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Follow the dark path or use the light
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Pack Shot

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs



by barguestspirit

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
FAQ/Walkthrough for DS
by Barguestspirit

Disclaimer: This walkthrough was written by Barguestspirit. I am not affiliated
with Activision in any way. I am not profiting from this guide. This
walkthrough is meant for private, personal use, and is not to be sold. If you
see this guide anywhere in a publication or on a website you had to pay to 
access, please contact me. You are free to download this guide, save it to
your computer, print it out, share it with your friends *snort*, make an
origami crane with it, fold it into a perfect paper airplane to toss at your
math teacher, pour ketchup on it and eat it for lunch, use it as toilet paper,
or write your anti-government manifesto on the back of it. Whatever. As long
as you make no monetary profit from this guide, it's cool. You are also free
to put this guide on your own website, provided that it remain unaltered, and
that nobody removes my name and claims it as their own work.

-Table of Contents-
Game Controls
Story Mode Stages:
1-Buck-le Up!
2-Tooth Fury
3-Lights! Action!
4-Terrible Pteros
5-Nutty Hunt
6-Fruit Toss
7-Plant Power!
8-Hooting Eyes
9-Sticky Situation
10-Lucky Buck
11-Slimy Signs
14-The Chase
16-Ptero Tango
17-Hot Stuff!
18-Bone Battle!
Scrat's Minigames
Enemy Index

So you're going to play Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, huh? You probably
already know that it's not the best game ever, but it's a fun if very quick
little diversion. It's a fairly simple game. This guide was written to help
those who may get stuck, and for those who, like me, like to shoot for 100%
completion and find all the collectibles.
The following is from the game manual:

"Join Ice Age's unlikely herd of prehistoric pals-Sid, Scrat, and an all-new
adventurer Buck-for their wildest, wackiest, and most exciting escapade yet!
Sid has been kidnapped by a T-rex, and it's up to you as Buck to lead your
favorite Ice Age characters on a fur-raising rescue mission through the
mysterious dinosaur world to save him."

Alrighty then. Moving right along.


8/9/11-Began writing guide.

8/12/11-Finished writing complete guide. Version 1.0

8/18/11-Submitted guide to GameFAQs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs has pretty simple controls. The stylus is only
occasionally used, aside from the usual function of selecting things in the
menu and skipping cutscenes, you mostly only need it for Sid's stages and for
a couple of specific actions during Buck's stages. 

Buck's controls:
D-pad-move the character
A button-perform a cartwheel
B button-jump. double tap B when near certain branches and Buck will use his
lasso to latch onto them and swing.
Y button-attack with knife
X button-throw a grenade
L and R buttons-cycle through available grenade types
Start button-pause game/pause menu

Sid's controls:
Use the stylus to aim Sid's projectiles by holding it on him and sliding it
down, up, right, or left to move the crosshair over a target. Lift the stylus
from the screen to make Sid throw a projectile. You can use the stylus to calm
a baby T-rex if it has been disturbed by tapping a baby and "shushing" into
the microphone. Note: it has been my experience that taking the time out to
try to hush the babies is usually not a good idea as in that time the enemies
on screen are waking the other babies up. If you're quick and accurate, you
won't need to worry about the baby t-rexes waking up.

Scrat's controls:
Use the D-pad or the stylus to move the seesaw left and right. Use the L and R
buttons to flip the seesaw around (or you can use the A, B, Y, and X buttons).

-Story Mode Stages-
Keep in mind that you can replay stages you've unlocked if you've missed
anything on Buck's stages or want to get a better score on Sid's minigame

Stage 1: Buck-le Up!
Gems-150  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-0
So, right off the bat, you begin the game with Buck. You start off in Buck's
treehouse, so collect those first four gems and jump down all the ledges,
collecting gems as you go, until you reach the ground. Stop and jump back up
the ledges until you get to the one furthest to the right. Do a cartwheel 
jump off it to the right (hit the A, then B button to make Buck do a
cartwheel super jump, making him jump higher and further than a normal jump),
When you get near a branch (it'll have a white arrow ring circling around it)
hit the B button again to make Buck latch onto the branch with his lasso. 
Collect all the gems by swinging from the branches, jumping from branch to
branch by hitting the B button to make Buck release the current branch and
jump to the next, hitting the B button again to latch onto it. This may take
some practice, just keep at it until you've swung through all three branches
and collected all 15 of the gems up there. When you're done, jump back down to
the ground and move off to the right. Be sure to collect the five gems hidden 
in the weeds right before the log. 
After the log, you'll come to your first enemy, an orange rolly polly thing. 
Kill it by either waiting for it to uncurl and jumping on it, or using Buck's 
stomp move (B then Y) near it. After killing the rolly polly bug, you'll come 
to another log. There are two leaf platforms above you. Jumping on the log, 
than over the two leaf platforms (careful, you can only remain on these for a 
second as they will bend down from your weight, dumping you off if you tarry 
too long. They will spring back up after a few seconds though) and onto the two
palm trees. On the second palm tree is your first heart container. Jump back 
down and carry on to the right, up the ledges, killing another rolly polly bug.
Up here, you'll find a tip stone. These tip stones have question marks on them,
and will give you a little tip. Some will give you the tip automatically when 
you near them, but if they don't, or you want to hear the tip again, jump on it
with the stomp move to make the tip reappear. This tip stone tells you how to 
perform the stomp move. 
Next to the tip stone is a rotten fruit grenade generator plant. Use your stomp
move near the generator to collect some rotten fruit grenades. Each time you 
attack the plant, it'll spit out three rotten fruit grenades. You can carry up 
to ten. So, collect some rotten fruit grenades and use one to take out the 
orange and pink plant enemy nearby. Push the X button to throw a grenade at it,
and it'll die, leaving behind five gems. Be sure to kill these plants whenever 
you see them, as they always contain five gems. Continue to the right, making 
sure to collect the gems on the palm trees, until you come to a split in the 
path. Before continuing right, go over to the rotten fruit generator and tip 
stone. Jump up to the ledge behind them for a gem and your second heart 
container. Moving to the right again, kill another orange plant and rolly polly
before coming to another tip stone. This one tells you about using Buck's lasso
to latch onto tree branches. Do that now to swing from the above branch and
collect some gems. Hit the B button to latch onto a branch, hit it again to
release. Swing from branch to branch, collecting lots of gems and your third
heart container above the third branch. You can use the D-pad to build up
Buck's momentum to swing over and around the branch. Hit B again at the right
time to have Buck release his lasso on the branch and swing up to collect the
heart container. 
Continue on right, jump up to the large branch sticking out from a tree to 
collect several gems, jump down and walk through the tree to a narrow area 
between two trees with a tip stone. This tip stone explains how to bounce 
between walls to reach high places. Do that now, collecting some gems, but 
don't stop when you see the opening in the tree. Instead, continue
bouncing up to collect more gems and your fourth heart container up high
between the two tree trunks. Then slide back down to the opening you just
passed and continue on right. Jump across the leaf platforms, (don't worry
about doubling back underneath the leaf platforms as there isn't anything on
the ground except a rolly polly bug), you'll come to an area with a rotten
fruit generator, two orange plant enemies and a rolly polly. Kill them and 
collect the gems from the weeds. Continue right, swing across the branches, 
collecting the last of the gems, and you'll come to an area with a rolly polly
bug and some yellow flowers shooting up clouds and sparks. The yellow flowers
signify the end of the stage. Jump up on the stone ledge and collect your
fifth heart container before ending the stage.

