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Follow the dark path or use the light
Jump! Ultimate Stars Pack Shot

Jump! Ultimate Stars


Manga Moments

by Summonmaster

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||v. 0.11                                ||

Copyright Kristian Inola aka. "Summonmaster" 2006-2008.
This faq may only be accessed from: (Will certainly have the latest version)

Email: [email protected] 
       for any additions, corrections, suggestions, spelling mistakes, etc.


This faq contains beyond-major spoilers for certain moments of manga! By
reading beyond these lines you understand the risk you will take in reading
material you may not want to read (eg. X character dies, X character wins,
etc.) To minimize your risk of reading something you don't want to know,
please press:


and then type in anything you are looking for in particular. Exercise caution
when reading casually.



v. 0.11 (6/03/08)
 - NEW: Biko (3), Neuro UA, Neuro (2, 3, 4 [knowledge]), Neuro attack
   descriptions, Dakki (2)
 - Additional Info: Taikoubou (4), Eve attack descriptions
 - Corrections: Musashi (3)

v. 0.10 (1/3/08)
 - Sakigake! Otokojuku and Jigoku Sensei Nube added to MANGA SERIES
 - NEW: Itsuki (2), Gintoki (5), Hao (3), Muhyo (6), Yoichi (3),
   Jaguar (2-4, 6), Piyo Hiko (2, 3), Hammer (2, 3), Don Patch (3, 4)
   Anna (5 [Power]), Stages in STAGES section
 - Additional Info: Killua (2, 4, 5), Hitsugaya (6), Ichigo (6, 7), Yoruichi
   (3), Aizen (2, 3), Dio attack descriptions, Gintoki (4), Neuro passive
   effect, Naruto passive effect, Anna attack descriptions, Yuusuke (4),
   Allen (6 [power]), Lambo (3), Muhyo attack descriptions, Muhyo (2-6),
   Yoichi (2), Enchuu (2, 3), Rouji (2), Yoh (4-6), Anna (2-5), Neuro attack
   descriptions, Neuro (4, 5), Kurama (2), Kenshin (3-6), Kenshin attack
   descriptions, Saito (3), Shishioh (2, 3), Zoro (3), Luffy (7, 8),
   Jotaro (5 [alternate], 6), Taikoubou (2, 4-6), Dakki (2, 3), Kagura (5, 6),
   Aya (2, 3), Satsuki (2, 3), Tsuna (2-6), Lambo (2), Hanamichi (2, 3),
   Rukawa (2, 3), Gon (4, 5), Jaguar (5), Kazuki (4, 6), Bobobo (2, 5, 6),
   Don Patch (7), Yugi (2-6)
 - Corrections: Yugi ^+B, Lambo (3), Nishino (2, 3)

v. 0.09 (09/28/07)
 - NEW: Stage Gimmick and Stage Features added within STAGES section,
   Gaara (2), Nishino (2, 3), Kurapika (3), Tsuna attack descriptions,
   Raoh (7), Kenshiro attack descriptions, Hyuga (2, 3), Jolene (2, 3), Gyro
 - Additional Info: Goku (5, 7), Piccolo (3), Trunks (3), Vegeta (2-4),
   Gaara (3), Kakashi (2, 5, 6), Sasuke (7), Sena (3), Hiruma (3), Hisoka (3)
   Yui (2, 3), Don Patch (6), Toki (3), Bobobo (3), Raoh (6, 8), Kenshiro
   (2-8), Kenshin attack descriptions, Jotaro (2-6), DIO (2-6), Jonathan (2),
   Joseph (2), Josuke (2), Giorno (2), Gyro (2)
 - Corrections: Beauty (3)

v. 0.08 (08/31/07)
 - Captain Tsubasa and I's added to MANGA SERIES
 - NEW: Don Patch info, Byakuya (2), Ichigo attack decriptions, Dragonball Z
   Stage, Yuusuke attack description, Hiruma (3), Musashi (2), Devilbat (3),
   Cerberus (3), Gohan attack descriptions, Kakashi attack descriptions,
   Toki (3), Hitsugaya (2, 3), Renji (2, 3), Jonathan Joestar (2, 3), Giorno
   Giovanni (2)
 - Additional Info: Aizen (2, 3), Bobobo (7), Orihime (2), Piccolo (5),
   Vegeta (4-6), Kagura (5, 6), Naruto (5, 6), Yuusuke (4), I-Pin (2, 3),
   Sena (2, 3), Hiruma (2), Kurita (2), Monta (2, 3), Musashi (3),
   Gohan (4, 5), Goku (7), Kakashi (2-4, 5), Atobe (2, 3), Kaido (2), Golden
   Pair (3), Fuji (2, 3), Inui (3), Momo (3), Ryoma (3), Taka-san (2, 3),
   Tezuka (2, 3), Raoh (6), Shin (2, 3), Kaiba (2, 3), Yugi (4, 6), Haha 3
   Brothers (2, 3), Hitsugaya (4-5), Renji (4-6), Rukia (6), Sasuke (8),
   Freeza (6), Gotenks (3-5), Giorno Giovanni (3)
 - Corrections: Gokudera (2, 3), Rukawa (2), Yoruichi (2), Kazuki (4-6),
   Gohan (4), Goku (6), Vegeta (6), Kagura (4), Naruto (3, 7), One Piece stage
   correction, Shin (2), Byakuya (3), Ichigo (4), Yoh UA
 - Uncertainties: Goku (7), Krillin (2), Kurita (3), Buu attack description

v. 0.07 (06/15/07)
 - NEW: Bianchi (3), Rukia (3), Luffy (5), Kagura (4, 6), Hijikata (3), Dio
   (2), Joseph Joestar (3), Hao/Zeke (2), Don Patch (2), Dr. Mashirito (2),
   Gintoki (2), Shinpachi (2), Seiya (8)
 - Additional Info: Death Note volume, chapter, and page references!
 - Attack Descriptions: Eve, Train, Vegeta, Goku, Gotenks, Krillin, Naruto,
   Sasuke, Kurama, Jotaro, Luffy, Gintoki, Piccolo, Arale, Dio, Gohan, Yuusuke,
   Bobobo, Rukia, Zoro
 - Corrections: Train (5), Rukia attack descriptions, Taikoubou attack
   description, Dio (3), Jotaro (2), Taikoubou (6 [alt])
 - More stages in STAGES section
 - More random koma info spread throughout

v 0.06 (03/12/07)
 - STAGES section added
 - Winposes and lose poses added (under their respective characters)! (Sakura,
   Sasuke, Rukia, Gintoki, Kenshin)
 - Saint Seiya and Slam Dunk added to MANGA SERIES
 - NEW: Kenshin (3), Inoue (2, 3), Saito (2), Sanosuke (2), Trunks (3)
 - Additional Info: Yu-Gi-Oh! descriptions, Rurouni Kenshin descriptions, Train
   Attack Descriptions, Naruto (2, 3), Yuu Yuu Hakusho attack descriptions,
   Yuusuke (5), Byakuya (3), Ishida (2, 3), Buu attack descriptions, Rukia (2),
   Kon (3), Haruto Sakuraba (1)
 - Corrections: Train (4), Kurama attack description, Hitsugaya (6), Ichigo,
   Taro Raimon/Monta
 - lots of random koma info spread throughout

 - Made format of "Vol.## Ch.## pg.##" consistent
 - spacing has been changed to make more sense (see start of MANGA SERIES
   section for more details)

v. 0.05 (02/17/07)
 - Ichigo 100%, and Yu-Gi-Oh! added to MANGA SERIES
 - NEW: Zoro (2), Trunks (3), Luffy (3), Sanji (5 [both]), Ichigo (2),
   Kakashi (3), Naruto (2, 3), Kurama (3), Kazuki (5, 6)
 - Additional Info: Goku (2, 3, 7, 8), Vegeta (6), Gotenks (2, 4, 5), Piccolo
   (2), Buu (6), Tsuna (6 [alternate]), Naruto (4 [both]-7), Hiei (2, 4, 5),
   Kurama (5), Kuwabara (2), Sakura (6 [Laughter]), Chopper (3)
 - Corrections: Luffy UA, Gotenks (3), Kurama (4)
 - Attack descriptions: Nami, Muhyo to Rouji, Piccolo, Hunter X Hunter, Kazuki,
   Taikoubou, Kinnikuman, Naruto, Kakashi, Bobobo, Sakura, Ryoma, Tezuka,
   Fuji, Oishi/Eiji, Momo, Taka, Kaido, Inui, Atobe

v. 0.04 (01/21/07)
 - Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar added to MANGA SERIES
 - NEW: Dr. Mashirito (4), Light (2), Yoh (4), Allen (4), Kazuki (2), Beauty
   (2, 3), L (2), Hisoka (2), Mello (2), Lenalee (2), Monta (2), Gyro Zeppeli
 - Additional Info: Light (2, 3), Kazuki (4), Tennosuke (2, 3), Misa (2, 3),
   Kuwabara (2, 3), Kanda (2, 3), Arale (3), Yoh (2-5)
 - Corrections: Goku (7), Kurita (3), Allen (5)
 - Yuu Yuu Hakusho attack descriptions

v. 0.03 (01/13/07)
 - NEW: Giorno (3), Tsuna (3), Gokudera (2), Joseph Joestar (2), Near (2),
   Crowley (2, 3), Kanda (2, 3), Naruto (7), Sakura (4), Gaara (3), Kakashi
   (6), Kazuki (4)
 - Additional Info: Naruto attack and special move descriptions, Tsuna (2),
   Mello (3), Light (3), Naruto (6)
 - Corrections: Light (2, now uncertain) 
 - LOTS of attack descriptions for the first 3/4 series or so

v. 0.02 (01/10/07)
 - Prince of Tennis and descriptions added to MANGA SERIES
 - NEW: Kuroro Lucifer (3), Naruto (4-6), Anna (5), Nami (4), Kenshiro (7),
   Kinnikuman (2-4), Terryman (2, 3), Warsman (2, 3), Ramenman (2, 3), 
   Brocken Jr. (2, 3), Buffaloman (2), Ashuraman (2, 3), Chopper (3),
   Robin (3)
 - Additional Info: Kuroro Lucifer (2)
 - Confirmations: Ichigo (8)
 - Corrections: Nami (4, 5), Kenshin (6), Kenshiro (5), Robin Mask (3),
   Buffaloman (3), Goku (6)
 - Miscellaneous attack descriptions

v. 0.01 (01/08/07)
 - Manga Panel Decriptions spanning 23 Series
 - Normal Attack Descriptions over around 3 series
 - Special Attack Descriptions across various series
 - Translations/romanization in preliminary stages



 - Black Cat
 - Bleach
 - Bo-bobo
 - Busou Renkin
 - Captain Tsubasa
 - Death Note
 - D. Gray-Man
 - Dr. Slump
 - Dragonball Z
 - Eyeshield 21
 - Gintama
 - Hokuto no Ken
 - Houshin Engi
 - Hunter X Hunter
 - Ichigo 100%
 - I's
 - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
 - Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!
 - Kinnikuman
 - Majin Tantei Neuro
 - Muhyo to Rouji
 - Naruto
 - One Piece
 - Prince of Tennis
 - Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar
 - Rurouni Kenshin
 - Saint Seiya
 - Sakigake! Otokojuku
 - Shaman King
 - Slam Dunk
 - Yu-Gi-Oh!
 - Yuu Yuu Hakusho





   This faq is a compilation of manga moments in which the many koma (panels) of
Jump Ultimate Stars correspond to. If you've ever wondered why some panels
look so strange, cool, or out of place, then hopefully you will find the answer
here. It will also attempt to explain where each character's attacks come from
and their significance to the manga. Further down the road, translations for
panels will increase in number.
   Of course, the faq will ALWAYS be expanding, and will probably never be
truely complete, since the moments behind the panels take even longer to
explain than unlocking all the koma themselves! That said, it is imperative to
contribute if you know any moments that are unlisted here on either the
"Manga Moments FAQ" thread in the message board, or by emailing the above



- Characters are listed in alphabetical order, as are series
- Characters with a sprite change (and usually normal moves as well are
changed) are indicated with "<name>" before their numbered koma.
- Descriptions after "<#> Koma" are of the panels themselves.
- Descriptions at the start of a battle character's section are normal attacks.
- Descriptions in brackets after panel descriptions are special attacks.
- Translations are in quotes: "", usually at the end or start of each
- When there is a first and last name, I just put the more widely known name
first (eg. "Luffy, Monkey D."), ignoring proper order.
* Page numbers will vary between onemanga and actual numbers. Numbers in the
teens/low double digits are most likely onemanga page numbers.

Spacing to better serve your reading needs ;)
- 1 space in between notes or other special instances
- 1 space between different number koma
- 1 space between manga name and first character
- 2 spaces between normal attack descriptions and panel descriptions
- 3 spaces in between characters
- 4 space between the last character and manga name

***Black Cat***

- B: a simple punch with a fist formed out of hair
- ^+B: Ch. 138, pg. 9. Hair spike transformation used against Leon, which Eve
- air B: Ch. 137, pg. 5. Diagonal punch used against Leon, which Eve whiffs.
- Y: Eve morphs her arm into a blade and slices forward.
- >+Y: Eve uses her long hair to attempt to fling the enemy backwards.
- ^+Y: Ch. 138, pg. 14. Eve uppercuts the opponent with a fist formed from a
wing, used in the fight against Leon.
- UA: Ch. 138. pg. 11. Winged jump used to reach Leon when he flew higher to
avoid Eve's attacks.

- d: Ch. 137, pg. 17. Shield used to block Leon's Wind Blade. 

2 Koma - Vol. 02, pg. 61. After being rescued from her confinement
(brainwashing) at Corneo's, Eve tries to be useful by opening up a can that
Sven is having trouble with... by cutting it with her knife-shifted hand.
"Aren't I useful?"

3 Koma - Vol. 15, pg. 113. Leon uses his wind attack to send Eve flying over
water. Although he thought he beat her, she transforms into a Mermaid and dives
into the water for a sneak attack.

4 Koma - Vol. 11, pg. 145. Eve saves a Chibi-Train from Kranz's attack (since
he was still getting used to his new body's limitations). She says that she'll
get a headache if he dies... "Because I still have not defeated him myself
(X: Gold Rush - She uses it a lot in the last couple volumes against the
Apostles of the Stars.)
(^+X: Feather Bullets - Sends out projectile feathers from nano-shifted wings
on her arms. First used against Kranz when Train was turned chibi.)

5 Koma - Vol. 15, pg. 102-103. After Leon hits Kevin with his wind attack, Eve
gets angry, stating that she's never felt so angry before. She then states that
"I will defeat you... using everything I've got!"
(X: Trance Lance - Ch. 185, pgs. 4-6. Lance used in the final chapter to thwart
a truck full of bad guys.)
(^+X: Nano Slicer - Used in the last couple volumes. Comically, she used this
against a group of Apostle soldiers to hinder them, but it cut up all their
clothes, making them naked. She then blushes and gets embarrassed/angry, and
uses the Gold Rush on them.)

Sven Vollfield
2 Koma - Vol. 20, pg. 194. In the epilogue to the entire Creed fight, Train and
company are back to normal sweeping business. Creed captures some running
hooligans with his attache case net, shouting, "Be careful for raining nets!"
(Fires his typical net from his utility attache case.)

3 Koma - Vol. 16, pg. 27. Sven somehow dodges all of Deek's icicles, even
though they  surrounded him. When asked how, Sven remarks that he's upgraded
his Vision Eye... now it's "Glaspar Eye".
(Glaspar Eye - An ability that lets him move with Matrix-like quickness and
reflexes. It probably gives Speed Down effect because, with the Glaspar Eye,
everything looks like it's in slow motion.)

Train Heartnet
- ^+B: Train does a backflip.
- air B: Train does a little mid-air stomp.
- Y: A plain and brutal pistol smack.
- >+Y: Train shoots anywhere from 3-6 bullets from his gun depending on if the
UA was performed beforehand.
- ^+Y: Same as above, but upwards at a 45 degree angle.
- d+Y: Train turns around then fires a shot that breaks the opponent's guard.
- air Y: The reflect shot, which Train learned from Saya. Fires 3-6 shots
depending on if the UA was performed beforehand.
- UA: Train tosses up his gun and catches it, increasing the possible number of
shots to six, only for his next >+Y, ^+Y, or air Y. From his fight against
Creed at Lunafort Tower.

2 Koma - Vol. 09, pg. 100. After interrupting Creed's attacks on Cerberus,
Train uses a flash bomb to blind everyone so he can nab Rinslet and escape from
the castle.

3 Koma - Vol. 19, pg. 124. As Creed is about to finish Sephira off, Train comes
in time and shoots Creed's Phantom Blade before it can deliver the finishing
blow. He states, "I've come to deliver bad luck."

4 Koma - Vol. 16, pg. 106. While fighting Shiki's bug, Train readies a Rail Gun
blast. "Charging... complete."
(X: Rail Gun - Train's trademark move in the latter half of the manga,
discharging energy in an electromagnetic wave through his gun. It's faster and
much more powerful than a regular bullet, but he can only discharge 3 or so a
day. He uses electricity generated by the nanomachines (codenamed "Lucifer")
that were injected into him by Creed.)
(^+X: Black Claw - Uses a spin move to hit the target with his gun 3 times.
Used against Shiki in their final fight, when Train vows to defeat him without
using Tao.)

5 Koma - Vol. 20, pg. 150. Train is trying to fire off his last rail gun to
defeat Maximum-Creed, but he's lost so much blood he's having trouble aiming.
At this point, Saya's spirit comes to Train's aid to steady his aim.
(X: Burst Rail Gun - Train's most powerful attack. Even though he used up his
quota of Rail Gun shots on the fight with Shiki earlier, Train summons the rest
of his Tao energy (so he can't use any more Tao after this) to bet on one
shot... however, he's lost so much blood he has trouble aiming, which is when
Saya's spirit comes to aid him.)
(^+X: Black Cross - A Black Claw that hits in the same spot instead of 3
different spots. Used against Creed to break his Phantom Sword... Train says
that Black Cross should be 5x as powerful as the Black Claw.)

5 Koma (Knowledge) - Vol. 14, pg. 25. Realizing that River can easily dodge or
deflect bullets with his hands,Train uses a technique he learned from Saya:
"Reflect Shot".
(X: same as above)
(^+X: same as above)


Aizen Sousuke
2 Koma - Vol. 20, Ch. 170, Pg. 49." the state furthest from
("Hadou no Kyuujuu - Kuro Hitsugi"/"Hadou 90 - Black Coffin": Summons a black
box to target and blind the enemy.)

3 Koma - Vol. 20, Ch. 171, Pg. 66. Aizen reveals what his zanpakutou, Kyouka
Suigetsu, does. 
(Complete Hypnotism - fools whoever sees it activate into believing what Aizen
wants them to see. In-game, it just grants invisible status.)

Byakuya Kuchiki
2 Koma - Used in the fight against Renji.
(Bakudou no 61 - Rikujou Kourou - Byakuya targets an opponent with Binding Art
61. Causes Movement Seal.)

3 Koma - "Senbonzakura." Byakuya activates his zanpakutou, Senbonzakura.
(One Thousand Cherry Blossoms)
(Senbonzakura - A zanpakutou that splits the blade into a thousand pieces which
look like cherry blossoms due to reflecting the light in the air. It looks very
pretty, but is one of the most lethal zanpakutous to experience.)

Hitsugaya Toushiro
d+B: Hitsugaya releases a blast of reiatsu.

2 Koma - (Hyourai - Hitsugaya spins his sword and then hits the ground,
freezing it. Causes Freeze.)

3 Koma - (Hyourinmaru - Hitsugaya unleashes his zanpakutou, the ice dragon
Hyourinmaru, in a beam-like fashion.)

4 Koma - Hitsugaya's expression right before his fight with Ichimaru Gin over
infuriating his friend, Hinamori.
(X: Same as 3 Koma.)
(^+X: Same as 2 Koma.)

5 Koma - Hitsugaya and Matsumoto in human world clothes from when the
shinigami first come to Ichigo's school.
(X: Suihyourin - Hitsugaya creates a huge glacier of ice. Causes freeze.)
(^+X: Ash Cat/Haineko - Hitsugaya summons his vice captain partner, Rangiku
Matsumoto, who activates her Zanpakutou. Using Haineko breaks her sword into
many tiny fragments, which look like ashes. The ashes home in and cause white

6 Koma - Vol. 20, Ch. 170, Pgs. 52-53. His ice elemental bankai: Daiguren
Hyourinmaru (Great Crimson Ice Ring), revealed when Hitsugaya confronts Aizen
in the Chamber of 46.
(X: Daiguren Hyourinmaru - Hitsugaya's bankai has him sprout wings of ice and
three floating markers of ice. He charges fiercely and delivers a swift stab.)

Ichigo Kurosaki
<Shikai Ichigo>
- ^+Y: Getsuga Tenshou at an upwards 45 degree angle.
- >+Y: Getsuga Tenshou straight forward.
- air Y: Getsuga Tenshou at a downwards 45 degree angle.

2 Koma - Vol. 8. When he is about to go into the gate to the Soul Society, Kon
jumps on his shoulder saying that he's coming along too. Ichigo yells "Hey!"

3 Koma - Urahara tricks Ichigo into putting on a headband and announcing he's a 
hero of justice and that it will make him stronger (not), just to see if he'd
do it.

4 Koma - Ichigo, after he pulls Zangetsu out of the correct box.
(X: Getsuga Tenshou - Ichigo's signature attack where he fires a concentrated
energy blast from his blade in the shape of a crescent moon.)
(^+X: Reiatsu Kyoumei- Same as above, but fired vertically upwards.)

5 Koma - After confronting Byakuya.
(X: Getsuga Tenshou - A larger version of the above.)

6 Koma - Vol. 18, Ch. 150, Pgs. 31-32. The cape Ichigo wore when he went to
stop Rukia's execution. Ichigo makes a flashy appearance at the execution,
wearing it only this time. "Yo"
(X: Getsuga Tensho - Same as the above. This time, Zangetsu accompanies him. At 
full power now that Ichigo knows the name of the attack.)

