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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Wi-Fi Guide

by upsided0wn7

                   ___ _              __          _     _                
                  / __(_)_ __ ___    /__\ __ ___ | |__ | | ___ _ __ ___  
                 / _\ | | '__/ _ \  /_\| '_ ` _ \| '_ \| |/ _ \ '_ ` _ \ 
                / /   | | | |  __/ //__| | | | | | |_) | |  __/ | | | | |
                \/    |_|_|  \___| \__/|_| |_| |_|_.__/|_|\___|_| |_| |_|
                                        Shadow Dragon
                                     _ _ _ _     _____ _ 
                                    | | | |_|___|   __|_|
                                    | | | | |___|   __| |
                                    |_____|_|   |__|  |_|
                                       _   _   _   _   _  
                                      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                                     ( G | u | i | d | e )
                                      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 

ACSII Text Cortesy of

Table of Contents           
1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. The Basics
  3a. Cards
  3b. Maps
  3c. Reclassing
4. Class Analysis
5. Common Strategies
6. Team Building
  6a. Support Teams
  6b. Specialized Teams
  6c. Stat Boosters
7. RNG/Arena Abuse
  7a. Magic Numbers
8. Credit and Legal Mumbo Jumbo

1. Introduction
Hey there! Welcome to the wonderful world that is Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Online play. I'm going to give you fair warning. Developing a competitive-
level Fire Emblem team requires hours of commitment. If you're simply looking
for a game that you can play competitively in a few minutes, go play a
different game. That being said, I'm Upside. I play many different games
competitively, ranging from Pokémon, to Guild Wars, to Fire Emblem. While this
isn't the easiest game to learn, it definitely isn't the hardest, so as long
as you keep an open mind you'll be playing  with the pros in no time
(figuratively speaking of course).

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is a remake of the original Fire Emblem game
originally released in Japan. When the game was re-released, it came with a
few new functions, including the reclass system and forging. Both of these
updates play key roles in competitive Fire Emblem. I don't have an email I
check regularly, so if you find a mistake in this guide...just email
[email protected] Maybe I'll get around to it. If you have any questions,
I'm sure the people on the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon board would be happy to
help.Also, is a great resource. I think that covers
everything. On to the guide!

2. Version History
-0.96: Guide is finished and printed out, ready to be read over for errors
-0.97: Formatted the guide wrong. Went through to entire thing hitting Enter + 
-0.98 Check through for hanging space etc.
-0.99: Updated errors found in proof-read. Guide is sucessfully uploaded.

3. The Basics
Ah, your first introduction to WiFi. I feel honored to be teaching you. Let's
get started. I am going to assume that you have played a Fire Emblem, or at
least another SRPG, before. As you know, a lot of this game is about weighing
the price and the payoff of certain actions and deciding what to do. There's
much more to it than that, but that's SRPGs in a nutshell; however, on WiFi,
you’re playing against a human opponent. They have just as much of a mind as
you, so you can't play them like you would a computer. Remember that your
opponent is an unpredictable human, not a computer. That's your first lesson.

The second lesson will be an explanation of how things work. In a WiFi
battle against anyone, one of the six maps will be randomly selected to
play on. Fog of War will be turned on, and the blue player will go first.
After that, what happens is all up to you. You move your units and the
opponent moves theirs, and you battle it out until all of someone's units
are destroyed. At least, that's how it usually works. Sometimes, a battle
will go on for 10 turns. This doesn't happen very often, but if it does,
it's crucially that you have control of the castle at the end of turn 10.
The castle is a large castle-looking thing, usually in the middle of the
map. There's one tile on the castle know as the "Throne." If you end your
turn on the throne, the castle's flags will turn your teams color, and
you'll have control of the castle. At the end of turn 10, whoever has
control of the castle is victorious. This concludes our second lesson.