Stage 2: Tooth Fury
Gems-0  Heart Containers-1  Acorns-0
The first of four boss battles against Rudy. At the start, take a minute to
turn around and grab the this stage's one heart container back near the tip
stone. Now proceed forward down the steps and grab some rotten fruit grenades
from the nearby generator. Be careful of Rudy, who will stomp the ground,
making shock waves that travel out and will damage Buck if he gets hit by one.
Once you've gotten enough grenades, jump back up the steps to the cliff in
front of Rudy. Avoid his mouth when he tries to bite you, and when you have an
opening, jump and stomp on his snout. This will cause him to roar and open his
mouth. Throw a rotten fruit grenade into it. This will damage him. Repeat once
more, and you've won your first boss battle. Easy huh?

Stage 3: Lights! Action!
Gems-300  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
Now you've got a dagger! In the start, you'll see your first acorn in front of
you, grab it. The pineapple nearby will release three recovery hearts when
slashed with your dagger. Try to save these for when you need them. Collect
the gems on this circular platform between and on the stones. Once you've got
all 19 gems from around the start, go stand next to the tall blue crystal
thing on the very edge of the large round platform. Look a bit up and to the
right. See that stone platform there? This stage's second acorn is on top of
it. Do a cartwheel super jump off the edge, jumping toward that stone table.
If done right, you'll land on it, collect the acorn and jump down. (Note that
you can also jump to the stone table from the palm trees to the right of it)
Move off down the steps into the wider area. There are several orange plant 
enemies, a couple rolly polly bugs, and a rotten fruit generator. Stock up on 
rotten fruit, and go around killing all the orange plant enemies and rolly 
Once you've collected all the gems from the plant enemies, jump up onto the
stone near the rotten fruit generator, jump to the nearby palm trees,
collecting the gems on each. On the last palm tree is the first heart
container. Jump down and go over to the big jade colored big-leafed plants on
the ground. Slash each one for a gem. You should have 49 gems before moving
on. Head on up the stone steps to the right, collecting gems, slash the plant
up here and wall bounce up the tree trunk. Bounce up to the very top of the
trunk to grab the five gem bundle up there, then slide down and head left on
the path to another trunk to bounce up. Once again, bounce all the way to the
top of the trunk for another five gem bundle.
Continue left on the path, you'll come to a tip stone and a big mushroom
blocking your way. The tip stone tells you to use your knife to slice up the
mushroom, so don't disappoint it. Slice at the mushroom three times to unblock
the path. Continue on, slice the big leafed plants for gems, and you'll come to
a new plant enemy, the pink dart flower. This thing will shoot thorn darts at
you, so evade the dart, rush in and slash at it once to kill it. Jump up the
step, then up on top of the palm tree to grab the five gem bundle, jump down 
and continue on, killing another pink dart flower. Slash the pineapple for 
hearts if you need them, collect the gems on the path and from the big leafed
You'll come to another mushroom shortly, slash it up, then grab some rotten 
fruit grenades from the generator if you want. First go right, up the steps,
collecting gems from the weeds, slash the mushroom, and continue going right
on the path, killing the pink dart flower and avoiding the falling fruit. Keep
going until you reach the end, where there is a pineapple, an orange plant 
enemy, a low stone slab, and a palm tree. Don't kill the orange plant yet.
First, collect the second heart container from the low stone slab, then jump
on top of the orange plant enemy (it won't hurt you). There is a five gem
bundle way on top of that palm tree, but getting it is rather tricky. What you
need to do is do a cartwheel super jump off the top of the orange plant enemy,
and land on top of the palm tree. This can be tough, and may take multiple
tries, but keep at it if you want to collect all the gems on this stage. Once
you've gotten the gem bundle, jump down, kill the orange plant enemy, and head
all the way back left until you reach the rotten fruit grenade generator and
tip stone.
The tip stone will tell you to press A to cartwheel, which we already know. 
Continue left, watch the shadows on the ground as there are big yellow fruits 
hanging from branches above and they drop when you get close. Get near them and
wait for the big fruit to fall before continuing on. Get rid of another 
mushroom, then do a cartwheel super jump across the gap in the path, collecting
the gems. At the next gap, grab the five gem bundle from on top of the palm
tree, then jump down to the base of it to grab another bundle. Keep following 
the path left, killing pink dart flowers, orange plant enemies, and avoiding 
the big falling fruits until you come to a rolly polly bug and a tree trunk. 
First collect the gems from the flowers at the edge of the ledge there, then go
around the trunk to the left to grab the third acorn. Slash the mushroom, kill 
the pink dart flower and walk out onto the branch to collect a couple gems and
heart container #4.
Head on back to the trunk and bounce up it, collecting all the gems. Jumping 
through the gap in the trunk to the right will lead you into the next area of 
this stage. You can't go back once you've jumped through, so make sure you've 
gotten everything before you go. You should have 200 gems now, including all 
the ones from the trunk. Now, head right on the path, killing the plants and 
slice the mushroom, get the hearts from the pineapple if you need them, and 
grab the five gem bundle underneath the curved root. Walk up the curved root, 
kill the rolly polly, and get some rotten fruit grenades from the generator if
you want. Bounce up the trunk, making sure to grab the five gem bundle at it's
top, before heading left, killing the rolly polly and slicing the mushroom. 
You'll come to a dirt area with some plant and flower enemies and a rolly 
polly. Kill everything and collect all the gems from around here. Jump on top 
of the stones near the first plant enemies and jump from the palm tree onto a
higher stone platform which has a gem bundle and the fifth heart container on 
it. Make sure you got the gems from the big leafed plants, and continue to the
left going up the stone steps around the big tree. Head up, collecting the gems
until you reach a narrow spot between two trees that you can bounce up

Stage 4: Terrible Pteros
Gems-100 Heart Containers-0  Acorns-0
Your first Sid minigame! Here you have Sid and his three adopted dino babies.
The babies are trying to sleep, and your job as Sid is to make sure they get
their full naps. It won't be that easy though, as enemies will be trying to
wake the sleeping T-rexes. So, you're going to pummel them with projectiles.
Accuracy counts in these minigames, so don't shoot with impunity. Aim well,
hit the enemies before they can disturb the babies. The manual says you can
shush the babies back to sleep if they start to wake up by tapping on them and
shushing into the microphone, but I find this to not be a good idea. Taking
the time out to shush the baby T-rexes is time better spent at repelling the
enemies, and while you're trying to calm one baby back to sleep, the enemies
will be waking the others up. Really, if you're quick and accurate, you won't
even need to worry about the baby dinos waking up. Just focus on hitting the
enemies as they enter the screen. Keep the stylus on Sid, lift it for just a
split second to launch a projectile at an enemy, then immediately reload your
next shot. In this stage, pterodactyls will be swooping in through the top
screen in ones, twos, or threes, flying lower across the screen until they make
it into the bottom screen where the babies are. Don't let them get down there! 
Aim your shots a little bit ahead of where the pterodactyls are flying, so 
that they will connect. How many projectiles you shot, and how long it took you
to clear the stage determines your score. You can earn up to 100 gems depending
on your score, and you can always replay the stages to get better scores. This 
is a fairly easy shooting stage, so just try to be accurate and have fun.

