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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


Solo Speed Run Guide

by Kostaki_ZX


    ____                                 ___                 _     _____  __
   |  _ \ _ __ __ _  __ _  ___  _ __    / _ \ _   _  ___ ___| |_  |_ _\ \/ /
   | | | | '__/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \| '_ \  | | | | | | |/ _ | __| __|  | | \  / 
   | |_| | | | (_| | (_| | (_) | | | | | |_| | |_| |  __|__ \ |_   | | /  \ 
   |____/|_|  \__,_|\__, |\___/|_| |_|  \__\_\\__,_|\___|___/\__| |___/_/\_\
   ================ |___/ ==================== Sentinels of the Starry Skies


      Solo Speed Run Challenge Guide ver 1.00 by Kostaki ZX
                  Last Update: 10/26/2010      

   I. INTRODUCTION .................................. [ssr1]

  II. CHALLENGE RULES ............................... [ssr2]
 III. PLANNING ...................................... [ssr3]

      A. Solo Test Run .............................. [ssr3a]
      B. Gender Selection ........................... [ssr3b]
      C. The Minstrel ............................... [ssr3c]
      D. Evac-u-Zoom ................................ [ssr3d]
      E. Gearing Up ................................. [ssr3e]

  IV. MINI-WALKTHROUGH .............................. [ssr4]
      A. Getting Started ............................ [ssr4a]
      B. Wight Knight and Morag ..................... [ssr4b]
      C. Ragin' Contagion ........................... [ssr4c]
      D. Alltrades to Swinedimples .................. [ssr4d]
      E. The Dreadmaster ............................ [ssr4e]
      F. Bowhole to Gittingham ...................... [ssr4f]
      G. Goresby-Purrvis? ........................... [ssr4g]
      H. The Road to Courage ........................ [ssr4h]
      I. Goresby-Purrvis ............................ [ssr4i]
      J. King Godwyn ................................ [ssr4j]
      K. Realm of the Mighty ........................ [ssr4k]
      L. Fallen Celestrian Corvus ................... [ssr4l]
      M. Dark Dragon Barbarus ....................... [ssr4m]
      N. Archfiend Corvus ........................... [ssr4n]
      O. The End? ................................... [ssr4o]

   V. POST-GAME ..................................... [ssr5]

      A. /facepalm .................................. [ssr5a]
      B. Lleviathan Part Deux ....................... [ssr5b]

  VI. CONCLUSION .................................... [ssr6]
      A. Contact .................................... [ssr6a]
      B. Credits .................................... [ssr6b]
      C. Legal ...................................... [ssr6c]

                        THIS GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILERS!!


I. INTRODUCTION                                                          [ssr1]

The focus of this guide is to help those interested in a solo speed run
challenge for Dragon Quest IX. It assumes the reader has finished the game at
least once and knows how to progress through the story. It is the culmination
of notes taken and planning done before attempting the challenge along with
experience from the actual challenge.

I decided to try out a speed run after finishing the game for the first time
solo, then finishing a second time solo getting Light-Speed Champion in 11
hours and 31 minutes. I knew I could finish faster, so I checked out a few
guides and took down notes which I used with my previous solo game experience
for a solo speed run challenge. The result is the below completion video link.


My final time was 7 hours and 55 minutes, better than I expected I would fare. 

II. CHALLENGE RULES                                                      [ssr2]

There are four simple rules to follow, the first two being mandatory.

= Don't speak to Patty in Stornway. 

= Multiplayer is not allowed. 

= Alchemy is not recommended. 

= DQVC is not recommended.

As shown in the video, the initial dialogue Patty speaks when a party member is
first summoned is the only way to prove a solo completion. This lasts from the
start of the game until the post-game reunion with Stella.

The multiplayer rule should be obvious. The entire point of the challenge is to 
feel pressured to progress as fast as possible. Gaining levels and items in
multi to come back and steamroll the game defeats the purpose of the challenge.

Alchemy and DQVC are mixed bags. Getting materials to make efficient use of
alchemy will consume time better spent leveling a second class like the Warrior 
for the passive Courage benefits. DQVC is guaranteed time lost because of the 
forced save when a new list is downloaded. It may be possible to plan out using 
certain alchemy recipes or get lucky with DQVC on select theme weeks, but know
the risks and potential time loss possible before attempting either option.

I finished the speed run without using alchemy or DQVC, and not dealing with 
them saved me a lot more time in the long run.

