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Follow the dark path or use the light
Daigasso! Band Brothers Pack Shot

Daigasso! Band Brothers



by barguestspirit

                          Dragonrage FAQ
                   Written by barguestspirit
I'm writing this guide because there isn't much information out there on this
game and while I admit it's not a masterpiece, it's a fun little distraction.
So hold on tight, but please no pulling at the scales.

    Legal  Stuff  (As if anybody actually reads this crap.)

Blah Blah Blah, no making money off this guide, I'm not so why should you? Blah
Blah Blah Yadda, no claiming this guide as your own. Yadda Yadda Blah, This
guide may be posted on other sites with my permission only. Yadda Yadda Blah
Yadda Blah Yadda Blah. This guide may be printed but not altered by anybody but
the author. *raspberry*
Fail to follow these rules and I'll hunt you down and fill your life with
horror,anguish, and dog poopoo.

Version History
2/22/06-wrote walkthrough in long-hand

2/24/06-typed up everything

Table of contents.

-Elemental enchantments
-General tips
-Mission 1 The Bonelands (tutorial mission)
-Mission 2 The Awakening
-Mission 3 Scramble
-Mission 4 The Cleansing
-Mission 5 Homecoming
-Mission 6 Vengeance
-Mission 7 Darkness Falls
-Mission 8 Betrayal
-Mission 9 Liberation
-Mission 10 Go Fish
-Mission 11 Mandek's Cove
-Mission 12 The Hoard
-Mission 13 Vigilance
-Mission 14 Orcalypse Now
-Mission 15 Dragonrage
-In Conclusion
-Credits and Contact info.

Note:I will mark each mission as being either a timed or destroy mission.
Timed missions are marked so because you must complete at least one mission
within a certain amount of time, not doing so will result in an instant
gameover. Destroy missions are predominantly missions where you need to
wreck everything to satisfy the objectives. Some will note that a rescue is
involved which is self-explanitory.

Elemental Enchantments--
There are four different elemental gems, your attacks vary depending on which
one you have. Red-fire, Blue-water, Green-earth, White-air. Some attacks are
more useful in certain situations than others. The red and green gems tend to
be more powerful, particularly for destroying buildings. For that reason, I
like to upgrade the blue and white elementals first (when you get to fly into
one of the four differently colored circles for a permanent upgrade at the end
of certain missions.) There are five different levels of strength, the cut of
the gem in the lower left hand corner of the screen lets you know how powerful
your attacks will be with that specific element. 
Level 1-triangle cut
Level 2-emerald cut
Level 3-diamond cut
Level 4-pear cut
Level 5-round cut

General tips--
-Destroy buildings, caravans, and small ships for gems so you can upgrade your
dragon power.
-You can pick up rocks and bones to drop them on orcs/buildings/ward 
generators. It's a good way to destroy things and save on mana.
-Look for areas with animals so you'll know where to go when you need health.
Try not to eat the animals unless you need to if there is a limited supply.
-For timed missions, white gems are most useful. For destroying buildings,
use red or green gems.For taking out ships, blue or red are best, but not green
because you have to be right over the ship to use it effectively, otherwise
your shots just sink into the water.
-Even if your gem power is fully upgraded, picking up gems is useful because it
refills your mana.
-Be wary of mages, they can wittle your health down to nothing very quickly.
-You can die once per mission, keep that in mind.
-Use the shoulder buttons to dodge and roll around projectiles.
-Eat orcs for mana and animals for health. Eating those orcs on dinosaurs gives
you both mana and health.
-If you are having a hard time with a mission, try something different.There
are many ways to do things in this game, whatever works for you.

Mission 1 The Bonelands (tutorial)
This is a tutorial mission. Just follow the steps the sprite leads you through.
She'll teach you about elemental enchantments/dragon powers and how to use
them, as well as how to eat orcs/animals and use fury attacks.

Mission 2 The Awakening (destroy and rescue mission)
-Destroy the zeenium factory
-Find the dark key and fly into the dark ward
-Free Adara from the orcs

When you start out, the dark ward will be to your right, we need to find the
key. Destroy some buildings for a gem, there is another gem up ahead above a
scaffolding. Up ahead to your left, you'll find a shrine. Eat some cows and
trade for a fury attack if you like.The cows here regenerate. Go back to the
starting point and take the path that runs right next to the dark ward. Destroy
the buildings here for the key. Go on through the dark ward with the key and
it'll drop. As you enter, Adara will cry out for help, she's being taken away
in a wagon. Follow the path fire bombing all the orcs untill you find the wagon
with Adara. Destroying it will free her and end the mission.

