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Follow the dark path or use the light
Jump! Ultimate Stars Pack Shot

Jump! Ultimate Stars


Allen Walker FAQ

by Syfex Blade

Jump! Ultimate Stars
Allen Walker FAQ - Version 1.0
Created by Syfex Blade - 2007

Table of Contents

- Introduction
- Aquiring Allen Walker
- Allen's Basic moveset
- Help and Support koma
- Passive Effects and Boosts.
- Battle koma
- Deck Building
- Combos
- Playing As Allen Walker
- Playing Against Allen Walker
- Sample Decks
- Final Words
- Credits
- Legal junk



Hello everyone, in this guide I will be discussing the basics and strategies
for the character Allen Walker. Allen is from the manga and anime series 
D.Gray-Man, which you may or may not have seen. Either way I hope this guide
will be beneficial to anyone looking to get better with Allen. Now lets
start things off.


Aquiring Allen

Allen is unlocked in the first mission of the D.Gray-Man level, which is 
located in the J-Space. To unlock him you have to collect more stars than 
your opponents before the time runs out. Pretty simple. 
This will grant you his Help koma.

Here's what his Evolution chart will like like once it's finished.

H = Help
S = Support
B = Battle
Numbers = The koma space they take up.


And here are the total costs.

Help: Unlocked
2-koma Support: 35 Red, 5 Yellow, 5 White
3-koma Support: 60 Red, 40 Green, 10 White
4-koma Battle: 150 Red, 50 Green, 15 White
5-koma Battle: 300 Red, 100 Green, 20 White
6-Koma Battle: 300 Red, 100 Green, 20 White
6-Koma Battle: 500 Green, 100 Yellow, 60 Blue

But there's more to it than that, to unlock Allen's second 6-koma Battle, you
need to do some extra unlocking and buying. You must unlock Cross and buy the
option to further upgrade Allen in his Evolution chart.

To unlock Cross you just need to finish the first D.Gray-Man mission with
full health. Cross's Evolution chart is simple.

H = Help
E = Evolution Path


Simple, right? So just unlock Cross and buy Allen's extra path.

Cost: 150 green, 50 yellow, 50 blue

Then you can proceed to buy Allen's alternate 6-koma.

Overall it will cost you -

845 Red, 790 Green, 155 Yellow, 90 Blue, and 70 White.

Not too bad. Now let's move on to specifics.


Allen's Basic moveset

Here I will be listing Allen's basic 

Button           Damage

B                  8 (12 to Laughter)

Forward + B        8 (12 to Laughter)

Aerial + B         8 (12 to Laughter)

Y                  12 (18 to Laughter)

Forward + Y        12 (18 to Laughter)

Aerial + Y         12 (18 to Laughter)

Select - Timcanpi (The golden thing flying with Allen) goes around in a 
circle, if he connects with an opponent you steal a small amount of their SP.

Forward + Y Can also be charged to deal 36 (54 to Laughter) damage.


Allen's Help and Support komas

Here I will be explaining the details and ratings of Allen's Help and Support

Help Koma: Grants Immunity to Blindness. 

Opinion: Pretty useless, I find Blindness to be one of the easiest status
effects to put up with. There's almost no reason to use this aside from the 
boost it grants Lenalee, and even then you're much better off using Allen's
support if all your after is boosting Lenalee.


2-koma Suppport: Allen appears above you and fires his Cross Beam. Five lasers 
shoot out downwards.

Shape: [][]

Damage: Each individual laser deals 4 damage to Power/Knowledge and 9 damage
to Laughter. Usually you'll get at least two of them to hit, so you're 
looking at 8 (18 to Laughter) damage. Not great, but if you use it correctly
you can easily score 3 or 4 hits. I'll break it down.

1 hit: 4 damage (9 to Laughter)
2 hits: 8 damage (18 to Laughter)
3 hits: 12 damage (27 to Laughter)
4 hits: 16 damage (36 to Laughter)
5 hits: 20 damage (45 to Laughter)

Opinion: It's very difficult to get 5 hits, in fact, as I write this I can't do
it in training mode, I almost want to say you can't do it period. So keep in 
mind that you're likely to get 3 hits, 4 if you time it right, each time.
This may seem pretty weak unless you're using it on a Laughter character, 
but it does have it's advantages. It's almost like a lesser Gotenks, combos
very well with aerial characters or characters that use beam or beatdown
attacks. And is actually an excellent edge guarder, summon him while 
someone's hanging on an edge and they're done.