Your third, and final, lesson will be equipment. Equipment in this game is
obtained from two sources, in-game and the online shop. The online shop is
shop that updates every day through WiFi. It only sells certain things on
certain days, and most of the most powerful equipment is only available
through the online shop. The strongest weapons in the game, know as Brave
Weapons, are only available in the online shop each weekend. After obtaining
the items you wish to use, you can further increase their power by forging
them. You may only forge once per chapter. You forge during the preparation
screen before the chapter. Forging allows you to increase your weapons stats,
for a price. Usually, that price is pretty high, so you must abuse the arena
for money (See section 7). You may increase a weapon’s stats up to +10 Mt, +50
Hit, and +30 Crit. Max Mt is a must, and I'd strongly recommend forging for at
least +30 Hit. Crit is ignorable, especially if you'll be using the Dazzle
card. Certain weapons are powerful enough, or have enough utility to be used
without forging them, as that cannot legally be forged. The lance Gradivus and
the tome Swarm are the best examples. Gradivus is a lance that cannot be
forged; however, because it has amazing natural base Mt and can be used at 1-2
range it's viable to replace a forged Javelin. The Gradivus is not used for
any of these reasons though. The main reason it is used is because of its
ability to replenish all of the holder's Hp. By selecting the Gradivus and
choosing the option "Use", you will restore all of your Hp in one turn, an
ability which proves useful on the field of battle. Swarm cannot be legally
forged either, but because it extends your Sages range from 2 to 10, it's a
great tome to have. Two more pieces of equipment are common on almost every
team. They are Door Keys and Pure Waters. Door Keys are valuable because on
one of the maps, you begin in a locked chamber. Pure Waters are useful because
they raise your Res for no extra cost. Try to avoid ever using the "Wait"
command on WiFi. Instead, end your turn with a use of a Pure Water. This
concludes the most important lesson.

3a. Cards
Cards are an important part of your WiFi team. Each team can have one card.
Cards can do anything from boosting certain unit's hit rates, to negating the
effect of Criticals, to doing damage to your opponent at the beginning of the
match. You win cards by winning matches online. A certain card called
"Generosity" allows you to win 2 cards for every match you win instead of one.
Here's a list of all the cards.

Strength: All allies receive +1 Strength.*
Skill: All allies receive +1 Skill.*
Haste: All allies receive +1 Speed.*
Magic: All allies receive +1 Magic.*
Adamant: All allies receive +1 Defence.*
Guardian: All allies receive +1 Resistance.*
Fleet Feet: +1 Movement to all armored units.
Judgment: Reduces HP of all enemy units by 20% during the first Turn.
Dazzle: Negates critical attacks for both allies and enemies.
Maelstrom: -1 Movement to all enemy flying units.
Whetstone: All allied sword units receive +10% Accuracy (in battle).
Spearhead: All allied lance units receive +10% Accuracy (in battle).
Battleaxe: All allied axe units receive +10% Accuracy (in battle).
Fletcher: All allied archer units receive +10% Accuracy (in battle).
Sorcerer: All allied magic units receive +10% Accuracy (in battle).
Apotrope: Negates effective bonus towards allies and enemies.**
Recovery: All allies recover 2 HP each Turn.
Gravity: Increases terrain movement costs for all units by 1.
Umbra: All units' sight in Fog of War is reduced to 1.
Generosity: If victorious, user wins 2 Cards at the end of battle.

*: These cards cannot increase stats past the maximum for that stat.
**: This definition is confusing at first, but it simply mean that weapons
such as an Armorslayer,Wrymslayer, etc. won't do extra damage to Generals,
Manakete, etc.

3b. Maps
Coming soon. Too lazy to write a good map section.

3c. Reclassing
Reclassing plays a big role in this game. It has its own section under the
preparation menu, which can be reached before every chapter after Chapter 3.
Reclassing changes a few things. First, it changes the characters stats.
Different classes have different base stats, and when you change class, the
difference is added or subtract from your character's stats. For example, if
you were changing someone from Archer to Cavalier, their Hp would go up 2,
their Skl would go down 1, their Spd would go up 2, and their Def would go
up 1, because those are the differences in their bases. Second, it effects
their growths. Different classes have different growth rates. To find a
character's growth rates, you add their base growths with their class growth.
This can be used in many ways, such as getting people stat they would
normally have a hard time with. A table of class growths can be found here: Lastly, reclassing effect weapon
levels. As you reclass, you'll find that certain classes have certain base
weapon levels. Anyone who's reclassed to a Sniper will have a "C" in bows,
because that's the base weapon level for Snipers. Reclassing is an amazing
tool to use, but there are limits. There are three "sets" of classes, and
characters can only reclass to other classes in their set. The sets are as