Stage 5: Nutty Hunt
Gems-300  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
Back to Buck. From the start, the first acorn is right in front of you. Jump
over the log, and you meet a new enemy (sort of). This is a purple goop rolly
polly. Kill them the same way you do the orange ones, and they'll give you
three purple goop grenades each. These will be useful later. Climb up the
vines (simply move up to them to grab hold and use the D-pad to climb), jump
down from the little cliff, and continue left, collecting the gems above the
logs and killing purple goop rolly pollies. You'll come to a rotten fruit
grenade generator, collect some rotten fruit grenades and climb up the vines
to the right of the generator. Collect the first heart container for this
stage, jump down and continue right. 
You'll see a cutscene showing you an area below with a little green and brown 
dinosaur. The tip stone says to use a ground stomp near them, or avoid them. 
You can kill them by stomping them, then throwing a purple goop grenade into 
their mouths. They give you a recovery heart when they die. Kill the orange 
plant enemies, slice the big leafed plants in the area, and continue right up 
the path. Collect the gems, avoid the falling fruit, kill the purple rolly 
polly, and kill or avoid another little raptor. Collect some rotten fruit 
grenades from the generator if you want, then jump up on the log to the left. 
Jump right from the log and swing on the branches to collect some gems, then 
head on up the next cliff. Jump from the cliff to latch onto another branch, 
swing to a palm tree, and look right. There's a row of gems next to a tree 
trunk. Do a cartwheel super jump to reach the highest gems, then slide down the
side of the tree trunk to collect all of them. Go back a little to the left to 
kill a purple goop rolly polly, and an orange plant enemy for gems. 
Continue right, through the tree trunk, (Eeek! What was that!?), jump up to the 
thick branch on the left using the leaf platforms, slash the pineapple for 
hearts if needed, collect the, gems, and grab the second heart container above 
the leaf platform. Methodically collect all the gems from the palm trees, leaf
platforms, and thick branches in this little area. You should have 102 gems 
before moving on. Reach the highest thick branch on the right-hand tree, walk 
through the tree to reach a narrow shaft between the two trees. Do a cartwheel
super jump, then wall bounce to reach some gems high up between the two trees.
Then slide down, collecting those gems as you go. There are two openings in 
this tree. One at the ground level, and one a little higher up. Go through the
higher opening, collect the gems, and jump to the leaf platforms for more gems.
There is a little raptor down on the ground below the leaf platforms, kill it 
if you want and move right. Jump over the log and you'll come to an area with 
some big leafed plants, a raptor, and an orange plant enemy. Kill everything 
and head up the steps. Be sure to slice the big leafed plant on the low step 
nearest the water. Slice the pineapple near the big crystal thing if you want,
then continue across the log bridge. 
On the other side of the log bridge, the tip stone gives you a hint as to how 
to climb the vines behind it. Purple goop rolly pollies will continuously 
regenerate from the puddle of purple goop, so don't sit there trying to kill 
them all. Just stock up on purple goop grenades and throw one at the vine-free
part of the wall. The purple goop will allow you to climb. So climb up, stop on
the little ledge and throw another grenade at the wall so you can climb up and 
grab the third heart container. Get back on the vines and climb to the right, 
collecting all the gems (there is a five gem bundle at the lowest end of the 
vine column you come to, grab it before going back up and continuing right) 
Climb down at the end of the vines to find yourself on a stone platform. Now 
you have to jump across the rushing water using the stone platforms and lily 
pads. The lily pads sink and reemerge every few seconds, so keep an eye on 
them and don't stay on them too long before jumping to the next thing. You'll 
come to an area where you have to use moving logs to get across the water. Time
your jumps carefully. There is an acorn on the stone to the north. Collect it, 
then jump back and head to the stone near the bottom of your screen, jump 
across two lily pads, and jump to another stone to collect the fourth heart 
container. Jump to the root directly above you to get a five gem bundle, then 
jump to one of the slow logs. Jump to the next stone platform, swing across the
branch for gems, and land on another stone. Jump to another log, then toward 
the bottom of the screen again to land on another stone. Jump a couple stones 
to the left for more gems, then back again. Get back on a log, quickly grab the
gem bundle from the tree root, then disembark at the next stone. Head across 
the lily pads to the top of the screen first, grab the five gem bundle, head 
back and go right. Carefully jump and swing your way across, collecting gems, 
until you reach solid land. Your gem count should be 246 now. 
Get recovery hearts from the pineapple if needed, grab some rotten fruit 
grenades form the generator, jump over the log, kill or avoid the little 
raptor, and first ignore the stone slab platforms to walk under them until you
reach the tree trunk. Jump up at the tree trunk to grab a five gem bundle, then
head back to get on the stone slab platforms and go right and through the tree.
Go down the stone slabs, carefully killing the pink dart flowers, then the 
purple goop rolly polly when you reach the ground. Keep going right until you 
reach some vines and a purple goop rolly polly regeneration puddle. Throw some 
purple goop at the wall and climb, avoiding the pink dart flowers' thorns and 
killing each one and grabbing the gem bundles from them. When you reach the 
top of the vines, there's an acorn waiting for you up here. Jump down to the 
ground and collect the fifth heart container. Head right again, being sure to 
collect all the gems from the leaf platforms. You'll reach a hill with big 
dinosaur footprints and big logs rolling down toward you. Avoid the logs by 
hiding in the footprints. Move from footprint to footprint, avoiding the
rolling logs until you reach the end of the stage.