<Bankai Ichigo>
- Y: Used in the fight against Byakuya. Ichigo, in Bankai, uses this attack to
stop all of the petals that Byakuya fires towards him.

7 Koma - Vol. 19, Ch. 162, Pgs. 80-81. Ichigo's form when he invokes bankai,
Tensa Zangetsu (Heavenly Chains Moon Cutter). This is revealed in his fight
against Byakuya.
(X: Kuroi Gatsuga Tenshou - Fires his bankai, a black Getsuga Tenshou, for huge

8 Koma - This is Ichigo in his full Hollow Mask, when Ichigo reveals his Vizard
form (Hollow and Shinigami) to Grimmjaww.

Inoue Orihime
2 Koma - Vol. 6. Inoue wakes up after her battle with a hollow. She 
accidentally headbutts Chad from below and yells "I said it's impossible!/
Muri datteba!"
([Sacred Tri-Link Shield] - Inoue uses three of her fairies,
Hinagiku, Baigon, and Lily to form a shield. A physical hit on the shield,
in-game, results in a counter attack from another one of her fairies, Tsubaki.
[Koten Zanshun].)

3 Koma - Vol. 5. Ch. 42. After a hollow attacks Inoue, Chizuru, and Tatsuki,
Inoue uses her fairies to attack the hollow and responds with "I show no mercy
to anyone who hurts Tatsuki."
([Sacred Dual-Link Shield] Souten Kishun - Inoue uses two of her fairies to
heal whomever is inside the field generated.)

Ishida Uryuu
2 Koma - (Quincy Arrow - Fires an arrow composed of spirit particles

3 Koma - In shinigami disguise before his fight with captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
(Quincy Arrow - Fires an arrow composed of spirit particles directly downwards
that explodes in a burst of energy.)

3 Koma - Kon leaps and is attempting to hug Rukia.
(Kon throws arcing microphones out periodically.)

Renji Abarai
2 Koma - "Let's go, Zabimaru!"/"Iku ze Zabimaru!"
(Shousenga - Renji sticks his zanpakutou, Zabimaru, into the ground and it
resurfaces and extends upwards after a while, slicing the nearest opponent.)

3 Koma - (Higa Zekkou - Renji sticks his zanpakutou, Zabimaru, into the ground
and floating fragments of it circle the opponent and converge to slice them.)

4 Koma - Right after he is defeated by Ichigo, Renji's hairband is cut.
(X: Tengajin - Renji simply performs a large, clockwise, circular swipe with
his blade, having a large radius due to being extended.)
(^+X: Higa Houkou - Renji flails Zabimaru around wildly covering a 360 degree
area around him.)

5 Koma - Renji confronts Byakuya to test out his new power. "...Rukia o...
...<?>ke ni ikimasu"
(X: Higa Senkou - Renji flails Zabimaru around in front of him, making large,
broad sweeping motions to cover his frontal area.)
(^+X: Same as 3 Koma.)

6 Koma - Renji's Bankai: Baboon King Zabimaru, which he decides to try out
for the first time in his fight against Byakuya.
(X: Bankai . Hihiou Zabimaru Chi - Renji's Bankai, a large multipart snake
which travels horizontally.)
(^+X: Bankai . Hihiou Zabimaru Ten - same as above, but travels straight up.)

Rukia Kuchiki
- ^+B: Jumping Knee Hit - Ch. 9, Pg. 34. Rukia and Chad were going after his
bird, Shibata, and were attacked by a Hollow, which she hit likewise.
- >+Y: Hadou #4 - Byakurai, a lightning beam fired from the user's finger.
- ^+Y: Same as above, only fired at a 45 degree angle upwards.
- air Y: Same as above, only fired at a 45 degree angle downwards.
--Win Pose: "Buhahaha!" The crossed arm pose made by popular with Don Kanonji's
appearing in the early chapters of Bleach.

2 Koma - Rukia kicks Kon when he tries to hug her.

3 Koma - (Rukia uses Mod-Soul Chappy to stay in her body while she fights
Grimmjow. Chappy grabs Ichigo and holds him in place so Rukia can fight.)

4 Koma - Rukia thinking about what has happened in the human world before she
is about to be executed. "Sayonara."
(^+X: Sode no Shiroyuki - Rukia's ice-elemental Zanpakutou, Sode no Shiroyuki,
Sleeve of White Snow. Understandably causes Freeze.)

5 Koma - When Rukia returns to the human world and surprises Ichigo by standing 
on the windowsill.
(X: Destructive Art #33 Blue Blast - Fires a huge burst of blue energy. Rukia's
most frequently used spell in her arsenal.)
(^+X: Same as the 4 Koma version, but with a wider range.)

6 Koma - Rukia finally unleashes the power of her ice elemental zanpakutou
in shinigami clothes, in the fight against D. Roy.
(X: Bakudou no Ichi - Sai - Bakudou #1 paralyzes the enemy.)
(^+X: Same as the 5 Koma version, but it explodes upwards after a short pause.)

2 Koma - (Flash Step: Yoruichi uses the Flash Step technique to move at a high
speed, thus carrying the user far away almost instantaneously)

3 Koma - Vol. 18, Ch. 158, Pg. 100. She unleashes her shunkou energy attack in
her fight against captain Soi Fon.


2 Koma - "Bo-bobo!!"

3 Koma - Bo-bobo is killed by Bi-bibi, the series' final enemy, but his glasses
live on. Beauty puts them on, and she gains super powers and defeats Bi-bibi.

- ^+Y: Bobobo smacks the opponent with his father, Tuyosi. Bo-bobo did this
attack in the final battle of the series vs. his brother Bibibi-Bi Bi-bibi, who
is Bo-bobo's brother, therefore making Tuyosi HIS father as well.
- air Y: Bobobo's nose hair smacks the enemies adjacent to him and act like a
flap of a pair of wings.
- dash: Don Patch referred to it as the "Tissue Box Fist", a technique used to
apparently triple Bobobo's speed.

2 Koma - Ch. 162.
(Bobobo throws an arsenal of weapons repeatedly at the opponent.)

3 Koma - (Bobobo has a teddy bear protruding out of him. Out of that teddy bear
another Bobobo pops out. Out of that Bobobo pops out some nose hair. O_O
This attack is used to defeat Bi-bibi.)

4 Koma - During the battle with the three "Ancient River Civilizations",
Bo-bobo declares something along the lines of "I'll never forgive you for
hurting my friends!" Of course, he said this right after he tossed his comrades
at the enemy. This was the dawn of the "beat the living hell" out of the
comrades running gag, which only really lasted for the rest of that short arc.

5 Koma - Ch. 147. During the fight against Rem (The leader for the former
D-Block), Bobobo sends her to the Bo-bobo World Nightmare, in which she is
forced see a nightmarish vision created by Bobobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke.
(X: During the fight against Nenchaku (A enemy that uses Duct Tape as his
weapon), Bobobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke get their bodies "combined" for
various reasons, this is the result of one of such combinations. Bo-bobo, Don
Patch, and Tennosuke fuse to fire a beam at the enemy.)
(^+X: Bobopatchsuke - One of Bobobo's fusions, rides a bike towards the

6 Koma - Ch. 166. During the fight against Three Sacks (A member of the Reverse
Mahurage empire), Super Bobobo fuses with Dengakuman (After a fight between him,
Don Patch and Tennosuke to see who would fuse with Bobobo) to create Super
(X: During the fight against J, Denbo obtains the Nunchuks used as a gift from
her father. Bobobo transforms into Denbo and flails them wildly for a multihit
rush combo.)
(^+X: During the fight against Three Sacks, Denbo tricks him, Don Patch, and
Tennosuke into helping her get a new power, "Emerald Heart". Bobobo transforms
into Denbo and fires a stream of green hearts that cover a wide area.)

<Shinsetsu Bobopatch>
7 Koma - Bo-bobo and Don Patch fuse together to form Shinsetsu Bobopatch
("True-Theory Bobopatch") against Heppokomaru, who has temporarily turned
against them. Bobopatch proceeds to assemble some vegetables, (ridiculously)
explaining the signifigance of each one.
(X: Leek Smash - Transforms into the Shinsetsu Bobopatch and rushes forward to
beat the enemy senseless with a leek.)

Don Patch
- jump: From when he jumps in the air after being rejuvenated with soda by the

2 Koma - Ch. 12. "So this is what being dumped is like!!" From when Don Patch
and Beauty got on the train for C Block Base.
(A quick bonk on the head with a staff. Cures status effects.)

3 Koma - Ch. 25. 
(Don Patch throws a ball that confuses the opponent)

4 Koma - Ch. 29.

5 Koma - Don Patch emerges from the ground and mortally strikes the villain
they're facing (an exorcist who ressurects zombies) with some really, really
weird attack.

6 Koma - Don Patch reunites with Hatenko, of whom worships the ground Don Patch
walks on.
(X: Hatenko kicks Don Patch who acts like a soccer ball and flies forward.)
(^+X: Don Patch's spikes spin around him and create a large twister above him.)

7 Koma - Ch. 174. During the battle with Halon Oni, Don Patch gives some weird
hand signal to the Ko Patchs' cheering him on from an air ballon (of whom
duplicate the hand signal as well).
(X: Assaults the enemy with a long barrage of multipunches.)
(^+X: Don Patch holds a bamboo shoot/pine cone and darts upwards.)

Tokoro Tennosuke
2 Koma - He turns into some sort of salaryman during the battle with Giga.
(Nu! - He dons exorcist clothing and hits you with "Nu" [the Japanese hiragana
character] exorcisms. Not really something used in exorcisms, just another
ridiculous point of humour in the already random manga.)

3 Koma - Tennosuke is sitting at a table with a smirk on his face, during the
battle with the Three Hell Brothers.
"For all of you film buffs, it's the Nu hankerchief of happiness." "It was
(He flings himself at the enemy and encases them, causing Movement Stop)

***Busou Renkin***

- d+B: Kazuki blows a kiss in an attempt to woo ladies at the beach as
successfully as Captain Bravo does. It does not work as well since it is
apparently one of Bravo's Special Skills.
- >+Y: Jousting Slasher, can change directions twice.
- ^+Y: Jousting Slasher, can change directions twice.
- air Y: Jousting Slasher, can change directions twice.

2 Koma - During his battle against Washio, Kazuki prepares for one last attack.
"Energy... at full power!"

3 Koma - When he activates his Busou Renkin (Arms Alchemy) for the first time
in one of the earlier chapters.

4 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 16, Pg. 182. "Double Busou Renkin!" When fighting against
Papillion, when Papillion transforms into an incomplete humanoid Homunculus.
Tokiko gives Kazuki her Busou Renkin, and he uses it along with hers to perform
a double lance attack that pins down Papillion.
(X: Double Sunlight Slasher - Kazuki wields two lances as described above.)
(^+X: Sunlight Flasher - Kazuki uses the energy of his Busou
Renkin to create a blinding light from the sash of his Sunlight Heart. Causes

5 Koma - In a battle with a homunculi, Kazuki wraps his sash that emits
energy around his spear to give it more power.
(X: Sunlight Crasher - Kazuki does a Jousting Slasher with the sash around his
(^+X: Papillion (Near-Death Happiness) - Papillion comes out and blows up a
nearby area with his butterflies. Papillion's Busou Renkin is particles that he
can control and explode at any time.)

6 Koma - Vol. 5, Ch. 45. During a fight with an ascended Homunculus named Victor
(both homunculus and alchemic warrior rolled in one), Kazuki gets his heart (a
Kakugane) knocked out. Victor believes he's dead, but Kazuki stands up and he
himself transforms into an ascended Homunculus. When this happens, his hair
glows, his eyes change color and his skin gets very tan. Also, an emblem of a
Kakugane appears over where his heart should be. Once he stands up, he says "It
is you who will die alone, Victor!"
(X: Victor III Sunlight Crasher - Kazuki transforms into his ascended
Homunculus form and dashes forward with his upgraded spear.)
(^+X: Tokiko (Valkyrie Skirt) - Kazuki summons Tokiko who uses her
Busou Renkin, Valkyrie Skirt to administer multiple slashes. Valkyrie Skirt's
specialty is to provide very fast and precise attacks.) 

***Captain Tsubasa***

Hyuga, Kojiro
2 Koma - Before he engages into one of his famous dribbles, one of the many
times he uses it in the Tohou vs. Nankatsu match, where he also states that
this will be his first victory, as both teams were facing each other in the
tournament's final match, like in the years before, but Tsubasa had always
managed to beat him.
(Hyuga starts dribbling and damage whoever is in front of him. Used often in
the series, which stopped most defenders from stealing the ball from his feet.)

3 Koma - The first time Hyuga uses the NeoTiger Shoot move in the middle of an
official match. When his team plays against Italy Jr.'s team, he uses it a few
seconds before the match ends, scoring the final goal and giving the victory to
his team, also breaking the hand of the opponent's goalkeeper in the process.
(NeoTiger Shoot, the most powerful move that the Japanese players had at their
disposal by the end of original series. Exactly like what happened in the
series, the ball getsso hot that it turns to fire, damaging whoever touches it.

Tsubasa, Ozora
2 Koma - From the Junior Tournament part of the manga.
(Drive Shoot - Tsubasa's most famous move in the first part of the series. Be
sure to notice the Falcon that appears on his back - while there aren't many
references to it in the anime, the manga mysteriously presents the reader with
this animal when Tsubasa is about to use that powerful shot, but no reason is
given on why it is there, unlike it happens with other characters' moves.)

<Golden Combi(nation)>
3 Koma - <Note: Despite having a different name, this is Tsubasa's 3 koma.>
"Golden Combination," usually called "Golden Combi", is the name given to when
Tsubasa and Misaki start performing quick passes between themselves, usually
dribbling an entire team. Tsubasa and his friend start performing the move.
(Twin Shot - an unusual move that isn't used very often in the series, where
both players (in this case, Tsubasa and Misaki) strike the ball at the same

Wakabayashi Genzou
2 Koma - A defence attempt that Wakabayashi performed at the end of the first
Nankatsu vs. Meiwa-Igashi match, where he defended a shot so strong that he was
pushed to the goal post.
(Wakabayashi stands stationary for a while, until he is attacked. Then, he will
defend the strike and you gain a bonus out of it.)

3 Koma - One of the moments where Wakabayashi is referred to as "G.S.G.K.",
Great Super Goal Keeper, after defending a powerful shot by the fierce
team of Germany Jr.
(In another of his amazing defenses, Wakabayashi merely jumps and captures
a ball. By doing so, you'll also gain some bonus.)

***Death Note***

2 Koma - Vol. 6, Pg. 35. During the Yotsuba arc, Light (with his memories
erased) asks L if he looks like someone who would kill thousands of people. L
responds, "That's what I think, and that's how you look."

3 Koma - Vol. 2, Pg. 87. "I promise you...justice will prevail." L reassures
the investigators concerning the Kira epidemic of mysterious murders.

Light/Raito Yagami
2 Koma - Vol. 12, pg. 125. Right after Near proves that Light is Kira, Light
says "That's right. I am Kira."
(Shinigami's Writing - Light writes the name of an individual in the Death
Note, which kills the person. Fortunately, in-game, it doesn't take 40
seconds for the person to die, although there is a delay from when the name
is written, and Ryuk's attempt to kill is made. Inconsistent with concept, for
the record, as Light has to know the name and he can specify the cause of
death. Meaning, Ryuk doesn't go and kill people for Light.)

3 Koma - Vol. 7, Pg. 24. When Light retrieves the Death Note from a businessman
after the successful completion of a plan that took many months to accomplish.
The instant he touches it again, Light remembers all his memories of what
happened before he gave up control of the Death Note. "Exactly as planned!"

2 Koma - Vol. 7, Ch. 60, Pg. 183. After kidnapping the Director of Police, he
states his reason: "I don't care what method I use, in order to get to it
before Near does..."

3 Koma - Vol. 9, Ch. 76, Pg. 126. When Mello joins a group a gangsters to not
lose to Near again.

2 Koma - Vol. 4, Pg. 71. "There he is!" Misa is in disguise while looking for
Light for the first time.
(Shinigami Eyes: Misa's eyes become Shinigami eyes after a certain point in
the manga. While the eyes aren't directly lethal themselves, they allow
the user to see the true names and lifespans of people, at the cost of half
of their remaining lifespan. This enables for ease of recording deaths in the
Death Note, hence the judgement effect).

3 Koma - Vol. 4, Pg. 88. When Misa is asking Light to make her his girlfriend.
"Make me your girlfriend."

2 Koma - Vol. 11, Ch. 95, Pg. 141. Why Near kidnapped Misa and Mogi, his
reason: "Insurance."

3 Koma - Vol. 12, Ch. 103, pg. 104. The big unveiling of Kira, "Yagami Light,
You are Kira."
(Near plays with his collection of toys, particularly a toy air plane. Gives
Critical status. Possibly due to this panel's moment. Revealing Kira is the
last climax of the entire series, and critical gives you a tiny chance at large
knockback for an attack. The two are both surprising events when they happen.)

***D. Gray-Man***

Allen Walker
3 Koma - While fighting level two akuma in rewinding city, Allen says: "WE must
bring salvation to these poor akuma's souls."

4 Koma - End of Ch. 3, where Allen is fighting the Millenium Earl for the first
time. He says "Akuma are such lamentable creatures."

5 Koma - After the whole incident in Crowley's castle, Crowley loses his will
to live. To give him a reason, Allen tells him to become an Exorcist and
destroy Akuma. "You can continue living for your reason."

6 Koma (Knowledge) - Allen tries to escape from the Asia branch of exorcists
after being critically injured to a point very close to death. When he is
blocked by a giant immovable door and discovered, Allen states: "God? I don't
care about that!"

6 Koma (Power) - Ch. 74. Allen is releasing the power of his innocence to its

Crowley, Allister
2 Koma - When he is fighting on a boat versus the level 3 Akuma and the ones
hiding in clouds he is on a metal rod, weakened since he did not drink any
akuma blood.

3 Koma - After he drinks some of Eliade's akuma blood (he does not know she is
an akuma yet) He goes into his "superstrength" mode and appears in front of
Allen and Rabi.

Kanda, Yuu
2 Koma - Kanda invoking his innocence against the level 2 akuma in the Matel
ruins. Allen fights the level 2 Akuma while Kanda looks on. He then prepares to
retrieve the Innocence from inside of a barrier put up earlier, and attacks a
level 1 Akuma. "Let's go, Mugen!"

3 Koma - During the Ghost of Matel arc, Kanda observes the skills of the level
2 Akuma, and and states to "Toma," a finder assisting him and Allen, that it
can copy the appearance of other things, but the thing it's copying will be
reversed. He says that it would be a real idiot if it dressed up as Allen and
approached them. That's what the "Akuma" does, and Kanda prepares to destroy
it. "Guess it is an idiot after all." It's later revealed that this is not the
Akuma, but the real Toma, and the Toma that was with Kanda was the Akuma.

Lenalee Lee
2 Koma - After the Komlin incident at the Black Order, Allen wakes up, and
Lenalee greets him with "Welcome home, Allen."

3 Koma - From Volume 3, in the Rewinding town arc after she's in the gothic
outfit Rhode dresses her up in. She slaps Allen. Then yells out "I did it
because you're my friend! Why else?" Rhode ordered a level two akuma to self-
destruct so that Allen couldn't save the soul trapped within it, and Lenalee
saves Allen from the explosion that would have killed him, despite his protest
stemming from his desire to save the soul.

4 Koma - "I fight for my brother." She says this when she is talking to Allen
in the Rewinding Town.
(X: Kirikaze (Cutting Wind) - Lenalee uses this attack in the Rewinding Town
arc in Rhode's alternate dimension. She kicks so hard that she generates a mini
horizontal twister.)

5 Koma - In the first fight against a terrifyingly strong level 3 akuma,
Lenalee risks everything and exerts her best effort unlocking forbidden
attacks: "I will defeat you, no matter what."
(^+X: This attack is used in the first fight against a level 3 akuma out on the
ocean. Lenalee uses this forbidden attack in addition to the demon chains the
akuma used, in order to use the weight produced to come crashing down to the
bottom of the ocean. This kamikaze attack almost causes Lenalee to lose her
life although it was extremely powerful, transcending most perceivable speeds.
This explains why this move goes through every platform when used.) 

Lavi Bookman
2 Koma - Gives Allen his hammer and extends all the way to the hospital after
fighting 70 akuma.
(Rabi extends his hammer which catches and relocates the opponent further away
if the bottom of the handle hits during extension.)

3 Koma - Burned Crowley with fire from hammer. "Don't worry, I kept my flame
reasonably low." In the fight against Allister Crowley, in the Vampire's Castle
(Fire Seal - Lavi uses the fire seal with his hammer to produce a large
column of flame when struck. Obviously causes Burn.)

***Dr. Slump***

2 Koma - She says N'cha to her teacher on her first day of school.

3 Koma - "Kiiiin!" Arale running with her arms stretched out like a plane,
while saying her trademark "Kiiiiin!" (supposed to sound like a plane).
(N'Cha Beam - Arale fires a powerful beam from her mouth)

4 Koma - (X: N'Cha Beam - Arale fires a powerful orange beam from her mouth.)
(^+X: Car Toss - Arale uses her insane roboti strength to lift a police car
above her head and then hurl it.)

5 Koma - (X: Same as the 4 Koma version, but superior.)
(^+X: Poo Toss - Arale throws quite a large pink poo turd. It causes support
seal for some reason.)

6 Koma - Arale's deadly N'cha beam of doom!
(X: Same as the 5 Koma version, but the beam is superior and now yellow.)
(^+X: Earth Rate - Arale punches the ground with enough force to split the
earth in half, demonstrating her superhuman strength!)

7 Koma - (X: Same as the 6 Koma version, but Gatchan shoots electricity and
Arale doesn't fire the beam by herself.)
(^+X: Everyone in Penguin Village Parade - Arale summons the citizens of
Penguin Village.)

Dr. Mashirito
2 Koma - After his latest plan is foiled, Dr.M runs away, but is hit by a
(Mashirito yells some speech bubbles which don't do any damage but make the
enemy flinch.)

