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Follow the dark path or use the light
Jump! Ultimate Stars Pack Shot

Jump! Ultimate Stars


Goku FAQ

by terminus_est90

Hi im Terminus_Est90 AKA Terminus or Azor and after many debating
 on the Jump! Ultimate Stars forums I decided I should make a Goku 
fact hoping to shine his abilities and let other players know how 
dangerous he can be

========================Table Of Contents======================
I. About Goku
II. Why use Goku
III. How to obtain Goku
IV. Gokuís Evolution chart
V. Gokuís komas
VI. Ally boosts and passive abilities
VII. Supports
VIII. Combos
IX. Strategies
X. Frequently Asked Questions
XI. Contact me
XII. Legal Stuff
XIII. Credits

==========================About Goku==========================     
Goku comes from the manga Dragon Ball and he is a saiyan sent to 
destroy Earth as child, however upon landing he hit his head which
 caused him to lose his memory and become the full hearted hero we 
all know now.

As shown in his 6 and 7 komas Goku is a super saiyan, a state he
 achieved for first time when Frieza killed krillin on planet 
Namek, his power multiplied upon reaching this state.

In his 8 koma he appears as Vegetto. Vegetto is the fusion of Goku 
and Vegeta via the Pohtala pendants. While the Fusion was supposed
 to be permanent when swallowed by Majin Buu his stomach gases 
made the fusion vanish.

=========================Why use Goku=======================
Goku is a mid-range fighter, he posseses the capability of 
fighting short and mid-range without any problems, some of 
his special attacks are tricky which results in unexpected 
attacks towards your opponent

My personal reason is because he is considered low tier, after 
playing 2 weeks I have concluded he is more than capable of 
dealing with higher opponents and I will prove it

=======================How to obtain Goku======================
You donít have to, you start with him

=======================Gokuís Evolution Chart===================

       |- [S2]--[S3]
[H]-| -|- [B4]--[B5]--[B6]--[B7]--[B8]
       | -[B4L]

How to unlock:

S3: pay 100 red, 10 white
B4: pay 200 red and 20 white
B4L: Pay 50 red, 50 yellow and 5 white in Kaiousamaís chart to 
unlock this path. Pay then 100 green, 100 yellow and 50 blue 
to unlock this koma
B5: pay 400 red and 20 white
B6: pay 500 red, 100 yellow and 30 white
B7: pay 600 red, 200 yellow and 200 white
B8: Pay 200 red and 100 blue in Vegetaís chart after his 6 
Koma to unlock the path to this, then pay 500 red, 900 yellow 
and 300 white in Gokuís Evolution chart to unlock the path to 
this koma

==========================Gokuís Komas=======================
<<2 Koma support>>
Kamehame ha
Damage: 29 to power/laughter       43 to knowledge

<<3 Koma support>>
Warp kamehame ha
Damage: 29 to power/laughter       43 to knowledge

<<4 Koma Goku>>
Type: Laughter and Power
Health: 152
Special A: Kamehame ha
Effects: no
Damage: 28 to power/laughter       42 to knowledge

Special B: Dashare Ė Cheap Joke
Effects: causes freeze effect and drains 1 SP bar
Damage: 0



<<5 Koma>>
Type: Power
Health: 168
Special A: Kaio Ken x20 kamehame ha 
Effects: no
Damage:  40 to power/laughter       60 to knowledge

Special B: Kaio Ken
Effects: none, can hit up to 5 times by pressing the X button
Damage:  36 to power/laughter        54 to knowledge


<<6 Koma>>
Type: Power
Health: 184
Special A: Chou kamehameha
Effects: no
Damage:  43 to power/laughter       64 to knowledge

Special B: Genki Dama
Effects: Attack increases by the number of characters in your deck
Damage:  50-70 to power/laughter       75-105  to knowledge


<<7 Koma>>
Type: Power
Health: 200 
Special A: Warping chou kamehameha
Effects: press forward or back to teleport before firing
Damage:  56 to power/laughter       84 to knowledge

