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Final Fantasy III



by Zenalasca

.-,--'          .   .-,--'        .                 ,-_/ ,-_/ ,-_/ 
 \|__ . ,-. ,-. |    \|__ ,-. ,-. |- ,-. ,-. . .    '  | '  | '  | 
  |   | | | ,-| |     |   ,-| | | |  ,-| `-. | |    .^ | .^ | .^ | 
 `'   ' ' ' `-^ `'   `'   `-^ ' ' `' `-^ `-' `-|    `--' `--' `--' 
-----------OO-------------------------------- /|------OO----------
           ||                                ` '      ||
           ||    Developer: Squaresoft                ||
           ||        Genre: RPG                       ||
           ||      Players: 1                         ||
           ||   Difficulty: Medium to Hard            ||
           ||     Consoles: Famicom & DS              ||
           ||         Size: 516 KB & 128 MB           ||
           ||                                         ||
           ||                                         ||
           ||   Guide type: Unofficial Strategy Guide ||
           ||       Author: Zenalasca                 ||
           ||    Real Name: Zena Mason                ||
           ||       E-Mail: [email protected]     ||
           || Last Updated: Dec 27 2008               ||
           ||      Version: 0.3                       ||
           ||                                         ||

Final Fantasy III is an RPG originally made for Famicom [Japanese
version of the NES]. Although there was a "Final Fantasy III" rel-
eased in America for Super Nintendo it was actually Final Fantasy
VI. At long last, the true Final Fantasy III has been released for
NDS. It was the first Final Fantasy to employ the now popular job
system; the game is full of towns, dungeons, quests, non-player
characters and monsters, revolving largely around the turn-based
fights your characters take part in.

           ||             TABLE OF CONTENTS           ||

   i  Controls
  ii  Fighting Basics
 iii  Exploration Advice
  iv  Stealing
   v  Buying
  vi  Leveling Up
 vii  Job Development
  ix  Collecting Weapons
   x  Free Magic
  xi  General Advice

   I  A Test of Courage
  II  Cave of the Djinn
 III  Bahamut, King of Wyrms
  IV  Itsy-Bitsey Adventures
   V  The Vikings and their Serpvent
  VI  Climbing Owen Tower
 VII  Dwarves, Horns & Caves of Water and Fire
VIII  The Wandering Castle
  IX  The Place of Tides
   X  Two Unnecessary Dungeons; Unlocking your Ship
  XI  Adventures of the Sky Wanderors
 XII  Righting a Capsized Empire
XIII  The Ultimate Airships
 XIV  The Final Fangtasy
  XV  The Power of Unei, Doga & Xande

   I  Bahamut

 xii  Mognet
xiii  Onion Knights

   I  Abilities
  II  Spells
 III  Classes

   I  Common Items
  II  Battle-Only Items
 III  Magic Spells
  IV  Swords
   V  Daggers
  VI  Axes
 VII  Bows
VIII  Arrows
  IX  Staves
   X  Knuckles
  XI  Books
 XII  Helms
XIII  Shields
 XIV  Armour
  XV  Robes

 xiv  NES Glitches
  xv  Useful Game Genie Codes

           ||               INTRODUCTION              ||

The Essence of Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy III is like an upgrade Final Fantasy I, some would
say a continuation (which is not true). Four Warriors of Light are
chosen and they go on an adventure to retrieve four crystals that
have fallen into the hands of evil.
  In Final Fantasy I the emphasis was on the earth decaying
because the Light needed to be restored to the crystals, but in
Final Fantasy III it has been upgraded upon. Light can only be
restored if one has "Hope," a poorly expressed idea in this game,
because the dying glimmer of hope they have in their crystals
seems to grow with Hope.
  Yet Darkness isn't the only threat, for a new menace has over-
taken the Darkness; Nothingness. So it is not so much Light
against Dark, but a restoral of balance.
  All odd-numbered the Final Fantasies except VII have had the
focus on role-play rather than story, as Sakaguchi intended (which
is why FF7 is so special).

The History of Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy III originally created for the old Famicom console
(the Japanese version of the Nintendo) and was never officially
released in the non-Japan-speaking world. Squaresoft only publish-
ed FFI, FFIV and FFVI, dubbing them FFI, FFII and FFIII respective
ly, so the gamers from there never got a taste of the special
classes system until Final Fantasy Tactics was released.
  Final Fantasy III was the last and best of the NES FF series.
The story was lacking; Luneth, Refia, Arc and Ingus didn't even
exist, they were just nameless characters without their own
stories. You got your first jobs after defeating the Land Turtle
and all four "boys" got trapped in Altar Cave together.
  Things were better than they were in FFI but it was still a very
tough game. Mere levelling up wouldn't have got you anywhere. And
if you think the end dungeon in the NDS version was tedious and
way drawn out, in the NES version it was hell incarnate.

Why I'm Here
Some of you may know me from my Final Fantasy VIII guide, but none
of you know that while I was working on that I was playing Final
Fantasy III for NES. Since then I've got the NDS version and
expanded on the guide I began all those years ago.
  If you've seen this guide, like it, and want me to write more
It'll give me an incentive to do it if you send me an e-mail
letter about it.
  The walk-through is designed to be easy-to-use and to-the-point.
All maps and non-essential information are in the appendices, with
a reference box for easy searching. There aren't many side-quests
to do or basics to learn in FF3 but they are also in the appendix.
  If you want to publish part/all of this guide on your web site
or magazine or whatever e-mail me first! The following web sites
can host my guides (and any other work you may be interested in
seeing by Zenalasca):

  o Game FAQs     -
  o Super Cheats  -
  o Neoseeker     -
  o 1up           -
  o Student.Com   -

           ||               WALK-THROUGH              ||

                       I. A Test of Courage
    | [] | Find your way to the Altar Cave Crystal Shrine. |
    | [] | Defeat the Land Turtle.                         |
    | [] | Meet Arc in the village of Ur.                  |
    | [] | Meet with the Elder Topapa in Ur Shrine.        |
    | [] | Follow Arc to Kazus.                            |

Going through Altar Cave the First Time
Where the path turns into a T-junction you know you're close to
the end; take the path on the right-hand side to find a healing
spring. I would advise strongly not to use ANY items at this
point, as you can't make a save file until you've felled the boss.
After the boss you can go immediately to the world map.
    __|      |___
   |             |
   |      9      |
 __|             |__
|__               __|
   |    -BOSS     |    
   |  ___   ___  |
   | |   | |   | |
   |_|  _| |_  |_|
       |_   _|
         | |
         _=_             ___                           _
        |   |           |7  |_                      __|8|
        |   |           |     |_              __   |    |
        |   |         __|       |____________|  |__|   #|
        |   |       _|           ______         _____ ##|
        |   |______|     ___   _|      |_     _|     |##|
        |_______________|   | |          |___|       |##|
                            | |                      |##|
                            | |
                            | |____
                           _|      |_
                          |          |
                          |          |______
                  ________|       _________6|
                 |5____________  |
                               | |
              ___  _______     | |
             |  _||_     3|     =
          ___| |    |_    |____| |
         |3   _|      |4_________|
         |  _|        
         | |         ____________________________________________
         | |        | KEY                                        |
        _| |___     |____________________________________________|
      _|       |_   | 0: You start here   | 4: [Shield] Leather  |
     |2         1|  | 2: [Shield] Leather | 5: SouthWind         |
     |_         _|  | 3: Switches to unb- | 6: Potion            |
       |       |    |    lock the path.   | 7: Potion            |
       |_      |    |    If you enter the | 8: SouthWind         |
         |_   _|    |    menu, exit the   | 9: Crystal of Light  |
           | |      |    screen or engage | 10: Exit teleport    |
           | |      |    in a battle, come| ##: Healing spring   |
           | |      |    back you'll have | -BOSS: LandTurtle    |
          _| |      |    to press one of  |                      |
         |  _|      |    switches (rocks) |                      |
         | |        |_____________________|______________________|
         | |       ___
        _| |      |   |
       |   |______|  0|
    ___|        ____  |
   |           |    |_|
   |____       |