Stage 6: Fruit Toss
Gems-0  Heart Containers-1  Acorns-0
Your second encounter with Rudy. This time he has three hearts, but he's still
big, simple-minded dinosaur and you're a psychotic weasel with years of
survival skills training. So, first make your way to the far right side of the
arena, where there's a couple of large steps in the rock wall. Jump up to the
second one when the steam isn't shooting out of the vent, and do a cartwheel
super jump toward the rock wall. You should reach an alcove cut into the
rock wall containing this stage's one heart container. Collect it, jump down,
and head back over to the two palm trees and rotten fruit grenade generator.
Stock up on rotten fruit grenades and jump from the palm trees to the rock
platforms. There are pink dart flowers at the left and right ends of the
platform, so pick one and stand near it. Rudy will come over to you. Lure the
pink dart flower into shooting a thorn, and move out of the way just before it
reaches you. If Rudy is positioned right, the dart should hit him in the face.
He'll roar and walk over to face the center rock platform with his mouth open.
Get over there and toss a rotten fruit grenade into his mouth. This will
damage him. Go back over to stand in front of one of the dart flowers, and
repeat the process over again. Two more hits and this boss battle is in the

Stage 7: Plant Power!
Gems-300  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
From the start, turn around and face the big tree right behind you. Walk left
at the tree toward the top of the screen (the uppermost side of the path
you're on). You should walk through a tiny hidden gap behind the tree to a
sneaky secret area containing 15 gems. Collect them and walk back out. Head 
right collecting the gems around the root until you come to a new plant enemy.
I'll call these things whip plants. They have three tentacles that they will 
fling to the ground when you come near, then the plant spins, whipping the 
tentacles around and back up until they're vertical again. You can kill them 
with a slash of your dagger, or a cactus grenade, which you don't have yet. So
just go near it, but stay out of range of it's tentacles. Wait until it's spun
them back up straight, then move in quickly and slash it. Whip plants leave 
five gem bundles when defeated, so take them out whenever you find them. Go 
right, collecting the gems, jump up the palm trees and branches. Before 
continuing right, jump on the palm trees to the left. When you're on the third
one, do a cartwheel super jump to the left to reach the palm tree near the 
beginning of the stage. The first heart container is on top of it. You can also
reach this palm tree by standing on the root at the start and doing a cartwheel
super jump off it. Go back right, jump up through the palm trees and branches 
and up all the leaf platforms. Once you've collected the gems from all the leaf
platforms, jump to the branch with the whip plant on it, kill it and collect 
the gems against the side of the tree trunk. Jump back up to the highest branch
and go right through the tree, kill the purple goop rolly polly, jump down to 
the next lowest branch to kill the whip plant and collect the gems. Then fall 
down to another branch below that has a rotten fruit grenade generator on it. 
Collect some grenades, and methodically jump to all the palm trees, branches, 
and leaf platforms in this area between the trees to collect all the gems. 
There is an acorn behind a whip plant on the second highest branch sticking out
from the tree to the right. You should now have 70 gems. When you've got 
everything, drop to the ground and go through the tree on the right. 
This area is similar to the last, with lots of trees, branches, and platforms.
Kill the whip plants as you see them, jump around to collect the gems on 
everything. The second heart container is located on the highest branch 
sticking out from the tree to the left. To get to it, head right first, jumping
on all the trees and platforms until you reach a bunch of leaf platforms. Jump
on the ones to the left, and they'll take you within reach of the branch with 
the heart container on it. Drop down and go back right, killing or avoiding the
little raptor on the ground, and collecting the gems from the weed filled 
alcove in the upper center of the area between two roots. Continue right to the
next big tree, there are two openings in this tree, one near the top and one 
near the ground. Be sure to collect the gems from both openings. The top 
opening leads you to some trees and platforms to collect gems from, and the 
last palm tree to the right has the third heart container on it. Before jumping
down to the dirt area, you should have 113 gems.
There is an acorn on the stone behind the rotten fruit generator (right below
the palm tree the heart container was on), get it and jump down, killing or
avoiding the little raptor, slashing the big leafed plants and collecting the
gems underneath the ribcage. Continue on, over the logs to the next area,
killing the pink dart flowers and whip plants and collecting gems. The fourth
heart container is right on the path between a dart flower and whip plant.
Continue on, collecting gems from everything. You should have 178 gems before
you reach the next green part.
Here's a new enemy, a triceratops. You can't kill these guys, but they do come
in handy for smashing down logs and walls, just be careful you don't get
caught in front of them. Head into the area with the first triceratops, avoid
it while collecting the gems around here, and getting the fifth heart container
from the low stone at the right of the area. Make sure you get the gem from 
the big leafed plant on the other stone. Continue right, jumping over the logs
and rocks. When you reach the third log, jump to the stone behind it, then to
the palm trees and off the second palm tree to latch onto a branch. Swing from
the branches, collecting the gems, before swinging from the third branch to
land on a palm tree containing an acorn. Moving right again, over the stones, 
kill the purple goop rolly polly, and on to the finish line.

Stage 8: Hooting Eyes
Gems-100  Heart Containers-0  Acorns-0
The second minigame with Sid. Why this stage is so named is beyond me, as eyes
don't hoot, nor do dinosaurs, but whatever. The object here is to get rid of
the long-necked dinos when they appear on the top screen by hitting each one
with a couple projectiles. If one stays on the screen too long, it'll roar and
start waking up the baby T-rexes, so work fast and be as accurate with your
shots as possible. The dinos will appear in ones, twos, threes, and fours.
Get rid of each as they come on screen. When they start appearing in groups,
don't panic, just hit each one a couple of times in quick succession before
immediately moving on to another one. Try to get rid of the dinos that have
been on the screen the longest before moving on to the newest ones. With luck,
you'll repel them all before the baby T-rexes are totally awake.

Stage 9: Sticky Situation
Gems-275  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
Right off the bat, you're given a tip about the sticky plants. If you get
caught by one, use the stylus or your finger to rub the bottom right corner of
the screen to break free of the plant. Slash the big-leafed plants for gems
and head right to your first encounter with a sticky plant. Before you go near
it, walk over to the camouflage goop shower plant behind it. Stand in the
purple puddle and rub the bottom right corner of the screen to shower Buck in
purple goop camouflage. This will protect you from the sticky plants so you can
get close in and slash them with your dagger for gems. You can also kill
sticky plants with cactus grenades, but we don't have any of those yet. So
move on, slashing all the plants for gems. Be warned that taking any damage
will remove your camouflage, so go take another shower if you get hit. The 
first heart container is located at the top of the screen, behind a sticky
plant between some thorny vines. Thorny vines can't be killed and will hurt
you if you make contact with them, so avoid them as best you can. Continue
right after killing all the plants and collecting the heart container. You
should have 60 gems before you hop down to the next area.
Go right, kill the sticky plant, and get the acorn and gems from under the
first ribcage to the right. There are whip plants, pink dart flowers, and
more sticky plants in this area. Carefully avoid their attacks and kill them,
collect the gems. The second heart container is sitting near a sticky plant
with a ring of gems around it. Clean out this area of plant enemies and gems,
then head north, around the tree roots, and jump up to the next area, where a
third heart container is awaiting you on that first step.
You'll see a tip about cactus grenades. These work just like the other
grenades, and can be used to kill most plant and animal enemies. Go collect
some from the cactus grenade generator near the camo goop shower (the
generator is a green spiky thing, it gives you three grenades each time you
slash it, but you have to wait a few seconds for it to regenerate between
slashes), walk right first to kill the sticky plant and collect the several
gems behind it, then head north into an area with lots of plant enemies. Go as
far north as you can to reach an alcove with three sticky plants, a ribcage
with gems and the fourth heart container inside it, and an acorn in the corner
near some thorny vines. Collect everything, then back out, killing and
collecting as you work your way around the path heading right. There is
another acorn hidden in some weeds at the base of a tree at the southern
end of the path. There is a cactus grenade generator and camo goop shower to 
the right, on the other side of a tree root. 
Keep following the path right, killing sticky plants. A fifth heart container
is waiting for you right before you reach the finish line.