Male Light Set: Swordmaster, Paladin, Dracoknight, Sniper, Sage, and Bishop
Male Heavy Set: Hero, Warrior, Berserker, Sorcerer, General, and Horseman
Female All Set: Falcon Knight/Dracoknight, Swordmaster, Sniper, Paladin, Sage,
and Bishop

There is also one more limitation. The amount of a class that you can have can
only be the amount of people you have who were naturally that class +1. For
example, if you were playing a new game and wanted to reclass both Gordin and
Shiida into Cavaliers, you'd have to reclass either Cain or Able to something
else before both of them could change.

4. Class Analysis
Ah, the longest, most time consuming part of the guide, the class analysis. In
this section of the guide, I will list the details of each class, including
their purpose and if they are actually usable. Most units will be compared to
Swordmasters, as they are the most common unit type found on wifi. The format
used will be...

Class Name
Maximum stat table
Rating: 1-10/10*
Characters Usable as this class.**

Comments: Insert Comments here.

Lord (Marth)
60 Hp   25 Spd
25 Str  30 Lck
25 Mag  25 Def
25 Skl  25 Res
Rating: 2/10
Characters: Marth-The only option for this character

Comments: In almost all ways, useless. Extra point is there for his supports
with everyone. Don't use him.

Falcon Knight
60 Hp   25 Spd
24 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  25 Def
25 Skl  26 Res
Rating: 4/10
Characters: Est and Catrina-Both great options for this class, but then again,
what class don't they do well? Cadea is also usable; however, her Str suffers
quite a bit. Palla is ok, just watch out for her Spd.

Comments: Ok as a scout. Most people really don't like them, but I think
they're ok. Enough Spd to prevent a double by Berserkers; however, they don't
have quite enough Def to survive an encounter with a Swordmaster or Sniper. Ok
class to use if you need a terrain-ignoring scout. They have a slight
advantage over Paladins, as they aren't hit for extra damage by Pole Axes and
Ridersbanes. All in all, they're inferior to Paladins but have a useful

60 Hp   23 Spd
26 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  30 Def
26 Skl  21 Res
Rating: 4/10
Characters: Catrina and Palla probably have the best bet of pulling this off.
Est is also usable, but suffers from low Def growth. Cain, Able, and Frey are
all great candidates as well, but also suffer from low Def growth. Any one of
these six is easily usable.

Comments: While the extra Def gives them an edge over Swordmasters and Snipers
that Falcon Knights don't have, they get doubled by Berserkers, which is never
a good thing. Besides that obvious flaw, a Dracoknight with a Gradivus can be
a pain to take down. Not a terrible class.

60 Hp   25 Spd
25 Str  25 Lck
21 Mag  30 Def
28 Skl  25 Res
Rating: 6/10
Characters: Frey, Able, and Cain are all good. They come early and have great
growths. Palla, Catrina, and Est can pull this role off fine, but they have
quite a limited amount of chapters to RNG for Def.

Comments: Ah, the Paladin. While they can't ignore the effects of terrain like
the flyers, they still make great scouts, as well as being a nice check for
Swordmasters. Again, if possible, do your best to get Def to 28, as it will
allow them to survive being attacked by a Swordmaster and a hit from any anti-
horseback weapon. Watch out for Berserkers after taking a little bit of damage
though. They will destroy you.

60 Hp   21 Spd
27 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  30 Def
25 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 1/10
Characters: Wolf and Sedgar make the easiest General if you're willing to give
them a few stat-up items. Ogma and Barst can also be decent at pulling it off.

Comments: Basically a worse version of a Paladin. Lower Spd, lower Move,
slightly higher Str, but that really doesn't matter. Don't use Generals.

60 Hp   29 Spd
24 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  23 DEf
30 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 5/10
Characters: Catrina, Palla, and Est are the obvious best options. I suppose
that Cain, Able, and Frey could do it well too. Radd makes a decent option if
none of the others are available.