Mission 3 Scramble (timed mission)
-10 wagons carry dragon eggs. Destroy them before they escape.

Note the blue wards around here, be careful. Either get a blue gem or quickly
destroy the ward generator by tossing a rock at it. Follow the yellow arrows on
the map to find each wagon. Some are carrying eggs. Destroy them and Adara will
take the eggs to safety. You're under time pressure here, so try to hurry.If a
wagon with an egg escapes, it's game over. Ignore most of the enemies unless
they are really giving you grief.

Mission 4 The Cleansing (destroy mission)
-Destroy the 3 orc outposts.

From the start, go foward past the pair of white wards on the right to another
white ward further down. Pick up the rock and chuck it at the generator. An orc
outpost is to your right. There is a white gem just inside the ward, grab it,
it will make things easier. Destroy the outpost, the turn around and take the
right hand path to another outpost. Destroy it. A cow shrine is across from
this outpost(Grimm toof rok or something like that) Get some fury attacks if
you want. Turn around and follow the last arrow to another outpost. There are
a couple of smaller wards and an orc captain near it, tackle them or just go
around. Fry this last outpost and victory is yours!

Mission 5 Homecoming (timed mission)
-Deliver 4 dragon eggs to the lair
-Defend all dragon eggs from orc attackers
-Kill the 5 orc captains

This one can be a bit difficult. Follow the blue arrow (it's right next to the
yellow arrow) the blue arrow is Adara, yellow is a dragon egg, and pink is an
orc captain (the guys on those elephant like creatures who throw up harmful
wards when you draw near) Destroy the wagon thing and pick up the egg. I
recommend going over to the cow shrine for some fury attacks before putting the
egg in the nest. Also, a white gem will help with this level because you may
need to rush somewhere in order to protect the eggs. When you see a pink arrow
pop up, I suggest going after it to kill the orc captain before he gets to the
nest, but be careful of the ward. For the third egg, Adara will need help
because a bunch of orcs surround the egg. Go fry them. Watch your health,
especially around those mages (the guys with the pink capes
*cough*pansies*cough*)bite them quickly. Kill the last two captains, grab the
last egg and deposit it in the nest. All done!

Mission 6 Vengeance (timed mission)
-Destroy the zeenium factory
-Prevent all orcs from escaping

The pink arrows on the map are escaping orcs, go get em', them follow the
yellow arrow to lead you to the zeenium factory. I suggest green gems for
this since they are good at taking out large groups of orcs, also because the
first two wards you pass through are green. After taking out the first group
of orcs, you'll meet up with a blue ward, grab a rock and take it down. Get
rid of all them pink arrows! There are plenty of cows along the way, so eat
them for a fury attack if you want to. The first shrine is behind the white
ward to your right. Destroy the houses around it and take out the orcs who try
to escape. Head out and take out the strange shaped building-that's the
zeenium factory. Hurry to take out all those escaping orcs. The yellow arrows
are the orcs further away from you but as you approach, they'll turn pink.
There is another cow shrine up ahead if needed but don't waste any time. You
can't let any orcs escape. The mission ends when you snuff out the last orc.

Mission 7 Darkness Falls (destroy mission)
-Destroy the tower imprisoning Galthran
-Remove the dark wards from enclosing stone circles

Hmmmmm..... This whole deal sounds fishy to me. Anyway, you start out near some
cows and a sheep, with a shrine up ahead. The flashing pink arrows lead you to
dark ward keys, the yellow arrow to where Galthran is being held. First you
need to get the keys to the wards. There are five in total. Hang a right when
you when you get near the shrine and another right to get to where the first
key is. Destroy the building and pick up the key. There's some orc captains
around here, watch out. Head out into an open area, there is another shrine up
ahead of you. Fly to the closest dark ward and take it down. Each of these
stone circles have two cows in them if needed. Turn around and go destroy the
buildings near the shrine for another key. Head out near the water to find
another ward. Shooting the boats will yeild gems. Destroy the buildings at the
water's edge for a key. Go to the ward across from the last one you
deactivated. There is a third shrine near this one. Go right for the last key,
this one is better protected by a fence and lots of orcs. Be careful. Grab the
key and go to the ward right next to you. Go destroy Galthran's tower and
you're done.