Stage 10: Lucky Buck
Gems-0  Heart Containers-1  Acorns-0
This is a boss battle against a giant man-eating (or mammoth & saber tooth
tiger-eating) plant monster. Walk right a bit and you'll be trapped in by a 
root. No problem, you can take care of this thing. There are cactus grenade 
generators on the lowest branches on both sides. Stock up, and jump up to the 
one of the higher branches on either side. Pointy roots will occasionally poke
through holes in the floor and above all four branches. At first they appear 
slowly, but they become faster the more you damage the plant monster. if you
see a red pointy thing sticking out of one of the holes, avoid it, as a big
root is about to come through. See that red and green thing dangling at the
top of the screen? That's your target. Jump up there and throw a cactus
grenade at it to make it open up, exposing the red ball. Jump toward it and
hit the B button near it to attach Buck's lasso to it. Buck will drag it down
toward the ground and let go, run up and slash it with your dagger while it's
hanging there limply. Hit it a few times and you'll damage the plant monster.
The dangling thing will retract back up to the top again. Jump back up again,
avoiding the roots, hit it with another cactus grenade, lasso it again when it
opens up, and slash it when it reaches the ground. Rinse, lather, repeat three
more times, and you'll defeat the plant monster and save your friends. Your
reward for beating up the local plant life is a heart container.

Stage 11: Slimy Signs
Gems-300  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
You begin near a tip stone. First, turn around and stock up on rotten fruit
grenades from the generator, then head right, jumping the gap, logs and kill
the purple goop rolly polly. You'll run into a new enemy, a pterodactyl. 
Stomp on them when they swoop at you to kill them, though they leave nothing
behind. Continue right until you reach a place to bounce up the rock walls.
Collect all the gems while you bounce up, and go left. On the far left rock
platform is an acorn. Jump the gaps going right, kill the pterodactyls. You'll
come to rotten fruit and cactus grenade generators near a purple arrow
pointing right. Stock up, slash the pineapple for recovery hearts if you need,
and continue right, jumping from rock platform to rock platform. you'll come
to the last rock platform and a big mushroom above. These mushroom platforms
are like the leaf platforms in that they collapse after a couple seconds. So
follow the trail of platforms, going left then right until you reach more
solid ground. Continue right on the path, avoiding the steam geysers and
collecting the gems. 
You'll reach a sign of Sid painted on the wall in purple goop. Bounce up the 
rock walls, going all the way to the top first to collect the first heart 
container. Slide down a bit and go through the opening to the right. Continue 
on the path, kill the pterodactyl and jump down the gap. Stop when you're on 
the ledge to the right near the purple arrow and look down to your left. 
There's a gem and the second heart container there. The best way to collect 
them is to slide down the left wall until you're near or just slightly below 
the heart container, then wall bounce to grab it on your way back up to the 
right ledge. Keep going right, avoid the steam geysers, and you'll come to 
another wall bounce slot. Bounce up first, timing it to avoid the steam geyser,
collect the four gems, then slide down until you come to an opening to the 
left. Walk to the end and you'll be taken to the next part of the stage and 
won't be able to go back. You should have 90 gems at this point.
Follow the path and trail of gems right, you'll come to a tip stone and a
weird purple swirly marking on the floor. When you go near the marking, an
ice chunk will fall from above, so be cautious. Continue right, avoiding the
falling ice chunks. Kill a couple purple goop rolly pollies, collect grenades
from the rotten fruit and cactus generators, kill some more purple goop rolly
pollies, avoid some ice chunks and collect the gems. When you reach a tip
stone at the end of a cliff, you should have 160 gems. 
Jump down, kill or avoid the purple goop rolly pollies. If you need recovery 
hearts, there's a pineapple to the right near a little waterfall. Go to the 
vined column in the center of the area, throw a purple goop grenade at it, and
climb up and to the right. swing across the icicles and jump across the 
mushroom platform to another ledge. Follow the path right, avoiding the steam 
geysers and you'll reach more vines to climb up after you've thrown a grenade 
at the bald spot. Continue right past the rotten fruit generator, jump across 
the mushrooms and stop before climbing the vines. Jump down and run across the
mushrooms below to collect some hidden gems, quickly wall jumping back up 
before they collapse. Go back, cross the vines going right and follow the trail
until you see a narrow gap in the rock. Jump down there to collect gems and an
acorn. You'll automatically appear on the trail to the right of that little
gap after the cutscene, so continue right and you'll come to a bunch of ice
poles to swing on. There's a pineapple on the small rock platform below them.
Jump and swing from pole to pole, collecting all the gems. The second heart
container is above the highest pole on the right. Grab it and jump down to the
path on the left, kill some purple goop rolly pollies and keep going left
until you see another vine covered wall. Throw a purple goop grenade at the
vineless patch and climb up first, collecting the gems, then jump down to the
ground. Go left, avoiding the steam geysers, purple rolly pollies, and jump
from platform to platform up until you reach a new section. You should have
268 gems at this point.
Follow the path left, kill or avoid a couple purple rolly pollies, swing
across to the other side, and lure a couple ice chunks into falling. The third
heart container is here, located up high between the two ice chunks. Collect
it by getting on top of one of the fallen ice chunks and doing a cartwheel
super jump to reach the heart container. Keep on following the path left,
avoiding the hazards until you come to another area with a bunch of ice poles
to swing on. Methodically swing to each pole, collecting the gems. A fourth
heart container is above the highest pole on the right. Drop down to the
ground once you've collected everything. You're gem count should be 293. Walk
left get some cactus grenades if you want, throw a purple goop grenade at the 
vineless patch on the wall and climb up, avoiding the steam geysers shooting 
from the sides of the wall. Follow the path back right, past some purple goop
rolly pollies and falling ice chunks, you'll come to three ice poles over a
chasm. There is an acorn high above them, swing up and release to grab it,
then continue right. Avoid the steam geysers and purple goop rolly polly, 
climb the vine wall. 
When you reach the top, there's a big enemy waiting for you. I think it's a big
trilobite or something. Anyway, it'll flop down on the ground, creating 
shockwaves like Rudy's. Jump over them to avoid damage. There are rotten fruit
and cactus grenade generators up here, as well as an orange rolly polly. The 
orange rolly polly yields recovery hearts when you kill it, and it regenerates,
so kill one when you need a recovery heart. Stock up on any grenades you need 
and stand near the trilobite. Wait for him to be resting on the ground, and 
throw a rotten fruit grenade at him. He'll rear up, throw a cactus grenade at 
him. If done right, it'll damage him, but be careful as he'll slam back down on
the ground and you might get flopped on if you're too close. He takes five hits
to kill, the level automatically ends when you defeat him.