Special B: Genki Dama
Effects: Attack increases by the number of characters in your deck
Damage:  55-80 to power/laughter       82-120  to knowledge


<<8 Koma>>
Type: Power
Health: 216
Special A: Warping Kamehame ha
Effects: Tap any direction to eleport before firing
Damage:  72 to power/laughter       108 to knowledge

Special B: Vegetto Sword
Effects: none
Damage:  50 to power/laughter       75  to knowledge


================Ally Boosts and passive abilities===============
<<Son Goku>>
Ultimate Action: Hold Select to Recover SP Gradually
Ally boosts: Kamesennin, Gohan, Arale
Passive Ability: When KOed and return Gokuís max health and 
SP gauge are increased

<<Super Saiyan Son Goku>>
Ally boosts: Gohan, Kuririn, Vegeta
Passive Abilities: Gain more SP when Health is low
-	When KOed and return Gokuís max SP gauge increases

Ally Boosts: Kamesennin, Mr. Satan, Gotenks
Passive Abilities: Gain SP energy when blocking

With Goku being a Mid Range fighter defensive supports are 
very important

Hanamichi Sakuragi(Slam Dunk)
Effect: he appears in front of you and protects you
Why is it good?: that is easy, it protectc you from anything 
while charging your specials, especially the genkidama

Shun(Saint Seiya)
Effect: appears in front of you and uses nebula storm which
 paralyzes your opponent and drains 2 SP bars
Why is it good?: the paralyzing effect makes opponents 
vulnerable to gokuís specials as the genki dama but more 
importantly the vegetto sword which represents a big ring out 

Trunks(Dragon Ball)
Effect: appears from behind you and rushes forward dealing a 
combo to anyone he touches
Why is it good?: good infamous trunks, while considered cheap 
by a lot of people it actually helps you make combos stack more
 hits, some will be mentioned later on

Toki(Hokuto no Ken)
Effect: appears above you and hits multiple times rapidly
Why is it good?: as trunks he helps keep combos alive, also 
makes you break free from some combos

Kurapica(Hunter X Hunter)
Effect: does a chain attack which causes Attack Seal effect
Why is it good?: its easily mixable into a combo and disables
opponents, good to recover some health while they are 

Allen(D Grayman)
Effect: appears and hits the floor by guard breaking
Why is it good?: simple, use him to launch opponent up while 
guard breaking so you can them spike him into a ring out

Keigo Atobe(Prince of Tennis)
Effect: appears and does a smash hit which causes guard seal
Why is it good?: the guard seal makes opponent vulnerable to 
the most deadly specials goku has

Inui Sadaharu(prince of tennis)
Effect: does a smash hit which causes support seal
Why is it good?: the support seal disables part of your 
opponents arsenal leaving them with less surprises

Nube(Jigoku Sensei Nube)
Effect: uses some cards to paralyze your opponent
Why is it good?: as a finisher in a combo lets you begin 
another one to keep doing damage to your opponent

Ryota Miyagi(Slam Dunk)
Effect: counter attack, drains 2 SP bars and causes support 
Why is it good?: while your opponent is busy beating you up 
you simply use this and voila!! You take their SP AND 
seal them

Usopp(one piece)
Effect: appears and shoots sort of a phoenix causing burn
Why is it good?: the power is tremendous and effect is good,
plus you can set it to charge from far while you start 
comboing your opponent
Ok here is where things get interesting as this section 
represents what I call the core of this guide

=Any goku koma combos=
This as the title says are for every version of goku because 
they donít use special B from goku but they do use special A 
which is always a kamehame ha

Important note: watch out for 7 koma goku, the super saiyan 
transformation delays kamehameha a bit thus making him 
incapable or harder to do some combos

Basic Combo:
B, forward B, Up Y, kamehameha
Notes: a standard combo

Basic combo 2:
B, Up B, Y, Forward Y
Notes: another basic combo

Canít touch this:
Equip 2 koma kurapica(hunterXhunter) and do the following
B, forward B, up Y, activate kurapica, kamehameha
Notes: from the up Y rising attack combo the kamehameha 
however you have to summon kurapica between those 2 attacks,
the result of the combo is an attack sealed opponent