III. PLANNING                                                            [ssr3]

These are some of the conclusions I came to while discovering different ways to
reduce final completion time even further. Remember that there are countless 
ways to complete this challenge, so don't be afraid to go outside the box and 
experiment with other methods.

 / A. Solo Test Run                     [ssr3a] / 

If you have already finished the game solo at least once, skip this section.

A solo game flows differently from a normal game, so a test run is recomended 
to understand the differences. As the main target of all attacks, it's easier 
to control and turn aside incoming damage. A block, dodge, or counterattack 
means a wasted turn for a boss. Learning to control the flow of battle through 
the use of a select few abilities is the key to this challenge.

 / B. Gender Selection                  [ssr3b] / 

A female character should be used for one simple reason. Inside a chest in the
Realm of the Mighty is the female-only Spellward Circlet, a HUGE upgrade from 
whatever was equipped before. It provides an excellent defense boost as well as 
a boost to magical mending, a nice bonus against the last few bosses.

 / C. The Minstrel                      [ssr3c] / 

The Minstrel will be the class to use for this challenge. You begin the game as
one, and it is the only class that can both equip heavy armor and use a
semi-decent boostable heal in Midheal. This means not having to waste time 
unlocking classes such as the Ranger or Sage, saving lots of time.

What makes a Minstrel amazing and sets the class apart from the other available
classes for the challenge is Rough n' Tumble, the class coup de grāce. When
activated you will either dodge or counterattack most normal attacks. Paired
with Magic Mirror a solo character is nigh invincible for the remainder of the
coup de grāce with breath attacks the only kind that can get through. Tactical
use can turn the tide in or speed up most fights, so use it wisely.

 / D. Evac-u-Zoom                       [ssr3d] / 

Until you learn Evac and Zoom, keep bells and wings around at ALL times. Take
advantage of opportunities to save time leaving dungeons and returning to 
towns. There are also times when using Zoom (or a wing) to leave a town is 
faster than running all the way out, so keep these times in mind as well. 

An example would be when you first encounter the blockade between Angel Falls 
and Stornway with Ivor. Purchase two Chimaera Wings on the way out, and instead 
of running back on foot toss a wing to immediately return to Angel Falls and 
continue the story. You'll be using the other one once you have rescued Patty 
from the Hexagon and need to return to Angel Falls fast. 

 / E. Gearing Up                        [ssr3e] / 

Throughout the game treasure chests will contain many upgrades, and shopping
will be used only to fill in the gaps that chest gear leaves behind. Notable 
finds and drops include:

- Feather Fan                          Chests: Hexagon
- Leather Shield                       Chests: Hexagon
- Scale Armor                          Chests: Hexagon (Stornway Entrance)
- Iron Gaunlets                          Drop: Wight Knight
- Trailblazing Bandana                 Chests: Brigadoom
- High Heels                             Drop: Morag
- Feather Headband                       Drop: Talk to Coffinwell Mayor
- Iron Kneecaps                        Chests: Twyll Cave
- Cautery Sword                        Chests: Stornway (Thief Key)
- Magic Shield                         Chests: The Plumbed Depths
- Red Tights                           Chests: Swinedimples (Magic Key)
- Spiked Armor                         Chests: Coffinwell (Magic Key)
- Sober Ring                           Chests: Gerzuun
- Slime Crown                          Chests: Gerzuun
- Light Gauntlets                      Chests: The Bowhole
- Safety Shoes                         Chests: The Magmaroo
- Goddess Ring                         Chests: Observatory (Ultimate Key)
- Falcon Sword                         Chests: Ship's Hull
- Dark Shield                          Chests: Gittingham Palace
- Mirror Armor                         Chests: Realm of the Mighty
- Ruby of Protection                   Chests: Realm of the Mighty
- Spellward Circlet                    Chests: Realm of the Mighty

Get what time permits and sell everything else, including alchemy materials and 
any otherwise valuable drops. Those can be replaced post-game if needed. Save 
all Magic Waters and Sage's Elixirs that you come across for the final dungeon.

Never use gold for ANYTHING unless the upgrade is significant. Weapons take 
priority until the Falcon Blade, as more power equates to faster battles. Metal 
farming out levels in Quarantomb, Bad Cave, and Bowhole should give enough base 
defense to warrant skipping out on most armor purchases. Plan ahead.

