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Follow the dark path or use the light
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic Pack Shot

Hidden Mysteries: Titanic



by ashlar79

|\/\/\/\/|                                                           |\/\/\/\/|
O/\/\/\/\|     H I D D E N   M Y S T E R I E S :   T I T A N I C     |/\/\/\/\O
|\/\/\/\/|       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       |\/\/\/\/|
O/\/\/\/\| S E C R E T S   O F   T H E   F A T E F U L   V O Y A G E |/\/\/\/\O
|\/\/\/\/|                                                           |\/\/\/\/|

.Walkthrough/FAQ, Version 1.1, for the Nintendo DS version of the game
.Last Updated - 1/3/2010
.By Ashlar79 ([email protected])
.Copyright (c)2009 Jeff Allred. All rights reserved. 

           -=O=-~-=O(  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S  )O=-~-=O=-

                        1.  Characters
                        2.  Boarding the Ship
                        3.  The Stateroom Riddle
                        4.  Steam and Mirrors
                        5.  Dressing Down
                        6.  O Mother, Where Art Thou?
                        7.  Dramamine, Stat!
                        8.  A Noise in the Night
                        9.  Engine Pipe Ping Pong
                       10.  The Soused Spouse
                       11.  Assisting the Doctor
                       12.  The Unbreakable Artifact
                       13.  Margaret Ashley: Firefighter
                       14.  The Evacuation
                       15.  Choose Your Path: Emma
                       16.  Choose Your Path: Robert
                       17.  List of Items

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| C H A R A C T E R S |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
~ MARGARET ASHLEY:  A working-class girl who's recently married into the elite.
  She's very insecure about her humble upbringing and hopes to put it in the
  past completely, though she still retains the street smarts and
  resourcefulness she acquired during her former life.

~ ROBERT ASHLEY:  A very successful British businessman; he and his new wife,
  Margaret, are voyaging to America to start a new life together.  Robert can
  be a bit overbearing at times and is very conscious of appearances.

~ MONTAGUE:  Robert Ashley's personal valet; he tends to the Ashleys needs and
  is a faithful servant, sometimes to a fault.

~ GEORGE:  A very precocious child who seems prone to trouble, whether he
  causes it or not.

~ EMMA BROWN:  Margaret's mother; she's resentful of her daughter separating
  herself from her lower-class roots, and is fearful of Margaret's Titanic

~ DEAN TAVALOURIS:  The ship's fictional co-architect (named after a famous
  Hollywood production designer).  Mr. Tavalouris has a penchant for secrets
  and mirrors.

~ ODETTE DUCHAMP:  The ship's curator; she's intelligent but very supersitious.

~ JANECK:  An eccentric, self-proclained psychic traveling aboard the Titanic.

~ THOMAS:  The ship's head officer.  Highly devoted to his position, he never
  falters when it comes to putting others' needs ahead of his own.

~ VINCENT ROSETTI:  A handsome and amiable elevator attendant aboard the ship.

|||||||||||||||||||||| B O A R D I N G   T H E   S H I P ||||||||||||||||||||||

At the boarding dock, it seems Margaret hasn't received her boarding pass yet 
and must locate it in order to board the ship.  Tap the blueprint map found on
the left-hand icon bar and travel to 2nd and 3rd class boarding.  There,
Montague informs you that a boy stole both boarding passes.  The boy in
question, George, can be found at the baggage area, so head there next.  When
you attempt to get him to hand over the passes, he'll run off.  Find him at the
Ashleys' car and talk to him again.  It seems George can be bribed with
collecting cards from cigarette cartons.  Take the crank handle from the front
of the car and open the toolbox near the car's rear to find the utility knife.
Now return to the baggage area and examine the crates.  Tap the binding on the
crate of cigarettes, then tap the loading hook to hook it to the binding.  Now
drag the crank handle to the crank case and operate the crank to raise the
crate.  Use the utility knife on the rope to drop the crate and break it open.
Tap the broken crate and locate all 10 of the trading cards by tapping them.
If you need help, tap the magnifying glass icon on the left-hand toolbar for a
hint.  Return to the car and offer the cards to George.  Now go back to the
2nd and 3rd class boarding and speak to your mother, Emma.  Return to the 1st
class boarding dock and give the Thomas the officer your pass.