Overall I'd say it's not a bad koma, just not the best, Gotenks
does the same job with better results. But if you want something different, 
or just something aimed against Laughter, go for it.


3-Koma Support: Allen appears right in front of you and does his Cross Grave,
causing a guard break to whoever gets hit with it. It also sends them up a 
good bit.

Shape: [][][]

Damage: 28 to Power/Knowledge and 42 to Laughter.

Opinion: An excellent Support with an easy to use shape. It does decent 
damage (Great damage against Laughter) and it guard breaks. 
It also comes out and attacks too fast for anyone to react to it, if you 
use it with them guarding close to you, you're almost certain to hit them 
with it. It's only negative side can also be a positive one, that 
beaing the effect of sending them way above you. If you're wanting to 
Guard break into a combo then you simply won't be able to with this one, it
gives them room to escape after being broken. However this is also an 
advantage to you, if you're up against a wall looking for an escape, this can
give you it by getting your enemy far enough to run off.

Overall this is arguably the best Guard breaking Support koma out there.


Allen's Passive Effects and Boosts

Allen has three passive abilities.

1. He can see Invisible characters.
2. He is immune to Blindness.
3. He gains SP when using any support related to him.

Not terrible, not great. Invisible characters can get annoying, but never 
enough to do much harm to you. And like I said before, Blindness is really
easy to live with. The third one is fairly useful though, Kanda's a nice
Support to have, so you always get a bit back when using him.


He gains boost from Lenalee, Kanda, and Cross.

Lenalee's nice to have as a battle koma partner for Allen, she's a decent
character on her own once you get used to her, and gets a boost from having
Allen around too. Other than that, her supports aren't that great, and her
Help is useless.

Kanda's Help koma is pretty useless, grants you less damage taken from Blades.
But his 2 Koma Support is great in combo with some of Allen's specials 
(I'll cover those in the Combo section). He's also got a decent 3-koma 
support, but his 2-koma is much better.

Cross only has a Help koma, but it's a nice one. Regenerates SP so long as 
you don't change out characters. Very useful if you can survive as Allen 
long enough to benefit from it. I'd recommend it.

The only character who receives a boost from Allen is Lenalee.


Allen's Battle Koma

4-koma Allen
J-Soul: 136
Nature: Knowledge

Neutral Special (X) - Cross Beam

Similar to Allen's 2-koma Support, only he shoots it ahead of you instead of
above. He shoots out 5 lasers that deal a good bit more than his support.


1 hit: 8 damage (12 to Laughter)
2 hits: 16 damage (24 to Laughter)
3 hits: 24 damage (36 to Laughter)
4 hits: 32 damage (48 to Laughter)
5 hits: 40 damage (60 to Laughter)


Like his Support, they don't always all hit. However there is a plus side 
this time, if you do it point blank you can easily get all 5 hits in. 
And it can combo with Allen's B and Y attacks for 60 damage to
Power/Knowledge and 90 to Laughter. I'll go into more detail about that in
the combo section though. Overall, despite the good things I've noted, it's
a pretty bad special, unless you use it point blank it's almost useless, 
and the damage output for the one or two lasers that you're likely to hit a
moving target with is pathetic.

Secondary Special (Up+X) - Cross Grave

Exactly the same as Allen's 3-koma support.

Damage: 30 (45 to Laughter)


Unlike his Support koma which does the same thing, this isn't so great. You
have to be really close to have it work, the only upside to it is it does a
guard breaker. But actually you can do more damage at farther range with a
short guard breaking combo Allen already has. Making this almost entirely
not worth it.


Overall: Don't use this koma unless you really have to have Allen in your
deck and can't stand to rearrange to at least fit his 5-koma in. It's just
not worth it. His terrible J-soul (Which, being a Knowledge character, is
extremely inconveint) and weak specials really bring him down. Just don't
use it.


5-koma Allen
J-Soul: 152
Nature: Knowledge

Neutral Special (X) - Cross Beam

Completey different from his previous two Cross Beams. This is a practical
straightforward barrage of beams that fire directly in front of you.