4 Koma - When he first creates the Caramelman J Robot (Normal, not 8 Koma).

7 Koma - He tests out the Caramelman Version 3 to destroy Arale.

<Super Caramelman Z>
8 Koma - The final boss of this game!!

3 Koma - When Gatchan hatches out of the dinosaur egg.
(Gatchan fires lightning out every once in a while.)

3 Koma - Just an average picture of the character Poop in Dr Slump.
(Annoying Poo. Follows you around.)

***Dragonball Z***

- d+B: From Super Buu when he broke the dimension barrier. (?)
Ch. 314, Vol. 26, Pg. 81.Shortly after Kid buu's creation (?)
- Y: Buu stretches his limbs to hit the opposition.
- >+Y: Ground emerging kick attacks. pgs. 108-109.
- ^+Y: Attack used against Majin Buu. pgs. 162-163.
- d+Y: From Fat Buu slapping the face of the Supreme Kai when he was first
released. (?)
- UA: Buu pounds his chest. pg. 136.

6 Koma (Power) - Vol. 26, Ch. 314, pg. 79. Goku and Vegeta first see the true
Majin Buu.
(X: Kamehameha - used against Goku. Vol. 26, pg. 114.)
(^+X: The candy transforming attack he attempted to use on Goku. pg. 113.)

6 Koma (Laughter) - Vol. 26, Ch. 315, pg. 103. Buu powering up and beating on
his chest like a gorilla. "OOK OOK OOK!!!" Sfx: "DM DM DM".
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

- ^+Y: An attack that Freeza's 3rd form used numerous times against Piccolo.
Freeza summons rocks telekinetically and hurls them at the enemy.
- d+Y: The attack used to kill Krillin. Freeza seems to lift the opponent
telekinetically and cause an explosion.

6 Koma - "Tanoshikatta yo..." Freeza, right after transforming to his final
form, a form he has never shown anyone before. "It was fun, you know."
(X: 100% Full Power [Freeza] - Freeza charges straight at the enemy, releases
four small ki blasts from his palms, and then ends the combo with a large
dual palm ki blast.)
(^+X: Death Spark/Death Ball - Freeza creates a tiny spark of energy which
explodes as a huge sphere upon contact.)

- B: Vol. 18, Ch. 214, Pg. 173. The chop Gohan uses to take the head off of a
Cell Jr.
- >+B: Vol. 19, Ch. 216, Pg. 26. A lunging kick.
- air B: Vol. 18, Ch. 211, Pg. 128. Gohan kicks cell.
- Y: Vol. 19, Ch. 215, Pg. 20. An uppercut leading into a series of rapid

2 Koma - "UWAAAAN!!" Baby Gohan attacking Raditz.

3 Koma - "Masenkou!" Gohan attacking Nappa with the move of the same name.

4 Koma - Vol. 18, Ch. 209, Pg. 100. "Wa, wakarimashita... yattemimasu..."("I
understand...I'll do it, you'll see!") Gohan during the Cell Games, after Goku
says, "Omee no deban da, Gohan!" ("It's your turn now, Gohan!")
(X: Kamehameha - Gohan briefly fires a ki beam horizontally.)
(^+X: Masenkou - Vol. 19, Ch. 216, Pg. 35. Gohan fires off a Kamehameha in a
diagonal direction to stop Cell's Kamehameha.)

<Super Saiyan Gohan>
5 Koma - Vol. 18, Ch. 214, Pg. 170. "Yurusanai zo, omaetachi." After going
SSJ2, and right before he destroys all the Cell Juniors with little effort.
"Now you're in for it, all of you."
(X: Father-Son Kamehameha - Vol. 19, Ch. 221, Pg. 107. Gohan fires a
Kamehameha with Goku's assistance.)
(^+X: Vol. 18. Gohan powers up from seeing Android 16 destroyed.)

- air Y: Vol. 16. Kamehameha wave from Goku's feet, used against Piccolo in the
23rd tournament.

2 Koma - Vol. 15, Ch. 171, pg. 47. "N'ja kekkonssu ka??" From the Tenkaichi
Budokai, when Goku runs into Chichi and she reminds him of his promise to marry
her. Goku says "Okay! We'd better get married and Chichi says "Yay!".
(Kamehameha - Goku fires his famous beam of energy horizontally. How this
actually relates to the panel itself, I have no clue.)

3 Koma - Vol. 16, Ch. 191, pg. 150. From the Tenkaichi Budokai Finals, when
Goku fights with Piccolo.  "You can't win!!!"

4 Koma - "Yurusan zo... Kisamara~~~!!" After realizing that Nappa and Vegeta
were responsible for the deaths of Yamcha, Chiaozu, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo, he 
lets them know that he won't forgive them.

5 Koma - "Karada mottekuree yo! 3-bai Kaiohken da!!" From the battle with
Vegeta, Goku pushing himself to his body's limits by using the 3x Kaioken.
(X: 20x Kamehameha - Goku fires a kamehameha horizontally.)
(^+X: Kaiouken - Goku unleashes a combination melee attack while emitting a
red aura.)

<Super Saiyan Goku>
6 Koma - After Goku has transformed into a Super Saiyajin, Freeza is in shock.
"Ore wa okotta za-! FREEZA---!!!!" "It's over-! FREEZA!!!!"
(^+X: Spirit Bomb - The finishing tactic against Freeza(?), which used the
energy of all lifeforms on earth willing to give it, gathered in one gigantic
sphere of power.)

7 Koma - Vol. 26, Ch. 322, pg. 197. Goodbye to Buu. "'till then!" (?)
[From when Cell explodes and Goku instant transmissions him to King Kai's
planet (?)]
(X: Super Saiyajin 3 Kamehameha - A kamehameha done whilst in SSJ3 form.)
(^+X: Spirit Bomb - Same as above, used against Buu(?).)

8 Koma - Vol. 26, Ch. 310, pg. 22. "Koitsu ga... Super Vegetto!" Vegetto
powering up to Super Saiyan form. Turning SSJ right after Goku and Vegetafuse
together with the Potara Earring. [Translated as: "Super Vegerot" (Vegeta +
(^+X: Vegetto Sword - Very quickly makes an energy sword and slashes in front
for huge damage.)

2 Koma - Vol. 24, Ch. 286, pg.103/109(?). Goten and Trunks perform the fusion
dance. "Hah!"
(Gotenks appears and fires a large beam from his mouth.)

3 Koma - Vol. 25, Ch. 295, pg. 58. "Panpakapa-n!" Gotenks introducing himself
to Super Buu, complete with hummed fanfare. "TA-DAAA!"
(Renzoku Shine Shine Missile/Continuous Shine Shine Missile - Gotenks fires a
rapid volley of ki blasts at a 45 degree angle downwards.)

4 Koma - Vol. 25, Ch. 296 pg. 87. Gotenks, after blasting Buu, strikes a
victory pose. "Owatta..." Gotenks after hitting Super Buu with the Super Ghost
Kamikaze Attack in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "I told-ja"
(X: Renzoku Super Donuts/Continuous Super Donuts - Precedes Super Volleyball
attack; Gotenks fires a stream of donut shaped rings which trap the opponent.)
(^+X: Super Hisatsu Waza Full Course - Gotenks unleashes an 11 hit melee

<Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks>
5 Koma - Vol. 25, Ch. 298, pg. 111. He goes super saiyan 3, ready to whale on
Buu. "Yeaah!!" Gotenks during his not-so-daring escape from the Hyperbolic Time
Chamber, using a yell to open a hole in space and time. "Oh Yeah!!"
(X: Kanzzen ni Okotta Beam - Gotenks fires a beam from his mouth.)
(^+X: Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack - Gotenks unleashes a maximum of 4 mini
Gotenks ghosts from his mouth which semi-home in on the enemy and explode upon

5 Koma (Alternate) - Vol. 25, Ch. 300, pg. 127. "Wow! Da-hahahaha!" "Like a
meteor!! Ain't I scary ?! <3" Gotenks celebrates after using the Galactica
Donuts to turn Buu into a huge volleyball and spike him into the ground.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

2 Koma - "Taiyoken!" Krillin uses the Taiyoken to try and blind Freeza in his
Second Form.(?) [aka. Solar Flare.]
(Taiyoken: Krillin uses the Taiyoken to retrieve a Namekian dragonball from
underwater.(?) Causes White Out.)

3 Koma - "Kienzan!" Krillin preparing to throw the Kienzan at Nappa.
(Destructo Disk: A disk made out of ki, which Krillin hurls at his enemies.)

2 Koma - Vol. 16, Ch. 183, pg. 38. Ma Junior shooting an arm forward, from the
battle between Ma Junior and Goku. "VSSH" (sfx).
(Piccolo outstretches his arm and drags the opponent in.)

3 Koma - "Shinu no wa temee no hou da" -- From the battle with Raditz, when
Piccolo says he designed the Makankousappou to kill Goku.
(Special Beam Cannon - Piccolo fires a purple finger beam.)

4 Koma - "Honki de yarou.." From Freeza vs. Piccolo, after taking off his
weighted turban and cape.
(X: Makankosappo - the technique Piccolo developed specifically to kill Goku
after the 23rd World Tournament. Used for the first time when he must team up
with Goku to fight Raditz.)
(^+X: Vol. 16. Piccolo first revealed his regeneration in the 23rd World
Tournament, when Goku burns and impairs Piccolo's arm with an attack. Piccolo
shocks everyone when he rips his arm off and grows another one.)

5 Koma - From after when he fuses with Kami.
(X: Makankosappo - [Same as above]. He laments that he wanted it to kill Goku
in a fair fight, not for Goku's sacrifice when he holds Raditz down while
Piccolo charges his attack.)
(^+X: Hellzone Grenade - First used in the Android saga against #17. Piccolo
sends a bunch of stationary fireballs out, then brings them all in to attack.)

3 Koma - Vol. 5, Ch. 226, pg. 172. After returning to the future and destroying
Androids 17 and 18, he finishes all threats by destroying Cell. "I won't let
you destroy the future!"
(Burning Slash - Trunks INSTANTLY comes out, slashing multiple times, and then
ends his assault with a ki blast.)

2 Koma - "Ugokenai Saiyajin nado hitsuyou nai!" Vegeta, before killing Nappa,
letting him know he has no need for a weak Saiyan.
(Galick Gun/Garlic Gun - a standard ki beam.)

3 Koma - "Kitanee hanabi da." From after he kills Kui.
(Final Flash - 

4 Panel - From his battle with Zarbon.
(X: Garlic Gun - A standard ki beam.)'
(^+X: ZUAH!!! - Vegeta releases a bunch of ki which gives the effect of an
unblockable explosive aura.)

<Super Saiyan Vegeta>
5 Koma - During the fight with Cell, Cell is shocked at how powerful Vegeta
is and states that he cannot be Vegeta. Vegeta then says, "Wrong... I'm Super
(X: Ki Flurry - Vegeta throws a lot of small ki blasts.)
(^+X: Final Flash - Vegeta jumps up and fires a ki beam at a 45 degree angle

5 Koma (Alternate) - "Ore wo taosun nara ima ga chance da zo. Kakatte koi
yo..." Vegeta to #20.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

6 Koma - Vol. 23, Ch. 273, pg. 110. Right before he blows himself up fighting
Majin Buu. "Goodbye, Bulma...Trunks...and Kakarrot..."
(X: Big Bang Attack - Vegeta sends out a small ki blast which explodes as a
comparably gigantic sphere.)
(^+X: Final Explosion - A suicidal explosion used against Buu. Brings Vegeta
down to 1 hp.)

***Eyeshield 21***

3 Koma - Vol. 8, Ch. 63, Pg. 35. Cerberus' cage got knocked open by Sena, and
Cerberus went charging towards Yukimitsu since he had food.
(Assist Attack Helldrive - Cerberus counters with a lunging bite each time the
user is hit.)

3 Koma - Vol. 12, Ch. 98, Pg. 21. The after image that appeared after Sena
performed the Devil's Ghost during the gamr against Amino.
(Assist Attack Devilbite - Devilbat augments any normal attacks with an
additional lunging attack.)

Haha 3 Brothers
2 Koma - Vol. 6, Ch. 45, Pg. 50. (After defeating Banba/Kasamatsu of the Taiyou
Sphinxes, they mock him with their trademark, "Ha? Haa!? HAaaaaA!?")

3 Koma - Vol. 7, Ch. 59, Pg. 151. They practice tackle a statue with a picture
of the NASA Aliens Coach on the face of the training dummy for the American
game. "Ha-----!!"
(Blitz - The three haha brothers come out charging and lift the opponent off 
of the ground, pushing forward.)

Haruto Sakuraba
1 Koma - When he first shows up after shaving his head before the Fall

2 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 7, Pg. 182/183. Hiruma lights off a series of fireworks
after Sena's first touchdown and the Devil Bats first win, while yelling out:
(Jigoku no Dansu/Hell Dance - Hiruma fires a machine gun.)

3 Koma - Vol. 19, Ch. 162, Pg. 35/36. During the Bandou game, the wind became
really strong, and Hiruma used his best passing technique, the devil laser
bullet.  "Devil Laser Bullet!!!"
(Devil Laser Bullet - Hiruma throws the football horizontally at a high speed.)

Kurita Ryokan
2 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 1, Pg. 27. The Hah brothers were ransacking the football
club's inventory forcing Sena to help, Kurita walks in, and asks "Are you here
to join the Football Club!!?", hoping they were new members.
(Tebbeki no ga-do/Power Guard - a stationary Kurita shoves away anyone nearby.)

3 Koma - Vol. 16, Ch. 142, Pg. 179. When Musashi returned in the Wild Gunmen
game, Kurita became serious and had a huge boost in strength.
(Blast - Kurita starts walking and fiercely shoves anyone in his path.)

Monta (aka. Taro Raimon)
2 Koma - Vol. 8, Ch. 65, Pg. 67. The NASA manager called the Japanese "monkeys"
and Monta saw it as an insult to himself. "Monkey!?"
(Doryoku MAX/Effort MAX - Grants Speed Up.)

3 Koma - Vol. 6, Ch. 48, Pg. 94. After catching a pass during the Taioh Sphinx
(Catch MAX - Dispenses four bananas and an Attack Up.)

2 Koma - Vol. 16, Ch. 141, Pg. 154. While he was with his dad at the hospital
during the Seibu vs. Deimon game, his dad convinced him to go participate in
the game.
(Kakugen/Aphorism - Grants Guard Up.)

3 Koma - Vol. 17, Ch. 141, Pg. 10-11. During a game, the Devil Bats are falling
behind to due the extra point earned by the team from Seibu when suddenly,
Musashi, one of the founding members of the Devil Bats finally returns a few
seconds before the end of the first half, saying, "Mataseta na." "I kept you
(60 Yard Magnum - Punts the football powerfully at a 45 degree angle upwards.)

Sena Kobayakawa
2 Koma - Vol. 9, Ch. 77, Pg. 148/149. When Sena accepts the death march in
order to train for fall season. "Position: Running Back"
(Devilbat Ghost: Sena runs fast and confuses the enemy.)

3 Koma - Vol. 18, Ch. 155, Pg. 67. Sena reveals himself to Mamori and the world
as Eyeshield 21, at the start of the Bandou Spiders game. "Kobayakawa Sena"
(Devilbat Hurricane: Sena runs fast and seals the enemy's movement.)

2 Koma - Vol. 10, Ch. 80, Pg. 26/27. He killed a boar and is about to eat him 
when he realizes that he won't get enough nutrients from just eating meat.
(Tanren gataran na (?) - Vol. 9, Ch. 71, Pg. 12. Sena starts hallucinating near
the end of the game with Taioh and sees Shin standing in front of him holding a
Barbell, 10 tonne weight and an Elephant on one finger. Grants Attack Up.)

3 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 16, Pg. 185. Sena's first match against the White Knights,
and his first knock down by Shin. Sena is looking up at Shin from the ground
after getting the brunt end to Shin's Spear Tackle.
(Spear Tackle - Shin runs forward and delivers a fierce tackle.)


Gintoki Sakata
- >+Y: Gintoki throws out a wooden sword that flips upwards and falls back
down on hit or block.
- ^+Y: Gintoki throws out a bomb over his shoulder, similar to when Katsura
fools the party into delivering a bomb package to the Shogunate house.
- air Y: When Gintoki lost his memory, he worked at a random factory where the
owner made the workers build bombs for his revenge scheme. Turbo-kun(?).
--Lose Pose: Sadaharu the 3rd (the cute oversized "dog god"), chews on
Gintoki's head like what happens several times throughout the series.

2 Koma - "Tell the owner it tasted good." Vol. 1. After a sundae of his 
was ruined and he beat up people for it.
(Gintoki pops out of a trashcan when it is hit, and causes Attack Seal.)

4 Koma - Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura are hired to stop a panty thief who
steals panties and then gives them to all the hopeless guys in town. Gin is one 
of the guys who receives one and despite all he's heard, he takes the job
because he's pissed that the thief thinks he's a hopeless guy and tears the
panties in half. 
(^+X: Ch. 3. Shinpachi and Kagura get stuck in a garbage can and knocked onto
some railroad tracks with a train coming. Gintoki rides past the train on his
scooter and knocks the can up out of the way.)

5 Koma - Ch. 43/44. "I'll do anything for this. Don't ask me to return it
later, it's too late ya know." A group of orphans ask Gintoki to avenge their
adoptive father's murder. They offer to pay with their treasures since they
don't have any money. Gintoki takes a Dokkiriman card and says the line.

3 Koma - Shinsengumi are having a scary story night and when the story got
close to the main scary part, Hijikata appears with fried noodles and shout
"There isn't enough mayonnaise!!" and ruins the story.

- Y: Giant Swing - Kagura uses her amazing strength to swing the enemy around
in a whirlwind before tossing them away.
- >+Y: Kagura smacks the enemy away with her parasol, trading places.
- UA: Kagura turns and eats her favourite food, Sukonbu.

2 Koma - (Kagura rides a bike looking strangely identical to Gintoki. She falls
off and the bike is left to slide across the stage.)

3 Koma - Kagura is sleeping under a kotatsu.
(Kagura, sleeping under a kotatsu, drags the enemy in and it violently shakes.
She tosses them out after a maximum of 8 hits.)

4 Koma - "I don't wanna hear that from a bum." When a newly-fired Hasegawa
Taizo gave her life advice.
(X: Umbrella Machine Gun - Kagura fires a bunch of shots from the tip of her
parasol and then blows off the smoke afterwards.)
(^+X: Kagura eats rice from a bowl. Recovers hp.)

5 Koma - "Arigato, Gin-chan." Gintoki allows Kagura to keep Saduharu the 3rd
(a dog god) as a pet, for which Kagura expresses her thanks.
(X: Doke Doke Doke Dokee!/Move Move Move Move! - Kagura rides Saduharu and they
crush anyone in the way.)
(^+X: Okawari yoroshi?/Seconds please? - Kagura eats from a rice cooker. There
was one event when Gin, Shinpachi, and Kagura go talk to Otose. She eats the
overpriced rice Otose sells at the bar, and Shinpachi complains that she
shouldn't eat at the bar where the food is overpriced and not that great
(not so much a bar, rather a "gentlemen's leisure area"))

6 Koma (Power) - Kagura was about to go back to her home planet with her dad,
Umibouzu, but the spaceship they were on gets attacked by an alien. Kagura then
gets absorbed by the alien to save the idiot prince. Gintoki has seen this
footage on TV and rushes in with Sadaharu to help her. To save Kagura he also
gets absorbed by the alien but with Kagura's favourite food "Sukonbu," and
teases her by repeating "I'm going to eat this~", etc. Kagura gets ticked off
and blasts out of alien's body by shouting "THAT'S MY SUKONBU!!!!"
(X: Sadaharu, sutetekuruyoroshi - - Kagura sends out Saduharu who comes out
running, then bites and flings the opponent away.)
(^+X: "Hoachaaaaaa!!" - Same effect as 3 Koma, despite different names. Kagura
finishes by bursting upwards out of the kotatsu.)

2 Koma - (Katsura dons a yellow costume and flings what appears to be mustard.)

3 Koma - (Katsura and Elizabeth burst out running. Katsura throws bombs
backwards and elizabeth flails a signboard wildly.)

2 Koma - "Hey! What're you doing spaced over there? Use your voice!" When he
was the "Captain of Otsuu-chan's Imperial Guards," a fan group of his
favourite pop idol, Otsuu-chan.

3 Koma - In order to make a noisy mechanic vacate, Shinpachi sings his favorite 
song: "Where the hell is your mother from?". This song is by Shinpachi's
favourite pop idol who appears in the chapter where the escaped convict wishes
to see his daughter again.
(Shinpachi sings and confuses the opponent.)

***Hokuto no Ken***

- ^+B: Kenshiro kicks the opponent into the air.
- air B: Kenshiro delivers a downward hammer strike with both hands.
- Y: Kenshiro charges up energy which can extend the duration of his next set
of >+Y or ^+Y attacks.
- >+Y: Kenshiro delivers a flurry of kicks.
- ^+Y: Kenshiro flails nunchucks around himself wildly and skillfully.
- air Y: Kenshiro delivers a downward flurry of aerial kicks that knock down
the opponent.

2 Koma - (Hokuto Gousanbundankyaku)

3 Koma - (Hokuto Hyakuretsuken - Ch. 1, Kenshiro unleashes a flurry of
high-speed punches)

4 Koma - Kenshiro finally confronts Shin: "Shin, I've come back from hell to
find you!"
(X: Same as 3 Koma.)
(^+X: Hokuto Shinken Ougi: Tenryu Kokyuhou)

5 Koma - After blocking a deflected arrow aiming for Raoh back to Mamiya,
Kenshiro breaks through Toki's technique and returns to fight Raoh.
"Raoh! It won't be the world that you'll be setting your sights on, but on the
Star of Death!!!"
(X: Hokuto Senjukaiken)
(^+X: Suieishin - Kenshiro dashes forward at high speed, with an afterimage of
Toki coming together with himself.)