Comments: Definitely a fun class to use. Longbows can be used to snipe people
while staying out of sight. Brave Bows can assault people without 1-2 range
weapons equipped and either kill them, or set them up for an easy kill by
someone else. Enough Spd to double all the 25 Spd classes and Str equal to
that a Swordmaster. All these great benefits are overlooked by the fact that
Snipers can't counter attack, making them easy kills. I personally like the
class a lot. Bows have great utility in the fact that they can weaken people
without allowing a counter attack, but I have to give them an average rating
due to their flaws.

60 Hp   26 Spd
25 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  25 Def
30 Skl  22 Res
Rating: 2/10
Characters: Again, Wolf and Sedgar make the easiest candidates if you
are willing to use a few stat boosters, otherwise, I'd take Ogma or Barst.
If none of these are an option, Caesar is usable.

Comments: Not too great. Other classes are better. Combine this with the
fact that Swordmasters will be doubling any Hero, and Heroes don't have the
ability to reach 27 Def, you will get a dead Hero every time you go up against
a Swordmaster. If you're a big fan of the class, I guess you could use one,
but I wouldn't.

60 Hp   30 Spd
24 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  22 Def
29 Skl  23 Res
Rating: 8/10
Characters: Frey is your best bet tp use. Other good Swordmasters include
Catrina, Radd, Cain, Est, Able, Nabral, and Palla. That list is in order
from best to worst.

Comments: Ah, the Swordmaster, the universal WiFi unit. They're the hot-shots
of online play. Enough Spd to double many threats, enough Str to put pretty
big dents in things, and enough Def to not be one-shotted by anything. In all
honesty, they aren't the best WiFi unit, but they're close, and they have much
more universality. Swordmasters can safely hit just about anything, except

60 Hp   24 Spd
30 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  28 Def
26 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 4/10
Characters: Normally Ogma and Barst are the best options for people in the
heavy male classes, but in this case, it's Sedgar and Wolf. While they'll
need some stat boosters, due to the fact that they only get 19 levels, their
high Def growth easily makes it worth it.

Comments: If you're going to use a Warrior, make sure to max Spd and Def.
The 28 Def let's you survive a Swordmaster. Str should be maxed too, for
obvious reasons. Try to not to get caught on your bow. It lets the enemy
get free attacks.

60 Hp   30 Spd
24 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  23 Def
28 Skl  23 Res
Rating: 7/10
Characters: Ogma and Barst are your best bets. Cord and Bord can be used too,
but it'll take a lot of RNG abuse.

Comments: Wow. Look at these caps. It's basically a Swordmaster on a horse
with bows. While you may be wondering why anyone even uses Swordmasters over
these, it's pretty simple. First, horses get extra penalties when crossing
forests/mountains etc. The killing blow for Horsemen is that they cannot
achive enough Def to ever not be OHKOed by Berserkers with Pole Axes. Some
people really like Horsemen. I'm not one of those people.

60 Hp   28 Spd
30 Str  22 Lck
20 Mag  24 Def
24 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 8/10
Characters: Barst is the best option. With a little RNG abuse, he can easily
max all stats except Mag and Res. Sedgarand Wolf follow him closely, but will
need stat boosters.

Comments: The power houses of WiFi. At first glance, they seem to outclass
Swordmasters by a long shot. Amazing Str, enough Spd to double lots of things,
and the ability to walk on water, but beneath that all, there's one thing they
lack, the ability to double all Heroes, Paladins, Falcon Knights, Bishops,
Sorcerers, and Sages. The last two are the most important, as almost every
team will have at least one. Out of all those 6 classes that Berserkers can't
kill in one round, Swordmasters easily beat, except Paladins. At least one
Berserker is on almost every WiFi team, as you need them the to beat Paladins.

60 Hp   25 Spd
20 Str  30 Lck
30 Mag  20 Def
28 Skl  25 Res
Rating: 8/10
Characters: Merric is easily the best. Gordin makes a solid Sage. Linde is
decent if you're not worrying about Def. If you're desperate, Wolf and Sedgar
can make decent Sorcerers, just be ready to give them stat-boosters.

