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Final Fantasy III


Nepto Dragon

by PhoenixRayne

Nepto Dragon: You donít have to fight the Nepto Dragon. Go through the Nepto Temple until you reach the Giant Rat. I had a party of 4 mages since weapons are pretty much useless in Mini, and you canít go un-Mini until you finish in the dragonís mouth.  I used 3 black mages and one white mage. The white mage is good for stuff like Cure and drinking potions for the others.  Use the spells you got at the Vikingís coveÖstrongest first. This will do most of the damage, so when you start using the lesser spells you wonít have to go through so much. Distribute the higher spells evenly since you canít use many of them more than once until you restore MP. Youíll be able to save a lot of potions and cure spells if you flee the battles up to this point. Once you beat the Giant Rat, you will get the Nepto Eye it was guarding. Take this back the way you came until you leave the mouth. Enlarge your party again and interact with the dragons head. This will put things back the way they used to be and the Nepto Dragon will fall back into a slumber. When you  get back to the Vikingís cove, the ship is not where it was. That is something Iím still working on, but thereís the walkthrough for the Nepto Dragon.