Gold later in the game will come from Mythril Ore nodes at Mt. Ulzuun, selling 
for 3,000 each with up to four nodes possible. Once Bloomingdale and the Bad 
Cave are over with, tag Gleeba then Batsureg and save the game in Batsureg. 
Grab nodes if there, reload the game otherwise. You can then safely zoom to
your last destination and continue the game as if you were leaving the town. 
This is best done each time the game is saved so you can reload as needed since 
they won't always be there.

IV. MINI-WALKTHROUGH                                                     [ssr4]

This is an abbreviated walkthrough to help with skill point allocation and the
more troublesome bosses as you progress. If there's something I don't cover, it 
means that you should have no problem with those bosses or areas if you have 
kept up with metal farming and skill points.

 / A. Getting Started                   [ssr4a] / 

Pick up the Keepsake Ring first to save time. Progress through the first area
and the Hexagon, getting the Leather Shield and Feather Fan as you go. The 
first boss is simple, but don't fight him until you have the Heal spell at the 
very least. Around this time you should be getting your first skill points.

The first 13 points should be placed into Swords for Metal Slash. This is
important, because it saves a ridiculous amount of time with metal farming 
throughout the game. Whips are useless for this, and the first and only time a 
fan should be equipped is in the first dungeon as a free and quick upgrade.

Until noted otherwise, all points following the first 13 should be placed into 
Shields to pick up as many defensive abilities as possible. You should have 
Magic Mirror before Ragin' Contagion, and Back Atcha before The Dreadmaster.

 / B. Wight Knight and Morag            [ssr4b] / 

Purchase a Rapier in Stornway while progressing the story, then go straight to
Zere to earn fast exp and gold. You may elect to save the game now instead of 
after the farm, as monsters outside Zere are a bit stronger than the ones 
outside Stornway. The Zere Inn will be your home for a while, it is more 
convenient and faster (less dialogue) than the Stornway Inn. Sleep before 
taking on each boss and before departing for Coffinwell.

Continue until you have enough to replace the remainder of your starting gear 
with armor from Zere, then save the game if you didn't before directly across 
at the church. Head out to fight the Wight Knight.

The main problem with the Wight Knight at low levels is defense, as his 
Multithrust will hit four times for lots of damage. Having the armor from Zere 
will mitigate a lot of incoming damage, but the battle is still a matter of 
getting lucky with him not spamming Heal or Multithrust too much.

Morag in Brigadoom is much the same, as paralysis can make quick work of you. 
It make take a few attempts to win this battle, so be sure to save in Zere 
before going to Brigadoom.

 / C. Ragin' Contagion                  [ssr4c] / 

Required Skill: Magic Mirror

Save in Coffinwell before leaving for Quarantomb in the event that metal 
farming ends up being too slow or you have too many runners. Continue farming 
them until you have enough points to put into Shields to pick up Magic Mirror, 
then go straight to the boss.

Ragin' Contagion can attack twice each turn and loves to spam either Kasap or 
Deceleratle. This should spell doom for a solo character, but not this time. 
Throw up your newly acquired Magic Mirror to open the battle and watch in 
delight as the boss starts wasting turns nailing itself with debuffs, making it 
all the more easy to give it a quick thrashing if they land.

This will be the first of many bosses made easy by using Magic Mirror to open 
the battle, which should be done for any boss that has offensive casting 
abilities. Some will be morons and use spells that will end up bounced, while 
others will stick to using normal attacks instead of spells.

 / D. Alltrades to Swinedimples         [ssr4d] / 

The Porth Llaffan Inn will be the fastest Inn you can use for now. When you
land near Alltrades coming from the Observatory walk into and out of Alltrades 
then head straight south to Porth Llaffan to tag it in case you need to rest.

Once across the channel with the ferry, the Slurry Quay Inn will be the Inn you 
use for the remainder of the game. It has an Inn and Church NPC right next to 
each other for quick sleep/save access, and makes for a great post-game HQ.

Save in Bloomingdale before Bad Cave, and farm metals until you have enough 
points to pick up Back Atcha. Once you have that, start putting points into 
Swords for more of the bonuses. Those points and levels will help quicken the 
pace for the next few dungeons and bosses.

The recommended order for the next three dungeons is as follows: Gleeba, 
Batsureg, and Swinedimples. If you want to establish a foothold in Batsureg 
before starting Gleeba, now is the time to do it. Read the last part of the 
"Gearing Up" section for more details.