Stage 12: Splatter
Gems-100  Heart Containers-0  Acorns-0
Another Sid minigame, this one's fairly easy. This time you have to keep some
triceratops from head butting purple ball thingies onto your sleeping babies.
At first one triceratops will appear, then they will appear in twos. Simply
pelt each one with a projectile three times to get rid of it. If there are
two on screen, alternate hitting them. Hit one, then the second, hit the first
one again, back to the second, and so on. This will keep them distracted so
they can't head butt the purple balls. Concentrating on one at a time gives the
other a chance to head butt it's ball without interference. As usual, how
accurate you are with your shots determines your score. Chase off all the
trics and you're baby dinos need never know they where in danger of being
beaned in the head by big spiky purple balls while they slept.

Stage 13: Ole!
Gems-350  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
You'll be introduced to a new type of grenade at the start. Red dye berries.
Slash at the red dye berry generator to collect some berries and head right,
beware of the charging triceratops. The red dye berries attract triceratops,
throwing one at a barrier like a log or wall will drive the triceratops to
charge at and break it. So toss a berry at the log, then the wall to make the 
triceratops smash through it, continue on to the right. Hop over the stone to 
find an area with rotten fruit and cactus grenade generators. Stock up, then 
grab the acorn that's partially hidden at the north side of the stone platform
you just jumped over, near some weeds. Stomp on the thin, cracked stone slab 
laying over the gap to break it, and climb down the vines. At the bottom is 
another cactus grenade generator to the left if you need it. Kill the purple 
goop rolly polly, wall right to where there is a giant carrot blocking your
path. Toss a cactus grenade at it and make it fall, and jump down to land on
it. Do a cartwheel super jump to the left to land on a tall rock platform with
an acorn on it. 
Climb back up on the vines, collect the gems, and get on the small rock
platform to the left of another carrot. Throw a cactus grenade to break this
carrot too, jump over and grab the five gem bundle from the other small
platform, then jump down and leap across the carrots and platforms. Make sure
to grab the gems from the platform where the third carrot fell, if necessary
you can jump down to stand on the thin ledge at the side of the carrot to grab
the gems. Continue right, collect cactus grenades from the generator if you 
want, climb the vines, collecting the gems as you go. Get off on another 
platform and you'll have a big stone wall blocking your way. Throw a cactus
grenade at it to break it down, go right and break down another wall, stop and
look to the right at the end of the wall you just knocked over. The first
heart container is floating there right next to the end of the slab. Try to
edge over enough to grab it, it's not a big deal if you fall though. There is a
pineapple on the little platform in the middle of the vines if you need 
recovery hearts. Climb right, jump to the second little platform and throw a 
cactus grenade at the carrot. Jump down where there is another cactus grenade 
generator, jump right, climb up, and kill the purple goop rolly polly. Throw a
purple goop grenade at the bald patch and climb up the vines to collect some 
gems. Jump back down, throw a cactus grenade at the stone wall to the right, 
and continue across where there are more purple goop rolly pollies and vines to
climb for gems.
When you reach another cactus grenade generator, take down the carrots with
cactus grenades and jump across them to another vine. First climb straight up
for gems and the second heart container. Climb right next, then up, collecting
gems. Climb up a second vine to emerge back above ground. You should have 106
gems now. There is a rotten fruit and a red dye berry generator up here, as
well as an angry triceratops. Go left jumping platforms and rock slabs to
avoid being trampled until you come to a wall. Have the triceratops smash it
open, go left until you see a tree trunk you can bounce up. First have the
triceratops smash the wall to the left, then go bounce up the trunk all the way
to the top to collect the gems, go left through the gap in the trunk and stop 
between the two trunks. Bounce up between the trunks to find gems and the 
third heart container. Continue left, bounce up another slot, all the way up 
to grab more gems, then down all the way to the ground. You'll be near a red 
dye berry generator, on the other side of the wall you just smashed to the 
right, with a log to the left. Have the triceratops smash the log and
another wall to the left. Continue up the steps, first going all the way left
for some gems, then through the opening in the stone to the north. There's a
triceratops and a breakable wall here. Do what comes natural, go through the
broken wall to a tiny chamber with a few gems. Go back out and to the left,
collect more gems while avoiding another triceratops. Continue on into a wide
area with flowers, ribcages, and two triceratops. Collect the gems in the
area, checking the flowers for them. You'll find the fourth heart container at
the far left of the area. You may have seen this heart from the other side of
the wall at the beginning of the stage. Have the triceratops smash the wall to
the north and go on through and up the steps. Your gem count should be 206.
You'll be taken to another area of the stage, you can't go back. Follow the
path, collect gems, kill the pink dart flower and avoid the steam geysers.
You'll come to a mud puddle and a tip stone before a log. The tip stone
explains about using the mud as camouflage. So do that now, stand in the mud
puddle and rub the bottom right corner of the screen, just like with the
purple goop camouflage you used earlier. 
Hop over the log, where you'll come face to face with a big blue raptor. If
you've got your mud camo on, you don't have to worry about them as they won't
attack you. Walk around, collecting gems and kill the pink dart flowers before
continuing north up some stone steps. This is a big area with lots of gems and
several big raptors and plant enemies. Methodically comb the area, collecting
everything and killing the plant enemies. The fifth heart container can be
found in the northwest most tip of the area. Walking near the shadow on the
ground will cause a rock platform to fall. Jump up on top of it to grab the
heart container. Once you've collected everything, head up the stone steps
into the next area. Including the gems you got on the stone steps, you should
have 306 gems now. There are several whip plants here, and a few falling rock
platforms to watch out for. Kill the plants, avoid the rocks, and continue on
until you reach a log. Grab the acorn sitting in front of the log and continue
on, avoiding more falling rock platforms, steam geysers, and a big raptor.
Avoid the geysers and raptor, jump over the log, and cross the finish line.

Stage 14: The Chase
Gems-0  Heart Containers-1  Acorns-0
Your third encounter with Rudy. This one begins with Rudy chasing you, so
start running fool! Jump the logs, quickly kill or jump over the whip plants,
either jump through the leaf platforms to avoid the yellow and pink spikes and
more whip plants below altogether, or stay on the ground and jump over them.
Run under the falling fruit, and you'll be taken to a new area. This time,
there are tree trunks blocking your path. Lure Rudy into smashing them down
for you, and keep running right. Hop the logs, try to avoid the sticky plant
(if it grabs you, just quickly rub the bottom right corner of the screen to
break free fast), have Rudy smash down the rock wall blocking the way, and grab
the recovery heart. Hurdle over more logs and sticky plants, grab another
recovery heart, then have the ever-helpful Rudy take down a tree for you. Of
course, he'll take down the whole edge of the cliff, dropping both of you into
an arena. Here's where you'll make a stand. There's a triceratops down here
with you too, but that's okay, it's going to help you take down Rudy. Run left
and grab some grenades from the rotten fruit and red dye berry grenade
generators. Now run to the right end of the arena and hop up the palm trees to
grab the heart container on the last one. Now, jump back down and run over to
Rudy. Avoid the shockwaves his steps create, and toss a red dye berry at his
feet. This will lure the triceratops into ramming Rudy. Rudy will roar and 
turn to face the line of palm trees on the right with his mouth wide open,
just waiting for a rotten fruit grenade to be thrown in. So jump up there and
oblige him. Toss a rotten fruit grenade into Rudy's mouth, it'll explode and
do damage to him. Jump down and repeat throwing a red dye berry at his ankle
again. Do the thing with the rotten fruit, then repeat the whole thing one
more time and Rudy will go down for the count. He only has three health hearts
this time.