Shield shatter:
Equip 2 koma Keigo Atobe(prince of tennis)and do the 
previous combo with a small variation
B, forward B, Up Y, activate keigo, kamehameha
Notes:this one is trickier to time because with the Up Y 
attack you have to wait until it is a bit after the peak of
the opponent jump to activate and after it hits use 
kamehameha, a bit before if you wish

Sudden Death special
B, forward B, Y, Forward Y 3 times
Notes:this combo works very good with help koma sanosuke, 
even if you donít hit your opponent by attacking his defense
you gain some SP. With the 3 small shots in the end you can 
either get your opponent distracted or gain some distance

Motionless pain:
Equip 3 koma shun(saint seiya)
B, Up B, activate shun, Y, X
Notes: the timing for shun is tricky, use him after up B 
and a bit before Y so the combo isnít lost and the opponent
 is still paralyzed for the kamehameha

BoBo kill
Have 7 koma Bo-bobo and gyro zeppelin 2 koma(jojoís bizarre
B, forward B, Y, activate gyro, dream combo starting with 
Notes: wait until gyro bring your opponent back to do dream combo,
note also that last dream combo hit isnít quite comboed so sealing
 guard first might be a good idea

=4 koma Goku=
SP Drain:
Equip 3 koma shun(saint seiya) or 2 koma nube(jigoku sensei nube) 
and do this
Combo 1: B, Up B, Up Y, shun/nube , Up X, repeat
Combo 2: B, forward B, Up Y, Activate Shun/nube, Up X, repeat
Notes: the SP drain has a double meaning because while it keeps your
 opponent motionless until the unavoidable ring out you end up using 
a lot of SP and with shun you also drain a lot

=5 koma Goku=
Kaio Ken combo:
Equip 2 koma Rei(hokuto no ken)
B, Forward B, Forward Y(3 times), Up X(do the 5 hits), activate 
Rei(hokuto no ken)
Notes: very damaging combo but timing of Rei is difficult, my advice 
is to use him between 2nd and 3rd Kaio ken strike

=6 koma Goku=
Refer to 7 koma goku Combos

=7 koma Goku=
Genki Dama finisher:
Equip 3 koma shun(saint seiya)
B, forward B, Y, activate shun, Up X
Notes: have 6 komas in your deck besides Goku to make genki 
dama charge to the second stage, the combo paralyzes opponent 
enough for it to hit

Critical Genki Dama:
Equip 2 koma nube(jigoku sensei nube)
B, forward B, Y, activate nube, Up X
Notes: have 10 komas besides goku for the genki dama to go to
 the third level, the reason nube is used here is because it 
holds the opponent before the paralysis timer to begin which 
gives time for the genki dama to fully charge

=8 koma vegetto=
Maniatic swing:
B, forward B, Up X
Notes: a short but damaging combo, good for dealing decisive 
damage without risking to be hit by other players

Up and Away:
B, forward B, Up Y, Up X
Notes: watch the timing here because vegetto sword cant be done
 after up Y right away or else you will end up teleporting up

Against the infamous Big 3(seiya, trunks, sena)
Those 3 are considered by many the koma gods, they are considered
 overpowered so here are some tactics that will help you against 
-if you are sure they have combo breaking combos donít try long 
combos like the genki dama ones
-hit and block, its that simple and 1 or 2 hit feints will make 
the, run out of SP quick
-use shun, besides paralysis I include him in my decks for the SP 
draining abilities he has
-If you donít like blocking prematurely end combos with up Y while 
holding up. This will teleport you up and safe from them
-use vegetto sword, the hit is so fast that if their guard is down 
I doubt they will have time to answer
Kamehameha is your best friend, the unstoppable technique introduced
 by kamesennin makes it hard for them to hit you
-tactically use 8 koma warp kamehameha, if you are above them feint
 them into thinking you arenít aiming at them and teleport to blast 
-take advantage of forward Y and the aerial B attack when edge guarding.
 The first will keep them from hanging of a ledge while the second one
 will send them into a quick them, although with more risks if you are 
about to go into an occupied ledge use Aerial B to send them away from 
your ledge 
-there is also my secret edge guarding trick, face opposite direction 
of the edge but be as near of it as possible, then use warp kamehameha 
diagonally down to keep opponents from hanging