||||||||||||||||||| T H E   S T A T E R O O M   R I D D L E |||||||||||||||||||

Now you're free to explore the B deck.  Examine the bird ornament on the mantel
in Robert's stateroom.  The inscription gives a clue referring to the room's
mirror.  The bird on the ornament won't give up his branch just yet.  Check out
your stateroom and speak with Montague about your mother.  You'll find a pair
of tweezers in your luggage.  Close the suitcase and use the tweezers on the
small lock at the bottom of the suitcase.  Open the trunk again and take the
scissors.  Meet Robert at the Parisian Cafe next and take the spoon and salt 
shaker from the table.  Use the scissors to cut a piece of bamboo from the
potted bamboo plant here.  Go to the ship's galley next and have a look at the
pot of eggs on the stove.  Use the salt on the eggs to make them float, then
use the spoon to safely get one out.  Back in Robert's stateroom, use the stick
of bamboo on the bronze eagle and take it with you.  Now look at the full-
length mirror and place the boiled egg in the bird's nest and the bronze eagle
on the perch.

|||||||||||||||||||||| S T E A M   A N D   M I R R O R S ||||||||||||||||||||||

After meeting Mr. Tavalouris in the secret room, look under his bed and locate
the 10 matches hidden there.  Take the pipe segment from the table and one from
the bed.  Move to the next area and tap the door to eavesdrop on the
conversation.  Find another pipe segment next to the wall.  Use the straight
segment on the incomplete pipe near the mirror.  Go to the baggage hold next;
take the fourth pipe segment from near the stair railing.  A fifth segment is
lying near the barrels.  Use the corner pipe segment to repair the pipe near
the wall vent.  Return to the overlook and use the branchlike pipe segment on
the incomplete pipes near the mirror.  The last 2 segments can be used on the
pipes in the shipwright's sanctum.  Now open the valve and make sure the vent
is closed in the sanctum; this will route steam to the next room.  In the
overlook, open the valve and the vent to fog up the mirror.  Now you can listen
in on the conversation uninterrupted.  The ship's curator, Odette, gives a very
important piece of information here.  Close the vent to route the steam to the
baggage hold.  Go there now and examine the crate.  The combination to the lock
is Odette's birthday in the format DD-MM-YY.  Using the clues she provided
leads to several possible combinations, but the correct one is 16-07-67.  Press
the corresponding buttons in that order to unlock the crate and take the shroud
from inside.  Now open the valve and close the vent, then put the shroud over
the ventilation shaft to set off the alarm.  Go to the overlook and tap the
mirror again to overhear another conversation.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||| D R E S S I N G   D O W N ||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Speak with Odette and offer to help her with the spirit cards.  Get the uneaten
teacake from the table.  Go to the reading room and discover George there,
upset that someone has taken his favorite book.  You'll find the book lying on
the deck of the 1st class promenade.  Return it to George to find the library
card.  Go back to the lounge and use the card to collect the sugar from the
plate.  Now go to the coat closet and look at the door lock.  Use the sugar on
the lock to coat the buttons.  Head to the elevator and speak with the
attendant, Vincent.  Retrieve the coat check chit from the floor at the
elevator and give it to Thomas.  Now you can go to the coat closet and press
the non-sugared buttons to open it.  In the closet, you need to locate 10
articles of ladies' wearables.  Put on the black coat, black hat and black
shoes.  Go back to the elevator and speak with Vincent a second time.  Head
back out to the first class promenade and use the clothing on the life vest
bins.  Now use the teacake on the clothes, return to the elevator and tap the
chair to access the F deck.