Don't forget to get the Magic Key in the secret room atop the Mirage Mahal. Use 
it to open the locked door inside Swinedimples to pick up the Red Tights, which 
should be a decent upgrade. Our next problem lies inside the Old School.

 / E. The Dreadmaster                   [ssr4e] / 

Required Skill: Back Atcha

Dreadmaster is the last boss before having access to the Bowhole and thus 
liquid metal slimes, so your defense will likely be a little low. While using 
Magic Mirror will shut down his offensive spells, it will shift him into 
spamming Double Trouble. A two-hit smackdown clone of the Falcon Slash, Double 
Trouble can and will make quick work of a low defense solo hero unless you 
bring something to counter it. That something, is Back Atcha.

Use Magic Mirror at the beginning of the battle, and it should catch a Crackle 
or Zammle before he goes into spam mode. Do as much damage as you can until you 
get low, healing when necessary. When you see him Psych Up to 20 and beyond, 
bring out Back Atcha until his tension is gone and you can safely attack again. 
Don't forget to reapply Magic Mirror as much as needed to catch any spells that
he decides to throw out.

Once he goes down, grab the 30 Shields quest inside Swinedimples. It should 
complete itself over time as you progress through the game, so no need to stop 
and complete it. If it finishes early, hang onto it until a little later so you 
don't waste time turning it without being able to pick up the next quest.

 / F. Bowhole to Gittingham             [ssr4f] / 

Save before exiting Wormwood when heading to the Bowhole and hope for a quick 
metal run the first time through. With no Falcon Sword, all you can hope for is 
that the liquid metals stick around long enough for Metal Slash to work. Level 
50 is what to shoot for here as skill point gain begins to slow to a crawl. You 
should have no trouble with bosses leading up to Gittingham Palace.

Purchase a Fire Sword while in Upover the first time if you have the funds. It 
will be the last weapon you have to purchase and the boost will help a lot.

Save before taking on Goreham-Hogg as a lucky crit could end things fast.

Upon returning to the Observatory after getting the Ultimate Key, there are two 
chests behind a locked door that will no longer be accessible once the main 
story is done. These contain a Goddess Ring and Orichalcum and are on the 
immediate right of Apus Major. Both require around 10 seconds to get.

Back on the ground, claim the Falcon Sword from the hull of your ship then head 
to the secret shop in Dourbridge and buy a pair of Sturdy Slacks. 

When using Back Atcha, be sure to switch to the last sword you had before the 
Falcon Sword in combat (misc ==> equipment) for the additional damage it'll 
provide. A counterattack with the Falcon Sword will only hit once, so having a 
higher damage weapon will increase counterattack damage.

Read the next few sub-sections before entering Gittingham Palace.

 / G. Goresby-Purrvis?                  [ssr4g] / 

Ah, the main target of frustration. This is where our beloved Minstrel class
starts to break down and becomes easy prey for bosses.

Purrvis has three avenues of terrible pain. Upward Slice will stun you for one 
or two turns, and he loves to spam it. Multislash can hit up to four times, and 
will have no problem going right through Back Atcha. He also has a critical hit 
move that will finish you unless fully healed. Not good at all.

You CAN get lucky and win, but it still leaves you defenseless later on. A 
death here also means having to fight Hootingham all over again as well. Time 
to approach this from a different angle.

 / H. The Road to Courage               [ssr4h] / 

The best way to counter weaknesses the Minstrel class now shows is to level a
Warrior for the passive Courage bonuses and extra skill points. Zoom over to 
Bloomingdale and purchase 20 Superior Medicines from the convenient item shop 
near the entrance, then switch to the Warrior class. Save at Alltrades and move 
to Wormwood killing one pack enroute to the Bowhole for some buffer levels.
With the Falcon Sword, Metal Slash now hits twice making things much faster 
than the first time you were here. If you get low on health, use Superior 
Medicines to heal up and continue farming. 

Place 90 points in Courage to begin with, which grants you +40 Strength, +60 
Resilience, and +60 Max HP altogether. Use a few more points to bring Shields 
to 100, and then the rest can be used in a number of different ways. Make sure 
to stop leveling when you've enough skill points to take the spec you want.

You can max out Courage to pick up Attack Attacker and take the chance using it 
with the Falcon Sword and/or use the points to pick up the additional passive 
bonuses for Swords. Choose one or the other (or both if you get the points) and 
that finishes skill point allocation for the remainder of the game. Before 
taking on Hootingham and Purrvis again, there's one last thing to do.