Stage 15: Spelunking
Gems-250  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
Jump right down the gap, collecting all the gems as you fall. This is your
only chance to get these gems, so if you're going for a 100% gem collection
and you miss one, restart the stage and try again. When you reach the ground,
you should have 31 gems. Head right, kill the purple goop rolly pollies, and
stop by the cactus and rotten fruit grenade generators to load up. Keep on
right and you'll meet a big blue raptor. You don't have your mud camouflage
this time, so it'll attack. Stomp it and when it's dizzy, throw either a
purple goop or cactus grenade at it to kill it. Raptors will leave recovery
hearts when they die. Jump up to the stone platform right above you, then
jump to the one on the left. Do a cartwheel super jump off it to the left and
latch onto an ice pole. Swing around the pole, grabbing gems, and swing to
the second pole, collecting the first heart container that is floating there
between the poles. Collect everything then jump down and return right again.
Jump back up on the stone platform, but this time jump and latch onto the ice
pole to the right. Swing to the second pole and swing up and release to grab
an acorn floating high above the second pole. 
Continue right, grab the gem from the thin platform to the right of the poles,
drop down and head right, jumping the platforms and swing on the pole. You'll
meet up with another raptor, kill it and continue right until you come to a
narrow shaft in the stone you can bounce up. Grab recovery hearts from the
pineapple if you want, then bounce up the passage until you reach a split.
First bounce up, swing up the three poles and grab the acorn, then head right
to grab the second heart container. Slide down the narrow shaft, collecting
the gems and you'll drop down to an area with mushroom platforms and a cactus
grenade generator. Head back left to another small shaft with a whip plant 
growing on a side wall. Carefully bounce up to stand on a ledge across from
the whip plant, throw a cactus grenade to kill it, collect the gem bundle it
leave behind. Make sure you've collected all the gems from the shaft, then go
right, collect gems from the mushroom platforms and kill the whip plants
below. Before you start swinging across the ice poles to the right, slide down
the gap in the floor between two mushroom platforms. Carefully kill the whip
plants with cactus grenades, grabbing the gems until you reach the ground. Go
left, cartwheel jump up to the thin stone platform, then to the platform on 
the left with a red dye berry grenade generator. Grab some berries and keep
going left, jumping the logs. You'll find a triceratops, so start throwing red
dye berries to have it smash the obstacles. While it's occupied, run all the
way left to find some gems at the edge of the path. Go back right, have the
triceratops smash everything, including the rock wall all the way to the right
where you first dropped down form the shaft. Grab the gems and the third heart
container from behind the wall, slash the pineapples for recovery hearts, then
bounce all the way back up the stone shaft.
Jump back through the mushroom platforms going right, swing across a bunch of
ice poles until you can jump down to solid ground. Kill the purple goop rolly
polly, grab hearts from the pineapple and some rotten fruit grenades if you so
please, then walk right up and over the big dinosaur skeleton. Continue right,
you'll come to an area with whip plants and mushroom platforms, scattered with
gems. Methodically kill the whip plants, collect the gems, working your way
down. Avoid the yellow and pink spikes, drop down the narrow gap, jump up to
the mushroom platform on the upper left to grab the fourth heart container
sitting above it, then continue down. Once you reach the ground near a cactus
grenade generator, you should have 214 gems. Jump the yellow and pink spikes,
kill the purple goop rolly pollies, jump the rock platforms until you reach an
area of platforms, lava, and big raptors. Hop down, kill the raptors, and 
continue right, over more platforms. Some of these platforms will start to
sink when you land on them, so be quick. When you reach a long platform with
a pineapple, cartwheel jump up to grab an acorn floating high above. (if you
need to, you can cartwheel jump from the higher platform on the right.) Keep
going right, hopping the platforms and you'll come to some swinging poles. Be
careful here as lava will shoot up periodically right where you're swinging. 
So wait for it to go back down before swinging on a pole. You'll come to
another area with thin rock slabs over lava and big blue raptors. Kill the
raptors carefully in the usual way (or lure them into the lava, which kills 
them too), grab the two five gem bundles on two platforms in this area, and
collect the fifth heart container from another rock platform in the upper
right of this area. Go over to the yellow flowers on the lower platform behind
the heart container to end this stage.

Stage 16: Ptero Tango
Gems-100  Heart Container-0  Acorns-0
The last Sid minigame. Here you'll have to contend with both big purple slugs
on the ground, and pterodactyls in the sky. Use the stylus to grab and drag
the slugs off the screen when they appear, and shoot the pterodactyls out of
the sky. Work fast, get rid of the enemies as they appear.

Stage 17: Hot Stuff!
Gems-250  Heart Containers-5  Acorns-3
You get to fly on a pterodactyl! Push B to make the pterodactyl flap to gain
altitude. Push right on the D-pad to speed up, left to slow down. Be careful
not to bang buck's head on the rocks as it causes damage. Fly through the
path, avoiding the obstacles, lava geysers, and enemy pterodactyls. You can
pick up cactus grenades by flying into them, push X to throw them at enemies.
Push Y to release a bomb downwards (I don't want to know what kind of bomb that
is). The first heart container is located at the end of a trail of gems, above
a long rock platform, right before three cactus grenades. After flying between
four rock platforms, fly straight up and over another rock platform to grab
some gems and the second heart container. After a little while of flying
around more rock platforms and collecting gems, you'll reach Sid standing on a
rock platform. You'll automatically dismount the pterodactyl and be taken to
the next part of the stage. You should have 150 gems if you collected them all
during the flying portion.
Head right on the path, avoiding the lava geysers, swing on the pole, then
bounce up a rock passage at the end, avoiding the steam geysers. First bounce
all the way to the top of the passage to collect some five gem bundles. It
gets really narrow at the top. Then slide down and continue right, avoid the
steam geysers, bounce up another passage. Make sure to grab the five gem
bundle at the top, and follow the path right. You'll come to an open area with
ribcages, steam geysers, a big raptor, and two cactus grenade generators. Grab
some cactus grenades, kill the raptor, and approach the dark spots on the
ground to make some rocks fall. Get on top of the first one, and jump up to
the tall rock on the left to grab an acorn. Continue north, making the rocks
fall and killing the raptors. Get on top of the last fallen rock to the north,
and use it to jump to the rock behind it, grabbing the third heart container.
Grab some more cactus grenades from the generator if you want, and continue on
to the right. You'll come to two paths, one low, one that rises up. First walk
right on the lower one to get an acorn and a five gem bundle, then take the
higher path. Swing across the poles carefully, avoiding the lava geysers.
You'll reach an area of thin rock platforms on lava. Slash the pineapple for
recovery hearts and continue north over the lava platforms, grab the gem
bundles and kill the raptors. There is a fourth heart container under a ribcage
on a small island to the right. Cartwheel super jump to it, then jump back and
continue north. Kill another raptor, jump from a sinking platform to a big
dinosaur skeleton. Hop the gaps in the skeleton, avoiding the lava geysers.
Swing on the pole before the dino skull, grab the gem bundle floating high
above the pole. Jump and swing some more, head right up a rising platform,
jump on some sinking platforms, skeleton sections, and swing on some poles.
There is a five gem bundle between two of the sinking platforms, get it by
standing on one of the sinking platforms while it lowers, quickly grab it and
jump back up before the platform completely sinks. If you fall in the lava,
you'll just end up back on solid ground with one less heart, so no big deal.
There's a fifth heart container between a sinking platform and a skeleton
section, grab that too and continue on to an area with big dino footprints
and rolling logs. Move from footprint to footprint, avoiding the logs just
like you did before in stage 5. There is an acorn in the fourth footprint.
Keep going right until you reach the finish line.