|||||||||||||| O   M O T H E R ,   W H E R E   A R T   T H O U ? ||||||||||||||

Get the sandwich wrapper from under George's bunk, then head to the equipment
storage and get the golf club.  Go to the swimming baths and look at the
furnace.  Use the golf club on the grating to get a piece of coal and go back
to the equipment storage.  Pull out the writing surface from the desk, use the
sandwich wrapper on it and the coal on the wrapper to get the combination for
the equipment closet lock.  Tap the lock and retrieve the fishing pole.  Use
the pole on George's game, which is floating in the swimming pool.  To
successfully hook George's game, the pole needs to be slightly left of it.  
Keep trying if you don't get it at first--this took me quite a few tries to
get right.  Return the game to George and speak with Emma.

||||||||||||||||||||||| D R A M A M I N E ,   S T A T ! |||||||||||||||||||||||

Tap on the empty glass then on the pitcher of water to combine the two.  Go to
the ship's hospital and speak with the doctor.  Seems you'll need to get rid of
the doc in order to acquire the pills your husband needs.  In the cold storage,
take the butcher's hook and use the glass of water on the empty spot of the
dessert cart.  Go to the open deck and speak with Vincent and Odette.  Return
to the cold storage and get the ice disc.  Use the disc on the shuffleboard
court near where Vincent is standing.  Speak with Thomas, then go fetch the
doctor.  Get the sphygmomanometer from the bed.  Look at the doctor's cabinet
and try to open it.  Use the sphygmomanometer on the door and inflate the cuff.
Now use the butcher's hook on the door to unlock it.  In the cabinet, find the
10 hidden pills to receive the motion sickness pills.  Return to the dining
room and offer the pills to Robert.

||||||||||||||||||| A   N O I S E   I N   T H E   N I G H T |||||||||||||||||||

Look at the window and get the crank handle.  Go to Robert's stateroom and find
that he doesn't answer his door.  Enter Montague's stateroom and speak with
him.  Use the crank handle on the window and open it.  Venture back to the
ship's galley and locate the 10 sardines hidden there.  Offer the sardines to
Montague's cat, Bexley, to lure him from under the couch.  You now need to find
a way to make Bexley a bit noisier, so go to the musician's storage and find
the 10 bells hidden there.  Return to Montague's stateroom and put the collar
on Bexley, then look out the window and use Bexley on Robert's open window.
Now Robert will answer his door.  Speak with Robert, then with the captain.
Take the life ring hanging near the captain.  Go to the captain's sitting room
and speak more with him.  Look at the diagram on the coffee table.  Go out to
the first class promenade and use the life ring on the steam whistle.  Now pull
the steam whistle cord to summon Thomas.  Go to the transmitting room and get
the spare vacuum tubes from the desk.  Now you need to fit the tubes into the
device in the receiving room as shown on the diagram in the sitting room.  Now
flip the on/off switches so that, from left to right, they're set to on, off,
off, on.  The gold-colored circuit switches should be flipped, from top to
bottom, to left, right, right.  Lastly, set the left dial to 30 and the right
dial to 40.  Now tap the coded message and the green morse code chart on the
wall to decipher it.

|||||||||||||||||| E N G I N E   P I P E   P I N G   P O N G ||||||||||||||||||

Speak with Mr. Tavalouris, then head to the 3rd class showers and take the
round lever from the floor.  Check the Turkish bath and take the square lever
from the floor there.  Try to enter the squash court, then return to the
sanctum and report your findings.  Tap Dean's table and locate the 10 ping pong
balls there.  Now go to the bilge pump room and examine the console.  Use the
round lever in the round slot and the square in the square slot.  Now you need
to drain water from the squash court (the left-hand row of bars) so that four
of the five bars are lit.  Move the top-left lever to the right, then the top-
right lever to the right, and finally the middle lever to the left.  Go to the
squash court and retrieve the racket from the water.  In the engine room, use
the ping pong balls on the pipes.  Now clog the three pipes by aiming the
racket with the control pad and tapping the racket to swing.

