
support combo takes at least 3 of your SP. Even though the 5 Koma combo that I
listed is the strongest out of all 3, it uses the most SP too.
6 Koma (support-use)
For 6 koma, Piccolo or any other support that pulls people toward you is your
best friend. If you’re not going to give your Naruto any help komas that reduce
damage, you should put a healer in the deck. Sakura 3 is a good choice because
she gives Naruto a boost and also gets rid of a status effect as well. I
personally use Josuke 2, because I want to use that one extra space to put a
help koma that increases my SP bar. ANY Naruto deck should DEFINITELY have
Jiraiya as a help. Not really but, Jiraiya gives you an extra SP bar to use and
also gives Naruto an ally boost, which is VERY convenient. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
With piccolo 2 koma as your support, you should have no problem using Naruto’s
Special A and B.

VIII. Contact Me

If you find any errors or typos, either message me on AIM or email me. If you
have anything that you’d like to add here you can tell me and I’ll include you
in the credits! This is my first FAQ by the way.

AIM: Son1cx
Email: [email protected]

IX. Legal and Credits
Copyright 2007 Son1cwildfire

Bitsquall for giving me the idea of using Zoro 3 for my Naruto 5 combo and
editing my paper. bitsquall wuz here :P

VG-Prodigy for the whole Naruto 4 support combo itself

Genroh for making the awesome FAQ that helped me get through the game

Ganbarion for creating this game

And you for reading this FAQ