Boss: Land Turtle
 NDS stats: LV: 4 / HP: 111 / EXP: 20
 NES stats: HP: 120 / EXP: 33 / G: 500
 Strategies: Use the Arctic Winds you got, as there's little
   chance of succeeding in battle without them, and keep your
   party's health up with potions.

Altar Cave: There's More than Meets the Eye
You can only explore the Cave's full extent once you have defeated
the boss and stepped on the teleport. There are still chests in
Altar Cave that you won't have opened yet, so go back in if you be bored yet again. Oh, and don't fall in the hole or
you're back where you started!
  You should have already got a leather shield, longsword, 3x
potion and 2x antarctic wind on your first journey through the
dungeon. In this part of the cave 2x longsword, 1x bronze knuckles
and 1x sleep spell can be found. In hidden passage-way nera the
cave's entrance are 2x bronze bracers and 1x leather cap.

All About Ur
You'll find as you continue through the game that each town has
one thing that's special about it. For Ur, it's a Goblin infested
path leading to a house with hidden treasure in it.

   _________                                       ______________
 _|         |                                __   | KEY          |
|    _____  |                          _____|A |  |______________|
|_  | [4] | |_________________________|  ___\  |  | Trs- Treasure|
  | |_____| _______________________     |      |  |   House      |
  |       _|                       \   _|   ___|  | Mag- Magic   |
  |  ____|                       ___| |  | |      |  Shop        |
  | |__                         |  ___|  | |_     | Arm- Armour  |
  |   B|_                       | |      |_  |    |  Shop        |
  |______|______        ________| |        | |    | Wpn- Weapon  |
  |     / _____ \______/  _____   |       _| |    |  Shop        |
  |    | | Mag |  _____  | Wpn |  |_    _|  _|    | A/B- Potion  |
  |___/  |_____| | Arm | |_____|    |__|  _|      |______________|
                 |_____|                 |
   / _______               _____     ___|
  | | [1]   |             | [3] |   |
  | |_______|             |_____|  _|
  |____ [2]                       |
      \_________|   |_____________|

[1] The Elder awaits inside. Those blessed by the Crystals can be
    healed by holy water from shrines. One heals HP & MP, and the
    other revives dead party members. Make sure you do this
    whenever you can. Some shrines heal HP &  MP, others, status
    ailments, and others revive party members. Not all towns have
    every facility though, so be careful.
[2] There is an old man who says "Press B to use an item. For
    example, use a Potion on me!" Give him the Potion and he'll
    give you an EchoHerb.
[3] The Inn in Ur is free. All you have to do is "climb" into bed
    (by walking onto any of the beds in the Inn). There is a man
    there who "guesses your strength" (but he only tells you what
    jobs you've chosen for your characters).
[4] There are some treasures here which include [white magic] Cure
    -- monsters appear along the path, so be careful! After you go
    in and get all the treasures (2x [armour] Leather, [knife]
    Dagger, [white magic] Cure, [sword] Long) the passage will be
    closed up again. This is no cause for alarm, as you press the
    wall above and right next to the entrance. It is like this in
    all other secret passageways.

[] Goblin          Altar Cave, Palmeni Overworld, Sasune Tower
[] Eye Fang        Altar Cave
[] Carbuncle       Altar Cave
[] Blue Wisp       Altar Cave
[] Land Turtle     Altar Cave boss
[] Killer Bee      Palmeni Overworld, Nelv Overworld
[] Werewolf        Palmeni Overworld, Nelv Overworld
[] Berserker       Palmeni Overworld, Nelv Overworld

Where to Heal for Free
  - The healing spring in Altar Cave.
  - The inn is free in Ur Village.
  - There is a revival spring in Ur Village.
  - There is a healing spring in Kazus.
  - You can sleep in one of the beds in Sasune Castle.

                     II. CAVE OF THE JINN
    | [] | Talk to a man named Cid at the inn.             |
    | [] | Enter the small desert adjacent to Kazus.       |
    | [] | Fly to Sasune Castle and speak to those there.  |
    | [] | Climb the western tower of the castle.          |
    | [] | Open the chest at the top and defeat Gryphon.   |
    | [] | Fly to the Seal Cave.                           |
    | [] | Find your way to the end of the cave.           |
    | [] | Defeat the Jinn once and for all.               |

The Town of Kazus
When you first enter Kazus, you can't buy anything, but you can
jump in a bed at the Inn for free or use the Revification
facility at the Shrine.
 Cid is at the inn and will tell you to find the airship in the
tiny desert right alongside Kazus' western border so you can go to
the Cave of the Seal.
                 _______         ___
                |       |__[7]__|   |
       ____     |                   |
  __  |    |    |  ______       ____|
 |  |_|    |____| | [6]  |    _|
 |_               |______|   |
    \               _______  |
     '|_           | [5]   | |
   _____\          |_______| |
  | [1] |     _____________  |
  |_____|    | [2] [3] [4] | |
  |_         |_____________| |_
    |                       ___|
    |         ____        _|
  __|     ___|    |_    _|
 |     __|          |__|

[E] Entrance of the town.
[1] Shrine. Examine the water revive any lost party members.
[2] Shop ???
[3] Shop ???
[4] Shop ???
[5] ???
[6] ???
[7] A small side-dungeon with a hidden passage and some good
    weapons at the end of it...if you can survive the monsters
    that is! And you can't get the treasure until after you've
    defeated the Jinn.

Finding the Mythril Ring in Sasune
 Your objective is to find Sarah's Mithril Ring in Sasuun castle
 which will lift the curse and make everyone visible again (you
 gotta wonder why Ur wasn't effected).