Damage: 42 (63 to Laughter)


A decent beam, a great improvement over 4-koma Allen. This is easier to use
and deals more damage, on top of also being a good ringout method if someone
is close enough to the edge. It can even be comboed into in the same way that
4-Koma's can. The only thing it loses is it's Edge guarding capability. Which
isn't important enough to miss out on the rest of his advantages. Still, it
is just a beam, really easy to avoid, and the damage isn't anything special.

Secondary Special (Up+X) - Cross Grave

It's just got a slightly bigger damage area than the 4-koma did. Easier to
combo into, but overall it's not really different.

Damage: 38 (57 to Laughter)

Opinion: I stand with what I said about his 4-koma's version. This one is 
slightly bigger and slightly more useful. It at least does more damage than
Allen's Guard break combo. 4 more damage, to be exact.


Overall: A decent koma, it can win you battles just fine. Has an easy shape,
decent J-soul. But still has little to offer in comparison to his later komas.


6-koma Allen
J-Soul: 168
Nature: Knowledge

Neutral Special (X) - Destruction Claw

Shoots a much larger energy beam that takes the shape of a claw. Fires
directly in front of you.

Damage: 41 (57 to Laughter)

Opinion: Excellent for ringouts, a tad slow on the charge up, but it's fast
moving, once you fire it people aren't likely to avoid it. The damage isn't
great, but firing it into a crowd of people near the edge will give you some
great results.

Secondary Special (Up+X) - Clown Belt

Allen creates a mass of spinning web-like things that damage anyone near him.

Damage: 50 (75 to Laughter)

Opinion: Another great special, this is easily Allen's best in the game.
You'll want to try to use it on people as they're falling down, or if you're
below or above them, they won't expect it to be able to catch them. It does
nice damage, and can also result in a ringout if you use it close enough to
the edge. It's also great at crowd control, and blocks anything coming at you
while it's going on.


Overall: Allen's second best koma, use it if you want to go the Knowledge
route. It's got two good specials, decent ringout potential, and can support
combo into both of them. I still recommend his next one.


6-Koma Allen (Power Varient)
J-Soul: 168
Nature: Power

6-Koma Allen (Power Varient) is exactly the same as the above 6-Koma Allen.
The only difference is that he now takes more damage from Laughter instead
of Power, and he now deals more damage to Knowledge instead of Laughter.
A very nice trade considering the majority of players use Power.


Overall: Allen's best koma. He now does extra damage to Knowledge, and has
specials that still do extra damage to Laughter characters,his weakness to 
Power characters is now gone too. The only downside is the awkwardly shaped
koma, and even then I rarely have trouble fitting it.


Deck Building

In this section, I'll be recommending Help and Support komas to use in an
Allen-related deck.

For Help koma, I recommend the following effects, and characters who grant
the effects.

Triple Jump
Use: Allen isn't a fast attacker, he'll need to escape from time to time, 
this is a must.

Characters who give it -

Devil Bat (Eyeshield 21)
Eve (Black Cat)
Gajira Norimaki (Dr. Slump)
Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk)
Sipuxiang (Houshin Engi)

Air Dash
Use: Same as Triple Jump, though not as useful, it's still nice to keep

Characters who give it - 

Hien (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)
Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)
Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)
Kaede Rukawa (Slam Dunk)
Sena Kobayakawa (Eyeshield 21)
Tsubasa Ozora (Captain Tsubasa)
Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

Increased Guard
Use: Same as the others, Allen needs to be able to take a lot of punishment,
Increased Guard will withstand all kinds of attacks to give you time to get
away and continue the fight. I'd say this is also a must.

Characters who give it - 

Ayame Sarutobi (Gintama)
Akane-chan (Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro)
Hiroshi Tateno (Jigoku Sensei Nube)
Izumi Isozaki (I"s)
Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin)
Lady Armaroid (Space Adventure Cobra)
Maria (KochiKame)
Misuzu Sotomura (Ichigo 100%)
Manta Oyamada (Shaman King)
Miranda Lott (D.Gray-man)
Misa Amane (Death Note)
Sanae Nakasawa (Captain Tsubasa)
Tokiko Tsumura (Busou Renkin)
Tatsuki Arisawa (Bleach)
Unchi-kun (Dr. Slump)
Yuria (Hokuto no Ken)

Immunity to Speed-Down
Use: Allen's already pretty slow on foot, speed-down makes it unbearable.
Though don't give it priority over the other helps unless you find yourself
having a lot of trouble with it.