6 Koma - Kenshiro uses Tenha Kasasatsu during his fight with Souther.
(X: Tenha Kassatsu)
(^+X: Hikou Jinchukyoku)

7 Koma - Kenshiro has his rematch against Raoh.
"It's time for you to return to the stars, Raoh!"
(X: Oraa! - Kenshiro unleashes a bunch of energy in an explosive spherical
(^+X: Tomo no Saoku - Afterimages of Kenshiro's allies appear and merge with
him, granting him Attack Up status.)

8 Koma - Kenshiro finally reunited with Yuria, leaving Raoh's grave site after
his defeat.
(X: Tenshou Honretsu - Kenshiro fires a powerful beam of energy horizontally.)
(^+X: Musou Tensei - Kenshiro stands still and counters with afterimages of
himself fusing together if he is hit. Afterwards, Kenshiro is momentarily

6 Koma - Vol. 8, Ch. 5.
(X: Hokuto Shinken Ougi: Toukei Kohou - Raoh unleashes a sphere of energy, and
obtains Attack Up status afterwards.)
(^+X: Koku Oukou - Raoh's horse stomps into the ground violently.)

7 Koma - (X: Tenshou Honretsu - Raoh fires a powerful beam of energy
(^+X: Koku Oukou - Same as above, but stronger.)

8 Koma - In a final act of redemption, Raoh expels his life energy to heal
the land around him. His body turns into stone afterwards.
(X: Same as above, but much stronger.)
(^+X: Musou Tensei - Raoh stands still and counters with afterimages of
himself fusing together if he is hit. Afterwards, Raoh is momentarily

3 Koma - Rei says farewell to everyone, since his 3 days of life (because of
Raoh) have expired.

3 Koma - Vol. 12, Ch. 4.
(Tensho Kyaku Retsuken - Vol. 12, Ch. 5. Toki unleashes an elegant flurry of
aerial punches.

***Houshin Engi***

2 Koma - Ch. 67, Pg. 141. Dakki is flaunting her powers of temptation and
rallies a staggering 500,000 people in the region to join her side.
SE: "Ahan <3" (Sound Effect for wink - "bachin!")
(Go Ka Shichi San Ou - Dakki uses the fans against Taikoubou, the first time
they battle.)

3 Koma - Vol. 19, Ch. 161, Pg. 17. Dakki pulls off one of her "sexy" poses
during the battle against Taikoubou. She comments afterwards that her Paopei
powers go up whenever she goes does Sexy poses. "Sexy Pose 30% Power Up!!!"
(Temptation - Dakki pulls off one of her "sexy" poses that shows off her power.
Inflicts Battle Seal.)

- B: Taikoubou quickly swings his Paopei.
- >+B: Taikoubou's fast "chi" attack.
- ^+B: Taikoubou flails his Paopei about, wildly.
- d+B: Taikoubou summons Bukichi, who runs forward, displaying his unmatched
- air B: Taikoubou rides Sipuxiang and dashes horizontally.
- Y: Taikoubou summons Kou Hiko to swing a large blade downwards. This large
blade is actually Hitou, a fairy that can read people's minds (Notice the eyes
on the sword).
- >+Y: Taikoubou summons Tenka to swing a lightsaber.
- ^+Y: Taikoubou summons Youzen to swing a trident downwards.
- d+Y: Taikoubou summons Fugen Shinjin, who uses his alchemic power to create
a large sphere of wind.
- air Y: Taikoubou summons Nataku to fire semi-homing missiles.

2 Koma - Vol. 19, Ch. 162, Pg. 5. Taiboukou uses the Super Paopei Taikyokuzu
during his fight against Dakki, which has the power to negate the powers of
other Paopeis and can heal injuries. "Taikyokuzu!! Solve Everything!!".
(Taikyokuzu - Taikoubou uses Taikyokuzu to heal all negative status effects.)

3 Koma - (Fukkatsu no Tama - Revives all fallen deck characters in a Point

4 Koma - Vol. 7, Ch. 54, Pg. 64. After the death of his father, Ki Shou,
Ki Hatsu and Taikoubou talk about how now Ki Hatsu is going to be the new
emperor, however, Ki Hatsu is annoyed since he thinks he is the only one
suffering. Taikoubou comments on how everyone has it's own way to grieve, he
then extends his hand to Ki Hatsu. "Let's Go! To destroy the Yin!".
(X: Kyodaidafuuba - Crescent wave of wind from Paopei: Dashinben.)
(^+X: Dashinbuusai daishutsuryoku - Twister summon from Paopei: Dashinben.)
5 Koma - Vol. 20, Ch. 176, Pg. 18. After Taikoubou finds out that there was a
third island along with Kongrong Mountain and Kingou Island, he says some final
words to his allies before they depart to the final battle against Dakki and
Jyoka. "Let's go everyone!!".
(X: Kyoukouki.Dashinbuu - Horizontal twister from Paopei: Dashinben.)
(^+X: Kyoukouki.Dafuurin - appears first in a battle against a crazed prince,
Inkou, the son of Chuuou. Paopei: Dashinben.)

6 Koma (Knowledge) - Vol, 22. Ch. 190, Pg. 19. Taikoubou and Ou Tenkun combine
their souls to create a new robed form: Fukki, one of the first five humans.
"My Name is Fukki."
(X: Fukki.Tamashi no Rush/Fukki.Soul Rush - Taikoubou morphs into Fukki, dashes
forward and on contact, delivers a flurry of blows ending with an energy
(^+X: Fukki.Chuusenjin - Taikoubou morphs into Fukki and scatters a whole bunch
of dust that poison the enemy as long as the button is held down.) 

6 Koma (Laughter) - After Taikoubou becomes one of the first humans and
everyone else sees him like that, he becomes the comic way the author draws
him as. Youzen mentions that it's just "Suusu" (Taikoubou), and Taikoubou
laughs. "Nyohohoho."
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

***Hunter X Hunter***

Gon Freecs
- air B: Gon swings downwards with an ordinary tree branch.
- Y: Nen Sword - While many other people choose to form their nen into
something unique, Gon prefers a simple and effective shape, hence a nen sword.
- ^+Y: Gon uses a fishing pole to hook the enemy in, a tool he first used
to capture Hisoka's tag in a portion of the hunter's test. He uses it later as
a weapon in the battle tower competition he enters with Killua.
- air Y: same as above.
UA: Ch. 167, Pg. 11. Gon charges up his power in order to charge up his
strength against Reza in the lethal volleyall fight.

4 Koma - Ch. 185, Pg. 7. From after Gon has cleared Greed Island and taken the
Accompany card over the Transport card. Gon states that he would finally get to
see his father and bring Killua, to be able to say: "This is my best friend!"
This clearly embarrasses Killua since Gon has said it so directly and openly.

5 Koma - Ch. 167, Pg. 14. Gon prepares his Jajanken attack for the final blow in
the lethal volleyball fight against Reza.

2 Koma - During his fight against Kastro, in the Heavens Arena, who could make
illusory copies of himself with his Nen Ability. Kastro would have won if
Hisoka hadn't so masterfully used his deceitful techniques to win over both the
enemy and audience, in the Battle Tower arc. "I predict... that you'll dance
yourself to death. [club symbol]"
(Grants Neutral State status. Hisoka uses a cape as part of all the trickery.)

3 Koma - When Hisoka gives a fake fortune to the rest of Chrollo's troupe,
after the group each had their fortune forcibly revealed by the fortune telling
girl in order to plan their next course of action.
(Bungee Gum: draws the opponent in and follows up with an attack. First
revealed in Hisoka's fight with Kastro in the Heaven Tower. Bungee Gum
is Hisoka's hidden nen ability, meant to be used deceitfully by drawing them
in without suspicion. Then Hisoka can attack them freely, as they cannot

Killua Zoaldyck
- >+B: Yoyo - Killua's use of yoyos is a secret tactic that he doesn't reveal
until Greed Island, when facing one of the lackeys of the notorious Bomb Devil.
- Y: Electric Yoyos - Killua combines his nen power of electricity with his
twin yoyos, both of which are his secret weapons.
- ^+Y: Electric Yoyo - same as above with one yoyo. He can change the
direction after it is thrown, much like he does the first time he uses the
yoyos in the fight with the Bomb Devil's subordinate.
- air Y: Air Electric Yoyo - same as above.

2 Koma - Killua trains his nen hatsu to form electricity.
(Narukami - Ch. 191, Pg. 11. Killua's innate nen ability is the power to create
lightning with his nen. It is remarked that Killua's childhood must have been
tragic since it is very rare to come across someone who is able to channel
their nen in such a way.)

3 Koma - Killua goes on a gambling high in a casino on Greed Island using the
dangerous card "Risky Dice" which has many faces of good luck. There is a face
which brings bad fortune proportional to the amount of times good luck had
been rolled prior to the bad luck roll. The effect is similarly risky in-game.
(Risky Dice: Heals you or takes all your life.)

4 Koma - Vol. 15, Ch. 148, Pg. 14. In the Greed Island arc, Killua has won the
second hunter exam mercilessly, by putting 1488 people in the room to sleep with
his assassin skills! "So, can we start the second trial now?"
(X: Assassin's Walk - Killua's special technique, inherent to the Zoaldyck
clan. Allows him to circle the enemy so fast that there appear to be multiple
Killuas. In the confusion he stabs the opponent with his hand and crushes their
(^+X: Killua charges his nen to be able to become invisible. One of
the various applications of nen is to be able to hide one's presence.)

5 Koma - Killua takes out the pin his brother stuck in his head from a long
time ago, intended to control his thoughts.
(X: Assassin's Walk - Ch. 178, Pg. 4. Killua's special technique, inherent to
the Zoaldyck clan. In this version, he uses his electrical nen ability to
deliver a shocking blast instead of crushing the opponent's heart, after the
walking illusion.)
(^+X: Narukami - Same as 2 Koma.)

3 Koma - Ch. 83. From when he makes his Nen restriction to make his chains more
powerful. He is talking to his Nen master.
(Kurapica targets an enemy, and his chain attacks the selected target.)

Kuroro Lucifer
2 Koma - Vol. 11, Ch. 6. Kuroro prepares his nen ability in the fight he has
against two members of the Zoaldyck assassination family, Silva and Zeno.
Kuroro is revealed to possess many skills, which have all been stolen from
other Nen users. The book he keeps the skills in has strict requirements for
skill retention, although he has managed to steal many skills despite this.
"Skill Hunter, the quintessence of theft!!!"

3 Koma - Vol. 12 Ch. 3. Kuroro seperates Genei Ryodan members Nobunaga and
Hisoka just before they fight, when Nobunaga protests Kuroro simply says,
"Please shut up."
(Indoor Fish - One of Kuroro Lucifer's stolen skills. Summons a pair of
skeletal fish that are able to devour an opponent without them feeling any
pain. The fish swim through the air, and the opponent dies.)

***Ichigo 100%***

2 Koma - Ch. 48.
("Go, gomen na sai"/"I- I'm sorry" - Aya, in her general clumsiness, runs into
the opponent, and then kneels and apologizes for bumping into them. Causes
support seal.)

3 Koma - Ch. 50. "Ima yatto wakatta ki ga suru no--"
(Ichigo no Pantsu/Strawberry Panties - The moment from the beginning of the
manga, when Aya falls on Manaka, thus exposing the famed strawberry panties.
Aya falls down on the selected opponent. Causes blind!)

Nishino Tsukasa
2 Koma - Vol. 9, Ch. 74. After teaching Manaka how to swim. "Congratulations
("Sutorai~~iku!!!"/"Striiike!!" - Tsukasa throws a cake a Junpei's face for
selling cakes next to the store she works at. Occurs about thrice in the manga.)

3 Koma - Ch. 39. "Sayonara" After Nishino dumps Manaka. "Goodbye"
("Nani yatten no yo anta tachi!!"/"What are you all doing!?" - Nishino blows a
whistle, in order to control the horde of boys that are after her. Inflicts

2 Koma - Ch. 49.
(Jealousy Angel desu! - Satsuki blows kisses, which grants Regen, rejuvenating
your character over time.)

3 Koma - Ch. 114. "Yappa kou nachatta ka"
(Kanchigai - Satsuki glomps the opponent then gives them a painful slap.)

2 Koma - Vol. 6, Ch. 49. Right after she finishes playing with everyone and has
to go back to her parents' house. "It's not that! I'm going back, so I feel
kind of lonely."
(Vol. 5, Ch. 44. Yui throws mustard at Satsuki.)

3 Koma - Vol. 8, Ch. 71. Right after Junpei picks up Yui from her friend's 
house. She's sorry for causing Junpei too much trouble. "I'm sorry Junpei."
(Yui cries loudly, as usual.)


3 Koma - Vol. 3, Pg. 77. While at the beach, Iori takes Ichitaka to a secluded
spot. "My heart is prepared." The context is that she is saying she is ready
to hear his confession to her.

2 Koma – Vol. 5, Pg. 76. When Itsuki enters Ichitaka’s room she finds the “love
connection” Iori brought for him. Thinking that it was Ichitaka who bought it
for her, she is overjoyed and says “This is already the replacement for the
clay statue as my treasure!”.
(Vol 5. Pg. 54. As Ichitaka tries to think about his feelings for Itsuki, she
interrupts his thoughts with a big shout. Causes confusion.) 

3 Koma - Vol. 2, Pg. 102. As Itsuki is walking away she turns around and makes
a sudden confession saying, "I love Ichitaka".
(Vol. 2, Pg. 119. Itsuki "flashes" Ichitaka after she gets out of the shower.
She then shows that she is wearing clothes underneath. Ironically, induces
Shock status.)

***Jigoku Sensei Nube***

2 Koma - Vol. 12, pg. 42. Nube is possessed by the "Binbougami", a youkai that
brings only bad luck to anyone around it driving them to their death.  By this
point, Nube pretty much has hit rock bottom, losing all of his money and even
nearly burning down his apartment to the point where he is stuck spending the
night in a tiny tent just outside Doumori Elementary (where he teaches) with
nothing but the pesky spirit and a cup of ramen by his side.
(Byakuereibakujyu - Nube slaps down a scroll which paralyzes the opponent.)

3 Koma - A very standard moment in the manga where Nube uses his demon hand to
save his students.
(Oni no Te - Nube's hand materializes into the demon hand and then he charges
forward with it outstretched.)

2 Koma - Vol. 7, pg. 109. Sneaking up on a napping Nube, Yukime whispers into
his ear to wake him up...promptly freezing his ear.
(Tsumetai Isa - Yukime blows out a breath of ice and the giggles afterwards)

3 Koma - Vol. 11, pg. 153. After spying Nube reading a magazine with tan
females, Yukime decides to come to the beach with her teacher and his students
to prove she can get a tan too.  This scene is where she first reveals her
swimsuit on the beach. However, there is a slight coloring error in the game:
they keep Yukime's swimsuit white while this scene makes her wear a black one,
which promptly melts her boobs (due to the heat absorption of dark colors and
her icy construction) and forcing her to switch to a white one and drink water
to regain her chest.
(Fubuki - Yukime raises her hand and summons a circular spread of ice. Causes
freeze obviously.)

***Jojo's Bizarre Adventure***

Dio Brando
- >+B: Space Ripper Stingy Eyes - First used against Jonathan Joestar, Dio
shoots piercing beams from his eyes.
- ^+Y: Najimuzo! - When he sucks the blood from an enemy, namely Joseph
- Air Y: A lone knife tossed out at a 45 degree angle downwards, perhaps the
one he used to kill Joseph.
- d+Y: DIO stops time for a moment to get to his opponent and make an
unexpected attack (for those who can't see in frozen time, it looks just like
teleportation).From the start of the Jotaro vs. Dio fight.
- dash: DIO stops time for a moment to move to his opponent. Appears as
teleportation to those who can't see in frozen time.
- UA: When Hol Horse tried to shoot Dio's back while he was reading, Dio
suddenly disappeared and teleported to shock Hol Horse. At that moment, Dio's
stand, The World, was not revealed yet, so it looked like teleportation.
In-game, if Dio is physically hit while reading, he'll teleport.

2 Koma - Looking up at Kakyoin who's standing on a building. "fun" "hmph"
(Metsubushi Shuku ri/Blinding Kick - After Jotaro had injured both of Dio's
legs, and was about to attack him, Dio countered by using the gash in his leg
to spray blood into Jotaro's eyes, briefly blinding him. Understandably causes
blind status [black].)

3 Koma - Right after his powerup in his fight with Jotaro, bringing the
steamroller down onto Jotaro. "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY--"
(Niku no me/Meat Sprout - Despite the Koma itself being the Steamroller's
"WRYYY!, the attack pays homage to one of Shadow Dio's [a weaker form] attack.
The attack is a mixture of several events: When Hol Horse confronted Shadow Dio
and tried to shoot him from behind, while S. Dio was reading behind, he
suddenly appeared behind Hol Horse when a bullet was fired. The other part,
the tentacles [when someone is chosen to be attacked], is how Dio got
subordinates: By using tentacles which had brain-controlling spores into their
body. Though there's nothing but damage in this attack, this is the manga
moment that's referred to. Notice Dio's shaded face when he does this attack.)

4 Koma - "Muda" (x9) which happens several times throughout.
This happens right before he throws the fatal knife at Joseph.
"Uselessness" (x9)
(X: MUDA MUDA/ Useless useless - A devastating kick attack he had hit Jotaro
with at one point during their match.)
(^+X: [sekai] sa-kuru naifu/[The World] Circle Knife - When, during one time
stop, he had thrown several knives at Jotaro. To a person without timestop,
they just suddenly appear around a targeted opponent. Circle Knife homes in on
the nearest enemy in the vicinity.)

5 Koma (Power) - "It's too late! You cannot escape now!" Dio slamming and
elbowing a steamroller down against Jotaro during the Time Stop.
(X: MUDA MUDA MUDA Punch Combo. Dio's stand, the World delivers a flurry of
multiple punches.)
(Up+X: [sekai] ro-doro-ra/[The World] Steamroller - During the most fateful of
time stops, when Dio had been at his strongest, he actually came from above
with a steamroller to attack Jotaro with. When Jotaro tried to use Star
Platinum to slow down the attack, Dio stood atop the steamroller, pounding onto
the top of it to try and work past Star Platinum's power.)

5 Koma (Knowledge) - Right before his powerup against Jotaro. "This is the spot
where Joeseph Joestar died."
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

6 Koma - "The World" Dio's Time Stop activated for the first time, against
(X: MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!/Useless (X4) - Dio's stand, the World delivers a
long flurry of multiple punches.)
(^+X: [sekai] toki wo tomare/[The World] Time Stop - Stops time momentarily for
all but Dio. Used several times in the fight against Jotaro.)

Giorno Giovanni
2 Koma -  "kono jyoruno jyobaa-na ni wa [yume] ga aru!" On the tram after
Giorno barrages Buccelati with Gold Experience, and says "I will never harm the
innocent." "There is a dream in this Giorno Giovanna."
(go-rudo ekusupierensu/Golden Experience - Giorno's stand)

3 Koma - "kono [ya] wa hakai shinai!" After the fight with Diavolo. Giorno is
saying "Now I must continue what has been passed onto me from the deceased.
This arrow is not broken!"
After thinking about his fallen friends killed by Diavolo.

Gyro Zeppeli
2 Koma - "Gahaha! Nyoho!" Said to Johnny Joestar after making fun of Mountain
Tim and his hat, right before the 2nd stage. [Steel Ball Run]
(tetsu tama no kyuuin/Steel Ball Absorption - Gyro fires the steel ball
horizontally and it returns to him.)

3 Koma - "kono re-su wa uma ni noru re-su da!" "In this race, get on the horse
and race!"
(tetsu tama nage/Steel Ball Throw - Gyro fires the steel ball horizontally and
it returns to him after inflicting Guard Seal.)

2 Koma - "[suton-n furi-] yo... kore ga namae" "Stone Free is the name"
(suto-n furi-/Stone Free)

3 Koma - "rai! pucchi shinpu!" "It comes, Father Pucchi"
(yare yare dawa/Oh dear oh dear)

Jonathan Joestar
2 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 4, Pg. 21. During a boxing match with Dio when they were
teens. He started fighting Dio after he found out that Dio kissed Erina. "kimi
ga naku made naguruno wo yamenai!" "You, I won't stop hitting you until you

3 Koma - "fureruzo HAATO!"/"BEAT, MY HEART!" Charging Sunlight Yellow Overdrive
against Bruford underwater.
(yama sui iro no hamon shissou/Sunlight Yellow Overdrive)

Joseph Joestar
2 Koma - Vol. 10, Ch. 100, Pg. 73. "I...I played another little trick on yoou!"
"ma... matamata yarasete itadakimashitaan" After getting hit with Wham's Holy
Sandstorm, but which in fact hurt Wham anyway and cut off his arms.
"masaka JOJO! to odoroku!" - "Your next line is: never JOJO!"
3 Koma - "I'll see you later! Even if you're tired of seeing my face, you
forgetful idiot!" When him and Jotaro were saying farewell to Polnareff, during 
the last chapter. "Mata aou! washi no koto ga kirai janakeryaana...manuku men!"
(Inja no Murasaki/Hermit Purple - Joseph Joestar's stand, which is a bunch of
purple vines. Drags the enemy towards you.)

Josuke Hishigataka
2 Koma - "anta...kon ore no kono kashira no koto nan tsutta!" Gets angry when a
senior says something about his hair. "This... I planned for it to hang on my
head like this!"
(kureizi daiyamondo/Crazy Diamond - Heals the recipient of the punch of
Josuke's stand, Crazy Diamond. Crazy Diamond's ability is to heal the target.)

3 Koma - "suge-e  sawayaka na kibun daze"/"That is a very refreshing mood."
Says he's "Feeling Better" after taking down Highway Star's stand user.
(kureizi D wa kudakenai/Crazy Diamond Break)

Jotaro Kujo
- B: Possibly from the Alessi fight.
- >+B: Possibly from the Alessi fight.
- ^+B: Vol. 2, Ch. 16. Star Finger, used to kill Dark Blue Moon.

2 Koma - While Polnareff is chasing Dio, Jotaro shows up. Polnareff is happy,
and Jotaro is more-than-likely sheepish as he mutters "Yare Yare Daze."
"Oh dear."