|||||||||||||||||||||| T H E   S O U S E D   S P O U S E ||||||||||||||||||||||

Go to the elevator and take the letter opener.  Go to the starboard loading
dock and speak with Vincent.  Look at the crane and take the crane key from the
console.  Go to the port loading dock and look at the sacks under the stairs.
Use the letter opener on the sacks to get a lime.  Look at the crane here and
use the crane key on the lock.  Rotate the crane to starboard, then move the
switch to push out.  Back at the starboard loading dock, tap the port crane
hook and the starboard crane arm.  Now return to the port-side crane and flip
the switch back to pull in.  Return to the lounge and tap the drink cart to
receive the Bermuda highball; give it to Robert.  Now go to the elevator do
access the D deck.  Take the piece of railing from the elevator wall and use it
on the hatch in the roof.  Tap the hatch and exit the elevator.  Leave the area
and go to the grand staircase.  Take the welcome pineapple from the railing on
the left.  Tap the clock to open a passage back to the elevator and Robert.
Now go to the hospital and use the pineapple on the doorknob to get inside.
Take the cotton ball from the counter.  Look in the cabinet and use the cotton
ball on the bottle of spirits of hartshorn (top middle bottle).  Return to
Robert in the elevator and use the soaked cotton ball on him.

||||||||||||||||||| A S S I S T I N G   T H E   D O C T O R |||||||||||||||||||

After speaking with the doctor and George, open the closet and take the empty
bucket and dustpan from inside.  Exit the bunks to the staircase and open the
first-aid box on the wall.  Take the unlit flare from inside.  Go to the 
equipment storage and tap the desk.  You need to find 10 jacks hidden amongst
the items.  In the boiler room, look at the bin of coal.  Use the dustpan on
the coal to receive the pile of coal.  Use the bucket on the water flowing
through the boiler room to fill it.  Now tap on the boiler to get a closer
look.  Use the coal in the boiler.  Return to the staircase and use the jacks
on the broken fuse box.  Now light the flare on the sparks above the fuse box,
return to the boiler room and light the charcoal.  Place the bucket of water
on the lit coal.  Go back to the equipment storage and find the liniment in the
desk drawer.  Return to the boiler room and take the bucket of hot water.
Bring it and the liniment to the doctor.

||||||||||||||| T H E   U N B R E A K A B L E   A R T I F A C T |||||||||||||||

Speak with Odette, then examine the crate to find the phial invulnerable.  Go
to the potato kitchen and tap the barrels.  You need to find (you guessed it)
10 potatoes hidden among the barrels.  Go to the upper area of the kitchen and
take the serrated knife from the counter.  Put the potatoes in the pot and take
it with you.  Go back to the baggage hold and use the knife on the ropes.  Back
in the potato kitchen, look at the dumbwaiter and use the length of rope to
repair the broken pulley rope.  Pull the dumbwaiter to the upper level then
place the phial invulnerable in the dumbwaiter shaft.  Now go back to the upper
level and put the pot of potatoes in the dumbwaiter.  Drop the dumbwaiter down
using the lever, then go back down to the lower level.  Check the remains of
the phial for a piece of parchment, which you need to give to Odette.

||||||||||| M A R G A R E T   A S H L E Y :   F I R E F I G H T E R |||||||||||

Back on the D deck, speak with Montague and Odette.  If you go to the hospital
you'll find Janeck trapped under a burning beam.  The wine cellar should be
your next destination.  Take the bottle of vinegar, fake ivy and collapsed wine
rack.  Tap the wine racks and find 10 loose corks to get the bunch of corks.
Now go to the potato kitchen and fill the mason jar with vinegar.  Put the
corks in the jar, then tap the baking soda and use it with the jar.  Now go to
the hospital and use the makeshift fire extinguisner on the flames.  Next head
to the typesetter's office and grab the meter stick and blank paper.  Tap the
worktable and use the ink roller on the 3 tablets.  Next use the blank paper
on all three of the tablets to get the complete secret message.  Now return to
the hospital and examine Janeck's leg.  Use the meter stick, collapsed wine
rack and fake ivy on Janeck's leg to make a brace.  Return to the 2nd class
staircase and examine the mirror.  Use the secret message on the ornament if
you need a reminder of what it says.  Now touch the buttons in this order:
top, right, left, top.  Speak with Dean to get the gate key.  Go back to the
staircase and unlock the gate.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| T H E   E V A C U A T I O N ||||||||||||||||||||||