   ________________________     [1] Sasuun's left tower. It has
  |____________   _________|        monsters in it. I will provide
               | |                  a bestiary and a map for it.
 ______________| |___________   [2] Sasuun's right tower. It has
|         _____________      |      no monsters; Princess Sarah's 
|   [1]  |             | [2] |      bedroom is at the top. The
|      __|             |__   |      following treasures may be
|     |                   |  |      found: [arrows] Holy & Wooden,
|     |        [3]        |  |      Potion, [bow] Bow. You can
|     |                   |  |      sleep in the Princess' bed.
|_    |                   |  |  [3] Leads to the castle's inner
  |   |________. .________|  |      chambers. If you jump into one
  |                          |      of the beds, your HP & MP will
  |       ____    ____       |      be restored.
  |______|    |  |    |______|
              |  |

 _________________________    ________________________
| | |      _____      | [4]  | KEY                    |
| | |  _  |  _  |  _  | | |  |________________________|
| | |#| | | [1] | | |_| | |  | = | Stairs             |
| | [2] | | | | | |  _  | |  | # | Breech in the wall |
| | | | | |_| |_| | |=| | |  |___|____________________|
[3]_| | |         | | |_| #
|_____| |____=____| |_____|

[1] Leads to the throne room. The "ghosts" in here actually have
    something interesting to say...
[2] Sometimes you will see a "breech" in the wall. This means
    that there is a secret passage, and you can go through the
[3] This secret passage takes you to the other side of the main
    inner section of the castle.
[4] Stairs which take you to two chests containing a total of
    2000 gil.
[5] Stairs which take you to an otherwise inaccessible area of the
    castle. There are two chests with [shield] Leather and [black
    magic] Ice.

Finding the Djinn in The Cave of the Seal
 The ideal party for this dungeon is two Red Mages, a Fighter and
 a White Mage. Their equipment and magic should be as follows. Buy
 any extra supplies from Ur.

      Red Wizard: - Wight Slayer, Leather Shield, Cap and Armour
                    and Copper Armlet.
                  - Ice, Sleep and Pure.

      Red Wizard: - Bow, Holy Arrows, Leather Shield, Cap and
                     Armour and Copper Armlet.
                  - Cure and Pure (Cure is found on the first
                    floor of the Cave of the Seal).

      Fighter: - 2x Long Sword, Leather Shield, Cap and Armour.

      White Wizard: - 2x Staff, Leather Shield, Cap and Armour and
                      Copper Armlet.
                    - Cure and Pure.

   The Ring is in the Cave of the Seal. There you will be able to
 put Jinn back in his Seal, rescue the princess and lift the curse
 from the land. Jinn is a very easy boss, which makes sense, as it
 must be weak in the head to go to a place it can be indefinitely
 locked up... How and why was it sealed in the first place and how
 did it escape? How NOT to write an RPG...
   You might want to do some levelling up in the forests before
 you go right through the Cave, however. Never forget the Inn at
 Kazus, shrine in Ur or bed in Sasuun as places to heal HP//MP.
 The Kazus shrine gives "revivication".
   A piles of bones act as a switch to open up the cave. When Sara
 "joins" your party, you can talk to her to get some advice. For
 instance, Jinn is a fire devil and weak to cold (doesn't it occur
 to you that most sommoned monsters in FF begin their life as boss
 monsters?). After you meet Sarah the monsters from that point on
 are harder, so I would suggest leaving for then.

            E                   |    B|
        ___| |____              |_   _|
       |          |               | |
       |          |           ____| |_
       |___    ___|          |        |____
           |  |              |  _________  |
           |  |              | |         | |
           |  |            __| |         | |
    _______|  |           |  __|         | |
   |   _______|         __| |            | |
   |  |                |  __|            | |
   |  |________________| |           __  | |
   |  ___________________|       ___|  |_| |
   | |                         _|  ________|
   | |                        |  _|
   | |                        | |
   | |                        | |
 __| |                        | |__________
|A   |                        |__________  |
|____|                                   [1]

A: Potion
B: [white magic] Cure
=: Stairs

[1] The stairs lead to B2F, which is a single chamber containing
    500 gil and three piles of skeleton bones. Remember how the
    skeletons are the "key?"
      Still don't get it?
      Okay... Examine the topmost pile of bones to reveal a hidden
    entrance... The monsters are tougher after the point where
    Sarah was, by the way.
      The [1] on the 3F map below signifies its entrance from 2F.

    |_          |[1]
   _  |        _|  |
    | |       |  __|
    | |      _| |
   _| |     |   |
  |  _|     |   |
  | |       |  _|
  | |_______| |
 _|    _______|
|  ___|
| |
| |
| |_______
|_______  |_
        |_  |
          | |__
          |   C|

Level: 7
   HP: 600
  EXP: 200
  Gil: 1,400
Weak.: Ice, Water

[] Dark Eye        Sasune Tower
[] Red Wisp        Sasune Tower
[] Zombie          Sasune Tower
[] Griffon         Sasune Tower [chest]
[] Mummy           Sealed Cave, Kazus mines
[] Skeleton        Sealed Cave, Kazus mines
[] Cursed Copper   Sealed Cave, Kazus mines
[] Shadow          Sealed Cave, Kazus mines
[] Larva           Sealed Cave, Kazus mines
[] Revenant        Sealed Cave
[] Djinn           Sealed Cave boss

                 III. BAHAMUT, THE KING OF WYRMS
    | [] | Talk to the king of Sasune.                     |
    | [] | Go to the blacksmith's in Kazus.                |
    | [] | Enter the airship and ram through the valley.   |
    | [] | Meet Cid and his wife in Canaan.                |
    | [] | Give Cid's wife an Elixir.                      |
    | [] | Meet that broken-hearted girl (Selina).         |
    | [] | Climb to the top of the nearby mountain.        |
    | [] | Fight the king of the dragons, Bahamut.         |

Meeting with Cid in Canaan
By entering the town canal and following it to its south-eastern
end you can get an Elixir, but it's not for you -- it's for Mrs.
  In return for your generosity you'll be able to plunder Cid's
cellar (as well as the hidden area, the sneaky bastard).

  Chests: | [] Mallet                [] Gold Needle
          | [] Elixir                [] Iron Arrow
          | [] Great Bow             [] Gnomish Bread x2
          | [] Potion                [] 4,000 Gil [in total]
          | [] Blind Spell           [] Phoenix Down x3

  And before you leave it's kind of amusing to talk to Cid a few
times, forcing him to jump into the dark part of his house.

Bahamut, King of Dragons
It will take a long time to level up for the boss at the top of
the mountain. It's easiest to run from it. You *can* defeat him,
but considering it's so early in the game and you probably haven't
got Onion Knight yet it's not such a good idea.
  Once I used cheats to beat Bahamut at that point in the game and
it wasn't that good. The Gil and EXP were fantastic, but nothing
else changed. I think it was nearly 10,000 of gil and experience.
  You can get the Bahamut summon from the nearby mountains once
you get the airship Invincible (which is pretty much the end of
the game), but he's worth it; at least he's a more effective
attacker than he was in FF8.

[] Mandrake        Nelv Overworld
[] Basilisk        Nelv Overworld
[] Bugbear         Nelv Overworld
[] Helldiver       Dragon's Peak
[] Rukh            Dragon's Peak
[] Firefly         Dragon's Peak
[] Rust Bird       Dragon's Peak

                    IV. ITSY-BITSY ADVENTURES
   | [] | Get some Mini spells from the man at nearby copse.  |
   | [] | Find the Gnome Village on the world map via Mini.   |
   | [] | Give the doctor in the village an antidote.         |
   | [] | Travel through the underground tunnel.              |

Mini Spells at the Healing Copse
The gnome at the shrine'll give you another Mini spell if you've
given the one Desch gave you to one of your party. You can do it
again for up to four times. You can do the same with the Toad
spell when you get it.

