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Follow the dark path or use the light
Jump! Ultimate Stars Pack Shot

Jump! Ultimate Stars


Jotaro FAQ

by morechillyramen

                    (Any help with this greatly appreciated!)

The Classic Table of Contents
[BCD01]- Introduction
[BCD02]- Acquiring Jotaro
[BCD03]- Jotaro Help and Support Koma analysis
[BCD04]- Jotaro Battle Koma analysis
[BCD05]- Valuable Support Komas
[BCD06]- Battle strategies
[BCD07]- Tips, hints and all that useful stuff
[BCD08]- Credits, contacting me, special thanks and generic legal junk

*NOTE- This guide assumes you’re already familiar with the basics of the game 
combat, hotkeys, support komas, etc.

The classic ctrl+F can be used here to jump to any section you’re looking for 
[BCD01] Introduction

A most friendly welcome, amigos, to my first FAQ ever. Not much to say, really.
You probably could care less about my personal life, and just want me to get 
to Jotaro. I’ll comply…

Ah, Jotaro Kujo, main character of the third arc in the long running classic 
Jump series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as series famous for its unique art 
style, great plot and massive amount of violence. The guy bears the nickname 
JoJo; anyone who uses that nickname and is still badass deserves utmost 
respect. At first, he believes he’s being possessed by an ‘evil spirit’. After 
explanation from other characters in his series, it is reveal that JoJo is 
not, in fact, haunted. Rather, he is blessed with a ‘ghost bodyguard’ called 
a Stand (Because they stand by you. Clever.) In fact, JoJo’s in possession of 
one of, if not the most powerful stand in the series named Star Platinum.

The series centers around some intense and unique battles (With ingenious 
endings) that JoJo must endure in order to defeat Dio, because if he doesn’t, 
his mother will die at Dio’s hands. Dio and the Joestar family (which Jotaro 
belongs to. His mamma’s maiden name) actually have some beef with each other, 
and it’d take me a good few hundred paragraphs to explain it all and 
accurately. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series that must be read to truly 

So, without further adieu, on to Jotaro’s appearance in the game!

[BCD02] Acquiring Jotaro
Taken from the almighty Genroh’s FAQ. Full credit to him for these.

(Pay 400 pink gems on Rohan's Evolution Chart to unlock this stage)

1. KO all opponents
Unlock: Gyro

2. KO your opponent by Ring Out
Unlock: Josuke

3. KO all opponents within 40 seconds
Unlock: Giorno

4. KO all opponents within 30 seconds
Unlock: Jonothan

5. KO 1 opponent with a Support Character

1. Collect the Stone of Asia and hold it for 15 seconds
Unlock: Johnny

2. Collect the Stone of Asia within 1 minute

3. Collect the Stone of Asia within 40 seconds

4. Collect the Stone of Asia within 20 seconds
Unlock: Jolyne

5. Finish with full health
Unlock: JOTARO

Made Jotaro nice and easy for you to see. Jotaro isn’t too difficult to unlock.
Just grab the Stone of Asia and run to a corner of the stadium. Use support 
characters like 3 koma Gotenks (DBZ) or 3 koma  to keep people at bay, and 
heal yourself with 3 koma Sakura (Pink haired girl in the series with a little
circle sign for a symbol), Orihime (Girl with an unusual chest in the series 
with a lion/bear teddy face for a symbol) or 2 koma Seiya (First koma in the 
series with a green kanji for  symbol) 

Once again, much thanks and credit to Genroh.

[BCD03] Jotaro Help and Support koma analysis
Ooooh. Big fancy word, huh?

Description: Jotaro lessens damage taken from special attacks directed at 
characters that the little arrow on the Deck Construction screen is pointed to.
Shape: Take a wild guess. “[]”

Info: Well, it does what it says. If you’re up against someone who you know 
spams specials, then Jotaro’s 1 koma’s your koma. Honestly, though, there are 
more useful effects.

Description: Jotaro strikes a cool pose while Star Platinum charges forward, 
fist raised. If he catches someone, he charges a tiny amount forward with them,
and then punches them with his other fist.
Shape: Horizontal. “[][]”
Nature: Power
Damage: 24 to Power Characters, 36 to Knowledge characters and 24 to Laughter 

Info: Fast, decent damage and small size. I like. Good for the end of a combo 
when the opponent is just out of your reach, and you don’t want to give them a
chance to recover. Even better for ring outs, as it can drag someone off the 
stage. Also, as Star Platinum holds the target, there’s a small time frame 
where you can launch ANY attack and the enemy will not be knocked down. Good 
for adding damage with projectiles or projectile specials.

