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Follow the dark path or use the light
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Pack Shot

Hotel Dusk: Room 215



by psylentnight

          _____     _____    ____________   ____________   ___________    _____
         /    /    /    /   /           /  /           /  /          /   /    /
        /    /    /    /   /           /  /           /  /    ______/   /    /
       /    /    /    /   /  ______   /  /___     ___/  /    /         /    /
      /    /____/    /   /  /     /  /      /    /     /    /_____    /    /
     /              /   /  /     /  /      /    /     /          /   /    /
    /    _____     /   /  /     /  /      /    /     /    ______/   /    /
   /    /    /    /   /  /_____/  /      /    /     /    /         /    /
  /    /    /    /   /           /      /    /     /    /_____    /    /______
 /    /    /    /   /           /      /    /     /          /   /           /
/____/    /____/   /___________/      /____/     /__________/   /___________/
          ___________        ____      ____    ___________    ____       ____
         /           \      /   /     /   /   /          /   /   /      /   /
        /   ______    \    /   /     /   /   /   _______/   /   /     /   / 
       /   /     /    /   /   /     /   /   /   /          /   /    /   /  
      /   /     /    /   /   /     /   /   /   /______    /   /___/   /  
     /   /     /    /   /   /     /   /   /          /   /          /    
    /   /     /    /   /   /     /   /   /______    /   /   ___    / 
   /   /     /    /   /   /     /   /          /   /   /   /   \   \    
  /   /_____/    /   /   /_____/   /   _______/   /   /   /     \   \ 
 /              /   /             /   /          /   /   /       \   \  
/______________/   /_____________/   /__________/   /___/         \___\  
                              /                 / 
                             /     Room 215    /
                         Walkthrough by Zachary Midgett
               This document is copyrighted by Zachary Midgett   
          for use only on   (c) Zachary Midgett 2007 
                          Date Submitted: 1/25/07    
               To obtain permission for posting or using this FAQ
                        please e-mail me for permission.
                           [email protected]    
                  If this document is found anywhere other than
                 please notify me.

                 Theft of this guide will result in legal action.
                                Version History         
                                  Version 1.0  
  I've created the Introduction, Character descriptions, and Play design.  I
              also have the first chapter of the walkthrough up.          


 How to search this guide: If you want to go to a specific section of this
 guide just press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type in the the letters
 and numbers of the section you are looking for located in the table of
                          | Table of Contents | 
 |                                                                         |
 | Before You Get Going...                                                 |
 |                                                                         |
 |         Introduction.................................[Intr011]          |
 |         The Characters...............................[Char011]          |
 |         Playing the game.............................[Play011]          |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 | Walkthrough...                                                          |
 |         Chapter 1....................................[Chap011]          |
 |         Chapter 2............coming soon.............[Chap012]          |
 |         Chapter 3............coming soon.............[Chap013]          |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 |                                                                         |

Introduction                                                [Intr011]

     About me                                                 
Greetings fellow gamers.  My name is Zac, but I usually go by the 
message board name of psylentnight.  I love video games.  I've 
been playing them ever since I can remember.  This is the first 
FAQ I have ever written for a game.  I have written a few reviews for, but I'm trying to branch out  I try to target games that 
don't really have reviews and now I will try to target games that are 
available to me and don't have FAQs.  If you find any inconsistancies 
in my guide I welcome you to e-mail me with corrections or to notify 
me with errors at [email protected] .  I also welcome CONSTRUCTIVE
criticism as this is my first guide and will most likely make errors. 
If you try to e-mail me to tell me how bad I am at writing or how crappy 
this guide is I'll probably just stop reading and delete the e-mail.  
If you provide me with corrections or additions to the guide then 
I'll be happy to give you credit in the guide if you would like me to 
do so. Thankyou and I hope this guide provides usefull to all who read it.

    About the game
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 plays out as a point and click 
exploration/adventure game in the style of a film noir.  There is a 
lot of dialogue in the game and it is certainly not for everyone.
Fans of other games such as Trace Memory and Pheonix Wright will 
probably enjoy this game.It is quite lengthly and can take some 
time to beat.  

     About this guide
When you are having conversations with the other characters in the 
game you'll be able to branch off the conversation which can sometimes 
result in a game over if the wrong choice is picked.  I will be showing
readers the path I took to complete the game. If readers feel that I 
left certain things out that need to be in this guide I once 
again welcome all to e-mail me and I will update the guide accordingly.