Finding the Gnome Village
It doesn't look like there's anything on the world map, but
there's a shrine to the north and if you cast Mini on all your
party you can enter the Gnomes' town directly south of where you
landed from Bahamut's nest.

Surviving the Underground Tunnel
This was hell in the NES version. Luckily it isn't so bad in the
NDS one but you have to be careful. Turn everyone into mages and
put them into the back row.

[] Leprechaun      Tozus Tunnel
[] Darkface        Tozus Tunnel

                V. The Vikings and their Serpvent*
* No, serpvent is not a typo, it's a very silly pun, because Nepto
  is a serpent *and* a servent (sorta, more like a god who helps
  the Vikings out when not cursed to work against them).
   | [] | Meet the leader of the Vikings.                     |
   | [] | Turn your party into Mini to get through entrance.  |
   | [] | Go to the end of the Nepto Shrine.                  |
   | [] | Take the hole on the right-hand side to continue.   |
   | [] | Destroy the Giant Rat to retrieve Nepto's Eye.      |
   | [] | Put Nepto's Eye back on the shrine's serpent statue.|

Hidden Treasures in the Viking Caves
This town has many treasures in it as well. Wherever there's wall
there's a hidden passageway [well, almost].

Nepto Shrine
When you walk out into the Viking's cove  you'll see a pantheon-
like building and ship. You may be tempted to take the ship to
the building, but if you've been listening to anything the Vikings
said you'll know there's a ugly monster waiting out there to
clobber you with its scales.
  It is impossible to defeat the Nepto dragon, and to get rid of
it you'll have to retrieve the missing Nepto eye from the nearby
shrine and restore it to the statue there.
  You can defeat the giant sea snake, but you'll always encounter
it once the ship gets past a certain point in the sea. You get
9,999 gil and 4,999 experience. And what's the point getting that
experience when you'd have to level up heaps to be able face it
  I like to think the Serpent is a reference to the legend of the
World Snake in Viking mythology that was so long in covered the
whole span of the world. Nepto does sound very similar to Neptune

    Boss: | Giant Rat
          | Level: 11
          |    HP: 900
          |   EXP: 1,200
          |   Gil: 1,500

[] Nepto Dragon    Optional Boss of Nepto Shrine Harbour
[] Lilliputian     Nepto Shrine
[] Petit           Nepto Shrine
[] Poison Bat      Nepto Shrine
[] Blood Worm      Nepto Shrine
[] Wererat         Nepto Shrine
[] Giant Rat       Nepto Shrine boss

                   VI. The Tower of Owen
   | [] | Explore the Cave of the Gulgans west of Owen Tower. |
   | [] | Get the Toad spell from the leader of the Gulgans.  |
   | [] | Go to Owen Tower and the waterway.                  |
   | [] | Transform your party into Toads to get past barrier.|
   | [] | Return to normal status and climb the tower.        |
   | [] | Press some switches at the top (examine alcove).    |

Exploring the World
At this time you can't go beyond the whirlpool created by the
tower of Owen but interesting places you can go to are...

           Tokkul: West of the Viking's Cave is a small town fear-
                   ful of an encroaching power styling itself as
                   new master of the universe. Walk through their
                   fireplaces to find goodies and cowering villag-
     Living Woods: See that big tree flying around in the vicinity
                   of Tokkul? It's Castle Hein, originally a big,
                   life-giving tree from a small wood north of the
                   Tokkul desert.
     Gulgan Gulch: North of the living woods is a cave nestled
                   amongst the mountains where the Gulgans live.
                   If you don't have any Toad spells equipped
                   will give you one.
      Arus Castle: A sad, deserted place. Though if you press A on
                   on of the candles in the passageway that leads
                   to the round table a hidden corridor will be
                   opened up! Though you'll need Magic Keys to
                   get all the treasure.
Ancient's Village: Far west of Tokkul is a village where you can
                   get loads of really cool spells and equipment.
                   To get there easily, enter the chocobo forest
                   north of the Gulgan Gulch and ride a chocobo to
                   the place. There is also a chocobo forest just
                   outside the ancient's village (they're always
                   circle shaped whatever FF you play). For
                   journeying the parameter of the floating cont-
                   inent you'll get a gysahl greens from a boy in
                   town (though you should speak to him first).

Chocobo Forests
There are two that you can enter so far, one to the west of Owen
Towe and the next to the Ancient's Village. As well as capture
normal chocobos to ride you can also meet the fat chocobo, if you
examine the area that says "smells like chocobo" and throw out a
gysahl greens to tempt it out. You get a gysahl green from circum-
navigating the floating continent in a chocobo and talking to the
boy in the ancient's village.
  Catching a chocobo is not just useful for getting to other areas
of the game quickly and safely (there are no encounters while on a
chocobo) but getting to good levelling up spots. For instance,
there is a desert on the edge of the floating continent that has
very strong monsters in it, though I'd advise you level up in
the underground passage, Bahamut's Peak, Kazuz Mythril Mine or
Cave of the Seal first, saving the little desert of death until
after you've cleared Owen Tower.

Tower of Owen
You can't climb the tower without turning your party into frogs,
and that means having the toad spell, which you can get from the
elder of the Gulgan Gulch.

    Boss: | Medusa

[] Killer Fish     Owen Harbour Overworld
[] Sea Elemental   Owen Harbour Overworld
[] Hermit          Owen Harbour Overworld
[] Sahagin         Owen Harbour Overworld
[] Tangie          Owen Harbour Overworld
[] Petit Mage      Owen Tower
[] Pugman          Owen Tower
[] Far Darrig      Owen Tower
[] Aughisky        Owen Tower
[] Fury            Owen Tower
[] Hornet          Southern Sea Overworld
[] Lynx            Southern Sea Overworld
[] Parademon       Southern Sea Overworld

          VII. Dwarves, Horns & Caves of Water and Fire
   | [] | Meet the leader of the Dwarves in their caves.      |
   | [] | Turn into toads to go down and defeat Gutsco.       |
   | [] | Restore the horn to its rightful place.             |
   | [] | Go to the depths of the Fire Cavern.                |
   | [] | Defeat Gutsco again.                                |
   | [] | Speak with the leader of the Dwarves again.         |

[] Slime           North-Western Sea Overworld
[] Barometz        North-Western Sea Overworld
[] Red Cap         South-Eastern Forest on Edge
[] Tarantula       South-Eastern Forest on Edge
[] Cuphgel         South-Eastern Forest on Edge
[] Mermaid         Outer Sea
[] Seahorse        Outer Sea
[] Anet            Outer Sea
[] Sea Serpent     Outer Sea
[] Manticore       Subterranean Lake
[] Bomb            Subterranean Lake
[] Staligmite      Subterranean Lake
[] Sea Devil       Subterranean Lake
[] Ruinous Wave    Subterranean Lake
[] Merman          Subterranean Lake
[] Gutsco          Subterranean Lake boss
[] Crocotta        Fire Cave
[] Balloon         Fire Cave
[] Red Marshmallow Fire Cave
[] Adamantoise     Fire Cave
[] Myrmacoleon     Fire Cave
[] Salamander      Fire Cave boss