Comments: If you're making a WiFi team, you basically need one of these.
Fortitude staff allows you to heal off the damage done by the Judgment card,
Warp allows easier movement, Swarm allows a long-range hit to bring someone
into the kill zone, and Forged Thoron destroys anything in it's way; however,
due to low Spd and Def, they are easily one rounded by Swordmasters.

60 Hp   25 Spd
20 Str  30 Lck
25 Mag  22 Def
26 Skl  30 Res
Rating: 1/10
Characters: Anyone who can be a Sage can be a Bishop. Merric and Gordin both
do it well.

Comments: Completely inferior to a Sage. I see no reason to ever use a Bishop
...ever. Don't do it!

60 Hp   30 Spd
20 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  25 Def
25 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 2/10
Characters: Julian is the best choice. There's no point in using 2 thieves.

Comments: Thieves? Seriously? They get one point for having great Spd and Def
at the same time. If you really want to use a thief, my best advice would be
to give them all your Spirit Dusts and a forged Levin Sword and hope that they
can get a kill by abusing the low Res in this game. Honestly, don't use them.

60 Hp   24 Spd
30 Str  20 Lck
20 Mag  30 Def
27 Skl  30 Res
Rating: 3/10
Characters: Tiki is the only useful Manakete. The maximum stats are hers, as
it changes depending on the which Manakete you're using. Also, the stats are
when you're changed into a Divine Dragon. Outside of that, her stats caps are
all 20. Changing into a Divine Dragon adds those extra points.

Comments: By looking just at the stats, it seems that Tiki would be a great
candidate for online; however,  you get her at chapter 19 and there's simply
not enough time to RNG abuse her to reach those caps. I guess if you get lucky
enough, or simply have your team done by the time you get her, you can try to
abuse her for decent stats, but even with all those stats, her Spd is still
mediocre, leaving her vulnerable to Berserkers. Also, some teams carry a
forged Wyrmslayer on one of their characters.

60 Hp   20 Spd
25 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  25 Def
20 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 3/10
Characters: Only two Ballisticians are available, Jake and Beck. Of the two,
Beck is generally the better choice.

Comments: Because Ballisticians usually fight from afar, Str, Skl, and Lck are
the only stat caps that really matter; however, they are outclassed by Sages
and Sorcerers, who can fight at the same long-distance range and hit the
weaker Res stat, as well as being able to do other things. I suppose the one
advantage Ballisticians have over Sages is that they can forge their weapons
for hit, but that really doesn't make too much of a difference.

60 Hp   25 Spd
20 Str  30 Lck
20 Mag  20 Def
25 Skl  20 Res
Rating: 4/10
Characters: Xane is the one and only Xane.

Comments: A strange class to say the least. Hp, Def, and Res are the only caps
that matter. He has his ups and down. He makes your stat-boosters go farther
by cloning stats off of someone, and he gives your other characters more time
to RNG abuse; however, Xane is a large tactical disadvantage. If his
transformation runs out at the wrong time, he could give your opponent an
effortless kill. I'd recommend keeping him when making most teams, as he's a
good back-up to use if one of your people ends up failing.

*: My rating scale may seems strict, but this is how it works. 2/10 means that
the unit is useable if you really want to. 4/10 means that the unit will be
found on some WiFi teams, and go ahead and use it if you want to. Anything
higher than 7/10 means that the unit is great, and most WiFi teams will have
one. I give no 10/10s, because in my book, that means that the unit can do
anything better than every unit in the game. That never happens.

**: Due to class swap, almost anyone can be any class. I only list the best
ones for the class in question. Also, many people would disagree with the
characters I listed or didn't list. It's a debatable topic, and I listed my
views on it. If someone else disagrees, they are free to use whoever they

5. Common Strategies

Scouting: When a unit moves, the fog of war on the tiles it moved through is
all revealed. You can use this game mechanic to your advantage by moving
characters in a curved path to scout out where the opponent may be without
actually ending your turn in their range. Dracoknights and Falcon Knight are
the best options for this, as they have high movement and ignore terrain
effects, but Paladins an do it well and have better stats. Example:

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][X][X][ ]
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][-][X][X]
[ ][M][-][-][-][-][X][X]
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][X][X][ ]

"-" is the spaces you're moving through
"O" is your original location
"M" is the location you moved to
"X" is the tiles you've scouted

Warping: The best tactic to use to mess with your opponents head. A nice trick
is that if you warp someone onto the Castle, it won't turn your color,
allowing you to surprise them. Warping allows you to instantly transport 
anyone to any visible tile on the map.