The Characters                                             [Char011]

    Kyle Hyde                                    
The main character of the game.  He quit the police force a few years
ago and now works as a salesman for a company known as Red Crown.  

    Ed Vincent
The head of Red Crown and your boss.  He's also a friend of your dad.
Involved in some shady dealings that Hyde helps with sometimes.

A Red Crown employee and Ed's secretary.  Hyde thinks she's a looker
and she feels the same about him.  Tends to worry about Hyde.

    Brian Bradley
The man Hyde is looking for while working for Red Crown.  He was
Hyde's ex-partner.  A mystery surrounds him.        

    Dunning Smith
The owner of Hotel Dusk.  A little grumpy at times
and likes to tell fairy tales about the rooms.         
    Jeff Angel -----------------------------------------------------
A guest at Hotel Dusk who stays in Room 213.  There may be more to
him than meets the eye?

    Melissa Woodward         
A very young girl staying in Room 219 with her father.   

    Louis DeNonno
A bellhop at Hotel Dusk.  Used to be a pickpocket in New York
where Hyde busted him.                                           

Playing the game                                           [Play011]

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 can be played entirely with a stylus.  Once you
choose the left or right-handed style, you'll hold the DS sideways
accordingly.  When walking around freely your character will show up
as a red circle with an arrow pointing in the direction youare looking.
Press the stylus in the direction you want to look or move on the touch
screen.  The other screen will display what you are looking at in a 
first person perspectiveas you walk around.  When you are in front of
something you can examine your magnifying glass will light up to show
you can examine the area.  When examining an area, you can usually 
examine multiple objects in that area.  Click on an object while in 
examination mode to see if you can examine it further.  If it lights 
up, it means you can click itagain to find out more about the object, 
if not, then you can not find out anything further.  Sometimes you are
required to move an object or take it.  The game will usually give 
hints with what you are supposed to do with an item if you need it. 

The other big part of the game is interrogation.  You'll need to 
speak to a lot of people in the game.  As the conversation progresses,
the person you talk to will say something you'll want to know more 
about immediately.  This can be easily identified by words with
red coloring in their statements.  A yellow triangle may appear 
on the touch screen for you to touch and make a choice between two 
questions.  This isn't always necessary and can just change the 
dialogue a little.  The other type of questioning is what is known
as pressing.  The person you are talking to may say something you 
want to know more about, but Hyde will just make a mental note 
about it and a question mark will appear in the top left corner of 
the screen.  When the person you are talking to is done speaking you 
can choose to press them on the question or leave them alone.

You also carry a bag with you at all times.  When walking about you 
can open it up to do various things including: Save or load, see 
information about characters you've met, See the items you've obtained,
write a memo with your stylus, or check the map.

This game is quite a doozy so if you're ready 
its time to play Hotel Dusk: Room 215!

Chapter 1    December 28th, 1979    5:00-5:30 P.M.         [Chap011] 

Entering the hotel                         
After watching the opening sequence you'll learn a little about the 
main character of the game, Kyle Hyde.  He's gone to Hotel Dusk to 
pick up a package for his boss, Ed.  Open the door to the hotel by 
hitting the handle. Kyle will comment on the condition of the lobby 
and wonder if Ed's package has arrived. Make your way over to the 
front desk and examine it.  You'll notice a few items scattered about
the desk.  If you examine the tv and look at the note on the side 
you'll see that the TV operation hours are from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  
Go ahead and examine the bell and ring it a few times to get the 
attention of the hotel owner.  