3 Koma - Vol. 20, Ch. 188, Pg. 134. Complaining about Iggy not helping when
being attacked by Geb. After his fight with Geb, Iggy goes to get Jotaro's hat
and the gum that was in Iggy's mouth ends up on the hat."ga..gamu...? ko..kono
kuso inu..." "G...gum? Thi...This shitty dog!"
(Igi-Nage/Iggy Throw - Jotaro throws Iggy at the opponent. When Iggy makes
contact, his stand, the Fool, hits the opponent.)

4 Koma - Vol. 13, Ch. 122, Pg. 158. "STAR PLATINUM!" Against Tower of Gray on
the airplane, Jotaro invokes his stand. "Hoshi no Hakkin!"
(X: "Oraaa!" - Jotaro's stand throws a rapid flurry of consecutive punches.)
(^+X: Red Cross Fire Hurricane Special - a specialty of Mohammed Abdul's
stand, Magician, first seen in his fight with Polnareff.)

5 Koma (Power) - Vol. 15, Ch. 139, Pg. 131. "Ora Ora" in the fight against
Rubber Soul/Yellow Temperance, the shapeshifting stand.
(X: Jotaro+Polnareff ORAORAORA, used to finish off Alessi.)
(^+X: Green Emerald Splash - Specialty of Kakyoin's stand, Hierophant. First
seen in his fight with Jotaro.)

5 Koma (Alternate) - Vol. 28, Pg. 78. Dio believes Jotaro is dead, but wants to
make sure by putting his ear to the ground and listening for his heart beat. In
order to keep Dio from hearing his heart beat, Jotaro uses Star Platinum to stop
his heart.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

6 Koma - Vol. 28. Pg. 147. Jotaro activates the power of his stand (Star
Platinum), Time Stop! "It was I who stopped time." Right after Dio is surprised
he couldn't move after he thought he crushed Jotaro with the Steamroller. "Ore
ga toki wo tometa..."
(X: Kyoui no Ora Ora!/Threatening Ora Ora! - Jotaro's stand, Star Platnum,
punches many, many times. This version was used against Steely Dan and his
stand, the Lovers.)
(^+X: Star Platinum, The World - Stops time for all but Jotaro momentarily.
First used against Dio at the end of the final fight.)

***Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!***

2 Koma - "Poison Cooking II": Bianchi uses her deadly poison cooking skill on
the adult version of Lambo after she mistakes him for her old boyfriend Romeo.

3 Koma - Ch. 68. pg. 19. "Love conquers all, eh?". After fighting and winning
against M.M (a girl with a clarinet, Mukuro arc), she only fights since she
doesn't want M.M. to awaken a sleeping Reborn.

Hibari Kyouya
2 Koma - "I'll bite you to death!" From the first time he challenged Mukuro.

3 Koma - "I want to meet that baby again." Hibari remembering Reborn after
Reborn was able to stop him from beating up Tsuna and the gang.

Gokudera Hayato
2 Koma - Ch. 4. walks in late for class. He glares at the teacher and replies
with "What?"
(Gokudera throws a bunch of explosives upwards to cover a wide area.)

3 Koma - "Koko wa makasete kudasai."/"Leave things here to me. Please go
ahead." Ch. 73, Pg. 7. After arriving to the building Mukuro is "hiding",they
are attacked by Kakimoto Chikusa. However, Gokudera throws some dynamite in the
air producing an smoke screen. Afterwards, he tells Tsuna to go ahead.
(Bomb Blitz: Ch. 43, pg. 16. Used against Kyouya, Gokudera runs and leaves
explosives on the opponent's body which explode after a short time. He has a
specialty for pipe bombs which he frequently uses to protect Tsuna.)

2 Koma - I-Pin starts her Pinzu timed explosion after Lambo calls her names.
(Mahjong Mega Bomb - Young I-Pin walks around the battlefield, and when the
countdown expires, Ipin explodes.)

3 Koma - Ch. 24. "Nande?" Adult I-Pin wonders why she appeared on a roof in the
middle of a ramen delivery. Reborn has blasted I-Pin with the 10-year bazooka
in order to avoid her unwittingly lethal Mahjong Mega bomb.
(Adult I-Pin waits and physically counters anyone who hits her frontally.)

2 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 7, Pg. 7. Lambo holds back crying whenever his feelings are
hurt while uttering to himself: "Tolerate."
(Runs forward for a bit then trips and explodes. Lambo's specialty is

3 Koma -  Ch. 97, Pg. 19. Lambo uses the 10-year Bazooka on himself twice
during his fight with Leviathan of the Varia Unit to age himself to age 25.
(Electric Reverse - Adult Lambo appears to chew on a flower, and if hit, he
counters with an electric explosion.)

Tsuna and Reborn
- d+B: Vol. 2. Ch. 13, Pg. 22. The effect of the Stare Down bullet. Reborn
shoots Tsuna in the cheeks, once for each side to make them expand. The goal
was for Tsuna to cause everyone to lose their will to fight (everyone was up to
their usual antics), but Bianchi just got angry and shoved poison cooking in his
face promptly afterwards.
- Y: Ch. 69, Pg. 19. Tsuna's lucky punch when Reborn kicks him into Birds, the
bird-using assassin, and Tsuna punches him in the face by accident. Mukuro arc.
- air Y: Ch. 67, Pg. 13-14. When Reborn kicks Tsuna down the hole in the middle
of the fight between Yamamoto and Ken, in the Mukuro arc.

2 Koma - Vol. 2. Ch. 16, Pg. 5. "Ciaossu!" Reborn is dressed in his secret agent
autumn style camouflage. Reborn explains how it was the perfect camouflage since
he was on a train wearing it and everyone gave him space. He then pricks Tsuna
and says that the needles contain a certain poison. This is all part of Reborn's
plan to unwittingly force him to face Hibari.
(Togetoge Reborn/Spiky Reborn - Reborn rolls around in his camouflage outfit)

3 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 1, Pg. 23. Reborn is about to use the Dying Will Bullet on
Tsuna for the first time. Reborn says "Die." while Tsuna replies with "Huh!?"
(Bubiito Rappu - Vol. 1, Ch. 1, pgs. 36, 56-57. Reborn sleeps under a
bed of grenades that will explode if Tsuna disrupts his sleep. This ensures that
he gets to use Tsuna's bed without retaliation.)

4 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 1, Pg. 26. "REBORN!" Tsuna rises from his body after being
hit with the Dying Will Bullet, which summons the user's strength as if they
were about to die. This can only be achieved if the user has any regret upon
being shot. If not, then the recipient will die on the spot. The first of
many, many times to come.
(X: Shinukidan genkotsudan - A three hit punch combo in dying will form.)
(^+X: Shinukidan megaton punchidan - A leaping punch aimed at the ground which
causes shockwaves to erupt.)

5 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 2, Pg. 66. When he sees Reborn's hideout for the first time
in Chapter 2. Reborn says "Ciaossu!" while Tsuna proclaims his disbelief.
(X: Same as above, but 9 hits.)
(^+X: Shinukidan megaton punchidan suimyakuhakken - Same as above but a water
geyser explodes after the shockwaves erupt.)

6 Koma - Reborn shoots Tsuna with the new rebuke bullet during his fight
against Rokudou Mukuro and thus Tsuna dons his X-Gloves for the first time.
"Even if I'm dying, I won't give up!"
(X: X Glove shinuki de tatakau!!/X Gloves Fight with Dying Will!! - Tsuna dons
his special weapon, the X Gloves, which lets him concentrate the dying will
flames on his hands. He then performs a 4 hit rising aerial combo ending with
a decisive spike.)
(X: X Glove shinuki de jou ka!! - Tsuna uses the thrust from the flames of his
gloves to propel himself upwards. If he catches the opponent, then he dives with
them downwards into a large burst of flame. Used in the fight vs. Mukuro.)

6 Koma (Alternate) - After Tsuna is shot by the rebuke bullet, Murkuro attacks
and knocks him down, then comments on how fragile Tsuna is. Tsuna gets up and
says 'If that was the extent of your power'... "I'm very disappointed." 
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

Yamamoto Takeshi
2 Koma - "Oh it's a telescope." Yamamoto examines the new weapon Reborn has
given him to train with.
(Micro Hammer - a ball that gains spikes when it is thrown.)

3 Koma - Yamamoto reveals that the bat that Reborn gave him (appropriately
named Yamamoto's Bat) can turn into a sword when swung at over 300km/h.
(Yamamoto's Bat - swings wildly around him at inhuman speed)


2 Koma - "Kakaka-----" Ashuraman's laugh.

3 Koma - "Ashura Lightning Drop!" Performed on Satan Cross.

Brocken Jr. 
2 Koma - "Take this! Berlin no Akae Ame/ The Red Rain of Berlin!" Performed on
Mr. Kamen.

3 Koma - Brocken Jr. gives up his choujin powers so he wouldn't be affected by
the choujin destoying rays of Prismman, by discarding the skull badge on his

2 Koma - "Hurricane Mixer!" performed on Warsman.

3 Koma - "Hurricane Heat!" Performed on Neptuneman.

- ^+B: The prep move for Kinnikuman's Muscle Spark.
- >+Y: A standard wrestling move, the clothesline.
- d+Y: A standard wrestling move, the drop kick.

2 Koma - First chapter. Kinnikuman, the only choujin/ superhuman superhero
around that's not on vacation or injured, is called to fight evil aliens at the
dismay of all of Japan. He's shown one picture of one of the aliens and utters
this well-known line, trying to display confidence.
"He no tsuppari wa iran desu yo!" "I won't need the push of my farts!"

3 Koma - During the fight between Warsman and Buffaloman, being overwhelmed by
Buffaloman's 10 Million Power rate, Warsman began to retaliate by using the
data he got from his fight with Kinnikuman. "That's the Kajiba no Kuso Djikara/
Burning Inner Strength!"

4 Koma (Power) - Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Buster in his fight against
Buffaloman. "Kinniku Buster---!"

4 Koma (Laughter) - Not wanting to fight Warsman in the Choujin Olympic
finals, Kinnikuman swaps his mask with Meat, and pretends to be him, though
nobody was fooled. "Huh? The Prince is gone."

5 Koma - Kinnikuman uses the Kinniku Driver ih his fight against Akuma Shogun.
"Kinniku Driver---!"

6 Koma - Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great use the tag attack "Muscle Docking"
on the opposing tag team, Pentagon, and Black Hole (the first time).
"Muscle Docking~~~!!"

7 Koma - Kinnikuman uses the Face Flash in his fight against Super Phoenix.
"Face Flash!!"
(X: Face Flash - Kinnikuman lifts his mask, and instead of seeing his face, we
see a sparkling light. Heals all party members considerably.)

8 Koma - Kinnikuman uses the now completed Kinniku Spark in his fight against
Super Phoenix.
(X: Kinniku Power - Kinnikuman burns with power.)

Robin Mask
2 Koma - "Unicorn Head!"

3 Koma - "Robin Special!" Finishing move on Kinnikuman Mariposa.

2 Koma - Scene when everybody found out that Kinnikuman's pig face is in fact a 
mask, and Terryman heard of the story, that the Kinniku clan wear masks since
they were born, and removing them would mean suicide. "I... I've heard of

3 Koma - During the finals of the Dream Tag Team Tournament, Terryman did a
series of succesful tag techniques with Kinnikuman against Neptuneman and Big
the Budo, he gives a thumbs up.

2 Koma - Performing the "Leg Lariat" on Springman.

3 Koma - Finishing off Prisimman with the "Kowloon Wall Drop".

2 Koma - Warsman breathing heavily as normal. "Ko-Ho-"

3 Koma - After losing his memory and returning to the style of a cruel choujin,
Warsman began to disfunction when trying to input a word that returned him to
normal as a Seigi/ Justice Choujin.

***Majin Tantei Neuro***

Neuro Nougami and Yako
- B: Neuro snaps his fingers which slightly lifts the opponent in the air.
- >+B: Vol. 2, Ch. 10, Pg. 12. Not a 777 tool, Neuro decides to shoot the
mafia boss murderer in the head which causes him to believe he is a helpless
bird, analogous to the nature of the case.
- ^+B: Ch. 55, Pg. 10. Neuro has discovered the killer in the Eshiya family
case and turns his hand into a chainsaw to torture the killer and cut his head
open with, remarking that he is pruning away the bad branches of the family
tree, before he is about to eat.
- d+B: Neuro says "Dame ka...?"/"No good...?", which switches the opponent's
characters when the speech bubble hits. Occurs twice in the manga, where Neuro
asks if his request won't be fulfilled with fake sincerity, since he knows he
can threaten anyone with death otherwise and they'd be helpless.
- Y: Ch. 74, Pg. 8. Neuro and Yako have reached the first of three sphinxes that
are protecting Denjin HAL and a dejected Yako is wondering if she is useful at
all. Neuro remarks that she has a the hammer to destroy the Sphinx.
In the manga, he covers her with a barrel before flailing her by the legs.
- >+Y: Neuro holds Yako by the head and uses her hair to clamp the enemy for
multiple hits.
- ^+Y: One of Neuro's Tools of the Underworld, the 777th: "Evil Script". His
hand in the moment, is used to hack into a computer and bypass a firewall by
crushing a component inside the computer.
- air Y: Ch. 1, Pg. 49. One of Neuro's Tools of the Underworld, the 777th:
"Evil Friday". Used to scout the area of the first mystery for any hidden
- d+Y: Neuro forcefully inserts eyedrops into Yako's eyes, which allows her to
shoot a guard breaking laser.
- UA: Ch. 33, pgs. 151, 153, 154. Neuro is sleeping on the ceiling of the hotel
room facing downwards opposite of Yako, for some reason. During his sleep, he
drools several drops of saliva which turn out to be so acidic that they burn
holes where they drop. Luckily, Yako unwittingly avoids them all, rolling about
in her sleep.
- Passive Effect (SP Drain): Due to the thin shouki on earth (an atmospheric
quality), he constantly loses his maryoku, or his energy.

2 Koma - (Evil Full Face - Ch. 39, pg. 18. One of Neuro's 777 Tools of the
Underworld, Neuro throws out a brain that emits a smokescreen when Yako and
Neuro are tricked into a bogus deal by the Hayasaka brothers that would end
Yako's career. Yako and Neuro escape amidst all the commotion. Causes Blackout.)

3 Koma - (Evil Canceller - Ch. 19, pg. 4. One of Neuro's 777 Tools of the
Underworld, Neuro vomits a liquid all over Yako and himself that makes them
completely invisible. This is used in order to track a young man who is
suspected to be a killer, possibly X. However this does not eliminate voice,
footsteps, and sound which leads to Yako almost being discovered. Causes

4 Koma (Knowledge) - Ch. 16, Pg. 14. Neuro is trying to recruit Godai to be part
of their Detective Agency and forces him to join using an example involving a
500 yen coin and an issue of Shonen Jump. He tosses the coin and then crushes it
flat and paper thin with the pages of Shonen Jump, demonstrating that he can
kill Godai with a mere issue of Shonen Jump. "but...I can kill you even with
(X: "Hannin wa omae da!!"/"You are the murderer!! - Drains SP because
Neuro "eats the riddle" whenever this happens in the manga.)
(^+X: The Doping Consomme Soup - Vol. 1 , Ch. 6, Pgs. 14, 16. The chef injects
himself with the drugs used in his cuisine and becomes monstrous.)

4 Koma (Power) - (X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

5 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 1, Pg. 55. First of many moments when Neuro solves a
mystery. Neuro makes it look as if Yako has solved the mystery and forcibly
points her finger to the culprit with his demon powers. As she does this, Neuro
proceeds to devour the riddle, all unseen to normal human eyes. "You are the
murderer!" "Ha...Hannin wa omae da!!"
(X: Same as above, with a a longer range.)
(^+X: Hitorikiri - Vol. 2, Ch. 14, Pg. 10. Summons the famous idol, Aya Asia.
Her singing causes confusion and drains sp.)

***Muhyo to Rouji***

3 Koma - Ch. 33, pg. 12. "Hiyaku Renkontou." Biko has created the ultimate
last resort potion to aid an exhausted Muhyo in his fight against the traitor,
Rio-sensei. The potion restores all of drinker's Ren (magical energy), but has
the downside of acting like a poison against the body. Thus, Rio told Biko to
never create the potion unless it was absolutely necessary.
(Hiyaku Renkontou - Takes a portion of j-soul to replenish several bars of sp.)

2 Koma - (Akuryouka - Uses a bunch of hands to drag the opponent closer.)

3 Koma - (Onryou Shoukan - Vol. 2, Ch. 12, Pgs. 152-153. Spreads a bunch of blue
paper than stuns anyone it comes in contact with. These papers turned into
ghosts that plagued the Magic Law Society and were very large, trapped souls of

- B: Book Smack - Vol. 1, Ch. 4, pg. 112. Muhyo smacks Rouji on the head one
time for attempting to use Magic Laws from Muhyo's book, which would self-
destruct if Rouji held it for any longer than a minute.
- >+B: "Ghost-Hand Strike" - Vol. 2, Ch. 11, pg. 122. This law will find the
main body of a ghost and punish it. Used against an infectious ghost plaguing
the Magic Law Society inflicting a person with the symptoms of ghostly mouths
appearing all over his or her skin.
- ^+B: Vol. 3, Ch. 15, Pg. 12.
- Y: "Shadow of Hades" - Vol. 1, Ch. 4, Pg. 127. Used against a possessed chair
that attacked Rouji. Ghosts can hide in objects for years and took the
opportunity to try to eat Rouji after he sat on it one time. Article 741, "for
the unlawful parasitization of an object and attempted human consumption."
- >+Y: "Devil's Pitchfork" - Ch. 24, Pg. 8.
- ^+Y: "Never Returning Owl" Chap. 18, pg. 16. Used against a ghost writer
who took the shape of a novelist and remained in the living world over
several eras.
- d+Y: "Hades' Hammer" - Vol. 2, Ch. 9, Pg. 87. The first blow will land you in
hell and the second will make you the dust of hell (In the NA version, the
second blow makes sure you stay in Hades' realm) Used against a crazed ghost on
a bridge that almost killed Nana. The ghost could speak eloquently and clearly,
which meant that it was one of the craziest and dangerous ghosts there are.
"Article 1624, for the crime of attempted murder."
- UA: A disguise Rouji thought up during their stakeout for a ghost that
haunted a young piano genius girl. Muhyo sleeps in the urn when the ghost
doesn't appear at 2 a.m. like the girl said it always did.

2 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 11, pg. 130. "Hmm. This could take a while." Muhyo defeats
an infectious ghost but discovers their might be something bigger behind the
scenes, since the Ghost-Hand Strike was still active.
(Gin no Maku (Silver Curtain)/Special Provision 9 - Current battle character
turns invisible.) 

3 Koma - Vol. 3, Ch. 15, Pg. 19. Rouji hands Muhyo some test papers in hopes of
increasing his rank from secretary. Muhyo then rips the papers apart, then
telling him "You're three years too early, idiot."
(Gin no Yoroi (Silver Armor)/Special Provision 82 "Argent Armor" - Vol. 1,
Ch. 5, Pg. 144. An aura that protects people from attacks. First used to protect
a bratty kid, Kenji, from a blood drinking shrine ghost he unknowingly released.
Grants Invincibility for about three seconds.)

4 Koma - After a girl sees that her friend's ghost is about to be sent to hell
by Muhyo, she pulls her out and Muhyo reminds her that her friend's ghost
committed crimes. "Crimes must be punished."
(X: "Hades' Dinner" - Hades rises from the ground to eat any villainous spirit
in the vicinity. Whoever doesn't suit it's tastes are spat out. Used against
the evil ghost of a young girl. The living girl was spit out after Hades ate
both the living girl and the ghost and she lets go of her ghost friend's hand
after the ghost tells her to do so. The ghost originally was to be sent to
Hell, but Hades changed it's mind and sent her to the Styx instead.)
(^+X: Mazukan no Kei)

5 Koma - (X: Night Train - Vol. 2, Ch. 14, Pgs. 184-185. A spell that removes
all ghosts from the area and takes them to hell. Used against Enchyu's Onryou
in the Magic Law Society. A high level spell that apparently, one even the top
executors are incapable of utilizing. Article 1742, for the crimes of attempted
mass murder and unauthorized possession of an object.)
(^+X: Yuurishoukan)

6 Koma - (X: Magensui no Kei: Vol. 4, Ch. 29.)
(^+X: Yuurishoukan Hontou no Sugata)

2 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 14, Pg. 194. Muhyo tells Rouji that he'll have to stick
right behind him so that he doesn't die during their upcoming battles with
Enchuu. Rouji sees that Muhyo really does see him as a good assistant so he
cries and says, "Even without you saying that I'll stay right behind you."
Unfortunately, Muhyo says that the Magic Train (which he summoned) is too loud,
so he didn't hear what Rouji said.
(Binding Seal - One of Rouji's special abilities with the magic pen.
Understandably causes movement stop, although Rouji usually writes on a paper
seal instead of using the pen itself in attacking.)

2 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 14, Pg. 196. Yoichi complains that Nana slapped him just
because he asked for her mail address.
(Fuumakoushi no Jin - Vol. 2, Ch. 13, pg. 167. Yoichi flings seals of binding,
first seen in use against an onryou summoned by Enchuu. Inflicts Movement Seal.)

3 Koma - (Vol. 4, Ch. 30.)


2 Koma -  A past conversation being thought by Kankuro between his brother and
himself. The conversation is about how Gaara wants to prove useful to
Sunakagure. "[I wish one day, that I can be needed by someone. Not as a
frightening weapon,] but as the sand's Kazekage."
(Shukaku no Te/Shukaku's Hand - Gaara sends forth a claw made of sand,
part of the beast Shukaku sealed within him, to push the enemy away.)

3 Koma - Raising his arms to manipulate sand when fighting Deidara.
(Sabakurou - Gaara summons sand that targets the enemy and forms a sphere.)