Switch back to Minstrel and save the game on the way out of Alltrades. Go back 
to Swinedimples to turn in the 30 Shields quest, getting the 100 Shields quest 
in its stead.

Head to Gittingham Palace now and destroy Hootingham on the way in with Magic 
Mirror. Proceed forward until the room with the healing light, and Killing 
Machines needed for the quest will spawn in tandem making it easy to finish the 
quest. If they don't spawn immediately, move up and back down the stairs to 
reset the spawns. Heal up when finished then go up the stairs and out the door 
to the right to warp out. Turn in the quest and put the scroll in your 
inventory to officially become immune to all critical hits. Save in 
Swinedimples, and return to Gittingham to take on Purrvis.

Note: Finishing specs should either be 76 Swords, 100 Shields, and 90 Courage 
OR 66-72 Swords, 100 Shields, and 100 Courage unless you had enough points for 
both. This will vary a little based on Minstrel and Warrior levels. I used 76 
Swords, 100 Shields, and 90 Courage and was not disappointed with it.

 / I. Goresby-Purrvis                   [ssr4i] / 

Get the Dark Shield from the chest enroute to Purrvis if you missed it.

Now then, time to smack this ferocious feline in the face. No longer reliant on 
luck, this fight becomes so much easier. Multislash hits for way less, and the 
critical hit is blocked every single time resulting in a wasted turn. A LOT of 
cheap Upward Slice spam is now the only way you can lose this fight. Take him 
down, and move on.

 / J. King Godwyn                       [ssr4j] / 

Neither form will be dangerous as long as a Magic Mirror is active at all
times. Back Atcha will not repel orb attacks, so heal through those. In both 
forms, he'll waste turns casting Kafrizz on himself while you pummel him and 
heal as needed. The second form can sometimes spam Disruptive Wave, which can 
get annoying. Continue refreshing Magic Mirror and it'll end soon enough.

Quickly progress through the Oubilette, and save the game in the Observatory
before heading to the Realm of the Mighty.

 / K. Realm of the Mighty               [ssr4k] / 

Welcome to the final stretch of the speed run, where you will be fighting six
bosses in succession without a save point. Fun, eh? Make sure to pick up the 
Mirror Armor, Ruby of Protection, and Spellward Circlet as you take down each 
member of the Triumgorate again. Use Superior Medicines to heal after each 
battle instead of magic, to conserve leading up to the final three. Be sure to
use your coup de grāce as needed throughout each boss fight.

Before taking on Corvus, ensure you have the following items equipped:
Falcon Sword, Dark Shield, Spellward Circlet, Mirror Armor, Light Gauntlets, 
Sturdy Slacks, Safety Shoes, and the Ruby of Protection. 

Make sure you have the 100 Shield quest scroll in your main inventory.

 / L. Fallen Celestrian Corvus          [ssr4l] / 

Magic Mirror to start, counter all high tension attacks with Back Atcha. Not
much to this fight, he will waste several turns with his confident laughter and 
Kaswoosh casts. Take him down while conserving as much MP as possible.

Head back down, and prepare for the last (and hardest) two battles of the game.

 / M. Dark Dragon Barbarus              [ssr4m] / 

If you bought and equipped the Sturdy Slacks from Dourbridge, they will reduce
the chance that Barbarus will land a Wave of Panic. Magic Mirror will bounce
Kazam back at him, leaving only his normal and breath attacks which can be
healed through as needed. Heal and restore MP afterwards then examine the
bubble for the final battle.

 / N. Archfiend Corvus                  [ssr4n] / 
This can get frustrating fast. He loves to waste turns early in the battle
spamming Kafrizz and confident laughter, both of which can be taken advantage 
of. Back Atcha will return every attack but the combo, which should be used 
liberally with this being the final battle. Try and bide your time until a 
Rough n' Tumble comes up before the last part of the battle.

Toward the end of the fight, he'll shift away from confidence and into 
desperation. This is where you'll want to unleash a coup de grāce if you have 
it saved up in order to go all-in and take him down before he gets a chance to 
use either Magic Burst or his ridiculous Eye Gleam which will almost always put 
you to sleep. Hold on tight, and hope for the best.

Survive and it's all over. Congratulations on finishing the speed run! 

 / O. The End?                          [ssr4o] / 

Your final time is recorded as the moment you dealt the final blow to Corvus,
so worry not about watching the ending. When you land at the blue tree next to
Alltrades, you are unbound by time and no longer have to worry about it. You 
need to find Stella to confirm your final time, so you're not quite done.