Characters that give it - 

Hayato Honda (KochiKame)
Johnny Joestar (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Makibaou (Midori no Makibaou)
Cascade (Midori no Makibaou)

SP bar regenerates if you don't swap out.
Use: Once you get decent with Allen, he'll live a good while so long as you
don't keep running or falling off the edge. Plus, Cross gives him a boost.

Characters that give it - 

Cross Marian (D.Gray-man) - Use Cross, forget about the others.
characters or use Support characters: 
Suzuna Taki (Eyeshield 21)
Kyoya Hibari (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
Buffaloman (Kinnikuman)
Omito Date (Sakigake!! Otokojuku)
Hao Asakura (Shaman King)
Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Health Regeneration
Use: Should be obvious, Allen has low health unless you equip him with all
of his boosts (Which you should do anyway), and even then it can't hurt.

Characters that give it -

Leon (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
Ikki (Saint Seiya)
Piccolo (Dragon Ball)
Majin Buu (Dragon Ball)
Orochimaru (Naruto)
Kazuki Mutou (Busou Renkin)

Overview -

Triple Jump
Air Dash
Increased Guard
Immunity to Speed-Down
SP Regeneration if you don't swap out
Health Regeneration

For Support koma, I recommend the following.

2-Koma Kanda (D.Gray-Man) - Gives Allen a boost, does a nice guard break. And
can combo into 6-koma Allen's secondary special for a nice bit of damage.

2-Koma Lenalee (D.Gray-Man) - Gives Allen a boost and is useful for escaping
tough situations, can also work as a nice ringout if you use it on your
opponent near the edge. If you're not alreadying using Lenalee as a battle
character I'd recommend considering this one.

3-Koma Lavi (D.Gray-Man) - Allen can combo into him pretty easily, he causes
burn (Which can be slightly annoying) and does a decent bit of damage. Plus
he's good for a D.Gray-Man theme and is unexpected.

3-Koma Reiko (Kochi Kame) - She lasts awhile on the field, does good damage, 
is unexpected, and pops them far away enough for you to take some time to

3-koma Anna (Shaman King) - She's quick, does a guard break, and causes
speed-down effect. Pretty straightforward.

2-koma Hao (Shaman King) - A different kind of healer, she (He?) appears and
starts dropping food, grab them for health. It's a good bit of health if you
get it all, but people can steal it if you're not careful.

2-koma Josuke (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) - A quick and easy healer, people
can take him, but it's a lot harder. He can also help out by turning around
whoever he hits, so if you absolutely must, it can save you if you're willing
to heal your enemy for a chance at turning him around.

2-Koma Gyro (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) - Brings your enemy close to you, 
makes it easy to hit them with 6-koma Allen's Specials.

2-Koma Piccolo (DragonBall) - Same as Gyro, he has a shorter range, but he's

That's all I have at the moment, hopefully I can update this in the future. 
If you have any suggestions please feel free to email or post them.



Input                                      Damage (Damage to opposing nature)

B - Forward+B - Forward+Y                  28 (42)

A simple fast combo, gets them away enough for you to be safe.

B - Forward+B - Y - Forward+Y              40 (60)

A little slower, but deals more damage with the same effect as the above.

Down+Y - Aerial B - Aerial Y               34 (51)

A great combo, starts off with his Guard break and goes into a bit of extra
damage. Especially useful in Sudden Deaths.

B - Forward+B - Y - 4 Koma Allen's X       68 (102)

Nice damage, easy to pull off. Only problem is it's a bit slow, and you have
to be at close range to be able to pull it off.

B - Forward B - Y - 4/5-Koma Allen's Up+X  58 (87) / 66 (99)

Damage is pretty good, but you have to be even closer to do it. It ends
with a nice guard break though.

2-koma Kanda - 6-koma Allen's X             59 (71)

Another nice one, works best with 6-koma Allen, but 5-koma can work as well.
What this does is take advantage of Kanda's guard breaking and small popup
effect to shoot them with a beam. If you need help timing it, wait for Kanda
to be right above you before firing off the beam.