Speaking to Dunning
He'll yell at you from the back room thinking you were Rosa, the 
maid. Here you can question him or just let the conversation continue.
Questioning him will give you the option to say "What a charming voice."
or "Did you call me Rosa?" Choose the 2nd option and the owner explains 
that Rosa is the maid. The owner will introduce himself as Dunning Smith
and Hyde will comment that Dunning seems grumpy. Hyde will request a 
room and Smith will try to offer him a suite. Regardless of what you 
choose you'll end up getting one of the cheap rooms.  Dunning will 
hold out a pen that you need to click on and then a card will appear 
for you to fill out.  Just touch each section of the card to complete 
the task.  After filling it out, Dunning will react a little surprised
when seeing your name on the card......Has he seen your name somewhere 
before? You'll get to question Dunning again. This time you can say 
"You like my name?" or "What's your problem?" Choose the 1st one and 
Dunning comments on how he's seen plenty of it in the phone book.....
Sarcastic bastard.  He'll hold out your room key 215. (now where have 
I heard that number before....doh) Hyde will notice the word "wish" on 
the key.  Dunning explains that every room in the hotel has a name and 
Hyde comments on how he thinks its stupid. When Smithtells Hyde he isn't
surprised a man like Hyde wouldn't like his story you can question him 
yet again. Choices are "What story?" and "You think you know me?"
Stick with the 1st option. Dunning says that room 215 is the place 
"where wishes are granted."  Dunning then hands you a hotel brochure 
with a map.  How nice of him.  I Didn't know it was so hard to get 
lost in a hotel hehe.  Dunning will tell you how to get to the room 
and when the bar and restaurant open and close.  He also tells you the 
checkout time.  You can write these down in your memo if you don't want
to forget. He'll ask if you need anything else and you can askabout the
package you are supposed to pick up and about history behind your room.
Go ahead and ask about the package to which Smith will reply that he
doesn't have it.  He'll comment on how he doesn't want anything in his 
hotel that will cause problems and you can question on that statement 
with "What Problems?" or "Mind your business, pops." Go with the 
first option and Dunning will talk about how another man got a package 
and will say nothing more. Next ask Dunning about the story behind the 
wish granting room. Smith will tell another story and Hyde will call it
nothing more than a fairy tale.  Finally ask about the trouble with the 
package. After the story Dunning will let you go.

Heading for the stairs
You can explore the front area a bit if you want.  If you look left 
of the dart board you'll find a sticker with a number written down on 
it.  As you exit the front you'll hear the front door open and an 
elderly lady with an eye patch will walk in.  She'll ask Smith for the
wish room, the same room you're in.  She'll be dissapointed to learn 
someone else, namely you, are staying in it and accept another room. 
If you try to talk to her she'll tell you that she's trying to fill 
out paper work and to properly introduce yourself later.  In the 
lobby there is a candy machine on the right side of the room.  
If you examine it and rotate to the far right you'll find something 
posted on the side.  Reading it will tell you about seven lucky numbers
hidden in the hotel and if you calculate the sum and input the answer 
into the machine you'll get a prize! ooooooo prize gimmie gimmie. As 
you walk towards the central hallway on the right side of the room Hyde
will have a flashback of your conversation with Dunning and wonder why 
Dunning reacted to your name.  Exit to the central hallway on the right.
You can either go left or right here.  If you go left uou'll get to a 
dead end, but can find another number on the wall to the right of the 
painting.  The restaurant is closed at this time so you can't enter 
there for now.  

A troubled young girl
Go up the 2nd floor stairs and you'll find a girl sitting on the 
stairs blocking your path.  She won't budge when you tellher to 
move so you can question and your choices will be "Is something 
wrong?" or "Move you brat!" Go with the 1st answer and she'll 
continue to give you trouble and call you mister.  Your next 
options are "why won't you tell me?" and "Mister? Seriously?" 
Choose the 1st again and Hyde will scare the girl by saying he'll
tell her mother. She'll become afraid and your new choices are 
"Ha! She's agraid of Mom!" and "Oh, give her a break." This time go 
with the 2nd.  The girl will finally tell you that she can't finish 
her puzzle. Press her about the puzzle and she'll get upset. When 
the new choices come up offer to help her.  You'll have to place
five pieces to finish the puzzle.  You can rotate them left or 
right so they fit. Its pretty simple to figure out.  You should 
have no problem with it.  She'll be upset that she couldn't do it 
herself and wreck the puzzle.  When she runs off she'll leave a 
puzzle piece behind so go ahead and pick it up.  Note how there is
something written on the back of the piece. Now would be a good 
time to save if you haven't yet.  Its never good to get through 
part of the game just to start over again right?