                   VIII. The Wandering Castle
   | [] | Visit the desert town of Tokkul.                    |
   | [] | Walk through the break in the walls to leave.       |
   | [] | Talk to the king of Arus.                           |
   | [] | Escape this weird dungeon; Hein Castle.             |
   | [] | Destroy Hein, all two forms of him.                 |

[] Demon           Castle Hein
[] Pharaoh         Castle Hein
[] Lemur           Castle Hein
[] Dullahan        Castle Hein
[] Lamia           Castle Hein
[] Hein            Castle Hein boss

                      IX. The Place of Tides
   | [] | Go to Arus Castle and talk to the king.             |
   | [] | Visit Cid in Canaan.                                |
   | [] | Leave the floating continent in your new airship.   |
   | [] | Go the the small island on the top of the map.      |
   | [] | Enter the wrecked ship.                             |
   | [] | Give an antidote to the girl lying in bed.          |
   | [] | Take Aria to the temple on the middle island.       |
   | [] | Examine the crystal there.                          |
   | [] | Enter the Cave of Tides to the north of the temple. |
   |    | At the first junction, the bridge leads to the end. |
   |    | The stairs lead to a Blizzaga spell.                |
   | [] | Defeat the Krakken.                                 |

          X. Two Unnecessary Dungeons; Unlocking Your Ship
   | [] | Talk to the woman at the entrance of the town (Amur)|
   | [] | Talk to Gill in the easternmost house in Amur.      |
   | [] | Go into the canal and enter the sewers.             |
   | [] | Walk the linear path until you meet the 4 Old Men.  |
   | [] | Save the Old Men from the Gigantoads (they're tough)|
   | [] | Continue to towards the old hag to get the Levishoes|
   | [] | Travel to the southern tip of the continent.        |
   | [] | Enter Goldor's Manor; to continue unlock the room   |
   |    | in the top right and go through a hidden passage.   |
   | [] | Defeat Goldor and take the key to your ship.        |

Treasure in Amur
When you enter the canal there are quite a few opportunities to
get treasure. On the northernmost island are Thief Gloves hidden
amongst the bracken and there's a vegie patch full of gysahl
  Not far from where you defeat the Gigantoads is a hidden alcove
with treasure in it (if you walk the linear path towards the old
hag in the sewer).

Gold in Goldor's Manor
The only place worth going (other than the direct route to Goldor
himself) is to go past the huge chanber with all those rooms in
it and continue until you reach many chests all laid out in a neat
row: most of them are Gold Swords, which don't give much levevrage
in battle but will make your wallet a lot fatter.

                XI. Adventures of the Sky Wanderers

The Town of Bards and Geomancers: Duster
East of Saronia (that big city whose castle you should avoid fly-
ing over for now) is a small island with a small town on it...

The Town of Evokers and Summoners
On the very north-western point of the north-western continent is
a town where you can get most of the summon spells available in
the game. Enjoy!

                  XII. Righting a Capsized Empire
   | [] | Go to the north-western continent; there is a city. |
   | [] | Fly over the castle area (beware, you'll trapped in |
   |    | this huge city for a while yet).                    |
   | [] | Go to south-west Saronia and enter the inn.         |
   | [] | Help the boy who claims to be prince (battle!!).    |
   | [] | Take Alus to the castle.                            |
   | [] | Save Alus from the evil Garuda (where's Vishnu?).   |
   | [] | Go to the south-east area of the castle for your new|
   |    | ship; the Nautilus!                                 |

                   XIII. The Ultimate Airships
   | [] | Take the Nautilus to the southernmost continent.    |
   | [] | Follow the path in the mountains to Doga's Manor.   |
   | [] | Cast Mini on the party to get into the cave.        |
   | [] | Go to the Saronia continent, to the very south.     |
   | [] | Take the Nautilus under the waves in the cove.      |
   | [] | Explore the Temple of Time.                         |
   | [] | Turn right at both junctions to continue.           |
   | [] | Leave the temple.                                   |
   | [] | Follow the west coast until you reach land.         |
   | [] | Enter land to find Unei's Cave and wake Unei.       |
   | [] | Take Unei to the Ancient Ruins west of Saronia.     |
   | [] | Upon reaching two doors take the left one.          |
   | [] | Find your way through the ruins via hidden passages.|

Optional Summons
When you've got the Nautilus (with dive function) and Invincible
airships you can get three powerful summoned monsters; Odin,
Bahamut and Leviathan. You can also buy them in Eureka, at a very
highly inflated price; I guess that's just the game saying you
shouldn't face any of the really tough bosses without at least one
of these summoned monsters, because they really do pack a punch...
with style!

Odin's Cave
You may have seen NPCs in Saronia talking about an underground
cave east of the city. The Saronia Catacombs are where Odin hangs
out and can be found the same way the Temple of Time is.

Bahamut's Eyrie
When you get the airship Invincible you can use it to finally get
Bahamut in the floating continent! Skip over the small mountains
west of Tozas and enter the cave...

Leviathan's Lake
Lake Dhor is accessed in the same manner as Bahamut's cave is,
over the small mountains south of the Dwarven caves. When you
enter the lake on your canoe, you enter Leviathan's domain...

                       XIV. The Final Fangtasy
   | [] | Skip over the series of small mountains that guard  |
   |    | the Shadow Cave north of Goldor's Manor.            |
   | [] | Find your way through the shadow cave via many      |
   |    | hidden passages.                                    |
   | [] | Defeat the Hecatoncheir.                            |

The Multiplying Denisens of The Cave of Shadows
To be able to clear the cave of shadows there is pretty much only
one thing standing in your way; the resident monsters are a night-
mare unless you use magic or dark blades against them. Dark blades
can be found in the mountains south-west of Saronia in a town call
ed Falgabard; you'll need the airship Invincible to skip over the
small mountains barring this town. Then you'll have to get through
the cave there to get the needed treasure... Only a Dark Knight
will be able to wield the blades.
  The Cave of Shadows is another one of those that are full to the
brink with hidden passages, but mostly they go in the same order;
the bottom two paths join up with eachother, going nowhere.