Kakashi Hatake
- d+B: Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Inu - Kakashi summons a small dog, Pakkun, with his
summoning jutsu.
- >+Y: Ch. 246. Kakashi throws several shurikens, standard ninja weapons, back
at Naruto during their first training in 2 1/2 years.
- d+Y: Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Inu - Kakashi summons a large dog with his summoning
- UA: Kawarimi no Jutsu - The next hit Kakashi takes, replaces his body with a
log and has his true self reappear afterwards. Standard ninja technique of
using a piece of the environment to substitute in taking a hit for the ninja.

2 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 8, Pg. 7 (?). "Give it up! [Not one of the three of you
will ever be a ninja!]" During the first bell test of Sakura, Sasuke, and
("Icha Icha Violence" - Kakashi casually starts reading Makeout Paradise.
Anyone who attacks is countered with Kakashi's kick, him still reading the
book. This happens when Kakashi tests Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura for the first
time in the bell test.)

3 Koma - Vol. 2, Ch. 12, pg. 92. Kakashi reveals his Sharingan to Zabuza for
the first time. "Shall we?"
(Sennen Goroshi/1000 Years of Pain - Kakashi's "joke" signature attack. He
dashes forward to hold the opponent and makes a clone that sticks it's fingers
up the opponent's...bum. The opponent is then launched skyward. Used on Naruto
during the first bell test.)

4 Koma - Vol. 1, Ch. 5, Pg. 132. When Kakashi first trains Naruto, he tell
Naruto to come at him and in his defense he pulls out.... a book (Icha Icha
Paradise) and starts reading. Team 7's first test with the bells, turned out to
be a lot harder than it first appeared.
(X: Suiton - Suiryudan no Jutsu - Kakashi summons a water dragon, which he
first copied with his sharingan in the fight against Zabuza)
(^+X: Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Inu - Kakashi summons dogs, the species he contracted
with, to lock onto the enemy.  First seen in the fight against Zabuza.) 

5 Koma - During the first encounter with Zabuza, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura
start to panic to which Kakashi reassures them by saying "Don't worry. I won't
let any of my comrades die."
(X: Chidori/Raikiri - Kakashi's signature move taught to Sasuke. Chakra is
accumulated in the palm. The gathering is so intense that it crackles with the
sound of 1000 birds.)
(^+X: same as above, but with more dogs. Pakkun clings onto the opponent
momentarily at the end, if succesful.)

6 Koma - During the time skip, Kakashi preps for the fight against the Akatsuki
member, Deidara, by activating his new Mangekyou Sharingan, after much chasing
and preparation with Naruto.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Mangekyou Sharingan - The Mangekyou Sharingan floats around and hits the
open many times, controlled by Kakashi.)

6 Koma (Laughter) - "this is..." when Naruto shows and gives him think think
(or tactical) paradise. (?)

Naruto Uzumaki
- d+B: Headbutt used to awaken Gaara from his forced sleep that summons
Shukaku, the sand demon.
- Y: Naruto uses a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu clone out to attack the opponent.
- >+Y: Chp. 246. From when Naruto throws shuriken at Kakashi at the beginning
of his training for the first time in 2 1/2 years (post-timeskip).
- air Y: Naruto uses a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu clone out to either attack the
opponent, or act as a placeholder while he attacks the opponent.
- d+Y: Naruto throws a large shuriken to break the opponent's guard. Standard
ninja weapon.
- UA: Kawarimi no Jutsu - The next hit Naruto takes, replaces his body with a
log and has his true self reappear afterwards. Standard ninja technique of
using a piece of the environment to substitute in taking a hit for the ninja.

2 Koma - Ch. 285. After returning to Konoha after 2 1/2 years, Konohamaru
appears, and uses 'Oiroke no Jutsu.' Naruto scolds him, that "Such a jutsu is
now mediocre, Konohamaru! Behold! The new perverted ninjutsu I've been
developing!! Here we gooooo!"
(Harem no Jutsu - Henge [transformation] and Kage Bunshin no Jutsu [shadow
clones] combined, where naruto chooses to transform into many sexy girls.)

3 Koma - Ch. 276. During the time when Naruto and Kakashi were chasing Deidara
on his clay bird to rescue Gaara, Kakashi hit Deidara with his Mangekyou
Sharingan, giving Naruto an opening to strike with his Rasengan. Deidara's clay
bird, after Deidara himself leapt off it to save himself, got its head chopped
off by the Rasengan, and Naruto took it, with Gaara inside. After looking in
it, Naruto's eyes go it to Kyuubi state, and he says, "...I'll get you."
(Uzumaki Barrage - A combination attack developed by Naruto involving Kage
Bunshin. Same attack as in the fight against Kiba, with a leap to start off.)

4 Koma (Power) - Ch. 245. Right after the timeskip, after climbing to the
top of a pillar, Naruto views his village for the first time in a while.
(X: Rasengan - Naruto's other signature move taught to him by Jiraiya. He
summons chakra to his hand and gathers it into a sphere which he usually
thrusts into the enemy for large damage. Unable to form it naturally, like
Jiraiya, he uses his other favourite move, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, to make a
clone gather energy by moving its hands rapidly.)
(^+X: Naruto Rendan - A blatant rip-off of Sasuke's Lion combo, first seen
in the second portion of the chuunin exam. Naruto copies the attack sequence
that Sasuke first used, but using Kage Bunshin clones as well. The clones
raise the enemy up with a combo, and Naruto uses a hard kick spike to finish
the combo with his real self and not a clone.)

4 Koma (Laughter) - Ch. 246. During the training against Kakashi, Kakashi goes
underground. Sakura looks around, and decides that's the only place he could
have gone, and destroys the ground beneath them, showing off the crazy strength
she obtained. Naruto witnessing this, states "I should stop playing around in
front of Sakura...She could kill me...!" 
(X: same as above)
(^+X: same as above)

5 Koma - Ch. 254. Kankuro, knowing that Naruto has experienced the same pain as
Gaara, thinks that he can count on him to save Gaara. Pleading of him to rescue
his little brother, Naruto replies, "Because I will someday because Hokage too!
So I'll secure an advance favor from the Kazekage!"
(X: Rasengan - at a different point in training. Involves a bunshin prepping
the attack with two kicks.)
(^+X: Taijuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Summons several clones that home in on the

6 Koma - Ch. 278, After regaining Gaara's body, and Sakura, Chiyo, and Team Gai
reuniting with Naruto and Kakashi, Sakura checks Gaara's body in a field in
order to determine if he was still alive. Sakura checks for all signs of life,
but then sorrowfully shakes her head. Naruto begins to cry questioning why
Gaara always goes through so much more than he has. Then Chiyo tells him to
relax, to which he responds, "SHUT UP!"  after Shukaku, the beast dwelling
within Gaara, was drained by Akatsuki.
(X: Oodama Rasengan [Big Ball Rasengan]: Naruto uses a much larger version of
the usual Rasengan.)
(^+X: Uzumaki Naruto Rasenrendan)

<Kyuubi Naruto>
- UA: Ch. 292. When Naruto unleashed his Three Tails on the bridge against
Orochimaru, he starts to gather chakra.
- Passive Effect (SP Drain): He is constantly enveloped in the Kyuubi's chakra,
thus he is gets little burns from it and loses energy.

7 Koma - Ch. 291. During the mission to obtain information of Orochimaru from
the spy of Sasori, New Team 7, Naruto, Yamato, Sakura and Sai are actually
confronted by Orochimaru. Orochimaru ponders out loud about who he wonders got
stronger, Naruto or Sasuke. This sends Naruto into a rage, releasing three of
the nine Kyuubi Tails, as Naruto yells, "In my presence, don't you dare talk of
Sasuke as though he belongs to you!!!"
(X: Another version of the Rasengan.)
(^+X: Ch. 292. After releasing Three Tails, Naruto causes a massive explosion
around him with the power of his chakra alone to stop Kabuto's charge against
him, destroying the bridge they're all on.)

8 Koma - Ch. 293. Naruto's 4-tailed Kyuubi form is unleashed for the first time
in his fight against Orochimaru, warping his appearance into that of a
miniature Kyuubi.

Sakura Haruno
- >+Y: Throws several shurikens outwards, classic ninja tools.
- ^+Y: Picture:
- d+Y: Sakura uproots a chunk of earth from the ground and hurls it at the
enemy. This shows her inhuman strength akin to Tsunade which she seems to get
post timeskip.
- UA: Kawarimi no Jutsu - The next hit Sakura takes, replaces her body with a
log and has her true self reappear afterwards. Standard ninja technique of
using a piece of the environment to substitute in taking a hit for the ninja.
-- Win Pose: Sakura's Inner Self goes "Cha!"
-- Lose Pose: Sakura's Inner Self becomes depressed.

2 Koma - Breaking an Iron Sand rectangle against Sasori.

4 Koma - Asking Naruto if she loks more woman-like.

5 Koma - (^+X: Self-healing. Sakura uses her medical ninja abilities to recover
her own health, in chunks.)

6 Koma (Power) - After being in a cloud of poison gas, she uses a explosion to
blow it away and swears to defeat Sasori no matter what the cost.
(X: Inner Sakura - Sakura's mind depicts an angry version of herself. Most
often seen when she feels particularly victorious.)
(^+X: Healing - Sakura displays the ability to heal all her teammates like a
true medical ninja should be able to. Post timeskip.)

6 Koma (Laughter) -  Sakura starts to think Naruto has matured over the three
years, but just as she starts to believe he has changed he promises to show
Konohamaru a new, improved perverted jutsu. Once he says this, Sakura punches
him and says "YOU IDIOT!"
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

Sasuke Uchiha
- UA: Kawarimi no Jutsu - The next hit Sasuke takes, replaces his body with a
log and has his true self reappear afterwards. Standard ninja technique of
using a piece of the environment to substitute in taking a hit for the ninja.
--Win Pose: Kawarimi no Jutsu, Sasuke disappears.

7 Koma - Sasuke is found for the first time after the timeskip. He is looking
down on Sakura, Naruto, and Sai.
(X: Chidori - Chakra is focused in the palm of the hand and is so concentrated
that the crackling sounds particularly loud and appears as lightning. Taught
by Kakashi.)
(^+X: Burning Chidori and Goukakyuu no Jutsu - When Sasuke puts chakra through
his sword, it is called Burning Chidori. He proceeds to slash several times,
lifting the opponent skywards, then ends his combination attack with a giant
fireball, the Goukakyuu no Jutsu.)

8 Koma (Vertical) - In the middle of his fight with Naruto, Sasuke says
something about his brother, Itachi.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Chidori Nagashi - Sasuke releases chakra all around him as an electric

8 Koma (Horizontal) - Before Sasuke is first seen in the timeskip, in a talk
with Sai.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

***One Piece***

Chopper, Tony Tony
3 Koma - Volume 17. After Chopper reveals the Rumble Ball which gives him
enhanced powers but only for three minutes. Thus, he will defeat his
enemies in three minutes.
(Chopper's strongest attack excluding his uncontrollable form. Its his
Cross Smash Attack done repeatedly in rapid fire motion. "Fall down!" he yelled
when he used it on Kumadori.)

4 Koma - Franky reveals his cyborg body in his fight against Luffy, which
explains why he has such awesome powers without having eaten a Devil Fruit.

5 Koma - "SUUUUPER!~~~" Happens when he recharges his fuel system with cola
in the bar after he fights with Luffy.
(X: Coup de Vent - A gigantic wind bullet discharged from Franky's arms.)
(^+X: Machine Gun Blitz)

5 Koma (Power) - Franky's finishing strike against Nero on top of the sea
train to Enies Lobby: "Ultimate Hammer", where he puts massive blunt force in a
downwards strike.
(X: same as above)
(^+X: same as above)

Luffy, Monkey D.
- d+B: Gum Gum Balloon.
- UA: Ch. 389, Pg. 03. Exactly what he does after his fight against Blueno.
He's hungry from using Gear 2nd so he takes the meat that he stuffed into his
pockets and eats.

3 Koma - Ch. 323, Pg. 03. After recovering from being frozen by Aokiji, Luffy
walks out onto the deck of the Going Merry and does an impression of being

4 Koma - Luffy is wet, after exploiting Crocodile's weakness. He realizes that
Crocodile is weak against water!
(^+X: Gum Gum Storm - Technique used to defeat Crocodile)

5 Koma - Ch. 294. "That's why I am staying here...and ring the golden bell no
matter what!!!" Luffy yells this to Eneru during the Skypiea arc.
(X: Punch with a golden ball still attached to Luffy's arm towards the end of
the Skypiea arc.)
(^+X: Luffy flails about midair with the golden ball stuck on his hand)

6 Koma - Afro Luffy vs. Foxy the Silver Fox in order not to lose any of his
companions in the davy back fight.
(^+X: Gum Gum Flail - The final blow to Foxy, used to finish him off after
Luffy reflected the Noro Noro Beam back at Foxy, which slows the user down
to almost zero speed, with a mirror shard! After a long chargeup, he lets
loose with the flail. The Straw Hats countdown from the audience and Foxy
skyrockets after he returns to normal speed.)

<Gear 2 Luffy>
UA: Luffy pumps excessive amounts of pressure within his legs, to accelerate his
blood flow, causing an increase of oxygen, and nutrients in his body. These
boosts give his body a sudden burst in speed and strength. His metabolism is so
high that sweat vaporizes immediately on his body, giving him the appearance of
emitting steam. His skin turns pink, because of the increased blood flow.
(Luffy’s forward Y now breaks guard when UA is used) This technique can only
work with Luffy since he’s made of rubber. Since his organs are rubber, they can
expand and allow the blood to flow at an increased rate without much strain. A
normal being’s organs and heart would ultimately explode from the blood

7 Koma - Gear Second! Used in the fight against Blueno at Enies Lobby to
evolve all his techniques by one level as well as against Lucchi.
(X: Gomu Gomu no Storm - Luffy quickly inflates himself with air, and then
propels himself horizontally bombarding anybody in the way with a flurry of 
(^+X: Gomu Gomu no Volcano - Luffy kicks into the air with enough force to break
rock, hence the rock animation when this attack connects.)

<Gear 3 Luffy>
8 Koma - Gear Third! Used in the fight against Rob Lucchi in his leopard Devil
Fruit form (A Leopard-human hybrid). All of Luffy's attacks become "giganto
versions" and powerup although his speed decreases. Luffy shrinks down after
using his Gear 3rd special as a side-effect from its power. He remains in this
form proportional to how long he was in Gear 3rd form, but in the game, he is
only vulnerable barely for a few seconds.
(X: Gomu Gomu no Gigant Gatling Gun - Luffy corks his thumbs into his mouth and
blows compressed air into his bones. He can now expand the size and strength of
any part of his body at will; by transferring the air around to any wanted body
part. In this special, he transfers the air into his arms, creating arms that
are the size of giants', then uses Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun.)
(^+X: Gomu Gomu no Gigant Axe - Luffy transfers the air from his Gear 3rd body
into his foot, making it giant-like. He then uses Gomu Gomu no Gigant Axe.)

(4+5 Koma)
- B: A plain smack with her staff, first revealed at Arlong Park when Nami is
seen as a ruthless backstabber.
- >+B: A boxing glove emerges from within her staff, one of the failed attacks
that appears in the fight against Ms. Doublefinger in the Alabasta arc.
- >+Y: One of the formations Nami tries out in the Ms. Doublefinger fight,
where she crosses two sections of the staff and throws them like a boomerang.
- d+Y: Nami rides the dial enhanced scooter, much like she was aptly able to
control in the Skypiea arc.

3 Koma - Nami flashes the men in the bathhouse and charges them a price.

4 Koma (Laughter)- Clima-tact as a party toy in Nami's desperate fight vs. the
Baroque Works member, Ms. Doublefinger (Paula, the barkeep), in the Alabasta
arc. Nami is using the weapon Usopp gave her for the first time, and is
horrified to see that all the formations she creates, produce only useless
party tricks which are non-lethal. She tries the Cloud Tempo attack, and the
result is a bouquet of flowers.
(X: Thievery - Nami uses her superb pickpocket skills to steal a coin from the
opponent. This drains sp bars in lieu of the various items she manages to steal
in the manga.)
(^+X: Mirage Tempo - Nami manipulates the atmosphere with the Clima-tact to
create a mirage of herself. The reasoning being similar to illusions in mist/
fog, and whatnot.)

4 Koma (Knowledge) - Nami is about to use her Tornado Tempo attack on Ms.
Doublefinger in the same fight.
(X: same as above)
(^+X: same as above)

5 Koma - Enel, in the Skypiea arc, has defeated everyone and is on his
flying ship, Maxim, along with just Nami. Nami refuses Enel's offer of joining
her in his utopia after realizing that she'd have no one to share it with and
Enel then attacks her.
(X: Cyclone - The ultimate attack of the imperfect clima-tact, used as the
finishing strike against Ms. Doublefinger. Two toy cuckoos rapidly circle
around to catch the opponent with strings. The rotation becomes so rapid that
a cyclone appears and blows the opponent away.)

<Perfect Climatact Nami>
6 Koma - Perfect clima-tact, dial enhanced. "No matter how strong you are,
my forecasts will never be wrong!!" After Nami beats the secretary of Enies
(^+X: Thunder Cloud - This attack is used on Enies Lobby against the army of
Marines obstructing the way to Robin when she was taken away. It is remarked
about how this attack is indiscriminate, hurting both friend and foe!)

Robin Nico
2 Koma - (Surprise Hands - Robin blinds the opponent of your choice)

3 Koma - Volume 24. After the Straw Hat Pirates leave Alabasta, Robin reveals
herself as she stowed away on the ship. When confronted by crew, she
tells Luffy that he must take responsibility for saving her life and
she asks to join them.

4 Koma - "Even if you apologize, I will not forgive you." -to Yama who does
not care about the ruins.Robin is ticked off at Yama and removes her hat.

5 Koma - After successfully beating Yama in order to protect the ruins, Robin
puts on her hat.

6 Koma - "I want to live!!!!" Robin finally comes to her senses after being
betrayed by CP9 and the Straw Hat Pirates attempt to rescue her. Robin realizes
that she has true companions now, compared to her dark past, and from this
point forward, struggles to live instead of resigning herself to death.

2 Koma - After Robin was accepted as a member of the crew, Sanji dances towards
her and gives her a snack. "Here's a Snack <3" Serving a dish to Robin in
Chapter 218 (?).

3 Koma - Pose of love, during the Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates.

4 Koma - Right before joining the Straw Hat pirates, Sanji is crying, thanking
Zeff for everything.

5 Koma (Power) - Ch. 183, Pg. 15. In the Alabasta arc, When Vivi is being
attacked by Mr. 2, Sanji comes to the rescue. Mr 2 says, "So you must be the
famous Mr. Prince?!!" Sanji answers, "My name is Sanji! First-rate cook of the

5 Koma (Laughter) - Kalifa asks if Sanji would like some tea. Sanji answers, "I
would love to!" (Kalifa is an enemy at this point, but because Kalifa is an
attractive woman, Sanji can't resist.)

6 Koma - "I would not stop no matter what." -to save Robin from being taken to
Enies Lobby.

2 Koma - Usopp Noise: Usopp pulls out a small chalklboard and scratches his
nails on it to turn away enemies. This is used on the Baroque Works stragglers.

3 Koma - Usopp as "Sogeking" after an embarrassing incident in which he leaves
the group. This is his secret identity which everyone but Luffy and Chopper
realize it is Usopp.
(Certain Death Firebird Star - Usopp burns down the World Government's Flag at
Enies Lobby, marking the rebellion of the Straw Hat Pirates against the world,
even if only to save Robin.)

Zoro, Roronoa
- air B: Hyou Kin Dama
- Y: Ushi Bari, multiple frontal stabs with two swords
- >+Y: 32 Pound Canon, a small gust of wind generated by a sword slash
- ^+Y: Dragon Twister, a large updraft of wind
- air Y: Karasuma Gari, a gigantic spherical slash with three swords
- d+Y: Tou Rou Nagashi, a guard breaking attack, two swords split apart 

2 Koma - When he is about to fight all of the Baroque Works soldiers at Whisky
Peak. Just when they were about to fight, Zoro says to them "So, you wanna

3 Koma - On Drum Island, Ussop tries to carry Dalton to the castle, but he is
too weak, so Zoro takes him instead.

4 Koma - Zoro in his fight against Mr. 1 of Baroque Works.
(X: 64 Pound Canon - used to defeat Braham, an improved version of the 32
Pound Canon.)
(^+X: Lion Song - counter attack, used to cut through Mr. 1's steel body.)

5 Koma - Zoro in his fight against Braham at Skypiea.
(^+X: Rashoumon - counter attack.)

6 Koma - "Maybe justice is important to you but we have even more important
things on the line!!!" after beating Captain TBone.
(X: 108 Pound Canon - first used to defeat Ohm, superior to its 32 and 64
Pound counterparts.)
(^+X: 3000 Worlds - Used against Mihawk, the legendary swordsman.)

***Prince of Tennis***

2 Koma - (Rondo Towards Destruction - Causes Guard Seal.)

3 Koma - (World of Ice - Causes Freeze.)

Eiji/Oishi aka. "Golden Pair"
2 Koma - (Seal Step plus Kikimaru Bazooka - Grants Speed Up)

3 Koma - When they are going full synchro at the national tournament. (?)
(Moon Volley plus Kikimaru Beam - Inflicts either Battle Seal or damage
depending on who hits the ball.)

2 Koma - (Higuma Otoshi/Brown Bear - Inflicts Guard Seal.)

3 Koma - (Dragonfly Illusion (?) - Inflicts Attack Seal.)

2 Koma - Vol. 10. pg. 96. During a training run. "Last Lap Boys! Last place gets
a special drink." Giving his special vegetable juice.
(Grants Critical Status.)

3 Koma - Vol. 15, Ch. 131, pg. 162. During a Hyotei match, Inui uses his data
tennis style in which precision calculations are analyzed instantaneously, and
he plays according to the optimal percentage rates. "Chances of a down-the-line
shot, 100%."
(Waterfall Serve - Inflicts Support Seal.)

2 Koma - (Snake Shot - Inflicts Poison.)

3 Koma - (Tornado Snake - Inflicts Poison.)

2 Koma - (Dunk Smash)

3 Koma - Vol. 12, pgs. 42-43. The jackknife move used in the match against
Sengoku. "I'm tough!!"
(Jack Knife - Inflicts Battle Seal.)