Meeting Jeff Angel
Once you're up the stairs move left towards your room.  You'll stop
when you notice someone coming out of room 213.  Question him 
immediately to say hello to the troubled looking young man.  You'll
introduce yourself and the man will say his name is Jeff Angel.  
Hyde will ask about how often Jeff stays at the hotel and he'll say
never and that he had no choice.  Press him on that statement by 
choosing the 1st statement "No choice, huh?"  Jeff will become 
somewhat defensive and when you say you're not a cop he'll say that's
too bad.  Ask him about the kid on the stairs first.  He'll tell you
her name is Melissa and she is in room 219 with her father.  Ask him
about cop question next.  You'll almost immediately get another 
question.  Ask why it would be cool to have a cop and Jeff will 
explain that the hotel is set up like a "cheap TV crime drama."
After a little more talking Jeff will step back into his room.  
Continue walking left until you get to room 215 (your room) and hit 
the door symbol on the bottom of the screen.  Check your bag for the
key click on the doorknob to open the door.

Entering Room 215
Once in the room, Hyde will think about the fairy tale again and
remark that he still thinks its a load of bull.  After you put 
your suitcase on the table the phone will ring.  Walk inbetween
your bed and the bathroom to reach the phone. Examine and pick 
it up.  Rachel will be on the other end.  Some banter will go 
on back and forthand she'll try to dig up your past.  You'll 
learn about some new products in the package you're supposed 
to get and Ed's orders are to try to sell them.  She'll also 
mention a client list included in the package.  You'll end the 
call and Hyde will comment about Rachel.  Next, examine your 
suitcase and use the suitcase key in your bag.  It will break 
and Hyde will suggest using wire.  Since the hanger won't budge
you'll have to find something else.  If you check the brochure 
by the phone you'll find a paperclip on it. Hmmmm...maybe you 
could use this?  Go back to the suitcase and use it.  You'll 
have to straighten it out first, but its easy enough to do.  
Once you try it on the suitcase you'll realize that it isn't 
thick enough to jimmy the lock.  Guess we'll have to find
something else now.  Try to exit the room and there will be a 
knock at the door. The package finally arrives and the time 
changes to 5:10.  When you open the door the bellhop has a 
couple boxes in his hands.  Help him out by taking the top box 
off his hands.  When he tries to leave stop him and question 
him saying "You sound familiar!"  He'll still try to leave so 
yank his chin up to discover its Louis DeNonno or Louie for 
short.  Turns out Louie used to be a pickpocket back in New 
York and Hyde busted him.  He says that he's got his act 
together and you'll be able to press him on that in a moment, 
but first you need to question him about wanting to forget you.
Ask about the bad memories and you'll have another question to
press him on shortly.  Wow lots of questions for this guy huh?
When he asks what you're doing so far from New York reply to him 
by saying its just work.  He'll add one more question to press 
you on and then stop.  Ask him about getting his act together 
first. Louie will say he wanted to clean up, but stop him and 
ask what happened.  This will result in yet another question for
you....ugg.  Ask him about your different vibe next.  He 
basically tells you that you look like crap.  Ask him about any
prior guests with your name next. He'll tell you he doesn't 
remember anyone else with your name and that he think he would
have if he saw it.  Finally ask him why he doesn't want to talk 
to a cop about his past.  He'll ask you about why you changed 
jobs.  Tell him you transferred for now and he'll split. When 
you examine the package you'll find out that Louie gave you 
the wrong one! Better tell the front desk. You'll recieve the 
old notebook in your inventory.

Down the hall
Leave the room and walk down the hall and you'll see Melissa leave
room 219. Go ahead and speak to her.  She'll say she lost something
and now she can't see her mom.  Ask her about it by choosing the 
1st option.  She'll explain that if she acts poorly around her father
then they won't see her mother. Press her further on the question and
ask where her mother went.  She'll say she doesn't know, she just goes
with her dad where his business.  Press her about her father.  You'll
find out he's a surgeon and she'll talk a little about her mother and
draw a picture for you in her notebook.  Hyde will suggest you give 
her back the puzzle piece so you might as well.  Right after you do
her father will come out and yell at her to get back in the room.  
They'll both leave you in the hall.