                XV. The Power of Unei, Doga and Xande
   | [] | Go to Doga's Manor on the southern continent.       |
   | [] | Go through Doga's Grotto; take first right.         |
   | [] | Defeat Unei and Doga, one after the other.          |
   | [] | Clear the evil statues that guard the valley west   |
   |    | of the Shadow Cave.                                 |
   | [] | Enter the Ancient's Maze and defeat Titan in the    |
   |    | central area.                                       |
   | [] | Continue through the rest of the Ancient's Maze,    |
   |    | taking all detours first and going through hidden   |
   |    | passages.                                           |
   | [] | Enter the Crystal Tower.                            |
   | [] | Take the entrance to the left.                      |
   | [] | Take the first right and walk through a break in    |
   |    | wall; do this a second time too.                    |
   | [] | Examine head stone when you reach it.               |
   | [] | Defeat Xande.                                       |
   | [] | Fight the Cloud of Darkness. It doesn't matter if   |
   |    | you lose, but you can win.                          |
   | [] | Enter all portals but the central one and defeat    |
   |    | the bosses.                                         |
   | [] | Enter the central portal to face The Cloud of Dark- |
   |    | ness and defeat them for good.                      |

Clear Game
When you defeat the Cloud of Darkness for the final time and wait
for the long ending and credits to finish, the game will ask you
to make a save, which will have three stars next to it. When you
load it the characters appear on the world map, just outside the
Ancient's Maze. I don't know if you can fight the end boss again


 The controls aren't hard to figure out, in fact you can do every-
 thing with the stylus *or* controls. Buttons and their functions
 are general shown, but there are a couple you may have to find
 out on your own, so keep a sharp eye out and see whatever you can
 do in each particular type of layout.
   During battle, for instance, you can choose multiple targets
 when casting magic. With the stylus you can drag it over the
 targets you want and with the buttons you press left or right to
 target all enemies or all allies respectively.
   There're a few tricks you can use with the stylus to make game-
 play speedier. During battle, just hit your targets with the
 stylus for the character to automatically attack there. And while
 walking around you can press on a particular destination to have
 your party walk in that direction.

 The objective of battle is to kill all enemies with as few casual
 ties as possible.
    It can be valuable to observe the tactics of enemies, as you
 may notice many of them will target the weakest of your group
 exclusively. Even if you don't know how much health you've
 depleted already it's useful to target a single enemy at a time.
  Equipment, magic, job-specific abilities, statistics and
 elemental affinities are all elements of battle in FF3. As you
 progress throughout the game an ever wider range of skills will
 be available to your characters as they collect crystals and gain
 more classes. You can even analyse the simple bare-fisted punch,
 as the strength of the attack is based on the character's
 Strength stat.
   Equipment comes in the form of weapons, helms, armour and
 accessories; they correlate to certain stats and must be assigned
 in the "Equipment" menu for the character to be able to use them.
   Magic has its own menu as well, and each level of magic has its
 own MP cost.
   Both equipment and magic can only be used by specific classes.
 Warriors, knights and freelancers have more scope for the types
 of equipment they can use; only mage type classes and freelancer
 can use magic, and even then they have their limits.
   statistics, elemental affinities
  "Item," Equipment" and "Row" are some of the few battle commands
 you don't need a degree for. Using "Item" you can use the weapons
 or shields you have equipped as items by pressing as far up as
 you can then choosing one that casts a spell. 
   "Equipment" is only available to the DS version but it's a good
 way of changing gear in and out during battle, it doesn't even
 cost a turn. In the NES version you have to be *very careful*
 about saving turns in battle.
   "Row" is similar; weak characters won't attack as effectively
 from the back row but they'll be slightly better protected.
   There are two type of attacks: Long and short range. The good
 thing about Long Range Attacks is that they are just as effective
 from the back row as they are from the front and the character's
 defence is greater.

 Many of the dungeons in FF3 are maze-like and confusing at times,
 but there are a few tips you can bear in mind. Most are linear,
 so it's actually a good idea to look into every path that looks
 like a detour, because it usually is.
   It's a bit harder to see the detail of your surroundings in the
 NDS version than it is in the NES, which is why the Zoom function
 is so useful. And you can be assured that anything with a sparkle
 on it initiates an action when examined. Keep any eye out for
 dark passages and cracks in the wall.

 The volume and calibre of the items you can pilfer from foes
 depends on the job level of your thief. There are four rarities
 of items: At level 31 you'll be able to steal third best items
 as well as all those before them; level 71, second best and at
 90 you'll have a chance of getting any of them.


 ITEM            G      TOWNS

 Potion          150    Ur, Kazus, Canaan, Tozas, Viking Base,
                        Ancient's Village
 Hi-Potion       1,200  Ancient's Village
 Eye Drop        40     Ur, Kazus, Canaan, Tozas, Viking Base,
                        Ancient's Village
 Antidote        80     Ur, Kazus, Canaan, Tozas, Viking Base,
                        Ancient's Village
 Soft            300    Ancient's Village
 Maiden's Kiss   100    Ancient's Village
 Echo Herb       100    Ancient's Village
 Mallet          100    Ancient's Village

 Midget Bread    200    Tozas

 Cloth Robe      50     Ur
 Leather Jerkin  95     Ur
 Mythril Armour  350    Kazus, Canaan

 Leather Shield  40     Ur
 Mythril Shield  180    Kazus, Canaan

 Leather Cap     15     Ur
 Mythril Helm    130    Kazus, Canaan

 Mythril Gloves  120    Kazus, Canaan

 Copper Ring     80     Ur
 Mythril Ring    120    Kazus, Canaan

 Knife           20     Ur
 Dagger          60     Ur
 Mythril Knife   500    Kazus, Canaan

 Long Sword      100    Ur
 Mythril Sword   500    Kazus, Canaan
 Serpent Sword   1,500  Ancient's Village
 Wight Slayer    2,000  Ancient's Village

 Staff           40     Ur
 Fire Staff      3,500  Ancient's Village
 Ice Staff       3,500  Ancient's Village

 Mythril Rod     400    Kazus, Canaan

 Nunchucks       60     Ur

 Killer Bow      2,000  Ancient's Village

 Light Arrow     30     Ancient's Village
 Fire Arrow      30     Ancient's Village
 Ice Arrow       30     Ancient's Village

 Esuna           100    Ur
 Ice             100    Kazus, Tozas
 Fire            100    Kazus, Tozas, Viking Base
 Sleep           100    Kazus, Tozas, Viking Base
 Cure            100    Canaan
 Thunder         700    Canaan, Tozas, Viking Base
 Venom           700    Canaan, Tozas, Viking Base
 Blind           700    Canaan, Tozas, Viking Base
 Aero            700    Tozas

 In FF3 you have two kinds of levels; Job Level, which increases
 when you use the abilities of a certain class; normal levels are
 gained after defeating monsters, where Vitality is added randomly
 and HP added depending on characters' level and Vitality. Other
 stats' increases are dependent on what class you're using and MP
 doesn't even increase unless the person can use it. The only stat
 that remains the same when changing class is HP. Classes offer
 more the more you use them, and if you level each job up to 99
 you get a special card that allows you to get their ultimate

 As soon as you get your first crystal this will be a priority.
 The higher the level of a job the more bang you get for your buck
 when you do a proper character level up. So what you need is an
 easy place where you can use your commands [doesn't have to be a
 special ability, Guard will do fine] without levelling up too
 much or having to enter/exit battles too frequently. Early on in
 the game Altar Cave is ideal for this. Below is a chart of jobs
 and how many job points you can get for each turn. These can
 lessen substantially after level 14, so it's never good to level
 up without reason. Job level effects the damage you cause using
 certain commands.

 JOB           -14  14+  |   JOB           -14  14+
 Freelancer    20   20   |   Dragoon       20   16
 Warrior       20   14   |   Dark Knight   20   14
 Monk          20   14   |   Evoker        20   10
 White Mage    20   10   |   Bard          20   18
 Black Mage    20   10   |   Black Belt    20   14
 Red Mage      20   12   |   Magus         20   10
 Thief         20   18   |   Devout        20   10
 Ranger        20   14   |   Sage          20   10
 Knight        20   12   |   Summoner      20   12
 Scholar       24   24   |   Ninja         20   12
 Geomancer     20   14   |   Onion Knight  20   8
 Viking        20   14   |

   A trick that you can use to your advantage is making sure that
 you get 199 JP by the end of the battle. The 99 HP will carry
 onto the next battle!