Description: Jotaro points forward, and Star Platinum flings a small Chihuahua
(Named Iggy) forward. The projectile goes on for decent length until it 
disappears. If it touches anyone, Iggy will hold the opponent in place while 
its stand delivers a blow that delivers the BATTLE SEAL status.
Shape: Horizontal “[][][]”
Nature: Knowledge
Damage: 34 to Power Characters, 34 to Knowledge characters and 45 to Laughter 
Status effect: Battle Seal

Info: It’s a standard projectile-with-a-status-effect deal. It can be useful 
to hunt down people trying to flee, dealing damage and preventing them form 
switching. Other than that, I don’t see any particular advantages. If you 
truly want to use it, try and trap the opponent in a combo, or knock them up 
into the air to ensure a hit. There are far better projectiles. Stick with his
2 koma when it comes to JoJo supports.

[BCD04] Jotaro Battle koma analysis
Ah, here begins the hard part…Let’s begin with the moves shared by all of 
Jotaro’s Battle komas. 
NOTE- Damages were taken using Jotaro’s 6 Koma

B-    A quick hook punch, 8 damage
fwdB- Jotaro slides forward and delivers a low kick, 9 damage 
upB-  Star Platinum stabs upwards with his Star Finger, 10 damage
dwnB- Star Platinum charges for a moment and then punches, 10 damage and 
      switches characters
airB- Star Platinum performs an uppercut, 10 damage
Y-    Star Platinum performs a Barrage of punches. Press repeatedly for more 
      hits, 12-21 damage
fwdY- Star Platinum charges forward and does an overhead punch, 18 damage
upY-  Star Platinum directs a barrage of punches upwards at a 45 degree angle,
      12-21 damage
dwnY- Star Platinum charges for a moment, and then pounds the ground with his 
      fist, 20 damage
airY- Star Platinum directs a barrage of punches downwards at a 45 degree 
      angle, 12-21 damage

Before we go any further, his passive effect and Ultimate Actions…

Passive Effects
Takes less damage from special attacks
Does the same damage to characters of opposing Nature

Ultimate Action
Kick arse pose and then small SP regain

Shape: [][]

Special A ORAAA!- Jotaro poses and Star Platinum charges forward, grabs the 
enemy and punches them, just like his 2 koma. Except this one packs a wallop.
Damage: 40 to Power and Laughter characters, 60 (!!!) to Knowledge characters.
Nature: Power

Info: Wow…I love this special. Does very nice damage, especially for a 4 koma.
The attack is relatively fast, and is great for catching opponents expecting a 
barrage of fists. Also, an extremely useful effect, this special holds the 
opponent down for a few seconds. I’ll explain how to exploit that in the Tips, 
hints and all that useful stuff section.

Special B Crossfire Hurricane Special- Avdol with his stand, Red Magician 
appears and quickly fires 3 burning crosses that fly forward for a decent 
distance. They travel close together. Afflicts burn status.
Damage:30 to Power and Laughter characters, 54 to Knowledge characters.
Nature: Power
Status effect: Burn

Info: A pretty decent special. Good for catching people off guard who like to 
stay away and poke at Jotaro. I recommend you pop the person into the air with 
b, upB first to ensure a hit if you feel the need to use it at close range.

5 KOMA (NOTE- Jotaro has an alternate version of this with Knowledge nature. 
To figure out the damage output, simply replace the extra damage against 
Knowledge to Laughter.)
Shape: [][]

Special A Star Platinum & Silver Chariot- Polnareff and his stand, Silver 
Chariot, appears behind Jotaro, and both of them unleash a barrage of attacks 
with their stands.
Damage- 13-34 to Power and Laughter, 19-42 to Knowledge (press repeatedly for 
more hits)
Nature: Power

Info: A disappointment, really. Silver Chariot is cool and all, but…this is 
easily Jotaro’s weakest koma. Barely does more damage than his 4 koma most of 
the time, and even then, it’s only in certain conditions. Silver Chariot does 
more Damage than Star Platinum in this special, so in order for max damage, 
make sure the opponent is above you and hit only by Silver Chariot. Of course, 
you’ll want to press the button repeatedly for more hits. At least the attack 
has a wide range…

Special B Emerald Splash- Kakyion and his stand, Hierophant Green appears, and
fires dozens of emeralds in a wide pattern, both above, below and forward.
Damage- 14-52 to Power and Laughter, 21-84 to Knowledge
Nature: Power

Info: The better special of this koma. It has a wide arc, so it hits many 
people at once. I like this projectile, as it does decent damage even if the 
person isn’t too close. Good for edge guarding, as it hits above and below as 
well. Note that the max damage numbers are close range hits, meaning all the 
emeralds make contact. If you’re ever that close, use it!