A girl in white
Head for the front desk and you'll discover a woman staring out the 
window. Approach her and talk to her.  She won't say anything or even
look at you until you touch her.  You'll notice that she is the girl 
on the side of the road from the opening scene of the game.  You try 
to talk to her again, but get nothing.  Hyde assumes she's deaf, but 
you get interrupted by a rather large woman.  Turns out that it's 
Rosa.  How Smith confused the two of you is beyond me. I guess he 
wasn't looking at you at all.  Anyways, you'll have a little back 
and forth until you ask her about the girl.  Rosa tells you that her
name is Mila.  You can try talking to Mila again, but it won't do any
good.  Talk to Rosa some more.  She'll think you are a salesman and 
you can question her on it.  Pick "Salesman, huh?"  She identify you 
as an employee of Red Crown and that she has done business with the 
company. When's she done talking ask her about Mila.  You'll have a 
flashback about the braclet on Mila's wrist and Hyde will freak a 
little.  When Rosa says she's going to drop Mila in her room ask her 
what it means. So Mila is going to stay the night with Rosa....ok 
then. Rosa says a young man gave her a ride, ask her about that.  
Turns out Jeff brought her.  Tell Rosa you met Jeff.  You learn how 
Jeff picked her up, but left her when he found out that she couldn't 
talk. Guess he's not such a nice guy.  Now ask Rosa about the 
package mixup.  After you ask the front desk phone will ring. Another
guest got your package and offered to bring it to your room. Rosa and
Mila take off after that.  Hyde states that Mila was the name of 
Bradley's kid sister and the time changes to 5:20.

The Iris of my eye
Go upstairs and Hyde will think that he should have a chat with Jeff.
Continue walking to your room and the door to the room across the hall,
room 216, will open and a woman will step out.  She introduces herself
as Iris.  After she finds out who you are she'll say she's confirming
a hunch.  Press her on that statement.  She'll say she had requested
that no one be in the room next to her or across from her.  She also
feels relieved to find out you are a salesman and won't want to take
her picture.  Hyde asks about this automatically and she seems insulted.
She'll get pissed and say good day.  Maybe she's some sort of celebrity?
Louie walks up immediately and compliments you on your smoothness with 
the ladies....yeah..right.....Iris will roll her eyes at his statement. 
When he says you're an officer Iris will get nervous and go to her room.
Hyde gets pissed at Louie and he takes off.  If you go back to Jeff's 
room (213) he'll ask you what you want.  You'll start having a 
discussion about Mila and you'll need to press him on not knowing her 
name.  When he says she asked him to bring her, stop him and say 
"She ASKED?"  He'll tell you she had a brochure so press him on that 
next.  After you're finished Jeff will go back in his room.

Back to 215
Head back to your room and once inside there will be a single knock.
Open the door to find Dunning and he needs to talk with you.  Iris
complained about you and you call her clueless.  Unfortunately she's
there too and you need to stop her and tell her to calm down.  Hyde
will put the moves on her and make everything better.  As they leave
another man walks up to you.  His name is Martin Summer in room 211.
He is the one who got your package.  Hyde thinks he's heard his name
before somewhere.  Hyde seems to remember a lot of people in this
hotel.  He says he opened it before he realized it wasn't his.  You
can question him and asked if he likes your name hehe.  You can
then press him more on who he is.  Looks like Mr. Summer is a writer.
Well isn't that just fancy shmancy.  He is extremely annoying, too.
He'll ask if you read a book of his.  Say you have and that it was
called The Angel Whispers.  He'll be excited and you'll give him
his notebook.  He becomes enthralled with the notebook and you'll
take your package.  When he leaves you'll be back in your room.  
Open the package which is now on the bed on the left side.  Take
the client list and the order sheet and call Rachel.  You'll 
chit-chat and suggest to check the Lost and Found and then canvas
the whole hotel.  Wonder what Hyde is looking for?  Hyde will
think about everything that has happened up until this point and
all you need to do is just follow along.  He'll ask himself what
he's here for.  Answer "To find some items." The next question
asked is what Dunning said about room 215. Answer with "It grants
wishes."  Next will be a question asking who Hyde's partner is.
The answer for this is "Bradley."  Hyde then ponders Mila.  The
answer to her question is "She wore a braclet."  The final question
will be regarding the things that Hyde needs to find.  One is a
magazine and the other is the answer: "A red box."  After you 
answer the final question Hyde will comment that he feels this
job is different from the others and that he'll find something
big here.  The game will ask if you want to save here.

End Chapter 1~~~~

Chapter 2                                                   [Chap012]