Mission 8 Betrayel (timed rescue mission)
-Escape Galthran's trap
-Find and rescue Adara

Gee, who didn't see that coming. Oh well, you're trapped by a double ward. This
is a heavily timed mission, so be quick or it's the dreaded game over scenerio.
There are two little drill platforms to the left and up ahead of you, each with
a rock in front that will regenerate if you mess up. Go grab one and drop it on
the ward generator surrounded by a fence on the top of the hill. Go grab the
other rock and head around the hill to the right side, drop it on the generator
that's at the bottom of the hill at the water's edge. (this one may be hard to
see because it's down low) Then head out of there and under the bridge in front
of you. You're probably going to need to replenish your mana, so head over and
eat an orc or two, then hurry up and follow the yellow arrows to each ship.
Destroy them, make sure you do it completely. You'll hear a thank you from each
freed sprite, telling you Adara is in another ship. Watch out, when you destroy
a ship three mages will pop out and attack. When you get the fourth and final
ship, Adara is freed and the mission ends. *phew*

Mission 9 Liberation (destroy mission)
-Find the imprisoned sprites
-Find the dark key and dispel the dark ward
-Destroy the wharehouse and free the sprites
-Stop the transport boats from escaping with zeenium shipment

You start near a caravan gaurded by mages. Destroy the caravans for gems. The
caravans will regenerate. To you're left is a shrine. If you fly to the right
and past the dark ward, you'll find an area with lots of animals to the right
of the red ward. So, there's a blue ward, a white ward, and a red ward.
Destroy the town that's unprotected, then pick one of the three wards to start
with. I'll start with the white one, so grab some white gems to upgrade as much
as possible and head toward the ward dodging the ship's fire. There's a second
shrine behind the white warded town that's covered by water. Destroy the town.
If the dark key isn't there, grab either a blue or red gem and head to the
appropriate ward. Destroy that town, if you still don't find the key, go to
the last town. Destroy the third town and grab the key. Make sure you're
healthy and head to the dark ward. Destroy the town, which is best done with
a fury attack, and the freed sprite will warn you of some boats escaping. Hurry
up and destroy them before they make it too far out.

Mission 10 Go Fish (destroy mission)
-Destroy Mandek's navy-kill all galleons!
-Destroy Mandek's flagship

Staying alive can be tough here, dodge those projectiles! You basically need
to go around destroying all the ships. Follow the yellow arrows to them.
There's an underwater shrine in the northeast corner of the area. There are
cows on various islands, eat them when needed. Blue gems work nicely here,
destroy smaller shipsfor more gems. After you destroy all the galleons,
Mandek's ship will come on scene. Take him out with a fury attack or two and
it's all over.

Mission 11 Mandek's Cove (destroy mission)
-Attack Mandek's cove
-Destroy the zeppelin base and recover the dark key
-Destroy Mandek's naval base

All Rightyroo. There's a shrine near the starting point protected by walls,
towers,and some mages. Some animals are around here too. Either get a white
gem or destroy the ward generator over that base so you can bust it up for
the dark key. Destroy the boats as well. Key in hand, fly around the mountain
to the other side (the mountain with the shrine) and destroy that last base
and you're done.

Mission 12 The Hoard (timed mission)
-Collect all 10 gold prizes-return them to the stone circle on the mainland
-Prevent orc boats from escaping with any gold

