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Final Fantasy III


The Legendary Blacksmith

by ashaman_kae_17

All you wanted to know about the Legendary Blacksmith

Researched and typed by Kollin Escobar aka Ashaman_kae_17
Additional information is attributed to Dredged from Gamefaqs

Locations of the Legendary Blacksmith:
Ur - She's in the well
Sasune Castle - East Tower floor three
Healing Copse - The place you arrive after jumping away from Bahamut
Gyshal - She's in the Chocobo Pen*laughs*
Dwarven Hollows - Entrance to subterranean lake
Saronia Castle - Basement level two
Ancient Ruins - Find her in the Inn
Village of the Ancients - Find her in the Inn
Replito - Find her in the house that is the farthest to the North
Doga's Village - By the giant tree
Okay do I find her in those place you might ask?Ahhh...I was getting there!
Now what frustrated me for ages(not really...a day or two...but still!!! >.<)was how to locate the woman...and Im sure some of you saw my purported theories earlier...and one of them...was indeed correct!Her location is entirely random(town-wise) But!If you want to change her location to a place your in...well grab the speedy airship...and find two towns close to one of the two
Now!She is in a town, when you leave the town her location if she wasnt in the first town you visited(if she was...give yourself a smiley sticker) travel to the other town, look for her...if she isnt in the town...leave and travel back to the first town you visited...look for her...if not...I think you got the gizt of it by now...repeat until you find her.

*Some things to note*
You cannot recieve the Job Items UNTIL a few things have happened, them being:
1. You have to have entered Eureka(not traveled through it...just entered it)
2. That means Unei and Doga must have already been defeated.
3. This ALSO means that you need to have defeated the Titan and gotten the power of the light from the Crystal of Earth.
4. This one...maybe...just do it to be safe...Use the other key to open the way that leads to the summit of the Crystal Palace.

If all of those(maybe not #4) are the case...when you next travel to Falgabard, she should be in the town...and she will temper the Orihculum into your first Ultima weapon. Woohoo!

Now how to find the lvl.99 job items?
Well if all of the above criteria has been met...there is one more qualification...and two things to note.
1. A character must have a job at lvl.99(if CAN still find her!...but she'll leave...making all your hard work for nothing*yes, I stated the obvious...but SOME people...*)
2. That character MUST have the lvl.99 job set
3. Finally, she will only give out one Thing per meeting...meaning that even if 4 characters have a lvl.99 job(thats set)...she will still only give you one item per meeting...

dang...I went through ALL that freaking effort...and guess what?I decided to go look on the net to see if I could find out the names/stats of the weapons recieved...and guess what some dude already wrote a walkthrough...and gave permission to post it elsewhere...oh well here it is...Im still keeping my parts above...that was hard work on my part!!!

Rewards for Lvl.99 Job:

*All lvl99 Jobs will recieve a Key Item from The Smith which certifies your mastery*

Freelancer: Celestial Gloves [ Def +40, Magic Def +18, All Stats: +15]
Black Mage: Lilith Rod [ Atk 110, Int +20, Casts: Death]
Monk: Shura Gloves [ Def +45, Magic Def +19, Str +20]
Thief: Gladius [ Atk 130, Agi +20]
Red Mage: Crimson Vest [ Def +50, Magic Def +25, All Stats: +10]
Warrior: Gigantic Axe [ Atk 155, Str +20 ]
White Mage: Angel Robe [ Def +45, Magic Def + 48, Mnd +28 ]
Onion Knight: Onion Blade [ Atk 150, All Stats: +7 ]
Geomancer: Blessed Bell [ Atk 130, Agi/Mnd/Int +10 ]
Knight: Save the Queen [ Atk 140, Vit/Mnd +10, Casts: Reflect ]
Ranger: Artemis Bow [ Atk 122, Str/Agi +10 ]
Scholar: Omnitome [ Atk 130, Int +10, Mnd +5 ]
Bard: Ballad Crown [ Def +35, Magic Def +34, Vit/Mnd +10 ]
Dark Knight: Murakumo [ Atk 140, Effective v. Dividing Enemies, Agi +20 ]
Dragoon: Magic Lance [ Atk 145, Str +20 ]
Evoker: Royal Crown [ Def +33, Magic Def +36, Int/Mnd +10 ]
Viking: Mighty Hammer [ Atk 145, Deals Lightning Dmg, Vit +20 ]
Black Belt: Master Dogi [ Def +54, Magic Def +23, Agi/Mnd +10 ]
Devout: Holy Wand [ Atk 110, Mnd +20, Casts: Curaga]
Magus: Millenium Rod [ Atk 110, Mnd/Int +10, Casts: Blizzaga]
Ninja: Muramasa [ Atk 140, Effective v. Dividing Enemies, Str/Vit/Int/Mnd +5, Agi +10 ]
Sage: Sage Staff [ Atk 110, All Stats +10 ]
Summoner: Astral Bracers [ Def +47, Magic Def +20, Int/Mnd +10 ]

ALSO a note from Dredged -
"No. You can only get 1 item for each job, even if you master it on more than one person."
Credit for items/stats go to:
Dredged(from gamefaqs) - [email protected]

Sites/People with permission to use this Walkthrough:

I would greatly appreciate it if people used this information strictly for their own uses.
Please refrain from Plagiarising, or claiming you wrote this information.
If you'd like to post this walkthrough or information within it, please contact me first and let me know how and where the information will be applied.
I spent quite abit of time as did Dredged(from Gamefaqs) in compiling this information and I would like my name to be attributed some credit if this information is given to others.
It is possible to contact me at:
Email: [email protected]
AIM SN: Caracarn18
Contact me via any of those forms and Ill most assuredly just nod my head and add you to the list of sites Ive allowed this at.
Thank you and enjoy!