Shape: [][][]

Special A Ora Ora of Anger!- Star Platinum delivers a barrage of fists, that 
eventually aim upwards and knock the opponent away and upwards at a 45 degree 
angle. Jotaro strikes a cool pose after the attack is over for half a second.
Damage: 26-49 for Power and Laughter characters, 39-73 for Knowledge 
characters. (press repeatedly for more hits)
Nature: Power

Info: How I love this special. Decent range, very comboable (new word, huzzah)
and lasts a long time, giving you the opportunity to trap more than just one 
person. Of course, you’ll need to mash the X button to get the most out of it, 
but you do the same for all of Jotaro’s moves. Massive damage against Knowledge
characters as well, as rare as they are. Besides, he strikes an effing pose. 
Not only does he deal nice damage, but he taunts. That’s an excellent move in 
my book.

Special B Star Platinum The world (a.k.a. Za Warudo)- Jotaro is engulfed in a 
purple aura for about one real life second, and then time stops on the stage. 
Meaning opponents, all supports and projectiles cease moving. This effect lasts
for about 3 real life seconds. Of course, Jotaro is still free to move and 
Damage: None.

Info: This one’s a tricky one. Because of the start up lag where Jotaro 
‘charges’, you can’t use this in the middle of a slugfest. I recommend to use
this a small distance away from the opponent, or off screen if possible. Any 
attacks dealt during this, however, is not ‘felt’ until the time stop is over. 
Example, you hit someone with a Special A during the time stop. They stand 
perfectly still, and when time resumes, they feel the effects, are knocked 
down, take damage, etc. However, the only two useful uses I’ve seen so far for
this are either

A) Using it defensively, to dodge projectiles or flee.
B) Stopping time as someone attempts to come back to the stage. Hit them with
an Air Y mid air and they’re done, sent down into the ring out abyss.

[BCD05] Valuable Support komas

Support komas are, in my opinion, truly the most important asset in battle. 
Sure, it helps greatly to be skilled with a battle character, but in the end, 
if you’re not being backed up by Support komas, you’re not going to do well. 
So I’ll list some supports, how they can be used, etc. Any suggestion you have
would be greatly appreciation, all credit will be given.

3 Koma Terryman
Description: Guy with yellow hair and blue tights. Second character in the 
Kinnikuman series, has a red kanji for a symbol.

Use: Terryman is incredibly useful in almost every situation. He jumps into 
the air a short distance, and flies down with his knee extended. At first,
it looks useless, but he deals a nice 34 damage upon average. This attack can 
be used in the air as well, so its great for ringing out someone returning. 
Also, Terryman does NOT knock the enemy down, meaning he opens up an 
opportunity for a combo.

Combo: Hotkey Terryman to L or R and use Jotaro 4 koma. As soon as you press 
X, press the hotkey. Star Platinum will hold the enemy, and in that brief 
second, Terry man will nail the enemy, and then Star Platinum will sock him 
with a punch. A very fast and nice attack, does around 80 damage on average. 
Terryman can also be used at the end of 5 koma or 6 koma’s Special A, as long 
as it’s activated at the end of the attack. When Jotaro knock the enemy into 
the air at the end of the combo, Terryman will bring them back down with his 
knee. Deals anywhere between 70-90 damage, and leaves the enemy wide open for 
another attack.

3 Koma Sogo Okita
Description: Black suit and long brown hair. Final support koma in Gintama, 
series with white dog face for symbol.

Use: Okita appears on an enormous beetle, points, and then after a few quick 
moments, the beetle attacks with its horn, sending out a yellow wave. This 
thing knocks opponent incredibly far, and does around 70 DAMAGE. That’s a lot 
for a single SP bar.

Combo: Trap the opponent with Jotaro’s Y attack. His 5 or 6 koma Special A’s 
work equally well, and do more damage, albeit cost one more SP bar. Now, as 
soon as you begin the attack, use 3 koma Okita. The opponent will be trapped 
by Jotaro’s barrage, and just as the hits finish, the opponent will be nailed 
by the beetle’s smash. Also sends opponents flying, meaning a good ring out 
strategy if it doesn’t kill ‘em. Loads of damage, depending on Jotaro’s koma, 
how many hits got in before the beetle strikes and if you’re using a special. 
My highest was 134 damage with this combo. 

3 koma Takeshi Yamamato
Description: Samurai guy. Sword is glowing in the koma picture. From Reborn! 
series, with a black fedora hat for a symbol.

Use: Takeshi appears, and a circle of slashes appears around him, sucking 
opponents and knocking them away.

Combo: Truly, there aren’t many combos in here, but it’s just a very helpful 
koma. If you’re ever backed up against a wall, or need to get a few guys off 
you’re back, use him. It is possible, technically, to catch them with 4 koma 
Jotaro’s Special A while the opponent is in the air, right after they’re hit. 
They can also be caught with a Y barrage. Truly, it’s a more defensive koma, 
but the 4 koma Special A is useful, when pulled off.