Ryoma Echizen
2 Koma - Vol. 10, pg. 112. Fuji and Ryoma are having a match. Ryoma's face is
injured from the rocks hit by Jin. "It's okay if I beat you...Right?"
(Twist Serve - Ryoma jumps and spikes the ball at a 45 degree angle downwards,
inflicts blind)

3 Koma - Match against Sanada. (?) "Mada Mada Dane."
(COOL drive - Inflicts Movement Seal.)

2 Koma - Vol. 16, pg. 88. "I won't lose!" Cheering for the team on the
(Grants Attack Up.)

3 Koma - Vol. 16. In the match against Kabaji. He yells like normal when
holding the racket. "All right, let's burn baby!" 
(One Handed Hadoku - Inflicts Stun.)

2 Koma - (Tezuka Zone - Traps the opponent and drains sp.)

3 Koma - (Zero-Shiken Drop - Inflicts Movement Seal.)

***Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar***

2 Koma - Ch. 157.

3 Koma - Ch. 36.

Jaguar Juunichi
- ^+B: Ch. 10, pg. 83 Jaguar extends his recorder upwards and breaks a wall in
the ceiling of the dorm he shares with Piyohiko. Someone was puppeteering him
to convince the two of them to take a hip hop class. Jaguar shouts out
"Intruder!", destroying part of the ceiling and shocking Piyohiko.

2 Koma - Ch. 139.

3 Koma - Ch. 165.

4 Koma - Ch. 56.

5 Koma - Ch. 45.
(^+X: Ch. 14, pg. 6, Dance used by Jaguar when no one wants to take his Recorder
class at the dormitory. He passionately plays the recorder and conjures images
of the action star, Scorpan X. The students were captivated for an instant, but
"still find the recorder lame.")

6 Koma - Ch. 86.

Piyo Hiko
2 Koma - Ch. 160.

3 Koma - Ch. 155.

***Rurouni Kenshin***

Kenshin Himura
- >+B: Battou Jutsu - A quick attack from the sheath, Kenshin's signature move.
- d+B: Ryu Kan Sen - A spinning attack.
- Y: Battou Jutsu Sou Ryu Sen - 2-hit battou jutsu, with Kenshin quick-drawing
his sword, ending with a sheath hit, used against Jin-ei.
- >+Y: Ryu Kan Sen - Tsumuji - more spinning than the original Ryu Kan Sen for
a stronger hit, avoiding attacks and accelsrating his blow. First used against
- d+Y: Sword Aura - When Kenshin is in his non-Battousai form and is releasing
his chi as a charge up to "pulling senses together to keep nerves from becoming
dull": (Vol. 18, Ch. 153, pg. 88) or during battle (Vol. 21, Ch. 185, pg. 154)
- ^+Y: Ryu Shou Sen - A rising strike directed at the opponent's neck. Would
cut a vital artery if a normal sword was used.
- Air Y: Ch. 41, pg. 8. Ryu Tsui Sen - Downward sword attack targeting the
shoulder or crown of the opponent's head. The falling motion amplifies the force
of the attack.
- UA: Ch. 36, pg. 9. Kenshin does a quick backstep to avoid Raijuuta's attack.
--Win Pose: Kenshin enjoys falling sakura (cherry blossoms).

2 Koma - Vol. 1, pg. 126. As Sanosuke wonders to himself if there are any
strong people that can challenge him, the panel shifts to Kenshin with his
trademark "Oro?"
(Ryuumeisen - used against Enishi to create a small sound shockwave around
his ear to disorient his heightened senses.)

3 Koma - Vol. 06, Ch. 42, pg. 66. During the fight with Raijuta, Kenshin gets
hit with a Tobi Izuna, causing a small scratch on his arm. Raijuuta laughs that
Kenshin got hit, but Kenshin retaliates by saying, "You seem quite pleased by
putting a puny scratch on me. That's quite the formidable killing technique."
(sarcastic, obviously) "Those words are a law of nature."
(Ryuusousen - Kenshin pauses then unleashes a flurry of slashes.)

4 Koma - Vol. 19, Ch. 165, pg. 132. "Choushuu Ishin Shishi Himura Battousai."
During Kenshin's past, when confronted by three men who ask who he is, Kenshin
states his name and title. This fateful encounter is the trigger for many future
(X: Ryuumeisen - Same as 2 Koma.)
(^+X: Hiten no Yomi - counter attack Battou Jutsu)

5 Koma - Vol. 14, Ch. 119, pg. 158. During the 2nd fight with Aoshi in Shishio's
lair, Kenshin yells at Aoshi to bring him back to his senses. "Now's the time to
open your eyes!"
(X: Kuzuryuusen - 9 hit thrust/lunge attack with sword, learned from his
master while training for Ougi. Supposedly hits all 9 vital points of the body
at the same time.)
(^+X: Ryuutsuishousen combo (2 hit combo, first part of combo used on Shishio),
A jumping lunge followed by much stronger versions of air Y and ^+Y.)

6 Koma (Power) - Vol. 17, pg. 50. During the fight with Shishio, Kenshin
regains consciousness while Aoshi fights with Shishio. When Kenshin wakes up,
he yells to release his kenki.
(X: Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki - Ougi and final attack of the Hiten Mitsurugi
discipline, a super fast Battou Jutsu that starts with the left foot, then uses
the increased momentum to create a void that sucks the opponent in, leading to
the final spinning attack. First used on his master, Hiko Seijuro, in order to
beat his enhanced Kuzu Ryu Sen. He went on to beat Aoshi, and Soujiro with it,
as well as Shishioh, for whom he had to use the "full" version which has 2 hits
instead of just 1.)
(^+X: Hiten Gorengesa - Ryu Tsui-Shou Sen followed with 3 Ryu Kan Sen moves,
five hit combination attack used on Shishio.)

6 Koma (Knowledge) - Vol. 27, Ch. 243, pg. 109. "Soon everything will be fine.
Please wait there." After the four Su Shen brothers were defeated by his allies,
Kenshin finally sees Kaoru again after a long period of separation where she
was kidnapped by Enishi. However, Kenshin must still defeat Enishi before the
two can reunite.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

2 Koma - After the Jinchuu Incident, Megumi tells Kenshin that his body will
not be able to handle Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryuu but for 5 years top. Before this
happens, Kenshin sends Saitou a letter, saying he will finally settle their
grudge of over 10 years. Saitou silently chooses not to go...and after stating
his battle was with the now gone Hitokiri Battousai, he looked outside a window
and says, "Idiot..."
(Gatotsu Sanshiki - anti-air Gatotsu, used against Kenshin)

3 Koma - Vol. 14, Ch. 114, pg. 63. After delivering the killing blow to Usui,
one of Shishioh's "ten swords," via Gatotsu Zeroshiki, Usui asks how much longer
Saito plans to keep up his old fashioned "Aku Soku Zan" (Kill Evil instantly)
code. Saito smirks and responds, "Obviously, until I die."
(Gatotsu Zeroshiki - ougi, point blank Gatotsu that also releases his sword,
first used against Usui.)

2 Koma - Vol. 17, Ch. 143, pg. 97. After blocking the initial hit of Kenshin's
Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki, Shishio prepares his retaliation by yelling
(Ni no Hiken Guren Kaina - grabs opponent with oil-soaked glove, then uses
Homura Dama to light it and explode the opponent, used on Kenshin and Saito.)

3 Koma - Vol. 16, Ch. 138, pg. 167. Shishio stands over a weakened Kenshin after
taking a "bite" from him to emphasize his belief that the strong live, and the
weak die.
(Tsui no Hiken Kaguzuchi - Vol. 17, Ch. 143, Pg. 15. ougi, uses entire sheath to
light his sword, instead of just the tip like during Homura Dama. Used first
against Kenshin, though he was hit with Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki's 2nd hit
before he could use it. Oddly enough, this matches perfectly with the 2 Koma
panel instead of the 3 Koma.)

2 Koma - After Kenshin loses his way following the 'death' of Kaoru, he leaves
to his home village. He goes back to his ways of "Fight Purchasing," and a man
wants him to take out another in his way. The man turns out to be his father,
but still, they fight. After being punched to the ground, his father says that
he had an elder son named Sanosuke, to which Sanosuke replied, "I'm not
Sanosuke. But Sagara Sanosuke...and now, I'm Zanza the Gangster."
Note: Sagara was the surname of the man Sano admired the most in the Sekihou
Army, which is why he adopted the name after his death.
(Zanbatou - the first and only weapon Sano used, a colossal sword that 
most people have difficulty even lifting. He breaks it in his fight with
Kenshin, though he does patch it up together later)

3 Koma - Vol. 13, pg. 122. During Sano's fight with Anji, he gets grazed by
Anji's Futae no Kiwami and coughs up blood. However, he swears, "I will not
lose! There's absolutely no way I will lose!"
(Sanjuu no Kiwami - the upgraded version of Futae no Kiwami, 3 hits instead of
2 hits. Uses it to defeat Anji)

2 Koma - Vol. 02, pg. 85. Yahiko gets caught by Kaoru while trying to steal
Kenshin's  money. He yells "Let go of me you old hag!"
(Imitation Ryu Tsui Sen - a copy of Kenshin's downward thrust, first used
against the bat guy.)

3 Koma - Vol. 25, pg. 71. During Yahiko's fight with Kujiranami (?), he swears,
"I will definitely defeat this person." Kujiranami sees the likeness of Kenshin
in  Yahiko's resolve.
(Hadome Hawatari - ougi, a counter attack that consists of catching the
opponent's attack with the back of the hand, then immediately counterattacking
with a thrust in that position)

***Saint Seiya***

2 Koma - Pegasus Seiya has lost his five senses in a cruel fight against Gemini
Gold Saint. Phoenix arrives to lend him a hand and finally Pegasus reaches the
last chamber where the Shield of Athena lies. Reflecting the shield's light
over the spear that Ghost Sagittarius shot to Saori Kido's Chest is the only
way to save her life.
(Athena Shield - This shield heals for a tiny amount, even through block, and
also cures status effects.)

3 Koma - Pegasus uses this technique as the first attack at the Taurus House,
while fighting Aldebaran. Unfortunately, Aldebaran stops Seiya with his Great
Horn, a lightspeed technique that Aldebaran can do without leaving his Iai
(Midair Pegasus Meteor - One of the big 3 supports in the game, it certainly
seems to be highly effective in-game as opposed to in the manga.)

4 Koma - Seiya is fighting against Gold Saint Aldebaran from Taurus, Seiya says
that he has to take Aldebaran's guard off, just like in a japanese sword fight.
Aldebaran says he doesn't have to power to do that. Seiya replies "but my
Pegasus Meteor Does!"
(X: Pegasus Ryuseiken - Meteor)
(^+X: Pegasus Suiseiken - Comet)

5 Koma - Seiya and the others just beat down Phoenix Bronze Saint and were
teleported to different places. Seiya fell on a beach where he is met by his
teacher Marin and the first Silver Saint, Misty the Lizard. Pegasus Cloths also
get teletransported by the power of their owners. After wearing the Pegasus
Cloth, Seiya says "I got my Cloth. I'm ready to fight."
(X: Pegasus Ryuseiken - Meteor)
(^+X: Pegassus Suiseiken - Comet) 

6 Koma - Taurus makes a deal with Pegasus. If Seiya can cut his golden horn,
Taurus will let him reach Gemini, the next house. But to do that, Seiya has to
awake his seven senses. Having done that, Seiya attacks Taurus Gold Saint. As
Aldebaran sees his horn cut off by Seiya the only thing he can say is "W-What?" 
(X: Pegasus Ryuseiken Big Bang)
(^+X: Pegasus Rolling Crash - Seiya grabs the opponent and comes crashing
downwards, upside down.)

7 Koma - After beating the 12 gold saints and reaching the top of the
sanctuary, Pegasus finds out about the conspiracy made by Gold Saint Saga from
Gemini, he was the one who killed the Original Pope. Gemini is too powerful and
binds all of Seiya's senses. Now he can't smell, hear, see, touch or taste
thus, Gemini declares him a living dead. But Seiya replies with the power of
his Cosmos "Even if I've lost all my five senses, I still have my cosmos and
that's the key of my life!!"

<Gold Saint Seiya>
8 Koma - Vol. 17/18. Saint Seiya in Golden Saint armour. Just before he shoots
at Poseidon with the Golden Arrow for the first time.
(^+X: Sagittarius Arrow)

2 Koma - Seiya and the others meet as rivals for the first time in the Galactic
Wars. Dragon Shiryu is ready to battle Seiya.
(Rozan Shoryuha - Rising Dragon)

3 Koma - The first time that Shiryu meets Gold Saint Death Mask from Cancer.
He's able to bring a new type of Rising Dragon punch that Death Mask is unable
to stop. Unfortunately, Shiryu doesn't know that a simple punch won't be enough
to take down a gold saint. Defeating Death Mask is worth a travel to the hell
and back.
(Rozan Koryuha - Rising Dragon)

2 Koma - Shun is the last Bronze Saint to participate in the Galactic Wars just
before Phoenix Bronze Saint arrives. He shows he is happy to see his older
brother. "Brother, you're alive."
(Rolling Defence)

3 Koma - Shun has a hidden power that is more powerful than any other of the
Bronze Saints' powers. It is capable of even killing a gold saint but at a
heavy cost. He has to sacrifice his life in order to use his hidden power, the
Nebula Stream. The first time he uses it is while fighting Pisces gold Saint
Aphrodite. His teacher Daedalus told him not to use this forbidden technique
but Shun decides to use it to save Athena. 
"Now Aphrodite you will see my real power!!"

***Sakigake! Otokojuku***

8 Koma - (X: Washi ga otokojukujuku chou Edajima Heihachi de aru - A mighty red
aura erupts from a laughing Edajima that paralyzes the enemy with fear.)
(^+X: Shintoumessakyakusureba hi mo matasuzushi - Edajima jumps up and
momentarily disappears as a star, then propels himself downwards with the force
of a rocket, fist first.)

2 Koma - (Kakushikenbon danshinsetsu - Hien throws a three set spread of claws
which confuse the opponent.)

3 Koma - (Choujinken yousousatsu - Hien strikes a crane pose then delivers a
claw slashing combo that ends in paralysis.)

2 Koma - "You're not my match!"
(Flying Crash Megaton Punch, aka. F.C.M.P. - J appears out of nowhere and dives
into the ground, fist first, causing an earth shattering impact.)

3 Koma - (Flash Piston Mach Punch, aka. F.P.M.P. - J Flails his arms around
widely, covering a large area.)

- B: Momotaro slashes from above with a wide arc.
- >+B: Momotaro performs a small turnaround kick
- ^+B: Momotaro thrusts his headband upwards at a 45 degree angle.
- air B: Momotaro does an overhead slash that propels him slightly forward.
- d+B: Momotaro delivers a broad horizontal slash that switches out characters.
- Y: Momotaro delivers a flurry of punches with the hilt of his sword.
- >+Y: Momotaro fires a tiger head from his sword that knocks down the
- ^+Y: Momotaro attaches his headband to his sword and throws it arcing
upwards so that it acts as a boomerang.
- air Y: Momotaro descends and spins around rapidly to damage anyone around
- d+Y: Momotaro does a handstand or sorts with his sword in the ground, then
rapidly spins around to break guards.
- Passive Effect (SP Drain): Whenever Momotaro uses wanfuu, his energy

2 Koma - (Shousayuusoudan - Momotaro fires two bullet projectiles that confuse
the enemy.)

3 Koma - (Shinganken Ichinotachi - Momotaro stands with a charging aura and
counters anyone who attacks physically.)

4 Koma - (X: Thunderbolt - Momotaro throws his sword, and when it hits and
sticks in the opponent, it is used as a conductor and lightning strikes.
Momotaro poses afterwards.)
(^+X: Otokojuku Meifutsu Daishouon - Heals health?)

5 Koma - (X: Wanfuujichouhiouzashinkifuukon - Momotaro fires a beam from
his sword.)
(^+X: Otokojukujuku kaseishou - grants invincibility.)

6 Koma - (X: Same as above, but stronger.)
(^+X: Otokojukusoudai tsurugi Momotaro - momotaro adjusts his headband and then
delivers an aura charged fist.)

***Shaman King***

Anna Kyoyama
- B: Anna delivers a slight smack with her rosary beads.
- >+B: Anna throws a set of rosary beads forwards.
- ^+B: Anna flicks the rosary beads upwards.
- d+B: Anna says "O baka!"/"Idiot!" which comes out as a harmful speech bubble,
switching out the character.
- Y: Anna forcefully smacks with the rosary beads downwards to force knockdown.
- >+Y: Anna extends her rosary beads forwards to snatch and bring the opponent
to her back and turns around, leaving them airborne.
- ^+Y: Anna slaps the opponent with her glowing hand. Can be charged and
powered up for additional damage.
- d+Y: Anna pulls out a giant spiked club and swings it at the enemy, hard.
- UA: Anna charges up her legendary left hand so that the next ^+Y slap is at
maximum power.

2 Koma - Ch 39. Right before Yoh's fight with Faust VIII, she's saying "Yoh
(BINTA - Anna slaps the opponent with a forceful upwards smack. Inflicts Battle

3 Koma - (Okami Punch/God Punch - Anna delivers a fierce guardbreaking punch.)

4 Koma - Yohmei and Tamao watch as Anna seals Hao's monsters. They stare in
amazement. Anna says, "This is nothing to be surprised about. After all, I, an
itako, am a Shaman King's wife."
(X: BINTA no Ame - Anna delivers a multi-hit flurry of slaps and remarks
"fun..." (sound effect) when she finishes.)
(^+X: Furyoku Mukouka - Anna is surrounded by an aura, and when physically hit,
releases an invisible force that inflicts Attack Seal.)

5 Koma (Knowledge) - Vol. 12. Anna goes to Silva to deliver a book from the
Asakura family that contains Hao's techniques. Silva asks if it's okay, since
she didn't give it to Yoh. Anna responds, "It doesn't matter. It's to defeat Hao
...and also...I've already learned the Tcho Senjirya Ketsu." She reveals Hao's
shikigami, Zenki and Kouki.
(X: Funbari DASH - Anna throws out a tiny paper doll which summons her two huge
shikigami in a puff of smoke to charge forward into the enemy.)
(^+X: Zenki Gossatsukkomi - Anna throws two tiny paper dolls to both sides of
her which then summon her shikigami ina  puff of smoke, who extend their claws

5 Koma (Power) - Vol. 28, Ch. 245, Pg. 115. In the fight between Anna and Hao,
Anna remarks about how Hao doesn't have the right to call her by her name. She
says this out of rage since Hao effortlessly crushed her two shikigami and said
how this wasn't Anna's full strength.
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

Hao/Zeke Asakura
2 Koma - At the very end of the manga, there is a picture of Hao drawn as a
girl. (bonus, perhaps?)
(Hao spins around and dispenses fruits that heal.)

3 Koma - Ch. 261, Pg. 15. "Mirai Ou"/"Future King" Said in response by Hao, to
a person he kills on a boat in an attempt to have the rest of the Shaman
Tournament to proceed uninterrupted by humans; the person who wonders who Hao
(Koubakushisa Oversoul Kurobina Onibi - Hao fires a dual set of fireballs
forwards that explode on impact.)

Yoh Asakura
- UA: Yoh goes to sleep while Amidamaru looks on in spirit ball form,
horrified! Recovers SP.

2 Koma - Ch. 36. In his first match of the Shaman Fight Preliminaries, Yoh
faces Horohoro. After a bit a battling, Yoh becomes able to recognize
Horohoro's attacks just by his movements. After Horo Horo unleashes his "Mososo
Kruppe," Yoh easily counters it with his Shinkuu Buddagiri. "This is one of
the techniques he's [Amidamaru] quite proud of."
(Shockwave Buddhagiri)

3 Koma - During the fight that Yoh had to win with Silva in order to enter the
Shaman Fights, Yoh had to figure out how to actually hit him. One of his
desperate attempts at hitting him was throwing Amidamaru's spirit at him,
dubbing the attack, "Hitodama Fastball!!!!!"
(Hitodama Fastball - Yoh throws Amidamaru horizontally in his spirit ball
mode. Causes Speed Down.)

4 Koma (Knowledge) - Ch. 216, Pg. 7. Yoh is about to take on Luchist, creator
and former leader of the XLaws group, and states "I will be Shaman King, no
matter what!" with the Futsu no Tama and his Spirit of Sword oversoul in hand.
At this point, Yoh was out of the Shaman Tournament of his own volition, and has
come to ask the XLaws permission to rejoin through force.
(X: Amidaryuu Gokoujin - Yoh does a quick and powerful forward lunging thrust.)
(^+X: Same as 3 Koma.)

4 Koma (Laughter) - After the climax of the final round of the Shaman Fight
Preliminaries, Tao Ren states how he acknowledges he is inferior to Yoh for
defeating him after losing all his Furyoku, but Yoh states directly afterward,
"Um....actually I'm out of furyoku too."
(X: Same as above.)
(^+X: Same as above.)

5 Koma - Vol. 15, Ch. 128, Pgs. 18-19. During the Shaman Fights, Yoh's team, the
Funbari Onsen, face off against Team ICE MEN. No one's seen the progress they've
made with their oversouls for some time, so they all reveal them. This is Yoh's
new Oversoul, Spirit of Sword, a gigantic furyoku blade. "Oversoul...Spirit of
(X: Spirit of Sword Amidaryuu Daigokoujin - Yoh executes a large slash that
sends out a wave of energy towards the opponent.)
(^+X: Oversoul Spirit of Sword - Yoh holds his sword in front of him and it
extends in a beam-like fashion, releasing his new OS.)

<White Swan Yoh>
6 Koma - Ch. 235, Pgs. 18-19. Yoh, in his newest armour oversoul White Swan
(Byakkou). Achieved in the fight in hell against his ancestor who sealed Hao 500
years ago, Yohken Asakura.
(X: Mumumyouyakumu - Yoh performs a lunging thrust forwards then upwards at a
45 degree angle if the first thrust connects, blinding the opponent.)
(^+X: Funbari Onsen Attack - Faust uses his newest oversoul, Mephisto E (Eliza),
to send out a wall of needles. Ryu then appears, dashing forward, jumping and
lunging downwards with his sword, and finally delivering an overhead slice from
 behind the opponent.)