And some advice for sudden death:
-I recommend first of all having a help koma like sanosuke 
-use the basic combos to stack some SP and blast enemies with your 
-forward Y is your friend, use it to gain some space and keep enemies 
-start jumping, nothing works better than using aerial Y as a first 

======================Frequently asked questions==================
What's the most damage you can do with him in combos both with and 
without supports?
-that depends on damage dealt by his attacks which vary, also note 
the importance of natures. Asides from them ive managed to do more 
than 100 damage

Who is goku best against as far as battle komas, and weak against?
-goku is a medium range fighter so he is weak to extreme melee 
fighters like raoh, kenshiro and kenshin. Ironically he is strong 
against them aswell in a ranged fight

Why is goku the best character in the game?
-because he is a saiyan and posseses the power of the super gel while
 in super saiyan state, the very same gel Yugi Mutou uses
-seriously speaking he is the best because while he is strong in 
ranged fights he isnít weak at short range ones, he s suited for 
every occasion and most importantly: he is underrated

Why does Goku have black hair?

Other than his 5th and 8th koma, what is the least crapiest Goku in the 
-7 koma mainly because of the genki dama which can deal monstrous damage

Goku's karma > all.
-that isnít a question >_> yet it is very true

What's Goku's exact power level, we already know it's over nine-thousand,
 but what is it now? Exactly.
-(by Lunar_Twilight) Goku's power level is 590,000,000. Google does 

Does goku smell good?
-humans are still alive so im guessing he does, otherwise his sweat would
 annihilate every life form 

Will Goku make me a sandwich for two dollars?
-he will even make it free if itís a fist sandwich

How can you connect his chou genki dama?
-nube and shun work best due to paralysis, nube is much better for long
 charging genki damas

Why doesn't his Genki Dama destroy the entire map?
-because there isnít many life in a manga page and people donít raise 
their hands

Why do my feet smell like Fritos?
-because you never clean the floor

if god can create or destroy anything, does that mean that god could 
create a rock that even he couldn't destroy?
-well, I can say that I god can make it goku can break it

Why does he and all the over dbz characters blow so much ?
-they donít, players do
Why didn't he propose a compromise with Frieza? Frieza could have half
 of the galaxy, and Goku could save the other, it's a win/win situation?
-because the Frieza battle was very long, where else woul they get 
something to fill the gap of the fight?

Is Piccolo related to Goku?
They're both Aliens.
-no they have different color

why does gokus hair defy gravity and all the known laws of physics? 0.0
-(Answer by my good friend tetch) hair gel

==========================Contact me=========================
If you have a new combo, strategy or I made a very bad mistake contact
 me at my mail:
[email protected]
but I donít want:
-flaming mails
-junk mails
-people trying to add me to msn

========================Legal Stuff========================
All the copyrights and trademarks from this FAQ are owned by their 
respective copyright and trademark holders

This FAQ can only be produced and/or posted in another site only with 
my permission, for it refer to the contact me section


-First of all I would like to thank a very opportune banner telling 
me there was a sequel to jump super stars
-thanks to Genroh for translations and the walkthrough, without it I 
would have many unfulfilled goals
-thanks to Nintendo and ganbarion for producing such an awesome game
-thanks to play Asia for importing my game all the way to mexico
-thanks to soccaprodi for encouraging me to keep playing as goku
-thanks to gamefaqs for publishing my guide
-and special thanks to all of you readers who make this FAQ worth it,
 especially if you use goku

Copyright 2007 Alejandro Morales