 It may be tempting to sell off your old gear. It's a bad a idea
 if you want to achieve 100% completion and a good idea if you do
 not care. Here I'll list all weapons in order of Attack and
 where you can get them. Not finished.

 5   Golden Sword     5   Golden Sword     12  Bronze Knuckles
 6   Wooden Arrow     6   Wooden Arrow     28  Sonic Knuckles
 8   Holy Arrow       8   Holy Arrow       34  Impact Claws
 8   Knife            8   Knife            42  Cat Claws
 9   Dagger           9   Dagger           50  Kaiser Claws
 10  Bow              10  Bow              51  Wyvern Claws
 10  Longsword        10  Longsword        82  Tiger Claws
 12  Bronze Knuckles  12  Iron Arrow       89  Faerie Claws
 12  Iron Arrow       14  Mythril Knife    100 Metal Knuckles
 14  Mythril Knife    17  Mythril Sword    115 Dark Claws
 15  Wightslayer      18  Great Bow        121 Hellish Claws
 17  Mythril Sword    23  Spark Dagger
 18  Great Bow        25  Serpent Sword    FOR WHITE MAGES
 23  Spark Dagger     28  Tyrfing          3   Staff
 25  Serpent Sword    26  Killer Bow       20  Fire Staff
 26  Killer Bow       30  Salamand Sword   20  Ice Staff
 28  Tyrfing          32  Freezing Blade   20  Light Staff
 30  Salamand Sword   33  Viking Axe       20  Wizard Rod
 32  Freezing Blade   35  Main Gauche      25  Ice Rod
 35  Main Gauche      40  Poison Dagger    25  Light Rod
 50  Royal Sword      50  Royal Sword      30  Golem Staff
 137 Excalibur        55  Blood Sword      85  Elder Staff
 155 Ultima Weapon    65  Battleaxe        110 Sage Staff
                      73  Dual Tomahawk
 FOR BLACK MAGES      80  Ancient Sword
 3   Staff            95  Defender
 6   Wooden Arrow     110 Rune Axe
 8   Holy Arrow       116 Demon Axe
 10  Bow              122 Dual Haken
 12  Mythril Rod      125 Break Blade
 12  Iron Arrow       150 Ragnarok
 17  Fire Arrow       155 Gigantic Axe
 17  Ice Arrow        155 Ultima Weapon
 17  Light Arrow
 18  Great Bow
 20  Fire Staff
 20  Light Staff
 20  Ice Staff
 20  Wizard Rod
 20  Sleep Arrow
 20  Poison Arrow
 23  Medusa Arrow
 25  Fire Rod
 25  Ice Rod
 25  Light Rod
 26  Killer Bow
 27  Magic Arrow
 93  Omnirod
 110 Lilith Rod 

 Magic normally has to be cast by a mage and costs MP, but there
 are a few weapons that, used as items in battle can cast magic.
 I'll also list some normal items that cast magic [or have same

  SPELL    WEAPON           ITEM
  Cura     Elder Staff      Hi-Potion
  Curaga   Holy Wand        -
  Holy     -                White Musk
  Fire     Fire Staff       -
  Fira     Fire Rod         -
  Blizzard Ice Staff        -
  Blizzara Ice Rod          -
  Blizzaga Millenium Rod    -
  Thunder  Light Staff      -
  Thundara Light Rod        -
  Protect  Defender         Turtle Shell
  Reflect  Save the Queen   Shining Curtain
  Death    Lilith Rod       -
  Break    Golem Staff      -
  Erase    Rune Staff       -

  - Save whenever you go onto the world map or encounter a save
  - Set your party up before you buy any items. If you have a lot
    of items already, de-equipping party members to change their
    job will only make it worse.
  - Before venturing into any dungeon, always have a look at
    strategies for boss battles ahead of you. You might be able to
    get up to a boss easily enough, but whether you'll be another question.
  - Keep your stock of normal curative items up, buying 10 of
    each whenever you go to a new town. And take advantage of
    whatever healing facilities you can to keep costs down.
  - Whenever you can give an item to someone it's usually so you
    can heal them. Doing this may open up quest opportunities,
    item acquisitions or merely continue the game for you.
  - Don't sell your starting equipment in the DS version as you
    can't get 100% completion without it and it's impossible to
  - You probably don't have to talk to the dancers and play the
    pianos to get side-quests. Actually, you don't... Pity.
  - Take note of the transition phase needed for switching from
    one job to another. The battles can pile up. While in the
    transition phase stats and performance are hindered and this
    can be very annoying. So escape as often as you can.
  - Never allow yourself to get into a situation where you only
    have one party member left. Whenever you encounter an enemy
    you will always get ambushed.
  - The Run or Escape commands decrease the Defences of your whole
    party to 0, so unless you're completely sure it'll work, weigh
    it in before risking it.
  - The attitude you take to items should be rather opposite
    depending on what version you're playing. In the NES version
    it pays to be stringent, keeping only what you really need.
    In NDS however, you have to be a horder, not getting rid of
    anything unless you absolutely have to.
  - When a party member's HP goes into critical, always heal them
    immediately. Just heal promptly whenever you need to. Have
    some of your party members Defend if need be.
  - If only one of your party members need to act in battle, have
    all the other ones Defend if they can.

 After collecting the first crystal you can use Mognet to send
 messages between your friends and FFIII Denizens [there are six
 of them]. Using Mognet you can unlock the game's side quests and
 see some funny comments by NPCs. Unfortunately this feature of
 the game cannot be  explored very much unless you can use the
 Nintendo Wi-Fi... But
 for those who do, you can send one letter per hour.

 If you have another DS and another copy of FFIII you can get the
 game's ultimate, Onion Swordsman. Register the other person's
 name under Mog Net and send messages to another PC 7 times [you
 can exit and re-enter Kazus or leave it til later]. Then you'll
 need to send and receive 4 messages from Topapa. Go to the drop
 hole in Altar Cave and after the battle you'll get a special

 If you're crazy enough to be playing the NES version these are
 the cheats to use! Too bad you can't do them before Tozus tunnel.
   A poisoned dragoon can stay up in the air instead of coming
 back [this can be bad though, don't have them all do it at