V. POST-GAME                                                             [ssr5]

Head to Porth Llaffan and find Jona inside her little hut to start the post-
game quest that will lead you back to Stella and the Starflight Express. You
can find the ghost of the old summoner outside of Jona's hut at night.

The Watermaul Wand can be bought in Gleeba, the Flowing Dress can be bought in 
Wormwood Creek, and the Silver Shield can be bought in the brand new post-game 
armor shop in Stornway. All three must be equipped in order to proceed with the 
quest. There's a huge problem now, and if you've watched the video you already 
know what it is.

Your Minstrel and Warrior can't equip Wands!!

 / A. /facepalm                         [ssr5a] / 

This leaves you unable to see your final time until you pick out a class that
can equip Wands! The Flowing Dress and Silver Shield will have to be equipped 
the entire time during the battle too, leaving your defense somewhat low. 

If you want to get it done fast, a Priest is the way to go. Priests can use the 
Buff line and can equip Wands, making it the ideal choice. Equip the Watermaul
Wand, Flowing Dress, Silver Shield, and use the Dragon Warrior set pieces to 
fill in the missing arms/boot slots. Re-equip the Spellward Circlet, Sturdy 
Slacks, and Ruby of Protection. Time to pay our metal friends another visit.

Kill a few packs of enemies outside of Alltrades and then Wormwood to gain some 
buffer levels and skill points. When you have enough skill points to finish out 
Swords, switch back over to Minstrel to do that and then back to Priest again. 
Your Priest can now equip the Falcon Sword, and is ready for Bowhole. Max out 
Faith, and you should be ready to go. Heal up and save the game in Porth 
Llaffan before heading to the private beach. Talk to Jonas with the Watermaul 
Wand, Flowing Dress, and Silver Shield to summon our old buddy Lleviathan.

 / B. Lleviathan Part Deux              [ssr5b] / 

First order of business is to switch the Watermaul Wand out for a better
weapon. He can attack twice this time, so keep that in mind. Keep Buff x2 up at 
all times, using Back Atcha when it's about to fall off. This keeps his normal
attacks in check, but still leaves that annoying tidal wave which is easy 
enough to heal through. Wear him down and finish him to take care of the last 
thing standing between you and your final completion time.

This was the way I handled the post-game quest and Lleviathan. If you'd rather 
put a little more time and effort in to make sure you can roflstomp him there's 
nothing wrong with that too. Just wanted to keep the challenge theme going.

Watch the scenes and check out your final time, reveling in the awesomeness. 
You're free to do whatever now, but you'll always have the itch to move fast 
from now on. If you want to make a video similar to mine, now is the time to do 
it before talking to Patty. Go on, have fun. You've earned it.

VI. CONCLUSION                                                           [ssr6]

Thanks for checking out the guide, hope it helps you accomplish what you are
out to do in Dragon Quest IX. As a long time Dragon Quest player, I've always
wanted to do something like this but no DQ game since Dragon Quest 3 has had
the freedom that this does.

 / A. Contact                           [ssr6a] / 

There are two ways to contact me. You can e-mail me at kostaki h 2 at yahoo dot
com, or feel free to leave a comment on the youtube video that supplements this 
guide. The video is located at the link below, also found in the introduction.


 / B. Credits                           [ssr6b] / 

I'd like to thank Yuji Horii for creating the Dragon Quest series, and Enix
Corporation for providing the outlet to make the games happen.

A huge thanks to Level 5, who have come a long way from the fledgling company I 
remember with Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle. You all deserve every last bit of
success you've earned and found over the years.

Kudos to Nintendo for stepping up and publishing DQIX, although something a
little better than local Wi-Fi would be nice in the future. -hint hint-

Please check out Damage_dealer's awesome DQIX walkthrough here at gamefaqs, 
which helped a ton with the planning phase of my third and final speed run. I 
appreciate your hard work, and hope you continue to update the guide.

Last but not least, I'd also like to thank a good friend of mine and an 
otherwise terrible poker player for entertaining me with endless multitudes of 
poker-related banter while I was in the process of writing this guide.

 / C. Legal                             [ssr6c] /

This document is Copyright 2010 (c) Kostaki Thompson. This may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not 
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This following sites have explicit permission to display this guide:

          Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Skies - SSRC Guide