Weapon Trading: A useful tactic to be able to use limited items multiple
times. Let's say you need 3 people to be healed up by the Gradivus. You can
have someone use the Gradivus, then move another unit next to him and trade
for the Gradivus. That unit will then be able to use it again. This can also
be useful to cast Swarm multiple times, despite the fact that you can only get
one copy of the tome. This may seem like a basic tactic, but it's a useful
ability to have.

6. Team Building
This is where everything you've learn begins to form into a team. Team
building is more than picking 5 classes to use. It's examining the supports
and function of each class and formulating a strategy. Most people begin their
first team with characters with good growths, as they don't want to be
bothered with to much RNG abusing; however, these are not  the most powerful
kinds of teams. They still function well and are easier to make, but they
aren't the best. To create a particularly strong team, you must either build
supports into the team, or have a specific strategy; however, most teams have
one thing in common. A Sage/Sorcerer with a Fortitude Staff, a Warp Staff,
Swarm, and a Forge Thoron: This is needed for a variety of reasons. Fortitude
allows you to heal off the damage caused by Judgment. Warp allows you to
easily move across the map, and Swarm is good for picking people off. That's
really the only universal thing that every team needs.

6a. Support Teams
Support teams focus on using the support function of FE:SD to raise their
accuracy and avoidability. First, let me explain how supports work. Unlike
other Fire Emblems, supports in this game don't come in the form of
conversations. Instead, units simply get extra stats when within 3 tiles of
each other. Supports are gained by having people participate in the same
chapter with each other. Read more about it at Some of the more common support teams

-Ogma and Crew-
Ogma: No supports
Barst: +30 Hit, +30 Avoid, +15 Crit, and +15 Crit Evade
Bord: +30 Hit, +30 Avoid, +15 Crit, and +15 Crit Evade
Cord: +30 Hit, +30 Avoid, +15 Crit, and +15 Crit Evade
Merric/Some other Sage: No supports
A solid team. Not too hard to RNG abuse. Usually has 2 Berserkers and 2

-Boah and Buddies-
Midia: +40 Hit, +30 Avoid, +20 Crit, and +20 Crit Evade
Dolph: +40 Hit, +30 Avoid, +20 Crit, and +20 Crit Evade
Macellan: +40 Hit, +30 Avoid, +20 Crit, and +20 Crit Evade
Tomas: +40 Hit, +30 Avoid, +20 Crit, and +20 Crit Evade
Boah: +10 Hit, +10 Avoid, +5 Crit, and +5 Crit Evade
The best team in supports; however, they come late and are ridiculously hard
to RNG abuse. This is only here to point out their supports. I don't think
anyone has ever used them.....ever. The argument for this team is that as the
metagame advances, maxed stats will become less necessary, and this team will
begin to excel. In my opinion, having maxed stats is more important than a
little avoid and hit.

-The Knights and the Whitewings-
Able: +20 Hit, +20 Avoid, +10 Crit, and +10 Crit Evade
Cain: +30 Hit, +30 Avoid, +15 Crit, and +15 Crit Evade
Catrina: +10 Hit, +10 Avoid, +5 Crit, and +5 Crit Evade
Est: +20 Hit, +20 Avoid, +10 Crit, and +10 Crit Evade
Merric/Some other Sage: No supports
The weakest team in terms of support; however, all those units are commonly
used on WiFi for their good growths. Easiest team to RNG abuse.

6b. Specialized Teams
Certain teams have a special strategy they use to win. Some teams use all
fliers and fly out over the water, wait for turn 8-10, and then try to
capture the castle instead of actually fighting. Some teams focus on
assaulting the enemy from long-range, and some use a different strategy. This
section is to inform you that developing a specific strategy can be a powerful
tool. I won't post very many here, because some people don't want their ideas
floating around too much.