2 koma Jirou Kusano aka Rouji
Description: Tall guy from the series with a purple box with an alchemy 
looking eye thing drawn in it for a symbol. He’s the second character in the 

Use: Rouji appears behind your battle character and quickly launches a circle 
of what appear to be magical, glowing cards. If they hit someone, not only do 
they cause the Stop effect, they drain an SP bar! Nice. The projectile comes 
out and travels fairly fast. Does a lot for being just a tiny 2 koma.

Combo: Rouji can be used to halt a charging opponent or drain a Seya/Trunks 
spammer. If you wanna guarantee a hit, try and trap him in a Y attack. I find 
him best for long range attacks, though. For example, stop an opponent and 
then launch them off the edge with a forward Y. A good all round koma that’s 
uses are purely opportunity.  

More to come soon!

[BCD06]- Battle strategies
Jotaro can be played in a few ways…

Style: Offensive
Description: Jotaro’s main style of play; what he’s best at. Usually, you’ll 
be not face-to-face with your opponent, but at the distance where Star Platinum
Reaches. FwdB can be used to charge in, as it moves Jotaro forward a bit. 
Aerial Y is useful as well, especially since it spikes. Jump in from behind an
opponent and assault with Air Y’s, Y’s and fwdY’s make up an offensive 
strategy. Remember, stay at the range where Star Platinum reaches. Usually, 
close enough for B (typical combo starter) gives opponents enough time to 

Recommended komas for strategy: 3 Koma Gotenks, 3 koma Gasser (Bo-Bo-Bo), 
2 koma Killua (HunterxHunter) and 3 koma Josuke
Recommended battle koma sizes: 4 and 6

Style: Stalling
Description” Mainly, when you wanna keep someone at bay. Usually, you’re going
to want to stay out of range, firing off support komas and knocking them down 
with the occasional fwd Y. This works well for rings out, as you can lure 
someone near a wall and send them to their doom with a well placed fwdY or 
support koma. This style of play, however, relies heavily on support komas, as
Jotaro isn’t too great at defensive playing
Recommended komas for strategy: 3 koma Yamamato, 2 koma Rouji, 3 koma Okita, 
3 and 2 koma Kurita (Eyeshield 21)
Working on new ones…
[BCD07]- Tips, hints and all that useful stuff

Jotaro’s 4 Koma
-Now, most people ignore 4 komas when it comes to choosing a battle koma. 
However, when said 4 koma has Jotaro’s Special A, it’s a deadly force to be 
reckoned with. As I’ve mentioned before, Star Platinum holds the enemy down, 
making it impossible to knock him down- but you can steal deal damage in the 
small time frame. Personally, I like combining this with 3 koma Gotenks (DBZ) 
or 3 koma Zoro (One Piece). I can usually rack up 115 damage. Just hotkey ‘em, 
and press the hotkey as soon as you press X. There are a vast variety of komas
that can be used in conjuction with this; experiment!

Be frugal with Time Stop
-As tempting as it is to spam time stop, don’t. it drains SP bars and does you
no good. I’ve seen people do this before, and it’s a waste of Jotaro.

Make every deck space count!
- Waste no koma. If you’re putting in a koma you no won’t be used, don’t
put it in. Replace it with a boost for Jotaro (extra HP) or an extra SP bar. 

Boosting Jotaro

- Jolyne is a great boost for Jotaro. The only girl in his series, 
easily identifiable. Her 2 and 3 komas are useful. The 2 stuns enemies, 
leaving them open for attack, and the 3 is a long range barrage of fists. Both
are ideal for ring outs, in conjunction with any previous combos.

- Josuke’s 2 koma heals a very nice chunk of health, with only half a second 
of charging. I recommend this for any deck with Jotaro.

Just like before, more to come soon!
[BCD08]- Credits, contacting me, special thanks and generic legal junk

I can be contacted at [email protected]
Any suggestions are very welcome. However, if you’re stupid enough to send 
spam or anything like that, I won’t even bother with you and block INSTANTLY. 
Honestly, this is routine for all FAQ authors… I don’t mind anyone using this 
guide, just let me know with an email and a link to where you’re putting it up. 

Credit to

Ganbarion and Nintendo for being behind this masterpiece of technology.

All of the Mangakas, for the work they put into their mangas and the great
marketing campaign things they spawn. 

You, for reading this FAQ. I had to wrote this thing for someone, hope it 

GameFAQS, for hosting this and providing me with a website I can truly enjoy, 
friends, noobs, trolls and all.

Genroh, because you’re the sole reason I was able to enjoy this (and the 
first) game and able to write this FAQ.

Special Thanks to

Genroh, again, because you’re just awesome. Can’t thank you enough

Kat and Owen, just cause you’re Kat and Owen.

My dog, Lilah, cause she’s the Don.