 SXOXUUSE  Infinite CP! No worries about changing jobs!
 TENPGKYN  Knife casts highest Fire magic when used in battle.
 TENOGKYN  Dagger casts highest Fire magic when used in battle.
 TAXPGSYN  Longsword casts highest Fire magic when used in battle.
 IONPGKYY  Knife casts highest Bolt magic when used in battle.
 IONOGKYY  Dagger casts highest Bolt magic when used in battle.
 IPXPGSYY  Longsword casts highest Bolt magic when used in battle.
 IONPGKYN  Knife casts highest Ice magic when used in battle.
 IONOGKYN  Dagger casts highest Ice magic when used in battle.
 IPXPGSYN  Longsword casts highest Ice magic when used in battle.
 PENPGKYY  Knife casts Death magic when used in battle.
 PAXPGSYY  Longsword casts Death magic when used in battle.
 PENOGKYY  Dagger casts Death magic when used in battle.
 ZENPGKYY  Knife casts Meteor magic when used in battle.
 ZAXPGSYY  Longsword casts Meteor magic when used in battle.
 ZENOGKYY  Dagger casts Meteor magic when used in battle.
 ZENPGKYN  Knife casts highest Cure magic when used in battle.
 ZENOGKYN  Dagger casts highest Cure magic when used in battle.
 ZAXPGSYN  Longsword casts highest Cure magic when used in battle.
 LENPGKYN  Knife Casts Remedy when used as an item in battle.
 LENOGKYN  Dagger Casts Remedy when used as an item in battle.
 LAXPGSYN  Longsword Casts Remedy when used as an item in battle.
 LUNUVLAA  Begin the game with Flare, Death and Holy.
 ISNUVLAA  Begin the game with Flare, Meteor and Bahamut.
 GONUVLAE  Begin game with Meteor, Whirlwind and Life2 Spells.
 NYOEYAPE  Change White Mage's starting MP to 195 when next use.
 NYXAYAPE  Change Black Mage's starting MP to 195 when next use.
 LPXAZAIA  Change Black Mage's starting Str to 21 when next use.
 PPXALAYE  Change Black Mage's starting Agi to 27 when next use.
 NYXEYAZE  Change Red Mage's starting MP to 194 when next use.
 LKSUELAX  All new game characters begin with 75 HP.
 YAEZZAIE  All new game characters begin with triple strength.
 YAEZLAIE  All new game characters begin with triple agility.
 YAEZGAIE  All new game characters begin with triple vitality.
 YAEZIAIE  All new game characters begin with triple intellect.
 YAEZTAIE  All new game characters begin with triple spirit.
 AAKOVYEL  HiPotions don't cost anything.


                           KEY ITEMS

Folding Canoe
  Find: Lift the Curse of Kazus.

                          COMMON ITEMS
[] Potion
  -Getting it-
  Find: Altar Cave, Ur, in and around the inn at Kazus, Top of
    Sasune's eastern tower, Sealed Cave.
  Steal: Goblin, Carbuncle, Blue Wisp, Killer Bee, Werewolf,
    Berserker, Dark Eye, Red Wisp, Zombie, Mummy, Skeleton, Cursed
    Copper, Griffon [lv 1~30], Mandrake, Basilisk, Bugbear, Rukh,
    Firefly, Leprechaun, Darkface, Liliputian, Blood Worm,
    Wererat, Giant Rat [lv 1~30], Lynx, Slime [lv 1~30], Barometz,
    Red Cap [lv 1~30], Tarantula, Cuphgel, Killer Fish, Sea
    Elemental [lv 1~30], Hermit, Sahagin [lv 1~30],Tangie[lv1~30],
    Pugman [lv 1~30], Far Durrig, Blood Bat [lv 1~30], Aughisky,
    Fury, Mermaid [lv 1~30], Seahorse [lv 1~30], Anet [lv 1~30],
    Sea Serpent [lv 1~30], Sea Devil [lv 1~30], Ruinous Wave
    [lv 1~30], Merman [lv 1~30], Crocotta [lv 1~30], Red
    Marshmallow [lv 1~30], Adamantoise [lv 1~30], Dullahan, Lemur
    [lv 1~30], Lamia [lv 1~30]

  Steal: Medusa [boss], Bomb [low lv], Gutsco [boss], Salamander
    [boss], Balloon [lv 1~30], Hein [boss]

Gnomish Bread


Eye Drops
  -Getting it-
  Find: Seal Cave.
  Steal: Killer Bee, Shadow, Shadow, Larva, Revenant, Poison
    Bat, Hornet [lv 1~70], Paraaoh [lv 1~70]

  Steal: Shadow, Larva, Revenant, Poison Bat, Hornet [lv 71~99],
    Pharaoh [lv 70~98]

Gold Needle
  Steal: Helldiver, Petit, Petit Mage, Manticore, Staligmite,

Maiden's Kiss
  Steal: Pugman [lv 31~70], Blood Bat [lv 31~70]

Echo Herbs
  Steal: Pugman [lv 71~98], Blood Bat [lv 71~98]

  Steal: Pugman [lv 99], Blood Bat [lv 99]

Phoenix Down
  Find: Sasune hidden chambers.
  Steal: Rust Bird

                       BATTLE-ONLY ITEMS
Antarctic Wind
  Find: Seal Cave.
  Steal: Griffon [lv 71~99], Giant Rat [lv 71~99], Slime
    [lv 71~99], Sea Elemental [lv 71~99], Sahagin [lv 71~99],
    Tangie [lv 71~98]

Angel's Sigh
  Steal: Red Cap [lv 99]

Bacchus's Cider

Bomb Arm
  Steal: Bomb [mid to high lv], Balloon [mid to high lv]

Bomb Fragment
  Steal: Griffon, Giant Rat, Slime, Tangie [lv 31~70], Red
    Marshmallow [mid to high lvs], Crocotta, [mid to high lvs]

Lamia Scale

Sheep Pillow
  Steal: Crocotta [lv 99], Red Marshmallow [lv 99]

  Steal: Bomb [lv 99],  Balloon [lv 99]

Zeus' Wrath
  Steal: Griffon [lv 99], Giant Rat [lv 99], Slime [lv 99],
    Red Cap [lv 71~98], Tangie [lv 99]
  Find: Hidden path in the trees in Kazus.

                        MAGIC SPELLS



  Find: Secret passage in Ur, Seal Cave.



  Find: Ur magic shop


  Find: Sasuun Castle (via secret passageway)


  Find: Altar Cave



Mythril Sword
  Find: At the end of the Mythril Cave in Kazus.

Serpent Sword

  Find: 3rd floor of Sasune's western tower.


Spark Dagger


Viking Axe


  Find: Top of Sasune's eastern tower.

Great Bow


Wooden Arrow
  Find: 3rd floor of Sasune's western and eastern towers, top of
    Sasune's eastern tower.
  Steal: Parademon [lv 1~30], Demon [lv 1~30]

Holy Arrow
  Find: 3rd floor of Sasune's western and eastern towers.
  Steal: Parademon [lv 31~70], Demon [lv 31~70]

Iron Arrow
  Steal: Parademon [lv 71~98] Demon [lv 71~98]

Light Arrow
  Steal: Parademon [lv 99], Demon [lv 99]

Fire Arrow


Fire Staff

Ice Staff

  Find: In Kazus near the lake.


Bronze Knuckles
  Find: Sasune hidden chambers.

Mythril Bracers

Sonic Knuckles


Book of Fire
Book of Ice
Book of Light


Mythril Helm
  Find: In Kazus, near the lake.

Shell Helm


Leather Shield
  Find: Sasune hidden chambers.


Kenpo Gi
Scholar Robe
Shell Armour

"Heroes and champions like us must stay in top shape! Eating and
sleeping well are paramount! Now drop what you're holding and go
outside and exercise!" - The Four Old Men.

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