Speak with Vincent then head to the wheel room and speak with Thomas.  Go to
the captain's sitting room and listen to Robert's conversation with the
captain.  Meet up with Emma on the promenade and take the burlap sack.  Find
George in the gymnasium, then go back to the wheel room to get Thomas to help
get him to a lifeboat.  Tap the switchboard to take a closer look.  You need to
press the buttons in order to stop the flow of oil spilling onto the promenade.
Press each button on the left-hand side from top to bottom to solve the puzzle.
Tap the desk and find all 10 loose keys, then use the bunch of keys on the peg
board to get the key to the sitting room.  Use the key to access the sitting
room and speak with Robert and the captain.  Now return to the gymnasium.  Tap
the punching bag then use the burlap sack to collect the sand that falls out. 
Now go back to the promenade and use the bag of sand on the oil spill.  Talk to
Emma to get her to leave the area.  Return to the staircase and speak to Robert
and Emma.  Now you'll have to choose which character to aid in the evacuation.

|||||||||||||||||||| C H O O S E   Y O U R   P A T H :   E M M A ||||||||||||||

First go to the gymnasium and find the wheeled rowing set.  Use it on the
medicine ball, then use the medicine ball on the mirror to break it.  Enter the
tunnel through the mirror and read the note hung there.  The note is a clue to
navigating the maze of tunnels: go left, straight then right and you'll end up
back at the staircase.  Now go to the hallway fire station and tap the hose to
unwind it.  Use the hose on the glass to break it and acquire the fire axe.  Go
to the hospital and use the axe on the cabinet to break it open.  Get the
nitroglycerin pills from the cabinet and head back to the staircase, where you
need to give them to your mother.  Now go to the lifeboats with Emma in tow.

|||||||||||||||||| C H O O S E   Y O U R   P A T H :   R O B E R T ||||||||||||

First go to the lifeboats and speak with Thomas; he'll give you the galley key.
Head there next, unlock the door and get the cleaver.  Next stop, hallway fire
station.  There, tap the hose to unwind it, then tap the nozzle and the glass
case.  Take the fire axe and use the cleaver on the hose to receive the metal
nozzle.  Return to Robert's stateroom and use the axe on the door.  Inside, use
the nozzle on the broken pipe to douse the fire.  Now take the poker from the
fireplace and use it on the lockbox sitting on the mantel.  Collect the 10
scattered banknotes now.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| L I S T   O F   I T E M S : ||||||||||||||||||||||