This can be a tough mission at first. There are plenty of sheep scattered
about the islands for health but time is a bigger issue here than health. When
you start out, the island is covered in orcs scrambling to grab the chests and
lug them back to their ships. Don't let them! Clear the island of orcs quickly.
The chests will be scattered all around the island and a circle of stones on a
mound of dark earth that can be used as a temporary drop off point. Use it to
your advantage. Pick up the chests and deposit them in the circle. This makes
them easier to keep track of and harder for the orcs to steal since they have
to go further inland. I highly recommend getting the white gems for this
mission. You need the speed they give you. There are several in the area, keep
picking them up to upgrade. If you can get to level 5, you'll be able to take
out those orc ships with just two strikes. (the smaller ones, the bigger ships
take about four)There are three spots where the ships will be continuosly
coming from. As soon as you see them, go zap em'. When the coast is clear,
grab a chest and look around to locate the final drop off point. (there should
be an arrow on the map) You should be able to see a circle of stones on the
edge of an island not far from yours. Fly over there, alternate between speed
flying and regular, you don't want to drain your mana. Drop off the chest and
immediatly fly back, ignoring the airships and orcs that try to pelt you with
projectiles unless you need to eat them for mana. Another wave of ships will
already be heading toward the gold, go blast all three. If an orc manages to
grab some gold, you'll hear Adara telling you so and to go grab it back.Hurry
over there and zap him. if the gold makes it to a ship, quickly destroy it to
save the gold. If the ship makes it out too far, it's game over. There are
several chests, so you will need to repeat this process of destroying the
ships, grabbing a chest, running over to drop it off, and running back to
destroy more ships. After you've saved a few chests, Adara will warn you that
the orcs are bringing reinforcements. Book it back over there where a couple
of bigger ships will be railing the small ones. Destroy them all. This will
occur only a couple of times,mostly you just need to deal with smaller ships.
This can be a difficult mission,but if you follow these steps, you should
come away justfine with all the gold. After all "A dragon without gold is just
a dragon without gold."

Mission 13 Vigilance (destroy mission)
-Destroy zeenium factory
-Find the dark key hidden somewhere in the city
-Dispel the dark ward and escape

There are some regenerating caravans at the starting point, use them to
upgrade gems. Head on up the path up the mountain to your left. When you get
up there, there is a field ahead with lots of animals. If you go further up
and follow the narrow path to the left there is a shrine.Now, go to your
right and start destroying everything. head up another hill surrounded by
towers and walls, there are some more animals up here. Bust up the buildings
to your left to free a sprite, Go up further and destroy everything up there.
Uh Oh! Now you're warded in! No big deal, avoid the onslaught of orcs and
destroy everything until you find the dark key, fly toward the dark ward to
end the mission.

Mission 14 Orcalypse Now (destroy mission)
-Break all 20 orc formations and rout Mandek's army
-Destroy all 10 towers to shut off regenerating orc formations

Ahead of you a ways is a shrine. Follow the pink arrows to the towers. Get
rid of them first, otherwise you'll be fighting orcs forever. Now go after
the yellow arrows to kill the orc formations. Once again, be wary of the
mages, they're all over here. Just stay healthy and you'll be fine.

Mission 15 Dragonrage (destroy mission)
-Turn the city to dust-destroy everything
-Duel to the death with the great general Mandek

Down and to your left and right is an area with some animals, but be careful
because they don't regenerate. This is another pretty straight forward mission.
Basically, if it ain't broke, break it. You can get fury attacks at the shrine
on the righthand side of the city. Do enough damage and Mandek will come out.
Fury attacks don't seem to affect him though. Each time you take off a fourth
of his health bar, he'll run off somewhere else, so heal up and follow him.
He'll also zap you with an element changing lightning bolt once in a while.
Keep shooting him with whatever you got. He'll start putting up different
color wards, so be wary. When he's down to the last quarter of health, he'll
start shooting the wards at you. They travel in a straight line, so watch out
and dodge them. Keep on him, stay healthy and you'll beat him quicker than an
orc fart.

Congratulations! You've beaten the game! Enjoy the cute little ending movie.

In Conclusion:
What did we learn from all this?
-That cows have souls but not pigs or sheep
-That those fury attacks would be very useful for school or work
-That orcs walk like they are chronically constipated
-That sprites have no modesty at all the way they dress
-That a physical relationship between a dragon and a sprite can work, even
if it may be a bit painful for the sprite
-And most importantly of all, that we should all be spending more time
outside beating up the neighbors

I'd like to thank 3DO and the people who made this game, even though I'm
sure they had grander plans for it. We can't have everything I guess.
Especially when bigger companies and deadlines are involved.
I thank you for reading this guide and putting up with my horrid writting

Contact info:

Questions? Comments? Still need help with the game? Want to add another
strategy to this guide? Want to post it on your site?
Then go ahead and e-mail me at [email protected]
But be warned, any spammers will be fed to my pitbull. After all,
spamming isn't good for you, it'll make you go blind. Not to mention

other faq's I'm working on: Tak and the Power of JuJu boarding guide