6c. Stat Boosters
The final step to creating a team. After getting everything ready, you're
finally ready to use your stat boosters. Stat boosters are items obtain
throughout the game and can be used to increase your units stats. In chapters
21 and 24, there are two secret shops and between the two, they sell you 3 of
every stat booster. Leaving you with this many stat boosters at the end of the

5 Seraph Robes (Hp +7)
5 Energy Drops (Str +2)
5 Spirit Dusts (Mag +2)
4 Secret Books (Skl +2)
6 Speed Wings (Spd +2)
4 Goddess Icons (Lck +2)
5 Draco Shields (Def +2)
5 Talismans (Res +2)

How you distribute these is up to you. Just know that these are there to fill
in any stats you missed.

7. RNG/Arena Abuse
This is probably the most important part of building a team, and the most time
consuming and complicated. Thus, it deserves its own section. You've probably
heard these terms before and wondered what they mean. Well, I'm about to tell

RNG Abuse: This is the most time consuming part of making a team. While most
classes have certain maximum stats that we judge them by, most characters
won't naturally reach those stats on their own. That's where RNG abuse comes
in. It involves saving right before one or two, or sometimes even three, of
your units are about to level up. You then soft reset (Hold L+R+Start+Select)
until your characters level up and gains the stats they need. Let's say that
you're training a Merric. You'll need him to max Mag, Hp, Def, and Spd to be
at his fullest potential, so you might RNG abuse him to gain two of those
stats per level. You would have him fight until he'll level up in one more
kill. After that, you have someone run to a save tile and save the game. You
then continue to reset Merric's level up until he gains the stats he needs to.
The amount of time this take differs depending on the character, and how good
you want their stats to be. Some people reset for hours and end up with a
character with almost perfect stats, while others are fine settling for the
bare minimum, or under the minimum. It's really up to you and your
preferences. Some people view this as cheating (And it's not. Trust me) and
won't play anyone who does this. If you aren't going to RNg Abuse, disregard
everything I've said in my guide, as it all depends on the fact that you're
going to be RNG abusing.

Arena Abuse: For most WiFi teams, you'll need more Exp and Gold then are
normally available in the game. This is where the arena comes in. The arena
pits you against limitless enemies, and you win a small amount of gold for
each one you beat. It allows you to obtain as much Exp and Gold as you need to
complete your team. It's really simple.

7a. Magic Numbers
In this part of the guide, I'm going to list numbers you should try to shoot
for when RNG abusing. These stat numbers allow you to survive certain attacks
or not be doubled by certain things.

Hp and Def
* Hp+(Defx2)>98 allows you to survive one round of anything. This is the
number most characters shoot for. It is most easily obtained by 59Hp and 20
Def, or something around there.
* Hp+(Defx4)>168 allows you to survive two rounds of a Swordmaster while
wielding an Axe. Subtract 4 from 168 for if you want to live while wielding a
Sword, and subtract 8 if you want to live while wielding a lance.
* Hp+(Defx3)>140 allows you to survive a Longbow shot and anything physical
following it.
* Hp+(Defx3)>124 allows you to survive a Longbow shot and a Swordmaster attack
following it.
* Hp+Def>87 allows your mounted units to survive one round of a Berserker Pole
* Hp:Def>81 allows your mounted units to survive the most powerful Ridersbane
attack (That is, one coming from a General, the lance-wielding unit with the
highest Str cap).

* Spd, being the most important stat, should always be maxed. If you can't max
it for some reason, here are the numbers.
* 27Spd allows you to not be doubled by Swordmasters.
* 26 Spd allows you to not be doubled by Snipers.
* 25 Spd allows you to not be doubled by Berserkers.

8. Credits and Legal Mumbo Jumbo
Me, Upside, for writing this guide for tons of info and some of my lists
CJayC for making GameFAQs
The GameFAQs FE:SD board users for helping me learn how to play
Nintendo and IS for making this game
Copyright 2009 Upside
I don't care if you host this guide at your site, as long as
proper credit is given