2-koma Piccolo - 6-Koma Allen's Up+X        66 (91)

Good, fast, unavoidble damage. Can't beat it.

2-koma Gyro - 6-Koma Allen's Up+X           66 (99)

Exactly the same, just slightly slower, has slightly better range, and does
slightly more damage to Knowledge characters.

B - Y - 3-Koma Lavi                         47 (70)

Nice unexpected Allen combo, causes burn, and fits a D.Gray-Man theme.


Playing as Allen

When playing as Allen it's important to know that you aren't fast. Popular
characters like Bankai Ichigo and Hiei will tear you apart if you aren't
careful against them. Now I'm not telling you to hit and run or play a turtle
game, those aren't fun. But play it safe, guard push when you're up against
rapid hitters like Hiei, Dio, or Jotaro. Make use of your Forward/Aerial + Y
attack, it doesn't do much, but it is handy. Most of all, be offensive,
people don't expect Allen as it is, but they definitely don't expect Allen to
come out swinging. I've been able to win several games against better players
just because they weren't at all prepared for Allen to go all out on them.

Use your combos, use your laser, use the great guard break. Use everything
you can, then back off for a bit and heal if necessary. The most important
thing is to know you can't go toe to toe against fast characters, but still
keep at them. Don't let up, but don't be cheap. Go for the ringouts if you
must, Allen is good at those. Use his beams to your advantage and fire away
if you have the chance.


Playing Against Allen

Allen players are mostly defensive, so just go after them and tear them apart
like normal, a defensive Allen poses little threat to you. But if you've got
an offensive Allen against you, tread carefully and don't underestimate it.
Keep your distance close as to avoid getting into a Guard breaking combo, and
watch for the laser, if he tries to charge it, go over him and attack. The
biggest problem Allen has is not being able to back himself out of a corner,
get close to him and keep at it, don't let off, and don't get near the edge
of the ring.


Sample Decks

Here's an idea of what an Allen deck should look like.

Name: D.Gray-Man deck

01. 6-koma Power varient Allen (D.Gray-Man)
02. 4-koma Lenalee (D.Gray-Man)
03. 2-koma Yuu Kanda (D.Gray-Man)
04. 3-Koma Lavi (D.Gray-Man)
05. Miranda Lott (D.Gray-Man) (Pointing at Allen)
06. Cross Marian (D.Gray-Man) (Pointing at Allen)
07. Koumi Lee (D.Gray-Man) (Pointing at Lenalee)
08. River Wenham (D.Gray-Man) (Pointing at Lenalee)
09. Alister Crowly (D.Gray-Man) (Pointing at Allen)


Name: Allen focused deck.

01. 6-koma Power Varient Allen (D.Gray-Man)
02. 4-koma Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
03. 2-koma Josuke (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
04. 2-koma Piccolo (DragonBall)
05. Cross Marian (D.Gray-Man) (Pointing at Allen)
06. Tatsuki Arisawa (Bleach) (Pointing at Allen)
07. Eve (Black Cat) (Pointing at Allen)
08. Kuwabara (Yu Yu Halusho) (Pointing at Kurama)
09. Kazuki Mutou (Busou Renkin) (Pointing at Kurama)
10. Tokiko Tsumura (Busou Renkin) (Pointing at Kurama)


These aren't meant to be used completely, just as a sort of guide to help you
design your own Allen deck.


Final Words

Well guys, there you have it. It's my first character FAQ and I hope I did ok
with it. I'm not the best Allen player on the board, but I hope I've been
helpful to anyone looking to get better with him.

If you have any questions, advice, or suggestions, feel free to contact me at

[email protected]

If you're interesting in seeing the combos or tactics used by me, or just
looking for a game, my FC is - 0988 7411 4866

Thanks for reading.



And now the people who this guide couldn't have been made without.

Genroh - Without your Guide, I never would've been able to touch this game.

Nintendo - For creating this game.

CJayC - For creating GameFAQS, without it, I probably would've never bothered
to write this.

Shounen Jump - For having D.Gray-Man in their lineup.

And finally...

Hoshino Katsura - For creating the manga series D.Gray-Man



This guide is Copyright 2007 Logan Murry.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

The only websites with permission to use this guide are -