***Slam Dunk***

Hanamichi Sakuragi
2 Koma - Ch. 88, Pg. 152. "Haruko-san!" Sakuragi gets inspired when Haruko
arrives and tells him that he'll play a good game. Haruko compliments Hanamichi
on getting a rebound right before the half time of the Shoyo game. Shohoku was
down by nine so his rebound made sure that Shoyo's lead would not be double
digits at the start of the second half.

3 Koma - Ch. 276, Pg. 185. "Because I'm a genius." Final panel of the manga.
Hanamichi is having physical therapy and Haruko sends him a letter that says
"Basketball will be waiting for you when you're done." He responds "Of course,
because I'm a genius."

Kaede Rukawa
2 Koma - Ch. 74, Pg. 53. "You're the three idiot brothers." During the Miurida
game, Rukawa gets mad at Hanamichi, Miyagi, and Mitsui and gives them all this

3 Koma - Ch. 258, pgs. 126-127. "I too will be going to America." Against
Sawakita of Sannoh, Rukawa just can't keep up. Sawakita says 'well next year
you'll win because I'm leaving for America.' This was Rukawa's response.

Mitsui Hisashi
2 Koma - "I want to play basketball." After causing a giant brawl in the
basketball court out of a grudge against Miyagi who made it so he could not
play basketball one season due to a fighting injury (They both injured each
other). After coach Anzai (his idol) came inside to break it up. He remembers
how kind and nice Coach Anzai was and falls on his knees begging to play
basketball again.

3 Koma - "I am Mitsui. Someone who will never give up!" After getting very
tired during the Sannoh game his guard starts to ignore him. He then shouts at
him "Hey who am I!?!?!" This freaks out his guard, at just 10 seconds for the
game to finish. Hisashi receives a pass from Ryota and the shoots "from
downtown" the result is an awesome 3 point basket!

Ryota Miyagi
2 Koma - "Aya-chan!" Ayako-san eases Miyagi's trouble about facing the center
of Sannoh. She says "Hey Miyagi, come over here." When he does she writes
"number one point guard" on his palm. So whenever he feels bad he looks down at
his palm for inspiration.

3 Koma - "That's it! Dribbling is short people's greatest strength." After
being dominated by Sannoh's center the whole game (because he is pretty much
half his size) he realizes he can dribble his way around him.

Takenori Akagi
2 Koma - "IDIOT!" This panel is reused a bit but whenever Hanamichi does
something stupid, Akagi punches him right on top of the head with that look.

3 Koma - Gorilla dunk! This is Akagi's trademark dunk nicknamed Gorilla dunk by
Hanamichi since he believes Akagi looks like a gorilla. This certain slam dunk
was during the Sannoh game when he finally overcomes his fear of the Sannoh
center, Kawata, and he dunks over him.


Kaiba Seto
2 Koma - "RARE KA-DO ni <?> ga tsuita wa!!" (Crush Card/Shi no Dekki Hakai -
Kaiba appears and uses the Deck Destruction Virus card. Causes Support Seal.)

(White Lightning/Horobi no BURST STREAM - Kaiba summons his favourite card, the
Blue Eyes White Dragon which fires its signature attack, White Lightning, a
beam from the mouth.)

Yugi Moto
- B: Celtic Guardian - One of the standard monster cards in Yugi's deck.
Atk/1400, Def/1200.
- ^+B: Pet summon - Yugi's digital pet, U2, is summoned and delivers a punch
upwards. From the original arc of Yugioh.
- >+B: Dice - During the RPG with Bakura red and white dice are used to
determine attack power during the "Tabletop Role-playing Game" of "Monster
World". This is actually not even from the Dungeon Dice arc, but before the
start of the card arc.
- d+B: Gaia the Fierce Knight - One of the more powerful cards in Yugi's deck
early on, requires two tributes to summon. Atk/2300, Def/2100.
- air B: Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2 - One of the standard
monster cards in Yugi's deck. Atk/1200, Def/900.
- Y: Black Luster Soldier - One of the most powerful monster cards in Yugi's
deck. Summoned through the use of "Black Luster Ritual." Atk/3000, Def/2500.
- ^+Y: Dark Paladin - One of the more powerful monster cards in Yugi's deck. A
fusion between Dark Magician and Buster Blader.
- >+Y: Dark Magician Girl - One of the monster cards in Yugi's deck. The female
counterpart to Dark Magician. Atk/2000, Def/1700.
- d+Y: Dark Magician (Dark Magic Attack) - Yugi's favourite monster card, and
obviously one in his deck. Requires two tributes to summon. Atk/2500, Def/2100.
- air Y: Swords of Revealing Light, a spell card in Yugi's deck. Opponent's
monsters are revealed and cannot attack for 3 turns.
- UA: Switches out with another battle character in your deck. I think this is
supposed to allude to tributing for a monster like Yugi has to do for the more
powerful monsters. Not that Yugi isn't powerful enough...

- d: Yugi's guard is Kuriboh, one of the cards in Yugi's deck, paired with the
effect of the Multiply card. This is shown during Yugi and Kaiba's battle at
Pegasus' castle. Kaiba has managed to summon the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon,
which has incredibly high attack and defense, but Yugi counters with his two
card combination which creates the perfect defense of infinite Kuribohs.

2 Koma - Ch. 341./Millenium World Vol. 7, Ch. 63. [NA Version] "You've Grown
(Double Black Magic Attack - Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl fire off a
twin black magic attack. The projectile explodes after a distance.)

3 Koma - Ch. 342./Millenium World Vol. 7, Ch. 64. [NA Version] "I win..."
(Monster Reborn - One of the spell cards in Yugi's deck, Monster Reborn revives
a monster from the graveyard. In game, it resurrects your defeated battle koma
[not in death match]. The Japanese picture was of an ankh, symbolizing rebirth.

4 Koma - Ch. 175./Duelist Vol. 13, Ch. 116, Pg. 126. [NA Version] "Ore no <?>chi
da." "Marik."/"Marik" "I win."
(X: God . Blaze. Cannon - Summons the Winged Dragon of Ra, one of the three God
cards that eventually come into Yugi's possession. Delivers a standard fiery
beam attack from Ra's Mouth.)
(^+X: Monster Reborn/Shisya Sosei - same as 3 Koma.)

5 Koma - Ch. 87./Duelist Vol. 3, Ch. 28, Pg. 203. [NA Version] "Pegasasu wa ore
ga taosu!!"/"I'm going to beat Pegasus!!"
(X: God Hand Crusher - Summons Obelisk the Tormentor, one of the three God
cards that eventually comes into Yugi's possession. Obelisk delivers a swift
(^+X: Swords of Sealing Light/Hikari no Fuusatsuken - Causes Battle Seal.)

6 Koma - Ch. 187./Duelist Vol. 14, Ch. 128 [NA version] "This is the power of
(X: Slifer the Sky Dragon - One of the three God cards that eventually
comes into Yugi's possession. A thick blue beam from Slifer's Mouth.)
(^+X: Spellbinding Circle - One of the trap cards in Yugi's deck. Immobilizes
an enemy monster. In game in temporarily stuns the opposing battle koma and
drains sp.)

***Yuu Yuu Hakusho***

- d+B: Overlord Purgatory Scorch.
- Y: Fist of the Mortal Flame. Used vs. KuroMomotaro in the Dark Tournament

2 Koma - Vol. 9, Ch. 81, pg. 168. "Blazing sword of the overlord!!"
Hiei used the darkness flame through a sword to defeat poison peach boy.
(Thievery: Hiei steals something, sp in this case, and destroys it with fire.
Prior to joining forces with Yuusuke, Hiei was a thief with Kurama
and a third demon.)

3 Koma - (Jagan Eye: Paralyzing with his Jagan Eye. Hiei has a third eye which
he reveals as his trump card when fighting with Yuusuke concerning the three
stolen treasures. It has the power to induce paralysis with a single glare.)

4 Koma - Vol. 7, Ch. 57, pg. 35. Using the darkness dragon flame against Zeru
of the Jolly Rogers. "My right arm should be enough for this." 
(X: Sword of the Darkness Flame. Used vs KuroMomotaro in the Dark Tournament.)
(^+X: Dragon of the Darkness Flame. The weaker and uncontrollable version
used against Zeru in Round 1 of the Dark Tournament.)

5 Koma - Vol. 11, Ch. 100, pg. 160. Hiei of the dark flame, revealed in the
Dark Tournament in the fight against Bui. The power of the black dragon is
absorbed by Hiei after Bui deflected the attack from Hiei. "It's not a weapon,
not in the way most might expect."
(^+X: Dragon of the Darkness Flame - Hiei fires the stronger and controllable
version of the black dragon in his Dark Tournament finals against Bui.)

- B: Plant used as a sword used in the battle against vs. Sensui (?)
- >+B: Used vs Touya in Round 3 of the Dark Tournament. His energy was trapped
inside him due to a sealing move involving body paint in his previous match, so
he took a slash from Touya's ice sword and put a deathplant in the wound. He
then grew it and used this attack.
- d+B: Petals and Thorns. Used vs Karasu in the Dark Tournament finals.
- Y: Kurama delivers a quick lash of his rose whip.
- >+Y: Kurama whips the opponent horizontally with his rose whip.
- ^+Y: Kurama whips the opponents vertically with his rose whip.
- air Y: Used vs. Karasu. When Youko first appears Karasu notices there's a
rose through his hand.
- d+Y: Deathplant, of which the only time he actually threw one was vs. Roto in
Round 1 of the Dark Tournament.
- UA: Kurama puts a plant in the ground which briefly ensnares the opponent if
they walk over it.

2 Koma - Ch. 138, Pg. 19. "You aren't even worthy of death's embrace." Kurama
has decisively defeated Elder Toguro once and for all (see below description).
(Enmaku - Ch. 138, pg. 10. Mist used against Elder Toguro to blind and distract
him towards the end of Chapter Black. Kurama finally defeats the demonic Toguro
by subsequently trapping him with a plant that will eternally show illusions to
his mind.)

3 Koma - Vol. 4, Ch. 34, pg. 177. "...It's my rose whip!!" In the fight against
Genbu, the earth elemental, Kurama reveals his battle skills for the first
(Kurama heals the character, assuming with the power of plants?)

4 Koma - Vol. 4, Ch. 34, pg. 176. "It's time I gave as well as got."
(X: Rose Whiplash - Used vs Genbu of the Four Saint Beasts)
(^+X: Bloodsucking plant. Used to kill Karasu in the Dark Tournament.)

5 Koma -  Vol. 9, Ch. 82, Pg. 186. "One and the same, my friend. and you..."
['have incurred my wrath!!'] Yoko Kurama. Kurama's alternate form revealed vs.
Karasu in the Dark Tournament. 
(X: Vines of the Makai - Used in his first match as Yoko against Reverse
Urameshi. Summons a plant around his right arm to prepare an attack.)
(^+X: Ojigi Plant - Used against Karasu in the Dark Tournament.)

2 Koma - Vol. 6, Ch. 55, pg. 189. "Batter Up, Pal!!" Kuwabara wields twin
spirit swords in his fight against Rinku in round 1 of the Dark Tournament. 

3 Koma - Kuwabara attacks Sensui with his now mastered Jigen Tou (Dimension
Sword). Learnt in the Chapter Black arc, it slices through dimensions.

Yuusuke Urameshi
- Y: Reikoudan - Yuusuke does a gut punch, fist imbued with energy.
- >+Y: Rei Gun - Yuusuke's trademark move, used many times in the series.
- ^+Y: Rei Shotgun - Variation of the Rei Gun, Yuusuke fires multiples spirit
blasts, spreading the area of effect and hitting multiple enemies.
- d+Y: Headbutt, used vs Chu in Round 1 of the Dark Tournament.
- air Y: Rei Gun - Yuusuke's trademark move, used many times throughout.
- UA: Yuusuke charges his spirit energy, as seen many times in the series.

3 Koma - (Rei Shotgun - First used after he gets back from Genkai's training
against a group of makai insect controlled goons)

4 Koma - From Yuusuke's fight against Sensui.
(X: Rei Gun - Yuusuke's Trademark Move, as described above)
(^+X: Reikoudan - Used vs. Jin in Round 3 of the Dark Tournament. More powerful
than the Y version.)

5 Koma - After Toguro "kills" Kuwabara and Yuusuke gets his power boosted to be
at an even level with Toguro. "I have one aim - you, total obliteration...and I
WILL achieve it."
(X: Charged Rei Gun - More powerful than a standard Rei Gun shot.)
(^+X: Stronger version of the move in 4 Koma's ^+X used against Bui.)

6 Koma - The demon form of Yuusuke. During the fight with Sensui in the Demon
World, the demon lord Raizen speaks to Yusuke in his mind and then takes over
Yuusuke's body awakening his latent demon blood, thus turning him into Demon
(X: Rei Gun Maximum - An even more powerful charged version of the Rei Gun!)
(^+X: Series of attacks from when Raizen took over Yuusuke's body to beat



This will be better sorted in the future, especially seeing as how this can
refer to the selectable stages to battle in, and the stages' appearances in
J-Space. Don't worry too much yet if something doesn't look right here yet.

Black Cat - The house in Doctor's pocket dimension where he shrinks down 
            Eve, and uses dolls and illusions to fight her.
   Stage Gimmick: Partitioned upper platform as for which sections move up and
                  down at their leisure.
   Stage Features: Long, horizontal, and spacious. Very nice for characters
                   that need a lot of room.

Bleach - The top half is the Soul Society, and the bottom part is inside
         Ichigo's Soul, where he meets Zangetsu and Ogihci.
   Stage Gimmick: None.
   Stage Features: Dual section battlefield. The top portion is prone to ROs,
                   but once the floors at the sides have been broken, the
                   bottom section becomes available. Here the walls are metal,
                   making ROs not feasible, unless the fight is taken to the
                   higher levels once again.

Bo-bobo - Something about a king's country.
   Stage Gimmick: Conveyor belts that can be turned on and off via a switch in
                  the middle. Orbs that discharge columns of electricity from
                  time to time, inflicting shock.
   Stage Features: The stage itself is rather compact for all these features.

Busou Renkin - "LXE Ajito" Inside LXE Headquarters.
   Stage Gimmick: Two conveyor belts at the top middle of the stage orienting
                  inwards to the center.
   Stage Features: Very horizontal stage with not too many obstructions.

Death Note - Within the shinigami world.
   Stage Gimmicks: A single platform at midlevel horizontally traversing the
                   length of the playfield
   Stage Features: A very horizontal stage. Crossup opportunities by jumping
                   may be harder due to the concentration of same level 

D. Gray-Man - In front of the tower of the Dark Order, the exorcists'
   Stage Gimmick: None.
   Stage Features: Large squareish orientation.

Dr. Slump - "Senbee-san no uchi/ie"/"Dr. Senbee's home" Outside of Dr. Norimaki
            Senbee's and Arale's home.
   Stage Gimmick: Single middle platform vertically moving, breaking the
                  continuity of the top long platform.
   Stage Features: A small and compact square stage. ROs quickly become

Eyeshield 21 - Inside a football stadium. 
   Stage Gimmick: Central platform moving up and down. Footballs randomly
                  incoming from both sides of the screen.
   Stage Feature: Devilbats logo emblazoned at the bottom. Green football turf
                  for flooring.

Dragonball Z - Planet Namek, with Porunga in the background. Possibly from when
               Vegeta is brought back to life.
   Stage Gimmick: Platforms at the sides that travel up and down, spanning
                  long distances vertically.
   Stage Features: The platforms are made of earth resembling the usual
                   desolate landscapes battles usually take place within.
                   One of the most vertical stages of the game, although the
                   many levels of platforms down the center may prove
                   troublesome, a sneak attack utilizing the top-most platforms
                   at both sides is possible. ROs are quickly attainable if
                   fighting remains at the lowest level fo the stage.

Gintama -  Outside of the Yorozuya house.
   Stage Gimmick: Sporadically falling unblockable bombs!
   Stage Features: The metal walls dotting the sides of the stage deter ROs
                   greatly, but do not make them impossible. A nice square
                   stage that is not too small or too large, with an ample
                   amount of platforms.

Hokuto no Ken - In a barren wasteland.
   Stage Gimmick: Platforms crumble as long as at least one person is standing
                  on them.
   Stage Features: Cracked walls and pits under ledges emphasize the RO nature
                   of the stage. Spiking attacks usually lead to instant death.

HunterXHunter - The Heaven's Tower where the battle competition takes place.
   Stage Gimmick: Trampolines that bounce players very high.

Ichigo 100% - A festival of sorts with cardboard cutouts of girls in the
   Stage Gimmick: Moving platforms.
   Stage Features: Platforsm adorned with roses

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "DIO no Yakata"/"DIO's Mansion" Right outside of
                           Dio's Mansion in Egypt.
   Stage Gimmick: None.
   Stage Features: The kind of stage where platform may interfere with attacks.
                   Lots of horizontal space.

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn - "Tsuna no uchi/ie"/"Tsuna's home" Outside Sawada
                             Tsunayoshi's residence.
   Stage Gimmick: None.
   Stage Features: The platforms are stripes of warning colours black and
                   yellow. A compact square stage with 3 platform levels.

Kinnikuman - The mountain with tons of rings from the tag team/Neptuneman+big
             Budo Saga.
   Stage Gimmick: Earthquake that temporarily stuns anyone on the ground at
                  regular intervals.
   Stage Features: A spacious large square, with platforms covering the
                  perimeter. Due to the lack of a central platform, brawling
                  tends to gravitate around the floor of the stage. This stage
                  favours runners, unfortunately.

Kochi Kame - In front of a building (police station?) on a winter day.
    Stage Gimmick: Ice physics, characters' momentum increased as a result.
    Stage Features: Floors are ice, making it perfectly sensible for the ice
                    physics to kick in.

Naruto - Within Konoha Village, with the Hokage mountainside monument prominent
         in the background.
   Stage Gimmick: Posts, that when destroyed, introduce two types of hazards.
                  Upper 2 posts = Kunai with attached exploding notes fall from
                  the sky and detonate after a couple of seconds. Lower 2 posts
                  = The lower floor platforms vanish for several seconds making
                  ROs easier.
   Stage Features: Tough walls to break at the sides, taking longer than normal
                   to erode. ROs are suggested by spiking methods as the
                   bottom platforms have pits below. Two levels, first being
                   the ground, and second being the long platform. However, the
                   long platform is only accessible via the side mini platforms
                   for most characters. Spacious stage on the whole.

One Piece - Poop deck of the Foxy Pirates' Galleon, where afro Luffy beat Foxy
            and won his nakama back in the Davy Back Fight, a competition that
            gambles crew members. Elevators and cannons were part of Foxy's
            attempts to trick Luffy and are featured within the stage.
   Stage Gimmick: Central cannon that fires cannonballs in an arcing fashion to
                  the left or right sides of the stage. Weight-affected
                  platforms that sink when characters are on top of them,
                  simulating an elevator of sorts.

Prince of Tennis - "Arena Tennis Court"Tennis Court with the Seigaku Flag.
   Stage Gimmick: Platforms that move up and down within the side boundaries of
                  the stage.
   Stage Features: The platforms are comprised of tennis balls. ROs are
                   possible through the bottom pits at the sides, and trap
                   opportunities come and go with the platforms rising and
                   falling in addition to the possibility of being ROed at the
                   sides themselves.

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar - Inside Piyohiko's parents' flute shop, where there is a
                       very large recorder for sale.
   Stage Gimmick: None.
   Stage Features: The platform arrangement is unique in that the platforms are
                   sort of aligned as a spiral staircase of sorts. The platforms
                   are recorders, and the face on the bottom are those of a
                   child, a dog and a cat.

Rurouni Kenshin - Inside the Kamiya Kashin Dojo.
   Stage Gimmick: None.
   Stage Features: Full of platforms which may hinder several supports and
                   attacks. Fighting usually happens at ground level, but
                   crossup opportunities by jumping are harder to execute, when
                   one is not at the center of the battlefield.

Sakigake! Otokojuku - Overcast inside a volcano.
   Stage Gimmick: Long central platform moving up and down, jets of fire
                  occasionally shooting out from the pits, inflicting burn.
   Stage Features: Platforms made of cracked rock. Spikes at the ceiling of the
                   stage damage anyone who comes in contact with them. ROs are
                   the primary method of winning but KOs are also just as
                   frequent with random bursts of flame, saving the soon-to-die
                   opponent from an RO, but decreasing health.

Saint Seiya - Appears to be set in outer space.
   Stage Gimmick: Horizontally moving platforms at two tiers.
   Stage Features: RO at the pits is the primary method of winning.

Shaman King - "Great Spirits" In the Patch village in front of the Great Spirit,
              to which all things return.
   Stage Gimmick: A single vertically moving platform on the left side of the
   Stage Features: Cracked earth platforms resembling the architecture of the
                   village. Spacious stage with lots of platforms.

Slam Dunk - Inside a school gym.
   Stage Gimmick: Two vertically moving platforms in the center of the stage.
   Stage Features: Stage flooring akin to wood planks on a basketball court.

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ancient Egypt battle between the Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White
            Dragon above the Millennium Puzzle.
   Stage Gimmick: Horizontally moving platforms of varying lengths in the upper
                  parts of the screen.
   Stage Features: The platforms are comprised of Millenium Puzzles. Two pits
                   to the sides of the center floor, as well as the ability to
                   be ROed at the sides. Aerial combat is a risk with the
                   possibility of either being spiked into a pit or into a

Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Final battleground of the Dark Tournament, against Toguro.
   Stage Gimmick: A solitary platform at the top part of the screen that
                  traverses horizontally over the battlefield.
   Stage Features: Apart from the solitary platform, the most neutral stage in
                   the game. All fighting is almost always done on the ground
                   level of this very spacious stage, observing the small width
                   of the top platform.



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