  .ITEM.                      .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Crank Handle 1              Ashleys' Car                Baggage Dock
~ Utility Knife               Ashleys' Car                Baggage Dock
~ Collectible Cards           Baggage Dock                George
~ Boarding Pass               Emma                        Thomas
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Tweezers                    Margaret's Stateroom        Margaret's Stateroom
~ Scissors                    Margaret's Stateroom        Parisian Cafe
~ Spoon                       Parisian Cafe               Galley
~ Salt Shaker                 Parisian Cafe               Galley
~ Stick of Bamboo             Parisian Cafe               Robert's Stateroom
~ Boiled Egg                  Galley                      Robert's Stateroom
~ Bronze eagle                Robert's Stateroom          Robert's Stateroom
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Matches                     Shipwright's Sanctum        N/A
~ Pipe Segments x 5           Sanctum Area                Sanctum Area
~ Shroud                      Baggage Hold                Baggage Hold
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Teacake                     1st Class Lounge            1st Class Promenade
~ Book                        1st Class Promenade         George
~ Library Card                Reading/Writing Room        1st Class Lounge
~ Powdered Sugar              1st Class Lounge            Coat Closet
~ Coat Check Chit             Elevator                    Thomas
~ Tattered Outfit             Coat Closet/Promenade       N/A
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Sandwich Wrapper            3rd Class Bunks             Equipment Storage
~ Golf Club                   Equipment Storage           Swimming Baths
~ Piece of Coal               Swimming Baths              Equipment Storage
~ Fishing Pole                Equipment Storage           Swimming Baths
~ Ball Game                   Swimming Baths              George
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Glass of Water              1st Class Dining Room       Cold Storage
~ Butcher's Hook              Cold Storage                Hospital
~ Ice Disc                    Cold Storage                Shuffleboard Court
~ Sphygmomanometer            Hospital                    Hospital
~ Motion Sickness Pills       Hospital                    Robert
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Crank Handle 2              Margaret's Stateroom        Montague's Stateroom
~ Sardines                    Galley                      Montague's Stateroom
~ Belled Collar               Musician's Storage          Montague's Stateroom
~ Belled Bexley               Montague's Stateroom        Montague's Stateroom
~ Life Ring                   Wheel Room                  1st Class Promenade
~ Vacuum Tubes x 5            Transmitting Room           Receiving Room
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Round Lever                 3rd Class Showers           Bilge Pump Room
~ Square Lever                Turkish Bath                Bilge Pump Room
~ Ping Pong Balls             Shipwright's Sanctum        Engine Room
~ Squash Racket               Squash Court                Engine Room
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Letter Opener               Elevator                    Port Loading Dock
~ Crane Key                   Starboard Loading Dock      Port Loading Dock
~ Lime                        Port Loading Dock           1st Class Lounge
~ Bermuda Highball            1st Class Lounge            Robert
~ Piece of Railing            Elevator                    Elevator
~ Welcome Pineapple           Grand Staircase             Hospital
~ Cotton Ball                 Hospital                    Hospital/Robert
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Dustpan                     3rd Class Bunks             Boiler Room
~ Empty Bucket                3rd Class Bunks             Boiler Room
~ Unlit Flare                 Staircase                   Staircase/Boiler Room
~ Handful of Jacks            Equipment Storage           Staircase
~ Pile of Coal                Boiler Room                 Boiler Room
~ Liniment                    Equipment Storage           Doctor
~ Bucket of Hot Water         Boiler Room                 Doctor
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Phial Invulnerable          Baggage Hold                Potato Kitchen
~ Potatoes                    Potato Kitchen              Potato Kitchen
~ Serrated Knife              Potato Kitchen              Potato Kitchen
~ Pot of Potatoes             Potato Kitchen              Potato Kitchen
~ Length of Rope              Baggage Hold                Potato Kitchen
~ Parchment                   Potato Kitchen              Odette
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Bottle of Vinegar           Wine Cellar                 Potato Kitchen
~ Collapsed Wine Rack         Wine Cellar                 Hospital
~ Fake Ivy                    Wine Cellar                 Hospital
~ Bunch of Corks              Wine Cellar                 Potato Kitchen
~ Fire Extinguisher           Potato Kitchen              Hospital
~ Blank Paper                 Typesetter's Office         Typesetter's Office
~ Meter Stick                 Typesetter's Office         Hospital
~ Partial Message             Typesetter's Office         Typesetter's Office
~ Secret Message              Typesetter's Office         2nd Class Staircase
~ Gate Key                    Dean                        2nd Class Staircase
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Burlap Sack                 1st Class Promenade         Gymnasium
~ Bunch of Keys               Wheel Room                  Wheel Room
~ Sitting Room Key            Wheel Room                  Sitting Room
~ Bag of Sand                 Gymnasium                   1st Class Promenade
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Wheeled Rowing Set          Gymnasium                   Gymnasium
~ Fire Axe                    Hallway Fire Station        Hospital
~ Nitroglycerin Pills         Hospital                    Emma
~ Galley Key                  Lifeboats                   Galley
~ Cleaver                     Galley                      Hallway Fire Station
~ Metal Nozzle                Hallway Fire Station        Robert's Stateroom
~ Poker                       Robert's Stateroom          Robert's Stateroom
~ Wad of Cash                 Robert's Stateroom          Robert