Stage 18: Bone Battle!
Gems-0  Heart Containers-1  Acorns-0
Here it is, the last stage and final boss battle with Rudy. You'll be in an
area of rock platforms and lava. Hop to the third platform on the left, 
collect some cactus grenades form the generator, and throw one at the rock
wall to the left. Keep going around to the left, breaking down the wall and
platforms with cactus grenades until you come to a bigger platform with a
rotten fruit generator and a heart container. Cartwheel jump up to grab
the heart container from the alcove and collect some rotten fruit grenades.
There are dark spots on the ground where lava rocks will fall when you get
close. Walk around these while Rudy tries to snap at you. The object is to
make one of the lava rocks fall on Rudy's head. When it does, Rudy will open
his mouth again, so throw a rotten fruit grenade into it as usual. It will
explode and damage him. Repeat this two more times and this extremely easy
boss battle is in the bag.

That's it, you've won the game!

-Scrat's Minigames-
During the course of the game's story mode, you'll unlock Scrat's minigames,
five in all. The object of these minigames is to help scrat and his girlfriend
collect all the acorns as quickly as possible, using a seesaw to bounce them
up in the air. They start out simple, then you start seeing obstacles like
mushrooms that bounce the squirrels around or tree roots that block the way.
Collect all the acorns to end the stage. The less time you took to collect
them all, the better your score.

The gems you collect during story mode can be used to purchase extras from the
bonus menu. Go to the bonus menu by selecting your slot and tapping "Bonus"
in the upper right corner of the screen. 
Bonus Menu:
Sid's Big Mix!
Sid's Survival Mode!
Unlock Scrat's Games!
Unlimited Health
Unlimited Ammo
Cosmic Stomp
Camo Mode

Sid's Big Mix is a shooting minigame that take's place in the cave from stage
12. You'll have to fend off a mix of pterodactyls, triceratops, and big purple
slugs. It get's a bit frantic toward the end, with the pterodactyls coming
fast and furious, darting rapidly down to the sleeping babies. Keep everything
form disturbing the T-rexes and you'll make it to the end after a while

Sid's Survival Mode is a shooting game with three levels in it. You must
survive them all to beat the minigame. First you simply have to fend off 
pterodactyls, which will appear in ones, twos, and threes. Then you go to the 
second level with both pterodactyls and big purple slugs. Then the final level
has you up against the long-neck dinos from stage 8. Make it through and you
win the minigame.

Unlock Scrat's Minigames, surprise, unlocks Scrat's minigames. This is usually
automatically unlocked.

Unlimited Health and Ammo is self explanatory.

Cosmic Stomp gives Buck a more powerful stomp move. It causes damage to
enemies normally vulnerable to the stomp from a longer distance away.

Camo Mode makes Buck invisible to enemies, except Rudy.

-Enemy Index-
Here's a list of enemies you'll be up against as Buck in story mode, and how to
defeat them. I've just made up the names for them as they aren't given official
names in the game or manual.

Orange Rolly Polly Bug- An orange slug like enemy that rolls up into a ball
and tries to run into Buck. Stomp near it (don't land on it when it's moving
in a ball), or wait till it stops rolling for a second and jump on top of it
to crush it. Gives up recovery hearts when dead.

Orange and pink plant enemy- These don't really cause any damage to Buck. They
just sit there. Throw a rotten fruit grenade at it to kill it. They do leave
gems behind when killed, five each. So be sure to kill these whenever you see

Pink Dart Flower-A big pink flower on a green stem, it shoots pink thorn darts
at you. The dart flowers in the earlier stages will only shoot one dart at a
time, but later they will shoot 3+ at a time. Either slash them with your
dagger, or throw a cactus grenade at them. Rotten fruit grenades stun them.
They leave behind gem bundles.

Purple Goop Rolly Polly- These are just like their orange counterparts, except
they're purple and slightly tougher. They can't be simply jumped on when
still, but have to be stomped. They release three purple goop grenades when
killed, so they're quite useful since this is the only way to get purple goop

Small Raptor- These are green and brown, and will actively run after and try
to snap at Buck. Stomp on them, then throw either a purple goop or cactus
grenade at them while they're dizzy. These can also be avoided with camouflage.
They release recovery hearts when dead.

Whip Plants- These plant enemies have three green tentacle like appendages
with hooks on their tips, and a round pink center. When you draw near, they
slam their tentacles out on the ground, then spin around to whip them back
up vertical again. They can be killed with a slash from your dagger, or throw
a cactus grenade at them. Either move in very quickly and slash them before
they lash their tentacles out, or lure them into attacking first, then slash
them after they whip their tentacles back up. These release gem bundles when

Sticky Plants- These are skinny, light green plants with several strange
looking stalks sticking out of them. When you draw near, they try to suck you
in. If you get caught, they'll hold on to you until you break free by rubbing
the lower right corner of the screen quickly. They can be killed with a slash
from the dagger, or throwing a cactus grenade at them. Bathing in the purple
goop camouflage will protect you from getting stuck in these plants so you can
go near them. Sticky plants release gem bundles when dead.

Triceratops- These are big four legged dinosaurs with horns and a flat bony 
thing on top of their head. These cannot be killed. They will charge at Buck
when they see him, so jump over them to avoid being gored. Triceratops are
useful for breaking down walls so you can proceed, and are attracted to the
color red. Throwing a red dye berry at something will make the triceratops
charge at it.

Pterodactyls- These are flying dinosaurs. They will swoop down at Buck in an
attempt to hurt him. Either jump up and stomp on them when they fly under you,
or throw a cactus grenade at them. Pterodactyls don't leave anything behind
when killed. Stingy birds. They're more of a nuisance than a threat.

Big Raptors- These are larger raptors with blue hides. They have the same 
attacks as their smaller counterparts, and can be killed the same way also.
Stomp to make them dizzy, then hit them with a purple goop or cactus grenade.
Roll Buck in a mud puddle to camouflage him and the big raptors will ignore
him. Big raptors leave recovery hearts behind.


Activision for making the game.

Blue Sky studios for making the entertaining movie this game was based off.

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site for gamers, as well as all the contributors of so much helpful 
information, who take time out to help countless others through their written
guides and answered questions on message boards and forums.

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